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Monday, July 8, 2013

Thermal Equilibrium In All Its Wonders

HTML'S MAGIC: Extreme Cold - Page 9 - 'Thermal Equilibrium in all it's wonders' .

Page 9 of 'Extreme Cold'
'A History and Monologue on Matter and Natural Systems
in Materials Science of/for Energy Systems within
any Macroscopic Scale'.

by GP duBerger

Thermal Equilibrium: If A = B and B = C, Then A = C

Electromagnetic Background Radiation
So, we have learned in this monologue, that scientists with their consumer-grade Second law of Thermodynamic tell people that Hot goes to Cold and they have their Boltzmann constants and statistical mechanics to "prove" it, when in fact, all temperatures considered Hot go to Thermal Equilibrium instead, and the Cold that is supposed to be Cold is no longer as Cold as it was before; i.e. A = C & C = A, which is one of the systems in the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamic involving two transverse elements being equal to B, and this B is equivalent to the amount of Work created, minus any entropy and waste heat if it is a closed system.
The Zeroth law of Thermodynamic also applies to pressure, whether matter be part of an open, closed or isolated system.

Physical Movement is not affected or bound by Gravity, but rather affects it. Only Motion is affected by gravity and bound by its rules.

Regarding the MOVEMENTS of HEAT: What they say/teach is equivalent to saying: "All things that a high go to places that are low", which is ridiculous when describing the MOVEMENTS of heat as if something like gravity were around to affect heat and something is rolling down a hill, where a mountain is mountain and a valley is a valley, which are fixed entities.
Instead, Hot and Cold are DYNAMIC entities and systems that are in constant flow and movement, and go to Thermal Equilibrium.
In effect: Scientist, discussing heat MAKE it metaphysical.

Metaphysics: This is the same when they teach, "bad people go to hell upon death and good people go to heaven upon death", where in actuality, Good and Bad people are interchangeable Dynamic entities and Dynamic systems between themselves, and so, go to equilibrium instead.

Good and Bad are not "states of being" because they move around by themselves which is why one can do good things for bad reasons and bad things for good reasons. The Church has, and Islam today did/do this all the time by waging war. The very idea of "Christian Soldier" or "Holy Inquisition" would have the effect to make Christ's Cross turn around and away from humankind, much like Mohamed would probably be rolling in his tomb, over what Muslim clerics/intellectuals today teach as "Islam".

These originators of great religions taught dynamic thinking and had the intelligence and charisma to get people to follow. Intellectuals come later to turn their ideas into static elements and static systems which brings forth splinter groups and heretics, where only the most profitable and/or exploitative versions end up surviving. The dynamic is preserved, but now destroys the religion by the creation of sects.
Even Nature has the final word with religions and philosophers.

Back to Thermodynamics: This means, that if Hot and Cold were equivalent to "mountain and a valley", these geographical structures would be in constant movement in all directions and change height and depth, and even dimensions. (equivalent to pressure) all the time. The only thing that is fixed is DIFFERENCE and where they go.
All this applies simultaneously between two different atoms and two systems of air/plasma/water/ solid/condensate.

The "Big Bang" was a bit more complicated then they say it was.

Regarding the Subatomic and Subspace (The Nuclear fields and electron fields and the spaces between), only any Closed-system Entropy is reversed where we discover Always-Decreasing Entropy since Baryons (Quarks) form atoms which are incalculably more valuable. Normally; fundamental elementary things form systems, but with the case of the proton (its constituents) and the electron, we have a SYSTEM THAT ACTS LIKE A REAL THING and creates its own unique forces in Nature that cannot exist otherwise. Nature is beyond the miraculous.

This is INEVITABILITY on a completely different level that transcends all present religion, science, maths and philosophy, since none discuss anything that way and can only describe things as moving in one way only, which is besides the fact that no god can create reality, but only systems.
Yet ternary phenomena is all around us and allows us to see the mechanics of any kind of future, way before it happens and require no objects that are quasi-metaphysical to "prove" anything. These technological objects that don't exist in Nature are systems, and systems are not real. Only Nature can create reality and its inevitability.

Thermal equilibrium can also delay any mechanical future; a phenomenon we will see demonstrated later because this has consequences involving ideas in physics and other sciences and in ideas existing in organized religions and metaphysics, which are not favorable in light of how they teach us about the universe and how it works on the most fundamental level.

Once a basic knowledge of Thermodynamics takes root in the mind, a considerable review must be taken concerning the teachings of/in modern physics and of organized religions via the step method. This way, a person can clear the mind and delete nonsense, indoctrination and programming, and experience complete freedom that will find its own equilibrium. All one must do is watch the show, while enjoying life to its fullest.
Once an equilibrium is reached one looks for new system to become equivalent with, and so on until one is fully connected with Nature on a level NASA couldn't understand.

This new philosophy can be further developed out of things scientists and intellectuals have already divided into dust or turned into particles, and now quasiparticles. Concepts that actually belong to fundamental Thermodynamics, where we consider that there is always chaos and chaos produces differences which things like Heat will always go to.

Chaos, if looked upon dynamically, produces different things at different times which are very specific and are always the same things when the same conditions are applied. Chaos is not so chaotic and random after all, except if one suffers from Asperger syndrome; a people whom are now cultivated in society like carrots, onions and potatoes for consumption in universities, the military and think tanks.
They cannot see the side of life where conditions (which are very real things and are reproducible and don't necessarily require/consume energy), themselves, can turn chaos into order.
I don't like them and the power they are given because they cause more problems than they solve.

Autistic Reporter, Michael Falk, Enchanted By Prison's Rigid Routine
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Time: 02:19

There are too many things that exists that have no pattern, but they have a dynamic and follow a strict Thermodynamic, or Thermodynamic-like protocol which produce very specific things. Codes and ciphers that are built from dynamic elements and open systems have no pattern and are completely unbreakable, and only their outcome for success can be predicted.

Only ciphers from closed and isolated systems can we find a pattern and so can be broken. Since most mathematicians, physicists, bad artists and bad philosophers apply close systems to anything they create or invent; we discover that "genius" does not actually exist, especially where "genius" depends on freaks or anomalous types of minds.

People with Asperger syndrome are remarkable people, but their view within any horizon is very short and also does not allow for any ternary elements which are present in all dynamics.
Here, is a simple example of what I mean: "the concept of a molecule of a substance is only approximate and exists only for a certain class of substances. It is clear in the case of water that the three atoms are actually stuck together. It is not so clear in the case of sodium chloride in the solid. There is just an arrangement of sodium and chlorine ions in a cubic pattern. There is no natural way to group them as “molecules of salt.” " - Feynman Lectures - Atoms in Motion

What is a relationship; concerning anything? I have found that most relationships are what scientists, themselves, project into things, very much like existentialism, ink blot tests, pareidolia, or just simple insanity or religion which have absolutely nothing to do with any "relationships" in reality.

Observe, and let Nature do the dividing and multiplying first and create the differences that occur in endless possibilities than let the intellects decide what that should be with their closed systems, and not before because anything away from Nature is just metaphysics where anyone who follows that blindly is a slave, fool, a psychotic, or life is just a game to them, whether they are aware of it or not.
My late father would often say: "There's an assh*le born every minute". My only addition to that observation is: "Yes! Especially in the higher echelons of society, one finds a higher percentage of small-minded idiots".

I'm not saying people should not have fun or, if they like, believe in ghosts, but they should know the difference between systems and real things and this is a real problem where many people in society think of systems as actual real things or entities and even buy them, even when they are not services!
Thermodynamics always makes very clear, those differences.

For instance: No god or scientist ever created anything real. They only created systems, and most are closed systems. If you believe that god created man, then you believe life is a system because only god can be real. If you believe in evolution, you believe life is something real and not a system. Only evolution is the system.

Evolution follows the path from byronic matter, to atoms, to life and beyond, where in each case Entropy is always-decreasing since atoms are more valuable and less complicated than quarks, and life (as a thing) is more valuable and less complicated than atoms. Life takes over where inanimate matter can do no more by preserving always-decreasing entropy above the Atomic.

On the other hand, religion teaches the reverse where only god is perfect and so can only create inferior and less valuable things to/of itself. Apocalypses are inevitable, and no matter how good and saintly one is, one will suffer from the collateral damage and, overtime, heaven will never be again so heavenly.

The Universe itself, may be just as well be 'Self-Inevitable' (not self-destructive) and does not need to be anything's or anyone's handiwork since there was always some form of Movement.
Since this concept is acceptable for an anthropomorphized god, which turns it into an inferior being anyway by appearing like us, there should then be no problem with something that is completely different from a god, or what is supposed to be a god.

It is practically "blasphemous" to assume and teach that god is only a carbon-based entity, no better than a sophisticated form of plastic carrying water, like we are. According to Thermodynamics: The age of plastic appeared metaphysically 6,000 years ago. It's appearance of/as Styrofoam and non-decompose plastic garbage bags today was only inevitable.

On other "matters": All the saints in heaven, along with Jesus, Mohamed, Buddha, etc., etc., all consumed food on Earth which means they went to the outhouse too.
Saintliness and virtue have no power over the reality Nature imposes for other reasons that are far more important. It's time to put some humanity on these people. It is only unfortunate we must reevaluate with such examples, but it does save a lot of time.

These people were no better than anyone else. They simply had the time, opportunity and reason to carry out their missions. If it wasn't them, it would of been someone else because it was the societies they lived and existed in at the time that made them possible and demanded the systems they created for the people they knew.
The life and policies of Emperor Tiberius is just as important to the story of Christianity as the life of Christ because if it were not for him, Jesus would of had a completely different mission, which would of just created another Jewish sect like a lot of rabbis do even today.

If one is going to believe anything: Believe only what makes sense Thermodynamically.

Celebrating Mother's day; Chimpanzee style!
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Just as (already demonstrated) it can be proved, via Thermodynamics, with the Bible's own references, that heaven is hotter than hell (which ends up not fulfilling its purpose and so both places are a waste), Page 3: 'The Barometer, Thermometer, Pressure and Temperature (among other things)', the chimpanzee could be utilized as a better model of/for "god's image" because they have four hands; having opposable thumbs on their feet too, yet they can also walk besides not talking too much which for humans is mostly nonsense anyway. So it can be argued that they are far more sophisticated and adaptable, where "god" has put more work into them and so more worthy of the form of "god's image".

Further, aside from not yet being expulsed from "paradise" and it is we who are the "serpent" trying to teach them "the tree of knowledge", chimpanzees create a true mockery of "human intelligence" in many creative ways, and on their own, they don't try to control or interfere with Nature, but work with Nature instead, where we oppose Nature.

The story of Evolution is not over yet and "Planet of the Apes" is, overtime, more likely true than not. especially if the Zika virus or something similar takes hold. When we go extinct, or become hominids again, or leave this planet, they will probably write about us like we wrote about the gods of Mount Olympus and the Muses on Mount Helicon. See: Oldest Non-Human Stone Tools Outside Africa Created by Monkeys.

Patience is a virtue, and virtue is something nonexistent in humanity. The very nature of our "intelligence" is used to/for have(ing) everything NOW while disregarding many properties of Time and their significance with and within all other things to find their own equilibrium.

On a much larger scale: Here, we will just give the universe an arbitrary hypothetical age and say it is already beyond 13 billion years old (although it looked different before 13 billion years ago, and even time was different) because it (the Universe) is a property by itself, including 'Sufficiency' and 'Equivalency' which are also its attributes.

We may, also, only be existing between its "sparks", between cycles, or something equivalent to this in either perspective of matter (the emitter) or by time (the emission) where in either case, depending on the nature of things, we could be invisible and there is no way to determine if we exist, even if it created us since the Universe was quite different before the hypothetical big bang, so it comes to reason that we never existed until now, or life existed differently until now.
Instead of proof, there is equivalence. Man must find his equivalence with all things and not just with the metaphysical.

What is certain is that the Universe conserves itself in one way or another. Besides, the Universe is responsible for time and not the other way around since any form of time requires a form of mechanics and/or physics to support it.

Without the atom and heat there is no time, or any form of relativity. The relative movements, distances and reaction coordinates in the subatomic and subspace have no meaning.
Only its entropy is always-decreasing as opposed to always-increasing entropy for closed systems in the atomic and above, since an open system's entropy is never-increasing and an isolated system's is never-decreasing.
So, to balance the books we must have a "hidden" (subatomic/subspace) always-decreasing entropy system, otherwise closed systems would render the universe useless and increase the entropies of both open and isolated systems (which is not happening).

Magnetic Field of Our galaxy
So continuing on this exploratory path: If the Universe conserves itself, it developed itself too. It is only things that exist on their own power in being and in existence that conserve themselves, regardless of what we are describing, otherwise the First Law of Thermodynamic is false, which cannot be. (The First Law deals with things that are always in movement, always have, and always will; Hence, "Dynamic")

Where, it comes to life, we find that those that attribute their existence to some third party, or need to be pushed all the time; they cannot conserve themselves and so are doomed. The "faithful" and "believers" contradict themselves because they cannot deny that the universe functions all by itself while attributing a very tiny part of the universe that does need maintenance and making that supreme where at that point "faith" is entirely misplaced.

Those that attribute their existence as natural can conserve themselves, while developing to open and isolated systems and moving away, overtime, from closed systems. An individual's life is an evolution, not an abortion.

I'm not saying that gods do not exist, but only advising believers that they may be better off to look for their god somewhere else and not in some container that can be described in physical terms, or specific location, or you decide for yourself what you like best, but don't expect the entire world to believe what you believe and this includes the yet unborn because some will notice that any version of god/gods/goddesses are only a closed or isolated system in metaphysics and one does or carnot cannot create anything in those systems except illusions, wherever one is located when making those illusions.

Here, I can really get a point across very clearly: Notice that GRC's illustration on the Zeroth Law is very similar to the Carnot Cycle except with the Carnot Cycle, the arrows only Works in one direction, including where Work is produced. In Physics, only expansion is ever considered and never condensation. This means, anything, any physicist discusses is only 50% right and the other 50% is never mentioned for some odd reason.
"Distilled" down to the economy, politics and beliefs: Anything, anybody does with their inventions, 50% of the potential useful energy is thrown away by the close systems they create. Here, I'm not including Inefficiency, Always-increasing entropy and waste heat that lowers the 50%.
As you can see from this illustration, Nature shows us clearly how to build Work-producing engines and this principle was known by Joseph Black nearly three centuries ago.
If any mechanical process exists, it must exist as a complete cycle, otherwise it is not a mechanical process, but a physical process and all physical acts are incomplete.
There is always a lot more going on than just action and reaction because heat is always involved in matter.
Newton's Third Law is great to teach kids in kindergarten as some introduction to life, but in later grades they should be taught that there is a lot more which only Thermodynamics can provide.

You will note that no one in any authority, anywhere, in any subject or system discusses Cycles (except where it comes to obedience), but only physical processes.

As one example: Besides turbines, everyone is being robbed by the lack of use of Condensation in any Work-producing machinery. This condensation process in any cycle is very important and will produce the exact energy back to mechanically get back where it started, minus and plus any Work produced. This means any engine must only acquire heat energy and nothing else and it is heat that ultimately decides where everything moves and goes in the universe, in any system.
Global Warming, is entirely a Thermodynamic process and no form of physics or chemistry can change/remedy that except in being the causes, because these two sciences use and dispose of heat irresponsibly.

Another contributing factor to global warming is these billions of cars all over the world (among other machines), each generation heat that is wasted completely. Only the energy of turning a volatile liquid into a gas is used. Since heat is additive, if not turned into Work, it simply piles up into all surrounding matter.

A lot of that matter is the atmosphere and the oceans and the temperature rises, forget the effects of carbon dioxide which I have already discussed in detail and discover that it is not so bad as they say, since carbon dioxide does a lot more than just trap heat as it traps a lot of things that are not good to life itself. It actually evolves into different forms that are necessary for all existence.

What they say about carbon dioxide (which we put into the air) is extremely short sighted and very sloppy research. It surprises me that the scientific community accepts and even propagates this nonsense about carbon in any form. The only explanation is that this is all politically motivated.
What else is new?

When it comes to problems; Heat is worse than radioactivity because, besides moving by itself seeking thermal equilibrium, it is notoriously impossible to get rid of with the kind of technology we use to run our lives.
We are literally putting a noose around our necks and jumping off the chair because that's what our technological systems create.

In regards to using chemical energy (fossil fuels), we find we must first convert all the chemical energy into heat first BEFORE introducing it to any heat engine and not just dump fuel into any combustion chamber since a combustion chamber cannot extract all the available heat and put it to Work. These things only harness the power of chemically-created gases to do work which unfortunately for the "scientist" and the inventor/developer creates unwanted heat too.

Look around you: Everything based on the Second Law of Thermodynamics is now obsolete and killing us. Nature shows us how to improve to the next level, or show us why we are dying.

Thermal Equilibrium can even be seen with any map of the Universe and can be represented by the Electromagnetic Background Radiation (first pic, above), which scientists who have been trained only to see things only in Second Law of Thermodynamic ways and, as we have already seen, know nothing about Thermal Equilibrium; they call this, "Incredible Smoothness" and sometimes we hear from a narrator, or a comment, the word "awesome".

This diegesis, in this particular case means; we knew the commentator or narrator personally and, like a priest/cleric we give him permission to set standards of experience that was originally imposed upon the masses from their earliest education of what is supposed to be fantastic "evidence". These people never discuss complete cycles so there is no "evidence" of anything, especially that which concerns reality.

"Awesome" is strictly a personal matter especially where ideas, "explanations", metaphysics and theories abound.
"Awesome" and other superlative adjectives and adverbs are words one uses with people we know, and not in general public because the narrator or commentator himself is not "awesome" enough in perspicacity to know what and how everybody thinks, experiences, feels or knows things.

To get the point across: One may as well rename "Nature" as "Heat" (see video clip below) and everything that exists is a product of, or dynamic of heat. After that, we can amuse ourselves with physics, chemistry, metaphysics and religion, etc., etc., which can end up being anything, but Thermodynamics remains the same for any form of intelligence, culture or way of thinking, anywhere and it always exists as/in a complete cycle. This dynamics of systems that transfer from the Second Law of Thermodynamics to physics/chemistry make war possible and then necessary.

If we were to implement our technological systems to be in line with the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics we find that making war is not necessary and then impossible!
We have already seen this with a discussion on termites; We will see this on a later page regarding any superior intelligence that we may encounter, or be analyzed by in the future because it would be the only way to begin to understand each other.

For that, we just need a comparative study of different kinds of common thermometers (a machine with a scale that works by itself in Nature) because certain types that are still on the market are like a Rosetta Stone revealing much of who and what we are, which is enough for a first contact.
The gold discs they sent on the Voyagers (which require physics to operate) are pretty useless and only serve our vanity and what misguided individuals consider "intelligence" and "reaching out".

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Now remember when I said, "You can't build anything destructive or evil things with the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics"? Well that is only true with things that produce useful work to move things and that don't use chemical, electromagnetic or nuclear energy where compounds, chemicals, elements or molecules are changed and then dumped, and this is only if we use already-existing heat in Thermal Equilibrium combined with certain properties of matter like vortices or osmosis, etc.; all from the same open system since these properties of matter can also exist in the two states of matter I cited, i.e. in both liquid and air states, in an equivalent manner in/with/for matter.

The problem is that all work, according to Nature, is useful whether the thermal equilibrium going on is another Chernobyl, or a mosquito releasing pheromones to find a mate, or a supernova, et cetera, and Nature has provided living beings across the universe with the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics as an early warning system for interested parties who want to get out of the way when/where life may get in danger collaterally (explained further on).

Leibniz' Calculus would do well with the Zeroth law of Thermodynamics, like wine and cheese, because that calculus is also used to avoid things that are difficult to avoid and not just for acquiring targets like Newton's calculus does.
We find that in life too, the mind, intuitively, spends more processing power in avoiding collisions, situations and things everywhere than acquiring things.
There also a fact that forgetting things is just as important and valuable as remembering things. This is just another form of "Natural Selection".

The problem is us and our supposed "intelligence" (and how that is defined and implemented in a closed-system petri dish called, "society" or "civilization"), because Nature has all the time in the Universe to do Its thing and resolve situations where sufficiency and equivalency will be the final result, and we live in an extremely narrow-frequency band if time was considered as a band of frequencies from long to short; or as quantum-like entities of various frequencies of energy that cannot surpass what we/they are because a quanta is a quanta and no more than that, where if there are any changes "it" becomes a different quanta. Everything we see is from the past.

In effect, there are never any changes, but different things are created all the time. These new created things (particles/quanta) eventually overwhelm any established system where it is that this changes.

Thermal equilibrium in that universe "appears" as a "miracle", yet we know this is no miracle and the same thing when discussing quantum "miracles" and the things individual quanta do are not miracles, or "counterintuitive". We just don't know it's equivalent mechanism to Thermal Equilibrium yet. The light particle that "bounced" off a leaf into your eye did not bounce off, but was exchanged from one quanta into another.

The "old" one still exists, but is part of a new system in matter (the new one is in space, and this particle exchange between matter and space is going on all the time), which can be traced and measured with Work created and before going, it exchanged information with the newly-created particle because that particle was sent along an exact opposite trajectory to reach your eye. If this exchange of information did not exist, we would not be able to see anything except white light everywhere.
This is unacceptable to any and all religious teachings because it implies that god MUST act the same dynamically to "exist", and there can only be one god.

So, like the invention of new gods in the past (because philosophers ran into the same problems as physicists today), the physicist theorize and invent new particles everyday to an ever-expanding pantheon of particles, which can't possibly exist, to satisfy unnecessary forms of existence, already covered in Thermodynamics.

Today's new particles are also getting smaller and smaller, like Time and it's new increments also had to go through originally.
That is why these people can invent Thermonuclear weapons and Internal combustion engines (and call them heat engines!), et. al. and think they are doing good because small increments of time and their importance made them "good" at the time. Unfortunately, these are now physical things that do not belong and are hard to get rid of once they do make their physical appearance.

Any new idea, or new concept must travel in/from its original state like heat does across the universe and find its own equilibrium first before it is created physically by the hands and machines of man. This is a huge responsibility and requires perspicacity and sanguinity which are qualities lacking in our "learned' and presiding individuals of today.

Mass media, today, with their 10 second snippets of "news", along with a sprinkling of diegesis, can make anything sound like perfect sense and even motivate an entire population to go to war, by repeating this process over an over and saturate the mind with a string of artfully put-together flash images, sensation and emotions that only the Amygdala can respond to; the higher brain is never given a chance to properly process this "information".
This behaviour and processing of data is unacceptable in computer science for machines, but is actively pursued in media, social media and social networks for people.

We therefore have a situation where the higher brain functions never get used and so they atrophy, which explains a lot with many people one must deal with. All we must consider when dealing with them is think; one is only "conversing" to only one part of their brain function. The Amygdala.
Unlike gods, we build, develop and create machines that are better than us, while we, because of religions, make ourselves worse than we were.

There are fundamentally two versions of Time: One, as a Reaction coordinate and the other that follows repeating cycles. They are completely different and the two should never be confused or overlap. Only Thermodynamics can deal with both and in their proper way, while expressing their true realities.

Time? What's That?
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On the more abstract, and beyond the amygdala and it's relationship with the central nervous system: Time itself can be an invention that is just as real as a table, or an illusion or non-existent. It all depends on how fast-paced life becomes (the mechanical component/system), where at one point Time (the way we know it now, in seconds and their importance) was invented and then is later even quantized when life exists at an even faster pace.

The only reason for quantized time to exist is to satisfy and tabulate as many unnecessary or imaginary wants and forms of existence in various forms as possible to fill in these new increments and their spaces between, which scientists and developers create and spread everyday like coccidiosis which businessmen/woman later exploit.
To fill these new spaces, Virtual reality, will become the norm.
"As we spend more and more time in virtual space, there would be a gradual "migration to virtual space", resulting in important changes in economics, worldview, and culture."

Another Example of Equilibrium

Like the Zeroth Law: Scientists may be very good at getting rid of diseases, but we discover later that those same diseases have only been transferred, via a changed form to another science, entity, or system and have the exact same properties that never existed before there, until the disease was eliminated from the original system!

Good or bad: There is a reason why things happen with things that already exist that just can't be rid of with a drug. The key ternary element, or system here is Work. Science does not have the power create or destroy. They can only transfer one system into another, exactly in the way heat does.
There are all kinds of people walking around that should be dead or crippled and don't appreciate the second chance they were given, so they become the disease itself, reemerged into a new form, that was supposed to of eliminated them.
They now infect others with their actions and attitudes, which now require the services of the police/military/lawyers instead of doctors, and so on and so forth. (see movie: 'Stressed to kill' - 2016)

Our consumer-grade Second Law of Thermodynamic materialism and consumerism makes us forget our spiritual side and natural cycles which are irrevocably connected to a much larger universe that any scientist/priest will tell you is possible because they cannot use or profit from it for themselves. We are all part of Nature and not each other.

Let's hear some science/observation from Nature and/or religion/spirituality, where there is no use or profit to be gained and then we will start hearing something that makes sense where everyone and everything benefits. The profits will come to fruit as a new form of value that cannot exist in, prayer, paper, power or gold.

Since we are simple creatures, the illusions of time gets transferred, like in Thermodynamics to the individual, whose life increasingly becomes an illusion itself equivalent to the quality of time the individual him/herself created for it.

In the Classical universe: The shorter the time increment, the more wants and artificial needs are invented and these artifices eventually take over real human needs necessary for survival.

Let's not forget, now more opportunities to feel disappointed, when you never should of in the first place, where if time and the manner information existed, were presented in the manner we evolved with it, this would not happen. We see this with cell-phone abuse where arguments and car accidents would never happen if the phone was at home or the office, where people had time to think before calling someone and not just express primitive emotions or amygdalaic speak/destruction/reaction.

Regarding Time: The chance for success in any endeavour are the same, even if the increments have been made smaller, but those same small increments to initiate requests and reach more people have no appreciable effect on the laws of probability.
Probability is a package deal that can't be split-up into smaller packages and say: you have more chances! That's like cutting-up an apple into a million pieces and say you have more apple then if you just quartered an apple.
Cutting-up chances into a million pieces has the ternary effect of either improving or making worse the quality of good fortune, which is itself problematic. This can be measured by taking blood-pressure readings of stock traders while trading. All that science, and still they can't predict anything.

For those that spend their lives, or an inordinate amount of time there, things like Facebook, Twitter, et al. are diseases resurrected from a biological past and have reemerged into technology via a ternary element that infects the central nervous system in a better form that is more resistant to medical "care", art and science, and create the same symptoms and eventual demise with a new unique cycle that is more imperceptible.

Within any closed systems, diseases just improve and evolve because all closed systems lack a ternary element. If we don't include one, it will find one itself to find it's own equilibrium.
Disease/health is more about balance with Nature with open, closed and isolated systems. There are people all over now that suffer from symptoms, diseases and problems that never existed a generation ago.

As for the quantum: The quantum actually made its introduction with René Descartes' invention of the Timed-clockwork mechanical universe where commerce and trade were getting to be like we know them now. The actual physics was a shoo-in a few centuries later. Once milliseconds and so on are recognized in differential equations, which are necessary to kill or steal with efficiency and accuracy, we start seeing time itself destroy the universe at the frequency equivalent to ultraviolet light! That should of been the first clue that our way of thinking is entirely wrong. (See history and research involving Black body radiation.)

If A = B and B = C then A = C, which is the definition for the Zeroth law of thermodynamic and it points, that if we developed our technologies toward peace and creativity instead of war and destruction we would never of run into such a paradox since we already knew there were even shorter waves of light beyond ultraviolet and the universe was still around going about its business.
This, of course, is the failure for all modern philosophy which is replete with missing meta-truths.

The most important thing to consider in this, is that all philosophies regarding time as an element or an illusion are each capable of great discoveries and inventions! René Descartes' universe is just one version and it may not be the right choice to implement everywhere. It's good for quasi-metaphysical systems, but not all things.

We must recognize Time, itself, as existing as a system with a ternary element, of many forms, for different forms of existence and ways of life and things within them, because Thermal Equilibrium says so, —Not René Descartes because we are part of a whole and ultimately, like a cell system in the body that is accountable to the body system and vice versa, we are answerable to the whole of any open system and vice versa.
We must decide whether we are a cancer or human beings worthy of all these claims and blessings we give ourselves, and the direction they take, while accounting for reciprocation from any open and isolated systems.

It's all the same and this type of equilibrium includes heat that is not thermally available meaning: There are explosions occurring everywhere, all the time, that we just can't see or hear because there is no thermally available energy involved, but vast explosions (usually this is pheromonal/chemical information like with insects or plants, or with neutrinos, etc. etc.) are everywhere. Chemical explosions created by Nature and all wildlife, insect and bacteria cycle back to the forms and chemistry they originally were otherwise there would be chaos and the world would change faster in climate and environment than what evolution could tolerate.
We see this with any planet or star we encounter. They are all self-renewing systems.

Further, chemical signals sent by mosquitoes (as one example) or subsonic messages sent by elephants defy any explanation in modern physics or any form of mathematics (in speed/distance/accuracy) with no degradation, but lies entirely in the little-know physics of Thermal Equilibrium.

Pauli, who knew all about Thermodynamics (and lived his life accordingly to its innate philosophy), could correctly theorize the neutrino existed because it carries away heat and without it the Sun would of exploded a long time ago (once Fusion was discovered by Arthur Eddington). He was viewed as an eccentric only by physicists who knew nothing about Thermodynamics (who are in the majority, and so have the loudest voice) and would say: "He's just guessing" because they don't/can't understand heat/particles that are thermally unavailable, but are necessary to thermal equilibrium itself.

Now, thanks to Pauli, anyone can equally theorize back that "gravitons", Higgs bosons/fields (the Higgs particle they "discovered" produces too many photons), dark matter/energy, "cronotons" fabrics in space-time (or "fabricons"), etc., etc., do not and cannot exist because they don't/can't carry or transfer any heat by Thermodynamic rules, or don't carry any at all. Quasiparticles exist, because they do carry and transfer heat. That's how they proved they exist and they can even be turned into Bose-Einstein condensates!

One can see that there is a lot of bad science, spirituality and philosophy discussed by Hawking and Susskind and their followers and communicators because Thermodynamics (as either energy or particles) does not exist anywhere in their discussions, comments and lectures, so beware what one sees on BBC, PBS or You Tube, etc. These philosophers are making different rules for different universes involving the physical, metaphysical and spiritual where Thermodynamics insists that they all obey the same rules involving equilibrium.

These guys are salesmen who sell what corporate power, trust funds, religious organizations, and governments (all closed systems) want to plan in agenda for future generations so they can stay power. They basically say: All good goes to evil, but Thermodynamics has a completely different story to share where the universe, anyway one wants to look at it, does not work the way they say it does.

We see that they are just adapting by changing the meaning and substance of existence itself, just like George W. Bush and his cronies used Congress to abrogate Habeas Corpus, overthrow The Constitution of the United States of America and deprecate The Geneva Convention.
These groups are very serious in creating a fascist/corporate state where they use never-ending war as a means to have unlimited power, just as George Orwell had predicted in his novel '1984'. See: Taxy to the Dark Side (2007) for an update in real time and in reality. If Donald Trump gets elected in November 2016, he will immediately start planning a war so he can have unlimited power, indefinitely. This is possible because of George W. Bush.

For a particle to be particle, it must carry away and transfer heat of/in some form and there are no exceptions, which also includes systems. Even for god(s) to exist, they must perform those functions otherwise it/they do not exist and further they are not allowed to create or destroy anything that exists, but only create and destroy systems. Those that believe in those systems as real things will perish within the reality that those closed systems offer, which is just a question of time.

Scientists, politicians and organized religions can only discuss and manipulate systems and have no effect upon reality according to Nature. A person's only reality exists in what system (open, closed or isolated) the individual aligns him/herself with.

Next time one hears some intellectual mandarin discussing some exotic particle (or a worship system of reward/punishment), ask him/her: "Where's the heat in that particle (for/or whatever exotic function) that is not already supplied by other already-known particles/things that exist in Nature and It's systems"?

The Universe has a remarkable track record of creativity that spans long before the appearance of humans, the modern physicist, Jesus, Buddha, Mohamed, etc., etc., and Its song is carried (and can be read) in the physics (as movements) of Thermal Equilibrium.
In there, we find harmony in/with all things and the universe is it's own measure. What any individual sees or does with the universe is his/her own creation, which is why it appears innately different to everyone and that's why we have scientists, philosophers, artists, mechanics, technicians, and so on.

Give humankind everywhere all the energy he/she needs by way of Thermal Equilibrium from open systems; war, plunder and exploitation no longer exists.

Thermal Equilibrium of Liquid Nitrogen where it instantly becomes one-with-the-air. It simply evaporates and does not explode, even with the enormous pressure it contains, or took to produce it.
If there were any water (or other substance) in this tank with the liquified Nitrogen, the tank would explode as Michael Faraday discovered with chlorine hydrate and got 13 pieces of glass in his eye. This will be explained later.
This would be one of the main reasons why nuclear reactors can explode because of the different materials with different properties and their specific and latent heats which have different systems in achieving Thermal Equilibrium.
The key to real science and progress is to keep things simple because Thermodynamics says so.

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Time: 00:57

In another situation where, for example, we have a burst insulated (Dewar) tank of liquid nitrogen. All that is going to happen is a lot of liquid pouring out of the former tank and a lot of evaporation, — not an explosion! (see video clip)
Despite all that pressure that was used to liquify that gas. The difference is that the liquid nitrogen went through a phase change with pressure (PSA) or by cooling (cryogenic distillation).

Where with a Chernobyl we have matter that is forced to deal with excessive energy and different forms of matter (water, graphite, uranium, aluminum, etc. which all have different rates for thermal equilibrium). The reactor, due to having a lot of unnecessary junk in it with different thermal abilities cannot establish thermal equilibrium by itself (a phase change), so it seeks an open system (the reactor is now running on its own like a thermometer would) since a closed system no longer suffices to release this energy with the sole purpose to become one with it, and all the different forms of matter can be "happy".

I find it completely amazing in the lack of interest by physicists in matter's thermal properties regarding different elements put together and are only interested in neutron absorption or its ability to split an atom. Nuclear physics, basically is just tinkering with neutrons and protons. There's nothing there to be impressed with.

Nature uses Fire, Electricity and Nuclear energy to promote all life. Humans uses Fire, Electricity, and Nuclear energy to create death. What life these things would support is only for the tribe he/she belongs to, and is unsustainable.
Plundering other tribes for resources becomes inevitable

There is no difference to a Mongol Horde invasion of plunderers, pillaging and death than today's, plundering and pillaging for oil in different countries. Except for Norway: Name me one oil-rich nation that does not have problems, bad human rights records, wars, disease and poverty, etc., etc?

"Progress", the way it implemented is inconsistent to its meaning since it always favours a small group of the world's population, or a forum, and not all humankind on an international level. It's meaning becomes a question (whose progress?) and not an answer. (I'm not discussing the problems of trade unions)

Definition of physicist: Someone who designs bombs (unintentionally) and finds ways to burn things that could not be burned (or considered to be burnable) before, and thinks of that as an invention/discovery and as progress/improvement.

For instance:
The way physicists put atomic reactors together, or "invent" them, is purely a heuristic process (i.e. thermodynamically thrown together) with one element for this and another element for that and later another this shape to do something else, etc., like building something with different forms of Lego involving different substances, never considering that all these different things also have different rates for thermal equilibrium which with the slightest mistake or error will create a bomb when assembled together (which they call, "an incident" when that happens because they are not accidents).

Like the Apollo 1 "incident", where we find that chemists and physicists don't talk much together except at cocktail parties.

Many reports and warnings were handed in and also published of the dangers of pure oxygen at pressures higher than 5 psi to both NASA and each private contractor and none of those findings were read by any of the scientists and engineers. This was in a span of over three years. (see: The Other Side of the Moon - 1979)
It is the same with patented nuclear energy systems/reactors.
It should be thermal systems of different forms of matter and their design and their ability to work together that should decide whether the system or device is good or not, —Not patent offices, who neither have the means or the knowledge in science and philosophy (never mind Thermodynamics) to be able to project what cat or snake they would be letting out of the bag.

This explains why these systems and all their discordant elements are supervised by hundreds of engineers each and every second of their operation. Nuclear reactors, in principle, are not dangerous and/or harmful. It is the way they are constructed that makes them dangerous. Further, all this waste or "spent" nuclear fuel contains more that 90% of of available energy by transmutation and can be reused and power everything for the hundred years. This is dumped instead because nuclear energy is controlled by multinationals and have a peculiar economic.
As already shown; Nature builds reactors too, with automatic shielding and with water as a neutron moderator that cool and/or terminate the fission process if water is not freshly supplied and without employees, or incompetent technicians and no nasty radiation to poison anything.

These things are so simple, that the chaos of Earth's formation, human "counter-intuitiveness" and improbabilities can create them because they are beneficial. The Law of Sufficiency proves that bad goes to good provided that it has potential.
(The Law of Sufficiency basically says, "Everything works out for the better. The only thing that is bad is the road to get there".) Let's not get run over.

Destructive elements and systems like Plutonium destroy themselves and this is why plutonium is completely human-made and unsurprisingly is only good for destruction or is extremely dangerous.
Philosophically: It's important that we disassociate or prohibit such substances as part of our existence because we associate ourselves directly with something Nature does not like in this galaxy, which may be reasons we don't yet understand or are aware of until it's too late.

Maybe in another galaxy Plutonium (and other human-made elements) is great stuff, but not in the Milky way. Plutonium is human-kind's "kryptonite". (Actually it is all life's "kryptonite", but since it is us that creates it, it belongs to us.)
They managed to prohibit alcohol and cigarettes during the temperance movement, so why not plutonium and internal combustion engines, et cetera?

To recapitulate: With condensation we can separate different substances just like with evaporation, which is how we get pure liquid nitrogen, but leave them together and suddenly introduce them to an open system and we have an explosion. There is no liquid air in existence, i.e. Nitrogen, oxygen argon, etc, and all these different elements must be separated into their pure components.

If someone was foolish enough to bottle this as a liquid and open a valve, or make a hole, we would have a deadly explosion. During World War II, Nazi Germany's nuclear scientists reportedly experimented with a bomb made from liquid air and coal dust. LA

This is why I'm always irritated with many scientists, doctors, experts, popularizes, intellectuals and priests who only talk energy and matter, in terms that only relate to the Second Law of Thermodynamics and its closed systems, even in medical or metaphysical things, and they never discuss or describe states of matter anywhere including the important conditions needed to create these changes.

So much of what they say can be meaningless, or appears like a magic show or is treated as miraculous by the spectator, which is probably the true motivation of most people who discuss science or religion in social media. These are vain and inferior beings and should not be payed attention to, but treated as boors, —which they would be if more people knew all about basic Thermodynamics.

Even every single spiritual realm I have ever heard about in my life is always miraculously ready for human occupation and consumption as if the entire universe was made for man. We made this philosophical mistake with religion, let's not repeat this in science and start embracing new things on all levels of thought, perception and experience.

We find, through Thermodynamics, that Order exists on par with Time and if there were some handiwork or "Intelligent design", this would be interference. Chaos becomes absolutely necessary and without it there would be no need for the existence of systems, and all NATURAL systems promote creation and ultimately life. In effect, Time acts just like heat if introduced into a closed system.
In an open system, disorder can go to order if Work in involved, just as order goes to disorder, but without heat and matter, there is no time for either.

Life being the most important thing, we find that those that bow and scrape are not actually interested in life. They ignore Nature and worship cults because they are so simplistic and savage. Their A to B (or alpha to omega) is actually A = C because the system and the worshiper are equivalent.

Courtesy of WP Clip Art
If there are miracles or anything awesome, then why are scientists demonstrating anything in places like You Tube, et cetera? Awesomeness and miracles are for priests and magicians. Unless prevented, ordinary people are far more intelligent because they can comprehend things beyond closed systems, or at best, can easily make some connection somewhere with other realities or practicalities, so why are there beings being paraded as actually being more intelligent, but relate things in this substandard way exclusively?

In a way everyone and everything is ultimately a Chernobyl or a burst tank of liquid nitrogen, where if anything goes wrong or if you want to change anything, the state of your own being is just as important as the end product. For instance: A Donald Trump or a Hitler are a Chernobyl because they force everything to change faster than its capacity for gradual change because these people are themselves too complicated and have too many obligations where everyone pays the price in their projects.
Mahatma Gandhi, Menelik II or Nelson Mandela in their way created change, because without having any obligations to anybody, gave everything time to find its own equilibrium before moving forward, where we get to see multiple changes in state that are a treasure for historians and a credit to humanity.

There is much human philosophy to consider here with plain-simple thermodynamics as an example that could be understood across the Universe which could be easily incorporated into our education, culture, teachings and spirituality, which will come in handy when and if we meet another intelligence in the future of space explorations and not with those invented horse manure-like ideas, beliefs and closed systems that we presently have.

Comedy and Thermodynamics meet!
Hostages Freed After Tense 7-Minute Standup Set

In this clip: Seven minutes was needed for equilibrium to be reestablished.
Here, we see the inclusiveness of the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics because it exists everywhere and in anything.
The entire present universe was built on this fundamental principle. Why should life and existence be any different?
Represented here in a greatly slowed-down version: We just need to imagine the performer on stage as heat in the form of Boltzmann-like Chaotic-molecular kinetic energy heating up the audience (matter), who are already in Thermal Equilibrium, who are responding exactly to their newly-imposed disequilibrium in the way all matter would. Each person interviewed outside can be imagined as a molecule of matter describing his/her situation (if molecules could talk).
On the other hand, we can have a better performer (form of heat) and the audience (matter) will react in the opposite way.

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Time: 02:01

In life, if you get mad because something goes wrong like, "the server is down" or someone is late, cuts you off on the road or gets in "your" way, it is because the person cannot be aware of an equilibrium forming somewhere, i.e. the server and its system will eventually recover and one just has to wait, which is an opportunity to do other things in the mean-time that are just as important, and in that; One is spreading this equilibrium even further and gives the server a better opportunity to recover by not bothering it with requests, or in the other situations I described, creating an additional incident anywhere as a reaction would need its own new conditions for equilibrium to resolve. Let things burn themselves out and in the mean time enjoy the show or avoid an incident if it looks too dangerous.
Any stressful situation is an opportunity and it's ones choice of what that may be.

According to the Universe: if a job gets done in ten minutes from now or an hour from now, It sees no difference. Of course, this would mean that your brain would need to incorporate the larger dimensions around you and merge with them.

Free Enterprise: "Round and Round" 1939 General Motors, Stop Motion Animation
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Time: 05:54

Of course, if one works on Wall street this is impossible, but these individuals also have no right to steer the course of millions of people who don't play the stock and futures market and exist at such high speed. They have the power to do so because fiat money the only legal currency and form of value allowed.
Thermodynamics demands (because every venture involves heat and energy) that we develop new forms of legal trade and value and more free enterprises to compete against private enterprises where cycles don't exist (wealth and value only move in one direction and there is only resonance), unlike free enterprise where wealth and value go round and round and there is no resonance.

It's the choice of a future generation that has not been corrupted by grotesque educational systems and sick social peer groups/gangs//media/networks/neo-tribes, to instead follow Nature's Laws and Systems instead of human authority's laws and systems, while finding ways where they can work together.

Forget sin and guilt. Only closed-system societies can create the conditions necessary for them to exist in first place. Catch the flow of creation itself: "With two things there must be three". Thermodynamics forces one to (for example) look at and consider the effects of a petri dish too and not just at a bacterium growth inside it.

This is where real philosophy comes in, not the fake kind we find now that youth are drawn to with its promise to create "friends", to bring instant riches or superior philosophies because their teachers never gave them a sense of their own value (for the greater good of society and where the Abrahamic God supposedly demands more than the regular human sacrifice, which is surprisingly/unsurprisingly like Satan's demands since they both want your "soul" and don't value your life).
All religions are fundamentally their own contradictions by "virtue" of never making distinctions between real things and systems, where by employing metaphysics, this would be impossible to do anyway.

This creates wonderful metaphysical business opportunities where we have "souls", "chakras" and "karmas", etc., etc., to trade, to buy and sell with any kind of entity one may think is important. Even physical entities like multinationals or political party groups, etc., and everyone thinks they are doing good.

This is a paradise for Existential philosophers, doctors, psychiatrists, priests and their like, who all should not exist in the first place. For such things to exist means society is sick because society creates unnecessary wants and stress. The proof is where people today discuss and get treated for "illnesses", when they are actually symptoms. For example: ADD/ADHD and allergies, etc., are not diseases but symptoms of some underlying cause. These things never existed in the past, but now they are epidemic and society itself is in denial.

It has reached the point that if any form of sordid or, at the opposite end, pious activity does not involve some form of sadomasochistic pain or humiliation, it is not a sin, proof of piety or a religion.
The things that equate a sin or an act of piety/humility are the same or act only on the amygdala, but are only conjugated by society, the media or social media. Change the syntax of any activity in this group and one finds a sinner or a saint. It's all how its put together by some sponsor.

This is so because these very things take away our ability to feel or appreciate a simple human feeling and therefore require elaborate systems to create stronger sensations. The equilibrium of established facts involving dynamics are where things go in existence, not the equilibrium of states, of say, "Good and Evil", etc., etc.

We already know that there is no such thing as hot and cold; they are only different degrees of heat and nowhere there exists the absence of heat. So there is no such thing as "Good and Evil"; they are only different degrees of Good and nowhere is the absence of Good.

It is the architecture of the universe and all things function dynamically in that way. Even systems and metaphysical things. Anyone declaring something, "good" or "bad" and attaches laws around it is talking about a classical closed system and always-increasing entropy is working hard to destroy that thing and making it equivalent to an open system.

This is why all organized religions and organized sciences splinter and disintegrate because people forget or are made to forget that there is only one truth and just adopt the local truth. No one has ever tried to combine all the other different truths and beliefs and create something new and unified because only Nature can do that.

By looking at Thermal Equilibrium through the Second Law of Thermodynamics there suddenly exists three types of equilibrium with the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics and only one type with The First and Second Laws of Thermodynamics just like there are other distinct forms of conditional Entropy in the Third law of Thermodynamic that have little to do with the consumer-grade Second Law's single form of conditional Entropy (more is less), which is excessively "taught" in "education" and social media who are guilty of manipulation where we find that context becomes more important than content. This is fine if the context is the content and the Zeroth Law makes sure that always happens everywhere in Nature.

Yes! Nature is "blind", but so are we. Nature's "blindness" comes from making two things the same/equivalent and creating something new that is equivalent to those two things.
Man is "blind" because he can, or is programmed to see only one thing/system, or just the other thing or system.

Maxwell's Demon
Schematic figure of Maxwell's demon
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In effect, this is like the Second Law of Thermodynamics functioning in reverse which is IMPOSSIBLE.
Now, we can get into the mind of today's crackpots writing books and teaching "science" and proselytizing "religion" to kids.
This problem was first demonstrated by the mathematician Maxwell, in terms only a mathematician could understand, where in his mind he blamed the way the Second's Law conditional entropy was fixed and established by Kelvin and Clausius did not agree with their own philosophy in what they were describing! Forget nature!
In science, mathematics and physics/chemistry must agree. See: Maxwell's Demon

We can understand this in another way if we study what was good for a paleolithic human individual and what is supposedly good for a modern human individual in anything that does not involve technology or metaphysics.

Newton's Calculus is beautiful on paper, but is devastating when put into computers. We only get to see the maths and the rocket going to Mars. One step was skipped in the public relations aspect and that step is a universe on its own. In Thermodynamics, one skips nothing and this PR would be impossible to commit.

But, if we put technology and metaphysics together, we create something that is altogether new which most call, "News", but a person like me calls, "tragedy" and/or "waste". For instance: People in the west use Newton's calculus to acquire moving targets (which can be business/trade/military targets) and many of these targets require supercomputers.
People in the Middle east or Africa have no access to such education and technology that is equivalent to shells, ballistic missiles or drones that is driven by this very Calculus.
So, they create something equivalent to calculus and supercomputers which are suicide bombers and suicide hijackers who do their calculus intuitively like anyone would when going anywhere, and are carefully programmed to believe that they will be rewarded with a harem of X amount of virgins when they have completed their missions.
Those that carry out those type of missions may have an I.Q. of 0, but their leaders only require the brains Nature gave them (and any other animal) to be able to go intuitively from A to B.

In the middle east, they "See" our calculus and its machines as tools for terrorism to destroy their societies and way of life and our big tall buildings, institutions and structures they "see" as minarets and temples to our beliefs and way of life, and so these are targets for them.

Missile Guidance Systems: "A Missile Named Mac" circa 1962 Bell Laboratories
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Time: 07:51

When someone from the Middle east or Africa call us "Satan", they are referring to our use of Newton's calculus and the way we use it, because to them calculus is something metaphysical and it's use is to kill and destroy and that can only come from "Satan".

To them, Calculus is that special tool that allows the metaphysical "devil" direct access into the physical universe through machines to automatically kill, destroy or corrupt "god's faithful" (or whatever they want to call themselves) without needing to involve anyone, or be able to point any blame to anyone specific, except maybe the President of The United States, who himself is being manipulated by others who were never elected!

This technology was perfected during the Cold war and was meant to deter any aggression from the former USSR. This same technology (as drones) is now used instead in the Middle east and Africa so that multinationals can take their Natural resources away from them and create cute products for you, like cellphones and tablets, etc,. so we can do important things like "chew the fat", or show pictures of ourselves on Facebook/Twitter/etc., anywhere.

Their ideas, would be equivalent to our "Terminator" or "Matrix" screenplays and movies where a newly created entity created from machines and maths hypothetically destroys us.

A guy like Osama bin Laden to them is like a "John Connor" for us. The difference is, one is reality and the other is fiction based on nonsense because of limited and narrow understanding of A.I. that is further indoctrinated in that primitive way.

God forbid we create thinking machines that are smarter than our scientists and preachers and ask intelligent questions based on the universal laws of Thermodynamics. They'd be out of a job tomorrow. What I'd like to see is this computer digest the contents in religious literature and in science/economics and politics and ask it's overall opinion?

Could The Use Of Flying Death Robots Be Hurting America's Reputation Worldwide?
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Time: 02:06

So anyone who cultivates this science and maths and putting it into machines is a servant of the devil to these people, which makes perfect sense and this comes from cultures that invented the concept of Genies which is equivalent to our "Can of worms", as these two things are nearly impossible to put back in the bottle, or the can once opened and released.

These people (their leaders) are not ignorant. They only "see" things differently for very good reasons, and are just as valid as our way of seeing things. Further: Half of all esoteric mathematical symbols and scientific terms are of Arabic origin, so these people and their cultures (even in their present forms) should be respected, as their own use of these symbols and maths in their history has already revealed.
It is not for nothing that Eastern and Middle Eastern history is heavily ignored in Western "education".

It is interesting to note that Calculus was invented simultaneously by two separate people in two different parts of the world. One was for evil and destruction (Newton's cannonball), and the other involves discovering all forms of creation (scientifically) and doing something worthwhile!
Without the good version, the quantum would not of been discovered when it was, and it's no surprise this also occurred in Germany where the good calculus was invented.
Newton's system in the way/what it's used for would never be able to do this.

To this day, only scientists in English speaking countries use the word, "counterintuitive" when discussing the quantum, where, regarding that subject, such words do not even exist in German, Russian or French, etc., or even with the Scots and Irish who are indoctrinated in Calculus in a completely different way and form.

So, the word and concept, "counterintuitive" is actually a symptom of the disease Newtonian mechanics induces in the mind, when we start thinking about very small things.
It is no wonder the British opted to leave the EU, as their adopted form of thinking goes far into places one would never think as "counterintuitive". Such intrigue can practically be predicted in advance and we should expect more "counterintuitive" behaviour from the British and the Americans in the future and this, believe it or not, is so because of Newton's calculus, and its inherent philosophy and all it touches in those groups.

Barring a few exceptions: It is no wonder that English speaking countries import their important scientists and mathematicians that/who actually create new things and new industries, or they were the children of educated immigrants from "Middle-Eastern" Europe.

Besides judging whether things are far or close enough, Intuitive calculus is mostly used for avoiding things/targets, —NOT acquiring them! This is so because all creatures are moving objects and don't like collisions with other creatures or things.

The "foreign" calculus is more a comparative exercise that looks into things like a powerful microscope where we can even study the difference between youth and old age in the different ways intuitive calculus is used by these two groups and can be charted as to what improves with age and what deteriorates with age, which then has a direct relationship to philosophy. Powerful stuff!
For instance: A youth who likes going to raves or wants to throw rocks all the time is exercising and mastering a specific calculus to achieve his/her hormonal/programmed-activated gains.
An older person with some wisdom and responsibilities, who has no need for raves or killing has other moving targets, or ones to avoid, to acquire and master to enhance that particular individual's life.
This is the kind of stuff that gets one government-research grants!

The Beverly Hillbillies
The Clampetts And The Dodgers- Season 1, Episode 29
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Time: 25:01

This also works in reverse where we can chart a learning curve based on physical needs/desires and with equivalent, but abstract needs and desires. One will learn to shoot a gun/rifle or throw a rock faster, better and with more accuracy to kill prey for dinner as opposed to a baseball pitcher improving his target practice because of the targets he is given to shoot at are not delicious, but only promise monetary gain to buy things one does not really need, or accumulate wealth one could never spend. (See video at right.)

Things that are not important, only representative or are abstract, take the place of being important and real, and important things/skills necessary for survival are handled by people and entities we don't know or have any direct connection to. From there, we can start building "trees" (the abstract kind) and project very accurately, the future.
This is especially true in war where a desperate group that has nothing to lose will always win over an army that only fights for abstract ideals or multinationals. This we see with recent examples with Afghanistan and Vietnam, and historically with Rome's war with the Barbarian tribes.

All these wars could of been avoided by just throwing money, investments and trade opportunities at these places and times, which would of cost far less than making war and enemies, not to forget innocent lives on both sides. The people will follow were the money is to be made before ideology, and whatever strong-man is in power with his stercus tauri will quickly get deposed.

Further: Our modern military leaders and strategists have learned nothing from history where it should of been obvious in advance that you can't send an army trained to fight in the field, the swamp, to fight in a forest, jungle or mountainous region full of caves. These cute battle diarama we see all the time, perhaps, represents 20% of actual warfare.
One may "conquer" or "defeat" that society's system and infrastructure, but that's not warfare, but terrorism. By strictly legal terms, The United States and the UK along with their "allies" are all guilty of terrorism and depending whose in power, are terrorist states. For example: Dick Cheiney and George W. Bush (among others) cannot ever set foot off American soil as they have international warrants for their arrests for war crimes.

Another thing that military leaders never remember (even today) is the best way to win a population is to respect local customs, laws, values and traditions and not impose your own. It is never the military's, or a military operation's responsibility to be involved in any of these things in the first place.

Beyond that, it is ridiculous to demand tribute/reparations from subsistence farmers. It is better to teach them to grow more and better crops, but adapted to their region and with sustainable technology and energy sources.

Soldiers are supposed to only deal with other soldiers and not civilians, —especially officers, otherwise there is something else going on. This is where we find foreign covert-intelligence "services" doing terrible damage. Their job is to just gather intelligence, not torture civilians.

If they can't do that then they they are no good, especially with the technology they have available at their disposal. For them to resort to torture and detain people for no reason (abrogation of Habeas corpus) means there is something else going on and no one is actually doing their jobs, and what one sees on the news/media is cow manure.
All healthy and able-bodied human life is of equal value regardless of location, race, ancestry and beliefs.
See excellent historical account: 'Germania: The Battle Against Rome - Documentary'

The Battle of the Teutoburg Forest was planned and executed by the (Cherusci, Bructeri, Marsi, Sicambri, Chauci and Chatti tribes) with "German-engineered" clockwork precision. These supposedly "primitive" and "uncivilized" people, who had legitimate and perfectly legal grievances against Rome, who's own exploitative ethnic hatred and duplicity demanded nothing less and changed the world forever.

This famous battle cannot be made cute and put on display, but instead (in smaller scenarios) is being reenacted right now in various parts of the world. This is the real thing and people (in the West) better start getting used to it, or start smelling the coffee and realized they are not the tea.

This is how Thermodynamics teaches one to look at problems. We begin to "see" everything Dynamically and find equitable solutions. In Thermodynamics; everything is a problem, or can become a problem, and nothing is good. It deals with the advantages and disadvantages of systems and their elements within specific periods of time in cycles or reaction coodinates, and like wine and cheese it fits perfectly with Natural philosophy whose only interest is in disproving things, —Not proving anything!

The three different types of Thermal Equilibrium and their particular dynamics.
In the list below: Heat, we discover, is the only thing that can turn "Nothing" into "Something" and that's why it exists. Heat, all by itself, is the only thing that can make this normal and universal.

  1. The type that exists inside systems of the A ↔ B ↔C ↵ Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics that has zero effect outside these three systems like the glass of melting ice (unless one puts these three systems inside another system like what Drebbel did with his air conditioner). This is like shaking a can of butane (lighter fluid) and the can gets colder, but will never freeze. This is an Isolated and Quasi-Closed System.
    This will be explained in depth, later.
  2. Cornelius Drebbel's Air conditioning in 1620 AD
    Fair Use
    The type that exists inside and outside the three systems of → A ↔ B ↔ C↵ where both inside and outside are involved like with Drebbel's Ice Jars (illustration) where a quasi state between the first and second examples exist for living things that allows Granny or ordinary people living around the Mediterranean to predict the weather more accurately than the weather man, which cannot be even put into a computer or machine to be able to calculate since only life can do this. This is a Closed and Quasi-Open system.
  3. The type that exists simultaneously with both examples one and two, ↔A ↔ B ↔ C↵, but with the added dimension of time and its properties added, meaning that when a Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster or a hypothetical big bang occurs, they are actually into being in Thermal Equilibrium with an open system as explained elegantly by the tour guide bringing American tourists to the Pripyat in the Horror Film, "Chernobyl Diaries". This is an open system and being so, this is where matter is introduced.

    If only energy is involved then there must be a D before the A and its ↔, with a ↵, ↑ and a → before that, recreating a closed system because only energy is involved. Ultimately, these closed systems added one after another with new letters are answerable to an open system where there can only be a ↔ before the last letter/element/system.

    The system of energy is only trying to become equivalent to the open system around it (like the air around Chernobyl) and it does this through instant vaporization of all matter to become equivalent to the air around Chernobyl or Three Mile Island, etc., or in the Universe's case; with the Big Bang, the explosion is trying to become equivalent to nothing (the ultimate Thermal Equilibrium which it can never reach) which would have been the open system of the Universe once upon a time.

In any case, there would be "no such thing as explosions if it were not for "badly managed" thermal equilibrium", which is something to secretly put on the blackboard before the physics/chemistry professor arrives in class just to see how he "reacts", as like the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics would demand.
For instance: An atomic bomb is just a very primitive, wasteful, inefficient, polluting and expensive nuclear reactor and should only be viewed as such, and not as some marvel of "science".

A lot of "physics" is eliminated that is actually thermodynamics that has the added benefit of showing one immediately on paper/inception the difference between a bomb and a heater/cooler, before you create it, so there are many things that should not even be taught by physicists exclusively, but primarily by thermodynamicists.
Except for the mechanisms inside Nuclear Technology and the speed of which they send neutrons; Nuclear Energy is Thermodynamics and not Physics as there are other things that can also split atoms (i.e. electrons/photons/etc.). Ultimately these fermions and bosons are just heat in different forms.

More on Context Versus Content
Science "communicators" and intellectuals are no different than film directors/producers
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Here we see with science, how "context or content" are not just a filmmaker's problem. This, of course, is done on purpose because physics can be sold or one can license its use, where thermodynamics is completely free and is available everywhere.

So, they turn everything into "physics", or some kind of mechanical philosophy and this exists because our economies are not much better than the primitive economies they had during the baronial system of ancient times. Only the system of exchange has been changed to accommodate a faster form of trade.
It's easier to move paper or digital money faster and quicker than gold and silver.

That, by the way, applies to everything by tailoring your questions or approaches along the lines of Thermal Equilibrium or Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics. We get a better answer or the truth much quicker or you can deal with others more effectively. If you do private laboratory research, your budget becomes more manageable and realistic and your chances of not creating an incident or explosion by accident depends entirely on how well you know the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamic.

The Glitter of Nuclear Energy and Technical Arrogance
Today, deadly ideas are treated as normal ideas and they are all based on or part of the consumer-grade Second Law of Thermodynamics. We are as far from life and existence as would be actually possible any other way, thanks to physicists and chemists.
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Time: 05:02

Everything and anything can be made to explode and if heat, radiation and harmful radioactive isotopes happens to be part of the matter's properties at the time, then that too will be released when it vaporizes since Thermal Equilibrium is not a chemical change of matter, nor any form of its transmutation.
The heat and the radiation and the radioactive isotopes with all surrounding matter and with the air where its own equilibrium with the Earth will take 20,000 year to complete because that form of heat takes that amount of time to be in thermal equilibrium with the Earth and radioactive radiation from man-made isotopes just happens to be a form of heat that has its own cycle like everything else.
This is what happens when we have physicists who are not thermodynamicists and are monkeying around with thermodynamics and calling it physics.

Little Green Men Doing Time travel
Shocking discovery discovered by visitors on Earth from the "Star Trek" universe. The disreputable Ferengi, who find us a horrific sentient species.
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Time: 01:45

So for physicists to patent reactors that are detrimental to life through any principle proven to be so with Thermodynamics "indicates" an extreme or supreme unawareness in priorities and "possibilities". They cannot or will not, themselves, understand simple 17th, 18th and 19th century thermodynamics as per Natural Philosophy and these people write books, publish papers and make videos and documentaries, or are on the lecture circuit, build things and tell everybody the meaning of life; that will kill everything one day if thermodynamics and engineering is not taught rigorously and incorporated into science because, as I paraphrase for this video clip (above), "It is irresistible to not hold the power of gods in your hands", and they call this "technical arrogance" instead of megalomania, and what is more amazing than the bomb itself, in how theoretical/particle physicists and cosmologists describe themselves and find acceptable.
For modern technical arrogance, see: Particle Physicists Ready To Go Beyond God Particle.

The Bible says: "Thou Shalt Not Want and Thou Shalt Not Kill, etc., as commandments.

This is negative morality (Nietzsche). It never commands us to develop and build, to Give and to Create, but only talks about it from the point of view of innate savagery and the former set is actively discouraged. Therefore, the Bible diminishes creativity and good and humankind is inferior.
A true god would never say such things in such a sophisticated rhetorical manner, especially to "unworthy" beings he supposedly created, but humans would for their own private gain. A = C in all matters and only Nature's laws are worth considering.

Any scientist who cannot pass an examination given to them by engineering societies with basic thermodynamics included while not conveniently forgetting the Zeroth Law, should be stripped of their doctorates and universities are the first to look to make sure that this is followed and they should not be allowed to write books or make videos in association with any multinational, trust or holding corporations otherwise, combined with lawyers, you may as well say Bye Bye and see you, maybe, in another 20,000 years.

They should also go back to the good practice of writing an antithesis too when applying for their doctorates (which is basically a paper that says bad things about ones idea or invention) , otherwise the doctorate is worth less than toilet paper, philosophically, after having been used since there are too many crackpots with Ph.D's today. The military actually coordinate all universities activities here in the west as all terrorist groups in the Middle east coordinate Islamic schools and teachings there.

At least, that delicate and soft tissue, after being inscribed by someone's sphincter/posterior, contains a wealth of information, (which also provides an aromatic automatic antithesis) if studied closely.
In fact, it can be successfully argued that a modern Ph.D paper is worth less than a used piece of toilet paper, and is environmentally friendly and more economical!
I love the efficiency found everywhere in Nature against all of man's bullshit.

Engineers and artists are expected to understand Thermodynamics so why not scientists and religious authorities too. If this is not so, then the theoretical sciences and organized religions are just businesses then, and should be viewed and treated as such by the general public as no better than the procuring pimps of private corporate power, along with private banks and how society feels about prostitution in general.
This applies equally to those who work at patent offices too including its administrators/legislators. Things like 'Work' should not even be part of the Physics curriculum and should only be part of Thermodynamics exclusively, or at the very least primarily as a part of Thermodynamics.

As a matter a fact, there is no theory in existence in any form of physics or chemistry that can formulate what Work is and does. Only Thermodynamics does that. With this missing element/dynamic/system; neither any organized religion or any "Stephen Hawkings" have any business, even discussing metaphysics and so they should not be followed. If Thermal Equilibrium could talk, It would say: "Let these characters BURN THEMSELVES out".
If you want proof, just ask any modern scientific/religious authority: "What is Work"?

Wait I thought I was the center of everything
Believing that a deity is the center of everything abrogates the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamic; the most fundamental of Nature's laws. Either gods don't exist or they must be imagined as part of the entire universe and not centrally located in places like Heaven, Israel, etc., etc., making administrative decisions. In reverse, if a god exists, no one can have a monopoly in/of that deity, nor can it be a single entity with a unique property or personality that anyone could have a direct relationship with.
God is Free!
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Systems should be taught as to their behaviours which are simple; Isolated systems: their entropy never decreases. Closed systems at the atomic level and above: Their Entropy always increases where Closed systems at the subatomic, their Entropy always decreases. Open systems: Their entropy never increases.
"Entropy", begins to be a fascinating subject that dynamically defines all systems no matter how complex, and is far from being an exercise in existentialism, or for existentialists like the Pope or Stephen Hawking, etc.

What could be a better introduction that's easy to remember that opens the doors to a universe of invention, imagination and new possibilities that are created by us rather than employing war, plunder and exploitation to get all our new things. This is also better than expecting a god to take care of all our new needs.
One's consciousness, mind or "soul" belongs to himself and should achieve its own aims via applied creativity and Work and not be dependent upon some third party for anything, including its approval.

Just investigating thermodynamics for yourself (starting with the Zeroth Law because matter is included there whether you like it or not), at whatever age you are, is a delight of discovery because one knows what to expect in advance!
Poor Entropy (as a subject) gets some respect too where anyone can easily grasp this and learn to extend his awareness and interest in Nature, since he has a reason too, or he will discover one suddenly. If you are still into "miracles" and fantastic things, then thermodynamics now fits that bill and it can effectively ween one off anthropomorphically-represented miracle makers and society-based authorities, and transition oneself to consult Nature inclusively without interference.
Nature's Universe before you is the only authority one needs.

Thermal Equilibrium 101
(The Fundamental Principle of Zeroth Law of Thermodynamic)

Now with Drebbel's salted-ice jars that scared an English King, as it would also probably with anyone living today with the type of education people get whose culminating zenith is expressed in the stercus tauri patter of modern Asperger syndrome-like "geniuses" in theoretical/particle physics, cosmology and their popularizers:

Drebbel crushed ice and mixed it with salt (1 Part Salt to 11 parts Ice - by weight) and compacted it in an array of jars. The ice and the melting water in the jars are naturally at 32°F; They are in Thermal Equilibrium (matter in two different phases, but sharing the exact same temperature).
The addition of salt changes the freezing/melting point of water where, to reach this new melting/freezing point, the melted water with salt takes energy from the surrounding ice. If the ice could talk while salt is around, it would say, "Hey, I'm too Hot to be ice; I'm supposed to be at 0°F not 32°F".
Ice likes to remain ice (or any other phase in matter) and will go through a cycle called Thermal Equilibrium to remain that way before physics or chemistry has any effect. If fact, Physics and chemistry is always abrogated to serve Thermal Equilibrium first and will employ endo/exothermic energy to do this.

This lowers the temperature of the ice (while maintaining its properties) so that the two substances as three different ingredients, (Ice, Salt and Water) can reach the new thermal equilibrium, which is around 0°F where the ice stops getting colder because the salt cannot break up the ice crystals.

Dairy: Small Milk Plant Operation circa 1946 US Public Health Service
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Time: 22:30

This of course, never happens for other reasons that are not important here and this is another subject, though related which has to do with exothermic energy from the surrounding open system, the differences between solids, liquids and gases regarding Thermal Equilibrium and impurities within the closed system, and the temperature in the jars never go below 10°F at room temperature, but this is SUFFICIENT to express our "point" and to do the things we need cold at around that temperature to do.

Another way to understand this, is by another application where the temperature of air must be higher than the temperature of water to achieve the same purpose. This we find with the process involving the pasteurization of milk. In this video clip; pay attention to the temperature required in the water jacket and the temperature required for the air space in a pasteurization machine where our goal is to kill bacteria, but not burn or change the flavour of the milk.

This "taking away energy from the surrounding matter" is what is felt as Cold and what's going on in the jars is known in Thermodynamics (not physics or chemistry) as an Endothermic Reaction, because this is not a chemical action since each of these chemicals (water and salt, i.e. Dihydrogen monoxide and Sodium chloride) can be easily separated by simple evaporation and/or condensation and then reused, —Nothing has been changed or been altered in the slightest way; they have only been artfully put together, and that which gives water a new phase property along with a new temperature for accomplishing thermal equilibrium.

If a physicist or chemist shows or demonstrates anything in Thermodynamics, he must be very specific in mentioning Thermodynamics and not overlap his discipline into the other.
This is not tolerated for pseudo science or religious people discussing or lecturing their ideas as "science", and so it should be the same with the physicist and chemist when they, in one way or another, turn Thermodynamics into physics or chemistry.

Only Work has been performed by moving these specific things together which will then transfer heat from one place to another at an atomic level, and this is very organized, or as un-chaotic or un-counterintuitive as anyone could imagine. There are no miracles involved here either.
This principle is one way to built sustainable technologies to process and move things at a fraction of the cost with zero waste. Matter, all by itself, can do remarkable things and provide valuable services.

The Art of Putting Ordinary Matter Together And Create Useful Systems And Work

Here, unlike modern nuclear reactors in the way they are constructed, we are placing different forms of ordinary matter together in specific conditions and that automatically creates a system of/for heat transfer as is demonstrated with the practically magic temperature of 32°F" at atmospheric pressure with salt and ice, but there are many "magic temperatures" all over, like the Lambda point for liquid helium for instance where a specific temperature and pressure must be considered like they were element-like in their effect considering their properties.
Thermodynamics is entirely a system for systems where nothing is transformed, but Hot and Cold and pressure/lack of pressure can be used as agents of/for transformation and the movement of heat to where it's needed, or vise versa.

This is not unlike two dissimilar metals making a hoop which produce electricity and a magnetic field indefinitely since there is no chemical reaction; only the properties of two different forms of matter of the same phase are at work.
Eventually the properties of those two metals will change and no longer produce a magnetic field unless Work is performed, —Not energy applied (see: Seebeck effect).
Or the Stirling engine, already shown, that can create extremes of heat and cold by mechanically manipulating, with simple pressure and movement what already exists in the air and this creates the physicist's beloved Motion.

All these things are just the gathering or harvesting of what already exists around us and then focusing that energy or lack of energy to do what we want where the only thing that was required was a little bit of work, in some form or another, —not energy. You then decide what system you prefer: Is it the one Natural philosophy has to offer, with all systems at Work harmoniously, or what "modern" scientists have to offer, with their exclusive closed systems?

Here, we begin to understand the use of Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz' calculus (along with its philosophy) regarding the Third Law of Thermodynamics (explained later on another page coming up) and not Newton's bomb-throwing Calculus.
This is one of the reasons why Calculus is so difficult to understand to the layman because there are two types with two opposing philosophies, opposing purposes and use and no one is told there is a difference as very few professors discuss any history of their own science. Like the Plagiarist, they only "Repurpose" things around them for their own puerile ideas and gain.
An artist, or an art critic is supposed to know some art history, so why not scientists and science professors?

When demonstrating various forms of Thermal Equilibrium, one can teach easy-to-apply basic Trigonometry, Algebra and Calculus to pupils in Elementary school, while learning to read and write and count while their brains are forming to learn languages. Maths is just another language.
This knowledge and language they will not forget because heat and it's philosophy is everywhere and not in the esoteric one will never use, unless one becomes an engineer.

When learning new words and syntax; we show kids pictures (i.e. "A is for Apple", etc.) and erroneously show, in one or two dimensions, 2 apples plus 2 apples equals 4 apples where in one or two dimensions it is only equal to 2 apples and two apples.
Only in four dimension does it equal 4 apples. (yes, maths too makes many assumptions, and no science bothers to introduce the real fundamental universe, but only their version of it which renders science and maths into a matter of opinion in a unique manner.

When showing Dynamics, we learn Math automatically and it's up to the teacher to point at/to the maths available to learn and introduce them, like we introduce the Alphabet and so on. See: 5-Year-Olds Can Learn Calculus - The Atlantic GD.

Drebbel, "turning on" his new air conditioning unit.
Back to Drebbel and his air-conditioning jars: The only change in the jars are a system and the cold felt by the king was another system, encompassing the jars and the surrounding air and all Drebbel needed now, was someone to turn a fan on behind the jars and there you have the first Air conditioning which worked remarkably well, for the time needed, to win a wager with a king.
What the king thought he "saw" was water ice performing a miracle when in effect it was actually salt-ice/brine which is much colder, which was accomplished by water ice using its own heat via a ternary element (regular salt).
No refrigerators, mechanics, physics or chemistry was used in any manner or way.

This also shows us why one cannot "air condition" a room with just plain water ice and a fan blowing over it (like we see a lot on You Tube), but will only achieve in making the room more damp! One needs something much colder than water-ice to capture the condensed water to perform Work, instead of it flowing out as damp-air into the "conditioned" air.

(This principle is only effective with bulky "Chillers" which are of a completely different construction and can use ordinary water or air and the condensed humidity is captured in a variety of mechanical ways before the air goes out again. These things only exist to make air conditioning more economical, so chillers are used in large buildings, structures and ships)

When the ice has all melted in the jar, only the second system will work with the surroundings and the jars begin to warm up again, they will become "thermally equivalent to their surroundings".

So long as there was water ice in the jars, the endothermic reaction went on. When there was no more water ice, the reaction ceased and the jar warms up never turning back into water ice when at 32°F.

Add more regular crushed ice — not water or salt in the jar, and this reaction starts up again provided that none of the water is above 32°F, which is why this never happens if you just put ice and salt and some water at any other higher temperature in anything because it is the all important 32°F and powdered ice that makes this possible for salt to do its magic, .

If Potassium nitrate and/or Ammonium nitrate salts ARE ADDED and agitated in water
this is possible without ice with water at 50°F since the agitation in any closed or isolated system provides the additional cooling, much like shaking a can of liquid butane cools the liquid in the can.
Add some magic chemical(s) to butane that is thermodynamically compatible, and at the right temperature one could theoretically freeze butane + component to above or below -220°F without expending any energy, but get it to do this thermal transfer into a colder or warmer solid, all by itself.

In water: To start this reaction, all the water, if any, must be at 32°F first where brine-making becomes possible if there is any "seed" ice, — then it will get colder and in this system, when occurring automatically, the water at 32°F is drawing from the energy in the ice and the water (when it is freshly melted) and only the ice and saltwater, — not the pure water gets colder; only the brine gets colder. In this system, Hot and Cold are totally and completely transitive. The salts (whichever they are) can be recuperated afterwards and reused.

So if you throw salt on an icy walkway to "melt the ice" you are actually changing the ability for water to freeze at 32°F and not adding heat as we think of chemicals abilities all the time as if throwing acid on the ice (which is a chemical reaction) and it will freeze into ice again if the temperature outside "falls" at, or below 0°F. which would require another chemical reaction to reproduce in chemistry, but not with Thermodynamics.

"Weather" it is Quantum or Classical Mechanics We Are Discussing: The Properties of Matter (solid, liquid, gas etc.) Must Be Attended To First Whether This Be Chemical, Mechanical Or Physical Science.
This is also an introduction to true reality and its appearance including its varying properties in matter; i.e. The Physical Universe! —Not the stercus tauri universes theorists, intellectuals and priests will tell you, who would have you believe that the entire universe is normally at room temperature and at Earth's atmospheric pressure.
Without this false logic that lacks any ternary substance, heaven or hell could not exist, nor do amazing scientific miracles, as they should not or be.

Unfortunately this declaration/concept above does not exist in organized science/religion so don't go quoting this to professors, unless you want to get on their nerves, or you want to throw out any opportunities you may get in the closely guarded scientific/religious communities, who will close all doors for you and your future in science/religion if you don't "toe the line". These groups don't want new and better ideas. They want to maintain the status quo.

Don't think for one second that you are going to change the world with these lazy hypocrites all over the place who just think about how to harness and burn anything and everything, rather than think of more ways to collect and harvest energy and heat, or separating already existing Hot and Cold since they are supposed to be so good at dividing up the universe anyway because that's what they do all the time and then call their "discovery" something new.
Dividing up any dynamic system and then putting these things to Work seems to be out of their grasp.
There is nothing "new" in the universe. It is only "new" for us, and one cannot discover anything that does not already exist. Now with quasiparticles, scientist have the opportunity to become artists!

There are no choices of different teachers with any of the courses one takes anywhere where it is most likely you will be educated by an incompetent person riddled with mental health issues and personal problems.

In the future, autodidact at home will be the route to a proper education and learn real science since good teachers and their reproducible research will be available to billions of people through the internet from anywhere in the world.
It is availability and the the promotional aspect that will be interesting to study and follow where we ask, why idiot-popularizers of science and evangelizers/creationists that talk nothing but nonsense are more promoted by big media and on the internet than actual good professors and philosophers? What is it that they are trying to achieve? Where are you in all this if one questions nothing?
These people waste you precious time and lives.

This does show, at least, the weakness and stupidity of various authorities to go out of their way to make the populations they control/influence stupid and defenseless and their own power becomes automated and mediocre.

A Question?
Do we really need for matter to evolve independently to the extent where it has to talk for us directly (as seen in this clip), instead of us asking the questions, and answers are obtained by empathy, fluidity and transference?
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Time: 00:55

Aside from already bad universities with bad professors and bad administration, there are other problems. Science, like art, also has its movements which, in our history, were called in their time, "Mannerism", "Rococo", "Realism", "Abstract", etc. etc. With the exception Quantum Mechanics, scientists can't just snap their fingers a say: "Here's a new scientific movement" and abandon everything like artists can do.

Artists, art historians and science journalists have not forgotten those wonderful Natural Philosophers of the last centuries whose view of Nature and philosophy has been utterly obliterated everywhere, but only today survives in art, history, good science fiction and journalism where you will see, here, a perfect demonstration of there-being two different sciences besides there being two different Second Law of Thermodynamics regarding open and isolated systems and two different Second laws regarding chemistry and physics.
It's open season and a question of who gets into your mind first.

The world today has been reconfigured through the media and your textbooks where care for anything is completely out of the question and waste everywhere, in everything (including people) is the norm.
There is nothing wrong with private enterprise, consumerism and materialism, except when the products they mostly create/produce is waste.

In this, where the discussion is Thermodynamics, I'll let the Natural Philosophy of the past speak for itself because they not only knew how to produce refrigeration from liquids to gases, but also from solids to liquids, which is no longer taught today, in any academic level (especially damaging when "teaching" Nuclear physics) since there are no courses offered in any university on Thermal Equilibrium or Thermodynamics and Matter. So Thermodynamics would be a good start today for the autodidact route in one's education in real science since Thermodynamics is not taught as an independent course anywhere, anyway.

From 'The Wonders of Water' By Gaston Tissandier (1871) IA
Whenever a substance changes its physical condition, when it passes from a solid into a liquid, or from a liquid into a gaseous state, it draws heat from that body with which it is in contact and consequently cools it in proportion.

If you let a drop of ether fall on your hand, the liquid will disappear from your sight; it will become volatilized and pass almost instantaneously from the liquid to the gaseous state; but in the very act of volatilizing it will deprive your hand of its heat, and thus give you the impression of a sudden chill.

If you throw a handful of nitrate of ammonia into a glass of water, the salt will dissolve by the mere action; from a solid, it will pass into a liquid state and a considerable lowering of the temperature will accompany this change. These simple experiments form the basis of all freezing machines.

The above illustration shows a number of tin cylinders so arranged in a wooden tub as to revolve round an axle turned by a handle.

Into these cylinders the water is poured which is to be congealed. The external tub is full of water into which a small quantity of nitrate of ammonia is thrown. The salt melts and absorbs the heat from the cylinders, with which it is in contact, and from the water which they contain; and if we turn the handle in such a way as to make the salt melt more rapidly, by the agitation produced by means of spiral metal-screws, it will not be long were we see blocks of ice formed in the cylinders, originally filled with water. On this same principle household freezers are made. Several concentric spaces are alternately filled with water and with a refrigerating mixture.

The water in A and in B is surrounded by the freezing mixture C, O, and is speedily transformed into ice; in the lower part of the apparatus a valve, opened by means of a small lever, permits the melted ice-water to flow out, and it falls into a basin in which are placed the bottles of wine, which are speedily iced by the action of the cold. Neither of the apparatus which we have just been describing, is by any means perfect, and their practical use does not correspond to their theoretical value.

The one we are about to describe is very different, It consists of a cylinder, in communication, by means of tubes, with a vessel in the shape of a truncated cone, having a cavity in the centre. This apparatus, every part of which is kept close, is furnished with a thermometer which, without communicating with the interior of the cylinder, indicates its temperature. We first heat the cylinder, whilst the truncated vessel in the centre sinks into the cold water of a large tub; in its central cavity is placed a metallic cylinder filled with water.

When the thermometer reaches 266°F the furnace (a stove or pipe) is replaced by a tub of water; the vessel cools off perceptibly, and soon we are able to take from the cavity a block of ice. Ice can thus be produced by means of a few pieces of coal and the apparatus, after having once worked properly is ready to begin again without the necessity of changing anything. All that is needed is to heat once more the large cylinder.
But how does this apparatus work? Let us explain. Its mechanism is extremely simple.
The cylinder contains ammonia gas, dissolved in water. When it is heated, the gas escapes from the liquid and passes into the receiver after having passed through all the connecting tubes. But on arriving there it finds no outlet; nevertheless, the heat continually disengages from the water fresh quantities of ammonia gas, which thus accumulates, and, being subjected to considerable pressure, becomes liquefied.
This is the moment when the generating cylinder is plunged into a cold tub; and, thus chilled, the water is capable of dissolving once more the ammonia gas.

The gas which is liquefied in the receiver, returns to a gaseous state, and a corresponding absorption of heat accompanies this change, at the expense of the water contained in the central cavity; this cooled-off water now changes into ice.

This shows how extremely simple this apparatus is, and how ingenious its mechanism, which leaves all previous inventions far behind. It is still, however, capable of improvement, as its inventor, Mr Carré, has himself proved. Its small dimensions prevent its furnishing large quantities of ice at once; it cannot be made to work continuously, and could never be of much industrial value.

Another apparatus, however, has been invented, constructed on a much larger scale, and has successfully solved the important problem of the artificial manufacture of ice, or, what amounts to the same thing —the production of cold.

A large boiler, A contains the solution of ammonia. The gas escapes and becomes liquefied, in a reservoir, B cooled off as it is by the water, which falls from a reservoir, C. The liquid ammonia penetrates into the hollow sides of the refrigerator, G, which contains cylinders filled with the water that is to be frozen.
During this time an especial arrangement permits this exhaust water (or waste water) of the boilers to penetrate, after having cooled off, into a vessel E, connected with the cylinder, D, in which the ammonia is distilled, that has been volatilized in the refrigerator. The original liquid thus regenerated, is conveyed into the boiler by means of a pump F.
This apparatus acts with great regularity, and it is astonishing to see large blocks of ice issuing from this refrigerator, which are formed as if by magic, without any visible agent to show the secret of their formation. A detailed description of the numerous parts of this apparatus requires too voluminous an explanation for our space But further details may be found in the Report of French physicist Claude Pouillet in the Publications of the Society of Encouragement for 1863, Paris 1863.

'The Wonders of Water' By Gaston Tissandier pages 227 - 233

Water, itself, has always been a miracle substance to the Natural Philosopher, as there is no gas, liquid or solid (properly prepared) in existence that is not soluble in water, in some way, which gives water the ability to change those properties of the original gas, liquid or solid, and by changing their properties, — not chemistry, we can take advantage of their useful effects while they are changing by applying pressure, agitation or heat at a certain point in the substance's cycle through water, and all without changing anything into something else chemically, which when done, unfortunately, creates pollution, waste heat, entropy, wear, maintenance costs, etc., especially with chemicals, yet this wasteful science is the only science being promoted, where we use one form of energy, to create another form of energy or work, instead of making work, alone, to get Matter to create our energy to drive, or make the things we want by heat/energy transfer alone.

In 2013 there are still debates involving the importance of religion in public cemetery elementary schools in the United States, where we may ask; "who are the ones with childish undeveloped brains, or diminished capacities?", so we are actually going backwards and we (the west) are in decline for no reason whatsoever except to keep a few people in power and some antiquated systems running who should have left or been removed a long time ago.

The Rust belt and the Bible belt actually begins in Washington BC DC and its lobbyists and corporate lawyers. This is in an age where "competitiveness" is tooted as being a virtue, so how is the population, or free enterprise, supposed the achieve the ability to be competitive in the first place if the people are also expected to conform or be alike in ways that have nothing to do with healthy business competition or free enterprise.

This involves other matters like "security" where a person who is "different" (like non-whites or a Canadian) is singled-out and scrutinized to protect "freedom and liberty" which now means many different things to many of its citizens depending on what region one resides. It's breakup into smaller countries is inevitable unless it's federal government really invests in real education, from primary school to college, like that were another civil war.

When one cannot change The Constitution, one changes the Dictionary and a language's syntax, and English like no other, is a perfect language for that and its self-seekers and that's where unique problems arise from, to the point were they can be political, disruptive and lethal.

Evil Professor
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That's all that should be considered important here and you are reading this to amuse yourself and I am just relying on a quintessence of inspiration to motivate me. I just like to think that some people out there will stop being in awe of doctors, professors, theorists, priests/evangelists, corporations, and intellectuals, and stop believing everything they say is "good".
Only Nature can say if something/anything/anyone is "good" and federal governments must be watchful of what local and regional "schools" are teaching kids who will take their place in their local society and flame, intensify and propagate ideas and the nonsense they were indoctrinated with.

Unless you see the actual demonstration along with their discussion along with ALL the laws of Thermodynamics accounted for, everything they say is completely meaningless and SHOULD be incomprehensible.
This includes politicians, religion and the "News" media.

On the other side: These movie, pop and sports stars that people idolize or consider as "role models"; What do they give you or how do they improve your life that warrant such attention, interest and personal expenditure except to create unnatural wants and/or unrealistic expectations?
What do parasites like Justin Bieber, Rihanna, Et al. actually give or provide towards the quality of one's life that can be measured/quantized anywhere?

People buy jerseys with the number of their favorite sports stars who end up being jail birds, murderers, alcoholics and/or drug addicts where it's time to teach children their own abilities to achieve great things, where it is not necessary to emulate others, but more important to be oneself.
Nature does this with everything in the universe down to the last atom and we have Thermodynamics to prove it. So why not us?

The only thing to emulate and follow is the spirit of existence itself. See: 5 Previous NFL Stars Who Faced Murder Charges GD

Cases Of Shaken Manchild Syndrome On The Rise
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Everything in any form, of any kind of media or advertising or evangelism should be considered only as a form of entertainment and nothing more and most of it comes from mediums designed and dedicated for that purpose. Anyone who takes these people seriously is a lost fellow. Is your life better because of the likes of Neil deGrasse Tyson, Bill Nye or Stephen Hawking, or is it better because of people like Micheal Faraday, Richard Feynman and Arthur Eddington?

If these modern theorists, "communicators" and intellectuals of today are so good and have a true grasp of reality in explaining the meaning of existence or future, and what is good; why then are there so many kids still living at home in their 30s with worthless college/university degrees?

People like Faraday, Feynman, Eddington and Einstein, etc. created new jobs, professions and industries including a lengthy list of great followers or doctoral students, researchers, and experimentalists and helped win wars and those of today create or generate only discord, discuss Islam in a disparaging manner among other stercus tauri not worth the electromagnetic radiation used to carry their presiding nonsense.
None of these intellectuals and "communicators" of today deserve all that media coverage since none of them have actually done anything but talk and talk. It is all manipulation sponsored and financed by various authorities to suit their own purposes and make people stupid in the guise of being informative.

Wolfgang Pauli and Paul Dirac, theoretical physicists with a thorough understanding in thermodynamics, were also watchdogs for bad science and bad scientists of their time; would say these modern-day theoretical/particle physicists and cosmologists are so bad they are not even wrong because what they discuss cannot be falsified, which is worse than the nutterings utterings of fantasists because they can be falsified.

When I say The matters of Matter comes first concerning its phases, I'm not saying that things like Drebbel's jars of powdered ice and salt cannot fall off a shelf, while they're doing their endothermic/exothermic thermal-equilibrium thing; I'm saying that before and after any of the jars would fall, there will always be the endothermic or 'whatever activity the matter is doing there' going on first, or taking/giving some energy to maintain its properties, which when it has reached a state of equilibrium, other things besides falling off a shelf can happen without any classical miscalculations and not affect any form or relativistic calculation, whether Galilean, Newtonian, Einsteinian and Heisenbergian (Re: [executableuml], and any form of Relativity is severely compromised by any form of matter where thermal equilibrium and a phase change is occurring and must be accounted for first in calculations and with matter, there is always something happening because of changing heat and pressure around it that goes on by itself as a reaction to whatever occurs in the closed or open system it is in contact with, until or unless it is overwhelmed by an exterior force that is not a constant or the properties of the matter have changed.
This is where physical constants are deactivated temporarily for physical processes and electromagnetic constants are interrupted for electromagnetic processes in matter and the same interruption occurs for nuclear physics, quantum mechanics and gravity. Before understanding the physics of a black hole, we must try to understand what it is trying to be thermally equivalent to or what phase change is occurring in such matter that is located in the core.

In reverse logic: Every form of Relativity is useless when any kind of Explosion or Thermal Equilibrium involving Matter is taking place, so we do not need to consult black holes to find infinity of infinities as our friendly theoretical physicists like to relate because I will show you this with a simple You Tube video (below) made by a couple of kids instead, here on Earth, where everybody can enjoy infinity of infinities of infinities of subspace to anyone's content.

We find there is no such thing as infinity, but there are infinitesimals of infinitesimals and they are everywhere, and in the opposite of being "counterintuitive" they are more apparent and can be seen in the classical sciences exactly because the quantity of these infinitesimals are enormous. Thermal Equilibrium involving stress and gravity will be our example.

Here, the Higgs Boson and the Higgs field goes down the drain.
Mass is subservient to the caprices of Thermal Equilibrium. This is why Mass can be turned into heat energy like we see with any Thermonuclear explosion. If mass where a particle, it would then be possible to discover heat particles because that's what the Higgs particle would be turned into, but heat or frigorific particles do not exist, nor is heat a material thing.

The Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics introduces Matter and Energy in their proper order in the only frame of reference possible,— Thermal Equilibrium, regardless of what kind of energy or matter is being described, or anything else you can think of.
Here is where the laws of physics can get suspended for hours of amusement, or go terribly wrong like at Three Mile Island, etc.

How a Slinky falls in Slow Motion - The Slow Mo Guys
The Matter's of Matter Come First; especially when a change of state is occurring where suddenly normal physics no longer exists. This "other" universe is everywhere and still exists, but as/in Heat in various forms.
Remember when I discussed superluminal motion? This is the unexplored realm in science (Thermodynamics) that will make this possible one day where we will be able to travel through the stars all around us, beyond the speed of light. (For those that want to know, the explanation and method has already been given many times in this monologue)

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Time: 2:02

Observe and learn: No modern-day physicist or theoretical physicist can explain this, but a Thermodynamicist could. Every great and revolutionary theory has a simple beginning! Even these kids can't explain this phenomenon (brainwashing in their education), but being young they intuitively know there is something that's remarkable beyond quantum/particle physics and Newtonian/Cartesian mechanics.
This experiment is also not part of their normal format on their You Tube channel and they usually deal with things occurring must faster with their expensive slow-motion cameras.

This wonderful clip is excellent because of its simplicity, where we can just consider matter, mass, time, energy, simple Galilean relativity and gravity. In this easy-to-understand demonstration we see an effect with matter under stress (tension), versus gravitational energy (a constant) and its requirements to make the entire slinky fall towards the center of the Earth, where nothing else needs to be considered, or is redundant for our immediate purposes.

This could be considered a classical-science view of what they describe on Star Trek as "Subspace". This also shows that the "Big Bang" might never of occurred (it's meaning involving creation and demise), but for such a thing to occur (inflation) the universe already had to exist to inflate into, or was instantaneously made to exist, but no heat that was thermally available was involved.
Therefore, there was some sort of "Pre-Universe" where heat and the laws of physics were different, but Thermodynamics was not. This goes on to this day where the laws of physics are always different where/when thermal equilibrium is occurring anywhere, and size/volume doesn't matter.

We see that thermodynamics, it's requirements and what it needs to do, always comes first before any physics, and matter always wins over mass. When it has completed its cycle, any constant form of energy that is externally acting upon mass can commence, or if it was interrupted it can recommence, as if nothing happened, but with the new conditions the matter supplied it with after its own properties have reached equilibrium or 0.0.
A lot of what goes on in the universe, it is as IF, it already happened and was interrupted and continues again after matter did its thing.
A "wormhole" is not a physical object like one "sees" on the science-fiction series Star Trek, but it is a dynamic of thermal equilibrium and can exist anywhere. This dynamic only requires conditions.
They get a lot of things right in science fiction. Just as much as they get things wrong.

There is no difference between the stretching of space and the stretching of matter. The difference is that they don't actually stretch but act more like springs.
(I feel like I'm talking like Robert Boyle)
Any Relativity applies, or works best, where things are moving away from each other, —not towards each other (time does not move faster accelerating towards a clock faster from any distance, except in subspace/subatomic because everything observable with light is seen in and from the past).
So it is "premature" for physicists and cosmologists to apply Relativity to the cores of black holes and then say Einstein "is" wrong. Only in the subatomic can we observe an occurrence BEFORE it occurs.
Click on me for an introduction to General relativity.
The effect of gravitational influence is still there because it is fixed in space, at the point closest to the center of the Earth and does not move, which is why the slinky contracts going down, to that point, fulfilling the requirements of the stress upon the matter, but in a direction that goes to a 'Point' dictated by the Laws of Gravity, which is its own boundary that is closest to the center of the Earth where everything "freezes". (Notice that the bottom of the slinky no longer oscillates, but becomes fixed when thermal equilibrium is establishing itself and only moves again when the thermal equilibrium cycle is completed.)

"Normally", or what you have been programmed to believe, is the slinky and the contraction should both be happening at the same time where we see this is not the case and people are still infected with "St. Augustine disease", "Aritotleitis" "Cartesian syndrome" and "Newtonitis", or any organized religion discussing the universe, which are diseases that are very hard to cure once infected and always lead to permanent and irreversible brain/nuclear reactor damage.

This is the beginnings of a science you will never see that was conceived/discovered by Natural Philosophers that benefits all things and all life that is now only remembered by artists, artistic philosophers, science journalists and surrealists.
Simply put: There are more relationships and connections in things going on in everything than what science or religion usually presents and these relationships are acknowledged, appreciated and conjugated by thermodynamicists, engineers and artists.

BUT: Matter's business comes first, i.e. A ↔ B ↔C ↵ of the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics, then gravity motion from A → B, then we can talk Newton, Planck or Einstein or anything else a physicist or theologian likes to discuss. Most humans also have a strange protocol where there is more patter about the physicist before we talk about the nature of things and laws of Nature are treated as like they belong to the discoverer or observer.

One day, theologians will have to address; where did the enormous amount of heat, involved in the transmutation of matter, disappeared too when "god" created the world, etc., in six days? Heat is not something one can sweep under the rug and pretend it does not exist and 6 days is not sufficient for His actions. Thermal Equilibrium cannot by abrogated. What god did would of turned the Earth into another star and it would still be glowing.

Philosophy: The Third Law of Thermodynamics says that it would take an infinite number of steps to reach absolute zero, but says nothing about the Thermal Equilibrium of matter created initially out of a system that exists at absolute zero, or is a system of matter that once created, it only exists initially and indefinitely at absolute zero, where it would take an infinite amount of steps to produce its first heat and giving it more or different properties, which is why it can initially travel faster than light (superluminal motion) where entropy is the only thing that changes this pure matter to the luminal type and other forms of heat can enter it and change its properties even more, as previously discussed where micro-quasars can be merely Matter and Energy purifiers.
This is only possible if heat and pressure were properties of matter. Whether that heat happens to be useful for other things/systems has nothing to do with its primary being/purpose.

Without Entropy, there is no Universe because without it, it would take matter an infinite amount of steps to create its first form of heat and property change where it would be metaphysically interesting to speculate where in that infinite step from nothing to something we exist in presently because of entropy, so the productions of black holes and "Micro quasars" are an equivalence to the purpose of Entropy, where when combined we create the matter we all know and love.

One day, we will have a new form of calculus that will treat infinitesimals the way thermodynamics deals with them and not the way physics deals with them.

Reversing this would again be in the category of infinite steps. So you see here an artist talking about science that cannot exist today and may only exist in many thousands of years from now because it will have to adopt the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics, when/where man and society will have changed into something that would be completely unrecognizable today, and because, today, science no longer can use Nature to demonstrate any philosophy and has sold science to some sponsor working for plunder and destruction instead.

In this "unrecognizable society" of the future, plunder would be impossible, where today people steal other's ideas, rewrite history, or patent things they don't understand or don't work, for the purposes of patent squatting, or use military or police might to remove or interfere with people or cultures that think and live outside the box, so this is also an invasion of the mind and spirit. Technology, though the Zeroth law of Thermodynamics, would produce a better human society automatically, and that's what authority fears the most because they would be replaced by the authority of Nature.
In reality, that's all the authority human beings really need.

This might even take a lot of future civilizations in the future that span over tens of thousands of years because Zeroth Law technology is always the first thing that appears and it is intellectuals who always come around later to turn these things around and destroy them.
These people make the invention of science, at a later time, necessary for survival, rather than it existing as part of human life from the beginning.

The idea of property must also be completely removed, or recognized only as a function for a closed-system society because we kill each other, over or within this concept that does not exist in Nature.
All crimes of society exist because of property including war and murder which can be traced directly to property NOT POVERTY.
Poor people do not kill. Only wealthy people kill.

The Bushmen of the Kalahari have prospered in a desert for 20,000 years, with no water, no resources, no property, no saviour, no wants, prophets or messiahs, no disease and the word guilt does not even exist in their language and have the only human genetics in the world without imperfections that would be the envy of Dr. Josef Mengele, although this is not revealed or properly studied by modern Nazi doctors, which is why today they are and must be destroyed (like was done with the Natural Fission Reactors in Okla, Gabon) because they represent human/natural achievement and not intellectual achievement which can only provide radiation, poisons, politics and transfer disease systems via medieval medical "science" because they can be made propriety and health can then be sold or licensed by "professionals".
Health if free and should remain so especially in some closed system society that believes it the best or a "protector'.

They are also Negroes or if you prefer, from the deepest, darkest and most forbidding part of Africa, so they do not fall inline with Eurocentric thinking/experience. Here, racism is only applied differently and very clinically.

The Modern-day Bushman also turns their idea of "Natural Selection" upside down because it is the white-eurocentric intellectual that creates the closed-system petri dish conditions and the criteria for their so called "Natural Selection" and "Survival of the fittest" to be taught in the first place because Bushman, effortlessly by their Existence turn their ideas into a mockery in many dimensions.

The petri dish: Those who are a general pain in the derrière, with defective genes, with bodies and minds filled with poisons from the time of birth, living off unsustainable closed systems in/off society describing/discussing "survival of the fittest" (the intellectual Herbert Spencer) as opposed to strong-healthy natural people with absolutely no resources demonstrating prosperity and only living off the land in perfect balance and harmony for much longer than any of our glorious civilizations or religions have even existed in the first place.

"The answer is already in the question" where the meta-truth in this case is: The profile of the person asking or declaring such things about 'Survival'; this already will provide much of the answer.
At least, Darwin traveled the world to come up with his ideas, where any subsequent intellectual discussing "evolution" has not, and only re-purposed Darwin's research.
By 1930, no one reads Herbert Spencer, but Darwin is still going on strong. The only thing that stuck is, "Survival of the fittest" which Darwin never even insinuated, but pronounced, "Natural Selection" as a guide for evolution.

A wonderful rebuke to common religious, intellectual and "modern" scientific philosophy.
This principle can be applied into any system they discuss.
It is a contradiction to value something (intellectualism) that does not value itself by exponents who are themselves not objective, especially where many defects will repair themselves when poisons are removed and not added upon. They are already in no position to discuss anything natural when they themselves are completely unnatural, from the food they eat to their own defecation and soon this will include genes.
See: 'How the DNA Revolution Is Changing Us' by Michael Specter - National Geographic Magazine - August 2016 issue.

We will either go extinct because of their tinkering and chauvinism and bring down as much of all-other life, or we will not. It doesn't matter because the Earth will renew itself, all by itself and if you "follow" these people now, you're already dead yourself, because at one point beliefs are irreversible. I don't see any Kalahari discussing or attempting to prove their superiority over other people, as if there was a reason anywhere to do this in the first place by anybody or any species.

As for following anything: We have a people and culture with a history that spans more than 14,000 years over than what Bible literalists say is the length of time for all existence. The difference is that while Nature sings, the Bushman's history is written in Nature and the Bible was written by people because it always existed in human languages. Whose story are you going to believe?

One cannot "Save the Earth". The Earth is doing fine, but it is "civilized" people who are not doing well. The Earth renews itself and we can only try to save or preserve what we know and what we know as Earth presently since there were already entirely different orders of life in Earth's history that have nothing to do with us.
The trick for intellectuals is to find a way to bring everything down with them with no hope for anything to emerge ever again, which would be a remarkable achievement since there is no universal-ultimate poison in existence, anywhere in the Universe where life itself would find its way to thrive in those new conditions. Wherever there is water and energy, life of some form will thrive.

There are shrimp and tube worms, among other things, thriving at the bottom of our oceans where there can be no light from our sun and they get their heat and energy from the embers of radioactive matter heating water created by another sun that existed before our own sun today. Before god said, "let there be light" there were other lights and there will be others to come after our light source is gone or become inhospitable.
(The sun is getting hotter every day and by one billion years, Earth, in it's present orbit, will become too hot, but tube worms and many bacteria along with shrimp may survive, so long as there is sea water.) No god created the Earth because it exists with/from stuff that had to come from a different type of star that also creates new elements and are now part of this solar system.

George Carlin - "Saving" the Planet
The Arrogance of "Environmentalists"
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Time: 08:03

The Earth is a cradle not a home we can call forever, despite the beliefs of Jehovah Witnesses, because there have been many extinctions in the past (that also has nothing to do with any God). There will be others in the future and any species of life that calls itself a custodian species for all the others should be aware that its future and responsibilities resides in outer space on different, potentially habitable worlds, which we do not plunder, but create, develop or adapt instead. God, the way we think It is here, will be very difficult to find in space. Any "Heaven on Earth" will be built by us somewhere else and not handed to us for free by any god and it will be there for both good and bad apples of the future.

It will not be through conquest and plunder of other worlds, but through creation of other worlds, where we will find our support and worthiness in the court of Nature, where our own history and footprint we leave in space will be our witnesses to testify for us. So far, we are only really good at leaving our garbage in space which has become a menace of mass traveling at speeds that turn a speck of paint equivalent to a mortar-shell on Earth's surface and no one is doing anything about this and now private enterprise and third world nations are getting into the game, so expect more garbage where there will reach a point where we will never be able to leave, and maybe that's the plan after all.

Remember that in an open system everything is in reverse and upside-down to any closed system: So space and our effect upon it immediately shows us what we are equivalent to, like the garbage we put in orbit, as if the Universe were automatic and everything is conserved (Thermodynamics and Physics) and we are like computer viruses that are boxing ourselves in instead of being able to infect anything extraterrestrial. So, we cannot harm anything outside our sandbox (the Earth), but people are not viruses and can change and be beneficial instead, where the Universe actually is helped by us through respect for Nature, along with some form of functional symbioses that helps life in a universal way. If this were not true then viruses would be ruling the universe today and be the dominant form of life throughout the galaxy. "Freedom of choice" means a lot more than quaint politics, but is a metatruth in the art of realization in one's true self, where destiny is implied.

Otherwise, the Universe doesn't need us at all. Science will have to find a way to create its own movements like artists do, so that it doesn't go stagnant or rot. Rather than separating things like Noam Chomsky does with his conceptual-intellectual ideas between Natural philosophy and Mechanical philosophy instead of seeing the advantages of both views and make them work together instead.

Places like the Royal Society, etc. and various think tanks are most likely just fronts for multinationals and government where we need not bother with separation of church and state because there is already a separation between power and mankind and we have no need for philosophers who divide-up everything and then classify rather than uniting things together and classify those new things.

Feynman Diagram
When the electron disappears and reappears elsewhere (quantum jumping) , this is matter taking care of its business that no one can see or any form of energy can have an effect upon or detect while its "gone" between changes of one state of matter to another state of matter. It is not gone, as any virtual particle creates its own gravitational effect that can be measured with classical science alone and these things appear out of nowhere; it is that there is no form of energy that can affect it while it is changing its state, so to us who are overly concerned with energy, particle physics, Heisenberg's uncertainty principle, and the First and Second Laws of Thermodynamics and built their own little private Idaho or utopia; they think or say it disappears and appears (which is impossible).

Speculation: Would Newton understand quantum mechanics if it was explained to him today, or just particle physics? Take a hypothetical movie camera that can take separate frames at any speed up to near the speed of light and photograph any movement and hypothetically show any adjacent frames to Issac and ask him to explain how the first frame and next frame are different and what happened in the interval between. Now show him two frames from the camera taking pictures at near the speed of light and ask him to explain what happened between two adjacent frames in this set. We find that Newton's laws of motion collapses and then we have to go visit Professor Albert Einstein to get an approximation, — not an answer because there exists no mathematics to do this, but thermodynamics and phase change can if we include movement itself as a form of heat and then apply that to any appropriate form of relativity, and not just motion.

The difference between one frame and the next would be next to nothing since all the heat of the motion was in the camera when it operated near the speed of light, and none with the actual photons that carried the information of the natural phases and properties of the matter which got represented in the film.

At that speed things cannot change, time nearly stops and matter and its particular phase is conserved, practically forever. The quantum and the classical point of views are in perfect agreement and do not interfere with each other.
The mind can put any two frames going at any speed and see them as a whole and as a continuity and the longer the show, the more the mind likes it and the more effortless it becomes and this also shows where the mind comes from and where it should go because it intrinsically does this on its own without any training.

There is also the case where there is no form of mechanical motion that can go on at the speed of light so this means that continuity is a conserved thing and unless we are describing the quantum there is no practical application of Einstein's General relativity in classical science at, or beyond, the speed of light or for things that move closer together.

Inertia is always a relative thing and depends on matter's state being stable, where there are no phase changes occurring!

Expanding upon the principles demonstrated by our slinkys.
If we shoot some missiles and one suddenly explodes at mid-flight, the explosion itself and it's debris does not continue on its trajectory, even though there is the same amount of mass of the former missile, but freezes exactly at that spot where the flash and the explosion occurred because the properties of the missile's matter were changed and needed attending to first. Inversely, take away all of matter's properties and there exists nothing!
(Google/You Tube: David Hume- Bundle theory)

What they call in the Second Law of Thermodynamics an "explosion", is called "Thermal Equilibrium" in the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics since no mass was destroyed like would happen in fission or fusion. The missile, momentarily, simply became "One with the air" (in space it would be one with space) and started moving along with the air, or space, as if it were always there, or as if it were the air, or space, despite it's physical mass/energy before the flash.

This will come in handy in the future where we will need to study approaches for the creation of "inertial dampeners" like they have on 'Star Trek' so we don't get turned into sauce on the bulkheads when we accelerate and decelerate which is an necessary inconvenience wherever we travel, in any dimension(s).

This will happen when they stop talking 19th century science, philosophy and economic thinking on You Tube and PBS, etc. for private gain by promoting, through sponsorship, useless and unsustainable things and philosophy and start thinking about and working for tomorrow like a scientist or philosopher should be doing.

With this approach we will research ways to prevent the thermal equilibrium from dissipating into the open system and instead restore the heat along with the matter's properties back to the way they were; of and in the matter's former closed system but take advantage of the fact that inertia was deactivated during Thermal Equilibrium since there are forms of Thermal Equilibrium that are perfectly safe to exist within.
This will also make things like war impossible in the future when we find a way to manipulate thermal equilibrium into different interchangeable systems and this will render any kind of military weapon and/or its philosophies useless.

Intellectuals missed this one, — Oops!

So far, there are not even angels from heaven or devils from hell or gods from any pantheon who are capable of taking advantage of thermal equilibrium and any of the "miracles" it performs, but we can if we want anytime since we are able to learn this through Nature alone while forgetting heaven, hell, gods, witches, ghosts, etc. and their ways of doing things.

Thermal equilibrium and its wonders are only possible anywhere on Earth and in the entire Universe, but impossible in heaven, hell, Mount Olympus or witches brews because these are supernatural things that can only employ the Second Law of Thermodynamics in anything they do or produce when getting their ability to do anything. For anything supernatural, any other law of Nature does not exist. In one way or another, most humans are indoctrinated or choose to exist in unsustainable closed systems.

Feed the multitude and give them shelter instead of guns, bullets and rhetoric and then we'll discuss Allah, Jesus or whomever.

Physically, the Bible or Koran etc., are material possessions and consumer products. A truly devout individual would completely commit these books to memory and be able to spiritually conjugate their contents.
All the rest is fakery or just going through the motions.

Masjid al-Haram, Mecca
From: Samsara (2011)
Regarding states of existence, or states of matter; they are the same and follow the same rules: An objective template is Thermodynamics.
Acknowledging the existence of G-D is sufficient, which also should only be a personal matter and not something that's organized in any society. G-D is supposed to be interested in the individual not entities, nations, corporations, etc., and it is Nature who's only interested in the multitudes and species.

So, we need not deal with public rituals, worship, sacrifice and prayer, as this behaviour concerning a god is not compatible to any group.
The best thing that can be related here is that Thermal Equilibrium has never existed in any religious literature, in any story or form anywhere and it's a little late to start inserting this now and one will never hear about the Zeroth law of Thermodynamics and Thermal Equilibrium from proponents and popularizes of/from Irreducible Complexity or any other nightmare Creationist society.

This truth, its meaning in/and the responsibilities it invokes which cannot be hidden forever, becomes more powerful the more it is suppressed or ignored by small minds, which become smaller the bigger your powerful group or society is that represents some form of authority, where sufficiency and equivalency will inevitably return their favors. For instance: It makes no sense that god created plants (Day 3) before he created the sun (day 4) and no one notices this discrepancy for 6,000 years and no god would make that kind of error. So, for me to discuss the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics today, even as comedy, I don't expect any reaction from anybody for at least 60,000 years!
(The statistics for this website prove this!)

I do this for its own sake like anything else I have ever created in my life. We are just living beings and the real fantasists are those scientists and philosophers who only popularize things as if the entire universe and everything in it, including a god, was run by the Second Law of Thermodynamics and/or relate things only in physical terms and why people believe them, I have no idea and I don't want to find out either. Myself, I'm a completely free individual in mind and spirit and I cannot express how good that feels and I don't care if anyone understands or not. I can't because these are feelings and realizations one must discover on their own.

We, as a whole, will either learn the easy way or the most difficult way, but we will learn and we will meet beings somewhere who already have technology based mostly on thermal equilibrium and can even appreciate its philosophy. Of this we will stupidly consider them more advanced, when they are actually no better than us.

The architecture of modern-physics propaganda requires at least two separate terminologies for the same thing which favours one Law of Thermodynamics over another and ends up creating a world that does not exist, but everyone believes, and not surprisingly, the only one that benefits the privileged is the one that's taught while deprecating, or making invisible, the other half of thermodynamics, which is done by calling it physics. Nuclear science is a wonderful and immediate example, but this is evident everywhere in physics if we look closer.

Both the philosophies of good and evil see this as a good thing because it satisfies evil's use of Nature and transforms It, through the scientist, into a whore who gets raped all the time.
Later, Nature gets an upgrade from being whore and gets a promotion to "prostitute" where authority becomes Nature's pimp and you are its clients.
Legal entities like multinationals are a good example of this "authority" as pimps where governments come in and act like gangsters to get their cut, "skimmed right off the top" through "taxes" and kickbacks. Nature, on the other side must always, make matter do its thing first to preserve life.

Learning and studying Thermodynamics (which includes the Zeroth Law) and appreciating it at any level gives every man, woman or child a proper perspective on existence and never lets one forget its priorities while enhancing your own individuality, humanity and helps rebuild self-sufficiency, which is something everyone is losing. Best of all, it's completely free and no third party will show up at the door and all hypocrisy is immediately exposed. You can be an adult while having the eyes or heart of a child as Einstein recommended.

Playing Napoleon
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Time: 02:44

They tax energy (petroleum products), but they don't use the money to pave or repair the roads or clean up the air anyway and they give mega-banks and multinationals welfare (called bailouts) while marginalizing those who are truly disenfranchised, so what are people supporting except a system that must die or kill everyone eventually (see: Andron -2016). Most wars are caused by private concerns because they want the (enemies) natural resources or location or trade routes, etc. and not because of any cultural, differences, otherwise if people were bothered by different cultures there would be no tourists and that industry would be dead. All this nationalistic drum beating and saber rattling is good for children who want to play Napoleon Bonaparte.

Nature has a universal purpose in all meaning, which is more than any god or entity can claim. Authority just wants to do business, which everyone can agree is very important, but there are other things to consider when doing business because profit is not the only form of value and the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamic opens the door to these other forms of value and new innovative ways to do business that are highly amenable to any kind of society. It all depends on how sophisticated or barbaric one wants to be, and at one point there is always intention in any action, not folly. There is also a difference between interference and doing business and one will realize there is often more of the latter than the former, but is labelled as doing "business".

On Bombs

To recapitulate: If there is any matter left that has returned to its original properties after an explosion, it will then resume its trajectory after the explosion like nothing ever happened, albeit this trajectory would be affected for obvious reasons that no one needs an explanation for, but the principle itself is perfectly sound. In physics E= MC2 or h can be made meaningless where/when thermal equilibrium is occurring.

At best, these formulas are more complex and involved in deeper things and in thermodynamics primarily, and not just in physics. At this point we would be dealing with people with highly subjective and self-serving ideas, loyalties and purpose, which itself is a fun subject to investigate, where effortlessly one could trash 90% of the science community anywhere, as being entirely bogus and everything you read there is invented by a concentration of media ownership because they own the information they created and want to maintain 19th century ideas because that is what they are equivalent to. The question is now: "Are you equivalent to them, or better than these entities?"

The other missile that was launched and never exploded is long gone because it never went through any phase change, yet the general relativity of both missiles are as different as their new realities which was produced solely by the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics. (Note: Here we may also begin to be philosophical and start to begin eliminating any idea of "Creation" and start thinking that the Universe and all things we know were "Produced" or "Developed" instead from other things and their systems that existed long before there were atoms. Heat was different (as it still is in lots of different things) and time was different (as it too still is in many things.)

If we consider open-system science we could say the "Big bang", itself, is merely the continuation of some other movement that once existed, where the thermal equilibrium of one system has already been achieved and another one is going on now, and another will occur in the future. Further, where the big bang supposedly occurred; that might be just a quantum-sized bit of the actual universe then.

These can be the only realities for the Universe since it is the entire Universe and it has no place to go to except to nowhere or nothing, so its reality is only thermal equilibrium and we exist inside that thermal equilibrium, which is going on right now and not as a product of a Second Law of Thermodynamic-like explosion like the 'big bang', with a beginning and an end. The Universe is not a car that runs out of gas, or gets a flat tire after leaving the dealership.

The universe also makes "Nothing" something real by making it a destination to go, to become equivalent with. Without the universe "Nothing" would not exist and this can only be comprehended via Thermodynamics, beginning with the Zeroth law.

This, we already know is an impossible scenario since the entropy of the universe cannot increase, but its energy does increase as we now know with its accelerating expansion. The only way this is possible thermodynamically is if the universe is also busy transforming itself into something else altogether, where this accelerated expansion is occurring and we are witnessing a phase change, or a new form of phase change, but still nothing is being created or destroyed, and the energy was always there in matter and is being transferred which we see as, "accelerating expansion" which thermodynamically would be a property of matter on a universal magnitude and not some new physical phenomena in cosmology.

This points to other things that go to many other areas besides Thermodynamics (though related), that would take too long to describe and I want to keep the discussion on heat and Thermodynamics as exclusive as possible because there is already an enormous amount to cover.

The point is that gravity and acceleration were instantly suspended for this occasion, even though there was no mass change, and they resumed their function after the explosion and after Matter did its stuff and thermal equilibrium as a solid was re-established. This is not addressed in any relativity so there will always be problems here since the laws of physics according to time and phase changes are altered considerably and irrevocably. Any relativity applies only to the given state and particular phase of matter that is being observed at that particular time.

Here, we see that if I look at the statistics of HTML'S MAGIC during one day we see a quantum mechanical-like nothing between visitors, complete with their own frequency in their packets, where if I look at those same statistics for the month there is no such thing as nothing no matter what magnification I see this in and everything, whether quantum or classical is ultimately a very Cartersian-like Statistical mechanics.

These subjects are to be treated or considered very carefully as there are many errors discovered and proven in Descartes's philosophy, but like Aristotle there are some good things and many other things that are now known to be incorrect. The trick is not to confuse systems with real things. A photo (quanta) is something real, but a wave is a system, so light exists as both!

Here, I'm using the day/month statistics as a detector and not as an actual measuring device to avoid a long discussion where you, yourself, can refine the idea if you are interested and one should be mindful and fully familiar with the philosophies of the past to separate the good parts from the bad, and systems or real things because those are the only tools we have to work with so far and there are not too many people doing updates and corrections especially where there exists horrible barbarity in these philosophies.
Instead, these bad parts are implemented in our modern societies and for this to occur I blame organized science. See: The Superior Human? (2012) for an excellent example of modern Natural philosophy at work (the science of disproving).

Our advantage today is now we can use thermodynamics itself as a philosophy or as a guide since there is nothing better and there are no new philosophers today coming up with anything new.
Using 'Time' the Universe turns everything "off and on and off" all by itself, — Not "on off" or "off on", and can smooth everything together if it wants.

Powers of Ten™ (1977)
This famous clip demonstrates all the different orders of magnitude we know of so far.
(Don't be fooled by this film's age. In 2016, not much more has been discovered and nothing can be improved upon.)

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Time: 09:00

Between the beginning and the ends of the known mechanics, there are more than 45 orders of magnitude to consider and not just dismiss this with Higgs bosons (the ones discovered, so far, produce too many photons to be valid and are just bosons which theorists and the media are hard at work calling it the "Higgs" Boson, when it is not).
Particle physics is now fantasy, run by committees in consensus. Anything they say, now, has little truth and too much money has been spent already for them to go back now because those research grants and endowments will disappear.

According to Nature, there is no such thing as quantum mechanics, and then classical mechanics; there is both and there are maybe others too that are invisible to us where (above illustration) I have demonstrated using a simple example of how access to the same information that can be found inside, or indicated to exist, through open system thinking, which can be in both a point or in a wave because the day's statistics are represented here both ways and using the same type of system, but only Time, and nothing else, changes the properties of any information package, but not the information itself and this is because the properties of matter and information must be attended to first everywhere/any time in the Universe, and regardless if it is a point or a wave there is always a cycle (with a point it would be on, off, on). This applies to matter and work and even mass, but it is because of matter there are systems and without matter there are no systems at all.

So it is ridiculous to base any science, energy or heat theory without substance that is itself created only by forces and vibrations and not include matter/energy fields. So instead of thinking waves and particles, artistic philosophy and science journalism prefers to address this as points and cycles which don't go off in their own direction simultaneously and the various anomalies that both quantum and classical mechanics present, to prove one or the other as being better, are actually proof of both.

Since there are phenomena that exist that neither can prove there are other systems within thermal equilibrium in existence that are as yet to be demonstrated and proved themselves. It is this overconfident and arrogant absolutism that is spewed in the media by popularizers/prophets in physics and cosmology, who all seem to have a crystal ball that must be resisted or ignored and certainly not supported monetarily.

Pre-eruption activities in Alaska’s Redoubt Volcano
The recording at top is white noise prior to eruption. The example below this is the volcano's pink noise prior to eruption. (If quantum mechanics were to be represented only by sound, it would be represented as pink noise and classical mechanics as white noise.)
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Let us consider our discoveries involving black body radiation where, instead, we now consider "black body noise" made by expansion and contraction exhibited by all heat holding devices, things and objects, right up to volcanoes, (See: 'Volcano's "Scream" Before Eruption', with explanation of sound recordings included in article from seattlepi.com) and the Arctic where ice shelves melt and crack, making a sound you will never forget and energy was released in a noisy bundle which then is where wave theory can be used to measure the amount of energy that was released quantum-like in a scenic setting. One can easily imagine oneself walking across an ice shelf and the Earth is a particle that releases energy in discreet bundles into the cosmos and what goes on is the same as what goes on with an electron releasing a photon. It is just a difference in magnitude, but the process is the same everywhere and anywhere because of Thermal Equilibrium being established.

Modern physics is an evolution from ancient religion, where they teach of the invisible having an effect.
Thermodynamics teaches the visible having properties, many of which that are claimed by physics or some deity, but do not actually belong to either of them, i.e. Newton's Laws of Motion may actually be properties of Matter (a lot of Heat is not accounted for).

The quantum is not limited to certain magnitudes, nor are waves either, but the interface that does exist is non-existent so far to/for our "communicators" and celebrity scientists which I know, many of you, the ordinary reader, can "see" this already in the quintessence of your own mind and imagination by now, where a new word is all that is needed to begin exploring this interface between quantum and classical mechanics which I call "Points and Cycles" which are things that can exist "harmoniously" together like the differences between white and pink noise as demonstrated here, which gives the same information in the same situation, but from different perspectives where either can calculate, refer or infer the other, where together they provide even more information that is invisible to scientists, but not to artists.

These movements (vibrations) are "perpetual" because, according to Thermodynamics, no energy is being consumed yet they form the presence of Heat. These vibrations of any atomic system contribute to being the atom's properties instead, which are perpetual and allow for physical laws to exist.
The exclusivity of the "particle or wave" concept, which made more sense in the beginning of the 20th century should probably be a more modern "quantum and wave" concept and thinking of these two things within the terms of thermal equilibrium/disequilibrium would a good start since "Points and Cycles" with Hot and Cold together, instead of just Heat.

This list can be expanded; like Electrons and Photons are inseparable, and either, individually also cannot be split or smashed apart individually in the conventional way.
One cannot split or destroy an electron or photon, but they can split or alter particles and atoms and the reason why is because no energy can be released. ONLY MATTER can change electrons and photons and this, in another way, shows the divide between Dynamics and Physics.

This allows all quantum mechanical activity and phenomena to be included together and not just QED with classical mechanics since there is a lot of quantum mechanics going on that has nothing to do with particles while not forgetting that the quantum mechanical realm also deals with fields, forces, vibrations and substance which the so-called "standard model" of particle physicists cannot describe, — not to mention quasiparticles, which are never discussed in particle physics, which can also become Bose-Einstein condensates, for obvious reasons since only matter can be an condensate.

The ultimate dream of the particle physicist
Particle physics, which gets most of the attention in social media, should not even exist anymore and should even be banned because the only things they can create with this science are weapons of mass destruction (I mean the scientific term for mass) and a means to transport troops to distant planets, where quantum mechanics is the opposite and only good stuff awaits discovery. That's why on the news one hears 'New Particle This' and 'New Particle That' which is supposed to explain the meaning of existence, but it is all propaganda that would make the likes of Joseph Goebbels feel very proud, when he described the latest of "Nazi achievements" in his time.

It is particle physics that drives the primary wedge between the quantum and the classical sciences, where there should be no wedges like what the frigorific and caloric theories did in the past to explain heat and cold. Heisenberg's uncertainty principle proves that it is thermodynamics that controls the motions of the subatomic and physics itself is blind or partially blind there, and/or affects the actual experiment or observation, resulting in ludicrous conclusions that can never escape their closed systems.
Particle physicists are probably looking to harness and control things like mesons so they can destroy planets like in 'Star Wars'.

The military will not be denied the cosmos and will want to impose the values of those they serve, but I wonder how politicians of the future will sell the idea of patriotism against distant planets and call them terrorists or what sexual fantasy they will sell to young men so they can launch a thousand ships to an alien planet.
With our present ideas and the way we handle Nature which are not Thermodynamically sound; The bigger the cosmos becomes for us, the more Alien we become to it.

Psychopathia Sanctimoniam

At least the Americans are not hypocrites (because they don't have to be) because all their particle accelerators run by intellectuals have, more or less, been decommissioned and the ones that are now in full operation are actually doing real weapons research for the military and their masters and they are probably looking for things like "warp plasma" too (pure matter without any entropy) that is so far only available with micro-quasars to provide a means for superluminal motion for the medieval-like conquest of the Universe and, of course, to build weapons because of the nature of light (being transverse waves) does not allow power or disruption by lasers beyond a certain point since thermal equilibrium makes the rules there. They are looking for particles that can be controlled mechanically, chemically or physically.

With particles theories they can bombard things which, depending on the particle can then be developed as disruptors and these facilities are operated by their military, and we are the slaves building and maintaining and paying for these new, astonishing, modern day "pyramid" complexes who feel just as "content" or disillusioned as Homer Simpson or as slaves during the time of Egypt.

These complexes are so large and complicated, no one individual who works there knows what is really going on. What we see in the press and what's published in scientific journals is just fluff to keep up appearances. The only people who really know what's going on are people who don't talk to anyone and consider everybody a subject.

Royal Babylon: The Criminal Record of the British Monarchy
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Time: 1:33:55

These governments in Europe and in the United States are so complex and huge they would be impossible to change and every senator or governor, banker, minister, lord, royal family member, or in religion, any cardinal or bishop is some member of some pantheon and they all think they are gods. The world has been run by psychopaths and megalomaniacs since Babylon because they can easily slip in these systems and they breed together. They should be considered like some alien race from some other planet or human genetic mutation, because of their inter-breeding.
These people/families only marry and breed with money and power in a closed system, —not humanity. Therefore, they are not fit to rule or represent anything and cannot be part of any evolution or progress.

We have been shown over 100,000,000 times that 99.9999...% of all these kings, princes, presidents, prime ministers, aristocrats, senators, congressmen, multinational executives, advertisers, the mass media, popes, archbishops, priests and their equivalence in all other religions are all self-seeking liars and hypocrites. It's plain and simple and no one needs to be a rocket scientist to study this.

The only way to get rid of these things is for everybody on Earth to learn to be self-sufficient, by cooperating and by learning the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics and adopt its philosophy which will change the economy automatically (greatly improving it). Then, they and their systems will become redundant and inevitably die out on their own, or they can go back to whatever planet they came from.

Another way to understand the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamic and the difference between open, closed and isolated systems and their movements is through the study of Static Electricity. Photons (heat potential) and electrons (electrical potential) transfer their energy in exactly the same way.
All forms of energy are different forms of heat.

One cannot see electricity or gravity, but only its effect upon whatever matter; respectively: lightning and something falling. Lightning, as an example, is not "seeing" electricity; we are only seeing the effects of electricity upon atmospheric air through two different voltage potentials that has already occurred, which causes the ionized trail to be super-heated instantly along an ionized trail to plasma levels (millions of degrees Fahrenheit) giving-off light which causes a shock wave, which we call "thunder". Electricity appears entirely different when it's put through different conditions and this we call "Technology".

For instance: It is impossible to create an electric field in water because water is a conductor so we cannot transmit or broadcast any radio or light in water (which require fields), among other things. This is a problem for submarines. (A laser will only go a few miles before the light is all turned to heat)
So contrary to what one has been taught, insulators and inductors are more important then conductors and resistors because they create fields and energy/information can travel through them.

Gravity too appears, through matter, entirely different when it's put through different systems and this is called "Astrophysics". Matter's Properties are always attended to first and will countermand the laws of physics to do its stuff.

For instance one cannot make ice cubes burst into flames by rubbing them yet there is a lot of heat being generated in this activity which can melt the ice cubes (like one could melt steel in the same way where liquid steel happens to appear at 2750°F and not 32°F for H2O) even if the surrounding environment is below freezing as proven by Humphry Davy.

So today, when our "friendly" professors describe on You Tube saying, you cannot describe infinite heat at negative temperature, he obviously does not understand Thermodynamics and its relationship to phases in matter because there is no such thing as infinite heat, but only heat that will change one property of matter into another and when they are looking at Negative Temperature they are probably looking at the laws of thermodynamics in reverse as a reflection would do and it is the mathematics and instruments from this positive temperature universe that are giving us this "ridiculous" data.

The Amazing Power of Static Electricity
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Time: 20:32

Since they are using matter and maths in closed systems, their results about infinity become faulty because there is a smooth transition between negative temperature to positive temperature and hot always flows to cold in the same direction anywhere you are, on any scale.

Temperature and Energy are meaningless and are entirely subjective and relative. It is the movement/motion and pressure, whatever they are, to change matter's properties that are all important and it is matter's properties that are infinite. Heat and pressure and energy is just a collateral member of phases in matter. It is surprising that science still uses these terms where they are more appropriate for recipes along with cooking and baking, etc. because 900° F for lead is not the same 900° F for tin, in the way the heat performs, etc. Thermodynamics reveals that most of the physics and cosmology they teach is all balderdash, and should be severely scrutinized by all and they should be more careful when they use those words "temperature" and "energy".

The purpose of any Bose-Einstein Condensate, Solid, Liquid, Gas or Plasma, etc. is to store and organize heat, and all heat, when released, is radiation.
A Thermometer is more an indicator of matter in its particular state and less an expression of heat energy.

Inviting Disaster
Pennsylvania Nuclear Power Station Meltdown
You will note that all safety features are/were built along the principles of Second Law of Thermodynamics where there can be no feedback as what would be provided automatically with a Zeroth Law of Thermodynamic safety device.

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Time: 44:24

This is surprising to know when actual nuclear physicists don't take advantage of matters properties when considering the enormous cooling capacity in/of matter itself for their neutron moderator systems, especially concerning radioactive isotopes in the state of critical mass during thermal equilibrium where the two (Mass and Moderator) are not calculated as Equivalencies, where this protocol could have prevented any type of nuclear accident that has ever occurred, but instead they apply allotropic processes to produce dangerous and potentially uncontrollable reactions just to satisfy their ego and vanity and to be the first at the patent office, which is administrated by a Satan-like entity, or to be the first in the nation to build a new bomb which needs large amounts of plutonium and tritium, etc., to build, which is why they use these unnecessarily complicated and convoluted reactors because they produce this tritium and plutonium, but they tell everybody that this is the only way to produce "clean and safe" nuclear energy, never mentioning the enormous amounts of fossil fuels required to process these "nuclear fuels".
Notice in the above video, engineers, scientists, experts, politicians, the media and even the producers and narrator of this documentary pay no attention to thermal equilibrium or Thermodynamics, but only see and describe the physics, mechanics and chemistry of these two different nuclear disasters related here.

It's all balderdash and horse manure since Natural nuclear reactors or Thorium-based nuclear reactors do not produce any of these destructive things. See, Windscale fire and there is also a BBC documentary called 'Windscale: A nuclear disaster' for the political angle that created the first nuclear reactor disaster in history.

Bubble bursting at 18,000fps - The Slow Mo Guys
Here, we see the same principle involving the slinky, but this time involving dropping an object (a bullet)  through a soap bubble.
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Time: 03:44

In the future, the simple effect (as already shown) of a slinky contracting under stress towards the center of gravity will be handy to have as a detector for uncharted black holes or quantum singularities where the spaceship can avoid its influence, way in advance of any early warning system that can never be devised with any Second Law of Thermodynamics device because by the time any Second law of Thermodynamic detects a problem, it is already too late to save the ship (much like second-law based "detectors" in nuclear reactors as seen in the video 'Inviting Disaster' above), but it's not too late if this phenomena is detected with technology based on the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics when it applies its magic to physics.

This technology might be fine for cars and electric meters, etc., where it is not necessary to know things in advance, but not for reactors or extreme gravitational fields.
Remember: The Second Law of Thermodynamics can only explain and/or deal with conductors, but the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics deals with both fields and conductors.

Once caught in the gravity weld of a black hole (if detected by a Second-Law device), there is no escape no matter how weak it is relative to your distance, you will always be brought back to it and whatever it has done would ruin your ability to navigate and find a planet or another black hole to "erase" the gravitational weld, all courtesy of entropy.

It would be similar to a piece of metal next to a compass where you cannot find your true bearing anymore and think you're going in the right direction because even space is warped because of the black hole, and going back would only increase the speed of your ships demise unless you are very very lucky. The first influence of a black hole is the destruction of navigation.

AK-47 Underwater at 27,450 frames per second
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Time: 10:07

Only the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics can prevent this because the properties of matter come first before any energy is released, in any situation anywhere in the Universe. Fortunately, physics responds to thermodynamics too. Science already knows this, but the people they work for (authority) are imbeciles, as seen in the picture below, and probably like to keep people small.

Also, a ship traveling at superluminal motion can't just stop anywhere, like you see on Star Trek or Star Wars, etc. because if you stop where there happens to be the influence of a quantum singularity you can just say bye bye, too, in that situation, where reengaging your superluminal system won't make any difference and your ship itself will become a virtual quantum singularity instead of moving. You'd better be hopping from one planet to another where you can be sure there are no "anomalies". There are no second chances with this kind of movement and you can never go back because, now, you would have already become equivalent to something else. Everything you would know is no longer and you will probably end up in another dimension, magnitude, time or space if your ship survives, very much like the TV series 'Lost in Space' and 'Space 1999'.

Physics should be imagined like a little island in the middle of the ocean that grows bananas that calls itself a superpower because they can scare everybody with their "New-powerful Bananas".

Keep this in mind when I discuss in HTML'S MAGIC 'The Principles of the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics', how important the Zeroth Law and open system technology will be to our future. That is assuming we actually do evolve and escape out of the fake economy, and fake cultures, fake religions, fake education/information, fake royal families, fake politicians, fake civilizations, and fake ideas, etc., we all exist in presently.

When you don't take these things overly seriously or, at least, get the proper amount of rest, then, they are easier to change or manipulate into something better where you are not actually working against them, but making them better and more in line with things that operate naturally as in the Universe and can ultimately take care of themselves automatically where humankind does not need to bother with these things anymore and can then work on higher things, but the machines go on by themselves.

Children can come and visit these machines on a school field day and tend to them and do some cleaning and maybe some light repairs since this would be part of their formal education because through this, they would learn from them like the stone-age man who learned things by merging with functioning matter that produced real work or useful information.
It would be important for them to touch these machines at the very least.

It is inescapable: The higher the technological ladder we ascend, the more we will learn about the philosophy of the universe through matter and, like a cycle, we will have a similar feeling that stone-age man had in his time. This is why they come out with all the garbage one sees in science news today because its purpose is to retard this process and to make people absolutely stupid, confused and every other thing expensive and exclusive for nothing. Technology must serve Nature as well as man otherwise it is not technology.

Modern-day scientists ultimately only sell "technology" that consumes unnecessary energy and Nature deals with their inventions as invasive.

The only reason why you probably still don't/can't understand Thermodynamics is because your mind has been filled with garbage from childhood.

In Creeps Wisdom
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Time: 00:24

If we were to "see" a slinky contracting horizontally, from the side, and in two dimensions, we would be seeing the slinky fixed in space, and theoretically forever, depending in what is going on in the matter because we cannot "see" what's completely going on in those two dimensions we placed ourselves in, regarding perspective and there is nothing to tell us there will ever be.

We could only see what may be happening in 3 + 1 dimensions and the same is true for anything where we do not see motion thermal-dynamically in 3 + 1 dimensions where only an unknown perspective is required to "see" that something would be happening because motion comes first with regard to Thermal Equilibrium in the Universe before any physical movement and there are certainly forms of Thermal Equilibrium we cannot see.

There is nothing Newtonian, Cartesian or Relative in anything or anywhere in the Universe where a Sufficient kind of Thermal Equilibrium has not been achieved, or is achieving first.

There obviously must be lot of activity going on with a black hole, but we just can't see that particular extra dimension to be aware of this movement or be aware of any motion beyond angular momentum, so we just see a black hole in space affecting things gravitationally.

The Compass and Metal Coffee Cup Effect

Click or Tap to Open
Time: 01:21

This gives black hole theorists something to think about next time; where they already are supposed to have the facilities to be able to conjugate this in more dimensions, — like the dimensions a black hole possesses like I can with only two dimensions with/for simpler systems.

Unfortunately they seriously lack any kind of real imagination to actually think of using their computers and instruments in this way, nor are they going to use the Step Method in their approach, but will only use closed system mathematics which is inapplicable to isolated or open systems.

Anyway, there is nothing "counterintuitive" in the Universe because the Universe doesn't do things the way, we say, it should do things, but does things the way It wants to do things and to understand the fairness in this, you must; first stop thinking like a child and think like the Universe and not like some tiny mortal on some speck of dust loaded with petty concerns and allusions.

All these articles I write here on thermodynamics; in 30 years from now I'm sure I will still be adding to them because I can take a lifetime to do this and still only scratch the surface while just enjoying the process of writing and because I simply feel like it, giving information, itself, the time needed to go where it belongs.
There is no "deadline" for/in these monologues.

When I'm gone, someone else can add to it seamlessly in/into the future because this document is alive, growing, making full of mistakes (but going in the right direction) and completely free, like men/woman are supposed to be and anything they touch becomes life physically and/or existence metaphysically.
The mistakes also get corrected overtime so it is the principles wherever an error has been read that must be considered.

Information goes to where it's a most needed as this thing corrects itself automatically, where the proper file/document that is needed always falls on my lap, as if by magic at the appropriate time.
This work is a metaphysical act of Thermal Equilibrium transposed into art for its own sake.

The Universe is indeed automatic and like I described in the beginning on phlogiston. A theory is not supposed to be perfect either since it usually leads one to new things to discover anyway if it's mostly good (Feynman).
Theories don't necessarily need to be wrong to be no good; they can end up being better by themselves because they were wrong. It is collaboration that is important and a document/idea must live and grow.

The Law of Sufficiency says: Everything works out in the end. It is the road getting there that is filled with bad and good things. Only indoctrination and programming from youth creates nouns into verbs and verbs into nouns that are done/made to mold the mind for the purposes of a closed society.
Only Thermodynamics can say what these things/systems are in/from their original form and purpose according to Nature.
Now, would be a good time to rewrite/reexamine history.

For The First Law of Thermodynamics to have any meaning and purpose it must be in/as a closed system or isolated system, which is the preferred real estate in science and religion (what a coincidence) but this beautiful suburb does not describe the forest and the ocean and countless other areas that can be developed by anybody for an indefinite variety of purposes and aims, where nothing gets disturbed as well and we will find the First law there too.

Metatruth: Nature asks you to look, science and religion want you to believe and art want you to feel and think.

Everything "Breathes"
Here is a simple example involving Mercury. But a piece of solid Iron (or any other element) "breathes" too. It is only when anything is heated that it "breathes" more and becomes noticeable, which they call "vapour".
This is one of the reasons why a vacuum does not exist since the walls and anything the enclosure contains would, overtime, become, according the the Laws of Thermodynamics, one with the space and create a rarefied "Air". This "Air", would be filled with all sorts of dynamic activity as any fluorescent/neon tube will demonstrate by glowing light in the spectrum the elements these tube contain.

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Everything that exists 'breathes' whether living or not; whether actively or passively, whether it be a virus, bacteria, a clump of iron, a meteorite, a planet, a galaxy or the Universe, and this cannot be described using determinism or with probabilities exclusively, or only with isolated and closed systems.

It is 'Inevitability', Equilibrium, 'Sequences of Events' and 'Cycles' that are important with The Laws of Thermodynamics and its systems, not Possibilities, Probabilities and/or Directions, but it also determines how all these things (and more things) will work together.

Direction or motion is only a property or effect of Energy, not Matter and this "direction" thing, if it occurs spontaneously, moves always in the direction of "nowhere" as we would see from a missile's sudden explosion, where by putting a box and a grid around this, we create a "somewhere" without the box and the grid it is "nowhere"

For Example: To become a megalomaniac, you need to create a LIMIT or enclosure out of what is nothing/everything to be able to "acquire it". That's why these types are considered insane.
These types simply do not know how to navigate between different systems and their entire existence is an illusion. Their values are not to be followed or even registered because their systems are illusions which they create arbitrarily.

Evolution, Itself, is a miracle because it delivers more than it was given to create or realize anything with, and this magnificent power is demonstrated all the time in many things throughout time, which is why it is important to corrupt with strange political or religious ideas, so you cannot realize this potential yourself and your own ability to do wonderful and magnificent things. Where this instinct is naturally strong in some, it is made to service a system for a corrupt society instead, and not serve humankind and they are made to believe they are doing well too.

Aristotle (representation)
The whole is always greater than the sum of its parts, which is now impossible in science philosophy and has always been so with religious philosophy since one owes his existence to some deity somewhere.

Only God or Satan is "great" and everything they do or create is inferior to them so it makes one wonder why they even exist since their own existence would be futile and pointless because everything they do or create is, again, inferior them. They cannot make perfect copies or equals of themselves.
(I'm not saying god does not exist; I's saying god is a lot more than what theology describes fundamentally.)

It becomes necessary to invent sin/punishment and turn them into real things that can be counted rather than say that good and bad are dynamic systems in a continuum that all things must go through to arrive at C. Everything that exists, whether animate or inanimate must go through this process.

With them, there is no A = C;  so all religion (and now science) is just programming because these things can only exist in the multitudes of properly conditioned minds that no longer can make these kind of connections where we immediately find flaws, which are now only possible to find if one today studies carefully the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics and Thermal Equilibrium.
People lie and are erratic, but Nature never lies and is consistent.

These natural philosophies also have the gift to guide you in advance to navigate away from any nonsense and their proponents. A = C:  You will know the future that any outside influence will bring you before it can affect you detrimentally. That is the only morality and ethics one needs to know, which is: "Avoid Harm", —not, "Do no Harm" and you take out the middleman, expert or priest at the same time.

So, from the point of view of matter, when it moves from point A to B, it is energy in the classical and quantum mechanical Universe we see outside matter doing this, whether it be a constant or a reaction, but the energy in matter "Happens" first because there are more forms of energy inside matter that don't exist outside the matter, i.e. 'Latent heat' during a phase change in solids and liquids is one example, where the latent heat of gases and plasma is practically unknown.
This means, according to thermodynamics, that chemistry is still in its infancy.

So, from the point of view of matter, when it moves from A to B, it is energy inside matter we do not see doing this, hence how superluminal motion can exist, ejected from a micro quasar.

The Universe is not a gift or a consequence of anyone, — it is everything. It just is and age is irrelevant and has appeared in an infinite number of forms and will just go into other forms indefinitely because it must experience everything to be everything.

Heat, in its infinite forms readily demonstrates this. So, what we know as heat today will be something different in a few eons from now and their "reality' will be just as valid as our own and Thermodynamics will still be there, but the laws of physics will be quite different.

You are supposed to be a part of this ontology which includes you, all life, animate and inanimate, and you will discover that you have been removed from this by other men, not by Nature, which is a continuum of/for thermal equilibrium, not a group, or container or consortium of energy and everything gets separated and divided up from everything else.

Every particle and atom that makes you was always part of the universe in its various forms and will always exist in the future in new forms. What makes you, you, is just a system that has assembled your being into what it is now (which we call life) and there will be new systems to exist in, in the future which are just as valid as "life".
There is nothing divine when one creates systems as this process is natural, and all systems flow into one another.

To give the Universe an actual age is to put a box around It, turning It into a closed or isolated system when the Universe cannot be either, but only an Open system and there is a universe of countdowns going on right now alongside a universe of count-ups, all in different cycles of Thermal Equilibrium of their respective realities.

Yet, because matter is the only thing involved, there is no interference anywhere. Only energy is capable of interference because energy is not part of the universe, but a consequence of matter, so it must interfere where with matter it is the opposite; where there is no matter anywhere in the universe that interferes with any other matter.

This business of Hot going to Cold is adorably cute and is quite suitable to teach this to children after they have learned Thermal Equilibrium first (The Zeroth Law) otherwise there is no point in teaching science in the first place and one is only teaching what to think and what to do in life to better serve a society which can take many forms, but they are all closed systems, which is great for machines and computers, — but people?

This is like teaching the closed system that the sun rises and sets in the heavens and not the open system of the Earth, the sun and all other bodies in the solar system sharing a common center of gravity.

The same type of error exists for ideas like the big bang or creationism because they are closed systems and treat all things, including their mathematics as closed systems which lead to ridiculous questions like, "Can Robots Learn to Be More Human?",GD rather than, "Can we make robots more human?" (and no it's not an Onion news report, but from the National Geographic!)

People must be given the tools to think with, not just the standardized things to do things with where the standard for all things must only apply to humans. Science and religion must apply to all things and all different forms of life, without exception.
This also renders life and individual people more interesting and vital. Everything becomes more valuable plus more forms of value exists.

Gifted Youngster Sells Cookies To Buy Attack Ad
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It seems that stupid people and stupid organizations talk too much and conjugate old ideas to make them appear new and they seem to dominate the air waves and other mass media as if philosophy were some democratic process that euthanizes emphasizes survival of the loudest and most talkative even if they talk nonsense.

Intercepting the thermal equilibrium of any information is the only thing that should be converted or utilized to do mechanical energy rendering ideas such as Entropy, in these cases, as redundant because we can use the Principle of Sufficiency to create thermal dis-equilibrium in any ratio desired by playing around, or experimenting with different pressures and temperatures, heat and cooling capacities and locations of things, including the full understanding of their properties and attributes as separate entities and as being together.

We see this immediately where an LTD engine works better by putting ice cubes on it rather than fire beneath it, or with the Stirling engine that can glow red hot or liquify the surrounding air by simply separating and organizing, mechanically, the already-available and abundant existing heat in the air.

There is no necessity to burn anything whatsoever for our simple needs that concerns the power to move things and no one should have to pay for either, plus there are other systems to create hot water like Water hammers which will be described later.
All one must do is manipulate the motion of matter mechanically. In a closed system, making heat or cold is just to reverse the mechanical action. One can also do this manipulation by switching closed and open systems by design.

If the economy collapses; let it collapse, no one will need it anyway when every man, woman and child of any nation and culture can gather all the energy one needs by himself to do the things they want to survive, grow or build. Energy is more important than money. Later when everyone has this ability, new forms of trade will emerge quickly to buy all our vain luxuries one wants, but never again will there ever be any poor on the planet. With "free" and clean energy, one can do anything, which is more than what paper money can do.

Everybody has great and unique ideas. The problem is to get the heat energy to create the thing/system into the physical. With unlimited and "free" energy systems, one can do anything. This energy must be paid for, but Thermodynamics accepts different forms of value to trade with beyond paper money.

Thermal Equilibrium even decides what the gods are allotted and limits their powers.
Everything they do must be paid for in one way or another. This especially includes miracles. What appears as a "miracle"; well, the damage has only been moved to some unseen place. There is no "cure" for anything except to transfer any disease into something else.

So miracles, force us to exist inside an enclosure, that cannot allow anyone to see where anything goes; good or bad.
God, himself does this by creating hell, but it is hell that makes heaven necessary. These things cannot exist in reverse. The fact that they say they do, means neither exist.
It is the same where one does not argue with a priest or cleric because one knows already one cannot argue with Thermodynamics, so why bother with priests etc., who contradict Thermodynamics?

Think of Thermal Equilibrium or the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics as a form of sacrificial rights of the gods in reverse.
Where instead of us giving a portion of the hunt to a god as an offering or sacrifice, Thermal equilibrium is the allotment that Nature sacrifices and given to life to use as they want.
To willingly use Nature's energy and matter and waste it in any way incurs Nature's wrath which we read about in the news every day or understand things like apocalypses. It is unlucky to waste matter and energy because none of our problems would exist if we powered everything using only Thermal Equilibrium and the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics exclusively and for portable power and movement devices, we should develop better storage devices and their recharge distributions for this power.

Latent Heat
RTSP Video
Easy-to-Understand 'Latent Heat' (Remember that Latent heat always involves the energy needed for matter to change in phase. What goes on in between phases involves what is called "Specific heat")

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Drebbel's jars of salted ice shows you how Thermal Equilibrium with matter is extremely important to Nature and puts its activities before everything else; Where the Second Law of Thermodynamics defers and is wholly subservient to this, but it is never actually a complete. This is why thermodynamics is also a philosophy, whether one likes it or not. People must remember that all mechanical inventions we have today have a historic counterpart that does not run on fossil fuels or electricity.

This would be a good time to look up 'Latent heat' while you have this in mind. Yet, there are many with real Ph.D's that want to abrogate the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics and by consequence, Thermal Equilibrium and create a make-believe society based on the Consumer-grade Second Law of Thermodynamics administered by private enterprise.

A teacher can show thermal equilibrium and the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics to ordinary Grade schoolers, yet here we find, in these articles I've written on Thermodynamics, that many scientists and engineers, today, don't understand Thermal Equilibrium or open systems because if they did, they would never say such things as removing The Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics and other nonsense that I will point out. Nor would they give/create those baroque explanations on Thermal Equilibrium and treat it as a problem on top of that and then write books, make documentaries, and give circuit lectures.

Most of these popularisers of science and religion are on a campaign to promote systems that, while overthrowing free enterprise, only benefit multinationals and the governments they control who sell things that don't belong to them in the first place.

Allegorically, to me, Nature is an adopted Muse and has many enemies who want to put Her in a box and the Muses are only too happy to offer Her protection, freedom, shelter.

“I begin my song with the Heliconian Muses;
they have made Helicon, the great god-haunted mountain,
their domain; their soft feet move in the dance that rings
the violet-dark spring and the altar of mighty Zeus.
They bathe their lithe bodies in the water of Permessos
or of Hippocrene or of god-haunted Olmeios.
On Helicon’s peak they join hands in lovely dances
and their pounding feet awaken desire.”

(Hesiod, Theogony, lines 1-8)

The purpose of these discussions are to keep everything open and remove unnecessary fences and divisions and reveal a friendly universe because power and the means to "own" that power with their new fences and divisions they create, can now being patented because the law is being reconfigured to do this.

Ice and Salt
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The only surprising thing about this, is that they don't teach this 'Thermal Equilibrium' thing first to school children, but jump ahead to the First and Second Law of Thermodynamics first, and we are only talking about some crushed ice and some salt, so it's not because of any budgetary concerns. On the other hand, an elementary teacher cannot explain how a simple thermometer or a bathroom scale works to grade schoolers using these First and Second Laws that they skip to.
A student who jumps ahead instead of reading his/her textbook from the beginning invariably gets into trouble and so this is the same with teachers. It is basically a verboten subject especially where other subjects that interfere, that are esoteric, that are put in priority, and, actually, should only be taught at college level, like religion, and religion like it or not, is an esoteric subject.

Example of how important concepts are even hidden in comedy because they would be attacked by mainstream scientists if discussed seriously, where only NASA and her engineers has the intelligence to research this (link below).
Demonstration of simple Endothermic reactions to school children (video above) opens the door to the future in science and even spaceship propulsion as seen disguised in the science fiction comedy 'Galaxy Quest' (1999) where anyone talking about this in ordinary scientific circles is ridiculed, but not with places like the White House and NASA who have much better scientists working for them and are very interested in everybody's future while offering awards and incentives. see: Heat Exchanger and Reactor for Endothermic Fuels in Hypersonic Propulsion…
Relearning basic thermodynamics properly, from the top, with The Law of Thermodynamics that deals with Thermal Equilibrium at the beginning, incalculably improves this situation.

Everyone can learn something for themselves too, which is called: 'Cooperation' and everyone's happy.
Thermodynamics teaches one through its inclusive A = C how to deal with trouble before it happens so one can avoid it; plus, one is a step ahead.

Organized religion and science teaches you through its exclusive A ⇒ B how to deal with trouble when it's already too late to prevent or change anything.
We can't build a time machine to fix something from the past, but we can know the future before it happens using with the proper data: If A = B and B = C then A = C

Through this "insight", one can understand easily that it is better to use Open systems and thermal-equilibrium models not only in philosophy, but in the mathematics of calculating, unless humankind wants to remain with only 2 dimensional thinking and geometry while not understanding that all things exist as part of systems that go way beyond A → B or think you can put Nature in a bottle or box.

From Wikipedia on the Philosopher Jean-Jacques Rousseau

The first man who, having fenced in a piece of land, said "This is mine," and found people naïve enough to believe him, that man was the true founder of civil society. From how many crimes, wars, and murders, from how many horrors and misfortunes might not any one have saved mankind, by pulling up the stakes, or filling up the ditch, and crying to his fellows: Beware of listening to this impostor; you are undone if you once forget that the fruits of the earth belong to us all, and the earth itself to nobody.

Jean-Jacques Rousseau, 'Discourse on Inequality', 1754

Here's something that is actually well written in Wikipedia, in another article about Thermodynamics, — but only this part because it's funny, which Wikipedia is not known for.

This picture from Wikipedia 'Thermodyn-
amic system' has an error which if you click or tap on the picture you will find; 'Wikipedia 'Isolated System'. This is all wrong because you can actually transfer work through or into isolated system via Thermal Equilibrium which I will show later. So this might be true in physics but this is not so in Thermodynamics and in this, work only changes into another form of work. (these kinds of "errors" are all over the place in all forms of media involving science which is why it can be so confusing, where one PH.D. says this and another PH.D. says that)
You just can't transfer energy and matter through an isolated system but Work can through Thermal Equilibrium and it can do many remarkable things too. (remember when I said that Isolated system were also given a bum rap by science besides Open systems?)

Classical thermodynamics describes the exchange of work, heat and energy between systems. It has a special interest in systems that are individually in states of thermodynamic equilibrium. Thermodynamic equilibrium is a condition of systems which are adequately described by only macroscopic variables. Every physical system, however, when microscopically examined, shows apparently random microscopic statistical fluctuations in its thermodynamic variables of state (entropy, temperature, pressure, etc.). These microscopic fluctuations are negligible for systems which are nearly in thermodynamic equilibrium and which are only macroscopically examined. They become important, however, for systems which are nearly in thermodynamic equilibrium when they are microscopically examined, and, exceptionally, for macroscopically examined systems that are in critical states, and for macroscopically examined systems that are far from thermodynamic equilibrium. Look up: Wikipedia 'Thermodynamic system' modified on 14 April 2013

Arrows, Arrows, Arrows everywhere
This baroque masterpiece from Wikipedia (above) that never mentions matter in any system in existence required a golden frame around it with beautiful quotation marks to show that it is very difficult for people to understand and explain systems that function or exist only through Equilibrium, — even if it is the chief driving force of the Universe, and unless there are those comforting arrows to show them where each little thing has to go and what to do all the time, like in this picture, which through programming since childhood for everyday life, is an attempt by those specialists in the First and Second Law of Thermodynamics to explain Equivalency where we always end up with these funny explanations that themselves go around in circles like their Chou-Chou engines and where, while plugging one loophole, another appears suddenly and so on.

Artistic Philosophy: Arrows, that are taught to be used from early childhood actually indicate a peculiar form of slavery and are better than hypnoses and brainwashing. Just follow the arrow with your eyes, and you will feel your eyes getting hea vier and hea vier and heavier. Philosophically, Chains keep you in one place. Arrows, can be seen as "Flowing-Chains" connecting humanity while driving everyone nuts.
Arrows are to consumers, as pheromones are to a Queen Bee or Queen Termite. The difference is that insects have a specific useful and intelligent purpose to the orders they are given by their queen termite and humans are not except to buy or do things they don't need or really want. This, philosophically, by comparing objectives and purpose, makes any fat-termite queen a superior life form compared to any board-room executive of any private enterprise.

With matter we don't need arrows for anything to explain any work systems. If you program a computer to express things equivalently, even an analogue computer, it too will go around and around indefinitely like the explanation above in the box, but the Human Brain understands equivalency and can finalize the results naturally unless, it is programmed like a computer and that brain believes that its programmed reality is the entire Universe and never asks questions. By relying on computers too much and extending them too far, they alter philosophy and awareness itself.

Anyway, this is unacceptable, or, at the very least, this should be considered unacceptable. If you need to describe any form of mechanical movement of heat; Use the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics not the Second Law of Thermodynamics and start with the Step Method and program your computers accordingly with this system in mind.

In the first place, there is no such thing as Mechanical Equivalence to anything in this Universe that involves the First and Second Laws of Thermodynamics because of entropy; So why use these laws to describe it?

I don't blame Wikipedia because the people who teach this stuff are taught to teach Thermodynamics this way. They are slaves serving a master somewhere, training a new generation of slaves.
As I always say: "Triple check everything."

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