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Thursday, June 20, 2013

From Merging With Matter To The Beginnings of T.E.

HTML'S MAGIC: Page 4 - From Merging With Matter To The Beginnings of T.E . - Extreme Cold -

Page 4 of 'Extreme Cold'
'A History and Monologue on Matter and Natural Systems
in Materials Science of/for Energy Systems within
any Macroscopic Scale'.

by GP duBerger

Drebbel and James I
In the summer of 1620, the court magician for the English king, James I st, Cornelius Jacobszoon Drebbel, won a wager, which was that he could produce man-made cold on a very hot day in the biggest building in England of the time; Westminster Hall.
Whether James Ist was shaken or stirred by the experience because of the cold produced by Drebbel's ice machine or from being the first king to experience air conditioning is not recorded. Vodka Martini's did not exist either, so they were not included.

Robert Boyle
The fundamental question was: What is cold? (they couldn't care less what heat was.) This was addressed more scientifically 40 years later by the Natural philosopher, Robert Boyle. He created hundreds of ingenious experiments to study Cold, in what he thought was an important but coldly treated subject and was interested to put the warmth of light into it.

In one of his experiments, he filled a barrel full of water and carefully weighed it, sealed it well so that Newton's then-famous "Frigorific particles" couldn't get in and then puts it outside, overnight, to let it freeze. The next "day" he weighed the burst barrel with its block of ice in it and found it weighed exactly the same.
This indicated that there was no such thing as "Frigorific Particles" since there was no increase in mass. Remember Otto von Guericke? The discoverer that air weighs something? Robert Boyle was no doubt familiar with his work and applied it to the "physics" of "cold" and discovered that there is no such thing, as physics involved any form of temperature with this experiment.

He correctly reasoned that the expansion of water was due to water molecules, upon getting cold, moved away from each other rather than being a substance wedging itself between those water particles and that the water particles themselves acted more like springs.
He went on to write a Best Seller in 1665, New Experiments and Observations upon Cold". Note: Make sure you search for a free copy because this is part of the Public Domain. The link I provide (Google Books) can be tricky, but it's supposed to be there which these days (2015) you'll find scrolling to the bottom of that page, past Indingo, Chapters and Amazon who sell it. If it's gone, find it somewhere else and avoid the 'Kessinger Publishing' company who purposely sell substandard versions of great works from the public domain like they were antique furniture. (More on them later.)

On Boyle's proof in disproving the physical and material theory for Cold, it's important for everybody to recognize that there was no discovery here. Boyle simply verified common conceptions of the times about 'cold', through research and experimentation, to see if they were true or not.
Note: later there were "frigorific rays", but that's another story, as opposed to Caloric particles which weren't invented yet, and that comes later.
With men like Robert Boyle, this is where real-modern science was born; by checking and rechecking everything, not inventing new things, or "verifying misconceptions". In science, one verifies conceptions.

First, it was possible to write a best-seller on 'cold' back then because Europe, at the time was going through a Mini Ice Age and it must have been very cold back then, in the winter, for a barrel of water to freeze overnight in England, of all places. Today, this would hardly ever happen, even here in Montreal (where this monologue comes from), not overnight. This is especially true if the barrel was sealed (making evaporation and condensation impossible) and I come from a country where the benefits of Flash Freezing [2] was discovered which made the frozen-food industry possible.[3] One must consider that these people then lived in drafty houses with inefficient wood burning fireplaces that produced heat at a temperature of around 451°F, which is not much heat. These primitive interior fireplaces could not use charcoal, coke or anthracite coal, which delivers 10 times the amount of energy at between 4770°F to 4910 °F and they also had an energy shortage as early as the 1600s from deforestation, over-exploitation and the mismanagement of coppices. Transposed to modern times, an "energy shortage" is nothing new and we are not "suffering" from any unique crisis that cannot be dealt with heuristically. In those days you regularly checked the price of wood, not the price of oil.

It is also important to consider that people, then, used wood for both heating and cooking which made the logistics of this energy shortage and prolonged cold spell twice as bad (the summers were no bargain either), since they didn't have alternate forms of energy at their disposal, like we do today. In 2013 "About 3 billion people, or more than 40 percent of the world’s people, still, rely on wood and other biomass—charcoal, agricultural waste, and dung—for fuel. The United Nations estimates emissions from inefficient wood cook-stoves cause 1.6 million premature deaths each year."[NG]
Another thing to consider is that it is not just the development of agriculture that initiated civilization, but also fire was a key component because there are many foods that can never be consumed without proper and thorough cooking. There is no point in growing oats, rice or barley if you can't cook them completely. Many people in the past have died painfully eating improperly cooked oats and such things because they expand faster than the stomach can digest them. Of course today, all oats are sold precooked, so this is now an impossibility.

Beer Making
These grains are only supposed to be eaten by animals, insects and bacteria who have evolved the stomachs and digestive capabilities and enzymes to eat such things in their raw form, but these foods are so nutritious it is no wonder we didn't poke around and try to find a way to eat this stuff in our own development and survival. Hence, we learned how to cook, and making leavened bread created from stone-ground flour was one of the first things because we already knew for a long time about fermentation directly from grain, which is how we found out about these nutrients and their many medicinal qualities, like antibiotics which the Egyptians knew about and had special recipes to make it, which have survived to be experimented with, and reproduced today, and also made other things possible to exploit for many other purposes for the benefit of all people, which is an entire subject on its own of which you will find tons of videos on You Tube about Beer and Wine making dating from around 10,000 years ago from many perspectives and involving diverse research with appropriate links where you will be able to make the type of brews the Egyptians, Hittites or the Babylonians enjoyed back then. You could spend your entire life just researching/experimenting with this stuff and enjoy every minute of it, and, along the way, find a lot of good people too. Beer/wine, survival, civilization and prosperity are inseparable.

Johnny Carson talks about an overturned beer truck on the Ventura Freeway
(Where Ed is found blowing the head off the fast-lane!) Thumbnail for Video
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Time: :43

A proper history of Thermodynamics would never be so, if we did not include our beer-drinking friends of our pre-history. Since the real history of Matter Thermodynamics starts from, before their ice age and not in our own mini ice age. The Stone-age people had no conception of energy the way we know it, including the making of fire and how it happens. Their methods, (they didn't have theory or systems back then) were different to today's ideas on heat and cold because they all concerned only Matter, its unique properties and capabilities depending on the particular substance. All their ideas originated, and were developed from Matter not Energy which did not exist yet except as a force delivered to us by some third party (like a god or spirit) and as said earlier, fire was considered a transforming agent, not a "burning" agent.
They could not of known what "burning" was anyway, which is a relatively new concept and is actually programming/embellishment, —not learning, and all the products the fire produced or left off (that were "burned") were used or developed into use for other things and not dumped like we do today.

RMR: New Beer
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Time: 1:05

What scientists relate today is purely a consumer-grade version of the first and second law of thermodynamics and is entirely an opinion that promotes energy as only existing in one way or for one purpose which is where I mean programming ideas into people's heads. Destruction can only exist in something that is part of some closed system where things like property and ownership demand unchanging circumstances to remain of value. This does not exist anywhere else in the universe.

The only reality anywhere in the universe is change for all things. Even gods must change if they are things or systems. Nature does not change because Nature is not a thing or a system, but a Dynamic and only a dynamic can create life among all moving things and systems. What "god" calls a "Firmament" is an obvious lie which can only be a human lie or ignorance because everything/everywhere moves. There are no such things as firmaments. Even atoms are different from one,
t_\mathrm{P} \equiv \sqrt{\frac{\hbar G}{c^5}}\approx 5.39106 (32) \times 10^{-44}\ \mathrm{s}
to the next:
t_\mathrm{P} \equiv \sqrt{\frac{\hbar G}{c^5}}\approx 5.39106 (32) \times 10^{-44}\ \mathrm{s}

ħ = h⁄2 π is the reduced Planck constant (sometimes h is used instead of ħ in the definition)
G = gravitational constant
c = speed of light in a "vacuum"
s is the SI unit of time, the second.

It is just that there are so many atoms, we find that we exist only within the parameters of their average behavior and properties. Not only is that a system, but an illusion and is certainly no "firmament". The universe itself is not an illusion, but (all) illusion(s) itself/themselves is/are a system(s) and can only exist within a/some system.

Normal/natural people, aboriginals and primitive peoples (including all animals) are quoted as: "wasting nothing and everything is used" which is ludicrous, but purposefully makes them look ridiculous, all in order to promote ludicrous economic systems that purposely create waste with matter/energy systems and so are, "less primitive".

BREAKING: Hundreds Feared Dead In Coors Light Party Train Crash Thumbnail for Video
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Time: 1:28

Things are not "wasted" because they, intelligently or intuitively, don't see waste (the concept of "waste" and/or throwing things away is something that is taught and becomes a "convenience"), but something as existing in a cycle (back in the days where nothing was manufactured, including fellings), or something new as a product of the transforming agent/power of heat or Fire (Ice, Water, Air, Earth are included) that they learned to develop into some useful purpose that benefits us with other things or in other ways. Fire and heat were friends and moved "elements" around and showed us new things like we moved around a saw new things. In essence, there was no big difference between us, animals, fire earth, water and air. (And yes they did know about "air") since it's very difficult to deny that it was one of the essential "elements" of/in existence and acknowledged since ancient times.)

Today we have satellites in space showing us this process once again in detail, which is why these satellites will not be replaced in the future when their orbits decay. The authorities scientific/religious don't want people and especially future generations to start thinking. Further, The Earth makes minimal use of physics and motion, but Thermodynamics and movement! For example: There is very little physics to discuss a hurricane, or any type of vortice, but only Thermodynamics can explain them.
All knowledge, awe and wonder, must only be focused upon the physicist and their stercus tauri. So Nature once again, MUST be made invisible and the invisible that they create MUST become "reality" instead, where intellectual, celebrity "scientists", "communicators" and organized religions excel in that!

Such an idea as "burning" can only exist if the scientist "believes in burning" like a religious person "believes in hell" and so believes in some god that is always invisible, even though this god has no properties whatsoever. The modern "scientist" does the same. There is too much proselytization and recruiting going on today and less fact going around.
Neither exist in reality in what's considered rational or the complete cycle of some system. Heat in any form, or method, including chemical energy and combustion transforms matter and or changes its properties and all of these changes are useful or can be developed.

Often, we find that humanity's natural innocence and first impressions are also a form/source of universal wisdom that sets the scene for proper intuition which, before the fact, is entirely in accord with all the laws of Thermodynamics before actually knowing them. Science has become overly aggressive, dogmatic and judgmental and serve only the interests of banks and energy/chemical corporations and the abused Second Law of Thermodynamics is their magic scepter.

Note: I use the term 'Stone age' in a general sense as pertaining to architecture, which is anywhere from 100,000 to 10,000 years ago.

Stone age philosophy: If you are well enough to be able to complain about anything, then you should not complain.
(Today, we have severely overweight people "complaining" that they are "hungry," and we have to feel sorry for them too.)

Before 10,000 years ago, the discovers of fermentation and fire didn't know how to write or count because hunter-gatherers only needed to work two hours in a day to find food and that was their workday a few days a week, which you will find, today, with aboriginals who still live in the stone age and is also still doing well with the best professors in any university, who tell their students on 'welcome to coors course' day that explains the course that is being given, "I'm available at my office to answer any questions any time...... from 11 to 1 on Tuesdays and 11 to 1 on Thursdays".

In this system for sustenance and survival in the Stone age, there's nothing to write about or needed to be counted or recorded, as survival was all a routine anyway and part of some cycle.
In the hunting and gathering system, everything new was learned by watching and observing reality and that was the news besides talking about it to others and everyone had adventures to tell or talk about.

Once was enough and good and bad events happened one-at-a-time, in step, and reality wasn't like it is today with the senile-dementia ridden media, making it overlap into other realities by repeating things over and over, like today when they show planes crashing into buildings 10,000 times, over and over, while any other existence and real reality is preempted; or by "learning" the same news item from 10,000 different media disseminators which now, on top of that, includes your "Friends", "Groups" and "Followers" of your social utility/network to inundate you with their views.
Can you imagine the mess if Facebook or Twitter existed during 911?

Life was like a dream; It never repeats itself, or it is a continuation from a last dream yet everything is familiar, but new at the same time. Our dreams while we slept were our teachers, in their symbolic ways, and still are if we listen or conjugate them or their feeling when we wake. The rest of the time was for partying, painting, singing, playing music, making crafts, exploring, telling stories that were handed down, playing games, practicing and working on their skills, cosseting and looking after their kids, etc. These assorted activities are the things we know about them today, and it's the same for good professors who spend the rest of their time in their office doing research (hunting and gathering), writing papers, receiving visiting colleagues and looking/discussing each other's work/research and cosseting their kids.

It wasn't at all a bad life, or a harsh existence, like intellectuals infer it to be, just because it is not up to bourgeois standards, which happens to not be the only way to be happy, be creative and do lots of work and "being" poor, middle class or rich only means those members belong to a system and manipulate all other systems, objects or locations for their own purposes. So long as one "belongs" to any philosophical team, they will never really understand, or even feel, things like Humanity, Matter, Art, Music, Physics, Thermometers, Relativity or Quantum physics, etc., and there are no mathematical, or even poetical expressions in their universe's that can fully compensate to be equal to these new philosophies that have a direct effect on their daily lives, and so only politics, avarice or opinions exist. "The historic mission of the proletariat consists almost entirely of momentary interests"
- Harry Palmer, from 'The Billion Dollar Brain' (1967)

To understand and acknowledge the higher awareness's, one must be free, the way Nature intended us to be, where it is encoded in our DNA to be curious and resourceful and not exist only as taxpayers and consumers, where in this state of being; chaos and infinities, themselves, are a means to discover the hidden meta-truths of/in the Universe through the apparent "confusion" they invoke. "When there's something that doesn't work properly somewhere, it is because there is something else, so-far unseen, that does not work, where the "error" actually points one in the right direction to find that unseen thing and not blame something directly in what they call the "news" today, but instead things (and numbers) were self-navigating (step method) and pointed always to the truth where by if one looks carefully, one will always find a third system somewhere in the manner of the way we would know philosophy by way of the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics and that is what was considered the "news".

Nature has It's own narrators and news anchors if one tunes into silence and then listens.
As for metatruth, it is a given that not everything can be physical and this we know scientifically when we get to quantum levels or go beyond relativistic space/time which scientific philosophy is incapable of dealing with except through making new definitions of definitions of definitions.

Paleolithic man didn't need to book keep and write things down to keep records and what science they did have is still the Queen of all Sciences; 'Astronomy', and instead of recording things to predict things, or creating any math systems beyond Step methods to predict things, they built gigantic indicators, instead, to do this to reach the heavens, which function exactly as geometry, mathematics and as computers would, which today also need a developed and appropriate language to process and retain any information where these ancient devices didn't need this at all, or it was with the human inside these monument/devices who was the memory and processing part for this computer/monument after acquiring the astronomical data the stone-age man found there, where then this information was brought back home.

As a "Matter" of fact, the less blah blah there was, the more accurate the predictions were. These architectural machines/temples made from stone demanded Silence as a sacrifice and especially when they were working; when a human was inside 'merging with it'. If Nature would be a deity, it too would demand Silence as a sacrifice on any of its altars. So I'm talking about ancient humankind or humanity merging with matter as a philosophy and way of being and as an attitude towards everything.

The other nice thing about Matter is that it neither produces nor tolerates interference in any way, shape or form. Lies or faulty data was self-evident or axiomatic and did not need a team of investigators, intellectuals and lawyers to find truth. It is only since we switched to energy systems exclusively that we suddenly needed lawyers, priests, investigators, police, authority and intellectuals and gods/god, who are all famous for making noise and talking too much for no reason whatsoever.

Where any errors that were found to be evident, this was always unquestionably attributed to human error, incompetence, lies or talking too much, where there was no possibility for blame elsewhere.
Anyway, these Stone age computers were, obviously, the most energy efficient (zero entropy is produced), less troublesome and quietest computers in existence whose output could never be questioned. They also still work perfectly. 'Their view of the Universe in the Stone age, as seen in devices like this would make impossible, the perishable theoretical/particle physics and cosmology because these devices were entirely rational and completely automatic entities plus, you had to be merged with them in the most perfect type of existential representation that forms the higher consciousness.

Finally: back then, we moved stones and put them in special places on land to build computers and today we move atoms and put them in special places on semiconductors and build computers, but if this was done as a thermodynamic matter system and not with a matter/energy system we would have better computers, which some scientists and developers are coming back to.

The Following Is Not For The Faint Of Heart, But Is A Lot Better Than What Today's Cosmologists and Theoretical/Particle Physicist Have To Say. (Which should be giving you are heart attack!)

Traveling By Merging
Thumbnail for Video
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Time: 1:21

In a way, "space travel" already existed back then, where when you "merged" with these things, they were like space ships, exploring, mapping and navigating because with "Matter Science", distance and speed are irrelevant and today the same idea and feeling can be reproduced in a way in the Planetarium, as beautifully expressed in this clip.
It is creating a connection with the Universe that is important — not acquiring or fighting-over, owning, putting-a-fence-around, controlling or licensing the Universe, or anything else for that matter.
Put a fence around anything or say, "This is mine", almost instantaneously the laws of Nature according to Newton come in to regulate your behaviour and your power, and the Laws of So and So for something else, and so on and so forth, and people for some reason loves laws, rules and regulations, especially if they are superfluous and/or unnecessary as if existence required some pre-processor like the invention: Sass (Syntactically Awesome Stylesheets) for CSS where physics would do the same for Thermodynamics. We are human beings, —Not Prussians.

Laws are only required in closed systems; all other systems use Thermodynamics instead, and all closed systems are ultimately answerable themselves to Thermodynamic laws, their physical/chemical laws wherever they are notwithstanding. Thermodynamics is "Alpha and Omega at the same time" for anything one could imagine or realize and nothing comes before or after it.

Remove fences, or don't put them in anywhere and watch Nature's Thermodynamics bring you anywhere instantaneously like a magic carpet ride since Thermodynamics precedes any of the laws of physics which will be demonstrated later to profound effect.

Beyond even space travel: Since you are in zero dimensions, when you merge and use these ancient observatories, you were already part of "Heaven", so there was no need for religion or amusement like we need today. Today, people do everything and live out there lives in boxes, but are not merged with anything and take these things very seriously and separate, where the door is opened for judgement and prejudice, which would be impossible with merging.

A problem which all art poses is the evaluation of its distance from its source. Here the distance is not to be established between a work and a geographically or historically determined source, but with spiritual sources, so distant and deep, so fabulous, that they are comparable only to those which inspire a mystic or a musician. It is their nature to be secret, and it is not possible for us to force that secret.

- From "Vasily Kandinsky, 1866-1944 : a retrospective exhibition - January 25 to April 7, 1963 Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum Library and Archives

 Superluminal Motion
Superluminal Motion
Besides, and on a related subject; Superluminal Motion (first observed in 1906) is possible with Matter and with thermodynamic matter systems, as has been observed with Microquasars, among other things, which is not possible with energy systems alone. This system also produces antimatter.VTP Space-time, in a manner of interpreting, is "shattered" along with those rules that govern space-time, along with all the relativist theories we know of so far. As we already observe unusual time anomalies in quantum mechanics and its subspace, we find the same phenomena hyper-energy and hyperspace.

As usual, theorists say that this is an "optical illusion" but then we may ask what's the illusion, and why only there? The entire Universe can be an illusion if you want, or a god's handy work, whatever you want or feel like. There we would be dealing with energies and states of matter that are beyond our comprehension so far, and instead, 99% of so-called scientists working on this stuff dismiss this instead, as calling this "an optical aberration" that is caused by something "unknown" so far, which is a non-sequitur, which they won't even bother to investigate because either they are afraid of other scientists, who belong to boards and committees laughing at them, or it will disrupt their adopted soviet-era pet theories, that are worth nothing, that they've lived off all their lives with government or corporate grants or there is a line to toe dictated by the powerful who prevent scientists and mathematicians from expressing their imaginations and instinct.

On other matters: What about the accelerating expansion of the Universe's Matter, space and time that surely must be super-relativistic out in that beyond-field? These things (quasars) simply release the energy equivalent to several billion super novae in a highly focused beam.
One day, we will be able to tap into these type of systems and travel beyond the speed of light because it would impossible for many reasons for us to built engines that could handle so much power, but we could build devices that can exploit this already existing energy.
Let's start here on Earth first, which our ludicrous technology and energy systems and make some much-needed improvements which are in accord with more fundamental laws of Thermodynamics (while we still can) and use the Second Law of Thermodynamics in the way it's meant to be used.

See: Cosmic Journeys : The Largest Black Holes in the Universe. We see evidence that in/with higher energies involved the more organization exists (endothermically speaking), which at a certain point becomes a field that creates a threshold which contradicts chaos (as interpreted in physics) when considering thermodynamic systems. C
We now know that Boltzmann's idea of "order going to disorder" is stercus tauri because there are exothermic and endothermic processes and systems, working together, to make this form of patter and idea-making non-existent. (They are creating something out of nothing like religion does) So whenever any scientist mentions, "Boltzmann" and/or "Statistical mechanics", we know we are listening to unadulterated Bullsh*t. For this to truly exist as a thing or system, there would be needed a board or committee to actually state where "disorder" actually begins quantitatively, or has an independent effect.

We simply just would not be able to see it because if the photon is moving faster than light in a presently unknown construct of energy/field, the wave certainly is not, and never will nor can it exist in that kind of field of Matter in the limited number of states matter is allowed as in 4 dimensions. What we probably see is a subharmonic of that light as energy, but the matter itself is not there and the position of its left-over energy beam is only relative to superluminal motion. (This subharmonic, being the emission of a photon that is no longer part of our dimensional-universe system. Only its wake or shadow exists for us to see.)

The entire thing would be more quantum mechanical, and perhaps something else and have nothing to do with waves and information between photons and other subatomic particles the way we know these things now and would be something entirely different, but probably would do a similar function. A quantum jump of electrons to another energy level may be the movements of matter in subspace at superluminal speeds, which could explain why they "disappear" between jumps yet the mass remains constant, and energy/power physics is incapable of explaining or controlling, but these thing can now actually be measured.
With the evidence that light is both a wave and a particle depending on the field and it's frequency we find that it is always heat energy that defines existence and it's many forms and properties!
It is evident that cocktail/celebrity scientists, intellectuals and cosmologists don't talk to experimentalists and this fine 'tradition" began acutely with Carl Sagan. Today we have "communicators" that don't even read history, but invent connections like Brian Greene does.

Detecting Compressed Gamma Emissions (Fictionalized)
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Time: 3:34

There is also the nature of the wave itself were it becomes so compressed at a certain high frequency that it would push itself out forward creating a new type of field to accommodate this level of energy, expanding where the wave containing matter (photon) is then traveling faster than normal light and this would (equivalently speaking as per Thermodynamics) balance the effects of the increasing expansion and acceleration of the universe, which has the effect of stretching everything back to normal space/time. Here we see another transitive relationship between heat and relativity from another corner. Dynamically speaking and forgetting physics for 2:00 minutes: If the universe itself is accelerating and expanding this means a field exists where one can travel faster than light.

Here, we would be conjugating a part of the Universe that has "infinite" probabilities multiplied by "infinite" speed so waves of energy, substance or forces in, so far, unconjugated fields, of our beloved energy physics, would be impossible since there can be no crowding, or be something that resembles the reverse of probabilities, but not necessarily "Order". There would only be movement like the ejection of particles from a quasar where the angle of this ejection seen by us would be its "impossible" motion. What works great as physics for explaining coal-fired steam engines is not supposed to work well for black holes (thank god), yet this is the science, logic, closed systems, symbology and standardized mathematics they use to tell you what the universe is all about.
Let's not forget that science, like religion, has a bad habit of naming and classifying things that don't exist, as already explained in my brief intro into astrology, which was the beginning of this practice.

I may be wrong with this description of matter at warp speed, but I think my thermodynamic approach is better than the Judeo-Christian homogenized closed-system physics that popularizers and communicators discuss because here we are discussing "infinity" as an open/isolated concept at magnitudes where anything is possible, including "Nothing" which itself is possibly just another state of matter. Thermodynamics allows us to think in those fantastic magnitudes and enjoy the ride because there are no absolutes except absolute-change, which translates as, "Dynamics".

Anyway, this is more fun than wielding Einstein's Relativity, (where it does not belong, along with their version of Empiricism) like they wield the First Law of Thermodynamics today: Like the Bible or the Koran and we don't go around calling physical observation, "optical illusions" especially if we can observe phenomena perpendicularly and otherwise where on the other end they would say things like, "counterintuitive" as if they knew philosophy, and let's not conveniently forget Heisenberg and Gauss in what they would have to say.

It would be more constructive to research, where in the Universe, this matter/energy ceases to be in superluminal motion, and in this we have beautiful breadcrumbs to follow, or at least something real to do some preliminary research there, rather than using dogma, pithy explanations and/or excuses that are unworthy of the scientist, especially when these questions, and way of approach to answers, are not to the artist.
The Universe, and it's propensity for making all move below the speed of light is a natural reaction to a black hole's propensity to make things move faster then the speed of light.

Metaphysically speaking: This is also where we know, or could imagine that Absolute Zero does exist. It exists in an object that converts energy into matter, and matter itself is stripped of all entropy, where the less disordered does not go to the more disordered because this type of system cannot exist there, where somewhere at its core, gravitation is so strong, it stops all motion and vibration with any particle, nor can any particle be made to appear and disappear.

Absolute 0 by xyking
This is where Absolute Zero exists naturally as a sub-system, which is with matter that cannot contain any heat in any thermodynamic system or have any conditional entropy, yet be the most powerful substance in the Universe and this substance is at the core of any Quasar or Blazar and sends jets of this pure Matter and antimatter out faster than the speed of light. Once matter is "contaminated" by entropy from the outside, it can no longer travel faster than light, where with nuclear antimatter (antiprotons) that's another story which has to do with the so called Arrow of time, as a condition for existence since superluminal antimatter is a closed system, since there is no reverse or anti entropy (antimatter does anti things which can be observed everywhere in quantum mechanics like, for example, time going in two directions simultaneously) and this speculation applies only to superluminal antimatter produced by these objects, but this also may explain where and why antimatter disappeared or gets converted into matter besides our dark matter/energy problem.

The universe only moves in one direction (which is out and beyond) and this dynamic comes first before anything hence why we have matter whose subatomic particles only spins in one direction and the electron's quantum jumps that swallow or release a photon functions only in one way and not the other way and not anti-dynamic which true anti-matter must have as a property. Nature does not serve anything in half or selective measure.

Not only is our universe composed of 99% of matter we can't see, but with types of forces and energy we cannot feel, but can only exist in. Here, we may begin acknowledging the transitive states of life/existence and feeling/thinking and they are different for everybody (and forms of life) in the size of their cycles and in their movements, including their scales of degrees. We exist in a sea of already existing energy emitted/created from matter that is mostly still in superluminal motion.
Not only do we exist with only around 4% of all the matter in the Universe, because of its motion/movement, but we are affected by fields and forces of 96% of matter we cannot see or know because it is moving too fast for us and we are bathed in this energy field.

This is why "warp drive" as an energy-propulsion system cannot exist because matter/antimatter moving superluminally would itself change properties and not act like regular matter/antimatter if we remember our Galileo and Einstein. The idea itself is sound since it focuses on the creation of massive amounts of energy to create a "warp field", but thermodynamics states that the properties of matter and energy themselves would change and not do the things we are accustomed to experiencing or expect. What would be required is a system to accomplish this in research and through a working system we can find the proper configuration of matter, energy, and frequency to accomplish this.

Of course, if private enterprise is still around by then instead of free enterprise, they would stay with the wasteful experimental system to increase profits where that thing is only supposed to be a tool for research. I say this because this is how banks and multinationals arrest all technology and patent ideas that are not meant to be used immediately (and others they put on the shelf for later use like the 19th century Hydrogen Fuel Cells) and are only supposed to be tools to arrive at the proper device or technology that is safe to use and clean, of which I will show many examples in this monologue. For now, we can use the first nuclear piles or the first atom/thermonuclear bombs as excellent examples of wasteful patented systems that are sold to the public as inventions or real things where they are only complicated systems that are not developed matter-wise which conform to thermodynamic standards/cycles like they are supposed to be. Science itself has no standards and it will need to move from outside human standard bodies to Natural Thermodynamic standards brought to us by Nature.

The corporate lawyer is instrumental in maintaining this corrupting system of propriety ownership of ideas that are supposed to be developed, not exploited and used immediately in industry, or the control of the development of entire industries, which is initiated by the venture capitalist and/or investment banker who only approve investments/loans for systems that are inherently in their infancy and apply them inappropriately to technology exactly because they are wasteful, destructive and inefficient because they are only working systems and will never invest into their further development that would make them thermodynamically logical. If legislators/bureaucrats in the EEC understood the basics in thermodynamics, they would not need their inefficient bureaucracy and interfering and or contradictory controls over anything and everything that concerns trade and the European economy.

Any economic crisis could be alleviated by simply abrogating all patents that are systems and not things and that they must conform to the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics and in the way the alchemist produced his version of chemistry where things were or could be returned to how they were originally and legislate the power of individuals or corporations the exclusive rights to only provide or license a service for a given amount of time and not own a part of Nature.
After expenses, the benefit created for humankind should be its own reward otherwise we are just a mercenary species of life living for fiat and fake paper money in a closed system instead of real life and existence in all systems.

This way when their system is lousy someone else who comes up with something better can compete and not be considered a "patent infringer", while encouraging free enterprise. One would be surprised how fast a failing economy would turn around and improve and is infinitely better than making war, which the usual cure for a failing economy to implement among other nonsense.

For example: The entire American-Vietnam War (1959 to 1975) financed the entire Gemini and Apollo space programs that put the Americans on the Moon. I mean: That's a pretty long time to have a war nowadays in such a small area, so something else was going on that's not on the "official" news and history, but we can rest assured that it had to do with profit.
Also, there are far more effective means of dealing with "Communism", than making war.

On the last page, we already saw the biggest patent infringers, which is to say that places like Google and Apple, who are listed there, simply know better what to do and know how to develop and market these formerly-useless patents because if the patent holder knew what to do with his invention he wouldn't be spending time bringing everyone to court as he/she would have better things to do. The problem is that not everyone is a billionaire to pay a pool of corporate lawyers full-time to deal with this created problem that should not exist in the first place.

As for nations: Any nation by itself, or by virtue of some commonwealth should be able to be self-supporting too and not always depend on trade to rightfully call itself a nation. These countries that depend on trade entirely, are no better than the Mongolian Hordes because they send armies to foreign countries to monkey around with markets and pillage foreign resources.

Utilizing Patented Undeveloped Systems Instead of Developed Thermodynamic Systems
Utilizing patented undeveloped systems and calling that, "technology" instead of efficient non-polluting Thermodynamic Systems that would of been created out of those working systems. Systems are only meant to get "ones foot through the door" to arrive at higher, better and more self-sustaining things and philosophy Thumbnail for Video
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Time: 4:17

This even exists in science fiction with the "Malon" in Star Trek Voyager who use antimatter to power their civilization, but for them it only exists as a system and was never perfected dynamically and thermodynamically with matter so they go around dumping their poisons all over the galaxy that should not exist in the first place.
Captain Janeway and the engineer B'Elanna Torres show the Malon how to produce even more energy using antimatter with zero toxic emissions, but that is rejected because it would be bad for" business", while missing the point entirely that energy is produced already which can be used for many different things or converted into many different things, especially the energy that is not being used immediately, and nature will even store in matter for a while since there are many ways to manipulate the form and/or process of thermal equilibrium to anyone's, anything's advantage.
Energy, the way it is taught and exploited by science and business is a total con job.

To recapitulate: There is no reverse or anti-entropy so the missing antimatter in the universe exists superluminally and we can't detect it yet since we are not fast enough. In fact we may discover one day that there is actually more antimatter in the universe than matter in another magnitude and energy level which may solve our "dark energy" problem where we will discover that the "negative gravity" of this form of matter/energy is more a thing involving the physics of superluminal matter/antimatter affecting sub-luminal-speed physical laws and relativities.
Somewhere there has to be some connection with/within all these things just described which is the mathematician's or Theoretical physicist's job to find and not go around inventing new things that are unprovable.
An artist, on the other hand, can use his imagination and report his findings because these things are not actually important and should not be taken seriously. By the time we do find an answer to everything the Universe itself will of changed, not to forget us as well.
The wake and/or effect of negative gravity exists; Do we go around ignoring the physical things that demonstrate these wakes (making the universe itself an illusion or an unexplainable phenomenon) or do we create excuses and call the things we don't understand yet: "Optical Illusions" or "Counter-intuitive".

If there was ever a time where we needed more Natural philosophers (who specialize in disproving things), it is now.

A "goood" kick in the butt and a slap across the face to any authority that ignores Thermodynamics wouldn't be bad either!
The Natural philosophers suddenly made their appearance out of the blue because societies then were saturated with horse manure-like ideas and theories about Nature and life and today we are approaching the same conditions. I'm just sounding the bell. (Ding-a-ling ding-a-ling it's feeding-frenzy time!)

Regardless, we can come out with other plausible theories, but what is more important is here we see a connection with Thermodynamics and matter, its ever-changing properties and its physics and all other theories would have to include them together and not divide and separate these important subjects. The one thing that is certain is that there is no shielding or system of shielding to protect from gravity nor is there to any form of relativity, and matter will act accordingly and change state according to that relativity it so exists in. Thermal Equilibrium comes later and is the only thing that's equivalent to any "force" of gravity or relativity.
Even black holes and such related phenomena must answer to Thermal Equilibrium in one way or another, but the "Laws of Physics" and mathematical "proofs" can go to hell.

For example: It is very simple to explain Inertia when using principles only existing in Thermodynamics.
We have a rock at rest and it likes to stay that way. Well, imagine those atoms the rock contains and all the electron within it are spinning around their nucleus. Mechanically, we have contained within that rock trillions of independent gyroscopes, each one spinning in a different axis. Try to move the rock and it is like moving one gyroscope; it will push back. That is Inertia and the movements of electrons are a form of Heat.

One cannot fool matter and matter does not go around fooling people. Only people fool other people (celebrity scientists, lawyers and priests) because even the ancient Greeks knew about atoms from different ways of observing matter.
It may be altogether reasonable to assume that atomic matter and antimatter are not explosive when combined at superluminal relativistic speeds and these types of matter take on completely new ideas of form, substance, heat and energy that at present, only the imagination may touch upon, but certainly involve a higher dimension where opposites like right or left handedness become the same thing, or are indistinguishable.

All matter is intrinsically explosive, period. It is because of movement and the physical motions that it does not explode and takes the present forms and natural systems we know of. Thermal Equilibrium is so powerful as to dictate the rules and exceptions to physical Laws because it is ubiquitous, as it's already everywhere happening now and one of it's features is matter itself where heat is contained, by taking on form. Why? Because "infinite heat" does not begin to cover the true temperature potential of the universe, but is so vast it has even taken on intelligence, besides form and mass.
This intelligence has a name and is called "Thermal Equilibrium". This is much better than these invisible gods authority invented whom, with all, we needed to ask their name? A true god we would know him/her already and not have to wonder or ask, and Thermal Equilibrium is the syllogistic template for this (type of) truth.

This is why patents are ridiculous because one cannot patent electricity or iron, etc., but only systems made of iron and containing electricity, etc., in certain forms that perform specific functions and in a very narrow scope of the universe and then make claims in philosophy. These "inventions" are systems and develop into systems inside of systems and have nothing to do with reality except for what reality is created around them by conditioning of populations where only systems that utilize .00000000000000000000001% of its component's potential and reality are deemed important or only worthy of attention, consideration and maintenance which itself increases in entropy (like any other relationship with any closed system), forget the device itself.

Subatomic positrons are another condition as with all antiparticles that are subatomic (not atomic) and can be utilized where entropy becomes a condition after an "annihilation", and its entropy must decrease being part of the subatomic. Another view, that can be added on to this idea is that there is no symmetry between matter and antimatter and these things actually do what they want for their own reasons, as demonstrated in 1964 by The Nobel Prize Physicists James Cronin and Val Logsdon Fitch. "Thus the phenomenon of CP violation was discovered". In 2014 they still flood the media with religious-like, but deprecated symmetry and supersymmetry as the latest thing and never consider a possible Thermodynamic third system that would make their idea possible.

Purifying Matter/Energy
I like to think that micro quasars, blasars and black holes are matter-purifiers or "pumps" scouring in the universe in its open system, as if the cosmos were a lake where the water would become brackish and unhealthy if these pump-purifiers did not exist except, there, we are seeing this happen beyond the three + one dimensions we are familiar with.
They are also the oldest things we know of, so far, in the cosmos and so they (theoretically) would do a dandy job separating matter from antimatter since antimatter black holes and quasars also must exist in the edge of that universe where this form of physics is important; yet that is not to say that is all there is as even grander structures can surely exist that merge the dynamics of both universes while separating their physical laws and produce together their own dichotomy, not to mention a unique physics that belongs to a higher magnitude and understanding.

Regardless, being the oldest objects, they seem not to of impeded the creation of stars and galaxies, but encouraged all existence the way we see everything around us. As much as we are made up of star dust we owe even more to black holes as part of our existence.

We are better off understanding these things as "systems" via the transitive ladder that the step method gives us, that are doing lots of jobs in a realm we should be privileged to witness through this merging and not apply any philosophy prematurely.

The problem in modern science and philosophy, —even religion is a question of magnitude where half discuss chaos and entropy and the other half discuss symmetry and supersymmetry and discuss these things in "universal terms", which itself is a contradiction since these two words cannot belong together. Magnitude is the all important factor and it is how and when and how much that magnitude can affect us creatures is all that's important.

We can also speculate that entropy, itself, has an invisible cycle in the Universe courtesy of "invisible" black holes (which are "objects" we know of by the gravitation wake they create) which do the job of organizing entropy to the levels that are always present and never increase in the open system of the Universe. So matter systems and technology; what was in our "primitive" past (the only thing important is life and not being primitive or "evolved") will be our future if ever we are travel faster than light among the stars and galaxies because we certainly won't accomplish this with energy systems and our consumer-grade First and Second Law of Thermodynamics, which comparatively speaking are the real curiosities because why are they so important and why do we ignore the problems they create so easily with the man-made philosophies imposed upon their systems?

Why are not scientists more interested and put their focus on systems that don't increase or decrease in entropy instead of systems that require "resources" that themselves should be left alone and at one point encourage the worst forms of human behaviour? These are academic (not philosophical) questions that deserve answers.

These systems are so bad that anything Newton had to say would of naturally evolved, as the existence of Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz demonstrates, and become apparent to anybody and Newton's "genius" was simply him creating an efficient model for the destruction of humankind, being the misanthropist he was, but not the work of people like Galileo, Leibniz, Faraday, or Robert Boyle, etc.

Superluminal motion gives me the opportunity to show that there are also excellent theorists around whom work with things I disagree with, but are interesting nevertheless and use their theories in a constructive way and string theory only mathematically like we create symbols for numbers and units that are only symbols that represent something and must not be treated as real things themselves. To me they are going in the right direction in the same character and insight as older theories that have been proven, disproved, to be true overtime.
This theory (based on certain observations) involves two entangled two black holes (click or tap on picture for synopsis from APS) and discuss this to an equivalence with the same entanglement effect on quarks, or what they call an 'Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen (EPR)' pair where distance makes no difference, only the connection does.

Recent Discovery (2013): Millions of Black Holes in just one tiny corner of the Universe.
This is wonderful theory and best of all, matter and open systems are involved in their ideas and not just energy and closed systems. All we need now is an EPR field since it is a certainty that more than a pair of black holes can be entangled so inserting a field would complete this idea. I love it when I find good things because they are rare indeed. I'm obviously going in the right direction since a week later I discovered this from NASA while investigating comet ISON, on another matter, from the STEREO Mission's perspective which shows fields of black holes.

To recapitulate: So what's completely incomprehensible to our Ph.D. Prof. Moriarty at The University of Nottingham, because he does not know the difference between movement and motion (we already had an unpleasant exchange), and how all the conditional entropies affects both, and is affected in different ways, and we can just forget about open systems in any of his dissertations, nevertheless, this can be perfectly understandable to the average Joe and Jane and can express this without any need for a lot of Blah Blah...

When handled by the wrong people; technology, religion and science, today, trivializes existence in ways that were not possible in the Stone age, which is probably why it lasted so long in the first place. You have to be a tough cookie, in all kinds of ways, to live in any civilization and rule #1 is never to believe in anything and check everything at least twice before you even acknowledge anything, or compare being told or taught about something to actually feeling or merging with it instead and imagine how different that would be.

One will find that it is impossible to merge with fakery and with systems and only with real things (which will create their own systems in the step-method approach from experimental systems that lead to efficient thermodynamic matter systems that after that create their own new experimental or efficient matter/energy systems) where if this were actually technology that was developed that would do this; it would be priceless.

This approach would make our modern capitalism look like a simple board game in comparison, or the teachings of our politicians and narrow-spectrumed economists primitive, where untold energy, opportunities, riches, prosperity and freedom would be everywhere where the system of money/credit itself could not keep up, becoming redundant and eventually would be deprecated.

RMR: New Hybrid Jobs Program
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Time: :36

Fortunately, Nature has provided all life with this gift and if one has lost the ability to merge with anything, then that is the fault of society that encourages sociophathy because that's good for any private enterprise, or what they call, "economics". Slavery is alive and well: It has only taken different forms, protocols and psychology involving new systems that are made to appear good or necessary.

It's also impossible to be lonely in the existence of anything. You're supposed to consider yourself as free and not in the military or a "supernatural corporation" where in these places you're expected to follow orders without question and be expendable. Only programming, from early childhood, can make people want to flock to such things and consider these closed systems (whose entropy increases) valuable.
Are you connected to the Universe or just connected to people and their systems?

So this natural ability for man to share information was turned into a messy propriety business instead simply by the way they implement time and schedules, run by McDonald's-like local and regional organized religions that have lasted to this day and now with scientific societies, gurus, intellectuals, science communicators, media groups and think tanks who plan instead of predict the future, —because they can through the artifices society's create and implement.

Matter Merging
The Merging of Life and Matter in Science Fiction. (In this case creating a monster) Thumbnail for Video
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Time: 1:45

Where in their own ancient past, in the stone age, this was not necessary, nor could this exist because inside these devices; You are the Universe and the Universe is You, and you occupy, inside these things, Zero Dimensions while you are inside them where you find out that it's impossible to die, realizing and feeling that you are part of something that is much more. Things only change or get renewed regularly like the seasons. There was life and death and life again, not just life and death. Stone age people did not have to ask questions about, love, getting married, success and other things one asks a priest, rabbi or fortune-teller today because love, marriage and success did not exist or were entirely different things and part of natural cycles regulated by Nature and not by the clock/calendar of today.
Today, these things are only synthetic regimented systems and they serve only society that turn men and women into machines to have specific functions that are mostly allocated arbitrarily. Very few people today get to choose what they want to be, do and have.

Merging with matter is seen in much science fiction and is always presented as more ancient technology that flourished like one sees today in the science fiction television series Babylon 5, with "Vorlon" and "Shadow" technology representation, which required a living being to be merged as part of it to function (preferably a telepathic or empathic being that is properly prepared for merging); See clip above.

The importance of pressure & gravity upon matter, even by the standards of science fiction
A matter entity invading the mind of a living person. Thumbnail for Video
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Time: 22:24

We see this merging-with-matter phenomena, in reverse (from a Step method point of view) in the Star Trek Universe in 'The Lights of Zetar', where a matter entity in the form of a storm that can travel in superluminal motion invades the mind of a crew member. This "matter storm" is discovered to be an actual vessel that has already been merged with life forms called Zetarians whose planet was destroyed and desired a living host to "live out their lives", where Captain Kirk uses pressure in a gravity chamber as a weapon to get rid of them. Here, we see what matter does to all living things: We accept it, and in this dramatization we are supposed to accept its thoughts and not know the difference between our own and matter's thoughts, where we can imagine this in a way of Michelangelo. In a way that is what we do to all matter and all matter does that to us since we are made up of it. The thoughts we emote, we can be never be certain if they are derived strictly in a Cartesian way and this will be explained further on.

My God, it's full of stars!
Monolith encounter synopsis Thumbnail for Video
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Time: 2:38

Or in '2001: A Space Odyssey' Dr. David Bowman merges with matter represented as a simple monolith that cannot be affected by any form of energy since some forms of matter may only merge or react with life instead, rather than with just energy (one example would be Organic chemistry). His last words that were heard before being completely merged was, "My God, it's full of stars", and in reverse, in '2010: Odyssey Two' when the same monolith, already merged with Bowman, merges with Planet Jupiter and it becomes a new Star.
Here, some may find it ridiculous that matter has will and moves by itself (dynamics). We may then say: "Do we as living beings, made entirely of matter/energy not do the same"? The will and the time involved is different, but everything moves and thinks in the Universe and thermal equilibrium can be considered the universe's mind or regulating computer that has power over chemistry and physics.

The best science fiction, comedy and value in anything is all about matter and not energy, or dramatizes their relationships between each other, or has characters in it that developed this technology which if you Google Matter-based Dynamic Technology you will automatically be directed to 'Google Scholar' papers written in old-style HTML or PDF formats on this fascinating stuff; not because this stuff is incomprehensible, but because it's not being developed and no one cares because we only think in terms of energy and the sequential clock.

Religious/scientific literature/philosophy equates all realities as systems of/in matter (like an apple or a tree) and never matter itself, which is a contradiction, — especially if there is a fundamental god involved.
Unless we are pets, a real god would never discuss systems first, i.e. planets, stars, firmaments, etc., because that is how one describes the universe to pets or slaves including the way the master converts real things into symbolic meanings to his pets or slaves, regardless if a god or another person.

Describing matter first and then it's properties, — not "property", and then its systems, and then its networked elements and so on, in his/her wonderful poetic symbolism. What god creates out of matter and what systems he/she puts it in is irrelevant as any artist (or elephant, chimpanzee, ect.) can do that. The real miracle is matter itself and not those systems and their arbitrary or artificial purpose, especially to newly created life that's being programmed for existence.
Maybe this is why matter is the least understood thing in science to this day, because all they really discuss are systems whether we are discussing religion or science, it is the same. Matter is supremely frightening to autistic savants (all they think about are systems and matter itself does not exist or is an enemy), and when we have the founders of modern science (Newton and Cavendish et al. who were the nerds of their time and disliked people), who were basically scared of everything just like modern-day "sufferers" of Asperger's syndrome, it's no wonder they embraced only energy systems and never studied matter except in ways on how to destroy or control it by putting abstract fences around it (study the history of their work carefully).

Their fear, misanthropy and their emotional psychology has ultimately corrupted classical science and civilization. Thank god for fundamental quantum mechanics, QED and relativity where it is very difficult to ignore matter and impossible to put any kinds of fences around. Matter to this day is not poorly understood, but is actually deprecated in classical mechanics where to this day only artists discuss it with wonder, invention and humility.

RTSP video
Touching Matter-based Technology, Systems or Even In Poetic Ideas About It, Require Some Sort of Merging With It; as beautifully enacted by Patrick Steward, As 'Captain Picard and His Titan-Missile Experience', Seen Here, In this clip from Star Trek 'First Contact' (1996).
There's also in the movie 'First Contact' where Captain Picard, pursuing the Borg, who were preparing to interfere with mankind by going to Earth's past, as a military strategy, has to touch, feel and "merge" with the retrofitted Titan Missile destined to become the first man-made warp ship, which the Robot Data could not understand, but Picard took for granted because the robot may have been sentient, but it was not alive. This occurred in reverse in the first Star Trek movie where 'Viger', who was a sentient machine, could only find existence tolerable if it were alive, even while knowing every fact in the Universe, so it merged with a human. There are other examples I show from other science fiction in my articles that deal with Matter Thermodynamics and Philosophy, and others you certainly can find yourself all over if you're interested.

So this merging and being inside to know a part of outside (dynamically, the opposite of sex, and just as important) makes sense for a people who have to deal with matter all the time and have absolutely no "conception" of energy whatsoever except as caused by remote gods or spirits, as this seems to be true even today, but in another way. This certainly had a deep impact on their morality and ethics of all Stone-age people, both past and present.

Just as a real estate broker would cry, " Location, location, location!", a scientist, businessman or a priest would secretly cry, "System, system, system!".

Outside these Stone age computers, you were a Stargazer, Inside these devices you were an Astronomer or, this system turned Stargazing into Astronomy as is the same when adding scales to the Thermoscope turns it into an Air thermometer (which will be explained later). This also not only shows the meaning of life, it expresses its value too in ways energy-derived closed systems cannot.

Power Must Come From Within
If it comes from any other source, it destroys. Thumbnail for Video
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Time: 2:03

So their way of thinking and dealing with the Universe was quite different because of matter, which is what the Stone age was all about, Matter, where it would be a good idea to rename it: 'The Matter Age'.
If we had discovered refrigeration before fire and then of learned to control the two and think of them as the same thing, things would be completely different today. So, it's very important to not be in awe of any discovery that affects philosophy that we see or hear about today because it might be the wrong thing appearing at the wrong time when we look at things from this perspective since heat brings us only to the energy side of things because of matter and cold brings us to new discoveries in matter because of energy (entropy), but only together and working together will these two philosophies bring us something to really be in awe.

Think of observatories like Stonehenge (there are many of the type throughout the planet), as temple-like Oracles which were not God-haunted, but were Temples to Rationalism Itself, when information was offered for free to everybody. Matter and all that governs it and its employment has proven itself to be able to withstand intellectual and religious contamination when we build anything with it, so it's advisable to not to believe in god particles because one cannot build anything with those things because god is not supposed to be anywhere in any philosophy of matter and its application, but only in the philosophy of ideas derived from energy (without substance) and exists exactly like as if it were the Second Law of Thermodynamics.
Anything god has ever created or done, acts exactly according to the First and Second Law of Thermodynamics and never by the Zeroth or Third Law of Thermodynamics.

More Stories About Matter
Although exaggerated, there is more truth here than just comedy Thumbnail for Video
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Time: 2:43

By just going inside these things empathetically and studying the information these automatic stone-age computers gave you from inside them, you would know ahead when the planting season was coming or when to do things, or what time of the year it was; Simple, but important.

Whatever people were employed there to maintain the grounds and keep these things tidy and act as guides, they were probably compensated with gifts, food, beer, wine, skins, pottery, tools etc. coming from visitors which was considered good manners in those days when you came to visit anyone, especially strangers and doing business.

Logistically speaking, whether in building these things and then using them, obviously required some sort of organization and ability for widespread communication, so there are lots of things lost including some technology that we are not aware of, or have been suppressed, because these things did not appear out of thin air or people drawn to visit them by magic for whatever purposes or reasons.

Every living creature, of any species of life, from insect to whale, naturally behaves well and good when among each other, going about their business and where, there is no interference from within and without.
For people today, society creates interference and therefore bad behavior and unnatural wants and suppresses any form of ontology. When one puts animals of a single species in fences, we see the same phenomena for corrupted behaviour. For Humans, Cro-Magnons and Neanderthals, a sense of value existed by way of matter and the concept of energy didn't exist and this difference was involved in their thinking.

This takes a lot of cojones to show something like this, and people can be really stupid and blasphemous when it comes to paper money. This can only be done by mass brainwashing and indoctrination. When/where private enterprise wants worship, then we know it's in trouble. Thank god for free enterprise.
Martin O'Beirne - London 2012
Click or tap for source
There were no sacrificial altars, waste or pollution in any of these places where these "monuments" were found, so they were not for religious use anywhere on Earth nor were these places used for commerce or exploitation. Rationalism appeared naturally before religion did and it lasted longer too.
Human and animal sacrifice and exploitation only appears when civilizations arrived and then they created certain laws, and rights here and there to prevent this, but it is society itself that had to create these laws and rights for or against itself and not for or against the people. The only people who ever practiced human sacrifice and slavery were always members of authority in societies. Otherwise, this is nonexistent.

Since commerce governed by capitalism and some form of organized religion to back it up, there has been pollution and before the invention of money (coinage), there were no imperialistic wars either; This includes new forms of slavery and exploitation.
It was easy for Alexander the "Great" to take over the world and blasphemously call himself god (which he did), by conquering nations that had no money in the first place that had their own natural economic systems of/for value and were self-sustaining, as the Europeans did here with the aboriginals in North and South America, Africa, etc. who also did not use money where in our ideas, we believed we were superior (Manifest Destiny).

Glory, slavery, plunder and cruelty can only exist when there is private money and not free money. Then, the victor imposes his economic system upon the survivors and make all existence that way when the former peaceful populations did very well by themselves and no one starved. Africa does not need Europe or America for anything including resources, but Europe and America need Africa and still plunder there with impunity. From this perspective we may ask again, which culture's are more "civilized".

The economic systems of North America's Aboriginals has even been made illegal and punishable by imprisonment because the perceived disposal of goods and not the Judeo-Christian way of accumulating goods (capital), which was seen as against civilization by missionaries when in fact goods in a potlach or kula ring economic system were actually in a cycle (goods were always circulating) and along the way were designed to cement relationships among people by everyone "owing" debts to each other and their neighbours and the most "generous" was seen as the most powerful and prestigious and thereby influential. This can be seen as "Debtism" as opposed to "Capitalism".

Anyone who didn't pay their "debts" became persona non grata and such things as dangerous privatization and the accumulation of goods (and ultimately weapons) would be impossible because you would be cut off from trade or not invited to the next Potlach and beggars were looked down upon because they didn't pay back their "debts" of any "gift" they were given. (Ironically the IRS uses the same philosophy in catching tax evaders and can't catch tax evaders who keep their money circulating everywhere, all the time.)

This is why the Aboriginals loved cheap European wool blankets and our stupid trinkets because they were unique and perishable (moths) and easy things to carry around to "give away" and put someone in debt to you through gift economics. As blankets to keep you warm, the aboriginals already had much better things (which we traded for) for our/their climate and didn't need them for the purpose of which they were manufactured for.

It is an irony that capitalistic privately-owned companies like the Hudson Bay company made huge fortunes by trading with gift economies and then narrow-minded intellectuals come along later and say the values of the North American Indians were uncivilized and then made their form of trade/economics illegal, which nearly destroyed the capitalist Hudson's Bay Company. It's always the same story everywhere where intellectuals are involved in anything.

For instance: In the example of marriage were this type of economics survives: Rings are exchanged not to buy one another, but are meant to cement the bond between the couple. This was the same before Egypt so it's important to not believe in the origins of marriage rings and their use as coming from Egypt. People have been getting married long before there were gods, religion or Egypt and they cemented their bonds with items of value and with indebtedness toward each other and not with being indebted to society or any god.

When coinage was invented and used intercontinentally and the market system was created, this was seen by religious thinkers, traditionalists and philosophers of the time as "military money" because people could buy slaves or rent armies with this money where the building of empires and armies replaced building relationships. ge It is the nature of debt that was changed which was the very first thing that was ever privatized in our history and later called "capitalism" which has two faces being private enterprise and free enterprise.

Where whether these two things are regulated or deregulated makes absolutely no difference. Today, when one hears "deregulation" in the news, this means that what they are deregulating is already privately controlled since there would be no need for regulation if it involved free enterprise.

Sun and Meteorite Worship
Anasazi Meteorite Reverence Thumbnail for Video
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Time: 5:37

The Anasazi a Stone age people who, auspiciously disappeared circa 1300 AD, by themselves, from the face of the Earth without a trace, just before the European invaders arrived). Strangely, they lived exactly in a place that is now the four corners of what is now called Colorado, Utah, Arizona and New Mexico, which itself is symbolic if one understands augury since no one state or entity could then, or can now ever claim them as part of their legacy.

They had an altered version of matter within the same principles as their Stone age counterparts in Eurasian and Indian Continents and thought that: "All things must conform to the Universe and not from gods" and not the other way around (like we do), which they applied to Meteorites, which were considered messengers from the Sun God they worshiped, which was part of the Universe and not some supreme being, but belonged to something much larger. The meteorites they found were treated with the greatest reverence and considered divine.
Indeed, this is so, since they may be gone, but the spirit of their reverence remains now with us which itself is truly divine!

Paul Dirac
This is how our forborne stone-age ancestors thought, and the greatest theoretical physicists think today; who all used different merging techniques with Matter and Thermodynamics, not energy. Like Dirac; he once scandalized the Nobel Committee by guessing the Neutrino right in front of them and saying so much at an awards ceremony speech and turned out to be right. He liked to guess and pretend things about matter and implicated them on Nature and the Neutrino was tailor-made with him "in mind" if we look for an Equivalency in such things. Heisenberg; he liked to cause trouble in a naughty-boy kind of way and caused even more with his personal, life which showed he had morals, freedom and ethics to separate the two by denying their difference to a stuffy middle-class public and not in physics ("Or is it the other way around?") Eddington; the discoverer of Nuclear Fusion that powers the Sun, and the king of the Second Law of Thermodynamics and is the only man who understood its proper nuances when implicated as matter in nuclear physics, besides any competent engineer and, of course, Einstein who, we all know, merged himself through his imagination of what would result if he rode on a Photon (as Matter) and what would the Universe appear like, among other types of mergings and visualizations, which was an indispensable tool for/to their work. Mind over matter yes; but sometimes it is matter over mind, and true genius is both.

These men were their work as much as their work was them because they knew their truths before writing them down and acted them out throughout their lives, which could only be possible if they merged with something that was already implicated with the idea rather than preside, which, already, always existed in Matter and was, inseparably, part of their living personality and thoughts. But whose thoughts were they? Was not the photon thinking for Einstein? The neutrino thinking and speaking through Dirac? The quantum speaking thoughts into the mind of Heisenberg? Is it not like the evil, already merged, Zetarians in the science fiction Star Trek (Clip up above) who threaten and tell Captain Kirk "You cannot stop us, and she will come to accept our thoughts as her own".

Bruce McCall

People already believe in ghosts and demonic possession (especially if they are "evil") which are entirely closed energy systems so why not be possessed by matter and open systems too, if one wants to go there. At least that's an open system for both good and bad equally! I mean, I have never heard of "angelic possession".
In thermodynamics, we can learn from both opposing philosophies and leave when we feel like it too.

Unlike the supernatural, we can alter matter and its influence so it is ridiculous to only incorporate entities with limited abilities and limited philosophy that because of those limits we can only be a victim of their consequences, instead of those things that are unlimited in philosophy and ability and are user friendly, and truly put to test the opposing philosophies of good and evil where they can fight it out themselves, if they are real, and we can be left out of it. It's now time to put "Good" and "Evil" back to where they belong like where they were originally.

Today's synthetic cosmologists and theoretical/particle physicist go around demonstration relativity, in the media, with their new corporately-sponsored sports car and are as far from the substance of Reality Relativity as their new inefficient vehicle will take them there, in style. There is that "je ne sais quoi" thing involved, which could be thought of as equivalent to a lack of "stage presence" that modern scientists just don't have because they are, themselves, not merged with their own ideas concerning matter, but are only equivalent to salesmen or spokespersons advertizing or selling a product that he is paid to endorse, but knows nothing about the product or service itself.

Looking up from inside Stonehenge.
Click or Tap for more photos
These ancient people who supposedly grunted a lot and said things like, "ugg ugg", nevertheless had a quality of mind that was superior to today's eloquent scientists and intellectuals on PBS, You Tube, Facebook, G+, etc. They, instead of talking, merged with/in the Universe with these monuments through the mind itself and discovered that the Universe is automatic, not automated, and these automatic systems and technology moved forward, into a new evolution, and development, in ancient Greece, where we see a lot of this automatic stuff, now involving heat and pressure in ancient devices through the works of Ctesibius, Philo and Heron and are all based primarily on what we call today, The Laws of Thermodynamics.
The first Heat engines based on both the Zeroth and Second Law of Thermodynamics were first developed then.

The ancient Greeks never knew any "Laws of Physics", yet without it they built and developed remarkable devices and technology that is still superior to anything we have today if we compare their dynamic entropies (for systems), matter's enthalpy (matters own abilities to do Work) and latent heat (where temperature is not affected but pressure is, which occurs during any phase change, or creation of movement) among other things.
These are for the important basics that gets anyone's foot through the door so that we can study and improve our present technology and deprecate out dependance on Second Law of Thermodynamic systems, or bring them in line to Eddington-like parameters that in a transitive way, its decreasing entropy can apply to classical science.

Today the "Laws of Physics" is just a means to confine people into thinking only a certain way that favours closed systems and in a very narrow band (magnitude) of the universe, which is great for totalitarianism in it's many forms because none of its laws are universal (in every magnitude) like the laws of thermodynamics are. Hence, this is probably why thermodynamics is either not taught or is purposefully taught badly by scientists, professors and intellectuals, but not by artists.

Humans are intrinsically a rational species of animal and not spiritual.
The spiritual comes after, and in a beautiful way

These practical monuments all over the world that pre-date religions and their temples by thousands of years "indicate" that man is primarily, or naturally, a rational being and not a spiritual being.
We are also cheating each other from having truly rewarding relationships among ourselves and with all things around us which make-belief or closed systems cannot even begin attain, hence why most people in any society are unhappy and dissatisfied with life because our "true rewards" will only come after death via some third party.

Things also get done or invented because he needs them and not because he hears voices or has visions in his head. The development of civilizations also required energy. Actually, enormous amounts of energy, which the hunter gatherer didn't need, as energy was a natural thing and was more than less a friend too when it was respected and used only when/where necessary.
When energy made an appearance as lighting or a meteorite etc. it was considered a god or some spirit because we could not use this form of energy. In effect, One god can be seen as a devolution and many gods as an evolution in thought.
So today the more they discuss one god with things we don't understand yet, the more they split apart the universe at the same time into different philosophies as if they were spirits in some scientific pantheon.

Star Trek Voyager Clip: One Enhances Systems
Seven of Nine: "We must resist that voice" Thumbnail for Video
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Time: 2:00

If we are to, today, compare the differences between those with rational ideas and those who hear voices or think in terms of conspiracy theories everywhere and who need energy to do their things (because a conspiracy or a spirit is not supposed to be consuming energy, but take it instead, or be above the physical universe), we find that they are not connected to matter in any way, where one is not an artist or a natural philosopher, and compare the histories they have created, we find that visions and hearing voices must be resisted or ignored should they occur under any circumstances, no matter how compelling they may be. Energy, Work and heat themselves are thermodynamic processes and have nothing to do with spirits or physics, but all civilizations create wealth and wealthy people who put the cart before the horse to protect their interests of which we know what those consequences are.

If the spirit is so powerful, then let it appear to the physical universe and there it can address its issues and deal with them there and not employ people to do work that it itself should accomplish like what matter does, which by-the-way sustains us and not "spirits" or invisible entities, which sustain nothing but certainly talk too much.
For anything to work you had to be inside the thing and be part of it much like what we call a 'Home' today as apposed to a 'House' or Apartment. A Home is a thing that functions by itself provided that it is 'Merged' with life in it, or is self-sustaining, otherwise it is simply a dwelling. The same applied to any technology or mathematics in the Stone age, where you had to be merged with it for it to work, or for it to have any meaning. Today 'Homes' and/or any technology is entirely dependent on outside resources to make it function and today the idea of home survives only in the subconscious like one sees in those dreadful and energy inefficient Thomas Kinkade pictures.

1971 Ty D Bol Commercial
Unlike social networks/media: This ancient technology required you to be INSIDE, or a part of the DEVISE ITSELF to learn anything, which makes you an existing Zero Dimensional entity, like the sloop-Captain Ty D. Bowl, living in your toilet tank, creating a completely "rational" device for measuring, calculating or predicting. Never mind the benefits of becoming more than yourself by this form of "merging", and this was learned during a time where "Calculating and Predicting" were part of the magic of existence, which has been robbed from the commons by organized religions and the "scientist" or intellectual. (What other things "authority" is planning to remove from the human experience/existence in the future?)
Please notice in this thumbnail, the all important ladder on the wall of the toilet tank... It is a scale too.
Thumbnail for Video
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Time: 00:30

Things like Stonehenge serve, today, to show how differently we saw the Universe back then, which survives today in humour for the regular every-day beer, liquor and wine drinking crowd.

Today, instead of being inside Stonehenge; Pretend that you have a sloop inside a toilet tank, like in Captain Ty D. Bowl's fictional universe that is someone's toilet tank that's filled with water and Ty-D-Bol® disinfectant and ready for flushing. Suddenly the water empties inside the tank and you and your sloop start descending like the tides of the ocean or canal lock which you knew was happening because you have a ladder inside the tank which acts like a scale and you know how many steps you descended, or if the ladder was only a certain length, how far away you are now from the ladder as compared to before. When this happens, you knew that a giant outside the tank has just done his business without having to see, smell or know this monster (or god if you prefer). After knowing that the giant did his business, the tank automatically refilled, all by itself and could be used to indicate the same thing again automatically, whenever this event occurred again!

Here, it is that all important ladder in the toilet tank that allows you to go in or out of the tank any time and connects two different universes, whether one is inside or outside the toilet tank, which is the height of rationality.
Measuring and connecting/merging are (were) the same and not separate things like they are today.

Clip from: 'This Is The Last Dam Run of "Likker" I'm Ever Gonna Make'
Modern-day Stone age man Thumbnail for Video
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Time: 15:00

Modern-day (Caucasian) Stone-age people. This is an anthropological clip from a much larger video (credits at the end). Here is some modern Stone Age Thermodynamics from a Mountain Man rather than a Professor. This features the heat dynamics of stone, the making of mud-soil cement that is as hard as a, "Methodist-minister's pecker", which shows that people never lost the ability to make cement as historians tell us where the "invention of Portland cement" is just a monopolized manufacturing process probably learned from people living in the woods in the UK or Ireland, who also were making moonshine as there are many types of different cement and mortar. (so long as there were men making hard liquor and potions, there has been the making of cement/mortar for sure.) The "history" of concrete and cement is nothing but propaganda.

This clip also shows how modern stone-age people think about money and value too and if you look at the full video you will see that these people triple check everything and not necessarily because they are worried about the law, but are primarily concerned about the quality of other things, including the water and in this clip you see how and why this was done. Whether one is a stone age man or a modern man/woman, we find that we still need to triple check everything, or look for three systems in the, A = B and B = C therefore A = C manner and one can never be fooled or we will always go in the right direction where all perspectives agree in some way.

The sixth day
"Spiritually", in the Stone Age they knew their gods/spirits and their plans, but their gods did not know about us and our plans, which I think is much better strategically, and in the long run makes a lot more sense and neither was there any interference from either parties, with each others business.
There is also perspective: We may be like viruses, in size, in the eyes of gods, but unlike gods and viruses we can change and choose.
We should be as invisible to god as god is to us and it's when people around 6000 years ago started "seeing and hearing gods" all of a sudden, on a personal level, and then interfering with things, the flower of humanity, his evolution and growth of consciousness was destroyed. It's sufficient enough to know of each others existence, like we know the quantum, and not have conversations with each other.
I'm sorry, but having a conversation with god is equivalent to having a conversation with a photon of which there is now a plethora of new philosophies that do exactly that.

Earth From Space Full HD Nova
Finally! A decent video on social media, on most of the Thermodynamic processes that drives the Earth and sustains all life. This is a must see video documentary!
Sadly, the 20 remarkable satellites used to make this video will not be replaced when they deteriorate because the data Nature tells us about our planet does not support private enterprise, but only free enterprise!
The positive meta-message in the documentary is that many scientists today are using "heaven" to understand the future like our fore-bearers did and not use "heaven" to gain rewards. There are also no celebrity scientists here at all, but real scientists!
I wonder why? As there should of been at least one these bastards in this documentary. This serves as a testament to this video's superb quality and gives the viewer a rare taste of real science and real scientists.
Thumbnail for Video
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Time: 1:54:21

Things like "Quantum Jumping", "Strings", Time travel, and "Gravitational waves", which is just a new aether like the electromagnetic aether or the luminiferous aether of the past, except now it is a solid because it is now a "fabric of space", where at least 19th century philosophers had the good sense of only employing "aether" which had no substance and had no meaning in Thermodynamics therefore it was just a filler to satisfy certain mechanics that were unknown at the time (Quantum mechanics) and were never meant to be taken seriously in the filler-form they were given, as I have already explained with Maxwell and his original propagation theory.

Maxwell's luminiferous aether never needed to be disproven as it was in the first place (Michelson–Morley experiment in 1887) since it had only to do with mathematics (not physics) because it is the discovery of the quantum in 1901 that did that job and replaced his luminiferous aether and gnostic god, while completing Maxwell's equations, bringing them from the supernatural to the physical universe.

In ancient man's universe: We were not laboratory mice like we are today being experimented upon, but rather we were the "Mice" studying those beings moving around in the "laboratory", which is a philosophy more in tune as to how the Universe, Itself, works. Pareidolia is also overrated.

If man did not exist, it would be necessary to create him, for both good and bad reasons because the Universe must express everything and we ourselves are part of this expression. Free-will comes in where we choose a tiny-tiny part of that "expression", of whether one decides to be a murderer or a creator.
Since we are part of the Universe and that particular expression of everything; this creates a necessity for "Free Will" as this is part of that equation that reminds us more of syllogistic poetry than logic or mathematics employing closed systems exclusively.

So, besides there being less questions that needed answering, there was never any necessity for any gods to create anything (what makes creation a god's job in the first place and what does that have to do with any form of "love" or desire?), but there were already existing many different and strange things in the Stone age that were recognizable and were dealt with at the time using conservation, merging, equivalency and scales and through this they had little need for any complicated philosophy or autistic-like mathematics.
If anything, Nature avoids patterns wherever possible.
A lot of these "mathematicians" of today don't even know how to cross a street, but they tell us what is the meaning of existence. They, in retrospect, are there to fill a void à la Maxwell for a failing scientific edifice and are not supposed to be taken seriously. Anyone who does is a lost fellow. Maxwell, on the other hand, filled voids to point the way to new things.

Man did not speak only one language like when they were building the Tower of Babel, but he did have only one philosophy, or understanding, everywhere in the world and the Universe because of Matter which allowed humankind of different histories and cultures, across the world, to build the same types of monuments and observatories.

It is this universal philosophical language and protocol provided by matter technology that was shattered by society and organized religions where the incomprehensible gibberish supposedly created by a jealous god over man's accomplishments when he understands matter now exists in our love for energy and physics instead, where no two scientists, philosophers or layman agrees with each other, let alone understand (unless there's a committee).

Man's only interconnection is with matter where cross-culturally we all understand the same things and we don't perform very well with energy. In that, the world becomes disharmonious where cultures interfere with each other, make war, genocide and destroy. Throw in an invisible economic system to create artificial value that actually does not exist (Fiat) like it were a religion and it's just a matter of time.

Anyway, this was not bad for uneducated, puny, dirty, sinful, insignificant and soulless little men and women who just arrived from the trees, who will know no heaven because they did not know the prophets or the Messiah as described in religions, of which the stone age doesn't even exist in religious literature, but who also say today, this is what we were; "puny, dirty, sinful, insignificant" (I wish they would make up their minds). Religions recognize our ancestors that existed before Mohamed, Christ or Abraham because they all say that they are not blessed or saved or whatever so why do they deny things like humanoid species existing before 6000 years ago. Is it because they placed a limit on damnation?
Now, that makes sense! This is because it is "civilization" that was being actually damned and not individuals. Any civilization that Sins, will go to Hell, like all the others before our civilization did and others in the future will if we continue acting and thinking, and building and creating the way we do.
Now, "heaven" and "Hell" makes a lot more sense!

When Women Had Tails (1970) trailer
Thumbnail for Video
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Time: 2:55

The Paleolithics had their own values and blessing and wouldn't want or need ours. If anyone was "saved" it was them because they did not have societies with Human authority figures or invisible gods that when represented, looked human. That's not much of a god and anyone who has NOT been brainwashed or conditioned would expect something better than that.
Only Nature was our and everything else's authority.

Or what scientists and philosophers like to, disparagingly, refer to as Cro-Magnons, Neanderthals and "Primitive" to a supposedly "educated" bourgeois and pre-opiniated public. Here, we have a perfect being (god) who apparently creates redundant and superfluous living and non-living things and then divides up everything into bits and creates private property!.... Supposedly because of "Love", where we may ask why this Love keeps changing from innate, intrinsic or inherent love, both sacred and profane. Sounds like a waste of time for such an important being where if nothing exists except god why make anything sacred and profane and then be charitable or angry. Here, I'm not denying the existence of a god, but I deny the form he is given by any organized religion, society or social group.

Son of the Invisible Man
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Time: 3:58

Wherever there is any man or group of people discussing "god" in any way, good or bad, is a self-seeking blasphemer. G-D can do everything very well on it's own and does not require anyone's assistance, like any other invisible entity.

As Nature rules all reality; God is therefore a necessary figurehead for those fake universes, unsustainable inventions and unrealities that civilizations create. The more one believes in gods on a personal-level is in direct proportion in all other forms of unreal realities one also possesses, including materialisms.

There is no difference between being possessed by the devil and personally believing in some benign-invisible entity. It's only a matter of a stepped degree. They both end up accomplishing the same destructive thing. It's OK to love a favorite invisible divine entity. Just love it with the same zeitgeist as one loves Santa Claus, or the Easter Bunny. We know they don't exist, but they anthropomorphize feeling and spirit and it is that, that makes them valuable. No one goes on crusade or a jihad over Santa or the Bunny, and to kill in the name of G-D is an abomination which is why Belief is a form of possession.

There are millions of different life forms, of millions of species, in the trillions of numbers all over this tiny planet on an extremely thin carpet around it, yet everything we see in nature is clean, pristine, ordered and encourages life and existence to all. Can we say the same of our glorious cities, ideas, machines, religions and civilizations? Once we could, but we broke from Nature's authority and only listened to Man's authority and these people were nuts and they still are. Anyone who wants to rule over men instead of protecting men and his fellow beings is a megalomaniac among other things.

Since the advent of agriculture we've had ganja crazy people talking about god, or claim to have direct conversations with him and witchcraft, etc., where because of inadequate storage facilities, molds, bacteria and insects in our food proliferated that act like psychotropic drugs like what rye among other cereals demonstrate (see: Ergotism), where today with logistics, packaging, pasteurization, refrigeration and sanitation this is no longer a problem, but then authority knows this so they put substances and "preservatives" in our food and water now where this is not necessary, so this nonsense can continue because the effects of these substances is a windfall for authority and private interests.
The Romans, "inadvertantly", had lead in their water, wine and food now the Americans have fluorides in their water and everybody has a variety of chemicals, medicines, antibiotics, hormones and other unnatural things introduced in their food for variety of esoteric reasons that are all government approved and encouraged. If these things are so necessary, then the government should tax the people for these "important" services, which they don't because they know they are wrong, but this does give us a sneak peek at the limits of evil and how it's incapable of seeing its own contradictions aside from being incapable of multitasking.

There is a fascination with evil because it is also a source of truth and not just lies, and people are perfectly capable of telling the difference. If they can't, we have Thermodynamics to separate lies and truth from both good or evil.

All equitable answers are to be found in Thermodynamics and Matter anytime. Just build a ladder and connect. No third parties, — just you and the Universe, no matter what size it is, or what system it is a part of or how many you are, — even if you are alone. The answer will be the same for everybody regardless of location and culture provided that one is rational.

Everybody finds things or finds out the same things, individually, their own way and not just from one source telling all one thing. If the system, club, religion, or society prevents you from making connections, then you are actually a prisoner and the system's are faulty since all things across the Universe do this, whether they are animate or inanimate.

Back to school alcohol: We must not forget that the world survived the Cold War because one side drank Vodka and the other side Beer, where we see the effects of this on our side to make commercials on TV like Ty-D-Bol in those days, which made perfect sense to everybody and shows how differently people thought a generation ago (forget how we thought during the Stone age).
In today's uptight, paranoid and anal-retentive society that doesn't drink and smoke like we used to, but use prescription drug "medication", steroids and consume corrosive "energy" drinks from an aluminum can and water from a plastic bottle; someone would have pressed the button long time ago on their smart phone since no one knows how to relax anymore.
Have a nice ice-cold beer and a shot of ice-cold vodka and a smoke while closing your Facebook account and turning off your phone, and salute peace!

On a side note: I have known three different generations so far, where each had their own set of popular recreational drugs which had profound sociological effects in their societies. It makes me wonder if this is not coordinated somehow by authority so that understanding and communication between living generations becomes impossible.

Richard Feynman - Patents
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Time: 6:55

Besides the conversion of energy to matter that we know about concerning black holes. All matter has a property, regardless of its substance that is verboten to discuss because it could "exploit" legality by emptying the patent and corporate lawyers office of all technology that was never "invented" by any man, but was observed and developed into a closed system instead (which is what most inventions are), and only giving him the right to provide a convenient service and not own this part of the universe, or make claims you know philosophy better than anyone else, but in fact, the "invention" belongs to Nature alone, and this (propriety) property can do one thing that energy can't ....It can absorb/receive energy or information ..... It can retain/store this energy/information (making it a mechanical-free time machine) ...... and can transmit/transfer or relay energy and information, (see experiments by Lena Hau and google Alfred Leitner for starters) like stone, soil or cement can do.

Click or Tap to see more about sustainable architecture from Architecture Canada
Aside from that, only matter can retain and process memory and it becomes part of reality as well through matter into the ever-present. Inspiration (the future, and more on this subject later), also, belongs to matter and through those things it imparts, by way of matter, can also be part of any present and be brought forth by anyone living who cares and the only form of intelligence that Nature likes and rewards living beings is caring-intelligence and in that, I mean caring for others and making an effort there, and not just do work and call that a "day".

Besides the metaphysical just discussed now, and for practical purposes, memory has other benefits and uses which don't exist in physics, but only in thermodynamics (heat transfer), with the following crude example anyone can understand. Information can affect energy through matter via work and produces other work where we see now that the entire Universe is transitive and not necessarily "cause and effect". If we take stones that were heated by the sun all day or made cold in the winter and place them in a Stirling engine it will run just as well as using chemical fuels that do this, except, with the stones nothing is changed; further, the stone can be made to have any reasonable difference of temperature without suffering any changes or cause any noise or pollution. See: Earth Oven to see the principles involved that are more elementary because this involves only the Second Law of Thermodynamics and chemical energy (combustion).

Sustainable Architecture
This convection diagram of a
Solar Chimney draws air through a geothermal heat exchange to provide passive HVAC.
This dynamic of carrying over of events, energy, information and properties in/with Matter, involving anything you value or can think of, is finally being reemployed by good-old architects and engineers where they create systems that work with natural stores of the cold in the Earth from the winter and heat from the Sun, to Cool summer time interiors and do the same thing in reverse in the winter. This is called Sustainable Architecture ("Sustainable" is the new word for what Heron called "Automatic"), which is no different than storing winter vegetables, salting meat and caning summer foods for the winter or storing winter ice in warehouses for the summer like they did in the past, except today this is brought down to bourgeois standards of what's considered "modern design".

Making the simple rock and the dirt, the water and the air the highest form of existence and the highest form of technology, and the more beautiful, ugly or mysterious it is and including your own ability to empathetically merge with it, is, the better which unfortunately does not figure by any sentiment today, or any modern "values" which seems to have more synthetic properties and attributes than all of modern science and philosophy put together and organized religion doesn't help either.

Where time, temperature, pressure and gravity and all other Matter, are the only things that can affect it because any of these things affect its Properties, Movement, Motions and Entropy anywhere in the cosmos, and can create an infinite supply of methods to do work. This is probably the first time you might realize that infinity exists as something practical and Entropy as a good thing where any competent artist can show you hundreds of different ways this is so, and in less time it takes an intellectual to explain one tiny piece of theory.

Bullsh*t or Not?
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Time: 2:35

Like Nature, I can, through surrealism or a happening, relate and represent its mysteries where you are the canvas that cannot be criticized by anyone, (nor do these wonderful things "rule" us either) like science journalists relate "The Conquest of Cold", "The Conquest of Heat", "The Race For Absolute Zero" (PBS Nova 'Absolute Zero') and among other expressions I loathe from others, like, "Unlocking the Mystery" like as if I didn't know what the show or the book was about, I would think this must be about the Loch Ness Monster or something like that, but later I discover that Nature was considered the enemy in their story and as in Baconian philosophy, was hiding or stealing things from man. Yet, when they do uncover "mysteries", they learn to exploit them for profit and not for humanity.
So mystery is man's creation only, in one way or another. These wonderful things have always been around so it has always been the scientist having no more intelligence than anyone else for taking so long to figure things out (over thousands of years). Then, they claim their rights where their own stupidity is neatly transferred into vanity and avarice.

CC GP duBerger June 2013
Because things like the Loch Ness Monster and Nature are both related to and discussed in the same manner, even by science because Nature is beyond this nonsense and has no totalitarian (political) or religious Laws, but does have rules, protocols and principles to defend those rules and Its purpose and together as a network element there is a universal morality too with and among all forms of life, as previously described. Nature can explain Itself if we bother to listen unlike any God of any organized religion who exists without explanation and we are expected to comply and love, but only after compliance.

It is the mystery of 'The Park Bench', who gave me free museum day, which I described earlier and I will let It relate this story to you this attitude of Nature: The following Saturday (It was Monday before) where on my way back from the materials store with some new ducting in preparation for "Air Conditioner Season", I had/was inclined at the fork of the road where the highway and city road system meet, to choose the highway-system part, so I could pass by and be with my new "friend" while on my way....or so I thought!

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'The Wall In Action Without Movement'
The second upon arriving and going up this road, I saw that all the Graffiti Art had been completely obliterated by minions of the members of society, here in Montreal, who decide to organize beauty in a dusty construction zone. (they are building a super cheap hospital in the area, on contaminated soil, in anticipation of more sickly people intended for the future.) by completely painting its surface in monochrome grey as seen here with the animated gif I created later to record this to be part of this discussion on how matter communicates itself to us empathically. I call it 'Untitled -- Wall in Action Without Movement' which is, at the same time, a perfect corollary in demonstrating the differences between Motion and Movement overtime and what they have to say, and do, in this Universe, which is well understood in surrealism. It was 'free Museum day' after all between me and the bench since the same kind of take-down protocol had occurred exactly on schedule like the real museum day for the public and the contamination via the paint was spread to beyond the construction zone. The difference between mine and the public's was on the differences between the verbs 'Being' and 'Having' and with mine the art continues and is recorded and the old art was remembered and discussed and was converted into information by displaying the spreading of chemical contamination in a public area that would never of happened if that stupid hospital was never constructed.

Making Robert Boyle's book a Bestseller in the 1600s should be considered a tribute to the people living at the time. Historians, intellectuals and mainstream media would rather have us focus on their Conflicts, Religious Wars, Plagues/Diseases and Burnings. (Wait: Nothing's changed; I just saw this stuff on CNN!) This was at a time when books were expensive, like today, and not as easy to get, as today, with regard to accurate information.

It shows that there were a lot of rational people, back then, who, personally, didn't think that God was a weatherman and that cold was not an actual physical presence. Not only did people buy books, they started buying Thermometers too, more than crucifixes, and the Venetians started to mass produce them and not the Florentine's as the video 'Absolute Zero' accounts. Its invention is only attributed to Galileo, who was a Florentine, but actually it was Heron of Alexandria (c. AD 10–70) who invented the first Thermoscope engine 2100 years ago, whose work was finally republished, for the first time, in 1575 making it possible, along with a new miracle in Venetian glass making, for Galileo and others to rediscover this device and experiment with it.

But unbeknownst to Galileo, who could not read Arabic like Fludd could, Philo of Byzantium a.k.a. Philo Mechanicus, who lived during the latter half of the 3rd century BC was the actual inventor of a Thermoscope, 200 years before Heron of Alexandria, whose works were only first republished in Europe, in German, in 1853.

Before we start talking about anything it's important to mention the word or concept of 'Gas' didn't exist until 1625 which was invented by Jan Baptist van Helmont who is regarded as the founder of Pneumatic chemistry, being the discoverer that there are other gases that are distinct from ordinary air and also was one who said that fire was not a substance nor the earth was an element because it could be watered. The Jesuits kept an eye on him.

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Birth of the Barometer

Honourable mention, here, should go to Evangelista Torricelli, who in 1643 discovered what we call today, 'The Torricellian vacuum', when trying to devise a new pump for the Duke of Tuscany. There are many different types of "vacuums" and they are all systems and not actual things, some of which I will discuss. The Torricellian vacuum, as a system, will change volume depending on atmospheric pressure so this vacuum (like other types of vacuums) are systems. The "vacuum" itself in the glass tube is actually a mercury vapor with rarefied air.
So Aristotle was right in a way if he was discussing systems which can now only be a matter of opinion depending on what the historian or philosopher himself thinks is a system or a thing and what Aristotle was thinking. He invented the barometer which never worked properly, where Blaise Pascal invented one in 1648 that did work well. Despite what James Burke says in the clip here, it was actually proved by Otto von Guericke with the invention of his vacuum pump and its demonstration with Magdeburg hemispheres that it was actually atmospheric pressure that supported a column of water or mercury just like the same pressure kept his two joined hemispheres together after removing some of the air inside.

Science revisionists say that Otto von Guericke disproved Aristotle when in fact he added to Aristotle's ideas on "Substance" with a new category for Aristotelian substance: "The uncreated" which made up Space-Time. Regardless, the rule of thumb is: Torricelli, Pascal = Atmospheric pressure. Otto von Guericke, Space-time = Uncreated or "Nothing", so be careful what you hear and read.
Torricelli also gave a correct scientific, but incomplete, explanation for wind and why it occurs because Earth's atmospheric pressure is a closed system, but the weather is not and he neglected considering the tides in their capacity to change air pressure which can be very dramatic, weather-wise, during the alignment of the Sun, Moon and Earth.

The left illustration is Philo's thermoscope, invented more than 2500 years ago, which was the first device ever created that was designed and developed specifically to detect DIFFERENCES in heat. After exposing the ball to the sun, he observed the phenomenon of air bubbles being emitted into the water. Then, placing the air bulb in the shade, the water went backwards into the tube. Philo observed and spoke these Magic Words:

"Η θερμότητα είναι στενά συνδεδεμένες με τον αέρα. Επιπλέον, έλκει."

("The heat is closely associated with the air. In addition, it attracts.")

Ancient Manuscript. Page with Thermoscope from Philo's Pneumatica translated into Arabic.
Click or Tap for source with many more pages from John Ryland's University Library Image Collections.
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To me it is amazing that the Ancient Greeks thought about building a fence device to detect heat in the first place since anyone can feel heat or cold by themselves and Greece always had a nice Mediterranean climate. We may ask today: "what was so important to think about heat in such a way"? The only reason to build such a mechanical device, if we think forensically, is because this was invented for many other things and devices that must have existed back then, which are now, probably, lost forever. It is certain their society was not just composed of philosophers and politicians parading around in white sheets and speculating, like we see portrayed in idealistic and corrupting artwork, but must of been a far more vibrant and cosmopolitan society to create such wonderful things since just thinking about things such as this and developing them is miraculous.

The illustration to the right (above right, near the mp3 player) is Galileo's design, based on Heron's designs, based on Philo's device, who in 1594 read Heron's πνευματικά (Fludd read Philo's بضغط الهواء / في in the 1630s, from the Arabic version shown here) and, despite what the PBS video tells us repeatedly, there were no "Florentine glass blowers" either. Galileo had his thermometers and glasses for his lenses made in Venice like everybody else, where to this day, the finest glass in the world is still made.
At the time, Venice was the only place in the world that made commercially-available colorless glass and Galileo was there often too doing business and consulting work. The Venetian Republic also lasted longer than the Roman empire did, which is a testament to its stability.

Florence did not start producing thermometers until 1702. Further, there is a huge difference between Venice and Florence concerning mentality, geography (there are no sandy lagoons in Florence to provide the raw material to make glass), outlook, history et cetera — even today.

Galileo's friend Giovanni Francesco Sagredo, a Venetian mathematician, added a scale to Galileo's thermoscope to enable quantitative measurements of temperature and, himself, took temperature readings of different lakes. When discussing Venice and Florence, where, when and who these nations traded and became fabulously rich with, were also a completely different set of customers entirely and affected their cultures richly.

Flag of the Venetian Republic
These nations became who they traded with. One with an oriental influence and the other with an occidental influence.
When Rome interfered with The Venetian Republic, they posted guards to prevent any postings of papal bulls, interdicts and excommunications issued by the Pope so they were always immune to religious interference and its government ordered its priests to carry out their ministry as if everything was normal when these things occurred, unlike the other city states and they are the first republic to ever uphold the principle that no citizen was superior to the normal processes of law, including members of the church. Being a western state, exposed to the corruption and excesses of the east seems to had an effect to make laws like that, which the Pope could never understand anyway and who did more to defend and promote Christendom than Rome ever has.

The Venetians, being alone and culturally unique; for 1200 years did what they felt like on the world stage. They made thermometers and other scientific instruments while these things were banned with the threat of inquisition everywhere else and they had the ships and international ports to move these goods all over the world and, many goods were still imported by caravan along the silk route. While Florence was trading in wool, Venice was trading in silk from China.

Talking about 'magnificent" Florence all the time, like I see in books and documentaries is nice, but The Republic of Venice was even more "magnificent" and cosmopolitan, where Florence was always run in the past by gangsters. They also had mathematicians, book publishers (they invented the hand-held book along with the fonts (italics) to write things in them), scientists, philosophers, engineers, industrialists, commanders, writers, composers, artists and artisans who did and reported remarkable things which, unfairly, is never discussed.

If it weren't for the Venetian Fleet, Europe (including Florence) would have been overrun by the Turk a long time ago which explains why the Florentine Galileo was often in Venice as a consultant and provided the Venetians with invaluable services concerning naval warfare, which is where he applied his Galilean Relativity because this was primarily useful for warfare in signaling/communications, ballistics and navigation.

Galileo was a man who was way ahead of his time (remember where I discussed him making a connection with heat and relativity?) and was light years beyond today's Stephen Hawking, who vainly considers himself his equal where he is definitely not.
If not were not for social networks and social media and its skillful use like the kardashians use it, no one would know the existence of Stephen hawking!

By 1350, long before Henry Ford existed, the Venetians had already developed mass production with assembly-line techniques, already perfected over hundreds of years before that, and were just made much larger and more versatile, and could be moved around or be flexible like the Yamaha Corporation does today in all areas of manufacturing, of which the most famous is the Arsenale di Venezia. Mass production we learn is an international development and not an American invention.

Anyway, it is no wonder the English were tourists to this green slippery city for centuries and just didn't go there to see visit/study Giorgione, Veronese, Tintoretto or Titian, but in a Japanese-tourist way brought back to England ideas, products and techniques that ultimately made the English masters of the world too. It was part of a proper and sensible education when visiting the "continent", for young English aristocrats to spend as much time as possible in Venice, and for good reason.

This nation, had a substantial educated Greek community (refugees from the Ottoman Empire) and they traded with the Turks, Arabs and Kurds, so these ancient scientific manuscripts that were once in the Library of Alexandria, translated into Persian, then Arabic, could be translated once again into any language by a multitude of Venetian Publishers and presses.
The Italian Renaissance certainly did not just revolve around Florence and the Medici bank, and credit must be given to Venice as well.

In enters Art and its philosophy for the creation of Modern Science!

Modern Philo Thermoscope
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Around 1450, an artisan named, Angelo Barovier from Murano, Venice, started mass-producing 'Cristallo'; the first commercially-available colourless glass in existence to man, which made the first development of telescopes, microscopes, prisms and thermometers and a multitude of other things possible for the first time. If it weren't for commercially-available colourless glass, none of these things could exist and we would probably not know much about Sig. Galileo and Antoni van Leeuwenhoek and many others. If it weren't for artists and artisans developing these things, there would be no science in the first place and this involves a lot of other things too, even today, which I won't get into here.

Only an artist or an artisan can come up with the ridiculous idea (Surreal and Dadaist for the time) in creating things like "colourless glass" and then create such a material and make it possible for mass production as no scientist or philosopher would have done or conceived such a thing because he could never know what that material could be used for later or what it meant, but to the artist, such things already have an intrinsic quality that supports itself, even, when the thing had never existed before, or is completely rare and is conceived in a location of the planet were everything in the world was available on top of this; so why create colorless glass in industrial quantities when it was more valuable pound for pound in its rare form found in Nature?

This is just like the Greeks with the invention of the Thermoscope could hardly be necessary in their climate, or I discussing the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics for today's economics of overproduction and over-saturation because all these things are intrinsic and are valuable in themselves, and then they are valuable for other things that don't exist yet, but will be made to exist and all because of artisans and artistic philosophy being there in their inception.

My problem, as an artist, is to find a way to flexibly mass-produce the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics and make it commercially available to all in some form. The rest will take care of itself, including the other laws of thermodynamics that follow. What's written here could be considered a manifesto outlining a change in society to come for all humankind if we want to evolve and explore the cosmos.

This is because the artist/artisan or engineer thought that they were important, and no one else and there is no I.Q. test for this sort of ingenuity, sanguinity and imagination, which is not our fault. Artists also don't invent anything or make "discoveries". They develop things for art, science and humankind which involves a totally different mentality, aspiration and morality.

It is no coincidence that artists are demonized in a variety of ways and engineers are practically unknown in society because of this, which many have always found amusing and often advantageous. We know that people only come to see us because they want ideas or want to steal things for themselves from our studios, where this historically has even become a sport because these thieves all run to the patent office without knowing the philosophy of the ideas and devices they steal, but only see gold.

J.P. Morgan & Co: The Octopus Always Wins
J.P. Morgan & Co: The Octopus Always Wins
People like Marconi, who visited Nikola's laboratory, even went so far as making an exact copy of Testla's Patent for wireless radio from the patent-office records itself, and then getting this fake patent pushed through the patent office with the help and influence of J.P. Morgan. Any Patent office is just as corrupt/corruptible as any other government office, where with Nature this behaviour is impossible.

There are many examples of such behaviour and some involving the corrupt Nobel Committee and the United Nations who interfere with "reports" as there is one in 2015 against bio-fuels and support fossil fuels all the while legitimizing the IMF who are the real reason why some nations have a shortage of food.

How many things exist all around us that are extremely popular, like electricity, refrigerators or bicycles, etc. — even God (since, just the idea of a god is very popular, where the rest is just branding, tardition tradition and systems), yet there is no one person particularly famous for any of these things, or is completely misattributed, which means there are forms of popularity that exist that are beyond the childish forms we are made to focus upon by media, advertizing and propaganda (which is where any misattribution comes from in the first place). Without artists, architects and engineers, there would be no kings, presidents, physicists or captains of industry and any of their systems.

AT&T Archives: Crystal Growth Morphologies, a 1974 microscopic film study from Bell Laboratories
AT&T Archives: Crystal Growth Morphologies, a 1974 microscopic film study from Bell Laboratories (a study on entropy) Thumbnail for Video
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Time: 10:44

With the exception of studies done on the dynamics of Entropy (because they have no choice), there are very few scientists anywhere in the world that consider anything valuable or interesting to study with just its intrinsic qualities considered, which to me, the artist, I find very strange because the question arises: What is science? For once, I would like to see one modern-day scientist, anywhere in the world, come up with something from his imagination alone (since they are supposed to be so smart), that only has an intrinsic value like one sees in this video and is devoid of autism, but imbued with curiosity.

Science therefore should be called, or considered, a business, and only that, as its new definition in/for purpose. Only something that has been absorbed into some system can be so ignorant and make impudent philosophical claims as we see today, and by association, corrupt whose idea and way to fix or adjust things, is to create lies and present them as "new" things which are revealed when infinities start popping up or the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics shows up to question this "authority" with its Matter and Open systems and threaten to make their theories, patent claims, and supposed superior wisdom fall apart if they don't shut up.

So these scientific societies, boards, committees and consortiums of intellectuals, business groups and sometimes governments avoid the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics like the plague and make sure it's not taught in education or demonstrated in the media in a manner that the DMAC, itself, could take a few lessons from, where if any good teacher or professor who knows what's good for them, he/she simply avoids the subject to preserve their career and avoid intrigue even though this law of Nature was rediscovered and, finally, established by Nobel Laureates.

So here, we are discussing art not science (wink wink nudge nudge), except as history and this is a web-based art gallery exhibiting thermodynamics as art, utilizing Surrealism, metaphysics and artistic philosophy as our guide, and I have no associations with any systems or groups in society so there cannot be any interference from within, but from without that is another story. This is why this is officially called an "art gallery" where I can be easily dismissed, besides me being a total "nobody" (which I thank God for). When I say, "metaphysics" I am not describing 'The Nature of Things' but the Equivalency in/of different things transitively put together, and then their nature after the fact.

If I knew then what I was getting into, I would never of wrote this thing. Fortunately, I can say that Nature has compensated me in ways that would take me too long to describe here. All I can say is, there is a wonderful form of magic and value in this Universe that adds to life and I hope that my visitors, here, will experience the same.

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These pages are my studio for this specific project that's open to an international public (screenshot at right), where no one can claim they discovered anything here because all can see, but everyone can use these discussions and the ideas presented here and develop them themselves. Further, there's nothing to steal here because I'm continually adding new things and refining old ideas, making more/new connections and tying concepts and systems tightly together, or working on ideas and concepts that are incomplete that I am still developing, and making complicated one's more simple to understand, and of course, making corrections as I make lots of mistakes too. There is no deadline here and this work will be finished when it's finished.
I also have the advantage, in that hardly anyone knows that Thermodynamics even exists, yet no one can claim to of invented it.

I have to keep a watchful eye on these webpages anyway for other reasons as certain people interfere with my pages along with the effects of changing technology and the pages themselves have a search engine "shelf life" of approximately four years, —even with the HTTP address and that will be another discussion for the future. Search engines and the web are totally run with/by/ a consumer-grade Second Law of Thermodynamic-like philosophy where increasing entropy is rampant. These pages are not written on stone.

One day when I feel this work complete I will publish it on paper for future generations to enjoy (or hate) since these pages will be lost in cyberspace eventually the day I'm not around to keep an eye on things. Repairing my hacked and ruined pages has now become a sport for me, bringing me enormous pleasure with just a few hours work, where the type of HTML, JavaScript and CSS I use and the containers I have developed myself are specifically designed dynamically to perform this function, enjoyment and convenience.
Certain groups no longer interfere with these pages because when they did I always came back with an even better document on all levels.

My research, findings, views, and conclusions on societies, civilization, nations, economics, industry, organized science and Golden-Calf organized religions are not very popular, but as far as I'm concerned I only attack/question artifices that are not supposed to exist, or are considered as more real than matter and dynamics.

----------- Now back to work! After playing and tinkering around with the usefulness of this commercially available colourless glass for a very long period, it is only then they decide to examine the optical properties of light (like Issac Newton did) and not the other way around, meaning; the optical properties of glass, which would be typical for an alchemist, like today they are trying to resolve the properties of god (god particles) and not the other way around.

Once again, it is artisans like Joseph von Fraunhofer and his associates who did research to create optically finer glass since scientists did not know what properties of glass to manipulate anyway because they never researched this, but only used the substance for their own purposes by creating systems for it, where by taking a little more interest in matter and not just energy, astronomy and microscopy and all the other sciences in their way would have advanced way beyond than what they did instead of wasting the time, where they decided then what Nature was supposed to be, instead of Nature telling them what it is. Today, we have only speakers of the former kind.
The object or particle used to measure something is as much part of the experiment as the experiment and one cannot separate the two.

This is true as well with brewers of beer and other industries that dealt with heat who had far better thermometers and scientific apparatuses for their industry than any in the Royal Society, university or any other science academy of the time and these societies suppressed or repudiated their research, which will be discussed later.
This may have helped them too when they discovered that waves, themselves, require Physical wave properties when even finer glass was produced because this is when science, itself, began to be split in half like the effects of a prism, which is its own irony because this involves purely classical physics. It's all vanity, — especially today when dealing with quarks and things like symmetry, and all mathematicians today speak like autistic savants with social skills to match.

RTSP video
Capital and to what extent people will go to get it for free.
Which will be revealed here when I tear apart Clausius, Kelvin and others and do some much needed repair work (Natural Philosophy Clarification) on the poor and tired Second Law of Thermodynamics using the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics to rejuvenate it because matter, not people has finally arrived to question the authority of its modern-day expounders in the way it's used and interpreted now with the new so-called "Standard Uncertainty" which is spreading everywhere, beginning with the quantum (see: 'LHC and Tevatron share first joint result' for the latest), and how energy systems (closed systems) are exploited everywhere and are rationalized, leaving pollution, war, disease, starvation, noisy machines, inflation and economic-political instability in their wake, where emphasis on "profit out of nowhere" and such nonsense as immortality and perpetual youth are the most perfect logic.

On the other hand, "energy or work from nowhere" or even mentioning perpetual motion is a modern-day heresy that gets you sent to the new modern-day inquisition and gets defended by programmed young fools with no manners or sociopaths, who defend private enterprise and think that they are defending capitalism or god, who are anxious to fit in and embrace scientific establishment's posterior, or Wall Street's behind, on Facebook, You Tube, the Wall Street Journal and other media and social media, instead of looking all around them exploring and finding new things which their bodies, hearts, minds and central nervous systems are designed to do while configuring them to a positive paradigm. Young people should explore more their feelings and emotions while they have the chance than talk about things like Relativity, Super-symmetry or Maxwell, or the Second Law of Thermodynamics, etc.

To sum up: All new things are automatically rare things that get traded immediately in markets like Nutmeg was in the past and Tantalum is today, and the scientist's job has always been to take the work of artists and artisans, and turn them into a marketable entity and as something new to be traded and by the way, The Barovier family is still in the glass business, in Venice and all over the world and still producing some of the finest glass in existence for art and on commission for science and industry.

Besides, on their own, scientists have perverted artisanal purification techniques like the altered method used to enrich plutonium that only a child molester or rapist could think of; scientists and engineers, in the 21st century, still need to ask artists and artisans, who deal with Matter, to create things for them as there are many many things involving matter and dynamics that are beyond them and the only thing we can do is be of service to them and not interfere, rather than make everybody wait for us to present these new things to the world when they are ready, because the artist is beyond good and evil, politics and profit making.

We see the devil all the time, we just don't care about the devil and why should we? To an artist the devil or god are just subjects for art to examine, or we see them (among other things) as systems. This is why we are notoriously difficult because we don't like playing god or want to think for him as that's the scientist's, philosopher's, lawyer's engineer's, economist's, consumer's, environmentalist's and religious thinker's job to do since it is they who deal with systems and not with anything fundamental or real, or they have missed the connection in that they have forgotten how an intrinsic thing, feeling, or idea became a system, and then a networked element and so on. In all recorded history, there is no such thing as an artist, anywhere, who was a failure in not being able to achieve anything desired or commissioned and the client always got what he wanted or deserved, whether he liked it or not.
Beware of the artist, because he does not go around flattering anyone, unless that's what the client/patron wants!

Benedetto Castelli a friend and collaborator of Galileo, wrote about the thermoscope/"air thermometer" to Ferdinand Caesarina in 1638, as being demonstrated by Galileo in 1603: Here we see it in action by how it was used and then you may understand Celsius a little better.

"He took a small glass flask, about as large as a small hen's egg, with a neck about two spans long (around 16" or 40 cm) and as fine as a wheat straw, and warmed the flask well in his hands, then turned its mouth upside down into a vessel placed underneath, in which there was a little water. When he took away the heat of his hands from the flask, the water at once began to rise in the neck, and mounted to more than a span above the level of the water in the vessel. The same Sig. Galileo had then made use of this effect in order to construct an instrument for examining the degrees of heat and cold."

Why Celsius's Thermometer Was "Upside Down"

Here, from Castelli's description in how the thermoscope was used and experimented with by no less than the eminent Galileo, it can be easily imagined by anyone why Celsius's scale was originally inverted, i.e. 100 = Frozen water, 0 = Boiling Water and the bulb itself is also on the top and not the bottom.
Celsius proposed that the zero point, as the boiling point on his temperature scale, would be calibrated with the barometric pressure, at sea level in 1743 of which the sea level then is not the sea level today so they "standardized" what is sea level and call it "One standard atmosphere", (which should be renamed "one arbitrary atmosphere") and not the freezing point because atmospheric pressure does not affect melting ice measurably, but it does with boiling water and only impurities or ultra purities affect the freezing/melting of ice/water measurably which just happens to be another way to look at temperature as this has many different purposes for an indefinite amount of applications. Later Guillaume Amontons used the same type or air thermometer to theorize the existence of Absolute Zero which is impossible in any closed or isolated system because this is like Torricelli's "vacuum" which only has extremely thin air, but there is still air in it which can expand and contract and the column of liquid "whatever" is being supported by the weight/pressure of the atmosphere.

So it is the same with heat, where we find heat is only "thinned" and discover that heat is transitive and has no substance, but not in the way Kelvin later created his idea of "no substance", since here matter and open systems along with heat and "vacuums" are inseparable in how they relate. (More on this later.) Here, we see as in the barometer where it is the atmosphere that supports a column of mercury (not suspends it as a vacuum), it is the same with heat where absolute zero means absolutely no pressure. In a way the church and Aristotle were correct in saying: "A Vacuum does not exist", for the wrong reasons which could of been updated rather than attacking religion since absolute zero also does not exist, but can as a system just like a vacuum is intrinsically a system and not a thing like pressure would be. Pressure would/could have inherent systems after it, but it begins as a reality that exist on its own accord and owes nothing to anything.
G-D Itself could not exist in any form without heat and pressure supporting It's form movement and action.

This could never be know without this remarkable apparatus pointing us the way because that is the way and direction that the air thermometer works, where this idea just naturally falls into place which describes matter and energy simultaneously instead of just energy. The barometer came before the thermometer, and the barometer is simply an upside down thermometer if one uses this device at left in that manner and it was called an "air thermometer" in that case.
Besides this, since (as already related) he used the term 'Centigrade' which comes from the Latin "centum" which means 100 and gradus which means "steps" and as everyone knows, with the step method one can create any kind of system where the zero is placed where you decide, and in Ander's situation it is the boiling point at sea level, — not freezing/melting and all numbers then start their sequential steps, beginning with 'one' wherever after the zero placed, where we begin counting or making new superimposed scales on top.

All modern science begins with Philo's remarkable Thermoscope, since with it we can study gravitation and do experiments because of how it reacts to different elevations (Galileo), pressure and hot and cold because they become obvious with this device which assisted in the creation of a multitude of new sciences, philosophies, research and new disciplines, so I take great exception when a Ph.D. on You Tube or TV laughs at Celsius on camera (Like in the "documentary", 'Absolute Zero') and creates irreparable harm or ignorance. The last thing science needs is an attitude to support itself, or its arguments.

We also see now how scales and the Arabic number system are completely incompatible in their respective paradigms, which is why they got rid of the Step Method in the first place because it always involves scales and the Roman numeral system is itself a scale (so many days/minutes from, and so many days/minutes after), so it's ludicrous to introduce this scale into the metric system now, like they refused to do originally and made perfect sense.

Humorous interpretation of Entropy which is entirely correct because entropy is applied to a dynamical condition and is not alone, like we see in many interpretations of entropy. In this case it is "increasing", which means their relationship is closed and probably stifling or boring.
So besides scientist not knowing matter, thermodynamics and what is heat and cold, they don't even know how to recognize a scale when they see one, that's right in front of them. Further, these people who know absolutely nothing of the history of science or maths; they write books, make documentaries go on circuit lectures and they will eventually run society, one way or another and will be your leaders in their fields as you've already seen with the pirate publishers, plagiarists who steal other people's work and copy other reference resources and make them their own. Then, we wonder why we have problems and contradictions in modern society because everything becomes non sequitur beyond two points of their own histories, and these two points are closing in on themselves in every field while thinking they are creating something new or significant.

Thermodynamics might be something people are loath to learn and have fun interpreting (especially by scientists), but everything it touches is good enough to steal, or take credit for and call this "discovery" (with a new name) physics or chemistry and that's the only value it generally has. At least, one can call that is a dynamic too if one is a cynic. It is my job, as an artist, to make you loath watching television, listen to the radio or read a magazine or newspaper and create your own shows/news in/of life.
This "taking" instead of "learning" philosophy actually robs the thief of so many other possibilities that would make him and everyone else even richer, and everything better in the first place, where the greatest in the sciences and the arts did not stop and sit on their laurels once they arrived at something never-before-seen and went further or changed focus into another area where they started connecting that focus with their original discovery or revealed an entirely new universe of science/art to explore. This is one of the remarkable things Galileo did and Stephen Hawking has not done. His self-serving comparison with this true genius is only pareidolia.

We are going extinct if we don't change a few attitudes about the nature of what power can give the individual (which is not much compared to sharing), or at least locate where these attitudes come from, and eradicate that because as we have seen in paleolithic culture, man/humanoid is not like this naturally, or was not like that before "civilization" and organized religion, and then organized science, was invented.

People who profess to be good and point "the way" or "the word" would do better to concentrate and study dispassionately evil instead and expose it for what it truly is and what it's actually worth and present it in a scientific manner rather than talk about sin, punishment, hell, angels, miracles, virgins, etc., (to only have x number of virgins to have sex with in heaven is actually a punishment and not a reward and this could only sound good to someone in a sexually-repressed/backward society or to simple minds that have no sexual experience). Virgins are not supposed to be fun, to play around with or be sexually satisfying in any way, in any situation one wants to even think about them.

Bill Connolly: On Virgins In "Heaven"
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Time: 3:11

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They could start by talking about why and how instead of what and who where if we are to fight evil we should begin where it manifests itself in the physical universe because this is where we are now (navigation-wise). Of course, good or evil only manifest themselves in human beings and do not exist anywhere in the universe and these ideals were forcibly pasted onto humans on top of that, as paleolithic humans demonstrate today when we study their societies. Organized religions and philosophers put the cart before the horse.
Then we can work on the metaphysical later in whatever form or condition that befalls the dead.
They are in position and have the resources to be able to prove scientifically the nature, dynamics and properties of good or of evil rather than discuss these things in a childish manner that is filled with false imagery since good and evil exist in the physical and metaphysical universes, yet somehow we are exempt for any participation in furthering goodness in the metaphysical by becoming angels singing the praises of god forever. As far as I'm concerned, god's work is never finished anywhere we go and heaven is not a place to relax and be rewarded like a good dog.

If by some miracle we do survive and not get rid of our BS, and go off into space with these attitudes and we encounter a superior intelligence and more advanced society beyond our solar system, it's a certainty we will be exterminated by them without a thought, like we would exterminate a cockroach infestation and these entities would not necessarily be evil, but see themselves as protecting other life forms that would not be as technologically advanced as us.

:NASA TV - New Horizons Pluto Launch (January 19, 2006).
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Time: 4:00

Zero is not thought of as 'nought' like we regularly think and consider zero, but as a 'point' or a bunch of cyphers (where the actual quality or value of the number itself is indicated in the step method) where a preplanned point on a calendar for a rocket launch that instantly establishes a countdown like a virtual particle that appears out of nowhere to that point called "liftoff!" instead of Zero! where then the clock start running like a regular clock. With the thermometer, the zero is the point of contact, or connection, of what you are measuring (the bulb at the bottom), hence we understand immediately the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics and why it must exist, and why it exists as three systems. Intellectuals who want to abrogate this law of thermodynamics are trying to deny us the formalisms of the Universe, which can be seen and appreciated with the Step Method and create, instead, a programmed and computerized society that will only follow their rules and intellectual ideas exclusively. Bullies come in many forms.

The step method, can be anything you want it to be, just think:
tok tik, toc tic -------------------- tik tok, tic toc and in the space between the two sets of tic tok's you put any event you please and put its name there. Forget the numbers because they are there for other reasons that are other systems which can be open closed or isolated systems themselves and can even be topological or non-monotonic and can be mixed as well like some countdown is an isolated system and count up is an open system, like how a bomb is constructed, where the maximum numbers needed in the step method is 10,000 X 10,000 which is called the Myriad Myriad and anything after that becomes another set in that system which, themselves can go up to a myriad myriad, and so on.

The Myriad itself (10,000) was established by an international "consensus" of ancient cultures dating back from the beginning of time where 10,000 X 10,000 was described independently by each culture and civilization; all of which did not know of the other's existence and that consensus was with the indefinity —Not infinity of/in the Universe. It seems that Human beings all by themselves can create standards and miraculously they are in perfect agreement (like, as already mentioned, the way we cemented bonds between couples was also a natural standard across the globe) and we are talking about diverse cultures and histories that had no contact with each other. To an artist, that is a real miracle and not the exclusive miracles discussed in religion and science.

Those standards and standard bodies of today who have no historic legitimacy that history shows us as actually existing like we see with the myriad, among other things, create the fake "legitimizing factor" through their institutions, which are quite arbitrary and are now run by intellectuals.
Is the modern physicist and mathematician correct in concluding that, while each independently; China, Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia, India (Vedic numbering systems) and Japan and in the west, The Greeks (Aegean numerals) among other ancient cultures in the East and Middle east were wrong and insist that their Hindu-Arabic number system attached to the decimal system with the zero only at the beginning to be superior universally to the point of bragging?
We see here now that the mathematician, instead, gave up more than zeros that could be anywhere, but units too like the Myriad Myriad that are useful to place intelligently and assiduously anywhere .

Here, we see that the units that make up the Metric system itself is a step method approach to thinking and is not unique or superior to the Roman Numeral system as intellectuals like telling us.
With the step method, it is your own "universe" you are creating, but it does not indicate any beginning or ending for anything, but must be placed as a unit like one would place a zero somewhere with something that is relative, conserved or recognizable and there we begin our work. Mathematics was once a journey for discovery while on your quest, or a musical instrument of/for the mind. All that is now lost.

In reality, it is nothingness that establishes any and all reality and not god, but if you want to call that god, then go right ahead as it doesn't make any difference anyway. Your own x, y, z's can be anything you want them to be, but just make sure that these things don't interfere with whatever you are trying to find.
Do what works for you and what you feel comfortable with (but don't take this overboard) because in rational systems (and "Nothing", or "Zero", "The Landing", "liftoff!" etc., is the ultimate rational system or thing) it makes no difference if god exists or not and is actually an entirely different matter that only concerns each individual and god Itself, if It exists, is neutral on subjects that are rational in the same manner as like carrying around Einstein's General Relativity or the "metric system" everywhere is ridiculous, as previously described, and here I have to mention that I can show hundred of situations and places where the metric system is a total disaster and causes serious detriment in many situations. Such things are only appealing to those who love living in boxes and think everyone should live in fences.

RTSP video
Remembering Hertz: Notice the two hemispheres of the Coyote's robot-brain exchanges information across a spark gap that aesthetically makes up the robot's ears.
Note: Unlike what Wikipedia says as remarkable about this cartoon as claiming that this is the only one where Road runner got caught by Coyote; this is entirely incorrect as Road runner was caught many times by Coyote in the history of this cartoon series.
In this cartoon that demonstrates 'The Steps'; Coyote has an accident and lands in a dump where he gets the bright idea to build a robot to do his hazardous hunting of Road Runner out of the materials he finds in this dump. So construction and the countdown begins where even Road Runner who likes to tease Coyote is wondering what he's doing transporting all that junk from the dump to his den where we hear lots of noise. Finally, the day arrives and Coyote unveils his new invention for hunting Road Runner and Road Runner runs for his life just seeing it, being terrified, and the count-up begins.

The "100" steps, described above, is why Celsius was questioned on this by the guardians of the metric system standards of the time because the 0 he used was incompatible with the zero they used for measuring things like kilograms, which is why (correctly) it was never allowed into the original metric system, but like as I described in HTML Markup, where in the Orwellian way they are creating definitions of definitions of definitions where finally every single thing, including all the living, will be "legally" owned and like in the Pied Piper, the children who question things will be led over the cliff and the adults will become slaves again like in the "good old days" and a new Renaissance for intellectuals will be born with its new bogus systems, bogus laws to replace Aristotle and bogus Metric System because intellectuals are not philosophers so everything has to be fake and have no substance.

A simple Barometer is an, already, upside down air thermometer, in physical appearance only, being that the bulb is on top, not the bottom, which, when used, is the actual normal position for both an air thermometer/barometer.

As a Thermometer, it used the air in the bulb that was always the same amount of air, and it was with the surrounding heat in the air that establishes thermal equilibrium with the inside air in the bulb (the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics) that creates the equilibrium pressure between a vacuum/air system to push water up or down against the weight of the atmosphere where we can attach any scale along a tube and declare a temperature reading.

That's a lot of energy and movement being demonstrated that costs absolutely nothing and cannot be taxed either. Further, the temperature always changes so the liquid inside the tube always moves. Movement does not exist in physics (Following the money: Only motion does because there can be no privatization with movement as there can be with motion). Movement is pronounced in Thermodynamics with the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics (since this is what is used to indicate) and it is always materialized as "Work", hence W= Fd when/where measuring the indication itself.

We see science (as a system) can easily deprecate this important part of Nature because this form of value and dynamics cannot be converted directly into cash, but only indirectly which makes this a nightmare for the corporate lawyer and venture capitalist to even imagine. As far as artistic philosophy is concerned: This is merely an unexplored and unexploited way to make money too and capitalists will have to start thinking beyond their sociopathic tendencies of immediate gain or the next quarter and think long-term via indirect methods too.

So Work is primarily a phenomenon of Thermodynamics and not physics especially where in the concept of work, 'distance' is not considered, but a phenomena of motion (which is part of physics). They, including 'Energy', can then be linked together through this protocol that presents itself "automatically".
It is also important to "teach" people that they are insignificant (or what they affect in the physical universe by merely existing is insignificant) and have no effect upon anything in the universe where the laws of thermodynamics say this is not so, where even a virtual particle is important.

As a Barometer, it uses the air pressure of the outside atmosphere to push a liquid up and down a tube and later they developed something better that was less top heavy called a "Storm Glass" or a 'Goethe Barometer' (picture, above right).

"Modern Storm Glass or Goethe Barometer"
The trapped air in the large bulb provides constant pressure. When outside air pressure increases, the water in the spout goes down indicating fair weather. With low pressure, the water rises in the spout, which means stormy weather can be expected.
To recapitulate: Philo's thermoscope is only good to detect heat and pressure, — not measure anything. Galileo later, with his friend, the Venetian Mathematician Giovanni Sagredo created a device that was completely sealed from any atmospheric pressure, which could now be used to detect hot and cold and by Sagredo adding scales to his sealed thermoscope they created the Thermometer, which suddenly became a concern for everybody as there's nothing like throwing a little ice age at man to get him to do something worthwhile where he starts to ask Nature instead of God why it's so cold.
Besides, it's not god's place or interest to answer these type of questions in the first place. To him everything he created "is good" by his own dispassionate account, where on our part it is not our business to be passionate and blame him for our discomfort, inconvenience and inefficiency.

Today, any successful religion or philosophy depends more on good weather, not faith and any outstanding science depends on misery and economics, or is it the other way around? I guess it depends what kind of science and religion we are talking about. I think people will believe anything when they are comfortable and either question or accept everything when they are not as there is always some third psychological system to consider. The important thing to consider, here, is that the principles behind, the Barometer, Thermometer and Hygrometer (a vapor or moisture measuring/indicating device that will be discussed further on) are totally inseparable. For example; together, their Principles make Refrigeration possible. Take anyone one away and there is no such thing as refrigeration, Heat exchangers, Heat pumps or Heat Transfer of any type, in any kind of system. Vapour/Moisture systems are not entirely necessary, but I include them here as indispensable because they involve phase changes which are necessary for isolated and open system devices, but not for closed systems and their devices.

To produce Cold in any specific location we need Pressure, Heat and anything that's equivalent to a vapour (depending on the system the device is employing), which are automatically all transitive, where all three heat energies and properties can be exchanged with each other if we apply it to an equivalency to a low-pressure system and this is a model of three systems working as one thing, i.e. The Zeroth Law of Thermodynamic.
Refrigeration is a system where one created/induced phase change can create/induce another phase change in matter elsewhere, which is more impressive than quantum entaglement.

The transition occurs where the high pressure parts are always hot and the low pressure parts of the system are always cold unless there is third system involved, and this has nothing to do with Kelvin or Clausius with his Second Law 'Second Fundamental Theorem', but with Thermal Equilibrium in a Thermodynamic cycle which only the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics describes.

There is no hot going to cold in any refrigeration system and the only thing happening is that heat is being transferred into pressure through matter (a refrigerant or suitable gas) where the pressure is then cooled and then is released mechanically to produce cold at one end (low pressure side) and hot at the other end (high pressure side). Only then, and after this, does the Second Fundamental Theorem apply, dynamically, at both ends. In other words, there's a universe of things going on before we even have to think about the Second Law of Thermodynamics and Thermal Equilibrium puts a stop to this process of hot going to cold where scientists on the other hand would have people believe that hot is always "perpetually" going to cold with their consumer-grade Second Law of Thermodynamic.

Yet, like the performing magician who specializes in misdirection for entertainment, the intellectual misdirects humankind in only making him focus on the Second Law parts (as if that was his preordained destiny) and makes the universe of hot AND cold invisible for his own benefit by splitting them apart, removing Matter from any system or making it redundant, thereby making the knowledge and power of Thermal Equilibrium invisible or non-existent, except in its most puerile form.
This is done because Thermal Equilibrium has the power to demolish half of physics and place those things in their rightful place (besides the Zeroth Law's ability to emptying the patent office). That's a lot of BS jobs that are gotten rid of and the rest would have to actually work for a living and do some meaningful science for a change and they would have to learn fundamental Thermodynamics too.

This is why I have not explained the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics yet because I want you to understand and feel first, like in an opera, that you know about as much about it as the modern scientist does and I want you, the visitor, to look up the dry, vapid and dead definitions and explanations for it first because this is done purposely. It will be explained here very clearly later. (so there is still time to leave this site because this knowledge may change your life.) We may ask this one question now: Why are their people who call themselves physicists, with Ph.D's, when they know absolutely nothing about thermodynamics and any systems theory, among other things? Therefore, what is science? "It is a business", and that is about as much seriousness or "awesomeness" there is in it.

Closed systems are nice places to visit, but you don't want to live there because they will kill you one way or another because they do not renew themselves and require outside resources of energy and do not take advantage of 'lack of energy' (explained later). The Second Law of thermodynamics explains why we have so many wars over energy and minerals on this planet, —just so that we can fulfill its requirements, which says a lot about the minds of those we call, or think of as "authority" because this is totally unnecessary. We live today like we were inside the bulb on top of the tube where any resources inside the air/vacuum system we plunder to create the energy we need to move anything in there and completely ignore what's available outside the glass that wants to do this for us for free and where we don't have to think and/or work for these things in the first place because they are materially and physically intrinsic, but they are not to most humans unfortunately, but this can be attributed to society's fault.

Now we want to go of into space to acquire things and knowledge rather than letting the cosmos give us new things and knowledge.
If we look at the time line that separates the development, creation and utilization of fire and the same for simple refrigeration we find a gap of over 100,000 years. We are not a very bright species of animal on this planet and maybe our emotional dependance on each other is overly emphasized, or is as lop-sided as an air thermometer since it takes more than 6,000 years for us to actually help each other with the closed system called "civilization" involving the simplest things where there are still dietary laws being followed today, based on the civilization's failure to invent refrigeration and this phenomenon can be stretched into other things all over, in any aspect of human existence in any society. Rule of thumb: When someone says he wants to help you, don't believe it, but act accordingly.

Any physicist who tells you about splitting anything in half-ways or twos rather than three ways is either a charlatan or addressing kindergarten and is certainly not a philosopher, except for his "faith" in symmetry and the so called "standard model", but works for someone and says what he is told to say to the public or student. Even quarks contain three more elementary particles within them to make the whole thing work (that is "stable" like a proton or neutron with three quarks; "unstable" (don't last long) like the meson with two quarks) and this can go on forever while building up or taking apart things because quarks actually do something which means they have properties and that means Thermodynamics, — not physics.

There are systems with even four quarks, but they are unstable. See: Zc particle. Regardless of the thing, or the point of view in physics; nothing can be split just in half and have all the elements that made it in one place, or time, besides superficial examples that involve system like cutting an apple in half (and systems can be cut in half forever). A better way to put it would say: Nothing that involves thermodynamics and matter directly can be split in half, and cutting an apple in half (or any system) does not involve thermodynamics, but splitting a nucleus does and never is the nucleus cut in half, but splits into a minimum of three things.

Intro to Networked Elements

air thermometer There are two kinds of network elements. Those that are one thing that can actually do two different things (which will be described here) and the other, where we have dedicated components, where the way they are put together they perform another function that would be impossible for the individual components to do individually (which will be described later).
Celsius' Networked Element: The temperature of the air in the bulb at the top of the tube affects the barometer idea of a thermoscope because of changes in temperature, so measures are taken to minimize these effects if the "air thermometer" is used as a barometer.

This might be difficult for some to imagine, but I guarantee that it is not impossible for anybody to learn thermodynamics and it's philosophy and here I provide a lot of "seed" ideas, research and references to/of competent and extraordinary men and women in all my articles on heat and cold that point too many resources that deal with any part of thermodynamics you may be particularly interested in to get you started and once that happens, everything will eventually and inevitably fall into place, and bonus, you will always have the book of Nature to use as a reference in any subject you can imagine because nothing real cannot exist outside Nature,— without exception under any circumstances.
If one is a die-hard believer in god, then the only place he will be able to exist for you is in your heart and with your love if you continue in this monologue. Readers, here, have been warned!

Thermodynamics is the only book you will ever need in both life and death where one will find the meta-truth in anything and in all cases you can create anything you want, whenever you want and if you want. All you need is your imagination and you build the future anywhere, and by all means, please use the Step Method approach as anywhere makes a good countdown as we can see with people who were "failures", like Einstein who didn't talk until he was six, or until they were in their 50s like Rodney Dangerfield among many others in all kinds of fields. They were not failures if we look at their lives by way of the step method, both before and after the facts. See the romantic comedy: Moonstruck (1987) for a valuable and very pleasant lesson in this.

ClassicTelevisionBlog - Comedian Rodney Dangerfield
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Time: 3:26

This includes other things you never thought would be interesting while discovering for yourself, and this includes finding new qualities in yourself that you never thought existed, among new things you never would have thought possible, and perhaps make some new discoveries yourself because the story of simple hot and cold is not over, by far. By using the Laws and Principles of Thermodynamics as your central philosophy (like Mr. Spock's Vulcan race from Star Trek used Logic) they will teach you how things really are dynamically in the Universe, as well as their important relationships with open, closed and isolated systems, including what Network Elements they can create, where even the proletariat people can demand the same from their leaders, teachers and peers and stop all this horsing around. They do not teach dynamics of any type anywhere so thermodynamics would be a good start since it's dynamics is identical with/to any other philosophy.

Among other things I will reveal, is that their functions are not always logical and so they cannot be programmed into some machine, differential or algorithm (with the way they construct computers today, as already explained) as these laws are reserved only for the living who can see and understand this instantly. These laws do not exist for dead things or "nothing", but can for non-living things as there is a big difference between these two and there are different forms of life and death too that apply anywhere, so there are distinctions and/or exceptions to be considered or employed.

Not to worry: By starting to work with and through the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics and let Nature help you make decisions and protocols for you, you will get back everything overtime, — And More, that was ever taken from you, which means anything in the real Universe. The Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics 'Remembers' you even if you do not remember yourself or any of the lessons it brings to you here. That is not your fault as this is the power of programming from youth to only see the world, the microscopic and macroscopic in a certain way. All that is required of you to start changing everything is feeling. Let those alarm bells, in the back of your mind ring loud and clear, and start navigating with them. Forget the "third eye" and consider listening to yourself instead. You may find yourself one day doing things you never would of thought possible that were always part of you in the first place.

'The Tree of Life' by Jen Delyth
Fair Use
Click or Tap for more.
This is knowledge and philosophy that can't be beat and is practical in anything or any subject you can imagine. Of the Tree of life or with the Tree of knowledge of good and evil, this is the good part of that tree.
Lesson I
By the example set by the Universe itself: There is no such thing as heat or cold by themselves, except subjectively. There is only hot-and-cold and they are always transitively together according to the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics and the same goes for numbers as countdowns and count-ups must be present in some way (like I showed exists in the metric system) otherwise, what is being discussed is worthless or destructive.

The basement is always cool and the upper floors are always warm, yet there is a flow of heat and cold going all the time between the two and pressure/density is the key (where hot air may be lighter, is also more pressurized (just like evaporation) and the cold air in the basement is more dense (just like condensation) and without this transitiveness there would be no heat and cold in the first place.
Accordingly: All good things are good up to a certain point (zero), and all bad things are bad up to a certain point. You decide where these zeros (points) are, in your own affairs and it is not the business of modern society or philosophy to delve in this since this exists or can be demonstrated mathematically. Since mathematics supports this, it is therefore a Law of Nature which cannot even be questioned. This is the core of the meaning of Freedom and it's true etymology in the meta-truth sense since freedom, itself, must be defined and through this philosophy can also be calculated which, through thermodynamics, no protocol of any other philosophy can do.
Lesson II
Where concerning matter: Thermal Equilibrium is when a substance can have two or more properties of matter at one temperature and pressure (like melting/freezing). Arriving at thermal equilibrium (as an energy system) is another matter, where this is about when two heat/energy systems interact they will arrive eventually at the same temperature that is equivalent to their original differences.

This is original validity for the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics, because it says that Absolute Zero must exist in certain systems (like when I proposed with micro quasars or Guillaume Amontons with his air thermometer) because absolute zero is thermal-equilibrium proof as it, neither can be warmed or cooled, but only released as pure matter with its own distinct properties; therefore it is a system.

IRIS: Studying the Energy Flow that Powers the Solar Atmosphere
With the Sun: The Second law of Thermodynamics goes right out the window and into outer space since, cold goes to hot. Only the Zeroth and Third Laws of Thermodynamics can explain this. Thumbnail for Video
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Time: 3:32

Heat and Cold, themselves, keep coming up with new surprises all the time, especially in the 21st century as we see proof of this with the Sun, where they together create waves, motion and movements on an immense scale that defy classical and quantum mechanics/physics in their resolution, — even qualitatively. We also see here in the Sun where the closed systemed parts (the core to the photosphere) obeys the Second Law of thermodynamic where suddenly it encounters an open system; the sun's atmosphere which is much less dense at 10−8 times that of the atmosphere of Earth, where the refrigeration cycle we are accustomed to seeing here is reversed where more heat is produced — Not cooling, and this is probably caused by the sound of endless fusion explosions. Remember when/where I described that entropy decreases for all subatomic closed-systems? Here is a wonderful example of this on a large scale. Wherever there are sound waves there is Heat just like when there is smoke there is fire (in everyday atmospheric conditions).

You can now see hot and cold in action and how mysterious these things are with this short from NASA (above). There is more to learn with this, that can become practical, than anything theoretical/particle physics and cosmology have to offer with those familiar things we know and see all the time, or they are at our "doorstep".
Energy, because of matter, is not something we should be killing each over and anyone or any nation who goes to war over oil or nuclear energy is not a civilization that is worth anything. This is merely a system to make sure that money only flows in one direction, that's all. If people stopped buying cars they would give them to us for free because they want you to go to the pump, which can be seen as a modern sacrificial altar.

Thermal Equilibrium and The Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics.
Note: This is exactly like the Nitrogen Cycle that supports all living things (click on picture to see).
Thermodynamics, in its typical way of making thermal equilibrium omnipresent and omnipotent in anything you can imagine if you look carefully, has compensated my hard work and conscientious research by creating an equal type of equivalence for me in this situation, and showed me around Its own art gallery called the Universe and demonstrated, to me, things that society would not. I now know things that are eternal and a part of me is now part of them. It is impossible to not praise thermodynamics as you can see here where just our interaction with a simple thing as hot and cold can reveal as much about himself as Nature reveals about Itself.

I don't remember every last word I write here, but I end up acting these things out in my life, philosophy (subconsciously) and the way I interact with everything and every day just seems to get better and improve. It is like where I described Dirac, Heisenberg and Einstein and their merging with matter, but coming from the other direction instead.

I can read this story/monologue over and over and I find new insights each time I go over or proof-read and you, the reader, can add his own idea into these wonderful things for yourself so long as there are always three systems in what you are doing that corresponds to Nature. This is just the foundations where The Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics is a work of art where you can paint yourself as like in A picture of Dorian Gray, but in reverse and without using any medium except yourself and life and there's nothing to hide from anything. Nature, like the magician or Heinrich Hertz' famous experiment, shows Itself and Its magic, just when you take the curtain away!

Thermodynamics, beginning with the Zeroth Law, may be difficult but its joys are immediate and joy itself can be used as a "detector", like Philo's Thermoscope, to indicate just before a coalescence of something new (because it sharpens instinct, intuition and broadens emotion), that only you could have thought possible and made it to become understandable on your own, which gives you something unique to share with to the rest of mankind and humanity in a manner that Michael Faraday would have done or recognize and gives you an understanding of your own uniqueness in this Universe, where one needs never to ask stupid questions like: "Why am I here". One will also, forever, be immune to brainwashing, indoctrination, programming, propaganda and bullying.

This is a perfect copy with no imperfections as claimed by Kessinger Publishings and is completely free too from the Cornell University Library and the Internet Archives. It also contains all the original illustrations.
This like when I explained earlier, where kids copy bad dictionaries and set up their own website and think that the word "centigrade" comes from French, or someone plagiarizes a work that wasn't very good like was done to me. Become like the Stone age man: Believe nothing and verify everything or at best, treat everything as something new even if you think you know it very well.
Click or Tap to go directly to source and enjoy 'Michael Faraday's Life and Work' for free courtesy of the Internet Archives!
Go buy yourself a snack and some beer, wine or liquor instead with the $30.00 saved while you enjoy reading this great work. I'm certain that the spirit of Michael Faraday would approve!
Highlight above transposed over Michael Faraday's name: Another link where a book that's part of the public domain has gone propriety-controlled for the low price of CDN$ 28.54 Paperback + tax (click or tap highlighted link to see) even though it has passed copyright a long time ago; (I swear Amazon or Indingo would sell your own mother to you if they could, which they actually do if they sell "self-help books.) I mean this is 30 dollars and it doesn't cost them more than 50¢ to create that thing. This is evidence where authority is trying to keep these simple, but universal things from public knowledge, and for "good" reason, all the while gouging them. Here, we see a perfect example in how private enterprise (as opposed to free enterprise) works hard to create a totalitarian-like ignorance since it does this with things that belong to everyone, so they appropriate it and make it difficult to obtain important information by using money as a weapon. The following is their selling point, which is just a bunch of lies and BS because here above, I'm showing you a perfect copy that's free:

" This scarce antiquarian book is a selection from Kessinger Publishings Legacy Reprint Series. Due to its age, it may contain imperfections such as marks, notations, marginalia and flawed pages. Because we believe this work is culturally important, we have made it available as part of our commitment to protecting, preserving, and promoting the worlds literature. Kessinger Publishing is the place to find hundreds of thousands of rare and hard-to-find books with something of interest for everyone!".

Imagine all of mankind becoming smart and demanding intelligent answers to/from simple questions and want their three system put in everything like Nature does, instead of two. That would put a lot of BS out of business tomorrow.
One will find often the archived, pirated or bootleg version of things are much better than the ones offered for sale with/by private enterprise and in this situation you have to use your own judgement. So next time you go worship at the altar of Capitalism, just remember there are two types: The Private kind and the Free kind, since capitalism itself must be free as well to support a free society and private enterprise can only support a totalitarian society. In this book you will read an account in how and why the Royal Society (and subsequently every teaching institution in science) got corrupted, and this is by people who lived at the time. No wonder this book is messed up and mangled today when they "sell" it, but Faraday's work is not unlike Heron's work as it only improves with age too since his ideas are the inception in/of truly good science in our modern age now.

Always Check A Barometer Before Visiting Anyone At Their Home!
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So today, when cosmologists and theoretical/particle physicists raise eyebrows with their time-consuming science videos and textbooks with stories about the never increasing temperature of the Universe using the microwave background radiation as the source of this information, when considering hypothetical things like the "Big bang", which itself is impossible when considering pressure, especially in a system that describes a sudden "inflation" whether we are talking about 13 billion years ago or today, it becomes very important to leave things like pressure and matter out of any discussion in their stories theories and keep us focused only on energy where none of any changes in the properties of matter and their effects are being considered in such a cataclysm and at these densities and temperatures it would be impossible to even think of the matter that was present then as particles, either, as this is still not possible with black holes which would be a minute comparison in density, and of course, there is entropy to consider which did not exist yet, but ultimately created itself (like everything else) out of matter's (in natural form) superluminal motion since if there was a big bang there was no such thing as motion; there was only movement and before that there was something else that followed the Laws of Thermodynamics, and so on since heat and cold certainly were not just "invented" during the big bang, but the conditions existed for them to exist the way we know. They existed before that, but were simply something else, as can be demonstrated even now with practically everything that has three systems like in the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics.

More misinformation that's spewed everywhere
By 2014, it has been a hell of a lot longer than 50 years (88 years) since the so called, "Big Bang" theory.
They tell us the day the universe created itself, yet that don't even know when the theory itself was invented!
Back before time was time, there was no going from A to B, or "the more ordered going to the less ordered" (Boltzmann - Statistical mechanics, which in many systems is not true), there was only movement and the universe was quite different, but the Laws of Thermodynamics were present otherwise there would be no Universe at all and it is when things appear out of nowhere they immediately follow the laws of Thermodynamics.

Since there is no architecture for any form of dynamic entropy to exist in or with a "big bang", that means it never occurred, or it was the reverse that happened, where the more ordered "nothing" went to the disordered protouniverse, which is great because, then we don't need Inflation and there is no reason to not assume that there were no virtual particles appearing and disappearing like a game of hide-and-seek all across the field of Nothing that was the size of a turnip, which for obvious reasons this phenomenon merely got intensified where this thing's mass went wild and could weigh anything at anytime with so many virtual particles concentrated in such a small area.

The Universe might just be a "thermodynamic hiccup". In fact, the Universe is a conglomeration of many things and many states all over interacting with each other and not some, one particular event that makes no sense unless you are a Jesuit priest with the mind of a child, who invented this awful thing in the first place. Regardless of what you think, 'Nothing' has something to do with the Universe and it's only a matter of how far you want to take it.

Later I will also demonstrate that matter comes first in anything that goes on in the Universe, so these creation stories whether they are brought forth by cosmologists or by religion are actually meaningless. Any belief in these things is because the layman decided, at one point, it was real for their own reasons and has no connection to any reality. These things will remain unexplainable for all eternity simply because we are not big enough and this has nothing to do with intelligence. It is like the ant climbing the Empire State Building who knows as much where it is as to where and when it will find food in its foraging and if we do get big, well the Universe will of changed by then too and got bigger.

Also, documentary filmmakers and their producers on science and scientists that deal with Scientific Principles and Thermodynamics in these types of videos, should minimize their use of colourful-descriptive adjectives and adverbs that are assigned to the motivations of dead people, like Anders Celsius (1701-1744), that they have not carefully researched and cross-referenced especially in documentaries that are meant to inform. This is not acceptable in Fine art so why would this be allowed in any discussion involving science?
This documentary examines if "love" is "actually" possible in the cold.
These spokesman-scientists are very dangerous people because they actually believe the things they say that have no bases in any kind of reality or are even logically derived, which makes one wonder how much of their other work is also contaminated and should fall into suspicion because with science, as in art, you can contaminate an idea, experiment or work by leaving something out, or by adding something redundant, so absolute precision is required for both disciplines. Unfortunately, this is a plague with all "modern" theoretical/particle physicists and cosmologists today, which are not to be confused with QED, nuclear physics, nuclear chemistry, astronomers and astrophysicists as there are "astronomically" large differences between these fields and a lot of these "theorists" that insist on being taken seriously have never even been in a laboratory, except maybe in high school, and this includes the cosmologist Carl Sagan who in all his life, spend only a couple of hours, in his college years, in any observatory where there was an actual telescope because he found them "too boring" as quoted by fellow students who knew him then. What we see in his documentaries is all acting.

He spent his time in offices and classrooms for no reason except to talk "cosmology", among other things that suited his intellectual nature. He wisely restricted most of his discussions to kindergartens and elementary schools and infused an air of wonder with them, but never went off like modern cosmologists into esoteric nonsense that they create themselves or as an Atheist Theoretical physicist would discuss more about Jesus Christ in a lecture circuit than any Evangelical Christian would in a parallel circuit-tour elsewhere. Carl Sagan would not be able to get away with the kind of social media-like nonsense on hears/reads today during his time.

Music Video:
Carl Sagan - 'A Glorious Dawn' ft Stephen Hawking (Symphony of Science)

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Time: 3:34

Today, Sagan and others like Hawking are great material for making laughable music videos on/for social media.
The things he discussed that were theory, were the accepted theories of his time like the "big bang", which today is under serious attack due to more and more empirical evidence that is against it and lack of more supporting evidence for it that should appear with the proper research and development, aside from it's own gross contradictions that can be conjugated in many ways, from many perspectives, i.e. If the Universe is a closed/isolated system, then where did it get its mass? Since only closed/isolated systems can explode; where do open systems come from? There is a missing system somewhere which is where the idea of god (god particles, which is Gnosticism) come from.

In physics itself, there is also an electromagnetic pulse of the big bang to consider which is not registered anywhere because of the differences between the electron and magnetism. Magnetism (including diamagnetism) is a system and not a thing or an entity like the electron so the big bang is actually a precursor of/to the birth of systems the way we know them now and not the birth of the universe itself.
The only solution to this is that the universe is a lot bigger and older than they say and what they teach is only some tiny portion of it that today (2014) has the support of the Vatican. People must remember that the electromagnetic pulse was never theorized to exist (as it should of been) and was discovered by accident (atomic bomb explosions) after the theory of the big bang was "accepted" and no revisions were ever brought forward after this discovery.

This is compounded with the other accidental discovery of the Universe's "Cosmic" Background Radiation in 1964 which also should of been predicted especially by proponents of Maxwell's electromagnetic propagation theory, but was actually stated to exist metaphysically long before by Michael Faraday (after years of exhaustive research and experimentation) with his electromagnetic theory that states the entire universe and existence itself is composed of forces and fields.

The only system that is actually missing with these two groups is one complete system that involves thinking, logic and thermodynamics. It's all man-made nonsense and when the Vatican agrees with THEORIES we know then that the theory MUST be wrong!
These guys have their tentacles all over the place, so when they open their mouths, watch out!

It is not important whether progress or evolution exist or not, but the way progress and evolution is being manipulated by boors that is important since here we have a case where systems are being manipulated by other systems and those systems that do the controlling are invisible, classified, inaccessible and man made, but are easily revealed through a basic understanding/knowledge of Thermodynamics.

God help the human who comes up with something like, "subspace communication" like we see on Star Trek or artificial gravity, etc., since these things are possible as systems, but actually could only be achieved in another type of civilization and in a totally different culture where these things would become intrinsic interests of/for study and development, like the developments of the thermoscope or colourless glass or the "impossible object", etc. since such things would be seized by any modern nation for reasons of "National Security" and ironically be handed over to the multinational who has offices all over the world who would develop these things for making war in one form or another or to steal/control things from other countries that they don't understand or own.

Modern nations themselves are their own enemy. One thing I would like to see is a ban in car advertizements (internal combustion engines), like the ban on tobacco advertizing, featuring wholesome middle-class infants or children, where they are represented in something like a minivan or SUV in total security and comfort (including amusements) since these things are actually killing these children.

Richard Feynman
If someone demonstrated these discoveries in public he would not be believed and would think it a trick which shows how people have been conditioned where in the superstitious past new scientific discoveries were embraced and celebrated by everybody including the public.
Today, someone running down the street naked or forgetting to put on his clothes after making a fantastic discovery shouting, "eureka!" would be arrested, but a lying proselytizer or soapbox evangelist promising to cure you of whatever would more likely be believed and not get arrested for disturbing the peace, loitering or defrauding the public.
The only actual physicist we had that was a great popularizer of science was Richard Feynman who died in 1988. If you want true accounts of what is going on in the universe, start with short, to-the-point, video clips by real Astrophysicists (rather than Cosmologists), Applied Chemists and Physicists, Engineers, Mathematicians and Mechanics of all kinds showing scientific demonstrations with brief and concise discussion, explaining the effect of what's going on and avoid like a plague all the science videos with any kind of clichés in them and that offer no laboratory demonstrations with their dissertation or only discuss energy or heat by themselves, unless it's a personal kind of sick entertainment.
ESA itself is notorious for showing the public, artist's renditions of phenomena, which they commission, which no more scientific than reading the Bible.

Kim Jong Il Announces Plan To Bring Moon To North Korea
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Time: 2:16

The lazy, but still very effective way to start, is to try the JPL/Goddard NASA videos (not the ones with the ESA associated with NASA) where it's easy to practice weeding out cosmologists, theoretical/
particle physicists, religious people, gurus, cult figures, "communicators", popularizers and intellectuals and then you can work your way elsewhere with the experience you gain there. ESA is plagued with snooty intellectuals too where NASA/JPL have nice friendly engineers doing all the talking and ESA is the only space agency besides the ' North Korean Committee of Space Technology' that uses graphic designers or tampered photos to represent astronomical phenomena instead of the real thing from Hubble or from other satellites and probes that actually exist, — even their own satellites.

JPL Pasadena
NASA also has snooty intellectuals too, but they are always far away from Pasadena; in places like Alaska and they all discuss global warming and their journalists cite movies like "The Day After Tomorrow" as fact. See: JPL Investigating Global Warming in Alaska. It's engineers who run the show at NASA and that's a refreshing world of difference.

This is probably some union thing at ESA like what European movie producers already have to deal with in certain studios being that England is already a socialist nightmare, along with the rest of Europe, which in these movie producer's case, forced them to only use studio artisans in a picture and forbade the use of models and even real scientific apparatus that are real from outside the studio, and all outside original work that is to be remade by studio "craftsmen" must be incinerated first before anything proceeds so nothing gets sneaked in. They can only use the things their unionized artisans create even if they are only bad copies of the outside original and only those things can appear on film. See from Wikipedia: The making of the 1969 movie 'Journey to the Far Side of the Sun' which relates the nightmare that producers Gerry and Sylvia Anderson had to go through in making this movie when it involved British artisan and carpenter unions in studios over there.

Apparently NASA is also hard at work to exterminate Humankind. Yeh sure! Thumbnail for Video
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Time: 36:17

Here is a view, (I'm only being fair) where some people have claimed to have found a document published by NASA entitled 'The Future is Now, where the so called "Illuminati", The banks and all the major corporations are planning to reduce the population and turn the rest into slaves again with radio frequencies, mechanical dust, pollution, etc., etc. (What else is new?).

You will note that it is always Golden-Calf believers in god that say the worst things on/about the Illuminati because this group is only interested in destroying all organized religion. (God bless them!).
John Lennon himself was an open Illuminati and was assassinated by a voice-hearing "believer" who was probably manipulated by whatever cult he belonged to, or believed in. John Lennon was a martyr for humankind and it is organized religions with their conflicting beliefs, dogmas and ideologies that will destroy the world if they are not destroyed first.

John Lennon - Imagine
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Time: 3:12

Naturally, these organized religions don't want to lose a good business and they all work well together against this common enemy. If the Illuminati did not exist it would become necessary to create them! It's just a war between one form of business and another, which when this stuff falls upon social media, it becomes ridiculous as we see here in the video above with that bitch.

Anyway: There can only be a possibility that this is true or not true. If it is true, let them go ahead, but they better get it right the first time with no mistakes, which they will make because of the Second Law of Thermodynamics and then we can exterminate them and their entire gene pool like removing devils and then we can employ the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics to rebuild, in a fun and enjoyable way.

In a Russian-doll kind of way, Middle-class America has to remember that the "Illuminati" and the Committee of 300, etc. etc. have powerful enemies too, who for obvious reasons are even more secret and there are people in Russia, The middle East and the Balkans who would be very happy to see them and The Rothschilds and Rockefellers, etc. etc. go away and will gladly provide assistance in a most creative fashion.

Russia (now, The Russian Federation) is still the superpower it always was: They just deal with things that most Americans have absolutely no idea about what that is and live with some simple inane idea of middle-class idealism given to them by their own totalitarian governments and mass media who mention the name of god, in one way or another (and what HE, believes in!), a bit to often. They know what G-D believes in; Imagine!

This, these powerful families, live in this kind of situation and this is why this supposed extermination is not done yet or will be done for a while, — if ever. With great power comes a lot of bullsh*it along with it (forget great responsibility). Like Spiderman and Batman, etc., etc., these types love this "cat and mouse" stuff anyway and your job as an ordinary Joe or Jane, is to just stay out of the way and not get involved on any side.
Create your own world and values and to begin with, you have them as examples of everything to avoid.

Slow-Witted Conspiracy Theorist Convinced Government Behind NASA
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Time: 1:28

One does not go around making claims like this on either side without a certainty and proof somewhere, and a document is not proof, nor are governments that smart or that stupid.

If there is a conspiracy, it is to find out who and where are these troublemakers, and those vocal conspiracy theorists are located, so the government and all the multinationals can find out who they are, and their followers, by stupidly using the very media, and social media/networks that are controlled by the government and multinationals in the first place. Not very bright. The fact that they are so stupid is the only reason why they are still alive and in many ways they are also very useful to the government, banks and multinational. If there is a conspiracy or war, you're supposed to publish and post everywhere anonymous and untraceable pamphlets like they did in the past. That's what photocopiers are for. These are children in adult bodies looking for attention projecting their own inadequacies and shortcomings upon a world they never bothered to understand in the first place and if you believe anything they say, you deserve to believe their nonsense.

Besides this, the "Illuminati" need lots of disposable worker-slaves to mine radioactive isotopes on Mars and other celestial bodies so I disagree that anyone is going to kill anyone before exploiting them in death-work camps first. (see: planetaryresources.com to apply for a "career" in this field, beginning with hiring intellectuals first)
The nice thing is that everyone benefits in that they save the bother of burial or creation cremation costs on Mars because one does not need to worry about the spread of disease, or the smell; just leave the body there where it died and the mining equipment will take care of that eventually and get processed into the minerals and isotopes, and be brought back to Earth for more use and get cremated here properly in something that looks like the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant, thereby saving transportation costs in bringing the body back to Earth. It's a win! win! situation.

Someone should check to see what prescription medications, diet and what media this woman in the above clip and her followers are getting. Regardless it would be everyone's fault and not just companies like General Electric or Monsanto, etc. who are too easy to blame. If you don't like multinationals, stop buying their stuff and stop being a member of old corrupt political parties and organized religions and replace them with new political parties with fresh ideas and platforms and become a spiritual person that does not require any organization except of one's own mind, body and soul. People have been giving up their rights for decades in exchange for vanity, in a totally pretend-like society that means absolutely nothing so it is a little late to criticize these behemoths, or take anything seriously, especially the middle class. Anyway I discuss this more in-depth in 'The Principles of the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics' coming up. If your religion allows you to hate another religion or belief for any reason, then it is not a religion.

In the meantime, don't listen to mass media, or limit your exposure to it, or consider yourself and your life as the most important "news". Start finding ways to generate and store your own electricity or learn everything about electricity and grow some of your own food (grow a cabbage or one tomato plant) and find ways to communicate with others without using the grid and learn the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics like you know your mother. Instead of reading "secret" government documents, read a good book instead and discuss that on You Tube. Turn your life into a conspiracy for enjoyment. Stop and smoke a cigarette, or a joint, and inhale deeply, it's the healthiest thing for you (comparatively speaking) and have a nice beer or cocktail and relax with some friends and enjoy life.
Apparently a 4' X 8' easy-to-maintain hydroponic (Hydro Farm) can provide a person or a small family (I don't know which as this is an old report I read from Russian research during the Cold War) with all its needs continuously and there are aeroponic systems to consider too. Do your own research as this is a lot of fun too. Otherwise, you're already a slave and you like being one too. Life is not all that complicated where you need 20 million different things all the time to keep you alive, healthy and happy, where there will always be a "point" somewhere, à la step method, to these "needs" where they become only branded, packaged, marketed and standardized things. Reading, learning new things, studying or finding new ways to appreciate and embrace differences is the only power that does not corrupt. It is sameness and standardization that corrupts although they appear well and quite logical at first.

Socialists, capitalists, all science and religion are fine up to "the point" where they start telling/making people how to think and how to live, what to do and what's right and wrong and absolute universally. Even god is not universal as none of his stuff would ever apply off this god-haunted planet beyond those boundaries of what Newton describes in his special relativity.
I can imagine extraterrestrials making horror movies about us based on facts as we would make one about a house, considering haunting as a plot device, with blockbuster titles like 'The Thirteenth Planet', 'Nightmare on Planet X' with an omnipresent ghost, calling itself God, and its minions terrorizing all living things and interfering with everything on that planet.

Another suggestion I can offer concerning your science education, is to google and read Nobel Prize speeches for physics and chemistry, as they all contain a wealth of information that cannot be misunderstood and point you to the right people whose work counts, both alive and dead whose work you can follow, and these speeches are in simple everyday language that anybody can understand. These Ph.D's work you can follow; you can check how many doctoral students they produced and the institutions they worked for and compare them to those Ph.D's you love on PBS or You Tube etc., and you won't like them so much afterwards and start to begin to understand what I'm talking about. All this can be found with any Search engine at the Nobel Prize site.

This stuff is 100% BS free and will set you on the right path. This is where all scientists are at their best behaviour and it is remarkable how eloquent they can be when they want. As if by magic, nothing is "counterintuitive". One does not impress the King and Queen of Sweden by "liberally" sprinkling around mathematical formulas, or infer mechanical and physical networked elements or talking in Dissertationese or differentials either. If anything they discovered was "counterintuitive", they wouldn't be winning any Nobel prize because science is only concerned with proof and not intuition or prophecy. Intuition is for literature and poetry, not science when describing or discussing a discovery after the fact, not before the fact. Scientists, themselves, don't believe anything until they prove things, so why should you?

They also have a handy 'Educational Productions' section on their site with (in 2013) 29 interactive learning games among other things to help you learn Physics (17 productions), Chemistry (4 productions), Medicine (19 productions), Literature (2 productions), Peace (four productions) and Economics (one production) which are worth a try, and please don't become some snot-nosed intellectual and think you are better than anyone else, just because you learned something. Your job is to share your knowledge and hard study in a friendly manner with the rest of your follow beings in a nice manner, and stay away from peers that do "think" you are better than others, or flatter you, as there's nothing but trouble waiting for you there and that's the last thing you need.

Just learn to live in yourself and with the Universe; everything in between will fall into place, even society, where it is you that has created any good or bad in there, but since it's inside, between, whatever you have built it can be changed by changing the container and what connections you have made with the outside. Society, demands for too much of the individual when elements within it interfere and prescribe allegiances and then make strict rules within those things to live by. Just don't believe anything (and in anything), as there is nothing to believe in anyway, but there is an entire Universe to enjoy.

Arthur Conan Doyle's Professor Moriarty changed from evil to good in the clip I presented in part 1 of this monologue, where Sherlock Holmes will remain as pompous as ever, forever, as that feature is not just about the step method. By reediting a couple of Star trek episodes I created three different stories in one feature. I have so far only described two; you find the third that matches an equivalence in you, and it is the way one tells stories using the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics when treating it as philosophy, we create networking elements that can say and do different things and all from one source. It's the way the Universe was created.

Don't forget that there are a lot of excellent University courses on You Tube and other video hosting providers from prestigious places like MIT among others. So one has many choices to learn science besides these mainstream media sources and you won't find any of these crackpots either that I discuss in these articles on Matter Thermodynamics in any of them. Check out their MIT Video site which shows science demonstrations à la Humphrey Davy or Micheal Faraday, in time when the Royal Society was actually a good place and doing something worthwhile.

Wikiversity Is also a resource for all education at any level that is worth taking a look at. It is a "project devoted to learning resources, learning projects, and research for use in all levels, types, and styles of education from pre-school to university, including professional training and informal learning."

The latest that has come to my attention is iversity Open Courses — Education for everyone. This is what they refer to as MOOC or Massive open online course.

So far, in 2013, no one discusses the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics in-depth, except me on this entire planet so it's up to you to verify everything I say here since there is no one in science interested in this Law of Thermodynamics (forget understanding the other Laws of Thermodynamics properly) to even discuss this with. It is a shame that Thermodynamics is still part of metaphysics (which is wonderful in itself) and does not exist in any practical curriculum. I'm no scientist, but an artist and take what you read here on these pages for what they're worth to you.

Click or Tap for Part 5 of 'Extreme Cold': 'The Energy/Work Systems of Philo of Byzantium, Ctesibius and Heron of Alexandria' which features Automatic physics/technology, and more.

GP duBerger

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