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Friday, May 31, 2013

<BR> Tags, HTML, XML and XHTML

Tags, HTML, XML and XTML

by GP duBerger

This article does not criticize or to praise different Markup Languages; it is a philosophical discussion and critique on the so called "Freedom of the Web" and in how things are overlooked in that very debate.

This article contains a reference on Thermodynamics since this is an addendum for

Extreme Cold: A History of Thermodynamics, Systems and Matter" and was removed from there and placed here as a separate monologue because it digresses to far from the original subject.

by GP duBerger

The Old Break Tag <BR> and Others Of Their Time, Now, May No Longer Be Part Of Any Specific Meta-language But They Are Now Something Better: Meta-Truths, which no mathematician or Computer Programmer Could Ever Of Predicted Or Prevented.

Tim's Line Mode Browser "rendering" top portion of this page.
Click or tap to magnify.
XML and XHTML has a concept of a namespace, an abstract domain to which a collection of element and attribute names can be assigned. "namespace name could be a URI, since the collection of names comprising a particular namespace could be regarded as a resource that is being identified, and since a version of the 'Namespaces in XML' specification says that the namespace name is a URI reference." and ""Initially, the namespace name could match the syntax of any non-empty URI reference, but an erratum to the 'Namespaces In XML Recommendation' later deprecated the use of relative URI references." See: Uniform resource identifier
HTML may not be propriety as declared by the hypocrite, Tim Berners-Lee, who works with inhuman particle physicists, who's "invention", 'HTML' trivialities information and who is not the actual inventor of Hypertext Markup but was invented by the philosopher, sociologist and information technologist Ted Nelson in 1963 and published them, not patented his systems for Hypertext and Hypermedium (see Wikipedia for description of his systems and Webopedia for an elegant description of what his Markup would of done and look like today.)

Freedom, my foot! but of its standards body, the W3 consortium, is certainly very possessive and authoritative about something that supposed to be free, that is just as bad as Celsius's "Centigrade" scale, where Ted Nelsons's Hypertext systems was superior to WWW whether it be for secure business transactions, or any implementation of propriety elements or for expressing anything that's meant to be free in any sense of the meaning "free".

There's nothing that rattles me more than hearing intellectuals talk about 'freedom'. Now there's something to laugh about!

The W3C standards and validation methods are just as good as owning HTML and controlling information. The W3C thinks it wields enormous power too, (so we can call them hypocrites because they are not acting as custodians) and this power was suddenly "rendered" impotent, almost immediately, in the early 1990s, by the user agent (web browser) 'Netscape' made its appearance, whose philosophy could be summed up as: The back side of middle finger being shown exclusively to our intellectual friends in Geneva. Since Netscape, all browsers have been able to read any kind HTML including Netscape's own invented elements and their own invented JavaScript provided that there is a proper syntax and container for it.

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The video works too in Tim's text editor
The EMBED Tag Element that Netscape invented for video was/is so powerful it even appears on Tim's defunct Line Mode browser, where only text is possible, which still exists for theatrical historical purposes, which you can examine at your leisure with the link just provided of their emulator.

Of course this is not very "scientific" because we don't know what this word "emulator" means but if this is incorrect info, then I think they should of thought of this especially when they never accepted EMBED tag/element for video and in this here, I'm even using the IFRAME element, not the Embed element which does the same but with less squabbles between user agents, and this tag wasn't even invented then.

This shows you how invasive these block elements are and there are even yearly 'Embed' world Conferences to help multinationals and international banks to better embed themselves with their hardware or software, as if they were phalluses, in every single living and non-living thing in the universe, and they are always held in Germany for some reason, a country that, historically, has a lousy reputation in Universal matters.

So "Embed" is the new Strategy they're now using instead of "Invasion" in the past, or "Control" or "Espionage" because evolution goes both ways and should never be considered as just a theory for the attainment of bourgeois perfection because; Is it really important to know whether we evolved out of trees (monkeys) or snow (organic compounds)?. So when Richard Stallman cries about "Propriety Attributes" these markup Tags and elements allow, but that is not supposed to be his problem either, nor yours. It may be invasive but its not necessarily "malicious", even with those propriety attributes attached. Richard Stallman just doesn't like Flash and those reasons, themselves, may be malicious.

I'm not any fan of Flash myself, for other reasons, but on the other hand I always convert MPEG-4 into the highest quality Flash, because Flash takes a lot less storage space for my backups, for my website and I can do practically anything with their videos in a flash very quickly as every machine understand this format, — even online applications. I already have 20-15 vision so HD bothers me a lot and looks artificial, etc., etc..
Anyway, what I do not like about it does not impede me to understand that Adobe makes good things and bad things like everybody else does and their software is meant for professionals doing specific types of work, which is not the same when you buy their software, off the shelf, like a computer game and expect it to perform immediate miracles because most of their "consumers" are engineers, artists and high grade professionals and not "Joe Blow" who wants to tinker with things, or show off.

The Stallman Philosophy: 'Where Man Is Always Perfect'. "Blame God for all the Polluted Air, Garbage, Injustice and Crime in the Inner Cities" when he should be looking at society instead.

It is these people whom Stalin Stallman addresses as the "poor victims" who are the ones, in the first place, that make Flash a bad thing and put in, very unprofessionally or maliciously, all these stupid attributes and ridiculously configured codes because these people went to "You Tube University" and saw a video course from some guy from India showing you "how to use flash", which are then published anonymously, that then open doors for malicious software to hitch a ride on and spread like viruses instead of testing "Their Wonderful Creation" on a private network first but use the entire internet to test things instead, or use it as a dumping ground which, of course, has the name 'Flash' attached somewhere inside that monstrosity.

The only people who can screw up Flash are people who own some of their software (I personally know of a web designer who used a legitimate webdesign application that has Flash incorporated in it and allowed a virus to introduced itself by accident, infecting everything on the server side of the sites he works on) or they don't know how to use, or be able to write or understand basic HTML or CSS. The French have a most perfect and beautiful word for this, which is: Rastifole which is untranslatable but basically means patching or throwing things together and expecting them to work perfectly and this was all normal, i.e. "Que l'on rastifole pour les maintenir....".

It is not those who use their free players that get any problems. If people can screw up and be sloppy with simple HTML Hypertext Markup, imagine what some programs look like with their code especially where these web making applications are all drag and drop so they don't see what's really going on before it's too late. I hate computer programming but love HTML Markup but I treat my HTML like it was a programming language and I see the world of difference it does and I avoid all these problems "web designers" have or incur but I don't/can't tell them that, especially when they spend a fortune for these types of applications.

HTML simply has excellent browser support, even if you don't use the proper <!DOCTYPE> declarations, to make it all work, but it is not at all the same situation with computer programs.

So you see, here, that propriety software businesses have even more problems than the romantic-like freedom fighters of any non-propriety system, society or developer. It's a ridiculous situation where on one side a developer or a company is trying to restrict access by purposely overcharging for their software in an effort to prevent idiots, without any training, to use it, because it's impossible to wholesale software, there is only retail unless you are selling it in bulk to a computer maker where it will be properly installed and working perfectly with a simple interface that restricts stupidity.

"Only your hair dresser knows for sure", which is a literal fact because the purchase of their fine professional products, for use in their salons is strictly restricted, in a guild-like fashion to licensed hair dressers who can show a diploma, because the ladies getting their permanent at these salons are not going to tolerate any Stallman's and Flash-situation-like nonsense when/where their hair is involved.

Where the free software one finds, it does exactly the same but in another way by restricting things to old obsolete programs with limited applications and ugly interfaces with many buttons that don't work that are not worth anything on the market and users are reminded each time they open the program to upgrade; but they still work excellently for certain things. Where then one needs five or six different free programs to complete a project, while with Flash, all these things are all incorporated together with a beautiful interface that does too many things and/or is meant for professional use.

I love free software not because its free or I'm expressing some ingrained attitude or value. I like it because I learn from these things where each application needed, is separate so I can localize specific problems to specific applications where if I had flash I'd be ripping my hair off because I wouldn't know where to start or look for a problem because the work I do has and needs very generalized media applications but I'm doing completely different things all the time, so I implement maximization of simple programs and later make their completed files work with other applications or programs I've downloaded.
One would never believe the things I can do with the Microsoft XP version of Paint, Movie Maker and a few simple free programs and applications floating around the internet. This is not professional work but customized work and I treat the internet like a tool shop where I'm graciously borrowing someone's tools.

No explanation given.
People like Richard Stallman and Tin Tim Berners-Lee make me laugh because there are things going on in the world, right under their noses, especially with all these 'Embedded World' projects going on, that makes all White House and CIA activities and intrigues etc. and any other governments look like Teletubbies playtime, peek-a-boo! or "Hide and Seek" with Tinky winky, Lala, Dipsy and Po, in comparison. With the obsolete nonsense from the 1990's they help maintain and propagate as if their own private universe of the aging hippies doesn't want to pass quietly but hangs around instead and this includes an equally repulsive media that caters to them by the mere mention of these magical words, "News Conference" as if calling up, through incantation, the devil in a sacrificial black mass because everytime these guys talk, something must die somewhere and does too.

First of all, the vogue now, and always has been, to use unicode characters and entities and not these old-fashioned propriety attributes when introducing anything new, whether it be anything good or malicious. Google and Yahoo! themselves, use Unicode entities, which has its roots in good-old fashioned SGML among other things , to combat abuse which they "maliciously" install from their servers as a preventive measure for certain published documents containing files that make certain types of requests possible, in combating things like robotized implementation of DMAC and other forms of overextended abuse. Since Unicode, and its adoption by user agents, the hacker days are over because it is not the same simple good or evil philosophy anymore and is more like "they put this in for that, but only because of this, on condition of when it does not happen daily............" etc..

'Portrait of a HTML 4.01 Syntax With ASCII character encoding' that defines this part of the page.
HTML 4.01 defined in XHTML Markup gives it a "prettier" output. That is exactly what XHTML does, it makes things look "pretty" even malicious things!
This is great if you write software where neatness counts but with Markup? A simple HTML scribble is supposed to be sufficient to tell any browser what to do. Anything that needs correcting and create any proper syntax that's required or some reason, one can have a machine to do for this for them, like I do. Just like everyone uses a spell checker. Click or Tap for larger "rendering"
For instance: You can go hunt for all the old deprecated and removed old tags, and old attributes with their old syntax and entities they used back in the 1990's, and use only them to organize the information on a page and they will work perfectly in a home-made .htm document and have any browser open it on your computer. You can even mix old and new together if you want, and you'll get the same results. Now take this page and load this information onto a host like Blogger or WordPress and there you will start hearing some complaining and where and why they won't publish your document because of these tags or attributes, and again, not because of W3 but because their servers are configured that way. If they do publish it, try to change your document into something that is printable or can be rendered in Word or send it through Email etc.etc. and you will find that this is impossible. Neatness, care and protocol are absolutely necessary if you need to reissue your HTML documents into other formats and not just on the web.

So you copy and paste this document that worked perfectly on your computer and paste it onto an HTML Tidy or with a 'Tidy Plugin' for Notepad ++ and out comes in the standard, up-to-date proper syntax for any server to accept & re-paste this rejected document and it will be perfectly rendered once again on Blogger or WordPress etc.. Any problems with the corrected HTML document, after publishing, is easily corrected in seconds and your job for converting is made much simpler.

Then, ultimately comes the real problem with badly written HTML documents, which is in their structure, or how they are structured because they naturally do not follow SGML rules. Even HTML5, which claims to be independent of SGML is ultimately answerable to SGML through its XHTML.

Freedom in the web starts with writing proper and strict documents which is not as ironic as it sounds coming from me.

It is as plain and simple as that, and things like "Freedom of the Web" means a lot more than unfettered freedom to share any information" which is another stupid, ignorant and impudent middle-class attitude because the web, is in effect being eroded by W3 Document Declarations and their purposes, that are not to improve standards but to control information. Which is something like these 5¢ anarchists like Richard Stallman would never see because he's a programmer but a person like me who studies, analyzes and plays with HTML Markup, for my amusement and to learn would notice these things.

HTML5, XML and XHTML are fantastic if you write them yourself and know what you are doing, otherwise they are tools for powerful companies to play with people lives if they have everything done for them (WYSIWYG), and freedom must be earned and updated too, otherwise you become a dependent slave to something.

There is so much freedom today, people don't know what to do with it, so they find an enemy somewhere to complain about, but themselves don't maintain standards that a free society needs to maintain itself.

The Ice Queen
My recommendations to programmers: If they are equal to the philosophy they expound, they should create better and more efficient automatic HTML generators/correctors that would be server specific to deal in any situation and creating 'Automatic Page Refreshers' activated when anything has changed in an HTML Hypertext document without the author's knowledge, which could be propriety entities or attributes that have been installed from a host server, automatically allowing authors to examine how their pages are being changed and why and protecting them from being changed in any manner, because when you ask Google why they installed a propriety attribute, you get an answer that says: "To improve the users experience" instead or a more honest reply: To improve (add) to your experience!

It is better to clean up HTML Markup with machines (let the machines do the fighting while we can concentrate on higher things instead), and the idea of "pretty" isn't good enough anymore, for the purposes of various media, and for the sake of arguing philosophy, of the various esoteric server configurations instead of doing their soapbox routine where this kind of philosophy would ensure "freedom of the web" and not much else is possible. Look up 'Propriety Attributes' yourself and you will find only dedicated engineers and artists working on this problem not scientists, mathematicians, philosophers, intellectuals or computer programmers.

Whatever Meta-truths they profess to have, they certainly don't reveal themselves within themselves, where work has been proven better than blah blah while all the people sing Tra-lala! as if it's all being taken care of; and they need to prove this now, because the people they talk to, themselves, are helpless in this situation. So what are they collectively organizing?

I'm a nobody, so I can only show you that freedom is work and doing things as precise as possible helps and prevents interference, where these people are VIP's and have nothing to offer that's tangible which makes my good old fashion approach, actually, practical in a comparative sense because I offer the only one option that works where they with their power, expertise and resources offer nothing except complaining.

It's Mr. Nobody who should be complaining and Mr. VIP demonstrating real solutions.

I find the whole thing ironic where I hear any "programmer" talk about freedom and claims to be a talking head that possesses meta-truths to assist all of mankind.
Of course, countries can block You Tube or Google etc. and so block freedom because they use XML, but no one can block properly written HTML (because of SGML), or JavaScript or even the programming language C++ because all one needs basically is a cheap computer with a browser and a telephone line and if they took that away, one could get a new browser using email servers by finding the exact address of the site.

These new Hyper Text Markups not only tell a browser, along with their XHTML or XML attributes what to do, but can tell a server what to do to the extent that an entire page, website or blog can be redirected like what has happened to www.http://htmlsmagic.blogspot.com (the original HTML'S MAGIC) where something else similar appears (which is why I have to move these articles around all the time). When I see things like www.http://htmlsmagic.blogspot.ca or www.http://htmlsmagic.blogspot.in, which don't exist, or are not supposed to exist, then I know whatever is behind all this until something new has arrived, which will happen because there are people who only do this 24hrs a day and think about how to interfere with websites and Google, themselves, are no exception with their Google+. Myself, I don't care because everything I do is free for all, but beware; you are not getting the real product unless the page says www.http://htmlsmagic.blogspot.com or www.http://htmlsmagicpages.blogspot.com in the address bar because that is what I signed up for at Blogger and if you see anything else in the address bar, then the original page has been redirected which, I or you, have no control over.

Of course the .ca things is done for political reasons but where does nationality become something real in cyberspace, which is supposed to be an Open System entity like the Universe. Cyberspace is just an another Universe but everyday they are building walls around this Universe with all kinds of schemes, where one can imagine how they would try to privatize the Universe, themselves, if they could. The more they build walls, the more they talk about "freedom" and it is not the people who are talking about this.

That is what the web of the future is going to be and no one is doing anything about this and there are too many people who do nothing but think and end up interfering, which means they are not thinking. A true madman living in an asylum has more freedom with less allusions about life than those amongst society and more sanity than authority since he has a reason to be nuts but authority's reasons involve avarice by making money and creating power magically appear effortlessly go in their direction, especially with other's private property and interfering with Thermodynamics, chemistry and physics. The idea here is: Why give opportunities to those who want to control information and not work for it?

In the future, we will see more and more PDF and EPUB formats, and undoubtedly other type of renderings too, being published, which cannot be interfered with from the outside like with servers, like HTML can, for now, or not because these things are themselves embedded.
So for me it is important to only use transitional HTML 4.01 documents where if they are changed, I use another server somewhere else to change them back or expose the CDATA or the propriety entities and attributes and remove them manually, which is simply done. I don't care about spies, I care about interference and manipulation since I would say, write and do the same if society did not exist anyway and this includes my life, so this is none of society's or anybody else's business. I must continuously check my RTSP video all the time because the server on Blogger and who runs the thing continuously changes the block element into something unintelligible to a browser where only the thumbnail shows and where I have to replace the crap with a preserved "master file" all the time. This is probably done to cater to mobile browsers. Sorry, but these pages are meant for PC's and not for smart phones.
Personally, I'm not against change, but I am against change when it is implemented by only a few.

GP duBerger

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