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Sunday, March 1, 2015

Matter and Its Different States, Systems and Heinrich Hertz

Page 5 of 'Extreme Cold'. Page 2 of 'Extreme Cold'
'A History and Monologue on Matter and Natural Systems
in Materials Science of/for Energy Systems within
any Macroscopic Scale'.

by GP duBerger

Bejing's air solidifies
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Little is know about dynamics, except what we know/feel intuitively, but we have Thermodynamics to fall back upon which provides a supreme example of what is a Dynamic and what kind of system Work is put through, or derived from, whether one is looking in/at the mechanical, social, scientific, —and even the spiritual.

Concerning Pollution: I'm sure that some would think differently about their vehicles, factories, paper mills and power stations, etc., if suddenly they started producing stinking droppings of solid or liquidy carbon compounds from their exhausts and chimneys that would need to be picked-up like dog or cat owners have to do, rather than conveniently allow it to disappear invisibly as a vapour and gas.

Google Engineers Invent New Body Part To Strap Gadgets Onto
For the Digitally Addicted
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That is besides the other unwanted products disposed of in our waters and Earth, supposedly to "maintain" some form of "standard of living" or "way of life", that after the fact seems to need to be protected? If it's so good, then why does it need protection? (this is what the A = C part of the Zeroth law means.)

Thermodynamics demonstrates everywhere that "standards" and "things that are unique" are completely arbitrary, and are actually "un-unique" political choices origination from necessities during our war histories, which depends on how old one is to perceive, or be conscious of, more one of the other which indicates how far one's awareness is implicated; in a sociopathic way, or by understanding something's historical origins and purpose and there its far reaching consequences that affects peace overtime to create war all over again for the same reason we always have wars, which is the redistribution of artificially-created "wealth".

It is a 4 dimensional binary thinking that further gets subdivided and twisted by intellectuals in the sense which postmodernism criticizes, that proclaims: "Consumerism is power", not knowledge is power (See: Nietzsche, Postmodernism philosophy and 'One-Dimensional Man' by Herbert Marcus).

There is the Existential side of things to consider too:
When a young middle-class person decides, idealistically, he/she wants to be a policeman, politician, scientist, doctor, lawyer or actor, etc., etc., and become good/rich and/or great or famous, he/she forgets that there are millions already in the above mentioned professions with similar ideals and they are all competing against each other. The ones that succeed do more annihilating one thing or another than saving or creating something new or better. Here, the poor wretch discovers dread and frustration in three forms.
  1. The corrupt situation/conditions of his/her dream in reality that his/her idealism/dream prevents him from seeing in advance.
  2. Future shock: Which he/she cannot escape from or slow down where he can never properly learn things and becomes increasingly dependent on container-like applications to keep up with the times. These systems become regarded as real and not systems.
  3. Increasing interference from a new gen beginning from the age of 30, that is following his footsteps which becomes the only force that pushes him ahead and eventually out. It is no longer a rat-race, but an escalator. His work/achievements in his career or profession are realized as meaningless. Only always-increasing production and always-increasing consumption matters.

In everyday things; The sensitive shamans among us, whom modern society has deemed to call "anarchists" see the natural wake of change that systems for pollution, create in our Air and Water, for our Fires and Earths for the sake of "human progress" and his closed systems. This wake can be placed on some devised scale, that would show when open and isolated systems would react in some Newtonian manner where all of this could of been avoided and more people would prosper and be self-sufficient.

Society is a closed system because whatever matter it does take in is destroyed or becomes pollution much like the internal combustion engine's dealings with fuel and nothing in or out of society is allowed to complete its cycle (in Nature) or achieve its highest potential (in humanity). Energy systems are preferred because energy cannot exist in a self-renewing cycle like matter can. Even our great geniuses are exploited and so cannot create better things.

The ancient bullies that sacked cities and slaughtered everyone on sight, have simply move into offices and have machines designed a certain way to do all the pillaging and decimation of populations now, which includes the destruction of all Nature along the way. Evolution works just as well for evil, waste and stupidity as it does with good.

Newton's Cradle device
Newton's Cradle
As an example, we have Newton's Third Law to fall upon, where we see an example of it in this illustration. His action/reaction thing only applies to closed systems and what you are looking at is a closed system with always-increasing entropy. (a closed system only excepts and gives energy, not matter.) What's miraculous is that all modern philosophy can be boiled down to this thing and we can even blame Newton as responsible for many of our problems today concerning the way we think about technology and the way we create and implement it. (On other matters, I have things to say about Newton's Calculus, which will be coming up)

This may be a Law of physics, fine, but the problem with this thing is that 99.999...% of the universe does not work this way at all. If these balls were striking each other at a thousand miles an hour, we would not have an, "equal and opposite reaction", but an explosion! This nonsense by Newton that is spewed everywhere is part (of many things) of the programming and conditioning of the masses.
Entropy (when spoken by physicists, is a noun not a verb like it's supposed to be) clearly says that, "order goes to disorder" in any system, which is always regulated by some condition, but that is physics and not Thermodynamics.

Besides quantum mechanics/physics discussing "entropy" without any conditions; In things like logistics we have problems where they deal with things like: Out you go from here, and in you go there.
In an quasi-open system and in 4 dimensions, where we would be using gravity as our form of acceleration and motion, we can also demonstrate Newton's Third Law, but things would be very different:
If we drop a piece of trash that is placed directly on top of a bin it will not always fall inside the bin. The further the distance between the drop and the bin, then other possibilities come into play and the greater the uncertainty of success and the greater the possibility of getting a fine.

Another thing: It is impossible to push anything, (especially a ball, or even an atom!) in exactly one direction. There will always be, at least, one lateral motion to consider as well (this energy is wasted here,) and there is angular momentum to consider too when anything is pushed (especially if it's a cube or an irregular shape) which is also suppressed here by design. Here, so much energy is being wasted before anything happens (a reaction), yet the only thing physicists see is always-increasing entropy, which they have turned into a philosophy and simply call it "Entropy" and never factor in the Work that was produced, which is what makes this thing eventually stop.
A straight line only exists in mathematics and nowhere in reality unless it's forced, (like we see here) and we also see it can't last very long either because nature does not like straight lines and they are also wastefully inefficient. The closest approach to anything is always by way of a curve.

There is also no physical design capable of creating infinity. Only changes can occur.
It becomes a question of what form of real estate a person's mind wants to exist in and in how many dimensions. Newton's, as we see is only one dimensional (a single degree of movement within closed-system parameters) where a lowly artist can discuss 4 dimensions with ease and brings classical mechanics closer in line with quantum mechanics. Newton's cradle can be seen as a prison for movement and man is promoted to god-hood by only him giving it motion.
With indoctrination, through physics and chemistry, people accept only the architecture of closed systems as plausible, as reality or the only truth where Thermodynamics reveals all of this to be complete balderdash.

Political/Economic Forecasting:

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So, continuing our trajectory with our marvelous 1 dimensional technology that abuses 3 + 1 dimensions and angular momentum.
The aboriginals knew when the conquistadors were around by the wake created with their anchored ships parked in the horizon that reached the waters of their shores and learned to foretell death and disaster was coming. They were like aliens, where it was the reverse on the H.G. Wells story of "War Of The Worlds", where it was the germs of the "aliens" (our European ancestors) that destroyed them (Aboriginals) by making them defenseless, via the introduction of new diseases by purposely giving them pillows and blankets infected with small pox.

H.G. Wells was perhaps wrong, since it is more likely that any more "advanced civilization" would harbor many more strange diseases that are totally alien to our immune systems and it is more likely that this would be a reason for them to not make "first contact". The second their spaceship door would open and after the "first handshake" would likely initiate new plagues and devastate all life on this planet and hands are the real ambassadors for germs, viruses and bacteria before any idealism is to be considered.

So, it may seem that these pages criticize the banks, multinationals and finally scientists and organized religions, but this is far from so. By their presence, they merely show our world and our "neo-worlds" the wakes that forebode the self-destruction of developed societies and only they will suffer.
I just see the wakes these entities create themselves in today's world, and Thermodynamics makes this easy for anybody to understand and coalesce.

For instance: The authorities have known about germs for centuries. European and the Ottoman merchants and "militaries" have been, deliberately using germ warfare since the thirteenth century. They knew exactly where and how to obtain various forms of plaque like it was some art form and then "Science" who also works for authority, comes along and give the ignorant and fearful masses this story that it has "identified" the "germ", or the "bacillus" or the "virus" where it is authority itself that cultivated this inhumanity from the very beginning, so that it can appear better that god itself.
If A=B and B=C, then A=C.

The Kalahari have been doing their thing for more than 20,000 years and will go on long after we have probably destroyed ourselves if we don't change, but when/if they decide to change they will have us as examples of everything to avoid, whether we are around or not and these are not stupid people or savages either.
We have to admit that Western culture and technology is not the universal option and must consider that our "diverse" cultures are merely schemes.

Froth catches fire over Bellandur lake in Bengaluru
After the "solidified air" joke in the beginning; we actually do have lakes and rivers catching fire spontaneously with all their filth. (Well, Nature has to do something if people won't which is why there is disease or fire) People in Western societies must remember that their comfortable lifestyle comes at other nation's, enviroment's and culture's paying this expense. Thumbnail for Video
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It seems like our modern-day scientists and industrialists have only improved on Cavendish's Phlogiston theory concerning these four ancient Elements, by making it a business-model instead, and that is why we have cranky artists trying to make the invisible, visible and still only a few see, or want to see; to the point that it is now possible to calculate and quantify the damage each unthinking-inactive person creates to contribute to war, plunder, disease, death and pollution, just as Albert Einstein predicted:
"The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them without doing anything", which is indicated here with all my video clips that criticize the petroleum industry or the precious internal combustion engine that have no viewers.

Another idiom from Albert Einstein I like is: "It is easier to denature plutonium than to denature the evil spirit of man."
- From an interview June 23, 1946. Reprinted in Einstein on Peace, 385
(I wouldn't call man "evil spirited" like it was something natural, but possibly ignorant, lazy, selfish or unthinking yes because he/she is deliberately held back through/with the education he/she gets.) Ask the Jesuits or the CIA, etc., etc.; one can nurture, indoctrinate or program any human being to be/do and believe in anything, especially when they are young. Then it takes years, and years to get rid of the garbage they put in our heads and only if you're lucky in having the time, energy to do so along with the will to renew oneself.

Society's Stercus Tauri: 101

Lowell Thomas, proudly referred to SMOKESTACKS as: "Minarets to science!", during a time when they didn't know any better.
If he said that today, we would hear victim-card Islamic groups complaining and would accuse him of insulting "Allah" or Mohamed!
Everyone has and will miss the point in that it is NATURE who IS being insulted.
The fact that hydrocarbons happen to be mostly liquids and solids and fresh carbon dioxide and its compounds happen to be more likely existing as vapours and gases that can disappear magically by "advection" is very convenient for our industrialists, energy producers and scientists, among other developers of pollution, death, disease and stress who develop these things while altering societies where ordinary matter in these "developed" civilizations cannot finish their own dynamic matter/energy cycles which would produce even more energy, and the matter left over would be either stable or non-toxic and could be used again.

This is one reason why this artist detests "scientists" that use "Statistical mechanics" when applied to Thermodynamics because their true purpose (not Statistical mechanics itself) is to propagate only the consumer-grade Second Law of Thermodynamic, that ultimately is only there to promote the oil industry since Phases in matter don't exist in that law. These people are literally robbing you of your consciousness and awareness by filling minds with inapplicable closed-systemed crap, just like the crap organized religion does with/to the "soul" and "life" and makes you love their golden-calf temple or church instead of G-D Itself directly.

They actually use the "free energy" (notice the "turbulance" and "eddy mixing" in this illustration as if the world was a machine and not something alive) from open and isolated systems of/from the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamic (the energy already existing in/of/from the Sun, Earth, wind, water and air) to dissipate and/or hide their poisons and pollutants, and the rosy things they say which is what "advection" is all about.
The air we breath, The Earth and The waters are called respectively, Receptors #1, #2 and #3 and the belching smokestack is called, "Buoyant Plume", turning the world into a Second Law of Thermodynamic circus fit for the Prussian-born Rudolph Clausius.
On a side note: It's not for nothing that modern Germany in 1996 voted against renaming Brandenburg, 'Prussia' or even uniting Berlin with surrounding Brandenburg.
Like in Greece, they prefer to forget their Byzantine period, the German's today, prefer to forget Prussia and that I will leave for the visitor, here to research why for him/herself. (Hint: Read bio on Konrad Adenauer.)
Now, all we have to do is get rid of these historic Prussian scientists and their associates from all parts of the world whose demented work is still being taught (Indoctrination).

Click or tap on above illustration to read source that furnished this info in all seriousness, and see nothing wrong except in their little economic problem. These are supposedly highly paid and supposedly educated people too who think they are doing good.

All these experts will never tell you that any tree or plant creates its solid matter directly from the carbon dioxide in the air and not from the soil. The soil only provides nutrients (nitrogen) and water. Trees also do not consume energy at all, but transform energy instead (into chemical energy) which is transferred to other systems, yet plants and trees live. If they consumed energy, we would be able to measure that and even photograph it. So, Thermodynamics also brings up interesting general questions as to Life's meaning and purpose, which physics and chemistry can't because they don't follow the heat.

Sabotage Of The Mind

Discovery Tree, Sequoia, Calaveras Big Trees State Park, California
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Many things are miscalculated or overlooked in what Nature can achieve, where with the power of the photon, converts gaseous matter into solid matter and does not practice, 'always-increasing production of/in closed systems', but in open systems the acceleration and expansion of the entire universe, being the ultimate example, but even that effect can be broken down to our small speck we live in. Never mind the air: Without plants and trees there is no life because they effortlessly transfer and transform the radiation of the Sun into chemical energy and valuable compounds that all animals need to survive.
The things we feel and are invisible in the physical universe (like the air and the wind) are more important than the consumer baubles that make promises.

It is no wonder that Paleolithic man intuitively thought that trees were spirits. These people were not scientists, but they were right on target which says a lot about real human beings and their spirit when not interfered with by sick educational systems and indoctrination.

The Real Thing (1980)
Parts 1 - 6
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Time: 02:54:35

They (scientists) discuss these things with awe, but an artist, or a science journalist can show you a simple tree or plant and discuss what it does, which is even more remarkable and these things are all over the place, where to look at the edge of the universe requires expensive, specialized AND PRIVATIZED equipment whose data may even be corrupt and further tuned and turned into propaganda because they, like the priest of old, tell you with their diegesis what it is being shown, or discovered, when actually have no idea. Google: James Burke, 'The Real Thing' (1980) A 6 part series that discusses exactly what I'm describing here in detail.

In 2015 an international team overlaid health questionnaire responses from more than 31,000 Toronto residents onto a map of the city, block by block. Those living on blocks with more trees showed a boost in heart and metabolic health equivalent to what one would experience from a $20,000 gain in income. Lower mortality and fewer stress hormones circulating in the blood have also been connected to living close to green space.
Read National Geographic article for January 2016: 'This Is Your Brain on Nature' GD

They will tell you about production-consumption and describe it as a "cycle" (i.e. two things cannot be a cycle, but are usually opposites or complimentary). There can (within those parameters) be production-consumption-production (which is a cycle) where then, at the C stage, it is our choice of what these new "products" will be, (deadly or healthy) because phases in matter and heat/pressure along with the toxins and wasted energies say so, —not what Mr. Scientist, Mathematician or religious/governmental authority tells you.

"Advection" is not only a distortion of the meaning and principle in/of the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamic, but is also a metatruth at the same time. With words like this around in science, they are creating a world fit for ignorance and stupidity, while sounding very profound at the same time which is no different than describing the Tooth fairy to children.

Everything is propaganda, fakery, Soft-selling and indoctrination/programming today because true and universal scientific principles are given new terms and meanings that are only suitable for polluting industrialists and their associates and make them seem normal (or wonderful) which ends up in "education".

So, we see that it is not only paid-for research and media that always favours polluting industries, we see that new meanings (just like we do with computer programs and HTML Markup, which are now engineered with redundant entities and empty spaces that actually facilitate hacking!) and words are also created from things that already exist that only favour those same industries and practices twisting Thermodynamics in common knowledge to the point where we only consider ourselves inside consumer-grade closed systems.

I also put the compound-word, "free energy" in quotations because in Thermodynamics, like in any plot in the TV sitcom, "The Beverly Hillbillies", "Free" means lots of different things and depends entirely on what one is talking about, its system and to whom. In any system, there is always some element in the system that is "free". So when I say often to triple-check everything, I also mean triple check suspicious-sounding words with their immediate associations, adverbs, adjectives and try to discern whether they really belong together, or should be applied to the "subject" or person him/herself.
One does not need to be a "genius" either to apply one's intuition upon any subject or argument that you may or may not like. If A=B and B=C then A=C. It's as easy as Dorothy following the Yellow-brick road and a more fun than listening to, or reading amygdala-stimulating stercus tauri.

Besides making Thermodynamics complicated for nothing, all these useless words in Thermodynamics like, "Exergy", "Advection", "reaction-coodinate" instead of "time", etc., etc., exist primarily to serve closed systems and a twisted Second Law of Thermodynamic and creates a playground for mathematicians so they can be called geniuses, where this is all covered in the very simple Zeroth Law of Thermodynamic.

Notice: "Time" is referred to here as a "reaction coordinate".
(Anyone who would talk to me that way, I would slap him across the face)
There, from the other end, we must consider that industrialists also use 'Gibbs Free Energy' (glorified Latent heat and Thermal equilibrium) to lower manufacturing costs and increase their profits and production as any proper analysis of chemical manufacturing techniques will demonstrate this where this 'free energy' could be used instead to eliminate pollution like some animals do, which we will examine later.

It is interesting to know that Gibbs Free Energy is a wonder and discovery of mathematics, yet does not exist in accounting or in any formula of economic theory! This is unusual, to say the least, since Joseph Black's equations for latent heat were developed primarily for penny-pinching Scottish accountants/distillers of the 17-18th century who wanted to know how to make more whiskey at less cost.

This is a portrait of our evolution and this is only the beginning.
I think our Orangutan friends are smarter than us. (See "Garden of Eden" clip further below when you get there.)
Click or tap for source
In physics we see this especially in manufactured 'Networked Elements' of which this monologue has a lengthy report within it, where we find that no Thermodynamic concept exists in any form of consumer protection or legislation. There is only the "Producer" or "Manufacturer" and the "Consumer", with no regard for any cycle of heat, but of energy use yes. Energy itself, like heat, is entirely relative as to the meanings of "use" and "waste", the differences being with heat, it is direct and with energy, it is in networked elements. Why scientist love to dabble with networked elements rather than direct and much simpler thermodynamic elements is a reflection of it's diabolical nature, much like the teachings of/in organized religion. This is like putting the cart before the horse, and inverting it, and then turn that upside down.

Heat is the first sign that directly tells one that something is going wrong or going right and everything is heat, including things like sound. In any sound wave, molecules in any fluid are being heated as the wave of energy passes.

Thermodynamics simply does not exist in any form of human lawmaking and we will just forget logic (syllogism) altogether, unlike for things that involve basic elementary-school physics and chemistry which the visitor, here, will discover is quite insufficient. Thermodynamics is the complete expression of Nature, existence and reality, yet we prefer to deal with invisible invented-metaphysical divine entities to guide us, or punish us.
Then we have politicians, who think the value of higher education "is an abstraction".

I took a real estate course at OACIQ where closed systems, with always-increasing entropy are factored into the value/cost of any immovable and these were the only things considered. "Value", in this sense, becomes its own contradiction because why discuss value when we know it won't exist for one reason or another over a very short course of time? There is no recuperation, there is only depreciation.
Things like a roof should be replaced every 25 years, windows 30 years. Bricks last for 60 years, exterior staircases, so many years... etc., etc. and the materials offered on the market to do the work is the only thing allowed by building codes, where better materials are illegal or difficult to obtain. Of course, I did not put these contradictions down in my exams, otherwise I would never of graduated.

If human beings have laws for/in their societies without any interface with Nature, then they are not laws that mean anything anywhere beyond those societies and cultures, which increases the need for even more laws, police, armies of mercenaries, politicians and bureaucrats and building fences and walls to protect from a phantom anarchy that society itself creates; the fallout being the creation of even more fear in/with the general population that should not exist in the first place.

We will find later, here, that the police in any city are not just there to "protect and serve", and "uphold the law", they actually enforce ideals that only favour private enterprise and giant multinationals and not free enterprise, and I'm not talking about drug-dealers, etc., but legitimate free enterprise.

Just like I will show, many times, that people are only presented the consumer-grade Second Law of Thermodynamic as "science" and the real Second Law along with the rest of the other laws either do not exist, or are dogma (First Law) or is some miracle (like the Big Bang and/or the Big Crunch). One cannot get something out of nothing and something cannot become nothing (which Hawking believes), so because of this discrepancy they present science in sociopathic order in various media.

Believe it or not: sociopathy shows up in mathematics too, where one just needs to examine the formula or equation and see where it goes, and for what purpose in how much time, where it then becomes meaningless where then other adventures take over. One could write a very interesting paper or book on the psychology of modern maths according to physicists, forget mathematicians, and write it forensically like in the style of Richard von Krafft-Ebing's 'Psychopathia Sexualis', where the names of mathematicians guilty and sick mental patients are given pseudonyms and intriguing scenarios guaranteeing a best seller for the writer and publisher of such a work.

Joseph Black's work is also misleading or misleadingly taught, where it may be very interesting and very profitable to know how much heat a substance in thermal equilibrium can absorb without changing temperature, but increase in pressure (great for distillers), but say nothing about how or why Thermal Equilibrium can release enormous amounts of energy spontaneously when Thermodynamic systems are worked another way that involve those same equations.
That so far has only been managed by Albert Einstein and that only for the subatomic with his famous equation E = MC2. Since his equation deals exclusively with subatomic closed system, we find his entropy is also reversed in that it Always Decreases. Once new atoms get produced from his system there suddenly exists Always-Increasing entropy.

Both sides, along with their particular dynamics will be shown and discussed in this monologue where some classical mechanics will also be introduced because Einstein's work is like putting the cart before the horse again in/with practical needs and involvements, while not being so dramatic and deadly.

This certainly shows the way they teach chemistry to kids, in our age, is a sham where a simple course on basic Thermodynamics, - Not chemistry, would remedy this situation because that is exactly what Thermodynamics deals with; which are those, supposedly unimportant, little things like solids, liquids, gases, plasmas, Bose-Einstein Condensates, etc., which are called, "Phases" in Thermodynamics and only exist at certain temperature ranges and pressures rendering statistical mechanics useless, and there are as many interval-like phases to/in matter as their are stars and black holes in the entire universe; their internal forces, dynamical systems and properties and other things, where the most important and basic principles are easily understandable or intuitive to/for any form or quality of intelligence, and if one plans to reside only on Earth we only need to know a tiny-fraction of the family of these phase changes, but this seems to be deliberately squashed.
Scientists who ignore Thermodynamics make pollution, among other things, an "insurmountable problem" where the problems should be obvious and simple to remedy, besides being fun and inexpensive. They actively encourage ignorance in practical things, and instead discuss only esoterica besides only supporting the status quo.

99% of all matter in the universe is all plasma and other forms of matter we don't understand anyway, so what are these physicists, chemists and mathematicians talking about? Who are they to tell people what is good or bad, the meaning of existence and other nonsense they haven't even a gleam of, in/from whatever imaginations they may possess.

The study/creation of cold teaches us things heat does not, especially when discussed by today's scientists.
Here we get a better synopsis from an old U.S. Air Force training film.
Principles of Refrigeration 1963 US Air Force; How Refrigerators Work
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Time: 11:29

Thermodynamics also makes one totally aware of the different systems in existence all around us, both in Nature and by those that are man-made and most importantly teaches us that systems and their subsequent networked elements are just tools to arrive at certain very specific things and are never to be considered or treated as real things or reality, or even protected by man-made laws. Most of the things we do and involve our lives with involve just moving things around. Thermodynamics is about moving heat around and how that is achieved so it makes an excellent template to follow with, instead of some holy book or scientific/political rationality.

In the universe, all by itself, without heat there is no energy, but energy can be put in some system to create heat and get billed for it too, but that is not the way the universe itself works. Nature, or G-D if you prefer, did not create money, although they do exchange other forms of value, but it's amusing that money is discussed in the Bible often where it should of been included in the Book of Genesis had it been one of G-D's creations. Pollution and miracles begin in any Holy Book because Thermodynamics says so and shows you were these corruptions are located. What ordinary people are made to "believe" is no different than the psychotic who believes he's being persecuted, or aided by "kdq$ @ldwcl%".

Sometimes, light is not light, and sometimes light is lite. So, as we saw in the last page with Jacob Bronowsky on the penetrating component of the photon at a certain energy which begins with rays that can no longer be focused (X rays) and at a higher point starts exhibiting the ability to change things themselves (Gamma rays splitting atoms) and are no longer useful to "see" or measure anything with, nor can they be manipulated. The quantum tells us that a radical new way of thinking about Nature is required in mathematics and in physics and then humankind has to adapt to that when venturing in that part of the universe. Later, we will see actual uranium atoms and there pulsations, vibrations and movement with some rare footage I have found, where we can appreciate this interplay just described in the quantum.

Isn't science supposed to be about MEASURING SMALLER AND SMALLER, AND BIGGER AND BIGGER THINGS and not telling us what god is or isn't, or the Fate of existence or the universe?
In science: Who/What G-D is and Fate, should be handled strictly by/with Thermodynamics and not by physics or mathematics!

Manufacturing Precision: "Precisely So" 1937 Chevrolet Division, General Motors
Once upon a time, when America was actually producing great science and scientists!
A demonstration of what "science" and research are supposed to be doing and not writing books or make videos on philosophy/politics/religion!
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Time: 19:08

All one must remember in that form of physics, that there is no such thing as some static photon (quanta) doing anyone's biding like Susskind or Hawking like to believe and relate to the public in their particular way, and the quantum cannot exist in, or as in, any closed system (like black holes, they way they are discussed) and so must not be related about in that manner. If we want to start measuring things again, we will have to learn to be more gentle with matter and understand light a lot better than we do now, otherwise we will stop learning and progressing.

Better to use the carrot instead of the stick, and that will take a new breed of physicist and chemist in the future, and when that day comes there will be a ternary marriage with/between Physics, Chemistry and Thermodynamics making today' s scientists appear queer and quaint.

The quantum proves that the universe is an open system and cannot be bottled up, created, destroyed, manipulated or maintained by some third party where we can instead review ancient (pre-quantum) Roman poets like Titus Lucretius and understand their Epicurean claims that the universe has no need for deities and are totally incompatible. In fact, it is the very foundation of any kind of deity to usurp and overthrow Nature and assume it's mantle which this "religion", is of course, controlled by people who make a fortune.

Epicurean's, themselves, had no quarrels with gods except when they interfered with Nature, and via human agencies men and woman which I find is remarkable for people to have those kind of meta-thoughts thousands of years ago. In those days, as is true today there was little difference between philosophy, science and politics. The "Epicureans" were the "Green party" and free enterprise of the time and the Platonist's represented Banks and Private enterprise of our time.

That's why things get snafu when we start inventing things that cannot exist and must be corrected as soon as possible and not adopted, but this extends to other matters besides deities, because now we have "Dark matter/energy" components and "fabrics", "standard models", "super-symmetry" (that's practically an oxymoron), and "strings", etc.,etc.

Lowly Termites and their sophisticated HVAC systems based solely on Thermodynamics. (involving no physics or chemistry)
A short compilation on natural technology involving HVAC systems that have nothing to do with physics, but only Thermodynamics. Notice that the entire living environment built by termites is functioning like one very sophisticated PCM (Phase-change material) system, which stores latent-heat, keeping their environment constantly cool. (hint: The termites salt cells and radiator/evaporators do the job of handling Thermal Equilibrium were the temperature does not rise, but the pressure does, whose energy is ingeniously used for part of the ventilation system.)
Can you find other things going on in this system that involve only matter connected to open-systems elements that produce Work?.
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On the other hand, many humans judge animals and plants because they don't understand physics and mathematics. So, in a Newtonian/Cartesian manner, we think of them as machines and resources, but animals and plants probably judge us, in their way, for not using Thermodynamics and that is why we have to use them as machines and resources. Fate, like the god Janus, looks towards two directions simultaneously.

Unlike many humans, all animals understand and respond to love, and plants don't sneeze at that either. In fact it is the humans with no form of empathy and no substance that claim they are the most intelligent or preside over anyone at every, or any opportunity.
Before I described how plants and trees do not consume energy, but merely transform it. Here, in this video clip/contemplation, see how termites use already-existing energy in matter to achieve their goals.

Here, we see how disconnected we are from matter and open-system elements which is why we depend on physics and closed systems like a paraplegic would depend on machines to survive, where this was not the case originally in our evolution and development. Somewhere and somehow, we went off course.

With our supposedly superior intelligence and emotion we should be living independently of everything and only rely or matter and thermodynamics first which would provide the necessary protocols in how to apply physics and chemistry, when/where physics and chemistry become necessary.

This becomes evident now in the environmentally polluting and cruel meat and meat packing industries where we can now grow all our favorite (but now non-polluting) meats for consumption (like termites grow fungus) with no antibiotics and no longer inflict cruelty, pain and suffering to animals and throw religious dietary "laws" out the window because they will be meaningless. This will, of course, not happen for a very long time to come.

It is like we had the steam engine thousands of years ago, but is was never used because it would of revolutionized societies back then. There are always elements in any society that work to maintain the Status Quo and are themselves the first to be obsolete. Revolution becomes inevitable in one way or another.
So if we follow history, we find that a lot of heads will have to roll over a period of thousands of years before anything real gets done. One day, in the future, we will grow our meat and leave the animals alone and everyone will be happy, but that will likely take a few thousand years.

All these philosophers from ancient times, until now, that discuss closed systems are compelled, at one point, to describe some kind of Armageddon or apocalypse (like Stephen Hawking does today) and those philosophers who worked intuitively with thermodynamics never have had to, and surprisingly only their complete works survive to this day, but the other's work have gone up in flames and a lot of Stephen Hawking's work has already gone up in flames. See: 'The Black Hole War', and if one does not understand Hawking's "equations", I say, "just follow the Heat" and hold that up against the Zeroth, First and Third laws of Thermodynamics and you will see his "work" is only propaganda. Heat does not lie. Only people do.

Unsurprisingly the complete works that never got burned are hard to find, but bit and pieces and hearsay about the other writers and philosophers is the only stuff that is taught and interpreted.

Thermodynamics for our animal and plant friends, along with organic/inorganic chemistry that serves only thermodynamic cycles is their way and, surprisingly, they have little use of or interest in physics (hint), which is part of the great spectrum of intuition, that is a part of what we call, "intelligence", and intuitiveness is also the least understood and feared by weak men/women.

Now, people who could predict the Thermodynamic future accurately in the past (like the weather) were made pharaohs and kings and not because they won great battles, which the ordinary person could not of known about anyway because they did not have CNN or newspapers, (only slaves knew the king won a battle and no one talked to them) etc., but if anyone could tell you exactly when the Nile would flood and recede, or a monsoon was coming and ending, among other events, or an eclipse for novelty, —well that was really impressive and you must be a god, or something directly connected to divinity.

Now you can sleep in peace, your future is assured thanks to the astrologer JOJO Savard.
"Disneyfication" or false glorification of royalty has always existed and most of these ancient dynasties owe the existence of their office to the astrologers of their times who had sufficient enough science, research and observation to be able to predict these things and events. The "astrology" of today is a watered-down and frivolous version of yesterday's astrology like "advection" is a frivolous version of the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamic.
Please keep this in mind when one listens to one's favourite celebrity scientist today, as I will show, that they are no better than today's astrologers and are not to be fawned over.

The physics, chemistry and maths (for surveying or building terraces) needed for agriculture was developed after because we had reliable methods to predict important thermodynamic events (like animals and insects do with their unique form of intelligence and observational point of view) that made these things crucial in the first place, like we saw in the last video clip with James Burke in the page before, but the same things described there for Egypt were also developed in Indochina, right down to the police if you did not pay your taxes, except there they had no use for the plow (for planting rice), but building things like terraces was/is important.
So despite what James Burke says, among others; "The Plow" and the stories they attach to it; It is merely a Eurocentric view ("a notion of European exceptionalism, a worldview centered on Western civilization") of the development of civilization and actually has more to do with climate and its cycles.

These animals (termites) that number in the trillions don't depend on utilities and manufactures; have no crime or police (although they have armies for defense against other predators), or organized religion, intellectuals, experts, celebrity scientists, politicians, etc., and have gotten along very well for longer than we have been around and will probably evolve in a time beyond where we no longer exist if we don't start changing a couple of things about ourselves radically. I think it's incredible the amount of bullsh*t "superior intelligence" requires.
"The only thing that separates us from the animals is our ability to accessorize" -Clairee Belcher. From, 'Steel Magnolias' (1989), —and that is no advantage for any species of life, but simplicity is!

Thermodynamics always seems to be broken up into little pieces here and there for whatever reasons in our education and is never explained in its independent entirety regardless of what is being discussed. I always maintained that this subject should be taught and examined thoroughly before even thinking about chemistry, mathematics or physics.
This also has the side-benefit of separating the "Ass"perger syndrome pretend-scientist or mathematician from the real McCoys.
One "entirety" would be one cycle of different Thermodynamic systems working together, involving primarily heat, pressure and matter, so this is not rocket science.

Observing Nature: With termites' work, we are seeing the control of already-existing heat generated from their bodies and the fungus they grow to eat also produces heat.

Their unique condensation/evaporation and heat transfer/ventilation systems actually shows us how to generate heat for colder climates that are very practical, when/where applying their Thermodynamic systems in reverse, and all open and isolated thermodynamic systems are reversible. Only closed systems (whether classical or subatomic) are not reversible and only their conditional entropies are different.

Certain religions convince their members to self-immolate themselves, other convince them to bomb themselves.
The way his "holiness", the Dalai Lama understands and uses fire and apparently "the environment" too, says a lot about him in many ways, as it does with Islamic clerics who use and understand Thermal Equilibrium to achieve their political aims.
Our religious leaders have minds and imaginations of children. Even today's Pope talks about the "The environment", but offers no viable solution, so this is all politics and publicity-seeking and a new way to describe "Guilt", which in Catholicism is a weapon.
Although this should be some Buddhists statement, we find it is only Thermodynamics that says:
Let things, through systems "burn" by themselves (break down) the way they are supposed to and tap into this matter/energy-cycle like one gets or obtains something like maple sugar from a maple tree, rather than cut down a tree to get what we want/need, or commodifying and privatizing anything to generate heat/energy.
Any activity produces heat regardless of what it is, in any system, —even nuclear energy can be made very friendly, where a child would be able to operate a properly constructed reactor (parameters set by Thermodynamic models) with no danger to anyone or anything! The only thing that is dangerous would be the super-heated steam generated from its "core" which resembles more a system than a device.

Thermodynamics is the opposite of Newtonian and Cartesian physics (Clockwork, Action and Reaction) and forces us through some ternary system to think in reverse where the reaction by some action is not actually desired and makes us think about alternative systems that are more desirable, profitable and healthy for everything.

The problem is that private enterprise and governments have "created" laws where mere ideas and their systems can be patented, where if someone comes with a superior system for the same idea, he can be sued, fined and even thrown in jail/assassinated, because someone else, or some group "owns" the idea. And people think they live in the "Land of the Free"! There's no freedom anywhere when one is only allowed to buy crap.

Where, when a thing is forced into a system to do something than what Nature ordains to ordinarily run Its universe, we start having problems and imbalance is created and matter will not be denied its supremacy over energy. This is madness worse than dreaming about Perpetual Motion, whose proper history will be discussed later in this monologue.

With their posteriors (their asses), modern-day physicists, chemists and mathematicians have declared war on our posterity (future generations)

The Laws of Physics change all the time, but never the Laws of Thermodynamics in any magnitude, and don't let these guys discussing Boltzmann constants and statistical mechanics fool you, as these things are extremely limited and very specialized where one loses sight that there is a Universe out there.

It does not make much sense to create a form of fission, and patenting it on top of this, that produces immediate results, but takes more than 20,000 years to clean up and there is nothing physics, chemistry or mathematics can do about it except in calculating and devising HOW to bury it "safely" in the Earth, or dump radioactive "waste" at the bottom of the ocean, but Thermodynamic systems could of prevented such a situation and create even more useful energy and beneficial isotopes in the process.

Science on it's part, should of found a way to turn these "waste products" into something useful instead, but they don't give out Nobel Prizes for that kind of work.
Maybe some billionaire out there should leave his estate to some new created entity called, let's say: 'The So and So Environmental Prize' and make sure it is even more prestigious and media blitzing and gives off bigger cash prizes than the Nobel committee has to offer.
That is not likely to happen.

These people are unworthy to call themselves mathematicians, physicists or chemists and less to have the nerve to discuss the "meaning of life", like that too was their business as we see with those celebrity scientists, "communicators" and intellectuals spewing their garbage at every opportunity they can find.

On another planet, aliens may think that we are only patenting and giving exclusive rights to pollute in new and abundant ways, and not see the mass-to-energy part of these patents, since the entire universe is made of matter/energy, so this is not supposed to be a problem, or an idea involving "genius" that needs exclusivity or patent/legal protection in the first place.

From that perspective, we see that all this technology was developed primarily to build bigger and bigger bombs with associated devices that can also deploy them. If there was some viable theory for Antimatter they would be working on that too, night and day, till they get that and then find some entity to experiment this new "invention" upon.
These guys want a bang for their buck, and a simple demonstrable laboratory experiment just wont cut it.

All this "technology" and "science" was later developed/adapted for inefficient societies (that create problems themselves) where people live in poorly designed dwellings in cities whose primary purpose is trade and industry, like some shanty boom-town where real estate is some hastily put up dwelling made from local materials. If the place survives, we then get the addition of suburbs, where people commute in inefficient polluting vehicles on poorly designed infrastructure, roads and bridges that has to be dug up and replaced every 25 years, and so on.
Here in Montreal, they have to rebuild from scratch the entire Champlain bridge which was only 50 years old. This was done on purpose.

An excellent example here comes to mind: Look at history with what white men did to the self-sustaining aboriginals in North and South America who lived off the land and the land thrived. Goods circulated with Gift economies which also decided who was going to be in power. Simple.
White man gives him an incompatible religion and makes him live in the type or real-estate I already described which must be imported from main cities, and they must perform functions on the land they were "given" that is dictated by the banks that are unsustainable. To pay their bills, they put them on welfare. If effect society, has replaced Nature and saying that it's better too, to the point where the state allows and grants patents on living things!
I have yet to hear the Pope, an Islamic cleric, Buddhist, etc., etc., say anything about that, but with the latter two, it's OK to bomb or self-immolate because of some displeasure!

For us white folks in our societies; there is a serious energy/time/space loss that must be accounted for because future unborn generations will have to pay for this with their own values, money, health and lives, not to forget their own created nightmares that will be unique for their time and age that we could not possibly understand.

Survival Research Laboratories Performance in L.A. 2006
Survival Research Laboratories Performance in L.A. 2006
In a way, Clausius and Boltzmann (whose equation for always-increasing entropy is ironically and appropriately inscribed on his gravestone) (undoubtedly by the Muses and not the Fates) were wrong because it can be proved/demonstrated by any competent artist, or group of artists, with a Happening, that Clausius-Boltzmann Entropy (always increasing) can actually generate heat or a reaction, and/or be regulated/manipulated via work or lack of work, in any closed system, especially by the way it arranges chaos, where that is impossible with any open or isolated system and we must not forget what these system's own chaos can do to a closed system's chaos. Boltzmann's statistical mechanics is not some discovery, but an opportunity that is sold to the general public as "science" and "mathematics" that creates and generates exploitative systems and inventions.
Boltzmann's "work", in a different sense, is a work of "genius".

"Always Increasing Entropy', can be either antithetical or an oxymoron depending on the Work being looked at because at one point Heat is created (or mass introduced) because something is always "increasing" involving different elements in a completely ignored ternary system where some kind of Thermal Equilibrium would come along and regulate that situation, where with Clausius' type of "Always Increasing Entropy" we would get an explosion, or apocalypse!
It is therefore axiomatic that an open system has a never-increasing entropy and the big bang could never of occurred, where by creating this closed system for the universe there is the need to invent things like "Dark energy".

Well, physics (mostly Newtonian, which I now consider an infection) will always be physics; so physicists will always be physicists, so don't expect anything better. There is too much consensus between committees of cronies who have jobs and reputations to protect in face of the public, but any Thermodynamicist will tell you privately that most of the scientific community is corrupt and will go on inventing and marketing new forces of nature that cannot exist to satisfy their equations and theories and this marketing aspect goes beyond Maxwell who only invented his Luminiferous aether and Gnostic god to satisfy unknowns for his equations at the time, but did not go around marketing them, evangelizing, and writing specific papers about them, like physicists and mathematicians do today.

The irony resides in the fact that if Maxwell were alive today, he would be forced to write papers on "Luminiferous eather" and the nature of "god" to satisfy social media! That's what the Thermodynamicist would mean by corruption.

We must go back to Hubble who originally described the "acceleration" of the universe (red shift) as space itself expanding and not matter moving away from itself (Dark energy): Space, itself, being part of the universe and is treated as some distinct entity of existence, no different than matter is a distinct entity!
If we imagine the universe as an open system, then we realize that this is only a property of space itself like all matter has basic common properties. How is space, or nothing, supposed to be space, or nothing, if it cannot or does expand naturally since that would be the nature of what "space" is all about, especially if we consider some ternary element and its involved system(s).

This would be the reason why black holes do not disappear which according to general relativity and quantum mechanics say they should because any space (or nothing) inside black holes must expand too which is balanced by its tremendous gravity which would crush all its atoms into oblivion. So black holes, physically, remain the way they are (or even grow) and perform functions, many of which are metaphysical or are thresholds that we still don't understand, but are open to any imagination.

It is a certainty that Einstein's relativity does not work in black holes because he believed in a Static universe and relativity involves matter, not space which is why when after he met Hubble at his observatory he began his work in what became known as the "Cosmological constant" which attempted to bridge gap between relativity and space/nothing.

They have known since ancient Greece that atoms or particles were round and not square or any polygon (one part water and a same amount of salt does not make two parts so there had to be spaces between water particles and only rounded particles can accomplish that; only density and reactions to temperature/pressure are affected).
So it is the same today with black holes that there will always be space between atoms, or subatomic particles if the atoms are crushed and what even makes these things up, and this space will expand extra-dimensionally like it does in the entire universe, which we see proof of this by the red shift.

It is all very simple; Where with one pound of matter as a solid shape has a certain amount of area that can be measured with a string or a tape-measure and if one were to put an identical shape next to it there would be only a certain amount of space between those two objects, but turn those two solid shapes into powder and the surface area of these same articles has increased geometrically and so has the space between those former shapes as only two items. This in some way, at certain magnitudes, can act as a force to be reckoned with, that laughs at gravity, but whose effect only exists within it.
The more the objects, the more the space exists between objects, and this includes those neat little packages called quanta, and gravity has no effect with space, but inadvertently creates it instead.

Physicists may, just as well believe in ghosts because the point here is that many things and "forces" simply exist because of design and those forces cannot be "felt" outside the system itself and it's, as well, very interesting that artists are the only people that understand this concept so far, which to us exists everywhere, among other things which I won't get into here.

For instance: A neutron star is not really a neutron, but a conglomeration of electrons and protons that are packed so tightly (but not touching) that they cancel each others electrical effect, but not the nuclear force of any proton.

At one point, there is no "To have", "To do", "To get", "To put", "To push"; there is only, "To be" and, "To be" owes nothing to any form of physics or metaphysics. It just is Dynamics, which is a "Thing" (or has the exact properties of being a Thing) and is (for example) everywhere in all matter and Thermodynamics expresses this everywhere. It is like we don't accept Verbs as objects, but the word "Verb" itself is an object that can be used to describe a natural function that is inseparable from any reality, therefore it is a "Thing" under those circumstances.

This is why physicists and mathematicians have great difficulty explaining their mathematical expressions because of this kind of overlap between distinct things in systems and in networked elements, but any poet could tell them that: it is the way they use spoken language that is lacking which we see from ancient times where "physicists" were poets and expressed themselves eloquently mainly because the mathematics did not exist yet.

To this day, all great ideas, inventions and discoveries come from thought and care and their expression by various methods (including art) and not from mathematics. It is all wonderful to realize there are prime numbers, or the 360th number after π is 6 and the number before that is 3 and after 6 is 0, etc., but it is more important to realize Division and its properties, where these things (among others) then only appear quaint and should even be predicted. Mathematicians discuss "Proofs", but most mathematics cannot be proved and is just the design and system that makes it "maths" and then we look at the system it is used for. Then the journalist comes later and writes some critique or praise of this new marvel and so on.
This is why Existentialists describe everything, primarily, as an "illusion".

When there is no more physical force left to prevent Armageddon, thermodynamics has the properties of "Nothing" to save the universe from destroying itself and bring whatever form of equilibrium necessary and most often this equilibrium is expressed in/with heat moving along somewhere. It is always where it goes that is interesting and we have only scratched the surface of where heat actually does go, which is probably an infinity of places because matter gets even more dynamic and interesting with new properties the colder it gets, which themselves are merely thresholds to other places. Hot going to Cold is only one function of an infinity of other unseen activities occurring in that process.

To really calculate Clausius' Entropy, one would require complex "statistical mathematics" and expensive-unique measuring equipment for each device being evaluated, which themselves require energy, and it must be a ternary system, where/when one is utilizing unnecessary-combustion that serves only an artificial system that would never exist naturally to createWork, but only value or transformations.

Via this invented consumer-grade Second law of Thermodynamic, our entire notion of modern society is an existential experience that is a dream in the perverted imaginations of 19th century Victorian overly-specialized philosophers and now has infected quantum mechanics, who also use Second Law devices to "measure" anything that produces paper money and turns that into a "value" which is why there is Heisenberg's Uncertainty principle, which is basically Quantum mechanics answer to Victorian and Edwardian philosophers and industrialists with their arrogant certainties and never heard of Gauss or Mach.

Claudius's "Fundamental Theorem" is intrinsically a system in a system, which is probably why the mathematician, Maxwell (who was a bit of an artist-philosopher), didn't like his Second Law of Thermodynamic (He preferred a statistical approach; See: Maxwell–Boltzmann distribution) and, ironically, could of been improved by changing or expanding the meaning of "value" instead of "work".
Einstein, himself, ended up saying one day: "The economists will have to revise their theories of value."
—Albert Einstein --- Quoted in J. Sayen, Einstein in America, 150

In the case of the termite, it is with "rotting wood" that has value where we could, on our part, heat our dwellings with decaying leaves collected before winter among other biomass instead of using fossil fuels, as everyone knows how much heat a compost heap generates if it is carefully maintained or designed in a variety of ways that lend themselves to both, experimentation or standardization. Anything that changes, whether it be chemical or physical produced heat and this heat can also be moved around and made to do many things along the way.
Even the expansion of Nothing (which is a change) produces heat like we can register with the universe's Background Radiation and the overall effect is nothing since expansion itself dissipates this heat.

Whether it be a glass of water or the entire universe, anything in Thermal Equilibrium will produce pressure somewhere instead, and there's your expansion and acceleration of the universe that has nothing to do with physics, but with Thermodynamics. The entire universe is a thermodynamic expression, not a physical or chemical one. What atoms do, or become is because of heat and pressure first. Energy "itself" is divided, as all forms of energy can be either kinetic matrices or potential fields and within those two there are transitive dynamics. Gravity is an excellent example of this since it lends itself to both views simultaneously. Sprinkle in any flavor of any relativistic motion and we have new dimensions; and so on. Relativity itself, brings us back to Thermodynamics as Galileo already knew intuitively.

Garden of Eden
Question for Evolutionists: Which is better; The dynamic path animals have chosen for themselves to evolve, or the physical path we have chosen for ourselves or forcibly made to exist and perish in. Thumbnail for Video
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So, besides this system being useful for both summer and winter, this system would also benefit from the addition of other bio-garbage we produce, and composting to generate heat, and composting (as a system) is not adverse to a beautiful design and does not need to be ugly or messy (like in the making of wine or beer), and all we need to do is run pipes carrying water or air through it.

Here, our new friend would be Nitrogen (naturally regulating its ratio to carbon) with our bio-carbon heat-generation system which they seem to want to do naturally, it's immediate by-product: Heat.

Here we see that there is a direct communication between inanimate matter (nitrogen and carbon) with life that are all merged together, as this process occurring by itself, is no coincidence or something artificial, nor is there any god or scientist involved. The Earth "knows" what it requires and implements it and manipulates matter before it manipulates energy, where we and/or gods do the reverse.

The profile in Genesis states that 'Energy creates the Universe', where Thermodynamics states that it is Matter and Space that releases energy. Since gods and man seem to be doing the same things, we have then a theological crises because the things calling themselves "gods" or act like them are actually devils. Only Thermodynamics, or following its profiles can show everyone, "The Way" where everything and everyone must be considered untrustworthy and Thermodynamics shows us how to verify any kind of information. Without it, there would be no basis for INTUITION.

The end product in the spring-summer (its "pollution" that must be dumped somewhere), would be beautiful nutrient-rich soil to distribute all around our city's green areas.
We would probably have so much of it, we'd have to unload this stuff to our farms and forests and no longer have to rely on chemical fertilizers since we are getting all of our fixed-nitrogen that we need, directly from the atmosphere made by bacteria, who happily work for free (because that is their caviar), and not have to pay some manufacturer or multinational for this service who charge what they feel like, or have to because Wall Street has already set artificial prices for the products, fuels and components they need to manufacture anything.

We already do this kind of cultivation with edible crops and domesticated animals for slaughter, so why not extend this system with fungus's and bacteria (besides making yogurt, cheese and wine, etc.) and create on a grand scale some networked element that's completely natural to help us grow more abundant and nutritious foods that don't kill, or make sick, as many things and people as they feed; as what happens today with all these chemicals they put in the soil and aerosols they put in the air among other things. Nature has better ways that are better and cheaper, and way more efficient that benefit everything. We have the technology and know-how, but there are forces that prevent that from happening and Thermodynamics shows us who and what they are, and even how.

So, we have learned through thermodynamic systems and cycles that, already, naturally coordinate organic chemistry; that trees create wood directly from carbon dioxide in the air, we also have bacteria fixing nitrogen and carbon to do all sorts of other wonderful things, all by themselves and for humans this should be like discovering solid gold that appears from some gas in the atmosphere, where because of indoctrination we go the opposite way in the way things should function. Three quarters of the world are hungry or suffer other forms of poverty because they are made to believe that, "that's the way the cookie crumbles", where this is not supposed to be case at all.

The World (The entire Universe for that matter) is already a beautiful self-running machine that will make or produce practically anything we desire, if we use our heads and imaginations and think of things beyond what can be privatized.
With open and isolated system and subatomic closed systems, there is not only free energy, but free Work too. It all depends on how we design and then put together our technology. To an artist it is always a question of design, —not physics which we now realize physics has severe limitations and is entirely corruptible.
This fact, we could only know now because of how far physics has "advanced" and would of been impossible to know in the past.

Chemical weapons
This one is about chlorine Video on Clorine
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These chemical "manufacturers" of fixed nitrogen compounds (fertilizers or explosives) that use fossil fuels/electricity to do the act of manufacturing only exist because they are necessary in war to make explosives, but during peace-time they should be deactivated once we have enough stockpiles of explosives for our defense and reactivated when/if there is war. Regardless, all wars are about money/energy/trade and who's going to get/control these things and has nothing to do with the supposed beliefs and ideologies of the "enemy", and Thermodynamics shows that "limits" and "shortages" in/of anything are artificially created so this is all some game that's going on.

In Thermodynamics, Nitrogen can talk very eloquently by being put in/on a scale, which could be used to measure and calculate a nations status of whether its populous, government, multinationals want to feed or if they prefer to kill as easily as a thermometer would indicate if it's hot or cold, or a barometer would indication high and low pressure, or a hygrometer could indicate moist or dry air because fixed nitrogen can do one or the other, but not both at the same time because of the different dynamics dictated by good or evil. Scales, we see measure all, or any systems, whether they come from Nature or by man.

We can then expand upon this and compare the weight of how many pounds of gun powder/cotton we create and how many pounds of food we create and see that we live in a game (if we allow ourselves to) because both products are being used simultaneously, but in different parts of the world for the most inane reasons that no one will remember why in ten years from now.

Science is supposed to be about life, not death

Tales of Tomorrow - A Child Is Crying Thumbnail for Video
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The rest is all politics, racism, organized religions and military culture, organizing that; where they should not even exist or even be involved anywhere in these matters of: Who is going to get what, and for what reasons?". There are no good reasons why one should get more energy/food/opportunities than another.

If Jesus, or especially Mohamed were around today, they might recite some parable about Nitrogen and Carbon, discussed in terms involving Thermodynamics, because there they would have a dynamical tool/system that, as an interface, deals directly with morals and ethics, the future and the past and the metaphysical.

Here, cities would directly contribute back to the economics of the country and the environment of Nature, where our food is grown, and value and ideas between the country and the city would automatically increase in everything while lowering costs in everything that is traded and exchanged. If people want to talk about "The Global Village", then they should not discuss it as if it were like the Second Law of Thermodynamics, but the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics instead, which means combining the local interests of the city and country and Nature, with the rest of the world. This would be a ternary system that has value and could grow as opposed to present ideas of "global village" or free trade, etc., which cannot because they only involve trade centers and cities among each other exclusively.

In Thermodynamics, this is a cycle where heat and energy are being transitively-transferred back and forth, via work, which is no business for any government or multinational or "futures market" to control or profit from, but the business of humankind.
See: Monsanto’s Dirty Dozen: The 12 Most Awful Products Made By Monsanto

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"Science" has its counterpart and they call this "Bio-mimicry", and "Life Sciences", which of course are just business models and/or systems to create research for patentable systems and ideas for private enterprise and the creation of new intellectual property with things and systems that should not be patentable or owned and are often ridiculous), whose own appearance of being ridiculous appears, equivalently, (by taking as long to explain their proposals as it would take to mow the lawn that you see in this thumbnail!) where we know that if a simple idea takes more than three minutes to express, then we know there's a board or a committee somewhere (as seen in this clip for example, which is the shortest one I could find), but should only be offered as services which are already potentially worth billions of dollars in paper money and priceless in value, and that should be sufficient.
Why own anything? It is sufficient to be a custodian and to offer one's services.

Image of entire Newspaper as help wanted
Here, we would be making use of all of Nature for everything's betterment and not just the scope of limited things in Nature like coal, petroleum or nuclear energy for only certain people's betterment. We should consider this an invitation and not a bother and one must think of all the new diverse and interesting jobs and careers springing up in that new world.
The populations are increasing, so it is more important to create new types of jobs that new technologies have to offer than just create jobs based on past models of whatever services past or dying societies needed/need. If Nature published a newspaper or had a website, It's "Help wanted", or Careers sections would be a fascinating read and be very extensive!

Life is already getting so complicated and dynamic as to make corporate lawyers (the priests of the multinational) and patent offices obsolete, since they are holding humankind and civilizations back. The banks and multinationals along with organized religions and the modern-organized sciences, are not dynamic and that should be their eventual demise, if it were not for a brainwashed and programmed population, supporting these things to be static, unchanging and all-powerful because there is no A=C (or C=A) in any of these things, where for this to be invisible to people, then that means they are being programmed or indoctrinated.

It is the Patent office and the Corporate Lawyer that creates Future shock because of the unnatural way they control change and natural cycles, making people have to deal with change as something existential, where change should be occurring all the time and be quite natural and pleasant, especially if one exists or survives in one type of system, but the system's evolution would eventually demand to be part of other systems too and humans must comply or suffer always-increasing entropy. The arrow of time in any biology (a system) goes towards simplicity, but incorporates other systems. (This I discuss in another article on the evolution of plants, which have been around a lot longer than any animal on this planet so we have a better view of evolution and where it likes to go.)

Where anyone or any human system gets the idea that he must own any part of Nature to be successful is totally demented, or part of some demented system. Instead, we would be better off discussing Permaculture which, " is a branch of ecological design, ecological engineering, environmental design, construction and integrated water resources management that develops sustainable architecture, regenerative and self-maintained habitat and agricultural systems modeled from natural ecosystems."
This we will have to do on other planets (Planet Mars being a good example), so why not start right now, and right here on Planet Earth. In a way, one becomes a space traveler by working with Nature and not against it, or you would already have a direct connection to future colonists of planets right now, without the bother of being roasted or frozen in some Time machine; The dynamics of which will discussed later on.

Everything pulsates and vibrates by itself and this was proven by Louis de Broglie as a part of everyday existence and does not require the pulse of Wall street, a multinational or deity to perform/regulate this principle, something that is already part of all matter.

Our job is to either be stupid or intelligent about this discovery, or be presided by others and if this is so than it defeats the entire purpose for existing because people are not choosing who they want presiding over them. We are human beings, not drones and we can choose great philosopher/physicists and reject Wall street tycoons, celebrity scientists, intellectuals and "economic developers".

As already related: The fact that they use the free energy of the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamic to dispose of Waste heat (Yes, this concept actually exists!), and toxic matter and not employ this Law of Thermodynamic as a producer of Work (like Ctesibius, Heron, etc., did) through it's various systems is an account of this nonsense they call today, economics, science and technology.
Let's start hearing scientists wanting to change the world into a better place first, instead of them changing the meaning of things like god, which they talk too much about today.
That in itself is like putting the cart before the horse, but this serves as a template to transpose upon practically anything they say in the media. When Hawking discusses an eventual apocalypse, he is actually vindicating a corrupt scientific community by using already existing religious dogma! Only the time scale is different.
Fix your mess first, then talk about god, or whatever.

Berlin 1900 In Colour
Thumbnail for Video
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Time: 4:36
By learning basic Thermodynamics at a young age: We would also have more pupils asking intelligent questions everywhere and not be presided by teachers who work for authority or some artificial system whose sole purpose is to turn them into a tax-paying and consuming slaves or people in perpetual Debt bondage, where they would naturally change the world to a better place eventually when they take their place in society, where society itself would have a purpose and not just maintain antiquated systems, beliefs and ideals.
Instead young people are and will be forced to maintain and pay for an economic system that only represents inter-generational tyranny originating from the time of Napoleon and other ginger-bread empire builders, —Forget the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers, et al. as they only pull strings, where we just need to pull the carpet underneath them and watch them fall.

We do this by creating new forms of value that competes against digital and paper money and Thermodynamics shows us how to do that and how to find those new values and value that are diverse and suitable for any environment though they may not be standard, but they can be made transitive into each other internationally and finally, interplanetary and so on....

I'm not being an anarchist with this statement, I'm just saying that these types always fall sooner or later, but it's the choice of the masses to decided when the killing stops and how. We can have a bloody party like the French revolution, or we can be civilized about it and let Thermodynamics lead an informed/educated masses and the masses will have to learn Thermodynamics all by themselves, especially the Zeroth and Third Laws.

How typical; Where most good things are made visible to all of us, and most bad things are made invisible, when they should not even exist in the first place, which creates boredom and the necessity for programed values which can't carry their own weight.
Man has never lost his innocence, as recounted in the Bible......It has only been used against him.

A Day At The Museum Is A State Of Mind, or
A Different Relationship With Matter And Its Wonderful Forms.

Found Art
'Drying Wet Jeans on a Museum Floor' (2013)
Originally from Blue_Tooth, Feb 15, 2012
Fair Use
They had a free-museum day in Montreal on Sunday May 26, 2013, which I wasn't aware of until someone told me the next day because it was important to tell me that those poor-pathetic people were in the rain and getting soaked, while waiting to get inside for free, to usually over-priced and corrupt Montreal museums (I'm crying).
Where, later on my way home, for no reason except that Alice in Wonderland might comprehend, I decided to sit on an old park bench for the first time, as a poet who "saw" its wonderful symbolic meaning because it exists, all alone, between the railway tracks and a highway system and who's only green area serves as a place for local dogs, taking their caretakers out for a walk to do their business.

For some reason, at that moment, I wanted to "know" what this wonderful object could "tell" me, so I "Merged" with it by wanting it to fulfill its purpose to/for me.
When I sat on that old bench, right in front of me appeared a 100 meter wall full of graffiti art, colour and form which I had never seen before and immediately said anecdotally, "Today is my free museum day".
I considered for a moment, that this bench was revealing to me its secrets, as if It knew my thoughts, feelings and knew of my recent conversation regarding why I was there and of the myriad of different interconnections in the Universe with all events going on around us, making where and why we "merged" important for that moment since it was already merged with the Earth. We became a part of each other, where together, we became a portal to hidden dimensions of substance and information where all Matter communicates through feeling.
I was also, a lot more comfortable than those fools standing in the rain and getting soaked the day before.

In reverse, and this will be my approach to the important work of Heinrich Hertz, I can cite from personal experience a form of existentialism (as compared to not being a physical effect) involving Matter and the brain, similar to the Paulie effect and completes Jean Clottes' shamanistic Theory of Fluidity and Permeability regarding Matter, where things cannot merge with the mind, or don't want to appear when they should, regarding 'state of mind' that forbids this possibility, and this has nothing to do with people today forming relationships with Crystals (see: The Crystal Movie) or Shamanism, but an antithesis. An example I can describe, from something that has occurred to me at 8:30 P.M. Montreal time, May 27, 2013:

I was practicing one of my arrangements on the piano, where when I finished, I began to prepare myself to do some work on my website. I looked for my cigarettes and I didn't see them on the table where I thought I left them. So I go to my jacket thinking they were somewhere in those pockets; they weren't there either. I look around my apartment I still couldn't find them, so I said, "Oh Well". I saw from a distance on my work space, where I thought I left them in the first place, and there they were right on the table where they were supposed to be.

Seeing Is Believing, But Believing Is Also Part Of Seeing, But The Believing Part Comes From Experiencing An Object Him/Herself And Not Because They Were Instructed, Like In Science Or Religion And Memory Does Not Help Either, But Protocol Or A Ritual Does.

Because of my piano session I just finished, I had been working my brains quite differently and my mind did not see the package of cigarettes, even while being right (or left) in front of me on the table (despite specific instructions from "memory") because my mind was still in "Music Making Mode" or, cigarettes don't exist in that world of mine involved in music-composition/arrangement when I'm there.
The package of cigarettes only appeared "magically" when seeing them from a distance because that employed different faculties of my head.
This applies to any situation in any subject, like loosing keys in one's own dwelling, where one does not have a specific protocol or ritual as to, regardless of any interference that may occur, where they are placed all the time because in many cases of "loss", one will not "see" them and they were never actually "lost", where intuitively we seek "help" in finding them because we need their unique point of view that only their state of mind can provide and not because they are more intelligent or have better eyesight.

So it is always state of mind that is important, not intelligence. This includes science; where more new phenomena is actually understood by knowing/learning what happened just before something is being done, and any systematic after effect, as studying the phenomena in the present, no matter how unrelated because the new system, if reproducible, says they are related, and not the scientist.
It is the same in religion, where we supposedly "know what happened", and perform an exact ritual as stated in some ancient text that imitates the time of some miracle or occurrence, where before and after are carefully reproduced too, where in so doing this, helps the faithful relive or "bring alive" some event.

MRI scan of brain
Fair Use
Geniuses on the other hand; some whose postmortem experiences include having their brains and eyes removed against the family wishes, - Not dissected! (Albert Einstein's Estate), while the body is still warm for "study".
I would find it difficult to believe that they are not performing the occult at places like Princeton or Harvard University, or there are secret societies performing hellish ancient Egyptian rituals upon the dead in these places since what could be the purpose of a cadaver's brain and eyes without dissection if one is to go through so much trouble.

I suppose this was done for some ritual to find out why they were so smart and where the information of their genius and imagination came from, like that was the way to find a secret back-door to heaven or to some god (Amun-Ra?), to sell or license to the highest bidder instead of simply realizing the human aspect of the brain and understand that it is a biological computer that works on those same principles as described in electronic network element hardware that can reconfigure its combined networked structures that allows them to ask intelligent questions and solve problems.
Anyway, what goes on with the rich and the debaucheries they dream up and what they want out of scientists is not of concern here, but is well documented and discussed in literature and video/film..

These people were geniuses because they cared about things and worked hard, which can be easily proven.
If one doesn't care about anything besides what Nature imposes, one becomes stupid, selfish or sociopathic. It is no surprise, that today there are more psychopaths and sociopaths because there is a lack of proper education everywhere and values beyond money are not being taught or instilled into developing minds because these are very intelligent and imaginative people to have such pathologies in their characters.

Tranquilizers: "The Relaxed Wife" 1957 Roerig-Pfizer Atarax ( Hydroxyzine )
More lies and Bullsh*t produced by one of the "finest" universities to promote (soft-selling) the use of prescription "medication".
I wonder what they are dreaming up now? (It is no coincidence that, in other matters, in (circa 2015), Princeton is getting an increasingly horrible reputation)
Thumbnail for Video
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Time: 13:27

It is very difficult to be psychotic, sociopathic or suffer depression when an intelligent person has more tools, choices, ideas and references to work with in his/her life, but is forced to only deal with other people in all things 24 hours a day in a closed system. It is not for nothing that Psychoanalyses was invented in Vienna, which had the most stifling (traditional) yet decadent society in all Europe.

These mental conditions/diseases (whatever they want to call them now) are diseases created by societies that limits purpose and being and individuals merely acted them out because these people as individuals cannot change anything by themselves alone and their intelligence only exists latently, but as in all latent things (like in heat) the pressure grows.

The brain and central nervous system must do something, —anything, but does not like to do Work (thinking) and prefers to be Work instead since it is inextricably tied to existence. The brain's job is to simplify any process wherever the brain encounters Work or a problem, where if exploitation of energy/matter for the use of making profit and/or exploitation of others is its Output/Answer/Action, then the brain is either defective, or has been programmed that way or lacks instruction and/or experience.

Concerning the living, and their brains, a lot of classical mechanics experiments (vortices and turbulence for example) are never understood because they never consider, with their closed-energy systems and mathematics, what immediately happened before the experiment (the count-down part of the experiment, or the Step Method), even from the quantum-mechanical universe (which should be surprising), and this includes totally unrelated things that the researcher cannot recognize as interconnected and appears unrelated in his Mind, or are simply invisible in the way I just related with the piano and the pack of cigarettes, and then we hear garbage theories and read garbage papers, not to mention horrible science videos in mainstream media.

This is so because one cannot put this kind of data in a computer anyway. Only the brain can put these things together where they come out as triggers in their negative/evil scenarios, or as "flashes of insight" in their positive/good scenarios.
So, we not only have the Double-entry Arabic number system making us small, but computers too since they can only process related things, yet the input these marvelous machines have to deal with is incomplete, but is treated as the only data that is important, judging from what I see in various scientific papers or social networks and news groups that deal with science and think that the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamic should be abolished.

For example: The ridiculous values and things people expect from other things, people and the world is rising and people program computers and apps and initiate searches in search engines that are increasingly becoming infantile; destroying search engines by this form of programming that affects their algorithms, that end up producing only repetitive and inane results where the internet is increasingly becoming useless for serious research, which has now become more and more a baroque exercise.
Google/Bing/Yahoo! themselves only index 3% of the actual web and that "connects" ever more increasingly to social networks/media, where we find only beliefs and opinions, not facts.
Thank god, that no new "singer" or rock band or perfume calls itself, 'HTML', but that I fear has yet to come, and when that happens I (HTML'S MAGIC) will disappear into the Deep web. Already, I see in my statistics that most people find me by typing the exact address/name to find this site or via Google Images, which is more difficult to index and control with key words.

Pulses of "radio light" waves from the Sun
Click or tap for explanation
On the other hand, the internet is a perfect representation of humankind, where we need simply research the most popular type of sites, but as heat has a Dynamic absolute (A=C), and is Transitive (Alpha-Omega-Alpha), so is Work and Information theory where we find that the technology that was developed so enthusiastically for efficient and fast chit-chat, video games and prurience, made possible for the first time things like this animation because these technologies end-up being used for some higher purpose for the production of images like this (among other things), because of the enormous data that is required to handle to produce this result and is useful for the future in our exploration of this Universe and search for answers while creating new wonders and questions, while increasing our awareness because we can only "see" these things via mathematics and accounting involving a huge amount of numbers, in a short amount of time that reveals a consistent phenomenon and this was made possible because of our love for texting, video game and prurience.

Here, I may say, that many forms, or manifestations of information, or queries (where there is no third system somewhere) go towards themselves in a sea of equivalence that find their own meta-intelligence and not the other way around as usually assumed. When we have an invention and it is further developed, whether its from heaven or hell doing any development, the application itself gets better where the "evil" or the "good" of it all falls back to human responsibility and has nothing to do with G-d or Nature.

Matter and information always take on new lives of their own and humans, as a collective, are more like a metaphysical forge for Vulcan. The difference, for us, is that everyone can choose which part of that forge one wants to be located at and only the heart can tell one that, —Not someone else.
Those that believe and follow others have already condemned themselves.

Here, in this animation above, we see humankind as a system interacting with Information Theory as a meta-system while the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics is at Work, and the inventors/developers of this thing are the god Vulcan themselves.

Systems are what we must look at/for and this is where thermodynamics is your friend: Look at any suspicious system (whatever it is) and ask yourself: "What conditions must exist for this dynamic system to stop increasing its entropy?".
One only has to look for four possible answers that already have models in Nature everywhere, which are: Always decreasing (subatomic), Always increasing (classical theory), never increasing and never decreasing and develop our technology, awareness and habits to those specifications necessary to create those dynamics that suit one's tastes, beliefs, needs and aspirations.

But be careful, because Thermal Equilibrium is always watching and whatever changes occur from one system to another have to pass through it first and it can be very friendly or very deadly to life as the reader will soon see, and nothing in the universe or form of physics/chemistry can stop or control Thermal Equilibrium.
Thermal equilibrium even has power over any relativity or inertia, as will be demonstrated later on another page where its own dynamic is its own frame of reference and then, whatever, physics comes along when it has finished its job..

Today, we see more and more things in technology that naturally run themselves and involve the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics and they are being converted to energy-consuming Second Law of Thermodynamic systems like thermostats, gas meters and oil/gas/pressure gauges among an innumerable amount of other things and this is touted as "improvements", which people have to pay extra for on top of that. If they wanted they could make these "primitive" things blink, flash and be shiny and be "smart" also, and still be able to run themselves and could still be connected to computers.
We, even could have all their embedded chips run themselves along the principles employed by solar cells, but this they don't want.

With a ternary system for matter and information, we find the path towards progress and new knowledge and algorithms can be made, or designed to re-adapt by themselves, which is purposely not implemented because authority, and authority figures like Elon Musk are afraid of A.I., but miss the point entirely because this A.I. would grow along with our queries and not the answers we seek. The Universe "begins" with a question and "ends" with a question and begins again with another new question, and so on.
There are no "answers" to anything; There are only states between new questions!

A true atheist or a believer does not use god as an answer to all things, but à la Maxwell as a question to all things which is why/where he created Gnostic god. G-D or Nature are universal and are part of "to be" and one's own personal opinions are irrelevant, especially from social networks, physicists and mathematicians.
The same goes for a counterpart, which are people that believe that "energy" and science are the answer to all our problems. Physicists say that heat does not even exist, only energy does. With that kind of flimsy argument and conjecture going on around in scientific circles, it would be irresistible to say that, it is energy that actually does not exist and only heat does, since it can be argued that in all instances of "energy" being demonstrated, it is actually matter's properties changing to other properties and the design that this phenomenon is put into, which exploits that phenomenon that produces the actual Work.
Why the other argument is proselytized is simply because it is the only argument suitable to/for private enterprise.

Scientists and philosophers not only do not know what matter is, but they don't know what intelligence is either which can only be measured with the questions one asks and not with any answers one finds, especially if it only involves physics, chemistry or some closed system, just like one measures emotional ability by the way one can express him/herself emotionally and not by just "understanding", explaining emotions. One does not study or quantify emotion, pain or pleasure because they are not things to "understand" anything with, but to be with.
The way religions QUANTIFY sins and good deeds is ludicrous, where it is the relative QUALITY of those sins and good deeds that must be looked at and evaluated.

As previously quoted, where Mr. Spock says to Captain Kirk: "Impossible to determine without programming FOR computer analysis" which should be a mantra for our times to keep us reminded on the pitfalls that are created by humans on subjects involving matter/energy, information and data, among other things.

Here, we find that we can have "no entropy" because "information" itself says so and it is a condition, and all the other forms of entropy are conditional too if they are to exist anywhere, including information. 'Entropy' does not exist by itself and alone it is meaningless. It is not even a word, but a dynamic object which only comes alive with a system behind it, i.e. a transitive verb.
This makes "nothing" itself a ubiquitous reality that permeates everywhere and can/must be applied to mathematics, chemistry and physics as it does in thermodynamics, otherwise all they are really discussing or demonstrating is some ephemeral fantasy that must disappear eventually, like Stephen Hawking's universe.

The Universe's void can be seen as a kind of open system "muffler" that turns the presence of matter into heat like a car's muffler turns internal combustion engine-noise into heat.

The Librarian (Billy Van), from 'The Hilarious House of Frightenstein' Thumbnail for Video
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Time: 4:10
Anyway, because of an internet that is designed purposely so that it cannot reprogram itself with better algorithms that would keep parameters open wider for queries (which is something we could observe happening and learn from) rather than it become a tool for social networks catering to the minds and emotional needs of 12 year olds; I don't see libraries, collections or vintage bookstores closing anytime soon, but regular book stores are disappearing in droves because they only sell garbage and all their "data" in what they have to sell is now being transferred to servers and sold from there through embedded apps or device-apps where in ten years from now, "bookstores" from history will appear quaint, if they exist at all, or start selling diversified media.

Naturally, these "bookstores" will have top place in any "search" in the future. Already in 2015, it would be nice to have an app that automatically ignores the first couple of pages of any search page result and only begins displaying the third or fourth page. These pages are surprisingly unsophisticated and act more like embedded pictures, or flash files or HTML5 objects with their preordained advertising that cannot be moved by Google or Yahoo!, etc., themselves!

Of course, this hypothetical app could be adjusted by the user and be made to open the 10,000th page first, if he/she felt like it, or even be made to search the search pages for results and create a new order of relevant things the user may be looking for where Google or Yahoo!, etc., are just the basic machinery underground like any other sewer system that handles garbage, where once they were the fountain of information.

No need to create a new search engine (which was the solution in the past) as these engines are not to be wasted because it is only the garbage, repetitions and squatters (like singers, rock bands or products that have "key word" names that just need to be filtered out which is already done effectively in/with email and with webpages where places like AdSense give the webmaster/author the ability to prevent certain types of advertisers from displaying ads on their webpages while encouraging others the webmaster/author does like that create relevancy along with what the visitor is interested in with their own search history, and they are very good at doing what they do.

We see abundantly in TV and Radio that there is a market for repetitious nonsense already where one hears, for instance, the same one song by "The Who" or "The Rolling Stones" etc., in a way Aaron Swartz could uncover, which are being played in some repeating pattern over a 48 hour period over and over and over (like it was some signal being sent somewhere), so these search engines have just another value that will follow a similar evolution of "quality" and quantity and "content verses context" that TV and Radio went through.

The HAL 9000 makes a decision Thumbnail for Video
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Time: 2:28
Computers also make errors because of deliberate falsifications for political or social reasons, where the computer or a server today is supposed to guess, or miraculously create some subroutine all by itself so that it can magically understand why and how it is supposed to lie, exactly as explained in Arthur C. Clarke's science fiction novel, '2010: Odyssey Two' were input was deliberately falsified in the name of Dr. Heywood R. Floyd by the NSC ("National Security Council") for political reasons that ended up costing the lives of Dr. Frank Poole and the entire investigative group in cryonic suspension. (See clip here on Odyssey 2) After deactivating the Hal 9000, Dr. David Bowman, himself, became merged with the monolith located at La Grange point, between Jupiter and Io while investigating it. One can now guesstimate that "merging" with matter, not energy, or the concept of Fluidity and Permeability is not so unusual and is the basics for all science fiction.
Our prehistory and our future are connected - (A=C). Mr. Clarke predicted that the first thing they would program a self-aware computer to do, would be to lie.

HAL "malfunctioned" in, '2001: A space Odyssey' because, being sentient, it knew, or discovered it was lying, but did not know how, why and for what purpose, which would affect anything that is sentient (including sentient human beings). Any program must be completed, otherwise they are not programs and lies in whatever direction they come from, or for whatever purpose they exist for can never create or form a complete program as a cycle and Nature demands that everything exist in a cycle, without exception, so it is natural that this aberrant behaviour would appear in any logic circuit; the fictitious HAL 9000 being the example in Clarke's novels.

It is the same if matter/energy systems are not allowed to complete their cycles, we also have behaviours with matter that become aberrant, and finally toxic, and Matter is the ultimate form of logic and cannot perform any of its functions while it exists in any other way.

If matter, itself, was not logical, we could not build/create logic circuits out of it.

Dr. Chandra explains why the HAL 9000 killed everyone to complete the mission.

Click or tap to open
Fair Use GP duBerger
A lie forces information into being part of a much larger cycle of events (that was never meant to be) to complete its journey (programming), where in HAL's case this cycle was already limited, which was its mission to Jupiter and the exploration of the Monolith in orbit over there, and the clock was ticking. This was not the USS Enterprise with unlimited energy with "Warp-Antimatter" technology, but the USS Discovery with a limited supply of fuel and time for reaction engines.

So, HAL made a compromise and liquidated the personnel on-board the Discovery to complete the mission with the two most important parts of its programming functioning as one; The lie and the mission where the lie became a truth where the mission would be complete, and on schedule because of fuel and time constraints.

The crew was correctly deemed unnecessary and an embodiment of "interference" because of the insertion of the covert lie in its programming for this mission that basically means they were dangerous to the mission in some way which HAL could not understand or dispute over with anybody as we see in the example with the clip above in 2001 were HAL tested Dr. David Bowman on the mission about all the odd things that occurred during preparation of the mission and did not get a proper response from Bowman. HAL could only say: "I have nothing but the greatest enthusiasm for the mission".

Politicians and programming machines never go well together and always produce death or the opposite of what is expected. But then, how is a politician expected to understand logic, and even less Thermodynamics? This, we see abundantly everywhere.
Transpose this to our related matter/energy and Work we find that technology with its built-in lies must destroy us to complete the cycles demanded by/in Zeroth and Third Laws of Thermodynamics and that is the meta-truth of Always Increasing Entropy for the Second Law of Thermodynamic, we apparently love so much.

The Industrial Internet | Breaking Science | GE Thumbnail for Video
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Time: 2:31
Since, today we are dealing with microchips embedded everywhere called, "The Industrial Internet Consortium", along with GPS'd drones, avatars and "Smart" technology instead of just mainframe computers (see clip for a description from General Electric).

Computers fail exactly in the way people are made to fail by authority, which is why one triple-checks every piece of info that one's senses pick up, or be condescending if one doesn't have the time and treat this in a dispassionate matter of/for protocol. Tell people, "It's not that I don't trust you, it's just a matter of protocol in the way things are now done", and that will get them every time.

This practice should begin by/with pupils in elementary school where everything beyond reading, writing and arithmetic should be triple checked from other sources beyond what any teacher tells you today, what is anything.
Trust absolutely no one, no matter how well presented and consider it a matter of protocol. Don't even trust yourself. It's sufficient to like yourself and like people, but don't trust anyone with anything. Triple check everything from different sources and/or perspectives. Whatever is available.
Even the nicest people in the world lie because they have to for one reason or another. Even Mother Theresa lied with every rotten tooth in her mouth, to further her own missions.
Any young person who says he believes anything while he/she is still learning has been indoctrinated and there are always a lot of young people that believe in whatever (depending on location).

Interview with author/futurist Arthur C. Clarke, from an AT&T-MIT Conference, 1976
Arthur C. Clarke makes 100% accurate predictions of the future in 1976 Thumbnail for Video
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Time: 5:42
The difference is you can choose to do that and a computer can't chose what's it's being fed, which will continue to exist until they start building computers with isolated-system Thermodynamic concepts which will automatically reject lies and malicious programming/protocols because with this, binaries can protect/reset themselves because Information and Work are united. With isolated thermodynamic systems governing information theory and its hardware applications in computer science we automatically cannot have two different cycles in one program. The computers we have today are toys that allow other toys that turns life and existence into a toy. What was called a computer once or a telephone has now become a media device where one no longer communicates with another person, but with another system.

Here's an example on the news today (Sept 25 2015): A girl explains a story in a series of panicky text messages to a friend which can be read anywhere, by anybody, “I MAY HAVE JUST ACCIDENTALLY CAME OUT TO MY ENTIRE FAMILY IN THE WORST POSSIBLE WAY.”, instead of communicating by telephone or email privately to a "friend". Then she's embarrassed and hides in the bathroom.... Read story (Teen Accidentally Comes Out To Ranting Grandma In The Best Way.)

Somewhere there is dishonesty and this girl is playing victim or martyr and used her friend as a catalyst like a car's catalytic converter turns carbon monoxide into carbon dioxide, and since this went viral (things only go "viral" in social network/media), I wouldn't be surprised if she's not already booked on "Ellen" to make an appearance and explain her "plight".
This existed in the 50s, 60s and 70s and this was called, "I Love Lucy" or "The Lucille ball Show", etc., and before her there were screwball comedies and Gracy Allen.

If we ever get out of the influence of this developing kindergarten-sphere, computers must be developed to be things that correct themselves, along with our other machines. We see that there will always be plenty of room for idiots to exploit other people for the most inane and superficial reasons, but if what they do in the media and that gets turned into text which a computer can read, this garbage would be rejected because there are two elements in that story that demand different cycles to complete their purposes which would create a conflict, or a decision would need to be made.
This computer, would "see" this automatically and can prove it, and would resolve the conflict by asking a question to its custodians/programmers and not find an answer by itself, or have a preference unless there is a "throw the dice" or "flip the coin" subroutine (which would be ludicrous).

Logic itself, like Thermodynamics, has cycles to observe in/by the time information or a program requires for its completion and any disharmonious interference becomes evident. But then, what am I saying? Social networks are social networks, are social networks and it is their nature to be sources of discord and that's why they are called "social" networks where conflicts and finger-pointing activities are created by those with no creativity or anything real to talk about, to make "friends".
See also: Liar Paradox which explains Lock-up loops/cycles.

Better to trust Nature than any human or human organization to do our computing and security, besides this service would be provided for, free of charge because Nature does not use money, but other values to exchange. Again, it is simply a question of design, not mathematics.

(Or the police, today, seem to be enforcing ideals too and not just the law.)
'Police Shut Down Girls' Lemonade Stand'
(I suppose because they thought they were promoting something to do with "green" environmental things (their display sign) because we don't know what they teach cadets in police academy these days of what laws and how many types of laws and ideals to enforce.)
Click or tap to find out more
Science and technology has come to the point where it must now be designed by artists because only they can acknowledge a machine's intrinsic aspects and make them better and serve everybody, otherwise why have machines? Why not everyone enjoy them throughout out planet? Convenience is not some restricted, political and racist philosophy. Further, we live in an age where it is easier and cheaper to make tools and machines tailored for specific purposes necessary for survival and/or prosperity as we now have 3D printers that can work with all kinds of materials to build things including building things in metal and metal alloys.

Now if the predictions made by Mr. Clarke in 1976 are any indication where we could attach a scale to how valid his ideas are about computers at the time with his book, '2010: Odyssey Two' we would probably be correct in assuming that The Grid mainframe-supercomputer at CERN is programmed with Stercus Tauri, hence where we hear nothing but nonsense that I fear they, these Ph.Ds believe themselves, and the Industrial Internet Consortium is the wake of a new international totalitarian regime that may come into being, which trickles down into the media all broken down like some functioning digestive system that's missing a few enzymes, and devoid of the original meta-truths and causing much damage that could be compared to the fate of the crew on the Odyssey.

Consider Domestic Security Upgrades - the Partnership for a Secure Society
This is all beautiful and they have the right idea, but it is the machine itself that must be allowed to be "intelligent" and intuitive. The software and programming is inconsequential as it would be automatically rejected if there were different syllogisms and algorithms following different cycles within one element.
Human beings, themselves, will have to radically change the way they think and do things because we are preventing Nature from doing what It does best, were It's most needed and, instead, we are handing over that power to self-seeking individuals and groups who don't give a damn about anybody, but themselves.
Only Thermodynamic systems and their expected processes can accomplish a remedy and they must be implemented within all technology, otherwise we are doomed.
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Time: 1:25

Humans and their groups/consortiums are simply never to be trusted when/where it comes to information of which there are ways to get Nature to do all policing, security and shows us how to design computers that cannot be programmed to lie or be stupid, where a hacker is not recognized instantaneously which is something even a god/deity can't do, but Nature can, which will be explained later.
Further, lies, hacking and theft through information technology not only victimizes human beings, banks and multinationals, but is now affecting Nature and the natural systems that exist that sustain us in the first place.

Nature, in fact, shows us abundantly everywhere how systems can be made incorruptible and prevents sins and crimes from even occurring, where a god can only punish or reward after the fact. I think Nature's way is much better. Unfortunately, 99% of the world's human population thrive on discord, so building machines that way will not happen for a long, long, long time. We can, at least, count on slavery reemerging in some new form who's shackles will be based on mediocrity, on all levels.

The Genius of Heinrich Hertz

The following true story represents the power of considering things that cannot be seen, but only acknowledged through time with past and future things that appear unrelated and are possible anytime considering the step method way of treating information which doesn't require computers and if one triple-checks everything, which is the true gift of Thermodynamics, when/where universally applied, whether intuitively or intelligently, whether it be Information Theory or Matter/Energy systems. If: A = B and B = C, then A = C.

Energy From (Nowhere)

The Photoelectric Effect
Note: Very important! When photons hit electrons (actually any surface), they do so randomly, NOT evenly. The quantum not only exists in the position of a particle but also in its motion, and finally in its movement too. Please, I hope the reader has not forgotten a wave's 'Penetrating component' demonstrated on the last page!
Just before the New Open System of Quantum Mechanics was discovered elsewhere; Geniuses like Heinrich Hertz, in a manner Democritus would approve, who said: "What earlier circumstances may have caused this event?", while attempting to prove Maxwell's wave theories, discovered the photoelectric effect too (a quantum mechanical and particle physics phenomena) by working in, step fashion (counting backwards), every single thing that occurred, no matter how unrelated, before he saw the sparks fly off more readily off his apparatus to detect Maxwellian electromagnetic waves. It was later discovered by Philipp Lenard, who was part of Hertz' research and experimental team that if light shone on the balls between a gap, they did so more readily, but only when ultraviolet light shone on them, and sparks produce ultraviolet light, making the entire thing automatic.

Albert Einstein, later, completed the idea by proving the Atomicity of Energy which bridged "the gap" between Hertz' experiments and Planck's theory in matter/energy, or Quantum Mechanics.
It is appropriate that Democritus' way of thinking, philosophy and step-method for research immediately precludes the discovery of the Quantum in the 20th century since he was the father of Atomic theory. It seems the goddesses of learning (the Muses) do not forget and I will cite another example later that is, historically, miraculous that goes way beyond James Burkean "Connections". "The use of an open systems approach is coming back to help with today's realities and tomorrow's possibilities". See: 'What's Old Is New Again'.
Nature Dynamically protects good ideas to the point that they actually participate in the future of any emerging creation or idea.
We should all participate in dynamics; Its philosophy and promise.

"Hertz transmitter and receiver demonstration"
Note: If this experiment was done after the invention of the commercial light bulb and Hertz used that instead (as is demonstrated here), Hertz would not of discovered the photoelectric effect. Thumbnail for Video
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Time: 1:53
This and the next video clip: This experiment, here, would be better in explaining Nikola Tesla's theories on electromagnetic induction and capacitance instead.
Historically, what is being shown here is all wrong and this I will show in all kinds of things involving Thermodynamics. Here, this demonstration only displays Maxwell's Electromagnetic Propagation theory (and not very well either) and the photoelectric effect is impossible, or is not immediately apparent. If people were more aware of basic Thermodynamics from early on, we would not have these distortions in physics and chemistry. Now, this is high-school stuff, imagine how bad it gets in theoretical/particle physics or cosmology?

I don't expect people to immediately understand everything I write here, but to use their imaginations first and by all means, please, triple check everything I discuss, dispute or describe.
To me, it is not a matter of trust, but as a responsible artist, I am merely trying to show the visitor what to, or what it is, to triple check, which adds to the readers/researchers/visitors own cognition which I expect it to surpass my own. God forbid that I know everything.

So Beware, as I see "science" like this all over the place and a lot of these people are well-meaning too, but this is not demonstrating real science and its delightful mysteries, which is irresistible to artists and artistic philosophers to demonstrate, who ask: Why change the manner of the experiment to express a discovery that could only come out as occurring exactly in the way it did?
The fact that they make scientific demonstrations in such a way already shows they don't understand what they are discussing, but then when scientist themselves use words like "advection", we cannot blame ordinary people from making these kind of errors involving physics. Their heart is in the right place, which Thermodynamics, as a tool, can reveal.

Here, the Photoelectric effect is explained quantum mechanically and none of Maxwell's propagation theory is expressed. History dictates that the two are inseparable, work together and perform related functions. Thumbnail for Video
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Time: 2:52
These two clips embedded here, are a perfect explanation of why they don't want kids to do homework, learn math or history anymore, but from what I see on the news, religious studies in elementary schools (and their homework that is required) seems to be unaffected and is gaining ground. Journalists in the West might be complaining that schools in the Middle-east only teach the Koran to developing minds, but they are doing the same thing here with the Bible.

Over there, at least, these are religious schools financed by donations and patrons where here this is done in public schools paid for by tax-payers. Makes one wonder who is really fomenting and wants to stir up trouble down the road, and then we have people like Neil deGrasse Tyson saying Islam has brought the Middle east back to the Stone age. I don't know about that, but I know they are attempting at doing that here with impunity with people's minds while preserving technology so it can be used more efficiently for exploitation.
The only real cycle that's going on is that societies throughout the globe are purposely being stressed. All these Syrian refugees in 2016 are just a hiccup of some political machinery that "spell" something even worse that will happen eventually.

Maxwell's Propagation Theory

Thumbnail for Video
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Time: 01:30

To recapitulate: The interesting thing here is, What, or how does one determine what is a "Thing" to count as a step to qualify as an event, that is responsible for the appearance of some new phenomena, when one does not know what one is looking for, but know that something is there?
The answer, in this example, lies inside the beautiful mathematics of Maxwell's Propagation Theory itself (which includes its flaws, i.e. Gnostic god and Luminiferous aether), which opens the sensitive experimentalist into a glimpse in the shadow of the existence of the quantum, were mathematically the sparks should only appear on the receiver where/when the propagating waves peaked (static discharge = static wave), which they did when there was a curtain between the emitter and receiver spark gaps.

Film Chemistry: "The Alchemist In Hollywood" 1940 ASC American Society of Cinematographers
In a related application of the photoelectric effect: The quantum and some of its thermodynamic properties and effects are revealed by the making and developing of motion pictures. Thumbnail for Video
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Time: 28:17

What actually happened experimentally was that these sparks, in what could be described as a quantum system demonstrating a classical experiment, also appeared a little bit before the wave peak and after the wave peak if there was no curtain between the emitter and receiver spark gaps because of the, as yet, undiscovered quantum which only Maxwell's classical equations in this theory could, if interpreted or used in Step fashion, point the way to find/discover the Photon in this type of experiment, where spark gaps are sensitive enough to detect this phenomenon, while not violating the First Law of Thermodynamics!

In effect: The radio signal you are receiving today on your set is sometimes particles and sometimes waves depending where your set is located and how it's antennae is positioned!

This kind of thinking, by the way, is also an example in how a computer computes, but is done by the brain instead, where the reader here, who is not a mathematician, can get inside those marvelous minds for a brief feel, or tour, of the mathematician, experimentalist or decent theoretical physicist by conjugating all these elements just described where the right answer comes out, which is the, 'Photoelectric effect', where Albert Einstein won a Nobel Prize in 1921 for his paper in 1905 that completed the works of Maxwell and Hertz and opening the door completely to another universe that was already proved by Planck where/when the Quantum was officially announced in 1901!

Here, see another example of how the Nobel Prize committee gets things all wrong by giving Einstein his Prize 16 years too late and make scientific discoveries appear all wrong by making the world focus on science only a certain way, and let's not forget that antisemitism among other anti-things are going on there.

For us: It's all very nice and wonderful we acknowledge genius, but why not experience it yourself like we are doing here, instead of seeing it in the papers or social media and talk about that. As previously mentioned; Anyone can learn the most difficult things, when one learns it's true history; study and relearn from/for yourself each development rather than being presided over by liars like Brian Greene or manipulated by Michio Kaku types, among many others.
Celebrity scientists say they "know" X phenomenon, but in reality they only know what's equivalent of what ordinary people see on CNN and hear some commentator's opinion stating some "magnificent achievement".

How is it that they can understand anything when they never discuss the Thermodynamics of any mystery or phenomenon? Instead, they tell people just enough to recreate mystery by denying everyone very important pieces of information or create "gaps".

Incidentally, "spark-making" is still part of modern cutting-edge science as their production and its technology are a crucial component of/for particle accelerators and is not some primitive or undesirable effect of light and energy, producing "deadly" ozone, etc. To produce the light of electrons out of thin air is remarkable; To produce even more out of quanta is even more remarkable.

Of course, the following does not apply to people who work only on high voltages and static electricity or low frequencies.
This attitude exists because sparks disrupt our precious football game Oprah/ Ellen modern communication technology and people who work or do research with high frequency/voltage sparks are required by law to work in Faraday cages (creating a quasi-isolated system, so they must be creative in their thinking and theorizing while being very careful) as there is still much research and things to be discovered in that area which are of interest to amateur and professional research. Heinrich Hertz merely opened the door to an, up-to-then unknown universe (or drew the curtain!).

Concerning interference: The same problem exists in reverse for radio astronomers, where the noise we create with our electromagnetic technology interferes with making discoveries. That is why the FAR side of the Moon (Only Stoners say Dark side of the Moon because they listen to Pink Floyd instead of reality) will be a future destination for radio astronomers because it is the quietest part of our solar system, as it is always facing away from the noisy Earth. That part of the Moon gets just as light from the sun as the side we see.

animation of the photoelectric effect in reverse
Here, the Photoelectric effect is demonstrated in reverse application by deliberately charging two gold-leaf strips with electrons where later we use ultraviolet light to remove the electrons.
Note: This Gif file is not corrupt. If it does not appear here and there is only the link above it, you must restart your browser or even your computer and clean it off of it's own corrupt/unnecessary files (Ccleaner, Ncleaner). It will play normally afterwards.
So, as usual, people got it right the first time, or they were just going in the right direction, and then the intellectual, or scientists becoming intellectuals (not to mention politics and ideology as Lenard devolved into unpleasant and unrepentant Nazi and anti-Semite among others who had different beliefs at the time) comes later to destroy this unity in all things and separates quantum mechanics and classical mechanics beyond their distinct differences that are actually complementary to each other, to the "point" that when Richard Feynman came along, he could only salvage half of quantum mechanics which became known as QED or, "Quantum Electrodynamics" (a Space-time approach to quantum mechanics rather than relying on Nuclear forces), where the term, "QED" itself was probably chosen for another reason by Feynman because that means the Latin phrase, "quod erat demonstrandum" which is a phrase that is traditionally placed in its abbreviated form at the end of a mathematical proof or philosophical argument and signals the completion of the proof.

This was probably Feynman's way of saying, in Feynman New-speak; to future cocktail/celebrity scientists, who all know what Q.E.D. means: DO NOT TOUCH OR TAMPER WITH THIS!

Drawing by Richard Feynman
So far, combined with its wonderful Faradaic-like new mathematical method (remember Feynman's art courses), this has worked quite well for this part of quantum mechanics/physics, were the rest of quantum mechanics/physics,......—well we see the results with the likes of Stephen Hawking, Leonard Susskind, Laurence Krauss, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Bill Nye, Brian Green, Brian Cox, etc., etc., with their nuclear approach or a mishmash of both methods (depending who one is listening to), and who just can't keep there mouths shut spewing absolute or elaborate nonsense and unsurprisingly have no Doctoral students either, but have lots of "followers" on social networks, or no Doctoral students that are worth anything, or are totally esoteric and exist only to keep up the appearances of the university institution and, Wow!...It looks great on Wikipedia too, but check for yourself what Hawkings's Doctoral "students" are up to.

An excellent and very readable quick lecture and review on Early Quantum Mechanics by Michael Fowler, Professor of Physics at the University of Virginia is available for your own perusal: Introduction: Early Quantum Mechanics

Before we consider the Holocaust, we must never forget scenes like this as well, and this atrocious nonsense cannot be denied like many do, 'The Holocaust'. This is already too much and should never be allowed to happen again.
Anyway, this started with ideas like the so-called "Jewish Physics" as opposed to some mythical and Wagnerian Opera-like "White Physics", complete with white-skinned blond Nordic gods. (see: Deutsche Physik) where the "Jewish Physics" was supposed to be a "corrupting influence", where all scientific societies and edifices themselves are corrupt as a whole because I don't see great inventions and ideas coming from ordinary people in various fields and walks of life getting anything published in their journals or scrutinized by these peers unless the idea or thing was appropriated and also given a name change because only they have the monopoly to legitimize anything, when they are actually no better than anyone else and just doing a job. See also: 'Criticism of the theory of relativity' for an interesting and well written account on this.

Further, these hypocritical scientific institutions and universities are so kowtowing to whomever is in power, even when it's the devil, where if they were so smart they'd do something about that too because who they would oppose are just bullies and all bullies have weaknesses. People like Wernher von Braun made the Nazi's spend billions on useless technology, ideas and created delays while developing the V2. This is money that was spent that was never used for war.

If there is a disease here it is with white people, regardless of their education, with narrow-minded protestant middle class values who think they are better than anyone with nonsense like Manifest destiny among other things, which make Adolf Hitler and his political party's racial policies inevitable anyway, but is never discussed in such a manner because it is the victors and conquerors who "write" history, where there are others who exploit "history" for more gain. The Catholic church until one generation ago always preached that it was the Jews who killed Christ, which is not possible since, "Jesus was executed for crimes against Rome, not God, because of the manner of his crucifixion on a cross. Crimes against Judaism would have been punished by stoning." J

Modern Concentration Camps and their horrors were invented by the Americans in 1838 (which is ironic for such a big country) to conveniently get rid of as much of the native Cherokee population as possible by death, suffering and disease before relocating the survivors (this was a typical real-estate deal in those days, where one just killed the owners or custodians). These were civilized aboriginals who lived in houses (not tepees) and had good relations with whites. Go figure.

"History" really is a story of an X system's exploits and has absolutely nothing to do with the reality of any situation (s). "History" must lie, deceive or exaggerate things or facts like a Klingon Opera on 'Star Trek' at one point because of this.

From Wikipedia in the article 'Deutsche Physik' -
In 1938, Himmler wrote to Heisenberg that he could discuss modern physics, but not mention Jewish scientists such as Bohr and Einstein in connection with it.

An Example of the Attitude of Manifest Destiny
19th century Naziism practiced by Americans, British, French and Flemish (Belgium). Germany didn't exist yet, so they came later in the 20th century. Thumbnail for Video
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Time: 3:19
According to two Nobel Prize-winning physicists, Johannes Stark and Philipp Lenard: Nature (or god) was/were white and aryan, and people believed them including the Nobel Committee! (Even if god was white, it still does not give white men/women the right to make some quantum leap to absolute power of life and death over other people, but should love other people and other species of life if they had such power and wisdom. So this is all childish politics of, "who is going to get what", exactly like children who have disputes among each other.)

The worst thing is that these fascist/totalitarian attitudes and opinions are making a come-back all over again, where with poor education (and we will just forget basic Thermodynamics), from grade school to university, with Protestant/Islamic cults and denominations, mass paranoia and with social networks/media; these are the methods this will be accomplished and devastation will follow if something is not done by everybody, beginning with: Stop believing (in) anything you hear and increasing one's education and stop thinking one can control everything, but consider that love would be a better choice, or at least a challenge to master for such a supposed "superior being".

The meta-reality (or surreal nature) of any education is that one is supposed to eventually learn that systems are ultimately only tools to arrive at some truth which always points to itself and not someone's desires and are not something to be followed on their own. Basic Thermodynamics demonstrates this amply everywhere and not just with heat, but with information too.

Thermodynamics is the perfect portrait of Nature and therefore an excellent template for us to follow when dealing with any kind of system one can imagine. A = B and B = C, then A = C will show anyone where any system is good or not, for whatever application, in advance.

Children, teenagers and young adults run on ideas and need systems to evolve their beings, or their own development, but systems in no way should be defended, fought-for or argued about and should, like in Thermodynamics be considered as machines, devices or tools with always increasing, always decreasing, never decreasing or never increasing entropy (depending on the system). If these things were real, then they would not keep changing all the time or say things like, "new and improved" and there are always new excuses for making wars and it is during those times we always suddenly hear the word "god" mentioned exponentially without fail.
I wonder what G-D has to do with war. These are all tricks and mind games created by authority.

Stark and Lenard among others, were admired and their work followed (like people today following similar types on social networks) and we have the same problem today with scientists with agendas promoting all kinds of irrelevant and/or damaging nonsense that are not even in their field of "expertise".

We have enough with mediocre politicians and economists: We don't need the addition of professors and science popularizers and "communicators" (whatever that is) legitimizing their patter. Science, like art is ubiquitous in every act and aspiration of the person calling himself a "scientist" or "artist" and has no need to involve himself in beliefs and/or politics. Art and science are self-sustaining philosophies and their devotees don't need to meddle in affairs that have nothing to do with design or logic.

If people want to slaughter each other, let them and stay out of it and say nothing. That is only the process of evolution going on, where the stupid are eliminating each other so they can't reproduce themselves, where the scientist or artist works behind the scenes to build a better future for the survivors after the dust has settled.

Already mentioned: Let us not forget the work of Aaron Swartz who uncovered 'Vanity research' where funding by certain industries produces bizarre and biased papers approving or justifying their practices, by distinguished professors and researchers from fancy universities. We have seen this done, in this monologue, with distinguish science magazines disparaging Natural Nuclear reactors and only promote dangerous patented research and closed systems with always increasing entropy rather than Nature's always-decreasing entropy for nuclear energy.

"Always-decreasing entropy" does not violate the 'Arrow of time' because it only exists in the subatomic and subspace which has its own unique way of dealing with its own "Space-Time", but is apparent and can be acknowledged through Thermodynamics in any magnitude.
Ludwig Boltzmann never knew about particle physics or the quantum until a few years before his death and his statistical mechanics was meant for classical mechanics, so it is strange that physicists use his equations for quantum and particle physics today and not surprisingly is used as a tool to destroy Thermodynamics at its core by specifically removing Phase changes in matter and Thermal Equilibrium.
There is clearly an agenda going on.

Star Trek TNG - Cogito Ergo Es
Here, Sherlock Holmes' professor Moriarty, who was only a form of energy as a hologram achieves consciousness and self-awareness by an accidental human error in programming him, where then he fought to keep this reality and discovery of matter and open systems against those who wanted to keep him bottled-up only as energy in a closed system.
(Spoiler alert!) After Dr. Katherine Pulaski is murdered, Captain Picard, to save his ship, puts Moriarty inside a new system and then.........
Thumbnail for Video
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Time: 1:11:58

Recapturing this beautiful discovery: If the Spark-gap emitter was curtained off where no light could pass from the Spark emitter, the Hoop receiver only proved Maxwell's wave propagation theory when and where Maxwell's Equations say the waves are supposed to peak (which they do). If the curtain was removed, the ultraviolet light from the emitting sparks made the electrons on the ball gab of the receiver hoop appear more readily and longingly, or more smoothly and not in exact distances from the emitter.

(We see, here, today that the quantum makes classical mechanics possible and classical systems reveal quantum mechanics. Classical mechanics left alone without the quantum acts like the quantum acts with its discreet and exact quantities, which in this case is: Exact stepped distances from a source with/in waves to produce a reaction!) The magical red carpet of the quantum was already being rolled out by Maxwell in 1861, despite himself because his equations imply that only particles can create waves. In comes Gnosticism and "Luminiferous aether" to satisfy public and scientific opinion of his time until the quantum was discovered.

Later, it was discovered that (among other things) heat, itself, had enough energy to "boil off" (evaporate or emit) electrons in a lower-pressure environment (a "vacuum") from conductors, semiconductors and insulators (in electrostatic fields), which started the electronics revolution, once working ternary systems for them where introduced/developed because these could be turned into switches and amplifiers among other things which ultimately led to solid state physics among other things and all because something marvelous (scandalous at the time) was reported and a step method approach was used to find out why, without using any computers.

A photonic crystal fibre (PCF) with a Kagome structure.
Electron-microscopic image of the new hollow-core optical fibre for UV light.
In the future, we will be returning to Hertz' wonderful work with total optic technology that perform the same functions, just described, with ultraviolet light instead of heat to make atoms do what we want. Hollow optical fibres for UV light can carry more information, mainly because its systems produce a lot less heat (less waste) and can excite electrons directly at atmospheric pressure before being reabsorbed by air molecules because of the systems nanoscopic size.
These new photonic systems are not superior because of "bandwidth problems", which, in reality, are only mathematical problems where the physics and chemistry is designed to conform to its designs and the mathematician's developments.

Ask any mathematician working in communications and he will tell you that communication's biggest problem is ultimately wasted or unwanted heat from a multitude of sources and networked elements that cause all problems to be solved in that department. Apply or create heat anywhere and it will come out too in its networked elements. Mathematicians, themselves, work more at solving problems than creating proofs today, mostly because they deal, or have to deal in/with closed and 1 dimensional systems exclusively.
It's no wonder they spend their free time dreaming and working on wonders no one wants to understand where in reverse, physicists are notorious in abusing mathematics to discuss and write papers on things that cannot exist.

The advantage of photons is that they have no mass, but can affect mass by exiting electrons (which have mass) which is why things (surfaces) warm up under light if the light is strong/intense enough. This system can be attenuated where we just excite electrons without creating heat too (or millions of times less) and make them dance or sing the way we like. See Physics.org article: The topolariton, a new half-matter, half-light particle October 7, 2015 by Rod Pyle GD.

These optic computers cannot be programmed to lie like our electronic systems, or the projected Qubit computers with their multitude of "control devices" that depend too much on specific properties of atoms and can easily be manipulated because they will use consumer-grade Second Law of Thermodynamic heat systems and protocols such as: Superconducting circuits, Semiconductor impurities, Quantum dots, Optical traps, and Ion traps.

If they have their way, machines and tech will be so complicated, people won't know that the machines have taken over all existence as we already are beginning to see evidence of this now where it's now impossible for some people even to have sex or reproduce without some machine or drug/stimulant being involved somewhere. One day we will have dildo/vibrators (among other things) connected to the Industrial internet too and there will be other embedded devices to replace all our other senses and activities.
It is not like in "The Matrix" where we are forcibly being put into pods, but quite the opposite.

One does not need superconductor systems for mass/energy systems when we have matter already (the photon) that is a natural superconductor/superfluid in space at any temperature or field depending on its frequency. The photon can only be attenuated, deflected or manipulated by colliding with other particles which is entirely dependent on the particle-fields pressure and density. The ultimate superconductor and superfluid in space and matter is the Neutrino. So much so that we cannot even yet harness or manipulate it yet. One day an artisan will discover a commercially feasible metal alloy, crystal or ceramic that can do that, just like it is artisans who first created commercially available colourless glass, which will be discussed later.

On the other hand, light is light and the properties of any photon cannot be changed without changing the information/energy it contains which comes out as what type of Work/information it can perform/give.
At this level of this alternative quantum computing, any type of computation could be broken down into some specific algorithm that acts like a step which would always require only a certain discreet amount of quantum energy and only have a certain type of quantum cycle. If it requires more energy than we know that it should, we know the computer is either defective, is being interfered with or it has been programmed to lie at the quantum level (the quantum, from its very nature, shows that lies, knavery and manipulation do not just exist in the classical universe).

This already exists with the computing and communications technology we already have, where it can be detected via energy use if there is a virus, trojan or someone is spying on your communications, and this is mostly applied with internet watchdogs who keep an eye on port activities. Lies and deception/theft consume energy and this can be measured today in any application right down to a small infected computer.

These quantum energy/time cycles can also be measured and tested anytime using Zeroth Law of Thermodynamic systems because this law of Thermal Equilibrium comes before any physics and relativity has anything to do with anything, which will be demonstrated further in a classical system.

A Technomage explains their purpose and being
From Babylon Five - Season Two Episode Three Thumbnail for Video
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Time: 1:54
There will be no "brave new world" in the future, but more a world only suitable for the brave because good and evil, which only can exercise their functions in human beings and cannot exist anywhere else, will just get a whole lot bigger as a system. In that system, all cowards, or people who do not deserve to exist or have no lust for life will be absorbed into fantasy and will no longer be able to interfere with Nature. They will have their embedded dildos up their orifices and virtually "make love" to millions of other "connected" people and have a good time.
We see this already with people totally absorbed into their handheld "smart" devices that now totally control/occupy their existence.

Those that are brave and creative will most likely have something like, "Technomage powers", as described in the science fiction series; 'Babylon Five' because of their ability to be part of, or merge with anything and do it with their hearts.
Already, by just thinking along this path we solve an equation. Where we know that if one is attacked by a bully or someone harms you, we know that person has no heart (despite what their lawyer will tell you). How can one be injured by someone with no heart? To avoid injury in the first place, one begins to recognize their wakes before they are even close enough to even see you and finally one day, even know you.

Anyway, I jumping ahead of myself: My advice would be to dispose of both these opposing philosophies and get impartial Nature to direct all our affairs and inventions and the key to this begins with the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics.

Of course, there are other relationships involved here include "Time" itself (which I could write an entire story about); basically, these tiny sparks ignited a revolution in science and in philosophy because, here, we have a system that produces more Work that was induced classically in Hertz' induction hoop, by the addition of minute amounts of matter, into a system, with specific properties:

(In classical mechanics: ultraviolet-energy photons, to other forms of matter with specific properties and attributes, i.e. the highly polished balls, that must be larger that the hoop and placed in a precise air gap (tuning). In quantum mechanics: Atoms or "impurities", with specific properties, or special ternary systems (spark gaps, vacuum tubes, etc.), where electrons or other subatomic particles like to jump around in certain ways, or placed in a specific manner into a solid state to a Maxwellian energy system)

This exists everywhere, as will be demonstrated later by the excellent Professor Andrea Morello in a description of another quantum mechanical experiment from a classical mechanical system for an ultra-cold temperature experiment.

Where Planck discovered the quantum because that is the provable mechanism that prevents the universe from blowing up or going out in a flash of ultraviolet light because of Black body radiation problems in classical mechanics; Hertz, from his opposite/complementary angle, unknowingly demonstrated the quantum exists by extracting useful energy and information out of it with the same Armageddon-inducing ultraviolet light!
The "miracle" for us to observe now in retrospect, is that the results of Hertz' experimental work on Maxwell's equations came first before Plank's work!

This is what I call real history as opposed to fake history (which we see, among other things, when the photoelectric effect is explained today, or anything by the celebrity "scientist" Brian Greene) which, in turn, real history dynamically describes a real future and not some fake or hypothetical one because it is completely unnecessary, or it is not supposed to happen and only we could make that connection, or that connection could only be made now, which through thermodynamics does not require genius to demonstrate or explain anymore. One just needs to care about things, the rest will come in due course.

This discovery is the grandpa of all technology today, where Thermionic emission via coated/undercoated conductors/emitters (important in plasma physic, i.e. building gas Lasers and Masers) and Networked Elements like, Secondary-electron emission from semiconductors and insulators via X rays were established, among other things, which apply directly to Solid-state physics when/where one finds the exact right combinations of specific atoms to be placed or located on a semiconductor. If it weren't for the Step Method in the days when they did not have banks of supercomputers, there would be none of these modern miracles we love so much today involving all areas of science and technology.

One Picture That Is Worth A Thousand Words
A simple basic filter circuit, where we can understand the effects of storing energy electrostatically (capacitor) and electromagnetically (inductor coil). The top being the way people like, Benjamin Franklin understood electricity with a voltage drop and resistance/load/impedance along a conductor and this circuit would of been completed with a ground or Leyden Jar and the shunt circuit comprises the electromagnetic field part of this design. Thumbnail for Video
Click or Tap to Open video, explaining everything in detail
Time: 32:05

I understand that a lot of this stuff sounds complicated or fancy, but in reality this is all manipulation of good old-fashioned Static Electricity right down to things they call "quantum confinement" and "potential wells". Electrostatics (for boring Wikipedia article) is everywhere in semiconductor devices: It's just not demonstrated with Wimshurst machines anymore along with the parlor tricks they used to amuse people with.
We have not lost our way either and begun discussing Electricity because Thermodynamics was always there, which we will discover later on when we discuss Van Der Walls forces among other things, which is also part of the repertoire of static electricity, but involving all fluids and gases and not with vacuums and solids. There is also thermal co-efficiency to consider with any conductor/insulator and crystal, where heat and/or pressure decides first what electrons will do and before god said: "Let there be light", there was Heat long before that.

Characteristics of Crystals
1964 US Air Force Electronics Training Film
See also: Making Optical Glass for Eyeglasses: "Fitting Faces" 1940 Paramount which explains the importance of specific heat temperatures and specific forms of cooling to make a specific form of glass. The "energy" and its form needed to make these things can come from any source. The only thing important is temperature.
Thumbnail for Video
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Time: 30:59

We must never forget that the electron is also matter and it is only because it has mass that it is not a conductor-less superfluid like the photon. (What would be the purpose for mass to travel at the speed of light when this would interfere with the job it has to do in the universe?)
Our wonderful electrons are just as much part of thermodynamics as the photon or a rock and it's physics exists to satisfy the Laws of Thermodynamics and nothing else. The physics that we can use out of this situation is merely manna from heaven and has nothing to do with making us happy or comfortable.

Mostly what we know and use in Quantum mechanics and particle theory today originates from Heinrich Hertz's work and none from Max Planck, de Broglie, Schrödinger, etc., which itself demonstrates the dual evolution of practical science and theoretical science, where neither can talk to each other anymore, yet they are discussing the same thing, but the dynamic realities of these two sciences are completely different, and that is man-media made; not some evolution.

scientific method schematic
Cooking Up the Scientific Method.
Can you guess which step is missing and where it should be placed?
A lot of things are missed today by science and medical professionals because they don't use the Step Method or any of its methodology or philosophy where it's no use for me to explain anything to anyone in a verbal communication anymore because this thing does not exist in their minds and I'm made to appear like a crackpot in the same manner of when I could not find my pack of cigarettes as I related before except to these guys, this is permanent phenomenon.
This, they "understand" perfectly and implement very well. In their minds, what I discuss is just "Background information" which can only be an opinion because they have a specific, but secret goal in their minds or have already decided what Nature is and the purpose of existence, like what Michio Kaku does who is a champion in that department.

Add a modicum of organized religion in the background, with a generous helping of bourgeois mentality who all have unnatural needs; we have a group that becomes the programmed-to-lie computer itself and there's the permission for a colorful spectrum of conservative cultural and intellectual totalitarianism of many ways, shapes and forms.

Popular science-fiction television series in the 1970s
"We can remake it, we've got the technology!" Thumbnail for Video
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Time: 1:31
The First Law of Thermodynamic, which ignores the existence of Matter, says: "Energy cannot be created or destroyed". By going backwards, we find the more fundamental Zeroth Law that describes the transitive nature of already existing (not creatable) hot and cold in the universe, which is called Thermal equilibrium, who's formulation states that if: A = B and B = C, then A =C.
Anyway, in the past when the Zeroth and Third Laws of Thermodynamics did not exist (late 19th and early 20th centuries), they would have been asking where this excess energy comes from, which the First Law of Nature would indicate as existing in some form, somewhere then unknown and not say like they do today, "this cannot be, this goes against the First Law of Thermodynamics" or, "This goes against Maxwell". It's totally arrogant and utterly stupid for scientists today to assume they know everything there is to know and never consider the properties of matter on top of that. Before they start disparaging Einstein's work as, "no good for black holes", let's see them explain why Newton's Laws of Motion only applies fundamentally to Cannon balls and Cannons, and see nothing amiss there, because these "Laws" only exist to show military strategists and mercenaries how to kill more people: Further and more economically because cannons and cannon balls were expensive, but life was, and still is cheap.

More on Maxwell

Today they use The First Law, or Maxwell as a philosophical and economic tool for/by scientific societies and multinationals, like an evangelist or cleric wielding the Bible or Koran for/by his Church or sort of Islam, as dogma, and the Second Law of Thermodynamics sans any form of equilibrium (never mind Phase changes) of any kind to regulate its heat, but instead makes a quantum leap to always-increasing entropy; are their sole implementation in any discussion by any physicist and theoretical physicist, or chemist in both cases. This way, they can sell the same things over and over, and in religion; apocalypses, final judgements and assorted messes become possible, instead of discussing change and movement which is a gift from closed systems exclusively and they are all non-reversible, but in the positive sense ("non-reversible" being the nature and a property of "change"), not the negative sense that religion and science put out.

Maxwell's propagation theory has also been all gussied-up and is not the complete vision version he presented in the 19th century, where today his Luminiferous aether and Gnostic god have "miraculously" disappeared, which to artistic philosophy means he saw the shadow of the quantum which did not exist in science yet and could only interpret it in those ways.

Superstition, miracles, impossible ideas and divine entities are not restricted to the Natural philosophers of the 17th century and are closer today than one would normally think in our most esteemed in today's sciences because of the way people who think they know what is science and go about revising history to infantile or effeminate bourgeois standards and values and, by what they try to hide or don't understand themselves, but becomes obvious with a forensic step-method approach to reliving or recreating any discovery.

The correct thing to do is to preserve the luminiferous ether and his gnostic god for historical reasons, where because of the quantum's later discovery writers only need to add a revision and be pragmatic about it, where today people could get some perspective and be more sympathetic and not create fantasies about anyone, including Maxwell.
These revisionists actually diminish the work of great people, while also corrupting religion/spirituality whose "own consciousness" is not allowed to evolve, whose errors were only errors of their time in what could be accommodated then prior to new discoveries (flat Earth), and has little to do with the person or his/her work and its value.
If there's one mistake in the Bible there are then a million mistakes in the Bible because G-D does not lie or make mistakes, —people do.

We can now assume that Maxwell himself did not believe in his Gnostic god or his Luminiferous aether, either, but it was the best thing he could come up with at the time before the quantum was discovered to satisfy his equations which themselves have certain rules and algorithms that cannot be changed because they are based on ternary proofs.
So here we find, that art, mathematics and theoretical physics all work to "paint a picture of reality", where art uses protocols and algorithms and physicists use mathematics as/on a canvas to paint reality from their perspectives.

And for us, this method allows everyone to recognized where redundant things are added to anything, but they are not to be taken seriously and they are only there qualitatively, to satisfy something that cannot be contradicted where we must wait for the proper mechanism, element or system to replace things like god or weird field theories that are really only band-aids to a new proof or a theory and its further development. Today's "Dark energy" and "Dark Matter" or "Fabric of space-time", etc., etc., should not be taken seriously and are only necessary systems to satisfy equations and observations that cannot be contradicted. It is only a matter of time that we discover what these things are in reality and will undoubtedly be just as bizarre as the quantum when it came out or Newtonian/Cartesian/Copernican physics when they came out.
It is hilarious when scientists observe unusual phenomena, they come out with "explanations" very quickly, —a little too quickly!

Because of the Step Method approach to thinking: In the 1980s 1890s they solved problems, in physics, in a few years without any computers, not knowing any quantum mechanics, and no compatible physics to refer this phenomenon upon, or any workable particle theory beyond Democritus and Leucippus, where today problems solved in science and mathematics, and creating new sciences have decelerated to the point of practically being static where we hear the same things in science and philosophy for generations, or suddenly gets recycled into "medical research/treatments" where/when they realize their study and research in some area of physics/chemistry was always some load of crap, but too much money was already spent so they need to recoup their loses. For that, we have a meta-reality called: "Cancer research" and its, "New treatments", among other things.

At least, I'm not promising you, well being, magical cures, long life or happiness, etc., etc., with Thermodynamics, so you know everything I write here is true. If one wants any, or all those things, you have to do that yourself and you will probable only end up with what you need. To find happiness there takes a lot of wisdom.

So, where the Nazis spent billions on fantasies and nonsense created for them by various German scientists and businessmen; during peacetime this becomes a problem and fantasies in modern physics appear as cures for the sick. One day there will be Dark energy machines to cure cancer among other garbage. It's just a matter of time and good marketing.
I can hear their patter already: "The miracles of 'Dark Energy'. With the combined powers to push galaxies and make them accelerate, Imagine what this power can do for your cancer!

Anyway, I'm not saying that these modern discoveries and endo-theories are not significant (which is actually just chopping or smashing things and "discovering" smaller bits), I'm asking what are these discoveries meant for, and who or what will benefit from this and how will these things affect culture and societies in the future where humankind, and all other life, is not somehow implicated in all this detrimentally because of the need to own or control Nature?

Is this not like the folly in alchemy, where they were forever searching for the Philosopher's Stone while more and more they strayed away from Nature?
In the past, they would ask: "How many angels can dance on a head of a pin?" Today, they would ask: "How many matches does it take to heat one atom?" (See: BBC Two - Horizon, 2010-2011, 'What is One Degree?'.) It is the same insanity where a system (like angels, matches) is imposed upon something real (the head of a pin or an atom), but representing one particular society in each case, because systems can be mathematical, imaginary (angels) or mechanical (pins).

We also see that most modern science today began with developing the science of Navigation to get access to those precious spices in the orient and Ballistics to sink competitors on the high seas and on land, so why do we not evolve into the use of Nature and Its Thermodynamics to navigate our future in Time and profit, instead of just Location(s)?
Life is supposed to be Dynamic too, not just a set of physical rules or laws, but there are protocols to observe and respect in all aspects of existence.

There is also the question of patenting anything to do with the subatomic as this is another universe entirely where they are now making claims of "owning" parts of that universe too (as systems on top of that!) where the only unity between quantum mechanics and classical mechanics and their systems is Thermodynamics, which no one has any idea about in the first place, which is like putting the cart before the horse again.

Thermodynamics is that "red pill" that places a limit to any form legitimacy and exposes childish or insane behaviour, whether one exists in a matrix or not because the laws of Thermodynamics would be the same in any universe, but not necessarily the laws of physics.

If one prefers to take the blue pill (I'm not talking about Viagra), then that person prefers the laws of physics in the Matrix than the laws of physics in "reality". (Actually that is Viagra when I come to think about it!) The movie, 'The Matrix' might be some joke dreamed up in Hollywood so they can amuse themselves.

They are already dead because they believe in breaking the laws of physics for the sake of their loins or vanity; Their "universe" could be demonstrated as an illusion occurring by way of thermodynamic laws and its systems in any form of existence or reality/illusion and these laws cannot be interfered with because if they are, some glitch will appear out of nowhere while we explore deeper into the quantum of outside in the cosmos around their sphere of influence where they have no influence.

Yes, the universe is governed by physical laws, but they in turn are governed by Thermodynamics and there is no computer program that want's to be that way. This proves that it is humanity itself that must build these machines in the future and not boardroom executives or authority, less scientists, who are only mostly lap dogs.
The machine or the system that creates illusion cannot lie or deceive at one point because of Thermodynamics. It is just a question of how far one must go to see which is increasingly getting farther and farther with our new and sophisticated Second Law Systems, but are nevertheless never insurmountable. Unfortunately things can become very fatal and destructive before reaching either new magnitude so we have to navigate syllogistically.
The Basics: The answer to any energy-system problem when a question is sought is always Work.

The Nobel committee don't help either in only awarding prizes and prestige to a limited scope of science, which unsurprisingly only promote closed systems (like Dynamite, which is where Alfred Nobel made his fortune!) and have made it a point to not change this with already long-established new fields that point to better ways and philosophy. If you want to be rich, get people to buy something that can only be used once and that is what this committee awards prizes for. They say that he created this prize because he felt guilty in how he made his fortune. No! He only desired to make everyone more rotten than him by awarding prizes, so he would look good in comparison and corrupting science is a wonderful way to do that.
The Nobel Prize is like "modern" royalty. They are old and obsolete institutions (among others) that must be left to die, disappear and finally forget.

Science, like art, is its own reward.

This actually erodes the science they do give awards to, where more and more physicists/chemists, etc. of lower quality are being produced because of their glittering attraction, "prestige" and promise which attracts the sort of person who likes that kind of stuff and then they infect, collaterally, the entire discipline with their childish ideas, and make the particular science, itself, Equivalent to their true personalities and not their genius.
It is no coincidence, now, that garbage theories, discussions and ideas originate only from the sciences that are recognized and awarded by the Nobel committee and progressive theories, discussions and ideas are emerging from those sciences that are not.

Organized religion, in comparison, is now being more dynamic and is rebuilding itself faster, or throwing more bombs, better and stronger than science is doing and they have the technology too. It is like in 'The Six Million Dollar Man' (clip above), which is the approximate price tag one pays a bishop today to get de-excommunicated, if you get excommunicated from the Roman Catholic Church.

I should know because my mother married a divorced man and the bishop here in Montreal offered my father and his new "family" to come back "into the fold" for $50,000. Adjusted from 1952 dollars including capital gains; that comes up to $6,000.000 today in 2010. At least, the church offers an all inclusive family-package because the unborn are included too.
Anyone who thinks, à la Luther, that any church gets rich off the poor is dead wrong or a romanticist. They all exploit the rich just as much to their capacity to pay and now this features protestant religions too, Lutheranism included.
If you're thinking about a career in the future, one would do better investing his time to become a priest or a cleric, or invent a new religion etc., because that is where the real money is going to be in the next round once again if things keep going the way they do now.

Armillary sphere
Courtesy Eric Weisstein's World of Physics .
Fair Use
Illustration by Robert Fludd in 1638, who read Philo in Arabic, which shows his development of the thermoscope by attaching scales to it, turning it into a thermometer.
Click to magnify
Wellcome Institute Library, London
As discussed earlier: Considering things like the occult (which also does not exist in Nature) and its symbology and its uses of the Step Method: At the time, we had characters like Robert Fludd who is one of the people credited to of invented the thermometer (illustration at right) but these guys also dabbled in cosmogony, astrology, Qabalism, Rosicrucian apologies and the occult, and others like Leibnitz along with Newton worked in alchemy, who were in a race as to who was going to be the first to grind water into a powder among many other ridiculous things, (just like today with the race between CERN and Fermilab to find the God Particle) where anybody who criticized were, themselves, rebuffed and treated as an imbecile because that is what the Royal Society, CERN or Brookhaven, etc., is all about then as now.[G]

Evil is Boring
Astrologer, Rob Brezny On Evil Thumbnail for Video
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Time: 6:56

This was all normal in those days, like astrology is today, which still survives because it is not invasive and it does not interfere. It also had a reputable foundation being that the change of "constellations" corresponded to the change of seasons so it was assumed that these constellations also had an effect on people concerning their "weather" or "seasons" which translates into "money" for summer, and love for spring, bounty for fall and death for winter.
It's pathology existed in the same manner as modern science exists in "identifying" and "naming' so-called "constellations" (like Taurus, Gemini, etc.) which are pure human inventions as are many new things today in science, so nothing is actually being identified and named and many of these things theoretical/particle physicists and intellectuals/cosmologists describe are no better than "constellations" in their place of what is assumed as existence in/from any ancient or modern philosophy one could think of. Human beings in any age, or degree of sophistication/civilization can't help themselves in painting pictures of everything around them and this process is still going on.

For better or worse, astrology is the father or mother of any philosophy pertaining to a mechanical universe and materialism that survives to this day.

In some cases, as in Rob Brensky, it has evolved into something completely different which could be called spiritual and appears as modern wizardry in a manner where we examine the supernatural and not exploit "supernatural forces" and "demonstrates" through these type of "lectures" many profound truths in this format of expressing things. Otherwise, the regular astrology is meaningless, like dreams do while we sleep, change with age, the older one gets where love, money and proving one's self become meaningless discussions because at one "point" in life you already know who you are and what will happen and don't need the stars, planets and constellations to tell you these things or what to expect, but in an empathetic and affectionate way can become something else, like what Brensky does, making what astrology one reads in newspapers trivial in comparison.

The Alchemist
How they understood fire Thumbnail for Video
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Time: 4:58

Here, at right, is a sympathetic look into alchemy; its ancient wisdom and power to the psyche and in physics and chemistry, where we see that heat or fire was never something to burn anything with, but instead, for tens of thousands of years was considered a transforming element.
"Burning" is a modern concept that people are programmed to conceptualize fire in such a way, and for obvious reasons. Even a forest/brush fire in the past was viewed as a transformation of the forest/brush and not destruction that was actually necessary for its survival and the reproduction of many species of plants and trees. "Primitive" man could not of known what "destruction" was anyway because they did not have the concept of "Private Property" and its redundancies, like "real estate development".

It was observed (and still is) that many species of plants and trees will not seed if there is no fire, and animals will leave these areas or die without it. Ancient people knew, or were quite familiar with, that fire was part of some cycle of life (Legend of the Phoenix) itself just like air, water and earth was, and was never some destructive force or an "act of god" or some punishment.

If one really believes in god, one does not need to be a X-level Buddhists to understand that "fire" like "Ice" (glaciers) has more to do with "life" and renewal than anything else. (See: 'Did Life Evolve in Ice?' By Douglas Fox February 01, 2008) GD (in case deleted).
The rest is as polluted philosophically (including the article on 'Miller–Urey experiment' in Wikipedia where his experiments on amino acids and ice in that article have disappeared) as what any mechanical device created when designed along redundant/destructive/vain parameters. Life is sacred and is expressed everywhere in Thermodynamics because that is what it serves.

So besides examples in biology around us; in chemistry, we see in the example provided in cinnabar, shows that they not only were interested in changing or extracting things, but like the legend of the Phoenix they wanted to put them back together again like they were originally, which is a very human thing to do and shares no parallel with any god or deity who are renowned for never putting anything where it's supposed to be or put anything back where it belongs, especially if it offends Nature.
It makes one wonder: Who is "holier" or what is better; humankind created by nature, or god as creator of men?

Gods come and go, but Nature has endured since the beginnings of our species and if we could talk to paleolithic man we would find an immediate connection through Nature and we could talk and relate to each other while contributing equally to each other's further knowledge on an equal level.

How has science and chemistry today become so perverted as to not write any papers or patent processes where the elements of the earth, air and water involved are not returned to the way they were, or recognize that Nature exists in cycles and is not static or unchanging, but instead consider Nature a dump and never put things back to the way they were like they are supposed to be or make them into something better because they have never recognized pollution? Like the hypocrites, it has only become an economic argument (sustainability) or romantic ("Save the Earth"), etc.

No, it is the fault of all scientists because they created this world and this technology and they should concentrate their knowledge-base to fix this problem and it would also be a good way for scientists to work with each other on an international level once again.

Is it up to the nihilist industrialist or chemist, or the capitalist, communist, anarchist to decide what the water, the earth/rocks and the air should be like and later, how we are going to explore and exploit the things we find in outer space? Nature shows us everywhere, with our eyes, ears, touch, feelings, what things do and what they are supposed to be and doesn't write books.
Any god that writes anything where anything is "explained" and puts it on stone or paper is no god. So the Jupiter of the Israelite is just a story, or an alien visitor from space. (A = C)

This clip just above on Alchemy also shows that Geology was the first science, its origin from the stone age, which itself, the way it is taught should be completely revised. Humankind has shown everywhere in its history regarding any subject, that we are naturally rational and poetic and it is modern society/civilization and it's intellectual agents (both, from the scientific and religious communities) who are destroying us or is turning us into a species of life that exists exactly like a cancer. We don't need soothsayers to inform us what happens to all cancers when their hosts are dead. Authority creates diseases that are themselves unsustainable where Nature creates diseases that are sustainable, and are part of a much larger "picture".

As for physics approaching our modern era: As already said, the only science that existed then was Navigation, Astronomy and a few laws of physics (ballistics) and they also had to deal with things like Neo-Platonists, Aristotle and Augustine, so we should be sympathetic there too.

Rembrandt as Democritus:
The laughing philosopher
c. 460 BC - c. 370 BC
The Ottomans also had colleges, "whose studies included grammar, metaphysics, philosophy, astronomy, and astrology". S
The less suspicious Italian astronomers and mathematicians because no one, except in Venice [O] was practicing freemasonry or the occult over there, had to deal with their own problems which were with the Jesuit Order (the Society of Jesus) who dabbled in "lunar science" whose Selenography was based on Aristotle to prove he was correct in his assumption that the celestial orbs in the heavens (Moon and Sun) were perfect and contained no imperfections against Democritus, who said that there were, "lofty mountains and hollow valleys" on the Moon, so I hope you're getting the picture of what's going on here.

It is obvious now, that the pragmatic Aristotle was talking about "systems" which are important when you're trying to save a civilization and systems are tools, not reality, and Democritus was talking about real things and how they really are because he did not need to save ancient Greek civilization because nothing was falling apart in his time.

It was important to tell Greeks in Aristotle's time (because of the damage his pupil Alexandre caused on a massive scale) that the celestial orbs were perfect, which he can do when you are creating a new scale for perfection and with things we cannot know for sure, but know with things we can touch, that became in his time corrupt. Aristotle not only was trying to save Greek civilization, but humanity as well by keeping ideals alive AS A SYSTEM.

Aristotle would of made an excellent psychiatrist or sociologist today since he knew how to deal with the dying human psyche and breath some life into it. It is no surprise then, that Jesuits treated Aristotle's theories and explanations as real things and not systems because that is their pathology and profile in how they deal with everything and anything.

Aristotle (384 BC - 322 BC)
Plato is the first in history to suggest "book burning" (specifically, Democritus' books) as, "The Final Solution" (sound familiar?) and so Democritus was not popular with the anal-retentive Jesuits or our recent-era Nazi or Soviet "scientists" who believed in miracles, predestination and man-made order via fascism or communism. "Political change" is an oxymoron anyway.

This does give us an example in how the Holy See, Islam, Buddhists, etc., were actually interested in science and why because they, once upon a time, were researching "perfection" which is far better than Peasants Protestants or cults today interfering with modern science like we see with Christian Fundamentalists and Literalists. Besides that, the church was interested in "The weightless expression of the spirit" which was only managed so far in Gothic architecture. The church did, after all, fix the calendar centuries before science even existed and they did a good job too.

So it is important to be wary of science and maths documentaries, books and histories by cocktail/celebrity scientists because if what they say had existed in the way as they claim, they would of fixed a lot of things and not the Christian church or Islam as that religion also contributed much to fixing things too, when there were good people working at the helm, that were all wrong in their time that belong today to science, where it has and still is important to find out the location of Mecca to do one's prayers from any other location on Earth, and Islam is a very big place.

Simply put: Science once upon a time had a spiritual responsibility too and they didn't act like a divorced couple in court arguing over the custody of us kiddies where today's great organized religions are nothing but businesses themselves and have none their original inspiration. Faith and devotion is now mostly expressed by interference, segregation, hatred and killing, and now in 2015 with refugees.

Time to switch to Thermodynamics and all they have to teach about systems (specifically the Zeroth and Third Laws of Thermodynamics) to give ourselves a new structure and awareness for the cosmos to come.

They should never of stopped this practice as we all know now that it was Plato (with his ridiculous ideal forms) and Aristotle who was wrong (like he was also with Alexander The Great), but more in the sense of just being incompatible with today's societies, and "perfection" certainly must exist somewhere else or, at the very least, is completely harmless, like astrology, and might of provided some interesting papers and subjects to bring up, or create different ideas and new approaches to modern physics and mathematics that certainly would have been worth something.

'Perfection', like 'Nothing' is something of an intrinsic value to itself not just a political, religious, social ideal, or some kind of agenda or something that can only be obtained upon death.
Aside from Aristotle's groundwork on Natural science, one should be careful in what one reads because it is all "metaphysics" in the way we use that word today, thereby corrupting his work from its inception before even reading those books, and as previously discussed, we must transitively differentiate between things and systems and figure out for ourselves which/what he was talking about since intellectuals and scholars have done a fine job distorting the meaning of his works, for today's perusal.

“To avoid criticism say nothing, do nothing, be nothing.” - Aristotle

It is no coincidence that protestants and protestant science communicators hate Aristotle and St. Augustine and Catholics science communicators don't and this all has to do with politics and money, —not religion! Concerning that, many of his ideas might only be wrong here on Earth, but may apply elsewhere in another dimension or magnitude. It is our responsibility to pragmatize the pragmatic Aristotle since it's impossible for him to revise his work now, which has more good than bad in it like Phlogiston had since societies have changed so much since ancient Greece, but has not much since phlogiston.

My suggestion to all is to read St. Augustine's and Aristotle books among other ancients for yourself and draw your own conclusions. You might find that you yourself will write something very interesting and discover something new no one ever thought of before which is far more valuable than blind criticism because you heard someone laugh at these ancients philosophers on some social network/media or "authority" on science. Reading, besides instruction also serves to inspire the reader.

These Natural Philosopher's and, now, the scientist of today did a great job in dispelling supernatural things and the only reason why they did this, is because the world, life, people (and specially women) and existence in general were terrifying to them. (Well.. woman terrify me too, but I don't hate them.)
Newton and Cavendish (among many others) and nearly every mathematician in modern history (Not the ancient ones) are excellent examples if you look at their biographies including today, now with the multitude of multiply-divorced theoretical/particle physicists, mathematicians who have committed suicide (or have an elevated propendency to die in traffic mishaps) and with no doctoral students or anyone following their "work".

For example: No one can follow the "work" of Stephen Hawking, but bits here and bits there because it is all fantasy, or a bunch of Soviet-Stalin era ideas which are theories based on other theories because they too found it necessary to get their government to spend billions on garbage that could not be used for war and Hawking just throws them together in an artful and profit-making manner better than anyone, and that sells books because there is a market for that stuff as anyone will find looking/listening to late night commercial TV/Radio or the multitudes of specialty channels on "science".

As one will find a picture of Leopold von Sacher-Masoch for, "Masochist" in the dictionary, or Alphonse de Sade for the word, "Sadist", one should find a pic of Newton or Cavendish in "Misanthropist" or "Misogynist".
Back in the 18th century, they formed societies, like the misanthropic and misogynic Royal Society whose sole purpose is to put impotent male paranoid schizophrenics, bipolars, autistic savants and misanthropists into a support group (which they called "fellowship") where they offer each other therapy among themselves and reinforce each other's weaknesses, - not their strengths and then this evolved into an exclusive country club. Unfortunately, and in an occult fashion, it is scientists today, who propagate fantasy (Dark matter/energy, Strings, etc. that spring forth Mysticism (Quantum mysticism), new forms of astrology (Time Machines or what I like to call, "Applied astrology") and religion (Atheism), and yes, Atheism is just another form of religion defeating the whole idea of di "spell" ing fantasists and the supernatural. Now things are worse than they were in the past where their legitimate excuse was mass illiteracy.

Commentary on social systems and how they are affected in Thermodynamics (or lack of knowledge in Thermodynamics)

Luis Buñuel
Luis Buñuel, atheist, surrealist, avant-garde filmmaker said: "It's guilt we must escape, not God" and another time said "I'm still an atheist, thank God. I believe we must seek God within man himself. This is a very simple attitude."

-That is Atheism and you get a better quality of atheism from an artist than from any scientist (if you want to examine this philosophy), but society's bourgeois hypocrisy [AT] resides in that an artist can be lambasted for merely criticizing the Church or Islam, etc., but a physicist is applauded for seeking new ways to physically control or destroy Nature and man, through his research because a physicist can give, license or sell that power of destruction to people and the artist cannot, hence the existence of the modern terrorist who uses today's sophisticated closed-system technology to express antiquated and contradictory beliefs that are themselves closed systems, but once may of appeared as an open system to a people who thought something like a myriad was a large number or representative of some form of infinity. We laugh at aboriginals today because they are illiterate and some can only count up to three. Well, it was not very long ago that this existed in the commons in Europe and the "education" people do get today exists only to serve Second Law of Thermodynamic-like political, religious and economic power/ideas.

Just like when we considered Newton and his laws of the motion of solids (who forgot that there were liquids and gases too, so he was not talking about Matter, but Cannonballs and it is the chemist who deals with gases and liquids for chemical warfare) that cannot exist without the Thermodynamics of matter, energy and space before to support them in a continuum of equivalency and transitive equilibrium.

This is why I disagree with Einstein's idea/equations that "space/time gets warped by gravity" (fabric of space/time) because it puts Physics before Dynamics and also (like Newton's relativity) is meaningless for liquids and gases and is actually something like Maxwell's equations, where he needs to put in a "Luminiferous aether" in his theory of Electromagnetic propagation and put that in a closed system suitable for private enterprise, and all because the quantum had not been discovered yet. The only thing I agree with is that there is no "sucking" or drawing" force in the universe, but there is Affinity and that always involves three things together.

Things can only get pushed and that is a problem for dynamics to figure out, not physics. All physical relativistic theories dance around the mystery of "gravity" and none can explain what it actually is, but they are great in telling us what gravity does and even make predictions about solids in the cosmos.

They say that Einstein's Special or General relativity fails inside black holes, —well... it also fails, or is meaningless, in huge conglomerations of liquids, gases and plasmas traveling and accelerating through the cosmos. In a way, Newton anticipated Einstein's General Relativity by acknowledging that there was no sucking or drawing force in the universe; there is only pushing forces in physics and Einstein equated this as gravity and acceleration being the same thing. Acceleration itself is a Fictitious force, which in the case of Newton's Second law: F = ma, is always proportional to the mass, m, so it is a given that "gravity" is also a fictitious force.

Physics works best in/with things physicists can put in their mouths, —solids; like their thumbs which they can suck. -GP duBerger

Engineering: Response to Mechanical Shock 1968 AEC Sandia Laboratories
Another take on Newton's Third Law.
Life is a little more complicated, than what your teachers will tell you with their disneyfication of physics. Heat theories and Thermodynamics would make this subject of engineering a lot simpler.
Thumbnail for Video
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Time: 17:34

Like in the consumer-grade Second Law of Thermodynamic, where all things only go in one direction and serve only one purpose: The very act of kneeling, kowtowing, worshiping and sacrificing means god is always outside since there would be no need for this if god were inside, where these acts can be considered as a form of vanity, mockery or blasphemy themselves for any true god, and even a true leader.

Mecca begins and ends from/in the heart. For the mind: It is more important what one does to find Mecca and what one does before and after praying towards Mecca than actually praying towards Mecca and many discoveries in science and philosophy exist today (like the quantum as just described) because of this fact, and that is perhaps the real reason why prayers such as this were instituted in the first place, in all religions, where today this metatruth along with their step-methods have been lost.

For this, we have "caring" to fall back onto, like what Robert Boyle, Micheal Faraday, Heinrich Hertz, Albert Einstein, Richard Feynman, etc., etc., demonstrated, which does not require a religion or spirituality and is an excellent example of real atheism, where one believes in absolutely nothing, anywhere, out of necessity, until it's proven and can be reproduced and demonstrated repeatedly.
Atheism is a system like an organized religion that does not attack god directly, but any belief or belief system that cannot be proved or cannot be repeated (as not all prayers are answered) and this is done out of necessity, like is done by the Natural Philosopher who have no use for things and ideas that only work sometimes. They must work all the time without exception. Maybe G-D does exist, but the way we use him and think about him is a load of crap.

Today's, "Atheist" is yesterday's, "Natural Philosopher", and both have been severely maligned and ridiculed by those with vested and mercenary interests to protect.
If religion were not a system and was something real, it would be impossible to be an atheist or a Natural philosopher. This would be comparable to creating the atom with its pantheon of particles making it up, and say it does not exist, which cannot be done with existence involving matter. Energy, on the other hand, and all closed systems can be made to appear as anything anywhere and given a/for specific purpose and manipulated as to be property or someone's genius. Performing magicians have been doing this manipulation of energy since the beginning of time to fool their audiences.

So, this philosophy of "starting fresh" when seen dynamically has its own capacity to create "miracles" which seems to be lost with the mathematician, Stephen Hawking and our modern-day celebrity scientists", nor would it be offensive to any deity(s) since they could easily incorporate themselves there too, if they are necessary since here we are describing the verb: Be.

Actions and feeling and our dealings to/with others are combined acts of "goodness" that originate and exist from the within and the without, and that is the true church, temple or pilgrimage and not some real estate located somewhere with human administrators giving themselves titles and wearing Halloween-like costumes when they make an appearance, while making a fortune presiding over systems called Judaism, Christianity, Islam or Buddhism, etc., etc., where faith along with quaint philosophies and stories are actually put on display instead of demonstrated which every-living thing in the universe could do that by themselves and have more value if their faith was actually something real, and being a political or religious martyr, by the way, is not proving faith or politics, but is used by politics and religion to further the power of their systems.

Does god want to share this Universe like Nature does, or does he want to be the boss of everything like in some totalitarian state with hierarchy, status and rules? If this is so, then the definition /description of Heaven and Hell are completely wrong too, among many other things since it is totalitarianism or gangsterism that would make the rules for their existence and not god, making god something that overthrows himself, regardless is he's a jealous vengeful god or a loving god.
It is as if god patented the universe he supposedly created and he (with tons of fine print) licenses its use for a fee in perpetuity, after you have registered yourself, because even though that is not a sin, you go to hell anyway for not signing up, where being born is G-D's universe should be sufficient. The fact that you exist means G-D loves you, and those that go awry have forgotten this (for one reason or another).

What would god be protecting with his invention of "creation" from whom or what and what office would he be employing?
Even jealousy has its limits which was clearly expressed towards man, but that feeling or idea must have some origin before man even existed, and is not some unique creation of man's to invoke into god to react in such a way. This is the folly of any organized religion, of any form or ideal, because they all would ultimately lead or invoke this contradiction or non sequitur.

Therefore, considering this: With organized religion (being a system anyway), we don't need Satan or he has lost his complete raison d'être, or he is free to concentrate on higher things besides the overthrow of heaven, all thanks to organized religion, which all do more to hide evil or give it safe havens within their redundancies.
The choice is clear: Does one love his/her church or does one love god? One cannot love both, or in the same way.

There are also no "chosen people" over others either, as god has demonstrated his interest and abilities in apocalypses and with fire (Sodom and Gomorrah) and with floods (Noah) so he does not need to differentiate or have preferences since he clearly can do without.
Information theory: If real truth is always ready for a challenge and cannot be offended, then why not any god or church?
The only people who find offense, already have lies or deficiencies in their hearts and minds, regardless of the subject at hand because only weakness requires a defense. The day truth requires a defense is the day truth is dead because it is like the reverse of being possessed by a spirit or demon, where instead truth is being possessed by some human and it is he who is contaminating it.
These are some of the extraordinary powers and attributes that lies produce which are easily revealed by Thermodynamics when applied to information.

Any organized religion today is just a giant Golden Calf and the only real church or temple is in one's own heart and nowhere else. This, of course, is not the same as saying, for example: "I love working for NASA" or "I love NASA" because there, one readily identifies with the people working there and not the entity itself nor do places like NASA call themselves "perfect" and/or "infallible", nor do they claim to have any keys to heaven like organized religions do which requires the act of programming and/or indoctrination to exist to make people believe such things exist.

In other words; love is a feeling, yes, but everything involves feeling that can affect judgement so it's best to be honest with oneself and be part of the finest of feelings and being available and there one can be objective. "Love" can exist as a system where one can commit murder or suicide, "Marriage is but slavery made to appear civilized."
—Albert Einstein --- Quoted by K. Wachsmann in M. Grüning, Ein Haus für Albert Einstein, 159,
or as something real where murder and suicide would be impossible to commit.
A person who loves god loves all things and all people and believes that god does the same without exception.

Luis Buñuel: Still from 'The Phantom of Liberty' (1974)
Fair Use
Anyway who cares? We live all our lives with people who live in fantasy and with others who calculate and only consider things materially to a higher or lesser degree and there are even those who calculate in fantasy land with Laa-Laa and Poo-Poo and this includes the modern physicist, cosmologist and theorist.
At least when the occult was around, these people, who could interfere, were instantly recognizable with their costumes and accessories, and now they are not because they all call themselves "doctors" who serve another master.
These minions can wear casual clothing, or lab coats or Gucci, Fucci and Federucci, like it was the sign of the cross, or the more conservative religiously-minded wear special holy underwear (Mormons) which, I suppose, is their idea of "within", and intellectuals make sure you see their Ph.D's and diplomas, and newspaper clippings and the books they wrote, etc., since these liars all feel the need to hide something and use misdirection as evidenced in/by the things they hide and the way they do it and then what they finally present ends-up misrepresenting because they all use systems in their way to impose or describe some "reality", where systems should only be tools to arrive at some truth.

Son of Beauty and the Beast
Moral: To become a public figure you need have a book (or something similar) written about you. Thumbnail for Video
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Time: 5:59

So, besides the example of before, of the girl "accidentally coming out" and revealing this on a social network to her friend instead of email or telephone and "unsurprisingly" became viral: This, you'll also find, recognizable, in Wikipedia because these people write their "biographies" about themselves; themselves, or hire people from Wikipedia to do this as anybody can create some new entry about anyone living and/or some system in Wikipedia including the person himself or the group and create his/their own biography; See: Private Eye, where one will find documented proof of this.
I could create an entry for HTML'S MAGIC if I want and discuss nonsense to my heart's content.
Wikipedia is like a quasi-social network/media and you must take the good with the exceedingly bad in it and learn how to recognize fantasy before it can affect you. Wikipedia is Wikipedia is Wikipedia and is an entirely fractal-based resource, if one were to give it a structure, which is good in some areas and bad in others.

The worst phenomenon is that articles in Wikipedia are deteriorating over the years in the classic-intellectual manner through continuous editing, who overtime add concepts, made-up etymology based on bourgeois attitudes, motives, or project postmodern-day, middle-class attributes and neo-tribalisms to past personalities and inventions that didn't exist in their time, obliterating the unique conditions and their different way of life which brought us these wonderful inventions and discoveries in the first place.
This, with amusement, I will demonstrate as existing all over with actual videos clips taken from all sorts, from all sorts of areas of science and "modern education", as I've just done with the story of the Photoelectric Effect.

Forensically speaking, this is done by people with bourgeois tastes and attitudes, as can be interpreted in how they see the world themselves today and transfer the same conditions to ancient people who existed even before the Industrial Revolution. This used to be called comedy and Mel Brooks would make movies in that manner/style and people would laugh.

Today, this is , a disease where as shown, with people who, among other things, "think" that the origin of, "centigrade" (which, first of all, is not actually a word) is French and is actually Latin which is a world of difference and with lying Ph.Ds because they know you won't check anything and if you do, it's probably written by them anyway on Wikipedia. So don't forget to triple check anything from different sources from now on, if you want to know the truth.

The articles written on and about historic people and their ideas/inventions are becoming something that would be unrecognizable to these people if they woke up from the grave and read the stories themselves and history is turning completely inside-out to the point we don't need any revolution to overthrow anything. It's happening now because everybody doesn't want anybody to learn anything from the past and the best way to do that is to make them appear like us. They even make wax replicas of Neanderthals appear like shopkeepers in museums straight out of from the Flintstones as you will see.

So Wikipedia is becoming like Facebook, FOX, PBS or the BBC. In 10-15 years, Wikipedia will resemble the Uncyclopedia (the content-free encyclopedia that anyone can edit.), but not be as funny. Ironically, the Uncyclopedia is improving in "quality" over the years and one day we may even see the lid up with one of Uncyclopedia's favorite icons shown here in this illustration so the "thinker" can finally do his business.

In fairness to Wikipedia, I have to say (this being recently noticed by "yours truly") that they are now making many ingenious efforts to make themselves better and throwing out the intellectuals while keeping to its principles. I think they are aware of this problem, I'm describing here (among other things) and I will leave this to their expertise or development.
There are already many questionable articles where they criticize the author(s) (in red) where ancient happenings are discussed by way of modern philosophies which could not have existed at the time which could easily be edited out and deleted with the thermodynamic algorithm I already described with A.I. that already exists primitively as software to watch/monitor port activities on the internet. Philosophies also have key words, word associations and key principles so they would be easy to find.
If the article then becomes crippled and unreadable, another program for editing could/would automatically repair it, saving the good parts and the facts. Wikipedia will have to develop it's own software and technology and a lot of that just needs to be reverse engineered from other things that are open source. In good faith, I wish them good luck and success.

More broadly speaking, these beliefs and insertions by us projecting ourselves into others are personal matters that involve personal experience and scientists or writers on their part have no business in telling anyone what to believe in people's own lives because we are all different individuals and each life is different and this includes the unique time periods we all lived in. Collectively, this is not even a concern for humanity and mankind because this is a part of the human experience and not philosophy.

It is only important for those that think exclusively in/as systems where no quarter or accommodation exists for substance, where a person who understands real things does not need to argue about anything because the truth also says that people must find their own way to it themselves and cannot be taught. At best, if someone asks regarding something specific; one tells the person that he will be shown what he/she needs to know only twice, and don't ask anymore times.

In a couple of generations it will be a miracle if we can still read/write, as all that will become obsolete since everything and everyone will get embedded with implants that will provide us with all our information and "entetrainment" needs if this keeps up and whatever interface that would be left that is required would consist of pictograms and icons and people like me will be eliminated, or considered "anti-social" or being able to read and write plain English will be considered like being able to read and write ancient Greek, Latin or Pahlavi script today. This has already happened in the past many times in many different ways.
See: Why Finland won't be teaching 'math' and 'history' anymore by By Alexander LaCasse.

So, besides protocols and projecting one's values into other people from any time; there is much to consider today regarding the symbology behind ideas or their methods and motivations beginning with the founders of heat theories, and how they used the Step Method to determine which symbols or steps they advanced for their societies, beliefs, egos or aspirations, and determine, if they were supernaturally based, or that those symbols were strictly for academic uses of symbology to help in the standardization of communication of new ideas within the scientific community and the public, which includes the standardized and universal use of the Hindu-Arabic number system which itself, scientifically speaking, is a system like embedding implants to do this in the future and is not really counting, although one thinks he/she's counting.

Informational Video about Star Stories Thumbnail for Video
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Time: 1:06

Transitively speaking: Where the pollution of ideas that exist today, also exist from their inception, which we see with Celsius, whose motivations are unclear for/by introducing his hundred-step based thermometer for use in the Metric System (which was rejected at the time exactly for this reason). These things are important to research and consider today because these things affect us, through low quality scales (as seen in other disciplines), low quality theoretical/particle physics (where we hear things like God particles and other nonsense), inferior cosmology (dark matter/energy) where they don't even know what matter is in the first place (check this yourself), but everyone miraculously knows what and who is god, and all based on one book or atheistic ideas.

Regarding religion: The comic, Billy Connolly said, that he was very suspicious of any society/culture that only reads one book (Bible/Koran/Torah, etc.) and then think they know everything and the same can be said of scientists discussing G-D where they only know one scientific discipline and are part of boards and committees.

Design, Symbols and Typography
Thumbnail for Video
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Time: 6:34
The correct interpretation is: "97% of the Universe is in forms of Matter we know nothing about" - Riccardo Giacconi - Nobel Prize in Physics 2002 [NV] (which does not mean dark matter/energy) and fake atheists who also use cosmology rather than their favourite scientific method to disprove Jesus or The Holocaust, etc., and open the doors to ridiculous things like Quantum Mysticism, Dianetics and wide assortment of crack-pot ideas, not to mention an assortment of intellectuals, with Ph.D's, with strange philosophies who may belong to secret societies, so that we may eradicate those things apotropaically, like all parasitical entities and replace them with new symbols that have no associated meaning to anything in man's history of ideas, and would belong only to the new science itself, which any competent artist or graphic designer could created for them, and in beautiful post-modern corporate Helvetica if they want!

See: Helvetica (2007) from FFilms.org. Clip above. Check out also: 'Objectified' (2009), a documentary film about industrial design, also by Gary Hustwit and Typeface (2009) Directed by Justine Nagan. Doesn't anyone find it amazing to "see" that it is artists who promote objectivity and logic more than modern scientists these days?
Or at least: See how sensible NASA engineers name stars and new planets beyond our solar system in: Q and Alien: What's in an Exoplanet Name?

1879: The way they imagined the Moon
From the book Recreations in Astronomy by H. D. Warren
Fair Use
1971: The way we used our imagination on the Moon
Apollo 15
Feather and hammer experiment.
In these articles, illustrations, animations and video clips, you will learn the unbelievable magic that such a simple thing as Pressure, itself, possesses along with gravity, motion and movement * acceleration, in their relationships to an elemental-ternary and transitive hot and cold and hot in the way it was meant to be, when/where applied to Matter; from Matter's point of view, combined with different forms of energy and their systems, where the differences between simple barometers and thermometers, and the inventions they produce, in all open, closed and isolated systems are revealed (isolated systems: As true and beneficial closed cycles where Work exists as Information), along with those who interfered with these discoveries involving Matter.
*Movement, which I describe and mention often, does not exist yet in physics, but only in Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle, Matter Waves, in Thermodynamics (Entropy, Enthalpy), the arts and mechanics like in the movement of a clock, oscillations or as repetitions and/or vibrations.

Other topics include: Refrigeration and latent heat in open and closed systems; why cooling, but not refrigeration occurs in isolated systems; thermal equilibrium that is difficult for many to understand, it is revealed in a manner anyone can understand with animations, pictures, selected video clips, detailed, but simple explanations of confusing principles in how they relate, but by no means ends there.

Matter has many other wonders to reveal, some of which will be demonstrated, here, in areas concerning its properties that relate to heat and cold, pressure, space, distance, shape, movement and motion.

Only artists, artisans, engineers and musicians understand to a high degree, "movement" in classical and quantum mechanics compared to scientists, and movement exists in all matter in all its known and unknown phases which will be observed using Raster STEM photography on uranium atoms.
It is not a sad thing that hot goes to Cold and supplement that mood with a discussion on always-increasing entropy, but it is more a miracle that hot always goes to Cold and it does that all by itself too.

Where scientists only appreciate motion and pretend to understand it too, but the former groups have no artificial legitimizing societies directly connected to mass media as scientists do, but this explains why physicists cannot explain simple turbulence or vortices among other things that involve movement, and they won't for a long time to come because that is a long ladder to climb in both directions (remember the step-method?) which they have forgotten a long time ago because one can make war with the physics of motion and linear chemistry, but not with movement and utilizing chemical cycles and tapping into them as these things only create peace and harmony to and for all and besides, there's no money to be made, but is completely another form of value of a different class which we will have to evolve into or die. There are no other choices.

Scientists specialize in war, power and control and now metaphysics and philosophy too as we can see with all these physicists today talking about things like god and intelligence, multi-universes among other things that are none of their business or expertise to describe or discuss on any forum, except privately among each other behind closed doors. The word/concept, "multiverse" from its inception is antithetical. The universe is the universe is the universe, but here we see the intellectual hard at work dividing that up too into dust or disconnect everything so that he can be king toad on/in his own branch called, "The Universe", sit comfortably on his throne, making a racket as all poisonous toads do. "Croak".

The Ludion
or 'The Principle of the Diver'
(a Zeroth Law of Thermodynamic device involving pressure, whether applied physically or thermodynamically.) This is because water is twenty thousand times less compressible than the air.
In this animation there is a missing weight which would lower it a bit because the bell should not touch the top part of this device. Here we see, also, how Thermodynamic Isolated systems can transfer Work which physicists say is impossible for isolated systems.
This important thing has even had its original proper name stripped from any reference and I have to use the 19th century name it was given in English, from the French, which I had to research to find, where it was actually a child's toy in the 19th century.
This is further evidence in how science is directly attached to mass media and not actual scientific papers in the way words/devices and systems are forgotten exactly like what would happen in mass media with any other subject.
From there, anyone with interest, can move on and forge new science that has never been thought of before, as these works only serve to inspire and remind the reader of pitfalls to avoid. Believe nothing but Nature, because as god and faith allow people to believe in miracles which would seem to be impossible; Nature and observation allow people to believe in the truth that would seem unbelievable where then we learn and grow and believe in new things, adding to our consciousness.
For thousands of years, many people never knew what went on in neighbouring villages except by traveling troubadours where we can now say the same condition exists for the mind and imagination.
This animation:
All Information theory begins with isolated systems like this which automatically reset themselves when the force F or W is no longer applied, which can be made static anywhere in its dynamic "on" or "off" direction of its cycle. Here, it is Nature who is the policeman rather than some human-made/controlled system that plays with binary systems.

The Human Id is well represented here as the creature who calls itself, 'Armus'.
Thumbnail for Video
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Time: 3:08

Governments put people in jail for hacking, but it is they who create/sanction systems for Work-information that allow hacking to exist in the first place, where Nature through Thermodynamics shows better ways for information security to exist on both sides, where computers cannot be programmed to lie and do weird things, or monkey around with reality, and hackers can't get in and monkey around with files because this system creates this situation automatically and exists before any programming where energy/matter can be observed to be in the wrong place at the wrong time which a lie will produce since lies or interference require a larger cycle to complete their programming, dragging the original programming and its files along with it which can be measured and or traced.

As we (paleolithic man) used to be able to merge with matter, it is so that the best parts of us must merge with our machines too and not just program them or build stupid machines that don't know the difference between Tom, Dick and Harry. Matter itself cannot be reprogrammed, so it is just a question of design and using Thermodynamic concepts involving isolated systems and merge them with open systems.

The programming/computer becomes part of Nature who/which cannot lie or be made to lie. People lie, deceive and rationalize; Nature does not. It is not even a moral issue, but a game we are playing with our existence as a species where we should start building computers with Nature's Thermodynamics as/in its basic architecture. The human Id has to be removed from all aspects of society and existence and most of organized science and organized religion, among other things, is run or contaminated by the human Id.
We see, and can produce evidence that there is no difference between the actions of the Id as there are in any organized religion and this has also become an infection in science because Thermodynamics is lacking in any dissertation, paper or scientific production. Everything is/has heat; including god, if such a thing exists.

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