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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Blogger, Skateboards and Disco

HTML'S MAGIC: Blogger, Skateboards and Disco

A Monologue on Skate culture
by GP duBerger

Something happened to Blogger and Blogspot, I was worried sick! It's Friday the thirteenth and I just wanted to post this now because I'm now a happy Blogger. Blogspot emerged from whatever it was, it emerged out of. The internet chatter this produced was enormous from irate bloggers and webmasters whose websites are hosted by Blogger. It was frightening while they were out. I went to the neighbours and made myself at home and created an auxiliary blog on WordPress. Which in itself was a frightening experience when dealing with unfamiliar features. To give myself reassurance, I named it HTML'S MAGIC II and created a Banner using Powerbullet Presenter.

In Toronto, they know how to handle kids venues better than they do in Montreal
To make matters worse, a bunch of kids decided to practice Skateboarding Stunts; right in front of my window. Me and the Cats thought that bombs had dropped all over the place. What was I going to do; Yell at them? They're kids; where were they going to practice their skate, in this town, with their friends? To practice in front of my window they must of been desperate. I know there is a private skateboard place down the street (Which has since closed, a year later, for mysterious reasons) but I'm sure you have to pay for the privilege. Here in town, there used to be a huge and wonderful place where there was an entire indoor park to do BMX and Skateboard, called: Le Colisée, with all forms of constructed platforms to practice and perform daredevil tricks and anybody could come in to watch. These kids could shame any act from the Cirque du Soleil and it was free too.

They demolished it to create the Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec and if you click on the link to their boring website you'll appreciate why I'm mentioning this in the first place. I mean, they could of built that thing anywhere but no; they had to build that thing downtown, smack in the center of its most confusing area where entire roads were appearing and disappearing like the wind (De Maisonneuve Boulevard). This is because there wasn't enough development, traffic, graft, corruption and pollution already. At least these skateboarders and BMX bikers didn't bring their cars and need room for 400 different parking spaces because they used Montreal's Metro System. They had their own portable transportation too that didn't need to be parked and didn't congest and pollute the environment like a cultural center does nor did these kids bring any drugs with them.

Youth, must be politically habilitated while they are still young or be destroyed by society and sent to prisons on any pretext, at all costs because this skateboarding will not do. Fun is illegal. Living is outlawed. Humanity cannot practice or express its natural talents unless the public pays through the nose of extortion like they do when getting Cirque du Soleil tickets.

You must follow the straight and narrow where fascist authority knows best what's good for you. It is cheaper and more efficient to create and control criminals than creating a system that enhances humanity. Besides more prisons means more jobs for bullies. Training in anything can only come from government and corporate authorized sponsorship.

In the mean time, they will be referred upon as dirty rebellious misfits instead, like Pagans in Charlemagne's time, were considered as heathens, heretics and devil worshipers (The Pagans had no Devil) by "good Christians but believe it or not, these "heathens" were actually the Environmentalists and Naturalists of their time who's only horrible damning sin that guaranteed them hell before the formalities of death could occur naturally, was worshiping and defending certain gigantic trees and the environment and protecting The Commons against Enclosures (private property), which was, also, big deal in those days. The pagans and shamans in Europe considered themselves as stewards, custodians and protectors of the forests, lakes and mountains which were considered god haunted.

It's hard to imagine that people and entire societies all over Europe and in North and South America existed like this before Christians and Pharisees came over to "save" those people from this. According to all the religions of Abraham; Everybody is wrong, no good or a sinner, and you're born that way too. How does a god who comes from a desert supposed to understand a forest, unless he's a jealous god? The Son of God apparently found things in the desert that were equally beautiful as a natural forest and spread the message.
It appears now, that religion suffers too in the same way as science where/when incompetent and mediocre minds, thirsting for undeserved power, fortune and fame, are at the helm of these societies and their systems.

Princess Grace
Unfortunately our wonderful consumer society, itself, being the biggest and most monstrous consumer of them all with the insatiable appetites of our "glorious leadership" to create mammoth projects but must inevitably contend with an emerging and unstoppable Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics and its open system ideas because society always favours those kind of equivalencies that move away from the laws of Nature.
In Quebec, there is a very narrow and defensive definition of what "Culture" actually is, which is not unlike reading a letter from a lawyer from CBS concerning one's copyright infringement. Maybe we all actually live in television land and are not aware of this. I remember when Martial Law existed here in Montreal. I was only 10 and the world was already falling apart. Anyhow I don't want to think about it but the soldiers on the streets in 1970 contrasted sharply with the peace, harmony and magic of Man And His World in 1968.

We see this readily, in this picture of Princess Grace miraculously sporting two halos during the initial event: Expo 1967. So I grew up in a cultural environment that was sharply divided into two diametrically contrasting promises for the future and both coming from Quebec! One minute we are hosting the world with an International Fair; in the next, there's soldiers and tanks all over the place. This is why I never pay attention to any form of politics here in Quebec or in Canada or Anywhere else, for that matter, because I knew Expo 67 and the October Crisis at the same time.

Fate is never to be outdone, because here in Montreal, we hosted the world again with the 1976 Summer Olympics and immediately after, in 1980, hosted our own referendum to separate from Canada, which I also will never forget because it fell on my birthday; — Thanks a lot. Now they want us to host another world's fair in 2017. I can already smell the waft of graft, corruption and many new creative taxing schemes with all the lucrative contracts to be handed out to their cronies for this cultural event. What fun! I, who has never missed any party when I was the age of my skateboarding friends outside my window, found out that these organizers were way ahead of me, when I decided to post their promo-banner, right here, and inform the world that now your opportunity has come to destroy Montreal, once and for all. I was informed that I needed permission to promote anything.

This is just a proposal but it's already copyright protected. Never in all my years on the computer, under any circumstances, have I been greeted with a JavaScript thing that turns my computer into a souvenir shop and the event doesn't even exist yet, nor has Montreal been selected yet to host the thing but thankfully, since I wrote this originally, this has since been won by EXPO 2017 Astana, located in remote Kazakhstan which is exactly where I like it to be.
This site and event for Montreal has absolutely nothing to do with culture and everything to do with money. Thank God for computers for making this fact so plain and easy enough that everyone can understand.

imi asouma Google+
So for me, it's natural to expect one sort of paradigm with the other in any kind of situation and someone should inform these people that the 60's, 70's, 80's and 90's are dead and gone forever and they should start encouraging unique cultural events that better reflect today's world, and maybe talk about some nice ideas about/for the future for a change. If you clicked or tapped on the link above ('Martial Law existed here in Montreal') we had our problems too with terrorists back in the 60's.

Anyhow, people now, and people then, are not the same and we all had/have to deal with the same problems. They only push this nostalgic event crap on us because its easier to sell and easier to graft due to former experience handed down through generations of politicians. If you force these politicians to work on new ideas; they can't institute graft and corruption too early in the event because the organizing procedure is being formed as the event unfolds while being built due to logistics.

This is why Expo 67 was a resounding success. It was a unique event that can never be replaced but still retains all its magic, lingering, to this day to those who were there and the Olympics were a disaster that everyone wanted to forget, but couldn't because of a lingering effect, in that this thing took 30 years to pay off. This is because the Olympics is a circuit event with built in formulas for graft, greed, corruption and nepotism. The Olympics is a marketers dream and a taxpayers nightmare to any city.

I'm more concerned with the welfare of Skateboarders and Graffiti Artists and BMX Bikers in having a cultural center of their own. God knows there are enough derelict buildings here in Montreal that just need a Raison d'être and a little refurbishing and Voilà you've got a beautiful sports center away from school where the pressures and watchfulness of undesirable peers can be easily avoided and they can practice with their real friends.

Unfortunately, and unlike condos, skateboarders lack the resemblance of anything snooty which I have learned, in life, is the hallmark of anything that is, usually, recognized as Cultural, anywhere. This is not the stuff that inspires Galas and Media events and does not have the aspect of family wholesomeness like Baseball and Hockey especially where violence and personal injury towards other team members is highly encouraged by the parents themselves. Maybe if we introduce Baseball and Basketball and Hockey; played with skateboards instead they'll start building venues for such sports and revitalized these boring little-league "athletic" events.

Can you blame those kids for practising in front of my place? I didn't because I know there are some sports that are best played as contact sports and there are others that are best done by yourself or with a close group of friends but there is never any contact and there are no hazings (see: Bottles tied to genitals in Manitoba hockey hazing and also: Hockey buffs drop gloves over new 'Enforcers' Cards). There are two kinds of sports that have nothing to do with each other. One is the kind I describe which involves enjoyment with friends and the other kind furnished by society, which is a system. See also the trailer 'GOON' which is supposed to be a "hilarious" comedy, where the universal response to anything, for anything you can think of is a right and left hook and the most blatantly stupid males of breeding age are the ones who get the all adulation and all the girls.

It's getting worse. This I added in 2014.

Stop Violence: (In Our Dreams)
Any society that encourages this kind of behaviour or dismisses this as harmless fun/entertainment, dishonoring the entire sports profession has something seriously wrong with it and should not be referred to as a society anymore but as a monstrosity because young minds that are encouraged or made to watch these things, à la 'Clockwork Orange' (1971), emulate these things because that is their only reality they would know. I don't need to see the latest Arnold, Statham, Segal or Stallone etc. production because everybody I talk to, anywhere talks and acts like them, saving me the expense of buying a movie theater ticket.

What are they preparing the innocent for, in the future, with this kind of conditioning which begins by teaching in schools the Verb: "TO HAVE" first, instead of the Verb: "TO BE" and then with religion, that gets in through the "back door" and not just figuratively, which if you ask any priest you'll find they are very versatile in that department too and after they are sated, they get to work with their young minds and explain, in detail, why they are filthy and unworthy beings.

Stop Violence: "In Our Schools"

Abrahamic religion hard at work.

Then back to school they teach them more violence in every form imaginable. There is more violence being implemented, practiced, perfected and talked about in educational and religious institutions at any level than there is in all the military bases on this planet. It reminds me of the dystopian movie 'Soldier' (1998).

There is a big difference when displaying violence when the theme is "good against evil" which is also another subject that has been warped in ways that are not obvious, which I discuss elsewhere on this site.

Maybe a little introduction to basic Thermodynamics would be nice

How to operate your brain
Timothy Leary Archives
The Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics deals with insanity and chaos all the time that exists everywhere in the Universe and it brings it order through Thermal Equilibrium, not control and even makes fun and enjoyment possible; It is The Laws of Physics that do all the controlling. If it's a good enough tool for Nature and the entire Universe, can you imagine what it can do for you? Thermal Equilibrium is the ultimate truth in this universe and literally states that there is only so much good or evil can do, or get away with. This stuff goes way beyond heat distribution, but don't be a smart Alec and tell that to your teacher because that's supposed to be his job and you now know he will never teach this already.

That, my friends, is called a direction and the direction you take is your business, but now you know in advance what to expect, and in the case it is your teacher who will only teach you closed systems.
Nature, teaches all systems, (open, closed isolated) through Thermodynamics, so It is a better teacher.

That's just a small sample of their power "Brought to you by our real sponsor, The Universe itself, No purchase is necessary, just be gracious about it". It's OK to become a robot, but to be a robot for society is not good.

Only through chaos can one sense the truth
Just like the life and this beautiful planet we were given to take care, (not take) as every other creature does in its way where balance and equivalency are like the drum and the harmony of the song of that thing called Life. Can you hear it? According to the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics, and even the Bible if you read it thermodynamically: If there was a Big Bang: You were there too as substance since you are part of the Universe itself from the beginning of time, and so you are also equivalent to it and it makes no difference if it was true there was a creator or not because humankind and each individual and everything you see and know would eventually of emerged by itself anyway, one way or another without any help because the clock does not exist and time is Relative.

Brian Anderson on Being a Gay Professional Skateboarder
Thumbnail for Video
Click or Tap to Open
Time: 26:50

There never was any beginning or Big Bang, but there was the perfect moment. This moment was so perfect it became everything. Also, if time were to be referred to as a "reaction coordinate", this means there was an equal and opposite universe before this one.
This perfect moment (equilibrium) still exists and humanity along with all other creatures and all things are part of this.

Later, intellectuals of all sorts come along and divide up everything including humankind in all kinds of ways to serve their closed systems where there can be no more support from Nature or The Universe anymore. Humanity and its individuals become consumers, voters and tax payers, and the ones who do not conform are considered misfits and anarchists. There are no such things as misfits and anarchist among freedom-loving people. Societies, can be petri dishes that grow diseases that can only exist because of them. Outside the petri dish there is no disease or chaos.

In Physical "Education", why is there an over emphasis and paying support with 'Contact' and 'collision-type' sports only (see latest news on violent contact sports for April 19 2013: 'Dana White Believes MMA Legalization in New York Isn't Going to Happen This Year' ) and never anything, not even a dime is spent, with No-Contact sports Especially when they are at an age group were being social is not a problem anyway as I can see very clearly from my window.

These kids outside my window, who don't know I exist probably because of my age, are not touching each other but are playing together. I see very clearly that they are reinforcing each other's confidence, encouragingly pointing out each others mistakes et cetera and there is no competition. Where did these kids learn all this respect, politeness and a sophisticated form of encouragement?

Both the human body and the human mind are capable of performing miracles that are beyond the understanding of science and philosophy.
It is amazing to know now, that scientist's only interests involving the body have only to do with action, and the brain with its actions and none with their achievements in other capacities. For instance: great physical prowess or strategy in defeating the other team is overwhelmingly lauded by those that teach, yet if you have a serious cancer, virus of other disease and it went into remission or inactivity by the bodies own power to heal or put things back into equilibrium by itself, you are treated as an oddity by the doctors and is completely dismissed by professionals in medicine and science who should already know that there is nothing that occurs anywhere for no reason.

A Nice Wholesome Orange Drink Commercial
God forbid that they discover some simple cure for something that cannot be patented, by neglecting the type of research that can only be achieved through open systems and what is easily obtainable and understood through the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics and its Principles instead of from some closed and manipulated petri dish somewhere and treating the human body like a machine and the mind like a programmable computer. Diseases, themselves, now have "seasons" (flue season) because they are programmed into society to be that way and they even know the types in advance, which are then traded on exchange markets because there are billions of dollars of sales and advertizing involved here; all done in advance. I haven't had a cold in five years because I now live with Nature and do what my body tells me to do when it wants it to get done.

This is because our wonderful society allows multinationals to, even, patent diseases. See: Dutch group patented genome of Middle East coronavirus, which has killed more than 30 people and no one says anything like they actually created the thing itself. Show me, first, your invention on how to create life out of inorganic materials and convert them into organic matter and somehow create movement and self reproduction and then I will grant you patent for any flower created out of this thing; because that's what the laws does for the "pow" erful, is to allow them to pick flowers from your own tulip garden and run to the patent office and say; "this is mine!" and the majority of people defend these ideas.
This Milton Freedman-like Capitalism has become a weapon of self-destruction by extending the morals and power of greed, where we might ask, "What's Next?".

Copyrighting and even trademarking some unnatural, artificially-created genetic sequence, that I think everyone can understand; but Patenting it? DNA is language and information spoken by molecules and atoms, —not physics!

Woeful Education
On the personal level, a teacher or scientist who shows no creativity in his area of expertise is only a robot and will endeavor to make you into one too. This is why it is always important to ask your teachers for explanations about anything that you find odd anywhere, and to notate these occasions because bad teachers and professors are definitely a subject of research themselves which might come in handy one day. I would like to see kids all over the world write blogs on what they suspect are bad teachers with a critical and discerning eye. If I had the technology of today in my time, I would of written stories that would of attracted the attention of the Ministers of Education back then.

For some reason, authority doesn't want kids to learn individual Hand-Eye-Feet coordination first and then teach them to network these individual talents into a sophisticated and interactive groups between individuals that can even create new games because I don't see this in any education system anywhere in the world, that people pay for with their taxes, including the private ones and places like the Maria Montessori Schools only exists to teach parents where and how to best exploit their own kids or mold them into some fixed system where exploitation always awaits and natural evolution is exiled because science and business cannot predict or calculate Nature's policies, especially if they are good things. What they do instead, is form the mind into a team (an artificial system) where there you learn unnatural physical skills (unnatural for you) to service this team, that in the end serves the aims of authority (the greater "good"). Middle class parents want their kids to play exactly like Chopin, whom they only know through a recording of virtuoso X, etc. and not learn to write music like Chopin etc, as if they were to be part of the parrot family.

The Universe is Horrifying
The Universe, the world or life itself, is a very bad and horrifying place and you will have to buy X product or Y service to make it better or buy it for someone else. Unless it's in a video game who's theme is to destroy anything and anyone, or if you are in a Mental Institution where they teach basic hand-eye coordination to drugged lunatics so they don't hurt themselves and then can be released back into society as zombies; which/who apparently are more acceptable in society. Hand-Eye-Feet coordination is simply not taught like in a Serbian mental institution for kids. Becoming a monster is as simple as not reexamining the entire, imbalanced, public and private educational systems.
Parents themselves will have to decide whether their children are people or just expressions of some middle class value of fertility/virility or some bourgeois tax write-off to make themselves appear acceptable to society or not.

It's only in street culture, with all its evils included, that such a thing is managed where other people are then quick to dismiss skateboarders and call them "skate trash".
Give them a place to hang, practice, mix music and paint graffiti and they will go to those proper facilities and they'll take care of them too. This kind of setup was good enough for Socrates, for his students, so what's wrong with this now? Socrates, like Confucius, also believed wrongdoing was a consequence of ignorance and those who did wrong knew no better. Human beings have been painting nice pictures on walls since the beginning of time. To deny people of developing these natural and innate physical, imaginative, and artistic skills including the enhancement of intrinsic sophisticated social skills that develop all by themselves because they are encoded somewhere in our DNA to initiate these behaviours which are important for survival but they only provide instructions to initiate; it is the person's external environment, and his peers and, now, privately controlled technology that furnishes its development and people become equivalent to them. Nature does not interfere; It does only what is sufficiently necessary to protect you and the species. Authority does not share this kind philosophy and it is they who create unnatural sado-masochistic deviations by creating, and even licensing the environments and situations where these things can exist in the first place. All modern media is all violence and all sexual. Social and sexual psychology originates, now, within the sphere of comprehension only imaginable for a pubescent teenager and that is about as sophisticated it gets so it is persistent. People are now expected to experience things with the mind of a child throughout their lives and are not permitted to experience any meta-truths. Where when it comes to these matters there is an entire beautiful universe to explore if this is properly cultivated beyond an entity which unavoidably floods all of the media, which today is called something like Justin Bieber et al. People like Justin Bieber are not people, they are a system.

When I see a disheveled Skateboarder on the street, I consider him or her far less dangerous than any prim 'Cellphone Trash' who navigate the sidewalks and streets with headphones plugged into their ears and who are not looking at where they are going because they are looking at more "important" text messages; or typing/wiping them or both and let's not forget games. They are already like the 'Borg' who ignore you and everything else unless you are a threat and as Picard once warned; "Don't let them touch you". At least I see the Skateboarder as involving himself physically and mentally with the Laws of physics both inside the body and outside the body, and in real time.

Update May 1 2013: I saw today my first skateboarder texting while navigating traffic. Talk about people addicted to technology.

So I was trying to do some work and I wondered what to do because I couldn't concentrate on the job I was doing on my website because of those kids practising their skateboard outside my window. Fortunately, this invasive situation got me to thinking that maybe I should think about filling out the Canada Census Form online, so that I could use the irritation, I felt, and apply it with some positive purpose since I already was asking myself stupid questions, I may as well fill out the Census Form while the bombs were dropping all around me. This action proved to be quite effective by the simple act of being appropriate and for a while it worked. I finished the form and this act was quickly forgotten as the skate bombs where getting closer to my window.

There is nothing like the sound of Canadian-Made plywood skateboards flying in the air and hitting the asphalt and concrete, over and over and over, especially, with those irritating wheels attached to them that have the unique feature of having their sound amplified by those boards. I had to admire the evil marketing genius who invented the skateboard because without doing any research at all, I can predict that this person must of hated humanity to such a degree as to make the likes of Stalin, Hitler and Mussolini look like The Vienna Boys Choir by comparison. Can one think of anything better than a skateboard for rebellious teenagers to utilize, to irritate parents and neighbourhoods to such a degree as to make illness and pain, in any form, seem trivial by comparison and bring down western civilization in one fell swoop.
We must not forget the din of intelligent-sounding banter of teenage boys expressing, I assume, praise and awesomeness towards each other as they reinforce each others growing masculinity, skill and prowess.

Apparently, this thing was invented in California, so this explains a lot and we need not dwell any further as to anything remotely connected as to a Why? So many of you must be asking yourselves, "Where does Disco come into this?" Ah! my friends, I saved the best for last, as this will show what a talented D.J. I used to be, where, I realized a long time ago the awesome power and influence of Music and so did my clients for their parties and how this is all ultimately connected to skate today.

Having any kind of party back in the 1980's was never a problem. It was getting people to leave at the end of the party that was an important consideration. Now this was the time before karaoke or cell-phone cameras where today one could publish a suggestive meme like "roommates being roomantic" or catching a guest caught as if he were preparing for a g.i. exam instead of his finals so there wasn't any method to get rid of those obnoxious guests who didn't know how and when to leave.

My marketing strategy was "Any D.J. can make your party rock but it takes a special D.J. to make it suck!"
This was not funny back then because people knew what you were talking about. Anyone can play good or bad music but playing both with style; there you're getting people's attention and everybody's moneys worth; all the while producing results. So when the host announced to me that the party was over, that was my cue for showtime. My motto was: 30 minutes or less, or you don't pay! So, I would start with my "special mixes"; specially designed to "entice" patrons to go looking for the nearest exit door. Once for fun, I even started a fight when some drunk asked me why I was playing some particular song. I told him that it was a special request for him, "from that guy over there!" I was pointing at a nasty-looking gorilla who was highly obnoxious and even more inebriated and also was not leaving very quickly and was bothering the nice ladies. Suffice to say we had to call the police and everyone was out before a half hour and I got payed and they even said Thanks to me. It's all B.S. anyways as this little snippet from Tiesto, King of D.J.'s himself says:

Of course, this is subtitled and I don't understand Dutch or Flemish or whatever language he's speaking here, so I don't know that this is a properly subtitled rendition of his chords words but believe me, even if it weren't true there is no possibility that this did not ever cross his mind. If the guy who posted this is making fun of Tiesto; he's actually doing him a service. I once presided over a party where Carol Jiani's manager was in attendance and I was forced to play Carol Jiani's 1980 'Hit and Run Lover' all night long, over and over and over and those idiots were dancing to it too; not because the song was any good but they were dancing to kiss this manager's ass.

What I wouldn't give today to be able to of played Jiani's dreadful underground hit 'Everybody Fuck Now' at this party of posterior munchers.("Underground" means: it's not listed in Wikipedia with other "works" by Carol Jiani.)
Here's a sample of Carol Jiani's 'Everybody Fuck Now' and yes! She is as vulgar in person too:

Other ways VIP's are disruptive and make people uncomfortable.
I couldn't believe that people can display this kind of behaviour and this guy is not even high up in the food chain. I don't like celebrities, their entourages and managers who don't use their V.I.P. lounges because they are, always, disruptive, especially, when there's work to do. A lot of people attend a party because they are there and whenever they leave their lounges, they do everything to destroy the party. Anyway, after that, I focused on producing compilations and doing studio type work and my hats off to D.J.'s like Tiesto for their sheer staying power in putting up with so much of the B.S. I know what they have to go through and actually still manage to produce something interesting on occasion. Of course these guy's are "compensated" generously but I could never do what they do because there is no amount of money that they could pay me to put up with this kind of crap. I just loved mixing music and sounds but there was always some idiot interfering somewhere.

Besides I have something much better now: Extensible Computer Programs, HTML, XHTML, and JavaScript among other things today. Hypertext markup and now online applications (like below), gives me more ability to exercise and "mix" my imagination, experience and expertise, in many areas, in ways I could never of imagined before, in all kinds of different ways where I can use multimedia concepts and bring them together, where I can express myself using a new kind of "keyboard", while making something special, that lasts and has meaning.

Click or Tap on me to make your own sounds with this online application.
These type of applications, among many, may of been developed for mobile users but they are a boon for PC users.
"The Death of the PC"?...I don't think so!

So I'm being more metaphysical about my art now, where developing standards, applications and techniques to make, other things move, even trivial things like making Gif Animations move to dance music, that is beyond making people move on a dance floor has become more pronounced in me and is entirely appropriate for a person my age. Want to be a D.J.? Go to a pawn shop and for less than $50.00 and a computer and a MIDI interface you can get stuff that'll make you the life of any party and impress your friends and is a great start to doing something that can be very rewarding that you can grow from, to being something beyond being a DJ, or change the meaning of what a DJ is now overtime, through your own work. If you're serious there's also platforms like Sound Cloud to publish your unique beats where many a career has been launched from nowhere because producers and record labels look there all the time.

So, to finish my story. Where everyone is still wondering what Disco and Skateboards have to do with each other. Actually nothing, but in my own unique form of aggressive creativity, I have managed to "mix" both together, nevertheless, in this story as a culminating event to Victory! It occurred to me that, in my time of youth, when I was the age of my skate-friends outside, we had a fad called Roller-Disco that was very popular for a long time. The following is an accurate rendition from 'That 70's Show'; that, humorously, represents the times:

To recapitulate, it was natural for this old fart, to consider that this new generation was making so much noise with their favourite sport because they lacked the proper musical accompaniment to enhance their activities. By "chance", I happen to have an excellent sound card on my computer, attached to an excellent sound system (left overs from my production days) of which I began preparing for a full blast presentation of choice selections of Disco Music designed to accompany Roller Disco. I said: "OK kiddies, it's time for your history lesson"
The first song I selected was actually part of my playlist on You Tube and the channel that had it got deleted so bye bye. So I found another copy somewhere else that turned out to be much better. So click on the MP3 player in the box below and sing along with me ♫ ♫ :

♫ Bounce! Rock Skate! Roll Bounce! Rock Skate! (Hands Clapping) Roll Bounce! Rock Skate! Roll Bounce! Rock Skate! Roll Bounce! Rock Skate! Roll Bounce! Rock Skate!
♫ Gonna skate and celebrate,
the Disco way!
Give your feet the freedom
let's Bounce today!
Roller skaters; one in front and one behind
Bounce your left, Bounce your right It's Disco Time!
There's ain't no stoppin', People rockinnnnnnn..... the groove!
This Funky kind of music simply makes you want to move;
Roller skaters one in front and one behind
Bounce the left!.....Come On AND Bounce! Rock Skate! Roll Bounce! Rock Skate! Roll Bounce! Rock Skate! Roll Bounce! Rock Skate! Roll Bounce!
♫ Disco dancers, Dancing to the Disco beat, This ain't nothin' but a party, so stay on your feet! Rock left, Rock right; feel the groove
Music is the answer, it really makes you move , Sexy ladies, over there, strut so well, Lead on in all the latest styles casting their spell! Watch them rock, to the beat,
feel the body heat Come on Come on and Get DOWN! (Break) ♫ ♫

Oh, the Humanity! I have to tell you that those kids didn't seem to mind at first. They actually made an effort to continue skating. To me it did not make any difference because I couldn't hear them anymore because the music was as loud as your rave in the park. The beat was all wrong for them because it wasn't fast enough and it did not complement modern skateboarding in the new millennium. They stopped and made a show of looking exhausted after their exertions by hanging around and looking tired and all of them had a cell phone (which they all wisely kept in their pockets and not in their hands) and suddenly had an urgent call to make. God I love kids! When I was their age I would of improvised exactly like them. Suffice to say my party was a resounding success and I got rid of the crowd in less than thirty minutes and they never came back and everyone saved face with no fights or arguments and we all had something to laugh about.

My last compilation before retiring in 2006
Mix by GP duBerger

GP duBerger

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