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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The New Blogger Interface: a neat workaround

HTML'S MAGIC: The New Blogger Interface: a neat workaround.

A Monologue on Blogger's New Interface.

by GP duBerger

Well It's September 20 2012 (Black Thursday) and the new horrendous Blogger Interface, that acts more like some mood detector, has arrived and was officially imposed too, where in its own unique and nasty "Hello World" kind of way ("Hello XML and HTML5"), immediately removed all my <br /> tags so I had to reinstall all of them everywhere.

I just love technology because now more can write blogs, from they're phones, or babies can learn to publish things on the web by smearing and gurgling their dinner on their new tablets and this activity can be recorded too if they equip these tablets with cameras. Now someone can upload a video to their Vlog showing their dirty hands on everyone's monitor. Ahhh technology! This is fine to make things easy for those who love to press buttons on cell phones or wipe yourself an interesting dissertation with your fingers and hands, on touch screens, if one is searching for substance that should only exist on toilet paper anyway.

New Touchscreens For College Girls
There are certain things that can only be done on PC's when doing carefully researched work and if one wants to learn new things because they don't give courses on HTML that are worth anything so I must learn things on my own with bits here and bits there. Not to impune, but these tablets and smart phones cover the periphery of ones existence by keeping you "connected", actually imprisoned, to your favourite stores for shopping to engage in fashionable consumption more effectively, and your favourite social networks and other frivolous things, and are not meant to be used to learn big things like physics, HTML Markup and beyond, etc., unless all your information about the universe comes from places like You Tube, or Facebook or some App and you find that acceptable.
I tried to thank Blogger for removing all my <br /> tags (illustration above; click to magnify [Is click a proper term now?]) and I have since, gone back to using the old style <br> tags, (See: <BR> Tags, HTML XML and XHTML) among other things, where I discover that Scripts have also become a redundant feature in this brave new world so when they ask me for feedback it doesn't work, which I find out only after typing my complaint/feedback. — as if they cared. So why do they ask for feedback? Maybe this now only works on these new devices since the button would only be seen when magnifying that particular section of the page on these new small screens; I don't know.

On the left is a button I have developed for Blogger while returning the favour, that is also fully functional to do absolutely nothing. It's called an 'Image' and does exactly everything they probably spent a fortune to develop. This negligence becomes complete where we must ask why there is no App for Blogger yet? So this whole nonsense must be seen as a method by Blogger developers to protect it by purposely making things that don't work and not creating the natural next platform where even tiny restaurants now have an app, all the while appearing like they are doing something since the changes they have created are not insurmountable anyway to/for the serious blogger and may even be seen as an inside joke.

So, editing and updating older articles has now become a nightmare to accomplish, if they are of any length, as I described in HTML'S MAGIC 'A Fun Copyright' where we learn that there is no such thing as Copyright law; there is only Copyright, or the way copyright is being used, in the way it functions, it has very little to do with the law where even human rights have been copyrighted so no one can have them unless you pay some cotisation somewhere to the right influential circles and in another way, it caters to the smallest minds "imaginable" and gives them an enormous amount of power to enforce their own boring "visions" of life.
I do detailed research, not blah blah and, for now, I'm don't write "code", I write "markup" and deal with HTML and JavaScript like they were wonderful machines as a mechanic would deal with machines he loves, and this is mentioned here, so you understand my point of view regarding this subject. An artist or a mechanic can do many magnificent things with all kinds of different systems (which society does not like) and he does not need to be a thermodynamicist, a web developer, a theoretical physicist or a chemist to accomplish this.

HTML Tidy says their JavaScript which if part of this new interface, among other things, is itself atrocious (and contributing its own comments that says things like "unintelligible", so its no wonder some of my old widgets and some of my JavaScripts don't work anymore or do odd things on this page (they work everywhere else perfectly) and try, for fun, to install the simplest JQuery Script on a Blogger Template now and see what happens, which brings me to the condemnation conclusion: How far does this sloppiness, intentional or otherwise, goes on inside Blogger's servers and with its developers, who are supposed to know better, but instead deploy the dystopian: "Big Brother knows best". This is no longer a web page, this is a cellphone page, but don't forget to activate this feature which you can find in the left column of your Dashboard and click on Template.

Regardless, JavaScript is very robust and can easily be adapted to hostile conditions and now we have CSS 3 which also helps. Turning the Tables around on XML, A person who understands rudimentary HTML can now play with XML and XHTML (which HTML5 is dependant upon) and treat it as an HTML 4.01 editing environment where any entities that are not defined in XML are simply replaced with numeric entities which get parsed in any XML parser. The output on the webpage is as it would be with regular HTML.
From my point of view, this only gives HTML 4.01 with a loose Doctype more power, robustness and flexibility.

I just wonder how long it would take to load any part of HTML'S MAGIC 'The Principles of the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics' or 'Extreme Cold' etc. and see how far anyone gets with this on their iPhone or Android Samsung Galaxy. I don't criticize these things; it's just the lifestyle that goes along with them which invites distraction and my articles are about thinking and this new webpage technology is leaning towards only satisfying those distracting goals and making it difficult to publish research. The web is being divided in half and is an interesting subject on its own, because there are good and bad things to explore here between PCs and Smart phones.

New Discovery: Stone Age Tablets
It is a certainty that Google is moving away from thinking W3 recommendations when looking under the hood of what makes their things tick and this is probably, also, true with everyone else because I'm seeing now the exclusive use of XML in everything to the point of abuse, and XML can be anything, which will turn the internet of the future into a new realm governed like the Baronial system where only certain interests will control everything with XML among other things I won't get into here.
Say goodbye to freedom of expression.
Google, itself, is becoming an applet that deals with other applets which themselves deal with other applets like Amway, until life itself becomes an applet where it is then religion that is the applet for death where in reverse order we are supposed to find ourselves in some metaphysical state in some metaphysical location for all eternity with an intervening apocalypse added for no reason except for some angels to say "Hello World".
The only reason why Open source applications and open communications exist is because basic HTML, and basic JavaScript, and basic computers, and basic C, C++ and Objective C are extremely robust. (See Google Developer's course on Coding)
A government can block a site within its borders because places like You Tube (as an example) are systems (which use XML templates) but these governments cannot block HTML or C++ themselves.

I know that they have started to use Propriety Attributes like the [imageanchor="] which belongs to Oracle; which means Java, which is not good for my own HTML and Internet Explorer always makes a ruckus because you are not using their Active X the way Moses prescribed each time you open an applet. Java is only really good if you ask for it as part of an application that is self-working and doing something or is some Embedded system and because it is part of some trusted program you are downloading (I learn all these interesting things from studying simple HTML).
I understand Java uses the same programming language as your Computer Operating System and parts of the CPU itself including any kind of integrated circuit manufactured today so I don't understand why Microsoft imposes its own strategy on top of Sun Systems' Java when Java has been around since before Microsoft even existed. When you think about it, Microsoft should not even exist and one begins to smell a carefully coordinated future created by those who think they should control everybody's future and this all started back in the 1920's and 30's, when Fascism was a very popular political movement internationally in one form or another.
Propriety means only this: You don't know what it does and the only people who do know are Satan, Netscape, General Electric, Hewlett-Packard, Siemens, Apple, Oracle, Sun systems, or Microsoft et cetera, etc. (you get the "picture" or the "imageanchor" I should say).
Open source means: You know how and why it works, but nothing actually works anywhere and you need, again, some artificial container (like an applet) to put it all in, that hopefully different browsers and operating systems will not notice that you are not doing things their way, which is always no good (otherwise you wouldn't be developing or using an applet in the first place).

I don't care about who owns what, except to say congratulations. What I care about is, one day, they can have a boardroom meeting and sagely decide that you have to pay for every keystroke you have ever typed since Methuselah, involving the thing they say they own, when you never put it there in the first place and was put in by a machine you have no control over, and they can do this too. Of course, I'm exaggerating but I say this more as a way for you to understand how these behemoths try to strangle each other for a larger share in someone else's business, using these types of backdoor methods and it's the people who get crushed along the way when these guys try to bulldoze each each other for a percentage.
Forget James Bond 007, the real espionage that is going on is the corporate type and all of their spies are licensed to kill everything they can in any way possible and not just with guns. Spies working for governments are the opposite, and always have a specified target to reach in their missions and they disturb as little as possible along the way as to be unnoticeable. A corporate spy is more like a terrorist but since this only involves others in business, their activities are more or less contained in their arenas and when the childish corporate behaviour spills over, the government spies get involved and magically make people disappear and make it appear natural.

Corporate Rivalry
Click or Tap to activate this Fun JavaScript
For other reasons that don't have to do with money, other propriety things like: [allowfullscreen] and variations of this, sometimes doesn't work on your videos, but again this is caused because this thing is actually intellectual property that is a function for video players that are issued by private enterprises in their assorted private containers and packages and not an open source attribute, where this phenomena of 'not functioning' (as if such a thing has a legitimate reason to exist), would never happen because this attribute could be shared all over the internet like the air, in all kinds of things and all one needs to do is store this attribute anywhere that sends and receives files with a URL, provided that the required element is not itself a container or in a container, that does other things which are not compatible with the idea you are trying to work with, where you then need to be talented in reverse engineering, if you are so inclined.

Think of this as like a private or a public TV station going off the air or someone turning off their server or TV, reminding oneself that TV stations and servers are systems that occupy space and use energy and are not actual real things in this universe (like the electricity that powers these Stations and Servers) and the only things that are real are the computer/server, the language they use and power in the form of compatible energy. Using Extensible Markup Language as a template in this argument: If servers were not so busy sending out poisons and garbage, we wouldn't need computers to decipher it all and much simpler devices could be used. The day they come out with quantum computers for home and office we will know just how much BS there really is in society, to need such things.

For instance: Land radios and television sets and Viacom on planet Mars, which are all part of the Universe, and the whole thing is completely useless over there. Now instead, put cameras and microphones on a rover powered by electricity over there, and that can be very useful and practical universally where hypothetically, alien beings visiting our neck of the galaxy could intercept transmissions from Curiosity and would, themselves, be able to understand the information it sends and absolutely nothing produced by things like CBS, Viacom, Time Warner, Turner etc. can ever be understood outside of planet Earth except as being closed system gibberish. Therefore electricity is more real than Viacom and cameras and microphones are more real than televisions and radios and then we realize that HTML and C++ etc. is more real than Java, Active X or Applets. Just like Nature is perfectly capable, by itself, to create an image of Itself without needing to be represented allegorically, and this is through the existence of the Cosmic Background Radiation where then scientists learn this form of Open System gibberish and learn how to "read" Natures Electromagnetic Language which can then be used to create maps or images, which, surprisingly, are not anthropomorphic, or with any religious symbols and no branding is applied either.
Besides business and who owns what, including things like intellectual property disputes; there is the philosophical issues to consider which far outweigh anything else: Take HTML as an example: We find that it is supported by every single software, operating system one can find anywhere for obvious reasons. HTML and C++ etc. are beyond cross platform and cannot be interfered with and they are universal and ubiquitous and there would be no internet without them. Now let's take a look at Internet Video and Audio (which should be universal too like HTML is for text) Now let's say you want to experiment with the idea of hosting your own A/V media on your blog because you're tired of You Tube and Blogger video, Applets, Quicktime, Active X etc. because of the things they involve you with inadvertently that go against your "own" philosophy.

There you will find that if there is one rotten fruit, they're all rotten but it all started with the first rotten fruit once upon a time, regardless if whatever you are working on is stuff that is propriety or not. The Open source stuff depends too much, or is sensitive to considerations and limitations imposed by propriety interests, regardless of the open source system's simplicity and superiority in all their video and audio methods where you will see that their wonderful philosophy does not go far enough. You realize when you experiment with video on a Notepad .htm document, that everything is really a gadget, including browsers that only do certain things and don't do other things, yet they all use the same Java, C++, HTML etc. etc. By experimenting with video one learns that it is all just a fight over who is going the control all Electromagnetic Radiation — not HOW we are going to manipulate it, where the web just happens to be one battleground for this.

Anyway Adobe Flash will be around yet because everybody in their "Open Source euphoria" has forgotten about animated-advertising, which if anybody was really serious in the WHATWG and in other "Open projects", they would be getting business interested in open source development where the business community would open doors and opportunities for them too with the kind of stuff they understand (which is advertising), and then this would be a serious problem for Adobe Flash. If they're greedy, and you cater to their greed, then you've got-them hook, line and sinker and it makes no difference if your stuff works properly or not. How is it possible to not appreciate private enterprise when seen in this light; who only work for themselves and not one "bit" for humanity.

Use or to view this file
Click or tap on me to see a completely non-propriety demonstration of moving ASCII art that could be developed to replace all video and pictures because it is also completely non-invasive and free and the most primitive line mode browser could play it.
Or these Open source types should be getting busy in creating a new sort of software that would convert Video and Sound into something that is readable in a browser that understands HTML 4 Tags, Attributes and Values and create moving pictures out of them like ASCII art and with other things but can be easily developed into something more sophisticated that could use simple HTML 4 and JavaScript to display moving Base 64 encoded images instead, where the JavaScript would be the Event handler for HTML 4's Static elements and that's it. This thing does not even need to be invented as this capacity belongs to everybody right now who is only acquainted with HTML 4 and JavaScript and would render moving images and sound reproduction into an Open System it is supposed to be that everyone could "breath" and all one needs to do is make sure you are not using any propriety ASCII characters and Propriety Tags and Elements, which we don't need anyway. Here societies like Anonymous and others who are concerned with freedom in the Internet, could create a Standards body, like the W3 consortium in choosing the best methods to exploit this technology, not control it, and make those systems they consider superior ubiquitous and freely available and even create start-up kits for budding developers.

I just put this here to show an example of .ogv and not because I support Wikipedia.
(Internet Explorer users should go to the Wikipedia source page to view this file if it does not appear and deal with this there.) Anybody that is interested in video and what other things it can inadvertently reveal; I seriously suggest that you study all the different methods to display video, starting with .ogv, and play with all the assorted players out there on a Notepad or Notepad++ .htm document on your computer because this is like an internet open wound that's festering with all kinds of diseases, where one gets to see the insides of how the real internet functions and all the assorted activity going on, so this is a unique opportunity, that does not come often and so this should not to be missed. These things, by themselves, in their experimental versions, are actually more entertaining and instructive than any actual videos they are supposed to be able to play with the exception of this one, here, of course.

For instance; the latest thing I learned was that different browsers treat pixels differently where we end up with video of two different sizes, regardless of what you said it should be because they all have an interpretation of Size 100% in relation to pixel value parameters and this creates a Popup-JavaScript nightmare for you, concerning all browsers where you set the size of the window that goes to a viewable RTSP player through the JavaScript window but the video size inside each browser presented, are all a different size. Forget the stories of this browser is better than that browser; none even agree as to what an ordinary ruler, that you can hold in your hands, says the size of something should be which makes sense only if you are perfectly evil. It's like fine tuning ten different pianos simultaneously and if, after this, you actually take the internet seriously, you are a lost fellow. It is also important to consider if you use W3's 'Browser Emulator' Cern line-mode browser which is no more than a sort of Command Line browser, and browse your own webpage with it, Video will be rendered perfectly and be fully functional too (screenshot) and this is because "embedded video" it is not on the actual page but you are looking at the thing from the site itself as if this where a television transmission. To me, this makes me think differently about the entire concept of video, itself, on the internet and something radically better should be ultimately devised where computers themselves are more involved in this process.
A case in point: With the video "Great Feeling" above; Click on the menu button, and then click on the info icon and then click on the link 'Great Feeling.ogv' and there, the whole thing suddenly becomes an IFRAME of the source page from Wikimedia which you have to navigate using the scroll bars. This means that you have always been at Wikimedia while you were reading this page and the only thing that gets embedded when you put a video on your page is a FRAME, regardless if we are talking about Wikimedia, You Tube or Vimeo etc.. The only thing that remains is to ask: How far do you want to take this concept when building your own experimental website for the fun of it, and how far you are going to let this concept take you away from other things.

I googled this imageanchor thing and was led to the Blogger Development group with someone else's stupid query upon this matter, which could of been resolved before asking the question by simply removing the attributes to see, and the answer was this: "We currently use this markup internally to control the post editing experience. It should be fine to delete using the HTML view of the post." What? They don't know? Whoa!..... One Minute please Lucifer, while I introduce myself too, because this sounds more like an answer from the Corporate Gibberish Generator with that: "post editing experience" thing which I would like to know what that is, because this does not make any sense but I do smell trouble, big time.
For your information I have removed this attribute all over this page and "there is no problem" Is this the kind of answer one expects from developers when they say things like: "find out for yourself" or "try it out and find out" and "I think it's OK". You'd think that people were asking developers and IT professionals for love and compassion instead of advice.

screenshot While trying to google more information from anywhere, my internet connection and Firefox suddenly went haywire and when the internet connection was fixed, I had to fallback to Internet Explorer temporarily. Coincidence? Resuming my research, I was quickly led to 'The Defence Acquisition University' which is a place I never heard of but we bump into each other because we are, both very interested in such things as attributes. So while visiting Satan, I looked at their tabs and they are hilarious, as everything is like; "mission assistance", "command brief" "strategic command" and this is a university. This place should be renamed a 'Dispersity' not a 'University' for the sake of its function. (I Better start learning PHP and have my own server and my own domain very soon because my site is gradually becoming a "Doomain".
On matters of defence, I don't think it's a good strategy to draw attention to yourself by leaving images of your stuff and your secret pages from your secure sites on Google Image Web Search. Parts of your organization are supposed to be secret, maybe that's what a secret is in case you military guys didn't know. I thought you guys had your own internet with the trillions of dollars you spend on nothing and mayhem.
On other matters: In the past, Blogger's servers showed you where, if any, error existed with any markup where you could correct it immediately. Now they just tell you randomly "there's an error somewhere" which may not even be true because I have verified my markup elsewhere, in these type of situations, and it was fine in 99% of situations; so I just ignore it and publish whatever, whenever and if I see a problem on the page, then at least I know where it is and can fix it and this is where Internet Explorer comes in handy. There are also situations when I know I made an error after pressing the 'Publish' button and the markup was accepted and published as is. This means that Blogger's servers have programmed parsers, like web browsers, that can interpret types of HTML that go as far back as 1992 which makes sense for a blog site that has been around for a while and has webpages written in those types of HTML.

My picture thumbnails for popular posts now are internally mixed up too.
Pictures I now upload here produce redundant Division Elements in its HTML and they put in all the attributes in the HTTP like it was an embedded video, which is why they need to add more division elements, otherwise you can't wrap-around text. This new thing is filled with junk, (example below and notice the famous imageanchor="1"), and the developers of this new interface have taken upon themselves to reverse the height and width values, from the standard order of 'width and height' which exists everywhere else in the universe, an extra thing, now, that I have to be mindful when re-sizing pictures so I just remove the length attribute as it's entirely unnecessary with pictures and only important for OBJECT, EMBED or IFRAME elements. Bloggers new interface; upon any upload it also obliterates, or moves text around where the text cursor was last placed in the editor itself instead of the top of the HTML text page. Another new phenomena with this new interface; Picture Link - Natasha and Boris it now mixes up all my embedded videos all over the place with articles that are of a certain length which now necessitates me to copy the entire content and temporarily put it on NotePad and publish the document with nothing in it to "clean it up", and sometimes I need to do this twice, and then put back all the content and republish it and this fixes it. I have since gone back to the old nested OBJECT and EMBED elements instead of IFRAMES whenever possible, where this problem is then eliminated completely. Sorry Blogger, but I can't explain important principles in 500 characters or less, like one is expected to do on a You Tube comment post.
<div class="separator" style="clear: both; text-align: center;"> <a href="http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-duSXq7AcpI8/UGzOt-XR0II/AAAAAAAAObY/hh2R4AH_WPg/s1600/blogger%2Bico.bmp" imageanchor="1" style="clear:left; float:left;margin-right:1em; margin-bottom:1em" target="_blank"><img border="0" height="97" width="112" src="http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-duSXq7AcpI8/UGzOt-XR0II/AAAAAAAAObY/hh2R4AH_WPg/s200/blogger%2Bico.bmp" /></a></div>

Where in the past posting a picture we had something simpler and more efficient like this:

<a href="<!-- put link here of site where image came from-->"target="_blank" title=" <!-- optional - put a brief description here- will appear as tooltip box on mouseover and is also good if you forgot to put in the attribution or author-> " alt="<!--optional - put in replacement text for old browser- this will replace the picture-->"
> <img style="float:right; margin:0 0 10px 10px;cursor:pointer; cursor:hand;width: 112px; height: 97px;" src="http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-duSXq7AcpI8/UGzOt-XR0II/AAAAAAAAObY/hh2R4AH_WPg/s200/blogger%2Bico.bmp" /> </a>

In case you don't know; It is not a good idea to put strange attributes with Anchor tags besides TARGET=" ", TITLE=" " and ALT=" " and instead, they should be placed with the IMG tag with Inline Styles (as per W3 recommendation which, unfortunately, every major browser thumbs their noses at), otherwise your pictures will not behave normally in any Internet Explorer, which I like to call Firefox on Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease, and this can be advantageous in all sorts of ways if one thinks outside the box which you would know about if you actually write your own HTML markup, so this cannot be explained comprehensibly to those that don't write their own HTML markup, — so I won't bother to explain it. Just like there are HTML self-closing tags; in life there are things that are self-evident and cannot be explained from any hypothetical "outside" because they are already part of an open system.
Other browsers are more tolerant but that is not necessarily a good thing. Mozilla Firefox lies to me all the time by presenting me with perfect webpages that might not be perfect elsewhere. A lot of people complain about IE and I'm not a fan either, but I never forget that when Microsoft is dragging their behinds about some issue, there is probably also a very good, or very bad reason when it comes to matters involving the Internet and HTML.
Now when I upload a picture I have to make sure the cursor is blinking with lots of space between anything among other things where with the old interface all pictures automatically were placed at the top of your text editor where, then, you moved it into position. What's the point of introducing something new when the user has to think and be mindful of even more things than ever as if writing neat markup and text was not enough.

Laughing clown animation I'm glad I recorded this here because this stuff is actually hilarious and I can't stop laughing! I feel bad for people who are starting to learn basic HTML now and everything you see on this page is very basic HTML, very simple CSS, and a smattering of JavaScript and lots of Love, that are all Open Source elements too. The new interface does not show you where and how you made an error in your tags and attributions anymore as it still does when you try to introduce any new function into your style sheet. All of Blogger's extraordinary features of the past, are still there; Now they work for like the dogs Cerberus, or the god Anubis of the Egyptian pantheon, who also handled dead things and kept guard. Don't go poking around any of Blogger's templates and you'll see how fast you get bitten yet the template itself is harmless to play with. Jean Paul Sartre would say today, if he were alive: "There's nothing wrong with heaven of even hell; It's the people in them that make them what they are, which has nothing to do with God or Satan." Now I probably overlooked the "fact" that it all depends on the Moon's position over planet Earth to activate this feature and like all lunacy, ran"doom " generation of paranoid excuses are now manufactured by machines which I suppose is a new achievement in server technology development by IT professionals who have taken it upon themselves to study the effects of general relativity on servers and this research still seems to be on-going.

It certainly looks, feels and acts a lot like HTML5: "Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't" (did you ever try their new 'contenteditable attribute'?). Now there's a joke if ever I saw one, because in HTML 4 all you need is something like a Comment box where we remove any input buttons and there you have content that is editable, and with a little PHP or ASP magic which is hosted for free in places like MySpace servers, we create a HTML device that doesn't make text disappear into oblivion or limit you to three typewritten sentences and get this! It even shows spelling errors, and even has an [Erase or Cancel] button! WOW! With the HTML5 'contenteditable' attribute, among many other HTML5 attributes they have invented that do strange things too, you can only type a couple of sentences and you have to press the [Enter] key to make a new line but you can copy and paste an entire encyclopedia into it, as if that was new! They even say outlandish things like: " I'm using local storage to maintain your changes.", as if that was a revolution, but is actually an invasion (some can claim the PHP & ASP, themselves, are an invasion) and then claiming it's better than cookies and, which on that premise; I agree with them because that gives us something more to think and worry about besides cookies that we ever had before.

Whereas cookies are easy to remove and do more good than harm. HTML5 objects left in your computer are a nightmare to block and remove and no one knows what they do that justifies a considerably large-scale implementation of something new that no one talks about. The 'contenteditable' attribute is perfect for "wiping" yourself a plagiarized dissertation on tablets, as earlier suggested, while using Google glasses or Google contact lenses, during exam-time and nobody notices or checks anything. "Look! I have a PhD now and I don't even know what it's for! It's nice to assimilate information that you have no idea what it means or be able to coalesce in any manner yourself, but you know what it's good for, like computers do, or have the ability to photograph your entire existence and publish it on the web, but that is what computers are supposed to do also, — not people themselves. Isn't this the typical Master and Slave relationship and how that system functions? One day they'll make these devices so small, we won't even know they are there if this is not already true and we just don't know about it. The only cure will be to get rid of the verb 'To Have' in your life and live according to the Verb 'To Be' and have the 'Have' part of your life, administered only by your 'Be' part because there is no machine in existence that can make you do what you don't want to do, — just like you can't make computers do what they are not designed to do because the reason why a lot of these new HTML5 attributes don't work properly is because here we have an HTML trying to tell an operating system what to do and what it was never meant to do. So either this is a ludicrous idea and these HTML5 developers are nuts, or dreaming or this is actually going to be The FUTURE where big brother can control your computer and reconfigure it at will from a remote location and HTML5 is the foundation for this. OK, I'm crazy. I don't think so, because if you study the logic and the mathematics behind all this, these are the only possible reasons and I don't think the WHATWG is stupid either so that leaves only one reason left.

As you can see, I also love simple JavaScript that performs little miracles, like this video here, where only You know what I'm up to and not Big Brother and improves the loading of my pages because nothing is activated i.e. No EMBED, OBJECT, IFRAME elements, until you click on it, but everything, instead, is prepared and waiting to work for you and me. This thumbnail is actually a IMG used as an ANCHOR and the fake player, under the thumbnail, I put there is only to amuse myself.
Further anyone can see it because you are actually peeking through a new window into another site, that I have, which only streams video in RTSP (Blogger Video), much like you stopping and looking at a display of television sets, at a store front window. All this without you having to add any additional players or plugins to your browser or operating system and it does the job very reliably and very well.

Here we see (click to magnify) how one is forced to be part of a Social Network. Where if HTML'S MAGIC ever became part of any social network, It would be slammed by DMAC the very next day (as what already happened to me)
Social Networks are wonderful if you are a business. If you are an information site, then they are no good. The trend is to remove altogether good and free information from the Internet altogether (as you see here).
Eventually HTML'S MAGIC will completely disappear from Google search engines and you will only be able to reach it the old fashioned way by using Email servers by typing: http://htmlsmagic.blogspot.ca including the address of any subpage you want This page is @: http://htmlsmagic.blogspot.ca/2012/10/the-new-blogger-interface-neat-work.htmland, of course, provided that you actually know that HTML'S MAGIC exists. The only measures that can be taken, concerning this, is for me to eventually create an ugly but efficient directory page that http://htmlsmagic.blogspot.ca goes to where I put in my own search listing and search engine so visitors can find what information they need.
This could be turned into a good business in the future, which would be to create attractive Directory Pages instead of Web pages and this would defeat the manigances of IT professionals and Developers permanently.
Unfortunately the trend is a technology, future and people that are twisting themselves inside-out like a three dimensional Möbius strip and a new generation is being raised by infected parents and peers, providing no escape from this; which is why I advocate teaching the The Principles of The Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics to anyone of any age (which I have written about at length) because only this is very effective at eliminating any kind of bad programming and conditioning one's life has been configured and helps you rediscover the power of your own humanity which is a hundred times better than any religion, which only replaces one illusion for another illusion. The Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics teaches the mind to see things equivalently instead of deterministically.
Now we can paraphrase Timothy Leary and say: "Whomever controls people's eyes, controls the world"
Where with a simple HTML 4 comment box, you can be as fancy or as simple as you want with (For fun, I made mine look like the Zorin 6.01 Lite OS TX Terminal), It works perfectly and automatically always returns the carriage from whatever limits of whatever size box you wish to put there that is pinged back from a properly configured 'myspace' server that uses something called 'Fuseaction' which can be extremely advantageous for everyone. See: 'What is fuseaction?'

They talk about their "contenteditable" thing as if no one thought of this before where we actually get to study a new phenomena that never existed before, which I like to call 'The Oh Wow! How Awesome! Chatter' effect, administered to absolutely nothing.
There are even generators to make this sort of thing for you, for free and for Fun, as one of the links above shows you, that you can play with on your NotePad .htm document or put directly on your website. Giving it a fixed position is another matter which is fun too, to work on by yourself and stop asking for advice, — Just do it by doing your own research and hunt for things that work and if it doesn't make you deliriously happy; throw it out and find something else that's supposed to do the same thing. It's not like one is getting their hands dirty playing with markup, and there are no experts either in anything concerning this as you can study this all your life and you've only scratched the surface. I have a new and better slogan for HTML5 "I've seen the FUTURE,— It's in my ASS" , and only that should be the official HTML5 slogan because of what they are trying to do is make everybody express and/or learn things, only in a certain way which does not exist in HTML 4, where you're free to express and learn anything yourself in any way you wish and mix and match all kinds of different things together and watch them do things FOR YOU which is why it is no coincidence that the WHATWG is more busy deprecating HTML4 tags than making better things. We see this "trend" being worked on superstitiously with something as simple as W3 Schools, where we find a highhanded answer upon the subject, on one of their forums from a "specialist" in: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP; this one concerning comment boxes:
"A comment box is a very specific application of a variety of technologies. W3Schools does not get so specific. You should Google this. Be sure to put a word like HTML or JavaScript in your search phrase, or you won't get what you need."

This is a load of crap because you don't need JavaScript as you see with the generator link I provided at the beginning of the paragraph. If you missed it, here it is again:
Rule of thumb: If it works on 'My Space' it works anywhere, — so don't laugh at 'My Space' since professionals use its servers for ASP and PHP and don't even know it's a music hosting site and social network, or could care less. Their social media end is just their commercial arm (for advertizing revenue) that the rabble believe is "My Space" and nothing else and then write on their blog how terrible and passé it is compared to Facebook or some other terrible social network. These people have no idea what goes on except in their own little private Idaho and then report their findings ass as if it were Moses coming down from Mount Sinai. One can use servers at IBM or Oracle or a multitude of other places, for free, for ASP and PHP to make HTML elements functional on webpages as this is part of the web universe.

These markup generators are fun because they give you a finished product that works, that you can then take apart, tinker and play with all you want and experiment with harmlessly where you actually learn things by how you affect these thing and how they affect things, rather than building things up from scratch and not knowing where there might be a problem. I feel like a kid working with these things.

I hope they will fix this problem, provided they consider it a problem because I have no knowledge of any profile concerning this new interface which leaves me with no assessment to conjecture anything further. To tell the truth, I'm not interested in the minds of those that invent things like this anyway. At least I know you can be 20 years of age and become old fossil like me, — through innovation! — if your not, all the time, jumping onto the latest bandwagon which is BS anyway. You have to be really strong to be a real person, a real business or a real company, and society has never been known for building someones character. Why I say "company" is because this was done to "streamline Google products" and if this is any indication of what their products are like, that ruin formally good things which worked perfectly, that must now bend down to these products, and/or replacing them with things that don't work at all; then Google is in trouble, big time. This is a ridiculous concoction by spokespeople from Google because one still does all their editing on the other divisions of their webpage, where banners and adverts would go, which are still done the old way as before with their JavaScript/HTML editor. It's back to good old Notepad, Leafpad or Notepad ++, for me, just like this work was done in the past.
They should fire all their developers who come from Oracle and Adobe or who are connected to them in any way as a precaution since this situation, and the evidence at hand, suggests a diabolical strategy to undermine Google overtime. One does not need to put his hand on a stove element if one sees the light is on that indicates the stove is on.

Click to magnify pictures

Note to visitors: Many things have changed since I wrote this article where Firefox and Chrome has changed a lot, where certain things have improved and other things have deteriorated in both browsers, which could be an article in itself. I simply just don't write about these type of things anymore. I keep what's written below here for historical purposes.
In the mean time I had to finish some of my published articles while they were in process so I was forced to use this thing temporarily. Of course I learned a handy trick which I hope will be helpful for others. In this example I am using the Firefox browser, which I consider the best for editing HTML pages because they have an extremely useful and handy 'Find' editor tool feature, which no one can beat. I wouldn't be able to write and correct my articles without it. Further their Tabbed browsing is very advanced, where it remembers the last part of any page that are part of the tabs very quickly, saving an enormous amount of time when returning to a page you are editing.

The Google Chrome version (this screen shot, here, is not Chrome) is useless for editing because you have to reactivate their 'Find' feature each time, when you activate a new tab or switch tabs and the Firefox works across tabs so it's always on until you close it, or pressing the [Esc] key a few times or by closing the browser completely. The other browsers I know nothing about so I'll say nothing but you should be aware of what to expect when searching for these features and why their performance can be an advantage or an issue. Notice here, in this illustration, that I'm using a window and not the full browser page and I have left a gap for a row of desktop icons at the top. Here I have everything I need to do quick revisions and editing where I can bypass the Blogger interface completely, where I can do work even faster than I did before, than with the old interface. Necessity is always the mother of invention and improvement because I now utilize this system for other things too. We see as well how survivalist philosophy can improve things which is weird when you think about this for a minute. When I need to refresh/ reorganize my icons and put the ones I don't need away in a file somewhere, I temporarily put all the icons in a new folder and take them out after cleaning.

So say you are working in your editor and you have a lot of stuff to add and/or some editing to do. The easiest scenario in this case is to follow this procedure. Go to you Internet Explorer which is the best place to create a webpage icon. I'm presently using I.E. 8 because I'm Using Windows XP but this should work fine for newer versions of Internet Explorer. When there, Windows will ask you if you want it to be your default browser, just click no if you don't want to. Go to your new dashboard on Blogger and reduce the page to a window so that you can see the computer's desktop (not the browser's desktop) and there open the edit page you're going to be working on. Drag out the icon from the address bar, of that page, at the top of the page to your desktop. There you should find a new orange Blogger icon on your desktop as the picture shows here. Close the IE browser and it will open now on Firefox or Chrome. There are actually some things that Internet Explorer does better than any browser like here where you can put the actual icon of any website directly onto your desktop.

Before closing, you can do the same procedure to make an icon to go directly to your Blogger Dashboard or 'Interface' that opens the browser directly from you desktop to the dashboard without having to open the browsers desktop first. This must be also be done from Internet Explorer, and don't ask me why, as everyone keeps changing things all the time anyway, so it's ridiculous to explain why, and depending on your version of Firefox or Chrome or Opera or Safari or whatever, this procedure might work or might not work. I'm just saying if you do this with I.E. you won't have any problems and whatever browser you do use on top of Internet Explorer, they will follow suit. This most likely has to do with propriety issues once again, and not because of technology where Microsoft somehow argued successfully, once upon a time, that everything on a computer's desktop belongs to Microsoft (funny, I thought my Monitor belonged to me) which brings one pause when we think that perhaps Internet Explorer was invented to keep Google, Netscape Mosaic ( at the time) and Mozilla Firefox (Now) etc. out of computers as much as possible; which suddenly would explain a lot of things. At least here, we may ask interesting questions that are guaranteed to be better than any answer and there's no lawyer for Microsoft, yet, on this planet who could conjure up or invent any answer to the simplest query and that could ever be found on Google either.

So while reviewing a page we notice a spelling error (black arrow) that cannot be caught by word check because it is a word that already exists and browsers don't have yet sophisticated App that do stuff like Microsoft Office that would of caught this error. They do exist but they're no good. They're still working on these things.
To make super-fast revisions with the new interface, one highlights the words before the error by left clicking on the text before the error (blue oval) and then release your left click making sure you don't highlight any HTML entities that you are rendering, and then click on your Firefox menu (cyan) at the top left (If you use a menu toolbar, open click "Edit" and then press "Find"). The Find viewer at the bottom (orange arrow) indicates what you want to find and displays what you highlighted. Finally, go to your computer desktop at the top and click the Blogger icon (yellow oval) with Firefox. This will open the page to their HTML editor, bypassing completely the red tape they've created because the 'back button' on Blogger doesn't work anymore from the text editor which is another JavaScript code failure on Bloggers developers/designers part. See how a back button is actually implemented in this excellent and short article:

'HTML and JavaScript code for back button in to go previous pages and I would suggest that you bookmark the site as a future JavaScript reference source if you are a pupil in JavaScript, like me.

Press the "Next" or "Previous" button on the Find toolbar at the bottom and it will bring you immediately to the part you need to correct so you don't have to go looking for it if it does not appear for whatever reason. Press update after your correction and close the tab when your document has been accepted and you don't need to wait to look at the interface.....Just close it immediately when you see the screen change or leave it there (if you have other work to do) and switch tabs to the webpage tab itself.

Note: with long articles you will be under the impression that the document won't publish and the "Error Message" always pops up. Just ignore this after attempting to publish twice.
Switching to the tab that shows the webpage just the way you left it before clicking on the Blogger icon, but you still see the old page before the corrections. Just right click on the tab and press reload and magically the corrections are all done and that's it!
You can really be fast with this thing where you can make corrections faster than the browser loads the entire page completely. The manigances of Blogger are defeated!
I actually have take advantage of this "new feature" that creates the illusion that your document is not published but actually is, because it saves me the trouble from clicking the edit button on my blog list because I'm still in the text editor on that tab, which can be very convenient. Well, they've made so many errors and mistakes with this thing, some of them when put together, have to make a right. It's a law of Nature that two negatives make a positive.


Since this is an Internet Explorer Icon you can change it to look like any they have in their collection in the %SystemRoot%
\system32\SHELL32.dll icon directory which if this were a Firefox or Chrome icon you would need to turn it into a shortcut first and there you can change that, and the original icon you would have to store in a folder somewhere so your desktop doesn't get cluttered with multiple icons that do the same thing in a directory that does not need a shortcut.
The icon window opens and you choose what you like, click "Apply" and "Save" and there you have a new Icon. This I did not do, here, because I like the Blogger Icon the way it is on my desktop.

Do not be surprised that the Blogger Icon gets switched back into an example of your regular browser's icon after restarting your computer a few times or switching it on. These things are not supposed to be permanent anyway. To change it back just open Internet Explorer and make it your default browser (temporarily) when they ask you, and then click on the naughty icon that misbehaves, and when you reach the site and it has fully loaded IE will change it back to the title elements of that particular page that sends the icon in the first place. If it doesn't, put the old icon in the trash and drag out a new one to replace it. I had to do this with my Flickr icon twice before it stabilized.
Expect this type of behaviour at the beginning when you want a unique identifier icon that shows graphically who they are, which is what a GUI is supposed to be in the first place and not some indistinguishable generic icon that still identifies itself with tiny and incomplete text on the desktop among many others requiring a careful screening process if you forgot where the icon is among many.

Note: If your posts are not too long, you can go to the pencil icon, that appears for editors, at the bottom where the comment and Twitter stuff is at and instead of clicking it; right click it instead and have it open in a new tab, but this article is for people who write quality material with lots of content and not just front page banners with a couple of sentences to grab search engine bots and spiders attention instead of a human being's attention.
Look at me, I'm popular! Yeah, you have a trillion nothings all over the place. Sites talk HTML, SLQ, JavaScript, PHP, or about Jesus or the Cosmos etc., but where's the original content? Hey listen up guys: This is a new medium that allows anybody to say anything anywhere to anybody and all you can say about anything is from borrowed information to specific trending groups on top of that, that reflects none of your own thoughts and unique perspective except what parts of your mind are in evolutionary equivalence to a reptile. I mean there are entire pages devoted to just embedding my own videos with my own comments included, and filled all around up to the beams with advertising. Copyright, I don't care. I feel sorry for these people instead who are missing a unique opportunity before them. There's no shortage of unique thoughts and original ideas when you love life itself and everything it contains, just listen to someone who's in love and that is just a small example. If money and dreaming about money is all you want, then money is all you'll get in life. This is like Hollywood where if these stockholders saw or knew the fabulous opportunities in front of them, Hollywood would not be Hollywood. Artists are also capable of defining and describing better business opportunities and not just directing the script of mediocre wannabees. Is this what you are on this planet for, to only Fcuk everybody. Well let's here why you want to FCUK everybody, and why this occupation take up all your time because I'm interested and a lot of other people are interested too, especially if you have a unique perspective, besides some Freudian anomaly that says that your hatred of life is because of some trauma involving you mommy somewhere. Poor baby. Did your mommy pack your lunch box today?

Here's the example of how Blogger can sometimes mix up videos, as described earlier. Now one only needs two videos or one page to see the effects of this new phenomena. I believe their server places the latest installed embedded video now at the bottom and moves the old embedded video, installed before, to the top and sometimes will install it in your divisions too, complete with an automatic re-size on top of that! This is why I got rid of the calendar temporarily because sometimes it would replace the calendar which is a square video that would fit inside of it perfectly. Isn't XML wonderful! With that stuff you get to see the impossible on a regular basis which of course is governed by the Moons position over planet Earth. Now, after looking at star charts based on Ptolemy's system, I just wait for the next surprise and deal with it in a first come, first serve basis.

Check out: Online HTML Editor at Quackit.com, which is a sort of reverse Try it Out editor which one would find at W3 Schools.

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