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Thursday, July 4, 2013

Stirling Engines, Politics, Matter and a History of the Thermometer

Page 8 of 'Extreme Cold'. Page 8 of 'Extreme Cold'
'A History and Monologue on Matter and Natural Systems
in Materials Science of/for Energy Systems within
any Macroscopic Scale'.

by GP duBerger

Note: With Heat Engines (such as this) "the Radiator" is on the Cold side and never the Hot because this is the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics. i.e. If A = B and B = C therefore A = C creating a situation where it is "cold" side that provides the power stroke in the same manner as one would understand Le Chatelier's principle. Nature shows us how to build engines that don't kill or disturb anything, while different forms of human authority teach the complete oposite and fill minds with stercus tauri.
With the Zeroth Law: To move things, by procedure, one always uses already-existing heat while finding/creating, by design, a way for heat to go usefully to a colder environment. What they teach as the Second Law is an abuse in the purity of physics and chemistry to suit their own purposes. Beware.
At left is an Alpha Type "Stirling Heat Engine". This animation I found in Wikipedia and is not a proper representation of a Stirling Engine since it is missing the Regenerative Heat Exchanger.
The important regenerator would be located at the pipe's bend linking the Hot and Cold sides. (see video at the beginning in part 1 or look up 'regenerator/stirling engine' with your search engine.) This is actually just a plain Heat Engine.
Among other sources for heat: This can be an 'External Combustion Engine Heat Engine', which is already an improvement because it allows a variety of heat sources and fuels, but for combustion it would still need a vent, tailpipe or a chimney which means; another environmental disaster if put in billions of places, but it would be a step in the right direction.
The same Alpha engine already demonstrated in part 7 [A] uses readily available sources of heat that are everywhere.

Here, using some simple CSS3 styling I turned the animation 90° (use Firefox if your IE is too old, like it would be for XP, or just use your own "Imagination Explorer", since this is written while this mess is going on.) so I could put a representation of a flame beneath the proper part of this machine and I put the ice on top for fun, and to balance my HTML Art.
The moving matter of any open system, whose lower energy after being converted to work in a machine, simply becomes equivalent to its ever changing surroundings and at anytime can get re-energized again by some other means from the open system this heat energy came from in the first place (i.e. the Sun) and may end up again in any Thermal-Equilibrium System that creates Work or affect any Second Law device like this one.

Four Stroke I.C. Engine
Above is a machine, in the truest sense, because it turns heat energy directly into Work and nothing else is produced, (the combustion part of this device is its own problem) where any Second Law I.C. "engine" of today, produces a lot of things and most of them are bad, so it is actually only a 'device' or a 'tool' that produces, besides work; heat, friction, always-increasing entropy, pollution, noise, vibration, inefficiency, economic instability, exhaust emissions, etc. so these Second Law devices are not actually 'machines', but methods to consume and pay for energy that does not need to exist with more collateral problems than are necessary.

In principle, to satisfy the requirements of the Second Law of Thermodynamics is, to develop simple ways to turn vapours into gases and back to vapours, in a continuous cycle which would not entail the creation of waste heat. All chemical changes would be internal back and forth, so this would not pollute.

So far, the only connection an ICE has to any open system is by emissions and has no connection to any open system's heat sources. The Internal combustion engine (right) was fine for the 19th century, where it belongs, but this is ridiculous today.
People were ignorant on environmental and economic issues, and so cannot be blamed, but WE must change our ways not only for the environment, but for our economics. The key to fix any failing economy, and subsequently expanding it, is always the auto industry where if we take the opportunity to start designing radical new engines based on Zeroth Law systems; just that alone will revitalize everything and this time the economy would remain stable, so long as we use already-existing forms of already-made heat.
This new principle will be explained in detail, here, in ways anyone can understand.

Education that serves the established masters - not the masses
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The only thing we really need is pressurized air to move a syringe/piston and there are practically an infinite number of ways to accomplish this reliably, (hydrogen peroxide or 'high-test peroxide' is a good example) where you could spend your entire life 'inventing' and they're all good and do the job.

This is another reason why you can't patent these things because what or which invention are you going to patent if everything is good and the Universe itself is good?
For instance: One cannot patent or own all hydrogen peroxide, or the Sun, etc. and what they do in different concentrations, applications, systems and/or locations.
Multinationals and governments, in the future will just have to be content to provide services and not own Nature or essential social services and if they don't provide the best, they're out. That's true capitalism and free enterprise.

Why would anyone need to prefer man-made systems over any of Nature's superior systems and only make systems serving private enterprises available and call that progress, or make some closed system seem universal?
We have reached the 'Age of Technological Awareness' and it's most profound lessons exist in how we use already-existing heat to create Work and power. For that, we need to study carefully Thermodynamics.

The Great Disappearing Elephant Scare of 1867
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So far, making anything "universal" only exists where/when it comes to plundering or appropriating the item first through warfare or coercion, like the minerals we steal from "developing" nations so that we can play Facebook or amuse ourselves with video games on the bus with their mobile devices that would not exist without those rare minerals that perform miracles and make miniaturization possible, as it was in the past for the acquisition of ivory to make billiard balls, so playboys could amuse themselves.
See: African Journal of Ecology, 'A review of ivory exploitation and elephant population trends in Africa'
There is no excuse for any nation or culture to be "developing" nowadays. That word is a euphemism for the word, "subjugation". Problems today exist because they are created by outside influences. In my opinion, there simply is just not enough research to find cheaper and more available replacements (alloys) to these rare minerals because that would interfere with patents that are owned by private enterprises. Such a discovery would make these African mines worthless overnight!

People in general, only know the things they are taught to know, that serve a few — not what they need to know to serve all. They call man a social animal. So, let's be sociable with our technology and innovations and not be tribal.
A knowledge in Thermodynamics and it's basic systems can easily accomplish this and turn us into wiser beings while providing us with better knowledge in how the universe works so we can better conduct our own behaviour.

The "coffee-powered" engine - Sixty Symbols
Enhancing Cold will make this Heat engine extract more Work than enhancing heat.
This video is so filled with errors regarding thermodynamics, but is does show how little physicists know about the subject.
For detailed explanation go to SEA or my backup

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One will also discover that the economy is itself, all politics, sophistry and scientific research and are themselves unsustainable, forget the things they produce; so what are people spending their time with and investing their lives in?
Any paper one reads from CERN, a theoretical/particle physicist or a cosmologist, among others including Hawking, is unsustainable and I go through tons of scientific literature all the time and that's all I see. Doom and gloom stories included.
Most of them are only drawing attention to themselves and/or seeking to enrich themselves at the Earth's and humankind's expense and, themselves are responsible for creating ignorance with their meaningless, inapplicable and esoteric nonsense that people should be able to scrutinize if they were educated in Thermodynamics instead of physics and chemistry, from day one.

They forget to mention that No available heat in the universe, in any shape or form can go to cold without performing some form of Work in exchange.
For Zeroth Law based devices, all that is important in machines such as this, is to control or find an amount of 'cold' or lower pressure to be placed near, or in contact, with one part and an amount of 'hot' or higher pressure in another and Nature takes care of the rest.

That, in an open system, is how the wind exists which can be put to work or turns a wheel, like in our closed-system, "coffee powered engine". This is why we hear contradictions today by physicists who say: "Order goes to disorder" (Hawking is the latest exponent of that philosophy) and others like here, say: "Molecular kinetic movement of atoms moving randomly are converted into a more organized state" (Disorder to order) but this guy forgets that nothing was "converted", but randomness was exploited to create the mechanical Work.

For example: The atoms in a PRESSURIZED can of butane are actually performing less "molecular kinetic movement" than the atoms you are breathing in from the air all around you because they are in an isolated system and you are not. Open the valve of the can of butane and then we have a lot of "molecular kinetic movement" inside the can, but this is very organized because the movement is only carrying away heat in a very specific manner and the liquid in the can gets colder. Upon reaching the air a lot of "molecular kinetic movement of atoms moving randomly" exists because this high pressure gas is not being turned into Work. (I'll get back to our fascinating can of butane later, on another page.)

Things only move randomly because they are "looking" for Work to do somewhere. It is Nature's order of/in things. Work creates order and living things benefit from this function. Life could not exist without this function. If one sees a miracle anywhere look for the Work and there one will find the heat. Even Information theory is subservient to this phenomenon.

If one escaped atom finds a system where work can be performed, a bias towards all the rest of the atoms of gas will want to go there too if they have not gone too far already, or because vortices and turbulence have already been created, which are themselves a form of Mechanical Work. Think of vortices as invisible machines existing in fluids (gases/liquids), —even in space and time. Everything Works if it is to exist.

New Dictionary
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So, people in Hawking's camp never discuss ternary systems (It's all Alpha Omega) and the other camp have thermodynamics working backwards. Both go around having expectations in life yet do no observation or experimentation, which is not very scientific. Science, today like religion, has become some element for social media and social networks and they just expound 19th century theories to keep today's status quo going on, who are now themselves fossils fuels.

These guys are discussing nothing, but dynamical systems which, depending on the system, can work one way or the other to do a job, but only explain it in going one way. Plain and simple; forget any metaphysics! Like organized religions, or political parties, they try to bring you into their philosophical camp, to enrich themselves in one way or another, and not any reality or absolute and universal truth, which does not exist anyway.

The closest thing we have to the "truth" is Thermodynamics, but there is still more to discover and learn from this subject, so it's not universal because we will never acquire all that complete knowledge.
Nevertheless, thermodynamics does teach us that it is more important to move in the right direction regarding anything (otherwise you will just go all over the place until you find something interesting to do) as inanimate matter (non-living) does already, rather than find "the truth" in anything because all truth exists in movement and motion anyway and is not something static and unchanging.
According to Thermodynamics; even G-D is different all the time and exists in Thermodynamic movement, as there are no exceptions to this rule regarding anything in existence.

A physicist would have you focus on physical things and forces that come and go and can even be miraculous (like the Big Bang) without showing the Work except their own work, but heat is something one will find anywhere in the universe and it does the same thing to anything too, depending on the elements involved and their phase state.

These "Stirling engines" even run better when you put ice (or something that cools the cold end further) instead of increasing the heat at their hot end and this is what makes 'Thermal Equilibrium' a wonderful and "magical" unique thing. The fact that these machines would produce more Work if one enhanced the Cold factor of its system (see Video clip) indicates that:
1) There is a lot of "versatile" energy in Cold that makes up those parts of energy that are thermally unavailable, but are available do do Work, which goes way beyond this video clip, here, where this professor describes incorrectly "disordered energy being tricked to do work". There is another expression: You can't fool Mother Nature!. This happens because Nature want's it to happen. "Disorder" in Thermodynamics only exists because we have not yet produced a smart enough mathematician to figure it out yet.
Further, there is a big difference and quality of heat between the fresh cup of coffee and the heat on the table. By itself, "randomness" also seeks order which is something only artists today understand. Scientifically this will be demonstrated very soon.

Just calling this device a, " Coffee-powered engine" is a non-sequitur where the device itself shows how it best works when it comes to hot and cold applications and does not need the "Narrator Effect" to describe what it's doing when the device shows, by itself, that it works better with cold being applied while reacting to already existing heat.
This device would be better called an, Ice-cube "powered" engine. because it is a system and the heat itself from the table is of very high quality compared to the heat coming from the coffee cup; exactly as explained with the liquid in our butane can when the pressure is released. Clearly "randomness" has a missing ternary element when they discuss randomness or use the concept. There is always a conditional element and once that is found "randomness" is not random and we are moving in the right direction in our thinking. Heat shows us how and why if one looks at it carefully.

Further, this would better describe the beginnings of The Conservation of energy and Sustainability, and in a fun way where we can understand why there is pollution by observing what heat does and not look at industry or engines which are just consequences of misunderstanding the basics in Thermodynamics in the first place.

This is what I call: "programming and indoctrination" because for intelligent beings to believe these "scientists" required programming. Your job, now, is to ask why you are fed this garbage regarding Thermodynamic systems?

This guy describes the ICE as a "Heat engine" where it is not, but is a phase-change engine, (liquid to vapor/gas) which is where any engine today gets all its power and not from any heat. The heat is just a consequence of the chemical reaction of one type of molecule (A liquid/vapour/gas hydrocarbon that takes a small amount of space) into another (a carbon-dioxide compound gas that takes up much more space), and this heat, which is of low quality for the system it exists in (like the heat from our coffee cup) which is more chaotic, must be rid off as fast as possible too because that heat is looking for Work to do and so is very unfriendly with any closed system if not released or turned into Work.
When released, this heat instantly seeks Thermal Equilibrium, where the Universe itself is a reservoir for this heat to be, one day, turned into Work one way or another.

I'm not saying that "Chaotic Kinetic-molecular energy" is not good. Even just plain chaos is good where/when properly applied. We would never be able to cook anything without it.
It's describing all heat in this manner that's bad and misinformative, besides being very unscientific. Just because the scientist can patent or find some algorithm to figure out randomness, does not mean that it's bad or useless, but it is where this type of heat is applied that makes it good or bad, comprehensible or incomprehensible or useful or wasteful.

"There is a growing sense that scientific research—which, after all, is defined by the quest for truth is being manipulated for political ends. There is evidence that such manipulation is being achieved through the stacking of the membership of advisory bodies and through the delay and misrepresentation of their reports."
- Nobel laureate, Elizabeth Blackburn

The Third Law of Thermodynamics (which, basically, corrects the Second Law's errors, as we just saw in the above video and takes into account thermal equilibrium and phase changes) states: "It takes an infinite number of steps to reach absolute zero" where, it would be impossible to reach it because there will always be leakage of the universe's own heat to warm any particle. Further, just the gravitational fluctuations experienced by a lone atom crossing the universe is enough to generate the necessary heat and nothing can shield against gravity or filter it out.

When a physicist discusses, "Quantum tunneling", he's actually describing a property of heat, but goes out of his way to make it sound like physics so he can go to the patent office, which he can get away with because no one understands Thermodynamics and they are not making efforts either, because this is a cash cow for themselves. Like to Mafia, they keep things in "The Family".
One would need to be outside the universe to "reach" absolute zero, but then, the physical laws necessary to achieve this would be either, non-existent or completely different. Today, we need a brand new breed of scientist with a radically different philosophy and that's not going to come from any university today.
We will have to start building Academies where new philosophies are applied to the development of new technologies and their implementation.

Count Rumford in 1798 describing his cannon boring experiment at the Munich Arsenal in Bavaria which was completely ignored. (Story on this later!)
This is not unlike what was experienced by Count Rumford, James Joules and the unlucky Julius Robert von Mayer when they demonstrated, in reverse, that motion in matter creates heat and not "Caloric particles" where scientists, to this day, see what they want to see or are just promoting some kind of private enterprise somewhere who all see and use the Universe's energy in an upside-down manner and brainwash civilized people into believing their systems are correct, or the only way Nature is served to us.

In fact, this LTD engine (i.e. "Low-temperature difference". It's real name, and not "Stirling engine"), as with all heat engines, follow exactly to the last jot and tittle, "Boyle's law, Charles's law, Gay-Lussac's law, Graham's law, Henry's law, and Avogadro's law and they are collectively generalized by the universal gas equation, also known as the ideal gas law." So this is not one bit "disorder". Go to Gas Laws for explanations of all these laws. Further, as per the Second and Third Laws of Thermodynamics, there is less disorder and we are closer to never-increasing entropy in Cold as there would be with Hot; So what is being described by this university professor is nonsense especially when the power stroke comes primarily from the Cold side of any heat engine.

LTD engine running on ice and the already-existing heat from the table top. This particular heat from the table top is very "organized" because of its already-established Thermal Equilibrium with the rest of the room. There is no chaotic kinetic energy to deal with, like one would find in a hot cup of coffee which has plenty or "Chaotic-Molecular kinetic energy" which ends up being wasted. Nothing, here, is being "tricked" to do Work.
2) One does not need to create much energy to create work and much of that heat that is not thermally available, creates work in a manner not possible with the Second Law of Thermodynamics, but only with the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics. You will note that when this professor "attaches", or "plugs" the device to an element in an open system (the table top), with the ice on top it, it is more efficient and work is produced in prodigious amounts, as compared to the coffee cup experiment which was the closed system experiment part simply because there is already prodigious amounts of heat energy to do work with very little always-increasing entropy.
This simply means that the already-existing heat on the table is not kinetically "hyperactive", but quite stable and does not follow any rules in Statistical mechanics which they always inappropriately apply to heat; this being one example. The table top is in Thermal equilibrium with the room air, but being a solid it transfers heat differently than the air does, which is what's being exploited.

So here I repeat: If we let this device speak for itself: This is not a Second Law of Thermodynamic "Coffee Cup Experiment", but a 'Zeroth Law of Thermodynamic Ice Experiment' since there is already way too much energy already on the table itself and all that is necessary is to "create" a machine interface between Hot and Cold and let a new Thermal equilibrium do all the Work.

Theoretical Simplified Heat Engine Animation.
The red region represents the foam displacer.

Fair Use
As I said earlier, Kelvin, Clausius, Maxwell and others helped to create the most expensive and most unsustainable form of industrial revolution and, as if that is not enough, even more unnecessary expenses are carried by the people, which makes this the greatest scientific and philosophical fiasco, in all history; which is in not establishing Cold Capacity with thermal equilibrium, along with Heat Capacity because they are entirely different, due to phase changes and other properties of matter that can only exist when cooling or heating are happening.
Today, we still use a thermodynamics based on the requirements of glass, ceramic and steel makers, but is completely unnecessary to move things. The heat that was required to make these things is the same heat required to process these things billions of years later by humans. Creating Work is entirely another matter.
When you think about it; Nature only heats things when it is absolutely necessary and will go to great lengths to achieve its purposes without creating additional heat, but will use Motion, Pressure, Work and Thermal Equilibrium instead, which scientists think of those last two as a form, or product, of heat/energy exclusively!

Metaphysics: Anything that has nothing to do with Nature. Thia can create contradictions if not very careful, which we see nowadays, abundantly, in organized religions, physics and mathematics because even metaphysics must transitively follow all the laws of Thermodynamics to be anything that can theoretically exist, if ever.

This brings me to another contradiction in today's physics. Besides, incorrectly treating "entropy" as a noun and not a verb with a condition attached to it, which relates to the system it belongs to directly: They say Work is: Force multiplied by distance, but isn't that the same equation/definition for "Time"? This means that the Theoretical physicists has been replaced by the "Metaphysical physicist" today, but pass themselves off as the former, by connecting heat and time together directly and not by some ternary system/element because the Time equation is missing the Force element! Where there is no Force there is also no Mass and in Thermodynamics all things comprise of a minimum of three elements and the Thermodynamics of any system must be considered first before its physics, which must follow the same rules.

Our modern day "Aristotles" have arrived, and those committees they represent are the apostles and you are the disciples of their Stercus Tauri, which I nominate as the new name for their new neo-religion being formed and proselytized now. The Golden calf of our modern-day organized religions will be replaced by a bull.
Q: "What's church or temple you belong to?"
A: "The church of Stercus Circus!"

Genius, stupidity or intelligence, etc., etc., explained simply by the example Thermodynamics provides because Thermodynamics is impossible to express in matrices, but only scales!

It's easy to be a genius if the committee, society or social network you are in, also think or believe that intelligence can be measured, and then they publicize those numbers to determine intelligence!!
The IQ test they still use, is a Cold/Hot-like scale, which equivalently reads from: "Moron/Genius" yet this scale, there can be no transfer anywhere between Moron/Genius elements. See documentary: Stupidity (2003), for an excellent overview on how and why the I.Q. was developed and who/what it benefited.

Any scale that is created, for anything, must have a form of transfer between all its elements that can move from one system or element to another, either way by laws that govern Work otherwise it is not a "scale", but a matrix which, of course, is made to look and is presented differently, but all elements or systems within matrices are static and absolute.
These people, therefore, are not geniuses and there are other reasons and different representations of "reality" presented in such a manner; the Thermometer being one of them; a comparative discussion of which is coming up below.

Excellent examples exist in religion, in abundance, where these absolutes are placed on "scales" dating back from Methuselah containing only two elements, where ordinary things become instantly miraculous without any recognition of any other logical elements between one state and another, however brief, where we see that these "miracles" are not such miracles after all.
They are not mentioned because these natural things do not enhance a cult, brand or following which are there to enhance personal power, prestige and has nothing to do with G-D's work.
The same technique is exploited today in journalism, by politicians, theoretical physicists, cosmologists and intellectuals, where Thermodynamics demands that at least a ternary element or system be expressed/included between any one state and another when describing the same thing that has changed.

They are just being clever by comparing individual normal-healthy brains and branding them and getting people to believe this nonsense. Scientists, the pious and intellectuals should read, George Bernard Shaw's play, 'Pygmalion' during their off-hours when they are not dreaming-up nonsense. It is actually because society keeps the masses busy 24 hours a day with nonsense, where people never get the chance to develop themselves within, besides what is only useful for an unsustainable society.

On Sanguinity
New Galápagos Sanctuary

The Tourist Value of a Shark, Throughout It's Life, Is $5.4 Million, Compared to $200 If It Is Fished. (Imagine what a human being is worth if we do not interfere with him/her and not put strange ideas in their heads, but give them a proper education based on Nature's directives.)
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Time: 02:34

A better scale would be based on intuitive/emotionally-based responses, stimulation and reactions whose elements involve Modus Vivendi and can be transferred, such as the comparative analogues for Sanguinity, the lowest basic analogue being "Superstition". Higher up we have, "Cunning", where then we have "Shrewdness", then there's "Cleverness". Even higher we have, Perspicacity and finally Sanguinity. The ternary element here would be Work where, for example, by applying oneself one can change from "Superstition" to be "Cunning" and count on spending 10,000 hours (416.66 days) of work or neglect for every degree of transfer from one element to another.

Now, For Heat!

What is remarkable about the Stirling cycle is that it is truly reversible (this means, via a ternary element/system) that if you heat and/or cool the heat exchangers of the engine you get power out, or if you power the engine you get heating or cooling out, depending on what direction you turn the engine.
Besides heating: This allows the Stirling engine to be used for refrigeration and even supercooling using absolutely no CFCs.
Recent research indicates that, Nitrogen (as in the main component of air) is the refrigerant of choice.

Once again, we see that Nature is automatic and puts all the things we need all around us from engines to move things to nuclear energy (described further below).
Companies like Dupont etc. (CFC refrigerant manufactures) manufacture specialized and patentable poisons and garbage and create systems that make even more poison and garbage where we always had things like nitrogen that do a better job.
[SES] <-- This link no longer works (Domain for sale) and I leave it there as an example of the process of holocaust involving anything to do with real Thermodynamics and people's ability to learn it. This site itself has been attacked in multiple ways over the years.

It is no wonder that there are people with Ph.Ds, and on Facebook, trying to abrogate the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics and create groups to deploy its destruction, which I show elsewhere.
From an artist's "perspective", it is necessary to point out how important it is to produce Cold with/for any Second Law devices (i.e. an internal, external combustion engines) because it must be produced or be made available all the time magically, in one way or another, otherwise these things will explode or meltdown very quickly.

This, they never discuss and there is no data on this either, so I won't deliberate upon this any further. Never considering this has produced all those disasters with all nuclear power reactors because they only look at the Energy side of things and (besides chemical properties) pay lip service or ignore the Matter side of things (which likes to be in thermal equilibrium, regardless off how tough the material is) concerning their designs, systems and/or operating procedures. A closed system can only do so much. Closed systems provoke change and it is our choice whether those changes are beneficial or destructive.

According to Natural philosophy, the meaning of any closed system is to amass any needed or available energy around it from any open system; to contain it and finally make use of this energy in anyway one sees fit. This is the clean, automatic and sustainable Second Law of Thermodynamic, which exists in Nature to benefit Open and Isolated systems and not exploit them.

2012:Confronting Inevitability- LIVE Surreal painting
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Time: 07:01

An energy corporation or any government can easily control energy (See: Tax horsepower), but they cannot control matter or cold and the two together (energy and matter), this becomes exponentially so because Probabilities and Possibilities become increasingly irrelevant and Inevitabilities become very relevant. One cannot tax or charge for any type of conditional entropy, but it must be payed for in another way.
So, by governments and multinationals wanting to own and control things themselves, by their way of creating machines and other systems and devices that only run on energy in closed systems, they are the actual architects of anarchy, injustice, disasters, waste and murder in the worst forms, which are created by intellectuals and their systems.
It may not be as dramatic as the systems employed by a cold-blooded serial murderer, but it's the same and the clock is ticking with the former.

So instead, they wield the consumer-grade First & Second Law of Thermodynamics like a Bible fanatic, reminding us like soap-box preachers in the past, who unlike Jesus, would bellow to their flocks; "The fires of hell are so hot the marrow in your bones will boil!" when they say things like; "hot goes to cold" which can mean many things and they call this a Law of Nature on top of that, but sounds most like the speeches and "solutions" by the pope on the environment, or of presidential candidate, Donald Trump (See: Kimmel mocks Trump with fake ad) , when they should be saying: "Hot Must Go To Cold by way of creating Work" which is an entirely different "matter" and meaning in Nature.

RTSP Video - Quote from 'Scary Movie 3'
I saw a tape too, "With all kinds of scary images".
It was from PBS and it was called 'Absolute Zero'!
At my age, where I cannot be fooled by anyone much anymore, I'm, simply, amazed at all the bullsh*t they put in kids and young adults minds today.
One hears these buzz words often: "Statistics" and "Probabilities", etc., but never does one hear "Inevitabilities" which requires some ternary element/system. Scientists may be great mathematicians, but they can't count up to three!
So, inevitabilities are never factored in science, politics and business which takes a lot of nerve even though they exist logically and arithmetically, but insist nevertheless, in one way or another, that you listen/believe to/in them, vote for them and/or only buy their products, etc. These supposed geniuses back then, existed and lived in a simpler time where they did not have to deal with ternary elements (and the one's today want to keep it that way by creating fairy tales) and did not have the problems we have today.

An electric toothbrush or a Ferrari is not the stuff of life especially in what/how they are made and where/why/how they end up.

Life in society, is just a game, but instead this all taken quite seriously where one's values and Modus Vivendi exists in total bullsh*t. A now equals C as per the Zeroth law of Thermodynamics in the way it deals with the Second law where human life and existence becomes a pollution/nuisance equivalent to the environment's pollution/nuisance that sustains us.

It's inevitability was always syllogistic because pollution of any form must be decontaminated as per how Thermodynamics works which does its thing all by itself because these new abundant gases and compounds store and dissipate heat differently where imbalance is then created. Thus, us directly associated with C, we will be an element/system that will be decontaminated from the world like Nature has dealt with everything in the past with any form of pollution created by other defective/inefficient closed systems.

The most fundamental law that runs the universe deals with heat transfer via Thermal Equilibrium, which is: If,   A = B and B = C   then A = C. This rule, people are never taught which allows a lot of room for nonsense to be taught instead, and only one type of society to exist.

Deep Purple - Highway Star
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Each Zeroth Law device or system is unique, like a person, and will only work for you, or your company, your species and no one else because it is an extension of the spirit, existence and life and is a direct interface with Nature; not your personality or attitude as a Second Law of Thermodynamics device happens to be, like someone's hot rod or motorcycle (see video). People, very happily read the instructions manual for all Zeroth Law devices (which are not long anyway) and never read the instructions for Second law devices (which are usually very long). "How come this thing seems to work all by itself?" Well, to find out, just look all around you and imagine immense amounts and varieties of energy are all around you. This energy is part of existence and at your service if you wish and is not part of any statistical mechanics, and is free from any unwanted kinetic molecular activity because it is already in Thermal equilibrium with all surrounding natural Open and Isolated systems. This particular heat/energy is not thermally available, but is available to do Work!
We use invisible things all the time like radio and sound waves, etc., so why not we do the same with heat that one cannot feel because it just happens to be in Thermal Equilibrium, which is why it is "invisible".

One needs to configure these thermal equilibrium engines where hot matter and cold matter (usually vapor or gases) can be present in their required locations to perform their Thermal Equilibrium work by literally plugging your device into Nature rather than a wall receptacle or a pump at a station; It is moving the mass of matter of different temperatures, magnetic and/or electrostatic fields where if any work gets lost in Zeroth Systems when applied this way it is immediately recovered in the machine with added performance/speed.

Becoming a millionaire is hard work and takes discipline. It is staying a millionaire that is the problem because that is where exploitation starts.
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The energy used to do this work, of moving the necessary type of matter, if done artificially, through our interference or through the interference of other machines, gets lost because it is not part of any mass, matter or movement of the open system itself, and so it cannot be retrieved, and so it all goes to always-increasing Entropy unless those machines (cooling pumps, heaters) themselves are powered by open systems. We ourselves, can be seen as biological 'Always-Increasing Entropy creating machines' if we live away from Nature or do everything against it.
But, like the "Sanguinity Scale" we can change that, and become "Never Increasing Entropy-creating organisms", but everyone will have to contribute at least 10,000 hours of work to achieve that. Since no one will do that, that's why we have devastating wars among other problems.
We already use technology-pimps and purveyors, but to use them exclusively? You may as well dispense with everything and hand them the entire Universe while you are at it and save a lot of time.

Why Zeroth Law Thermodynamic equilibrium machines cannot be patented to make them commercially interesting is because no one can own Nature or patent any system that already has conditions, properties and attributes within the system (In First and Second Law machines that only use energy, it is man that provides the conditions, properties and attributes to the device.) So everyone on this planet, in a way, is to blame because no one forces anyone to buy things or use things they don't need, but on the hand, what we call an economic system is a total farce suitable as material to compose a comical opera.

People want to be part of an artificial rat race and even feel a value within it. This is further compounded by having no knowledge in how anything works, but they buy it anyway for other reasons that are only selfish and often childish. Why does anyone need a car if one lives in a city? You want to go to visit the country? Rent a car.

Further, legislation has changed that give the powers that be, the right to patent things that do already have conditions, properties, attributes and even life and no one says or does anything.

I say: That no state has the right to grant patents regarding life of any kind because that is like saying: The State is God. We have heard that before in history and seen the results, or do we need another World War to teach us another lesson? Remember: Three strikes and your out! This time, biological, chemical, nuclear and all conventional weapons will be used and there will be no place to hide either.

The Earth will recover, but it will be rid of us permanently and all because people only see value in having something because others, not of one's tribe do not have, and the one's of your tribe do.
Nature, is not that way at all. There is not a single place on Earth where life does not thrive in one way or another, where man does not interfere. The world and all life on this planet does not need us.
Our very existence and survival is a gift from Nature and we should start paying heed.

The Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics shows everyone "how not to make money and live like a king", the way Nature intended, and not "how to not work and make money" as any senator or corporate executive would think.

Philosophy, science, religion and ethics is now in the hands of lawyers. So, people in fact, have already given away the universe to legal and anonymous entities and have created their own eventual Armageddon that has nothing to do with God. Everyone is perfectly aware of the system that is behind all things that have a transaction before it and concludes the agreement. This transactional equivalency creates the system for the underlying reason and forces it into reality for Nature to experience and then deal with appropriately. Most people all act like J.D. Rockefeller.
Forget the laws of physics for 5 minutes. It's better to think: You can't fool Nature for very long, and when It's made a decision, it is final. That's about what's truly "irreversible" (one of their favorite words) as any physicist would dare speak of, but it's right in front of them.

Some of these things are not pleasant, so instead of dealing with them we create euphemism and metaphors instead and everyone laughs and/or forgets. Fortunately, we are dealing with Nature not God in this situation, and you can put a stop to this right now and take back your existence and have fun doing it too. So you made a mistake, — Nature will not hold this against you if you make an effort on your part. Each individual must decide for himself whether he is a human being or a robot and must remember that their life expectancy is way beyond 25 years so one will have to live with this type of existence for a long time beyond those 25 years.

Bruce McCall
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Only a design can be patented and another "inventor" only needs to change the design or location and there you have something else that does exactly the same thing. Doing what Nature does in Its open systems, and turning it into a closed system that will function anywhere because only energy is involved (not matter), or matter is only involved (not energy) is an "Invention" and is, therefore, unique and can then be patented and then packaged too as well as being portable, and then put to market that is itself an artificial environment with arbitrary conditions attached which is suitable technology if you are a Mongol invader who's always on the move.
You either are packaging matter or packaging energy, but you cannot package both together in or as one thing by the way we do business today but is possible using Nature's systems.

For any patent office in industrial countries to now allow the patent of living things by legal entities such as General Electric and Monsanto, etc., yet things like the Federal Reserve internationally are privately owned and controlled in the U.S., and the U.K., well, that's greed, avarice and dirty politics. Since everything is privately controlled, everything you read about in the economy, wars and politics is therefore fake 24hrs a day and government, by itself, has absolutely nothing to do about this. We don't need Marxism; Governments only need to take the control of money out of private hands and put it back into government hands, otherwise governments are meaningless. Many people have been assassinated over this issue; from Kennedy who was about to dissolve the Federal reserve, to Gaddafi who wanted to create one African currency based on the gold standard.
If Bashar al-Assad wanted to pull that stunt, he would of been gone a long time ago too.

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What you are reading in the news, is about the economics of 'Human Control Over All Things', that is, because of its nature, is more like a Horoscope and is not the real economy of Nature which is always around because things will grow, and the sun will shine, and things will move by themselves, whether there is a economic meltdown or not, so there will always be ways to trade if we start thinking beyond paper currency, banks, and corporations and plug into Nature instead, should they decide to pull another fast-one like the Great Depression which could only exist because people were forced to use only one type of privately-owned technology and all based on closed systems.

People say that there are no realms left to explore; Well, start exploring Nature which is everywhere, — even in big cities and start studying things. Look for all the open, closed and isolated systems around you, where in a forest you will find a ballet ensuing, and with man you will find divisiveness and discord among these systems.
With the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics, Nature has a lot more to offer than any religion, private entity or government; and universities, colleges and trade schools are good to fine tune this knowledge you acquired from Nature first. One's eyes, ears and nose and other faculties were developed so that you could understand Nature and not television or be hijacked and flown to Hell by mass or social media.

In actuality, primitive human tribes living in jungles and forests have far more complex and sophisticated economic systems with their neighbouring tribes that are incomprehensible to modern economists with Nobel Prizes because they deal with products to trade with that can contain all elements of Matter and Energy combined including things that are in equivalence to Substance, or things that they regard as unique in or to human experience, so their "primitive" religions, shamans and artists can also have a source of revenue or barter.
The trade also goes in both directions as there are no one-way 'manufacturer to consumer' systems and everything and everyone automatically protects the value of everything else. Man, naturally, or when not interfered with, is not a stupid animal.

Then, they discuss trade deficits and how bad that is, but never mention what creates the rich and the impoveriched impoverished in our own societies as there is certainly a deficit there in existence, which is based on the most prejudiced of reasons.

PhotobucketThe "Conquest" of Heat from PBS Nova
(Since when did heat need to be conquered, or rather: Who's doing the conquering and later acquisition of heat?) This is like saying stupid things like: "Breaking the sound barrier", as there is no barrier to begin with. Sound is sound and functions a certain way to be sound, and the same goes for light.
Cold and low pressure can demonstrate the same power in its way of doing things. I will demonstrate many examples of the difference between work and energy that will make their differences instantly recognizable for the layman to apprehend in everyday life and why heat energy is not even necessary to create work most of the time.
The fact that the function of still-available-for-Work "cold" is never involved (or taught) in any mechanical Work producing machines, creates an enormous amount of problems that inevitably always overwhelms them and also demonstrates philosopher's and legislative Law's failure to understand Matter and Man in supposed "civilized" societies, in any of their discourses and ideas. In the way we use energy to produce work; we are not civilized.

All modern civilizations that use non-automatic and unsustainable technology are doomed like the Roman Empire, and the ones created that will be sustainable will be plundered or destroyed because of Equivalency, meaning that it is already here in many ways and things are just balancing themselves like as if it were thermal equilibrium itself at work. Rather than learning about sustainability ourselves from others and reproducing it, we destroy them and their knowledge instead.

If one is looking for any "Chaotic Kinetic Movement" on a macroscopic scale, just look at any Stock Market trading floor, and these are the people who decide tomorrow for you. They are just like "Combustion" and producing waste heat and pollution (The trading floor when the day's trading is over) because their movements are exactly the same. One you can see with your eyes and another you need a microscope.
Now, using statistical mechanics, just imagine these traders as heated molecules which are not in Thermal Equilibrium yet.

Beta Type Stirling Engine
At least Nature doesn't tell you what to do with one's own life, but shows abundantly how to do things when one pays attention to heat (or its analogues) and where it goes. It is everybody's own choice to decide if they want to serve masters and live like slaves/molecules where one perpetually works to buy things including energy, or watch and listen to Nature instead who has been building engines that run themselves since time existed.
Never mind "Perpetual Motion". We already covered that previously. We are discussing, now, things that run themselves and no professor or patent-office clerk can deny that this does not exist.
It is irony to hear anyone from any social network express "his" opinion where by belonging to such things one forsakes his individuality and identity, entirely, because of belonging to "groups" and "followers". From my observations; we humans are still very primitive and tribal. We are just, only, better dressed than our bearskin and club-carrying ancestors.
I always have the feeling I never left elementary and high school by how I am treated and in what I see/hear around me.

Below: A Remarkable Prototype of One Type of "Stirling Engine". I repeat: This is a LTD (Low Temperature Difference) engine and it is not meant for any meaningful power output. In the words of 'aOa0a0', on You Tube, when replying to an innocuous comment on an LTD engine that ran at over a 1000 RPM [F], says: "LTD engines aren't about "Power Output"; as the temperature difference tends to zero, so does the available power.
An engine running on VERY low temperature difference shows that the builder/designer of the engine knows what he's doing - it demonstrates a quality of build and an efficiency of cycle utilization (thermal cycle) that an engine with higher power output can easily mask.

On the political/ideological/economic front: This is, perhaps, one of the reasons why Communism and Anarchism were a failure in the 19th and 20th centuries because their economic systems require unlimited sources of energy that can do work, but were based on the consumer-grade Second law of Thermodynamics. If they had based their economic policies on the Zeroth and Third Laws of Thermodynamics then they may of succeeded, but then they would no longer need to be anarchists or communists! If these people really believed in their own philosophies, they would of realized this themselves.

Luckily for the US and the UK, The Communist Holy Trinity: Lenin, Marx and Engels (Amen), and anarchists like Emma Goldman were not scientists or very interesting engineers and certainly lacked vision.
If The USSR had implemented research and development into building effective devices based on the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics I would probably be writing stuff in Russian, today, and not English, and not be any wiser. Again, this shows that these idealists and intellectuals in history do not know what they are talking about when they talk, just like in reverse, scientists on social media today don't know what they are talking about because they don't describe any of the consequences of their ideas, in any thermodynamic context, but of the consumer-grade Second Law of Thermodynamics.
Everything is just described like a closed system (A ⇒ B were there is never any "C"), just like the Second Law of Thermodynamic regardless of the subject, where this is never the case in any subject one can imagine. Otherwise, there is no point to learn anything and one just requires programming to be a "good" citizen, comrade or consumer.

There was already a political and economic "Iron Curtain" separating the USSR from the rest of the world from any political/corporate interference or philosophical influence, so it would have been the ideal place to develop this technology and give it to the world (like France giving away the Carnot cycle to England) and they had the military might to protect these things during development; where when created, they could have taken over the world economically with this "new" Marxist technology by giving it away and showing the people, in the world, how to build these things and why they should be built. The USSR would have led the world into the future and would have overthrown every single privately-derived capitalist idea throughout the world.
At least, the USSR was first in sending a satellite in space and the first to send a man in space. Something went wrong somewhere to stop these innovations.

Ironically it was the USSR's invasion of Afghanistan that led to its demise exactly because they wanted its resources, which was not very Marxist so what political situation existed there was all horse manure because all philosophy and ideology proves itself and its value by how it expects energy and work to be acquired and implemented, and then used and what it does with the leftovers if any, and I don't care if you are talking about Kant, Nietzsche, Plato, Augustine, Bacon, Marx or Milton Friedman or whatever. Whatever you study, or like, ignore the blah, blah, keep mindful of energy and matter in their systems and trace where they come from, and where they go, and who they serve and for what purpose, whether there is money involved or not and there you will find its own system of ethics to justify it all. Anything beyond Socrates or Jesus Christ (as a philosopher) is all stercus tauri, or at best an esoteric amusement that only serves the times.

Anticommunist Literature/Propaganda 1950s
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At least it would have made excellent propaganda and keep western economists and politicians, who work only for private enterprise and not free enterprise, busy for years and "The Red menace" would have been seen, instead, as the menace of "The Green thermometer" instead, affecting American "Green"back private corporate power detrimentally and create a new vibrant free international economy that embraces new things, new ideas and new diversity, furthering man's creativity in unprecedented ways because we no longer have to worry about work and energy to realize any of our creative ideas that inevitably would create new products and things to trade with that could go on indefinitely because we would have no more need for procurers and corporate lawyers, and there would be no more pollution regardless of the entire Earth's human populations energy needs.

A bully can only exist where there is an economic and philosophical infrastructure around it that encourages bullying, which is called euphemistically "competition", where any real and actual competition comes from good deeds and good ideas and how much of each one can produce. This philosophical and economic infrastructure that maintains bullies is our own side of the 'Iron Curtain" that we cultivated ourselves, to ourselves because no one can blame the former USSR for our own monstrosities and injustices. The Western Powers may not be communists, nor their economies, but their "own" fiat-paper money system certainly is, where everyone lives on credit and can't build any capital and any equity is lost through "capital gains" and inflation. Cities can go bankrupt, but when nations do they call it: "Inflation".
Like scientists; Economists and lawyers use euphemisms to perform 'Slight of Hand' tricks that mislead and misdirect to perform their particular form of "magic". Magicians do the same and they call this: "Performing an illusion". Of course, performing magicians are true professionals of the highest caliber.

This new type of economy would have thrived on new things being created all the time that would be impossible for any government or corporation to accomplish or control, but would be readily available to all by just thinking about new ideas and putting them together and then move on to other things. By the time a bloated and useless government thinks about taxing any new machine it would become obsolete and be replaced by something new, just as fast as the user agent Mozilla Firefox updates, changes, improves or interferes with their own browser all the time and then the government or private enterprise would have to start all over again. Governments would have to tax things like they did before machines, where after property taxes they would charge a urination tax (for the privilege of urinating) or a bachelor tax (for the privilege and advantages of remaining a bachelor) and other ridiculous things that are equivalent to the mentality of government in any time period. In Canada we have a tax on tax.

These inefficient-bloated governments and multinationals would have to learn how to be efficient; thereby improving themselves automatically and would have to learn to play ball with an educated population that can take care of its own individual needs by themselves, where the governments and multinationals would take care of mankind's and society's needs and not interfere with personal lives.

Multiply this by millions of available and unique machinery and creatively-made devices along with new unheard of services all over the world and we have a wonderful global 'Anarchist Commune' and everybody is happy and free to do and think what they want and have more time to learn and apply new things because that's what life is about, it is to learn and create and if we have even more things that exist to share with, then knowledge, wisdom and experience increases along with it for all humanity and every living thing is Entitled to this, as this is not even a Right, but a Purpose.

Intellectual with body amputated
Everybody is entitled to be a philosopher and everybody should do a little bit of honest manual labour too. If the middle class aristocrat thinks that it is beneath his dignity to do manual work, he should have his arms amputated to free his mind to concentrate on "Higher Things" and give those arms to those who need them, like organ transplants. There is Order in Chaos, if you look at things carefully and is even more apparent when you remove the fences and boxes.

What Do We Do?

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People would naturally work harder because life, and even civilization, would have meaning and purpose, where everyone's unique ideas would find a forum through Nature who would make this possible to demonstrate through Its open systems. No one needs to prove themselves or stay on the job all the time, "To not miss-out". These new things would "sell" themselves and there would be no need to build enormous capital to maintain any business because the business would run itself and follow its own course, created from an Internet that would encourage this.

Already, any search engine will immediately extrapolate your query, where you will discover on that drop-down list, you are not the only person who thought of that same thing elsewhere. These things can be services too!
All one would need to do to create trade would be to create a system, design or a machine, etc., and put the thing on the market/internet, where it is a certainty that there are others somewhere who would have a need that particular service, device or product and they would find you using any search engine by providing a description of their request just like people would do to find HTML'S MAGIC.

Beyond Propaganda....Misinformation!
One of the ways Facebook and its members work to destroy all they do not like. With PHP referral redirects on the web that tell people this site (and others) are malicious, etc., etc.
There is no site on Earth that is "malicious" unless you click or tap on things and your browser will warn you again when that happens! I'm only malicious towards Facebook (which they express), but this site is harmless and very secure.
You'd think we were in North Korea because they in their own way, like in North Korea, try to control the way people think which is why it is the darling of our modern Gestapo and SS.
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This is the danger of social networks as these things would be the instruments of the future to choke this possibility and they encourage more stupidity with their "Groups", "Friends", "Trendiness", "Followers" and incessant repetition and sameness than what television or radio could ever possibly achieve.

For moving things: It is also impossible to build destructive or dangerous things with Zeroth Law of Thermodynamic based technology. Nature, by Itself, moves around and removes poisons and disarms, deactivates or degrades "weapons" if you let It do its work, which shows a type of universal and "natural morality". Like, "hot goes to cold"' destruction and the ability to carry that out goes toward peace, in one way or another. One may as well call Nature a "saboteur" by how It deals with arms once they are created!

i.e. All these munitions dumps and all nuclear weapons in silos must be lovingly and carefully maintained to keep their optimal ability to destroy and critical mass because with nuclear and thermonuclear weapons and natural radioactive decay, which no physicist can do anything about, removes critical mass, goes off into any open system available or closed/isolated system nearby and there's no shielding possible to prevent this. Nature is a Genie that one cannot put in any bottle, unlike what they think they can do with "God" with their Higgs Boson.

Further, any war only exists to maintain or plunder another closed system somewhere (a society) which will follow all the rules of any closed system, (always-increasing entropy) so what would we be fighting about, when you look at the long picture? Nature, on the other hand, invented symbiosis, osmosis, cooperation, equivalency, sufficiency and equilibrium, etc. etc., so everything and anything in the Universe can work together, wherever these systems apply.

Plunder and war does not exist in Nature and one will not find any natural equivalency to these things either. People owe their lives to Nature, — not to any nation, multinational or religious belief and this can be easily proven in that none of these entities can provide any proof in their own responsibility in creating anything, but Nature can. What they teach is all fantasy and all their arguments and discussions have no substance and are wall-to-wall closed systems.

Create a society based on open systems, which are only possible using, at first, the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics and we create a society that has unlimited potential and we have Nature making the Laws we must live by that benefit everybody and not just the few.
One can put a closed system-shell device around to replace an open system-designed device and provide this it with fuel that will drive it or make it do something for a while (if it is a heat engine), but if there is no matter to carry off cold, it will overheat and stop unless the cold part is also attended to by some other means and the only source of real Cold in the Universe is from the 'Open system as the Universe' and no other. Ultimately a closed system is Inevitably answerable to an open system, in one way or another.

This gives artistic philosophy an opportunity to explain the value of an open system in a unique way, where in this case it would be the Universe Itself with its ambient temperature of -454.763° F (± 2.726K) where if we consider that convection in a vacuum, or direct conduction into a void or radiation into "Nothing" is impossible yet, everything will nevertheless cool down to this ambient temperature if left alone. "Cold" itself is the absorber, via some sort of Work produced, of any dissipated heat energy where by introducing another system, like pressure for instance, we recreate the original heat, and even extract some always-decreasing entropy, where the energy used to create this pressure (in this example) is recovered. The only thing required is Work and the interface for this is the A = C part of the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamic, which makes this possible and nothing else.
This is why I argue that The Second Law of Thermodynamics they teach everybody is a Non sequitur because you need an open system to carry off cold (not hot) to keep those parts cold, otherwise the cold parts become hot too, and then they will destroy the device or system because the Thermal Equilibrium requirements would become impossible, obeying the Zeroth, First, Second and Third laws of Thermodynamics to every last jot and tittle and destroy the device or system.

The difference being that, a closed system transfers energy that was not used for creating mechanical work, thermodynamically, through radiation, advection or conduction into any neighbouring matter in an open system that is directly outside the closed system and the "radiator' is used to keep a separate closed system cool. You will note that the radiator is always attached to the cold parts of any type of heat engine and not the hot part of the engine, the idea being is to keep the properties of 'Cold' functioning and persistent, where with a Second Law device the radiator is only used to cool the hot side and prevent it from overheating which happens to be two systems in one, but they sell the thing as one thing with one set of rules..

In this scenario, Nature didn't lose any energy, only man lost a lot off energy potential to do work by dissipation. Therefore it is ridiculous to continue building machines with Second Law philosophy because their equations (and even philosophy) for the hot side don't agree with the supposed cold parts of a second law device (according to The Second Law of Thermodynamics) and they are very conveniently never dealt with or discussed. The only way to make them efficient and approach 100% is to include Matter in both the Hot and Cold side of their engines making them work through Open Systems. The more this is done the less always-increasing entropy exists and then there is only waste heat to be dealt with.
One must include here that any existing or created entropy from a closed system is non-recoverable, but a closed system created from, or in, an open system can recover any entropy, in the same amount of units where there was any free energy expended though Work.

I'm not advocating the abolition of The Second Law of Thermodynamics, as it works very well for certain things, for certain people —even in its present childish form, but under no circumstances must it be treated as like a law of Moses, nor does it have anything to do with any kind of open system and certainly never with Natural Philosophy. Only the astrophysicist and philosopher of science Arthur Eddington can be excused, but if one quotes him, one must remember that The Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics had not yet been established. This man captured the spirit of the Second Law like no other and if one is to learn anything constructive about it, you should study Eddington first and not Clausius, Kelvin or Carnot.
The Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics defines existence because it states that everything, — including nothing can be measured, detected or registered physically, and if it can be measured or registered it exists and has an effect upon everything. If that's good enough for Nature, then it should be good enough for us. Therefore existence, itself, is a system and nothing else, which explains why the idea 'of Being', itself, is so vulnerable to any kind of philosophy since it can appear as anything, depending on the philosophy; good or bad.
If one happens to be born into a tribe or some neo-tribe, beware of your teachers and authority because they will program and then indoctrinate you and call that "education".

Like any organized religion: Modern Physics is simply the art of, turning things and/or states of existence, that are normally nouns into verbs and verbs into nouns. Then they write papers because it's impossible to experiment with such things, but looks impressive on paper, a Ph.D. or a dissertation.

Like the rest of us: Captain Kirk wants a third alternative
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Since all things and problems that exist can be divided (explained further on,) the mathematics of the Zeroth law of Thermodynamics demands that nothing be divided T"00". So instead of 0 we have 00 or 00 00 or 00 00 00, onward to ∞. Take Matter, or any other ternary element out of the equation, we have a machine that is a closed system and ordinary 0 is back that runs only on the Principle of Hot going to Cold or alpha and omega and all unused energy that goes in and out of this machine becomes part of Thermal Equilibrium, and any 'Waste heat' with its nasty molecular-kinetic energy that statistical mechanics love and Nature deplores will go directly into the nearest open system available (Additional heat from air conditioner condensers, a filament light bulb, a car (internal combustion) engine are examples).

No one has the right to say: "This is where it begins and this is where it ends" because in any context where that logic is applied; It can be disproved and improved.

A Second Law of Thermodynamic device assumes and uses only things that exist and are only readily available materials to burn; for it, there is no such thing as nothing, therefore it cannot function as/in any state of Equilibrium and create work in this way. A can only go to B and there is no C unless it's in another closed system and that becomes C which goes to D and a closed system or device creates its own statistical-mechanical type of heat (Disorganized movement of molecules), but it always has a beginning and an end, just like electricity that flows through two different potentials; where an open system heat engine always works with cycles where there is no beginning or end because the matter that's involved there that gives the device its energy that can be converted to work, already belongs to another cycle of matter/energy, — just like the Universe or the circumference of a circle and one part of that circle is not more important than another.

There is no "Date of creation". The Universe has and will transfer itself from one state to another and so on. Now, it's in the process of turning all available heat into Work. What that will be is the job of the true meta-physicist or artist to describe its function then and what will become of "available Work" and what that will be converted to, via some new ternary element.

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A Thermal Equilibrium Engine uses readily available heat and cold in open systems or any existing Universe one can imagine or discover and does not create any new heat and cold itself, except for that of which has been transferred to do mechanical work, so this is accounted for.
In Classical Mechanics, work is equivalent to a photon being emitted from an electron in QED. Nature apparently loves the creation of all kinds of mechanical work out of heat, whether it be thermally available or not because It provides all the necessities to do this freely and friendlily, everywhere, and is maybe the reasons why life evolves in the first place because life, or the purpose involving life, is the only component in the universe that can do such a thing, where in this conjecture, it is interesting what our intended evolution might bring in a few million years from now if we stop acting stupid and selfish and start being a bit more considerate and respectful to everything since these wonderful things that move by themselves created everything in the first place — forget having an IQ of over 130 and think only in terms that are sufficient in themselves.

In the meantime, these things that implement the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics make a lot more sense and ensure survival for the species in perpetuity, or for as long as the Universe exists. Using matter, energy and work interchangeably gives mankind a spiritual paradigm and a purpose to his being, either collectively and/or individually and many other things too. Why any society would use things based on closed systems is probably because, philosophically, we still like to kill and because of Christianity, Judaism, or Islam we want to suffer and die, which is reflected in our machines and the bombs we build because when you are not even born yet, you are already a sinner, and they will warp minds by never letting anyone forget it. What is surprising is that Jesus, Mohamed or Moses never taught such nonsense and if Jesus were a thermodynamicist, he would of taught and talked a lot about Thermal Equilibrium and probably would still end up being put to death.
Anyone who kills or does wrong, pollutes or destroys is because there is a missing component in their lives and organized religion and organized science is certainly not the provider of anything missing in people's lives, but actually takes things away from people in both the physical and metaphysical.

The importance of individual free thinking and acting is becoming more and more important since our populations are growing. Anything in the future that would be trending, or are popular would create an instant ecological disaster.

In the past one kissed the hand of his patron. Today, the prime examples of genius and humanity kiss rear ends. In Shakespeare's time it was: "To be or not to be". Today, it is: "Who is going to be or who is not going to be", as we see abundantly today in social networks and social networking.
It is interesting to consider, where is the proper education that a civilized society is supposed to be famous for that is supposed to prevent this savagery. It appears that people prefer getting, or respond better to getting education from their schoolyards and playgrounds than from their classrooms, for obvious reasons.
A pupil knows, in one way or another, that he is being taught bullsh*t, but there is nothing he/she can do about it and children also have no rights.
As far as I'm concerned, The day one becomes self-aware is the day a child should be given his own rights and be free to exercise them with impunity. 18 years of age is a bit old to start that, especially today!

There is something seriously wrong in education, today, where elementary and high schools are underfunded yet they build expensive colleges and universities all the time. Where are the bright minds going to come from in the future to fill up these colleges and universities if primary education is itself substandard? Further, on the other side we have the new pattern of corporatizing universities GD which is believed to harm not only professors and students, but society more broadly.

I got tired of you... so I slumped.
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My question is: In any energy or economic crises; why only have machines that need constant maintenance by disinterested and possibly incompetent people, who also have absolutely no knowledge of what the heat the machine creates actually does or where it goes, when we can have self-winding and self-regulating machines maintained by Nature Itself that also make use of matter and the energy contained within it and around it? For example: A simple waterfall is a machine that is product of The Zeroth law of Thermodynamics and maintains itself for millions of years. All these natural machines and this energy to turn into work, is given away for free to anyone who is not blind and uses his head. Where there are no waterfalls, one will find other types of natural machines, in the land or in the air that can be used to produce Work, anywhere where there is any kind of movement whatsoever. If one lives in a city, this can be done collectively.
Heat and energy available to do Work is abundant everywhere and is not exclusively some product that can only be packaged and sold by some private enterprise exclusively.

Matter and its already-existing heat in Thermal Equilibrium has secrets and contains subtleties that go beyond atomic/subatomic physics, modern mathematics and their promises, and in classical physics we have done nothing except to negatively exploit both man and Nature and have allowed ourselves to be in this situation. All we need to do is manipulate any type of moving matter to harness its energy or extract it, and the best way to begin this, is to use sources of heat that are already in Thermal Equilibrium.
Without some thermometer, we already can know independently when something is in Thermal Equilibrium because there is no more statistical mechanics to consider and that heat is always wasted.

Previously I said: "Follow the Heat". Now, we go to the next level: "Follow where the different forms of heat go". They are:
  • The inherent conditional entropy, depending on the system. (never increasing, never decreasing, always increasing and always decreasing.)
  • The already-existing heat that is not available thermally, but is available for doing Work.
  • The form of heat that physicists, modern mathematicians or organized religions are only capable of understanding which is heat that is thermally available, therefore not in Thermal Equilibrium, and is inefficient to do Work. Its efficiency to do Work tends to zero, but this is great stuff for making bombs or talk about "creation", or doom and gloom. (Hawking)
    If you want to stump a physicist or any religious authority, interrupt them during their discussion: "where is the already-existing heat that is already in Thermal Equilibrium that must already exist?" and,
    "What kind of system are you talking about, an Open, Closed or Isolated system?"

Why produce systems like slavery and exploitation when anybody can get any kind of work done for free and far more elegantly too? Only then can any civilization call itself civilized when it can tabulate; "Dreams realized per man hour" instead of "production units per man hour".

“Macroscopically, mass is associated with matter — although matter, unlike mass, is poorly defined in science.”

— Wikipedia article on Mass 2013

If matter is poorly defined in science, then what is modern physics? The fact that people are so existential about energy in that they only see the kinds of energy and communication that have a logo or brand name attached to it (where, in one way or another, this brings/creates anxiety) and no other form or way, and don't even question this, says a lot. The idea here is that we don't need another Kafka or J.P. Sartre etc., but people crawl into these modes voluntarily. This can only be possible by programming and indoctrination from youth.

Why do we limit ourselves to chemistry to produce most of our heat energy and this heat energy is never used to produce "work" when there are thousands of different ways to achieve Work and simpler too by focusing on matter's natural phase changes that can be accomplished with a minimum of provocation?
Theory: Any matter that is involved to produce work only changes temperature and always retains the same properties unless one is taking advantage of Thermal Equilibrium and pressure, which are not chemical reactions nor are they responsible for them unless they are used as triggers, switches or event carriers, but this system demands that the matter be restored to it's original properties at the end of its Work-producing cycle and must only be a closed-system component of/to an open system otherwise, alone, they are only part of a closed system, but is always answerable to an open system eventually, like an endothermic reaction (explained further below) or an Einstein refrigerator (I mention these two because these are the ones I know this as part of their immediate specifications as being practically their raison d'être.)

One is actually breathing in "oil" if we put the potential of Thermal Equilibrium from air, itself, to productive use by appreciating The Sun as the energy source to be transferred into matter and then released again with productive work, according to a thermoscope and be gracious about it. As mentioned earlier, hydrocarbons tend to be liquids and solids and carbon dioxide compounds tend to be invisible vapours and gases unless they have particulates like coal or wood exhaust, so this is very convenient for "energy producers" to dump the garbage of their 19th century technologies and get away with this because it's invisible.

Further, Nature uses matter to make all systems open and Man uses matter to make systems closed or to build fences, hence, this is one of the reasons why Thermodynamics is so difficult, for many, to understand because of this kind of education and programming people get from day one, and is the root of what they call "counterintuitiveness" which is natural because Nature contradicts everything you have been "taught" by men and women who are perfectly capable of lying and like all cowards, they start with the innocent. Learning about matter/energy systems first and quantum and classical mechanics becomes childsplay and don't neglect 'Isolated System's either (also severely neglected), as they have a lot of magic to perform too, which I will briefly discuss later.

Modern-day "education" is only a system to get people, endlessly, to serve some local society and local religions and turn people into thralls where no deviation is allowed. After learning reading, writing and arithmetic and basic Thermodynamics (all the laws are given equal attention), everything else is redundant, conditioning or lies. What young people need are tutors, physical, trainers and mentors after their preliminary education, not teachers; to guide them in the things that interest them the most and establish friendships with others at a young age who have the same interests, not what their parents and/or society wants them to be. That, of course, only makes sense if you truly care about the future or life.
Science, whether one likes it or not, is Natural Philosophy when we look at it through Nature's systems. Removing systems, or preferring one system over other systems is science.

Introduction to the Thermometer

Galileo's design for his new Venetian-made, sealed Air Thermometers had its problems too. They were nearly, as big as a modern kitchen fridge and when it was discovered that a thermometer could, also, be a very useful device for doctors; if only it could be made smaller so that it could be inserted, safely and unbreakably, into an "orifice cavity" of a patient (That was a big problem in the 15th century), ostensibly, for proper temperature readings.
(if one goes to a sex shop today, one will find many sordid items made of rubber for "pleasure" that resemble exactly Galileo's thermometer.)

The Thermometer was the first of many successive scientific instruments to be used in medical research and this is why Fahrenheit brand Thermometers, understandably, became so popular. They were the best and the smallest ones on the market, at the time. When you think about it, since the 17th century, there is nothing in science that they haven't yet discovered and found some reason to put these things inside living bodies or orifices, whether animal or human, for a variety of reasons and purposes involving "research", — whatever that is sometimes. This must be some sick or morbid Protestant Judeo-Christian influence since this was never done in ancient science when there was a pantheon of gods watching over us and heresies were impossible for men, but only possible for gods.

Today, this has been reversed (god/gods is/are perfect and we are the heretics/sinners), because there is more profit in that. We see through history that religions, like thermodynamic systems, are truly reversible when it suits them and their committees of the times.

I think that all scientists should sit on Sigmund Freud's couch for a while. Michelangelo liked to say: "Art is Man"; I would like to add science too, but with an alteration that would say: "Science is in man". The ancient Thermoscope is the only scientific device ever invented that exists today, besides perpetual motion machines that has escaped this abuse for obvious reasons, although they invented something else that is just as good. Modern science always finds a way to stick something up someone's behind.

The Prometheus Science Training School



So called 'Florentine Thermometer' commissioned by the Medici
Used between 1654 and and 1670
Comment: This thing was only discovered because scholars all over the world came to help in a cleanup when the Arno flooded the Biblioteca Nazionale Centrale Firenze. Credit: Courtesy of the Photographic Laboratory and Archive of Museo Galileo
Click on picture for source from Earth Magazine, and accompanying article that discusses the 'Medici Weather Network', The first international weather and temperature-data gathering network.

Fair Use

The temperature scale for the "mini" Fahrenheit Thermometer "started" at 0° — where salted ice-water freezes/melts (Phase Change and Thermal Equilibrium) which was handy to know in those cold winters of the Mini Ice age. This was the coldest temperature available to him, which was, by a endothermic reaction of mixing fresh-water snow and salt together one achieves 0°F.
This also indicated to everyone, not to bother to throw salt on their walkway if the thermometer indicated itself below 0°F (salt was expensive) which was more important for Fahrenheit to indicate this, since the temperature dropped, often, below 0° during the Mini Ice age.
Actually, if you threw grease and oil on your walkway, at that temperature and below this, that would prevent you from hurting yourself and by "consequence", avoid the doctors and their scientific probes and instruments.

Then, there was 32° — where fresh water Melts/Freezes (Phase Change and Thermal Equilibrium) and Fahrenheit's, "boiling point" was placed at 212° — exactly 180° more than the Melting/Freezing point of fresh water which is actually the point where water becomes a gas/vapour (Another Phase Change and Thermal Equilibrium at atmospheric pressure).
This is where water overcomes atmospheric pressure; as this is where bubbles come from in boiling water; which is a perfect example of The Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics, since a bubble can exist deep in the water pot, if its equivalent to the air pressure outside the pot.
Things that are entirely separate, as existing in two systems, can become one system through heat and cold and pressure.
If the outside atmospheric pressure did not exist, then neither would the bubble in the boiling water, nor would the water at any temperature, or A = C.

Daniel Fahrenheit (1686–1736)
A computer-generated portrait

Fair Use
Daniel Fahrenheit used 180° because in ancient times that's how you made a straight line with an ancient instrument called a Protractor (180° is a straight line) because the upper and lower points of Fahrenheit's scale are 212°F and 32°F, which is an angle/interval of 180° and not because he arbitrarily created more sensitive increments than other thermometers based on 0° at thermal equilibrium of salt and water to 32° at thermal equilibrium of ordinary water, where "magically" there was a 180 magically perfect increments waiting to greet him between melting and boiling as related elsewhere.
He simply repeated the two different phases of water and added them together that end up indicating three, using the same scale, as given to him from his protractor, and in those days, division in mathematics — not multiplication was more important to everybody and everything. Back then, Navigation and Ballistics were the only applied science which uses 60 minutes as a scale, like a clock, and Fahrenheit simply adapted this to a protractor's scale from the Rømer scale which had 60° at boiling point and 0° where brine freezes (Rømer's idea).

Of course, as previously mentioned, there are other stories and baroque-like explanations (Wikipedia) which relate impossible ideas because he could not of known, in advance, (nor can anybody, including God) two different things, applied to the same thing, at the same time, backwards in time, etc. The Fahrenheit scale has, also, been tampered with by other scientists, so what I'm relating here comes from various sources from books published in the 19th century, who were Natural Philosophers, whom I feel are more credible and besides this is much simpler and these handy things were used at the time.

Fahrenheit was not a theoretical physicist or a cosmologist, because only they talk in the way Wikipedia describes Fahrenheit's scale, where through the modern miracle of Time Travel or just plain psychosis, you can now know any historical figure's own thoughts, ideas, conclusions and/or discoveries, before they occurred in one's own mind. Wikipedia is famous for that.

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This is another example one can find in Wikipedia (right):"In August 2008, physicist Michio Kaku predicted in Discovery Channel Magazine that a teleportation device similar to those in Star Trek would be invented within 100 years"....this syntax is structured as if he knew this already, or by using the word "predicted" they are saying that the more past we go the less future we create! These people don't even know how and why a toilet works (see articles on the 'Siphon'), but they know how to tell the future or can discuss god particles! That's the way one will find how "information" is presented everywhere nowadays and people find this acceptable. As for teleportation, my question is how are they going to make particles that can only function in quantum systems work directly with particles that only function is the classical systems and what new form of energy will they employ to perform this miracle?

On Celsius' and Fahrenheit's Thermometers, nuclear energy, and the question of: "What are standardizations and inventions?"

Today, instead of rulers or protractors, professors use furniture to draw a straight line so things have improved "immeasurably". Blackboard protractors are now passé.
Celsius's scale used the so-called 'One Hundred Steps' which is a completely arbitrary and subjective use of making scales for temperature because there is not one single human experience within that scale that can relate to this scale, unlike Fahrenheit's scale, but not for pressure scales because people react to the different pressure change that it would take water to boil at 99 C instead of 100 C. This can be experienced when going up an elevator in a highrise where one's ears will react to Celsius' barometric scale. (Which is what it was supposed to be used for.)

I find it surprising that science has imposed this metric system of measuring temperature (besides it being subjective and not very scientific for the application involved) because it removes thermal equilibrium as a standard created by Nature and makes one created, arbitrarily, by man, as if he created the Universe, and it exploits only the systems employed by the consumer-grade Second Law of Thermodynamics (The modern Metric System and The Scientific Notation) for the benefit of the few which cannot describe or predict temperature because this law is not fundamental enough to do this especially where, now, we know that Celsius's scale was only meant to measure atmospheric air pressure containing some moisture, which is also the form of data he needed to find out about things after they occurred and not before they occur.

Nature's indicator of a specific temperature and pressure is where matter can exist in two or more states and this would apply anywhere in the universe and be understood by anyone anywhere in the Universe, and surprisingly, have absolutely nothing to do with the number ten. Where with Fahrenheit's scale he needed not to bother with Nature's mathematics and events were only indicated when and where they happened. The hidden order in temperature, thermal equilibrium and pressure was wisely considered another "matter" altogether, but when considering the triple point, Fahrenheit's system speaks volumes when considering ratios and other things, and are not just a bunch of lifeless data, which Celsius's scale produces because there is no third system in it, which, by the way, should be standard for any type of scientific instrument.

This is proven today, with the Third Law of Thermodynamics, where the properties of matter alter geometrically in number, the closer we get to absolute zero to the "point" were we even have "infinite heat" at negative temperatures, and vary the pressure, where once again division involving ternary elements, — not multiplication is necessary and the number ten becomes a nightmare since it is the largest number with the least amount of factors: (only 2 and 5) were the number 12 is " a superior highly composite number and is the smallest number with four non-trivial factors (2, 3, 4, 6), and the smallest to include as factors all four numbers (1 to 4) within the subitizing range.." Therefore, scales capable of representing many phase changes, or at least three, are better especially because they are amenable for ternary division.

Also, we should not use the Rankine scale because we need those negative numbers, after the freezing of brine is indicated, because this humanizes the Temperature Scale, but it is still compatible with other things with the Universe, where if we disappeared tomorrow, Fahrenheit's thermometer could indicate who we were, what we most likely breathed, what pressure we existed in, etc. to any visitors of the future after our demise, should that occur. Kelvin's and Rankine's zero says absolutely nothing about us and science, like art, is about humanity and Nature and it's up to the everyday individual to criticize these sorts that cut us off from anything and overly standardize things. Scientists should go back to school and learn some division or at least get some arithmetic refresher course.

As for Negative Temperature, the solution is to put another zero after -459.67° F, like they did in the past with the Stone-age step method for other things since, as already described, zero only means a point, or X if you prefer, and you can put as many zeros as there are needed, when necessary since numbers are as transitory (count-down, count-up) in their meaning, as the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics (Hot and Cold).

'Neutronic Reactor' patent awarded to Enrico Fermi and Leo Szilard
19 December 1944
US patent 2708656, Fig. 38 (p. 25).
This kind of junk is good for 'Patent Squatting' which Edison was famous for as is General Electric etc. is for today, who patent all kinds of useless things so they can sue the inventor who actually creates a working model independently, that performs cleanly, where unless you're backed by a big university or some big investment group, say "bye bye" to your invention. According to Bronowsky, Leo Szilard wrote out the specifications for the chain reaction and sought a patent in 1934, but wanted it to be kept secret because of the threat of coming war with Fascists. This I find hard to believe because he handed those specifications to the Admiralty.
Our invented temperature scales would not mean anything anywhere else in the Universe beyond any programming and imprinting you have received by your teachers and authorities on Earth. It is all totally anti-Faradaic and pro-Maxwellian. Everything is all a wave nowadays; down to fashion waves where Fields, on the other hand, with the exception of the movie, 'The Sound of Music'(1965), are always portrayed as a toxic dump, like in Tromaville.

Sodium and chloride makes salt anywhere in universe and do the same things, and so it is with fields and thermal equilibrium in this Universe. It is the difference between an individual aligning (not enlightening) himself throughout his life with limited systems that only exist on this speck of dust or the individual aligning himself with a system that incorporated the entire Universe, including this speck of dust. At one point this can be demonstrated that this is a personal choice where intelligence or stupidity has nothing to do with this, but how much responsibility and memory they display with all immediate things whether they are part of time, space and matter regarding anything.

For instance: The "modern" Celsius thermometer could never be understood, anywhere in the cosmos if one these things, made on Earth, where hypothetically discovered by some alien society and all because of pressure; but the Fahrenheit thermometer would be immediately understood because it indicates three different phase changes divided into 212 increments which could only exist at a certain pressure and because it is obviously a thermometer. Where if a thermometer were considered a work of art, it could be a perfect abstract-portrait of three different equivalencies in one thing. On the other hand, Celsius's thermometer and scale could be many things besides a thermometer. Bonus! .. they would learn about the symbols and decimal system we use for numbers, which would be ironic, historically or futuristically speaking.

What's in the Box?
A piece of the first man-made nuclear reactor.
(Nature has already created better ones on Earth's surface which are better)

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The science they are teaching and using today, only applies to our societies and is completely meaningless anywhere else beyond society, including the universe and is certainly not self-explanatory like Natural Philosophy was before science. They talk about going to Mars and relate to us the temperature in Celsius degrees of a place whose atmospheric pressure that is 0.6% of Earth's which is 96% Carbon Dioxide, — not Nitrogen (these two gases have different heat capacities and transmit heat differently, so any equivalency or thermal equilibrium is entirely different over there, and is made more difficult to adapt because of the Celsius scale that is used), and this pressure value in its atmosphere fluxes wildly each Martian season. -100 of anything-degrees on Earth is not the same as -100 of anything-degrees on Mars. They even do experiments in Antarctica telling us the temperature and conditions there is like a warm day on Mars, which is total nonsense.

By not using temperature scales and thermometers that have no universal value involving simple phase changes of matter (at least three), that are universal and can be easily adapted where other conditions exist, is not thinking seriously about manned space exploration or colonization. These people are just laughing at you and people are paying taxes for this Walt Disney-like Space Odyssey. See: NASA's Next Giant Leap — Comic-Con 2014, from JPL no less. The only thing missing there is Mickey Mouse, but instead we have Seth Green to preside and Buzz Aldrin as a guest, but that is only a matter of time for things like Donald Duck and Friends, when Disney buys the exclusive embedded media rights of NASA and JPL for the emerging post-modern society. Quack! Quack!

Put another way: The Celsius scale, the way it is erroneously used, is only concerned about the freezing and boiling point of fresh water at sea level on Earth. The three different phases of matter indicated with the Fahrenheit scale creates a wealth of information that works both ways, and in the ways it can tell stories or provide information.
This thing tells us and any extraterrestrial, besides temperature, who, what and where it could be from and is better than the Golden record on Voyager in describing us, while providing some security measures to boot, since a hostile species could easily find us with the Voyager space crafts, but would be difficult if they just found a thermometer. They would just have enough information that we exist, but could never tell where we actually are!

There is no need to contact sentient life from outer space until we find out everything we can about them first, as I'm certain the reverse is true for extraterrestrials. Fahrenheit's scale concerns the freezing/melting of brine, the freezing/melting of water and the liquification/vaporization of water at sea level on Earth.

Take these two thermometers to Mars and they will indicate X, but any number on Celsius's thermometer, itself, is not equivalent to any other phenomena besides the freezing and boiling of fresh water on Earth, so the data we get is dead data. Of course, we make the Celsius scale go in reverse to finally indicate -17.7778 C but except to a few scientists, does -17.7778 C actually mean anything to anybody? Have you ever heard anyone in your life say -17 C and realize it's importance to life and science where salted water freezes?

Fahrenheit's thermometer is another matter because we know that any reading it would indicate on Mars must be equivalent in some way to the three Phase Changes, here on Earth, which would be completely different on Mars, but the Earther (or an extraterrestrial) references could be used to adjust the real meaning as to what to expect from the properties of matter at any given temperature on Mars.

Therefore, the data that a Fahrenheit thermometer gives you, is "Living Data" where each increment on its scale, means something by the way the thermometer follows each of its references concerning properties of water/alcohol or water/mercury here on Earth, where new equivalency-ratios could be calculated easily, that would make the thermometers data register those properties of matter as to what to expect in other world's, especially if we do experiments on different worlds with matter and different compounds where the gases, gravity, magnetic fields and atmospheric pressure are certainly different from Earth's.

Before we embark on any physics or chemistry experiments we need a minimum of three thermodynamic phase changes to refer upon, or one triple point, otherwise what is being done is tinkering and looks great in places like You Tube or Vimeo, but has absolutely no substance or meaning (except to those who know the importance of -17.7778 C).

If there will be any colonists on Mars they will get rid of the Celsius's scale immediately, if they want to survive, and replace it with some thing else like Fahrenheit's that reflect three different phase changes and watch them disobey orders fast and develop their own standards that could never be used or, even, understood on Earth.

In H.G. Wells 'The War of The Worlds', Martian Invaders were put down by the smallest thing; Germs. In the future, Earther invaders of Mars will be put down by the smallest of things —Thermometers.
If science has no connection to the Universe —Forget neighboring planets, beginning with temperature scales, it becomes meaningless and it must die eventually, so beware of what you read or see on video today.

If aliens came around to study life on this planet they would not be able to understand anything about the science of the Humans because everything is intrinsically, not inherently an Invention that leads to no purpose or the technology is unworthy of its application and speaks only for the mind of its human, intellectuals, think tanks and committees which could be anything since, even philosophically, they are all closed systems and most are parasitical.

One simply must remember that only humans can be evil, as no other species has this quality as well as being the only species that preys on itself with impunity, so when the devil has used up all his disguises, he will show up as an angel and that's the modern intellectual.

This is parallel to Douglas Adams','The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy' where a visiting alien nearly gets run over, trying to greet a passing vehicle because he thought that cars were the dominant species of life on this planet, which is essentially true.

Today's brilliant captains of industry where Cold has to come to the rescue, once again.
Click or Tap on Picture to find out more.

Fair Use
Evil is the spirit of stupidity, laziness and cluelessness, in essence, because it tries to change any intrinsic thing into something else because it's to much trouble to think and then get heard.
If evil truly was to efficiently remove good from the universe it would itself have to be good and then nothing would be changed. So when standard's bodies, scientists, intellectuals etc. etc. decide for everyone what the universe is and what scales to use, they are performing the functions of evil because they are attempting to change everything in Nature that is intrinsic and make it into their own systems and make Nature march to their drumbeat. Science today is replacing the devil, more than the media can ever accomplish, or science is in reality a product, not unlike a jar of pickles at the grocery, since a jar of pickles only speaks for itself and has no meaning outside than what it is designed for and to do.

Celsius never wanted to predict anything, but was merely studying things and their relationships in the manner of Robert Boyle. So now we have a situation where it is as if men invented heat and this never existed prior to its realization by the intellectual. So by this devised architecture by intellectuals, theorists, politicians, philosophers, economists and thinkers that became the foundation of all modern science today, we ironically, already have a sneak peek at the eventual and total doom of western civilization and anyone associated with it because, since from the beginning, because of greed, and ownership "rights" with things that belong to Nature, we start using things for what and where they were never meant to be used for, just so that a few could make money out of something that does not belong to them, which they did not fully understand, and here I'm only talking about the history of the thermometer (and it gets worse).

2 billion year old Natural Fission Reactor in Oklo, Gabon.

Examining levels of certain isotopes of xenon gas which is a byproduct of the uranium fission process from the surrounding rock, this natural reactor operated in a start-stop fashion at intervals of about two and a half hours for hundreds of thousands of years.

What's ingenious about this reactor-design - by Nature; It only operated when there was enough ordinary groundwater which acted as the neutron moderator, then the reaction started, where when that boiled off it stopped completely until it was replenished with new ground water and this went on until it was depleted of uranium-235 which went on for hundreds of thousands of years. No pollution! Only fresh-clean hot water heated by radioactive decay!

The question is: why don't we build reactors like this that don't operate unless they are saturated with cooling water first instead of Monsters like the Three Mile island, Chernobyl and Fukushima Daiichi, etc., etc., reactors that (with the exception to the Chernobyl and Windscale being Graphite-moderated reactors) require expensive deuterium as a moderator and cannot be stopped completely but only "controlled"? Whatever that is.
These people today call themselves nuclear/theoretical/particle physicists, when a wonderful superior design is given away for free by observing Nature and they can't/won't acknowledge this and you will allow these people to teach you and your children What's What with their fancy accelerators?
By the way they utilize and develop atomic energy, they are teaching us their universe and their physics, like they did with heat in the 19th century, and not Nature's Universe or Nature's physics, as here we see a big difference between the physicist's man-made and patentable nuclear physics and Nature's nuclear physics which can, now, be appreciated by anybody.

This is one of the main reason why I dislike modern-day theoretical/particle physicists and cosmologists, as they only appear to me as hypocrites with their mock awe and humility in documentaries, books and video, among other things.

Talking about stupidity and scientists: Aside from the discovery of nuclear fission occurring naturally on the surface of planets besides their core, which they have discovered occurring on Mars, and that's the real reason why they would be going there. The conditions under which natural nuclear reactors could exist had been predicted in 1956 by The Nuclear Chemist Dr. Paul Kazuo Kuroda  [1] . The existence of this phenomenon was discovered on Earth in 1972 in Oklo in Gabon, Africa, by French physicist Francis Perrin because the French mining companies thought someone was stealing "their" fissionable Uranium 235 and diverting it for weapons purposes. This stupidity happens when you send ore samples to a laboratory somewhere, thousands of miles away, and not have a laboratory on location where you can see the whole picture and process that which Nature is demonstrating on location.
They probably don't want these black Africans to get as smart as us, which would happen if they set up these necessary laboratories where they steal their minerals to make bombs anyway in the end!

Not only is this a natural nuclear reactor, but this type of reactor would be understood by any sentient species of being across the universe, unlike our wasteful systems invented by scientists on Earth that will eventually destroy all humanity as this applies to everything they implement, and this began with the simple thermometer and then later with thermodynamics. We just happened to NOT be around in those days when these things were in active service.

Fuckyoushima Fukushima irradiated seawater map
It is because most scientists and professors are very bad and will never admit it, especially where they would have to admit that spending more than 9 billion dollars for a microscope (CERN) is justified. So they come out with nonsense and concoctions and suppress important information like this, since there is scant information and pictures about the natural nuclear reactor concept, where you have to hunt for it to find out about this, including other things I have not even mentioned.
But more and more people are not getting fooled anymore with all kinds of scientific nonsense as you can see in this article if you read the comments too after the article. Please see: Neanderthals Went Extinct Because Of Their Large Eyes. As you can see, it the easiest thing to do to get a Ph.D. today. All you have to do is write nonsense like this (after taking samples, of course, and study them thousands of miles away). Backup if article is gone, see: [GD]

To recapitulate: When I say 'arbitrary' I really mean arbitrary because any two Celsius thermometers must only agree, in scale, with the boiling/steam point and the freezing/melting point and anything else in between, is in itself, quite different because different types of thermometers register changes differently between all the degrees and unlike gases, different liquids such as mercury, alcohol, etc. react differently with respect to time and temperature and don't necessarily expand uniformly or incrementally, and the glass itself for fluid-filled glass tubes ('verre dur, jena 16 and jena 59') expand and contract, changing the size of the capillaries in, both, diameter and length which can make a difference in temperature readings by up to 0°. 03.

Remember when I said: "A machine can be perfect but a system never is?' Well, a simple Thermometer is a perfect representation of this and a Thermometer is primarily a system and not primarily a machine or a device. An example that exists is that there is a certain temperature of cold where mercury no longer registers temperature as a liquid but could as a shrinking solid (which would then require a microscope) and the same goes for hot where in both cases mercury has changed properties, yet without there being matter in the first place there is no heat or cold in the first place, so kelvin's scale of no substance is a complete abstract and mathematical invention that is placed as priority and completely erodes Natural Philosophy into nothing and then makes men live and think in this type of situation.

This is the higher level of insanity that has never been addressed in literature or in criminal theory, but is easily revealed with the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics. It is no wonder that they don't teach this law which in the end, this reestablished law is the revolution everybody missed altogether.

I can add here, because of the Zeroth Law: "One must be concerned with the system any machine, is using, before one concerns himself over the machine, itself, because only a system can make anything become defective, or be able to destroy itself, and this includes all living things."
Society (a closed system), teaches the opposite: That it is men or the machine that is imperfect, but any system that controls man or machine is, itself, perfect; where anyone can, easily, prove that a hammer, an engine or any life form can go on indefinitely provided that there is no interference. (Wait, and see how I tear apart Plato, later on, in another discussion.)

In this example, we can appreciate to power of expansion and contraction of metals beyond the use of this phenomena in the making of thermometers (bimetallic) which we can see with older buildings, were the exterior masonry has become unstable or is leaning, where we see iron rods (Unbonded post-tensioning tendons) have been put through the exterior surface and they are retained with flanges (anchor plates) and fastened tightly with nuts. The only way to pull back such a wall in danger of collapse, would be to heat the rods, after being secured tightly at both ends, and then tighten them again while the rods are hot. When the iron rods cool they pull the wall back with them. This way we quickly and gently pull back and secure a wall that has been compromised.

Photobucket Hygrometer
One can see plainly with any Zeroth Law of Thermodynamic device that Nature can make anything move from A to Be B without using energy, combustion or chemical change of any kind but uses Work.
A Hygrometer is particularly sensitive to how fast moisture and pressure changes in the air yet this has been blamed for its inaccuracy where the difference between "Rain" and "Storm" occurs because of the speed in the change of moisture in the air; so they, in fact, are quite accurate and a well constructed hygrometer has very sound principles to be able to do this with the same amount of energy applied, but over a shorter time period, yet this fact and principle is completely ignored and even poo-pooed by modern science, yet this marvelous thing is a form of static inertia (or it can be used to demonstrate this) that exists in matter, itself, that does not involve any form of physical motion or movement, but the effect, itself, can be the cause because the properties of matter change just as much from -457.87 °F and -459.66 °F. as they do from room temperature down to -457.87 °F. As well, the time in performing these temperature and pressure changes, are themselves responsible for unique changes.

So, this is very important, including how, and how fast or slow these changes are occurring in quantum mechanics yet this same principle has been completely disposed of in classical mechanics (except concerning electricity) where we see, through ancient Natural Philosophy, this should never have been so, where this provided much useful and accurate data, in their time. More people die today in tornadoes in the U.S., then they did in the past because no one owns a hygrometer anymore (that runs on the heat and pressure that creates tornadoes, rain, storms, sunny days) and rely upon artificial media and artificial satellites for their weather information.

Top Tornado roars through Mississippi 27-04-2014
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This would turn all of physics upside down where by with a little shaking we would see what falls off their pants that they are trying to hide from everybody. No wonder they write all their brilliant ideas on restaurant napkins. No scientist, anywhere, thinks that this and such similar phenomena is important, but instead conjugated things like 'reverse entropy' for closed systems, or 'time travel', or 'big bangs' where pressure, temperature, time, thermal equilibrium, sufficiency and equivalency would make these ideas impossible and are not even priorities in any evolutionary period of man, but are thought up instead as fantasies to remove mistakes and hide those responsible for mistakes in their community, or they are there to replace religion, which would explain a lot as these ideas exist because organized religions demand these ideas to exist.

All this coming from the physics community, alone, of all places, where the particle/theoretical physicists and cosmologists are the worst of the lot and talk the most nonsense and suspiciously are given exclusive media coverage as if nothing else in science existed.

Michel de Broin ‘Keep on smoking‘ (2006) – a bicycle with an exhaust pipe
Artistic Philosophy
"Michel de Broin’s work has a double-fold affinity with the issue of entropy. As with the concept of entropy, one may differentiate between energy and information".
In his ‘Shared Propulsion Car’ (2005), four individuals could together pedal the motor-less big American car around the city. With this pedal driven vehicle, De Broin influenced the traffic in New York – reverse entropy."

Fair Use
So remember when you read about people like Pythagoras, Plato, Edison or Marconi, etc., you are actually reading about the group they belonged to and its tribal nature.
Enigmatic figures like Ctesibius, Democritus and today Cavendish and Tesla were individuals and alone and didn't belong to groups or committees. All human thought must emerge from some group and cannot exist in the individual. If they are discovered to be from the individual, they will either be suppressed or taken over by a group somewhere and treat the thing it like it was their own invention. Much like the history of black holes, which were called invisible stars during the time of Natural Philosophy and repackaged by a theoretical physicist's group in the 1960s, or Penrose tribars, first created by the Swedish artist Oscar Reutersvärd in 1934 and penrose tiling has been used by artists for thousands of years already, have been appropriate also by science and mathematics groups and called it their own invention with new names and new people who are supposedly responsible for this "new" invention.

Sun Lamp
What's wrong with this picture? These lamps, this example shown here is repre-
sented as useful to use during the summer as you can see out the window which is entirely wrong but is probably done to make this product seem more attractive, so you are actually being manipulated for ridiculous reasons. As an artist, I'm always utterly fascinated with people who put things together like this and am always curious as to what and why they do these nonsensical things.
When you understand the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics you will notice immediately these kind of things, created by stupid people, that can never be in equilibrium where you will know immediately (before the subconscious imprints this) that what you are seeing is an artifice, an exaggeration or a lie.
Another example is when the weatherperson tells you the exact sunrise or sunset, where like the action of a hygrometer, in the winter the sun sets more quickly than in the summer, but this distinction is never mentioned and this effect is primarily responsible for "snowbirds" and the condition called SAD and not because there is a total of less light during the days of winter. When we have a Sun that sits on the horizon all day and then disappears, practically, instantaneously for 18 hours, I'll get depressed eventually because it is not when the Sun sets that's important, but how it sets that's important, and affects people's personalities and health.
These ultraviolet devices that help this condition are more effective when used during sunset and/or sunrise, and a tiny bit on a winter's midday, to smooth over the switch from night and day because for some this is a shock not unlike putting your hand in hot water and then cold, instead of making a more gradual change in sunlight, as would occur during the summer where we thrive if we get something like the light of a high noon,— but not too much. This business of the same amount of energy being expressed by different amounts of time is the core of quantum mechanics that expresses itself elegantly in classical mechanics too if one looks at, studies, appreciates and applies the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics and its wonderful analogous instruments.

Granny and the U.S. Weather Bureau

Notice in this, three act, comedy skit (below) that the Clampetts see and understand everything in an Equivalent manner allowing them to "predict" things in advance, intuitively using equivalence in a manner defined by the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics which affect all things simultaneously that will go through any change regardless of their distance or how large the system is because 'Change' itself is the meaning of/for Equilibrium. So when Granny says:The ants are banking the dirt up, in front, of their holes and the owl is hooting next to the house during the day; it's going to rain". This is no different than when I said; When you see bubbles forming in water because of applied heat, those bubbles are in equilibrium with air outside the water; something's going to boil.
But everyone else thinks in the Second-Law-of-Thermodynamic Speak, deterministically, materially and empirically and all things are broken into subdivisions, to the point where these divisions, even, begin to contradict each other. It is no wonder mass media outlawed these types of shows on television and started only to show materialistic and deterministic material on television in the 1970's, even though these shows had the highest ratings.

Mediterranean shipping runs aground

In this example (below) that is not funny (well, that depends what you call funny) is a situation in which millions of people living all around the Mediterranean know about how something happens, like Granny and not one single scientist will acknowledge, creating situations that run shipping aground that could easily of been averted.
RTSP video

Read also about the 'Ion-charged hot dry winds' GD that are given a local name in every culture across the globe, like a local god since ancient times to this day because of the illnesses they cause that are categorically denied by science to even exist or occur. So everybody is crazy except if you are a scientist. To recapitulate: By imposing an irrelevant system around thermometers, we create unnecessary problems and much confusion for nothing so that the requirements of Second Law of Thermodynamics can be "satisfied" and Nature and man can be computerized because this law and kind of thinking cannot exist analogously where, instead, the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics is entirely analogous and can show us realms of awareness that are never described by scientists or priests, but this type of awareness requires practice, sensitivity, empathy and familiarity, which priests, corporations and governments prevent us from realizing with/through their various methods, calling these things "portends", "superstitions" and "a waste of time" etc. (since when was observation and making connections to things a waste of time?)

The Patented Captain Peachfuzz Weather-Prediction Process
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Time: 03:05

The Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics and Thermal Equilibrium are the essence and spirit of all movement and activity in the Universe and includes all types of information that include portents and observations that are directly concerned and it's no wonder that the cognoscenti want to keep it from the eyes and minds of ordinary people, especially the young in forcing, or only teaching scientific determinism or religion as the legitimate form of observation or of any value to perception and our natural ability to make connections serve only artificial systems where then Materialism is turned into a farce and made to serve trivial things and ideas, turning those things that are not material and calling them material when they are actually decrepit, ephemeral and unsubstantial.

The problem with determinism is that it somehow, for no reason; it applies itself to some identity and there is no system anywhere in the universe that can say it is the ultimate truth as there are all kinds of systems, and none have anything to do with truth or not. They are just systems designed to do a job. People that defend rigid systems are the worst form of evil since systems must be fluid and be able to change and adapt or be changed and adapted at any time as they already do a marvelous job to organize the behaviour of large numbers, things energies, etc., but the Universe changes too so these systems, if they are open ones, must change along with it, and if they are closed systems, they must eventually fall apart.
This defines another difference between open and closed systems that traverse matter and energy, which is that: No closed system invented by society can improve, where any open system in Nature changes all by itself and so open systems can never deteriorate.

There is also no need to multiply or even divide any temperature or temperature scale, unless one is making one, or if one is using arithmetic to add, subtract, divide or multiply different readings between two different thermometers measuring the temperature of one thing, and it is more difficult to create a proper one with the One Hundred step method for one thermometer, all alone, and all by itself especially in that it is less accurate than Fahrenheit's scale. Try adjusting your thermostat in the winter, between 68 and 72°F is easy as pie, and try doing the same with a Celsius thermostat and this becomes a nightmare to reproduce the same results where invisible parts between increments must be adjusted where at the end of the season you spent more money on energy than if you had a Fahrenheit Thermostat. So this metrication can be seen as another money grab, like the conversion to liters was to gasoline.

Try this nonsense when building musical scales if you want to play with music's fundamental interval (the Octave) and see what happens. They can get away with this because we do not experience physics the same way as we experience music. If we could, they would never be able to create this nonsense, which is obviously done on purpose. So what is the importance of the number 'One Hundred' in this case?
It is for the purpose of calculation, and this is the "interface" they use in their logic and philosophy where they decide, without consulting anyone what the Universe is and what it's all about because this system makes everything calculable with projections and with this system that has the full backing of "irrefutable" mathematics, whether proved or not; They begin with temperature readings with a pre-rigged scale that only academia really understands and created for their own purposes (or understood once upon a time where its 19th century meaning has been lost today), and there they branch off into everything, like a fission device, spreading their infection especially into matters that are of no business to science or intellectuals.

The Theory of Yes or No
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This produces embarrassing situations, now, with things like "Dark matter/energy", "String theory", "Higgs bosons" and "Higgs fields", etc. etc., which are their latest "projections", where every real scientist in the world is sitting on the fence with most of these ideas and don't forget the aptly named "Opera" experiment, where like in an opera the protagonists/experimentalists have lost the ability to connect a simple TN electrical circuit properly or detect a ground fault error and so many other things, it's creating its own set of 'Unbelievability' that only they can accomplish because these guys work with particle accelerators, which are infinitely more complicated than electricity, and so by groundfault default, is a milestone of our age in science because now unbelievable things can be proven exist within science itself — forget disproving the supernatural outside science, and one doesn't even need a laboratory to demonstrate this anytime!

So this is a way to standardize both Nature and man for their "benefit" and control and not to make things easier or better generally, where if that were the case, this nonsense would never of happened. Every single scientist and engineer in the world should get the Nobel Prize, simultaneously, for this invention where we find for the first time, in history, the almost perfect equilibrium between 'Brilliance, Greed and Stupidity' and how well they work together and produce prodigious amounts of always-increasing entropy too!
This is absolute brilliance on their collective part because the Second Law of Thermodynamics creates a "Mechanical Entropy" and this does not exist anywhere in Nature or in the Universe, yet they are not handing out prizes to anybody for this unique discovery.
Finally, the cherry on the sundae; Celsius never performed any experiments on temperature, his specialty was with barometers, yet they assign his name arbitrarily to describe a thermometric scale that is arbitrarily created, and from a step method of counting. What could be more Equivalent than that when relating to this discussion?

Rearranging the Universe to better reflect what our economic masters and intellectuals say it should be.

Talking Mouth. From Rocky Horror photo lipstalking-RockyHorrorPictureShowDVDMenuanimation.gif Does anyone, at this point in my polemicizing monologues feel that Nature is trying to tell us something? In this situation, we don't need experts, spiritual mediums, evangelists or fortune-tellers to tell us what is going on; all you need is to use your head and if that fails use logic and if that fails too, use the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics to follow.

Now, if there are scientists and governments that think about Nature in this way, imagine what and how they think about you. If you look, you should bring a magnifying glass too because you will probably find humanity deep at the bottom, in a tiny crevice somewhere which would look remarkably like Plato's 'Allegory of the Cave' which is where the intellectual Plato placed everybody like this, as if it was his business, regardless if it's supposed to be a metaphor.

"Mysteries" and "miracles" exist because people are only taught the Second Law of Thermodynamics. The Zeroth and Third Laws explain all those "mysteries' and "miracles". In effect, science "classifies" miracles by creating conditions that MUST create them!
This is an old trick invented long ago by politicians, sophists and organized religions.

Kelvin and Clausius and their cronies knew all about Thermal Equilibrium, but created the First and Second Laws of Thermodynamics instead that cannot describe how or why a thermometer works or exists because the action of the liquid or mercury in the sealed thermometer is pure mechanical work created through an open system that is available to anybody so it makes one wonder why they created those particular laws.

There is no scientific reason to create such ideas unless science was being turned strictly into a business and the people into robots or its slave because their ideas cannot explain themselves because, again, only the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics can explain a thermometer and a lot of things that are treated as mysteries, yet this law is never mentioned, discussed or taken seriously anywhere, where instead it is the artist who takes this law of Nature very seriously and has a lot of fun at the same time because it's not our business anyway.

This is probably because it is the most unlaw-like law; because (unlike most laws) it makes sense and is extremely simple and science cannot have anything like that, where instead a law of Nature must be theatrically grave and severe like it were a Moses coming down from Mount Sinai.

Ultimately for all, we may be forging a Universe for ourselves (which includes everyone high and low) that is purely existential and has nothing to do with science, religion, art or any facts except for those facts that serve men in a sociopathic manner, where one can never be sure if what one wants, is really what they want, or only want something because it's there, or only to pass the time, where, only one's immediate needs and wants are attended to that can be easily manipulated by others — even by remote control, where any 'beyond' has a horizon that continuously shrinks overtime making humanity dependent on purveyors and procurers, with no recourse to either God or Nature to remedy anything because it doesn't exist in men's consciousness and when that limited horizon arrives to create its own event horizon on you, you will win the prize of immediate death and be forever forgotten; and forgotten is the key word here because in the 1980s we complained that things like MTV were the nouveau standard for people's attention spans and now text messages are the new standard for human memory capacity standards.

We become the inferior technology that we attach ourselves to, as we became like the inferior organized religions we attached ourselves to, where today people talk about laws of physics as if someone "owned" them. Why would men want to imprison themselves in closed systems when the Universe is open? We are not cattle because unlike them we do have a choice.
"Après nous le déluge".

Thermometers can only be properly (or naturally) calibrated by using Thermal Equilibrium. We can say that Fahrenheit was way-ahead of lord kelvin in certain ways when we consider this and he knew nothing about Thermodynamics, but he studied intervals in temperature and perhaps used the mathematics of matter, 'Geometry', to approach this. The Second Law can only pretend it's reading the real temperature and it cannot correct itself, or provide a ready explanation, as a Zeroth Law device can because these devices always represent ternary elements or ternary systems.

One day we will create Thermometric Intervals for quarks, gluons and muons and their possible "molecules" like we know freezing water and boiling water today (The Fundamental Interval) establishing a new science and an immediate industry, and we will need the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics to establish what they are and later stuff their actions (not Principles) into a new consumer-grade First and Second Law of Thermodynamics framework.

After this, fancy consumer products might come out that are useless anywhere else, in for what they were specifically designed for; they will come into being, and they will only use controlled corporate and governmental types of energy to function as prescribed by this First and Second Law of Thermodynamics and regulated by the laws of society that has no business regulating anything, or creating conventions that it/they does/do not own, but belong only to Nature. If these things require regulation because they are dangerous, then maybe they shouldn't get involved in their creation in the first place. The world and the Universe are tuned for creation, life and growth not destruction, senseless death and deception, so we or society are not inline and tuned to/with the Universe and instead are tuned to false ideas, false systems and false gods and Newtonian physics.

Some will go to great lengths to defend these things, but that itself is vanity like when a suicide bomber is defending his god and his faith and blows himself up and takes the lives of as many people as possible, or a Buddhist monk who sets himself on fire; they are all guilty of vanity to think that any god would give him/her a special place in the afterlife and based on faith on top of this, where he or she has a whole life in front of them to work with to make the world, and even heaven/hell better especially if one "believes".

We see, here, that "Faith" and "Believing" can be diametrically opposed things when existential ideas are introduced by incompetent or self-seeking religious leaders, scientists or philosophers.
One, also, does not die for mankind or any god, but lives for mankind and/or god. On the political front: "Give me liberty or give me death" is pure vanity because its logic is only viable if one expects free advantages from a society or system that were never built, but only acquired, where it is more peaceful and productive to just leave the offending society, or institute gradual changes from within.

Only science, religion and multinational corporations and governments benefit from science and research and the "consumer" gets a product to buy and or a concept to actually take seriously, with stupid or disturbing videos, documentaries or articles in magazines provided by the media and ludicrous educational systems, who know or teach absolutely nothing in how or why the thing works because it is only an imitation of an established real thing that belongs elsewhere, discovered through another Law and rule book.

When I see documentaries on primitive forest dwelling tribes with bones through their noses, I don't see them as "primitive" or with "below average intelligence" because they know all about our technology too and they know all about what I have just described and don't like it, which is why western technology is a hard sell since these corporations and mining companies already give them a lot of trouble so they are not exactly keen to be their total slaves, like we are here to the energy and mining corporations who are always given new tricks by scientists.

Rather than physics working to create new systems for creating energy, they give energy consortiums and feudal-like private enterprise more power instead, which is also why I discuss a lot about the economy, philosophy and politics in these articles and I make a big deal for free enterprise too.

Oliver's Thermometer
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To recapitulate: Consumer-grade products are one thing and a proper scientific instrument is another. We don't need to have an Easter Egg-timer hunt to find the many things in your home, or work environment that pretend to be things and ideas, and we can include Easter Eggs in that list too. We know this through the invention of 'The Fundamental Interval of the Thermometric Scale', which I will describe later because this thing also has the ability to describe quantum mechanics using classical mechanics, but it was never developed and any source of information today on 'The Fundamental Interval of the Thermometric Scale' readily tells you what it is, but they say never why or its reason for being. So it is not only dictionaries that are losing their etymologies, as described in part 1, but also reference materials and cyclopedias, too, are shredding shedding their references of/in the history of many subjects and the list is growing, for reasons that you can well imagine for yourself by now, where I no longer need to be mean and nasty.

Only art and art history are interested in such things now. For this, one must read some very old books on thermodynamics, some of which you still have to pay for (as you have already seen), which are printed on new paper guaranteed to flake away into powder in around ten years so there is no more need for firemen as Ray Bradbury predicted. Of course I have this information and I will discuss this when I arrive to Lord Kelvin (William Thompson) further on.

The Fahrenheit thermometer was the toy-of-the-time, where people everywhere were measuring the temperature of everything like people today are over the place with their hand-held devices texting messages and "measuring" each other. Thermal Equilibrium was about to reign supreme, where people were socializing then, as now we do with our newer devices of today and were discussing science in ways it was never discussed before, and the world was on its way to building better societies until this power of The Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics (no yet established) was aborted and squashed by Kelvin and Clausius and their cronies before it was born for man.

This would be equivalent, in today's circumstances; where everybody who has a hand-held device will be obligated, eventually, to have a chip installed in their nervous system to regulate the conversations one has with these things to make the joy job of government and corporate spying and interference on their own people easier! The logic is identical since this assumes that spying is absolutely necessary all the time to maintain a well-ordered society rather than creating the equitable and well ordered systems first, were we would find that spying and controlling every thought and movement is no longer necessary. I have to admit that I do spying and manipulation too, but I do this playfully my cats and I create a wonderful emotional bond and communication with these wonderful creatures.

Phase Change as per The Second Law of Thermodynamics. Rule of Thumb: Wherever and whenever there are arrows indicated in any diagram on Thermodynamics, the subject is being interpreted within exclusive Principles of The Second Law. In anything else, if you see arrows anywhere, you are in, or are seeing a closed system. This is why Thermodynamics can/must be also interpreted philosophically because we always have to deal with systems by the different realities these systems impose.

Freezing and boiling are representative of phase changes and are properties of matter that demonstrate cooling, not levels of heat, even the level gas/plasma is a level of cooling for much higher temperatures which is equivalent to the total heat in matter across the Universe and if there was no expansion and acceleration of the Universe, there would be no temperature differences anywhere in the Universe, because the turnip sized thing they say existed before the big bang was in perfect thermal equilibrium and could not of produced any work. It is expansion and acceleration that produces Work in whatever way you want to think about it, and in any system you can imagine and that is what the Universe is doing right now, is 'Work' because Work creates new things that never existed before — Not energy or matter (which are also a product of Work) and this also applies to any philosophy that we know of. If matter, the way it exists, did not have a cooling capacity, there would be no need for matter in the first place, hence the reason for quantum mechanics, where this cooling capacity was discovered by Max Karl Ernst Ludwig Planck, with his new thing he called a 'Quanta', when studying black body radiation and hence how quantum mechanics can be very elegantly and simply explained using classical mechanics today, if one wants to, not to mention the wonderful relationship the two have together in keeping the entire Universe from disappearing. The two are not a separate physics, but they are inseparable physics.

Max Karl Ernst Ludwig Planck (1878)
Start destroying the Universe and build bombs, particle beam weapons, think of exploitation and destroy atoms and the two sciences won't talk to each other and they are ready for a divorce, like what Tegmark and Kaku have already "demonstrated" in part 1.
Help the Universe and build new things and nurture Nature; this is a happy couple again, where Mount Olympus with both Quantum mechanics and Classical mechanics are holding thundering non-stop dances, parties, spectacles and celebrations and all are invited, Gods and Mortals alike.

So next time you hear a scientist explain that the two sciences won't talk to each other, counterintuitive and other such junk, you will understand his intentions, his motivations and to throw some salt on this, ask him about the Principle of Thermometry and the Cooling Capacity of all Matter in relation to both Quantum mechanics and Classical mechanics, and if he can't answer that, then he is, at best, a robot serving some evil master somewhere. It's as simple as that. Just memorize this, even if you don't understand what I'm talking about, as the answer or reaction (like in science) is more important than the question anyway in this particul"art" situation. Trust me on this one.

That is how perfect the Universe is and everything is automatic and everything living, dead or non-living are doing the same good things, and everything moves in the Universe in/with their respective "corners". It is everyone's personal choice whether he works with this or against this and nothing else can be blamed for anyone's personal (practically) invented problems.

Of course, Galileo, Drebbel and Fahrenheit, only knew about Phase changes and did not know anything scientific about Thermal Equilibrium and how important they are of properties in matter, nor do a lot of us, — even today, since most people I know only know Freezing, Melting, Boiling and Sparks or most phenomena as forms of cause and effect, which seems to be the universal explanation for everything nowadays, where Thermal Equilibrium is Chinese (no offense) even to a lot of scientists including that everyone associates temperature with heat exclusively, rather than heat and cold simultaneously and let's not forget the associated pressures?.
Here, I will forget discussing Allotropy and related things, altogether, regarding the properties of matter, which I would love to include here in this discussion, but that would be ridiculous at this point because of the already poor conditions of understanding in matter, generally, which is the fault of authority since this does not require anything special to be taught such important things. Education from Kindergarten to University is a complete facade, which is a system that could be made cheaper, simpler and of better quality very easily if authority was practical and honest. As I said earlier, enormous expenditure is invested in the maintenance of all things evil, where good things cost absolutely nothing, are sustainable and completely automatic.

Count yourself lucky because I'm not going to be discussing Thermodynamics or Thermal Equilibrium beyond the basics, example: Ice or Water at 32°F or 0 C. = Thermodynamic or Thermal Equilibrium, because this opens up Thermodynamics to a number of fantasies and Baroque Expectations on the Nature of Matter/Energy and into many rural areas of science and philosophy, which are incomplete and some don't even have an edifice, or they are still working on them, yet they are taken very seriously in varying "degrees" and you will find them in various discussions in a most annoying manner because they are sponsored by prizes to prove them yet they don't exist or are extremely esoteric. Things like: Non-Equilibrium Thermodynamics, Yang-Mills Thermodynamics, Equilibrium thermodynamics, Dynamic equilibrium, Quantum Thermodynamics, et cetera. These and other things are purposely inserted in various articles in established science for no reason except as "retainers" for future use in citation that creates a compendium of Non sequitur data that gives body to illusion and esoterica; I call this contamination and interference, — but that's only my opinion, but if you try to find out why brine is colder than ordinary ice, you will now find a thousand different explanations.

Suffice to say: adding salt to ice under specified conditions makes it colder and this artist will explain to you why without any scientific mumbo-jumbo or obfuscous mathematical formulas. — Bonus! Your mind will achieve a sense of wonder and order, all by itself without any help, except from your own imagination that is impervious to any lies brought forth from "authority" and your own nervous system will agree as you will feel later. That's what artists like to work with. I don't mean to impugn, but forget Quantum Mechanics; there are, still, vast regions of discovery in Classical Physics alone that are hardly, even, touched that can keep entire universities busy for hundreds of years, using ordinary laboratories which they don't do because what's left they can't build bombs and weapons with what's left even though that would probably be .99.999999999999++ % of classical physics.

That means opportunities for everybody still exist and not just for the well-to-do, if you can get by the patent office and corporate lawyers, otherwise just give it away surreptitiously and move on to the next thing while others are developing this and/where society can do nothing about it, where then you can come back and patent something else based on the principles of your invention and make your fortune.
There's enough money to be made that can be shared everywhere, even with bad people, but they will never go far, but you on the other hand will go far and not only here on Earth. Just be cool and use strategy and cunning while the lawyers, banks, governments, and corporations trip all over each other with the bone you've given them and everybody can have a good laugh too, at their expense.

Here I made a new (never seen before) representation on thermal equilibrium based on the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics. If you click on the illustration before this one, that had a bunch of arrows, it will lead you to The Artist's File Page, including its history, and there you will see that this artist, also, thought that there was something very wrong with what he was told to draw as per the Second Law of Thermodynamics. Even the HTML/PHP on the server side of Wikipedia, mysteriously, didn't want to cooperate and produced rendering difficulties for any kind of browser! (see for yourself) This thing is so funny, and fun to read I saved this history for posterity in my Google Drive [PH], just in case.
Here's the challenge: Try yourself to make a representation of Thermal Equilibrium based on the POV of each Law of Thermodynamics as if that was the only law of Thermodynamics in existence.

GP duBerger - Attribution-ShareAlike CC BY-SA
In this illustration I have dispensed with arrows and substituted colour transitions because in The Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics, there is no flow of heat, or flow of thermal energy, or any "arrow of time" and the laws of physics are suspended when there are any relationships between Hot and Cold during phase changes, among other things that will be shown. Thermal Equilibrium can create usable work anytime when designed to do so and also The Zeroth Law deals with Matter too, not just energy, where arrows would interfere with the concept of Thermal Equilibrium which are supposed to be inseparable when discussing any kind of Phase change in Matter (Heat and Matter are not doing the same things, at the same time, in any system, but work together, in concert) just as Angular momentum is not complete without discussing Torque [1], nor can anyone correctly describe Thermodynamics without describing a system at the same time. Put in arrows and you can't describe Thermal Equilibrium from the inside and it must be treated as separate subject because it abrogates the normal laws of physics.

The lines between the different states of Matter simply represent: That at the same temperature, different states of matter can co-exist; This is called Thermal Equilibrium. Since there are no terms yet to describe direct Phase transitions between Liquid and Plasma I have provided some nominal terms for this representation, respectively called "Volatilize/Discharge". The only place where this phenomenon has been observed so far is in Nuclear Physics with the 'Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider' (RHIC) at the Brookhaven National Laboratory, where Quarks and Gluons seem to be in Thermal equilibrium with some kind of unknown liquid. Not shown, but important to mention is that there are also phase changes between one liquid to another liquid; One Classical and the other Quantum mechanical. (See: Liquid Helium II isotope 4) and at the other end of things 'Supercritical fluid' and see video: 'Making Nanoparticles in Supercritical Water' which provides an excellence description from a professor who works and makes a living off the stuff. Therefore it would be prudent to consider that there may be phase changes between one sort of solid to other forms of solid, including gases and plasma that are not yet discovered that have completely different properties and do, as yet, unknown things, where the insensitive see little changes and the sensitive can see and find many, so this is a worthy subject for the artist to consider studying.
So, as you see here, representing things the Zeroth-Law-of-Thermodynamics way opens up the Universe, to many more forms of discussion involving physics, chemistry, Thermodynamics, existence and even life.

October 8 2012 This just in on Quarks, Gluons and Liquids.
Latest announcement from the American Physical Society: New Measurements of the Most Perfect Liquid by Péter Petreczky, Brookhaven National Laboratory, Upton, NY 11973, USA

Une animation en accéléré de glaçons fondant dans un verre (sur 50 minutes).
This little gem I found, accidentally, in the Creative Commons while searching for something else. Here, we see an elapse of melting ice in a glass that took approximately 50 minutes to happen. Whatever the temperature of the ice-melting was, it remains as ice until 32° F (0 C) at sea level, or 1 standard atmosphere. The water inside this glass is ideally also at 32°F, or lowering its temperature towards 32° F, and will not raise its temperature until all the ice has melted. The ice and the water in the glass are in Thermal Equilibrium, or achieving thermal equilibrium. Only when all the ice has melted can the water raise in temperature and become thermally equivalent to the room that surrounds the glass of water and the room becomes thermally equivalent to its surroundings and so on.

Here, we see immediately that the state of any matter is as important as the matter itself and this is everywhere you would go in the Universe, and the same rules apply in quantum mechanics, nuclear physics/chemistry, etc. as this is one of the things they pay particular attention too in that realm, except that they don't call this Thermal Equilibrium, but Energy States and assign things like Electron Volts, Boltzmann constants and distributions, Angular momentum and other things to subatomic particles instead and depending on their eV or distribution they do different things. Put more simply: At gamma ray frequencies, which are so short, real scientists don't bother with wavelengths anymore and call it eV (electron volts). So when you hear "eV", you know they are talking about photons, matter/energy or quanta at energy levels above X Rays.

Put these trillions of subatomic particles and atoms together that all act quantum mechanically, they then "appear" to act-together in terms of Thermal Equilibrium where we "see" in our magnitude ice melting. Inside the glass, the laws of physics don't apply or are mangled during Thermal Equilibrium and they only apply if one wraps another system around it and applies physics to it. Therefore, this becomes mathematical philosophy which doesn't exist yet.

Since there are no two points anywhere in the Universe, at any magnitude that have exactly the same temperature, this includes all latent (hidden) heat, which must always be considered — even in quantum mechanics, the Universe will always exist and has always existed and there will always be ways to extract energy to do mechanical work, no "matter" how small or how far. Imagine a perfect universe where nothing exists to beyond infinity. Can this universe guarantee that there is no temperature difference anywhere in its vast realm of nothingness? Where nothingness could be implied, even hypothetically, anythingness as its counterpart, could be anything, creating equilibrium before requiring equilibrium and we experience this collaterally as heat and cold.
The only way to destroy the Universe would be to put it all back together again the way these theorist-devils say it was before the big bang because only that system can't exist and it's like destroying the Universe backwards,t if they can't do it forwards.

Only the scientist wants to go back to Methuselah and has never shown any intrinsic appreciation of /for today.

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GP duBerger

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