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Saturday, June 8, 2013

A Fun Copyright

A Monologue on Copyright Systems

by GP duBerger

Fair Use
June 6 2012:Apologies to my readers. I shut my site down for a certain period because someone, somewhere claims that I'm infringing on someone's photo and I have no idea which one it is because the information Google sent me in their notice just goes to one of my Picasa albums and I can't delete the Picasa account for some reason. By making the album 'Private' one changes the URL of the source picture and it becomes non-existent on one's website. So I have to start over everything from the top. One word of warning to all blogger's or fledgling webmasters: Only upload your own images and illustrations or go to the Creative Commons because it seems this "spirit" of sharing doesn't really exist and Fair Usage rights are useless or, at best, only nominal unless you want to spend your life in court fighting trouble makers. All your pictures that were <a onblur= tag and attribute, you better change by re-uploading them so they become <a href= because these things are pretty vulnerable and the first link before the <img tag should always go to the source page anyway and not just a magnified full screen version that your host would provide unless it is entirely your artwork. Just make it that the thing is a Hyper Reference Link and nothing else.

The rights of accusers seem to be more applicable in many circumstance nowadays, as anyone can make any claim against anyone for any reason at anytime. Even if I posted my own or Creative-Common's pictures I could still probably be accused of something by someone which can be a detrimental thing up to a point where they would have to prove their claim where then it becomes an advantage for me. The idea is to get malicious people to sue you; you don't sue them (one would never know who they are in the first place) because they would have to incur the initiating and large-subsequent costs of suing someone which they won't do because if they did, I then could also sue for damages and it would not cost me anything because it is a plaintiff's case that has already been established where all the paper work is in already put in place, which is ironic, considering the present circumstances of HTML'S MAGIC since there is a lot of "paper" work to do, here, now because of this.

At least I would not need to do twice as much work. Hypothetically: I can file my own motions just for fun without a lawyer's assistance or have one work as contingency and flood him/her with fresh arguments for years and years, to inundate any court with excellent arguments, making him/her a better lawyer in the end because my imagination will win over any amount of any opponent's financial backing and I won't stop until they are bankrupt or concede publicly that they were wrong; forcing a reexamination of all legislation regarding "intellectual property", all the while I'm making an entertaining documentary about the whole thing and not waste any of my time. The world does not belong to carpetbaggers or mutual organizations if I have anything to say about it.

There is not sufficient protection for writers from accusers who abuse the system and artists are not the type of people who enjoy having lawyers and bodyguards around them 24 hrs a day (no offence intended). How many people are now using the name HTML'S MAGIC and variations of this name and I say nothing because I don't want to waste my time and spend all my life in court. I know that there are dishonest people everywhere and creative people that create something new are their first victims. I don't mind sharing my work and collaborating but when people start to take my work and make it their own, I consider these people may have a few more problems than they care to admit. To prey upon another human being is something my mind is not designed to appreciate but I do acknowledge its existence nevertheless. I have spent my life telling people that anything is possible through themselves, including collaboration, and it always ends in a situation such as this. A lot of people don't believe in themselves which is unfortunate. They see no equivalency to anything within or without and spend their lives going from A to B.

I also have compelling evidence that this is because of a Social Networking Site (the specific one I will not name but this time it's not Facebook or Twitter) that spilled over my Picasa pictures beyond the realm of Fair Usage (Picasa is the host for pictures on Blogger). This is my error as I was only being friendly. This of course will be corrected. At least You Tube tells you exactly which video there is a problem with and you'd think that some people would be grateful for the promotional aspect of the thing if I posted their picture here in an intelligent article on this site.

What's interesting is that I happen to be doing spring cleaning and then I discovered the Notice from Google (who own Picasa). It's nice to see both Universe's in synchronicity and judging from the work at home that's looking very good. I predict the same here. Yet in the interim, suddenly out of nowhere, the landlords decided sending in workers and making a mess. They made a big hole in my bathroom ceiling to allow a broken pipe to drip on the tub creating an audible form of Chinese water torture where occasionally buckets of water falls in the tub when the rest of the ceiling itself is overflowing and this goes on 24 hours a day. Then they decide to go on vacation after installing a bathroom ventilation fan and a stove ventilation fan which they thought was more important.

The janitor lies to me because he tells me that he doesn't have the landlords cell number and there is no one who's acting on his behalf. I look like a complaining tenant who has to threaten everybody to get off their butt and do something. These people have the nerve to look irritated when I show up when I only go to follow up why their own promises, which are endless. Haven't these people heard of saying nothing when they don't know anything where they think treating me like a child is OK. Boy, was Oscar Wilde right when he said "Life imitates Art" especially Surrealism.

There's nothing new here because anytime in my entire life, I tried to initiate something new and better or realize a dream, an army of characters and situations show up, suddenly, to demolish this or interfere and I'm not making this stuff up. I know how to call up the devil and its minions anytime I want; All I need to do is be creative and build something wonderful and awesome and there they show up like magic, as if I had supernatural powers, just like a small business that's successful, unique and who's created a unique and popular brand, who's not interested in becoming a "McDonald's" or a "GAP"; The venture capitalists show up at the door and you had better play ball them.

One day for fun I'll set them up into an inescapable trap that will resonate across hell and Wall Street forever and teach those bastards down there, a lesson it won't forget and never toy with any of the Muses' friends ever again and believe me, it will be good.
I can be creative............

Anyway Firefox has a CC browser add- on which should be helpful which as you can already see here with all the free clip art and images available from the Creative Commons. So it's back to the good-old drawing board!

Counter Notification Letter I Sent Back

June 6 2012:

Without Prejudice:

Whatever content this was (it has been made difficult to identify), it was for Fair Use, as my site is for educational purposes and is free to all; it is not a business for monetary gain. The only gain to be had was insight and education for all, which was enhanced by the many pictures from popular culture and that is in the public domain since 'Popular Culture' belongs to everybody and is not strictly a business. There was no problem until Picasa spilled over into Social Networking and my natural host for pictures on Blogger is Picasa by Google's choice who owns Blogger and Picasa. So I can understand the plaintiffs actions to a point, but I feel they should of addressed the issue with Google first and not Me personally, since these pictures are not for my personal benefit but for the benefit of HTML'S MAGIC yet it is suggested that I benefit from other's work personally through the plaintiff's actions and with Google through GOOGLE+ which is ludicrous.

With all their recent changes at Google, these issues should be addressed towards Google, not me and Website Administrators should of been warned by Google of how their content on their websites was going to be used in the future and could possibly be interpreted differently when Picasa opened itself to GOOGLE+. I assumed that their use of HTTPS rather than HTTP restricted the use of the content in Picasa but apparently it does not.
Regardless, I have no interest in offending anyone and I have locked out my Picasa album from the public since I cannot delete the account because Google has turned off this option. I am beginning my website (HTML'S MAGIC) from scratch where, I will replace every picture with content from Creative Commons and of my own creation which, too, shall be part of the Creative Commons. This I consider an opportunity anyway to make my site even better than before.

I predict that social networking will be a big problem in the future as this thing is "infringing" itself into creating new precedents.

This Counter-Notification will be published on my website 'HTML'S MAGIC'.

G.P. du Berger

My Progress

Please click on the following pictures to magnify. Since when was it designated that defining what creativity is and its use was, should be legislated, rather than leaving this to the artist decide what creativity and art is. The day that society or the state decides "What is Art" rather than the artist, art becomes science. I might look like art but it is not art. This "original" Counter-notification produced results fast, where the culprits revealed themselves to me citing DMAC rules, which showed me immediately, that they did not know what they were talking about and it's not my place to educate them on this subject, so I never answered them back. They have, inadvertently, put themselves in a legal position where even sending them back something polite would impune my own objectives but not my position. (Word of advice to those people:

pirate ship in spyglass
If you use a Legal Instrument [DMAC] and then decide to resolve a situation, even amicably. You must use another legal instrument, in this case you should of had a lawyer send me an Email notifying me of your intentions; this way I could reply back through your representative lawyer. Next time before using any legal instrument, email first the "Offender" and then we can be friends) Yes a lot of people have told me I should of been a lawyer. I just know how to say things that make judges smile, and to me that is not practising law but "judging" from present circumstances of what goes on in law courts today, I can understand why people think these things in me.

At the time, I did not know which offending picture it was, so I looked through my albums where I realized the situation is not all that bad. There are some pictures that I have already altered considerably (like the one above) that make them unique in themselves. This became another auspicious moment as it then occurred to me that deleting my albums could be considered as guilt or if this thing escalated, removing the albums would remove my own evidence to support my position.

What better picture than one with a "watered down" Salvador Dali, clutching precious time (The first picture I encountered) in my album to start this endeavour in repairing this website and returning back all its best and most popular articles. Since Dali, a Surrealist, was also acquainted with the Dadaist movement with its ideas and concepts on Found art. From Wikipedia:
Pablo Picasso first publicly utilized the idea when he pasted a printed image of chair caning onto his painting titled ' Still Life with Chair Caning' (1912). Marcel Duchamp perfected the concept when he made a series of "readymades" completely unaltered everyday objects selected by Duchamp and designated as art—several years later. The most famous example is Fountain (1917) at the Society of Independent Artists exhibit in 1917, which was a standard urinal purchased from a hardware store and displayed on a pedestal.

As you can see from the way I altered the, above, picture with Dali, using water effects and as you can probably infer from Marcel Duchamp's 'Fountain' posted here which is in the Public Domain, I intend to use 'Public Urination' as a legal "instrument" (not out of choice), as defined through the accepted artistic expressions of 'Surrealism' and 'Dadaism'. This is also acceptable in society because I am not using my privies to create water effects, and other things, I am using a computer and its programs to "generate" as a medium for artistic creation.

Here you can see, under the header , that I've turned HTML'S MAGIC into a Public Art Gallery (click to magnify). So by promising my reader's (Which shall now be called Visitors) that all my popular articles of the past on science and technology et cetera will be included; I'm legally informing my reader's visitor's that they should consider articles on science, thermodynamics, philosophy and technology located at this site as works of art from now on. I see this as a sign of quality and integrity where the Muses no longer need to look in garbage bins and hardware stores to find and express art, as now they can go to other "mountains", "hills", and "piles" that were formally unassailable by the Muses (like science, popular culture and organized religion etc.) and make them their own. It will become evident to any litigator in the future that science itself and all other subjects here discussed on this site will become subjects for art to examine and not just described or illustrated as art usually does.
I realize now, that I have already done this inadvertently in the old version of HTML'S MAGIC, in one of my articles on Relativity or the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics (which shall be republished) where I pointed out some evidence, supporting that all Black Holes are, probably, 5 times larger than what we think their sizes are as artists and illustrators are told to render them in places like Wikipedia. This should not be too surprising because Art is and always has been a tool for exploration in its own right.

'Frame X' is my first artistic creation dedicated to the Public Domain, Private Enterprise and the Creative Commons, uploaded on Blogger and at Picasa, I waive all rights to this work except for its attribution because I want to be known as responsible for this. It is from a picture on my wall which I "Found" existing behind me. I then used my computer, named 'Crystal', to remove the picture that is actually there and filled it with clean edges in pure white of phosphorus, themselves, created by three primary colours and electronically illuminated to enhance the Dadaist or Utilitarian expression. Aside from its Dada utility, it can be turned into art by anyone, themselves, by "Finding Something" to put inside of it and sign their name to it. Here for example, you can put anything by Andy Warhol in it (who was adept at this) and allow the curators to think about what the meaning is about and if your lucky any subliminal meaning may also be found. This is what I call a 'Nearly Ready-made' which is an improvement over a 'Ready-made' because it allows the spectator/utilizer to get personally involved with the art work, whether he/she likes it or not.

The magic of HTML can be utilized for utilitarian mode simply by uploading to your blog or web host the frame and change the values that come after an HTML tag and Attribution and an entirely new element is created, like Art! Here I changed the value that was to be rendered after "finding it" in my HTML editor and copying the code from the <img> tag, and simply changing the width value from: width: 320px; to width: 500px; and the sharpness setting I changed from /s320/ to /s520/.

This one examines the possibility of making itself 'disappear forever' and is also a "handy" exercise for the wrist which you can see with the horizontal bar, down below the belt . In this smaller version of infinity (which means it is only a representation of it), I changed the value to: width: 2012px; the value of 2012 represents Time and Infinity using a "photonic" frame of reference called pixels but by developing this idea one could make it just go on forever and entitle it: 'Linear Universe' by, simply, changing its value without adding any additional data.

You, yourself in an effort to transmit artistic creativity and impress people with your new endowment, can enjoy experimenting with the HTML that powers this image for hours of enjoyment and pleasure. This thing or any representation you choose to put there, of whatever you would like, can be stretched up until you can't see it anymore and then it belongs to nobody; but you have added more value to it, so it belongs to the Universe where the possibilities become limitless. Simply press the [Print Scrn] key and Open 'Microsoft Paint' or whatever Image editor you have to edit images and paste it there to record its new size for posterity and to show off to your 'Friends' later at your favourite Social Network or by Emailing it to everybody.

To keep it in the Public Domain, you will have to decide first how much you want to keep for yourself. Go ahead and be as selfish as you want; it will only get smaller and smaller the more you want to control this thing. There you will be able to create a balance between how much you need to control and manipulate and what you cannot control and should leave to everybody. The bigger it is, the more potency and potential it has. The smaller it is, the less potent and useful it becomes but it becomes more manageable and aesthetically appealing and less worrisome.

More seriously, you can use a flash based editor for .swf or .flv file that will make your image any size you wish without any distortion or you can use your browser by making it open the file, (Right Click on file) and then play with the [Ctrl +] or [Ctrl -] then press [Print Scrn], Open Paint, change pencil to select (Second button to the right at the top of Paint console), and then Paste.

There is one more problem. Blogger (my Host) is supposed to change the entire interface, very soon, whether we like it or not. I suppose they have their reasons but for me this is not a good thing because I don't like the new interface for a multitude of reasons and where simplicity is not being merged with functionality. I lean towards the simplicity side of things because I don't learn anything if everything is done for me and I don't like interfaces that have a unique interpretation of the back-button. Artists make more mistakes than finished products for obvious reasons where sand-boxing is a matter of course when/where developing anything. So here people can readily appreciate why a person like me would require a back- button that only goes to the last page or file and not send me to the home dashboard. Anyhow they are adamant and there is nothing I can do. At least Blogger is nice enough to tell us this, way, in advance. This picture shows what I did on Notepad with a couple of lines of code. The third frame is accurately- representative of how the page is rendered normally on HTML'S MAGIC using The Firefox Browser.

In the future I can use Notepad or Notepad++ instead of the HTML editor on Blogger (with new interface) and keep my exposure to it to a minimum. The idea here is to create documents where I get a accurate idea of their appearance. With a little more work I could make this thing look exactly as if it was my Blogger website page. When I'm done, I import the entire text and HTML to my text editor, here at Blogger, Click on 'Publish' and review the whole thing and goodbye!

Click to magnify. So I decided to test Notepad++ on another computer, that is reserved for my cats to play with, to see if this thing works nice and it does. I was always worried that this thing might disrupt my Notepad .txt docs like Wordpad, Word or Office does and it doesn't. This is a picture of the source HTML that creates my page for my browser from my machine, which if you click on you'll be able to read. I even installed an animated favicon which I don't have here. This is utter simplicity and I know developers will laugh at this but this is perfect for me and it is fun, versatile and foolproof too. Now I don't even need .txt docs anymore because they now can be .htm .ftp or many more browser specific files instead where I can do the editing there click on 'Save' and go back to my opened Test Template and click 'Reload' because the same file can be opened differently more than once like Paint. There are different way to handle this, but I discovered that I just prefer to change the File HTTP in the third column to the one I want to edit.

The older, undisturbed, .txt files from Notepad (circled); Notepad++ actually works around all these files where by 'right clicking' on the file and getting the select menu we are offered the option of opening the doc with Notepad++, along with everything else that are options in that menu. That is a good thing. 'Left clicking' it, directly opens it in Notepad as always. It turns out this experience was highly advantageous for me since I would never of bothered to make many other improvements (besides this one with Notepad ++) on my computer. Now I have more than what Blogger or WordPress provide so really I'm not complaining. I always just used Notepad to make backup files because the text editors on these hosts are just like Notepad with a spellchecker added to them.

This gives me complete independence in creating content, where everything can be checked and verified before uploading in what I consider a hostile environment and I also get more with less and don't need to worry about making mistakes with Blogger's new interface which I'm sure has a few more surprises in it that I'm not interested in experiencing, which I'm not aware of yet. This new system harkens back to the old days when creating webpages and is now back as a better system to make web content . As for pictures, I can upload them directly to my new Flickr account and post their HTTP address of the image info to here, or use stuff that is already on the web which I show how-to-do below to those who do not know how to do this because Picasa is in perpetual HTTPS mode when dealing with it from outside.

This makes it useless for webpage picture hosting when working from home and Picasa is very energy hungry too, taking much time to load one's page and if you are a person like me zipping around and working with several files at a time, this is no fun. Of course, I can use any page already published on Blogger, and use it temporarily, and upload pictures from there because all I need is the HTTP address which I cut out and then republish the page (this probably counts as an update too!) and the Image HTTP can be put here instead, and it will work exactly as if it were in Blogger.

I have become too dependant on outside editors which they change around all the time anyway. This changing of the interface was the last straw. Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against new things but some of these new things are not good for me to learn or do anything with after I have impartially tested them. They're designed with another philosophy in mind which I have no business discussing. Click to enlarge. As you can see this is how the Firefox browser views the code off my computer. There's my animated favicon which is actually annoying but at least it stops moving after a few cycles. Anyway everything works and It's a good facsimile of the real HTML'S MAGIC, at least by my standards. Whatever I do here with Notepad++ will appear the same way, when I paste the source page onto whatever editor I can use in the future at Blogger. Note: One can do the same thing using Divisions instead of Frames. With Divisions the entire page would move up like here once one of the rows exceeds the contents capabilities of the monitor screen. With Frames only the frames have been exceeded produce slide bars, the rest stays where it is always if they too are not exceeded. I use Divisions all the time and know them well so I felt this should be an opportunity to experiment with Frames.

Internet Explorer and Google Chrome

So now that I have to check all my illustrations with a fine tooth-comb, I have discovered that an lot of clip-art cannot be downloaded properly and comes out differently than what was presented or promised. I realized that I need something more than Microsoft Paint, Nero PhotoSnap Viewer Essentials to make my own pictures, illustrations and diagrams. I remembered an old freeware program called Powerbullet Presenter when I was interested in experimenting with .swf and .flv animations and since I am polymath I need freeware as a matter of course to learn new things and see if I like them.
(Beware: Flash is no longer supported on mobile devices since 2015)

This thing easily makes excellent colour editing for still images with gradient colours and also has layering effects of controlled opacity with vector-like graphics that don't distort inserted images like raster editors do, that can be easily converted to JPEG or PNG files and can later be uploaded. This thing has an old defunct Macromedia Player, which no anti-virus likes but that's not a problem when you know what you are doing and it's certainly much better than spending more than $700.00 for Adobe Flash because this thing also gives you a .swf object and a HTML button for your computer so your browser can play it.

The .swf file (which is an object) can be uploaded onto any .swf host where they provide an appropriate HTML entity to play your animation anywhere afterwards and is always updated by their server anyway regardless of its antiquity which I have already tested. Just don't use their Macromedia player on your computer use another one and you'll find freeware versions of modern .swf .flv players that are really great too. This thing is not a vector graphic editor but a Macromedia flash editor (that produces the same product as a Vector graphics editor). This is not supported and it's just lying around on the internet and everyone loves it because all you need to do is click on the sneak peek button to see what the browser thinks of your creation and press [Prt Scr] key and turn it into a .PNG or .JPG file in Paint, which can be uploaded anywhere.

This little wonder slipped through the cracks upon Adobe's acquisition of Macromedia and it's name 'Powerbullet' says it all. Between Paint, Nero and Powerbullet; I can do even more for less. Anyway these things for me, are a must to create my own art work for my pages. Hint: Avoid using cartoons under any circumstances unless you buy them; make your own instead, unless you're absolutely sure you can use: Use a simple cartoon you like and copy the idea and concept instead (they copy each other's ideas anyway, and adapt them for their own use and style).

There are a lot of great sites that show you how to make your own illustrations.
(Click on the image I made this Info Icon out of. If you want to see it or download it from the full size for your own purposes click here. I give everyone permission to use this thing with impunity with no obligations attached.)It's important to remember that if you download any program, whether it's free or not, get a copy that is verified by a reputable source like: Tucows Downloads, Cnet Downloads or Moreofit.com and not from the site itself.

Go to the site to get information but be aware you may be on a site that's been corrupted or is a Trojan horse. Do not worry because you can find everything at the places I suggested, but there they offer a valuable service for free which is to make sure the application has no defects or Viruses in them. Just keep an eye on the download especially where they offer you other things while downloading which, also, can be useful if it comes to mind that you may need them.

It's funny how life turns around and one discovers that you cannot escape who you are. When I was very young, I wanted to be a magician and I became pretty good too. Performing on stage and fooling the audience at school with magic tricks was my greatest delight. All that came to an end when an older step-brother had a party with his friends while they were dropping mescaline and he went into my magic and laughingly pulled apart and destroyed my props and made a mock magical performance for his friends and then I was threatened not to tell anybody. This stuff that took years to build up was destroyed but the thing that I remember the most was the desecration. I swore to myself that I would never do perform magic ever again because the replaced props would remind me of this.

This occurrence was so bellicose to the ideal of what I was trying to achieve, in being a stage performer of magic and illusion, that I did not want to include this incident into the ideal's repertoire and future; being because it had now been soiled. These props (some were irreplaceable) had been attached to many beautiful experiences and I wanted to keep them that way because that was all that was left after this attack. It survives in another way, now. Most magicians are very proud of their art and make a big distinction between performing mind reading tricks and calling up spirits and enthralling audiences, on stage and those who employ these illusions in real life whom they regard as charlatans who take advantage of the emotionally vulnerable.

This tradition began with the great escape artist and magician Harry Houdini reminding people that these things are all illusion and should not be taken seriously. In modern times, the magician-performers Penn and Teller, debunk a lot of conceptions, businesses and ideas in society. I look at my site and ask what I'm doing here? I am debunking a lot of conceptions in science and religion except now I use other methods in Nature's wonderful repertoire of Her own Magic.

A year later I had decided to end my life, (for other reasons other than this). One day, a math teacher starts talking about politics, Ad nauseam, to us 13 year olds. I got up and was headed for the door when the teacher asked me where I was going. I told him and the class, "I'm going to the library where I can learn something". I'll never forget the dead silence that suddenly took over the entire class after saying this. I did not realize, then, but this was auspicious.

I did go to the library after going out to have a cigarette first because there was nothing else to do (everybody smoked in those days regardless of how old you were and it wasn't a big deal back then) but I was not interested in reading anything and was more in the mood for a comic book; Something that was straight to the point to pass the time. The best thing I could find is an art book. I spied the books about art on the shelf and thought, "For sure there are lots of pictures here".
The first moment I was exposed to Art, I'll never forget. It allowed me to "see" through someone else's eyes and realize right there, that my own way of seeing and feeling things was not universal. Fate did not exist, I was not destined to be a failure and I was not damned.

The Devil did not exist except as a construction in the minds of many to hide their own personal reality. The Devil was made for them, not for me. 'Everything I felt up-to-now was actually only existential'.

Of course, I did not know the meaning of 'Existentialism' in those days, I was only aware of it through instinct; I just did not know there was a word attached this experience back then, and Art opened the door to this. My life was saved! I understood in a moment; by imagination alone, one can change his and others outlook. I understood that there was a big difference between feeling things others make you feel, because of what they are and your own actual feelings about things, that define who you are. One can realize and express things, and even make mistakes: In Art, all is forgiven, all is knowledge.

My life was a tragedy yes but it did not need to be taken seriously where I must act upon it especially when these feelings are generated by my environment and not myself personally. My personal anguish became a matter for art to examine since the sadistic and selfish people all around me, including my immediate family, that made me feel these things, were not being examined by any court of law including it's policing force. No one cared about anyone because it was expected that no one should care about anyone.

That's an amazing amount of useful knowledge for the mind of a 13 year old. I was right; I did learn something in the library! I promised myself, on that day that I would do something special that will "survive" and help some poor youth 400 years in the future that prevents him from doing something awful with himself because it was an Artist who lived 400 years ago who touched me and saved my life.

I abandoned professional Art studies later in university because of what was being done to art and what a racket it really is since I never wanted to be an artist but rather I was seeking an equivalence with it and I felt that, at least, owed something to the Muses, a bit of integrity because it was through their auspices that made me a part of their agency by the promise I had made, so I became an autodidact which led me to Art History, Musical Composition and Poetry where I would write god-awful poetry like this.

"A Perte de Vue"

Are we now distant from a dozen perils past?
Where a veranda for our hearts has taken to task.
Endeavours that there were become renewed
And toils that there were have been eschewed.

For Now

Temporarily we resign the mysteries of our love
And in it consign a sanctity more of.
Feelings that were, within a space whereof,
Two sacred lanterns rest in the Cytheraic grove.
For when Mercury's passing has come due
Venus as our mother will make all come true.
Add sacred spices in two lamps for refuel
And alight them bright, in all renewal.

— Georges Paul du Berger

Creative Commons Licence
"A Perte de Vue" by G.P.du Berger and HTML'S MAGIC is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial- ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.
Based on a work at htmlsmagic.blogspot.com.

I, the copyright holder of this work, release this work into the public domain. This applies worldwide.
In some countries this may not be legally possible; if so: I grant anyone the right to use this work for any purpose, without any conditions, unless such conditions are required by law.

This I sent as a joke and it was actually published by ' The International Library of Poetry' who are actually very nice people; It was me who abused them by sending them this crap. Maybe they saw something else in it that I don't see and that is exactly what art is all about. Sometimes it is the Artist who doesn't like his own work but everyone else does. This was confirmed a few months later when someone from Barnes and Noble Head Office sent me an email requesting that I submit this thing for a compilation they were preparing. Since this was a joke I didn't bother answering them back. Instead I sent them nothing and I called nothing; which is the ultimate Poem and the ultimate publisher. Who knows, I might of been a renowned Poet regardless of what I think my poetry is because I have a lot of garbage like this, which I am solely responsible for.

This thing, now, serves as a center-piece for 'The Uptight World' I'm living in now. It shows everyone how easy it is to attach a Creative Commons License to anything you want so that you can "feel" better. When you get to their site, Click on the Label Button at the top that says [Licenses], then just fill the slots with the information you want to convey and click. On the next page you get a license where you can choose different icons to display with the HTML they give you, to affix upon your site or work.

This Creative Commons license covers, by intention, the part in international copyright law that gives my "No Copyright" notice something to hang on to, in certain countries where it is verboten to give directly to the public; where thieves and liers do better than people who actually contribute directly to society. Of course, you don't need to do this each time as you can put different licenses for different media, like you'll find here at the bottom of my page template.

If you clicked on the icon up above or the accompanying link, that has something reminiscent to this picture, you'll find that I'm now a member of Flickr. This happened quite by accident and is more evidence that the Muses are smiling in an allegorical sense. The Creative Commons add-on Firefox gives you, sends all your queries to a special page first where you can select from choice of providers with free stuff on the web but tells these sites and social networks that Creative Commons is all you want. Flickr, which is owned by Yahoo! is one of them and after a time of exploration I clicked on a Mail Icon so that I could look at my Yahoo! mail because its been awhile and I had forgotten my password where former attempts were not successful. Of course, the first password I attempted worked immediately but it sent me instead to 'Opening an Account' page for Flickr.

Well Flickr was so nice to me and all the licenses are very clearly posted, I decided to try them out. The only thing I can say is that Google can learn a lot of things from Yahoo! when it comes to organizing and presenting pictures, illustrations and clip art for free distribution. Of course, I would never use Flickr to publish my own copyrighted stuff that I want to make completely private. From Smashing Magazine, ' Understanding Copyright And Licenses By David Bushell'
you grant Yahoo! the royalty-free, perpetual, irrevocable, non -exclusive and fully sub-licensable right and license to use, reproduce, modify, adapt, publish, translate, create derivative works from, distribute, perform and display such Content (in whole or part) worldwide and/or to incorporate it in other works in any form, media, or technology now known or later developed

There is nothing unusual about this because every social network website does this and is part of a much grander scheme which ultimately benefits everyone. What's advantageous to creative people that use bits and pieces of photographs, here and there, regardless of their copyright status and create 'Nearly-readymades' is that we can claim the same right as Yahoo or Twitter etc. because of their ambiguous use of the word 'non-exclusive' which is an oxymoron which is very surprising to find on a legal contract or document. 'Non- exclusive' can mean anything including the word 'inclusive' except that the word 'inclusive' actually means something and the word 'non-exclusive' does not even exist in the dictionary. Another word that is used in places, like Wikipedia, who are on the other side of fence; is: 'All Inclusive' which is an anti- oxymoron which also means nothing or can anything mean anything you want.

Lawyers made the big mistake of inventing new words that actually don't exist by using improperly hyphenated text that ultimately create explosive situations. You'd think that these big law firms that charge $1000+ an hour, that write this crap, would hire a linguist or some expert on language like a Notary as a consultant. God help Whatever or Someone who is offended if I use One pixel or a bunch of pixels of someone's precious photograph and turned that pixel upside down and then gave the thing away, where I have to go to court and defend myself. It might actually be a good thing and then create some good law that's good for everybody.

All I need to do is win one case. I don't need a lawyer too, because I can find tons of loopholes myself in any agreement that is not properly written, that I can exploit for years and years, and every contract written today is very badly written. To get a properly written contract concerning anything, you need a notary to write it and you can be assured that a good notary does not use words like 'Non-Exclusive' or 'All-inclusive' but they do make mistakes too and if there is an error, I will find it.

Flickr is an experiment. I put an interesting item for lawyers, "creators" and "photographers" to examine there. You'll note, I left a description at the HTML'S MAGIC page that says:
"Attribution can go to Twicepix www.flickr.com/photos/twicepix/2650241408/ or:
This thing as Clip art, a Readymade, or used as a Nearly- readymade can be used without attribution.

As an original work being a 'Readymade' and 'Clipart'
I, the copyright holder of this work, release this work into the public domain. This applies worldwide.

In some countries this may not be legally possible; if so: I grant anyone the right to use this work for any purpose, without any conditions, unless such conditions are required by law."

What the news calls a 'Public Demonstration', I call it a 'Public Convention' instead. I also left a comment in the photographer's comment box telling him what I did to his picture. This way I'm recreating a situation that is controlled, whose purpose is to officially Register an Action on my part, the results of which can later be interpreted by more savvy minds.

The whole problem is that I can't give away anything, I create myself, legally anywhere directly into the public domain even if I wanted to. The DMAC and DMR act just like the harassment of the Tsarist secret police (Okhrana) in Leo Tolstoy's time with his educational experiments with The peasantry. The DMAC can also be seen as an instrument of Anarchy, itself, the way it is given to people to use that have no idea what it's about. What about in the future when machines will be able to do pattern recognition and process this information for other things afterwards; How is this going to be handled by Copyright with its Byzantine ideas.

It turns people into informants for the government and a soulless corporate environment, who just love childish Title Tattlers, instead of dealing with the "offender" directly like adults where I, for example, would of graciously complied with their wishes as it's obvious to anyone that I am not, nor have I ever been, difficult to reach and their thing that was posted that everyone could see where it came from would be replaced from a choice of a billion other candidates that express the exact idea I want, to express as an element of literature and historic journalism. This works the other way too. People now know that they are Informers of which I'm sure they unwittingly blabbed all about this to their "friends". Where I have been branded a pirate by those who don't even understand there own work and what their work means in/to popular culture, of which only they benefit from entirely but contribute nothing in return to the public, including a good business profile.

I offer as an example, the neat destruction of HTML'S MAGIC by what is essentially "a cute family business" that only benefits the person's immediate family and nothing else. These people think of nothing, while exploiting the public to market their stuff for their own gain where if it weren't for this public entity, in the first place, they wouldn't even have a business, all the while I'm sure that they believe they are "good Citizens" or "good Christians" or good This or good That.... Ironically, The offending business entity that got this site blitzkrieged, have a name that exactly implies who they are in the worst possible sense because Google cannot be blamed, as they were warned by them before they proceeded with any DMAC removal notice and are instructed as to its implications and where they would be instructed to try to deal first with the offender. This was not done, so basically I can sue for them for damages and very extensively too because DMAC is not something to be played with. I cannot divulge what kind of business this was because, I feel, that would prejudice other related sites that offer the same thing in their own way and this would be against my own philosophy which is to promote cooperation and demonstrate the power of combined resources.

When you ask the Devil to do a job you should do yourself; you are the Devil.

This business of signing my name to everything and attaching a long winded contract to it like I did with my poem up above, is a work of art in itself. The day has arrived where the 'Legal subject Matter' is more than the 'Artistic Subject Matter' In the "workshop' of my own activities there are a lot of things I find are valuable but only to the public domain. I have to throw these things out because there is no legal means that exists to protect work that should go direct to the public domain but things everywhere must be privately owned first and that means everything . The way things are, if I claim "no rights" to a work which I made myself entirely, someone can legally take this thing and claim as his own copyright with all right reserved. It's impossible for me, as an artist, to dispense work that Benefits Society Directly . The American Rocket developer, Robert Goddard had this problem: "In the technological and manufacturing atmosphere of Worcester, patents were considered essential, not only to protect original work, but as documentation of first discovery. He began to see the importance of his ideas as intellectual property, and thus began to secure those ideas before someone else did and he would have to pay to use them." RG

This is a big problem for real artists and writers and original creators of all types. There should be a mechanism in law where a Head of State or any public representative, can "Buy for a dollar" or some other mechanism put in place that replaces a transaction, on behalf of the public for the public domain of the Nation. From there this gets trickled internationally.

What about all the stuff I created accidentally while working on something or created through the process of creating something else and "magically" it came to "life" on its own; Where I don't see any private potential value but I see lots of public value? Creating art of any kind, involves a constant evaluation process and it often occurs that a project veers into another direction that was never intended, which is useless to the plan but may be very useful in other areas at another time, to another person. All this derivative stuff you see here that I "created" to make a finished product like the "BomB" animation has to be thrown away because keeping this leftover stuff would clutter up my computer because they only exist in a larger file so I would never be able to find them anyway, if needed and it's not worth my time to help an ass somewhere to copyright something that doesn't belong to anyone.

When I make or adapt something, I start from scratch anyway, each time, as a matter of course. Isn't it better to share this left over "subject matter" with the public domain because I know others can adapt this stuff for themselves and create something interesting if so inclined? Sometimes all you need is a splash of colour to take the monotony out of your own webpage since an illustration doesn't really need to represent anything sometimes. It's just there, and that itself has value. Just to make the tiny burning blue fuse took four separate things, that I can't use anymore but they certainly have value, themselves, somewhere because they have there own beauty. No,

From 'The Madwoman of Chaillot' (1969)
I have to throw them out because the way the law is structured which ends up creating enforced entropy in the creative process itself which is an insult to Nature. That, in my opinion, takes some big cojones to make laws like that. This is because Copyright is exactly what it is. It protects copiers, publishers, printers and a various assortment of media people but does not protect the artist himself. To get effective copyright protection, the artist must sign away his work to the pimp publisher or pimp record label and then he gets protected and they do the policing and so on. This, in other areas is called Gangsterism where you pay for your protection with your work, so when I see an F.B.I. warning, I laugh because the F.B.I. is unwittingly enforcing the very form of gangsterism that existed back in Prohibition because of how artwork is handled and it is only the publishers who actually reap the rewards for other peoples work who don't pay artists more than 1% of what the work is actually worth. Otherwise they wouldn't be in that business in the first place. By the way, Barnes and Noble didn't offer me a cent for my poem they wanted. All these Rock Stars that have made fortunes of Hundreds of Millions, you can rest assured that their record labels made Thousands of Millions.

Photo: GP duBerger Montreal June 2012
Ideally, rather than throwing things away, you give it away, like people do when they put out furniture, appliances, dishes, books or electronic equipment on the street, which is on 'Public Property'. Some people even put things out with a sign on it that says: "Take it, It works". That thing left on the street that is of no value to the person throwing it out into Public Property, might be valuable to someone else, which he can do anything he wants with. So in effect,

Copyright Law or even attempts by the Creative Commons does not protect any creator because we have no control of what happens in the Public Domain but only to the private domain, as other related laws do have provisions for the Public Domain, that covers all aspects of 'Property' and its complete liquidation which does not exist with so called 'Intellectual Property'. An example of this can be found on Wikipedia:
The Russian Federation (early RSFSR, Soviet Russia) is the historical heir but not legal successor of the Russian Empire. The Russian Empire wasn't a participant in international copyright agreements, so this work (example) is not protected by copyright internationally. Source: File:L.N.Tolstoy Prokudin- Gorsky.jpg.

But this is not the same in Russia or in Israel, the new nations from the former Yugoslavia now known as the Yugosphere etc. etc. concerning Property Law with movables and immovables because they settle disputes with families that had property in Russia and Palestine etc. all the time before the Russian Revolution or in Israel before The State of Israel was incorporated etc. and those disputes whether they are legal decisions or not, always favour the post revolutionary "owners". Therefore 'The State' is perfectly capable of making decisions and administering properties, of all kinds, when it suits them. Copyright law, by itself, completely privatizes existence , itself, by its actions and motivations which is contrary to the act of creation itself, which is about everything and everybody.

The Law is suppose to make provisions that reflect both the Private and Public domain, not just the private one, otherwise the law, which is an instrument of society, is not representing all the people but only some of the people. Therefore it is not law by any definition but is only a nominal entity that even has existential repercussions if it's taken seriously. Doesn't anyone find it unusual that private enterprise can do no wrong and as legal persons, they cannot even have criminal records because they get fined all the time for breaking the law with impunity. Of course there is 'The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission' where one can use the EDGAR System but that is there only to protect potential new investors.

It is always the, so called, "unruly public" that does wrong or is portrayed as such who have "Unruly Demonstrations" (for throwing a couple of bottles) as opposed to the private sector who have "Nice Conventions" and are lauded in the news for bringing in business to a city when it is they who created the bad business conditions in the first place and the demonstrators are only trying to restore rights for all citizens of every nation, in a supposedly civilized world. People that demonstrate publicly, are actually trying to improve things for everybody, who put the importance of life before the importance of agendas. Fictitious persons (corporations) have more rights and are better protected that real persons.

It is illegal to give freely to Society, directly.

Further reading: Anti-copyright and don't neglect looking into the related links at the bottom of that page. It's always good to understand why some people don't like things and this does not necessarily mean they are Communists, Fascists, Pirates or Anarchists, or even; Not-Very- Christian/Muslim/Buddhist etc.etc. but in fact, they are often quite the opposite as they work very hard to better mankind directly and not just use society to benefit themselves entirely. The real actual Communists, Fascists, Pirates and Anarchists are Legal Entities because they want to control and own everything privately without any obligations just like a Communist Party that runs a country or a totalitarian nation, and they have the means to do it.

From a Wikipedia Article:
"It is entirely unclear that copyright laws are economically useful, even for the majority of authors. Thus Eckhard Höffner compared the economic effects copyright law had on authors and publishing in the United Kingdom to those in Germany in the first part of the nineteenth century when in Germany such laws had not been instituted, and found that more books were printed and read in Germany where authors, in general, also made more money."
Source: Copyright and structure of authors’ earnings by Eckhard Höffner Symposium 2009

Germany was also much poorer than England, at the time but because of "piracy" cheaper copies of important work was widely available, yet Authors in both Germany and Russia made more money than Copyrighted authors in England or The United States in both scale and by the number of individual authors. From this paper, it can be conjectured, why In Russia (which also had no copyright law) and in Germany, they had a golden age of Literature and Science. All the greatest scientists came from Germany and Russia during the 19th and 20th centuries and it's when copyright law was instituted this stopped.

Myself, I'm not worried about one day offering my work on the market as there is always a market for merchandise from authors and artist's while supplying everybody with a free version of your stuff has not been proven to harm an artist's revenue potential in any way, and by all indications it seems to help it. People who like you will want to own a part of you and will gladly spend 'X' amount of money to have a real part of you that they can touch, that they can show, that they can put on a shelf. There is nothing morbid in this at all, because this merchandise, itself conveys many messages.

Members of the Louisiana Five jazz band looking over legal papers pertaining to their own work. Left to right: Anton Lada, Charles Panely, Alcide Nunez, Karl Berger, Joe Cawley.
Date 1919
The rule for authors is one. Only use pictures you created yourself or ones you paid someone to do. Never under any circumstances publish anybody's work EVEN IF IT'S IN THE PUBLIC DOMAIN or even if they say you can use their stuff for commercial purposes. Unless there is a legal transaction involving money, in any amount beginning with a dollar (not .99 ¢), That is the only acceptable and internationally recognized way to make a transaction or create an agreement. This is actually advantageous, Simply remove all the pictures and let your words speak for themselves and provide all the "Imagery". Publishing 'Public Domain' and Attributed stuff in a Blog for the public is another matter because there is no money being exchanged. Further if you are a business or not whatever you find on the web you keep on the web meaning that you would right click on any image you like, regardless of where it comes from, click on "Image Information" and there you get the HTTP address and its size which you can put inside your own HTML editor for your own website and this can never be taken down because it's still in the web.

You can do this with any Browser but the Firefox browser is the best for editing page while using an HTML editor and getting quick source code for various purposes and lots of other things I won't get into here right now. This HTTP address you simple paste onto a [<img scr=] tag and close it with an XHTML closing structure. To give the image more flexibility you use the [<img style] tag where you put in every attribute you want with their values you assign them to and the last attribute becomes scr= http:// " blah blah " and close it {leave space here for XHTML; not necessary for HTML but use it anyway}

Example, click to enlarge:




In figure 3, one would copy the HTML that makes any picture you actually did upload that is either aligned right or left and paste this soon-to-be altered code where you want it to be on your page by following the instructions shown. You would alter where you align the picture [blue] and then the [purple] you would get rid of, if you nest this inside of a division because then, you don't need the margins and borders which are different for right, left or center positioning. CSS Cursor Properties, you leave them alone.

The results in figure 4 are just as good as if you uploaded it yourself except that this picture is actually not here, it's in the Netherlands whose address is not which is the address of this page and there is nothing anyone can do about it because if you want to use the internet to sell your business wares and services well cyberspace belongs to everybody and no one can own regions of it except if they create their own fenced-in regions with their own addresses which is why there are services that do exactly that except, they don't work because no one goes there: Remember the .com bubble that burst? With what I just showed you, you can build entire websites out of stuff like this using framesets and divisions and tables and embeds and iframes etc. etc. in any kind of HTML you desire where you don't need to upload anything at all.

So you can see that DMAC is meaningless and is just there to make people work against each other and nothing more; divide and conquer. If there is a problem with the picture, let them go to the Netherlands address and if it disappears one day, I just put in another from the file I downloaded just in case this would happen where the picture becomes a mirror for the source page. It is the source address that is important because HTTP is something no powerful entity can pretend that it does not exist after forcing someone to remove the hosted file (which is what occurred with this file of the sleeping patrolman in Canada).

Concerning Social history: There was a time where anywhere not so long ago, if you took any course or a Masters in Science, Philosophy or Literature you were required to learn Russian or German as a prerequisite because all the important work was coming from their institutes of higher learning. What's Germany and Russia now? They are just other countries where nothing special is going on, where their languages and unique way of thought are permanently-lost languages in the international Scientific and Literary community and all because of Copyright and Stalinism and its subsequent influences where it is the originators of this idea who benefited from this and now have world control of how literature and science is to be elucidated.

Copyright makes all nations and cultures provincial yet we have a business community pushing the international splendour of free trade as if it were a flavour, like chocolate, so long as they control those markets. Forget the Internet, with Books alone, if they are widely distributed with every subject imaginable and made available to all including "pirated" copies, this can transform any nation or society into an unbelievable thing. There is proof of this and that evidence points to other things too so I encourage everybody interested, to do their own research. Fair Use and the Creative Commons attempts to re-instill the power and ideals of free information and free access to information and its adaptation, for all, and considers this a Fundamental Human Right.

How about those intelligent kids out there, who have alcoholic or drug addicted parents and living in a nasty neighbourhood too, that can't afford to buy books and their computer ends up a the pawn shop so Daddy or Mommy can get their bottle or drug because there are many people who think that free Information and free access of information and its adaptation is not a fundamental human right. These type of people require Poverty Sensitivity seminars. Transpose this to modern times:

Sharing, Adapting and Fair Use Is Good.

Telephone Research and our need to share and communicate as a species has fuelled the computer age. Humanity, in both the private and public sector will not be denied this need.

Auspiciously, AT&T sent me this video, released June 16 2012 which I found in my Email this morning. This short clip bellies the driving force that Sharing and Communicating with one another, has led to unprecedented technological advances, beyond the computer technology, with which it has spawned from. It is a force of Nature, of the entire cosmos of humanity that makes us reexamine Plato and Neoplatonism which is so much part of the philosophy of Academia, where with we find a form of discrimination, where it does not belong. Beyond the 'Allegory of the Cave' there are mysterious forces at work inside this cave, where in the end, the only thing that story has to tell is one of contempt. It is an Allegory who's immaturity has become timeless.

It all boils down to each of the Copyright holders themselves. For instance: CBS, The Present Owner of the Paramount Franchise of all the Star Trek Television Series, allowed their Fans to adapt any of the television series and works, continuing something that was started by Paramount in deference to its fans so long as there is no money exchanged and proper attribution is given,— no more. This has spawned a plethora of creativity from the Public which you used to find easily on You Tube, which has only enhanced Star Trek, whose Franchise has profited enormously because of this activity. CBS, among others, think that they own cyberspace too because they will go after you if your derivative episode becomes too popular on places like You Tube, like the one I made at right (Click or tap on pic to watch).

Here I created a new episode that does not exist in the franchise, spliced together and edited out-of from two different episodes where I created an entirely new story. Now in a world of hackers and pirates where I distributed this thing to the Creative Commons and gave everyone the freedom to do what they want with it except to sell it. I have discovered that the quality of the video has increased dramatically, tenfold. This is not the video I originally uploaded as the quality was very bad , as it was only meant for a blog on philosophy. Some hackers somewhere have interfered with the original quality and made it better (I still have the .flv 240 px master, in my personal files, to prove how bad the quality is).

I Found this amusing cartoon at the Solarmovie Website where the trailer for a movie was supposed to be.
The thing now has a life of its own and it was enormously popular (over half a millions views in less than a year. Credit for this enhancement should go to those unnamed Hackers and Pirates that specialize in Flash files and obviously love Star Trek. Even Jolly Roger Sharing has created something new and itself has been improved by others who shared this work. Plus I learned something more about Cogito Ergo Es in an applied form in today's world. Everybody is happy, Everybody learns something valuable in many different ways, and everybody can move on with their lives.

The Star Trek Movies, on the other hand, are owned by Sony who are very nasty to fans because they are Japanese and they don't understand the mythos of Star Trek culture in North America. So anything you adapt from a Star Trek movie gets taken down immediately on You Tube and you have to post it privately in another service like 'Blogger Video' where the video never appears on the Internet but appears only on your Blog because they give you an Object Element and not a URL, or as an <IFRAME> element on Google Drive, which can be made public or private, which when embedded elsewhere, it has the power to redirect the entire page to it only wherever it is located on your web page. This ridiculous situation forces one to embed it on another page or site where one uses JavaScript to create a pop-up window to that page like is done with this video, 'Cogito Ergo Es' and so it does not interfere with your actual page and irk your visitors. These things cannot be embedded like You Tube or Blogger videos.

This video (above) and now transferred to my Google Drive, in less than a year on You Tube had over a 420,000 viewers and was still climbing. CBS has only benefited from this type of activity from Fans. This originates from Gene Roddenberry never forgetting the fans that sent an avalanche of mail to the Network when they announced that Star Trek was being cancelled. The public is the only thing that keeps an artist's or producer's personal dream alive. It's always prudent and good business sense to find different ways to show you appreciate your audience.

I got rid of my stats counter because the numbers are deliberately being inflated by other social networks in the hopes that I will either backlink to them or buy their social networking product or service because Google only gave me a couple of hits in one day and 'so and so' social network gave me 99 visits when I check the stats page. The thing is, the Google visit is the one that actually reads my article and the "asocial" network-one didn't read a single word because I know how long they stayed on that page.

Since Blogger doesn't give me the option to block an IP address who visits me 99 times in an hour, its own statistics become redundant and meaningless and I can't put it on the page because it cannot be made an honest representation of what is really going on in it's area that it is supposed to count, Making it useless for both me and you. What I find funny is that I am writing mostly about Thermodynamics, Artistic philosophy, HTML oddities and The History of science and there are those who actually believe I'm looking for popularity or find some niche of a social trend regarding these subjects? The nice thing is that liers, misleaders and thieves don't think beyond their own hell that they have constructed for themselves but I do have to hand it to them; They work very hard.

The problem is me, who uses things that I consider belong to the public consciousness, of which I seem to be the only person who is aware that this exists, and I try to use things people can recognize in their lives which are as everyday-items as I can possibly find, or anywhere in pop culture to explain complicated things in Classical and Quantum mechanics, and Thermodynamics including their philosophical implications, and dispute things like (as many lectures like to say) "counterintuitiveness". I hate that word especially the way it's used.

If you can count to three and need your fingers to do this, you have enough to figure out and understand things like calculus, or you can be on your way to understanding such things. It is more the way these things are taught that is counterintuitive and this is not an opinion. Anyway these privately owned, public mega corporations take full advantage of this same "consciousness" but only consider this when it benefits them, which oddly becomes entirely subjective as the examples I used with Star Trek show, that this is more boardroom activity and corporate politics than anything else. This can then be proven and demonstrated in any court of law where a new frame of reference can get established because the law must be made aware of these things first to do anything, which do exist because they are being used by those who are supposedly better than me anyway. I'm not some punk rattling anything;

I'm following a fine tradition of corporate philosophy and modifying it for everyone's benefit. But these are my problems. So, here you can see that Google+ is not a good thing for oddballs like me but I benefit from it anyway, whether I like it or not. At least the quality, of the type of people who contact me through Google+ seems to be higher, or they are on their best behaviour, even though I'm not a member anymore. As with all things new, there will be bumps and potholes along the road, and by the time they get around to people like me, Google, I'm sure, will know were to find me.

In the mean time I see this as an opportunity to refresh and modernize my own site and bring things up-to-date with new stuff while modernizing HTML'S MAGIC with new protocols to conform or deal with new technological standards. Besides setbacks are normal in any creative process, especially with radical things, and occur all the time with anything. Whatever you do on the web there is an extremely high Entropy price tag attached to it because of some of the things I have described and for other reasons I haven't. Think about it. Your website regardless of what you do and what kind you have, MUST BE MAINTAINED diligently, updated regularly and every hypertext link, all metadata has to be checked and double checked on a regular schedule. CSS and other stuff is very nice but it has also made a lot of lazy websites. If Giotto, Leonardo da Vinci, Titian, Monet etc. had a website all their stuff would be irretrievably lost in cyberspace today. Although there are some, we need more permanent libraries of catalogued websites with content that hasn't changed in a year that go on forever, where the information contained in them can be retrieved and not lost.

Well, it's just an other fun day in paradise because if I were in hell, I (little me) probably couldn't do anything about it but since I can, I'm definitely in paradise which is an 'equal opportunistic' location............

Fascinating video from AT&T

I mean "opportunistic" in a nice way though. Here is an example of how life imitates art. On the day I completed this article, I received in my Ebox this cinema-vérité documentary of 'The 2nd Ave. disaster' in 1975 from The AT&T channel on You Tube. It pointedly shows how different divisions of a company can pull together their resources in an unprecedented way. The thing I noticed was how the phone company's labour force numbering the thousands became one big organism where everyone involved was following the same rhythm and were being guided by a synergy they, themselves created and got a job done with what would normally take 6 months to do but they effortlessly managed to achieve this miracle of restoration in a couple of weeks. This demonstrates what man can do when we work together. This is what was auspiciously sent me, I hope you will enjoy this as much as I did.
G.P. duBerger

Item: The distinct advantage, at least with Firefox because I haven't checked with the other browsers, of rendering your pages through Notepad or Notepad++ into your browser, is that you can immediately see bad links. Good links show up as blue, bad links show up as purple which can be because of something innocuous like accidentally placing a title mark instead of a quotation mark or not placing an = after an Attribute. This is impossible with a remote HTML editor of any host site where all links appear fine when they are not and sometimes we forget to check them because of this. Already this has proven extremely valuable for me as it should for you should you wish to use my example.

Another thing that I have learned with Notepad++, because I'm paying more attention to things we don't normally see that is extremely valuable to everybody that create content. I cannot change or place any Metadata in the Head section on this page that tells bots what's on the page, which is something I would do if I hosted my own pages with my own server, if I have one. But what I can do is put labels which you'll find on the bottom of this page where the social networking stuff is. There I put in all the pertinent metadata info that any crawler can use that's unique to this page. So many thanks to Notepad ++ for, by the situation it provides, creating this important awareness. Blogger allows you up to 200 characters, so these things are valuable.

Item: Sometimes we run into some image that's really nice, while doing something else, that we know we are going to use one day, but not now. You can't save the file and put it in a folder because you won't know its source page so you can't use the thing because there won't be any attribution which when you share is important. Bookmarks can be a mess sometimes and require a lot of tagging. Solution: Use the 'Save As' option on Firefox by right clicking on any white part of the page, and it will keep the entire webpage, which will go to your desktop were you can move it in your pictures folder.

When you need it, you know where to find it and by just right clicking it and opening with Notepad++ you can, by scrolling a bit, find the actual URL address which you can paste into the URL address bar. Don't use the URL that you would get by clicking on it because this thing just opens file://C doc, which cannot be used as a source. This system which can be applied to anything, I find, is much better than bookmarking because it allows you to store any webpage anywhere you will need it for the future in an appropriate folder for whatever work you are involved. Bookmarks on the other hand, have their distinct location in the Bookmark folder and cannot be moved except within the folder itself.

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ARS A horrible concept that controls the estates of long dead artists and their publicly displayed and cared for works and imposes copyright as if they owned the stuff.

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Image an excellent short article in Wikipedia.

Sweat of the brow doctrine A ridiculous monstrosity that protects material rights for telephone directories and then it is later applied to fine art with old paintings from national, publicly funded galleries.

Oh! talking about contributing to society directly it gets worse. See: Is Atheist Money Too Controversial for the American Cancer Society?

We live in a greedy, nasty world where one is forced, one way or another, to be sponsored by talentless government/corporations and treated like children, where they decide, on top of that, how appropriate a work is for any kind of display or manipulation and this would go on for centuries. We may as well, only, produce pornography since, already, all artwork is censored through this system.

Rant: Well It's September 20 2012 (Black Thursday) and the new Horrendous Blogger Interface has arrived, which immediately removed all my <br/> tags so I had to reinstall all of them. I just love technology because now more stupid people can write blogs that don't have any more perspicacity than a comment poster on a You Tube channel or video. This is fine to make things easy for them but I like doing things the hard way so that I can learn things and they don't give courses on HTML that are worth anything so I must learn things on my own.

I just want to be left alone with my basic HTML 4.01, but no...... They assume I want this HTML5 garbage that doesn't teach anyone anything (because HTML5 is not from SGML). I tried to thank Blogger for removing my <br/> tags (illustration; click to magnify) where I discover Scripts have also become redundant feature in this brave new world so when they ask me for feedback it doesn't work! So why do they ask for feedback? Editing and updating older articles has now become a nightmare to accomplish as I described earlier.

These pictures I uploaded here produce redundant Div elements which obliterate text around where the text cursor was last placed. Now when I upload a picture I have to make sure the cursor is blinking at the top with lots of space between anything. I'm glad I recorded this here because this stuff is actually hilarious and I can't stop laughing! Since I'm powerless, I'm going to my Ghostery Tracker and block all of Google's Analytics and Adsense stuff for a week. I feel bad for people who are starting to learn basic HTML now and, myself, I can't wait for HTML5 to become obsolete, itself, if the wheels of progress are any indication and there I will have the last laugh.

At least I know, now, you can be 20 years of age and be old fossil! if your not there all the time jumping onto the latest bandwagon which is bullshit anyway. You have to be really strong to be a real person or a real company, and society has never been known for building character. Why I say "company" is because this was done to streamline Google products and if this is any indication of what their products are like or with formally good things that work, that must now bend down to these products, then Google is in trouble, big time. So good luck to all you obedient robots; may your way be as pleasant and try please leave the things I love alone. End Rant. It's back to good old Notepad or Notepad ++, just like it was done in the past.

GP duBerger

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