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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Cycles and Systems That Move All By Themselves That Don't Involve Physics, But By Thermodynamics

HTML'S MAGIC: Extreme Cold - Page 6 - 'A Short History On Perpetual Motion and The Dual Aerolic and Hydraulic Generator'.

Page 6 of 'Extreme Cold'
'A History and Monologue on Matter and Natural Systems
in Materials Science of/for Energy Systems within
any Macroscopic Scale'.

by GP duBerger

The Dual Aerolic and Hydraulic Generator

Note: This page (formerly entitled, 'A Short History On Perpetual Motion and The Dual Aerolic and Hydraulic Generator') has become excessively long and so was split in half with a new title. Redirect Here for: A History on Perpetual Motion.

Thermoscope Engine Daytime (an endothermic system)
W = Fd
[F] a point that moves a displacement (red arrow in bulb), [d] in the direction of the force is the product (aqua arrows), or Work [W]
To begin with at left, is a model as a topological view (simpler), of how Philo's thermoscope really worked where we are only considering three elemental systems, which is fundamentally a perfect example of the Zeroth Law's simplicity.
Here, these system elements are: Matter/Space, Hot/Cold and Pressure/"Vacuum" which in actuality are: Matter/less matter, Heat/less heat and Pressure/less pressure.

So, we see immediately that the universe of the Zeroth Law is entirely different to what we are normally "taught" as the one existing, or applied, which would be like: Matter/more matter, Heat/more heat and pressure/more pressure.
Also Aristotle was entirely correct in saying that, a vacuum does not exist and this has absolutely nothing to do with religion either (James Burke), or that a god is responsible in any way (Maxwell), but with Thermodynamics. Regarding physics; Michael Faraday is the only one who got it right and stated the entire universe is governed by forces.
This is a disease brought about by physicists and mathematicians to satisfy their own shortcomings and so create nonsense in popular culture and social media/networks that border the threshold to paradox.
There can only be infinitesimal low pressure and it would be impossible to create one even if one had an infinite amount of energy at one's disposal to do so.

For example: Two particles of anything a hundred light-years apart with nothing between is equal to a pressure unit of a hundred light-years of/with two particles and their equilibrium-temperature and these two particles will "know" each other regardless of their distance and the particles'/objects' sizes. Heat will find a way to transfer from a warmer particle to the colder particle, with no loss in it's transfer between any void. The fact that there WILL be a transfer of heat between the void means we cannot say the void is a vacuum as a thing, but is instead an ELEMENT of some system.

"Vacuums" are, like Entropy, are all conditional; like: Steam Vacuums, Torricellian Vacuums, etc. and there is no such thing as a "Perfect Vacuum". To "know" a perfect vacuum, one needs to be "something" and just that destroys the "perfect vacuum". A "perfect vacuum", like quantum mechanics, is part of an open system to be "perfect" so both being part of an open system, they will suffer from never-increasing ENTROPY and so cannot ever be perfect or all pervading in the sense for quantum mechanics that it too cannot describe the entire universe.

Being conditional, a "vacuum" can only be a system or part of networked systems and cannot exist as an ideal reality, like an atom (which exist unconditionally) and such things as these differences are not covered by any form of mathematics which is why we have mathematicians talking like cosmologists and cosmologists talking like physicists and physicists talking about metaphysics and physicists/chemists discussing Thermodynamics in contexts of Statistical mechanics where it is highly inappropriate because there is no account of phase change in that way of analyzing things, and so on..

Science has made a serious "boo boo" it its history which persists to our time, and the "vacuum" is just one of the things why Thermodynamics is so confusing when it should not be and why the First Law of Thermodynamic is used like dogma by those who don't know what they are talking about instead of as a doorway to magnificent things, which I have shown and will show more.
The First Law basically says: "Don't worry, be happy. The universe is all there and already and it cannot be destroyed, but it will change format overtime". Not, "I'm all knowing and all seeing, blah, blah, blah,", and that's a "hell" of a difference.

I am not commending Aristotle into his "scientific insight" either, but then again we don't know how he arrived at that conclusion; though some principles in "Perpetual-motion" machines in which he was acquainted with may show us how, as you will see later.

Turning the Tables on New Year’s Resolutions
We can, at least, turn the tables on many modern-day Ph.D's when one does know some Thermodynamics, before physics and chemistry pollutes, and mathematics warps the mind, and also opens the doors to abandoned science and reexamine things like Perpetual Motion and figure out forensically where this/these ideas comes from and why.
Human beings can be highly unstable emotionally and as we have seen in history, can be manipulated by those who spread cults and mysticism which affect societies detrimentally. Learning basic Thermodynamics at any age can and will put an end to this nonsense. Continue reading and Heat and its study will become your new "religion", which is perfectly suited to/for an proper secular society.
You will note, that I never said once; "Study where the Heat comes from", but instead have always said; "Study where the Heat goes" in any situation or physics, —Even metaphysics!

Here you will find a fascinating story, but first we must go over a few things like everything else I tried to discuss on Thermodynamics, but this does show why this subject is a total mess and I have to put everything in their proper context first, while introducing important related things that are not normally thought as related and I hope you noticed that I'm a stickler for absolute historical accuracy, while introducing open and isolated systems along with their relationships to closed systems.

This is why only an artist could write this because only artists still deal with context and no other discipline does anymore. Relativity is not a discovery/invention of physics, and relativity has a place in anything you can imagine and is not the sole application in/for speed, acceleration and time, but with Heat as well.

The most "stupid" or hopeless individual can learn and understand a lot about quantum mechanics, maths, particle physics, etc., if one reads their histories carefully in the way they actually occurred in how one thing led to another, and so on and understand why these things were important and this can be achieved by avoiding the notorious liars like, Brian Greene, Laurence Krauss and Leonard Susskind among others who go out of their way to warp science and maths histories.
Knowing why, instead of being presided over by "Mr Peabody", helps everyone assimilate and coalesce the complicated theories, principles and maths involved.

Peabody's Improbable History - Edgar Allan Poe (1962)
2:23 "In the dim light, we saw that we were NOW in a chamber of horrors! " Sherman: "Mr. Peabody! Do you see what I see?" Mr. Peabody: "Implements of torture Sherman! An Iron lady, the rack, a spiked boot and.... A TELEVISION SET! The most fiendish form of torture known to man!" Thumbnail for Video
Click or Tap to Open
Time: 4:56

Science communicators with Ph.D's who discuss any form of mechanics in documentaries and books get their histories all wrong and practically say anything they want, like all the different Gospels and Bible parts priests use out of context for their own purposes, as if scientists were creating their own new religion, where it is all total balderdash including rehashing old statements from Carl Sagan, practically word-for-word that are now obsolete.
At least, Carl Sagan (God bless him) limited his lectures to kindergarten pupils and late-late night talk shows when most people were sleeping.

Note: "Systems" in Thermodynamics are things that cannot exist by themselves, but are fundamentally always dual or ternary things that are inseparable. "Light" for instance (as part of a system and not considered as a photon) is meaningless without a natural contrast of "dark" or "no light on some surface", but only one has an effect, which is this case would be light, but the photon is meaningless without a field to interact in and space to travel in and an object to strike randomly.

On The Second Law of Thermodynamics and Entropy

In a big sense, the Second Law of Thermodynamic is not complete yet, and actually we are still in the Industrial revolution because it cannot describe it's own cycle or static nature. (See: Endoreversible Thermodynamics and Extension to The Second Law of Thermodynamic.) It is still being developed step-by-step by artisans and engineers (like in the Industrial revolution) with new engines that redefine waste, Work, efficiency and heat transfer, but only to the needs of local cultures, fiat and war-economic systems. As well, evolutionary change and creative destruction are inherent with private enterprise, but not with free enterprise.

Being more advanced then people living 6000 thousand years ago; There is a lot more to consider with the biblical expression of expression: "Let there be light", than meets the eye, as there are fields in space, pressure/"vacuums" and frequencies to consider first before light can do/show anything. Before light, there are "nothings" and light could not exist without them. The difference is that photons or "nothing" are real things, that do and exist in/for all kinds of things, but "light" or a vacuum, etc., are very specific and as systems cannot do, or appear as anything else the thermodynamic system says it will do and be, and the physics/chemistry/mathematics systems produce can be anything the "scientist" or evangelist says is important or the only thing to consider, where the Thermodynamics is already forgotten. So beware!

Private eye, J.J. Gittes said: "Follow the money". I say, "Follow where the heat goes, before even bothering to consider what the physicist's or preacher's sermon is trying to sell you, or describe to you", and you have the precious laws of Thermodynamics to help you. Heat does not lie and with it, we don't need miracles either. One must think cyclic:
If one thinks "creation" is a miracle, then so too, Existence is an equal "miracle" and neither can define the other. In a sense, while destroying G-D in this monologue, I'm showing you where to precisely find Him/Her. The Third Element would be your true belief and not some story some asshole told you.

If one ever gets a chance to meet any of our modern sages (Hawking, Susskind, any evangelist, etc.); ask them where (in any of their pet theories, and don't be shy!) does the universe's heat go, or what new miracle will it be doing to satisfy their theory?
All their ideas (including the Big Bang) countermands the First law of Thermodynamics. I, personally don't have the stomach to discuss anything with these people, who only exist because there exists social media and they are backed by committees.

Stercus-Tauri Science and Technology
In our "modern" age, we can see in industry and "prosperity" everywhere, the ghosts of dead philosophers like Bacon, Descartes and Newton, still working hard and turning its wheels. This is especially placed in areas of science and industry where "action and reaction" is actually adopted by committees and sold to the public as "a complete principle" in economics and science. These "action/reaction" things (whether they be in physics or chemistry) are actually and ALWAYS only part of some Alpha cycle and its dynamic.
If system z, that does not exist in Nature, is introduced to any Alpha System (A), and never becomes part of System A's own dynamic cycle; Then, system z will never be accepted by system A and z can NEVER be self-sustaining. System A can NEVER be corrupted, but will become a new paradigm called: System A + x.
System x, as being part of System A, is now self-sustaining too and forever functions as an additional and new cycle that prevents from existing any other systems that create x-like systems.
This is why what we read in any old religious literature and a lot of old science stuff from anywhere is not real because they only can describe systems as they applied the time they were thought up, realized or understood as being. "Light" was/is part of systems and closed systems always change, where if they had known about the photon in Methuselah's time, which is something real and can be independent and part of many more things than "light", it would still be the same and have the same meaning as we know it today.
For fun read: "Are We Educating Students for a Future That Doesn't Exist?" by Daniel Burrus at the Huffington Post.

To recapitulate: Here, we find the true link/threshold between mathematics, thermodynamics and physics/existence/reality because there are no forces that exist to prevent any two photons from colliding and they never do. They never do because of mathematics, not physics and one day some genius will examine this as a threshold to determine where mathematics leaves and physics applies. All these "Laws of Physics" expressed to us today in the 21st century by "science communicators" are actually not laws of anything, but serve only closed systems, which require many laws to be able to exist.

On the other hand, Open and Isolated systems have no laws whatsoever, but only Principles in, or for their dynamics. Scientists, philosophers, mathematicians or any religion or religious philosophy NEVER discuss Principles and prefer to wield laws wherever they can find, create or invent them.

With these laws sans any principles, they program and indoctrinate the masses with nonsense. The nonsense only starts to make sense where/when we consider their artful patter on/of their pet closed system exists only to serve the private sector.

The universe they describe exists only by the consensus of well connected people who have all agreed to say and discuss the same things, because science is actually just a business and is wholly owned, controlled and operated (depending where) by private enterprises and organized religions. These entities cannot exist, except by legitimizing laws for Closed systems, which they depend upon to exist. In any Open or Isolated system, they would perish, and/or not exist and/or be redundant.

It may be nice to say what Nature does, but it is just as equally important to express what Nature does not do.
Thermodynamics, itself is entirely a business of systems which is easily understood by any artist, architect, designer, engineer or decent artisan and there are as many people who appreciate Thermodynamics as there are who appreciate art, which explains a lot.
Thermodynamics may consist of "networked elements" too where in that case, either side could be the "dominant" effect, like as follows:

Turbosupercharger: Master of the "Skies" 1943 General Electric USAAF Training Film
Here we see how atmospheric pressure affects horsepower. Through this clip we can understand why "emphasis" in/with networked elements branch out into entirely different technologies yet owe their existence to one simple and fundamental dynamical-system. Thumbnail for Video
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Time: 22:51

Heron's Thermoscope engine was a thermometer/barometer with emphasis on the thermometer, and being so this becomes a networked element which Heron turned it into an engine that produces Work. In the diagram above: If we apply heat to the bulb (sunlight), there will be increase of air and water vapour pressure inside the bulb, forcing any liquid to rise up the U column and into the receiving funnel at the bottom. Put in the shade, the thermoscope returns to its ±initial state by drawing water up the left column into the bulb by the contracting air, the amount of air, in the closed bulb, always remains the same; the air only expands or contracts depending on how much heat energy there is applied, or later released from the original air which affects its pressure, and this cycle, on both sides (energy and lack of energy) does Work, unlike any system or engine that works with the Second Law of Thermodynamic.

To appreciate this further, we can say there is no difference between interfaces in the ultimate temperature in the Universe (as demonstrated by negative temperature) and the greatest Torricellian vacuum since heat expands everything and the result is always low pressure in an open system since the mass would be the same in any given unit of matter so affected, but not the space involved. It only depends in which system this heat is applied, where and what distance. Infinity becomes a mathematical Unit and cannot be quantified, much like in the Step Method as already discussed, that states simply that something must always exist for infinity itself to exist.

So long as there is space, there is matter and it is matter that becomes infinitely spaced, and no perfect vacuum will ever exist, but there will be equilibrium between matter and infinity. This being so, since there must be an equilibrium somewhere, infinity is therefore a unit for a function, which with the Step Method we can assign any name or symbol to that equilibrium with matter and move on to even higher things, if we feel like it.

For instance, with matter thermodynamics (Zeroth Law) we can have cold go to hot if the cold side is a higher gas pressure than the hot side because Thermal Equilibrium, as a system, means many things and not just necessarily heat. Further, this cold high pressure would cool the hot low pressure side before hot can do anything or go anywhere. There are also no provisions for entropy in the subatomic which does the opposite than what Clausius says. This is why I say often that Clausius and Kelvin (among others) contributed to the business end of science by turning the Second Law of Thermodynamics into a monster.

The "hot going to cold" routine of the Second Law of Thermodynamic only applies with atmospheric pressure until thermal equilibrium is established where then there is no more hot going to cold phenomenon and that is how heat is managed across the universe since dynamics (not physics) allows for heat to be separated again into constituent hot and cold bits, as previously demonstrated in the Stirling engine.

Hot may always be going to cold, but may not appear as doing so and sometimes we are right. Thermodynamics makes it very plain that all systems can be manipulated in any way we want and if we start making "laws" that contradict or limit the Zeroth and First Laws of Thermodynamics, then they are only closed-system inventions.
Yeh sure! It works, but it will kill everything eventually, if their are enough of these thing around, if not modified or developed into conforming to the standards demanded by isolated and open system technologies.

Lowell Thomas: On Temperature
With this statement below on the thumbnail: We can resolve all supposed "counter-intuitive" phenomena discussed by physicists and mathematicians on quantum mechanics because they always ignore where the heat goes. First, their detectors rob heat from the things they are trying to measure, and then they wonder why their field of electrons/photons are no longer interfering! They would rather say that its "time travel" than Thermodynamics, which just exasperates the subject/study even more.
Thumbnail for Video
Click or Tap to Open
Time: 2:22

Hot going to cold is not at all like energy or electrical consumption, but a Dynamic called "Thermal Equilibrium" (Zeroth Law of Thermodynamic) and this, by the way, is the difference between heat and energy in everyday life given to us by scientists, except if we say energy of a higher potential going to a lower potential and finding its own level, so the two should never be confused as being universally interchangeable.
One is purely a Dynamic system and the other is mostly a Consumption system, hence why the Second Law of Thermodynamic requires Chemical or Nuclear energy and ordinary life on Earth to make sense, or even to make it Work.
With that in mind (life on Earth), we just need to think of Cold as very useful and versatile concerning Work potential and there would be no such thing as pollution or waste heat either since we are not changing anything chemically, which is where there is a lot of potential for abuse or mismanagement.
When it comes to trash, humans are not to be trusted. It's only when Cholera was imported to England from India and killed millions (and London's aristocracy was not immune) that they then decided to built London's sewage and water-cleaning system; A project whose expenditure was equivalent to the Apollo project in the 60s of the 20th century and a lot of made-up wars financed that project too.

Primitive or Transitive? This is where politics meets Nature since the way we use the Second Law of Thermodynamic and not the Zeroth Law, makes war, conflict and injustice inevitable and necessary. It is a "manufactured" existence/lack of existence.

Note: The fact that they still teach nonsense like the primitive Carnot cycle along with Clausius and Kelvin among other things of the same caliber; we should not be surprised that there are now more creationists, religious fanatics and fundamentalists than there ever has been because the universe according to the Second Law is a closed system and quite small too which are the perfect conditions for god-fearing individuals as opposed to god-loving individuals. The Zeroth Law of Thermodynamic's universal: A = C meta-truth logic (the beginning equals the end, or the question is already part (or in) of the answer) applies very well here.

The modern-day chemist and physicist suffers from a particular disease called "Divideitis" where the entire universe, and now even closed systems, are divided into separate disciplines, separate fields, separate theories that must at one "point" contradict others and finally themselves in an antithetical manner yet each proclaim an "absolute" truth. The thermodynamicist on the other hand can see the entire Universe or the subatomic as a single function proclaiming a unity in Nature not to be found anywhere, —not even in any religion, yet this is no totalitarian unity either since it is dynamic not static or physical.

Thermoscope Engine "Night time" (Now an exothermic system) W = Fd once again while giving away energy it creates Work too!
This dynamic is impossible with closed-system technology, like internal combustion engines, but we see here how waste is created both before and after with the Second Law of Thermodynamic, but everything is used and nothing lost with the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamic.
So, as an artist will use already existing colours and light to create a painting, it is the same with the true nature of machines in how they produce Work with heat and light and not the perversions in science we think of as normal because that is what physicists teach.
Science is a business and you are getting ripped off.
This, as you can see now, is an oscillating engine. This engine is based on the transitive open system/isolated matter/energy concept; so this is an open/isolated perpetual motion engine as opposed to those nonsensical exclusive closed-system perpetual motion devices we see everywhere that don't work, as they should not according to any thermodynamic closed system theory. With open and isolated systems, there is another story and a different way of thinking,—even believing!

Here, the motion of the Earth's perpetual rotation (the Third Law of Thermodynamic) makes use of the Sun's rays in the most naturally efficient manner which is not to use those rays ± half the time, where instead the machine then works in reverse giving off energy and creating Work. So, instead of the concept of unlimited growth, we have cycles instead, where both sides of X revolution profits from any activity where Work is always the result and has the potential to create value!
This is contrary to all science and technology we have today and promoted by scientists that go out their way to create unusable heat and matter as quickly as possible in/of the physical universe. (All organized religions do the same in/for the metaphysical universe.)

For example: This is why the radiometer is not pushed around by light itself because if it did the light reflected off the vanes would be at a lower frequency or appear as colours and no longer be sunlight. It is therefore differences in the heat off the white and black vanes in the rarefied air (much like employed in a cold CRT) that provide the motive force.

Don't laugh, because this thing if it's large enough could do a lot of useful work for free, from energy sources that cannot be owned, controlled or taxed by other human beings and their groups, moving tons of water in the process, to do anything you want and all powered by sunlight, heat or whatever and then, after, WITH LACK OF SUNLIGHT OR APPLIED HEAT (this example at right), which the Second Law of Thermodynamics does not cover because it — (not the Thermoscope), is based on closed-system physics and chemistry, unlike the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamic's open-system physics and thermodynamics that, on top of that, does not actualize or require chemical changes, (but phase changes) to produce work and/or heat, but uses already existing heat and if it does use chemistry, the chemistry is restored or chemically stabilized at the end of its cycle.

This is the architecture of all cycles of matter/energy that exists everywhere in Nature across the Universe that occur naturally. Nature built an entire universe out of this dynamic called, "thermal equilibrium" so it should be a simple thing for us to run a few things with this principle, but that is not the case. Gods, slavery, conformity, tradition, taxes and multinational branding of energy and energy systems are still considered more important, or the only thing that exists by humans because of conditioning and programming.

If this continues, there will be no more humans and that will be a judgment from Nature, not God, because Nature sends species, directly to oblivion if she doesn't like them. There is no Hell in Her realm because Nature does not waste energy or heat for such frivolous things as burning souls to create agony forever. Nature has another "eternity" in mind and it's all around you to observe if one opens his eyes and mind.

This also establishes the importance of open systems (isolated systems are included here. Remember the Ludion) since with them, we can extract Work when/where any applied energy is suddenly missing because this is part of these system's cycles (open and isolated) and is an impossible Work producing cycle with closed systems.

With matter as part of the system and not just some component, we can take advantage of the dynamics of transitive heat systems which produce fundamentally twice the efficiency and/or work than any energy system. Further, this opens the door to other systems that can produce even higher efficiency/work/power since at this point we are dealing with bundled systems and not just a machine, which the Zeroth Law is very amenable to.

This is real science and engineering and even philosophy, where transitive Work and movement are revealed , located precisely and can then be exploited. Movement is transitive, —not motion (which suffers because of the Paradox of Forces and also can only be relative), which is why movement doesn't exist in physics. So physics might be fascinating, but is, in a sense, incomplete and/or has an exaggerated importance and is only a very small part of the universe. Besides that, they split the microscopic from the macroscopic in places they should not where it is phase-change capacity and their related conditional systems that should be deciding that and not maths, physics or metaphysics.

Instead, we have people who are being exploited (to the point where they actually love being exploited), since there are readily-available systems by Nature that point to better ways, but instead we see that even things (like Heron's Machine #37) were used for religious/cult exploitation in/of their time.

Thermodynamics is a system, like memory is a system. Systems can be tricky and/or complicated so its necessary to make systems sound beautiful, not easy or put into another system like the scientist is likely to do. This "beauty" is another way to understand things perfectly, and beauty is perfect for systems.

We like to see/make wheels go round and round by themselves to do Work (Cycles), but why not "see" the cycles heat or energy themselves produce by themselves also, and take advantage of them?
Regardless, energy or lack of energy affects matter and will create work (in this case air pressure and in reverse with a Torricellian vacuum) before any of the laws of physics have anything to do with anything and that is the most important principle here described and this adds values to the Second Law of Thermodynamics if the properties of matter are considered BEFORE Energy and not AFTER, which was initially the natural philosopher's view regarding heat and cold theories, among other ideas which is where all erroneous material theories of heat came from in the first place and later matured to properties of matter as we can see with many ingenious inventions by natural philosophers.

The scientist, on the other hand, transferred all matter theories to energy theories and this is where difficulties arise since only closed systems can then be considered. Their ideas also had financial backing for obvious reasons by private interests where other ideas that were better, but less profitable were not (which will be shown).

The height of comedy is when I see or hear 19th century internal combustion engine automobile advertising in our day and age, and 20th century obsolete farming techniques are still used in the first world. Never mind that most of the world still use oxen to plow fields; that is nothing to be laughed at.

If it weren't for Nuclear physics and QED the modern physicist and chemist would appear very stupid since none are working on better energy systems and popularizing them and it is instead the corporate lawyer, the World Bank and Big oil who are masters of all science and technology today and enforce 18th and 19th century technology and ideas where scientists should be a counterbalance against this instead of attacking established religion and belief in divine entities where scientifically, if there is god or there is no god, it actually makes absolutely no difference to the physical universe itself and Thermodynamics.
See, for your amusement: 'Stephen Hawking makes it clear: There is no God'....but there are apocalypses!.

Androcles and the Lion .flv
Ancient Slave Thumbnail for Video
Click or Tap to Open
Time: 5:32

By altering matter instead of transforming it before in any system, to produce Work or heat (instead of after) we create increasing entropy, or a system that ultimately must destroy itself, in one way or another. We also create more pollution than Work, which, in scale, the finest patented technology can only produce 5% efficiency for nuclear energy (but does not seem so since nuclear energy produces a million times more heat that chemical energy), and 20% work efficiency for chemical closed systems (automatically 40% for Sterling engines since they use both heat and cold to function) and respectively +95% and 80% pollution and waste for our closed systems, so this is a ludicrous energy and economic system (irreversible process), yet this is the only thing taught to everybody.

Clearly, the modern physicist is only interested in systems that create Power at all costs, not Work, energy or efficiency. This technology, mostly developed for the military trickles down to consumer tech. In a sense, WW2 is not over, it has only changed format.
This you have to pay for, one way or another, while the petroleum industry is laughing all the way to the bank. Governments don't want you to have this technology either because they cannot tax "Nothing" and their revenues would be cut in half. The rule is: To consume and waste more and more and more, in any way possible and Wall Street is watching. This is ludicrous too if societies get destroyed because they would never be able to transfer their riches with them into any new society, because there would be nothing to buy or own there.

This is a problem the Spanish Empire had, which despite all the gold and silver they were bringing in from the New World, the money was useless because Spain had no markets for trade, so this money was handled in the Spanish Netherlands (modern-day Belgium) which did have international trade markets (Antwerp being the New York or Hong Kong of the time).

In the future we may be viewed with our "technology", just as barbaric, and along the same lines as the ancients with their "efficient" human-slave systems to move things which was estimated, calculated and measured by scientists of their time in the same manner they measure efficiency today. With the natural philosopher gone we see the death of the true metaphysicist, who didn't employ gods like most modern-day "metaphysicists" do, and he has been replaced by the so called, "theoretical physicist" who has a totally different agenda and knows little or nothing about the Laws of Thermodynamics beyond their mouths chattering away like a closed-system wind-up toy.

What I meant earlier by "chemically stabilized", when mentioning the superiority of cycles (Zeroth Law) instead of Boltzmann-Clausius mechanics (Second Law), you will see further below when I describe how such simple things (among many other things not described here because these are other dynamics in themselves, but here we will briefly go over to fundamental chemical cycles and movement/motion of cycles in terms of "perpetual motion" will be discussed later) like limestone (calcium, calcite, vaterite, etc.) act to trap pollutants and poisons where they can no longer affect any chemical changes themselves into other things (like we would see with the DDT cycle) and as we see with Natural Nuclear fission and in the usefulness of vortices which I describe as a Property of Matter.

We find ourselves immediately in a new Universe that is not taught anywhere, where we learn that Nature/Universe is Automatic in its approach and association to everything and promotes life and automatically stops the cycles that do not promote life, where a lot of technology we do have that are wasteful, polluting and costly are not even necessary and Nature has even better systems to offer in exchange if we do not want to give up these wasteful things or ideas, and certainly not have to pay for them with money, in one way or another. We just need to change or recombine the systems the technology is utilizing.

Here, we will be able to imagine, à la Douglas Adams, that the Earth is an automatic analog computer that promotes life where we can project where we are headed in its programming because it also computes ablatively; where any anomalies are corrected layer upon layer until the core problem is found. Our goal is to insure that this program or natural algorithm does not find us.

If not, eventually, the Earth will find out that we are the problem and will correct because the Earth "likes" or programs itself to being a certain way and not the way we supposedly like existence. The Earth has many responsibilities and must complete cycles and does not exist to just please human beings who have not enough consciousness to complete heat cycles, but like to see things go round and round and are happy with that. For example: We've had helicopters for thousands of years, but they were only toys. Today, they are still toys, but in another way where life or death themselves are now the joke or amusement because most of them are used to kill.

If it needs a tailpipe and needs to be constantly refueled, or reverses or divides endo/exothermic systems, then don't be so impressed with that technology. This also took a lot of thinking to design technology in such a way, because with just a little common sense, things could of been quite different.

In effect, pollution demonstrates the stupidity of our much vaunted scientists, not the mob in general who are actually just toeing the line and are very malleable, programmable and have a very small attention span, but that does not mean they are stupid. The mob is the way it is for very intelligent reasons.

We will discover, at the same time, how deep inside the onion of life we are, as opposed to being, "On top of the food chain" and other nonsense like "being in Gods image", and find out that we are not as important as our intellectuals like to think or say we are because we only need one provable discrepancy ('the fly in the ointment' that is impossible to get rid of by any means), which is an obvious one in Thermodynamics, but not yet in Physics or Chemistry, which are not really physics and chemistry because, as just said, nothing is allowed to complete their Thermodynamic cycles.
Even internal-combustion engine enthusiasts like Jay Leno and friends (See: Jay Leno's Garage on You Tube) don't like modern fuels with ethanol added to them for a variety of very good reasons, for their own puposes.

One day, we simply will not be able to reproduce ourselves and we see medical evidence, along with statistics of this occurring already, while already existing and soon-to-be new life thrives. The human race is getting weaker and there is practically no one born now in society without a multitude of physical and/or mental-health problems.

While on our way to the subject of perpetual motion, will be an introduction to the fact that carbon dioxide does a lot more than just trap heat in the atmosphere, but as both inorganic and organic solid, traps poisons too that cannot be readily denatured, among many other services.

Only a person who thinks along the terms of the Consumer-grade Second Law of Thermodynamics would call "carbon dioxide" a "green-house gas" and only apply this as unwanted or waste heat causing an inconvenience for all. Our atmosphere has become a nuisance for real estate. The oceans themselves and all life within them are not complaining.
It is strange being that creates things, that themselves create things no one wants and the rest don't care.

Carbon dioxide actually traps matter that has excessive/unstable heat and energy in it, like most poisonous compounds do where they would adversely effect an open system. There is a far greater connection to life with inorganic nitrogen and carbon compounds than what scientists today will tell you (for obvious reasons) opting instead for organic nitrogen and carbon compounds and keeping people's minds focused on that.
Our bad physics, chemistry and business models turns the Earth into isolation and finally a hell, better than any organized religion has ever been capable. No wonder to many celebrity scientists today talk more about god than the Pope does.

Indeed, matter and its different elements and compounds have properties that go beyond the regular reasoning and imagination that science and mathematics offer that are not yet established and inspire awe into any sensitive individual.

Too many scientists and mathematicians today are playing scientist and mathematician like it was some role in a fictional Shakespearean play and his character-name was "Descartes" or "Maxwell", and so are not developing anything because people like me don't have better words for certain things than, "Magical", (notice how long this history/monologue is becoming because I don't like to use words like that) where if we delve a bit further in Thermodynamics, we find there is no magic at all and everything is quite natural, —even quantum mechanics!
Things that are poisonous or create disease have a certain type of heat signature and dynamic that promotes certain types of reactions of which Nature has remedies, but these things are deliberately prevented from happening by guess-who?

The unique properties of carbon dioxide in its various phases, compounds and crystalline structures make for it being its own study and discipline in science that is more complex and wonderfully challenging as to reflect the definition of what a true genius or dedicated researcher/experimenter would be studying and applying, and not be what is embodied in our modern-day pretend geniuses who think about dark matter/energy or god particles, etc.

Then they "wonder" where all these "runaway effects" come from in past heat waves and ice ages where this would appear completely natural to the Natural philosopher or a Thermodynamicist because they would be looking at the overall effect of carbon dioxide in its various compounds/ forms and phases to other compounds and see that it does the same thing (in a sense of purpose) everywhere in any situation, whether in the Earth, Air, Fire (which is a chemically induced plasma) or Water, — or Solid, Gas, Plasma or Liquid, if you prefer.
For instance, we will discover that Limestone is not an end product of trapped carbon dioxide gas, but does important things itself that lead to other products that isolate poisons and excess heat energy and even redistribute these things.

The modern usage for word, "Elements" is also an invention of our times (along with words like, "physics" and "metaphysics", which I already discussed), where "element" in the past (and still is in thermodynamics when stating, "principles of its elements" for the Zeroth Law. "Element" was a system and not a thing like Iron or Oxygen, etc.

So, "The Four Elements" of ancient times was perfectly correct, even for today for what they determined what definition of the word "element" and they would probably be shocked at today's interpretation by scientists where its changed meaning allows for intellectuals today to laugh at ancient texts and philosophy. The meaning survives today in English (and probably other languages) with the usage as a noun, like in "heating element".
It, also, all depends if one looks at the Universe qualitatively or quantitatively and what technology along with its system or networked elements one is using as tools for "discovery".

In Aristotle and in Zoroastrianism: water (apo, aban) and fire (atar, azar) are agents of ritual purity.
In its cosmogony, water and fire are respectively the second and last primordial elements to have been created, and scripture considers fire to have its origin in the waters. Both water and fire are considered life-sustaining, and both water and fire are represented within the precinct of a fire temple......

Hannah Höch (1889-1978)
'Cut with the Dada Kitchen Knife through the Last Weimar Beer-Belly Cultural Epoch in Germany' (1919)
They should of just created a new word altogether for "Elements" in the "quantitative" sense that is not a system and not laugh at ancient philosophers, while teaching more nonsense than the ancients were ever capable of teaching, being that they were, supposedly, so limited and stupid, while actually adopting the bigoted Plato, who serves today in the capacity to legitimize Stercus Tauri, where in art, writing and academia, he is represented as-like an ancient Leonardo da Vinci.
This, generally, we will find is the case in all science/religion today, where they take old concepts/meanings and teach new generation's a twisted and corrupt version, which they cut-up, that is just a collage of pieced-together ideas which they offer as "proof" to suit their own agendas which are usually mercenary ideals, where we have politicians, religious leaders, scientists and intellectuals telling us the purpose to our existence.
I have nothing against scientists making money, but not at the expense of science or religions/faiths themselves.

In ancient times kings hung on to their thrones and "lived on account of his intelligence, understanding and learning as well as his outstanding boldness, oratory, logic, affection for the subject people and kindheartedness." S - Muhammad ibn Jarir al-Tabari on Shapur I the Great's father Ardashir I, the founder of the Sasanian Empire. Today we get the likes of George W. Bush and Donald Trump, etc.
The nonsense that authority, journalists, historians and "communicators" come out with today would not of been tolerated back then. If Stephen Hawking were a king in ancient times, he would of been assassinated because he has nothing good to say about anything and his creation story is murky.
In the ancient past, they also had separation between the state and whatever religion and any leader who ever called himself god or a religious leader called himself the State, didn't live long or their empires collapsed. The ones that kept these two businesses separate, lasted the longest.

Thermodynamically speaking and contrary to common religious philosophy and the laws of physics: It costs money, trouble, energy and lots of noise to kill, destroy, waste and be inefficient, but none of these things exist or are necessary in thermodynamics to live, be free, be sociable, prosper and create and all its machines run either silently or harmoniously. If you hear a machine, it is wasting energy in sound itself which might explain to you why this artist is writing about Thermodynamics because Zeroth Law machines and Second Law machines "sing" completely differently.

Take the muffler out of your car and hear your car screaming in anger. On the other hand, musical forms like Rock or Pop music reproduce, harmonically in both pink and white noises, the noises of the Consumer-grade Second Law of Thermodynamic and no other Thermodynamic Law; so it should not be any surprise that these forms of music are the most highly promoted at great expenditure. Rock and roll and techno and cars with internal combustion engines go together like wines and cheeses.

Making "developed" populations weak and ignorant (both consciously and unconsciously) is not developing anything and creates new and creative business opportunities that should not exist because Heat says so.
Only thermodynamics can allow us to understand both Matter and Energy and in how they work together, both artistically and scientifically. Through its protocols and innate systems, we can more readily understand and work with Nature, rather than against Nature, which I believe offers more opportunities for everybody, —even for the mercenary set!

Regardless, the human population, while getting sicker, is rising with no signs of stopping, so we better do something, and a new way to generate power, heat and energy awaits that is inline with the Zeroth Law and not the Second Law of thermodynamic. It takes heat to feed, cloth, bathe, house, —and even love human beings. Without heat, there is nothing, —not even energy.

Alpha-Omega and/or Irreversible Processes and Other Mercenary-made Nonsense and Modern Beliefs That Are Worse Than Cosmogony.
Mad scientists exist today as much as they did in the past except today they are part of boards and committees!

STEVEN WRIGHT - COMPLETE Works - stereo HQ - (pt.1 of 5)
Equivalency, Three-system Theory, Transitive logic and Step-method jokes.
If you can laugh at any of this guy's jokes, then you will have no problems learning Thermodynamics.
Thumbnail for Video Click or Tap to Open
Time: 9:54

First of all, with the exception of time, gravity, space or any conditional entropy there is no physical system anywhere in the Universe that is not reversible and anything that cannot be reversed (like space/time/entropy) is not a system as any artist, poet or comedian can tell you, but apparently not our esteemed theoretical physicists and mathematicians of our time since they know nothing about thermodynamics or equivalency (as I have shown) so they don't consider anything as Dynamic, but think of everything as part of physics which is "Dynamically Ludicrous", but apparently not their time machines, god particles and black holes they want to park orbiting the Earth.

The very idea that the Sun rises and then sets and rises again, and so on, says everything about the Universe and The Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics as systems, where the Second Law only can describe the Sun as shinning 24 hrs a day in one place (and burn-out in 5 billion years), or a black hole emitting X rays 24 hrs a day forever or (back to the Sun) as just rising and setting exclusively (and we build our beliefs and economic systems, etc., on that model), and either was the only way the Sun existed for everybody, but the sun is physically a dynamical closed-system, but it's conditional entropy does not increase.

The Sun may no longer be going around the Earth (Ptolemy) and is now the center of the Solar system, but they missed something even more important where this object and its purpose actually connects us to open systems. The way they got things right, finally, is not much of a bargain where scientists and religious people argued where the Earth and the Sun are located in one isolated system and not seeing any relationship with open systems, but prefer not to offend an invisible god. This is like getting a promotion, but getting a pay cut.

Who cares where and how the Sun and the Earth moves or are positioned in the solar system? It is more important to ask; What do they mean and what things do they open us to? Who invented the compound word, "Solar System"? It could just as well be a sub-unit of the "galactic system". It all depends on how big one wants to be and the universe will follow suit, —Not how tiny and insignificant we are to something that gives us nothing! The rest is just navigation, not science or religion and neither possess the truth, but only bits of it here or there and is all relative.

On the other hand, the sun is performing an important function to/for the universe and it will change into and/or become part of all kinds of things through the eons because it is dynamically part of the universe. Physicists think and even navigate the logic of heat dynamics like moths do when flying into flames. They forget that the sun we have today is a daughter of some other sun that existed before and is still around, in forms we can see, as embers under the crusts of the planets and moons in our solar system.

That star still exists in other forms and is just not some form of real-estate in the cosmos. In a sense, it has evolved and not been destroyed because it is part of a much larger philosophy now and we (along with our plant and animal friends and the rings of Saturn, etc.) are part of this new philosophy. Think of that star as Odin and the Sun today as Thor, if we were to give this a dynamic-metaphorical representation. The movie: Thor (2011) is a good reflection of what I'm describing here.

There is nothing to disprove that mythology does not go to a time beyond the formation of our present solar system where there was not some form of intelligence existing back then too that is reflected today by a dynamic called "Life". One day our sun will exist in another way and support things that are not possible today.

The way the modern physicist thinks is not necessarily correct and should not be followed blindly.

As for Time Machines: Scientists, mathematicians, theorists and cosmologists seem to be forgetting "Space", where if it were possible to travel back to the past; well, we have already traveled through space in the interim for a "Past" to exist in the first place where the shortest route there (to the past) would now probably be by way of a black hole, that would now be in the way (as much as no two photons/quanta can ever be in each other's way) since nature always takes the shortest route to go anywhere, anytime for any reason and there are no exceptions to that rule.
For reason's I will not deliberate upon; to find a black hole, or navigate directly to one or create one, one must do an approximation of time travel and its dynamics.

Maybe time-travel does exist and that could be an explanation for virtual particles since every quark and atom, etc., in the travelers body must be accounted for in the cosmos along his route or destination in time, where he/she/it goes back beyond the time to the point beyond their corporal existence. Those particles that made you (that will be you) are dispersed and must be detected and reassembled somewhere/somehow to exist in their chosen-past destination. We can detect them while they are on route. For now, the nicest and most practical thing one can do to a virtual particle is to say, "Bon Voyage!"

Time travel is also playing with probabilities and chaos of particles simultaneously and somewhere Thermal Equilibrium would be countermanded and Nature would not like that, so Nature would react "probably" and "chaotically" with any interference in Thermal Equilibrium.
All heat in the universe contained in the minutest particles must be accounted and set by Thermal Equilibrium first, in that particular, space in that particular time before their precise locations. The beauty here, is that Thermodynamics is the opposite of physics/chemistry with its "action-reaction" approach, but concerns itself with the "before-being and result" to existence.

So, we can travel everywhere in time but can we be reassembled? This is what I mean by science always missing part of the cycles of anything and only discuss a fraction and call that "physics".
We saw this earlier concerning Galilean Relativity (animation at left), where it's nice to say that objects of different mass fall and accelerate at the same speed, but always neglect to say that their masses do not follow the same rules and the heavier object will pack a bigger punch when it lands which is now central to Quantum physics and Einsteinian Relativity, but do we need Einstein for that? That is like using a sledgehammer to kill a fly.
This animation here, with a bowling ball in/with/though Galilean relativity already demonstrates this quite effectively where we can imagine a kid's soccer ball beside it doing the same thing, and falling at the same rate/constant, would not be disturbing as much sand. We can go further with things directly related to/with Thermodynamics and consider the system of properties of different types of "balls".

Now if acceleration is a Fictitious force, so is gravity too a fictitious force.
What we call a constant acceleration of gravity at 32 feet per second per second in Galilean Relativity can only happen if the object is at rest and suddenly released to fall.
It is all wonderful to know this when this occurs naturally, like when a rock falls off a cliff, or when someone is using a catapult or trebuchet (a leveraged throw and fall) to throw dead-animal carcasses infected with plague over fortifications or grenades in trench warfare. This is very important physics. We need to know these things to kill "enemies". (Define: Who's an enemy? It can only be something someone told you and can't prove it either except with balderdash.)

When we learned about gunpowder, we discovered the possibility of sending cannon balls even farther, —even into orbit because more energy applied would increase their mass too, but this is not a reason to base most of physics on these phenomena since we are only really trying to kill, plunder, destroy or defend. For instance: The whole purpose of going to Mars is to plunder it.

Science has a great reputation and legacy to protect and communicators/popularizers/intellectuals should not be going around spinning beautiful fanciful tales or whitewash off all the blood it has contributed to spilling and shedding with astounding success that serve only private interests.

Life and death and life again were once a natural occurrences and they worked together as ternary system. Now, we have life controlled and overseen by physicians and medical professionals and death is mass produced by scientists and technicians, in all kinds of creative ways, and neither group talks to the other, but businessmen and the banks manipulate both those groups.

They, also, in any science-news item only describe science this way (which is then not news, but propaganda or an agenda), where science should always be discussed as in three systems (even in physics since thermodynamics demands this), The past, now and the future as is being done here is a good example, but there are more sets of three systems to always consider. What is valuable here is that we discover that we are far closer to 18th and 19th century ideas and philosophies in their worst forms where/when coal was king, than we are at progressing or conjugating our future, especially where we start calculating how much coal it takes to burn, to produce one unit of useful fissionable product for "clean nuclear energy".

It would cost less to burn the coal directly to boil water and turn turbines to generate electricity while dispensing entirely the nuclear part of this generating system (which is only 5% efficient and coal is 20%) because we can use the coal directly and not divert it to create something else first and we would only need to worry about one type of pollution.
Whatever these physicists do or discuss, takes energy to do and it has to come from somewhere and usually this is siphoned off other systems themselves, exactly like someone siphoning someone's gas tank to fuel a lawn mower instead of going to the gas station.

This is because this technology was developed from/for war technologies that spared no expense and are not today adjusted for peacetime implementation and practice, where obsolete and destructive patents for systems that have no regard or design in it to show where its energy to function comes from and these things are protected legally. War is a vicious closed cycle. These patents (according to Thermodynamics) are just fantasies because it's energy to function is supposed to come from plunder which is a product of war and not reality or peace.

In the future, only patents which show an independent energy source should be granted. Plugging a device into the wall, or needing batteries or needing fuel is not an invention or innovation, but a gadget to consume energy that is controlled by multinationals and the international banks.

This is so because 2,500 years ago Ctesibius of Alexandria started the practice of illustrating an invention's own energy source too and also invented different versions of the world's first air compressors (as a portable power source) using hydraulics, for all his pneumatic and aerolic devices as has been done by all Natural Philosophers with their own inventions since, where there are no scientific inventions that do the same and their energy always come from some source independent of the invention.

The same families and multinationals that made WW2 possible and profited from it are still making money with the same things that are just repackaged to look modern and progressive and protected by battalions of corporate lawyers, and overnight these things they protect could be retrofitted to kill, plunder or destroy all over again. The words "Corporate" and "Lawyer", put together, are antithetical to the spirit and ethics of Law itself, yet people accept corporate law as legitimate, or normal and even necessary, where it should be completely banned altogether, because it is actually some military strategy. The more corporate lawyers there are, the more a democracy becomes more reactionary, protectionist and totalitarian.

Protecting what and who? The companies that created Germany's and Japan's war machines are still around today and I never saw one executive of these companies and finance institutions ever sit at any of the Nuremberg trials. But they are still having trials for former WW2 Auschwitz guards in 2015, who are like, 94 years of age now, convicted as "an accessory to murder", which I think goes against any Geneva Convention, because he was only some sergeant, not an officer, but it makes great press.

When one is in any army, you do what you are told to do by your superior OFFICERS and don't ask questions or express your approval/disapproval or express political opinions, or you get shot. Stuff like this is turning the Holocaust into a circus and is exactly what Fascism needs because this is where incompetent or manipulative lawyers, politicians and journalists get their names plastered all over the media and social networks to their advantage. Fascism would be available to put an end to that by "bringing order" again to society. (Which means another Holocaust). People never learn because they don't ask questions.
I wonder who is worse: Those who kill in cold blood directly for whatever reasons, or those who use them to advance their careers by making a spectacle out of them for their benefit.
I have a perverted fantasy where I manage to lock-up a consumer-protection lawyer and a corporate lawyer in a small room and wait for something to happen. Both practice law, yet they are diametrically opposed to each, so what is law? Law is obviously just rhetoric and represents or means absolutely nothing else.

This is obviously not even an irreversible process since where does pollution and toxic waste come from and it's obviously moving?
There is nothing to stop us from putting this stuff back to the way it was to be reused again, except for Donald Trump-like economic reasons.
click pic for excellent article by Bardhyl Salihu posted on Economics, Environment, Law
GD. Any form of "economics' or science/technology that supports things like this is not economics or science/technology and is more a philosophy.
Heron's "Thermoscope Engine" was easy to control and required practically no maintenance because it uses Matter's capacity of/for Expansion Pressure and Contraction that do not produce any heat themselves, and produce no chemical changes (pollution) to do any work and need no more maintenance and upkeep than a piano or guitar. Here we can see why everything I talk about is backward and inside out, which is why everything I say is so difficult to understand. This would be equivalent to you using your computer's mouse the other way and try to navigate your pointer with it (which I dare any genius to do right now and feel how much he/her likes it), but this is the way Nature works and if we don't toe the line, in matters concerning heat and cold, we will not get far in our evolution and burn ourselves out. Chemistry too is also in reverse where the natural philosopher is always seeking ways to ultimately stabilize or revert compounds back to the way they were after they have done their job rather than just create reactions and throw away the "waste". What one reads and what one sees on video in matters concerning chemistry is never a complete system of thought and our economic systems only reward ephemeral and immediate things and place no value on anything's complete cycle and no one marvels in anything sustainable.

If this persists we will go extinct, or in the future we will be exterminated by a superior intelligence in the cosmos (we certainly will not be able to defend ourselves indefinitely using the Second Law of Thermodynamic), not to forget the precursor effects of inter-generational tyranny that will occur beforehand. It's a long and hard road to hell and thermodynamics is there telling us that there are better roads to take and those roads go to better places/destinations and ensures peace in all sorts of ways.
One day we will discover new forms of war that we are not accustomed to and cannot be romanticized or glorified by the ladies and poets.

It's all very simple and there's nothing complicated here to understand concerning this. It is intellectuals and philosophers who have everything upside-down, or expound incomplete systems or divided everything up into bits and not put anything back together, saying things like: "Look at what I discovered!" so that the world or the universe will be in their puerile image, which then they can control after you are taught/programmed and completely saturated into their nonsense.

RMR: Still No Federal Budget
Here's another take on corruption while being perfect and pristine. Thumbnail for Video
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Time: :38

It is like the heroine in 'Transformers 3' (2011) who emerges repeatedly through smoke, shrapnel, explosions and all sorts of devastation and demolition while Chicago is being destroyed by "Decepticons", and each time the smoke clears she makes her entrance like some goddess and always looking perfectly coiffed throughout any ordeal, without a scratch, and her outfits are always perfectly pristine, and some people actually believe this is "Hollywood Magic", or its definition.
Why a strapping young "hero" is around going through hell "saving" her all the time is pretty redundant as these types of woman in all sorts of peril seem to manage perfectly well on their own and don't need a "hero" to "save" them. It is all fantasy and science today is pretty-much the same type of thing.
One or the other character, or the story itself is redundant and you pick which for your own reasons. Myself, I would believe Nature before any human telling what's what.

Test Drive Harley Davidson's "LiveWire" electric motorcycles - Review
The modern-day king of the commercially-available two stroke engine, Harley Davidson, is planning the future where even they and their type of clientele have the perspicacity to reexamine and reinvent motive technology and themselves along with it.
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Time: 3:55

This heat/cold engine is a complete contradiction in how they teach or infer the now corrupted Second Law of Thermodynamics from the "start", which is that they use chemical/nuclear energy to create pressure and mechanical movement, and contraction with mechanical movement/energy when mechanical motion should be creating only compression in any type of system and is essential for a true mechanical Second of Thermodynamic, as it was originally developed by natural philosophers, and how it was understood by Eddington.
The Zeroth Law shows clearly the faults in the machines and devices of the consumer-grade Second law in their internal systems, their exterior systems so affected by them, in time/space through how they obtain their energy, and after where the Waste heat goes.
This is why I indict modern science and mathematics because of the "realities" they create, do research for, promote and maintain.

But the Four Stroke engine is an improvement over the Two Stroke engine because it has, at least, a mechanical-compression cycle which the Two stroke engine does not, which not surprisingly is also the most polluting and noisy engine of them all, which for some is part of its charm as it appeals to certain personality types.
The Two stroke engine is not even an "engine" but a 'device' (its operation is more than less like the modern piston steam engine with no condenser) and shows that even 19th century engineers had their limits in their tolerance to waste, noise and inefficiency for developing the four stroke engine to replace the two stroke "engine" when they didn't have to.

Talk about conjugation our future
Click or tap for slide show from David LaChapelle
With the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics, all forms of pressure, compression or explosion and then contraction, "vacuum" or implosion can be achieved much more simply, easily and safely but that is not the only system available as there are many ways to achieve the same thing in all kinds of environments and conditions. All we need to do is learn/develop ways in how to make this process go faster, or more powerful and more portable which is the real problem with Zeroth Law machines and its work producing devices.
The idea here is to get things done before we need any of the laws of physics with already available and in existing things that are themselves conserved, according to the First Law of Thermodynamic.

People are presented things like Newton's work in only one way that favors certain climates and pre-created situations where if one looks closely, everything from Galileo to Einstein, we find their work can be adapted Dynamically to suit any environment or situation. For example: A still is not same in Scotland as a still that would do the same thing to distill something in India.
Scotch Whiskey does not taste the same if were distilled in China or India etc., even if using the exact same recipe, yeast, grain, equipment and procedures. This is the threshold where it is revealed that it is ultimately ludicrous to patent or own an idea and Scotch Whiskey (among other things that are location/space/time specific) is a wonderful example of this, but does not stop there.

These devices require a standardized environment too, to function identically because the climates are quite different in any two locations. Just like where Galileo's relativity "changes" when the environment is changed by simply being outside of Earth, but the apple is still always doing the same thing as Galileo says despite what you see because to be outside the Earth in orbit you have to adapt to that environment which means one would have to be traveling, as a state, a minimum of 17,000 miles an hour to stay in orbit, but the apple is still "falling" and moving sideways around 1000 MPH because of Earth's natural rotation.

It's natural acceleration on Earth of 32ft per second, per second is no longer possible because of Newtonian Relativity which begins to cover anything to do with acceleration and deceleration with objects moving above escape velocity of any gravitational source (completed by Einstein), but don't be fooled as none of these "relativites" tell us what gravity actually is, like they can describe electricity, and even there they cannot say what is magnetism.

Modern physics is a mixture of physics (electrons, acceleration constants, etc.) and metaphysics (magnetism, gravity, etc.) not unlike Aristotle's physics and metaphysics except that it deals with things and systems of larger and microscopic orders of magnitude.

It it also too easy to attack Aristotle since he is one man and made to represent some ideal which would be inapplicable in his time, and today we have a multitude of physicists and metaphysicists who because they are spread out, are more difficult to attack. Aristotle was also endorsed by Christianity and Islam since there were other philosophers in ancient times so in reality when science was laughing at Aristotle they were actually laughing at the Church, where today since there is no more Aristotle to refute, science today attacks G-d directly.

The Paradox of Forces
The "Paradox of Forces" in physics, as seen here in one example, is actually suppressed because it is an embarrassment. Try doing a search yourself. Unless you know what you are looking for which exists under a different name/title/subject. If you're lucky you'll be treated instead to stories from mythology or ancient Chinese wisdom, .
The only difference is the velocity of the apple before "falling" and its background reference. There are always three systems involved in any application of technology, movement, motion or theory. Einstein's General relativity deals with even higher velocities than Newton's and Galileo's (the speed of light) with background references beyond that of planets beginning with entire solar systems. Anything that moves or "falls", the physicist must consider gravity (Up/Down) and inertia (Sideways) at the same time, regardless of the object or relativity he is using because all the Relativities are systems not physics and the differences are merely their velocities. When it is physics, we are describing what is the called: "The Paradox of Forces" where no force can exist alone, but must exist in pairs or f=mN as explained in this animation (click or tap for explanation). When we go below Galileo's relativity we find the same thing going on in the quantum and that is called Heisenberg's uncertainty principle where we have to deal again with two forces or irreconcilable realities and so on.
A meta-physicist's job today would be (but is not) to describe/research inertia and gravity in hyper-dimentions through space-time, which is what many artists are working on today for amusement.
When we do discover something you can be assured that it will be appropriated by science, given a name change, patented and sold/licensed and probably used for killing in one form or another, like all other discoveries by artists.

Back on Planet Earth: This would require completely new engine designs and manufacture to take advantage of these Zeroth Law principles and technology, but for mercenary people of authority with reasons that are opposed to free enterprise, we must do like Enron Heron did and publish, for free, or at low cost, designs of principles for people to do these things themselves when the time is right.

Matter Without Form
Thumbnail for Video
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Time: :49

According to the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics, since Heron's Thermoscope is an oscillating heat/cold engine, the "missing" Matter/Energy component, here, are the photons themselves (matter without any form), acting quantum mechanically, which are providing the heating (when light) and the cooling (when dark, by re-emitting the photons back to the Universe), as it is not the part of what are light's waves doing this (there are no waves of any kind that do any heating anyway, it is only particles that can heat anything with the heat they already have and they come in waves or can be compressed, condensed, evaporated, radiated and so on). This machine is, therefore, Quantum Mechanical. The heat waves only provide the important Information theory that can be "read" remotely for this Zeroth Law of Thermodynamic device.

Subspace meets Space
Since this explosion was produced by a device based on Thermodynamics and Particle Physics; The Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics would say that this is actually Thermal Equilibrium and what you see is cooling, —not heating because of the conditions the matter inside the device was made to convert some of its mass/matter into heat energy. The heat itself always existed, but was locked up in matter in their combined forms and unique properties, along with their mass which when initiated gets expressed via Thermal Equilibrium. If one transforms matter, one also transforms heat.
Einstein's famous equation is actually incomplete because it does not include Thermal Equilibrium and so only is a requirement for physics who's now in the business of transforming Nature instead of transforming things in Nature.
So, as we can define pure energy as matter without form or substance, it is a given that form and substance are themselves heat, which we see here as being released momentarily with some ingenious trickery which Nature corrects immediately since only a small percentage of the fissionable material is itself transformed, the rest of the material is protected by mathematics.
This is not so unusual that heat is here described quantum mechanically as there are no phase changes involved. The only thing that is unusual is that heat is hardly ever described by physicists that way, but only energy and there they employ the overly used Statistical mechanics, and often inappropriately. (Here, would be a good place to work statistical mechanics, since there are no phase changes in any of the matter with this device, but transmutation.)

Yet, it is through inconsistencies in classical heat theories (Black-body Radiation (very good article) which basically describes what colour heat should glow and radiate), where the quantum was first discovered by Planck and later acknowledged.

According to Einstein's later theories and equations on the Atomicity of Energy that provide or produce energy for any system to function or have a mechanical effect with other matter, in this case they are the Photons, we find that here too they are in perfect agreement with Plank's rule of Quantum Theory where increasing the frequency in energy (Photons), —not its Intensity, we raise the temperature of the air molecules faster (which includes the movements of those same molecules). We don't see this (in the classical mechanics) like we would see electrons being boiled off a piece of metal in a vacuum and made to move faster because Intensity is already Sufficient to produce the desired results (which is the only requirement to meet with classical mechanics), and where the properties of matter on a macroscopic scale are quite different, very sensitive and specific as compared to matter in its particle state, where macroscopically its properties are simply changed which they don't do as particles, but only move faster and, themselves, cannot create mechanical pressure with its increased chaotic movements
(One could imagine that in quantum mechanics/physics a Solid, Liquid, etc. is a particle-field held together electromagnetically where the ambient temperature decides its phase state and this is far to laborious and complicated to do, but is easily covered with a few simple equations in Classical mechanics/physics.)
"Pressure" for particles do the "Work in creating solid, liquids, etc., etc.

But the principle and the process is identical which we can observe with a shorter space of time before any changes to any properties of matter can assert themselves and we compared the difference between just Infrared radiation or with just Ultraviolet radiation along with a third system (like a piece of metal in the bulb since different fluids absorb, reflect or react and generate heat differently to/with the frequency of anything and a piece of metal, in terms of quasiparticles, are more forgiving or versatile and can "tune" frequencies into a broader and more uniform system), if they were to heat the same amount of air, in the same amount of time (by radiation) and space where then the cooling cycle is entirely handled through thermal equilibrium as it is the same in particle physics like we see in detonated nuclear or thermonuclear weapons.
It's all very nice that we can convert mass into heat and even create a formula, but why does this happen, and in that way? Well, if there were no Thermal Equilibrium, there would be no nuclear physics among other things you have seen here and will see more.

The picture above right: If you think that this is an explosion and this is heat then you live, believe and exist entirely in/as a closed system. If you think this is Thermal Equilibrium and this is cooling then you live, believe and exist in/as an open system and most likely don't believe any nonsense either. It is the reality you choose for yourself that makes the "science" real for you and most science and mathematics is a closed-system universe and they are as unsustainable as this Thermonuclear device.

Big deal if we can recreate the sun's energy process for a fraction of a second, but for how long can we sustain this? This system, developed this way, is because recreating the Sun's heat for a microsecond, for a desired location is all that is necessary to kill. After that, there is not much development in Nuclear physics that did not already exist before WW2.

Further, this is not "reproducing the energy of the Sun", since the Sun is a complicated system and detonating a thermonuclear device is another complicated system. This is like I related earlier with Heron's Machine #37 and the stupid Second Law of Thermodynamic explanation it's given today: "Big deal if we have self-opening doors, but do they close too, like Heron's device did?".
We also see a switch in the history of physics where they are more concerned with "creating" or releasing heat (depending on which physicist you are listening too) instead of creating Work and this kind of heat can only be used in destruction. One does not build civilizations with Thermonuclear technology.

The "demonstration" we are given by the BBC on Heron's "Magic doors" (the M 37) does not close the doors like they are supposed too and we all live with people around us that think like this because of total brainwashing and indoctrination in "education", where we must consume twice the amount of energy than what Nature says is necessary to perform any function.
It is no coincidence that there are multitudes in the "developed world" with severe Metal-health issues because our societies and leaders is all fields are entirely perverted, grasping and insatiably evil because heat says so and the subconscious picks this up and reacts.

Colorado Legalizes Medicinal Fireworks
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If we think about the luxury that we exist in, in the first world using our unsustainable technology and its philosophy, its economics and infrastructure that only produces 20% efficiency, imagine this with technology, economics and infrastructure that was 80% efficient. Not only would our world and everything benefit, but we could apply this to other worlds too that are entirely dead and deactivated, and with this surplus energy we could bring life to those worlds too. It is just a matter of how we put things together and then let them do their thing by themselves. Human beings, animal and plant should never work, but only conduct destiny and create things in a way that resembles and orchestra or a jazz ensemble and whatever is done we become part of it and it becomes part of the individual. "Ownership" and control of anything privately, is itself a trivial and destructive pursuit.

As an exercise: If you are struggling to find the open system in everything you see, just ask yourself when you see a chemistry or physics video article, think like the alchemist: Ask yourself where in the cycle is where the energy/matter is restored to its original form and that would be a good beginning. You will find this never is so, but this is not the same with Nature, where magically It renews, restores and rejuvenates everything new again, everywhere and all the time and we can tap into this energy/matter cycle too if we are smart enough. The properties of matter and the cycles they perform by themselves are forever linked to the form of life on/in that location.

This would apply anywhere, where it would be ridiculous to say that there is no life on Saturn's moon Titan (for instance), or there ever will be, with the properties and cycles that exist in that location which are very stable. It is a certainty that if life was ever to exist on these alien worlds, they would not be humanoid, but we would know them first through the physical phenomena they affect, which we would be able to see, feel, ect. and detect, yet they themselves may be invisible to us.
In the future, when we venture out into space, there will be a new science that will catalog and ascertain Dynamic phenomena of Nature and those phenomena that are not (an offshoot of Thermodynamics). There are certainly systems for electrons and light to act differently where ordinary light is not captured by the electron and so passes through this form of matter. These things would therefore be invisible, so we could only know them by their wake. In the future we will not only need "Universal Translators" à la Star Trek, but "Universal Imagining' devices too since the wavelengths we can see only comprise the value of a little more than an octave out of a very much larger scale.

On Heron's Thermoscope Engine (or the "M 37"): Here, only matter, —not energy, governs what other matter and energy will do that has different properties with a small amount of energy derived from an open source by way of thermal equilibrium. The Automatic Hydraulic Organ in part/page 4 (go to Home Page List/Directory at the top of page), uses volumes of air from falling cold water that create vortices of water and air and are brought to a chamber and then released, so they are actually duel aerolic and hydraulic generators. Since this phenomena occurs naturally; this is therefore a property of matter, akin to any other property of matter in relationship with other properties governed by the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamic's intrinsic, innate and inherent 'Three System Theory'.

Both, the ancient Greek hydraulic compressor and the dual aerolic and hydraulic generator (Automatic Hydraulic Organ) seem to have a "miraculous" production value that in both, the ancient and modern meaning and definition for the word 'Production' and the ancient way to create air pressure. One always knew what the pressure was by the weight or the level of water that created it, — before the pressure was created as like all systems that include matter in their processes (the A = C part from The Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics) because the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics is not confined to heat systems alone, but applies to matter and work as well and it does not need to be predicted or calculated because the device itself is its own measure for its own scale. Just like the difference between a thermoscope and a thermometer: One has scales and one does not and that's it, and this makes the Universe completely automatic for any living thing anywhere because these are Principles in Nature that apply everywhere before you know they exist and they only reveal themselves collaterally afterwards because nothing exists in its own future or of the past, but only in the present, "what was" and "will be" and the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics is reality's proud banner.

Notice that the scale on a Hygrometer is non-topological (or it is not monotonic) like a sun dial, as opposed to regular scales which are all topological where their particular order actually spreads mendacity by creating a distorted function for, and perception of, Nature with liquids and solids.
Of course, these things would only be noted by artistic philosophy today (in the past by the metaphysicist) because this is contrary to art and an abomination, — forget what this does to/for science.
I have a tiny hygrometer on a quartz clock I bought at the dollar store that actually works! But it's so tiny I don't bother to read it, but I can see the indicator very well and, using it like a thermoscope I know all I need to know about how much moisture there is in the air and I never let it fall below summertime levels and will do a variety of things to restore the humidity when it does in the winter. The indicator is Sufficient in itself to maintain my health and save on heating costs in the winter! This is basically the same with all things in life, where all we need to know from an indicator is if it's good or bad in a given situation by its level or angle (if it's a circular type),— No one needs to know what the moisture content in the air is exactly in any situation because all situations are unique and we all have a certain tolerance level itself where we are not affected by such things because there are three systems involved, not two à la physicist or chemist. To quantify everything dehumanizes, where qualitative questions and answers as extremely efficient in themselves and adds to the meaning of life and aggrandizes existence. It is in situations like this where the autistic savant who acts like a mathematician or theoretical physicist fails because Qualitative observation, or understanding its purpose is impossible for them to understand and some will react violently, acting exactly like an iconoclast destroying artwork in a museum. These people are actually only useful to authority or bullies and their closed systems like in the movie, Rain Man (1988).

This type of exact-number data can often be meaningless and impractical, like we saw with Prof. P. and his team upon Mr. Haran's temperature readings on Kathmandu, yet this is universally treated with/as authority because of numbers attached to these things and the Indicator, itself, is the slave and the numbers are the master. The movement of the indicator and the way it moves is never considered. This is unworthy of scientific philosophy and to teach people with this way of interpreting things universally can only be detrimental. Experts and authority also standardize conditions, systems and situations unnecessarily, as if everyone was feeling and knowing the same things in the same set of circumstances, which is ridiculous since science is not the exclusive domain of the lab-coat set with their post-card like Newtonian or Cartesian climates and picturesque way of seeing and dealing with the Universe.
Physics, chemistry and Thermodynamics do not just exist in France, Germany or England and the way they do in/on those locations.

These people might be geniuses in closed-system thinking and philosophy, but they are certainly not in any open/isolated systems way of perception, information gathering and it's manipulation and because of this it would be ridiculous to claim to be objective under such circumstances.
Under this situation, being clever is not actually being clever except to the cleverer and cleveree, which is vanity via a closed system since people are programmed first on the outside of this situation to understand what is possible and impossible according to these people's design and philosophy. Then everybody else lives in that in all sorts of ways. Only one who lives and exists in a closed system is impressed with autistic savants. To "open systemers" they are monsters and we "weigh" thermodynamically everything they say since that is the component in their intelligence that's missing and psychologically they are notorious for not understanding or feeling comfortable with any kind of Dynamics and we'll just forget open or isolated systems in that lot.
They can only see closed systems or make all things into closed systems and only an artist or someone with artistic training would/could tell you that.

Besides "The Indicator" appeared long before any number system was born. This philosophy goes far and metamorphoses itself in all kinds of things everywhere, where arbitrary rules based on a "dial" are treated as more important than the thing which indicates, and what is indicated is secondary or is never part of it's being; or rather; the only thing that is real is the dial, — not the indicator and the rest is 'fate". This is modern reality and this goes right to your own personal relations too, where people themselves are becoming stamped out like coins, robotic, predictable, programmable, small minded and dull, where on he other hand the "experts" uses this closed system to predict the future with strong language, like we see with weather forecasting, Ebola virus news or cancer statistics, etc. that favors or recognizes only certain environments as if they were the only one's because there are places on Earth where, for instance, cancers are unheard of and it has to be imported.
Cancer is the unspoken endemic exclusive to the western world's way of life that is no different in purpose than other endemics that are part of different cultures and locations on this planet.

If one just thinks about this for a minute one will also see how come everything becomes lifeless in a short time. Which makes one want to find new things, new beliefs, etc., to keep the flame and excitement alive all the time as this should not be so, but this is what uneducated affluence brings where the child is never allowed to evolve but grows physically into an adult, but never mentally or spiritually. Myself, I have bad days and I don't know why I feel the way I do, but I have hobbies and go to the "workshop" and work on the things I created and they make me feel better. I avoid mass media on those days. It is because people are only consumers in the eyes of governments and multinationals,— even modern organized religions and they program people to perceive things in such a way and one will naturally function in such ways afterwards: Always buying, Always seeking, Always lost, Always dissatisfied, Always sinful or guilty, etc. where even friends/family don't last. The best thing about this is all one has to do is deprogram oneself and become the natural you that Nature intended.
Believe nothing until other sources confirm what has been told to you, plus one gains a little amplitude and this can be a polite excuse to use: "I need to gain some perspective before I will consider".

This, of course, goes against a philosophy called "standardization" (International System of Units) and its philosophy happens to include people if considers what this is created for.
The Zeroth Law devices shown here, and elsewhere automatically create their own comparable scales, are immediately axiomatic if you have available a total of, three synapses to see their immediate relationships. For survival and assiduity, Nature favours everyone and everything, where such things are understood, even, by plants when we see how they grow spread and reproduce themselves, yet these things handle complex chemical processes all the time, at exponential rates that are not even understood by chemists remotely. Evidently, "intelligence" has many forms and time-lines and thermodynamics makes this plain.
This logic goes for "miracles" too, where saying "Abracadabra" for something may take some time to appear and just because whatever doesn't appear right away does not mean your wish has not been heard.

One is living in a bubble if one believes in the modern-day philosophy of science, progress and mathematics and all occurring within arbitrarily-set time parameters, and that is the only way to learn and do things too. There are things that are beyond quantifying and specific qualities that only we can imagine as existing. It is one way and they cannot tell us the whole truth or their consequences so people like Stephen Hawking have no business telling everybody there is no god since there must be some system where he does exist somewhere because the Universe itself must be everything.
It is not if one believes or not that is important, but where we put god, or imagine him as, that is important.

Philosophically, The issue would "boil down" to lifestyle, which creates its own paradigm for what is to be considered necessities as opposed to what are to be considered unique things, by each and every single individual. In a sense, the impoverished "untouchable" individual living on the streets in Calcutta is more G-D and not G-D simultaneously than any expert at Cambridge can say he is.

In this animation of Heron's machine # 37; Heron added a Siphoning Effect that was initiated through the 'Ludion Effect' (in this animation, when you see the water rise up the top of the U column into the bucket, (the Ludion effect because water is 20,000 times less compressible than air); past the top of the U column the Siphon effect takes over), to the receiving bucket by allowing its own increased weight (which pulled the ropes to open the doors) while descending, the bucket gets lower than the supply chamber, where gravity does the rest. When the fire was doused, the whole operation went on the same way with the lower air pressure in the tank initiating the ludion effect (with a Torricellian vacuum instead of pressure), which this time draws water from the siphon and its bucket, lowering the weight of the bucket where counterbalance raises the bucket while closing the doors shut. Heron certainly knew his stuff better than a lot of Ph.D's today.

There are many relationships in such technology that deserves closer scrutiny and consideration, and many of them are quantum mechanical in a perfect relationship with the classical mechanical, where the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamic creates the perfect interface between those two forms of physics where Work, Information theory and cooling are also treated thermodynamically. I also have the argument that we only realized the quantum existed in 1900 AD, so reviewing all historical science is an important and worthy subject now and there is a certainty that new things will be explained and/or revealed that never existed before in this manner of study and review.

The only casualty here would be Particle and Theoretical physics since particles (like quarks or gluons) that cannot be used in physical/mechanical processes (like in reaction engines), but they are discussed as regular-like "particles" which could move things with high enough frequency and/or intensity.
For instance: One could never build a quark or gluon react engine and a quark or gluon "field" could only exist in subspace, but one can build protons with quarks and gluons which form atoms, which form elements and molecules, which can then create a reaction engine.
It's all very nice to "study" quarks and gluons etc., and add newly invented prefixes to the meaning and word "boson", but is any of this stuff practical?

Any invention they could come out with this stuff would be beyond any society's capacity to handle or control this knowledge and its applications. Evolve society first and accommodate a higher understanding and meaning to things first, then we can explore subspace or the subatomic where a proper understanding of Thermodynamics is the perfect thing to solve that problem, or to begin with.

Classically speaking: We must ask ourselves if they are discussing physics or metaphysics before they discuss anything and they never assign this distinct overture to any their dissertations, as if all subatomic particles were of the same characteristic.

These things (quarks, etc.) may react with other particles, but they cannot create any motion in/for anything and this is the realm of quantum mechanics/physics and subspace, and nothing in quantum mechanics/physics can produce motion directly, but can only be described with an infinite number of matrices put together where one does not see the "forest from the trees" or the trees from the forest, as we can never see both at the same time, but only one or the other.

Quantum mechanics/physics has more to do with information, thermodynamics and Work theories, where with these things, things that are "counterintuitive" or "weird" already exist even in classical mechanics in all things and systems.

'The Wonders of Carbon Dioxide And An Introduction To Vortices'

Presentation in English of the VORTEX-Dynavive Module that purifies water
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Here, we will delve a bit deeper on Carbon Dioxide (my choice for practical purposes) and we will use our new friend: The Vortice to help in this discussion and as a prerequisite to our little essay on Perpetual Motion, coming soon.

Our previously described Stone-Age friends may have known a lot about fermentation and its own power to bring life and health, but they also knew about pure natural water and its own power to bring life and health or disease and death. It does not take much intelligence to realize that, where life flourishes with food that can be eaten, the water is also pure and full of life, as could be seen from the video clip with the stone-age mountain man in the last page, and this was usually where water came from waterfalls and was washed in minerals from stones like in a stream. Life and death and life again are automatic. Life and death are not to be viewed as like the Second Law of Thermodynamic, but as the more fundamental Zeroth Law of Themodynamic.
The picture here (above right) represents a modern method to achieve water purification, that of course, uses no chemistry or any energy. Only an applied field that already exists on Earth and is provided by Nature and the Universe is used.
There is only one problem: There is no system to deposit these poisons in the water that were removed or any rechargeable closed system process either that would need to be renewed.

Oops! there I go on thinking like this was part of some Second Law of Thermodynamic system! I guess, even, I forget sometimes. We will discover that in this Zeroth Law-like system for water, this is already taken care of.

Hydrogen Peroxide
Also, and maybe I'm being picky, there is no mention of the good use of hydrogen peroxide mentioned anywhere. So here we'll just conjugate and carefully admire the Principles involved with this invention by keeping basic thermodynamic principles in mind, which are then applied to this chemistry.

I know from personal experience when I make my own artisanal fermented beverages. If I used a stockpot that had some calcium scale (the polymorph argonite CaCO3), the "wine" is better and has had an effect upon the adulterated tap water, being very much "purified". The pot, itself, after the fruit and water is slowly boiled and later cooled is glistening and clean when I'm finished, where all the calcite is gone which occurred naturally after boiling water in the pot a few times and, of course, the cleansing has something to do with the critic acid in the fruit.

The poisons, chemicals and cosmetic's microbeads (a problem in Montreal's water system too) from the tap water are still in the water, but they must be trapped in the calcite molecules and so cannot affect anything and the final product is wonderfully improved, the poisons they put in the water must pass through the body without being able to harm or affect anything, being trapped in the calcium that has been properly prepared to do this since I can taste the chemicals and the wine is ruined if I don't do this and it is always the same results each time.

The Wine/Beer-like beverage I produce has a completely different intoxicating factor that does not affect judgment (unless you want it too) and doesn't make one feel ill. Don't do this yourself as you will never buy beer or wine ever again except as a gift to people you don't like.

Of course, this is art and not science or medicine, so we draw our conclusions accordingly and you perform your own experiments and create your own techniques, as your own discovery from an inspirational source is all that's important here to this way of thinking, where one creates his own equivalences to/in the given situation that does not belong to him but are affected by it nevertheless, rather than depending or others for anything, that are probably no good or ineffective anyway and also produce even worse results and cause more problems. For inspiration, You Tube has many videos from different sources on how to make your own carbonated alcoholic beverages.
The important thing here is that tap water is different everywhere and distilled water is not an option for alcoholic beverage making, so one does his experiments with only guidelines and principles for creating successful results.

I'm only saying things that work for me in an area like fermentation, where chemicals additives in water always have a detrimental effect and this seems to stop this and improve the "sparkling effect" as well with the carbon dioxide, created from the yeast upon second fermentation. Another option is to use bottled water in bulk that has had been charcoal filtered and had all contaminants removed, which I have used successfully since building up enough limescale to be effective is a lengthy and costly process.
Scientific research is either sparse or exclusive in this area. What I have found is written in the Summation, below.


1) Anti-scale magnetic fields (Paleomagnetism) (see scholarly articles on: Paleomagnetism of Limestone in Google scholar):
Between it and the central core of the module, where the water will flow, establishes a resonant pulse whose frequency is equal to that of Earth's magnetic field [Diamagnetism of Calcite (CaCO3]). This natural ground frequency is known as the Schumann Resonance (average 7.8 Hz)
The micro-magnetic field is mainly limestone (calcite CaCO3) in the water, changing its phase crystallization and turning it into aragonite and vaterite; So here, they are describing polymorphism (like the difference between the properties of graphite and a diamond where one is softer than the other, where in this case the properties of one is less stable than the other) along with micro-magnetic fields where the addition of turbulence is supposed to be responsible for lowering of the surface tension of polluted water, where multiple passes produces lowering up to about 8% GD.

2) Water molecules have a natural tendency to group together to get into "clusters" (macro-molecule or cluster). Any constraints faced by water (... pressure, temperature, electromagnetic fields from pumps and motors, chemical residues and dissolved organics and inorganics, etc....) have a detrimental effect by deteriorating the macro-molecules of water and turning them into misshapen blobs that does not react with living cell membranes in a viable manner, nor do they allow space for nutrients to flow and water, too, loses its original properties, which even Prof. Martyn Poliakoff will agree with. See Macromolecules. So, water is powerfully agitated by a double spiral generating the vortex. See Viktor Schauberger on Natural Vortex movements and turbulence.

These macromolecules are degraded "broken" by the vortex acceleration with the CaCO3 and forced to recombine more naturally. Thus, water is placed in an optimal state for absorbing energy and information, very close to its natural state: Dirty water was "deprogrammed" from its defilement caused by Second Law of Thermodynamic energy systems and by modern chemistry which pollutes the open environment.

Schumann Resonance Animation of the Earth.
There are also resonances between the Earth and the Sun, the Earth and its core and the Earth and the other planets as there are between the stars and between all the galaxies and between all atoms and subatomic particles.
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3) The walls of the Vortex modules contain a specific high-energy liquid consisting of pure water enriched with minerals.
The vortex/magnetic field effect module-combination has replaced the water flowing through a "neutral" state, close to its natural state and ideal for biomimicry that is prepared to receive new information.
The role of the liquid contained in the walls: No direct contact with it and it will transmit its own pure living water information to restructure. For this, the water molecules and those of the liquid will interact with each other as micro-magnets; when two molecules are aligned, the transmission of information is possible. This is the prime and exclusive stage of boosting the water and erasing information caused by adulterations and added chemicals where filtering or distillation is ineffective.


Considering the formation of Calcite (a rhombohedral crystal): Magnesium, manganese, iron, have chemical properties that allow their incorporation into it and can take the place of a calcium atom which constitutes calcite's ability to absorb potential pollutants. This is what occurs with my alcoholic breverage making.

Argonite is nearly as hard as calcite, but less stable (metastable) and is also whitish in color, but when its particles are grown in the magnetic field [M]; calcium, carbon, and oxygen atoms bond together differently and become arranged in a different pattern (an orthorhombic crystal). This arrangement allows the absorption of strontium, barium, lead and other pollutants, along with magnesium, manganese and iron and this process is made faster when the suspension of pollutants in a vortex precipitates into argonite or vaterite by stretching those macromolecules. When saturated with poisons, being unstable; Argonite can then change to Calcite (without the need for water, especially faster with strontium) which is chemically stable enough to resist being dissolved in water, trapping pollution. Here, we see the importance of carbon dioxide compounds (calcium) in their solid form as I described earlier and what we see on the "news" or read in a scientific journal/paper today regarding "carbon dioxide" is either balderdash or incomplete.

Limestone containing stems of crinoid fossils
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Not all things are electrical, except if we account for static electricity, which I won't get into this now, but everything in the universe has magnetic properties and magnetism is a property of matter exclusively and not energy or energy systems. (remember when I said earlier that they can't explain magnetism? The following will explain this from the point of view of Thermodynamics)

There are two important types of magnetism, innate to matter: Diamagnetism where a magnetic bar would point east-west instead of north-south and is not affected by Curie Temperature, and Ferromagnetism (a magnetic bar points north-south) instead of east-west). All one basically needs are three atoms of any kind and there are other forms of magnetism, but these two are the most important for this monologue and to life in general — not to mention particle physics.
For an excellent table listing all different types of magnetism and their properties, see: Table of magnetic types from GITAM, Department of Engineering Physics.

Maxwellian physics does not address this property in Nature because it only addresses the existence of two atoms or elemental-systems in any of its applications because his propagation theory is a system, which leads back to Faraday's electromagnetic field theory; which is real, where if we change one element in that system we find the quantum instead (as already discussed).
Although it is not possible to show or demonstrate micromagnetism in stone beyond Paleomagnetism, except as something that exists for research within the boundaries of the consumer-grade Second Law of Thermodynamics and not the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics because, again, as what happened to the story I related about glass; that no scientist studies things for their intrinsic qualities alone, but for what they can get out of it for mercenary reasons or purposes.

This is also because there is not much money in this because scientists and the people who they work for usually want to own and control everything where they miss the point entirely, in that they could provide invaluable services, with these kinds of products/services, instead, which is a huge industrial, commercial and consumer market itself, which is hardly exploited today with the type of mentality on Wall Street, the corporate lawyer, everyone's pathological need to Medici-like bean-count, calculate and predict, and the low-attention span of the general public; which has been artificially created in all kinds of ways where people do not notice these important things that will affect everybody, where they always find it's nasty reality instead when it's too late, etc. Detroit is a good example.

A Demonstration of Diamagnetism of Water, in this case we see a beer bubble in a million times the Earth's Magnetic Field where water repels (remember the Paradox of Forces?) any other magnetic field, so it floats, or for practical purposes, "Zero gravity". This is the same type of magnetic fields they create in particle accelerators to smash atoms and protons to bits. They cannot do this with particles like quarks because these things cannot exist in crowds like electrons or photons.
I can also direct you to a scientific demonstration of the diamagnetism first discovered by Michael Faraday in 1845, at this YT video entitled 'Beer Levitation - Sixty Symbols', as diamagnetism of water is an important part of this water purifying process just described. (This video misattributes or suggests that this process can replace many experiments that are now done on the ISS that require microgravity, which is not entirely true. (see: An Analytical Model for Non-Uniform Magnetic Field Effects on Two-Dimensional Laminar Jet Diffusion Flames), where I show in this monologue experiments they are doing on the ISS that are not necessary to do there either and can be better done on Earth with diamagnetic fields. Careful research analysis can point to better ways, but this is not done and besides "Research Analysis", with a purpose to recommend the best technology to implement for research, does not even exist.
There are not even committees to discuss and/or determine the best way to approach new research.

The bastion of creativity and art in science is with the Experimentalist, who designs his own experiments, and he is a dying breed. Now, the work of decades is usually stolen by "assistants" and with obscure universities catering to these thieves who furnish them funding and replicas of laboratories that took years of work to create originally and with lots of trial and error, so the thieving institution's prestige is augmented by way of the type of research that is (now miraculously) conducted, and the possibility of winning a Nobel Prize is nothing to be sneezed at either. (This, of course, will be shown and discussed later, as I don't make any of this stuff up.)
When Ph.D's laugh at Celsius or whomever; That is already a bad sign and stuff like this is what that signpost indicates. This you will discover yourself in all kinds of things I don't cover here, but are of interest to you.

So basically what we see and read everywhere in scientific research or paper is just (equivalently speaking) tinkering with a hammer and a pair of plyers, because there are lots of examples of this everywhere besides what I'm discussing here. It's all a game of, "who's going to get to the patent office first, where we will worry about the details later" because patent and copyright squatting plays a major role in all technology, design and development and we will still be using prettified, but wasteful 19th century and early 20th century technology for a long time to come that should of been scraped, improved or retrofitted a long time ago.

It will be interesting how they will make legal the patenting on Earth's surface of processes for new technology that were learned in microgravity which was payed for by the tax payer, or processes that can only be done in those conditions and, of course, they will adapt it to diagmagnetism and, of course, they will make it propriety.
The World's Biggest Gun Super Gun Builder Gerald Bull
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Time: 56:28

The government themselves have created a precedent with Eminent Domain that exceeds any law or constitutional amendment, which only proves that Richard Nixon or Louis XIV were right all along when they publicly stated, in their way, that they had the right to be above the law. This Frontline documentary on the work of Gerald Bull, entitled: 'The World's Biggest Gun Super Gun Builder Gerald Bull' (sic), is an excellent example, where the state claims he was selling state secrets, where in actuality, they were his secrets, since they only existed in his mind and no government ever payed a cent to obtain his research except international arms dealers, which he was forced to deal with to fund his research. We may ask were does it end, where the state thinks it owns your mind and its intrinsic contents?

He ended up, supposedly, being assassinated by Mossad because he was selling a super cannon to Saddam Hussein, where the Israeli Government could easily have bought and/funded his research and make him move to Israel and Gerald Bull worked cheap. War itself is standardized and a big game with big money involved, where this Arab/Jewish, nonsense among other conflicts going on around the world is mostly 19th century Bavarian baloney. War should now be banned entirely as it's only a game and there is nothing to conquer anymore; we can only plunder and destroy each other.

To recapitulate on diamagnetism: Micheal Faraday Noted: Crystals, powders, liquids, acids, oils ; organic bodies such as wax, olive-oil, wood, beef (fresh and dry), blood, apple, and bread, all of which were found to be diamagnetic. On this he remarks, "It is curious to see such a list as this of bodies presenting on a sudden this remarkable property, and it is strange to find a piece of wood, or beef, or apple, obedient to or repelled by a magnet." It is unlikely you will ever see a recreation of this in any "science" documentary or video, where if you have been reading from the beginning, one could easily imagine why and then see the beauty of it all.
I can also direct you to a site that shows the many uses for limestone and its purification properties if you click or tap on the picture/drawing above right on, 'Limestone containing stems of crinoid fossils'.

Rule of Thumb: Matter always comes first in any way, time, magnitude or dimension you want to think about it and Physics/Energy/Work, in principle, must be put in their proper place in the Universe and always after Matter, but always the reverse in application or effect which is found located somewhere in any third system.

There is an innate philosophy to science which will be harder to ignore in the future and will dictate its protocols in how things are to be done and why, which is everywhere to be found with the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamic. The thing is that we know this now, but this will probably only be implemented in thousands of years from now, which is all the more reason to not be impressed by any authority, Ph.Ds, TV/radio news/talk show host or evangelists today because the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics is very clear and simple upon any subject you can imagine or you might think is impossible.

For now, this is part of what they call "Emergent Materials Science", like in the study I saw about 'Collective magnetism at multiferroic vortex domain walls' at the cryptic 'National Center for Biotechnology Information' It's a given that evil is very interested in such things and I can only envision them wasting their time since, here, Nature is at its most powerful, yet the most gentlest.
Or if one googles, "calcite and nanotechnonogy" one will find a wealth of research involved between calcite and nanotechnology because I was interested in the interaction between calcite and nanites to determine if calcium was capable of incapacitating them, like calcium is capable of incapacitating poison in water (as described before in my experiences and findings on fermentation), should they develop these things in the future (if they haven't already).

To me, these things and systems are one way Nature ensures its design to protect physical existence and 99% of the Universe is like this, which is why through the philosophies of the sciences and organized religions we only know less than 1% of the Universe and will remain that way.
We may find that one day we cannot drink the water anymore (especially bottled water) like they couldn't in the past because it was foul and in the future in will be adulterated instead and we will have to go back to drinking wine and beer like they did in the past and calcite would be an excellent way to develop ways to test or rectify water for any use or purpose.

Starting Fire in Water
An example of "important" work being done on the ISS today involving water and microgravity which could be better done on Earth using diamagnetic fields, especially when this involves sodium atoms. This is touted as a new way to treat waste water where thermodynamically, this makes no sense since they are wasting energy to create unusable forms of matter and energy (Increasing entropy), where this waste should never of been created in the first place, or should of been managed differently.
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Time: 3:25

Finally, like Matter, information on Diamagnetism is very sparse because it has no quantum mechanical explanation regarding Relativity like regular ferro-magnetism does.
(see: 8 Ways You Can See Einstein's Theory of Relativity in Real Life or my copy from GD)
We live in artificially constructed science where they put the nonsense and dogma of organized science like the dogma and ignorance of organized religion first (relativistic-quantum mechanical over nonrelativistic-quantum mechanics) before all else to keep the government and corporate grants coming in. They emphasize their "authority" rather than instilling curiosity, where Nature has better ways as yet still in the realm of the "unknown", when/where there should be no such thing as revealed by Thermodynamics.

Relativity depends entirely on Non-Euclidean geometry and states that there is no such thing as a straight line, yet the quantum itself reveals there are straight lines. They are just infinitesimally small and can carry a powerful punch, but put into a field or a conditional system in large numbers we see them (quanta/photons) move in a curve.
Finally, the photon/quantum alone is a relativistic entity and can be of any size since mechanically an intelligent person (like a carpenter) can draw a straight line and cut a piece of wood straight to build a house, but put all these boards together and we will find they exist on a curve (The Earth's surface being the relativistic field)

Humanity can only become what the authorities in society and an individual's family's education make it. Leave people alone, to pursue the truth on their own with the proper basic education, and one creates remarkable individuals who can be appreciated in more ways than the standardized ones that exist now for everybody which can only, ultimately, create predators out of everyone since with this philosophy there is always an artificial lack-of-something, whether one is rich or poor.

If we are to colonize other worlds, one day, we will need to have a "clearer" awareness of these subtle force carriers that are inclusive and intrinsic to matter and substances that nourish and sustain all life, — even new technology, and bring this knowledge under the scrutiny of a new sympathetic science that imitates Nature, and not the kind of science we have today, which is only good for creating one kind of explosions and smashing atoms and seeks to conquer Nature, or putting God in a bottle as here is a comparable science with an equal subtlety to true particle physics.

We have learned, so far in this monologue, that everywhere there are all kinds of different explosions and bursts of energy and chemistry that have nothing to do with death and destruction or gamma bursts, but more with life instead, as if Nature were an artist splashing Its paint, music, architecture and inspiration upon Its Universe and all regulated by Thermal Equilibrium.
The bones of the body are made from calcium, as are calcium/limestone the bones of the Earth. It is all the same unity nevertheless.

Deucalion and his wife.... First they prayed unto the nymphs Of the Corycian cave, the mountain gods, and Themis - she, the goddess who foretells the future, in those early days, was still the keeper of the Delphic oracle.

"If the gods are pleased, by righteous prayers, and their wrath can be appeased, then tell us, Themis, by what means the ruin of our race can be redeemed; and, kindest goddess, help this flooded world."

The goddess had been moved; her oracle gave this response:"Now, as you leave the temple, cover your heads, and do not bind your clothes, and throw behind you, as you go, the bones of the great mother."

They are stunned, struck dumb; and Pyrrha is the first to break their long silence: she says she cannot do as told; with trembling voice she begs the goddess' pardon, but she cannot offend her mother's Shade by scattering her bones. Again, again, they ponder all the oracle had said; those words - obscure and dark - leave them perplexed. At last, Prometheus' son speaks words that would allay the fears of Epimetheus' daughter:

"I may be wrong, but I think Themis' answer did not involve impiety or ask for any sacrilege. By the greater mother, the earth is meant: and bones, I think, mean stones, which lie inside earth's body. It is these that we must throw behind us as we leave....

....the stones began to lose their hardness; they softened slowly and, in softening, changed form. Their mass grew greater and their nature more tender.... the stones the man had thrown were changed to men, and those the women cast took women's forms.

From Ovid, 'Metamorphoses - The Flood'

Complete Combustion circa 1936 Chevrolet
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Time: 4:01

In the future a "flood" will be made of toxic gas in the atmosphere and not of liquid on land, except if we account for the melting of the poles, but the scientific cure will be the same as related by the poet Ovid and his account at the Delphic Oracle of Themis. It would be interesting to hear what Ovid thought "mass" was, in an pre-Galilean age.

It should be no surprise, that the first prophets and seers where the most ancient forms of divinity, who handed down their offices and powers through the ages to the most wise of those respective generations, the last being Apollo holding the Delphic Oracle.

Before there was one god performing magic tricks we had wise beings who had no need to offend Nature because they already knew the future; by being the first to witness change that automatically gave them a pre-ternary knowledge and perspective of/for existence. They saw that Nature REDEEMS in the creation of cycles. We just needed to learn to become part of that new cycle that Nature offered.

The Atmosphere: "Earth's Air" circa 1985 NASA Langley Research Center
Excellent discussion on the Earth's very important trace gases and their effects.
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Time: 27:03

This is better than any theology or religion anywhere around since, in principle, in monotheism, Nature is nonexistent in our modern western theology, and is invisible and irresponsible according to thermodynamics.
For those that need that sort of thing, we should go back to worshiping the Sun, the Moon, the air, the seas, rivers and oceans etc., etc., and one will note that Themis showed us how to restore life and demanded no sacrifices. Sacrifices were created by pagan priests so that rich people in those days could show off.

Today, with our knowledge in how we understand the Sun, the Moon, the atmosphere, etc., etc., these renewed gods would be SYSTEMS and not entities that one talks to, or hold ceremonies and sacrifices. The universe can no longer be created or destroyed, or even support such ideas.

Their unique position gave them time to think of proper solutions that would not offend Nature before any need for miracles to be necessary.

Today, those who need miracles or employ them, are those who do not plan or are being careful, and certainly do not have the humility to learn anything new and have forgotten the past. They will evolve to similar fates, in the same manner, as already prescribed from the beginning of time.
History repeats itself only for fools; where with the wise, history is but once and part of some overlapping cycle.

Spoiler alert: On Mars, should we decide to colonize this planet; reproduction will be highly unlikely, or birth defects will occur there because of the different gravity and irregular magnetic fields and different forms of diamagnetism, and we must also include germ pools that are necessary for human life that exists in perfect symmetry and balance here on Earth and would be difficult to reproduce on Mars.
There is also botany to consider where/which most of our pharmacology is based upon here on Earth, where besides new diseases appearing, Martian-human residents would not have the ability to create their own cures and would be entirely dependent on Earth where then with mutations, even those drugs and compounds would eventually be ineffective in curing anything (see video clip below).
The human body (like any Zeroth Law of Thermodynamic device or machine) is as much part of the body of Earth and ultimately the Universe as the Earth/Universe is to us and we are very location specific.

Ammonia! Ammonia! - New Yorker Cartoon 
By: Robert Grossman
"Ammonia! Ammonia!" - New Yorker Cartoon 
By: Robert Grossman 
People might talk about the "miracle of life", but that is directly inverse to considering how life (the way we know it) is impossible elsewhere and only an abundance of alien life is possible, where in association we have to consider that all life wherever it may be in this universe all share something common including the same types of problems regardless of where they are on any evolutionary/technological ladder and the higher one is on the ladder the more complex the climb, not forgetting that Nature itself is in the background and simplifying any organism, but making it more interdependent.

The only real space travelers are simple viruses and bacteria that can survive practically anywhere reasonable and find a source of food (bacteria eat minerals directly), or hibernate until things get better as we have seen with returned-to-Earth scientific equipment from the Moon that was inadvertently coughed on or sneezed upon by some worker or technician before launch. We can't survive eating things like sulfur, etc., but they can.

One Year in Space
An intuitive and emotional account of what it's like to land on Earth after being away for one year in space.
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Time: 05:15

As for "alien invaders" (in the physical form with battle spaceships): that too is unlikely, veering upon the impossible since every raw mineral and molecule like oxygen, hydrocarbons or water, etc., they would need, they can readily obtain from the matter in space itself floating around and doing nothing and life for them here would probably be impossible or even dangerous.
Thermodynamically-thinking: There would be an enormous amount of always-increasing entropy and heat-energy wasted going through our atmosphere and gravity field, in and out, to impose their edicts and extract their raw materials. Earth and most other planets have little to offer that makes any sense economically, including any form of philosophy (including, good or evil). Google articles on, 'Entropy Ethics', 'Thermodynamics and Ethics', 'Ethics and the Second Law of Thermodynamics' and 'Thermodynamics for the Practicing Engineer', etc., etc. This stuff is about "higher state of consciousness" we will need/have to adopt if we, as a species, expect to see any future, whether we like it or not.

Anything today's Pope or any scientific committee has to tell/discuss today is totally inadequate. These people belong on TV shows like 'Ellen' and there they will find their proper venue, especially where ancient poets had accounts on similar situations in the past with other environment changes and had better points of views and successful solutions. These people had no patent offices, committees, social media or formulas, but expressed their ideas through metaphor and poetry.

Modern science laughs at the concept of Perpetual Motion without understanding its history and why ancient people thought about such things, while promoting the even-worse Consumer-grade Second Law which they should know about. It fact, modern physics and chemistry go out of its way to ignore Thermodynamics, but for how long?

Regarding modern religion: Any solution today's Pope has to say about our environmental problems make no sense Thermodynamically including his inadvertent, 19th century Always-Increasing entropy in his childish solutions, which makes as much sense as his receiving Hollywood actors and asking THEM to pray for him. (See: Leonardo diCaprio and Pope Francis)

This clip with the professor and a colleague, show how precise is the bond between all life on Planet Earth.
2015 Nobel Prize in Medicine - Periodic Table of Videos Thumbnail for Video
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Time: 8:19

Back on Mars: Woman would have to be enclosed in a chamber that simulates earth's gravity, magnetic fields and germ pools during the entire course from conception to birth, and any normal children issuing from this will grow abnormally if similar care is not taken throughout their childhood. Since this would seem as a form of discrimination or segregation; genetically modified humans will have to be grown in Martian laboratories or imported from Earth, and cloned directly into adults and this will affect a complete cultural change there, and any sex will be redundant and completely unnecessary where genetic diversity will be privately controlled and unfeeling androgynous beings/slaves will be grown/cloned like plants on farms by "multiplanetational" corporations, and that would not be acceptable here on Earth. Voilà, in one generation we would have an alien planet with an alien culture where we would find conflict and the rest is history repeating itself, where new wars will be fought because we were not careful in the first place and a small minority were very greedy and immature to implement that nonsense that should never of existed.
Then that is called "history", but is actually complete Stercus Tauri and arranged in advance.

Meeting Galacto from planet Illipton
Dean Martin, Ken Lane & Vincent Price - The Bar/Galacto Thumbnail for Video
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Time: 2:06

We are still very tribal, where we may as well forget about being scared of aliens from other planets when we are already scared of other humans that look and act differently on Earth, and Mars would be the perfect place to demonstrate this some more in the future. This is why we need multinationals and banks because they perform their functions without morality or ethics and are solely motivated by profit and government-issued soldiers are paid to do wrong to correct the wrongs created by competing societies in the first place. Unfortunately, these legal/official entities destroy us too because they are all closed systems and work at preserving their closed systems.

Contrary to Star Trek; it is not through realizing we are not alone in the universe where man will improve, but by discovering himself here before going out into the cosmos. This applies equally to our societies as it would with each individual astronaut.

With Mars, man will learn and be able to prove that 'Mother Earth' is 'Mother Earth' as there are lot more things that support the creation of new people than simple copulation anywhere in the Universe and it is not unlike the salmon who must go back to their place of birth to reproduce. What these things are will change philosophy and religion forever and turn them into something more realistic and spiritual, if these organizations survive and if man is to consider his future he must consider it with all the creatures and signature forms of life and matter on this planet that contribute to his very existence and not leave them behind, and we must love and respect them too.
All this wonderful copulation we see on TV, and in movies and talk about in songs will never exist on Mars or anywhere else, and man himself would become alien to "Mother Earth". We see here how different environments just here on Earth change enormous populations into distinct beings, yet we are all Homo Sapiens and can reproduce with each other and produce healthy children.

BBC Documentary - Life In Solitary - BBC Documentary 2015
Forget germ pools, Diamagnetism,etc. Here's an idea of what happens overtime when living in isolation. Traveling in a spaceship for years would be worse.
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Time: 59:05

Love, one day, will be as much part of physics as it is already part of Thermodynamics. Man is already not alone and is part of something much greater than himself, which is the environment and ecosystem that sustains everything and it is that which must go out into the cosmos and not just the human species gallivanting across the galaxy. If he goes out there alone, then he will be transformed and never be human ever again wherever he goes and when he comes back as an alien he will be debriefed by something like "Star fleet Command" were because as I have already demonstrated how an apple can change if it's in space, so imagine a human being how he/she/it will change without bringing the things that make Earth special. Insanity will be the first result as we can see with sensory deprivation chambers and with prisoners put in solitary confinement. (see video: BBC Documentary - Life In Solitary - BBC Documentary 2015 )
Just the design of space ships and their command structure will have to be redesigned completely from the sort they show in Science Fiction.

Schumann Earth Frequency Clearing Negative Energy
Schumann Earth Frequency Clearing Negative Energy The comments in the clip are not my own. The original account was deleted, but I had a copy and reissued it on my channel.
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Time: 9:51

Back to diamagnetism: Because of this lack of scientific information/research, we have charlatans who will sell you a piece of plastic with some magnets for $50.00 that makes vortices of water when poured from one bottle to another claiming that it stretches and realigns the water molecules to "their proper shape", etc., which is nonsense if you don't remove or disable the molecules in the water that made the water macromolecules misshapen and not good for absorption first. In this realm you will find "aura cleansers" , revelations, "alpha wave restoration", "holographic healers", "water consciousness", spirit scientists and "nouveau pagans" who consider water sacred and should not be put in a vortex, but vibrated instead à la the Second Law, and all sorts of other wonderful things which I disagree with because Nature uses vortices and turbulence and not "vibrations", except at the quantum level, but these people are not discussing quantum mechanics.
We also have legitimate scientists writing papers and discussing on "Magnetic Monopoles", where we see with the existence of proven ferro-magnetism and diamagnetism this is impossible. Magnetism is a system, not a thing.

This, at least, shows that 'Nouveau Pagans' are just as corrupt as any other organized religion or scientific society/committee with their strange ideas that do not correspond to the thing they actually worship/study (I thought it was trees pagans worshiped, not water?). We can't blame them though judging from the kind of education I can imagine they got.

Some might even make you smile for no reason other than that it claims to be embedded with the 7.83 Hz of the Earth in it, like in this video (I think that it's the background white noise of this wonderful flowing river doing this, but that's only my opinion; it's all good anyway).

Anyway it is all harmless unless they charge money for it and maybe that's what people need is some quasi-rational spirituality that helps one to grow from the inside like everything else does in the Universe, instead of just seeking fulfillment from the outside and only treating life like some process out of this where religion just adds the cherry on the sundae and blasphemously calls this "Fate" or "God's will" since the inner being and dimensions of one's own identity in this universe is entirely ignored or deprecated. If we consider three systems that nothing can escape from: People grow physically all by themselves while being nourished from their environments, so should not we grow in the same way spiritually instead of this transaction-like "spirituality" we have today with our gods where gifts or heaven are exchanged for good behaviour à la the consumer-grade Second Law of Thermodynamic, like god was a shopkeeper?

This turns God into a business man and introduces the devil as his competitor which is great if you're a child with the ability to run a lemonade stand, or deliver newspapers. This is great for children, but we are supposed to grow out of that nonsense as easily as we grow up from Santa Claus or Ninja Mutant Turtles and this growing up should be fun and rewarding and be far more satisfying than this "going-back-to-the-womb-and-staying-there" philosophy.

These things might not be science in this day and age, but they do try to help you enjoy life, so how does one find value to negatively judge such things if one is careful? If science sees no profit studying these subtle things, then it is science that has no meaning beyond anything mercenary or childlike. Besides, historically speaking, we see today how established science was once treated where this is now the case with emerging science!

This is no different from in the past centuries where one could identify at a glance believers in the occult practicing the emerging Natural Philosophy which became modern-day Science, where in those days, they were immediately identifiable, unlike today where they all where lab coats and business suits, and so it will be in the future for this emerging science, where no one will be able to tell the difference between a charlatan or the real thing, unless you learn all the Laws of Thermodynamics. (The Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics is like a personal computer for the mind that furnishes the perfect algorithm to solve any problem or learn deceit before it can affect you, when you activate it.) All one must memorize is this:
this if A = B and B = C then A = C and this is no miracle of god either, but a simple law of Nature's Dynamics and/or a simple fact, and all one needs is a simple thermometer to prove this where then you can demand this same logic everywhere or apply it to anything because we live and exist primarily in a dynamical universe with systems rather than a physical universe.

Centralization and Decentralization 1952 Encyclopaedia Britannica Films
This clip explains succinctly the balance between the need for "Freedom" and the need for "Control" and how they should be applied in a transitive manner and why both are important, just like in the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics.
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Time: 17:38

Sociologically: People are as dead terminals with their smart phones, PCs and Social networks gathering information which serves the central networked computer of authority, which is controlled by someone else you will never see and will never know except in how the group or organization affects you, but it is the population itself that helps shape these organizations. Totalitarianism is only a business model that is created when there is a demand from a completely impotent society.

We understand superpowers, the international banks, multinational corporations, scientific societies and organized religions only by the wakes they leave and know nothing of their essence or substance, and sometimes their real meaning. It's time to unplug from this so called, "Intelligent technology" and use your own computer terminal/station (your brain) to figure things out for yourself or at least, try this occasionally for fun, experience and exercise. It becomes easier if you treat the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics as a philosophy and let it do the thinking, guiding or navigating for you otherwise one will always be in the wrong place when there is a hurricane, a tide while riding a wave or a victim of a tsunami. It is not only important to "know thyself", but to "know all around you" as well and one does not learn that from other people as Eleanor Roosevelt pointed out, but from things and ideas.

Here, there are two lessons learned: Science must be more stringently taught, with engineering and all thermodynamics (including the Zeroth Law) taught first, to eliminate the collateral nonsense that science now is creating from within and without that creates all their own faerie tales with inferior theorists and dead philosophy.
If there is an error here on my part, I claim the error to be that I feel that science should be elevated to the status of art, but then, if science would have feelings in its present condition, these feelings would be just to interfere with established religions and not promote the higher awareness that is beyond religion which from the artist's perspective, is an established truth so why is science not doing the same instead of attacking or supporting backward religion, where the people in them are only equivalent to these things anyway, which each of those individuals can change at any time if they want, but they have to do that themselves. It is exactly as in the example above of weird biological institutions studying biology and micro-magnetism where here, we see the limits of authority's powers.

Any scientist who takes religion seriously publicly is not a scientist, especially where any competent scientist or philosopher that is not part of mainstream mass media can describe existence and this Universe beyond any religious experience and be simple about it too where anyone can understand and see. Why should they ingratiate themselves to the deluded and foolish masses who want scientists to believe in god, except for mercenary reasons that would benefit them in a lucrative manner? A true scientist is not after the consumer dollar of deluded fools or popularity and keeps his personal beliefs to himself because those beliefs that he developed belong to him in the first place.

G-d has as many faces as there are individual life forms in the universe. One may see an ant and consider that god because you have no idea where He/She is now but for some reason you see the ant suddenly and were given the option to step on it or being careful. If man says god created him in his image, then every species can claim the same thing too, otherwise one is limiting G-D in how He/she can appear.
Forget Jesus dying on the cross for our sins, we are killing G-D directly everyday with our stupidity, selfishness, fears, disorganized conduct, greediness and unworthiness.

Forget scientists criticizing God or denying Him/Her, we simply do not deserve any form of religion or theology, with our behaviours, but once we did thousands of years ago.

Like the artist, he is a scientist and not an evangelist, or a missionary, because he only loves science and Nature, and whose ideas of "compensation" are entirely on an entirely different wavelength that, equivalently speaking, is not beyond reason. To those who want to find god, let them find it themselves through study and deeds and not expect this to be handed down by any scientific or religious authority. That is what individual life is for, otherwise their would be no need for individuals. This is the only place where god and Nature agree: They both like to spread themselves everywhere and are not some closed-system blob or a unit of one which could be looked at or prayed to directly, or through some priest.

The other lesson is to forget what people say and promise. For example: Ask yourself how does Nature purify water and air without using organic chemistry or living things, but only does this through inorganic chemistry and thermal equilibrium? The air is easy and this it does with any kind of vortex of air from dust devils to hurricanes because that is what these things do is pick up feculence and gets pollution to stick together and drives it to other places, where other processes can finish the work of air purification. Think of these things as open-system type Hoover's (which, of course, start, run, operate and stop by themselves automatically because of poisons which create heat/energy imbalances, as already mentioned). The universe is it's own wall plug or gas station and doesn't need capital or credit to pay for Its own energy/ cleaning and food bills.
Meta-philosophically, that is perpetual motion since it is nature that starts and stops these mysterious things, but for a purpose. Nothing happens or will ever happen for no good reason. Nature is like a computer running the perfect program called life and movement.

There are no clean tornadoes, etc. or clean electric fans or air conditioners because they trap dirt and until they stop where we come along and clean them. That is one of the natures of air vortices, wakes and turbulence, although there are other things to consider too, like oily dirt, magnitude, electrostatics and other things (which all deal with energy and chemistry), but the first thing is a vortex and then these other things are dealt with individually because vortices are a property of Matter (Issac Newton missed that one) not energy, which is why it is the greatest unsolved mystery in classical physics (Feynman), along with those things I have just mentioned because no one studies Dynamics and Matter on any macroscopic scale or intrinsically where, still, to this day it takes artists to come up with fresh new ideas and things, like colourless glass, Reutersvärd's tribar, etc. and creative artists are always treated as surreal beings too, but they are seriously good enough to plunder behind their back.

Microscopically, that is another matter where turbulence with plasma has been much studied: "Decades of research on nuclear fusion have instead shown that plasmas are subject to all sorts of turbulent behaviour not seen in normal fluids..."[MS]. GD This research and its findings is important for the future of space travel.

2001 Hellas Basin dust storm
Some will ask why we don't sue people and make claims of all sorts and gain those monetary advantages for ourselves and the answer is academic: Copyright claims are for publishers and not artists, as are patents for multinationals, corporate lawyers and banks, whose work was acquired for a tiny percentage of its worth. These people and entities actually impede progress by forcibly making only certain forms of technology available for the market, which will be explained later in detail.

As for artists creating and developing wonderful things, we are already merged with these things and have become part of a much larger universe and the artist tries to imbue the same with/to the public. This can also be for anybody by working with matter and not exploiting it or exploiting living things for private gain and then call yourself a success.

Back to our vortices: If one looks at Mars from a telescope; one will find that it's poles are always pristine and clean, even though this planet suffers from regular global dust storms that is of the finest particulate and there are no oceans, and this is done through the power of vortices, and the poles may even be responsible for its storms. At least there is a form of thermal equilibrium on Mars that produces unique and remarkable effects on its surface. Mars does have oceans by the way; It's oceans are made of sand and dust, not water and do the exact same thing as water except a lot slower. Does not the Sahara on Earth have waves of sand moving around like water on a lake, (except much slower) or the Earth's glaciers flow like rivers. The times involved may be different, but the systems are identical and perform similar functions.

Gyres, based on Dolphin's perspective of the Earth
With water we have distilling (evaporation) falling (condensation or rain), filtering through the strata (ground water) and Ocean gyres and all the while these things are happening, there is always some vortex to be discovered/considered in the process since a vortice can be at any speed. Big raindrops (lightning/thunder storms) means dirty water full of acid and chemicals that will burn your eyes like pepper-spray and appear as large water drops because these polluted macromolecules have a greater surface tension. Light rain drops and droplets are more purified water and won't burn the eyes because there is less pollution in the water and less surface tension to allow for smaller raindrops. After this, if we want, we can add organic chemistry and living things like plants, bacteria and fungi to boost these processes, but they are not entirely necessary if we respect these essential principles of which these forms of life are only hitching a ride and tapping into this inorganic chemistry and physics and following their cycles in a step method form of dance.

The entire Universe functions perfectly without any life and what life there is attaches themselves to these wonderful cycles and contribute to Nature's design as recompense. The exception here, of course, is man who thinks he or his leaders are god in a way, a demagogue would make an appearance.

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GP duBerger

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A History and Monologue on Thermodynamics