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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Extreme Cold

Extreme Cold - Page 1 - A History and Iconoclastic Monologue on modern science. Page 1 of 'Extreme Cold'
'A History and Monologue on Matter and Natural Systems
in Materials Science of/for Energy Systems within
any Macroscopic Scale'.

by GP duBerger

A Reexamination Of Our World, Technology and Civilization, Where/When It Concerns Matter And Energy. (A Personal View)

image of an oblong section of ice placed vertically to form the letter I in black and white
t's January and it's cold in the northern hemisphere - well.... not really that cold; I've been in worse.
Back in the 17th century, cold was felt as a physical presence, being only feared, endured and definitely something not to be tampered with. It was conceded in the form of "surrender", manifesting itself like a trial by ordeal which was materialized by god.
Before there were scientists, there was the Natural philosopher who attempted to find another explanation for cold.

According to the Cartesian's (followers of Descartes), it was the recess of ethereal matter leaving the pores of a substance.
According to the Corpuscular philosophers (followers of Newton): Cold was an act of god whose agent/perpetrator was "Frigorific Particles" that acted like nitrous salts floating in the air and insinuated themselves like wedges or nails between the molecules of water, destroying their mobility and occasionally adding to their bulk since it was known that salts added to snow greatly increased cold.
(i.e. The snow may be gone, but the water itself became much colder than the former snow.)

This was a time where Cold had material theories, so there was as well material theories for heat, one of which was invented by Henry Cavendish called the 'Phlogiston Theory', which was mostly concerned with combustion.
This theory was later more "fully developed" by Johann Joachim Becher, which was that all things that were combustible contained "phlogiston", a substance without colour, odor, taste, or mass which was liberated by "burning".

Of course, the Phlogiston theory is all wrong, plus there are some very important things missing in the phlogiston theory itself which involve heat that they could not of known about at the time. There were, nevertheless, some positive aspects in this theory that, historically, are significant.

This is from Wikipedia with a few corrections:

JJ Becher, a German physician, alchemist, precursor of chemistry, scholar and adventure, 6 May 1635 – October 1682 J.J.Becher

The Phlogiston theory permitted "chemists" (Note: There were no "chemists" during Cavendish's or Becher's time, but only alchemists) to bring clarification of apparent different phenomena, like combustion, metabolism, and the configuration of rust. The identification of a relation between combustion and metabolism was a forerunner, enabling recognition in that the metabolism of living organisms and combustion could be understood in terms of many related chemical processes.

Diagram of Phlogiston poor earth and phlogiston (fire) equals Phlogiston rich metal
This connection between rust and combustion involving heat is from a well-known experiment that involves iron instead of salt (which made water colder if there is ice beforehand); where rust on some iron will occur much more rapidly under the influence of heat and that "burnt" iron has more mass than ordinary iron.
People who remember the old-style galvanized pipping for hot and cold water will remember that the hot-water side corroded much more quickly and required regular replacement or a complete retrofit to zinc, copper or plastic pipes, i.e. whatever local building codes allowed. See: E VIII (Page 86-87 of 'The Experimental Basis of Chemistry: Suggestions for a Series of Experiments' by Ida Freund - (1920)
Further, rust will occur without the application of heat albeit more slowly which opened the door for the systems of Latent heat (Hidden Heat) and Enthalpy (as Internal Energy) to be acknowledged in relationships with Heat transfer and Phase change which would become very important in the future on the study of heat and its near-infinite applications.

The various conditional Entropies we know of involve systems and all will be discussed later in detail as there are different kinds for each assembly and none by themselves have anything to do with philosophy, but only in considering all of them simultaneously we will find its metaphysics (in terms meaning, "progression" for "meta").
This is because systems, themselves, are not, as a function, physical things and can only be correctly viewed dynamically, and the metaphysical is not the supernatural, but more a construct of different assemblies A put together, where they then embody an independent expression and reason, and a new power and spirit that would be as valuable to science as it would be to art, including their philosophies.

Diagram of phlogiston rich wood plus already existing phlogiston in the air equals ashes with no phlogiston
The worst aspect of the phlogiston theory was that we create a focus and paradigm for science, in where from its inception we only consider subsonic combustion at atmospheric pressure and its chemistry as the only, and/or the most important method to create heat, energy and Work and in only one direction which became necessary because of this desire to measure and calculate while using the Decimal system exclusively (discussed later), and we must also differentiate the aspects of "burnt" metal and burnt wood or paper, etc., which weighs less when "burned", —not more like metals, but volume-wise they are both decreased compared to their original sources and we must consider, as well, the weight of the escaped gases and particulate matter, which must be condensed or separated immediately which requires Energy from other sources (not Work) to gather this sort of information.

Turning Co2 Into Rocket Propellant
Going to other planets makes us think differently and not the way physicists, chemists and organized religions tell us to think. The field of Thermodynamics is the obvious field of study from their types of indoctrination.
Before we start doing this on Mars, maybe we should apply this system on Earth first and de-carbonate our atmosphere.
Full Documentary: THE MARS UNDERGROUND [HD] Full Movie
Thumbnail for Video
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Time: 2:31

So, this can get pretty complicated, but for now it is just the principles involved that we need, where later with other things introduced, everything will fall into place.
Theoretically, one could build for fun a heat engine made of Hydrocarbons (plastic) and use Iron and other metals as a fuel, which would be surreal at best, but also quite satisfactory to watch it happen, and it's just as easy to turn iron oxide back into iron as it is too turn carbon dioxide compounds back into hydrocarbons in all kinds of creative, economical and inventive ways.
The study and understanding of hot and cold comes before physics and chemistry of which I will show why and how this is so in many ways.

The other important item in the developing history of the theory of heat that was left to be discovered is that hot and cold are always transitive, dynamic, and heat is additive and is governed by Thermal Equilibrium which can involve three different systems, namely: Open, Closed and Isolated systems, each having their own unique entropies.

Here we are studying motion with still photographs
Through this, we find that chemistry itself is cyclic and renewable by the addition of an open system which also transfers matter/energy, restoring balance with compounds where the health of any environment is naturally and nurturingly maintained. An "environment" is itself an open dynamic system and not a thing and it always gets its energy to function, primarily, by radiation and interacting movement between celestial bodies (not motion). There is no convection or conduction in the "vacuum" of space.

If we go further, we discover that this dynamic-reality is present in all philosophy as well, where we must not only consider forms, designs, things and different systems, but also their movements, transitive cycles, natural vibrations and the study of motions in detail as we see in all forms of mechanics, and these things will be presented here in this monologue where their manifestations will be revealed in their activity and the Work they produce and where/how they directly affect everything (including ourselves) everywhere without having to reference materialisms, pseudo-science and/or any Worldview postulates (Weltanschauung).

There are also many things in physics and chemistry to be re-examined since they appear to only involve the Id as with Jung's theory on the collective individual unconscious that produces monsters, like described in the science-fiction film 'Forbidden Planet' (1956), before we embark on systems and networked elements. For a more modern representation, we have the ever-depressing Stephen Hawking producing Jungian monsters that are suitable for modern tastes, yet at the same time people like him believe in miracles like the "Big Bang", but he does not believe in any form of future. See: Stephen Hawking waxes dismal on time travel and the afterlife.
His thinking is exactly like the Kelvin/Clausian consumer-grade Second Law of Thermodynamic except he applies it to people and physics instead of engines.

In considering heat we must put aside the idea of hot and cold for they are only different degrees of heat and nowhere there exists the absence of it, nor are they distinct forms of existence. "Absolute Zero" is itself a "measure" of non-existence based on some scale-system and is impossible with any form of matter being present except as some theoretical system, but as previously said: "a system is not reality", and any system can be changed or affected. Before energy, there is always matter, its properties and its effects to consider first and there are no exceptions. PCR

We can manipulate both hot and cold whenever and wherever we want, where concerning chemistry we can do the same, but that is a companion story that will be discussed later since this involves many systems working together naturally where its introduction will appear once simple thermodynamic systems are explained first, among a few other important things that involve the history of mathematics, human history and closed systems.

Since education changes in quality/quantity from place to place and overtime, I will be using intuitive examples that exist all around us in Nature so that their assimilation, their potential and ideals will find evidence in the mind and will be immediately applicable to any physical thing or system.

The visitor, here, is warned in advance that Thermodynamics is the opposite of physics, chemistry, faith and most philosophy and is entirely syllogistic, and that it deals in changes and explains how and why they occur and why they occur all the time and will continue forever. If it's static (like an electrostatic field), then whatever must produce a field and in that field things are constantly on the move and are never the same from one moment to the next. In fact, if any field of matter/energy itself becomes static, non-existence becomes the only reality.

It repudiates every static idea or absolute of physics and chemistry and any miracle or annihilation anyone ever dreamed up and reveals that all these things are systems with different conditional entropies and the ones we find important are actually man-made and that's the only reason why they are important. Thermodynamics describes only changes and differences and not statics and similarities while change goes on forever, things that we hold dear or think everlasting will not.

Man has a unique point of view concerning heat that cannot exist anywhere else in the universe.

From another perspective: None of our technology has any meaning or purpose on another planet like Mars or Venus, etc., except to humans on Earth. Thermodynamics shows that the data we collect from these places is already contaminated with our technology, our perceptions, our ideas, —even the flawless software that runs these robots is a contamination where these places are actually more than just rocks orbiting the sun, but have their own unique Thermodynamics, chemistry and physics that are totally alien to Earth's and our expectations on Earth.

Newton's physics may extend our arms to neighbouring planets involving our physics, but does not with Thermodynamics and the further we venture out, the more alien and disconnected we will become because of this love affair with Newtonian physics, closed-system cosmology, theoretical physics and closed-system mathematics. We are in fact building some grand illusion of the cosmos which we will end up finding our own demise within that thing because even astronauts, scientists and engineers don't even know basic Thermodynamics and its power, which will be documented and demonstrated in this monologue.

In another example: As will be demonstrated, air or any gas can be many times hotter than the melting/fusing temperature of any solid (at atmospheric pressure it will glow visibly very bright at thousands to millions of degrees°F and active plasma at billions of °F, etc.) without changing chemical properties or very little that remedies itself through some natural cycle, and this can be achieved with gases more easily mechanically without the use of combustion which is a more elaborate and wasteful process to attain such high temperatures to melt metals or extract them from rock since we are only dealing with increasing intensity, but instead we could increase the frequency of the system itself using molecular movement of gases at super/hypersonic speeds.

This would be a dynamical-system and not the material/assembly-system that people are more accustomed to and both are capable of producing Networked Elements and be combined in an infinite assortment of ways which will be explored later using simple technology where one could easily extrapolate and create new things to the limit of the extent of their imagination and/or their ability to carry out unique experiments.

Rubbing two solids together (Work) produces
heat/fusion/melting or burning.
This can be achieved as well by manually rubbing sticks together (two solids), but their properties would change very rapidly too, which is one of the reasons why making a fire in this manner is an art form where science, itself, could only discuss this as some principle. What one reads in books and sees in movies during the Cold war where some physicist's "formula", that involves matter, was stolen by the "enemy" we find also involves a specific existence or enslavement to a type of technology based only on a consumer-grade Second Law of Thermodynamics for everything.
Any formula that one learns cannot exist or work in any open or isolated system, but can only work in a closed system and all closed-systems are manufactured in one way or another, —even by Nature.
Since this is a monologue/discussion on Thermodynamics we will dealing only with Thermodynamic systems and their principles while transitively evolving into the metaphysics of Dynamics itself; not the systems of physics or chemistry.

"Burning" Steel Wool
The important thing is that all these dynamical forms of creating heat can be transferred via radiation, convection and conduction. (In a vacuum or in open space only radiation is possible, which itself can be fascinating in developing radiation for any type of heat and pressure and devices sensitive enough to pick up this radiation where losses are minimized through convection, conduction and ablation and put it to Work.)

By way of the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamic, which always produces a third option: We could by continuously adding new pressure to a gas that does not support combustion, melt steel from what exists at room-temperature by merely manipulating a system mechanically working at subsonic speeds and avoid what one sees in this animation above.
All these Zeroth Law of Thermodynamic processes can achieve many other things too that are all useful, practical, promote life and are environmentally friendly.

A book on diseases based on the phlogiston theory entitled: 'Physical Education' in 1667 by Becher
A 17th century phlogiston-based medical text for doctors.
Hint: When theories start to crash and burn they, historically always get recycled into some medical practice or treatment. (I have other examples)
We can readily see this phenomenon in practicality with the following video clip about the Stirling cycle. Yet, things like the Carnot cycle and such similar things with discreet and specific processes ("irreversible") that only involve the Second Law of Thermodynamics and mostly combustion, the release of chemical or nuclear energy in their most wasteful forms are the only things taught to developing minds and are promoted as the highest and best quality technology and thinking, mostly because of this piece of history regarding a spectrum of inclusions involving the material theories of Phlogiston and later with Caloric (discussed later) that lingers on to this day.

Let us not forget how our primitive economic systems (whatever they are) interfere with technology and prefer to make everything perishable including everything that concerns Nature so that the same things can be sold over and over again (new and improved) which actually impedes the movement of goods and ultimately ideas (this is why multinationals, trust funds, slush-fund charities and the international banks are called pimps by certain political/social groups). Nothing in Nature is perishable nor is anything superfluous, and things that seem to "disappear" or change are actually part of some natural cycle of which it is not beyond the intuitive scientist, empathetic poet or sympathetic artist to trace these cycles and their wondrous journeys using Thermodynamics as a philosophical tool for its elements, or as an instrument in metaphysics for its systems.

Manipulation Of The Masses Via "Violins and Sunflowers"

This is a violin-infused commercial by Cameco on the future of nuclear energy
(and how many jobs they are producing).
After viewing this clip, go visit Andrew Davidson's:
Corporate Gibberish Generator.

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Time: 2:02
Concerning the atom: With the partial exception of nuclear batteries, the so-called, "clean" nuclear energy, the way it is manufactured, processed, employed, used and disposed of, with the enormous quantity of fossil fuels that are combusted to mine, transport, refine and manufacture fissionable products and at the other end, the unnecessary radioactive products that are produced, when in fact fission energy itself is a closed system where its entropy decreases if we give this process the time or procedure required by Thermodynamics to do its proper protocols, in the manner demonstrated by Nature, where without this natural process existing, the universe could not support life the way we know it in the first place.
This is a thermodynamic process because the natural closed system for anything dealing with the subatomic where energy is produced; entropy decreases, but the way scientists and developers have designed this thing is as a system, inside a system, inside a system where its entropy increases.
Since thermodynamic deals with systems, later, I will show the operation and how Nature has produced open Natural Nuclear Reactors that have existed on Earth's surface that yielded nothing but hot water/steam with the regular fissionable uranium and with no by-products or possibility for explosion which were never developed because they are not patentable, or can be privately-owned processes and one cannot create weapons because no heavy water is involved in Nature's process.

Click or tap to read Forbes': 'Energizing Investments And The Future Of Uranium', where important dynamics have been left out and deny that the "Three Mile Island accident" ever occurred. (Well.... How are future generations supposed to know?)
My problem is that I actually remember these things because I was alive then and I see the younger generations being lied to by powerful media outlets, educational systems, celebrity scientists and "communicators", with full financial backing to distribute their stercus tauri on the past and the future. GD
In this article (at left) they describe the Fukushima radiation leak is equal to 76 million bananas. How many bananas does it take to make a Chernobyl? So, I guess potassium in bananas is the real problem and not our "Fukushimas", since bananas are being employed as a standard for radiation by educated people.

Anyway, forgetting its promoters, this aspect of nuclear physics discredits the entire field of physics and nuclear chemistry to create, allow and maintain such a system for nuclear energy and propagate "fusion" as a solution, where the only reason why fusion is not developed is because one cannot create enough dangerous isotopes with it, where Nature's systems are entirely deprecated and "man made" systems take precedence. Scientists could never do this with the Table of elements, but this is done concerning any protocol that creates, or is responsible for the Table of elements.

For example: We can produce as much heat with nuclear energy (fission) if we take advantage of its natural systems that can never be toxic or lethal and for some reason, only produces useful and beneficial isotopes (which is not some freak of Nature), but the way physicists have designed this science we find that this is the only way to create weapons for mass destruction. If A = B and B = C then A = C. (This, the visitor will find out more about later)

How science, philosophy have never come to terms with Nature's "natural ethics" in Its protocols demonstrated everywhere with matter and energy through Thermodynamics, that only appears to promote life and remove poison, but have chosen to ignore?
Then we look for miracles, when they were/are always around us.

This philosophy has only been studied and contemplated by ancient Epicurean philosophers and poets, where today artistic philosophers and surrealists would "define" this phenomenon as, "Natural feeling and intelligence" while understanding that the entire universe, as a whole, is "a form of intelligence and emotional feeling itself" (Its own superego) where its elements and functions could not of been placed solely by some or one divine entity(ies) because of the ever-present existence of uncertainties and possibilities which take precedence, where because of this, nothing can actually be created or put in place by any third party, but can only be an expression of Thermodynamics, as we will soon see.
Man who is not merged with matter is not merged with life and so it follows the same, with any god not merged with the universe as one.

Sheldon discovers geology

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Thumbnail has no relation to the visual quality of this clip.

Time: 1:10
The Universe is also many forms of dynamics and not some object for dynamics. These different dynamics are present as/in open, closed and isolated systems and matter/energy are not just some static and well-placed assembly of things and energy that is ordained only to humans or for human consumption functioning like some consumer-grade Second Law of Thermodynamic machine. The Universe, we will find, is more like a transitive "sharing experience" among everything together, regardless of each other's distance, power, frequency, intensity and place in time.

For example: A simple rock may not be able to speak or move around with "will" or seeming purpose as we know, but a simple rock has unique characteristics that are not shared by individual life forms. Thermodynamic processes initiated and ending by heat in a variety of dynamics, create information in its isolated systems; changing properties and structures can be observed by/with closed systems and its mass, movement and its travels can be acknowledged in open systems and cannot be changed, where we would take/use a variety of different Relativistic theories into account.

Rocks (Matter) and the Stories They Tell

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Time: 00:20
Ontology: For fun, we could compare ourselves to a rock and ask, for instance: "Why and/or how we move and the rock moves?", and at least be able to stop making comparative judgments involving any form of superiority without revealing something that can only be an opinion that has no meaning anywhere else in the Universe. We ourselves can choose which systems we prefer and most chose closed systems with increasing entropy and a succession of organized religions that mock Nature's physical Universe.
This may originate from Dialectics, whose first concept says: "Everything is transient and finite, existing in the medium of time." which sounds more like Augustine to me, who confuses dynamics with actual things (like rocks), but this monologue is not a "forum" for philosophical arguments, although I do discuss increasing-entropy and death later on because we have to deal with that in/with Thermodynamic cycles.

Nature already gives an account of Itself for all who want to observe, but we will discover that there is a plague in delivered diegesis rather than proper analysis with so called, "communicators", science popularizers, narrators and intellectuals in all sorts of media explaining science, and this is most pronounced with Thermodynamics, —even at its most elementary basics.

This would be a meta-truth where, "Meaning" has no more meaning for living things because it only involves one system at a time and moves within other closed system around them that form "onion shells" for existence and could no longer be a useful argument to pursue, where a stone exists and moves and is part in all thermodynamic systems simultaneously and all systems are working together that involve the physical Universe directly, which can be argued as being itself, dynamically a form of life, or part of a distinct form of awareness that teaches and learns simultaneously.
To a rock (or any form of matter), there are no questions and answers separately, but questions and answers that exist simultaneously and they appear and disappear by themselves. There is no interference, there is just Is.

A rock's increasing entropy only belongs to some closed system and not the rock itself because it also exists in open and isolated systems to its, and everything else's purposeful benefit given to everything by Nature. Human intelligence is not so intelligent if it cuts itself off from other systems that are everybody's birthright.

The Tree-Man on the right panel, and a pair of human ears brandishing a blade. A cavity in the torso is populated by three naked persons at a table, seated on an animal, and a fully clothed woman pouring drink from a barrel. From triptych: The Garden of Earthly Delights. Text from Wikipedia
From triptych: The Garden of Earthly Delights
Hieronymus Bosch
If living things have emotion, intelligence and empathy, then it is safe to assume that emotion, intelligence and empathy are already everywhere in Nature and it is just the magnitude that makes the difference and are not just some attributes that just humans have to possess intelligence and feelings. It's no longer a question of whether life exists elsewhere in the cosmos, but more a question of the discovery of other forms of intelligence, emotion and empathy.

Along with all "science" and mathematics: This promotional aspect in "teaching" only certain things on Thermodynamics, and only in a certain way, not forgetting how different Thermodynamics is between physics and in chemistry.
In the 21st century we see, by one example, with the scant information available for the Stirling cycle against the other links in the above paragraph where there is a wealth of "information", and it is the rationals they use and inject in these articles (in any form of reference, and I have many more examples) I find most intriguing because they only discuss closed-energy systems exclusively and never open and isolated systems which themselves are very efficient, productive, cost effective and quite beautiful as devices, machinery or architecture, besides being totally non-polluting and make better economic sense.

Unfortunately, things like Stirling engines (among other devices, as will be shown) are already being twisted into things they are not, where we find now that regular heat engines are also called "Stirling engines", when they are not. A Stirling engine must have a Regenerative heat exchanger, which no heat engine does.
This shows that people who discuss these things, like in Wikipedia, where we find a LTD (low temperature difference) engine, (among others) which do not have a regenerator are described as a "Stirling engine" which can be very frustrating and disappointing.

By not teaching open and isolated systems in science, life, mathematics and technology, they are not teaching, but programming the masses and this is no better than communist or totalitarian indoctrination and propaganda whose own and unique subtlety in capitalism, and specifically for private enterprise as opposed to free enterprise, is done through an "education" equivalent to its purpose in science, philosophy and politics as if it were an organized religion.

This is society and civilization themselves breaking or distorting the law (the laws of Nature) which is possible because of physic's own ethics are not recognized as can be seen in how isotopes are created in different systems, but this is so, as well, in all areas of classical mechanics which will all be examined.
In effect, It is private enterprise, as a trustee or custodian that is turning science into a religion or a belief system that will be the supposed-answer to all our problems and our coming "saviour", despite it being only limited to a closed thermodynamic system exclusively. The illusion part comes from "problems that will be solved by science", should never of existed in the first place, but were purposefully placed only for the benefit of private enterprise and its subsequent corruptions.

An Axe To Grind

Click or Tap to Open
Time: 59:14
Among many other uses: We can use isotopes to determine something's age yet isotopes as a whole, tell a story themselves in how and why they are produced that tell us about ourselves and "how old" we are as a "children" species and shouldn't be playing with this kind of fire until we grow-up or, at best, follow Nature's protocols and examples to begin with like we would be listening to a grandfather or grandmother and then we would not have things like, Windscale Fire, Three Mile Island, Chernobyl or Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disasters and there will be others in the future as that is just a matter of time.

Why they build Nuclear reactors in tectonically unstable Japan and right on the edge by the seashore, instead of using geothermal energy, which is a perfect location for it, to generate all the electricity they could ever use or need, like they are trying to do in Alaska is beyond my level of understanding. They (the authorities) may as well just plant some dirty nuclear device there with a random detonator instead, where it will go off randomly by itself when it feels like it.

A Stirling Engine
The basics in how hot and cold function dynamically together through a third system
to produce clean and efficient mechanical Work.

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Time: 17:48
Sometimes, authority makes terrorists look good because, albeit stupid; they have, at least, nonsensical political/economic/religious motives and target people and their cities or installations, where authority attacks or laughs at Nature directly, where most inventions civilization depends upon exist in the context of an "I dare you" status. This brinkmanship, we see also with polluting companies and the internal combustion engine among other things where Thermodynamics makes it very plain that what they license or only allow to exist is wrong and incompatible to life, peace and existence itself. The question becomes: Who or what is authority, and what is its true agenda?

Since we exist in technologically dependent societies, these systems involving heat that are not being expressed or taught anywhere should be addressed since we exist and use them all the time, especially where we dump our pollution and waste heat, —well that is energy being used from open and isolated systems doing the Work of containment and the dissipation of pollution which instead should be used to create Work or power devices and machinery like was being developed in ancient times by people like Heron of Alexandria, among others.

Rupert Sheldrake describes (with examples) the differences between bad modern
science (dogmatic) versus good science.
Here we see an example of dogmatic scientists, as reported by Sheldrake, of the
inappropriate use of Einstein's Theory of Special Relativity with the use of
Lorentz–FitzGerald contraction as an excuse!

Click or Tap to Open
Time: 18:19
Although the phlogiston theory was wrong, it was not all bad because it all pointed in the right direction in the most important way, like the ( "without colour, odour, taste, or mass" ) part of this theory and distinctions concerning this will be looked at more closely later-on in this monologue.
Anyway, this is remarkable because it was still a material theory, but we see the beginnings of a transition in thought that was itself as wonderfully transitive as the not-yet-existing Zeroth Law of Thermodynamic where this law of Nature also designates and supplies its own third assembly in it's dynamic, where we are more interested in (where, when, how and why) there are changes than in absolute values (which is also a way of seeing the duel dual evolution of really bad science and really good science (not forgetting their accompanying bad science books and videos).

Considering an enormous lack of proper scientific instruments in the past; we find that, observation, conjecture, natural philosophy, intuition and instinct were right on target the first time because the only means for discovery, and disproving things, was by using equilibrium and/or equivalency which existed before the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamic, and is the next best thing, being that Thermal Equilibrium and its transitive way in functioning is a major principle in this Law of Nature, and its philosophy is not confined exclusively to heat, just like the 'Conservation of Energy' is a major part of The First Law of Thermodynamics, and also applies to all philosophy.

The Clausian (always increasing) entropy of the Second Law of Thermodynamic is also something to be reexamined since it only deals in classical-mechanical closed systems and because of this should not, in any way, be some post-modern middle-class philosophy of life in both its passive or aggressive manifestations.
From the masses themselves, we find problems in people being able to learn basic
Here in this monologue, we will learn that Systems (in this case/clip,
"Belief systems") are only supposed to be things/tools to arrive at some higher level.
We then release ourselves from that system.
This will be shown later through the work of
Heinrich Hertz and his discovery of the Photoelectric effect.
His way of dealing with systems scientifically can be
applied universally to achieve the same results in anything one desires.

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Time: 2:06
This is especially true today, where our lives are dealing more and more with the subatomic, with our everyday electronic devices that we have in our homes and carry around, where fundamentally at the quantum level, their closed-system entropy is always decreasing and humanity is not being made a part of this phenomenon, but the technology itself is forcibly being designed and engineered to conform to Clausian parameters of Entropy instead.
If any always-decreasing subatomic closed systems like quasiparticles did not occur/exist, we could not create Bose-Einstein Condensates with them.
One day we will have to broaden all our awareness's of what we "think" constitutes existence and "nothing".

I have other examples where this entropic effect/principle can only be known in the macroscopic. We must remember that the universe itself is one huge particle accelerator itself, whose own entropy never increases and for quarks and baryons to miraculously assemble themselves into hydrogen and helium is because of this Thermodynamic system and has nothing to do with physics or chemistry.
They, in their way are saying that there is a "hand" behind all this and that; when it is actually so much more. Thermodynamics is the door to this wonderful new awareness.

Theoretically: Any real quantum-mechanical device should actually "improve" with "age" and not deteriorate, or lose information (by working it and/or adding information to it, and by itself adding its own new data to/for itself), but the systems they create for this technology with designed-networked-elements guarantees their demise in many ways. Planned obsolescence has now entered the realm of the quantum and the photon.

We see, already in new sciences that never existed before (quantum mechanics/particle physics), that "shelf-lifes", destruction and apocalypses are actually created and Nature is turned upside-down, so, syllogistically, we can assume that "apocalypses" in general are all "created" artificially and correspond to the technology and knowledge of their time and explains why there are always new and different one's being proposed that are getting increasingly less artistic and symbolic (St. John) and becoming more mathematical (Stephen Hawking).
The visitor here will see, later, other examples involving miracles, from others, that are displayed mathematically too (and people believe them), of which will be explained its/this folly (which won't take long).

In the mind of the modern scientist; When an isotope stops producing decay products it is called, "spent" (as if it's energy was for our exclusive use and purposes), when in fact it has become stable, where its new conditional entropy never increases or never decreases depending, respectively if those atoms are functioning in an open system or an isolated system.
So, the philosophy they "teach" in/as atomic physics, quantum/particle theory and nuclear chemistry are (in Thermodynamics) antithetical to the purposes of quantum and particle theory themselves, and because there is no Thermodynamics in any of their dissertations or papers. They are just inventing science that means absolutely nothing anywhere else in this galaxy and beyond.

The history of Thermodynamics and its study show us possibilities we would never of dreamed possible by any philosophy, which includes the so called, "Scientific Method" which itself varies from one field of inquiry to another which one will discover by clicking or tapping on the link just provided and is not the ideal they teach kids in high schools.
Today's "Scientific Method" beyond the boundaries and rules set forth by Natural Philosophers (whose "objectivity" was necessary for disproving things, —not proving anything) is not realistic because science deals with open, closed and isolated systems, but their method only works for closed systems, hence why it is different, in every field.

It seems that as "mind boggling" and upside-down thermodynamics may be to many, it is just as well that it lends itself to utter simplicity in discovering it for one's self instead, without being presided over by mathematicians (statistical mechanics) teachers and intellectuals where human instinct, imagination and empathy are involved and developed naturally which makes it a fitting subject for art to examine, discuss and recreate after knowing its basics and perhaps that is what Nature wants us to do with any dynamics (and with most other things) and through this, opens the door for any individual to a universe of great philosophy, feeling, spirituality and invention that only wants to be open, inclusive and shared with everything, —like the universe.
This work itself, serves only to inspire the visitor, where I will attempt to take you around this wonderful, ever-moving diorama called, 'Thermodynamics' as if it were art.

As for "substance" since, so far, phlogiston was a material theory for heat after all; we find here, as just mentioned, with phlogiston the true birth of modern science in both good and bad forms since this "substance" was an objective one and not something based on superstitious ideas, or was it ever miraculous or holy.

The Survey That Wasn't
Stephen Barrett, M.D.
Click or tap to find out more
Today, "phlogiston" survives in the medicinal arts and quackery, remarkably like that from the 17th century and with a new name, and exists as a system and is known today as "Anti-Oxidants" with miraculous abilities (like removing wrinkles, etc.), which they sell to tired or gullible people watching/listening to late-night TV or AM Radio where people with premature wrinkles should be in bed at that hour, getting more sleep, which would be more effective and improve other matters involving stress-related health problems, vitality and appearance.
Good health does not come from some miracle toxic tonic, but by doing careful research and adapted to you specific needs and schedule because everybody is different.

This is only the first example where I describe the meta-truth that information itself goes to where it is most needed or belongs to, all by itself, which is a Thermodynamic concept. Vain people should take note of this as well as law makers. The rest of us can be content with the Principle of Sufficiency, which states: More things are going right than going wrong, which is a principle of the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics, described later in another monologue.

For now, all one have to do is say with a smile this one mantra of the Principle of Sufficiency when something bad happens, or you must do something unpleasant/inconvenient:
More good things happened today than bad and I guarantee you things will improve overall everywhere instantly. (If it's the morning, or the beginning of the day/event/trip, say: "More good things will happen during this day/event/trip than bad".)

The collective interactions of a huge group of individuals (like humans beings doing “the wave” at a stadium) usually gets called a “quasiparticle”.
Click or tap to read fascinating essay and comparative explanation of, what is a quasiparticle? GD
Anyway, the idea of substance and fields were evolving, being not far in how electromagnetic fields and quasiparticles, etc. are considered and known today by real scientists as opposed to celebrity scientists.

When you think about it; that is exactly what a theory like, in this example, 'phlogiston' is supposed to be and do: Just point you in the right direction, and it doesn't need to be perfect either plus the good parts always lead to new things anyway, but the problem here is that science and its edifices in history, like the Royal Society and its members did not go far enough and they ended up only attacking things like religion or Aristotle to make up for their own deficiencies.
By acknowledging Aristotle in the first place, where by the 18th and 19th centuries they should of abandoned him with the power and proof of these new emerging and unique philosophies, and forge-ahead something new if what they had to sell, or say, to the public was the absolute truth instead of attacking faith, the Church and its pet philosophers.

Representation of St Augustine
Yes, there was Aristotle and St. Augustine to consider too before the 18th century (who were still followed and were very popular at the time of which the Jesuits were busy vindicating Aristotle), who said: "The whole is greater than the sum of its parts." (among other things) which still holds true today and would of been an explanation for, "Inevitable Theory Failure", as well as making things like quasiparticles possible to understand.

The Church, itself, supported the traditional and symbolic St. Augustine (Aristotle was not rediscovered until the 11th century), "Of an intimate relation between space, time, and matter; all three, according to St. Augustine in his, 'Confessions and the City of God', came into being as a unity and ways of speaking that purport to separate them - such as "outside the universe" or "before the beginning of the universe" are, in fact, meaningless.
It is the opinion's of many that Augustine's way of thinking has a strong resonance with General Relativity "W and may I also include the work of Ernst Mach.

The Holy See never burned books, but only forbade them (and they let the old one's rot in monasteries) and it is always bishops (who overstepped their authority) or Protestants, clerics, extremists, splinter groups and heretics who burned books among other activities. See the latest: 'Outrage: Extremists take ancient statues, damage Iraqi site' by By Vivian Salama and Cara Anna, March 6, 2015
Anyway, more on Aristotle and Augustine later, but first let's consider the Nobel Laureate Richard Feynman on this matter concerning whole's and sum's and theory failure:

"Each piece, or part, of the whole of nature is always merely an approximation to the complete truth, or the complete truth so far as we know it.
In fact, everything we know is only some kind of approximation, because we know that we do not know all the laws as yet. Therefore, things must be learned only to be unlearned again or, more likely, to be corrected.FI

I would add to Feynman's comments; That we are part of Nature, so it is impossible to "know" Nature as if it were something separate from ourselves.

The "Rust" Conundrum

Page from an old book on Natural Philosophy
For anything, of what the natural philosopher knew back then through other means concerning "theory failure"; it was that all things should be expected to fail anyway beyond a certain magnitude or point and a theory would of been just a tool at reaching this "larger magnitude" because we discover at that point we were in a closed system, much like the evolution of all the relativistic theories, or any form of subject involving any type of dynamics where if you maintain the Work it will not dissipate the action or purpose, instead of making hyperbolic rules and universal laws of Nature, which would have been a natural philosopher's fundamental approach to an Entropy (should they of discovered it) for any "metaphysical" closed system (later known in physics through/as the Second Fundamental Theorem, i.e. Clausius, which is really a disguised economic/political theory and philosophy, invented during the Industrial revolution that serves private enterprise and has very little to do with "science" itself, or free enterprise.
(Although I have not researched this further (there must be others), the only scientists I know of that practiced and promoted free enterprise were Michael Faraday and Richard Feynman.)

In this case, involving heat and cold, and a systemed "Entropy" (which didn't exist yet at the time of Becher) and it would have been a form of thermal inactivity of any kind, in its theoretical inability to produce or reproduce any kind of work or rust (zero entropy) or power except to the system's own "destruction" instead of transformation which would of been an alternate foundation to/for modern physics.

Emergence of vortex structure in a rotating Bose-Einstein condensate.
Disregarding its esoteric history: It is via the Phlogiston theory that the Bose-Einstein Condensate was naturally theorized in its inception phase (Research: The work of Guillaume Amontons) where at a certain temperature and pressure/vacuum, a thing like "rust" and its properties we are all accustomed to, would no longer be possible, but Work was, or could, still be produced and this could only be so if the matter itself changed into a different phase, and it is this new theoretical phase that is responsible for any changes in properties and characteristics of that particular matter.

One will find that where there is no more motion, movement or vibration there is no matter either in any state except as non-existence, which may or may not be some other state of matter, but if that is so (and this is more likely since Dark matter/energy can fit neatly here and no longer need to be classified separately, or appear mysterious) then there are other states beyond non-existence as well and it is a thing like "rust" that points the reason why and then the way to go because everything, including "nothing" has properties, even by our own level of understanding things so far.

These ideas, of course, are things that will be developed by us in maybe a million years from now and I will only glaze over this briefly here and there in this monologue since this metaphysics exists everywhere in art theory in many forms of dynamics that we use and exist within all the time, whether one is alive or dead.
Dynamics, itself is a word used all the time, yet little of dynamics itself ever gets discussed or described and our discussion here deals with heat, pressure and Work, not energy, physics and chemistry.

Making An Authentic Samurai Sword

Click or tap to open
Time: 08:26
We find that it is only the system itself that has changed or affected, or has been transformed into another type, which in this case is chemistry, where "Rust" is a closed system concept, but "iron oxide" is an open, closed or isolated system concept to do the same job where each have different perspectives, purposes, dynamics, paradigms and get their energy from entirely different sources which involve cycle's operations in entirely different ways and means, which are impossible to include or describe as one thing in closed-system mathematics or by what they call a formula (really an "endo-formula"), and their differences do not even exist in any political or economic theory so far, but can in literature, poetry or protocol or in other areas like in liturgy, ritual or apostolic succession, like in the making of Samurai swords, being a beautiful example which employs all three systems in the manipulation of matter and energy in their creation. (see clip above)

The first Syllogism (The foundation of logic) in existence everywhere in the Universe, and is to be found everywhere:
The Zeroth Law of Thermodynamic.
The difference would of been that this "failure", by way of understanding Nature through the thoughts of the natural philosopher, it ends up creating new and better things via the discovery of Thermal equilibrium, which would put a limit to any closed-system entropic activity automatically (exactly like the dynamic of the Universe's Background Radiation) and be "in tune" with any adjacent open system, where with understanding ideas though the scientist (who came later), things just get worse permanently with their ideas of man-made unlimited power with no thermal equilibrium regulating that and the solution is always to just add more heat, and more fuel or adding more closed system devices to the system.

The energy/matter involved in any process has always been and will be in a transitive state (The Zeroth Law of Thermodynamic) which is where the First Law of Thermodynamic originally gets its regulating principle behind it called, "The Conservation of Energy" and was not some miracle and static "creation" or "destruction" from any god of any organized religion or the closed-system miracle that science invents (the Big Bang), but a perpetual-dynamic-state involving matter/energy across the entire Universe that points to a universe that is fundamentally an open system, where closed systems come later, out of natural necessity or invention and are all quickly transformed, being transforming agents or functions themselves.

Here, humankind can begin to imagine his own extinction or transformation in the future, by what systems he employs everywhere in his/her life and most people exist in perishable systems (increasing entropy) from religion to their cars, their houses, to their mobile devices, etc., etc., where there are things all around us that exist physically, that can assist us, but they are part of open and isolated systems.

Ginger Cat vs The Paper Army
Here is something much better than watching for an hour (Yawn), the
"astrophysicist"/cosmologist/planetarium keeper turned science popularizer
("communicator") celebrity scientist; Neil deGrasse Tyson discussing "Animal
intelligence", "Islam" or anything else that's epistemologized out of closed systems,
cosmology or planetariums, etc., on PBS, books or social media.
I see this "Paper Army" clip as an existential adaptation for/to the piles of rubbish
being published today on/by "science" which is armed against "life" that finally gets
ripped to sheds by a protective and intelligent cat.

Click or Tap to Open
Time: 2:31
This explains today's behaviour with the complete nonsense one hears today from theoretical/particle physicists, cosmologists and popularizers (communicators) to further the interests of their sponsors, who are all ultimately working/promoting with/for the petroleum, chemical, nuclear, fossil-fuel industries and mining consortiums.

In the propaganda dept., i.e. the propagation of bad ideas, bad science and bad technology systems (like cars that need transmissions, mufflers, fuels and oils from private enterprises); they are more profitable because of the way our economics is structured, where the infantile mediocre ideas, values and products they manufacture and produce are the things that are equivalent to a brain and reflection of the mind of a stock broker, bank, corporate lawyer, slush-fund charities (like, "cancer research") or trust funds since they work for or employ vast systems and see and do things like giants, but being a giant doesn't make one see clearer or better, —only differently and a giant's horizontal perspective is always shorter the bigger and taller it is in any universe or form of relativity because, anywhere on or in the universe, one lives on a curve.

Famous exchange between Spock & Leonard McCoy

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Time: 1:22
As there is no such thing as "Absolute Zero" because of non-existence, so there is no such thing as "Unlimited power" or "Absolute destruction" because of thermal equilibrium.
We find as well, that the one miracle science allows, called: "The Big Bang" is only because of some other cycle that is going on because the background radiation of the universe must correspond to some equivalence since this temperature is no magic number, but actually means something, which no one knows yet and never will until mathematicians start using scales and the step method rather than arbitrarily-created symbols for numbers and functions based upon usage for physics developed originally from bookkeeping (The Medici Bank) and not for Thermodynamics.

Only Thermodynamics is big enough to provide any plausible/workable theory and not physics because here is a direct connection between Thermal Equilibrium and Entropy that points to as yet unknown forms of physics because according to Natural Philosophy; there are no miracles.
A miracle's explanation may be beyond human understanding or experience, but this does not mean that it is a "god" or saint that is responsible, but Thermodynamics would have more to say than any present discipline of physics, mathematics or chemistry.
As for miracles based on faith and a real love for G-D, that is another matter that is as far from what scientists themselves think are miracles and what is G-D. See the life of my local saint: St. Joseph.org.

Epistemology: Hot may go to Cold and this applies to philosophy as well concerning all things that oppose or complement each other, but only to a point and is not some linear eternal truth that leads, directly or indirectly, to zero, death, creation or an apocalypse. It is simply the philosophy of Movement, not Motion.
Not to cheapen Death or Existence: Ourselves, we can only "understand life" when we are dying, and there is /are transitive processes involved that are not controlled by any "real" entity, but are only a system in/for a universe.

We know they (celebrity scientists) are wrong in many areas because they (popularizers, theoretical/particle physicists, cosmologists) and now intellectuals and "communicators" have replaced the priest (among other things) and discuss nothing but closed systems (putting fences around things which a giant cyclop is likely to do) and describe a universe where laws, faith and redemption comes from their time machines, extra-dimensional strings, dark matter/energy, gravitational waves, Higgs fields and multi-identical universes where sins committed here, —well, your a saint over there and never consider other systems (like open or isolated systems) which would automatically make their nonsense impossible to discuss, all the while stating things like: "God does not exist" without producing any paper beforehand like a doctor of philosophy is supposed to do before he says anything in public because he would be laughed at, or shunned by his peers and colleagues.

I would like to see Stephen Hawking or any of his cronies; that is among any of our celebrity scientists of today, to produce at least one paper proving there is no god before making speeches and declarations.
Maybe they are right, but this is none of their business either especially with the type of god they are describing or criticizing has absolutely nothing to do with the G-D that the faithful know, follow, experience and believe in.

Concerning the God particle: I'm surprised they have not found the anti-Higgs or or even looking for it because the system they invented demands this, but not the physics, or looking at this magnitude-wise, for a hypothetical mirror/negative universe this would be necessary, but instead there is a lot of blah blah to be found as answers including a lot of new funny prefixes added to the word, "Boson", so this part of particle physics should all be considered stercus tauri and/or looked at more closely.

Thermodynamics reveals that a lot of science is but pure human invention and/or vanity by only discussing one system (closed) for everything which becomes exceedingly difficult in quantum mechanics and particle physics, hence the hyperbole, pseudo-science and antithetical nonsense one discovers everywhere now.
It is the same in organized religions where there are too many who talk, but don't know what they are talking about, inspiring many like St. Francis of Assisi to find the lord themselves because even he knew then, that you won't get that from any organized religion.
Mathematicians and physicists may have a clear idea what is symmetry in a closed system, but they have never considered what symmetry is beyond human thinking or intelligence, which undoubtedly would be quite different.

Enthalpy of Solution
Enthalpy demonstrated by a chemist.
This is not chemical reaction, but an endothermic reaction.

Thumnail for Video
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Time: 5:57
Demonstration clip at right on Enthalpy: This is true with much simpler processes that are not so spectacular.
We can see enthalpy at Work by simply soaking dirty dishes or clothes in the sink or washer (or just keeping them moist) where they become easier to clean later which would occur faster the hotter the water, up to a point. Aside from water being an excellent solvent, it took heat energy from the water itself to do, or the water took heat energy from other sources. For your own demonstration on enthalpy, try soaking a broken dirty dish in different waters from cold to warm and try cleaning both in 30 minutes.

In Europe, they have front-loading washers that use very little water to wash clothes very effectively and they use this Thermodynamic principle of Enthalpy to do "cleaning". Of course, one's wash takes around 2-3 hours to do, but water being a precious resource in certain areas, or pollution is a concern this becomes a convenience rather than an annoyance.

This process must be differentiated from closed-system increasing Entropy which also "breaks things down", but in entropy's case this applies to any closed system (which represents a tiny fraction of the universe), not isolated or open systems. With Enthalpy, we are dealing directly with actual things (atoms or Democritus) that do one-function universally, not systems or the systems that systems create (Plato).
Where, on the other hand: What's remarkable about our primitive Phlogiston theory is that natural philosophers included rust (among other things) along with combustion, as performing a related function where besides Latent heat, Heat transfer and Enthalpy, it opened the door wide for an Entropy that corresponds to the Third Law of Thermodynamics, —not the Second Law's version, which will also be explained later in detail.

So, besides being right on target with a broken arrow, they were way ahead too, despite having a faulty theory and infected with closed-system concepts that would of corrected itself anyway overtime because the good parts outweighed the bad and would only be damaging for the establishment of some closed system pertaining to or imposed upon Nature and humankind, which would of been premature, besides being infantile, which I will show how modern popular science excels in that department with many examples since we have to be aware of the cause of these anomalies and distortions so that effective solutions to/in/for education amenable to all can be found and implemented which a basic understanding on Thermodynamics can accomplish with ease.
See related article: 'New York school abolishes homework. Does homework do any good?' where, "A growing number of schools are doing away with homework. Some experts think it's a step in the right direction." (If article no longer exists, just highlight link and google it for other sources.)

Here, I propose that once science had the capacity to navigate itself and become by-itself better through empathy and old-fashioned hard work where the intelligence of the individual doing the research or development (and his homework) grew along in/with this process and it never really required "genius" to accomplish anything.

For now, it is sufficient to say that "genius" has a lot more to do with having or making enough time to think, observe and experiment and does not actually rely on having an intrinsic "higher intelligence".
This will be related and demonstrated many times throughout this history and monologue on Thermodynamics and matter since it will be shown how information and ideas evolve all by themselves through any available third elemental system and humans just happens to be one tiny fraction of this "third element" among a cosmos of other interested/interesting parties.

In the above video clip, we can extrapolate that through a simple endothermic reaction, Nature "knows" exactly when your clothes are ready to be cleaned efficiently and would never destroy any of your garments unless one leaves them unattended where other processes will permanently ruin the garments (like mold). Is that a miracle, or is that normal or is their some symmetry and harmony to be appreciated?
Maybe it's as simple as us, for other reasons, create fibers that can survive the air and wind very effectively. The answer would depend entirely upon one's own capacity for empathy for life itself in the non-material but dynamic sense.

I come back to this many times, from different perspectives; that scientists and theorists know less about ordinary Water, its extraordinary properties and the things that go on around or because of it, than they do about super-strings, super-symmetry, god or god particles, etc., etc., in a way that puts the cart before the horse because, through mass media and social networks, they all go off into philosophy or metaphysics.


In the past, Natural Philosophers and researchers with means and/or ways, who cared about people and didn't pray for miracles and who belonged to no systems, clubs or groups, like Count Rumford, Robert Boyle and Michael Faraday, etc., (Faraday worked for the Royal Society, but never participated in any of its corruption) were doing research and not making laws, models and hyperbolic philosophical claims of what heat, energy, god or the universe is, like they do today and if anything, they simplified things enormously where "science" itself spoke from the open, closed and isolated systems they merged their minds into from the tireless proper and openly-objective research they carried on.

Baron Victor von Frankenstein (Boris Karloff) explains why he has to keep his
laboratory and its apparatuses secret.

Thumnail for Video
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Time: 2:04
The differences between the "Natural philosopher' and the "scientist" is where, with the first, one does not patent his discovered or developed philosophy(ies), or make claims of private-ownership of anything belonging to Nature and is solely busy with disproving things or putting them to the test, where the scientist and mathematician do quite the opposite, where today there are systems in place that make sure he patents/copyrights his/her research and unique equipment (even if defective) because if they don't someone else will and one would have to pay to use one's own research, which eliminates the possibility for Natural Philosophy's political/economic come-back and makes, by default, this entire monologue on thermodynamics, among other things discussed here, existential-like.

This is why they were called, "Natural Philosophers" and with the exception of the new word, "chemistry", whose origin is from Robert Boyle, the words: "Scientist" or Physicist or Metaphysicist" among other new words (including the compound word "Natural Philosopher" which is an invention from German Romanticism) are all inventions from the industrial revolutionE as these terms never existed in any language in all history of man in the way they mean today, whose sole purpose is to privatize Nature Itself and get people to believe in this exclusive philosophy promoting only closed systems.

Of course, patenting any invention for a closed system like society is necessary, but the scientist, venture capitalist, etc., must refrain in claiming ownership in/of any systems that are clearly isolated and/or open system which are completely incompatible with closed systems, or make any philosophical claims, conjectures or conclusions. This begins with stop talking about G-D in any way, shape or form.

Proving Or Disproving Things. Which Is Better?

Before there was the likes of charming scientists like Lawrence Krauss, Michio Kaku, Neil Degrasse Tyson or Brian Greene, etc., etc., there was Joseph Goebbels pioneering their art.
For instance: What Neil Degrasse Tyson says about the Islamic world today is the same thing Joseph Goebbels said about Jews in his time, which is interesting because he-himself is part of a minority group and doesn't see it!
As well: Labeling people like Thales as a mathematicianTH or Heron of Alexandria as a physicist is revisionist "history" and propaganda (Heron wrote at least 13 books, covering a range of topics and built steam engines, programmable computers, robots and surveying instruments) and removes the essence of who and what these people were really and cheapens modern physics and mathematics as if they needed some legitimacy, or they were exclusively their legacy, where these modern inventions in thought and philosophy should stand very well on their own, where their histories begin more or less around the Industrial revolution and not before.

The study of Thermodynamics teaches one to triple-check everything from different sources and never make assumptions or exceptions. Even there, after following this protocol, one may be wrong, but we would only know we are going in the right direction in finding any veracity.

The differences between "Physics" and "Metaphysics" was used as a method to classify books for publishers and libraries in ancient times as to their progression like numbers (like Aristotle's books) and were not terms used to mean, "the science of what is physical and beyond the physical". E
In those days they used scales and step methods to express progression and degrees in everything which were intermixed into their languages and in their way of expressing themselves and did not use our "modern" number system to count progression and degrees.

Contamination of a Culture
How the difference between scales, degrees and number systems affect philosophy by
way of interpreting their importance when words are found together in history
concerning any form of work.

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Time: 1:06
If they had discovered Heron's books before Aristotle's, these words by way of their differences would not exist the way they do today because Heron's books were classified in the same way, but deal with more diverse subjects than Aristotle's where "metaphysics" wouldn't make any sense, so they would of figured out these word's original true meaning and why they were put together like we put number two after the number 1 and the idea behind them. Our entire civilization and the way we deal with things in the West, our philosophies, religion and science, etc., may be based on one error in translation back in the 14th century because there never was anything "beyond the physical" in any discussion or demonstration of science or poetry in those days except in matters involving the religions in/of their time.
Aristotle was a pragmatist, so it is easy to interpret him as describing weird ideas to ignoramuses in post-medieval times and today, where we can prove he was wrong in many areas, but then, today they discuss systems and real things as if there was no difference.

Life in ancient times was simpler too, but if it were more complicated they would have had other prefixes added to the word "physical" that would follow a progression involving a larger scale, but still have absolutely nothing to do with their meaning contained inside or expect it to be some sort of pre-index.
Now would be a good time to watch, 'Star Trek: The Original Series' Season 2 Episode 17, "A Piece of the Action", where the contamination of an entire society was based on one book among many left by space travelers from our future Earth. Transitively transposed onto actual history: Think of the technical books on how to build radios etc., as Heron's works and the "Chicago Mobs" as Aristotle works, where a mistranslation or a misinterpretation somewhere similar to our "physics and metaphysics" problem made the 'Chicago Mobs' book their Bible even though the, "How to Build" books were infinitely more valuable.

Another Problem: Made-up citations by Ph.D's
As the, "Russian Astrophysicist Alexander Chausovsky", seen/heard here,
has never existed. Notice as well, the time-line is fudged by
following some sequence to conform to solar activity and human
behaviour and stuff like this is presented as the truth or fact by
supposedly reputable people in books and magazines, on TV, Radio and
Internet video sites.

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Time: 1:11
On the other hand, this may be due to pressure from organized religion as to make Natural Philosophy acceptable to religion by making it exclusively some closed system including everything it invents and so can never be implicated philosophically and spiritually into organized religion derived from any lessons or philosophy Natures chooses to show us openly seeing how 90% of Aristotle was completely obliterated by scientific discoveries that permanently changed the world, all the while popularizers, communicators, intellectuals and now, noeticists and transhumanists, have ever differentiated anything between systems or networked elements from actual things (which have their own powers), —never mind scales and degrees as well. This is, at least, a plausible explanation for much of what one hears, reads and sees in science nowadays regardless of the presider's intelligence or education.

This video clip: Some people might do better than citing Soviet-era "scientists" and this includes Nazi-era, Mayan or Aztec "scientists".
Today, this would include crystal-methylated North Korean scientists or Christian Scientists. Some may claim this citation is, "Alexander Chizhevsky", who fits the profile, but not the pronunciation delivered by Mc Craty and neither are/were "astrophysicists".

Vanity Research
Yet, another problem in science today, uncovered by Aaron Swartz

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Time: 2:17
The ever efficient marshal Joseph Stalin, himself, had the good sense to send this character (Chizhevsky) to hard labour in a gulag in Siberia and later get a free "reeducation" by the state since his theory, described here, does not fall in line with the Russian Revolution.
Notice as well, the time-line is fudged by following some sequence to conform to solar activity.and human behaviour. This stuff is entirely human-centric and should be applicable to all life on this planet should it be true.
Also we would no longer need the news or Santa Claus if we could predict in advance when we would be naughty and when we would be nice, and we would have the Sun to blame for all our faults.
This is pseudo-science/lies presented at its best and would be approved by Stalin, Hitler and by an "educated" and gullible western middle class; if it's fudged to fall in line with the politics of the times, as is being done there.

William Whewell
To recapitulate: The Anglican priest and polymath, William Whewell who came up with a lot of these fancy new words and concepts during the industrial revolution also came up with an open-system method for formulating a curve without using coordinates. This same "phenomena" we see with Maxwell who was, in public, a big popularizer of the consumer-grade Second Law of Thermodynamic (but disagreed with Clausius regarding his version of Entropy), yet was enthralled with the work of another mathematician; Joshua Gibbs where his work dealt with Enthalpy, or Gibbs free energy (ΔG...), which measures the potential of process-initiating Work obtainable from a thermodynamic system at a constant temperature and pressure, which simply interferes with the chemical concept of "affinity", originally derived from Natural philosophy by making Affinity more amenable for consumer-grade Second-Law concepts.

They say that certain things can only be expressed "mathematically" and cannot be in literature, yet mathematics and its spokespeople are the biggest distorter of literary facts and observation to be found anywhere (which is a concern for modern art). This example concerning "Affinity", is a beautiful demonstration of this phenomenon and proves there is a definite "communication" between the two, except it is a very bad relationship.

This indicates that there is a lot of politics going on in science for individuals from the beginnings of modern science to involve himself like a Talleyrand in completely opposing research and philosophy, where their public was asserted and maintained one opinion as opposed to what they enlarged in private life or in their circle, which were even more revolutionary and true, and were all in the same degree of development, and "the good stuff" was not beyond the public's capacity to understand.

I merely ask why the science that can easily be projected as inferior in their time of development was the only one that was promoted and taught. Today, we must be suspicious and question any "leader in their field" and assume that they are not giving the public the real or entire story of whatever they talk, or write, about anywhere.

This has persisted to this day since, through Thermodynamics, we learn that it would be impossible to understand Gibb's free energy, the way it is taught in chemistry and the different entropies (among other things) without at least a prerequisite or polite knowledge of the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics first, and the differences in the First Law of Thermodynamics as viewed by chemists or by physicists, or the different entropies that comprise the Second and Third Laws of thermodynamics and every field has their own parodies of "thermodynamic formulas", where at one point one scientific discipline can't talk, or relate to, another science discipline.

This is why Gibb's free energy (which means "free" for robber-industrial barons only) is the exclusive darling of mathematicians who, in their convoluted way are actually talking about the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics, via the Second Law of Thermodynamics, which is so beautiful as art, Maxwell, himself, temporarily became an artist to express it with modeled-plaster renderings/representations and sent one of these "sculptures" to Gibbs, which is still on display at Yale University, yet this representation is useless or meaningless to physics, but the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamic does have meaning and applications in physics through mathematics with/in non-abelian groups which physicists run into all the time in all manner of things and applications of which the modern solution is to treat them topologically. The Zeroth Law in being a dynamic demonstrates another solution.
See You Tube where there are all kinds of mathematicians explaining non-abelian groups (important in physics) and dihedral groups (important in chemistry), their properties and conjugacies.

Concerning Maxwell: This is the folly that happens when a mathematician turns into an artist and back into a mathematician again, which is the real actual art that is going on to examine very closely, which at this point would make an interesting movie, a good happening or an insightful play.

A purse containing a coin. Beta particles from the decay of radium goes through the purse and the slide of the plate-holder and makes a shadow-picture.
The usurping physicists and chemists on their part (including the mathematician Maxwell) did not know yet, or even consider that the Entropies (always increasing, always decreasing, never increasing, never decreasing) contributed to many of matter's properties too which, besides electrons, those entropies have contributed enormously to chemistry, nuclear chemistry particle theory and atomic physics in our age through the Third Law of Thermodynamic (which deals with open and isolated systems), nor did they know this when Clausius introduced the concept into the Second Law of Thermodynamics, which necessitated the creation of this same Third Law (the matter's of matter come first) including the re-establishment of the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics in the 20th century by Thermodynamicists (originally conceived by Joseph Black in the 18th century) because of matter's own dynamic abilities that are separate from Energy's abilities in conjunction with Open Systems and the establishment of atomic physics by Henri Becquerel and Marie and Pierre Curie whose discoveries (and a new decreasing Entropy) are now even part of Art history. (see: Wassily Kandinsky, Look Into the Past 1901-1913, Der Blaue Reiter, Paul Klee. Franz Marc, New York, (1945).

Later in this monologue I will demonstrate, through various media that matter's properties, functions and movements, expressed via a phenomenon known as Thermal Equilibrium, always come first to the point that it even has the power to "suspend" the laws of physics, chemical processes and relativity during this process! (Hint: Left GIF) which may be the answer to Rupert Sheldrake's observation and claims of floating, changing and varying constants of the universe in Metrology instead of thinking of dark matter/energy as the reason, which themselves are only theoretical. One does not make theory based on other theories and call that science, but it is the questions Sheldrake asks that are valuable, not his answers, because we think of the following:

3D Printing of Martian Rocks
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Time: 1:53
For example, everytime a 3D printer reproducing a rock from Mars that is to be displayed/studied here on Earth; it would have a different mass and size with the effect of Sheldrake's, proposed, ever-changing Constant for the speed of light because these things use digital computers (as apposed to analogue computers that are programmed another way) that must be programmed with information/misinformation that tells a digital computer what it is programmed to be: An exact and 'unchanging speed of light' in advance and this would be a Thermodynamic isolated system doing this Work involving Information.

Here on Earth, the printer, itself, only uses one material to reproduce the exact shape and form of the rock from Mars in minute detail, but not what it is actually is composed of (different minerals and salts, which all have different masses), so the mass of our 'reproduced Martian rock' should be constant too (in both size and weight) with each new scan over the decades (using the same scanning equipment on an exploratory rover and providing that the rover has not deteriorated, been reprogrammed or suffered damage/deterioration).

These are important questions to be answered in the future because they are concerns for other things and this would be one way to approach this and see/weigh simultaneously if Sheldrake's concerns are real. Near the end, this video clip also shows the advantages of using only one material to construct things with 3D printers because this is a subject in itself that has its own unique multitude of applications where the imagination is the only limit.

The Natural Philosophers were going in the right direction and the scientists, which came after the natural philosopher, started going in their own direction because all scientists, regardless of the time period in history we are describing, work for an entirely different set or group of people with different objectives from natural philosophers as can be seen with the following.

Click or Tap on pic to see story on precious and extremely high-quality chemical energy being burned for nothing.
In case of deletion of article, go to my GD
Illustration: This natural gas being burned for nothing (flaring) as seen from orbit over Canada and the United states, that can be easily and economically liquified (as seen in the clip above on the Stirling cycle) and shipped or stored anywhere, or the gas itself can be easily stored in old and depleted oil wells and get filled with natural gas instead for later use.

This flaring is done by private enterprise, which is not to be confused with capitalism. These companies, themselves, are inept and inefficient systems (see: Deepwater Horizon oil "spill") and cannot manage Nature's riches in even one small area and cannot see anything beyond the next quarter or boardroom meeting and what the visitor sees in this photo is one of the results.
These people/groups takes Nature's bounty and create scarcity to keep prices high and destroy high-quality chemical energy. In fact, they destroy more energy than they produce.
I would have great difficulty in believing that this was the vision Sir John A. Macdonald or George Washington had for Canada or the United states.
At the other end, communists and anarchists should learn to make a distinction between private enterprise and free enterprise who embody and employ distinct philosophies and have separate goals.
Aside from the practically unlimited riches the Earth already has for all our needs, these people feel compelled to convert this into paper money instead, that exists for an economic system that must destroy itself and only that has value. This is insanity.

A small piece of history regarding petroleum

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Time: 0:50
These groups (private multinationals and international banks) just don't want others to make money too, so they burn or waste everything whenever possible, where then there are "laws", regulations, permits and legislation to defend these types and make everything they do "legal", or the only thing available, or they pay a paltry fine or trade carbon taxes with countries that have little industry (which is done on purpose) and polluting even more or not changing a thing which is not Capitalism, or Free enterprise, not to forget the tax money that is being lost by governments because this energy is being thrown out like garbage and never enters any economy.
And yes, this is thermodynamics believe it or not, or at least its abuse where we can be entirely objective because this part of Nature has an epistemology to be reckoned with that comes before chemistry, physics and any economic theory.

Methane-powered car hits the road
Cars, trucks, trains and boats can be made to run on an abundance of
choices of hydrocarbon-based fuels that are everywhere, — even locally as can be seen here
in this clip.

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Time: 1:35
So while they burn American/Canadian natural gas, the same companies are trying to "refine" low-energy tar sands where one would have better luck refining candle wax to make gasoline, and in another area they are trying to build the Trans-Afghanistan pipeline which is being prevented/disrupted by the Taliban to transport the same type of Natural Gas from the Caspian Sea where only North American and British oil executives will make money and will pay no taxes or royalties to these corrupt/corrupted states, and the North American and British citizenry will not benefit one bit themselves in their consumer economies.

Then we understand why things like, "the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant" are probably created by those same multinationals to further their own interests because no one can have instantaneously fully-equipped and trained armies at their disposal that miraculously appear out of nowhere where there are more innocent Turks, Syrians and Iraqis being killed and threatened than western journalists who already knew this region could be an occupational hazard and should be reporting/investigating where this nonsense comes from in the first place and trace it to the source, like real journalists did in the past. Read: 'Chuck Todd Defends Not Challenging Republican Lies On Meet The Press' by Jason Easley. This is the garbage modern "journalism" provides.

Later, I will discuss and show (with many demonstrations) of a dangerous pathology that is eating away at "education" today where, as one example, simple hydraulic devices developed in ancient times by Ctesibius, whose simple drawings and principles shown by Heron of Alexandria are unrecognizable to people with Ph.D's or a college education and only present the Second Law of Thermodynamic parts of these systems in education and media. This, I want the visitor at this site to enjoy themselves.

So today, it is strange that we have a principle within a law of thermodynamics (The Second Law) that is still incomplete, which is why we have the Third Law, which was developed because of this "power" various entropies possess regarding matter's properties (among other things I will describe and relate later) and where the Second Law is not deprecated or modified for classical closed systems exclusively (Clausius's 'Fundamental Principle'), and taught to be as such, since the Second Law of Thermodynamics involves machines, physics and economics directly. The quantum is another matter and is being corrupted in another way as already described.

The entropy of the open Universe never increases, but Kelvin/Clausian closed systems can do great harm to a local Open System whose main purpose is to nurture and foster life (The Environment) against those needs that are comparatively redundant when there are too many badly engineered 19th century-like closed-system machines or burning/flaring/spilling facilities inside the local open system where, as an interface between systems, we are not properly introducing ourselves to any future. This is, I think, the most important thing to teach our young, but this is not and everything is just treated as, "Business as usual".
"Am I fiddling while Rome burns?"
-Quote from Quatermass Part 1 - Ringstone Round

Some will argue that the Earth is a closed system and for the purposes of this monologue, I will have to disagree. It depends entirely on how one sees and perceives the Earth. The Earth can be as a business venture and nothing more, or the Earth can be seen as a cradle of life where (contrary to the Bible) a multitude of species go extinct everyday naturally (humankind being blameless), but an equal number of new species evolve into being at the same time and this is going on right now.
Whether modern man only appeared 6,000 years ago or 150,000 years ago is irrelevant in most contexts. The fact is he "appeared" out of "nowhere" like all new species do today and this is demonstrated by Nature even today. Nature's "miracles" have a long story behind them before they make their appearances that has little to do with magic tricks.

Both views (exploitation and conservation) exist in all religious texts and all contain many contradictions when these ideas are networked and don't conform to Thermodynamics and it is one's own existential choice, while regarding or disregarding it's metatruth, of what one wants to read, remember and apply that makes it "all" true or not.

Archbishop Desmond Tutu:
Speaks About Canada's Tar Sands

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Time: 02:59
The energy of Earth's radioactive "decay" in its interior that drives 9/10ths of all geothermal activity is a closed system, yet here we are describing the subatomic (radioactivity) so its Entropy never increases, but actually decreases (Matter made more stable where an imbalance of neutrons is neutralized). In the subatomic we find the counterpart to the closed system's, "always-increasing entropy", where counterparts already exist for isolated and open systems.

We understand now, through Thermodynamics and how this system's entropy works; that radioactivity is a system performing a function, which we understand as heat and is not a "real thing" as scientists always relate today. But then, people believe that Coca Cola is ,"the real thing" where there is actually nothing "real" about Coca Cola at all. It's just beverage recipe. A telephone (among many things we think of as things) is not a thing, nor does it exist in Nature. It is a system. The correct syntax in the physical universe should always be, "A telephone system". If one says/sees "A telephone", one is thinking metaphysically along with god-knows what else.

Concerning Earth's matter/energy and the Sun's past: These burning embers have been generously furnished by some star that existed long before our own Sun and will last beyond the Sun's life as we know the Sun now, but all the energy that drives every natural system on its surface and in the oceans is driven mostly by the Sun and the Moon which are driven by the Universe and its natural movements (not motion), so every natural system on Earth is also ultimately driven by the cosmos and its own entropy which remains constant in the Open universe (never increasing) and in the molecular Isolated system (where entropy never decreases).[E]
So, the universe is both an isolated system (it's unique compared to nothing, or non-existence) and an open system at the same time where it expands while always accelerating. For simplicity and convenience, I refer to the universe as an open system because we see, now, that the universe expresses itself in every-way possible.

Nothing anywhere is being created or destroyed, but only their heat, energy, motions, information and Work get transferred across the universe. The only thing that can be created and destroyed are closed systems, therefore, Thermodynamically speaking, a god would only be a creator of some closed system and Nature tells us we actually exist because we made ourselves aware, on our own, of other systems by making scales and this we started doing around 30,000 years ago.

Conformity and order in society goes way beyond those parameters set by organized religions, organized science and social order, where we discovered thousands of years before religious literature and dogmatic science that there existed other systems.
In paleolithic times we knew more with less.

Further as a rebuke to modern physics and what they discuss in a presiding fashion, their microscopic and dogmatic vision of the universe where we can now ask, for example: The critical mass of radioactive matter in any planets core is enough to blow it up a thousand times, yet this does not happen, and so far there is still no paper, discussion (except by John von Newmann NORD) or explanation on this wonderful thing which would through its natural dynamics also explain a lot of other things about planets and their internal systems and the mechanics of which they get created in. Why? Because these things would probably reveal that Thales was correct and the Universe is a Natural thing and not someone's handy work.

We also can rightly conjecture that there is a direct connection between the subatomic strong and weak force, the electromagnetic force and gravity and we don't need black holes or particle accelerators to find that connection because in a quasiparticle-way these things connect directly in a system right under our feet which is the Earth's core (a fine nuclear reactor).

For certain, there is some unknown system that is moderating this nuclear process, but it is interesting that physicists and mathematicians themselves deny physics while promoting it.
The Epicurean poets in the past would consider the intervals between something occurring or not occurring and what physical force or power was behind or part of this process, where today scientists and philosophers have broken this tradition and explain metaphysics after, or before, something occurring or not occurring.

Europa: Ocean World
The movements of the "Celestial orbs" produce Heat, where Heat in turn produces
Motion and Movement, where these Motions and Movements produce Heat again
and so on. Macroscopically: hot goes to cold, but in cycles via some ternary element or system.

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Time: 4:12
In another area that only Thermodynamics covers, —not physics: Here, we see through this video the importance of movement, —not motion, where on the moon Europa, movement not motion is considered because our solar system is part of an open system that has its own energy and unique entropy, and astrophysicists and engineers have to consider this whether they like it or not. It's always great to be far away from something because then no one can lie and engineers (who are underrated) come out with excellent explanations, while avoiding getting into trouble with the scientific community, which itself is a grand achievement.

These dynamic movements with angular momentums (spin) that exists everywhere across the Universe are responsible for Europa's ability to produce heat in its oceans just like it does on Io to produce volcanic activity due to a reaction with another moving body and its angular momentum (Jupiter) creating: tidal friction.

Petroleum is not a product, but is part of a cycle of many things working together which we should be tapping into and not separating from Nature, or separating ourselves from.
The fact that we can do this means we are allowed by Nature to do this and also explains a large part of the nature of: "Existence".

The carbon/hydrogen/oxygen cycle
This "tapping" into, to extract a regular income while encouraging its own benefit is done naturally in artificial systems like is done with money, by banks, or the Trust Fund set, etc., etc., so why is this not done naturally with every natural thing around us directly?
The Earth's Petroleum is part of an open system because it is part of the carbon/hydrogen/oxygen cycle on this planet whose source of renewal comes from the photon (the Sun or by some radioactive source) which is both matter and energy, fulfilling those requirements that make up an open system which then can perform various functions to achieve its own "philosophy of intelligence" which with nature this would take millions of years, but man can recreate the same philosophy by manipulating the already existing system where this would not take millions of years.

Of course, people are made to think that it is an unavoidable closed system (unsustainable, unstable where prices always fluctuate and create artificial systems as to who or what will get more of this "resource"), where in actuality we will never run out of carbon fuels (because carbon on Earth will always exist and is everywhere) if we use and manufactured their finished "products" and economics responsibly.
Here we see an excellent example of why the simple First Law of Thermodynamic is so difficult to understand or accept because we are warped with consumerism which creates "disposalism", which is conveniently ignored.

Richard Feynman: Fire
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Time: 4:43
Carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen compounds are transferable as heat, pressure and Work, which comes before we even think, "chemistry". This means we can connect our systems (that are supposed to have cycles if we look for them) utilizing carbon, oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen, etc., into these compounds own natural dynamic cycles, which can be seen as an extension of Gibb's Free Energy as a system, but this time involving everybody's benefit because there is a lot of "process-initiating Work" going on all around to spare.

Thermodynamically speaking: This is not our, or anyone's universe to give or to take because Nature never gave anything away to anyone or anything and this is expressed via Thermodynamics where no dynamic system can be owned anyway and not because Nature is being selfish. "You can't look at your cake and eat it too.". Nothing is "given" to anybody or is anyone preferred over another, as everything Is already part of the universe and exists dynamically.

You, as a human being are not real, but just a system as a form of life. Your job, as an intelligent being, would be to covert your existence into something real and not something metaphysical because with metaphysics there is death and apocalypses, etc. For that one adopts and integrates open and isolated systems into one's awareness and applications.

Organized religion is another matter, and turns the Earth and the entire Universe (in other verses) into a closed system with increasing entropy by introducing private property for the first time in history: "The Earth is the Lord's and everything in it. The world and all its people belong to him." (Psalm 24:1 NIV).
If god requires to own and control anything, that means the Earth is either perishable, or transferable, or both, but this does show a shadow into the mind of scribes in those days whose ideas have infected science itself into our time although it may appear they have no religious correlation, but look at what science serves and how they conduct themselves?
Unlike paleolithic times, there is no concept of open and isolated systems anywhere in any religious text or literature, and this we will examine more closely later.

What happens when physicists and engineers
forget Thermodynamics?

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Time: 2:44
Combustion, detonation and deflagration (subsonic combustion) by the way is not burning, but are processes for releasing chemical energy instead since no mass whatsoever is being turned into energy and it is just a matter of restoring the system that can release chemical energy, using the Sun's energy or radioactivity via some biologically-engineered process, etc, to turn toxic-carbon compounds back into hydrocarbons which, by the way, is not rocket science.
Before monotheist organized religions were invented, fire was always a transforming agent and the concept of "burning" was non-existent, so things like our modern-day hell were impossible. Burning in fact, has been rehabilitated in nuclear physics were actual mass (not matter) is converted to energy, so it can be argued that "burning" via fusion or fission of matter is another form of transformation once again.

It's all very nice that objects of different mass fall at the same speed, but neglect to mention that the object of higher mass always delivered a bigger punch when it landed. Mass and energy are more tied to Thermodynamics than to physics because of the conservation of mass/energy, and physics does what Thermodynamics tell it to do after a thing's own Thermal Equilibrium is accomplished and there is always T E going on everywhere, all the time, within itself and between other objects and forms of matter all around.

Anyway, what exists today is just a deleterious and internationally unfair system that promotes matter/energy in a way that is now obsolete where captains of power and industry act like they came from the 19th and 18th centuries. This nonsense should now be confined to video games.

Note: I, briefly, discuss religion many times because of the way they deal with heat and with Thermodynamic systems, which to Natural philosophy becomes necessary to deal with (disproving). The rest are matters of faith and I "believe" this is everyone's personal matter, but aside from being antithetical to faith itself, faith does not give the faithful the right to control or design the universe as some classical closed system while deprecating open and isolated systems.
Today and always, the Universe has three dynamical systems that act according to Nature's design and purpose where all organized religions only describe one system (closed), Nature demonstrates all three everywhere (open, closed and isolated systems), all working together choreographically.
Quantum mechanics is the music to the dance of classical mechanics.

This is what I mean by "responsible" (besides restoring true creativity to science, economics and technology), and there is a little known Law of Thermodynamics that can manage that too, that specifically and absolutely includes matter which the First and Second Laws of Thermodynamics do not (Δ U...).

Here, for fun we can bring back phlogiston and call it the photon instead with its ability to turn "phlogiston poor" carbon dioxide compounds into "phlogiston rich" hydrocarbons through various means.

The worst travesty in modern science (if we could call modern science, "modern") is discussing Thermodynamics without including matter and only describe energy, or matter is no better treated than is disposable tissue and the universe as a dump for waste heat while hanging on to 19th century philosophy, ideas and technology and put all the bad stuff science produces in/for isolated and open systems, which can be made invisible or undesirable places, which also is irrelevant because open and isolated system are beyond preferences and are ubiquitous.

As competing ant colonies would fight over a cache of sugar cubes (which is energy to them) we fight and kill over oil. Unlike ants, we can adopt other systems for acquiring all the energy everyone needs and not exist like ants.

Condensing coal creating coal tar.
On the other hand, if we turned the carbon dioxide compounds back to hydrocarbons directly from the air, like algae and trees do (remember what Feynman said about the tree you see is all made from atmospheric carbon dioxide and water), or it was somehow, through some system condensed directly from exhausts and chimneys, we would extract other compounds too that are dangerous and must be handled by professionals, where ordinary people do not have the training or inclination to handle such valuable things as sulfuric dioxides, ammonia, cyanide gas, nitrogen oxides, particulate matter, mercury, arsenic, etc., as these things don't exist in any household economy except as products and the closest thing people have to a lab is a kitchen. This would be a type of thing that would require some kind of social organization, like was done in ancient Rome where urine was collected for washing clothes, before soap was discovered by the Franks.

See article on Coal Gasification where we can immediately see how complicated and useful carbon, hydrogen and nitrogen compounds are and what can be done with them.
On the other hand, hydrocarbons can be refined and produced for the market that have none of these chemicals and elements, and can be renewed with more ease and safety, but this does show us immediately what "energy producers" call "refined fuels" is a crock and make enormous profit by allowing products that poison the world because it lowers their costs and increases the volume, all the while, these impurities in fuels gives added impetus to "unsustainable" and "not reversible" because this creates a system for this reality or possibility, but no system should be taken as truth.

One Reason for Falling Gas and Oil Prices
Regarding the future: Thermodynamics should be of particular interest in/for the people
of United States and the UK and their allies since they are dying civilizations with
falling international influence when it comes to the barbarism of Materialism and there
are now new forms of barbarism emerging to accelerate this potential mess, especially
from religions that manufacture a "heaven" that is more material than what Earth offers
(Islamic cults). Thermodynamics would show them an alternative where demise is not
an option where they would instead go beyond present ideas of economic power and
philosophy, and with a very high degree of sophistication and it is certainly not the
banks or multinationals who will perform this trick. We could then rely on impartial
Nature (and not intellectuals or a god) to guide us anywhere we want to go in the

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Time: 9:22
What they call "gasoline" or fuels for the consumer market would not be excepted, in an equivalent fashion, as "iron", "copper" or refined metal alloys in metallurgy where on the other hand, there are fuels in existence for certain types of engines and missiles for the purposes of killing with specific impurities added as refined as in the making of semi-conductor wafers (which exist at quantum tolerances). One is a system which can be manipulated to be anything and the other is real and can't be toyed with, yet they are just as important for existence and survival.

Thermodynamics shows that people must now, transitively, elevate their consciousness to a level where democracy, banks and multinationals, etc., actual provide services to humankind and not just let them pull the strings and cut corners because Thermodynamics tells you to and why. No need to wait for a hero, genius or some messiah or prophet: Thermodynamics can show everybody where to look and make demands and if they won't do it you, or your community will most likely be able to do it yourselves/themselves.

This "conjecture" of renewing energy rich and useful petroleum products that is proposed here is approximate to the type of conjecture produced by ancient natural philosophers because they knew of Nature's cycles and intuitively applied open systems too and did not think exclusively in/with closed systems, but today, in our modern civilizations, we must include chemistry too which the ancients did not have as a problem or any of its advantages either. (Chemistry in those days was the art of making poison to assassinate someone very specific, where today this has been expanded to include everybody with waste and pollution.)
Their "science" and philosophy, ironically, was more "pure" since it only dealt with already existing heat, energy and Work and their transfer and nothing else, which would be today's dream and could easily be applied to chemistry.

Turbo Supercharger Circa 1917
Where finally, it is the way our societies are constructed today that decides the fate of all technology because of what their closed systems favour along with the laws and regulations of governments that impose its philosophy and force everyone to use things like internal combustion engines (which could be improved enormously by making manufacturers install simple superchargers) all the while deregulating the affairs of those that profit from these destructive/defective systems (and make sure they stay that way), where our evolution and development has just become a playground for people with absolutely no substance in their personalities or intelligence because they turn Business into an all encompassing philosophy and impose miniscule and perishable values and non-existent ethics into everything they can see, hear, fell, smell or detect.

The Intellectuals @ Ex Macelli Faella (10-06-2006)
Fair Use
How did we get into this mess in the first place where the discovery of Thermodynamics has been given a paradigm that it has no need for?...Forget humankind embarking on this weird and self-destructive voyage. Humanity, neither, has a need for a physics, chemistry or Thermodynamics that only have a closed-systemed or closed cycled agenda, where this is not at all the case in reality and has no meaning anywhere in the Universe besides people on this planet who have been programmed to believe in a multitude and variety of different apocalypses and be satisfied with that where in the Universe there is no such thing. It is the job of the Natural Philosopher to disprove anything what he/she does not like or is suspicious of and Nature is the only thing that cannot be disproved, even by any deity.

Would it not be more appealing to align our thinking and feelings with a greater and more simple philosophy of existence that is all around us? Nature does not build things to destroy them later, anywhere in the Universe, but everywhere, everything belongs to some cycle of matter and energy.
So because of this, we will be using Matter,- not Energy as our guide while we embark on an adventure of renewed self-rediscovery.

There will be many beginning in this story/history/monologue that will merge together transitively because this is how Thermodynamics works and this story will be thermodynamic-like. One of these "beginnings" will be a story that starts around the time of the Stone Age with the Matter technology of the time Enthalpy (preparing and cooking food and fermentation), and tells us another story that begins with humanity, our intrinsic and rational spirituality (where the physical and metaphysical interacted dynamically and not directly), the Universe, the making of scales and our ability to merge with Matter, where man was using the Step Method for counting, but the Intellectual, the Anti-intellectual comes later and bring everything to ruin, over and over and over again throughout history with their ideas and artificial systems that do not assist natural intelligence, natural development, Nature or humankind.

Leonard Susskind and his Stercus Tauri
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Time: 0:38
The interesting thing about intellectuals is that they have no edifice (like a scientific edifice), or feel like they should belong to one, but they are all the same nevertheless, regardless of what time period we are describing, where if we had a world/time-wide international conference of intellectuals of defunct and existing nations and empires with interpreters of all their languages, we would find that they all say the same things and think the same way.

Intellectuals are the only entity that exists, that does not evolve or change with time, but only in their capacity to incorporate more and more ideas and things that are fine all by themselves, into their systems by way of interference and create total sophistry. They are the intellectuals, the theorists, the cosmologists, the particle physicist, the divorce or corporate lawyers, the clerics or priests, the bankers, the transhumanists, the noeticists and the doctors or, basically, anyone who likes to play god yet cannot create, develop or produce anything themselves, and they have a capacity to create definitions of definitions, of definitions to subdivide the entire Universe, if they could, into dust.
Another thing that will be examined closely are the damaging influences of systems inside of systems, which can only be discussed in a transitive manner.

On Leonard Susskind

What Leonard Susskind says about quantum physics, on him being able to pass through a wall eventually is entirely incorrect. His electrons and the wall's electrons would always prevent each other from passing through/by each other.

For him to pass through a wall, his body would have to be vibrating at frequencies that only exist for photons (beyond the ultraviolet) which can pass by the barrier electrons because they (the electrons) would not be moving fast enough. Like X rays can do where we can see through some solid object.

Then we have Thermodynamics to consider where his frequency would heat the matter making the wall, and subsequently make its electron move faster too where we end up with the same problem and some new ones that would require the services of the fire dept..

Mr. Susskind, and his like, is not made of light although he probably likes to think he is. These ideas only apply to fields of particles and with quasiparticles, not atoms, molecules and larger systems. I'll concede that maybe some particle emitted by some potassium that's presently in his body can achieve this quantum miracle, but never his actual entire body, and all at once.

This guy turns this quote by Sherlock Holmes upside down: "when you have excluded the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth." and he actually believes that Sherlock Holmes existed and was not some fictional character, and calls him a "great intellectual"! TVO

So, beware of him and Hawking, and other celebrity scientists, closed-system gurus, "communicators", today's Scientific American, TVO, PBS, BBC when they make/present science productions if you seriously want to think and believe in a future and space travel, and think a lot bigger than their closed systems by including open and isolated systems in one's info gathering, science media and research.

Only Thermodynamics can point one in the right direction regarding any future, —not physics, quantum mechanics or theoretical/particle physics, etc., or any of their particular mathematics.

Back to Basics
Forget Physics for a while and let's start with some essential Thermodynamics

Theories on heat, date back to Ancient Greece where they thought it as an active principle in the Universe and a quality of matter. Epicurus (341–270 BC) thought that heat was the "Effluxion of minute spherical particles possessing rapid motion" and the Roman atomists and Epicurean metaphysicist, Titus Lucretius Carus (c. 99 BC – c. 55 BC) in his Poem, 'De rerum natura' (The Nature of Things)

Titus Lucretius Carus
felt that the "Sun's heat and light where the results of motion of primary particles", because matter did not increase in weight when heated. He also maintained that: "he could free humankind from fear of the deities by demonstrating that all things occur by natural causes without any intervention by the deities." RN. It is no wonder Epicurean philosophers and poets have been completely maligned by organized religions, historians and intellectuals, and are always described as pleasure-seeking, decadent, overindulging orgiasts which is completely untrue.

Today, many popularizers and "communicators" of science get it wrong in the other way, that is unsurprisingly Platonic, (forget Aristotle or Augustine) claiming that heated air or water is "lighter" than air or water where it is actually the density per volume that is different so it is the laws that govern buoyancy (Density, when placed as part of a system becomes a thermodynamic fictitious force which are always proportional to the mass) that accounts for things like "hot air balloons" and why they go aloft or why a bubble of gas that is in a liquid (under normal conditions) will rise. (Under high pressure the normal gas bubble will be squashed and be incorporated into the pressurized liquid. The gas can be restored if its pressure is equalized to the surrounding pressure against it (remember Gibb's Free Energy, I already discussed?) and rise to the surface, expanding too at the same time.)

Opening a Soda on the Ocean Floor
This is actually Thermodynamics (Its presence and effect as heat, movement and
pressure and their transfer from one system to another). The only physics involved
here is in the shaking and opening of the can of soda. What the soda does at 2.5
atmospheres has nothing to do with physics. Even Mr. Hadfield and his colleagues
seem confused as what to call this, which is perfectly normal in today's society where
highly intelligent and rigorously-trained astronauts have no idea of what is basic
Thermodynamics in their own education and training. Knowledge of this philosophy is
that essential missing ingredient in our education and culture and without it some will
suffer for nothing or will fall prey to those with mercenary philosophies, as we have
already seen here with Apollo I.

Thumbnail for Video
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Time: 0:36
So deep they are with their Boltzmann constants and blinded by Statistical mechanics where it does not apply very well (like with buoyancy/phase changes, differing entropic systems, etc.,) where they would try to make one believe it is the vibrations of the air molecules that are providing lift!

Lighter than air ships would be filled with hydrogen or helium gas and that in itself would only apply to a closed or isolated system as holding true, and in an open system this would be called a form of mass/pressure equilibrium and nothing is floating on anything, but could be seen as a form of layering performed transitively where everything finds their own level by themselves, governed by their own enthalpy and conditional entropy and the heat/entropy of the universe that is all around, before we even consider any kind of field, regardless of where something is anywhere, in any system, which is performed primarily by the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamic. All these beautiful structures we see all over with the Hubble telescope is a portrait of Thermodynamics and not a picture in physics or of chemistry. Thermodynamics and matter come first before physics and chemistry and this will be demonstrated very effectively in our own magnitude of awareness after we do a bit of homework.

Super Nova Remnant
Crab Nebula
The physics provides the "artwork" you see here (think Jackson Pollock), the layering and equilibrium would appear anyway regardless of what physics put everything there and set all this stuff in motion, or how.
This layering would also occur if it were set forth during an inflation (big bang) as there are no exceptions in thermodynamics which creates problems for this creation theory because they say the universe was initially filled with hydrogen and helium where their mass is quite different and the universe would look quite different today. Helium would have had to of been heated faster than hydrogen, or protons would require unique, or undiscovered temporal properties to make any type of "Big Bang" theory to work.
If this "layering" is so prevalent with just the explosion of one star over a 1000 years, imagine how pronounced this would be during "Inflation" for an entire universe during 14 billion years.
Even if they "fixed" Inflation mathematically, there would be collateral and residuals effects to consider that to us would be incalculable, but pronounced.
This is the exact principle in which they can separate uranium 235 from uranium 238, so what are they trying to sell to people, and what is this "education" supposed to accomplish?
Anyway, this itself is unexplored information theory that is in line with the effects of thermodynamics upon physics and chemistry concerning Work, that is far more sophisticated than any quantum computer that could be devised where the universe becomes a reference and "remembers" where it's supposed to be and resets itself where then, information could never be distorted or a computer programmed to lie since intrinsically this sort of "information" or program would be rejected automatically by Nature. Since there are always evil people around, it would be better to build computers in the future with this sort of thermodynamic design in its technology where we can have Nature doing a lot of our policing, prevention and security and not rely on other people or divine entities, since we should be doing this ourselves as a matter of simple protocol or algorithm.

The question now becomes: Do we want to learn about life and the Universe for ourselves or do we want to be part of something bigger than ourselves? On the other hand, a Christian only has an arbitrary history of around two thousand years where a Natural Philosopher's history spans to beyond time itself whose magnitude finds sufficient self-equilibrium.

The inventor of the "inflation theory", Alan Guth which is impossible according to Thermodynamics. The Big Bang theory itself was invented by the Belgium priest Msgr Georges Lemaître.
Behind him is a portrait of an additional miracle, expressed with mathematical precision. With all his supposed genius, he does not see any contradiction either, (how can a miracle be expressed mathematically?).
This guy also publishes drivel on, "magnetic monopoles" (which don't exist because magnetism is a system and not a thing like an electron), "instatons" and time machines.
I guess, I'd be smiling too if I were him.
This included untapped mechanical energy that is not studied, developed or exploited in science, information theory or technology except (arguably) in the subatomic, but is nevertheless abundant and free in the macroscopic universe which the mind can easily adopt and incorporate this natural program by Nature that is running right now (out of some hypothetical isolated system, created by us), and help us to make the proper decisions and conduct any of our actions equitably involving practically anything and everything. The idea is that Nature tries to tell us that eventually we must all understand things in a universal manner that is connected to other things beyond human vanity.
Nature is your friend and will always provide you with a third option should you need it, to get you or a civilization back on course.

So the Universe is governed by science or natural causes as Lucretius Carus said, —not gods (or today with physics or multinationals) because this form of organization can be proven and reproduced anywhere by anyone, anywhere in the universe, with basic knowledge, assimilation and application of the Laws of Thermodynamics upon any reasonable combination of things he/she desires to do this with and gain a truly Epicurean pleasurable experience that is as far from "orgies and indulgences" as one can imagine.
What the individual does with these phenomena afterwards is a reflection, in scale, of their own cleverness, shrewdness, wisdom, perspicacity or sanguinity.
In deference to Carus, the following is about Cold and "refrigeration" during the Roman Empire.

A snow bank on Mount Etna today
"The Romans had learned how to preserve snow and ice in caves which answered the same purpose as our ice-houses and snow-water was a favorite beverage.
At night, carts covered with straw brought the snow of the Apennines to the ancient capital of the world, and galleys came to Italy laden with snow from Sicily, which was considered superior to any other by the gourmets of that day, because it was found in the vicinity of burning craters filled with boiling lava.
A temple had been erected specially to keep snow during the summer, and the priests of Vulcan derived from its sale an enormous income. Christian priests afterwards kept up this good custom and the Bishop of Catanea, as late as the latter part of the last century (17th), obtained 20,000 francs a year from the sale of a snow bank which he owned on Mount Etna."
[R p. 226]

Powerful Mount Etna Eruption
Thumbnail for Video
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Time: 1:12
It is interesting, today, to know that ice found near boiling lava on Mount Etna was considered superior by gourmets in ancient times when it was not known that there is a direct transitive connection between Hot and Cold in the first place.
So like Titus Lucretius; poetry and and the study of Nature were once inseparable. The Romantic poet, William Blake related that: "Energy was eternal delight" (next video clip), but it is Epicurean poets and philosophers who were the first stating that the universe runs itself without gods which can be traced back to Thales (624 BC to 546 BC) who lead in the search for explanations in Nature rather than in the supernatural where today, for example, we have physicists looking for god particles, or scientists who put forward that hyperspace is only achievable through a phase change in consciousness where we may ask who will be the trusty of this authority in changing humanity irrevocably, or they completely deny the existence of god which is entirely irrelevant to science and the rest is ludicrous.
Somewhere, we have gone backwards and visitors here will find out how from many perspectives in this monologue which many, I'm sure, will find instructive and/or amusing.

So, besides studying Matter instead of Energy, we will concentrate on, and study Cold very closely, instead of Hot, to give us a "fresh" perspective on cool things. (Minus the Vodka bottle if you notice the continuity error in the animation, but I hope we will have just as much fun breaking the ice!)
Here, this monologue will introduce the entire universe to you transitively, coming to you from an un-Clausian direction of Cold to Hot since Heat is already treated as a commodity or a substance, by way of being a system inside a system now, making it totally corrupt and intellectualized and so is no longer worth any discussion, of which we see this destructive evidence of artificial made-made systems everywhere all around, not to forget the abundance of terrible "science" documentaries.

Art, surrealism and artistic philosophy is not impeded with the dogmatic restrictions science places everywhere and can decide where it wants to start from, and maybe we all will learn something new. Poetry, will open this doorway, in the same manner in which we know that the greatest riches in the oceans for feeding is in the cold waters, where warm waters, on their part are barren and sustain little. F6/6

They say the sea is cold, but the sea contains
the hottest blood of all, and the wildest, the most urgent…

All the whales in the wider deeps, hot are they, as they urge
on and on, and dive beneath the icebergs.
The right whales, the sperm-whales, the hammer-heads, the killers
there they blow, there they blow, hot wild white breath out of
the sea!

And they rock, and they rock, through the sensual ageless ages
on the depths of the seven seas, 
and through the salt they reel with drunk delight
and in the tropics tremble they with love
and roll with massive, strong desire, like gods.
Then the great bull lies up against his bride
in the blue deep bed of the sea,
as mountain pressing on mountain, in the zest of life:
and out of the inward roaring of the inner red ocean of whale-blood
the long tip reaches strong, intense, like the maelstrom-tip, and
   comes to rest
in the clasp and the soft, wild clutch of a she-whale’s
   fathomless body.

And over the bridge of the whale’s strong phallus, linking the
   wonder of whales
the burning archangels under the sea keep passing, back and
keep passing, archangels of bliss
from him to her, from her to him, great Cherubim
that wait on whales in mid-ocean, suspended in the waves of the
great heaven of whales in the waters, old hierarchies.

And enormous mother whales lie dreaming suckling their whale-
   tender young
and dreaming with strange whale eyes wide open in the waters of
   the beginning and the end.

And bull-whales gather their women and whale-calves in a ring
when danger threatens, on the surface of the ceaseless flood
and range themselves like great fierce Seraphim facing the threat
encircling their huddled monsters of love.
And all this happens in the sea, in the salt
where God is also love, but without words:
and Aphrodite is the wife of whales
most happy, happy she!

and Venus among the fishes skips and is a she-dolphin
she is the gay, delighted porpoise sporting with love and the sea
she is the female tunny-fish, round and happy among the males
and dense with happy blood, dark rainbow bliss in the sea.

- D. H. Lawrence: Whales Weep Not

As previously related, cold is not the absence of heat, but only a different degree of heat and it's philosophy (concerning science) has remained intact from the time of Robert Boyle.

We begin by, coldly, following the timeline of a PBS Nova video: 'Absolute Zero' which, in fact, contains many errors, where finally, after three years of doing irreparable harm to society, Thermodynamics and our young ones, it has been removed (made private) by PBS themselves (on their own You Tube Channel, that is distinct among all their other videos), because you will see that the link goes to a dead You Tube Page, but I'm sure you will find it elsewhere easily for amusement, - just Google the link instead by highlighting it as if it were not a link. I keep these old links as a matter of record because they are all machine generated, and so are still good, in another way, at exposing the truth with the information they contain in their HTTP string. We must all simply adapt, and that's easy to do with the internet.

Well...We can have some fun too!
Update May 2, 2014:
I happen to of found an MPEG-4 copy today (edited from the original) which I have converted to high-quality Flash (to save space) and uploaded to my Google Drive for my visitor's convenience with the link below. Here, we can study scientifically, manipulation and misinformation and 19th century thinking and philosophy, and how it's being deployed today to unwary audiences and innocent minds. Here's the link: Absolute Zero (Due to malicious DMAC policies (an example of this behaviour), this link, created here, for 'Extreme Cold' is private for HTML'S MAGIC visitors.)

Update June 2, 2014: PBS has decided to put it back (chopping-off 30 minutes and now it's worse) so the link works again now, I suppose because we can see it anyway anywhere else, whatever they do on You Tube as easily as one could examine a lousy movie in its entirety (CAM version) on the internet before paying good money at the movie theater.
Anyway, my visitors now have an option with whatever shenanigans happens in the future. This video obviously suits some macabre purpose somewhere which I like to call, "the corruption of the next generation to become excellent thralls".

Dr. Jacob Bronowsky: On Power

Click or tap to open
Time 5:09
At right: Jacob Bronowsky relates an amazing story when/where energy and heat suddenly became king and where physics and chemistry changed focus where transforming Nature itself, instead of things in Nature became the new psychology and the only core to Nature was energy, being that Nature was suddenly given a new "personality" to make their new ideas work. (looks pretty political to me) This philosophy has "progressed" today to monstrous things like scientists telling us what god is in his totality or non-existence, "Climate management", Terminator seeds, the development of "Democracy drones" for war or espionage and other forms of "management".
The people and entities working to/for/in these aims, today, actually think they are doing good and/or are "working" for things that actually exists in reality and is not something dreamed-up, and one talks to these types like one talks to a Nazi or an extremist, a corporate lawyer, Bill Gates, Donald Trump or the guru-like Steve Wozniak, etc., etc., where we can just forget any discussion of any type of open/isolated-system cycle, philosophy or technology.

Drones or Avatars ... Not on my watch 
A T.Khan Google+
At best, the common man or woman must learn to be ruthlessly objective (observe the cat animation), or be absolutely incredulous (with no exceptions, but be polite too) involving anything one hears and sees within society and find that it in itself can be a form of entertainment with the barrage of nonsense that's spewed everywhere in one's direction, especially now with social networks with their wild and untutored groups or circles. This is fun because the social networks and social media themselves mix up truth with lies all the time and it is when you catch them is where you start realizing results to your intuition and develop that instead of arguing with these idiots. They have now become sources of inspiration instead.

RMR: Federal Government Invests Millions
in Drone Technology

Thumbnail for Video
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Time: 1:03
Your own evolution is more important because they have made their choice already. Where Socrates advised restraint and understanding and Jesus advised forgiveness and turning the other cheek, they were talking about ignorant people with no access to education or information, where today, practically everyone can have access to the information they need so there is no excuse for the activities of bigotry and its proselytizing, since they can be so easily be contradicted and put in their place by anybody and even by people who would be considered, generally, more ignorant than them.
It is strange that it is acceptable to organize and classify the "chaos" in Nature like we would find in a forest or jungle, but actual chaos and jungles that intellectuals create are immune to the same type of scrutiny and classification.

One thing that bugs me in the beginning of 'Absolute Zero' is their inaccurate and garrulous explanation of why Celsius's temperature scale was, originally, "upside down", while laughing at him on camera and treating him as ridiculous (they also laugh at the brilliant James Dewar, but that's discussed here later on), when in fact his work is based on the 'Thermoscope' (a heat detector), where by making a scale with a hundred steps placed on it, it becomes an air thermometer, which was used by him for determining that the boiling point of water varied as a function of atmospheric pressure which were determined out of these (upside down) hundred steps (called a Centigrade Scale).
I, personally think he was brilliant because somewhere this idea originated from his mind/imagination and he used the tools that were available at the time, as anyone today would with an idea to experiment upon.

When the air in the bulb grows cooler it contracts, and the air outside forces the Water up the tube. When the air in the bulb grows warmer it expands and forces the water down in the tube.
Note: The air thermometer was the first gas thermometer which is far more reliable than any liquid or solid thermometer since with different gases, any gas or combination of gases expands and contracts uniformly when comparing the same units on any scale between freezing/melting and liquid/vaporization/fusion which does not with any liquid or solid of different materials when comparing them. It is also from this device that Absolute Zero was first predicted to exist as a system (not a thing), which would of been impossible to do with any other experimental device or type of thermometer.

So we got it right the first time (and here we are only measuring energy) and this is a phenomenon of man I will mention often (getting things right the first time), and in this case there is no latent-heat "problems" which we do not have with gases or plasmas as we have with liquids and solids, which have a great capacity for latent heat, enthalpy and phase changes (which increase exponentially the closer to absolute zero we go), where this is probably the same with gases and plasma, but they are part of a much larger magnitude in-scale too when considering molecular movement of any particular state of matter, which must be taken into consideration.

Anyway, this business of always "getting things right the first time" is perfectly reasonable since that also corresponds to when any real discovery was ever made too, (which is no coincidence) as apposed to a lot of the fake discoveries scientists are coming out with these days, or calling a theory some discovery where it can be argued that any empirical evidence for it can also be used against it, which is no better then "naming" constellations, creating pictures out of them and then giving them properties, where in actually, things like "Capricorn", etc., and what it does, does not actually exist.

Steam is around 1700 times more rarefied than water by volume, but it can apply a force on a solid like it were liquid, or another solid, pressing against something with great weight and dynamic being controlled by thermal equilibrium, where in this case, it would be when the steam reaches one atmosphere in a piston's cylinder. Within the subject of any dynamics, things "fall" in all sorts of ways and is not something exclusive to gravity and all do this towards an equilibrium that is sufficiently equivalent to their intrinsic-heat potential, which itself is also transferable.

For instance: Carnot's work contains no information or discussion on phase changes with water or with any form of matter, but is entirely restricted to energy transfer involving a very small spectrum of engine types (of which we have built our most important elements of industry out of), when in fact there are all kinds of engines that do heat transfer that have nothing or little to do with physics or the Second Law of Thermodynamic (factories, hydroelectric generators, Ericsson cycle, Brayton cycle, Calvin–Benson cycle among many other assorted mechanical and natural heat engines, etc.
Also, If it were not for phase changes there would be no steam engines, which Carnot's work was based upon (locomotives). Calling him the Father of Thermodynamics is ludicrous and credit must be distributed among a wide assortment of people in many different areas of study and disciplines throughout the ages and it is the scientists and intellectuals that have done the most to malign Thermodynamics than anything or anyone else in all history.

In Thermodynamics, molecular movement where heat is the cause, is a force that can produce mechanical movement; where heat is not the cause of molecular movements then it cannot be turned directly into mechanical Work and the difference of less than 1° F can dramatically change matter into something completely different and do wondrous or terrible things too.

Minto Wheel
A Heat Transfer engine
For instance, we see with the Drinking Bird toy or the Minto wheel that it takes very little energy to dramatically change the state and phase of the fluid inside the tube (from liquid to vapour). Albert Einstein himself claimed that he did not know how the Drinking bird worked in popular media, but this is more likely due to of being instructed not to explain and discuss it because his popularity as a theoretical physicist may of raised awareness to other and better ideas and popularized them, since he is the co-inventor (with a future nuclear physicist) of the 'Einstein refrigerator' which uses this exact basic principle, but with no moving parts, but uses heat instead, butane gas and ammonia to produce cold.

Anyhow, since we are dealing with a thermometer that via air, only indicates two phase changes in water; we find we have a problem if we stray away from Celsius's device as only being devised to measure atmospheric pressure and nothing else. Galileo and his friend Sagredo physically and chemically improved this device as a thermometer by sealing the lid where the water is placed (and replaced with alcohol) to prevent the fluctuating weight of the atmosphere to interfere with this device and alter temperature readings while, itself, not freezing and breaking at around 32° F.

Please note: That the Galileo-Sagredo thermometer was still an air thermometer (but sealed) as the alcohol's own expansion/contraction was accounted for. Only expanding or contracting air was responsible for any indication of temperature. Galileo and Sagredo were nearly as clever as Ctesibius and Heron of Alexandria.

Anyone will see that his laughable "upside-down" scale, theoretically, goes in both directions and Zero is only placed at the boiling phase of water at sea level instead of the freezing/melting phase which is logical for a thermometer/barometer based on determining air pressure affecting water since we are not concerned about the damage freezing would cause this device, but would like to see it boil at different temperatures at different altitudes which is only possible to determine with an air thermometer and then adapted or programmed into a sealed thermometer.

This, being apparent to any artist or any competent scientist, but obviously not to mediocre scientists, which there seems to be a lot of on public television networks and internet video because they don't collaborate, especial with those in possession of Ph.D's which also seems to be part of an upside-down scale too because a B.A. university degree already means, I believe, "Barely Able", so we can just imagine what a modern Ph.D. means now. On the other hand, to be fair, everything is dynamically upside-down or perpendicular in any closed system (even metaphysical ones), when dynamically comparing them to/with open systems.

We must remember that they knew little about heat in those days to create all kinds of systems for measuring it, so it is ridiculous to project our knowledge and ideas on heat to people who lived centuries ago. So, this helps us navigate the state of mind of any PH.D where we (as students) see immediately if he/she thinks in terms of open, closed or isolated systems and he/she makes any one of them (over the others) some kind of universal philosophy.

What is laughable (for us little people), is that stupid young scientists who like to put themselves in front of the camera use scales and steps all the time in their field of "expertise" and historically have actually appropriated them for themselves from the general population, who have been using scales and steps since the beginning of time for all kinds of uses (as will be demonstrated), and given them instead the decimalized Hindu-Arabic system which is really only suitable for accounting, but that too has to do everything now. Hence, why every gen is taught arithmetic and maths completely differently in elementary school and high school and that depends on what authority projects what it needs when they finally take their place in society and these things are all decided in Switzerland by their weird government and banks.

In this Universe there is only one absolute.

Click or tap to open
Time 1:11
The "Centigrade" is not a name or a real word, but a Step Method (The Hundred Step Method) and has nothing to do with the metric-system method for measuring or the Hindu-Arabic decimal system for counting. The Step Method which always existed, in a time, for people who did not place their Zeros at the beginning of any number system, nor was there any need to since there are very few reasons why zero must be placed before one exclusively, except for accounting as an integer (see: Double-entry bookkeeping system), but for making Scales or Steps you place your zeros anywhere you need or want them and there is no zero before one, as in the decimalized Hindu-Arabic number system, unless it actually means something, where in the decimalized H-A system it doesn't mean anything, — not even an interval, space or a cypher, but is nevertheless considered an integer, or something "whole".

The etymology of "Centigrade" is from Latin, not French as all these internet dictionaries, today, say it is [E], -as if everyone was copying and pasting each other's research onto their own site without any Attribution. What's amusing about this practice, it is that when they do this, they only copy and paste references that they understand and add subjectively their own ideas, that only a child or a teenager could/would know and consider important because they wouldn't be for someone more mature with more knowledge and experience on the world and the nature of things.

In this case: politically/historically the French, because no one knows any Latin, or knows anything more ancient than the wool inside their own belly button, but they all claim to be the finest resource for knowledge and facts when, in fact, they don't know what they are doing, but if they were to be "The finest resource for ignorance and stupidity", than this would be entirely correct because teenagers and young adults take systems (especially closed-systems) much too seriously when they should not, but this classification and distinction is never mentioned.

They just see "information" in an existential manner, where substance, etymology and how and why something is defined or put together, well, let's just forget out that, because it is the "writer's" or the "researcher's mind" that is actually communicating, and is presented as the only thing that exists and they are trying to save the world, or just make money for themselves, blah blah.

Existentialism has never asked where the devil comes from, but this philosophy like to say what things are, where the "dread" is supposed to appear magically afterwards.
Existentialism is also usually a passive philosophy, but is becoming increasingly more aggressive in the 21st century and Post-modernism is no equivalent match to curtail its influence.
This is probably why Arron Swartz never published any of his research, as it would be incomprehensible to people like this who are only on social networks or create dumbed-down plagiaristic websites, which is 99.999....% of internet content.

Click or tap to see plagiarization of my own work in the past and it's not even a good article. Now, with tablets and windows 8 or 10 and other junk they call computers and "operating systems", this is a thing of the past.
If the link is no longer good see a partial screenshot [P]
Now, any dweeb or a 10 year old can create an app; a science /history resource, filled with ads, spy-script with a multitude of hidden <IFRAME>, <EMBED> or <OBJECT> elements or CTDATA entities that link to other servers directly when you went to that page and multiply his ranking (among other things) by simply copying (à la Marconi at the patent office) the source/content of/in any dictionary and use Myspacegens servers, among others, through certain internet portals that give you access, to reactivate the site's Ajax, CSS3 or HTML5 attributes, etc. (while creating superficial appearance changes) and upload entire secondhand already bad dictionaries.

The old-fashioned way to find out there were hidden connections was when one's browser crashed or froze, which means that page is connected to a "hundred" other places too. Milton Friedman, economic adviser to President Ronald Reagan, would approve!

The modern way (counterintelligence) to determine this "scientifically" is with any simple FLV downloader browser add-on, which will show anyone a complete list of all these invisible http/https addresses that don't appear on the page, but are very much active on the page, because it treats these addresses as something to download due to their malicious nature, which requires this capacity when you click or tap on the wrong thing, which activates these elements and complete their purpose, exactly like pressing "Play" on some video.

Note: I tried this for fun on this page (I use the Mozilla Firefox FLV downloader add-on) so you can see what a good webpage looks like and use it as a reference or to familiarize yourself with good, verses a bad webpage, which should not be difficult to find elsewhere. Here, one will find no hidden elements and everything downloadable can be seen on the webpage itself.
One must take the good and the bad together as one thing, but at least not equivalently.

Anyway, what is truly funny, and what we could actually find laughable about Celsius and his applications of the step method, which was missed completely by the writers, researchers, Ph.Ds, the sponsors and producers of BBC and PBS 'Absolute Zero' (probably because they would have to discuss the truth about thermodynamics) was by himself somehow interpreting, applying and ingratiating his ideas on thermometry into the latest thing of the time; 'The Metric System', which unlike the step method has its zero placed like in accounting and besides that, not bother to compete with Fahrenheit's system which had more lines or notches on it and three different phase changes instead of two, and to partially correct one of these flaws with his Centigrade scale, all he needed to do was to create a "Ducengrade" or a "Trecengrade" scale (which is also not French) with the step method he already used, to compete or be superior to Fahrenheit's scale, but he did not.

He was not alone in proposing only two unscientific phase changes for the thermometer instead of three phase changes: In 1665 Christiaan Huygens suggested using the melting and boiling points of water as standards, and in 1694 Carlo Renaldini proposed using them as fixed points on a universal scale.

In 1701 Isaac Newton was even worse and proposed a scale of 12 degrees between the melting point of ice and his own body temperature TH, which when I think about this, I now understand why he's called, "The father of modern physics" with his paradigm-like complete insensitivity to thermodynamics which is typical of any modern physicist or theoretical/particle physicist; this being the connection that makes him a "father" of something that is just as arbitrary as his attitudes and ego, all the while being a misogynist and misanthropist.
Let's just say: The more I research Thermodynamics, the less I like Issac Newton (among others).

So one hundred increments it is, from freezing/melting to boiling/vaporizing instead of 180 increments, to satisfy another system, which is now part of a new "Metric System" today, under the disguised or mismanaged name of "Celsius Degrees", in an effort to integrate it into another system that is designed to incorporate everything into the decimal system, regardless of what it is, which is still going on today where, inadvertently, our story begins again, from somewhere else, with mathematical and arithmetical scales and standards applied to our Thermodynamics of Matter, Cold and phase changes, since the digression is necessary for reasons that will be apparent later, involving scales of any kind since this involves Matter directly, and without matter there is no thermodynamics or physics, despite what any physicist will tell you today.

This can only be seen through the story of mathematics since with inclusive matter systems there is no such thing as Zero, but there are only intervals instead. Only exclusive systems (like money for instance) must have a zero at the beginning and no intervals are considered, but numbers and everything they count become units instead in a variety of different ways and forms. To be considered as well, is how the dynamic of duality thinking is ever present instead of ternary thinking, which because of Thermodynamics, true science insists upon especially if we are dealing in systems. Without a ternary basis or foundation for any concept, which we can understand immediately with the simple air thermometer (as one small example), one will find that what they teach as science is not science after all.

Things like the Devil and God, or Matter and Dark matter are not good enough as there must be some other element to actually make it be a system that can describe the truth or some purpose. An example would be that there must be Anti-dark matter if there is antimatter, but this is non-existent in any cosmological model, formula or theory, so it is all nonsense because they have already put in the figures as absolutes and cannot be removed without admitting they made some gross and inexcusable oversight that can only explain complete incompetence in the fields of theoretical physics, particle physics and cosmology.

If we are to be able to understand and work with any form of dynamics (whether it be about heat, people or whatever) we must understand Scales and The Step-Method approach to mathematics, which is as far away, as from whatever you've been taught about maths.
Here's is some history (our teacher) in how indispensable it is for today.

The Step Method, employed by Celsius, is something that is suitable for symbols or symbolic representation, like the 12 Steps Method at/of any detoxification support group, masonic fraternities, Ordo Templi Orientis, etc.,etc., where each level of the steps, in "degrees", is a promise to some attainment or achievement in status, which is a good thing if one has the mind of a child with similar emotional needs, or with things that deal with the occult, rituals, protocols, superstition, etc.

Numbers are not real things or are they even treated as such, but only "play", represent, notate or indicate things, much like we would use a musical instrument, write poetry or make a painting. Numbers are also units so it's interesting that (meta-mathematically speaking) they measure or calculate one unit against another unit, like they do with π just as you can't measure or calculate one scale with another scale.
Originally, mathematics was just another elegant medium for expression of philosophical ideas that tested their limits, like any other medium can (which is where it gets its beauty and elegance), and was not The Totalitarian Guard of the Universe that it is today that only uses the factor-unfriendly Decimal system for counting.

With the step method one must start counting with One, and Zero does not exist like climbing stairs and counting them while you climb. Then, when you reach the top "point" you call that "zero", or "the landing", etc. Then you know that X will be the number of steps it takes to count-down to "zero", or the "landing", or "this staircase has so many steps to the landing" or "so many steps down from the landing". If there are more steps after the landing to reach the top we count up again, and at the top we place another zero or call it "the top", as demonstrated, here, by "the Count" and our damsel in distress.

In a way, the Quantum always existed in the past, when zeros were placed after a goal, point, destination, peek, etc., etc., was arrived at, —Not Before, just like they do today in quantum mechanics because that is how they resolved the unknown in the past; In small packages. And then they gave that new zero a name, purpose and a meaning, and we grew. In principle, we have always done the same thing; today, we just work with much smaller systems and things.

Ancient map of parts of India
This map of parts of India from the late 16th c. by the Dutch merchant and historian, Jan Huyghen van Linschoten
Although, we don't usually deal with this stuff, according to Art history, Zeros always existed and were used dynamically. This story about "the discovery of zero in India" by Math historians is actually the history of Accounting, but it sounds so romantic and exotic, it must be true. It's all Stercus Tauri. India has always been, and always will be a major trading center for goods and that is why they started using Zero in that way. This system, like a disease, has simply permeated everywhere.

The "proof" lies in multiplication and division: We discovery a distortion in logic, whose sole purpose is to make accounting purposeful, but does not apply to any logic, protocol, algorithm, value or syllogistic meaning and so must be indoctrinated, which is:
Either, zero times ten, or ten times zero, equal zero, — this is a non-sequitur.
Where in logic and in any form of dynamics and this would of applied to multiplication and division: Doing Nothing to ten things leaves ten things, but doing ten things to nothing leaves nothing. Then they wonder why XY is not the same as YX in quantum mechanics.
I remember when I was in elementary school being taught this, like it was yesterday, and instinctively felt something was wrong, but did not have the means of expressing it, or how I felt something may be wrong somewhere, or how this could be a problem in many areas, of which I was already aware of those things.

With the step method we can create scales, intervals and/or one can count simultaneously in 4 dimensions in either direction of the count plus this nonsense just described becomes impossible and is necessary, today, to know/apply (in thinking) with, for example, HTML markup, when/where we always have to consider where/when files and objects come from and where/when they go simultaneously; otherwise forget making webpages (or any kind of connections) and "miraculously" never make an error because any zero is moved automatically without thinking along with any interval, cipher and/or space it may carry over, which is appropriate for something that can mean "nothing".

We can rediscover now for ourselves the beauty, soul and power mathematics contains within it, the way ancient mathematicians understood numbers with zeros everywhere acting spirit-like and keeping things together whether one is venturing into the unknown or not. (Later you will see how they understood so called, "Perpetual Motion")
The Step method is multi-dimensional friendly and has a transitive nature leading towards some "unknown" equivalence, whose formula states: If A = B and B = C then A = C.

The Mathematician: Creating Control,
Death and Misery and Closed systems;
instead of Open systems

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So, this is useful in science as it already is for thermodynamics, algebra, Java, logistics, card counting (gamblers), alchemy, the occult, vampires, detoxification or intoxication, etc. - Anything dealing with the "unknown" where you intuitively want to think in three or four dimensions, and you want to start measuring or determining something, not calculate (but one can extrapolate) and is often "borrowed" in physics, mathematics and bartending, and is used by engineers for good purposes because it is still used in basic logic and before there was the 'Arabic number system', there were Mathematicians and their maths were used to help everybody, unlike today's mathematicians, who like physicists today only think about smashing or blowing things up and how to shoot moving objects/people/things and have abandoned its soul and poetry and thrive in paranoid societies. (see this clip on the work of Claude Shannon and John von Newmann)

This system for counting can also be viewed and utilized in a multitude of ways involving creativity of any kind (or algorithms) and can employ multiple zeros, placed accordingly that can be used for any practical or theoretical purpose. The idea is that an indeterminate "nothing" or a determinant "stranger" can appear anywhere anytime in this form of mathematics yet it does not interfere in any way, but actually helps in the calculation or measure that is sought, as it would be in music for a composition.
There is nothing metaphysical here either, but an actual vindication of the physical universe being expressed where information goes to where it's most needed or finds its own level, which unfortunately so far, to this day, only an artist or an anti-mathematician may understand because here Nature and man are working together interactively and not against each other.

What F.W. Woolworth's would of looked like during the Roman Empire
It is a more personal and ancient system that has existed before we knew how to write and mechanized existence was created that involves more than counting in the regular fashion. Turning numbers, or numerals, into symbols, i.e. I II III IV V into 1 2 3 4 5, is because of the need to build scales for new scientific apparatuses that this system was adopted because everybody was perfectly happy with the Roman Numeral System and other scales (like in music and art or literature, like in word or philosophical conjugations) but it became apparent that you can't measure one scale with another scale, especially where the placement of points, or zeros, are completely different, just like, as already said, you can't measure one unit with another unit.
So, if the world was to "advance", the Roman Numeral System had to go, being appropriated by scientists with their scales and people were given programmed symbols to add/subtract or calculate with, which is equivalent to putting numbers on notes/colours and their intervals or numbers/symbols to conjugated verbs without having to recite any actual conjugations. For the masses, symbols with a zero at the beginning borrowed from a system for accounting are now sufficient.

In effect, humankind was given a programmed-paradigm that behaves like a computer, but is applied to civilization taking on the role of machine and not an opportunity for self-advancement and progress, which I will also discuss and demonstrate, in this monologue, from many different perspectives, but is in no way the fault of zero itself.

A Colour scale with a melting-colour progression containing many different types of intervals.
Besides the Romans, didn't say, or think, one line, one one line, and one one one line, but like everybody else, they had individual proper names for these Roman Numerals in their vocabulary, where today we put symbols to these same proper names, where, for example; I II III VI V were called, unus, duo, tres, quattuor and quinque and so on, just like we say one two three four and five today, or do re mi and red, blue and green, but with music and painting, etc., these are still scales (respectively The Music Scale and The Colour Scale) and we still put all our 'equivalences to zero's where we want in our work and as many that are needed anywhere on the scale, and this is where we find a balance in any repetitions, progressions or choruses created in any art, music or engineering forms of expression/building, which are abundant everywhere, where art, building and creativity is involved. It is also possible that Romans saw these cumbersome numbers as symbols themselves like we see our number symbols today.
Modern mathematics, in effect, has lost the ability to be creative or harmonize with any form of creativity that physics and chemistry, via Nature, demonstrates by itself everywhere abundantly.

The question today is: what are scientists and mathematicians "counting" and "calculating" today since the numbers they are using can have any connection to anything or with nothing simultaneously. One can practically "prove" anything today and this is essential for the dynamic of the modern PH.D.
This has reached the "point" where American theoretical physicist and cosmologist Laurence Krauss goes around describing and proving that 2 + 2 = 5. With an abundance of people like him today; science itself has become an experiment.

Roma, Foro Romano, resti del Miliarium Aureum
In the Roman Numeral system, if a zero needed to be placed somewhere they called it "nihil" (nothing), or it was considered a cypher or they gave it a proper name like a "Milestone" that represented something very real (we can infer that in ancient times the concept of "Nothing" was also something real, like anything else) and never as a symbol, of which the most famous is the Milliarium Aureum, which is the "point" all roman roads lead to in Rome, where by reckoning the ancient Roman way:"By the Temple of Saturn at the head of the Roman Forum" (Romans did not have street names but they had names for highways), which is where, and why, we get the expression, "All Roads Lead to Rome", which would be impossible to incorporate into law today (less, build a monument to "Nothing" and give it a function which would be impossible to do with today's trigonometry or calculus or sensibilities and religions) because our number system, and system for counting cannot do this.[N].
Here, we see something similar to our H-A system, except that it is not one dimensional, but three dimensional and all sorts of different highways radiated from all directions from the Milliarium Aureum.

So there is nothing really revolutionary about all this, as one can attach a symbol to represent anything, but it still means the same thing to any human mind anywhere in the world in its original form, but symbols, unfortunately, have the power or bad habit to create paradigms, or exclusive methods of/for thinking and dealing with information and Work.

To localize zero as one system exclusively that can only be represented one way is a sham. Especially today, we know that zeros or "nothing" are everywhere in both the physical and metaphysical and constitutes 99.999999...% of the "known" Universe.

What one reads in any religious literature or science and their philosophies, —well that constitutes 000000000000000000000000000000000........1% of reality, or the known universe, therefore any deity/deities or "Stephen Hawkings" is not much to consider seriously and/or for long, and any "creations" or "apocalypses" they describe have an equal importance and value.
Discussing the creation/apocalypse, beginning/ending of 000000000000000000000000000000000........1% of reality is quite redundant, at least by step-method or scale reasonning.

This 'Arabic number system', with the zero only at the beginning, is also so advanced, we need reminding of this every five minutes when you read or see histories/documentaries/books on maths, as if they invented the thing and in a very amusing way, one can fix a scale on/to this phenomenon too. This is where we hear ridiculous imbeciles say things like (click on pic): "Why can’t we make things simple for all and promote just one number system, the Arabic numeral system?", where they are actually thinking about the Decimal system that is attached to the Hindu-Arabic number system. (I guess that "simplicity", in all its forms, is the key word here)

If they love the decimal system they should love the Exponential system (Scientific notation) even better. We realize too late that by standardizing anything we stop science and mathematics from advancing and ignorance and conformity is promoted instead because one cannot standardize mathematics and arithmetical systems as this would be like standardizing the creative aspects and systems that make music or art, etc., which cannot be done if one is a real artist, poet or musician/composer. (Are we to assign a permanent number or symbol for/to the colour, "red"?)

Actually, There are permanent Hexadecimal numbers for colours and they are used for colouring webpages, fonts, etc., but that is another matter and this system, surprisingly, is very creative. Well, there are no colours in "cyberspace" or "the cloud", or whatever they want to call it in future, so the Hexadecimal system in dealing with that universe, as an interface into this one, is quite appropriate, precise and very efficient.

Instead, standardization is implemented in Maths where numbers always become matrices of rows and columns (instead of steps) and are controlled from the outside, much like people are taught by authority to see god or Nature where conspiracies always unfold, where you "inside" are as much a part of Nature (or god, if you prefer) as anything outside, but this part is never shown or exercised, and are never numbers that navigate themselves through their own power within themselves which intrinsically must be done with the Roman Numeral system and it's step methods.

Everything, from religion/spirituality, to science/energy, to money/value must come from within first and with a sense of its own innate values and build from there and not just harvested, delivered, consumed or controlled from the outside, especially if they are systems.
One does not create art, science or religion out of systems, but out of real things, and instead one creates systems out of real things with art, science or religion, the problem being that most people do not know or realize the differences and their implications.

Before there were gods and deities:
32,000 years ago there was the concept
of Fluidity and Permeability.

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By way of understanding even the basics in Thermodynamics, the way we treat numbers "indicates" how a civilization and culture treats its spirituality and science, whether it's primarily from the inside or outside of any individual thing and in the acceptance into reality of "Nothing" which is where we see the differences between Hell in ancient religions and in modern ones; and for thousands of years before the Roman Empire there was the concept of Fluidity and Permeability with everything (which is much better than Susskind's quantum fantasies of going through walls) and is now only known/understood by Geologists, Anthropologists, Paleontologists and Art Historians, as can be seen in this clip from Werner Herzog's 'Cave of Forgotten Dreams'.

If any paleolithic individual were discovered frozen, defrosted and reanimated and was told later somehow by a creationist or Bible literalist that the world did not exist beyond 6,000 years ago, he would heartily agree by stating that this would have been when the world ended/froze from his perspective and he/she would be entirely correct philosophically and scientifically on/from many perspectives and where we would begin with the most devastating fact, that linear time was/would of been inconceivable or ridiculous to him/her and even antithetical, where whether he/she reemerged in our time or not, would make no difference to him/her, but would make a big difference to/for us.
That man or woman would find no use in us and we would lock him/her up to study with no human rights. (Besides, what could we teach him/her that is better than what he/she already knows?)

As a matter a fact, such a being, upon learning to speak and write fluently would be a danger to all societies today because this person knew us when we were not polluted, programmed, indoctrinated and slaves to closed systems. He/she would be the voice of true freedom and not the fake kind we have today.

He/she could also argue that the creationist' universe did not start 6,000 years ago, but started upon the second they met and that is the magic of scales and the step-method for counting and/or calculating, which any true divinity would approve of, or at least be amused. In fact, all religions depend on linear or a closed-system cycle of time to exist as a platform, more so than the accountant needs to consider time in that way because he/she can do his/her bookkeeping in multitude of dimension-protocols or algorithms.
With linear time (even in its cyclic form) there is always a race of who will get to heaven first and be closest to god or attain the ninth level of consciousness, etc., etc., where spirituality is always a game or contest. The RC church has even extended this for the dead, where one can still buy indulgences to free sinful relatives from purgatory. What a good business!

Existence to him/her would not be something that would/could be played on a phonograph record with a beginning and an end, since that's only for information and it's systems regardless of what technology or philosophy is being employed. Life to him/her was not just information, but life and the universe were things beyond themselves too that were self-navigating and cyclic within some open system and had no need for some third party, and he/she did not need to die or destroy themselves, or others, either to discover that.

Everyday was something new or presented something new which was part of some self-renewing cycle, unlike today where everyday is the same, or we try to make it the same, and everything must have a controlled beginning and an end, especially creations and apocalypses, where there seems to be always some sort of selection process going on with either side which should automatically make the whole system unbelievable because nothing in the Universe operates such a way, but would find by themselves, regardless of what they are, their own level or place in space and time, when compared to other things.

This "linear-business" creates politicians, administrators, intellectuals, leaders, etc., etc., where their own corruption must appear spontaneously at one point, where with Nature these entities are redundant, since the Universe runs itself and we would just need to hitch a ride on to these natural protocols which are, as well, very amenable to development.
Heat and its transfer into everything is a perfect protocol to learn and incorporate this philosophy where life itself convects, conducts and radiates and only gets better because life would know its own changes and can choose to speed-up and slow-down where/when it wants.

As for "education" in general; all of it has been standardized and "formatized" where we see the opposite of what would be expected simply because human beings are not machines, especially children, but this is done by intellectuals to make sure everyone will think like a twelve year old as we see abundantly on forums and social networks/media, and children/young adults make better consumers who are easily manipulated, terrorized and impressed and are easy prey for systems inside of systems, greatly lowering advertizing costs among other things.

If people think the Roman Numeral system is cumbersome you should see what the Arabic Number system and its inherent decimal system with a Zero at its beginning does to physicists in quantum mechanics, so quantum physicists resort to elegant mathematical tricks all the time and guess where these tricks come from and what they are based on? Louis de Broglie in his 1924 Ph.D thesis on Matter-Waves which was first experimentally demonstrated in 1927 gives us an excellent example of this.

For example: Frequencies, wherever they are dealt with, and Planck's formula is no exception, cannot exist by themselves in any decimal system manner whatsoever, but exist only in number systems that have more than 2 non-trivial factors like the Duodecimal system with a system inside of it that can be of any harmonic progression the artist or quantum physicist cares to create or formulate like the different logical progressions we find in the pentatonic or the octave scales in classical mechanics/music among other progressions or type of progressions (like electron shells around the atom). See: 'From pencil marks to quantum computers' from Physics.org. If it were not for music theory and its proofs, quantum mechanics would probably still be in its infancy.

The Hindu/Arabic number system with the zero at the beginning is one system for counting, that's all. It has its good "points" and bad "points" like any other system since it is incapable of dealing with infinities, but deals only with "definities" and infinitesimals which is very important in accounting, commerce and calculus. It is no coincidence that calculus was made possible all of a sudden and was completely unnecessary in past civilization, who had their own way of dealing with infinitesimals and differentials (with new zeros).

They managed perfectly well, without calculus, to kill millions of people too (which is what calculus is mostly used for) and they built monuments and buildings in no time that we don't understand ourselves with our own physics and "modern" mathematics (The Acropolis was built in four years), yet these people claim they know metaphysics and discuss god, as we see on You Tube abundantly and quite repetitively.

I don't think our technology would go well with them unless we changed the entire world itself and made it indispensable where they would have to buy it and submit to some mediocre way of life. The ancients, despite their corruption show us alternatives that created what is now impossible, which we call "wonders" and these things were built by people because they found lost tools in them that only people could use and so they were not built by aliens either.

A Famous Italian Film Director Makes A Movie Scene About "Nothing"

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To this day, only internationally famous Italian film directors have attempted to show "nothing" as existing anywhere at anytime, but no physicist or Italian mathematician can describe what is "zero" or "nothing" which becomes philosophically necessary for a successfully logical Hindu-Arabic number system's utilization of the decimal system, but they use and talk about it all the time anyway (among other subjects that are not part of their expertise).

I'm only talking about Zero

The Step method, on the other hand, deals with infinities effortlessly because it turns infinity into a system and so is no longer a "thing" like it has to be treated in Hindu-Arabic/Decimal systems, but it too creates problems where it shouldn't be used, like in creative accounting, which even the IRS uses, when they are told or ordered to destroy someone or when they, themselves, spend fifty million dollars on conferences and parties over three years, and then they can't backtrack any of their receipts.
Here, like in the step method this form of accounting can have as many zeros placed anywhere and not necessarily just in the beginning, like the Double-Entry accounting system demands.

So counting arithmetically backwards and forwards transitively, as demonstrated with this physical example of "receipts", is also impossible for the IRS to do! Fundamentally speaking: If they can't count backwards, but only forwards, then what do they exist for? [R] There is also no IRS for the IRS so this is all "Stercus Tauri" (Intellectual BS, not the agricultural kind) and sophistry. The Romans also had Income tax and this was implemented the Step-method way too by simply taxing everybody (including prostitutes) 1/8th of their gross income.

A unique example of Phase Modulation with Amplitude modulation in one mathematical carrier wave at a low frequency
(a simple vibrating Bungee cord!).
This is partly how smart phones, tablets and HDTV can modulate data, pics and voice at the same time with one carrier wave at high digital (FM radio) frequencies.
This is an analogue representation of Amplitude modulation and not Frequency modulation of which is represented digitally today in applications.
The Step method is the fun maths, but it is the only maths available in the entire Universe to deal with the unknown too and it is the person or people using it, and for what purpose that makes it good or evil, simple or complicated just like any machine where the Steps or the machine should not be blamed. As with everything, including the H-A system; it is the system inside the system we should look at.
With just this simple demonstration at left, there is so much science to be discovered and developed, the last thing anyone needs is the standardization of the idea and feeling this representation presents which is unique in its ability to represent phase modulation with amplitude modulation and not the unusual frequency modulation.
This version shown mechanically, could theoretically be possible by manipulating the electromagnetic field itself for high enough frequencies of amplitude modulation and carry even more information, but then scientists and mathematicians would have to start thinking in/with open-system field theories.

The zero we use today is a trivialized version of this integer as represented in science and mathematics today, but not in music or any other artistic work or any unique invention and this would not be possible either in any other act of creativity or engineering. It is because ancient Rome had so many good engineers and developers and lack of intellectuals that it lasted so long in the first place (despite its corruption) where any Greek empire with its inventors and intellectuals and no developers beyond 200 BC collapsed in no time. The Romans, themselves admired the Greeks, but they kept their distance from them as well.

Roman Road
In 2,300 years the only thing needed was the addition of electric lights.
Note: People should also be mindful that the Western Roman Empire built great and unique engineering projects throughout its empire, like never before seen buildings and architecture, roads, bridges and aqueducts among other things, where besides the Lateen sail the Eastern (Byzantine) built/developed absolutely nothing except (architecturally) in Constantinople proper, and lived in silk and luxury for more than a thousand years while sucking the life out of everything around them to pay the bills, with a perfect religion for the mob designed to protect the Byzantine authorities that made god do things he was never meant to do or be.

People today should use this as an example and research other successor states where we find the rich simply move away (today in various forms), but always interfere with the old state and their populations (unless there was a revolution, then they stay put and change identity) and historically, no culture anywhere on this planet has this type of interference not happened. One would wish these bastards would grab their money and run and live on some mountain or whatever and never come back, but this is never the case.

The Dark ages in western Europe were completely manufactured by the rich in the East and modern Greece is still paying the price in many ways where they themselves would rather forget their Byzantine period because this is just a question of money and trade and the distribution of wealth and ideas which they completely cut the West off from and even sold parcels of it to the highest bidder to become vassal kingdom states to their emperors.

This nonsense of the West being poor and the East rich which is supposed to be the reason why they split the empire in the first place is all nonsense because the west was good enough to invade and plunder by a succession of invading tribes who themselves ended up respecting Roman Law, its values and culture which none of the Eastern "barbarians" did. Besides Rome created the roads to carry armies, goods, trade and business all over, so this is all horse manure one reads in "histories" that create a poor and troublesome west and a rich trouble-free east. It is only because of pure greed and insatiable avarice why they moved the capital to Byzantium. Easy Money!

It is like many African nations today which are all seen as poor, barbaric, backward, cannibalistic or no good, but they are good enough for us to plunder with impunity. Western Europe was politically and economically the "Sudan" of that time.

It is no coincidence that the recovering western Europe initiated many revenge campaigns against the Constantinople of the Byzantine period and The Ottomans who eventually conquered them had no need for their version of Roman Laws, culture, architecture, things and ideas and where everything got wiped out or got converted and/or made useful for other purposes.

Leonardo da Vinci Bridge
The Leonardo da Vinci Bridge
Built on the highway E-18 outside of Oslo, Norway in 2001. Originally designed in 1501 by Leonardo for the Sultan Bayezid II to span across the Bosporus.
Instead, the Ottoman Turks showed much interest in Western culture, developments, design and technology for centuries (although they would barely be able to understand a man like Leonardo da Vinci).
In 1500, an Embassy from the Ottoman Empire came to Rome looking for engineers for a proposed bridge that would span "The Golden Horn". In 1501, Leonardo da Vinci offered them a design that, as well, would of been longest bridge in the world (over 1000 ft, or 304.08 m) B. His bridge, shown here, and much smaller in scale (354.3' or 108 m long) was rejected.
Check 'Google Image search' for other angles and perspectives of this beautiful representation of the Italian Renaissance.

The only thing in Constantinople that remained intact and unchanged after it became Istanbul (and no one was crying either) was its magnificent, "never before seen" sewer system, yet Rome's Senate still exists to this day, since 509 BC, although for a long while it only acted as some municipal government deciding important things like where to put the Pope's statues. Today it is known as: Senato della Repubblica).
(there is a confusion between the 7th and the 12th centuries because the senatorial titles had become a meaningless adjunct title of nobility by then. The popes themselves and most church administrators came from ancient senatorial families. The title "consul" had been deprecated among other shenanigans. Although the senate had no power is was always a socially respected and prestigious institution.) See: Municipal history of Rome.

Here, we can briefly examine some basic open-system arithmetic/math where one can have closed, open and half-closed and half-opened "nothings".
and they can do this partially too Like all doorways, they can let things, in or let things out and the entire Universe is saturated with these entities, both physically and metaphysically.
To recapitulate: With the step method, it is the perfect interval' that is placed anywhere in relation to/with infinity that, too, can go anywhere and restores the unknown (one cannot restore the "known" only the "unknown"), which everything that is new, creates automatically and in this case it would be represented, as it cannot be counted with the Arabic number system for counting, but can be with the Step Method; if we take maths out of closed systems and give ourselves the perspective of any open system instead (and an open system can encompass closed and isolated systems within them effortlessly unlike the other systems where nothing else exists), which artistic philosophy will demonstrate here.

When one includes Matter in Thermodynamics, including "Nothing" or lack of matter (as it is only in the Zeroth and Third Laws), which is different from the prevailing energy concept of "No Substance" because that concept/philosophy involves energy systems only (explained later), we change everything into something far more elegant where things become more simplified and free, by establishing concrete relationships for the mind itself to understand it, as opposed to the present abstract and divided relationships, for what must be considered necessary and basic for everybody to know, but cannot be because of domination and the need for control which inadvertently creates even more chaos than what Nature would allow normally.

A more simple example would just say that all physics leads to open systems, (like the progression of all the relativities) and physic's worst enemy is speed and acceleration because they lead to a situation where there is only so much of the Universe one can control or place in a closed system, so it's necessary to impress or preside over the ignorant to feel one is accomplishing something and making them more ignorant becomes one of their goals, as we see plainly in how history is "progressing".

With Thermodynamics, everything and anything can be participating in any system that is composed of at least three dynamically-placed/existing elements, where the ideas of "control" and "domination", among other "primitive" forms of consciousness take on completely new and better characteristics.

Through an understanding of Thermodynamics we don't need to attain to anything as matter itself will do that for us or any individual, as will be discussed and demonstrated many times in this monologue and history.

The modern intellectual's and scientist's "Laws of Nature" of today are not Nature's laws of Nature and are entirely represented only in terms of mass and closed systems for heat and energy where this also affects a person's philosophy in life, where the modern-day consumer have problems dealing with over-consumption, pollution, waste management, unnecessary conflict and warfare and the stress and diseases they cause by pollution and waste because he does not "see", beforehand, the Matter side of things and is only concerned with life's philosophies involving energy and not heat along with cold (or dynamics) which, of course, creates many problems for nothing, but intellectuals, stupid people and politicians love and need this, because they would be nowhere without these created redundancies.

An Incipient Jōmon pottery vessel reconstructed from fragments (10,000-8,000 BC), Tokyo National Museum, Japan
From Wikipedia
Thermodynamics and its relationship in, and applications to Matter existed before the scientist, where for more than 100,000 years Thermal Equilibrium, transformations via heat/fire and Enthalpy were "the name of the game". There was no destruction by fire because private property and possessions involving immovables did not exist yet.

Its history (thermodynamics) stretches back to the Stone Age because they created scales too (meaning that they understood relationships which is important because instead of creating gods and angels they created scales), where the only technology that was applied was made with stone, bone, materials and some metals, where architecture was its sophisticated application, on free and common land and anything beyond simple combustion was non-existent since they knew how to create charcoal and had pottery (dating back 30,000 years which required kilns which fire at ±1,650 °F)[P].

They have found charcoal and charcoal drawings made by humans dating back to 28,000 years at the Chauvet Cave.

These web pages I write on Thermodynamics are, themselves, written with the 'Step Method' in mind where you should pause to watch the video clips and listen to the MP3 players and read the captions under pictures and illustrations, and consider them "points" or zeros where everything before has become a countdown to where you are now, which you are about to proceed from, to reading as a new count up begins.

Of course that is only a suggestion as you, yourself, must make your own countdowns and count-ups anywhere you feel like, among the many beginnings to be found here.
The peculiar logic I use, when writing this is all countdown - point - and count-up, or the language of Equivalency, which will ease you gently to the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics which deals with the fundamental transitiveness of the entire Universe and gives humanity a better way to see and deal with anything because its the way Nature deals without any interference, fundamentally with everything.

One thing I do know for certain is that today; we have a secondhand, First and Second Law of Thermodynamics (The consumer-grade version where Thermal Equilibrium is non-existent), and a secondhand Metric System, a second-rate economy, and third-rate educational systems (see: UNC probe reveals approximately 1,500 student-athletes took bogus classes by Graham Watson) and fourth-rate philosophies and religions (like TV/radio genre religion), whose original ideas and concepts have all been corrupted beyond recognition or repair and I will explain and demonstrate all these phenomena in nauseating detail for all to see because ugliness is just as important as beauty when it comes to art or artistic philosophy.

This is not an optical illusion. It is representation one of the "hidden" (latent) portals potentials of Matter in hyper-dimensions, or an aspect of reality that will have to get used to, eventually.
Hyperspace and hypermatter/dimension, for us, means understanding many things simultaneously. The Laws of Physics, themselves, become an abstraction.
Unknown Author
At right: It will take another civilization to develop this potential as our "civilization and culture" is going nowhere anyway with its emphasis and exclusivity on Energy sub-systems alone, and how we treat Matter with its one dimensional mathematical closed systems and with ancient organized religions that were founded when such things (as this illustration) never existed and so these beliefs cannot be accepted now for tomorrow. The future in an un-Gnostic metaphysical form beckons.

Hint: One cannot do interstellar travel (or even fly in the sky) like we drive a car, or navigate a submarine, but will be more like 6 point perspective (where one "sees" the front and back of one's movement simultaneously) which can handle General Relativity with ease.
The view-screens one sees on Star Trek/Star Wars and other science fiction are actually ridiculous contraptions and would only be used for sightseeing expeditions for the purpose of enthralling tourists and not navigation and they will probably be faked, so as not to offend the simple-minded who equate pleasure as only existing in three dimensions where size matters to make up for being dimensionally retarded, the greatest of which we are familiar with are sociopaths who have no concept of time (the 4th dimension) beyond their immediate needs, desires and wants and there are plenty of those all around, all over the world, but we must cater to them nevertheless because they buy anything without thinking or planning. It just needs pretty packaging.

This system is called "Consumer power" and "Consumer protection" of which here in Québec we have ridiculous and overprotective laws to "protect" the poor consumer from evil merchants. Québecois consumers themselves, according to their government, are apparently perfectly incapable of thinking and being careful. Apparently, "Buyer beware" (Caveat Emptor) doesn't exist in French.

Anyway, my apologies to Star Trek Stars: George Takei, Walter Koenig and William Shatner; There will be no Mr. Sulu or Pavel Chekov navigating star-ships with a view-screen with a Captain in a chair behind them giving orders, but they will all be something like Flight engineers, like what existed for planes when they were exploring the "air" and different engines, and star-ship captains would be more like pilots. In space (an open system): Motion itself is an effect and causes others. Newton's laws only apply to closed systems, which the visitor here will soon see.

There will be no; "Mr. Chechov, change course to 143 mark 3 and Mr. Sulu, activate the view-screen". lol! Like video games, this is childish fun, so one does not take this stuff seriously and one would only be sympathetic to the principles or ideas involved (its metatruth being that; "we should look and see beyond" what we see in everything), otherwise one would not go anywhere very far, at any speed, with any type of motive technology, or reality and will in one way or another, unavoidably just burn-up somewhere. According to all the relativistic theories: If you don't move with a purpose you die or burn up and not moving at all is guaranteed lethality anywhere, —more than the problems posed by traveling faster than light.

We do exist in an expanding and accelerating universe, so imagine if one could stop himself exactly where you are right now and not move; you'd be blasted into quarks very fast. You, in effect, would become a target in some huge particle accelerator (the universe). The only reason you are alive is because of all the relativities and we are moving along with everything else.

Today, with standardized flight routes and engine types and a complete knowledge of the "air" in these created routes we can have computers replacing flight engineers for flight in the air where Mr. Spock would of said: "Impossible to determine without programming for computer analysis", which is what flight engineers ultimately create, which is database for programming that can be put into a machine not forgetting that they also contributed directly to aircraft design itself. See: Tactical Air Command: "Look to the Skies" 1951 US Air Force

In the future, "space routes" will be determined where acceleration or deceleration are balance by different gravitational objects in the cosmos, where the phenomena of moving away from one's destination, while being "on time" or getting there faster will not be affected. (explained below)

Just flying to the Moon can be a Nightmare
Project Apollo Mission Planning: "Fly Me to the Moon--And Back" 1966 NASA MPAD Thumbnail for Video
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Time: 28:56
To Navigate towards any star, today, would be a nightmare. A star's position, itself, exists within an area of uncertainty, especially if we move towards it and from a star's point of view; so are we existing in uncertainty and this is called Relative Movement, —Not Motion (Gaussian Curve). We see it, but every time we look again it is elsewhere and only its gravity could safely guide us towards it. Space just happens to be so big that we ourselves, from Earth's surface, cannot see these movements, but they translate into hundreds of thousands of miles per hour of independent movement in some curved direction.
Later, I will describe, through a principle of the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamic, how navigation can be achieved as this is not within the power of Physics to do.

Tactically, torpedoes would be useless in space and ray cannons (particle beam weapons) will be unpredictable in different gravitational and particle density fields (should we venture into the cosmos at the point of the gun) and would require a form of open-system maths/physics that does not exist yet, where space and field theories are completely rebuilt literally from the "ground" up.

Much more there is, than those that think of linear "creations" and "apocalypses" with avenging gods or closed systems as there is instead such beauty from Nature waiting for us that's right under our noses or staring us in the face. People have just been hypnotized or brainwashed where these wonderful things are made invisible through this conditioning, where the highest achievement for the middle class is to be a married tax-paying consumer with a house, a dog, children and lots of junk.

Here's why space ships, the way they fly in science fiction (In a Galilean/Newtonian manner) is impossible.
One day children in kindergarten will know this

Any voyage/journey would be like the tacking maneuver with/for ocean-sailing ships in Galilean Relativity and would follow a wave-like course to their target/destination.
That is the beauty of space: One never goes where one wants to go, or see what one wants to see, if one goes in the conventional manner.
Animation created from: From James Burke's Connections³ episode 4 'An Invisible Object' (1997)
It also all depends on what one wants to see in life and create with that. Most people barely live within the parameters set in Galilean relativity and don't want to know anything beyond that.
The end product, idea or thought is unimportant, but the act of creating from within, or from oneself or by actions is what makes all the difference and is the true teacher of/in anything in existence.

Even in Genesis, the universe begins as a dynamical closed system and was very quickly extinguished beginning with Adam, who ends up being completely unnecessary for a story of life and redundant for creation because of his static nature which ends up being god's mistake by creating, "The Garden of Eden" (another static entity) which is the original source/location of all problems, not the "Serpent" and/or the "Apple", being that no one, or anything is to blame for whatever occurrence that supposedly happened. What began as paradise, ends as paradise, the metatruth being, that applies to anything: What begins as <Place any noun here>, ends as <Place same noun here>.
Creation is creation and is not life because life itself can only exist where there is Thermal Equilibrium.
Fortunately, Nature does not think or do things that way. Whatever a god may have done once upon a time, Heat and pressure was involved in the process.

Orbital Dynamics
To slow -down we have to speed-up Thumbnail for Video
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Time: 7:01
There are too many different things involved in that story that actually have "nothing" to do with each other, but are put together artificially. Let us just say that "creation" is not far from "nothing", and "nothing" seems to have a lingering and transitive effect like matter does. Any "creation" that is described by some scientist or some priest is actually not a good place to be and the further, time wise, from any creation/ ending theory the better everything is.

An Alternative For Achieving a Rendezvous, Using Mathematics and Physics
This, more or less, will be the system used first if ever we achieve faster-than-light motive technology as normal navigation would be useless at such speeds. Thumbnail for Video
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Time: 20:54

The other books that come after Genesis are just add-ons and just make things more complicated for nothing, or exist so that we can forget all the obvious errors in Genesis by burying a book with subsequent, redundancies and adventures because Genesis could not be burned or destroyed. The later books in the Old Testament are more about man than god.
That is where scribes and intellectuals come in, like lawyers today who work hard everyday (especially corporate and criminal lawyers) by twisting the constitution of the United States of America and it's amendments for other purposes than was originally intended.
In a sense, the apocalypse has already occurred and Genesis is itself a complete book that can be the bases for its own religion, that could be shaped into something beautiful or totally depressing.

That is to say to my religious friends out there: That G-d must be dynamically created or realized new every day in all Its glory and wonder by each person concerned as if you never knew him before and not be something stagnant, institutionalized, standardized or homogenized and on display to worship, argue about, seek converts for, be a martyr for or prayed to.
This way G-d can be everywhere in the past, the present and the future, in any type of creation or apocalypse and exist in any form of relativity and movement and never turned into something nasty and without innocence, which is G-d's right to have, which is the metatruth of/for "sacrifice" by us "sentient" or "sapient" beings, as demonstrated by Jesus Christ himself in many ways. The way people today proselytize Jesus Christ, Mohamed, Moses, Buddha, ect., without any humility is a complete total disgrace where they have all become complete caricatures, or no better than the stupid people that think and talk about them.

Religion or spirituality must navigate itself and discover its own wonders by way of empathy, otherwise it is all nonsense. One must read the metatruth in any religious literature and consider that, "The Word" changes as the universe changes, as a rock changes overtime in all systems simultaneously.
G-D should theoretically be a dynamic entity too that can appear and disappear as matter itself can demonstrate in the laboratory experiment with Virtual Exchange ParticlesEΔ.....) so it is ridiculous to argue whether G-D exists or not like many scientists do today, for no reason, because maybe yes there is no god as Stephen Hawking says, but that's not saying G-D will not appear suddenly or reappear and, regardless, expect us to carry on for ourselves whether G-D is around or not.

This "Date" (6000 BC) or "Time" (± 14 billion years ago) of "creation" also indicates that G-D also did not exist very long before creation in Stephen Hawking's sense, in both the physical and metaphysical otherwise there would never of been a need for a beginning and we and G-D would of always been. Finally, G-D has no need for time placed on any scale, so why do we argue about this?

We may look like god, but we certainly don't have his brains or imagination (and never will) which is very redundant when one thinks about it from many perspectives.
I would rather believe that any type of creator is beyond vanity by just passing on/recreating his looks. This makes Lucifer, who loves to look at himself in the mirror, less vain.

I can go on, but I think the point is made, that much of all these Good Books from different organized religions were copied/corrupted by flawed people because no god would be that stupid and make so many syllogistic errors, which make G-D the original sinner and/or its inventor where any living entity with reasonable intelligence could invent a better system.

In fact, it is always the faithful who know the truth and can provide the metatruth contained in these ancient books, and those with no real faith at all and go to temple or church will follow their book blindly for ulterior motives. The question remains, as it is the same in science: How far do we take these different points of views, and to what extent?

Myself: How do I make Thermodynamics popular in everyday consciousness is the question? Do I have to start selling mugs, T shirts and hoodies? My only answer is to try, and try, and try and attempt to reveal and demonstrate its existence in all sorts of ways, where my research and what I write maybe "touch" some lucky devil out there and find some inspiration somewhere that resonates with him/her somewhere and takes this wonder of Nature as to make it as ubiquitous as the internal combustion engine because only he/she has the power to do that where it concerns the metaphysics of destiny.

Besides, I don't want to sell Thermodynamics only to people on planet Earth, but I want to sell it across the universe because that is its own past, present and future and by just researching it, I have become more than my own aspirations and become part of something beyond "destiny". Care to take a ride?
The visitor here will find out more when I discuss the entropies and death, later in this monologue.

Everything and anything is a game of chance. I advocate investment in all life because one never created one's self. We need each other... across the universe. I never created myself, but I never felt I owed something to something, somewhere. The only thing I know is my being and my own uniqueness and what I feel compelled to do with it, against the wonderful things I learn along the way, always hoping to surpass myself.

What is interesting to note here is, that through Thermodynamics we learn that these hyper-dimensional structures and devices (presently known as "optical illusions") are impossible to destroy by any form of physical strategy when they become functional and so are part of another dimension, or order, to the Laws of Conservation and these things all have their center of gravity so these things are therefore not "illusions" and so cannot be denied to exist physically somehow where we can debate their weakest point to target some weapon (like in 'Guardians of the Galaxy' (2014).

They will find that this form of matter will react to this form of conduct in ways that have nothing to do with physics or chemistry, but only with Thermodynamics.
This is why no physicist discusses or researches hyperdimensions because they are really only looking for honors, rewards or fame. That is besides turning their pet laws of physics and mathematics upside down and inside out. These things are fortunately of no concern to art, philosophy or any true artist/poet/philosopher, —as has always been the case, beginning with Thales of Miletus who was also a Hylozoist and proved that philosophy can be useful and very practical.

There is also a point, in or to, any relativistic-dynamic where there would be no difference between the object that is "flying" and its surroundings because their matter would be sharing a similar phase. Also, the entire idea of "moving" from A to B becomes meaningless because A and B are moving themselves which changes their relative space and must be accounted for. We would need to learn how to navigate "Nothing" and its properties and attributes sooner than a lot of people would be able to accept this in their consciousness and philosophy. Bad news for Luddites because one cannot destroy or throw a bomb at "nothing".

For Private Enterprise, should this philosophy still survive in the future; Each trip would have a different cost and/or value making cruise-ships and pleasure/business travel to the stars and galaxies out of the question. This can only survive as a system where things would actually be making progress going from A to B and back to A again and from that complete system we plot some course to anywhere distant because all these things are moving together in/as one mathematical/dynamical unit, or if you prefer, be an independent reality connected to Nature.

Progress Through Chemistry - Duke Mushroom
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Time: 8:24
Because we can create these "illusions" and cannot destroy them means we don't believe in them which says a lot about the present state about the "human condition" in any society or civilization that exists today, and we are not ready for simple continuous-creation on its own including the cycles creation of/in any form invokes including its unifying philosophy.

The days of the warrior, presider, demagogue, poverty, and the evangelist, intellectual, the man/woman who is still wet behind the ears explaining science or religion on social networks and media, etc. etc. are numbered since we will be embedded in matter technology that is impervious to them and this is one of the reasons why it's important to keep you small and ignorant because everyone could use these things to defend against anything that comes along and all provided to us by Nature since the mysteries that Nature has to offer exist in a spectrum that is infinite as opposed to those mysteries of a limited spectrum offered by organized religion, organized science and organized politics/economics who are all very specific and not universal enough.

The fact that religious, scientific and spiritual mysteries can be put in order, described and tabulated is proof of this. Why would we need to clutter-up our lives and feel emotion for things that should not be there, like religion, politics, science and economics where/when we have Thermodynamics to point us to better ways regarding any subject?
It is the Worker/Labourer and the Artist/Creator and the Designer/Engineers (working for and with each other) who will be the new classes of/for the future and such things as "rich", "middle class" or "poor" (working against each other) as designated classes of/for human beings will appear ridiculous in the future.

Navigating political science for a minute: Communism and Socialism originate from the top down not from the Worker going up (Karl Marx, Friedrich Engels and Vladimir Lenin; — even Mao Zedong! They all came from extremely well-off middle-class or bourgeois families, and never had to worry about anything (check this for out yourself). The intellectual (the BS artist, as apposed to the con artist), making society and its systems supreme and the people are all "innocent and helpless children" and is useful to private enterprise as well because this creates new things to market to help those "poor people" who don't need any help if one just left them alone and let them do their own business at their pleasure and not cut them off from opportunities that Authority itself needs to survive.

To recapitulate: A space craft constructed for hyperspace requires no shields à la Star Trek and cannot be destroyed by ray guns or torpedoes because it exists in a multidimensional field where it actually is in different places of the universe simultaneously, unless it returns as being 3+1 dimensions, but we will (or only the best of us) eventually only live in hyperspace because of the advantages there and the rest will fight among each other like insects and eventually annihilate each other, where new life will come along and replace them, because to them the universe is just real estate and something to consume in one form or another, or they simply do not want to learn or even open their hearts for one reason or another. The day that a reason takes over an inspiration is the day someone dies, or is learning the art of oblivion.

So how we evolve with matter will decide all our philosophy of life, —not fate because by not developing hyper-dimension in in/for the realty of open systems we create fate instead. Myself, when I see pictures of present-day captains of industry and culture or tradition like Bill Gates, Donald Trump or the Queen, the Pope, et al. I "see" something like the equivalence to cockroaches living in their own filthy nests, although out of respect to actual cockroaches I acknowledged their vastly-superior evolution and that they are themselves very clean. Whatever filth they create is our fault because they must exist in closed systems like us when they are with us and it is those closed systems that allow for their waste to appear and be a problem.

Cockroaches and their infestations are merely a reflection in miniature of the true nature of human societies created by privatization and their closed systems in what they actually do. There is no difference between a communist party and a private multinational, because they both seek/dream to own and control everything where free enterprise would make both impossible.

These personalities are not natural things or even part of anything natural and these people spend more time keeping up appearances and posing for cameras and journalists and "reading" out things written for them than doing actual work, and what they do as work ends up being irrelevant very quickly. If people can be raised/bred to be "Royalty" and believe all the "important" Stercus Tauri that surrounds their lives, then It is a given that the "poor" and middle class have their own mechanisms to believe and accept the Stercus Tauri of their lives that's supposedly important.
It is quite remarkable in seeing the lives of those that are "fortunate" and "unfortunate" are actually quite similar.

It is also my consensus that it is cynical intellectuals who have deliberately falsified the intrinsic meanings in life and of Matter and are only concerned with energy and bean counting, and can't have anything around, where Nature can actually be comprehensible to everybody, anybody and anywhere since by including Matter into Thermodynamics would ruin the intellectual's monopoly concerning energy systems who think of schemes, which are invisible and can be monopolized and sold for profit for doing practically nothing, and that is the art of the intellectual; which is to make everything invisible so that they can monopolize it, as opposed to the artist who tries to make everything visible to all.
Where Matter, and the latent potential of/for Matter, exists everywhere, but this potential is not obvious because matter does everything, but is certainly not invisible when one starts thinking (and even feeling) about Matter/Work/Information systems and we will discover in the most primitive level of discussion that they are freely available everywhere, and don't cost anything and since this Work is produced without any chemical changes or derived from the release of any chemical energy, or of its processes; the chemical balance of the Earth, that promote life, is maintained and even nurtured, but this can be developed into inconceivable and wonderful things that are not possible for me to express here, so you'll just have to take my word for it. The road to freedom, immortality and enlightenment begins here on Earth with our ability to breath life into and/or make everything we touch better and this is only possible with the application of Principles in Thermodynamics.

This existential-like, "Lack in my ability" to express such good things of what I know can exist, you should consider as my Zero, or "point", and it is an Equivalence to "Nothing", if we see this in, or as a scale, but this "nothing" is only an abstract thing and can be made to exist if enough of humankind wants this to happen and, then it will reveal itself to everybody spontaneously, and only then.

As an artist and only with certain things, I am only allowed the inexpressible sneak-peak, of which I'm only reporting this here, and it is up to humanity itself to realize these things and not just me and this experience in the mind is not very different from anybody seeing "Optical Illusions" being represented. The true artist merely presents the possibilities and the true scientist presents the uncertainties and both have important and difficult jobs in proving, explaining and improving things and making them practical in some way.
The fact that they can be "Represented" means they exist in reality somewhere and it is up to us to discover this reality and it certainly is not organized science or the intellectual that will accomplish this miracle, but depends entirely on what one buys, what people will accept or condone and who or what you support and allow to flourish. Humankind and humanity is everyone's responsibility. Often one will find it is a/the system that is corrupt, but the individual him/herself is perfectly fine.

Only the Artist or the intuitive scientist/philosopher is working the hyper-dimensions, subspace and hyperspace, among other things through his experiments with different mediums and creates nothing more dangerous, explosive, deadly, monstrous or poisonous than beautiful surreal art, science fiction and amusing devices/demonstrations.
Science may of done a great job in proving that the Earth is not static as stated in the Bible and disproving Aristotle, failing to differentiate whether Aristotle was talking about systems or actual things, which artists never make that mistake, but only react to by devising new scales.

Modern science has also shown a complete inability in dealing with the unknown of any higher level of awareness that readily presents itself today which would of been impossible to even imagine in the past.
So science itself has become Aristotelian in the way "modern history" has revised and judged him, minus Aristotle's pragmatism which I will later show my visitors how this is so with a simple discussion on the vacuum, which was then, along with his ideas on gravity instrumental in the deprecation of Aristotle, but not if we look at the vacuum or gravity as systems where science itself has shown its failings by treating a vacuum as a thing and to this day cannot explain what is gravity exactly and Thermodynamics is just the thing to explain the differences, in a scientific manner, things and things that are systems and then what kind of systems and other sub-systems, where recognizing these differences becomes second nature.
It's all very nice to say what gravity does with precision, but no one can explain it, so they (modern scientists) are no better than Aristotle and will be laughed at in the future just as much.

The artist on his part, wants to feel the new dimension or substance before he describes or invokes it in to others and the mind and body, themselves, are sufficient real estate to build grand civilization, people and societies which will prosper and remind the sensitive and those who feel, what and who they are in this cosmos and perhaps feel it in themselves.

Galilean and Newtonian Relativities
Here at right, I emphasize Thermodynamics demonstrating physics and not physics demonstrating Thermodynamics since these relative motions/movements exist by themselves and cannot be destroyed. Only their characteristics via motion/velocity (energy) can be changed and it is the velocities and their respective accelerations that create new relativistic realities. These relativistic realities demonstrate phases and properties like matter does with its thermodynamics.
One is "in" matter and the other "with" matter.
What this means simply, is that the universe will appear differently to the eye and senses and have different properties the faster one moves in it (as shown here) which is counterpoint to heat-dynamics where it is matter that appears different and does other things and changes phase because of heat and pressure instead of motion and acceleration for the cosmos.

Thermodynamics and the Relativistic realities are related and just as transitive and it is no coincidence that Galileo worked on both these subjects intensively simultaneously as he must of known, at least intuitively, that there was a connection somewhere.
In Thermodynamics: The speed of light in a vacuum in merely the point of some relativistic phase change and beyond it the universe would appear and be quite different, just like matter would do in its microscopic movements and motions that create solids, liquids, plasmas, etc., where if we were that size, we would navigate around quite differently in each phase.

Believe it or not, the Church still grants "Indulgences".
Click or tap to read more.
Heaven, hell or purgatory cannot exist because there is no form of relativity that can accommodate them where we see in this small example how the universe appears, all around, different the faster or slower one moves, whether one is a particle, or a person and especially a wave and no one brand of Relativity can claim to be all knowing or all encompassing. Time itself involving things like: hours, days, weeks, months and years, the way we know and experience them (important for purgatory) cannot exist in these places.
Even a "god's eye view" of anything, anywhere cannot exist and if god could exist in all relativistic realities simultaneously, he/she (god) could only relate a jumble or chaos and would not be able to function.

Nature brings us, in a fun and simple way, to an assortment of wonderful places freely if we want to learn, where gods threaten to send us to limited number of illusory places if we want, or don't want to behave, which is the meta-truth for why "gods" exist in the first place because they are only possible when/if one does not want to learn and one is just some biological programmable computer who's "improved" or coordinated by organized religion.
Many gods exist to please the mind and are only there because of guilt. A lot of unnecessary redundancies are created because of vanity and/or ignorance and religion is the greatest vanity of them all.

Where, when one is good one does not need a god. It is probably because we are so rotten and selfish we need religion more than ever in the new millennium, were if we really cared and were good to each other, we would not need organized religions or some god to pretend to guide or punish us in the first place.

A lot of BS here for one's amusement: A piece of wood supposedly from Issac
Newton's apple tree (which never existed) goes and visits Newton's relative space.
You will note that the photograph they offer as proof
only shows a picture of Issac Newton attached to the window
of the space shuttle and nowhere is to be seen this
piece of apple-tree wood (They couldn't put a votive candle because of micro-gravity).

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Time: 5:27
The artist does not believe in optical illusions nor is he fooled by human fakery, but the former is a very convenient excuse for science and philosophy to employ when they don't want to deal with any of the hidden realities that cannot be patented, owned, controlled, licensed or proselytized, where these forms and shapes of Matter can also be seen as forms of Deleuzian individualism, themselves, following their own rules, but obeying The Laws of Thermodynamics, which are the only Laws in the Universe that exist in any dimension and at any magnitude and they are always the same, where the laws of physics get changed all the time and depend, basically, on dimension, speed and magnitude, as we see with the differences between Quantum and Classical mechanics in physics which are just an offshoot, or mutation, that was originally created by organized religions, and as well ignores the real laws of Thermodynamics.

Thermodynamics is the only field that exists that links all these things together, remembering that it is only interesting and instructive to measuring/calculating changes and these are the only facts that count, where they can be worked with constructively and in harmony.

More Royal Society BS
Pre-Hertz Radio Wave Detection

Here, we see a a very ironic example in how only mercenary interests concern
science, yet were blind to the incalculable value in this demonstration
of radio before Heinrich Hertz, Tesla and Marconi.
The biggest morons always come from the finest institutions.

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Time: 2:28
For example, we find that all light does not bend to a gravitational object in the same way and this "distortion" in mathematics is itself relative to the frequency of those particular photons and their fields, but unfortunately, things like the consumer-grade First and Second Law of Thermodynamics, a very narrow band of theoretical physics involved only with light we can see or detect and unidirectional chemistry are put before all else and treated as more important with their unique cycles removed and are never inclusive fields of study and discovery, except by direct cannibalism and appropriation of other disciplines and their accompanying name change which has nothing to do with the standardization of scientific nomenclature and symbols so that science can be understood internationally, but has more to do with the formatting of nature and the patenting of systems.

We see streams of particles leaving black holes and micro blazars because they are going faster that the speed of light and we see the angle has been changed because this creates a warp in space, which can be observed from Hubble, yet scientists deny superluminal motion because it cannot be controlled, licensed or owned, not because it cannot be understood or rationalized. Unless they can make a buck out of it, they are either not interested or deny its existence.
This clip above demonstrates this very well involving the discovery of radio in the 19th century before Heinrich Hertz.
Thank god for Germany which was far more progressive than any other nation in this crucial time in western history.

There will come a day where there will be things all around us that cannot be patented, owned or privatized because of relativity and the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics and everything will be part of these primarily, whether we are around or not. The bigger the universe unfolds to us and the faster we move the less of it can be owned and privatized because more things are interconnected where the universe appears completely different and does other things. At least this would make for a very interesting real estate and patent office environment if they tried and we would need to exists in a manner of flies in how they, themselves, see the universe which is at a much higher frequency. (A fly in a movie theater sees the movie as sequential still images and we are all moving in space in slow motion)

It is where man places himself in the wisdom of this expanding and transitive Thermodynamic cycle and its open system that will decide if we are around or not because it is part of all philosophy. We can either live like immovable marble statues with their glorious metaphysical expressions which will all eventually get crushed and turned into drainage or burned for lime, or live like beings who can be everywhere where heaven and hell, themselves, will be just interesting metaphysical places to briefly visit, or think about or study like they were bacteria.

Modern-day experimentalists: I have seen more experiments done by Dr. Frankenstein and his spare body parts, than with all modern-day experimentalists "put together".
Besides the fact that no one teaches the natural sciences anymore, but only artificial science. Intellectuals have even turned energy, time and information into drugs, with over-repetition and over-saturation in greater and greater frequencies in/of/with organized religion and mass media as formally, in the past, it was only matter that could (and should) accomplish this sort of stupification or remedy, all the while eroding or replacing emotion, — even the central nervous system! The defenders of these energy "truths", physics and maths; the brainwashed and forever-young middle class, who either love or hate god when they are too young to really love or hate anything, nor can they know what is true evil or good except what society and the media tells them what that is because they haven't lived long enough to acquire all the data they prefer that's equivalent to what's really going on in their hearts, which includes the bourgeoisie, nouveau riche and wannabes, who are developed and conditioned by intellectuals through institutions and through the media, as they are perfectly suited for conditioning and programming and not learning.

A young person must learn him/herself if they are themselves good or evil before deciding what is good or evil around them and Thermodynamic principles applied to philosophy can accelerate this process where either can learn by themselves to move on to better things because neither would be serving systems or be a slave to anything.
A human who has not been corrupted and indoctrinated into some closed system will learn everything he/she needs that is close to their interest after knowing the basics like, reading, writing, arithmetic and basic thermodynamics.

The Old Send The Young To Die
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.
Time for some Propranolol.

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Time: 3:16
After programming and indoctrination: They are then ready to fight a war of any kind somewhere, who as the Irish satirist Jonathan Swift would have referred to as: "As passages for food, fillers of privies and producers of dung" which is how authority views them (to have the audacity to send young people to war instead of old people, who are responsible for whatever nonsense is going on in the first place, since they don't want soldiers who think too), who, they, go to places like 'You Tube' to learn "science" have an assortment of people with Ph.D's, who should know better, presenting their Bavarian or Prussian boloney of indoctrination which is remarkably like; "War is good for the health" or oxymorons like "Christian Soldier", and present science in such a manner where they preside instead of present, where a person who criticizes, even politely and/or gently, is treated as the devil if he points out any errors or inconsistencies in their comment sections, Based on the Laws of Nature.

Up-to-date version on the romantization of war, which is as far from the 1812 overture or the Emperor's Concerto as to the quality of those people involved, if we were to devise some scale. Strangely, it is mostly stupid middle-class woman who romanticize war today, where more of them should be sent to the front along with the men they convince to protect them with their Disney-like philosophies.
Turn off the sound before going there, as there is lots of violins and pianos playing on that news page.
Click or tap for source
If we synthesize our criticism into something more abstract or vague, like saying: "This video trivializes such and such", we get an answer from the talking head itself with something personalized and appropriate to their character and political dimension, all the while believing they are clever. One, now, knows they don't know the difference between free speech, information and expression and they will never know who's who in such situations as they don't know what Nature expresses either, through their own science they study, but give dissertations upon them nevertheless and say things like: "This is what we know so far", where a stuttering engineer (or an innocent child discussing his/her observations on politics) could faithfully provide a much better explanation and its meaning in philosophy, including a better way to navigate our future.

Yes, maybe there are 2+ billion people who still burn dung for fuel, but I know of another 2+ billion who are actually dung themselves, or get turned into dung for fueling political and economic furnaces and the last two billion will have nothing to do with this and will not hurt a fly. It's time for humanity to do its own "trending" and make new connections that go beyond the realm of authority's closed-system apparatuses and applications because they are poisoning everything.

From chimps to politicians

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Time: 1:26
All critics of good faith, learn, inadvertently, how to press the right buttons to get everyone mad or just get the presenter mad because the whole thing is like a machine, like a television set with the week's scheduled-programming ahead, telling us what will happen at such and such time during the course of the week because they tell you the future in a manner that is registered subconsciously as if controlling Nature, Itself, creating a mockery of/for existence, and out of, humankind itself, which leads to all kinds of other things that are all parasitical forms of exploitation, which has, as well, already been pre-programmed ahead. This artificial system of "knowing" the future through television programming is the true appeal and miracle of television, where cheaply-produced and lousy forms of entertainment can be present because people "know" when they will occur and watch them anyway so as to confirm their "suspicions", where if they put on quality shows quasi-randomly or approximately instead, like the weather (which, to-this-day defies any prediction process or algorithm), no one would watch much TV.

I use spreadsheets and schedules too: To describe and organize the past.... not the future, which is what artists do.
In the next chapter 'From Merging With Matter To The Beginnings of T.E' there is the real thing I released to the public from the original XLS document from NASA.
Click or tap to magnify
This "knowing the future" (in an open system, if you know the future, then it is not longer the future and/or it has probably been contaminated) in the making of schedules or spreadsheets and with mathematical calculations and formulae is, even, taken for granted by the general population, as if these things were philosophy and not just tools, and is considered more real than the standards for believing in nonsense; that is: astrology, the supernatural and the occult which many people believe in, but are for completely different reasons, forsaking the concepts that the human mind is capable of believing and thinking in completely different and opposing concepts and philosophies, or dynamical systems that just happen to work well in the situations they deal with and/or describe because people move around and see, smell and hear different things dynamically, but that is not the same if you have a boring 9 to 5 job and spend the rest of the time with a social network, radio or watching television which tells you what to do and feel, and what to think, and what you need, and what to buy and stick by some routine as well because you need a profile today to be considered normal (which is just another type of schedule to predict the future of someone's behaviour like he/she were a TV show); then this stuff is great and you only need to think the way the media, your peers and your boss tells you how to act, feel and think.
On the other end, an Introduction from anyone today is worthless as that method of making new social contacts has changed where the majority just talk prejudicial trash about each other, based on Facebook, Twitter, etc., or forum pages for a variety of base reasons with unsavory conviviality, making real introductions worthless.

Grizelda the Ghastly Gourmet
Here, we see that "witches" have their problems too.

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Time: 3:30
For instance: The occult, witchcraft and other forms of magic do not exist because one cannot put a curse or blessing upon any religious or legal entity (a legal person) as there should be no distinction, especially now, where a corporation (a legal person) can now have religious beliefs and as well can, like the Pope interpret them to the way they like and then impose these ideas upon individuals (employees); (Burwell v. Hobby Lobby, 573 U.S.), so this is all mumbo jumbo or ritual.
Protestants may not like Popes still dispensing indulgences in the third millennium, but protestants themselves use the secular court system to promote their own drivel.
Read Update: 'Liberals Abandon Religious Liberty' (2015) By Ramesh Ponnuru (BloombergView)

It is the mark of a true professional or a sanely-run corporation who can separate these things, or intelligent being who can connect his mind to more things and put them together equitably (creating zeros, or "points" in his mind) and not let them interfere with each other in whatever situation that is being dealt with. Humor, as represented here in this clip provides an excellent example of this natural ability.

The space between one number and another number (as units in Metamathematics) is an interval that cannot be quantized or classically treated, yet these types of things (intervals) exist and are everywhere. If the space between one number and another number is non-monotonic, then the interval of "Nothing" can be of any size or dimension that can range to beyond the smallness of the quantum (where the existence of space between any two photons or quanta of any frequency must be considered too) to beyond any range in magnitude of the Universe. 'The Interval' is a major constituent of anything that exists including the metaphysical where even gods must acknowledge this where they themselves cannot exist without them.
No religious story, myth or holy book can be without intervals and they are all conveniently ignored where people are made to focus only on fudged events where those intervals, themselves, have their own story to tell or realize to have a complete idea of god and history.

Show any god, devil, scientist or legal entity any Interval and watch them run like hell. Although that is exactly where all immortal things are headed, but it will taken an infinite number of steps to reach there and all things being relative, no one would know the difference.

The Birthplace of The Intellectual

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Time 7:27
This "nothingness" that exists between all things are zeroes too and constitute the existence of most of the Universe. It is that .0000...1% racing towards nothing and their interaction, while getting there, that is all the phenomena that constitutes existence. When they would be in equilibrium then the universe would become nothing again. At one point, to maintain the existence of the universe, all it would take is a thought. So think nice thoughts because you yourself might be the savior of all the existence of/in the universe just because you happen to be in the right place at the right time.

What numbers we see and hear by the count, or the perfectly sequential tic-toc of the clock, like the page count in any religious scroll or book, are just a topological and monotonic function/view of time and reality that actually does not exist since time and space is moving differently everywhere, where the different location of each page itself in a book or scroll makes it so and we create a "reality" in our minds to compensate for these differences which are exploited in science, but statements in physics that declare things like: "the age of the universe" are also meaningless because of this.

Science and religion both sell a brand of reality and it is just that: A Brand; like choosing a brand of coffee on the store shelf because what they sell to the masses must be consumed and they license this product to vendors/priests/scientists for distribution.
They don't teach/sell people on things that cannot be consumed or eliminated or created and have always been there, and they are there to help, nourish and guide all live and existence. Only studying Thermodynamics can do that.

Recently, I was looking for some canned JavaScript to adapt for my own purposes and, like serendipity I fell upon this jewel instead, which is from a tutorial on SQL entitled: 'Learn SQL The Hard Way' by Zed. A. Shaw.
(An excellent tutorial by the way, whose premise is to learn programming principles thoroughly and explains the dangers of Apps and systems that involve things like GUI's when it comes to writing and understanding code.
Like me, I'm trying to get people, especially young people, to understand the basic principles of Thermodynamics so they would avoid a multitude of problems in all aspects of their lives and existence.)
From the Introduction:

Against Indoctrination

You may run into someone who thinks you should learn technology X because it is superior. They'll claim that learning SQLite will cripple you for life because it is missing features. Or, they may say SQL is dead and NoSQL is the future. The problem with these people is they are trying to indoctrinate you, not educate you. They think of the world of technology as a zero sum game that they have to win, and if you learn SQL or SQLite then you won't learn their system of choice. Typically, this indoctrination is designed so that you must depend on their company's software and services to stay alive................

Copyright (C) 2010 Zed. A. Shaw. Republished here by permission

This, of course, is on SQL, but these words resonate everywhere in anything one does anywhere involving any tech, where humans are involved with each other in the game of survival, or in just making a living.
Where, even things like Planck Time and the quantum/photon/electron themselves are also different depending on a system's mass, which affects it's vibrations, movement and motion, or vice-versa (Heisenberg) since xy is not the same as yx in quantum mechanics so, ultimately, the Relativistic universe rules quantum mechanics like it rules classical mechanics because it is the only unity in that affair, that does not care if x or y comes first and uncertainty itself is redundant regarding any form of relativity.

xy is not the same as yx
Professor Julius Sumner Miller shows how, in the classical mechanical universe
through πr 2h, that xy is also is not always the same as yx, just like in quantum
mechanics, but this is only the beginning!

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Time: 4:42
All discordant yx's can be unified simply like, 5 X 10 = 10 X 5 if we travel at faster speeds ourselves and then look at the quantum again in action naturally with the same energy and frequency we saw it originally while "standing still". Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle is only possible in Galilean and Newtonian relativities, but not in Einstein's General Relativity and beyond that.
Most physics we see in media or textbooks and in life, is itself not agile, open or cosmopolitan enough and is lumberingly slow and human-centric and humans in closed systems get to be exceedingly boring and predictable at one point.

At our own relative speed and then observing certain particles being bombarded that exist beyond a certain point in the subatomic and then declaring a "discovery" is entirely ludicrous since these things would not exist if we moved naturally at the faster or slower velocities and/or our enthalpy was different in frequency and intensity.

What we are, and how fast we move and our relative temperature will decide what "discoveries" will be made by us and by our machines. The rest would be invisible or be part of "nothing" which is also something we create because the more systems we keep away (open and isolated systems) the more "nothing" there is outside and you better have a damn good closed system to keep you going for a while..

K.F. Gauss
There are many things that only exist when one is moving at certain speeds and we can only be, physically, in one relativity at a time where all that exists at that point is conserved, although there exists a "triple-point" (like in thermodynamics) for the different relativities, where distant stars/galaxies will appear the same whether we are looking at them in Galilean (at night), Newtonian or Einsteinian relativity and it is which part of the universe that begins to move will be a new form of navigation in the future. Again the Laws of Conservation are much part of Relativity as they exist in Thermodynamics, and in the same manner. The macroscopic universe in/of classical mechanics is just as wondrous as anything in quantum mechanics.

As already related, Karl Friedrich Gauss knew that human observations of the stars through telescopes were themselves imprecise and scattered. Gauss discovered that the errors cannot be taken out of any observation and we cannot have a "god's eye view" of anything. He had determined the best estimate of a series of observations that already had internal errors. Like the center for gravity, there is a center for error when taking many observations of any scatter of matter. He asked: What was that this scatter tells us and devised: the "Gaussian Curve", where the scatter is summarized by the deviation or spread of the curve.
From this emerged "the scatter of uncertainty" that defines existence whether it is just being or observing. Everything lies in an area of uncertainty, not certainty.

These modern day, theoretical/particles physicists with Ph.D's who obviously never heard of Arthur Eddington, (of his better days), or experimentalists, today, who do their experimenting in their minds, do more to promote fantasy than 100 Baron Munchausen's and Casanova's put together in one room by denying the existence of 'Nothing' or create something out of it and even go so far as to call 'Nothing' a form of energy.
It seems there is no place the theoretical/particle physicist/intellectual, etc., does not encroach upon these days that has absolutely nothing to do with physics.

Here, we will also find that a regular harmless lunatic is only hostile towards society, its systems, its hypocrisy (embodied in institutions like CERN, Carnegie Institute or the Royal Society, etc.) and to those things that maintain this hypocrisy and cause no incidents with Nature and that's why he would be put away, that is, to protect the interests of a society's universes that are filled with everything, with no spaces between, where everything is "precise", where a constant source of pleasure must always be maintained without periods of "nothing" anywhere and the thrill of "certainty" is provided for everyone through the Bible/Koran, the science communicator, or even the TV guide, which to many is the Bible.

The artist's sole purpose is to build the metaphysical out of the physical, like we see commonly in sculpture, painting, composition and architectural work and to do this, we don't see or treat the Universe the same way as the scientist who, today, have the audacity to jump right into the metaphysical as if nothing else existed, or that was their calling. Dark matter/energy, string theory, fabrics of space and gravity waves are excellent examples of their invisible universe they discuss that have no basis in physical reality to create metaphysics with that have nothing to do with theory and the Laws of Thermodynamics are invisible or non-existent too.
We have more scientists today simply because its a good business that caters to the nonsense organized religions used to sell.

The following is how Dominican monks would come to town and sell indulgences that enraged Martin Luther in the 16th century.
Strangely, today this is more or less the same type of patter used by Protestant soap-box evangelizers who sell other things while preaching the Gospel! There's plenty of BS in the Bible already without having to mention the Virgin and RC inventions:


"Indulgences are the most precious and sublime of God's gifts. 
This cross (pointing to the Pope's own insignia on the Cross) 
has as much efficacy as the cross of Jesus Christ. 
Draw, near, and I will give you letters duly sealed by which 
even the sins which you shall hereafter desire to commit shall 
all be forgiven. I would not exchange my privileges for those 
of St. Peter! 
I have saved more souls with my indulgences than he has with 
his servants. There is no sin so great that indulgences cannot 
remit. And even if one should, which is doubtless impossible, 
ravish (rape) the holy Virgin, Mother of God, let him pay, 
only let his pay well for an indulgence, and all shall be 
forgiven him! Ye priests, ye nobles, ye wives, ye maidens, and
you young men, hearken to your departed parents and friends who 
cry to you from the bottomless depths. 
'We are enduring a horrible torment', they scream, 'a small 
alms from you would deliver us. You can give it now if you will'. 
Thus they cry to you from purgatory. The very moment that the 
money clinks against the bottom of the chest, the soul escapes 
from purgatory and flies free to heaven. 
Now just pay off, 0 senseless people! Almost like the beasts who
do not comprehend the grace so richly offered. This day heaven 
is on all sides of you. Do you now refuse to enter? When do you 
intend to come in? This day you may redeem many souls."

From: http://www.reformationtheology.com/2013/07/purgatory_indulgences_the_trea.php

A system for "Hearing Zero"

Johann Caspar Ferdinand Fischer - 'Prelude and Chaccone from Suite n 8' -
Joan Benson Clavichord

Action and sound of the Unfretted Clavichord where the seventh harmonic is removed producing a unique sound.
Click on pic for more details. Click on player button to hear the sound a clavichord produced.
GNU license - Pic
Fair Use - For Music
Just as we must remember that Absolute Zero can only exist as a system and not as some real thing (which physicists never stop treating it as such); we find as well, that Zero can actually be heard and felt (as an effect via a system) through music in a musical instrument (right), as in all artistic mediums of expression in their manner (and good science).
In this example I have chosen the unique sound produced by the Unfretted Clavichord because its mechanical action produces a "point" where the elimination of the 7th harmonic occurs and it is most pronounced with this musical instrument. This seventh harmonic - self-singing sound - "problem" is the reason that stringed-instrument and trumpet players, and singers use Vibrato to make up for this when it's not desired, and vibrato is also utilized for other reasons involving unfretted instruments or voices. Also, one must be careful with these claims concerning trumpets and singers, etc., because these voices can just as easily eliminate the 5th or the 3rd, etc., just as easily as the 7th. The clavichord specifically only removes the seventh for it to be considered a clavichord.

Top animation: Actual standing wave particle motion in a cylinder closed at one end.
Middle animation: Graph representing longitudinal particle displacement.
Bottom animation: Graph representing pressure variation.
Notice in this qualitative examination the Transitiveness between the pressure variation and the longitudinal particle displacement. That is a transitive Heat transfer and this, through a ternary system, can produce music.
There are also different ways harmonics are produced by open and closed cylindrical and cone shaped pipes. See: Open vs Closed pipes (Flutes vs Clarinets) from UNSW, Open pipe resonance from the Physics Stack Exchange and 4′33″ by American experimental composer John Cage which ingeniously describes a system of/for cones/cylinders that are Isolated systems (closed at both ends) that can also produce music.

So when Wikipedia, or whatever/whomever, discusses the use of "vibrato" with trumpet-like instruments and the human voice that are actually elaborate cones, strings and/or cylinders (among other things in other subjects), we should be wary in the sense that their claims are either exaggerated, misinformation or simply grazes the surface, especially with science, technology and engineering that creates or produces art.

Note: This is not to be confused with Natural Tremolo in physics, where two vibrating notes that are slightly off of each other, and they go in and out of step and form a beat, which has nothing to do with what they describe in Wikipedia (Tremolo), but you will find this information on Tuning pianos and pipe organs.

The day will come sooner that the artist understands the scientist (in ways he could never imagine), but the scientist, evidently, will never understand the artist, or his/her tools, techniques and instruments except on the most primitive of levels, and even there they only see the parts that function according to heat's Second Law.

In fact, this entire work (monologue) is to considered a work of art and you are in a web-based gallery because what's the difference between heat (as radiation) and light? This can finally be extended to include sound, among other things and since artists discuss all systems and all conditional entropies regarding anything and not just one, we can basically discuss anything involving today's science and maths and possibly give them some fresh perspective.

Give me a G
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Time: 0:18
This form of physics, of eliminating the possibility of certain waves to exist (classical theory) we affect everything in quantum theory which is not yet an established protocol in science, but only exists the other way around, but here we show that neither are "fundamental" or one science is better than the other. Both affect each other and neither is a creator nor an "apocalypser", but exist transitively together through various systems.

Longitudinal Standing Waves
Classical mechanics and Quantum mechanics are, themselves, systems and not actual things, which is why Planck's h is not a precise number and the 'Black body radiation' it comes from in classical mechanics requires two formulas instead of one, since if they were things they would have an exact number or formula.
This is handy to know when we read or see rubbish from proselytizers, intellectuals, theoretical/particle physicists, "communicators" and popularisers these days.
This is better than any time-machine technology they dream up in String theory or oxymoron's like: "Fabric of space-time", the oxymoron being; giving substance to something that cannot, OR MUST NOT have substance.

We find often, through Thermodynamics, that scientists are heavily engaged in "creating" existences which end up as some new form of supposed new "awareness" upon Nature, which they believe themselves and impose their ideas upon new generations who are easily swayed or can be programmed, yet is is all stercus tauri.

We hear often now, with the wedge-driving media, things like, "science is more beautiful than art" where they forget that artists deal with ugliness too and don't just confine themselves to ideas involving beauty.
An academic discussion in what or who now inspires "awe" is compared.
Well, first "awe" is the viewer's own business and experiencing art is another matter. On another level, there has never been a competition between the two. This is like putting mathematics and literature in competition. There is always that syllogistic "third system" behind everything that is missing in any discussion (A=B, B=C, A=C), and then they expect to make philosophy or decisions and sway ignorant minds with things they don't need to know because the information, itself, is incomplete or corrupt just like any of Paul Joseph Goebbels or Ronald Reagan's speeches; but they "sounded" like they made sense.

We can go on and have fun by being metaphysical, where Grammar can be viewed as having purely mathematical-like functions and operations because it is always transitive and intransitive verbs that create the foundation base of rules for grammar, just like computer code or Mark up, where mathematics and algorithms on their part can be used to create fonts, write music/poetry and create fractals among many other creative things.

A hypothetical alien culture studying us from afar and existing in an open system might see us running grammatical programs based on grammatical construction theories and syntax conditions, and so we are machines and not actual sentient beings because these things make us only serve closed systems in all our technology, cultures, values and beliefs.

They may determine instead, that our primitive closed-system mathematics as a form of poetry or literature telling stories about us by the way we use mathematics because of the way one creates "top tens" or "bestsellers" in open-system set theory because, in an existential manner, space-time would be included in their open-system set theory, where depending on the answer requested, one or the other would be a determinate for a function for the proper question to put for some closed system, whose results are always ephemeral or perishable entities/elements.

The Shannon Limit
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Time: 5:32
These two philosophies (art and science) work best for everybody when they work, unbroken, together (just like literature and mathematics could. An artist can express things here with chords words that don't exist in maths and the mathematician would be able to do the same) and not just one or the other. This is why there would exist professional artists, physicists and mathematicians because their different philosophies contained in their minds, intelligence and imaginations would be able to bridge gaps and leap great mysterious chasms that would be impossible to accomplish or acquire alone in their respective fields. See clip of documented proof of this.

It is fine they create/develop the technology, devices and mediums to reproduce memories, information, phenomena and feelings, but who created the content that creates and establishes these "points" and reproduces and carries these rich memories, feelings and sensations whenever they are represented any time and anywhere later? The machine of the mind is useless without the software of poetry created out of experiences and observations of which we see that many things are existentially invisible and this is exploited to serve alien and mercenary philosophies.

Modern-day mathematicians and theoretical/particle physicists, in the books, histories and documentaries they produce have vested interests to protect that belongs to systems of which they are members of and have as much to do with 'The Story of Maths' or 'The Story of Physics' as a mosquito has to do with a distant super novae in space.
It is all trending to make people see and do specific things, where in the background there is mosquito that goes and does what it wants, whose only "trending" comes from Nature and not from some bank, organized religion, mass media or multinational.

Fair Use
To recapitulate: The missing Seventh can also be "heard" by experimenting with theoretical chord progressions of the minor scale and subharmonics called the Harmonic seventh, which for some reason 5¢ physicists, - not musicians, composers or artists, show ways to avoid them, like it was their business, when they should be out chasing comets, finding new types of infinities not created by Nature, and looking for god particles (to put in pop bottles for eventual sale as a beverage, perhaps), and dark matter because the "Seventh Harmonic Problem" is somewhat of a distraction with intellectual's calculations of the "known" Universe, a la 'King of The Moon', whose Maxwellian physics or Quantum theory is suddenly not in tune with the Uni "verse" and the artist is considered like the mosquito in the Taj Mahal, who themselves, mosquitoes "are unique in the animal kingdom in that they have the ability to detect and exploit acoustic distortions"(click or tap on picture). This also allows you, the intelligent individual, to establish a relationship with directors of movies and artists who make sure these mosquito-sized gadfly-like things are mentioned in their movies or art which is far better than Facebook, Twitter or any other overly-loud and disharmonious forum, social network/media or chat-room, but can be used to improve life geometrically, or create your own "acoustic distortions" that ultimately demand enquiry.

Andrea Neumann's preparations
Goethe-Institut Boston
The "Seventh Harmonic Problem", among other things, is a scientist's problem and not everyone else's. So instead of dealing with the problem, they attempt to make it go away instead (invisible) and make people's perceptions of ideas equivalent to a child's through the media and in books, like they did successfully with Celsius's scale (more on this later), but the Seventh can't be so simply laughed away because here we are dealing with real physics that cannot be quantized or "classicalized" and exists in an entirely different realm since this is the power of Zero (or nothing) placed where it's not supposed to be in the Arabic number scheme system for counting, which they don't want to deal with for whatever reasons, where in music they still use the step method and zero is never placed at/for any beginning, but only for an ending, stopping or spacing. If this were so the composer could claim that anything before the piece was his intellectual property too, or part of the composition. This is not so with double-entry accounting because there we begin having negative numbers which translates into debt so it is the system that makes the number system real and is not representative of all reality.

The seventh harmonic "problem" defies Fourier analysis, or any form of any type of algorithm to reproduce or predict, by any form whatsoever because we are dealing with creativity and this effectively puts one sabot (an extremely painful wooden shoe made of wood) in their mouth and the other in the intellectual's back end because here we have a situation where it is the physical universe that tell maths how to sing, where then it will have a different effect by simply moving the apparatus, or cause, a few feet away changing the entire dynamical system or form.
The universe may be very very big place, but it is also equally sensitive and every point is different and important.

A Mechanical Computer Demonstrated
Albert Michelson's Harmonic Analyzer Mechanical Computer which only an engineer
today would/could demonstrate while teaching you more about computers and
programming in 30 minutes (in how they can/will compute) than a professor in
mathematics or computer science could in/with an entire semester.
Bill Hammack from the University of Illinois demonstrates this remarkable machine.

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Time: 23:41
Note: Here in this video you will see that I don't dislike computers, Fourier analysis or algorithms (the 'Perspective' used by artists is an algorithm). It is what people expect from these wonderful machines and systems after feeding them substandard information or code, or allowing this because the person himself is equivalent to someone who believes in elves and then expects a miracle; That is what I don't like. This is a problem the writer, Arthur C. Clarke addressed very succinctly in a political dimension.
Computers, themselves, are simply wonderful systems that do impossible things otherwise, as demonstrated here in this video where we can then get into the mind and idea of Heron of Alexandria and before that with monuments like Stonehenge.
Choices, that are completely subjective and arbitrary have been made and implemented in science and how it is to be taught, which have nothing to do with the standardization of communication of science where, instead, actual human beings are reconfigured to conform to those intellectual and politically created choices, as if this were a form of political rehabilitation, of/for "higher learning, understanding, materialism and consumerism", or it was a crime for being human, so that creation and thinking, themselves, must be reprogrammed and reformatted to be able to "make" a living, as if that were more important than 'Living'.

We can, besides the clavichord, "hear" the missing seventh harmonic in Byzantine chants who use quarter-note progression unlike the half-note progression of Gregorian Chants where it's no wonder that self-singing harmonics were used in the earliest forms of music, and to great effect, as to make music, itself, miraculous since to the minds and ears of many that must of been an angel or some divine presence singing along with their "sacred" music:

Communion, Praise the Lord from the Heavens - Maistor Ioannes Koukouzeles - Cappella Romana.mp3 [Fair Use]

Pic of Ricky WilsonRicky Wilson

And with Prepared Pianos (not this arrangement seen here above right) or with Guitars, like in the technique used by Brian Wilson who used 7th and diminished chords, but didn't necessarily resolve them; With the prepared guitar of Ricky Wilson because he was left handed and restrung his guitar the other way and while he was doing this, he experimented with creating new types of sound in different ways.

Notice the Clavichord-like sound and quality of Ricky Wilson's guitar in this mp3.
The B52s - 'Rock Lobster' [Fair Use]

Compare this to the Andalusian cadence used vocally in Arabic Orthodox chants in quarter notes and harmonies and in the west by Rock bands like the Kinks, Mamas & the Papas, etc. and with/in Psychedelic music, and in Flamenco music, which is also what gives sixties rock music its distinctive sound, and when Stereophonic sound and High fidelity and it's broadcasting came out, that was a boon for those styles of music utilizing Andalusian cadence, just as the style of Crooning became possible when phonograph records/recordings could be electrically amplified ATT so this has nothing to do with "styles" but only how harmonies are used, implemented and amplified which then allow for any particular style of music to exist and even popularized, not forgetting this entire area's importance to physics.

The Mamas & the Papas - 'California Dreaming' (Example of Andalusian cadence) [Fair Use]

Electric Clavichord by Bill Napier-Hemy (1994)
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Time: 4:04
Basically, one can have "self-singing music", "Overtone singing" or music that's "louder", among other things when utilizing harmonics and resonance, and sense what's missing or added harmonically as there are things that go beyond hearing or listening when it comes to music as it is in the other arts.
The Clavichord, because of the physics of its action, was never a solo concert-hall instrument (not loud enough) unlike the Harpsichord or the Pianoforte so we cannot hear this ancient instrument powered like an electric guitar is. Only its physics was employed and powered in choirs throughout history, and still is (i.e. Gospel Choirs) - But let's check You Tube to be sure. On my first search for "Electric Clavichord', I found this gem that was hand-made (which is typical for modern-day clavichords and harpsichords) and really gets the 'hard of hearing' to know what I'm talking about here. Clavichord; Welcome to the 3rd millennium!

A Sociopath Against An Artist
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Time: 1:34
This situation is worse than what I have already described since a visual artist, out of deference to his musical colleagues, can very easily create, for fun, a "clavichord" that removes the Fifth Harmonic or the Fourth, etc. instead, or put different eliminations randomly, and send that as a Christmas present to our particle physics friends at CERN or the Argonne National Laboratory and they will hear even less sound or "nothing" which is exactly what they deserve and they can re-gift this to their own intellectuals instead, and pass the buck to them since intellectuals have no idea what Equivalence is and everyone is laughing because everyone knows the joke except the "Experts".

Since Plank's Formula for h is inextricably tied to frequency, it is not a far stretch that this does not also occur in the quantum itself since "nothing" can appear anywhere in the quantum randomly and this could not be a particle either, but be something that is just as real as a quasiparticle, and never as a form of energy, but more like some kind of anti-photon (when considering Mass and matter) as part of some subatomic system yet to be discovered, and being part of a system, it would not destroy since it would only be dealing with the universe as a function.

For instance: an electron and a positron, as things, (matter antimatter) will react explosively and release a gamma ray that will become part of the electromagnetic field of the universe, etc., etc. This pair may of been annihilated, but together they become part of something much bigger that we still don't understand. Magnetism, on the other hand, is a system where opposite poles will not annihilate each other or produce a photon, but will just make a bigger magnet if we add movement (for/with non-magnetic metals) and/or more matter with magnetic properties and create a larger and stronger electromagnetic field, etc., etc.

Because these systems (magnetism or gravity) which depend on mass as part of their basic ternary system, there are no magnetic or gravitational monopoles in any form or system and what "papers" one reads on these things are complete rubbish and a waste of time, where they are not even useful for any kind of science fiction, where mass itself is a system and not real, therefore cannot exist as a particle and can only exist and function in it's elementary-form or field mathematically.

The way these theorist talk you'd think the entire universe is build with Lego, where with small things like the electron which can be a particle or a wave only because they are so small. What is actually required is a new definition for this part of the universe and not use examples and definitions of things that only exist in classical mechanics.

This is why it is important to know the differences between systems, subsystems and things while knowing their universal result, and we can also detect people who prefer systems or subsystems over things and who do not seek a philosophical balance, but impose their unbalanced observation on others that go either into politics or existentialism, which to artistic philosophy, are metaphysical garbage dumps where all things are seen or treated as systems by them.
Thermodynamics makes these things very clear where one can easily conjugate these differences in anything one experiences as easily as one can conjugate the verb: "To Have" (the easy verb to teach as opposed to: "To Be").

Forensic facial reconstruction of a Cro-Magnon man.
CC Cicero Moraes
This system of counting backwards and forwards and in multiple dimensions simultaneously, with new zeros falling into their own natural places that produce a desired effect, or a new discovery, was used by Neanderthals and Cro-Magnons carrying spears and wearing bear skins judging from their musical instruments that were found and studied in archeology, which were created tens of thousands of years before Pythagoras, and by the way, there are different ways to say do, re, mi, etc. so while you're here check out the wiki on tuning scales at: Musical tuning. (Later I will show you a clip of an Anthropologist playing: 'The Star Spangled Banner' with one of these authentic instruments from that time.)

Pythagoras never discovered or invented anything (The Octave); he just wrote about it and got credit for it. His stuff is still good to program a computer with, but has nothing to do with human beings, life and existence or experiencing music. This is all natural human knowledge like the way birds sing is natural for them. Birds don't have to go to school and "learn" music theory, yet they all understand each other perfectly in their dealings with each other, —even amongst different species. In music, as in all art (as in Thermodynamics) there are no why's, there just Is. Which is probably why scientists don't like artists or Thermodynamics.

There is also to consider the way they made their Moon calendars among other things; they also correspond to this system of counting. Those men, or beings if you prefer, if they were around today would see us just as simplistic, using our spear and bear skin-like number systems that's only suitable for closed systems, where conversely, all except one infinity which was created by Nature can be eliminated by eliminating zeros in the proper order, which is an order system off the Laws of Conservation, and where there is Conservation of anything found in Nature, which is even realizable intuitively, that means it Exists, and "does not change" Fe and you are going in the right direction when searching in the unknown and that is what "primitive" man did was do a lot a searching and observing.

This is what I don't like about Bible literalists or Creationists because through their offices and authority, which for them to have that kind of power means they attempt to overthrow Nature (besides the Constitution of The United States of America); they deny our innate natural philosophy and supplant it with their own ideas and exclude humankind's ability to be ingeniously adaptive in any situation besides being a very intelligent and naturally fair and empathetic being of life. We must never forget this fact about ourselves and other humanoids before us.
naturally, just as gentle and peaceful, while going about our business, as any other creature on this planet.

Paleolithic being's ideas and natural mathematical systems of numbers going in two, or even three or four directions simultaneously because of the placement of Zeros in wonderful places, would be bellicose and revolutionary things, if presented today to a conservative middle-class scientific and mathematical community and their closed systems and it shows how remarkable humankind was, and how he has been reduced to dust and possible-eventual extinction by the intellectual and an improperly educated middle class.

An analyst, "expert" or "communicator" would say they were primitive because they never developed this H-A system, where it could be argued that their maths applied everywhere and in everything naturally and the conjecture that modern society is a supreme example of how things should be developed is itself flawed which can be proved with the very same mathematics they invented for accounting. This is like saying art and music require development to serve society exclusively to have value.

Bison 32,000 BC Chauvet Cave
Bison 32,000 BC
Unknown artist
As we saw earlier in the Chauvet Cave, art does not serve society or any other closed system or any of their sentiments, and is eternal, or is beyond always-increasing entropy where paintings about Nature done 32,000 years ago are as fresh today as if they were painted yesterday and they are only sealed from the public, where only scholars may enter, because it would not be long before they would be covered with/in graffiti, scratches and urine and posted proudly on You Tube, Twitter or Facebook, or whatever "social" network/media exists in/for the future.

There was none of that Cartesian, "I think therefore I am" or the Herbert Marcuse-like" I shop therefore I am", but life was more like: "If it's conserved, it exists" which was not some conception of faith, but simply A = C in what we now call the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamic.
There could be no "Zero Year" anyway, but in compensation Nature instead proves itself every day and every second and not just as a one-time thing and that's it. All philosophy, mathematics, science and organized religions that espouse this type of philosophy of "Once upon a time at zero hour", in any specified location would of been considered total nonsense as it still should be because nothing that exists anywhere can be divided to zero nor can anyone point to any part of any circle or cycle and say it starts "here", but this is "precisely" what gods/demons and intellectuals do.

For any god to create anything, he/she could only create out of already-existing things because there is no way to divide any quantity (including the god itself) to zero. If he/she was capable of creating something out of nothing then he/she is also an illusion and cannot be part of any reality, yet these things are assigned the responsibilities of the creation of a physical universe. Nature and the universe is very clear on this matter: There is either something and there is nothing and they both always exist together as a system, not separately where one can go into the other.
Today, they even go so far as to measure, calculate or tell us what "space" is as if it were real-estate or property that contained things or have a structure.

Zero can only be added and is part of the concept of space and must be created by anybody. Since there were no sages, sibyls or prophets and only spirit-haunted mountains, things and systems were learned and perceived more the way the Poet, William Wordsworth would relate for our time period:
"One impulse from a vernal wood
May teach you more of man;
Of moral evil and of good
Than all the sages can.

Sweet is the lore which nature brings;
Our meddling intellect
Mishapes the beauteous forms of things
-We murder to dissect.

Enough of science and of art;
Close up these barren leaves;
Come forth, and bring with you a heart
That watches and receives.

So now we see the advantages of having 'No Standards' too by introducing "Nothing" as part of existence too, where one has to accept those realities of observation given to us by Nature, and discover through the Step method and Thermodynamics, that they then become useful things by connecting to other things, including the concept of "Nothing", creating beautiful and beneficial systems where 'Existence' itself is a sufficient condition that owes nothing to anything.
In effect; by now only counting with the decimalized Arabic number system, with the zero as an integer at the beginning, and only accepting that as a means for all knowledge and philosophy exclusively, we have gone backwards in sophistication to before "the primitive man" and turned ourselves into machines that are bred for programming and conditioning who believe in "geniuses" and "genesises" and all-powerful things and/or specters.

The Different Results Produced by
Relativity and "Quantum Gravity"

One way theorists discover new infinities using our present and standardized Hindu-
Arabic number system and then injected into mathematical tools creating philosophy
that is antithetical to the original purpose. The very idea of "quantifying" anything to do
with "infinity" is nonsense.

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Time: 2:04
Anyway, what theorists calculate today with their closed systems ('alpha and omega', where omega has an immediate dispute with infinity), where some are actually open systems, there ends up being a missing conservation somewhere, or it was not created in their formula or idea, in the first place, which is ironic because what I say about zeros is preserved (conserved) even in closed or isolated systems, but becomes a meta-truth instead (a sort of Nature's Insurance Policy, as one may well imagine since Nature will not be denied access to any system and becomes a deadly enemy if you try).

We may even cite Hilbert's thrice-revised/simplified tenth question (Entscheidungsproblem) which involves a complete closed system, which asks: "First, was mathematics complete ... Second, was mathematics consistent ... And thirdly, was mathematics decidable?". All these questions have been eventually answered, but they do not address open and or isolated systems, and never dynamic systems.
Any artist will tell you that some questions are just questions, like they were statements and if one were to try to answer them, the answer would be different every second and some of them would even change in meaning while answering them.

So we find that it is Hilbert's problem that is the problem because he does not ask the right questions as a system, that would apply to any or all physical systems simultaneously, which ironically is a meta-abuse of Diophantine logic/inquiry, and referring to the third element of that problem where "undecidable " was the answer: "undecidable" is not an answer, just like "no" is not a proper answer to anything and only has some conditional meaning in some closed system, whether it's thermodynamic or not.

This shows that mathematics is more like a musical instrument and not a fool tool. Mistakes/errors/creativity/accidents must also be included or represented, like what Faraday did in creating his own, which ends up being superior to Maxwell's regarding propagating electromagnetic fields and so these things (as systems) cannot be denied in any formula, logic or equation and must be indicated/represented where/when they exist via step-method while/where they are being expressed because both, the "errors" and "truths" working together, answer the "why"(s).

It could be the Conservation of Mass, Matter, Energy, - even Information since tone none of these things can be conserved in any closed system of any kind, and the numbers become eventually ineffective or create new infinities, themselves.

Heisenberg or Gauss would have "probably" loved this following argument

The theoretical physicist or intellectual cannot find and certainly cannot create the new zeros (or points) that are outside in open space, time or other dimension where one finds an interference in higher maths because these specific quantities and/or qualities in infinity already existed in the higher plane or different magnitude that are independent of quantum or classical theory because of what they are doing or seeking, they will be made to exist, in a Zeroth Law of Thermodynamic way (A = C), and so they are more powerful where they go backwards in their final arrival to the quantum mechanical or classical problem, and where when the theoretical physicist arrives at a certain point where these numbers meet, they are already large, unforeseeable, grotesque, transcendental or incalculable numbers because the whole thing has been transformed into a system where a system itself is only a tool to arrive/achieve at/to something/somewhere.
One might call "a system" a metatruth for some hypothetical space-time continuum that can be either open, closed or isolated.

Referring to the above video clip with Tegmark and Kaku: Forget Black Holes. For centuries and to this day no mathematician has been able to quantify the balance and harmony in the architecture of what makes things like Chartres Cathedral, yet they deny humankind's innate abilities and philosophy and call themselves and their way supreme.
The numbers of the decimalized Arabic Numeral system reduces mathematics to being a simple indicator or detector like the Thermoscope where "Nothing", there too, cannot be measured, but only indicated like Guillaume Amontons' Absolute Zero which inadvertently restores the thermoscope from the thermometer it became, despite the air thermometer having scales because at that "point" we cross the threshold into systems again and not actual things that can be measured (more on Amontons and Absolute Zero later).

Yet, they believe and all say that "Mathematics is the language of the Universe" and when they say that they mean the old Pythagoras and the "new" the Arabic number system, which didn't exist in the time of Pythagoras. In contrast: The way artists today use mathematics is through the imagination where everyone can feel the concept or idea working and does not exist on any blackboard, but the mind. If one cannot conjugate natural concepts in the mind and/or imagination and communicate them through any medium, meaning or existence, then what have we become? To the artist, the message becomes the medium which is no different from religious philosophy except the source of the artist's messages come from Nature and nothing else.

The Thermoscope provides the perfect physical example in how things can be indicated in the physical universe and create their validity, yet this has become impossible for modern mathematics since it has been decided and legitimized that "valid" is not good enough, for a multitude of reasons (just like it is in all organized religion). This is the framework for any philosophical corruption.

They don't know how to navigate their own standardized mathematics beyond the closed and isolated systems and the theory they exist for, but remain enthralled within what magic mathematics demonstrates and reveals, but see none of the philosophy it suggests where some, instead, jump right on to the metaphysical or the supernatural.

The Arabic numeral system is not a god or be all end all for anything. This would be like having an entire chamber orchestra (a system) made up of one type of instrument only and call that entertainment, or to give a mechanic a hammer as the only tool to fix a car and expect him/her to do just that and at low cost too since he's using less tools! This would be ludicrous to say the least. A mechanic requires many tools to do his job so people too need many forms of math and geometry to do their particular jobs and not just one standard tool, created by accountants and intellectuals, to do everything. Wherever there is money there are intellectuals, not science, art or spirituality despite their claims.

Numbers, no longer speak to anyone like they did to Pythagoras and Euclid

This is purely a question of reciprocating-harmony and they don't hear the sound of infinity and sometimes music and other things tell mathematics what to do, as Tegmark and Kaku discover in the clip above, and makes it harmonize like any other musical instrument would do with another voice around and not the other way around and so cannot be calculated, but only measured and these guys have certainly no artistic talents, feeling or empathy whatsoever as shown by their work and what they consider mysteries. There is a point where numbers become so small or so big they are literally affected by the universe itself because of the way they must exist to be numbers in that state.

Mathematics was once an "instrument" and not a system that has been reduced to become a physical tool with computers (with their databases) and to measure property, goods and direct trajectories, using blood-soaked calculus and statistics as its highest achievement to date. The "proof" in this is that this "harmony" is true when they use mathematics to measure, but when they calculate with mathematics, it is still musical instrument-like, but they treat it like it was impervious to harmony, balance or interference and the physicist has the power of gods. Michio Kaku himself among others, appears to me as extremely cynical or a clown in the science videos he makes and promotes by twisting the nature of things into a form of fate while turning science into a god, that by sheer coincidence acts like him and has his "wonderful" personality.

So it is no wonder or any surprise that actual and true geniuses like Einstein played Violin and Richard Feynman played Bongo drums and studied art and drawing.
There is a "point" where things that only exist in an open system will permit for itself inside any closed system and that is where art comes in to express these things in closed or isolated systems where Nature does not get mad, but sings, drums, draws and paints along like the Muses with you, and guess which form of mathematics is being used there and how numbers are "being" ordered?
No man and no god can fix something that cannot be represented in/is/as being and these infinities point to an inconceivable magic in/of this Universe when they tinker with Einstein's General Relativity and Planck's/Schrödinger's Quantum Mechanics/Physics and combine them together.

No, science one day will have to learn how to Feel, as well as 'Know' and not just see some corporate and human-centric "observation" that only exists by Galilean relative standards and call that a fact. This goes for organized religion too, as everything discussed is by the relativity of Galileo and Newton's or Einstein's does not exist which is a big oversight for a god to not include in his creation of the universe according to Genesis because without those other relativities, which we had to learn by our selves, there would be no way he could create the Sun and the Moon and the Stars and keep them where they are, etc. Why would god choose one relativity over any other's? Why create the Sun and the Moon and the Stars and just give us something equivalent to geothermal heat and have the planet float in some void?
Even in religion or spirituality must consider, at one point, physical things that exist that run themselves and can have no other expression on this matter.

Jacob Bronowsky Explains The Artistic Method, The Scientific Method and The Artistic/Scientific Method of/for Perception
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Time 17:43
Scientists are very proud of the closed civilizations and "culture" they helped create and defend in war with the promotion of their precise trajectorial science and maths where no uncertainties are allowed where finding/predicting your ever-faster moving target precisely is the thinking going on (ENIAC), forgetting that one of their own discoveries: Increasing Entropy, is there too —even metaphysically in mathematics if its a closed system they are working on. By winning wars they are destroying themselves overtime.

So in the end, one way or another, it is choice and where one wants to implement that choice and who is going to be believed, and in what will follow, what neo-tribe one belongs to and that's what's going to happen and that's now called Freedom because one can be free in the city or society (closed systems) or one can be free in the mountains with Nature or with Art (open system-like).

We are discovering today that many believe that freedom must have walls to protect it in a surrounding closed system! (This is like turning the "Global village" inside-out.) Only certain people exist inside those walls, which is everyday chiseling away at or transforming Constitutions and Charter's of Rights and Freedoms, by becoming systems and are no longer philosophy, where we would have different types of freedom restricting other freedoms which is created because people's lives are become less broad and monochromatic and there were never Protocols in place to protect "Rights" in the first place, which is why criminologists use "profiling" today, which has spilled over everywhere and used inappropriately. The law and information have become a hydra's head where if one cuts off one head, two more rotten and vicious one's grow back in its place.

Relativity requires a "Relative Math System" and because of General relativity Quantum Mechanics requires a "Non-Topological and non-monotonic Interval Step-Type Math System" (something like a hygrometer which will be shown later) and there they can talk to each other better than using calculus. It is not like the cosmologist Tegmark says, "these two physics won't talk to each other" (imagine they either believe or think there's no connection between the quantum and the classical physics!), it is more like the maths they use won't allow them to talk to each other, and these theorists are all blind, or see everything with narrow blinkers where no periphery is allowed.

Dr. Quantum - The Double-Slit Experiment
A condescending video clip "explaining" the Double-slit experiment. Balderdash.
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Time: 5:03
This is like the "Double-Slit Experiment" which in my opinion is a total farce because it is only a quantitative problem in classical mechanics, but is treated as a qualitative problem in quantum mechanics, where if one sends electrons or photons through a double slit, we find interference (waves) and scintillations (particles) on the same screen, so they say that a single electron or photon went through both slits at the same time! They also seem to forget the Pauli exclusion principle as a wave function.

First of all, we are not dealing with particles and waves, but bundles of forces and energy (quanta) and bundles of quanta fields (classical science).
Particles cannot be in two places at once, but the same force (or today a quasiparticle or an information carrier) can be in two or more places at once (established by Michael Faraday with his simple Electromagnetic Field theory), and so can bundles of forces and that is what goes on in that experiment since the photon or electron all by themselves individually, by merely existing, have an effect, a field and a force and there are always exchanges going on between electrons and photons.

Solvated electrons. The smallest possible anion.
Click or tap to see video clip.
Forget Heisenberg: When you "see" an electron, you are actually seeing an emitted photon by the electron by way of whatever contraption that was created to make this happen (a screen for instance) because electrons themselves are completely dark.

This is a dynamical system being expressed by Nature and not some physical thing since as Jacob Bronowsky explained and demonstrated in the previous video before this; Waves of any kind whether composed of matter or energy become more penetrating the shorter they become, and through this new dimension we can only see deeper and inside like ultraviolet or x rays can do, but can never see the whole picture around it that completes everything. We are slaves to the wavelengths we can sense and the higher the energy, the deeper they go, —not wider in their perspective. We lose the periphery.

Concerning the wavelengths we can see, they are sufficient to provide this "Neo-dimensional-penetration" in space; We are after all, seeing quantum mechanics in action and it is where we see empirical proof that this stops with particles and objects that should be looked into, rather than hide behind theoretical mathematical systems when it comes to the speeds and energies we exist in.

Since the slits, in all practical purpose, are only in two dimensions and then they install detectors to count every single photon or electron, which will only register activity off those two dimensions because of the design of that experiment is what creates this system so they are actually manipulating the experiment and cannot detect the "penetrating component or field" in matter/energy that is intrinsically short and so has absolutely nothing to do with "intelligent electrons" or "consciousness affecting matter" and other nonsense they dream up.

The quantum is perfectly normal and has natural behaviours when we consider that penetrating and even phase frequencies themselves create dimension which must be taken into account at a certain threshold because if these slits had depth then we would have an entirely different result and not be able to come out with their nonsense.
The quantum proves that matter itself has powers that go way beyond Einstein's formula for mass conversion that are completely independent of energy systems, hence the differences between matter and energy that go beyond their obvious and superficial differences.

Ground penetrating Radar
A technique used in Archaeological Prospection
Aside from that, since now we know that penetrating waves can be used for good and for bad to see inside things, detect disease or kill; why is it that they don't apply this principle at CERN or the Argonne National Laboratory and create systems for accelerators and cyclotrons that don't destroy protons or quarks, etc., but act like the microscopes they claim them to be. One will see later that this system is possible with a scientist's work who developed Raster STEM photography whose work is now suppressed and difficult to find and was never followed by a new generation although his invention was 100% successful and just required more development.

Why? His work would abrogate the Standard Model (which is only supposed to be a MODEL and not some explanation for the universe) which is now a tool for intellectuals to mold Nature in their image and propagate that vision, all the while distorting Einstein's and Heisenberg's work (among others) as I have already have begun discussing from other areas. Feynman himself has stated often if one hit a proton with an electron at low energy, one splits it into three quarks, but with high energy electrons the particles produced where infinite. According to Feynman: The real mystery was those three quarks produced by one experiment and not the infinite particles produced in the other.

On the other hand, we find out that energy itself can/may be converted back into matter with this wonderful new infinity of particles produced that all by themselves will settle-down and find their place in a much larger universe that they may be creating right now, against what intellectuals tell us actually exists. There is no alpha-omega, but alpha-omega-alpha. Whether this is a system or a thing in the universe or both, or whether the masses are the same or not between those infinite number of particles and the three quarks is yet to be studied/reported, as well as, if those differences is more mass or less mass.

This will not be revealed in education for thousands of years for many reasons.
If an independent scientist/laboratory comes out with the proof that there is more mass created that is stable at our relativistic reality, you can be assured that this info will be squashed because it will say, philosophically and metaphysically, that we are, or will be evolving into something unknown that would be against creationist's or evolutionist's ideal of man, where the problem with evolutionists is with the future, —not the past, as they all think in terms that we are already the best and most perfect species of life and cannot be improved except by genetics, which will be designed to suit some hypothetical perfect system, analogical to a way the The Walt Disney Company sells and dispenses fantasy.

Just as they don't want soldiers and consumers to think, they wouldn't want people to start re-evaluating organized religion or the materialism in science versus what Nature has to offer that is very simple to explain and create a universal understanding between all life, systems and nations on Earth, and then move off into new things naturally.

There's nothing mysterious or contradictory in Nature, but they simply cannot accept any type of third system that could be involved, but only "communicate" to the public along the lines of a consumer-grade Second Law of Thermodynamics, which for it to function requires the establishment of miracles (Gnosticism) or Atheism as working fundamental concepts where things/objects are always, or must be, in two places at once and they go out of their way to "prove" this too.
There is no evidence of any sort to prove any of science's miracles (like photons in two or more places, or the Big Bang, which like it or not is a "miracle"), but "empiricisms" are actually manufactured to compete against or promote religion (where in this case there is no difference) instead of evolving philosophy and human kind. Visitors here at this site must remember that we are dealing with geniuses who think of doing things like this all the time, shrouding themselves in a aura of respectability or invoke awe, twisting the universe into their image and idea where there is no Natural Philosophy, and the media is flooded with these characters for a reason.

RMR: A Message From Canada's Scientists
See also, the hilarious, "RMR: NRC Scientist Lay-offs".
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Time: 1:13
Where mathematicians, themselves (who don't go as far as theoretical physicists and cosmologists do) might find that they are being controlled or manipulated, in the background, by a conservative society and even by organized religion (with their closed-system Alpha Omega nonsense), like everyone else is since these are the fools tools they were taught to use exclusively through a lengthy educational process where they never questioned their entire purpose or promise and are/were forbidden to examine Nature otherwise in any other manner than the mathematics they are told to use, and that is also supervised by their peers. They are certainly not studying art where everything to be represented is questioned, criticized and debated far more vigorously than they do now in science.

This is part of a screenshot of my email while I was writing this part.
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Go create new particle beam weapons for the planned conquest and plunder of the Universe as ordered by the powerful who all think they are direct descendants of the god Amon-Ra because, really, what is the purpose of CERN, when you think about it? It is artists who reject theorists and intellectuals because too many abuse Nature and man, for profit and fame and glory. Going off into space to plunder is not exploring but creating your own universe like kids do with video games. It might be fun, but its not real and you won't learn anything.
It is the wonderful Kenneth Clark who spoke often of the "awakened conscious", who said: "Artists of real talent, always manage to slip through the net and manage to swim away"

Anyway, (as if I care) Big Brother is not only watching, but is listening to artists now because while writing this I received an Email from Nobelprize.org Monthly (above) which featured links to articles about the Sun, an interview clip from the Laureate professor of chemistry Sherwood F. Rowland on the Environment, An invitation for the 9th of December 2013 to a world conference of "Nobel Laureates, world-leading scientists, policy makers and thought leaders to discuss global issues that affect us all." Wow!

Science, along with Big Brother, I "detect" is breaking up into different camps as there are more and more scientists admitting they are wrong, and others within their educated peers and colleagues are now reexamining science now and the past (google: "edifice of science" for interesting articles) to find a future, so there is hope. It is nice to see that systems that lie have, within them, visionaries in science who see the inevitable entropy in science too and are trying to change this when real human beings, in systems, take charge because in the end, "why should they care?" is the real question. Personally I don't believe a word of it until I see actual proof. The real reason they would talk like this is because science is crumbling and this is the beginning of a change of tactics.

Nobel Prize Monthly Hosts and/or refers to corrupt files (videos that don't work) which is not very scientific.
This means that there exists real scientists who love science, and that's a good thing, and they have my suspicious support because science, itself, will bring them back to Nature and the truth and give them something they never imagined possible which they can share with everything they touch and stop building weapons and closed systems exclusively because there is no truth or reality beyond Nature and scientists must now apply the scientific method among there own peers to filter out all psychopaths and those who work for sociopaths like organized science and organized religion throw the red carpet out for.

Scientists, among themselves, internationally should also create a "floating boycott" of all governments and multinationals who want them to build new weapons and Nature-devouring cycles by simply denying their existence, or say that new ones cannot be created! Then they can dedicate their genius to greater things and higher philosophy. How are governments and multinationals supposed to know otherwise? Science has already shown that it is perfectly capable of lying when it suits them and their societies and universities. Of course, here I'm just dreaming, so don't pay attention.

I know for a fact, from personal experience, many people that expected me to do impossible things with a simple 2 X 4 when I worked in construction and describe everything that makes their idea work as "doohickeys" and "whatchamacallits" and these things only exists in their minds, so I know that there are governments and multinationals that expect the same from their scientists.

These people or groups are simply crazy or childish and scientists and philosophers have to deal with them on that level, without directly insulting them. (I usually get rid if these people or discussions by making them put their ideas on the table or I tell them to draw me a three dimensional picture or a rough schematic.)

Further, do we really need new types of weapons since we have now reached the capacity to destroy the world many times over. They realized this during the good old days of the Cold war, when they were seriously discussing things like "Limited Nuclear War", where they finally dropped developed the Neutron bomb which only kills all life, but leaves all the real estate intact for conquest! Well, if there are no people or any food (nor the capacity to replace the people or grow food in that location for 20,000 years), what value is property? Let's go visit Chernobyl.

The Nazi's too, thought the world should be sterilized and covered with perfectly aligned cement tiles. The people themselves should revile or "out" all physicists and chemists who work today to create new weapons or ways to "engineer" the Earth's natural open systems, or biology. Why should 'outing' be a system for just revealing someones "sexual identity" exclusively (like that was important), when it could be something much more mature, practical and useful. Well, it is strange that "outing", in its application is a closed system where a closet homosexual is put on display and he/she can't get out. This is insanity and the media and social media follow the protocols of what nurtures insanity since provocative and manipulative bullies are unavoidable on these forums.

So pertaining to my email: When things I never asked for pop out of nowhere that pertain to what I'm doing at that instant; this is no coincidence to me and artists don't believe in illusions or have egos that need to be flattered. The Nobel Prize Monthly might just happen to have 20 different kinds of newsletters for people with 20 different profiles and behaviors; probably compiled and written and sent by machines too which are activated by "advanced" malware, judging from the fact that they actually send corrupt files (screenshot above) which means the Nobel Prize "monthly" organization is now a "no reply" automated Email system and really does not exist except as an automated computer program, JavaScript platform with badly coded Adobe Flash. I would give the Nobel committee their own Nobel prize for this wonderful achievement.

1893 - Edvard Munch - The Scream
At least people screamed once upon a time.
Public Domain
The Nobel Prize Monthly itself, effectively demonstrates scientifically that all civilizations must die, or fail because of the closed systems they use, which war or peace cannot change, because they only increase entropy in their own way, but a third system of total obliteration can, where then we can have a great awakening "sans intellectual" while establishing new infrastructure that uses Nature's different engines directly that are everywhere so we don't need to conquer or plunder and turn these plundered things into unsustainable systems, along with exploitation, and top that off by using numbers, matter, systems and energy the way they are supposed to be used where anyone, based on the system's conditional entropy, can place their own zeros, goals, points, apexes, nadirs (for waves in quantum mechanical representation), nothings or levels that they want to achieve, where they like, and build a free society, and experiment with the metaphysics and meta-truths of ideas to be achieved, or engineering standards to arrive at and this would be applied to everything, even societies and civilization. People would be having too much fun and be too busy to see skin colour and religion, etc., etc., and promote differences (where miraculously one is always better than another) instead of their realities.

If the Kyoto scandal and the amount of politicians today using crack cocaine openly is any indication, the number sequence of this countdown to doom is expanding and accelerating and nobody cares.
See this article from the National Geographic to see how fast, where government is spending hundreds of millions to create "Electro-fuels with charged microbes, which only Galvani or Dr. Frankenstein would think this makes sense, where we may ask: Where and from what are we going to generated enough electricity from, to electrocute microbes to create this new bio-fuel? Charged Microbes May "Poop Out" a Gasoline Alternative (Not my title). GD if article eliminated.

"One Way" The Step Method works, where there are different countdowns working against each other, each involving here, atmospheric friction, thermal equilibrium, mass/energy, explosion and implosion in harmony and in their proper sequence, spaces and dimension. Just like painting or making music. Science and technology should be no different.
At right: This, theoretically, would be a way to destroy a "planet killer" which would be to detonate thermonuclear devices precisely when it would start hitting the atmosphere and glow (not in space where there cannot be any establishing thermal equilibrium because there is no air in space to create any thermal equilibrium with to create any significant amount of heat with), where together these two things along with a third system would destroy it. Thermonuclear weapons detonated in space might make impressive fireworks, but as demolition explosives they would be quite useless.
The premise for the popular science fiction television show, 'Space 1999' would never happen on the Moon, even if one purposely detonated all our thermonuclear weapons we have presently at the same time. The only thing that can move the Moon is another celestial object, so forget thermonuclear devices or whatever, unless one uses them to create a temporary "atmosphere" along the path's trajectory towards Earth out of some material, when exploded, would leave the basic properties of a gas in space long enough for it to start heating the asteroid with the asteroid's own energy, which must be turned into heat to change it.

Even god can't move the Moon anywhere than where Nature tells it to go unless some divinity came along and started chaos and if that happened, the moon would be the last thing we would worry about because the entire universe would be fubar.

Stephen Hawking has it all wrong in saying, "there is no god". He should be saying: "there must be no gods in a Physical/Thermodynamical universe". The one that people love can only be an idea or a spirit and cannot exist elsewhere or can interfere with anything. It is because people don't understand their own spirituality (and priests don't help either) that they have to compensate and apply god to a Physical/Thermodynamical universe.

Only momentum, movement, motion and gravity work in space and those things can be converted into heat through X system and cannot be done the other way around. That is why, for certain misguided types in science, ray guns (particle beam weapons) are important to develop and the question is who's going to use them, where and why and who decides these things. Who or what will we point them at, why and for what purpose?

Never forget that heat is a transforming system/agent. It can change energy or matter, but energy and matter cannot change heat. To the Thermodynamicist, here is more a relationship between mass and heat than with mass and energy.

During this crucial time period, that must be done with harmony, precision and with matter's participation (an atmosphere(s)) where because of the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics, the laws of physics are also suspended, altered or slowed during the course of Thermal Equilibrium (explained later, and with demonstration) where smaller nuclear charges, that would have been planted in the asteroid already, are activated by its ionization through Earth's atmosphere that is assisted by heating the asteroid further with thermonuclear devices around the asteroid and would explode at that precise time, which should destroy the thing. Thermal Equilibrium would provide us with the extra time needed because of its effect on Time concerning physics which has yet to be examined or addressed, which so far this intrinsic thing is only known and experimented with in art and in artistic philosophy.

Of course, this would make a mess, but that is nothing compared to what would have happened and further, this system could be improved upon because it is actually thermal equilibrium we are seeking to change an object's state and not energy to destroy it or divert it, which would not be good anyway because in space these things just break apart and then continue upon the same trajectory, or as comets they are no better than flying frozen mud which in the vacuum of space, rather than in a surrounding atmosphere, an explosive of any type would be ineffective and implosion would be impossible without atmosphere resistance to push against and would be completely wasted, the remaining energy being completely absorbed.

Comet Shoemaker-Levy 9 Impacts Jupiter 1994

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Time: 12:57
This is one of the first experiments they should find and perform in space on another planet with an atmosphere if we discover an impending comet or asteroid strike and do this there, or with large specially manufactured boulders and drop them from space and use TNT to see/study the results, and perhaps perfect this system because survival is a system not an invention, while developing better thermonuclear devices that don't produce so much fallout beginning with computer simulations. The different densities, gravitation and composition of its atmosphere can easily be accounted for (with other planets) and calculations involving thermal equilibrium can be adjusted using the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics.

Thermal Equilibrium of an object traveling at high velocity through an atmosphere and then changing state; thus a system is created which can destroy or accomplish many positive things. It will "destroy" by "State transferal", if this process is not complete in the atmosphere. Our mission would be to accomplish and complete this change of state (vaporized) in the atmosphere, or equivalently, vaporize this object while its still in Newtonian Relativity before it reaches Galilean Relativity.
 photo ez9fy_zpsikp50ix6.gif
At right: Thermodynamics shows us why inertia exists because any two different relativities that would collide by way of matter would explode, but not if they are merged transitively, which physicists call, "acceleration and deceleration", it's efficiency/inefficiency being the amount of heat produced, through some medium, in both frequency and intensity.
The true genius here is Galileo, not Newton, who saw this connection between Relativity and heat, which we see with the simultaneous experiments he conducted, where Newton created his Newtonian Relativity and Calculus just to make killing, via cannon, more efficient and effective, where Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz, simultaneously developed his Calculus for a wider assortment of purposes and naturally is the only one used today, aside from it also being aesthetic.

The animation here (above) implies another wonder, called; 'Thermal equilibrium', which if the process is not complete in an atmosphere, the process will be transferred to another system (a solid/liquid surface like the Earth) until the thermal equilibrium is "complete". All heat and mass in the universe, not only cannot be created and destroyed but Must be transferred and exchanged.
All small meteorites we see blazing in the sky are "destroyed" by Thermal Equilibrium with their encounter in the atmosphere and the atmospheric friction that does the heating is a consequence of the difference in the movement of the molecules of air and the molecules of the asteroid multiplied by its motion/momentum. Just because it is air makes no difference where as previously stated that the rarefied air of steam (1700 times) can ably apply a force on a solid as another solid or liquid applying great weight and so it is the same in reverse with a hypersonic object moving through a gas or atmosphere.
Keep that in mind when you see car exhaust or smokestacks. These gases and particulate matter being emitted actually weigh a lot and should not be treated any different than solids or liquids.
Movement (the Entropies), Motion, Heat are elementally interchangeable and transitive systems that ultimately serve only Thermal Equilibrium.

The Earth would be just something else in a series of events that are/is automatically created by not being completed themselves, that would be part of the complete cycle of an object's thermal equilibrium cycle whose internal energy and momentum must be turned into heat once our gravity has locked on to it.
If the Earth/Universe was destroyed in some apocalypse, only that part of the universe of Galilean and Newtonian relativity would be "destroyed" and would be practically unnoticeable in General Relativity. The other relativities would also recover by turning heat back into movement and motion.
Our job would be to make this cycle smaller so that it does not need the Earth to complete it's own change of state via Thermal Equilibrium during its encounter with this planet and have Newton's Laws of Motion make an apocalyptic mess in a Galilean paradise which is what happens when two solids meet at hypersonic speeds.

By the way, Newton's Laws of Motion do not apply to Bose-Einstein Condensates, sub-atomic particles, liquids, gases, plasmas and flying mud, and solids act different in frictionless "vacuums". They have their own laws of motion which have yet to be formulated because one does not shoot water-pistols or mud or hot air/water at the enemy, but they are working hard at sending sub-atomic particles weapons; but the corpuscular Newton doesn't apply in quantum mechanics/physics.
Remember, Science is like a dog or cat show or a Star Trek/Star Wars convention in Las Vegas with these preconceived constructs and formulas of the Universe and Its Nature (or cats and dogs) that passes down from generation to generation.

G-Forces: "Physiology of Flight: Acceleration in Aviation" circa 1990

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Time: 22:39
UFO enthusiasts should take note that those reported sightings of "flying objects" are not made of solid substances by their reported and inertia-defying instantaneous movements although they may appear solid to the eye or camera, nor are there any reports of sonic booms, turbulences or wakes either. Let us not forget the comfort and safety of those poor passengers and crew of flying saucers exposed to such great G forces as to turn them into hamburger, spaghetti sauce or whatever.
I don't care how technologically advanced you are, Thermal Equilibrium and then physics must be reconciled with and dealt with appropriately.

UFO sightings, like hearing voices or having visions, shows what we must sight the all-around dynamic effects too with any type of phenomenon encountered and not just be selective while preferring one sub-phenomenon over the two others that should also be present in anything and not create band-aid systems like "Inertial dampeners" and "Heisenberg compensators" for technology that is antithetical to any meaning one could apply to any universe.
One cannot build a spaceship and it's navigational abilities like one builds a car with an expressway system.

So: Whether one is a primitive savage with the power to make blades out of flint or a huge-brain Talosian with the mind-power of creating "realities", Thermal Equilibrium would be dealt by both parties anywhere in the universe in the exact same way (whether intuitively or intelligently) if they want to stay alive. That's a lot of new philosophy to consider that we know is universal and can be developed, where via Thermodynamics, gods and bacteria are equal and one is no better than the other and both serve it, or obey its rules to the last jot and tittle.

Some people are more intelligent than others, but ours hearts are all equal and thermodynamics is the same for everybody.

There Are As Many States Of Mind As There Are Properties Of Matter; And With Matter, One Must "Merge" With It Transitively, Not Just Observe It Or Use It, —Even If We Destroy A System.

Celine Dion - My Heart Will Go On

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Time 4:36
Put this another way: Celine Dion, if she were an intellectual, she could prove that every time she sings, 'My Heart will go on', the Titanic sinks.
Celine Dion, the artist, can prove that when/where "the heart goes on"; it is not in any way sufficient to raise the Titanic and is the only true thing that is truly accomplished and something else must be done to prevent it from sinking. For that to happen, we must apply the A = C part of the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamic in our thinking and protocols along with our crossing.

The 'step method' along with 'Matter Thermodynamics' also teaches patience where it's not such a big deal to start things over again; or making mistakes are wonderful things that narrow-down other negative possibilities that help you create new countdowns to/for your goals faster, and you can leave the past behind because it's only a handy reference and that's called Experience, not a "profile" or "history".

Everyone changes in life for the better or the worse, but it is the heart (or lack of one) that decides this direction in life, which no computer will ever be able to calculate or quantify because this kind of information (feelings) cannot be fed into such a device.
This follows Feynman and his "Approximation to the truth" and Gauss' "Curve of uncertainty of/for reality" and we can only go anywhere in whatever endeavour by feeling, scratching and clawing our way there while being very careful and not forget Thermodynamics for even a millisecond.

Our Second Law of Thermodynamic energy systems, on the other hand, teach nothing, except on how to destroy passively and aggressively, since this system for energy use cannot function to create anything whatsoever, but can move practically anything temporarily, but matter/energy can be used for both creating and building any kind of system that get automatically regulated via thermal equilibrium (for better or worse) since hot will go to cold only up to a point, which Clausius never integrated into his Second Law of Thermodynamic. People are taught only an incomplete trek that is made to appear unlimited on the most important energy/heat cycle in the Universe.

Douglas Adams states in his 'Hitchhiker's Guide to The Galaxy':
The history of every major galactic civilization passes through three distinct and recognizable phases: There is:

For instance: The first phase is characterized by the question of, "How can we eat?"
The second, by the question: "Why do we eat?"
The third, by the question, "Where shall we have lunch?"

We may even inadvertently apply our primitive Second Law of Thermodynamic technology and philosophy to beings in the future that are completely existentially or physically invisible to us and they will seek to correct this new phenomena of what's happening to them, which may be lethal to us, but to them they "see" us only by our effect or wake and they would be correcting or adjusting something, like their comfort not realizing that in the process we are being annihilated.

Douglas Adams conceived of extra-dimensional life with superior intelligence who take on the form of mice; made necessary to explore a program called, "Life". So it is conceivable there are intelligent entities the size of stellar nurseries, that are invisible to rationalists and scientists, and they won't like being disturbed as much as we don't like being interfered with.

Science can be for both good and evil and the tools we devise in our cultures should be examined thermodynamically and with that we can decide their justification, morality, philosophy and ethics because if the device makes sense thermodynamically the morality and ethics will be become part of humankind transitively and further our growth and development, since it is easy to project or determine that alien intellect from another realm or planet follows the same laws of Thermodynamics because they have to, like we have to, regardless of what they look like or how they think; whether they are visible or invisible and it is a certainty that an advanced civilization has no machines or devices that run on the consumer-grade Second Law of Thermodynamic.

Davina - Come Over To My Place

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Time: 3:55
Ourselves, we will have to explore space like we explored and exploited Earth during paleolithic times and not the way we explored and exploited the Americas, and with the same attitudes these wonderful ancient beings had, which will be described later in detail as they are worth re-examining for many reasons, and because the "Star age" will be very much like the "Stone age" where their history has a lot to offer us in reminding us who we are and how we naturally act with things and systems, both known and unknown, and then apply those philosophies and our inventiveness in our future.

Society and civilization has made us very comfortable and we fear the unknown or unfamiliar and conjugate into distortion what we do know, but we must remember that once everything was unknown and unfamiliar and we dealt with these things quite effectively, as we will see on the next page.

Of course, the best scenario would be an intelligent combination of the two because the Europeans did bring (among other things, like horses) the international markets and access to them as well which many smart natives took advantage of and participated within for themselves and their tribes.

Yes, there were savages among the aboriginals, but there were as well among the Europeans. Our job in the future will be to explore any intergalactic market, if there is one and apply some Free enterprise, alongside our scientific exploration and find things to trade with, beginning with things that are unique from us and leave the guns, bullies and intellectuals behind because we are unique and we certainly don't want to look stupid or foolish as a first impression to any superior intelligence out there.
Business and trade, along with Thermodynamics is universal, but we must be wary of any encroachment private enterprise and always maintain a system for free enterprise.

Thermodynamics will be the law and ethics of a new galactic or intergalactic community where we don't need to bother moralizing anything since it will be Nature who tells us in advance if we are going in the right or wrong direction and no one anywhere in the universe can deny Thermodynamics.
In practice concerning any form of existence: Salesmanship never ends (ask any explorer) no matter how primitive or sophisticated one's culture or form of life is and thermodynamics makes a great ambassador too because any form of intelligence cannot change it (that's not for lack of trying like we see today with Ph.Ds, intellectuals, etc.).

To Merge In Order To Be.
Whether we are alive or dead, a transitive transferal is always going on among all things.

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Only the artist respects Matter because he not only derives nourishment from it (new ideas) by symbioses through merging, but he also nourishes Matter, himself-Itself, by merging with it, but most importantly gives it the appropriate respect, and finds an appropriate subject for it to exist in metaphysically, which no scientist ever does.
Artists still observe and learn from Nature Just like primitive man did with Jean Clottes' Principle of Fluidity and Permeability (simplified here, in this art exhibit for Thermodynamics and Matter into the word/concept, "Merging"), or as what was being done intuitively by many natural philosophers and physicists in the recent past.

The capitalist manifesto decreeing new revolutions in new private enterprise entitled: "New and Improved" is no longer good enough and we must ask what these things do and affect when these things are made, what they specifically do and who they affect, and what they do when we dump their new products and who should be the custodian or trustee of this "new" dump, whereas this would never be a problem with free enterprise. As a matter a fact, private enterprise creates more garbage pound for pound than finished products as can be seen near the beginning with flaring (as one example) and produce garbage with things that should not even be garbage because they don't want others to have or create opportunities for themselves, but want to keep everything for themselves.

Artists and poets also can see certain things that, if they were told, or shown to the population, or any closed system, would make us famous instantly, but the responsible artist knows that he would just be giving away ideas to the wrong persons and so refrains from expressing these things and restricts his thoughts about this with Nature and we are compensated amply by becoming its agents in reconnaissance and are its eyes and when we are angry after witnessing abominations that we cannot tell, Nature soothes our heart in a manner that itself cannot be expressed, but is equivalent, or guides us to a way to deal with difficult things in an artful manner that offends no one and does not disturb anything.

The artist in society may "count" how much money he does not want to make, or use because that is a form of value too being counted and multiplied and not subtracted or divided (especially if he sees the hidden-dark things very clearly which his imagination can bring him to these places) or squandered (can one really squander money?), as to how much he is making against his "poverty", honesty and allegiance to Nature and the betterment of humankind, (the step method) is like a springboard that brings him anywhere he wants in other areas that are safer and are just as worthy to develop and themselves may lead to our original quest, but Nature demands a protocol for it first which is the thing we begin with.

It is simply a matter of learning how to avoid things like flatterers, the lawyers, the doctors, the venture capitalists, the experts, the bureaucrats and the intellectuals and all good things will come to him by themselves. Information itself is a Muse that sings its own songs.

James Burke explains: First we learn, then we build
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Time: 6:05
These goddesses of learning were necessary to create (among the other gods for other things) since they objectify what is today run by systems instead (who claim to have greater wisdom and privilege than the Muses themselves!) since learning was the foundation of civilization in a time when civilization was something new.
There could not of been a civilization first and then wisdom appears after because it takes wisdom, learning and organization to create a society in the first place, but this is what people today are programmed to believe by intellectuals who do not, or have ever acknowledged that their great buildings and offices have come from rock and soil, mud and water as wonderfully demonstrated here by James Burke.

Ordinary people must come first and must be encouraged to learn and question everything they can and teach others, and that is the true gift of ancient Greek civilization. It's when systems and sub-systems took over it became necessary to exterminate gadflies like Socrates or Jesus and burn Democritus' books and that's where ancient Greece/Rome/Israel started to fall apart, where later we find pragmatists like Aristotle or the Apostles in their Gospels and Church Fathers trying to save everything, or what they could.

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