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Monday, June 24, 2013

The Energy/Work Systems of Philo of Byzantium, Ctesibius and Heron of Alexandria

HTML'S MAGIC: Extreme Cold - Page 5 - 'The Energy/Work Systems of Philo of Byzantium, Ctesibius and Heron of Alexandria' .

Page 5 of 'Extreme Cold'
'A History and Monologue on Matter and Natural Systems
in Materials Science of/for Energy Systems within
any Macroscopic Scale'.

by GP duBerger

Machine: # 37 by Heron of Alexandria
This animation is a presentation of an example of what technology would appear like regarding different systems working together inclusively if it's not controlled by standards bodies, multinationals and banks because these entities and institutions did not exist in ancient Greece when things like this were invented. The only standards then were Nature's enthalpy (a Thermodynamic state function), latent heat and thermal equilibrium which were known intuitively (like in the stone age) and were applied then, in ancient Greece, to new applications upon old things like pipes for music making.
The principle demonstrated here shows that the devise goes back to the way it was originally without using energy, which is something people have to pay for to happen today. We could cut all our emissions in half too if we applied this principle to all things.
Here, by altering their design, the same types of pipes are used to CREATE Work instead of music. This thing, is literally "plugged" into Nature directly and not some privately-owned utility. This is the direction and cycle this page will take.

Quid est interius, etiam exterius

So, following the intellectuals, the organized religions in how they think the universe runs itself, or the money: Today, high schools, universities and colleges only teach two laws of thermodynamics that have been reduced into something that I like to call respectively, "Dogma" and "Consumer grade", as part of physics or chemistry which teaches the First Law through it's assigned, Q = 0 where there is no such thing as an "Adiabatic condition" in an open or isolated system, while not forgetting that this way of presenting Thermodynamics deprecates Thermal Equilibrium.

"Adiabatic" is a word like "constellation" or "Wednesday", etc., which are things that are originally arbitrarily assigned and serve other purposes that have nothing to do with their actual reality. These ideas and their words only serve closed systems. This stuff is all over in what is known as "science" and Thermodynamics can help in its way to sort out this type of stuff when one must deal with systems.

The Second Law of Thermodynamics, whose unique form of dynamic is where energy must be obtained from only specific locations and specific things (that are privately owned) that provide heat or energy in only a certain way, which is not very sophisticated after all.
Like matter, energy is all over the place and only needs intelligent manipulation (as seen here in the animation above) like we do with the manipulation of matter to perform any desired function. There are a multitude of other examples which can be found by researching these ancient devices.

Then they (like Yale University) go over, very briefly, the most fundamental law of them all; The Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics (already stripped of its Thermal Equilibrium) and just call it "thermodynamics" where they go through a lot of time teaching the defunct material theory for heat (Calories) and the only "transitive" thing there, is their conversion of defunct caloric: (4.2 joules = 1 calorie) and avoid teaching, natural heat and chemical cycles.

Only robber-barons run and endow universities and they will not teach at all the Zeroth and Third laws of Thermodynamics. Only artists and artisans will explain them because to us, life and existence is not a game and being an artist means being able to conjugate different forms of value besides just paper money.

It is no coincidence that modern-day "scientific" nonsense is featured prominently in the movie 'Dumb and Dumber' (2014) and is a representation of science's own stupidity that fits neatly in comedy of this style.
People that go to TED or "KEN" conferences are the expression of a profitable marketing niche because these people love science fiction and science bullsh*t as much as organized-religion bullsh*t.

This is excellent "education" if you are only a trade school because most of the jobs available are to fix or create machines anyway that only work with those two tampered Laws of Thermodynamics because they "naturally" serve the legal entities that provide the "refined" fuels and control for these devices, that themselves only serve procurers (banks) rather than science teaching humanity and each individual how to improve themselves and take advantage of open energy systems towards the goal of individual or family/community self-sufficiency.

People's lives are made unnecessary, living with machines that should not exist the way they do and will eventually kill everything. We don't need A.I. or "Terminators" to do that, as stupid machines designed by stupid scientists are all that's necessary.
The proper study of Thermodynamics shows us that this process is already beyond inherent self-programming computers because this is intrinsic as a system in all the machines we build that make society function the way it does.

Teach humanity Thermal Equilibrium and The Principles of Sufficiency and Equivalency?
Are you nuts?

Create work producing machines for humankind without generating any heat, pollution, noise, waste heat or increasing entropy?

What will happen to the economy?
It will improve and be forever stable and indestructible and there will be other forms of value to incorporate into existence that surpass paper money. Money, itself, will have to compete like any other business. — people will only have new and different jobs, have more fun, be more aware, have more systems to create new types of value, have more free time and be better educated too, with a form of education that makes sense where every subject is connected and not DISCONNECTED.

Physical Education
Jacob Bronowsky, delivers an elegant description of Physical Education The primary machine-system to take care of first is the heart, body and mind. Thumbnail for Video
Click or Tap to Open
Time: 2:08

What's offered instead makes for an existence that's not very interesting, confusing, poisonous and can be programmed, nor can it ever be sustainable.
Why they even mention Thermodynamics in the first place is because they have too, but if they could avoid it, they would, so every teaching authority does the next best thing by making it complicated for nothing and distort the First and Second laws entirely.
If Thermodynamics, from its inception, is entirely different between chemistry and physics; what is Thermodynamics then? Is it not like the quantum which derived its existence because of two different formulas were required to explain black-body radiation in classical science?

Basic Thermodynamics, I have discovered, is as important as reading, writing, arithmetic and physical education to survive in any society (including an alien society) which intrinsically incorporates the right type of thinking or it only allows that. If thermodynamics were a religion; everybody would understand the same things the same way regardless of their intelligence, yet have an infinite diversity of philosophy to play or concern themselves with, but they would not interfere with each other. We would understand that different cultures exist because of different environments, but the systems we use to survive would be universally understood.

The laws of Nature and the laws of life begin with Thermodynamics and all subsequent laws that deal with other subjects, like physics or chemistry must conform to them, which explains the, already related, problems created concerning ΔU=Q+W or ΔU=Q-W among other formulas that deal with thermodynamics where Nature is made to have completely different characters and turns the sciences into systems with their own universe's instead of a unifying philosophy.

In fact, look up yourself any antiquated book on science or natural philosophy and you will see they all begin with Thermodynamics and end with Geology and Botany. In between, is all physics and chemistry taught as parlour tricks to amuse children and the ladies. Now, physics and chemistry, among their related subjects, are taken too seriously, where Thermodynamics, botany and geology today are non-existent in/on any level of education.
Looks, feels, smells and sounds like politics, programming and indoctrination to me.

All one really needs is a solid foundation in Thermodynamics and Geology and those two subjects together will make any other subject in science simple to specialize in. Don't laugh at Geology as it goes much further than one would normally think like: Geophysics where we realize that any planet is one big rock demonstrating its own unique physics and systems which teaches us wonderful new possibilities; and there are the wonders of various compounds of carbon dioxide in its liquid and solid forms to look at (besides just its gaseous form).

If I were a space explorer, I would not be interested in meeting alien cultures and making first contacts, political alliances and trade agreements or look for adventure, but would explore planets and moons and marvel in their unique dynamics, chemistry and physics where I know Nature will always show me something marvelous I could never of imagined.

Each planet can be considered a running and unique laboratory experiment that has something intrinsic to demonstrate with matter and energy which could then be assigned a name based on this philosophy (like in the etymology for the word, "serendipity") where its application might even be useful and practical to/for us and other life forms, should we encounter them.
If we live on Mars one day, expect a new name given to that planet by its residents/inhabitants since there are experiences and dynamics there that cannot exist on Earth that transcend our present ideas, beliefs and philosophies.

Yale's course on Thermodynamics on You Tube only presents closed systems, (I prefer to call it: "A long-winded discussion in Dissertationese") but remember that this is primarily for a physics course and things are taught that don't jibe with actual history (like when Brian Greene discusses the history of quantum mechanics).

Besides the Zeroth Law's Thermal equilibrium, the Third Law of Thermodynamic is also practically non-existent, or a complete distortion, but is only discussed as the "Microscopic Basis of Entropy" (Statistical mechanics where phase changes cannot be defined which is odd for something that deals in Low temperature physics).
This gives one a taste on how, in science, intellectuals and private ivy-league schools change the names of things to confuse people (definitions of definitions), where many times you will read something that you should know perfectly, or very well, like the Third Law, but change the name or change the focus, where one does not understand what they are talking about because this is caused at the introductory levels of these "courses" where these ideas should only appear in advanced versions of these courses.

This is fine because people that go to these places to be "educated" all live in their own private Idaho anyway. It is up to the rest of us to find new ways to learn new things by ourselves and exploit them and create new forms of value. Humanity itself must build civilizations and societies, not the overly specialized intellectual, theologian or the politician.

This "course" which is just an interpretation of Thermodynamics according to physics and not chemistry is also "offered" as a "surprise" at near the end of a semester so exhausted students will hate Thermodynamics even more and this I find is true in other university courses too.

Later, I will discuss the Third Law of Thermodynamics, in detail including it's "particular" entropy, but I won't call it "Microscopic basis for entropy" (which does not exist as a thing, but as a dynamic where a direction must be assigned to it, as explained earlier), and I will point you to the proper mathematics to study since that is beyond the scope of this story, or my own knowledge, but I'm sure there is enough there to get anyone who's interested go in the right direction because to appreciate and understand the Third Law, one does not need to be a physicist or a mathematician.

This "process" neglects that Work and just movement (not just motion) on their part can create heat too. This is what I mean by "consumer-grade Thermodynamics", where Nature has a lot more to offer than this stupid thing has to say about anything.
Although certain things that are taught are true in a way (or can be twisted to be represented as such), they certainly don't follow the actual historical developments in how these discoveries were made, as they claim them to be, which is important when learning Thermodynamics as this is not the same when learning physics/chemistry where one can make all the historical connections and associations in any way one wants like James Burke does to great effect. It is no surprise that James Burke's work goes awry when he even touches upon Thermodynamics in his discussions (but in an interesting way); He is "perfect" when he confines his "connections" to physics and chemistry.
There are "connections" to be made with Thermodynamics, but they are all ternary systems and the people and events involved in its development must be properly associated by their timelines, reasons and purpose (correct and factual histories) otherwise thermodynamics becomes meaningless.
Thermodynamics, itself, must be related to and discussed thermodynamically.

What they teach in expensive universities and social networks is a mix of stuff from the 19th century and worse, they don't teach any of those laws of thermodynamics that were developed by Nobel Prize-winning scientists of the 20th century. You will also note that what they do teach of the Zeroth Law is with a Second law-like thinking and application as you will soon see from a popular social media site.

Thermodynamics is therefore an autodidact subject and any ordinary person reading this and paying attention is equivalent to a billionaire, but just doesn't know it yet because he/she is not aware of other values that exist in open and isolated systems that are always at anyone's service. Poverty and war are a distinction that is only possible in some society. Remove society and there is no poverty or war and there remains only possibilities while numerous forms of value emerge to satisfy anyone's needs, in all aspects of existence.

For instance: In physics, when they teach the Zeroth Law, they call an open system a "reservoir" which cannot account for entropy never increasing in an open system, but can increase in any reservoir, which can be very deceptive and besides the Universe is not an energy dump, but I guess that's a matter of opinion nowadays. Programming: If heat and energy is not something or somewhere branded and sold for profit, then it is not heat or energy.

Further: Without systems, there are no worthwhile discussions, dissertations or lectures in thermodynamics, only opinions. For instance: "Nothing" is a system, not an entity, a form of existence or anything at all; only a system. G-D or Nature themselves might only be systems and not actual things, or entities.
Anyway, you have to learn physics the way they teach it to fix it, after you know all thermodynamics first. This would be easy to do since we would be getting rid of a lot of junk anyway that can be covered by more complete models that are simpler too. Science, like governments, have their bureaucracy too.

For instance: Magnetism is a system and not a thing like the electron,  (but an ion is a system) as there is no such thing as a magnetic monopole counterpart to something like an electron. Magnetism doesn't even exist quantum mechanically as an individual quanta, but only as crowds of many quanta put together, in some field, which are entirely mathematical. Monopoles may be considered as quasiparticles, but never particles and one must be very careful when dealing with or discussing 'quasiparticles' because this is not just mathematics, but philosophy too where theoretical physicists, cosmologists and intellectuals have never been known to be good philosophers.

In the Classical or Quantum Universes: If one cuts a magnet in half one creates a smaller version of the same thing (in quantum physics this would be a field of substance with magnetic properties) and not separated and independent poles just like any other system of any kind. This dividing can continue until we reach a single atom and not beyond it, albeit all forms of magnetism will appear or be detected with that atom and its interactions and not just ferromagnetism. If monopoles existed, then how does diamagnatism exist? (where poles point east and west). Also there is no possibility for anti-monopoles to exist as like the positron for the electron.

An electron on its part cannot be split apart, cut or smashed into smaller bits. An electron, is an electron is an electron, yet there are things that are inside of it to do such wonderful things in different ways, which are expressed in the "weird" world of the quantum that states that there are other things going on beyond the quantum and that it cannot be a god (whether by direct control or by design) because that would be the height of inefficiency and a waste of energy/time.
Here we are discussing the world of mutual cooperation and not some administrator running things. If a god was running or designing anything in the physical universe, thermodynamically the universe would consume itself to oblivion and can offer nothing like "heaven" or "hell" or "paradise", etc., etc., after the fact.

Cut a thermometer in half and one creates two smaller or thinner thermometers that will function exactly in the same manner when they are sealed again because this is what systems do dynamically in the metaphysical sense, and this is what makes miniaturization possible, but one cannot miniaturize the electron and everything it does.

When one cuts and cuts and cuts any system in half, one inevitably reaches to three different things and no longer can be split in half where we may replace one of those things with something different, but compatible third fundamental Zeroth Law system (which with matter-thermodynamics can be a thing) and create/build an entirely different system and begin this process in reverse to what's been just described. If this situation did not exist, cycles in matter/energy, either together or respectively, would be impossible. See: Moore's Law which deals with systems and their limits in miniaturization.

In another way, according to thermodynamics, quantum mechanics (as a system) exists because of the system of physics that is taught and actually does not exist as a distinctive entity or form of physics because both classical and quantum physics can be broken down the same way and produce the same results, where it is only a question of where we begin in the step method way of seeing/doing things. It is intellectuals who divide physics, and philosophy and make ridiculous distinctions instead of unifying things.

Because of systems there are particles in particle physics and quantum mechanics that are considered quasiparticles which are mathematical ideas where systems can be quantized up to a point, but quasiparticles should for now only be considered as tools and not as something real, especially when this tool begins to hide the differences between systems and actual real things and treat the two as the same, which I consider is a horrible epidemic in modern science because that is what these intellectuals, theoretical/particle physicists, cosmologists, popularizers and communicators in science are doing all the time.

The only thing to consider here is that in Nature, systems are conserved like anything else which is an unrecognized revolution in philosophy and that is the fault of the physicist for failing to recognize this. This is why we have "communicators" and popularizers today talking about god/no god or god particles and intelligence, etc., because they don't know the difference between things and systems or they treat them the same.

Even the Nobel Committee no longer knows the difference when they hand out prizes for systems like fivefold symmetry, which is not a thing like fourfold, threefold or twofold symmetry that actually all exist on their own accord without dependencies and this is because they don't hand out prizes for new sciences and fields of study. They effectively corrupt the very physics and chemistry they award prizes for where many things that have evolved out of them have become distinct philosophies that have little to do with physics or chemistry.

There are only around 1,200 billionaires on this planet (2013), —that's not enough. Like stock brokers in 1929, it's for sure that the type of economics we have today is going out the window, inevitably, one way GD or another and its our choice to decide the better way to get there because it's all here, and every aspect of a destructive equivalency is there, now, to destroy it.

If people don't have to buy their energy needs from a third party, then, who needs money, or what does money mean? This would certainly change its meaning and importance and a new value system will come out naturally.

What's being described, is that it is matter/energy that creates value and not a created and artificial value (like money) that creates/obtains energy, yet this is exactly what people have been programmed or conditioned to believe and do, where one has to buy energy from some legal entity and even pay taxes for it.
This is only possible if one is assimilated into a system, but this has nothing to do with the actual reality for the rest of the universe, —let alone the planet we live on.

It is a certainty that no one is making money (capital), now, except for those who always had money. The only way left to change corrupt nations with corrupt economics, banks, religions, educational institutions, intellectuals and scientists is to change oneself and we do this collectively, and not by revolution or protesting.
As for protesting a system, it is not protesting, but fantasy because most of what's in any society is make belief anyway. All these consequences or benefits begin with how we think about matter and energy, and then other people and their groups.

The Crisis of Civilization
Featuring: Nafeez Mosaddeq Ahmed Thumbnail for Video
Click or Tap to Open
Time: 1:17:29

How many people on this planet, besides with superficial things, can claim they are better off today than they were five or ten years ago? Capital is the key here because in the past everyone could accumulate capital and now only the elite can have that since the disappearance of the Gold Standard being replaced by the Fiat economic system. This was only possible in the past with Communist countries and everyone knows and understands what happened to them. So what you see on the news on the "economy" is total balderdash and political manipulation and economic annihilation (like you'd be reading it from Pravda), and actually means absolutely nothing because it's not real, or it's as real as you make it in your mind.
The west is already bankrupt and exists on credit where people's taxes are used to pay interest on loans that can never be repaid unless new values are recognized and implemented.

Anyway, not paying for energy, or being taxed for it (imagine we are being taxed for energy!), is not Communism or Socialism; this is 'Naturalism' where we would manage already existing heat and energy.
Why do and pay for things you don't have to, when Nature can take care of these things for you automatically since the entire Universe is Itself "Sustainable" (Automatic) like your own body or a plant while considering their internal mechanisms, which are infinitely more complex than society, economics, religion, science or any machine, so these things have no excuse to exist, except temporarily or as a step to something better, and there is no philosophy in any civilization anywhere that describes our automatic and sustainable Universe either. Your body is not the only thing alive, but so is the Earth and the entire cosmos alive and we live within these things.

It the strangest thing where those that say "optical illusion" or "counterintuitive", themselves are illusions.
They make no attempt either, to merge themselves with Nature, via the permeability and fluidity of their intelligence.
A man with no soul cannot discuss anything far from his own cradle, and the older he gets the more babbling we hear from him.

Everyone is being bamboozled from day one, and apathy to improve anything has become epidemic. Competition is the name of the game, but who are we competing against, and for what purpose? Against each other? The kind of thermodynamics we needed to fight and win and lose two world wars (depends which side your nation was in) is still being used today. So in a way, we are still at war and there never was a real Armistice or Unconditional Surrender (except on paper), or there will never be any peace if we don't convert to Zeroth-like principles in our machines and engines and a new philosophy of life will emerge from what matter itself has to teach us.

The scientist's true goal is to help all humanity and not just his nation or western civilization, and create systems that help all beings on this planet and beyond, regardless of species of life and their gender, race, beliefs, location.

The dogmatic First and especially the consumer-grade Second Law of Thermodynamics make life and Thermodynamics so complicated for nothing when dealt by modern media, intellectuals and scientists, where to explain just heat, — forget cold, it must be divided up into a million parts creating new jobs for intellectuals and a nightmare for engineers. Their idea for diversity is to chop things and subject matter into smaller pieces where DIVERSITY should be based on scientific principles of state elements and grow more diverse things from there.

Everything becomes very simple by adding another system for Thermodynamics and this is provided for by the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics because this law of Nature includes matter, — not just energy, so it is very important.

For an example of what I'm talking about regarding the Second Law; look up from various sources "Perfect Gas" or "Ideal Gas" and compare that to "Perfect liquid" and there you will find a completely different story because the story about Quarks hasn't been contaminated yet because intellectuals haven't got around to them yet, nor can they because they don't have sufficient intelligence and imagination to exploit any new philosophy and manipulate that, and can only attack and undermine established knowledge.

Intellectuals, like the police, are the elite social anarchists to humankind and are equivalent to the political anarchists in civilization, itself, who can't deal with any new philosophy and do not use this instrument to try to make things better and equitable for everybody. Anarchy itself is only wrong when it becomes a political thing exactly like when and if capitalism does, and so it too turns rotten; private enterprise with no free enterprise being the supreme example of that infected tooth of anarchy within capitalism itself.

When people can have practical economically free work-making systems, then, they are not tied into any system to pay for unnecessary energy throughout their lives, giving themselves the freedom to improve themselves in their own way and at their own pace and when they feel like it and all people want to improve themselves and even attain to higher things, which is a scientific fact provided there is no interference. Towns, cities and civilizations, themselves, will survive because people like each other and like to be together and for no other reason. Those that like to be alone always live in the country or some isolated location, and that is their choice. Everyone is happy.

Open the eyes and see (don't look) around and you will see Nature is there flaunting Its infinite largess of matter/energy energy systems everywhere for every other living creature and non-living thing because the Universe itself is alive. It's just all in a grander scale.

Right now, via organized science, organized religion and in business; humanity is being created into a new form of bacteria/cancer that is being cultivated to ultimately attack and plunder the cosmos to sustain itself, where Earth is a ground-zero petri dish of this new wonder. It's my job and yours, to inform Nature by merging with It. Nature will tell/show you how save yourselves, your family and friends and ultimately, the human race.

Each and every person is important in this job to be done and not scientists, intellectuals or leaders in organized religion telling us what to do or think. In fact, everything they have to say must be scrutinized and triple-checked regardless of who you are or your "intelligence". Of course, you MUST have been told/programmed you are stupid or insignificant, so you believe it. Otherwise you would of never known of this terrible condition!
For the regular crowd, I have this to say: "There is a real Internet out there that exists just beyond Facebook and Instagram etc., with a wealth of researched information, and not opinions like we find on social networks.

We have reached the point where caring (which does not require intelligence per se) is more important than thinking. Thinkers, well......they are not really thinkers, but pretend thinkers who are sponsored by certain interests who only care about themselves. They are writers/actors and no different than actors/writers becoming politicians.
These sponsors also produce, publish and distribute these wonderful "educational" books, videos and documentaries that strangely only proselytize things that are ultimately only Thermodynamic closed systems. They have also decided what the universe and god is, not realizing that this is impossible to conjugate or conjuncture in any CLOSED SYSTEM they are selling and that, they themselves are part of.

With Nature, one does not pray; One does things like: cleaning-up after ourselves and beginning by rejecting all concepts and systems that cannot sustain themselves and even create wars so they can properly function. Just walking down to the grocery store and maybe picking up a piece of trash along the way, instead of using the car; and do this once a week is all that's required to start the ball rolling.

Alan Greenspan
Of course, all this extra-free time in this wonderful new world of humanity, and money not spent on inefficient and unsustainable system, will probably be used to try to make more money because this was already discussed in the 1960s and 70s, where this was becoming possible and the complete unexpected occurred, instead, and people used their free time to pursue more money opening the doors to Alan Greenspan and Milton Freedman-type nonsense.
Today, if this Natural system were implemented, this "greedom" would be meaningless and completely ineffective as one would be working for nothing anyway and even lose things along the way making greed and vanity counterproductive economically for everybody because other values would make their appearance, that have not been spawn from any organized religion that are just as good, or better than paper money and organized religion.

"Laws are the sovereigns of sovereigns"
-Louis XIV"

People's behaviour would be regulated naturally and we would not need any government, corporate, religious, professional or intellectual interference, who can't help anything anyway, despite their promises because if you remember from before, the first laws of society that were ever created were for its own crimes and not crimes committed by the people because these new crimes were only made possible because of civilization in the first place. Individual human beings don't create slavery and exploitation and war, only society and civilizations can do that. It is society that requires laws and regulations (like a constitution, or a Geneva convention) in the first, not humanity, then we can have civilization.

Girl Before A Mirror
Pablo Picasso 1932.
The entire Universe is free and so is life and existence and you are part of the Universe yet most people think that you have to pay and work for everything, be a member of some club, society, or organized religion where a system for an artificial survival and prosperity prevails over real survival and prosperity where "civilization" itself should be sufficient.
No one can agree what this human system is supposed to do in the first place all the while making humanity as part of some other system involving a god that demands one to give, sacrifice and submit to authority, which separates us from Nature who demands that we give and take, to learn, and build from ourselves and to be free, like every other creature in the Universe, while doing important or necessary work for your collective at the same time.

People insist upon putting themselves in machines and in environments that need constant replenishing and maintenance from artificial sources when there are better ways to build engines and live in clean eco-friendly and quiet cities that could accommodate even more trade and ethical business than what could be imagined today. Competition, itself, is an artifice since because of the limitations of closed systems everywhere, there are only certain types of competition and businesses that are encouraged or are "legal" that favour only expediency and ephemeral things and encourage certain types of crime themselves. Whoever invented this cow pie for everyone's existence is a total genius where men serve society instead of society serving men. One has to admire the devil sometimes, or there is much to learn when studying vanity and its methods.

RTSP Video
These ancient things are all explained very badly or completely wrong. We find missing parts and/or missing principles everywhere where/when ancient science is encountered. James Burke once remarked: "If you understand something, it must be obsolete". Evidently, Thermodynamics is not obsolete because no one understands it yet, and we have Heron of Alexandria to prove it.
The animation above of Heron's M37 is missing the part on top of the flame which would be some decorative vessel filled with air and not be underneath the flame, and in this video clip they call this decorative vessel that is there, a "sacred altar" which it is not as you can see for yourself in any church today that has one, where every day at mass, Jesus Christ, himself, gets sacrificed there, and on schedule, and the priest gets to drink his blood and worshipers get the leftovers.
"Sacred altar" is poetic license and not history, religion or anything to do with architecture. Altars are for sacrifices and nothing else just like the intellectualized "Microscopic basis for entropy" is actually a portion of the Third Law of Thermodynamic because it equally applies to the macroscopic, but present-day physics cannot afford, or allow for that.

Now to the mechanics:
In this clip, there is the missing Siphon and Ludion, which you see in the above animation. Together the visitor, here, can successfully extrapolate all that is necessary when we include the counterweight (gravity) that completes the cycle of equilibrium/disequilibrium/equilibrium. Without the siphon/ludion system, the doors would never close automatically when the fire was extinguished and that's what "Automatic" means and what's being demonstrated here; the doors don't close automatically when the flame is doused.

Shown again from first page
We only see demonstrated, heated air pressure pushing/moving water aero-hydraulically because a real siphon/ludion system works both ways (transitive) and not only one way as we see in that clip because, WITH OR WITHOUT ENERGY, heat itself is always moving somewhere.

The way the "siphon" (as quoted as being) is used is as a Second Law of Thermodynamic device, but the Ludion is what gives that away because that is an isolated or quasi-isolated system that can only function in two ways for one action and must be part of, or connected to some open system existing somewhere, or other closed system encircling it entirely. The Ludion also demonstrates that a dynamical "Nothing" is a reaction in itself which can produce as much Work as a dynamical "Action".
Newton's Laws of motion are not everything or, at best, are not complete because they do not take thermodynamically-caused motion and movements into account.
Further, scientists talk about matter and antimatter all the time as a system to produce energy; so why not 'action and nothing' as a system, that together produce twice as much Work.

Otherwise, this has nothing to do with Siphonage, but is merely Aerolic/hydraulic pressure and gravity, like Hero's Fountain. (more on this in next page: 'A Short History of Perpetual Motion and The Duel Aerolic and Hydraulic Generator') The Ludion is fascinating because by one action one creates a reaction, but two forms or directions of/for Work are created separately, which can be manipulated by different systems working together, or vice-versa. These principles and the science they offer (because things like this are everywhere) is what mankind and humanity needs to not extinguish himself and better than that, to move beyond anything we can imagine today.

Sharkey's Night - Laurie Anderson
Laurie Anderson and William S. Burroughs give us some perspective Thumbnail for Video
Click or Tap to Open
Time: 2:30

In matters of science, these types of errors are caused by modern-day Second Law of Thermodynamic-type thinking where everything follows Newton's Laws of Motion (where cycles don't exist) and many cannot be blamed for this, including contributors to Wikipedia, because it is the only way they were taught to know things which you see with young people now, like this unfortunate young man, here in the above clip of some BBC production (well..where else?), who I'm sure is being very earnest, but unfortunately, like most people, his mind has been warped by the educational system and the media with 19th century technology, and everything is just programmed and the real natural world of the transitive nature of Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics, thermodynamics and its Principles is invisible to him, as with most people, yet the Zeroth Law is in plain view everywhere.

My research extends to history before the petroleum industry even existed, where we find that there was much research involving Thermodynamic cycles and their systems, where the closer we approach our time the less papers were written on Thermodynamics. Today, there is nothing and the above video on "automatic door opener" is the result.

The nice thing about artists is that we cannot be programmed and our talents are more often wasted re-observing and reevaluating things that intellectuals and private-enterprise groups have warped and corrupted, rather than doing our own work of discovery in Nature.

All our artistic movements in the 20th century were actually protests, where through surrealism in its various movements starting with Dada, we attempted to demolish organized science and religion and discredit intellectuals and the media, among other things. There is still lots of work to do. See clip on Technological Disobedience with Artist: Ernesto Oroza at this link: :-)

'General Idea' examine the differences between Content and Context
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Time: 6:19

Throughout history, there are many periods in art, where nothing significant is being created in art, (like now is a good example) nor are there any movements because we are busy doing things like writing monologues on Thermodynamics, among other regulated related things which have purpose and meaning in themselves and certainly don't require invisible gods or intellectuals to conjugate.

What would any artist do in today's society that would have any meaning to anything, since any message or metatruth would fall on ears that don't hear or listen and with eyes that look and see nothing except what some major brand tells them, or he/she uses art, music or poetry as a weapon where they themselves are deficient in some manner instead of using art and music to grow from, and then grow with?

So, big deal if one has self-opening doors through some elaborate process; but do they self-close too like they are supposed to as Heron had designed them to do? Apparently not and this is an interesting pathology, where instead of working to improve and implement these concepts; No, they plagiarize their principles while making them look cumbersome and ridiculous. That takes coordination by committees to do that.
People now accept as reality, things that involve science that are only half-measures, complete falsehoods and are willing to pay for them, from scientists that are practically worshiped and people call artists crazy?

Artists spot these discrepancies, which are all over the place in organized science, organized religion and private-business groups, but not by all artisans, like we saw in that clip above. I don't like it when "educationalists" start corrupting our brother artisans. They are on the front line and this means that art itself is next on their agenda to destroy. This of course, will never happen, one way or another. The story of 'Fahrenheit 411' is symbolic and disguised as turning the "poor intellectual" into a martyr, but is actually a story on science and religion destroying art for political reasons.

Ray Bradbury was a genius because he must of known intuitively that the REAL STORY in it's original and undeveloped form would never of been published. Art in the form of "Artifice" is created, as how can one feel sorry for an intellectual under any circumstances except when "created" by the artists or poet?

The word "discrepancy" always reminds me of things like "Dark Energy"; ALL ENERGY is actually "dark" where the only things we see are their effects or their wake after affecting matter, depending if this energy is a real thing or a system or if a force is based on energy or some fictitious force.
No one has ever "seen" electricity, but only observed/felt its effects upon Matter. No one has ever "seen" gravity, but know of its effect on Matter. Etc., ect.

For now, it is important to note that it has never been unusual for cosmology to turn physical phenomenon and treat it metaphysically instead, or create two entirely different senses for one concept, rather than giving it a unique concept.

They are like the legal entity that create nothing and only brand already existing things. Or the theologian or scientist naming and classifying things that are not supposed to be named and classified like five-fold symmetry, constellations, dark matter, Wednesday, a Celsius thermometer, etc., etc.
Today it seems that most scientists we see in media, pimp science and don't discuss it as you can see in the following video....
Please be mindful, here, that nowhere is anything in this video from You Tube (University of California Television) that there is anything discussed in physics following any of the laws of thermodynamics.

"The Mystery of Empty Space"
Great lecture where we see how modern science thinks, — as a system!
He, à la Brian Greene, even goes so far as saying that the Big Bang theory is based on Einstein's Theory of Relativity! (20:03) This is not so.
Typically, Thermodynamics is never mentioned and the ideas expressed here come dangerously too close to religious ideas (Higgs Bosons). Propaganda and Soft-selling at it's best!
"Hell is other people" -Jean-Paul Sartre
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Time: 42:15

We may as well have "time waves" too, rather than time fields which is what all Relativities are about, and there are no gravity particles either (gravity is a system like magnetism or a thermometer), otherwise we would be able to rub them out of matter through friction, or the effect of friction as a process, like we can do with electrons (Static electricity) or photons (Mechanoluminescence) among other subatomic particles where the opposite occurs in that they pass through matter effortlessly, like neutrinos, or at least produce an effect or a measure somehow; although I agree that there must be some other system besides acceleration and mass involved in gravity, but it certainly is not a particle, but that is another subject. It is not just Einstein's relativity that fails in a black hole, but so does quantum mechanics yet the proponents of one side blame the other side as already shown here and exactly in the way a bunch of kids would do. Let's not forget the ever-present 'Narrator phenomenon', or diegesis, in videos and documentaries that has a man's voice that speaks for Nature's and injects the religious or consumer grade First and Second Law of Thermodynamics everywhere possible.

Science and Engineering Gone Mad

In actuality, you can "rub off gravity" out of matter and that would be the mass of anything you scrapped off with friction that falls off which, while falling, all these minute particles of dust would be wave-like too, but these are not "gravitons"; like we can compare them to other subatomic particles. There are no gravity waves either because gravity has no substance and that would be like saying that, "waves can make waves".

Gravity is certainly part of some constituent of matter and mass in the quantum, but this would be in the form of some network element that also makes up part of the mechanics of the atom, and this depends entirely of how these quanta are put together and how they appear and how fast they are moving where any speed is also a different property and mass of that matter/mass (Feynman) and that's one of the things that would make gravity happen. With gravity, we are discussing network elements and systems, not entities.
No movement = No matter, therefore no Mass because that is Absolute Zero and that is a system.

Put another way: Put a bunch of "gravitons" together and we have nothing because they would disappear into each other so "gravitons" must have a companion particle that could be called "separation particles" (like quarks have gluons as their companions) to prevent them from swallowing each other up, which cannot exist because this would increase the mass of the Universe and it would collapse again.

Instead, we have inertia during acceleration and deceleration (where a change in Mass is always the last thing happening) where matter itself can be anywhere at any time but a units mass changes all the time depending on its movements or vibrations (Morello) or by its motions (Newton) and all this is being exchanged throughout the universe by way of heat.

There are lots of things that exist because they exist, and they are systems, not entities, like 'Angular Momentum' is a wonderful example, in that it is the same, more or less, in both quantum and classical science. The only thing different is the allowed frequencies and spins in either physics and that itself we may find one day to be just a matter of opinion based on perspective if we remember our Marcus Aurelius.

So Universities and Colleges are actually heavily overpriced trade schools; See: NYU scandal or 'Teacher promises to let students out of final exam if Taylor Swift calls' by KTRK – Houston 1:36 mins to see how and why. It is an illusory Universe that creates slavery where education is created to serve society's masters who themselves are unqualified and don't make anything and only brand things, which most likely the business, product or idea was acquired through some sort of coercion or patent squatting, among other things.

More stupid Second Law thinking: A modern Death Ray building
Solarized photo for your enhanced enjoyment.
Do you mean to tell me from the inception and final construction of this building (the Walkie Talkie building in London, England), and spending hundreds of million dollars; not one single person thought that they were building a gigantic concave lens that sets pedestrians, among other things, on fire on the streets below?
It will be interesting to see how they fix this problem that should never of occurred in the first place for many reasons where this problem would of come up if they had consulted engineers, which means they were cutting corners.
Will they give it a new prescription like they had to do with Hubble? Except here, they would need to put this building out of focus because, unlike Hubble, they at least got the focus right. Twilight Zone, here we come!
Heron's Machine # 37, is a gigantic Thermoscope combined with a siphon and ludion (all Zeroth Law devices because they can turn naturally occurring and already existing heat, pressure and gravity directly into Work (like an old style gasoline-tank gauge or gas meter, etc.) and when they return back to equilibrium they again produce work without any entropy or waste heat among other things) and we are not describing Inertial frames of reference here, so forget Newton's First Law for a minute and his version of the physical universe because that is just part of the story of existence and not all existence.

The flame that is put there instead, in the example of the video clip just before, is another system within it and can be substituted with anything else that's competitive, was very "practical" in a conniving way, and its application was used for an ingenious thing like "magically" self-opening and self-closing temple doors, for temple priests that made it appear like the Temple Deity, itself, was doing this, and gain more converts, where in those days you had to pay to be a member of a cult. By the way, there was a middle class in those days and they were called "Freedmen" and all of them descended from slaves, who were captured during a war at some time and they formed ultimately the bulk of ancient Rome's bureaucracy and civil service for the empire.

Heron, who was an engineer (not a physicist as revisionists like to call him), made these illustrations in the same spirit as today's engineers who are now protected by law with the 'Whistleblower Protection Act' when the boss is corrupt and are using engineers to corrupt or mislead society. So, he made those drawings to do exactly this since there was no Whistleblower Protection Act in those days and this included those coin operated soap and bogus holy water dispensers (invented by Philo) among other things.

Here, the first ad at the top, which was real at the time and I just made a screenshot speaks Second Law of Thermodynamic thinking. The second ad below it, I created for fun and does not exist, or will ever exist in today's society, speaks Zeroth Law of Thermodynamic thinking where we would naturally be thinking about how to turn carbon dioxide compounds back to hydrocarbon compounds economically that can be used again, thereby completing any carbon cycle like what Nature always does already everywhere. (the Sun's energy and/or with something like Methylomirabilis oxyfera?)

The question is: Why be different from Nature and/or where do we get the idea we are better than Nature? Or; Why only certain people and their families/groups must prevail because it is only them that push this philosophy upon all humankind? The petroleum industry is one of the most aggressive of these groups. See: Manufacturing propellant on Mars which is technology that must be implemented on Earth first, where instead of the corrupt system for taxation of carbon, we start managing carbon instead like we would naturally do on CO2-filled Mars to make any sort of mission feasible there and back.
Ironically this involves very simple-combined thermodynamic, chemical and physical processes and is not rocket science.

The focus to any technology must always be in which matter/energy cycle it belongs too and not the product or machine itself otherwise we are no better than chimpanzees using sticks to find and eat ants or termites from their nests and mounds, and then discarding the stick.

All tool-using animals can only be trained or learn things along the Second Law of Thermodynamics, its closed systems and principles, but man is capable of far more and can merge himself, or be part of all Nature's cycles, should he choose.

There is also Le Chatelier's Principle as a system to consider that can help those more adept in chemistry to understand this thermodynamic cycle that implies a profound natural philosophy.

Heron even named all these machines, machine systems, and devices with numbers and not names as if they were indictment counts, which is another type of step method that is unique compared to Celsius and his interpretation/application of numbers (step method) for the metric system.

In those days there was no New York Times where you could write an angry letter to. There was nothing one could do except write insulting epigrams and paint graffiti on street walls about powerful families and their scandals (which were popular) and this betrays a mentality that survives to this day where a corrupt elite who style themselves as patricians will never brook any criticism. It is worthy to note here that Julius Caesar is the only exception to this in the ancient world, and treated his most mean and severe critics and their epigrams with friendliness, humor, honesty, openness and charm as he was a wit himself, provided they were intelligent people.

Recording for posterity what machines and other things were used for and why, and make it appear as a serious treatise was the only thing a man such as Heron could do in those days.

Heron's work was so good, it still fools incredulous imbeciles, even today, who take his stuff seriously and get the principles wrong too because they only see the Second Law of Thermodynamics and everything else is existentially invisible too which Heron could not of known about in how people are conditioned today who think that they have to pay for everything to make anything move, which makes his work even more valuable and the least entropic thing I have ever known. His work seems to be going through cycles instead, by fooling imbeciles of his time in one way and today's imbeciles in another way.

Well his work is mostly all about what we call today, The Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics and Thermal Equilibrium and there's no increasing entropy there, but we see here that these laws of Nature extend themselves by merging through and with lives of people who primarily serve Nature against those that do not.
This is probably why they don't teach this Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics as this would give everyone the ability to share that power and wisdom too, and automatically to those who need it the most without the aid of any type of educational system. So intellectuals and their minions, keep Nature out by all ideas, media and replace the Universe with their systems and ideas, including their ideas about Nature with much assistance (whether its involuntary or voluntary) from organized religion; who live in their own world, ideas and have different objectives.

JPL propulsion engineer Todd J. Barber discuses In situ resource utilization
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Time: 3:22

Ironically, it will be a dead planet full of carbon dioxide, like Mars, that will help create a Zeroth Law of Thermodynamic technology/energy system for our future that will help nurture back into shape Nature's life and energy systems on Earth with 'In situ resource utilization' as described here in this clip with JPL propulsion engineer Todd J. Barber at a speaking engagement on May 2014. Full Version on the history of JPL, go to: NASA | Putting the 'P' in 'JPL'--The Past, Present, and Future of Propulsion at the JPL [HD]

Unlike our technology that is based only on the Second Laws of Thermodynamics and its Closed systems that can transfer only chemical/nuclear energy or with the First Law of Thermodynamics and its Isolated systems where only Work as Information can get transferred through them, forming, together, a type of consciousness and mindset in humankind that could only be appealing for a vampire because a vampire must return to his coffin every morning to regenerate and so needs victims in some sort of cage to hunt down that are never too far to replenish himself. That cage and closed system is modern society and all its supposed benefits and beliefs, which matter and heat transfer, through Thermodynamics say is total balderdash.

Exploding Pianos - Periodic Table of Videos
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Time: 6:15

Both Heron's and Philo's treatises named: 'πνευματικά' are like a violin or guitar which only improve with age with a minimum of care, unlike a piano which will fall apart despite anything one does.
Even while this is ancient technology, this technology is by no means obsolete, and will never be because they all work or produce work all by themselves and already exist in Nature naturally, — even things like Natural Fission Reactors exist in Nature, which will automatically shut down if not supplied with fresh water (the moderator) and they cannot ever pollute the environment or meltdown or explode, and only produce useful and good isotopes and not bad ones like the Patented Fission Reactors that everyone has to use by law, that are not even suitable for burning dung where later with their lethal products produced, even more dangerous isotopes from reactors are manipulated in cyclotrons to create even worse poisons.
Increasing Entropy in nuclear chemistry is right in front of them, but they see nothing.

The Universe is indeed automatic and societies, nations and civilization are not. Where radioactivity and the way Nature deals with it openly, proves this all the more and there are more examples in all sorts of things I will show and describe.

From within the Pantheon looking up during the day
Special laughter I offer as a nasty tribute, or as a sacrifice for the entire Pantheon and greater glory of those ancient Greek and Roman Gods whenever I see these Ooh! and Ahh! inspiring videos, all over, about Heron and they do not see underlying principles in Nature that are in front of their eyes while they only demonstrate the Second Law parts because the others are invisible to them because their minds, or they purposely, do not present them by having being preconditioned by a "watchful and jealous" society, either in childhood or before/during the production, represented by those members of organizations that have replaced the ancient Gods with a new one, who is also jealous and watchful, but greedy and selfish too.

There we find a saviour of humankind, which will be a Thing or an Idea — for a New System, not a person or humanoid apparition that's usually invisible performing miracles and magic tricks.
If it does appear as a person, then that is a false belief and you have been brain washed because religion works both ways if we consider the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics, and gods are no exception in this Law of Thermodynamics.
Sorry, but you can't do any magic tricks without matter and energy and there are no exceptions to this under any circumstances. If Jesus, or whatever comes back, he will need matter and energy to manipulate matter and energy to discharge all the souls with bliss or hell, otherwise His abilities are meaningless.

A personality or entity, whether divine or not, ends up being useless and it is matter/energy and how it is used directly and recycled in every circumstance that is our problem or blessing, and these things we can do ourselves without a third party's blessing, or condemnation or bookkeeping. Divine entities do not count or use numbers anyway as that would be beneath their intelligence or abilities. G-D is not a weather man (as previously discussed) and he is no bookkeeper with an adding machine either.

Fundamentally, if there is a god, all he/she needs to do is think of us as "gone" to get rid of us and has no need for the excessive drama we see in St. John or other sources. The fact we are around and must be learning (albeit very slowly) means there is love and understanding somewhere. God, like Nature only knows creation and is ignorant of/to the meaning of destruction and it is not our place to teach god or Nature this philosophy.

Without matter and energy we wouldn't ever be able to see miracles in the first place because there is nothing to see, hear or feel. Therefore, according to thermodynamics there are no miracles and god, if it exists, is something entirely different to every known or imagined idea that exists in popular organized religion anywhere in the world.
This includes Hollywood in their misrepresentation of Jesus as a sexy, tall and handsome Greek god with chiseled cheekbones and buns of steel. See: The Problem With Sexy Jesus. by Candida Moss - The Daily Beast.

Sunset at Montmajour - Vincent van Gogh - Authenticated in Sept 2013
Fair Use
Heron's research at the Library of Alexandria had the purpose of exposing fraud for future generations to see, where he could have easily showed illustrations of other things working with the same principles and be just as interesting. It is no wonder the Muses (the goddesses of learning) gave Heron and Philo's work some form of divine protection that no other writer or author has enjoyed within the body of all the other works that were, to top off all ironies, all destroyed with Fire. Make the Muses laugh and you will be given immortality and escape the flames. See nice article: 'Van Gogh And The Art of Living Forever,' By Bob Greene

Besides that; given that these two works have survived intact, shows that people, fundamentally, are not stupid and can be very practical or rational when they want to be or are not being interfered with because this is not some coincidence, and we are talking about two authors discussing and demonstrating similar ideas and not one.
Making them widely available and part of education is another matter altogether and that's where we find the most interference, which I myself experience all the time with the BBC, which is odd because they are a publicly-owned corporation. You go figure that one out. I mean I can understand places like NBC, CBS, Sony, Disney, whatever, which are privately owned media entities, but the BBC? And they are the worst of all the lot who interfere with my video clips incessantly.

If Heron were around today he would likely be a Production designer in Hollywood or Broadway, because theater production designing was his first love above all else.
Of course, if he were working in the UK, he would also have to deal with Carpenter's Union's among other unions in production studios whose workers cannot think of anything existing beyond their next paycheque, whose rights come first before all others. Heron would not even be allowed to build anything himself, with his own hands, as that would be against union rules and all his work would have to be incinerated as already explained with the producers, Gerry and Sylvia Anderson.
Over there, only workers can be artists, engineers, scientists and thermodynamicists. (That might be an explanation for the Walkie-Talkie building on 20 Fenchurch Street!)

It can be said that both the so-called "The Father of Thermodynamics" (Nicolas Carnot) and the supposed "Father of Physics" (Heron of Alexandria) independently saw a direct relationship between pressure, temperature, work, and efficiency except Heron went one step further and designed and represented machines and systems along the lines of the Principles of Sufficiency and Equivalency which are principles I discuss here and in my articles entitled: 'The Principles of The Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics'.

The artist can now shape or find the hidden forms of any hidden properties in matter and not just release them from the stone artistically, like Michelangelo would have only thought possible, using The Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics as his sculpting tool. Since he already is merged with Matter all he needs to do is think about these things and then they exist, where it is no longer necessary to build them and watch them be abused by science, private power and governments. This new power given to us shows that Nature has not forgotten the artist and we are at the advent of disappearing mysteriously forever, like the Anasazi and go elsewhere before disaster comes.

"We, who are dying, are doing better, than they, who will live. For Crete doesn't need householders, she needs madmen like us. These madmen make Crete immortal."

Nikos Kazantzakis - Freedom and Death (1956)

Hydraulic Organ functioning by compressed air created by an ancient hydraulic compressor (shown later).
These were the kind of synthesizers a musician could buy at a music store in those days.
Now, before there were steam engines there were linear water and pneumatic engines, which can do more tricks than steam and more efficiently too (producing no increasing entropy whatsoever and very little Waste heat, which completely bypasses Clausius's "famous" formulation on the Second Law of Thermodynamics: "Heat can never pass from a colder to a warmer body without some other change, connected therewith, occurring at the same time".
It is the "without some other change, connected therewith" that bugs the hell out of me because there is nothing specific mentioned about this, where 'A Third System' (like Thermal Equilibrium) should have been used instead of the word "change" to describe this part if it is to agree with The Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics which they may or may not of known of, at that time, but they knew all about different systems then, involving matter, energy, work and Thermal Equilibrium which would have been quite sufficient already. Somewhere, it is science itself that is being invented and Thermodynamics make this very plain.

Heavy emphasis and specifics is placed, instead, on the part that says, "Heat can never pass from a colder to a warmer body" which is very specific, being that there are two emphasis's there in that statement while ignoring the prime fact that heat is heat is heat and it is only really different degrees and different pressures and not the absence of heat and pressure, or that cold is of less quality to do anything less than hot can do. Clausius and Kelvin sold one system, or version, for energy that by "sheer coincidence" just happens to be the most gouging, wasteful and profitable.

How to build the cheapest and lowest quality form of Industrial Revolution possible, and especially not a sustainable kind

Clausius, Kelvin, Maxwell and friends were building the cheapest form of industrial revolution, and not the sustainable kind because they were financed to create these things by guess who? These people deliberately kept the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics out of any invention and this Law of Nature was already known by Joseph Black a century earlier, whose ideas never went beyond distilling whiskey by industrialists, yet it was he who was the Einstein of the time.

This continues today where all indicators everywhere have been digitalized and consume energy, and some are even embedded with "smart technology" which add more pollution and more consumption, where, if we remember our Isolated systems, the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics says that all Information is supposed to be free in any form and automatically brings a return for any effort.

The same way in which they only use uranium nuclear reactors because they can make explosive and poisonous tritium and plutonium (among other nasty things) with them and you can't with thorium reactors, which can't produce dangerous or explosive products and they operate in low pressure, making them mechanically a lot safer. See: 'The Thorium Dream (Trailer)' on the Motherboard channel on You Tube. (link is provided there to see the entire documentary.) See also: 'Atomic Car Revisited: Thorium Could Power A Vehicle for 100 Years?' by George Kennedy.

Regardless, it's all nonsense anyway because, as already mentioned, they burn fossil fuels to transport, process and refine these fissionable products so any kind of nuclear energy is not clean energy unless they use thermal equilibrium, heat transfer and the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics to do this processing work.
Let us not forget the carbon-nitrogen cycle as already explained, where we see that modern "civilizations" are always focused on making war and poison instead of food and life with nitrogen. Create your own statistics from any research, from any perspective and you will know this to be true.

To invoke only a single paradigm for science that only involves energy exclusively is to create war, exploitation and slavery, not science and philosophy.
The court magician has taken the throne, but he is no wizard by any means and one day he will be overthrown too because when you're no good, it only takes something more ridiculous to get rid of that since that is the paradigm created.
A decadent aristocracy only invites an equally-stupid peasantry to arrive one day with their pitchforks.
Whatever it will be it will just be a new Neobabarism which itself will only last for some period and the only thing to consider after, is all that wasted time for nothing.

Laid-Off Man Finally Achieves Perfect Work-Life Balance
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Time: 1:16

So, today, when you now ask anyone about what they know about 'Work', they think of their jobs and do not see work occurring everywhere around them all by itself and ask anyone what they know about the Second Law of Thermodynamics, the only part they know is that "hot goes to cold" and some strange idea about Entropy with a dystopian agenda attached, and can't even imagine that one system added to this can change everything into reverse (and delete increasing entropy, or puts it into a system where it never increases or decreases) and not some "change" which means "To give a completely different form or appearance to", which the Zeroth Law does not do in any way. In fact, The Second Law is a cheap copy of the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics that resembles more a child's crayon drawing on a refrigerator door, which I later will show in a serious and practical way that anyone can understand.

So now we discover, here that we can have hot and cold go anywhere we feel like if we include Work in or from different systems while using matter's properties to our advantage, which translates into infinite possibilities.

Even Heron's ideas on work producing machines, when they appear on papyrus or paper, are more efficient in concept because of their represented reality, while not even being built yet, just like the artist can do now and build wonderful things his mind and watch them work while keeping the thing from procurers and evil. Artists only produce art, systems and ideas for invention and inventors, philosophers and thinkers and other work that we know people will like, hate and want, but they are completely harmless to children, animals and plants.

The Ancient Greeks also knew of how, in a classical system, something with no heat can do work in an area with a heat automatically or use heat/pressure through Work to store potential energy that can be used for kinetic energy in physics or do this procedure in the exact reverse.

In modern physics, we have discovered that a superfluid with no heat and no entropy, travels to heat and entropy (demonstration shown later).

RTSP Video
A recreation of the first air compressor ever invented over, 2,000 years ago to store energy potential.
(One thing they got right from this science-history video, but then, this is the same principle described above, but not described in/for the wrong system!)
The father of "modern" Pneumatics and Hydraulics was a Greek physicist and inventor named Ctesibius (285–222 BC). He is credited with inventing the first Automata the first Hydraulic organ and of course, the first Hydraulic compressor to drive the things he invented.
(In industry, compressed air is so widely used that it is often regarded as the fourth utility, after electricity, natural gas and water.) CA

The only advantage of modern steam engines is that they're much faster (time is money, i.e. Production= Time x Work and essential for the mathematics of sweatshops and exploitation during the 19th century, but entirely unnecessary today) but they are much less efficient because of their speed/operating pressures and certain, other, important laws of physics and properties of matter, which will be explained later, like phase changes, specific heat and latent heat (hidden heat) friction/viscosity which are not entirely separate subjects with the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics like they are when treated by the Second Law of Thermodynamics, to the point where they even alienate and contradict each other at a certain point, and because of the big differences between open systems that can transfer both energy and matter and closed systems which can only transfer energy and isolated systems that can transfer work/information, but not matter or energy.
It is as if, today, the physicist jumps right onto physics without considering thermodynamics and the theoretical physicist jumps right onto metaphysics without the physics, who tell everyone the meaning of anything from their perspectives and expect to be treated as wise and intelligent.

To me it is amazing to see at my age because I'm not dead yet, that I have to still be witness to technology that only can transfer energy and not both energy and matter and most of that energy (80%) is disposed of through matter and turned into poison on top of that, and then they want to deprecate the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics that directly deals with this problem and has healthy and sustainable solutions.

Yet in electronics the changes are phenomenal and fast, so there is obviously something artificial going on in modern society that is being coordinated because the same thing should be happening in mechanics, architecture and nuclear energy since the stuff exists to change things now to be more automatic, sustainable, less dangerous, more quiet, equitable and fair to the point where the most impoverished nations of this world could live in luxury and ease too.

It makes one wonder what we are working for. Then particle physicists talk about god particles and cosmologists talk about dark matter and energy without the added increased entropy they would create?

There's definitely something wrong somewhere. The fact that hot goes to cold in energy systems is because of thermal equilibrium, whether the energy is used or not and this has nothing to do with entropy either. Because of Thermal Equilibrium cold goes to hot too, via matter which is called "pressure" by physicists, but is actually a system for matter in Thermodynamics that can do more than just create Work or energy.

The Zeroth Law forces you to always see the reverse situation too; even where entropy might be placed, where/when it can't, which is a very handy tool, but this is apparently too much for physicists and mathematicians to handle.

Anyway, it will be obvious to any visitor here that Ctesibius's Compressed Air Hydraulic Organ was used for playing portably, like any keyboard instrument and the Automatic Hydraulic Organ was used for playing music from a single location and that is the true magic and beneficial purpose of the Second Law of Thermodynamics: Which is to make physical and mechanical systems portable and small that can do a lot, or do things with expediency, but it must not be abused and certainly not make it an entire philosophy and way of life like we've been doing since the 17th century unless one is a Mongol invader plundering away.
As James Burke once remarked, steam engines brought the factories out of the mountains and into the valleys because we did not need to use mountain streams anymore to power the mills.

Ironically, people still have to go up into the mountains for pure water, forget the machinery for textile and lumber mills, to make a proper anything among other things.
Slow, diamagnetic-stone ground wheat still produces the finest flour with all the protein molecules intact that don't rot your teeth among other health problem created for nothing and/or can make one obese, which is that wheat grain must be ground slowly anyway. The population rises, so more wheat and corn must be processed faster which creates obesity.

Forget these "organic grains"; if the grain flour produced was put through the high-speed process, you are only eating sugar or it turns instantly into sugar when the bread you buy at the grocery store hits the digestive enzymes in your mouth, and the protein is useless for your body to assimilate because the molecule has been destroyed by high-speed grinding, which euphemistically is now called "refined carbohydrates" by so called, "nutritionists" who just make things even more complicated to justify their jobs and help maintain the industries and industry practices that make these unhealthy and sugary foods in the first place. If the food they made was so good, we wouldn't need nutritionists, which is another modern invention/artifice that should not exist in the first place with the abundance and variety of foods we have today on store shelves.

Before they discuss god particles and dank dark energy/matter, let them talk about what these scientists put in people's diet first because this is their creation too and physics, statistics and mathematics is used, but no Thermodynamics.

In the past, with slow stone-grounded wheat, people survived on bread and milk/mead/beer alone which is impossible to do today with the modern loaf of bread and modern beer of any kind unless you acquire stone-ground flour and bake your own bread or rolls, and/or grind your own wheat or corn by hand including the making of one's own homemade beer, wine or chicha.

So, stone-ground wheat from the mountain mill is far from an obsolete thing, among many other things including the fact that wheat-grinding stones are diamagnetic, (which will discussed later) for all kinds of reasons that have nothing to do with energy, but with matter where today we are all overfed and undernourished in the most simple way where these things need to be "fortified" yet people now have innumerable health problems and conditions because of lack of care concerning fortified products that are not organically derived, but inorganically derived or are actually synthesized from petroleum products.

As for making moonshine, it would be safer to get the water from the mountain and set up one's still elsewhere, but there is something special one would take away from all this where the distillation process must be done there too and makes the whole thing worthwhile and special that cannot be put into words or mathematics, but one can taste the difference.

This of course explains obesity, depression, allergies, ADHD and a host of other ailments, morbidity, and disease (overfed, undernourished), although this is not a medical diagnosis because I am an artist, but you should consult your physician instead who will prescribe for you an assortment of pills and prescription medication to treat these things. So you see, now another example how Thermodynamics touches everything.

Ctesibius of Alexandria and Modern-Day Roof Vents
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Time: :48

We are now learning to make technology that is based on Second Law systems and make them inclusive in the sense where we are now beginning to see Hybrid vehicles on the road and the thing to watch out for is what types of hybrid technology they want to impose on slaves and the Biggy to watch out for is 'Hydrogen Fuel Cell' technology and the hydrogen fuel cell, itself, will even be a bigger disaster chemically speaking, and should be avoided at all costs. This is patented 19th century technology that got put on the shelf for later use (patent squatting).

Let's get it right this time and don't be fooled by this nonsense. Electricity is the way to go aside from it being completely silent eliminating noise pollution entirely and being mechanically simpler (no transmission among other things is needed) and electricity is available everywhere if you know how to find, store and generate it, and there are many ways and systems that exist to gather up and store those precious electrons in an assortment of ways besides just using dynamos and batteries.
There are also an infinite supply of free and transferring electrons to supply the entire universe with energy where metering-it-out would be redundant.

Heat, electrons and photons are your friends and are more ubiquitous than god. I, the artist, can show anyone where god cannot exists or is powerless, but I cannot do this with Thermodynamics or with Faraday's Electromagnetic Field theory.

These inclusive ideas (which is what the Zeroth law of Thermodynamics is all about) will produce more industry, more commerce, more diversity, more choices, more invention then we can handle with a bright future attached rather than a big price tag, which our exclusive systems of today only have to offer which are applied to everything that you should not be paying for, or paying attention to, anyway. This is not revolution; this is Evolution and this generation has the opportunity to make a mark for itself in history that distinguishes them like other ages we remember and admire.

Young people simply need to migrate from human/societal systems to Nature's systems when they are ready.
One day people will be tired of hearing: "This costs to much money to do", and develop values that exist beyond paper money to get things done in society, our survival, health and future.
Where money is used an excuse to prevent progress means that it is an over-valued system. I think life is more valuable than any paper and what it says.

The following clip demonstrates a type of hydraulic/aerolic power device that was used in ancient times that functioned without the use of compressed air. Please make this important note: The builder, Rodney Briscoe of Roydon who has been making and repairing church organs for about 40 years in this clip emphasizes the "Vortex of falling Water that draws in air", where the narrator only describes the Second Law of Thermodynamic components and protocols. You draw your own conclusions why they do this in all science (and even in religion) when it's being "taught".

However you want to rationalize this, you will always find the "voicing over effect" or the "Narrator after the explanation phenomena" (diegesis), in everything about science or religion where it is the Second Law of Thermodynamic philosophy that is made to appear as the only thing important (for religion, this would be some form of linear "Alpha Omega" nonsense instead of the cyclic: Alpha Omega Alpha) and that is what I call "programming and brainwashing".

automatic hydraulic power system
Automatic Hydraulic Organ (RTSP video)

A method of creating air/vapour pressure to drive things with falling cold water and ordinary air (no compression or compressor is involved with this device)
NO STEAM or any heat is being created to drive anything. Only 'Work' is being produced, via 'Vortices' of air and water that occur naturally in such a system. This is one of the things that makes the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics so miraculous.
Why? Because it is heat transfer that is primarily responsible for creating vortices than any physics. The physics comes after as an effect, but not its reality.

RTSP Video
An example in modern thermodynamics by Alfred Leitner of a superfluid with no heat and no entropy, that can go to an area of matter with heat and produce mechanical work. This has been known now for a long time (as can be seen here) and still, to this day, there are no amendments to the Second Law of Thermodynamic or any basic laws for Movement (as a thing in itself) being formulated as a system that produces Work, as this simple thing is beyond physics, its politics, thinking and systems.
More simply put: Cold will go to Hot via X system, if there is some phase change involved.
The way physicists treat phase changes, temperature and pressure is equivalent to them discussing; "The Mysteries of the ancient-Egyptian pyramids".

Coriolis effect created and affected by a method involving the Second Law of Thermodynamic since true vortices and their effects are natural things and not created. This nonsense is not tolerated in quantum mechanics so why should this be tolerated in classical mechanics. Yet science and mathematics is universally taught in this fashion and everything including the physicist is simply part of the experiment themselves without realizing their error. Ego, ego, ego and vanity, vanity, vanity.
As you can see now, with the exception of nice pet jumping on your lap, good science, like good art, and with most things in life is something you have to go look for and one is certainly not going to find these things in mass or social media or even in most classrooms or is waiting for you anywhere for your attention, exclusively to you or your group.
Now it's obvious that you don't need The Second Law of Thermodynamics to drive things or that it is in any way exclusive for this purpose because the Ancient Greeks, very elegantly, discovered a system to create Sufficient air pressure to produce mechanical work using falling vortexes of cold water down tubes that draw in enough air to create mechanical work, as seen in the RTSP video demonstration above.

The ancient Greeks knew more about Vortices and Turbulence, and they were building technology to exploit and enhance its systems into their devices than what is known or being done now which you will find out about more with my little history on Perpetual Motion coming up. This is in contrast to today since there is no research involving vortices that are worth anything besides the Coriolis effect (animation), where research only involves closed systems again and not open systems (go to You Tube and you will find plenty of Second Law, Closed system vortices), where in the 20th century Richard Feynman, called 'Turbulence' (one form of vortices), "the most important unsolved problem of classical physics" which then, it is interesting for everybody to speculate why they come out with things like 'Dark Matter' concerning things like galaxy rotation problems in an open system like the Universe and won't listen to, or even remotely discuss any recommendations of a Nobel Prize-winning theoretical physicist who actually created practical things too.
We have scientists who don't listen to Nobel Prize Laureates who created jobs, new science, solved problems and created practical things, where today's theoretical physicists only put money in their own pockets.

This phenomenon exhibited by scientists and intellectuals is exactly like in the situation of Barovier's new colourless glass mentioned earlier (and other things coming up) where not one single scientist examined the properties of glass, itself, and preferred to tinker with this new substance expecting it to do everything and make money, or bring glory or be part of some new invention that can be sold forgetting that art was behind everything in the first place originally.

 photo HexagonAroundVortexonSaturn_zpsd31ea35c.gif The latest vortice and turbulence problem involves the planet Saturn and what's going on with its north and south poles which includes a peculiar hexagon with the North pole as part of its structure. To me, and here I'm only speculating, this is some quasi-artificial or meta-natural structure (not supernatural) and what this does is probably beyond our comprehension or it involves a completely different technology that is completely incompatible to our own (which is great because we can't steal or plunder it, which we always do and manage to turn it into a scandal or something ugly by the way society is structured). They or it don't bother with Cassini because they probably don't see us and our primitive devices or "they" are studying this probe themselves, and we, on the other hand, would never know them (except through their effects upon Nature as we to them) because of their differences that would make them invisible to us directly, this includes any life forms that may exist there.
We are so filled with prejudices, preconceived ideas of beauty and intelligence that they have to be invisible. As a matter a fact, all life is invisible unless it looks and acts like our neo-tribe and every other human that is not part of that tribe is invisible or hated, — forget alien life.

It is like the conquistador's ships were invisible to the Natives in the New world because they never conceived the possibility that such things could exist, but they knew something was around because of the wake the ships produced on the water of their shores. This is no different, but concerns us.
What am I saying: We don't even know what life is and how far it may extend! Like gravity, no one knows what that is either, we just know what they (life or gravity, etc.) do and can even make predictions of what they can and will do.

Here the word 'alien' really means 'alien' (which is what other planets are for) in every sense imaginable, which we had better start getting used to, and stop imagining all sentient beings in the Universe as anthropomorphic or humanoid with middle class values, like we see on Star Trek, Babylon 5 or Star Wars, who also implement the consumer-grade Second Law of Thermodynamics in everything and, of course, have wars because of that.
Or that the solar system belongs to us, where we may as well extend that rationality to the entire Universe and later call it property.

There is nothing in our own physics that supports this thing (they think it is a jet stream, which is also wrong because this would be a hyper-jet-stream) because physicists never study matter macroscopically and it is so poorly understood as compared to mass and energy (look it up yourself under, both, Mass and Matter in Wikipedia as one convenient example) and there is obviously another force or effect that's going on here that they don't know about. If the article on Mass has changed, see my backup copy of this article: [GD].

H.R. Giger - Art in Motion (FULL)
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Time: 33:14

Not everything "revolves" around what goes on planet Earth and not every advanced being is human and speaks English and we should consider, at least, to be a bit Buddhist in our attitudes when it comes to all other life, whether known or unknown, yet like Aristotle or Ptolemy, etc., all the forces and effects in the Universe they explain to us revolve around what we think we know here. They've done this before with this Earth centered thing and they are doing it again today in another way.
I may be completely wrong, but at least I'm being more objective and don't go around comparing other planets and their phenomena to Earth's as there is obviously another physics at work on Saturn that has nothing to do with this planet as there be unique forms of physics on each planet to consider that are naturally impossible here.

Classical mechanics and physics is really only in its infancy just like Quantum mechanics/physics except we have to go out in space to find it and for that they will have to write Zeroth Law of Thermodynamic-like papers and reports.
It is better to spend nine billion dollars to build space ships to discover new classical and quantum mechanics than spending that amount for a microscope like CERN which cannot reveal new mechanics of any sort and man needs new forms of mechanics and less apocalyptic philosophy.

It is obvious that things like this appear out of nowhere, inevitably, and there will be more things like this to come. Science, in its manner of not studying matter intrinsically, is making us small and weird weak like other's do with organized religion. What Heron, Ctesibius, Philo or da Vinci would have thought of this system on Saturn, if they were around, I'm sure would be fascinating today since these people understood natural open system-like vortices and intuitive thermodynamics better than anyone today.

People in general, are inconsistent about science, art and Nature, but anyone can see here that science, is now dogmatic, brainless in it's creativity and overly intellectual and the systems they created for our trusting parents has now infected cross generations, were experts today cannot explain anything unless it exists in/as a closed system, nor do they even see the open systems in front of their eyes or around their apparatuses.

vortices photo fromnomereroominhell_zps442ed164.gifThis is completely original stuff brought to us by Nature because no one writing any kind of science fiction, has ever thought of fantastic macroscopic things like this, and what possible types of beings, existence, intelligence or information, there might be associated therein and these phenomena are real on top of that.

As an artist, I know by opening the imagination; there we open a door and far fewer things are then invisible and increases our powers of perception and reason because impossible and unexplainable things are happening all the time (especially among ourselves) and there will be new mysteries and "impossibilities" that will be presented by Nature Itself overtime and conjugating the imagination combined with the Step Method are essential tools to help us in these things.

On another front, we don't even need aliens, to create alien technology. Send a shipload of humans (no intellectuals or priests) to a semi-habitable extraterrestrial planet with full knowledge of all the laws of Thermodynamics, — you are going to see those laws implemented quite differently, when they build their own technology and infrastructure. When we show up for a visit after a generation it will be a fully functioning but totally alien planet (Not Kansas for sure) in everything one can imagine with unique things to begin trading with, not to forget a viable tourist industry.

This would make for some very interesting science fiction if there is a producer brave enough to explore this premise in a movie or TV show with some new explorers going there, and retire Star Trek and Star Wars permanently instead of creating new alternate Universes for them or extended prequels with sub-prequels, etc. like it was some soap opera in reverse, using a mirror and calling a branded name and theme, "original", but with this reverse effect they expect to start everything over and over and over "forward" and they're not even good stories either, but they are more brutal, as if that's all Hollywood had to contribute to anything. Hollywood and mass media, controlled by things like Rupert Murdoch, have dug their own graves by dumbing-down people to the mentality and expectations of a typical 19 year old boy who would never understand anything written here, so forget putting these ideas into movies or TV or magazines. The only cure is to make sure 19 year old boys become better educated.

Mark my words: "In 30 years from now, there will be the fourth "alternate Universe" version of Star Trek" and they will be showing entire galaxies destroyed by a childish-traumatized villain because destroying planets alone won't be good enough for audiences anymore. Can life ever get so boring. Someone from Hollywood is reading this now and saying:"Are you kidding? We already have the 20th alternate Star Trek Universe already written and ready for production! We're just waiting for some, as yet, unborn dweeb (who by then will be only 10 years old) who will star as the new Capt. Kirk for that new generation of consumers and moviegoers"

No Heat Going to Heat photo NoHeatGoingtoHeat_zps488ca865.gif Here we see matter with No Heat going to matter With Heat and producing mechanical work. There is no philosophy anywhere with any of man's economic systems that support this nor is there any red carpet out to introduce this for the future where heat that is not thermally available can be used to create work, — not bombs or weapons. How can such marvelous things as these new principles that reveal themselves to us, that are real, be ignored and not even discussed? This and other things shows that most science today, like it was for James Joules yesterday, is a system for the control of ideas from within and without, like was demonstrated through Kelvin with his epistolary relationship and "collaboration" with Joules. Modern science is horse manure.
In the second video demonstration above with Alfred Leitner's demonstration (animation at left), I see, through a speculation, the same principle occurring with a super fluid which saturates the bulb packed tightly with jeweler's rouge. With light pressure (Radiation pressure) it creates a disequilibrium between two areas of the superfluid in the bulb, so the area of higher pressure created by light to this type of quantum mechanical system in the liquid helium 4 below the lambda point, goes to a lower pressure regular liquid helium, that in a classical mechanical system, everything gets mechanically pushed it up into this classical system of the liquid helium 4 above the lambda point (regular component).
Colder, but more energetic, but also there is no thermally available heat, going to Hotter, but less energetic and entropic which only creates work not more entropy and we might also say that all quantum systems go to classical systems where any form of heat is involved, but not necessarily with energy itself. This, of course, demonstrates the precise difference between heat and energy, where the direction they follow in the Universe are not always the same, depending on the system.

This experiment is wonderful as it demonstrates in a perfectly simple manner, the two different forms of entropies that exist in either the Third Law and in the Second Laws of Thermodynamics and what to expect from them, both of which will be explained later from another perspective so that you can appreciate this, as this would be difficult here from this demonstration since we have to get even closer. For now, we just appreciate what has been written here so far because there is more of Nature's magic in Thermodynamics to describe before we get there.

As for entropy itself: It doesn't exist. There is only never-decreasing entropy (isolated systems), always-increasing entropy (closed systems and decreasing in the subatomic), and never-increasing entropy (open systems) and this applies to the 'Arrow of time' where it is the system that governs whatever is happening and not entropy.
What Alfred Leitner describes as, "No Entropy" and "No available heat" is quantum system and not a classical-mechanical one. This quantum entropy is, "always-infinite entropy" (but not thermally available to do Work), moving towards "always-limited entropy", the latter of which all classical systems belong to which is basically what the Third Law of Thermodynamic resolves and describes.

By itself, Entropy does not exist. This is why it is so difficult to describe because it is a system of/for movement of particles and the system-container it belongs to or is part of and not some concrete thing and it is always dynamic.

There is already a magnitude of difference between hotter going colder and hot going to cold besides, on top of this, we have 'no heat going to heat' which only the Zeroth Law can account for, and this principle is the same going in the other direction if there is a mechanical system. Well, scientists like to split things apart so why not artists; but the difference is we will put everything back together. Regarding the Universe itself, it is for sure that Hot goes to Cold but the Third Law of Thermodynamics says that this would also take an "infinite amount of steps" to do this to reach absolute zero, and why not?. This "loss" is carried over in the creation of other things anyway. Hotter will always go to Colder into infinity and on the other side temperatures can rise indefinitely along the Universe's systems towards infinity and only matter's properties change including matter's types of energy and energy systems change accordingly with that, in what Matter's properties dictated by its temperature, pressure and 'thermal equilibrium of state' says is allowed. The fact that matter has properties, is a property in itself and we still know nothing of what and where those properties can be, in things we don't recognize yet, but when we are nearly ready, we will see their wake, or something equivalent to a wake. In the meantime they are invisible, even though they are all around right now.

These things show us that complete Zeroth Law of Thermodynamic systems can, through matter and already existing entropy, transfer energy to any system whether it be quantum, isolated, closed or open and even indefinite systems, where all principles are preserved or exercised in all, and depending on circumstance, can create new systems at the same time, but they are not complete systems yet (it takes 3 to make a complete Zeroth of Thermodynamic system).

Laurent Foissac.
If they did, the Universe would disappear instantly in a flash of ultraviolet light. Because of thermal equilibrium, this is the true meaning of: "you have to use energy to make energy" or "you have to have money to make money" or "power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely" or you pay a toll to cross the bridge, etc.. and so this is not necessarily a Capitalist ideal, but is actually Thermodynamics. The escaping vapour or the falling mist must positively find their own thermal equilibrium in their state and values they left from one property to another, otherwise their properties will change back to what they were.

This new energy, and here we'll use the term 'money' too as a unit of energy, must be used/placed elsewhere and find its own third system somewhere else since the matters of matter come first, otherwise the energy or new money (because this applies to anything) kept in one place or system would accumulate indefinitely in one spot, which on paper might look good, but in reality the bank would go bankrupt because it could not afford to pay all the compound interest that accumulates or a machine would explode if it creates more energy than it consumes or can possibly transfer, or the entire Universe would be destroyed quantum mechanically when the Universe can't afford itself before it even exists.

Somehow the Universe found a way to exist before it could afford itself and this is a secret that will forever be kept from us because then we would be able to create our own physical universes and not just one but thousands, as shown by how many time we tested thermonuclear devices on this planet. We should simply be delighted that such a possibility exists and not have bother about this and assist Nature instead.

Nature created limits to success and this is what these entropies (I will continue using the old form "entropy" since this is commonly understood) and thermal equilibrium are for because Nature is perfect and we cannot have more than perfect in the Universe or the Universe would be altered or be made completely different quantum mechanically with each new increment of Planck time and would demand a third system that does not exist to do this because we would require some other Universe to plunder or dissipate its energy into. It is the perfect marriage between "Nothing" and "Something", where they being complete opposites, they still never interfere with each other, but act more like complementary systems.

It makes no difference what you believe whether god exists or not, or if it's Nature, the Universe, the 'Giant Electron'; whatever you want to call it, but somewhere deep down, there is something that created itself and is self-sustaining and perfect (which we know as 'nothing'), and no party has any claim to any meta-truth or of being a superior philosophy and then impose this belief or philosophy on others. It's all opinion as there is no proof for existence or nonexistence anyway, where each life has the opportunity to be an independent journey of discovery in this matter, if he chooses, and learn to play the game carefully using Thermodynamics as our guide and rule book.

The Torture's Apprentice
HIH, The Sultan Ahmed III performes an original comic opera with a "portable" hydraulic organ for the visiting dignitary, Baron Munchhausen.
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Time: 2:18

Therefore this is the same principle as the hydraulic organ power system already demonstrated except that this time this involves entropy and not water/air open systems because entropy cannot be transferred and it is not transferred either here, but it can act upon matter in the form of substance because in Leitner's demonstration, only entropy (from the photons themselves) goes in and out by itself like the water and air with the example of the automatic hydraulic organ's power drive system where entropy acts like the water that carries new energy and turns it into work in another system and goes out and gets reabsorbed back into the Universe. Further, only a minute portion of the light energy is used to perform this enormous amount of mechanical Work since most of it is reflected, which we can see.

Here, one must imagine photons are what is responsible, with their energy, for creating the entropy and energy system that produced work, where the matter before the light source is at zero entropy and at the end, in the classical system, there is an entropy gain of zero and the only entropy that is present in liquid helium 4 above the lambda point is always the same and this exactly corresponds to the Universe Itself because its own entropy does not increase either because of the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics. Here, we can see, also that entropy exists in the quanta too and acts in a fluid manner and exactly like Matter (like the water and/or air in a classical open system). It can be argued, through the Zeroth Law, that since light is itself invisible, the photon is neither a wave or a particle since the particle itself cannot be seen either, nor can it be determined what or where it is, but of course this is all metaphysics (except for that small bit from Heisenberg) so I remind the reader to take only this stuff for what it's worth to you.

There are, obviously, many other relationships going on that the scientific community would rather not discuss and keep things limited to certain concepts and ideas that only they and the people they work for seem to control which they all miraculously have a very specific idea what that is, like Moses, as seen on TV and with the nonsense literature they produce that all have the same boring pattern and agenda. These independent dusty old films maintained by estates and/on old Netscape-like websites and obscure books are all we have now.

Now reading Claudius's statement again, you realize that it is extremely limiting since it places the Second Law of Thermodynamics as the only thing to teach and concern oneself involving survival which, as previously mentioned, is programmed into children where the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics is not taught and then this becomes their only reality and then it becomes a system for control and exploitation.

This is so 19th century, it's unbelievable. It is no wonder things like Enron exist because everything about energy is all fake or incomplete anyway; so, logically, why not expand this system to other areas involving criminal activity and make more profit. These big shots know that the way people are manipulated to believe what energy is, makes their nefarious activities possible. This includes the time it took to discover their extortion which must be factored in here, but never is because it would show everyone's involvement, who were never indicted.

My involvement as an artist, here discussing Thermodynamics, is to show how friendly Nature is as compared to how nasty people can be, especially the supposedly educated ones because people who are just acquainted with all the laws of thermodynamics would never of gotten bamboozled by this and other things, which I won't get into here, but they certainly would have invested their money elsewhere, in other things that might of had a positive impact for everybody and not just for themselves, and then the think they are "victims", where to invest in such a place in the first place meant that they only cared about themselves.
What goes around comes around.

So Enron did have a purpose which was, in every Equivalence you can imagine, to create history and destroy the future. Fortunately, one can chip away at any future, but that only changes its shape, not its substance and it can be repaired by anyone who cares, any time and that does not require an artist, but community-minded people.

Like water, Hot or Cold actually go to their own level and in thermodynamics this is called Thermal Equilibrium.

Cold Moving Mechanically as per The Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics Here we see plainly that not only Heat moves, but so can Cold with the help of a third system like gravity, just like Heat rises because of a third system, off laws that govern buoyancy and density, which does this very effectively in this representation of a true demonstration, and if these third systems make things move or move away, or can create motion and movement. We can with them create many different types of work producing machines too. Here, Matter and Gravity makes possible Cold going to Hot, or rather it is: COLD GOING TO THERMAL EQUILIBRIUM just like all Heated Matter always does, in the same way as "Water Always Goes To Its Own Level" and there is no physicist in the world who can deny this. Besides that, no one can deny the beauty of/in these systems and their devices.
They may as well make a law that says: "Right always goes to Left" and brainwash people to believe that too because Hot always going to Cold is an exact equivalent.
As for the usefulness of learning anything through open systems: Imagine installing a sort of wind or water wheel to the flow of the cold mist descending and then think how you may accomplish this after in a closed system which would make the thing more portable and efficient (there are many forms of "efficiency" and that is the first one). This is one of the ways Michael Faraday or Albert Einstein thought.
Here at right, Cold changes the properties of Matter so that another force (gravity) can do the transportation from point A to point B. we must ignore hot or cold at this point and only consider thermal equilibrium. No energy losses or chemical changes are taking place either, preserving the Earth since no pollution is created (if we think on an industrial scale). Energy is being turned into Work, — twice! Once with the falling mist and again with the mist turning back to its original form as air and moisture, which can also be exploited. The Cold vapour will only eventually become Equivalent Thermally to how it was before if it can't find a Cold place to maintain its properties.
This is what Thermodynamics is all about: How to create energy and work systems WITHOUT using chemistry or applied physics and not the other way around, but use, only, Natural Physics, instead, along with Thermodynamics.

Chemistry and combustion are fine; so long as they are only kept in the laboratory where everything can be controlled and not done in any open system, like with internal combustion engines. Otherwise, dear car owner, you are just a laboratory experiment in how long does it take to kill everything. We see here clearly a paradigm: Teach young people chemistry or teach the Thermodynamics; Which is more important? One benefits only the powerful and rich and the other benefits everybody. So now you know why you know absolutely nothing about thermodynamics and why this was never taught to you. This demonstration, here, of cold movement (descending mechanically), in the form, or effect, of emanation is in an open system and only applies to physics, but thermodynamically this would be called Thermal Equilibrium.
This term "emanation" does not exist in science and some would say this is a form of convection, which is correct. (By the way, there is no convection without some form of radiation going on too, which is never accounted for when they talk about convection otherwise "convection" could never be photographed with infrared photography, as seen below) I prefer not to use this term when dealing with cold's motion because of the way "convection" is used and described in science where the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics is not even considered by the scientific community and educational systems of today with its over emphasis with the Second Law and its closed systems. Here, we can begin to coalesce the differences between motion and movement as they are entirely different things, but are inseparable nevertheless and this is just a small example brought to you by Thermal Equilibrium as there are many others, but this is not a course on physics. That's the scientist job to describe and demonstrate, which they won't for a long time to come. Like the Thermoscope this might take a few thousand years, so don't hold your breath.

Colour Schlieren Image
Convection, itself, actually is about cooling not heating, but is treated universally as some sort of heat dissipation system ("convective heating") where anyone inside the closed system will think E = MC2 and anyone outside, in an open system, will only acknowledge cooling and thermal equilibrium and most people get their "scientific" education from Einstein's famous closed-system formula, and about boiling and convection from chefs who use boiling and simmering for making soup and sauces, where actually it is water throwing out its excess heat via convection to help maintain its properties (water likes to stay as water and gas likes to stay as gas, etc. etc. and they will go through a lot of trouble to stay that way) and vapor release as determined by pressure systems within and without to maintain thermal equilibrium, or thermal equilibrium systems creating those situations themselves (the weather), to satisfy another thermal equilibrium and so on, all the while the boiling liquid is always condensing, i.e. Wherever there is evaporation, there is always condensation going on at the same time, just like wherever there is hot there is cold not far within the system itself regardless of what type of system. This is why one can create cooling in a pressurized isolated system, or an isolated cycle of a liquified gas, which will be explained later.

Convective heating is actually a room cooling a hot water, a hot oil or a steam radiator and the radiation from the radiators themselves are doing some of the heating. Together through Thermal equilibrium the whole room is being "heated". This is why electric radiators are so much hotter and can burn drapery because they are only employing radiation for heating. Any convection would be after the fact, not before the fact. So using that word "convection" here would be ridiculous since there is none of that going on here since the heat in the moisture (that was in thermal equilibrium with the air) that came into contact with the cold is now carried away by a created mist, that's created out of any air moisture that came into contact with the colder matter (water) turned into a crust around the crucible of liquid nitrogen that are affecting the air molecules containing moisture around the object (this is quantum mechanical), where gravity does the rest to carry the same heat/matter along to other systems as mist, creating mechanical motion and not wasteful kinetic energy.

Details and the rest that goes on afterward you can imagine for yourself. There's no entropy, no waste heat, no heat dissipation problems unless we look at the liquid nitrogen crucible. In principle, one side in heating up and the other side is cooling down and this occurs everywhere in the universe, in all magnitudes if you saw yourself navigating it by heat and cold and not just by light and radiation, like we always do. We are learning, but it's hard to get rid of bad scientists, intellectuals and philosophers so everybody must be patient, and besides there are other forces at work to keep people stupid and ignorant, but fortunately these forces are not from Nature in any way, but only from other humans. The only thing fateful here is man and not some malevolent act of god because applied-ignorance is not punishment, but a system created by people; so watch those social networks!

This, in its way, shows why science, its intellectuals and educators do not like Thermal Equilibrium or the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics because it is not a force, nor does it carry a force, but invokes forces and changes absolutely nothing itself, so it cannot be sold, packaged, licensed or dispensed in any manner whatsoever and there is no monetary profit and the Universe creates its own worth and value with this law quite nicely without the assistance from any London or New York City broker. All mankind really needs to do, is to choose between a closed system or an open system in thought and Nature will take care of the rest. The way science is put together thermodynamically via protocols and definitions, forces people to only see life and Nature in a certain way and not the real way it actually is.

While on the subject of intellectuals: This is the same as the condensation one sees on toilet tanks in humid summer days except this is not quantum mechanical because the water molecules from the air actually come into contact with the cold surface and sticks to the tank when condensed, where when enough macromolecules are formed, gravity makes them drip down. I'm simply using another word that describes the same mechanical thing in an open system because cold and hot don't necessarily have to get together all the time and instead can be off on their own business sometimes through other things; especially where pressure and gravity, among other things is involved because thermodynamics sees gravity and osmosis as just other forms of pressure and not as physical laws, greatly simplifying things.

So here we can uncover the true flaw in particle physics and quantum mechanics/physics (Not QED) is that in none of their equations, systems or experiments have they ever devised or determined what is the rate of thermal equilibrium in any quanta that has acquired or lost any energy where zero/nothing is, itself, a constant form of energy/matter. We already have seen, above that the photon's own entropy (a Third law form) flows though the liquid helium below the Lambda point to the classical form of entropy of the liquid helium above the Lambda point. Therefore, the quanta/photon is Thermodynamic too and must possess its own rate of Thermal Equilibrium and obey the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics because one cannot have something that only exists in the Second and Third Law without acknowledging the First and Zeroth law first, although they might, under certain circumstances, have nothing to do with this since that is determined by other things and systems, but they are there nevertheless since we have to acknowledge now that 'Nothing' as an entity has an influence and a place in this universe and has a real effect as demonstrated earlier with our clavichord.

Information, as well, has its form or equilibrium to achieve over time, as we see things that were known for thousands of years, they only seem to bear fruit and acceptance over thousands of years later and in the interim there is only entropy created, but inside that entropy the gem is preserved and is carried over through time. We as living beings can change this any time and pull out these wonderful gems and not deny their existence, but this would take everyone's cooperation. Work is the only sacrifice that any form of conditional entropy demands to release its jewel.
So this is why it is always important to politely question any kind of authority (which Thermodynamics can help you do in an interactive manner) because they are most likely only looking out for their own interests and the committees they belongs to and perpetuate ancient myths instead of facts and create a lot of garbage.

In Classical Mechanics

With boiling water, it is osmotic pressure system between the boiling water and the atmosphere that is important to create the final vapor expulsion of heat carrying water that must appear as vapour in the air where with the cold system to produce work, it is a gravity system providing the medium for the movement of matter in the form of mist made denser by moisture in the air coming in contact with the colder matter, but the principles are the same by way of the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics and are not the same, with the Second Law of Thermodynamics and of course, this principle can exist in a multitude of different systems and forces besides gravity, I simply chose this system because of its simplicity as a readily graspable demonstration that anyone, at any age, can understand.

In both cases where we see hot going to cold, whether it is produced by heating water and letting it vaporize (Boiling) or hot, itself from an open system going to cold Mistifying moisture, it is the same principle except in reverse, but this reverse or forward involves three things (A B C) and not two (A B) otherwise we can just forget about everything because as related earlier, it is the system that governs the direction of energy and heat and also equates where the different entropies of each different system are going to. Any conditional entropy follows the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics in its formula and perfect representation, that states: If A = B and B equals C then A = C. Forget mechanical processes: Hot going to cold happens all the time, even when its heat is not thermally available and cold's is thermally available, which is what nuclear chemistry and particle physics is all about; which is to make all heat thermally available and then sell it to the war monger or package this as a consumer product on the market.

What happens to the minute water droplets in the mist finds its own thermal equilibrium elsewhere in any open system and can be exploited there to. Since The Third Law of Thermodynamics says that it takes an infinite number of steps to reach absolute zero, and the properties of matter change indefinitely also, the more the temperature goes down, which means translated by The Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics, that there is infinite energy in the Universe because there will always be new way to extract energy from matter when creating energy systems; they must always go to the direction of absolute zero which will always be colder than any heat system and still be thermally available, which, itself, cannot be destroyed because beyond the mathematics, there are always-increasing phase changes to consider the closer we approach Absolute Zero.

The interesting thing, here, is that one only needs to produce a certain amount of cold to "emanate" since producing more cold would not make a mechanical energy capturing device put in the path of the "falling cold" go faster and this is because no mass or chemical energy is being affected or exchanged and only matter's properties are being affected and then exchanged or transferred. Mist is mist and will descent at its own speed, here on Earth; in this case, it is very noticeable because the liquid Nitrogen is producing prodigious amounts of emanating Cold to the room's moisture in the air, which might be slow, but on Jupiter this would be much faster and here, this can be done for free, provided we are using two different airs, one hot and moist and the other cold and dry, and along the trajectory of this hot air going to cold air, this excess and depletion is created automatically where thermal equilibrium balances out everything along with other applications that are as spontaneous.

One day, such things as this will be possible and we will even have floating cities.
As I said earlier Thermal Equilibrium is not a force, but it is a 'Being' (in the sense "to be" in its common usage and just as "be" more precisely) and people like Newton or Cavendish and their followers today, simply cannot accept this and they make sure you don't either. For them this was innate because they were insane and emotionally dead, but for the rest of us this is merely inherent and so this can be rectified quite easily.
People have to remember that Newton and Cavendish, among others, despite their brilliance, were paranoid misanthropists (probably autistic) and completely warped besides, among other things, so it's important to scrutinize everything even today and triple check everything and always ask questions, no matter how plausible is their story or demonstration. Let the facts speak for you and not some charming or illustrious character, who has been legitimized by some society or institution, who can only describe two systems at a time and not three, which are always actually there, around anything happening.

Now if people think that scientists, religious leaders and philosophers who can only describe things along the parameters of two systems only and think of them as geniuses or holy, then we have a long way to go in our growth and success; if we ever get there. I believe that this is actually all programming where the mind gets imprinted as this being the only reality as easily as people accept the names given to them by their parents. It is no wonder, that we only use a small percentage of our brains because that is how society configures people. It is more a reflection of authority than that of the human brain.

Rather than building upon these things that Nature provides us with innumerable examples, scientists work against Nature at every opportunity and end up destroying instead. If the Universe moved energy around like we do, it would have disappeared long ago. That's why closed system are closed systems and isolated systems are isolated systems, where they keep their own problems in one place and don't interfere with the Universe itself, like anything else alive or inanimate, in any closed system anywhere. Sentient and self-aware living beings can remove themselves from closed systems if they choose, or learn to use them only when they are necessary or if they are the proper things to utilize at the appropriate time.

As for these stupid movies like 'Arctic Blast' (2010) which is a movie that has absolutely nothing to do with the Arctic as a noun, but has to do, incorrectly, with the cold air in the upper atmosphere and 'The Day After Tomorrow' (2004) and some ridiculous documentaries showing us how cold air from the upper atmosphere can descend and freeze the planet surface; This is an impossibility because that air is much thinner, so there can be no mechanical action or interaction among other things that would ever allow for this and further because of this low pressure, this is one of the reasons why that the air is so cold in the first place and not the other way around. There is also the fact that moisture in the upper atmosphere is so pure it cannot be made to freeze where water molecules at certain altitudes are known to only freeze at -40 ° C/F. This shows that by only thinking in terms of The Second Law of Thermodynamics one produces disaster and enormous profit (the movie 'The Day After Tomorrow' made half a billion dollars which shows how small-minded and self-centered a species of animal we are when we live in societies.) This only has to do with what people know around them and apply that everywhere probably by pre-programming them to see the Universe functioning only a certain way through "education" and mass media and not what they need to know and use,— even if it's better and they are willing to pay top dollar at the theater for stuff like this that has no basis or reference to any reality whatsoever, when there is actual science that exists that can produce even better special effects that are actually real and can be photographed and be represented to produce a truly believable devastation or creation, if the producer wishes. If we want to create nonsense let's create real nonsense since nonsense had intrinsic value and not this puerile crap based on people not liking the cold.

So here we see that the scientist uses only the physics that exists here on planet Earth and apply this to other planets too, like Saturn, where people do the same and compare the little they know around them, or what little they were taught, to everything as well. The only difference is scale and magnitude, but the ignorance is the same.

RMR: New Cereal
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Time: 1:04

Imagine tomorrow in HD virtual reality with a population of consumers who have been programmed about/with a Universe that is totally opposite what actually exists and then they will be unhappy, but don't know why. That's going to be a lot of fun to watch and all because they don't know anything about Thermodynamics except for the consumer-grade Second Law of Thermodynamics.

The Onion's Future News From The Year 2137
This is what out future may look like if we do not start implementing or taking more seriously Thermodynamics and create more responsible Second Law systems that utilize principles inherent to open and isolated systems of matter. Thumbnail for Video
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Time: 10:36

I understand that people really don't believe, or understand, this nonsense and are only going to the movie theater for a thrill with the exception of documentaries and legitimate news sources who cite these movies and are taken seriously, but it is the reasons why people don't believe this will happen is of interest here and important to consider. Young people need entertainment and proper stimulation of ideas that affirm their own personal ideas of the meaning of life and death that are natural and not some intellectual garbage that teaches the meaningless of life, that's sold to the public with trailers that press all the right psychological buttons as an "experience" or something exiting with young actors that incite more sexual fantasy than acting ability, all in one package featuring multiple forms of manipulation involving an overwhelming assortment different depressing things.

I suppose, it's more fun to worry!

There are also a multitude of other reasons why the cold air, up there, will not come down a freeze you instantly, but one of the most important is the Triple point of any substance (this graph concerns the water molecule) so the world is perfectly safe and no one needs to worry since water, solid ice, and water vapour can coexist at 0.0060373 Atmospheres and at 32.018º Fahrenheit. The triple point of water is very important since the conditions involved to create this can be reproduced anywhere in the Universe and the same thing will happen which is valuable in calibrating thermometers along with absolute zero.
These very low temperatures and rarefied conditions help our atmosphere from escaping into space because the gases being so cold, their properties are changed and Earth's gravity can then assist in retaining them that way, as we have determined with the gas giants in our solar system because these effects are more pronounced there, observable and can be measured here. So if anything is happening anywhere, we see that it is more the act of preventing the atmosphere from escaping than with bringing down the cold from high up. Nature doesn't kill, only Hollywood producers like to portray it in any conceivable, or inconceivable manner.

So you see now that a small speck of real science can relieve a lot of anxiety and show everyone very simply an automatic universe that doesn't require anyone to only show a Universe run by the Second Law of Thermodynamics, and very badly too.
What I don't like about movie and television producers, is not just the lousy crap they come up with; It is that they have nothing nice to say about anything and treat the entire population of the world as if they were morons, when it is they who are responsible for creating them in the first place especially when there are stories about/within Nature that are real that can be used instead that are better than anything made so far, available now! Such riches in Hollywood and New York with miserable and limited lives controlling these riches. No one deserves to think like a billionaire.

In the animation example above of the falling mist; the air pressure of one atmosphere is the same and in perfect equilibrium in both top and bottom regions so work can be produced, not disaster. This is more proof, with stuff like what we see in popular media that no one knows the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics even though it is the most important Natural Law in the Universe. I understand that the Second Law of Thermodynamics is essential to many purposes, but must it be at the cost of all the rest of Nature being ignored and even pushed out?
What kind of universe is humankind constructing for himself and his future by cutting himself from his greatest friend: Nature, and on top of that introducing false gods, golden-calf organized religions and programmed beliefs to his existence, which are not even questioned?

People should stop thinking of Nature quaintly as just birds and flowers, etc.,. and consider Nature everywhere in everything, including pollution, poisons and noise and those that ignore, or rationalize these things as necessary evils and treat them like toy-systems (like the "environment"), are not scientists. The environment is not a system, but a thing but it can be treated as a system (closed), like they treat people or money, and there are special medical prognoses for these conditions when one thinks or acts in such a manner.

I enjoy these movies nevertheless because I get to see a lot of wholesome middle class scientists and self-righteous do-gooders get killed by the shipload, but not before their unhappy, immature 12 year old wives divorce them in the subplots of many of those scripts, and then they die too.

Tebe Interesno
Fair Use
It is not an artist's job, especially here, to design new engines, but to get everyone to understand certain principles that Humanity/Mankind, by itself, can work on overtime when it knows where to look and what to look at when one focuses on needs, necessities, things and problematic systems. Mankind, who like everything else, needs stable, reliable and clean forms of energy and matter, and work producing devices whether we are talking about tomorrow, a thousand years from now or a million years from now, regardless, on how your government or energy corporation handles this subject or what kind of society you and your family and friends live in. It's always better to get your needs fulfilled, whatever they are, directly from Nature rather than from any privately controlled legal entity especially when these private entities tell you when you should get something and not let you decide that for yourself.

Besides, the rules of society with its stupid laws prevent people like me to give away for free, any technology, discovery or new systems that we would come up with that would help everyone, directly to mankind because if we don't patent it (the only way one can register an invention, which is wrong) someone else can patent this invention and sell or license that to private enterprise or put it on the shelf (patent squatting) besides producing other problems which I mention elsewhere.

As a matter a fact, it is illegal for an inventor to give away, to the public, any of his own inventions and the inventor can be fined, lose his property and even be put in jail for a variety of reasons and excuses, from "national security" (whatever that is) to "infringing", where in fact, everybody thinks of original things all the time, so this is all just a means for control of ideas and to steal the ability from a proletariat and the commons to make a profit and hand it to the banks to make money because in the end there is no profit in this except what one imagines as profit.

Society only promotes itself and the few within, and does absolute harm to mankind and humanity. Some of us are crazy and see no value in having more money then one would need for food, shelter and a place to work with no interference and we are very happy, and we work like horses too. We don't like existence that has conditions attached that have nothing to do with Nature, feelings and exploration, besides being a total waste of time in the amount of immaturity that has to be tolerated in these circumstances. I mean I see a gross contradiction in selling for a fee a free work producing systems where a simple "Thank You" is quite sufficient. Maybe I'm not Human, but some gentler Neanderthal or Cro-Magnon throwback.
My older sister did have beautiful red hair and so these same genes inherited from our parents must of affected more my mind than my body.
Some of us build value systems, where others build money systems, which seem to be the only one's recognized today.
Some of us live life like they were going to live forever and others live like it was there last day........ Who's right?

A newly freed genie appears from the lamp and says to me, "I grant you three wishes". I answer the genie: "I want Zero wishes; all I want is to live and I already have this, but thank you very much. When I have Life and Death and Life again, I can do anything I want and have no need for wishes."

Vacuum Tube - Sixty Symbols
Another sort of syllogistic relationship with Heat: Electrons and "Heat" in Vacuum Tubes where we discover that "Heat" not only boils off water but boils off electrons too, and with "Cold" it superconducts electrons. What else does Heat "boil off" and Cold make "more efficient" when there is a third system involved? Thumbnail for Video
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Time: 8:29

Now, there are things that mechanical movement and its principles can achieve and do that are impossible with energy systems alone (The Second Law of Thermodynamics) or are totally wasteful and should not be employed, or at least not thought of as being universal and/or the only method of being. For me, this is fascinating to artistic philosophy to create in the mind a direct relationship with gravitational energy and heat/cold and moisture to produce Work. Or in this video clip the relationship between heat, electrons and a vacuum.

The relationships you, yourself, could find/create or build with Nature with Thermodynamics have the power to make anyone transcend the chains and prohibitions of any society and are beyond the intellectual's grasp, so they can never control you either, which is much better than going to the theater as some mindless automaton and feel your own role in a bad sadomasochistic experience because no one leaves the theater feeling good with this new science fiction because one cannot fool the nervous system like one can fool the brain.

As a matter of fact, most mental health issues, including many physical ailments, are because of this complete separation or severance between the central nervous system and the brain and with each new generation this is being pushed wider apart and the culprit is electronic media that's taking over or replacing the nervous system, more and more each day with a population that's been created to know absolutely nothing about this, through the education system and a medical society designed to do or increase this phenomenon because here we are talking about trillions of dollars of profit in the sale of prescription medications.

Forget freedom: You can create your own wonderful secret Universe with this stuff filled with anything you want without having to go insane, but is far from the maddening crowd. One could spend an entire life just studying all the unknown things about plain-old water and barely scratched the surface, but you enjoyed every minute of it.

Honestly studying any kind of scientific mystery or assumption makes you, by historical precedent, a physicist or a researcher without having to go to university because they don't teach these things anyway, provided that you use the scientific method in all your research and keep a complete written journal and avoid conjecture as much as possible, except at the beginning, and now you can do this on Twitter too, to keep and to publish your daily notes. If you make a discovery or create an invention, no one can steal it from you because Twitter, Facebook, Blogger or your own web site, etc. never forget and you can easily prove that you were there first and get the renown you want, if that's your wish.

Or you can do what I do and publish peripheral arguments, or treat an idea peripherally while making suggestions for making new types of experiments and working with different systems combined or in concert. You can publish all your findings/ideas on things like You Tube or Blogger and let the public decide its worth. You don't have to bother with any of these snooty scientific societies and their publications anymore, to judge and regulate the worth of your research, which anyone should be justifiably proud of because I guarantee anyone that it's impossible to not uncover new wonders when exploring any aspect of Nature, regardless of the subject in physics and matter.

Hydraulic Organ photo Hydraulicorgan_zps62d995fd.gif To recapitulate: here (and in the other examples up above) we see that this would be easy to accomplish in a closed system where mechanically moving "cold" could be used to produce useful work too, but there has been no development on this since Ancient Greece which can be seen Equivalently as both a disaster and an opportunity which also depends on whom you are, who you work for and what you represent.

So far, opportunities are being ignored by common people in favour of systems that don't create any opportunities and are entirely wasteful because only heat (specifically chemical heat and not matter's heat) is considered, when rather it is differences in temperature or differences in pressure that create work and nothing else (at least according to Nature) and that both heat and cold can be treated, through moving matter, as though they were "packages" of energy that is only limited by the imagination to decide what to do with. The real Universe is entirely different to what is described in textbooks, religion and in the media, but is more akin to the artist's presentation of the Universe, and the artist only employs Thermodynamics to represent his ideas so he is free to venture from archeology or to maths or to physics, etc. or leave them all and create something new as, and when, he wishes because somewhere in all these things are the Laws of Thermodynamics.

For instance, mathematically, quantum mechanics and classical mechanics are different because xy and yx are the same in classical mechanics, but are not the same in quantum mechanics so they use a mathematical tool called Poisson brackets among other things to solve this "problem" because they do the job necessary to explain a "missing" third system that already exists with quantum mechanics (and is the only way quantum mechanics exists), just like this would be done without thinking if we work with Thermodynamics, but this took years for physicists to develop because of Second Law of Thermodynamic-like thinking.

Any chemical or nuclear reaction only releases already existing energy in matter and creates disharmony because things are changed for stupid reasons and are not allowed to change back to the way they were (like carbon). Would you inject poison in your bloodstream or throw poisonous dust in your house's air? Yet, we allow private enterprises do this all the time on our bodies and inject poison into the atmosphere and hypnotically nobody notices or offers the same sort of resistance as we would display to protect ourselves as if people were catatonic, which is a mental defect that can only be caused by some sort of trauma or it is true that people, actually, don't care about anything and if that's true, then why are people complaining about anything, like we see on the news? Something somewhere doesn't make sense and there is the smell of manipulation in the air, not mystery. This manna from Earth has also been appropriated by the few which came to everybody for free. The entire idea of "ownership" is entirely insane because only society provides proof of this which doesn't apply anywhere else in the universe. Tell that to god, Nature or planet Earth: "I own this or that".

They, themselves own nothing so where's this privilege anywhere and neither of these entities have poverty, exploitation or squalor either?
There are other ways to transfer energy with the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics. To produce only work, one does not need to produce heat to produce work and there are many ways besides combustion or fission to do that in any kind of system whether it be an open, closed or isolated system and all systems, themselves, have unique properties, which will be demonstrated when I discuss Refrigeration. The word 'Temperature', itself, is now exclusively used as a definition for heat and nothing else, where this was not the case in the past, where they always said: "degrees of heat and cold". The First and Second laws of Thermodynamics are only the Caloric and Phlogiston theories in disguise because they treat energy like it where substance and matter as if it can be invisible (like dark matter) and all relationships are stripped away. These theorists and physicists must be very alone in their hearts to define the Universe in such ways.

Note: Fission itself is not a good example when used here because radioactivity is perfectly natural, but it is the way they work radioactive matter that makes it bad and not any radioactive matter itself.

The examples above, point to the idea that the concept of 'Work' may have its own rules and conditions that have never been formulated yet in the Second or First Law of Thermodynamics, which is totally inexcusable, especially concerning pressure or in the physics we see, there is a definite transitive relationship between Heat, Movement/Motion, Work, Time, Acceleration, Inertia and Thermal Equilibrium regardless if there is Entropy or not, since the only thing necessary to activate this phenomena is with light which has no mass when considering Alfred Leitner's demonstration of no heat going to heat.

This is one of the reasons why they never discuss Work thermodynamically because there is no such thing as Useless Work or Matter anywhere in the universe; there is only "Useless Energy" or destructive energy. Including this Principle of Nature would also destroy or overthrow all Abrahamic religion (and all others too) because everything it says contradicts Nature in the most obvious manner of everyday things that are everywhere if we look for the "hidden" third system that has to be there somewhere, where anyone of any intelligence could grasp this immediately if taught that this exists. This would also shape societies the way people want them to be and not the way authority or intellectuals want them to be.

Energy may be controlled by the few to regulate work, but the workers and farmers themselves would be able to create and use their own energy that cannot be controlled by energy gods to create their own things and satisfy all their needs and suit their purposes as demonstrated here and actually improve the economy and all philosophy and technology and everyone lives in luxury in a nice progressive affluence that would be universal to all. This would prepare all of us for higher things and our discovery of new wonders in the cosmos.

Finally, any field of electromagnetic energy or gravitational force of any intensity in any field (not waves) will directly, through design, produce mechanical work in one form of usefulness to another without producing any form of entropy by manipulating different systems. The universe does not consume itself and its own entropy never increases. Gravity is a force, not a form of energy and can only be in a field of intensity and cannot exist in waves otherwise there would be different frequencies of gravity therefore things like "gravitons" cannot exist, except mathematically, but this mathematics cannot be compared to things like virtual particles or quasiparticles, nor will they ever detect gravity waves, but only field distortions.

Only wave theories will produce entropy and never field theories. Every sound, every light wave every action that has ever been produced still exists today except now they are part of entropy and this entropy, in its way, always existed in the function, element or substance and was not produced afterward. But every bit of matter that ever made any musical instrument, and every photon in the universe and the water molecules that were Archimedes' bath water once, well eureka! you might be drinking some of it right now. All these things are still around and just doing other things because matter is unique in that it exists in/as fields, energy and waves. Think of entropy as a particular frequency hum of the universe since the universe has one particular temperature, around -454,8°F or 2.73 Kelvin, and it functions as a carrier wave and everything would ride on that wave, but in a field that encompasses the entire universe.

From PBS 'Absolute Zero' intro
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Besides any elaborate discussions like the following video clip involving rubber bands and The Second Laws' version of entropy, including the catchall phrase they use: 'Counterintuitive' when they don't want to bother explaining anything to you after grabbing all your attention, I have not seen or been able to find any experiments, video or any literature done on the concept of 'Work' after the early 19th century, where they would be trying to put together any independent principles, if any, in it. Apparently, only humans and animals in leather harnesses or in iron or bronze chains or machines can produce work and nothing else, which to a person like me is a revelation and makes me seriously consider that I was born, somehow, on the wrong planet because there is no university anywhere on Earth that teaches 'Work' as if it were a thermodynamic principle even though it is an actual element of thermodynamics and prodigious amount of Work is being produced throughout the universe by naturally occurring thermodynamics and not necessarily by humans.

Deterministic mathematical calculations, primitive emotions, spreadsheets for bookkeeping and primitive economic systems, and statistics is apparently the prescribed way to deal with the concept of 'Work', which creates value automatically hence I connect Thermodynamics to social, religious and societal systems, as there is no such theory in Thermodynamics or even philosophy, but only in physics and in economic history, so there is a lot of "work" to do here by the "masters" themselves because "work' is being done everywhere in the Universe, all the time, by things that don't even live or produce any heat or cold themselves. Just to amuse yourself try to 'discover' yourself all the things around you in Nature, that do work and produce no heat or cold, or at least think about this for one minute. The atoms and all the particles of matter in the Universe all vibrate endlessly and produce Work and this work is called matter properties, which is why and how things like thermal equilibrium can release energy because something is being done, and work itself must be transferred to other forms of work, but depending on the system, it can be destroyed, which in itself is a form of Work.

Work - Sixty Symbols
This is the form of Equivalence they teach in university nowadays: Rubber Bands which is the perfect physical example of the Second Law of Thermodynamics in its function. This video demonstration I selected is nevertheless valuable as it shows that the properties of matter, involving anything concerning thermal equilibrium, come first before energy has anything to do with anything including entropy; which I explain in more detail later on.
This clip also opens to door to, already existing, empirical proof that there are many substances that have a maximum entropy yet the substance can be made much hotter with no change in its entropy and with certain substances the entropy even decreases the hotter it gets. This is why the Third Law of Thermodynamics was formulated because it only concerns itself with entropy in these types of situations, especially with ultra-cold temperatures because that is easier to do.
Note: This professor misses the point that any disorder is instantly transferred to order elsewhere through Work and the entropy of the system therefore remains the same upon completion of this cycle he demonstrates, but he's a closed-system thinker so we can understand why and make our own adjustments, through the Zeroth Law, to conform to open systems and create for ourselves the higher order it actually represents.
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Time: 4:50

In their pursuit of profit and glory through their exclusive view of Nature as a closed or isolated system and dumping their garbage and pollution with their defective de"vices" into any open system and their deep seated need to possess the population in the same way as Freud, in psychoanalysis, would say about a patient's need to possess his own mother; physicists completely miss the point that a superfluid acts, as like it were in an open system like anything else that is quantum mechanical because by applying pressure to Liquid Helium II one does not create heat, but creates a solid Liquid Helium II instead and in an isolated system one can create a liquid from a gas after it has been allowed to condense (I'm reminding you that Isolated systems have also been given a bum rap by the physicist), which can only be explained with the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics and different systems working together without the need to describe anything as strictly quantum/classical mechanical which become redundant because they reduce quantum mechanics and classical mechanics into meaningless nothings when treated in this way which is no better than demonstrating rubber bands for energy/entropy demonstrations, especially for what universities charge for tuition nowadays, which is the real organized money-making system going on these days in these places.

Why make trillions when we can make billions!
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Universities should be self-supporting (and these places teach economics!) with all these rich endowments and prime real estate and other investments, holdings, copyrights and patents they possess that are worth in the hundreds of billions of dollars, where instead of depending on the gouging of students to pay for their education, there are other ways to invest this kind of money and develop their assets that would even be better and help create a free society that does not involve the tax payer and create automatically a better educated society, of which no one needs to explain the benefits there. (see: 'States looking at $0 community college tuition' by Steven Dubois AP)
I mean if the IRS is so good, then why are they not counseling places such as this when they do their audits!

Even the Mafia no longer resorts to extortion since "legitimate business" (private enterprise) is a least five times more profitable, and free enterprise is even more profitable aside from also creating different forms of value in addition to money, which is why free enterprise only exists in great beginnings and if it weren't for free enterprise there would be no private enterprise. So when Dr. Evil says, Why make trillions when we can make billions?, well this is actually a fact and our most esteemed learning institutions prove that.

Sidebar: What is significant for artistic philosophy to anticipate, since we are dealing with scientists "creating things" (lol), is that temperature and pressure themselves can change one system into another as demonstrated by matter suddenly becoming quantum mechanical at ultra-cold temperatures and quantum mechanics can only exist in an open system, but by its way of turning a liquid into a solid could only be first achieved with a closed or isolated system (pressuring while cooling liquid helium). So turning a closed-classical system into an open-quantum system via pressure at ultra cold temperature is just another form of Thermal Equilibrium that has not been researched, probably because it goes against what they think nature should be like since science is no longer natural philosophy, but is totally manufactured and man-made garbage that can only be taught by drilling and brainwashing students which has gone to the point where we now have "public intellectual"s like Lawrence Krauss telling us that 2 + 2 now makes 5.

When considering that temperature and pressure have such abilities, well this also opens up new unheard of possibilities where, not only matter can be reshaped, but also matter can change the system and not just the other way around as is usually done. Philosophically speaking: If inanimate matter can change the system it exists in, why can't people do the same? This also shows that matter can do anything under the right conditions, which energy can never do under any conditions.

One would think with all the money universities make, they could splurge a little on bungee cords instead of elastic bands to teach their enslaving closed systems. Anything that is solid or liquid because of pressurization is a form of heat that can only be detected, measured or extracted using the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics and the Universe, which includes the Earth in that it is an open system since its entropy never increases.

I know I repeat things all the time, but they do the same thing in mathematics, but they use symbols instead, which is a luxury plain-old writing and literature do not have, save for song and poetry. In this case, I would like visitors here to see instead the different contexts of when these repetition occur in where we can see how everything is connected and not necessarily see patterns which these "connections" would be difficult to see in mathematics anyway, and would be difficult to express.

This small example regarding open systems is what exists all over the place in Nature (not modern science) and renounces an entire Universe of phenomena that can be very useful for everybody and is completely free. They, and authority on the other hand, find every means at their disposal to patent or control these things for their own profit by creating closed systems for and out of all phenomena. Nothing belongs to anyone unless one's life is a game.

RTSP Video
More Rubber Bands

So when we "see" Nature through the modern theorist or physicist, rest assured you're being denied 99.9999% of reality, —forget the Universe itself that is not beyond present technology to demonstrate or the average person's intelligence and attention span to appreciate, especially where the only thing necessary is to begin discussing Matter first, before anything, and then we can discuss energy and all its wonders to the point where it would be impossible to discuss the Second Law of Thermodynamics without only discussing chemical or nuclear energy, which is like putting the cart before the horse.

All Matter in the Universe is apparently an invisible substance and only energy must be considered in your mind, and only the kind of science that flatters and profits intellectuals who all work for 'authority', multinationals or they use your own tax dollars with research grants against you, and only this gets presented and preserved, talked about, emulated, You Tubed and marketed. Check these things out yourself as I don't want you to believe anything I say here anyway. If you believe anything I say here, then these essays/monologues are useless and mean absolutely nothing. When you weigh the amount of energy and time you would spend verifying anything you read, hear and see against the total nonsense it will save from in the future, you're getting a real bargain especially when you start noticing a patterns connections or signatures to/of misinformation and manipulation which will give you the power to understand many bad things before they happen or affect you concerning anything because the mind will be more ordered with facts that cannot be denied where the visitor here can easily point others in the right direction or references and not depend on trash Ph.D's. on You Tube-like sites, BBC or PBS.

It is not my words or research that you must heed, but the system of thought that you should consider as a tool to detect all possibilities of lies and horse manure in any situation that you would not even be able to imagine before they can harm you.

To start: You must only program your brain with one understanding/protocol/algorithm/command that says: everybody lies, and some form of cruelty must be the first thing injected into everything you can imagine and in likeliest manner possible because cruelty brings the first and most immediate thrill, and from there one moves on to better things or different cruelties. It depends on the individual, regardless of his/her education and maturity. It is the evolved person who grows beyond cruelty by simply getting tired of it and wanting better things. If this saddens you, well you have a lot to learn and a lot of idealistic deprogramming to do because there is no reason to assume or have expectations about anything anyway, anywhere in the Universe nor can anyone miraculously know your own intentions, whether they be good or evil, so this may be mostly a primitive defense mechanism for most people or chimpanzees (gorillas don't) as it is only them that act in this way, where all other animals simply avoid the remotest suspicion of danger or they know nothing of fear and are curious. Humans can learn beyond what chimpanzees can't learn and modify their behaviour, otherwise we do not deserve the brains we are born with.

If one looks at the so-called "Creation of the Universe" or the "Big Bang" we see that a comparative cold can accomplish the same thing by simply creating a model for its demonstration and the same thing would occur except there would be less heat involved and here, we are not even considering things like 'Negative temperature' which must have always existed (or must have been there during this supposed event).

'In Voluptas Mors'
With the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics it is differences that are in equilibrium/disequilibrium that are important and not actual scales and we certainly don't go around and calibrate the Universe with it and decide, like they do in religious literature (and now with science), what everything is arbitrarily with their own respective tools. Divine inspiration from any prophet, etc., is no longer a satisfactory source of information nor are experts. We don't even know what size we are since there are an indefinite amount of magnitudes that are present, so which one philosophically or realistically is the better (as if we knew which choice to make) and where do gods or god fit into this?

Like the picture at left, maybe it is a good thing that The Zeroth Law is only behind the scenes since there are no lies about it by intellectuals either and so far, their limited imaginative abilities only extends to deprecation. These people are, themselves, what they do, if seen through the equilibrium, equivalency and sufficiency standards of the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics.
It is us, who will decide by our everyday actions and what people accept in their lives whether we end up like a Chernobyl or as 'Drebbel with the king' were in one case we all die and in the other case we get rich because they were both demonstrations of thermal equilibrium were one creates and the other destroys. What type of Thermal Equilibrium do you want to be connected too, that's emphasized everywhere in everything you see, hear, know and touch?

The supposed "Inefficiency" of any modern engine, or system, (because it is we who create inefficiency, not Nature) in any closed system can be "boiled" down, to a direct relationship, with frequency, pressure and speed because proper heat conducting, through matter, only occurs at certain speeds, depending on the machine's materials and its shape, just like the propagation or dissipation of sound or light through other types of matter and space. The greater the speed and pressure, the more work is produced faster, but also the amount and quality of a multitude of problems increases exponentially in geometric proportions because of unwanted heat build up and a closed system's inadequate relationship to an open system, — hence why we have so many engineers because Nature is made to do things in a way that it does not like doing things, probably because there are better ways in existence, and then we use interesting euphemisms and one them is called Entropy and the other is called Simplicity.

RMR: Funster
Just a reminder that the Japanese (and occasionally the Germans) manufacture crap too. They just do this differently! Thumbnail for Video
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Time: :53

Further, the face of Efficiency is on both sides of a coin (besides the fact that open and isolated systems have joint, and completely different views on what is; "efficiency") because, dynamically, you are either implying fast moving engines that make work efficient in relationship to time that are tabulated on spreadsheets on item productions per hour, or machines that are energy efficient that produce directed and controlled power efficiently, but you cannot have both at the same time and they both produce different kinds of entropy in different kinds of ways where only the First and Second Law of Thermodynamics are present and where there is no system for Thermal Equilibrium to do any work. With the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics, both power and speed, although different, is equivalent where one is not better than the other. It provides an example in how Nature wants to be just like the Second Law shows us what our captains of industry, commerce and intellectuals want humanity to become.

This applies to all the sciences including Economics and all the other Social sciences, The arts and Humanities any type of closed system when they relate to any open system, — even this article and this site because everything done here is carefully researched at the expense of time so that it can ultimately convey information more efficiently, which is important to an artist so it is understandable that some would think that a lot of time is wasted by what some would consider the work as already Sufficient. If I wrote this for a publisher it would be an inferior work since I'm always adding new things, new data, correcting mistakes and clarifying principles, which would be impossible for other mediums to accomplish, especially for a system that only exists to make a profit within a required amount of time.

Click on me to find out more about some other great vandalisms in art which we discover is all, only about misogyny anyway and committed by both men and woman, but is disguised by the media to make people think about "desecration" instead where instead of repairing these paintings, they should be preserved, as is because they are now once again works of art expressing something new. There is no difference between the original artist using a palette knife and a collaborator in the future using a kitchen knife or an axe.

First of all: Art is supposed to be destroyed, anyway, to make room for new stuff for new generations in humanity because "art is man" in a closed system called "society". All the old stuff that survives becomes information and is no longer art.
If you really want to get to know real art, study Art history and study Titian, Michelangelo, Vincent Willem van Gogh, Marcel Duchamp and others who deliberately changed styles or "destroyed" their own work. These great artists knew that there was no such thing as destruction in any realm of 'Expression'. For the business world and the middle class, who have no business discussing art, these are rare objects so they are traded and they call this art and deliberately enhance the artist's life with romantic sounding lies so the rich have something sage-like to talk about and something interesting for uncultivated persons to deal with where it's actually all an esoteric illusion that only exists in their minds and these things are only trophies.
The pursuit of fine art is to convey all that it examines for the smallest pea brains to the finest eggheads to understand because all have feelings, so our "deadline" is when a level of effectiveness, consciousness, equivalency and feeling has been reached to create anything of value and universal, but by no means perfect. Only the maker of all things is perfect. Even an iconoclast, like the type who would take a hammer blow to Michelangelo's Pietà or David, is a healthy participant in art, although the "owners", connoisseurs and controllers of art might not think so. Art, in the deepest sense, is logical because it employs three systems, like the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics, to create anything and is the tool we use, whether we are aware of this process or not, for our discoveries and ideas.

All Artwork must be eventually destroyed or changed into something else or left to fall apart because it is part of the Thermodynamic concept of 'Work', when expressed in a closed system, and which must follow its rules where the meaning of life is death too and no rebirth.
As an artist I see destroyed artwork going back to Nature where it came from in the first place and we were privileged to have been a part of it briefly (like one's full tank of gasoline) with the particular form and expression the artist TEMPORARILY gave it once where now it is only information, which becomes a new privilege and that's what makes what the French call: "the Amateur" or in English: "the Connoisseur".

Art should inspire other newer artwork and not be embalmed, placed in a box under bullet and bomb proof glass like a dessicated Egyptian mummy for people to gawk at like they were at some freak show. That is the job for Isolated systems.
I destroy a lot of my latest work all the time because if anyone ever got hold of these things which also could be exploited in science, they would use it to harm others in this present social, political, religious and economic climate. I could change the world tomorrow, but I don't like the lives this would cost.
Instead of the tyranny from the church like Copernicus and Galileo had to deal with, we now have the tyranny of closed-system inefficiency, greed and acquisition today. "Advancement" is only fighting another front that uses other strategies for its own gain.

Like I've said before, I'm happy to of known these things now and will know other things tomorrow, knowing that these things will reappear in someone else in the future when the times have improved and civilization and its systems start showing some maturity regarding Thermodynamics and matter, and less on physics.
My job, here for now, is important enough and you, my visitors, are even more important.

Besides this, these "inventions" from artists, or those of artistic temperament, involve things that are intrinsic and would not be accepted by established science anyway, even if they work, much like colorless glass and thermoscopes among other things including other things like Stonehenge, which, to this day, are still little understood, but people like Stephen Hawking know the future!

It is the intellectual who uses his edifice before the established art, and would demand proof from the artist, of which none can be provided in their language or mathematics because they make the rules of how the Universe is to function and provide the language through this and give it a specific and limited way to speak about it which is insufficient. This is what Michael Faraday's Electromagnetic Field Theory succumbed to, which got corrupted by Maxwell et al. and Thermodynamics by Kelvin and Clausius et al. (more on these later) and this includes a lot of other areas in science which I won't get into here and is unnecessary.

Fair Use
Anyway, from this we learn that there is not only a connection with art and misogyny; there exists an even deeper connection between science and hatred of woman in any form. With art this is confined to the public and its reaction to visual art, but with science, it is the scientist and intellectual himself and the male dominated institutions (and these males must be impotent) that support these systems of thought that furnishes this phenomenon.

The problem with misogyny is that it always extends itself to misanthropy, as if misogyny was only some protocol to begin this process. If one can hate woman, then why not hate men too, then animals, then god and so on and hatred can be expressed in innumerable ways and most often it is disguised hatred (Stephen Hawking, Leonard Susskind, et al) because they are all cowards and they hate themselves, which is also expressed in a multiple of ways, like with animal testing since animals are considered by scientists as machines with no feelings and the pain that is inflicted upon them is not conscious pain. This is no different than, "trial by ordeal" (debriefing or interrogation) before "trial by jury".

There are many ways to research and approach this subject of hatred, and this example in the following dramatized clip is just one small example, but it is society that is ultimately to blame from many points of view including its standardization of represented cowardliness and evil, among other things, and in programming "appropriate" behavior, which is far from sufficient so people are not aware of these things in others until it is too late when instinct should be the true call and so makes it all too easy for predators to do their thing.

Data Discussing a Problem With Prof. Freud
The Robot Data and Misogyny: Discussing This With Professor Freud Thumbnail for Video
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Time: 3:33

The Mona Lisa (as an example) is no longer art and means absolutely nothing today (but the bullet-proof glass-glazing over it has meaning and expression), and when I see it (the painting) I only see information, — not art.
Leonardo da Vinci and Annibale Carracci had their time and they're great for the tourism industry today, but don't take these guys seriously or even remotely consider their work as art now in our day, but as art history and information. It is like an old gramophone record which whatever song it plays, played for its time and today serves as information of what our great-grand parents listened to. They are part of history and there's much to learn from them like any other information, — but that's all, and then you move on from their developments to create new art. See great article on chaos and art by William Poundstone: 'The Joker begins by assassinating his art-historic predecessors'
With that in mind since the artist also deals with information and not just aesthetics, we will put any information together and make it appear as chaos to those who think they are better than everybody else because of their attitudes, and make this same chaos appear as order with those who need the information and can, by themselves, work out an idea of a beauty and organization in things that have specific meaning that is as far from chaos as you can imagine, or at least be able to infer these things. We approach things in the opposite manner of the mathematician who sees patterns in things, where the artist on the other hand, creates represented patterns that are only readable to certain people who are the best to carry on the work that's in from of them, or the work at hand.

Typewriter Artist with Cerebral Palsy
Where movement is limited and determination is endless!

Batman - Season 2 Episode 57 - Pop Goes the Joker
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