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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Beyond Absolute Zero

HTML'S MAGIC: Extreme Cold - Page 14 - 'Beyond Extreme Cold.

Page 14 of 'Extreme Cold'
'A History and Monologue on Matter and Natural Systems
in Materials Science of/for Energy Systems within
any Macroscopic Scale'.

by GP duBerger

At the core, they teach very bad science these days.
These days, physicists, cosmologists and their communicators in social media have truly overstepped themselves.
If you read this carefully, you'll see that there is something seriously wrong in this statement.
In the circled, should read "the system" (i.e. specifically "closed system") -not "the universe".
The universe is an open system because (among other things) the Cosmos is Expanding and ACCELERATING. Whether this is because of exothermic, endothermic, or both types of activity going on simultaneously; we don't know yet.
The universe is a dynamic and a very, very, very big place and the Earth-human perspective is not either, or big enough to even remotely start making these grandiose conclusions about, "the effects of always-increasing entropy". From this corruption from the beginning in something's Thermodynamics, we find that the physics created out of it, serves things other than humanity, growth or evolution.

What they teach is opinion and religious philosophy (made to appear like science), not physics (which should only be stating known facts and their dynamical systems), and this is all over the place, so this is another system that promotes indoctrination, programming or antiquated religion.
Only Thermodynamics, good maths and chemistry together, can make claims of what goes on anywhere in the universe. Click or tap for source
So, as you can see, "Entropy" can be a lot of fun and a very interesting thing for everyone when you think about it carefully. Besides that, human will and the ordered mind, that are carefully guided by even the simplest knowledge in the basics of Thermodynamics are far more powerful than any form of philosophy that states, "Always-increasing Entropy", which they all do, or they only deal with ideas that have always-increasing entropy.
So, what's the point of philosophy if they only ponder systems that must change or destroy themselves?

The scientist's sole contribution in thermodynamic technology: Consumption, Destruction and Depletion.
Everything appears beautiful until the fuel runs out, or is cartelled by private enterpise groups. This is a situation they put all into, regarding everything they touch, develop or think about.
They never contritube to free enterprise. So science is a political arm whose platform involves slavery.

Why today's philosophers, teachers/professors and scientists play us as victims of/in "Natures Wrath" (and they don't miss a beat), is their problem and not the problems of humanity.
They talk about systems, our future, our survival, or patent and build the machines with closed-systems included, that features ALWAYS-INCREASING ENTROPY in all consumer, commercial, industrial products, systems, devices and in the published works of intellectuals. Then, in a quantum leap, they blame Nature? This, because it's called "progress" doesn't make any sense.

Few scientists have ever used their knowledge in/for peaceful applications, or are in tune with Nature's energy cycles and humankind, or do experiments and research on Thermodynamic Isolated or Open systems to produce Work but only with fleeting political powers.
This may be difficult for many to accept (especially intellectuals and philosophers), but everything in the Universe either changes or moves all by itself.
Care to see, or care to take a ride?

The physicist sells victory in wartime and monopolies in peacetime.
Everything they create is unsustainable and don't follow the Law of Conservation (The First Law of Thermodynamics)
Then, like priests, they tell us what the universe is all about.

They, their intellectuals and mathematicians and their sponsors, are the ones who design, build and use the bombs that EACH cost the equivalent of 250 complete university educations; so western intelligence agencies can kill a couple of suspected terrorists? Schools filled with children and hospitals with patients are top priority too.

This is supposed to be better than sending, from military intelligence, actual professional assassins to do the job. This would also include that the job is well done by an experienced and well-trained professional. Nothing, or no one was, or would be collaterally damaged, disturbed or killed. (Unless ordered or contracted to do so.)

Assassins are also useful in providing accurate information, provide evidence of a confirmed kill, while being discrete and can easily, or creatively be away from the prying eyes of infantile social networks.
Further, this is definitely lot cheaper than sending drones or platoons, whose price tags for any mission is in the price range, beginning in the hundreds of millions.

One would think the "enemy" would be happy to ponder that, "the enemy" sending drones or platoons, is a bargain from their point of view since they only lost a few expendable and easily replaceable operatives.
In the reverse: What did it cost Osama bin Laden to take down the world trade center? Not a single penny.
If only our generals, strategists and military intelligence were as smart as that, or; there is something else going on because these situations, we see in the news, do not add up. Then, authority wonders why there are conspiracy theories.
In the end, their stagnent cultures and traditions will go on, while ours will disintegrate because our brightest are not getting a proper education, because the economics of war take precedence, where the real mission going on is probably to make everyone stupid again.

Universal Education for all (and providing an ample budget for it) is the only example of a civilized country.
Paradigm: For the first time in over 2000 years, they have not had a war in Europe, in over 70 years! I wonder why?
European countries have collectively made the choice of allocating more taxes for education that create diplomas than for war-budgets that will create expensive bombs that destroy more than just the enemy.

Educated professionals suppress, or don't go to political rallies, and listen to hate and war-mongering idiots, but create inestimable value on all levels. This means more taxes that can be reinvested again and again. Here, there is no level in the good that humankind can achieve and create because of this situation.

These war mongers and its facilitators should remember that war is waste on all sides. There is no good side or bad side, because all sides are diminished in one way or another. No need for complicated philosophies or religion to say war is wrong: We have Nature and Thermodynamics to prove and demonstrate this at any time.

These religious cults/heresies (that run the show in those regions) think in very long terms, where private enterprises (whether governmental or corporative) think in very short terms/gains.
In one way and the other, the way Western intelligence agencies take care of things, would eventually, send everyone back to the stone age and these ancient cultures don't care about that, but we should.

I don't see people in modern societies going back to hand weaving or using simple implements, and getting their education from superstitious religious groups, etc., etc., to get by, be proper members of society and raise their families!
I don't see billionaires finding out one day that their money is worthless because all they can buy is slaves. They need educated people around them and educated innovators and they need consumers.

Now: Nature demonstrates that usable heat-energy is everywhere and it is the machines we create, exclusively for closed systems that create "always-increasing entropy", where there is a whole family of Entropy to consider in Thermodynamics.

So, in actuality "The Second Law Of Thermodynamics In Terms Of Entropy", states that we waste energy into nothing (This includes water management) because our ideas and technology remove available energy usable for Work from their own natural cycles, or draw chemical energy from cycles that take millions of years to complete their system and renew themselves.
Nature's Thermodynamics also shows that wealth and poverty in any society are also manufactured things. This is equivalent to turning Existence itself into a game. The problem here, is when these games are all only closed systems.

At one point, because of Thermodynamics and the form of consciousness it creates, humankind will have to choose what it wants to perpetuate: Life or pollution.

To recapitulate: It turns out that in the preceding page I "entropically" wrote nearly an entire web page dedicated to "Entropy", instead of the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics.
In a surreal manner, the original intention had not become latent, but became dynamic instead, via its sudden transformation, into an invitation because looming in the background and getting unavoidably closer was an invented part of heat's story that was supposedly evil!

Now, we can't have a good thermodynamics and a bad thermodynamics, that exists simultaneously together as one, while being separate and doing its own thing, can we? Well, that's what all physics teachers and professors do today, starting from elementary school.

Nothing horrific, for something that is treated in physics like, Nature's effort against man and invention!

So, 'I went with the creative flow', where, it seems that always-increasing entropy has some other thing that science can't recognize, but the mediums, methods and tools of art can embark upon and even enjoy a free ride. After all, the "Entropy" I accidentally discovered is also part of Nature and I'm a firm believer that Nature is good and self-creating,—not bad and self-destructive.

If truth, from its beginnings from anywhere, is ultimately a matter of opinion, then there is always the possibility for error. Therefore, it is better to err with beauty, trust and love as guides.
The mind that inquires defines a form of existence, whose original position is free from prejudice, envy or anger.

This is precisely the point where the opinions of science, religion and philosophy leave us in negativity, and art will attempt to prove with countless arguments and insights; 'Nature's Munificence'. One might even say that Nature has, as part of its being (and our discovery), a sense of humor regarding It's delivery, that relates directly to joy, and so is as real, as any form of mechanics describing matter and energy.

Well, if I were Father-Nature, I'd be proud and experiencing joy too. All I would need to do is look around and experience a vast universe pulsating with life, dynamics and movement.
God would never say: "It is good", because what was created as an open system, is inexpressible and cannot have a conclusion like that, therefore the book of Genesis is balderdash.

The 'Invitation' I mentioned earlier, acted immediately and beckoned me to look and feel beyond the physical, the clockwork and the mechanical universe I was taught in life, and look instead at a whole universe in the possibilities of fluidity and permeability. This protocol goes to the extreme where concepts like the "Devil" and "God" are connected in many ways and must not be separated.
If one reads Genesis as if it were a metaphore for any Thermodynamic system, we find that there is no devil and every character in the story are the same person.

The research, itself, involved in the writing of this entire monologue had already introduced me to fascinating people of science, whose remarkable forward-looking and progressive ideas, invention and thought we never hear about from any type of media, who go way-beyond Quantum, Newtonian or Cartesian-like scientific opinion.

Well, what better way is there to steer people away from something enlightening, then by giving something an arbitrary bad reputation? Ex: it's impossible to destroy information, but to bury it under a mountain of rubbish is very possible.

This has the signature of politics which does this, "burying" and "sweeping issues under the carpet" all the time; so this is policy of the powerful, which is necessary to maintain their wealth artificially, whose game is to ensure that only they make money.
(See Part 1 of Extreme Cold on the flaring of Natural gas in North America, but energy producers build pipe lines for the same natural gas from the Caspian Sea whose purpose is to be sold, where if our natural gas was sold too, it would contact many diverse markets and lots of different industries. All would make money and not just "the energy producer", who controls the market in, how it benefits and in how a product is to be sold.)

Like the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics, "Entropy" keeps one reminded that we are only looking at, or talking about systems and each system, whether open, closed or isolated has a different form of entropy to consider its fate.
Lovers of physicists, mathematicians and their "communicators" should beware from now on and realize whether they are really thinking about SYSTEMS with elements, or are they thinking about REAL THINGS that are elemental.

I was always fascinated why, among others, theoretical physicists, religious people and mathematicians meddle into Thermodynamics, with their preconceived ideas, which through their indoctrination, are only suitable to their areas of study.

They end up distorting the reality of their own field or beliefs while treating Thermodynamics as a by-product, where they forget that before any physics, math or supernatural event/miracle ever occurred, there was some thermodynamic cycle that already completed itself!

Even a god has to deal with the heat and pressure collaterally generated that It creates or generates with miracles and changes (especially in the way gods do things), and that heat and pressure has to be apparent, do something and go somewhere, and there are no exceptions.

This part is always left out and things are always perfect. (See page 9: Thermal Equilibrium In All Its Wonders)

If one sees things appear or disappear, happen or not happen, without some report from Nature where one feels, in one way or another, a change in temperature and/or pressure, then one is hallucinating or that was some manufactured illusion.

(Even the teleportation and replicator devices in science fiction like 'Star Trek' would produce huge explosions and so, could not perform their desired function. No matter how wonderful an idea may be. One, simply, cannot ignore Thermodynamics. In this case, Thermodynamics would be Nature's reaction to any sudden changes. ex: What about, what occupied the space before and after something appears and disappears at ± 15 psi? What's that supposed to do, and where's it supposed to go so quietly?)

In fact, there is not just one miracle occurring in these stories of god and in science fiction, but many miracles! Deities and future inventors are not getting the full praise that is their due, if you believe these stories.

Another thing: God/gods never does/do ordinary things. Gods only does extraordinary things. This does not make any sense.
If god does not do ordinary things then why does god exist? —except to contradict Nature. Those of/in any society or group that believe in anything that manifestly contradicts Nature and is "good" is inherently psychotic.
Nature, on Its part does both, very ordinary and extraordinary things all the time.
(This would be the beginning of logical questions about the nature of god/man (and a lot of science fiction), in a modern age backed up by plain and simple thermodynamics)

Now, human beings have been given, by Nature, an observable dynamic that is everywhere and can create real benefit or do serious harm, and authority distorts, or makes us ignore these things, and it's sole purpose is to sell humankind, everywhere, complete and total balderdash and stercus tauri (bullsh*t in Latin) in all sorts of ways.

Accordingly, by the Bibles own reference, in listing miracles, the Earth should of been impossible to create, destroyed or not created with all that missing heat/pressure created from any of the Jewish Jupiter's gestures and activities.
If there is any Abracadabra going on anywhere, it is with Nature, in subatomic and the very real and very important subatomic/quantum universe is nowhere itemized, recorded or even mention in Genesis.

These are therefore fairy tales -Not miracles, or even "Creation". This is probably another reason why Only the consumer-grade First and Second Laws are the ones only taught, or is passed off as "education" where their type of nonsense coming from everywhere can be made acceptable.

One must tread carefully!

In fact, the modern purveyors of all religious-like miracles are physicists and their communicators in social media with the "Big Bang", their "Dark Matter/Energy", "gravity waves", "time machines", "walking through walls", etc., etc., which are all different ways of getting something from/for nothing. These unscientific ideas infecting science are also evolving into a dynamic dealing in/with faith, opinion and belief where they exist like spirits to "explain" physical phenomena and dynamic, but themselves have no place in any universe, and this is considered acceptable today!

Thermodynamics does not deny many physicist's or mathematician's, or religious people's ideas, story telling, or dogma. It merely sees those ideas (most likely a closed system) as something else; i.e. fairy tales -Not facts or proofs. There's no argument. It positively demonstrates and proves that these people are perfectly capable of telling bedtime/fantastic stories to extremely young children and this talent should not be wasted, but only restricted there.

This is probably another reason thermodynamics is not popular. Within it one cannot argue anything like one can with religion, maths or physics; and intellectuals love to argue. Thermodynamics draws a very clear line that separates facts from fiction. Oh yes! Everything is possible, but there may also be consequences.
Physicists, who having replaced, "The all seeing and all knowing", with their laws and maths, cannot account for the collateral benefit, or collateral damage of any reaction, movement or occurrence.

There is nothing wrong with "Big Bang", "Dark Matter/Energy", "gravity waves", "time machines", "walking through walls", etc., etc., but there are thermodynamic consequences in those ideas that would make all existence impossible. These days, they can blah, blah, blah themselves into all sorts of PH.D theses, but they can't explain or describe where the heat comes from, its relationship with all existing systems and/or where it's going.

For instance: A thermodynamicist, with a knowledge of simple dynamic systems and their manipulation, could tell a bishop that God Itself is the ultimate and original creator of sin and is himself, the very First Sinner in the highest order with his systems (regarding how energy and matter are redistributed, via sin), and so is responsible for it all. i.e. A = C

There is also a temporal error, in that god discovers sin and evil (after the fact), where he/she /it should of been aware of these systems infecting his creation closest to resembling him, or at least, be more careful beforehand.
C = A

Therefore, sin has nothing to do with good and evil, but with a redundant blind obedience, to an entity that (according to Thermodynamics) should never be obeyed anyway, for himself being a defective element. So, being "expulsed from paradise" was the best thing that ever happened to both man and woman.

All could of been avoided by creating a better (simpler) and clearer system. Then, God could be doing better things than being an accountant, counting and evaluating souls, and discussing/arguing/fighting with His/Her/It's lieutenants. That's that, and it's all a waste of time.
After all, this is God we are talking about, and the way He is represented (but not regarded) is like that of an autistic child and his thinking.

(A Thermodynamicist would think the idea of god is wonderful and even has merit. It's the system and situations we put god in, that are ludicrous, and one cannot question human-religious authority, which all deem themselves, in one way or another, "holy" and so are all blasphemous by making themselves equal to god himself!

These people are all psychopaths practicing their own brand of psychopathy.

Beware: There are all sorts of "flavours" in Physics. There's Quantum Mechanics, Quantum Physics, QED, Classical Mechanics, etc., etc. They are all different and tell a different story and history of the universe. Thermodynamics has no such nonsense.

Anyway, the only reasonable explanation I could find for this meddling in thermodynamics by theoretical physicists was in the BBC Documentary 'The Clash of the Titans - Atom' Episode 1, which is a good history of Quantum mechanics (not Quantum physics) and rediscovery of the atom because the producers and writers specifically avoided Thermodynamics! Bravo!
(Quantum Physic's history (as apposed to Quantum Mechanics) starts with Maxwell, Hertz and Planck and not Boltzmann/Einstein)

Its only inclusion is, where they describe how proof of the atom became important in the 19th century because of the need to build better and more efficient steam engines. No one yet understood the dynamics of heat or pressure. So, at first, the then "resurrected" idea of the atom (which was assassinated by the church) was used by Boltzmann (a harmless and inoffensive abstract in a mathematical model) to make calculations and accurate predictions.

Click or tap for source
Religious people, and the people working in/for their organized systems understand little about heat and pressure, basic math systems or even simple choo choo trains, but they took it upon themselves to brand Boltzmann "IRRILIGIOUS AND A MATERIALIST".
I doubt that, according to the video, this was the only reason for his suicide as everyone is accused as that, -even today, and I don't see many hanging themselves over that.
Romanticism was kept to a minimum after that little "quantum leap".

Then, before Thermodynamics could be properly developed, Quantum mechanics and Nobel Prizes were invented.
Well, Thermodynamics was totally abandoned. It never had a chance in that systematized and putrid petri dish, which is now history. It took another century for Thermodynamics and/in all its wonders to be rediscovered (stumbled upon) by an art historian!

What's this?
Look at what I found in the garbage!
Who are the idiots that threw this out.
Look! It works and it's beautiful!

Among other things, we find from the very beginning of its modern history (see Extreme Cold Part 1) that there was already a problem regarding "measuring and calculating", very much like Heisenberg's discovery in Quantum Mechanics, but this was back in the 16th century.

With the exception of "the foremost of mathematicians", Carl Friedrich Gauss who addressed this problem in terms of, "What is "accuracy?" (which is an important point). No other mathematician, philosopher or scientist ever bothered to ponder this connection with reality. This problem, instead, became a playground for business and private enterprise.

The clues were already there, but were never used because our greatest thinkers couldn't think of how to exploit this and make money out of it. Quantum mechanics, along with new ridiculous laws providing protection exclusively to private enterprise, became the money-making system in exploitation of these discoveries via physics as its medium, where this has nothing to with physics, but with Thermodynamics.
The perpetual motion and the forever wiggling and jiggling of all atoms and subatomic particles everywhere is HEAT, —Not physics, a presence or god or whatever. Heat is not a thing, but a situation.

To this day, we hear people who follow Niels Bohr et al. teach about quantum mechanics to what they should be describing for heat. Further, they delight in teaching that "heat itself does not exist". (see BBC video, "What is One Degree".)
They say only energy exists, disregarding that heat is one of the most basic dynamics of energy and is therefore a basic system underpinning all existence. They say only maths can describe quantum theory, yet how does maths describe the dynamic difference between chaos and variety involving movement?
Well it can't, and what we hear are opinions generated by self-interested and self-seeking committees.

To me, this also explains why a lot of theoretical physicists and "communicators", speak about things like "Dark energy", walking through walls, time machines, etc., etc., have that 19th century Boltzmann-like air about them. Too bad it's not also followed (like Boltzmann) with some noose around their necks.

So, despite their inability to see "Entropy" as one of many dynamic systems: The Earth, the universe, etc., are doing fine and will continue to do very well, regardless of any conditional entropy.
Along with the verbal diarrhea, called "diegesis"; It is the systems we create in them (that must/will have some kind of conditional entropy associated with it) that might not be doing well. If they are classically-based closes systems, they must transform in one way or another. There is nothing one can do about it, —even god.
All closed systems that produce power and/or Work, whether it be the sun or a gasoline engine, etc., etc. change one thing, or a combination of things, into another thing, or combination of things. Open and isolated systems that produce power and or Work do not.

The universe works this way for closed systems, where CHANGE (good or bad for us) is the only thing that must be considered in those sort of systems. i.e. Are we made up from star dust from ancient stars or we made up of their nuclear waste?

From this perspective, We find that existence is not a matter of opinion and these created elements, via the fusion of hydrogen that make carbon-based life possible today, are changes in the composition of the universe that directly reflects evolution. Evolution itself also includes matter and energy, and not just life.
This monkey-man nonsense is propaganda and a media circus "designed" to undermine science and promote religion. (It is interesting that they must distort the thing they are against to create their arguements)

For any god to be unaware of Always-increasing entropy in his/her/its own created systems, this entity must be extremely stupid, or does not exist in the way his C.V. portrays him/her/it.
The moment where reality becomes more beautiful and important than faith we rediscover the wonder and soul of science.
This, I promise you, is infinitely better than faith.

So, for example: The next time one hears such things on the news as tradition, culture, religion, "way of life", economy or any other form of trouble or stercus tauri being threatened/created (usually one closed system against another closed system); remember that they are only talking about systems, because that is what these things are.

Those people involved and dependent in/on those systems, who take them seriously, will suffer. The rest of the world, within other sorts of systems, will do fine. (unless they get involved)
People who think and act that way should go to Venice and Rome instead, and there take things like Tintoretto and Caravaggio seriously. This way, one can do serious harm to oneself and others of their kind, but the world remains untouched.
This is the civilized way in dealing with people who take systems over real things too seriously. "Send them to Venice and Rome!"

On top of that, as an individual, it's probably not even your problem where thermodynamics would be very clear and would state specifically: "If everyone took care of themselves expanding their dependence into other available systems instead of other people and not impose their redundant/unnecessary wants and allusions upon others, this world would be a wonderful place".

The world is not a small place. There are only small people taking on the mantle of authority, or of superior emotion and intellect, who deserve neither or none.
Like the weather report, the news only reports and discusses systems and there is nothing to get bothered over except (like the weather) to put on the appropriate clothing and protection when going out.

Any type of Philosophy is just a discussion or explanation of a bunch of elements for some dynamic closed system (i.e. "Programming" or "Indoctrination") and is never an elemental reality or truth.

How deep in the rabbits fur you want to be in any of those systems, will bring you along with it. Fate itself is subject to the type of system one belongs to, via its unique inevitability and no system is any different than some thermodynamic system, where you will discover for yourself that all educators, communicators and authority teach/uphold only CLOSED systems.

Time to think more in terms of the verb, "To be" instead of the verb, "To have" since, "to have" anything in either a closed system, or open system, or an isolated system are entirely different things in themselves and they work against each other, if we are to believe the lessons taught by matter and energy among these available systems.

The verb, "To Be" is more complex to conjugate, but this pays off incalculably very soon, and does not present the problems "the easy verb" creates. 'To be' is also the same dynamic in any system, so one needs not have to adapt, where, one intelligence, protocol or proceedure is the same for all.

There's nothing bad at all with always-increasing entropy unless your entire existence lives in/as a closed system, with its particular technology, and expecting built things to be "forever"; along with the belief systems and indoctrination that support and uphold closed systems exclusively, as the only way of life and existence.
Besides the many beliefs, there are many thoughts and ideas floating around in people's heads that don't belong to them at all, that will affect them and others by lowering the quality of their lives.

Entropy is the only guarantee in this universe that everything that is not free will become free eventually and nothing, including the Pope or Acme, etc. can stop this.

Depending on one's character, attitude and sense of value, one must be negative or positive, victimized or enhanced about always-increasing entropy. "Are they pieces of a broken dish, or are they now good drainage for potted plants?" So, the dish is no longer any good to serve food.—Don't worry, you wont starve!
Save those tears: Break those pieces some more and we have a handy abrasive for cleaning/polishing, or an anti-glissade that may save your neck from getting broken!"

Like the sailor, who works the sails of his ship with the wind dynamically and not against it, and can go in any direction. Life and existence who's wind is time; we must adopt a similar progressive attitude and dynamic about all fate, regarding open and isolated systems and not just with closed systems.
Contrary to the teachings of any religion or indoctrination: Nature demands that any form of existence create more complex and dynamic relationships with other/new things and systems, as everything is moving along.

Just like Super-evolution, we see, that the former dish, now, has a more complex and useful relationship with other things AND other systems. What is stopping human beings from doing the same things that matter and energy do and demonstrate across the entire universe? Why is the closed system stercus tauri that authority teach us instead, so important?

It is actually A SYSTEM INSIDE A SYSTEM to make it so dogmatic and inflexible. Left alone, always-increasing entropy has positive sides too, creating the reasons why we exist now (i.e. stellar nuclear waste), and today can also be taken advantage of, if one has the talent for it.

Now, one can beware when scientists, religious people, philosophers, politicians, etc., are talking about systems, or are they talking about real things and trying to carry you away with them, with their biased conclusions.
Even their discussions on very basic things like, 'Life and/or Death' are fantastic and invented closed systems. They are also impossible to exist and so they are all lies.
All the conditional entropies of/in the universe are more pervasive than gravity, and exist beyond that.

(this sort of evolution includes all life and all things whether animate or inanimate)

The physicist's "arrow of time" is actually an Closed-system Abrahamic philosophy, where in reality the discussion should flow within the idea that elemental entities evolve initially from complex systems (like chaos). From them and their evolution, those simpler systems (less chaos), by themselves, evolve complex relationships outside of themselves.
(Simply stated: In any system, there are always three dynamic elements to conjugate while working together, —Not two. Forget maths for now: If you can conjugate verbs, you can conjugate systems!)

For example: Plants and trees, which have been around much longer, show this flow for evolution (evolving from more complex dicots to simpler monocots). It is their interplay between different species that becomes more complex, of which we (humans) are going in the reverse, which spells eventual extinction for us, if religion, science or lawyers have their way, along with our Id and egos.
Work and energy, because of matter, evolve too where the requirements of those things to perform their purposes become alien to intelligence originating from/in the present universe.

Researchers observe heat exchange in an exotic material

April 18, 2017 by Kevin Stacey - phys.org
Researchers developed a device to measure heat flow at the quantum level in an exotic form of matter.
Pic Credit: Mitali Banerjee
Click or tap for source
We see this evolution with matter and energy from the time before the supposed and miraculous "Big Bang", where/when there were no protons, but there was pre-atomic matter in different and more complex families.
The Atom, can be seen as a system for organization and simplification in the function of matter and energy where complexity was transferred to interaction between different atoms and the new systems they created. Always, Thermodynamics was there, in the before and after.

Intelligence, awareness, imagination, perception, including all mathematics and the value in/of all things are to be different too.
What is Work energy and matter here are other things in the future, and "future" also means "there". In this other universe, time and space will also of been simplified to the point they are one system, but with some other complex relationship with the, as yet, unknown.

It's also very nice to know in advance, that wasteful systems you don't like will all die horribly and there is no way to help them either and what one simply has to watch is what will replace these systems that will need replacing, where we will decide, in advance, whether they are sustainable and automatic (à la Heron) and in line with Nature or not. A = C.

Life is actually quite simple and harmonious. It is also nice to know that the universe takes care of itself and you are part of that system of self-care. It might not be immortality, but maybe something better.
No one's life, no matter how long or short, blissful or painful, is a waste, but has important meaning and is recorded in an entirely different kind of book.
No type of Authority, except for Art and artists will tell you about this book.

So, happily on my way to "Absolute Zero" with my imaginary Dragon, burning every cockamamie idea in science and while clearing the way, I discovered a bit of Turbulence in my imagination.

It just made me depressed when I thought of the road that was laid before me when I scouted ahead because it got worse, just like the story I related about with Robert Boyle and Guillaume Amontons where it was a concern in the 17th century, just how cold it could get.

Here, as I approach The Third Law of Thermodynamics, is a scenario more resembling a grasping of nature's secrets as if Nature was something to be won and the spoils are treated as trophies of conquests and less about those who would approach nature cautiously and respectfully with wonder while It shares Its infinite point-of-views willingly, even playfully.

These people, who make their appearance after 1823, but can be traced back to characters like Francis Bacon and even Plato, whom I feel soil this wonderful story by contrasting so much with those who were and are truly, honest and virtuous in the scientific community.

A Report From The Hairdresser's Fire Development Subcommittee
The Marketing of Fire
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In the end, this spirit and rational of competing for prizes at the expense of everything erodes science itself.
Suffice to say, if Prometheus came down from Olympus, today, and gave man Fire, it would be certain that some cretin would come along and steal it for himself, like a Marconi, and then license its use for a fee, along with the ever-present standardizing committees/communities for those bodies who would regulate its use and decide its proper format.

It is amazing to find that "The History of Thermodynamics", reflects exactly the changes of/in attitudes, economics and morals of society, in each "progressive" period, from the paleolithic to now. It seems that the understanding and control of matter and heat-energy are directly connected to the human psyche, in every form of closed system.

This story of 'Extreme Cold', as we approach modern times, is replete with, boringly-predictable, Tonya Hardingized-based plots and intrigue, without any of her twists.

At best, the evil Tonya Harding gave us a complete a triple axle jump and her name has established an excellent new and useful adverb, or adjective, in line with the morals of the modern times.
I questioned any reason to continue, since it destroyed my original inspiration for this story and the conclusion I had in mind to finish-off Europe's mini ice age and all its achievements and move on to the future when considering whom I have to discuss.

Harry Mudd and Stella Dear
The story is: Originally back in 2010 I was minding my own business and spending the holidays in my favourite place and time, — space. Since I'm a "Scotty Beam Me Up" kind of guy, you can, easily, imagine that my holidays were, contentedly, spent in the "Delta Quadrant" with Captain Janeway, and Captain Sisko in the "Gamma Quadrant" and with Picard and Kirk in the "Alpha Quadrant", or Captains Jeffrey Sinclair, John Sheridan and Elizabeth Lochley on Babylon 5 in hyperspace, and on any other ship or space station I could find. Anything to get off this crazy planet and disappear and avoid Santa. Yes! I don't like Christmas, but I'm no Ebenezer Scrooge either.

It's just that these holidays make me fell violated because they tell me a how I should feel, how to act and what to do on specific dates! (Maybe this year, I just don't feel jolly, or I have better things to do and feel, but that does not make me a bad person.)

The reverse side of this idea and process called, "Holiday" is "Astrology" and maybe it has an explanation for my lack of expressing their brand of "joy to the world!" (Sounds like a good idea! Let's institute this Christmas spirit year-round instead!)
Personally, I feel great and I'm happy for no reason whatsoever and don't feel the need to express anything to anyone or wear funny costumes and lie to, or perform blackmail to children. (Halloween does not have even 10% of Christmas' pathology. No wonder we can't wait for "New Years Day".)

So, during this blissful holiday excursion across the galaxy à la Harcourt Fenton Mudd, running away from his wife, "Stella" by going deeper and deeper into space; of many voyages and adventures, while looking for ships, I found one that floats on the PBS channel on You Tube, called 'Carrier'. For ten parts you're aboard the AirCraft Carrier USS Nimitz ("Never-Imagined-Myself-In-This-Zoo") with its crew during a deployment. This link, Carrier from PBS used to go to the entire playlist, but now you will have to go hunting elsewhere when there.

Of course, my appetite for documentaries is also insatiable. The unbelievable things they say in most of these documentaries are more entertaining to me than a movie.
That's how I ended up discovering that unbelievable science/thermodynamics documentary called, 'Absolute Zero'.

From always-increasing entropy to Serendipity and Augury!

The problem occurred because after watching a Video: 'Absolute Zero', a couple of times I started to notice inconsistencies, contradictions and basically, things that, really, didn't make any sense and the story starts to fall apart and it wakes you up after initially making you falling asleep with this nonsense like some sort of reverse nightmare. Where the "documentary", 'Carrier' is just some entertaining, well-made American-Navy propaganda, the science "documentary" 'Absolute Zero' is nothing but nonsense that treats people like fools where, at my age, I would have expected the reverse situation.

In this situation: I'm treated to very well-made political/Navy propaganda and in another, very lousy science. To me, that's an amazing eye opener.
I, somehow discovered I was trapped in some system within a medium (social media) that, collectively, was saying one thing, while itself was doing an entirely different thing.
I asked: "Where lay the purpose". It now seemed to me, that philosophy itself has its own equivalence to optical illusions!

This was compounded when I did some cross-checking and research: I discovered even more things that didn't make sense, culminating to the part where I write: "turbulence in my creative-imagination". Then, and there it occurred to me (as, simultaneously, the story itself showed me), that turbulence itself had the answer to save this story, while I was watching a demonstration, in that video, of Liquid Helium forming itself into a superfluid through the use of evaporation and condensation and nothing else.

It was an amazing thing to watch the turbulent "anger" of liquid helium boiling and condensing, vehemently, (just like me) in its Dewar flask and then suddenly — out of nowhere; complete, utter, calm and serenity while matter was becoming quantum mechanical and now part of an open system because of this. This became a personal lesson for me and demonstrated naturally, by this example, what can be demonstrated with chaos and turbulence, which all by itself became calm.
It appears that chaos and anything by Boltzmann and his statistical approach has limits and is certainly not universal or "infinite", and we need not venture very far either.

With all due respect to Boltzmann, I'm also aware that he was working on steam, not temperatures approaching absolute zero. Why, anyone would have to remind scientists about that today, is the real problem!

Today, there are too many things that scientists, philosophers and mathematicians discuss, and they don't bother telling anyone where, and into what their systems actually apply! One would think, in this materialistic world we live in, that showing some purpose to some application by/of some idea or invention, would be useful, helpful, etc. i.e. Statistical mechanics = Steam

No! They, and writers, journalists, encyclopedias and historians are so enamored by their creation or discovery, that they feel it should be loved and studied by all, for its own sake. Today: everyone is programmed with consumerism and materialism, so let's make use of it, and explain things to people in that venue, and leave esoterica to the artist, like it's always been.

Demonstration On: The Threshold of Superfluidity
In this clip, Physicist, David Goodstein says that Liquid Helium 1 never freezes, when in fact, it will freeze but only under high pressure, but this was not known at the time.
Here, is an excellent example of, in autodidact, where we can update old research with what is now available and, as well, provides an excellent example in the value of questioning any professor, since we see by history that someone later proved him wrong.
Following history and cross checking other research, is just as good as theory to learn anything you want.

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To recapitulate: The Liquid Helium stopped boiling, but continued to condense and evaporate, as if it still was boiling and evaporating!
What was the liquid helium doing? How could refrigeration occur with the liquid helium not boiling anymore with no more convection possible (super heat conductivity). It is as if the helium atoms were, spontaneously, moving into a new threshold as if they were preparing to exist in another plane of the Universe where turbulence of convection in boiling could no longer be accommodated, but evaporation and condensation could (my first impression), later discovering that heat was now being transmitted without any resistance.

The new system the helium atoms were under, while themselves incapable of differentiating each other (super heat conductivity = no resistance), were still separating the warmer atoms from the colder atoms (evaporation)!

Now, like the story of the broken dish and it's newly-discovered dynamic entropy, we keep mindful of Matter's cooling capacity and not heat capacity, where matter can be, or is responsible for space, too.

This phase change between one liquid to another liquid is like the phase change of one universe to another universe (classical to quantum), yet the Laws of Thermodynamics have not changed, even though some forces and effects were now quantized and every atom "thinks" it's any other atom of that liquid helium 2, behaving like one single entity thermodynamically. (The apex of this process is the 'Bose-Einstein condensate'.)

Well! That's too bad for mathematics, physics and chemistry. Their fault is that they have too many prejudices to start off with, where they make conclusions to quickly, which effect expectations! A lot of that is the fault of, Newton and Descartes, who are dragged into our modern age of physics and chemistry, for reasons that have nothing to do with chemistry and/or physics!

(You Tube has many excellent videos from different sources with demonstrations, in classical mechanics, on different flows [of water] including the differences between laminar and turbulent flow and their causes that are worth checking if you are interested in such things. Just google the highlighted words above, and type: /You Tube)

What can we do with Bose-Einstein Condensates?
Lene Hau's laser experiments

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Time: 03:09 of your time.

In the "matters" concerning the work of Lene Hau whose experiments have demonstrated that light can be stopped and any information stored within can be stored indefinitely within a Bose-Einstein condensate system. This scientist is way ahead of her time. (I would compare her mind similar to Marie Curie's)

Some people have asked me how come the laser light carrying the information is stopped and does not heat the Bose-Einstein condensate?
The only explanation I can give is that laser light can be at any temperature including temperatures encompassing matter that can only exist at such low temperatures. It is used, after all, for cooling already. This light at a specific temperature travels at the speed of light in free space until it is forced into a Bose-Einstein condensate. The "control laser" light used to send the light on its way again is probably much hotter.
I'm an artist —not a physicist and can only provide an obvious explanation based on Thermodynamics. What surprises me, is that people would ask me. I suppose, in this situation, I would be a bridge between layman and physicist.

Lene Hau is getting accurate predictions of the behaviour of a photon in the system she invented to carry and store information. Her system seems to work and so it may be commercially available one day. She's not "proving" anything. Science, nowadays, has gone way beyond "proving things" or Dr. Frankenstein's way of thinking. (this experiment is an excellent example).

The danger of private enterprise versus free enterprise.
We see via historic developments in thermodynamics, that the first destroys civilizations and the latter builds civilizations.

Unfortunately, like the steam engine (which, they also didn't understand how it worked at the time), they are already patenting this technology and its specifications (yes! One only needs to patent a specification!) without knowing how or why it works and call these things "effects" with their personal names attached.
(In the past, doctors would name new diseases by the names of the patient who first displayed it's symptoms. Today, doctors name new diseases after themselves!)

(I'm not criticizing the people involved, but the existing situation in "modern" society. Today, patents/copyrights/trademarks and now, Creative Barcodes are absolutely necessary since if one does not take appropriate action, one would have to pay to use one's own research and discoveries because of unscrupulous individuals, universities/institution, anonymous societies and/or legal entities would take your idea, creation or invention for themselves.)
Think: "The Wild West", where Manifest destiny and the fastest gun is the law and takes all.

They should remove the "right" to patent anything if the inventor can't explain how something works or can be demonstrated as to its immediate practicality since by being allowed to patent devices that produce "effects" one creates patent squatting instead (⇐ Google the highlight because there are many good articles on this.) where someone who can build a better device and actually explain the thing concisely is never awarded the patent.

It is the difference between an idiot tinkerer owning something, who's only superiority in any faculty, is that he has all the time he wants/needs/waste, to tinker in his basement/garage/dog house.
Or a genius, who works hard, owning, developing and controlling the growing work. Society, i.e. politicians and law makers, must decide whether to reward blunderers and/or thieves, or reward hard-working intelligent people.
(This is the big difference between the natural philosopher studying Nature and the modern scientist/tinkerer who just throws things around and see what happens.)
Another solution would be that patents and their royalties would be shared between those parties. One for discovering, and the other for explaining if such a situation arises, which is most of the time.

The way inventions and new ideas appear is always quantum mechanical anyway!
Suddenly, different people, who don't know each other, from different fields, from different parts of the world, come up with the same idea, at the same time. That is quantum mechanics! Hopefully soon, we will have a better humanistic understanding of quantum mechanics, that appears in all sorts of creative and fascinating ways, existing beyond the atom, and affecting life and lives directly. When/if this occurs, it will be Thermodynamics that will lead the way.

The idea of a god doing these strange things, might be colourful (as like crayons) , but is childish and obsolete, because such an idea automatically and unfairly favours one group over another. Conflicts are inevitable and unavoidable. Nature, the way she handles "miracles" does no such thing.

As a species of life, that is becoming more and more important, in both the good and the bad, that has its hands and interests in everything, we need to shed small ideas like gods and learn to adopt Nature directly to guide us.

Awareness is Nature's first introduction to any phenomena (usually by the senses).
At the right time, suddenly, everything falls into place and we understand perfectly because of evolution; Overtime, with endless and repeated exposure from our senses of some "new" or "strange" phenomena, our brains will have adapted and succeeded in making the connection between mind, matter and energy. These things take time, sometimes thousands of years.
This process is not very different than synapses making new connections in a fetus's developing brain. The fetus, on some level, seems to already know about the changing-outside world and prepares it's mind to deal with it.

To accommodate these new things. We discover that even our languages and art change, the way words are used, their definitions, the changing grammar and syntax is also part of this development as a sort preparation for being able to express new things and new systems, that we think of as supernatural today.

From the other side: This disgraceful practice of squatting science and discovery became epidemic with Thomas Edison, where most of the things he patented either didn't work or there is no explanation to the phenomena in what it produced. These things that he patented (all closed systems) gave him the ability to sue others who also got, or applied for, patents for things that resembled his "invention" so that he could claim to be the first. (Marconi was even worse and patented other people's inventions and systems that were already patented by the original inventors.)

Since, the other inventor could explain his invention and Edison could not, and the same goes with Marconi who stole the invention of the radio from Tesla, among others. Edison, Marconi and others like them would eventually lose their patents with the cases they lost which, of course, depends on whom has more money to pay the lawyers to tie things up for decades.

Lawyers, besides being a deductible business expense, are very expensive, but they are nothing compared to the enormous profits a stolen invention can bring. It's a Win Win situation for private enterprise and a horrible mess for free enterprise.

Capitalism belongs to everybody and not just for the few.
Capitalism is a right and is not just economic philosophy.

(Check out Microsoft's exFAT Patents, designed specifically to prevent such nonsense. There is much to study and admire, but Microsoft can afford the best lawyers and consultants to be able to do such things and, for a change, we see something done right.)

What worked great in the 18th and 19th centuries to encourage innovation and invention for growing European Empires, is no good today. These rights and privileges have to be changed, to compliment our times because these laws and rights now, impede innovation and invention.

It would be good for each and every country to review every two hundred years, or so, their constitutions, law codex, bills of rights, etc., because nations, civilizations, traditions, habits, religion and beliefs change, evolve/devolve. There, they can be tuned up to the specifications that the society would require to be more progressive, innovative and competitive, while keeping the original spirit, of these documents, alive.
Human beings are not perfect, but we try hard to be, and that's good enough. This means looking after things. This means that overtime, laws, constitutions and rights are not immune to this protocol.

Economic Masturbation

Whether one is an artist or scientist: Human creativity is lost unless one is a billionaire to defend his inventions or ideas, while amusing one's self with the future and society. All new things and evolution is now subject to the capacities of a few thousand people who are only interested in themselves privately.

According to Thermodynamics: Billionaires arising from private enterprise (as opposed to free enterprise) are just "masturbateurs" and produce nothing. Further, they betray the foundations of any sound economic theory, where capital must always be working freely everywhere and not just be funneled exclusively into private interests and closed systems.

These are the things, involving corrupt laws in every nation that support people like Edison and Marconi and their like with their closed systems, that people should fight over and not some war in some godforsaken land somewhere or fight over religion and resources, etc. because the things you are loyal to, are the things actually killing you, — not your supposed enemy, who basically couldn't care less if you were alive or dead because he doesn't know you, except for what their authority tells them what you are, so they have their own problems too.

Unfortunately for Tesla and others , Marconi who worked for the venture capitalist J.P. Morgan, (like Edison) who had spies and informants in the patent office, could also afford sophistic lawyers and tie up their fraudulent claims for decades, yet even today after Marconi lost his case a long time ago as not being the inventor of wireless voice communication, the media and textbooks for children, sanctioned by society from their most important "thinkers" and policy makers, still say Marconi is the inventor of wireless voice communication and Edison as the "greatest inventor" where these guys are nothing but tinkerers, exploiters and thieves, working for greedy venture capitalists.

Interestingly, it is things like "perpetual motion" that keeps us looking into unscrupulous, no-talent people, their closed systems and their activities where we learn that, qualitatively, the more money one has, the more one has to steal from others. The less money we have, the less we need to steal from others.
These people/legal entities promote systems and not real things or people.

Why do people write down history and facts when they don't provide the basic truth in things? Because education and mass media is controlled and they only show you what they want you to know, in the way they want you to "know" it. This becomes adopted/adapted as one's own thoughts.

What is freedom, if everybody has to play games?
EX: In a closed system (modern society is one), the Game is: Super heroes create super villains, —Not the other way around.

There is no point in patenting anything today, unless you are part of the game.
There is another speech that is much better, from the Joker character, itself, in the movie 'The Dark Night' (2008), when he is getting beaten while being "interrogated" by Batman at the police station. This is appropriate since the police are becoming corrupt, bigoted and militarized in free societies nowadays.
(The latest events while editing this page (2017) in Montreal and in Paris, being the latest examples. Any major city in this world, today, can now make those claims of police corruption, bigotry, and militarization.)

He tells Batman: "You have nothing to threaten me with; nothing to do with all that strength". In the case of both the Joker and Heath Ledger, they were actually destroyed by society and not by people. (In the case of Heath Ledger it was with administered prescription drug medications that killed him that are not only legal, but they are being being pushed on TV and Radio, etc. with commercials and advertising, and by "doctors".)

Prescription drugs are the number two killer in America (copy and paste, highlighted text to your search engine), because of side-effects, interactions, overdoses and poisonings, yet people are told by these modern Borgias that these are good things.
Where, the actual drugs sold on the streets today by "criminals" don't kill as many. If it comes to that, they kill themselves for real reasons and not by "accident".

The only thing to believe in, is Nature.

Now: Teach citizens and kids, Thermodynamics beginning with the Zeroth Law, and the "devil" or any "angel" and whatever they represent disappears entirely, along with their respective lies. (Angels lie just as much as devils do.)

If we believe Nature instead:
By Nature alone: 'If it's Conserved, it exists.'
This is the only criteria we need to determine and define existence! Only Thermodynamics describes Conservation (what can [or not] be created or destroyed) from the very beginning and is not just something we bump into, eventually, like in chemistry or physics, society or religion, etc., etc., where/when we are ill prepared where we start filling in spaces with things like aether, dark energy, gods, prophets, saviours, etc., etc..
Thermodynamics gives us the backbone to deal with any form of perception, system or idea.

There is only Hot and Cold, compression/decompression good and bad, etc., and they and everything else are all completely transitive and controlled by their own form of equilibrium, in any type of system. As elements to a system, they are answerable to themselves first, to work in anything, anywhere. You need not be involved. Just follow what works. No faith is required. no money down. Nothing!

You don't turn the other cheek anymore because they have made a total mockery out of JC. Now, you take the punches and laugh at their face and the harder they hit you, the harder you laugh at them, like the Joker.

Those who claim to have original ideas, "to serve the betterment of mankind", where they themselves cannot explain what makes it better. So, it is not their original idea or research; or they are just tinkering, so they have no right to teach or dispense "wisdom" or philosophy.

Eventually, because of an evolving internet, humanity as a whole will govern itself (more efficiently and economically), without the need for powerful government, or any organized religions.

Leave people alone, going about their business and things will thrive all by themselves.
People are great, not nations, religions or civilizations. All these disparities with different nations and cultures, that all eventually forment any political evil begin with intervention and interference from within, which decide and program local traditional values, morals, liberties and fears, where in actuality human beings are all the same.
It is only their culture and climate (in temperament and skin colour) that makes people different.

I have prepared a playlist for those who wish to begin studying Low-temperature physics a bit more. You can take a break from me and be delighted with a lot of interesting properties of Liquid Helium 1 and 2, in both their liquid phases, in these videos from the point of view of Applied Physicists (where you get the real science). These two links (below) open to new tabs so you won't lose your place here.

This stuff, although alien in most discussions in physics, is important because here we get an opportunity to study Nature in a simpler form where there are more forces in matter to consider. Of course, some would argue less forces, but the key note here is "simpler" that's important and not tearing things apart like a ten-year old and never putting it back together again.

Of course, this stuff is old, but they provide the viewer a "launch pad" to pursue further what interests them and "super conducts" any research in modern times very effectively where you can steer clear and avoid any HS (Def: Horror Stories), that you will find there, — which you always will.

  • Alfred Leitner: Superfluid Liquid Helium (Isotope 4) - (39 min., 1963)  
  • Alfred Leitner: Superconductors (of Type I) - (48 min., 1965) It's important to update Alfred's Video with where he demonstrates aspects of conflicting Viscosity in Superfluid helium 4, in that only certain fluid velocities are allowed. This was not known then. There is a minimum velocity, then twice that minimum, then three times the minimum and so on. No velocity's between these values are permitted, so the vortices are said to be "quantized", therefore, ultra cold follows quantum mechanical rules and Super Cooled condensed matter is macrocized quantum physics. For more related stuff by Alfred Leitner; His Entire collection can be viewed or downloaded for DVD from this link at: 
  • alfredleitner.com and they are all in the Public Domain

All this old stuff from the 1940s, 50s, 60s and 70s is great because you get to update these videos and other media in any format you want and by updating them you learn things and it is a unique approach and experience in learning physics, quantum mechanics, chemistry, etc., because you are picking up from where they left off, but with readily available information to do it, with that has been certified as real and not the BS (Bad Stories) à la Brian Greene we see now all over the place, which is why I say, "Triple check everything today".

Where then, you can connect the dots and some of them would be missed by the very people who work in that field you are studying. Plus your research and updating gets citation value automatically. Do I have to go on........... Do you want to be successful? — do what your successful ancestors did. Become a friendly 'Hunter Gatherer' who, by the way, only worked two hours a day to get everything they needed to feed themselves and their families and no one was greedy either and decided to pick all the berries and fruit for themselves.
(It's when closed economic systems appeared, people had to start working longer and harder hours! They called that "Civilization".)

Hunting and gathering is also an "Equal-Opportunity-Employer" and the sky's the limit in any venture! Humankind can only flourish indefinitely where there is natural growth going on around him — Not artificial growth, in anything, and the day someone controls natural growth in things and/or prevents people to grow themselves, people starve or become impoverished or stupid.

Today, instead of hunting and gathering animals and berries, we would hunt and gather information and technology and learn to create/fashion/develop new things we need for ourselves.
This, would be in accord with a true Evolution.

Click or Tap on animation for other great animations showing Ionic Molecular Bonds.
Note: very important! Pressure is very important for this force to work since the distance between the atoms or molecules are important and pressure brings them more closely together. This is how we can make "incondensable" gases condensable. It is a tricky process between pressure, temperature, timing and vacuums which must be done precisely.
Fair Use
Of course, I look at many videos on the Third Law of Thermodynamics and Nuclear Chemistry, hoping to recreate the links of developement in, "one thing leading to another", including their meaning as an artist could appreciate.
The Liquification of Hydrogen and other gases that were "incondensable" to Faraday and others was finally made possible by the work of Johannes Diderik van der Waals and Heike Kamerlingh Onnes (among others).

Anyway, Onnes work made all the difference and changed history, but credit should not go only to him.
With the help of "slaves" as exploited students, housed in what he called a "technical college", which he created, he provided a set of "blueprints" for applied and experimental physicists that indicated how to liquefy "noncondensable" gases, i.e. hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, and carbon monoxide, etc.

By determining the spaces between those molecules and their sizes and their affinities he was able to determine their Phase-Change, which sounds more like Natural Philosophy and not science or "brilliant work" after all, but a lot of drudgery from his students, but is made to appear, in history, as scientific achievement.

This reminds me: From an Ancient Book on Natural Philosophy.

The opinion of Aristotle on the subject of the four elements was to the ancients as indisputable a truth as any axiom in mathematics and no one dared even to discuss the conclusions at which the illustrious tutor of Alexander had arrived.

The injurious effects of this blind adherence to his views necessarily impaired free thought and prevented all progress in science which was forced to follow forever the beaten track first marked out for her by the Stagyrite.

It is needless to dwell on the inconvenience of so circumscribed a method of studying nature. In her domains nothing is speculative, nothing is true but what can be demonstrated, and experiment must always come forward to confirm theory. Chemistry, in thus dissecting substances aims at unveiling the constituent parts at penetrating into these mysteries which matter, whether inert or organized, conceals from our view, and at ascertaining their true nature. She commences by destroying, but only in order to reconstruct — she separates the elements in order to combine them once more and thus destroys in order to create anew.

— from 'The Wonders of Water' By Gaston Tissandier (1872)

Science today on the other hand, along with government and industry, only destroys and extracts and never put things back together again.
They call these things, "NEW" products, services or things where they are actually poisons and/or corruption.

Faraday only worked mostly with ammonia and chlorine hydrate, more than sufficient refrigerating "backbone" to arrive at the phase changes of those gases. If only, Johannes Diderik van der Waal's "work" had been available to him in his lifetime, which would have automatically given designers and builders of scientific equipment new specifications and requirements. This was because he already had the system of using the crucial CONDENSER on one side, not to mention the experience and intuitive powers necessary for such an achievement.

Things like this reminds me of what Leonardo da Vinci would have done with his helicopters and flying machines if he had known about the Laws of Aerodynamics, but he kept his stuff secret, like Newton with his calculus, including its requirements and built everything himself secretly or hired simpletons to do the work for him.

Artisans and guilds then, would have furnished materials engineered for this purpose and making them obtainable. His superb draughtsmanship, based on Nature, already shows that he had, a deep understanding of everything else concerning design of such craft.

He, like Faraday, were just missing that one essential ingredient that unfortunately was not available at their time and this ingredient resided with the "little people" who know how to build these lofty theories into practicality and make them for general use, if and when they are told about them because these people built toys too that flew among other things, but they were only toys for kids and the rich.

Artisans and workers were so good back then that there are famous accounts of harpsichord and piano builders and luthiers who would build entire musical instruments by hand and eye only! Only basic tools and "the eye" was used to measure anything and they are still the most prized musical instruments.

RMR: Rick and the Royal Canadian Air Cadets

Thumbnail for Video
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Time: 06:19 of your time.

These artisans and guilds had orders to fill from other areas and pursuits and made them available in their shops and workshops which were always proudly on display. They were like the local hardware store of the time or a visual library for engineers where ideas could be discussed in an inspiring and mutually benefiting way.

In the same principle, Robert Goddard got all his materials to build the first successful American liquid-fueled rockets from excellent materials he and his associates found at the local hardware store odds and ends that were never meant to be rocket parts, and the technology and nomenclature for this technology did not yet exist except in Goddard's wonderful mind and imagination.

It's hard to copy or steal and sell something that's not even in the dictionary yet, so he was ridiculed by the press of the time (which is ironic since the media is supposed to inform people about new things and not laugh at people), including the new name for its parts so cooperation for everyone's mutual benefit was necessary and everybody's happy and making research come alive including making and receiving contributions, invaluable friends, colleagues and contacts are established.

This is where colourful WW2 Nazi spies and intrigue come in, where the V2 would never have been developed to its extend if it were not for Nazi spies studying and appropriating Goddard's work, which in another irony helped the allies win the war because the Nazis spent billions developing the V2, —money they could have been put into other areas of their war effort because this investment ended up not paying off the dividends it was supposed to deliver, being that the Nazis were already running out of time..

It is just to say that the creativity of new things are never things that pop into existence overnight by one person, but only bits and pieces of them do with the help of a lot of people. You, yourself, if you are creating anything must remember this.

We see this when we think of something "original" and immediately go to a search engine, where we find that the search engine already completes your query before you finished typing the sentence. That means, you are not the first to ask that question and there were many before you, for a long time, too!

The same is true with things that already exist where there are many on You Tube who show you different ways to do the same thing, or an application, out of things that were never meant to be used in such ways. I'm amazed at what can be built out of PVC and ABS plastic among other things. On these types of channels, we learn a hundred different ways to make fire or freeze things, making vacuums or building pressure, and I consider these channels valuable since they get the viewer to think outside the box.

If you love what you do and keep working on it, great things will always follow, but don't forget to shop around all over the place and look at what others are doing and talk to everybody regardless of their social standing and it's for sure you will find good ideas all over the place that you would never of thought of yourself. It is the work itself that is invaluable and some projects will arrive to completion and others not right away because it is impossible to think of everything at once or know all that is required.

This is why when a discovery or great invention does arrive finally, it's presented by many at around the same time. The sewing machine and the Calculus were a culmination of the fine work done by some great people before them and is just a small example as there are thousands of things that appeared the same way. Newton kept the power of the Calculus for himself and his friends and it's only when he heard of Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz who also discovered the calculus and was anxious to share the calculus with the world for everybody to enjoy and profit from, is when Newton "scrambled" to publish 'Calculus' which ended up being inferior to Leibniz' work anyhow. But once again, we have people who tell stories, write "history" and make "textbooks" for the young and they tell another story completely, for whatever reasons that are beyond my understanding, so I will not say much about this.

To this day Newton is purported to being the inventor of calculus yet we only use Leibnez' notation exclusively because Newton's notation is actually no good and Leibniz also keep perfect records of how he developed it, which Newton did not.

Here, I compiled a list of those illusive gases that finally got liquefied, presented (bottled) in a way everyone can appreciate and celebrate. Toast! and, to your health...
  1. An 1877 Liquid Oxygen: A robust, full bodied breath of fresh air.
  2. An 1877 liquified Carbon Monoxide: A splendid refinement with an odourless bouquet and no aftertaste ever again!
  3. An uncelebrated, but splendid  1898 Liquid Hydrogen ....served in the traditional manner; in  a Dewar Flask.
  4. A Superb 1908 Chateaux Liquid Helium that, when properly chilled, can defy all gravity and lift your Spirits!

The next Important thing concerning thermodynamics was the formulation of the Third Law of Thermodynamics. This law, like the Second Law of Thermodynamics also deals with Entropy, but it deals, specifically, with matter that approaches temperatures of Absolute Zero. This Law was first formulated by the German Nobel Prize winner, Walther Nernst, and has been been fully proved as a result of the Canadian Nobel Prize winner William Giauque's work.

Besides the Zeroth law of Thermodynamic, this is my favourite Law because this is where I find all my entertaining scientific literature and video with the many certifiable crackpots, on the Internet, with I.Q.'s of over 130, researching things like Perpetual Motion. People, like Dr. Whodini, whom I have to say, at least have their heart in the right place, leave a lot to be said for good memory or lack thereof, as opposed to superior intelligence because they invariably forget the first part in the Third Law that says that: "No System Is 100% Efficient".

Of course, we have those who say that Perpetual Motion is, already, forbidden in the Second Law, which is true, but they forget that people doing research in Perpetual Motion are working within the Third Law now, which is relatively new and is a lot more difficult to ignore open systems with.
So, when they say, "No System Is 100% Efficient", they mean, "No CLOSED System Is 100% Efficient" (the Second Law of Thermodynamic). "Efficiency", is another matter or dissertation with subatomic closed systems, or any isolated or open systems and specifically address universal needs and requirements, and not just human redundancies. ("Redundant"; by being a poor imitation of nature.)

So critical First-and-Second-Law people should update their criticism. Which is funny because You Tube was, in 2010, way-ahead of Google Images and Web search when it came to representations of Perpetual Motion machines; where the ones on Google I/W search were all based on the Second Law of Thermodynamics and the ones one saw on YT were mostly based on the Third Law of Thermodynamics.

This situation was so stupid it was smart. This further proves that at least some perpetual-motionists are aware that they live in the 3rd millennium and not the 2nd millennium. I always tell people who laugh at this that this is love — not science and who understands love? Or, give me an idealistic crackpot any day, over any mad scientist/communicator.

The Champion
It's a privilege to be born at an age where a new Law of Thermodynamics gets torn apart like the First and Second Laws of Thermodynamics, where the Zeroth Law is quietly watching in the background. But the Third Law is a tough one nevertheless, and has withstood attacks from intellectuals that have easily assimilated the First and Second Laws of Thermodynamics, where the Third Law holds its "Ground State" very well and is very resistant to attack like a Muhammad Ali in the ring of physics because of it's way for defining Entropy.

These Quantum and Nuclear physicists back in the early 20th century were a clever lot. These physicists whose quality of character and intelligence was beyond genius by the way they established The Third Law of Thermodynamics with it's "reassembled" Entropy and "reestablished" the Zeroth Law and made it, too, a Law of Thermodynamics whose own history is so screwed-up by an intellectual scientific society and establishment of self-seekers, war mongers and industrialists where instead of promoting cycles in growth they legitimize linear unlimited growth.

This is important because it is nice for an artist to wax philosophically about the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics and talk about equilibrium blah blah, and how wonderful it is, blah blah, but the Zeroth Law also needs an interface with the small and practical things in existence that create nice closed and open system products, but don't turn your life and your planet into a living economic and ecological nightmare, like consumer-grade Second Law products do today, which originally, before intellectuals got hold of the Second Law, it was a wonderful thing too, and there was nothing wrong with it.

If one looks at the science fiction written at the time, one will be able to still savor the wonders, ideas, optimism and promise it had and now these same things have been transferred to the Third Law of Thermodynamics in our time and is totally backed-up with/in the Zeroth Law.

The First and Second Laws had spirit when they were developed originally, and when they formulated them they killed them and gave them to the international banks, venture capitalists and the corporate lawyers who work exclusively for private enterprise and never for free enterprise.

It's impossible to create physical or electronic network elements out of things based on Third Law of Thermodynamics and then create inferior ideas and products that affect everything detrimentally from beginning to end because there is no beginning or end with this law, just like in the Zeroth Law.

There is no antiquated philosophy that can reach the Zeroth or Third Law of Thermodynamics either, simply because they did not exist in philosophy, but they should have predicted their appearance and dynamic in other things.

It appears that all philosophy and religion (and now science) is in the business of legitimizing a form of distribution of/for wealth and power and are not (nor have ever been) the lofty and noble things we are/were taught they are/were.

Thermodynamics has become a reflection of each and every individual. People become equivalent to what they think they know or want and create a "being" out of this. Such is the magic of thermodynamics.

From Harry Potter: The Philosopher's Stone
Fair Use
The Second law is for consumers and machine-gun fodder (without it, war would be impossible), who become susceptible to this law's network elements and the philosophies they create that maintain older ones, but the Third law gives a description of the actual dynamics of the universe, even if it was originally intended only for low-temperature physics. Choose the tribe one wants to be with because one cannot have both and whichever one becomes part of that decision, it contains its own equilibrium, where the paradigm and the individual become equivalent to each other.

It is something like in Harry Potter where the Wand and the Hat decided his fraternity. Since this is all energy and matter and the things they do and create we are talking about as the prize, both good and evil are interested parties and will compete for favour and influence. That is the only true division in science, not quantum and classical mechanics who have established over the years many ingenious ways to connect and communicate all by themselves without anyone's help and it is the sensitive and empathetic observer, sympathetic to everything who sees, this phenomenon is to be found everywhere, except here we are not talking about wizards and sorcery, but something much better, which would be True Science.

Demonstration on How Angular Momentum Affects Movement and Position

The Third Law does lead one, unavoidably, to the Conservation of Angular Momentum and here we are talking serious stuff. With this one, you really need to start acquiring some knowledge on Calculus based Physics. This is OK because we are not working with black holes, gravitational fields and open systems, but this closed-system math is perfect for this type of isolated system.

There one must watch out too because in quantum mechanics and in thermodynamics only certain types of spins are allowed and it's how one puts together different particles and quasiparticles where new invention, proofs and new philosophy are created. This can be very satisfying work and there is much to discover/create in just that study and experimentation alone.

Sidebar: In 2012 Nobel Laureate Professor Frank Wilczek proposed the latest possible Perpetual Motion device with the Space-time Crystal which "derive their movement not from stored energy, but from a break in the symmetry of time, enabling a special form of perpetual motion.". Don't laugh; This guy is not only a Nobel Prize winner in Physics (2004), he also is the recipient of the following prizes. The Sakurai Prize (1986) the Dirac Medal (1994) the Lorentz Medal (2002) and the King Faisal Prize (2005).

MIT 8.01 intro
Note: Since Professor Lewin is now a "dirty old man", because he enjoys flirting and making "role-playing suggestions" to his female students, his videos are no longer available on the MIT channel.
From Wikipedia: "However, Lewin's lectures are readily available on several websites. As of April 2015, his course lectures average approximately 5000 views a day".

To recapitulate: I can't teach this stuff, but I can make a suggestion. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (now, other channels on You Tube) offers an excellent undergraduate course online through You Tube on wonderful 'Classical Mechanics' that is now in the Creative Commons, given by MIT professor Walter Lewin. Most of this stuff you might not remember, unless you actually use it, but you will remember the Principles involved and how they relate to one another. The advantage, here, is that you can watch this playlist as often as you want, whenever you want.

You can, also, just listen while the video plays, while you're doing something else because it is not necessary to watch everything all the time and you probably would already know what he's demonstrating anyway if you already saw it, but in science, like in art, one needs time to review and synchronize what one sees and what one learns, and there is no genius yet born who can see and learn instantly and needs his time to put things together by reviewing, rereading, rethinking or restudying.

With scientific or artistic genius, this just happens to be faster for them, but this is always at the expense of something else where they would be totally lacking. Everyone is capable of experiencing Heisenberg or Einstein, etc., given enough time and self-dedication. Perseverantia omnia vincit.

The fact that authority and private enterprise gives away this knowledge for free sets a standard of what a civilized human being needs to know and what they expect from the populations they control to understand. High school isn't good enough anymore, where the equivalence of a janitor in the future, will be expected to know this stuff. This is parallel to my earlier discussion upon the quality of workers and in the future there will be no tolerance for stupid workers that can only do one thing on an assembly line. This goes for specialized white collar workers too. Companies in the future will be more like cooperatives, or very dynamic privately owned companies, manufacturing ideas operating in a free enterprise kind of way.

The other reason is; To understand Relativity and Quantum Mechanics you have to know all about Classical Mechanics first, above all else because both those realms of Nature owe a lot to Newton, Cavendish, Galileo and others, despite their faults and of their time, where in our time, their stuff gives you a solid foundation that will keep you grounded in reality when you begin studying higher things and not deteriorate into what they call now a Cosmologist or a Theoretical/Particle physicist which have nothing to do with Astrophysics, Nuclear Physics, Nuclear Chemistry, QED and Relativity.

Click or Tap to Magnify
Here you can relax and learn at your leisure and explore the Universe beyond what they "subject" us through for their own purposes in mass media. Freedom must always be earned and knowledge is power, but that must be updated too.
Avoid snippets of this course on other channels because this stuff must be served whole or not at all because there are too many interrelated subjects that work together (which I have attempted to do here with matter and thermodynamics) and you must be aware of them working in the background to fully appreciate the things that are going on plus it creates a study bias. Decide what you like and want to specialize in AFTER seeing and learning everything (it is an undergraduate course anyway).

These excellent Professors are to be admired and we have unique opportunities with the Internet that never existed before. Yes there are very good professors and scientists (and yes, thank god, some of them like to flirt and fool around too, privately!), but you have to look for them and so don't expect them to pop-up out of nowhere in your email box or on Facebook or Twitter.

"We are approaching a darkness in the land. Boys and girls are emerging from every level of school with certificates and degrees, but they can't read, write or calculate. We don't have academic honesty or intellectual rigor. Schools have abandoned integrity and rigor." - Julius Sumner Miller

Professor Julius Sumner Miller
In the past, students chose their universities by the professors they wanted to have to teach them and couldn't care less about the university itself. Today this is the opposite where tenure is being deprecated and fake courses are being taught by graduates on a contractual basis, which is turning universities into a racket and not a place of learning and growth. Video will be the future universities, where everybody can learn things at their own pace and in their unique way of doing things, which in itself is valuable.

From here you can either move to an undergraduate course in Quantum Mechanics or move on to a graduate course in Classical Mechanics, — whatever you like, but just remember that there are two types of quantum mechanics: One being QED and the other, regular Quantum Mechanics and the two have little to do with each other beyond superficial similarities. Finally: All major universities offer courses on video for free, or are easily obtained for free on the internet so this is about as much trouble as it gets. MIT 8.01 Classical Mechanics Course.

Beyond Absolute Zero

Or you can stick with nutty-professional geniuses working on Angular momentum. This is where you find, besides Perpetual Motion; Anti-Gravity, Nazi WW2 Flying Saucers, Flying Alien Trash Cans, Free Energy from nowhere, etc. (I don't make this stuff up) and an assortment of wonderful Pseudo Science. Which is fine because I would rather read this stuff than things like Quantum Mysticism any day, because they're fun and their heart is, at least, in the right place.
Here at left, we see a representation of Nazi idealism, of what the Earth should look like after it has been completely sterilized
with their WW2 flying saucers and the entire world is later covered with perfectly aligned cement tiles. Now would be a good time to watch a 70's episode of Wonder Woman with Linda Carter and Lyle Waggoner fighting and thwarting Nazis.

Da Vinci's Tank
I can't stop laughing when I see those Nazi saucers with Gun turrets and in jungle camouflage while flying!! out on patrol — talk about German engineering and efficiency! These things are actually supposed to be tanks, in the same way as Leonardo da Vinci conceived them in his work and have been turned into flying saucers by those with an abundance of imagination and a Frisbee for brains, who think that just because it's round, it must spin and fly too! Sometimes I love people and humanity. Not surprizingly, I have never found any kind of discussion on Time Machines from these characters, which adds to their credibility because only theoretical/particle physicists, cosmologists and intellectuals talk such nonsense: How are they going to turn heat energy into time displacement instead of Work? Or prevent heat from being turned into Work with their machine?

Nature Hater
In the mean time, The Third Law of Thermodynamics says: That entropy is zero for a crystallized substance at a temperature equal to absolute zero, -459.69 °F, or 0 ° Kelvin but you cannot ever reach it in a finite number of steps but only with an infinite number. The almost perfect order of frozen ice crystals changes into "disorder" (entropy) when water is formed by the melting ice. The third law of thermodynamics can calculate not only differences in entropy but the entropy itself in elements and chemical compounds. So, if we want to calculate the energy necessary for the formation of, lets say, an organic substance made up of carbon, hydrogen and nitrogen, we look up a table of the entropies of these elements and determine also the heat of formation and the entropy of the compound. With this, one can figure out the chemical affinity from the heat of formation or the heat of reaction. For most of us, this seems unimportant to our lives, until....we understand that the properties of substances change just as much between that of room temperature down to -457.87 °F as they do from -457.87 °F and -459.66 °F. What's great is there are so many natural phenomena, that, become much simpler when the motion due to heat is slowed down or almost stopped. Reference: From Professor Arne Wilhelm Kaurin Tiselius, Nobel Award Ceremony Speech (1949). (I told you they can speak in understandable language when they want too, especially at the Nobel Prize Award ceremonies, and more than 60 years later this is still cutting-edge stuff!)

See What Atom Smashers Could Do Back In The 1950's with Woody Woodpecker

Now See what Atom Smashers Can Do Today!

Now researching this monologue has increased my awareness of how one's own hair will, unavoidably, begin to resemble a similar hair style that was sported by Einstein. I don't know why this happens and I have never seen my hair resemble this state before. I'll just try to think about it as a natural physiological reaction or event to, an as yet, unknown force or particle in Quantum or Nuclear Physics and not look at myself in the mirror. This force is so powerful that just being exposed to one of its ideas is powerful enough to create a new hair style on one's own head and surprisingly it doesn't bother me much. As you can see; as much as the Second Law of Thermodynamics makes you turn your head in disbelief, the unbelievable world of the Third Law of Thermodynamics and everything it touches brings you fun and delight and doesn't waste any time either.

This New Law of Thermodynamics brings back the excitement that the Second Law and The First Law originally possessed before intellectuals and businessmen got hold of them and turned them, forever, into monsters. The Third and The Zeroth Laws of Thermodynamics must be safeguarded from intellectuals and theorists into perpetuity and never allow them to twist these things into their own image of the Universe.

Lawrence Krauss making a fool of himself and science.
While doing research in The Third Law of Thermodynamics, I came across some new words that I have never heard before that have since become some of my favourite things in this Universe. Of course, I'm sure you would guess, these new words have their derivation and usage in the field of Quantum Theory. Words like, Phonons, plasmons, Polariton, Polaron, and Magnon. These are all a special class of "particles" called Quasiparticles and these things can exist as Bose-Einstein condensates. Further there is a particle that has been proven to exist in only Two Dimensions, called an Anyon.

The, aforementioned, Quasiparticles do not actually exist, but they represent in physics forces and effects in matter (like vibrations) and only that. These forces can only be treated mathematically if the mathematician and physicist pretends they are particles. So when you see things like phasers and tractor-beams, tachyon particles, cronoton particles or graviton particles, being emitted from a "deflector array" by a "Klingon" engineer, we understand, immediately the quote from Oscar Wilde "Life imitates Art far more than Art imitates Life" At best, it's probably much better to read Oscar Wilde than listen to people like Lawrence Krauss who is, only, one of those terrible and frightening theoretical physicists on my list, featuring those that should have their jaws wired shut and fed with a feeding tube up their nose.

I inserted a short with him (above) at an atheist conference, making entirely incorrect assertions about super-novas where he decides to insert Jesus Christ into this, to get a few cheap laughs and titters from the audience; so, you will see and hear what I mean. This idiot and his other corporately sponsored cronies might have Ph.D.'s, but they are not scientists or even philosophers. What does atheism have to do with Christ who was, at least, eye-witnessed when there are more important invisible-supernatural entities to criticize, which is supposed to be the concern of all atheists.

The following clip from NASA is what Krauss is talking about concerning the area of the size of a dime at arms-length, is where you will find over 100,000 galaxies. This, of course, is not true, but it is " an area 2.5 arcminutes across, about one 24-millionth of the whole sky, which is equivalent in angular size to a 65 mm tennis ball at a distance of 100 meters or a dime at 75 feet away." which is much farther than arms-length, and he gets paid to say such things. Well, Perspectives are very important to artists (even the abstract ones) and we don't like people who toy with this and when things are suspicious to an artist, imagine what these people are doing to poor science. This video is a zoom from the Hubble Space Telescope infrared Ultra Deep Field, first taken in 2009. It is a very small patch of sky in the southern constellation Fornax. The zoom centers on the farthest identified object in the field (now since removed from the clip). The object, possibly a galaxy, looks red because its light has been stretched by the expansion of the universe. Credit: NASA/ESA/G. Bacon, STScI (no audio)

Returning to quasiparticles, an example for a phonon; the following is in Wikipedia:
Phonons play a major role in many of the physical properties of solids, including a material's thermal and electrical conductivities. Thus, the study of phonons is an important part of solid state physics. A phonon is a quantum mechanical description of a special type of vibrational motion, in which a lattice uniformly oscillates at the same frequency. In classical mechanics these are known as normal modes. The name phonon comes from the Greek word φωνή (phonē), which translates as sound, voice, as long-wavelength phonons give rise to sound. The concept of phonons was introduced by Russian physicist Igor Tamm.

Here's another one and remember they're talking about something that doesn't exist, but treating it like it does. This is done in mathematics all the time with Imaginary Numbers which have existed from the 16th century, but were first conceived a long time ago by guess who? . The most famous of which is 'the square root of minus one' and without it we cannot build airplanes, rockets, bridges, highrises, etc., etc., or understand waves or quantum mechanics. Imaginary numbers, like Imaginary particles help us understand and create reality. There is more to be said about Zero, Nothing, Imaginary particle and Imaginary numbers then they will allow, so one must seek these things out independently while being very careful and very objective.

Plasmons, play a large role in the optical properties of metals. Light of frequency below the plasma frequency is reflected because the electrons in the metal screen the electric field of the light. Light of frequency above the plasma frequency is transmitted because the electrons cannot respond fast enough to screen it. In most metals, the plasma frequency is in the ultraviolet, making them shiny (reflective) in the visible range. Some metals, such as copper and gold, have electronic interband transitions in the visible range, whereby specific light energies (colors) are absorbed, yielding their distinct color. In semiconductors, the valence electron plasma frequency is usually in the deep ultraviolet, which is why they too are reflective. At right, all the colours in the stained glass, were created with gold nano particles that interact with light in the method just described, if we include the gold atom's electrons in one's thoughts about this.

One day, artists will use other quasiparticles as an artistic form of expression and develop a medium to carry this out like we have done for centuries with nano particles of different elements.
It is now very important to bring to your attention, some very important people who are responsible for making Cold Temperature Research what it is today. Bose-Einstein Condensates are a form of macro-sized quantum mechanics that exhibit their characteristics and phenomena only in certain quantities which is very important in research in discovering, among other things, new states for Thermodynamics and new properties of matter.

The groundwork for the Third Law of Thermodynamics was first laid out in 1905 by Walther Nernst. Later, William Giauque who devised his own kind of Magnetic Refrigerator, where in 1933 he was able to achieve temperatures down to some thousandths of a degree above absolute zero, finally opening up this barrier. Ever since Giauque, chemists, nuclear and quantum physicists have been winning Nobel prizes by the bucket load — and why not? Imagine, working with particles that don't exist (quasiparticles) and building machinery based on principles that everyone can understand that works fine with matter we know exists or with matter that doesn't (in the classical sense). On top of that they make those "nonexistent particles" do things for us that make better steels, better chemicals, better optics, better semiconductors, better processes for manufacturing, etc. Just like as-if we had Frigorific and Caloric particles except that now, they're better and we know the real difference between particles that exist and particles that don't exist and in two different ways! Man was imitating Nature all the time and he didn't know it. The things quasiparticles do can be demonstrated and reproduced scientifically in any laboratory equipped for such a purpose. I wonder what existentialist philosophers have to say about this, in that the parameters of Existence have been broadened by simply examining, carefully, the Laws of Thermodynamics.

This is in contrast to dark matter cosmologists who invent a form of existence that doesn't react with anything, where in quantum physics, they actually have "force-matter" as Faraday would have imagined this, that does react with things and can be seen in ultra-cold temperatures. Dark matter is the modern version of 'The Caloric theory' just substitute the word 'hidden-heat' with the word 'hidden-mass' and there you have your history repeating itself once again and, to me, it resembles more like these network elements that keep popping up in my research that, as explained previously, are things that you can only see on a schematic, but are not actual physical components or dark matter can be interpreted as the modern or scientific version of a Holy Ghost where the supernatural reintroduces itself again because, like the Holy Ghost in Catholicism, you cannot know it, but it is nevertheless there. They talk about it too much like all people do when discussing things that actually don't exist and over-saturate people with the idea, or with things that have no reason to exist, or when people hide something that's actually better so you buy the inferior product first so the same thing gets sold a minimum of two times.

So now, in this story, we are approaching the end of the last millennium and while I was looking for any information on a Hydrogen Bose-Einstein Condensate. This was the most difficult thing for me to find. According to the Video,( Absolute Zero ) in 1998 Dr. Daniel Kleppner and his Team after 20 years of work, finally, managed to create a Bose-Einstein Condensate of Hydrogen. I have finally been able to confirm this time period since this information is buried in a mountain of data describing a multitude of other Elements, Isotopes and Quasiparticles.[6] [7] [8] that have, also, been Bose-Einstein condensed. Once again, we find that all research and achievements involving Hydrogen is never celebrated for some reason, starting with James Dewar and this includes a plethora of stubbed or incomplete articles with broken links for added flavour, everywhere on key people doing this research. Looking for Hydrogen research is like researching the Rothschilds.

You can't even buy literature on this; It's either too expensive or they tell you it's out of print, yet they charge $50.00 for a book by Robert Boyle written in the 17th century. This shenanigans goes back to James Dewar (photo at right) where we see that in the video, 'Absolute Zero' they focus almost exclusively on his personality and character to make sure everyone hates him and I suppose by association anything to do with hydrogen research. They make him appear as a mean drunk and a failure, along with Celsius as an idiot, and Van der Waals as "Van der Balls" when in fact, he won bucket-loads of prestigious awards from all over the world. The producers took a lot of trouble to reenact a time in his life after World War I, to make him look like a moron playing with bubbles and before that, a belligerent alcoholic. There were already problems with General Relativity concerning Black holes back then, so it made perfect sense to study soap bubbles, —even today!
He simply was doing private research, reflection and experiments (much like I do), because World War I had decimated all the scientific and scholarly communities and all his friends were dead. If producers want to wipe this guy off history, do it, and make sure you do it with lots of your own bigotry for added flair, instead of making fun of people, especially when they're down. At best, James Dewar was no more belligerent and an alcoholic than anyone else in his time.

My interest in Hydrogen research is, chiefly, due to my belief in that its abundance throughout the Universe makes it important, concerning interstellar travel, being that it is an available source of fuel for spaceship engines in such far voyages. I assume that these engines, whatever they are, would be based in some way, out of Hydrogen, Deuterium or Helium for their replenishment since these elements, in abundance, can be extracted without harm to the environment of Outer space or Hyperspace. Liquid Methane, an extremely high quality energy source and Oxygen, also in abundance, can also be extracted for maneuvering engines and other things for such a ship. Any technology that can furnish even a whimsical hope that might help me get off this planet, interests me. It appears to me like the Universe is practically begging us to explore it, with all these wonderful elements lying around everywhere. This illustration is the supposed distribution of "dark matter" that has been "calculated" because they haven't proved, yet, that it does actually exist. There are thousands of these "maps" and "illustrations" all over the place of all kinds of hypothetical things that they tell us "have been Discovered" yet they have not been proven. But there is not one single map of the distribution of Hydrogen/Helium. I put this illustration here so we can pretend that it's hydrogen/helium distribution which most likely, would be similar. Hydrogen should be represented as pink, but this is fake anyway from the ESA so who cares? I like it blue. Why would a space agency hire illustrators and animators to show us the Universe? Click on the picture and it will bring you to the source page to this ugly thing.

They stopped showing these distributions of hydrogen and oxygen matter in the 1960's, in the last century, and they are showing, teaching and making more and more maps of things that might not exist and other things that definitely do not exist and people think that artists are bizarre and unstable characters who cannot be trusted. We're not crazy; we are only told to paint and write crazy things or these crazy things are the only thing that are accepted for display and publication. Society is always in the habit of projecting its own madness upon the artist. We're only trying to make a living like everyone else and it's no ones fault if the boss is insane. Here, with this link, we can see a detailed map of the wonderful Land of Oz which is the easiest thing to find and I assume is more important to humanity and our future than a map of the third most abundant element in the universe, — Oxygen, which is nearly impossible to find. Libraries with books and photocopiers, it seems, are not extinct species.

If only intellectuals were like Dorothy and Friends
This proves there is hardly anyone who wants truth, but want their cream puff and ginger bread universe and served to them with a smile too, and will endeavour to build an entire sugarcoated universe around cream puffs and ginger breads and the new Holy Ghost called Dark Matter. This philosophy, overtime, trickles down to rocket science, philosophy, belief systems et cetera and this includes other things of a darker nature which will prove to be the only dark matter that actually exists. Lies, lies, lies and more lies. Welcome to your new fake universe that's no better than Ptolemies system that is guaranteed to work for another thousand years. If it was up to me, I'd gather up all the intellectuals, cosmologists, theoretical and particle physicists, any religious representative equivalent to a priest and put them on an island somewhere where they could live luxuriously, but with no communication to the world and let them reproduce themselves there.

This is a Tesseract, which is an example of Hyperspace. First, clicking on the stereographic image will give you a brief explanation of the unique characteristics of n-dimensions where you will be able to immediately grasp its importance in space travel and navigation which I discuss in later articles. To use these images and see a representation of Hyperspace: Use the crossed eye effect. Gently cross your eyes while staring at it and concentrate on the image that emerges in between the two images. You will be surprised how quickly, "old grey matter" can put this together and see new perspectives and make sense out of it. Now that you'd become aware of this you will begin appreciating 3 dimensional space the same way as you appreciated 2 dimensional space representing 3 dimensions. Now, reach out and try to touch it or try to hold it underneath from the palm of your hand. If you are afraid, let the child in you do it for you.

Here, when used differently, one will find out that one's senses, still, have more to offer than one's intelligence, —whatever that is sometimes.
Congratulations! You're an Explorer! See also: Early 3D Computer Graphics From Bell Labs - AT&T Archives

This Video illustrates what a stroll through Hyperspace may feel like.

My generation; When I was young, space travel technology and anything to do with it, was a serious pursuit and an important career choice in those days, believe it or not. Serious development for interplanetary space travel does not seem to be of interest anymore except maybe in a few obscure, underfunded laboratories and some serious hobbyists. And, I'm talking about travel or journeys, — not colonizing other planets like Mars, which will be a total disaster if they really are planning to go there, like we see presently on the news about this premature one-way trip to Mars.
Sadly, it seems that war brings out the best in most of us and peace does not. Us humans are still very tribal after all and civilization is still just a idea.
Since Bose-Einstein Condensates are the latest thing and its production of raw and compound data in its research, would require the full-time capacities of the latest computer technologies around 3000+ years to properly analyze. That is not including the raw data being generate by the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) Which is now producing subspace "evaporating blacks holes" and other stuff, like they were for breakfast and other laboratories doing other things like Brookhaven National Laboratory and Argonne National Laboratory.

These and other laboratories are producing so much information in themselves they had to invent The Grid (for CERN) to handle it, which barely manages. There are no more new developments for space travel technology because they won't give aerospace scientists and Engineers enough computer time (imagine millions of parts with exact tolerances of ten of thousands of a centimeter working together and determining their reliability), just like they won't give researchers access to any observatory and radio dish time to search for extraterrestrial intelligence, even though money is not a problem. Why? Because business interests, organized religion and society won't let anyone off this planet, unless it is to mine resources on other planets like Mars, because they have not found a way to put a fence around space that would be acceptable so that ownership can be claimed and then sell or license it but you can put a fence around a Bose-Einstein Condensate, certain particles and even bacteria with patents and claim you own the thing where, legally, only you can sell this to other human beings living in society. So it's important to keep people corralled in a closed system and keep antiquated laws and their systems going for as long as possible because you can control what goes inside in the prison fence.

Rock Aliens (Apollo 18)
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Because of the thinking of private business interests, which always dominates, this world is becoming predictable and dull while lulling to sleep dreams, aspirations and courage with their inferior and cheap copies of Nature. Now at the beginning of the third millennium, they spend 7 figures portraying to a new generation, fictitious Apollo missions with moon-rocks turning into spiders or crabs, attacking at will, à la Blair Witch Project, and these fictitious creatures have the capacity to create their own ominous sounds in a near vacuum. Why is it necessary to expand the dominion of the subconscious and its primitive irrational fears into other realms and give them top priority? Not counting inflation, they spend more money doing this today then they did in the past sending actual men to the Moon, and that in a time when they only had transistors, primitive IC's and vacuum tubes to do their stuff.

In the future it will be possible to create a sort of time travel invasion by everyone leaving their time period to any other period in the future and themselves aging very little, via stasis, where/when things are better, until they infect those societies too and then move on the next "golden age" and consume that too like we invade or control nations today. We create our own Entropy and it will kill us if we are not careful by not re-instilling a sense of equilibrium with things where everywhere at all times are golden ages for creativity and prosperity and avoid this kind of possibility and this starts at home and in our education and economic systems.

Invaders from the past would come like moths to a light in the dark and overpopulate the period, either though cryogenics or traveling through hyper speeds. I wouldn't be a bit surprised if this is not happening right now with the kind of leaders we have now and their 19th century opinions, steam punk physics and religions and the sudden overpopulation of the planet that has no reason to occur to the extent that it does.

Someone will have to invent (Apparently this has already been invented, but it's inventor died mysteriously. I wonder why. See: Chronovisor) a sort of quantum or nuclear equilibrium device to detect and perhaps measure this kind of time anomaly because certainly such a thing would leave some sort of quantum or particle distribution signature somewhere because there appears to be a lot of people who don't belong here and belong elsewhere, in some other time, especially with these sudden changes in mentality in all the world's human societies, it feels like an invasion. The problem is that one can only travel to the future not the past so there is no payback possible in this scenario that can be heuristically used as a defence strategy which makes this beyond an isolated system.

Because now we have to start thinking about mass incursions of rich narrow-minded people into the future after they have destroyed their present, who would become "time immigrants" (like Dr. Evil in the movie Austin Powers) and those that are covertly cryogenically frozen, so some time-anomaly detecting device or system will have to be invented to easily detect these human aliens of Time, who don't belong where/when they do arrive whenever, to keep any timeline safe from invasion and exile them to an island with no contact anywhere within the reach of the rest of humanity, like we have border guards today, where instead we may also need time guards, too, but for that to exist we need proof and a decent scientifically-proven detection device for such things which will probably never be developed for a long time.
The other solution is to get rid of money permanently and for all time in perpetuity and instill the other forms of value I have already mentioned.

Economically, it's unlikely that anyone will get anywhere in or off this Solar System anytime soon and do some hands-on research in the Cosmos itself. Aside from monopolizing and controlling influence of government, religious and corporate entities that cannot put fences in space or control new discoveries made there, it's also likely that extraterrestrial travel would make this planet less prestigious and provincial. There would be a loss of economic importance, being that this planet we live on, is its own central hub for such a thing. As yet, there is no protocol, economic idea, mechanism or philosophy or legislative procedure, to deal with an extraterrestrial or create an terrestrial/extraterrestrial economy. The only people who have done any serious speculation on these issues are artists and writers. In all the universities of the world there is not a single reputable scientist, lawyer or philosopher anywhere, who is doing any preliminary work regarding or addressing these issues. We humans might know that we are not in the center of the universe anymore, but our scientific/social/political/religious/economic systems are still built the old way where we and our powerfully rich, are still the center of all the Universe and I'm certain they will attempt to make sure that it stays that way — forever, if possible. Humanity is being sandboxed into oblivion because these types of people don't know when to leave or evolve.
Only artists and visionaries can help.

Lunar Boom Town
The only people who are creating theoretical infrastructure and solving possible logistical problems and putting different ideas together to create new technology equal to the demands of creating new comfortable and safe environments in space, with people from every possible field and occupation, are those ordinary everyday people from all walks of life of any interest, career or profession. Click on the picture or go to the Wikiversity portal for more details on how this is possible for you to contribute along with other lovers of space and it makes no difference who you are. You will also see that there are those among us trying to sabotage this project, so measures are now being taken to prevent this. It makes one wonder as to who's so interested in keeping us here on Earth so much, at this level of development.

It is a learning project that is proving valuable enough to be marked for destruction by some people who are also careful and skilled enough to hide their tracks. This takes knowledge, collaboration, skill and intelligence to do, where people that take all that trouble to look for this kind of stuff and work hard in their attempts to destroy dreams is very interesting in itself, even scientifically.

I myself, do not contribute to this, or things like this or even to things like Wikipedia because new worlds must be built by men and not by madmen. The job of an artist is to offer ideas through his own preferred mediums of expression and never interfere with things directly, except when intellectuals are around, then we come to demolish, not create, so that things are always left open with room for those men to grow in the things they built for themselves, so they may prosper through man's own destiny and their own work.

It seems the meek are not going to inherit the Earth after all, as they don't want it anyway because they seem to already have their bags packed already; the meek know their destiny. Earth in the future may be the place to come for a while to reproduce like the salmon have to come back to their place of birth. Aside from that, The Earth cannot support us and our creature friends indefinitely because it still has a few cycles of ages left to create, where newer forms of life are waiting to emerge, as it has been with past ages which all had their chance to grow up and leave the Earth in their respective times.

As it is when the sperm makes contact with the egg and creates a new life, the same it is when a comet or asteroid makes contact with the Earth and creates new life. The Earth is plenty fertile still and there's lots of "sperm" in space moving about from everywhere and one will get lucky inevitably. This is not an apocalypse, but an opportunity where we understand that the Earth is only a cradle and a home to grow up in where Earth as our mother fed, nurtured, taught and protected us, like all mothers, do where one day we must leave home and make it on our own like all living things do and build a new home. We must not disappoint Her. Planet Earth's only request is that you don't name this new home "New Earth" as we are supposed to big boys and girls by now, as our own existence and the things we brought with us, from here, are sufficient to attest to Her memory in the future, where useless sentiment only dishonors an ideal.

I've always felt that I was born at the wrong time and don't belong here, and I'm sure that I'm not alone. Maybe the artist is the only thing that exists who can time-travel to the past and advise men of the past of their responsibilities to themselves and, so, show those men in how to protect themselves from the intellectual who always interferes with natural destiny. When I die, I feel that I will return to my future, where I belong, and there I will be like other men, and the artist in me and what I have done will exist in my dreams.

Popular animation of Lunar libration with phases
The Moon has rich Helium 3 deposits and with solar power will give us all the energy necessary to develop new technology, which also must venture forth to larger realms where a combined effort with researchers in fusion and ultracold technology should arrive at creating the first self-sustaining artificial fusion reaction. Present methods in fusion are impossible because probabilities at the 20,000,000 ° F fusion temperature won't allow this for deuterium, but with extreme cold physics those probabilities become manageable. With this energy we will be able to safely deflect asteroids if one came around (if we choose to do this) or to build atmosphere processors to clean up the Earth if there is a disaster to speed up the Earth's recovery (after we have chosen to prevent a new age), or even build on them on the Moon to give it a breathable atmosphere with the help of force-fields or build new kinds of relativistic accelerators on space ships.

My advice is not to interfere with any asteroids or comets when we are finally capable of supporting ourselves outside the Earth, as it is not our place to interfere with an unborn new age that which, Itself, has the same rights we had. The creation of life involves not just one evolutionary group, but new ones too. These things are Natural occurrences, where then it will be the time for us to leave this Solar System forever so that the temptation to interfere does not befall us, although it will be acceptable to check-in once in awhile from afar, and see what our little brothers and sisters are doing with their time.

The cathedrals of the Future will be built in space and they will be there to serve mankind, creativity and science. In the infinite expanse of the Universe there will, ironically, be no room for any god or multinational corporation because of the energy requirements for the future as pointed out in the possibilities created by Matter, which demand that we eventually dispose of these small-minded entities who today may appear as behemoths, but in the future they will appear trivial, even laughable.

To get us started: There is all the water we need on The Moon in its poles and I'm certain that there is no shortage of volunteers who would live happily on the Moon permanently. It is the perfect environment to start learning, growing and evolving as space people and we are so lucky to have that beautiful ball only 200,000 miles away as it is the most perfect kind of real estate to sandbox our ideas, ingenuity and will and learn things no one would ever think about here on Earth and get us ready for other worlds for as yet unborn solar systems that will emerge or bring dead planets back to life. Mars is too far for us right now to accomplish anything there, except to exploit people to extract uranium isotopes and give monsters more power than they need. For now, sending robots is quite sufficient.

If we don't go out into space and build new things, then what are we doing, here, on this planet and what creativity are we applying to ourselves to enhance humanity itself and our future, or are we just going to sit around here forever just doing middle-class jobs? Good or bad, we are always at our best when there is adventure and new things to be learned.

Curiosity Rover's Online Persona

We would also need to learn to create portable artificial energy shielding to attract and repel solar wind particles to protect ourselves from radiation. As just said, we should consider ourselves lucky that we have an extraterrestrial body that is only 200,000 miles away, or two days away by rocket that we can look at with our own eyes so that we can grow accustomed to ourselves, as beings, who can exist beyond this planet and have a direct visual connection with our brothers and sisters working or playing there. This would be even more effective if we changed the environment of the Moon entirely that would be recognizable with the naked eye here on Earth. Imagine the Moon appearing in green or blue and with oceans? There are smaller moons in our solar system that have atmospheres, so if they can talk about time machines let's talk about making the Moon habitable, which would be more possible.

It is only the simplest thing to extend this "vision" to places like Mars, even though we can't see them as well, where that can be imagined like we imagine a trip abroad, if Mars is not in the sky. Anyway, when this happens our survival is guaranteed, forever. No more apocalypses; religion will have to find something else to predict. If a planet or colony gets damaged or destroyed somewhere we'll hear it from the News instead, but humanity and his related species-cousins he lives with will survive because we also would exist beyond this rock we call Earth. No one would put all their eggs in one basket unless one is a fool, but that is what we are doing right now by not colonizing the Moon.

It is also important that we build colonies on the Moon first and not on Mars because of its proximity where help, logistics, information, experience is practically right "next door" because it is impossible to think of all the contingencies in a place like Mars and the experience we gain from the Moon would be invaluable as there are other things to think about like economics, making claims of ownership against what is public property, jurisdictions, insurance, banking, health, sanitation, sexual and procreation issues, animal health and their welfare and rights, security, and learning what to prioritize, creating organic compounds, creating new germ pools that enhance and protect life that complete the background for larger organisms (like us), leadership, etc. This way of seeing things demands that we do this on the Moon first and the Moon can be used as a platform for future missions to Mars carrying with it experienced personnel, where space is a way of life and low gravity is a natural thing for them or personnel from Earth can be "acclimatized".

Philosophies and Earther Religions will need time to evolve or die off. For instance: Hypothetically, how would a christian missionary, sent off into space, explain to humanoid-alien life or genetically re-sequenced human life on other worlds that Christ died on the cross to save them like the missionaries did in the past, to gain converts, with indigenous natives and aboriginals everywhere that was not from Eurasia. Well, if he thinks he should or believes he can't, it would imply, somewhere, that Christianity is Specieist. It will be very interesting to see religious development (if there is such a thing) as it will be faced with these new questions and witness how it will adapt to the future. Another planet will allow humanity to create a brand new history where Earths philosophies, influences and values are meaningless where different good things can exist.

Living On The Moon
A celebration of the consumer-grade Second Law of Thermodynamic, but there are some good ideas here and most of the bad ideas can be corrected if we substitute their technology with technology based on the Zeroth and Third Laws of Thermodynamics instead. Further, one will see that we got things right the first time once again, concerning reaction engines, their protocols and procedures. The Gemini and Apollo missions were not for nothing, after all.
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But one day we'll get there.... we'll have to. I have complete faith, or you can say I'm counting on Enlightened Human Self-Interest, but we'll have to wait until this kind of "enlightenment" takes a newer form than the form that exists now. Right now the governments of the world are giving in to pressure from private interests, who want to privatize the Aerospace Research and Development. They and religious entities want to keep people on Earth as long as possible anyway because this is the only place in the Universe that they control, to force-feed us their garbage. Ultimately, everyone will have to be taught Thermodynamics the proper way, which would include the Zeroth Law as being the first one taught, and not the crap they teach people nowadays because people will have to be more self-reliant in space and on other planets in the future.

Harcourt Fenton Mudd goes deeper and deeper into space

Despite its vastness, there is no room in the cosmos for whiners and complainers and parasites, and believers in closed systems and religions and when we start seeing those types appearing, it will be time to move on further to new regions that are inhospitable to these types. Otherwise, we will never get off this planet and we will all die here, one way or another, eventually, and there's not enough prayers from all the popes and patriarchs in all history who can change that. We must help ourselves.

The Last liftoff of The Shuttle Atlantis.

See: Documentary 'Last Flight Of The Space Shuttle' (2011) (the 'Atlantis')

The question is addressed whether an artist should discuss things like Thermodynamics. Judging from this puerile example from David Mackay F.R.S. of how we should accomplish this, I'm amused.

The Mariner's Thermodynamics, Where Cold Goes To Hot and Hot Goes To Cold

Two great powers cause these mysterious movements in the ocean.
One is heat, the other, the revolution of the earth around its axis.
With regard to the former, we must bear it in mind that near the equator the water of the sea is heated to a high temperature on the surface, while at a certain depth it retains an icy coldness.
The cold polar water heavier than the heated water of the tropics continually rushes up from the two poles and as it is gradually warmed up in its progress toward the equator the colder water flows naturally below the warmer much lighter above.
The latter is in this manner driven toward the poles and meets on its way the polar water coming in the opposite direction this forms currents above and below each other or where islands capes and continents make this impossible side by side. [W]

— 'The Wonders of Water' by Gaston Tissandier

In my next monologue, I discuss why Thermodynamics and especially the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics should be taught at the earliest possible age; Here's a good reason why (click or tap to magnify). Here, is a query for a thermometer that led me to a post I found on Facebook (on a Google search page) when I was looking for a pretty thermometer. What I do find interesting, is why would such a debate be spilled over into a place like Facebook by creating a Group? Where I would think that it would be best to keep these kinds of discussions in academia and behind closed doors. This proposal, presided by a Ph.D. from a private institution whose motto is, "In God we Hope" is, all by itself, fascinating.

Who knows? Maybe that's the entire idea, is to cheat thermal equilibrium and make sure it never becomes a system for Work and heat production or generation in any manner whatsoever because mankind, certainly, would never need intellectuals anymore since Work is all that's required to move already existing Hot and Cold around. It would also ruin their monopoly in taking away their position of telling us their future. Psychopathia Sanctimoniam; which means everybody is crazy by letting crazy people control things that are not theirs to control and accepting those controllers without question and everybody passes the blame to either when something goes wrong.

I'm just an artist and anything I say will be meaningless, but I did enjoy this journey and I'm happy I put it down here.

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