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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The Caloric Theory, James Joules, The 1848 Revolution

HTML'S MAGIC: Extreme Cold - Page 10 - 'The Caloric Theory, James Joules, The 1848 Revolution'.

Page 10 of 'Extreme Cold'
'A History and Monologue on Matter and Natural Systems
in Materials Science of/for Energy Systems within
any Macroscopic Scale'.

by GP duBerger

(How A Lot of Work and Value is Still Created by Nature, Both Good and Bad, in Areas We Would Not Normally Think This Happens, and All Because of The Existence of Heat.)

To skip this prologue that criticizes current social systems/economics and how they create waste and any society's eventual destruction, skip to below by clicking Here, or you can get the same idea from real scientists (and begin your research from there) by going to, Economic thermodynamics, where one will discover that this author is not so crazy after all, and that he is giving those that are interested the whole picture. (As an artist would do.)

There are no differences between any of the laws that govern the transfer of information (of any kind) and the laws that govern the transfer of heat in any system. Only the mechanisms are different. To understand any information and its value, in any system; one must understand heat. This is why Thermodynamics is so important and not the boring subject it's made out to be.

Thomas Hobbes
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Unlike scientists, artists and poets deal with Equilibrium and Equivalency all the time, as this is our 'Science' that governs our art because of the way form must be handled to create it, and equilibrium along with sufficiency are our methods to discover and explore truth, lies, beauty and ugliness among other things. This includes the creation of new ideas, science and philosophy, as I have already shown.

Roughly speaking, we would use adjectives, adverbs and intransitive verbs to find new nouns and verbs and their new systems. From there, we consider tendencies and movement and consider where they could apply and/or where they might go by themselves in any system, and by interfering as little as possible.

Blaise Pascal
Blaise Pascal
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These days, Thermodynamics is the obvious template in/for changing our views, approaches, perceptions and opinions in anything from art, science, economics, mathematics, medicine, philosophy and even organized religion because, with it, we can counterman things like Pascal's Wager (which can only be true in a closed system) and create something better by improving organized religion and all it's present beliefs and systems.
Miracles cannot and do not exist because Heat and the laws that govern it says so. For instance: The entire cosmos, the Earth, the water etc., ect., could not of been created in 6 days because that would of created even more heat than what actually exists!
Where did all that heat created, from those processes, in such a short amount of time come from, and where did all that heat go in the physical universe, and why only there, and why was this not recorded along with all other of god's wonderful creations?
God is not known for his modesty and would of made sure this was known, like he did with everything else.

As science must be objective, otherwise it is not science (and we seem to be more and more of that these days); religion must be depersonalized, otherwise it is not a religion, but only a matter of opinion based on faulty and/or obsolete and inappropriate data.
Take away personality, we find we don't need fairy tales and these miracles can take hundreds of billions of year to happen all by themselves and all because of Heat.
The questions organized science and organized religion should be asking is: Where did Heat originally come from and why does it exist in the physical universe?

Thermodynamics, when all the laws are put together, never lets you forget that you are always part of some system and cycle, intentional or otherwise, whether you are alive or dead, because you are part of the universe. Good and evil only exist as forces of Nature in both animate and inanimate matter, and only in closed systems with always-increasing entropy.

This is were we can see, both, good and bad value, but they are still value. The difference being, is that the truth can be real and/or some system and it is the individual who makes that choice in considering what is a system or something real, but this applies, again, only to people living/depending in/on a closed system (like society) because it is only they who have to make those choices. In open or isolated societies, the choices we make are entirely different, as with our views and perspectives regarding anything.
This situation is getting worse, where in the past people could get addicted to drugs and alcohol, but at least these things are real things, but today's millennials are addicted to systems, like social networks and social media and apps, etc., which cause even worse damage to the central nervous system, their psyche and health. Today, 75% of millennials, in the United States, are overweight or terribly obese.

Modern-day scientists and especially celebrity scientists and "communicators", in their way, have achieved the same by NOT applying the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics anywhere, which would include open and isolated systems, and it is no surprise that those brilliant scientists that existed in the beginning of the 20th century were acquainted with all the Laws of Thermodynamics along with the physics/mathematics/systems their specialty required.

spectrecorp logo
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Science has become a farce and the information people and students are given about the universe are all closed systems. In effect, the goal of modern-day science is to replace religion, and even Nature, and make it controllable/manipulable by a/the state. One way they do this is via economics where gods are replaced by philosophical systems that say/speak, "what is/makes good business/practices", or, "who benefits the most from research, exploitation and the transfer of money/value". They will never discuss Free enterprise, but only Private enterprise.

So, we now have consumer-grade scientists popularizing a consumer-grade First and Second Laws of Thermodynamics with theoretical physics or chemistry placed first, creating new science, technology and philosophy that are fundamentally antithetical to their promise or purpose. (See: Anti-scientist). The "science" they create is only good for consumerism and militarism.

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So when we (artists) see Thermodynamics and, by implication, physics being presented like it is on BBC, PBS, Wikipedia, CERN, etc., et cetera, we start asking questions and usually a new art movement comes into being in situations like this.
But then, the "truth" to an artist is not the same as it would be for a scientist, or most professors, since real artists carry no obligations to any sponsor or have any misguided loyalties to anything but Nature, but scientists, professors and religious authories do.
So today, most professors, scientists, etc., along with big media reporting on papers that only support big oil, or the status quo and the equally wasteful nuclear energy technology, where thermodynamics shows better systems to employ, even in those industries and technologies.

To the artist, there is no such thing as an "inconvenient" truth. We are there to humanize raw feeling/truth into a new universe where we all happen to exist in and since it comes from Nature, there must be some good in it somewhere where we can be compatible and actually enrich everything while we ourselves become enriched: if we start by opening our eyes and listening carefully.

Artists also see other forms of value in life and we know of life beyond those statistical chronological years that allow us to "encompass" those other forms of value that have nothing to do with religious/scientific beliefs. In fact, Time if it were to find a proper instrument to register itself would resemble more a compass, in how it operates, than a clock since it always slows down towards the point of most mass in the given area. In a case of a time-compass, the "pointer" would be like the base of a pendulum. Again, we find that A = C.

This is why artists do not write anything too often because no one likes what we say, but as far as everyone should be concerned for now, is that the human race is going to die (at least the ones that like to be caged in) because of the modern scientist, so it makes no difference if anyone likes what is written here or not. The majority of human existence has existed as free people and this is what we address.
What scientist do free is this: They all open a Pandora's box and then quote Eastern religion when they feel guilty.

Ask not what Nature can do for you, but ask what you can do for Nature.
(The rewards are guaranteed and will be immediate, in more ways one bargained for)

Theoretical/particle physics, cosmogony and cosmology, we have written off a long time ago, but now must be included here because of their incursion with the nightmarish Thermodynamics they have created, which itself is pollution.
The real Thermodynamics which includes all systems must be protected by everyone otherwise say, "bye bye" to everything.

Before we can "protect" the environment, we must protect and understand the processes that, all by themselves, created and maintains the environment. The study of heat and what it does to matter, all by itself, in/with all systems is the only way to do this. Information should follow the same path and encompass what all the laws of Thermodynamics have implicated and not be dissected into meaningless parts and then that is designated as "information", "predictions" or forecasts.

Another example of incompetence and pareidolia, we see with those scientists working at the LHC in their love affair of the "Standard Model", discussing "Elimination of background information"GD in their experiments, to alter the outcome of an experiment to the way they think it should be and according to the "theory du jour", just like Hollywood producers write stories, or Bible literalists interpret sacred texts feeding off, or profiting from human weaknesses that are created by closed systems, which they perpetuate.
These guys are no Heinrich Hertz or Michael Faraday either, but do everything to make you think they are.

This is a perfect closed system ideal and indicates that they are looking to create the future of 'weapons of mass destruction', or reveals too much about physics today and its philosophy to even consider eliminating any kind of information under any circumstances, or from any perspective.

When doing research, one accepts information and philosophy the way Nature gives it to you and deal with it, and not see what you want to see and eliminate the rest, where it conforms to ancient texts of philosophy, ideas and religion that should of been retired a long time ago.

Instead, they have moved beyond the philosopher Francis Bacon who said that, "one must torture Nature to get Her to reveal Her secrets", and now they do the same with the information/"confessions" themselves. The torture chamber, or the dungeon are still very real. It only resembles a laboratory now.
To this day, physicians still don't know how to measure pain, or support such research because this could be applied everywhere in many of this domain's exploitative practices and its philosophy could be extended elsewhere and even to matter itself, where/when we smash atoms or irradiate anything.

We may reconsider the poet/artist William Blake: "Blake thought that "Newton, Bacon, and Locke with their emphasis on reason were nothing more than 'the three great teachers of atheism, or Satan's Doctrine'." Humankind can exist very well without any knowledge of physics, but cannot exist or look at any future without knowing and respecting Thermodynamics and all it touches.

This is very expensive tinkering, not science where anything they don't understand or don't want (and they seem to know what that is) gets removed like what Kelvin and Clausius did (explained later), and what Heinrich Hertz or Micheal Faraday never did. Or they, with their arrogance, decide what Nature is doing, or going to do, or not going to do because a god somewhere says so or forbids it Before the facts which is a direct contradiction to what people like Galileo/Boyle/Hertz/Faraday were trying to do, since by following thermodynamic models we give a foundation to the scientific method.

If it were not for the study of Heat and Cold in the 16, 17 and 18th centuries, there would be no science today besides Astronomy.

Maceo Plex - Learning to fly
“Once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been, and there you will always long to return.” - Leonardo da Vinci
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Time: 07;46

This, by the way, is the big difference between Galileo and today's Stephen Hawking (Hawking also claims to be a "reincarnation" of Galileo. This is very unscientific of him.) is that Galileo studied thermodynamics and Hawking never has, so science, especially theoretical science has lost its way and now we are beginning to study the universe and venture off into space with this consumer-grade science that depends on exploitation and not cooperation (between ourselves and with Nature) where we will eventually pay the price.

That's modern-day theoretical/particle physics and chemistry, and you are paying for this in one way or another with these modern professionals who preside and play god with their organized science, researching rare substances that only exist in certain parts of the world, and these nations and their population end up suffering because of this.

The consumer, on the other hand use these rare metals, taken from poor, purposely corrupted and exploited nations, that make things like smart phones possible and so thin, so consumers can play games like 'Pokemon Go', order pizza, find drugs (See: A Mobile App That Helps You Find The Best Weed), buy shoes (when one already has a hundred pairs), or to find multiple partners for sordid activities with the applications these thing allow and practically create themselves.
These excessive and artificial "needs" only exist because the people that use/need them exist in a prison called, "society", which is a closed system.
The human and animal habitat cost and suffering induced by this system for capitalism and unrequited narcissism is overwhelmingly too much.

Like historians on Wikipedia, writing about past personages, as if they had precognition, and knew the end before they even began anything, or give them modern-day bourgeois attitudes, desires and tastes.
Well, there is something ugly in science and technology, where analysts, experimenters, researchers and journalists eliminate information and/or want Nature to do things for them right now, like a spoiled child not getting his/her toy or candy immediately, without gathering up as many facts as they can possibly do instead, which then would probably be more useful in finding the death ray to smash planets, or give them the info as to why this is not even necessary.

Life Always Imitates Art

Smashing atoms or smashing planets? Politically they are the same and one is just a precursor for the eventual acceptance of the other as to what is "normal" for a closed system.
The very act of smashing atoms itself alters the data if any form of physics has anything to say about that, therefore the data is corrupt and it is particle beam research they are carrying on at/in these facilities.
They are already planning for wars, or "defense", that will occur in, maybe, 500 years from now, and they will be most likely be started or instigated by them to facilitate our present-leaders descendant's plundering and mercenary ways, because to them, in their minds, that is the only way to maintain wealth and power.

They are probably afraid of this philosophy Thermodynamics forces them to see, or what philosophy this information would deliver by itself, which would teach them automatically that what they are looking for might not be what they need, which is a continuation to the adage: Be careful what you pray for; you might get your wish because this info would tell them why.

There is also the issue of who decides what information in any reaction is to be "eliminated" since this can only be a new form of censorship and all censorship has a purpose or a hidden agenda and that is a scientific fact. There is no monetary profit or any patriotism in designing and developing instruments and devices for mass peace and political equanimity, but weapons research in any field of scientific research and discord is rampant.
We can begin by businessmen starting to do business instead of plundering poor nation for their natural resources.
All new technology today, is practically designed to create all sorts of problems, in one way or another, whether it be for the consumer, or to a neighbor.

Degenerate Hapsburg: Charles II
This is made worse by politicians/stockholders, trust funds and royalty/aristocracy (in whatever forms), who for certain have no understanding of science or philosophy whatsoever and see the things that science creates only for the aggrandization of their own power and prestige and would never understand the philosophy of these increasingly sophisticated systems and devices, even if you explained it to them until hell freezes-over which is why the elite prefer the company of intellectuals (i.e. modern court jesters) because as previously explained, they have never changed their views or ideas since Babylon. They are like an alien race following an entirely different evolution, if any.

There seems to be a saturation point in any philosophy of religion, royalty or politics and their philosophy can never surpass the stupidity and closed systems of its participants and adherents along with their networked elements.

Since science can surpass religion and politics through what philosophy it can reveal, take us to and prove, there will come a day where we will eventually ask why we have royalty, governments and religious leaders in the first place if they don't kill everyone first because it is a certainty that they will never allow ordinary people to ever become better than them through any new philosophy discovered by the people themselves, out of necessity.

So, they do everything to make sure we behave like them and have the same material aspirations.
To this day, the number one killers and slavers on this planet are intellectuals, members of royalty/aristocracy, politics and organized religion. Where none of these people would exist if we applied Thermal Equilibrium, Heat Transfer systems and the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics into everything we know and do with machines and chemistry, because Nature would run these machines, not any authority.

It is part of all original manifestos to/of the anarchist movement because the philosophy of religion and politics and any authority cannot justify their own existence at one point because there are things right in front of us everywhere that have superior philosophy and are available to all, i.e. If you are looking for god, well he's right in front of you, if you open your eyes and your heart. (i.e. One cannot hide from god because he knows all your sins, so one should be able to pray for favors anywhere too, so the Church does not need to own any property) If god is there like a peeping-tom in the bedroom with you and your lover, then he's also around when you're a nice guy and helping others, and that counts for something too. It is a certainty that god knows how to count and understands all principles that involve value, besides money. God also, would not care about the verb, "to have", but cares a lot about the verb, "to be".

We don't need middle-men institutions or any priest, rabbi, cleric or monk act like some broker who invests your good deeds. Guilt, is a good thing, as it teaches one to not do things again and make up for ones wrongs and balance the tables. We don't need religious authorities interfering in/with reality, with their metaphysics to replace it. This is besides, making a mockery of their own beliefs and gods.

More realistically, and this has nothing to do with anything metaphysical, but with the actual physical universe: There, is a physical connection of electrons and photons, among other subatomic particles, between you and everything you can be aware of around, you and one can choose how close that connection is and how it is done. (This is about one of the few things I like about modern physics.)

If one is blind, or been blinded to this type of experience of reality, then there is no purpose to ones existence except to serve someone/something else because you will never know solidarity which/where only anarchy can be its dynamic instrument. On can never be a "being", but only "want" in this present system.

The intentions of anarchy can only be expressed by the free individual and not the slave and the slave, on his part, creates a mockery out of democracy and can never be free because slavery is purely psychological and depends on closed systems to exist.
In a sense, anarchy (as a form of movement) Itself chooses its spokespersons as if it were some living spirit or memory.

Slaves are "blinded" with baubles and promises and shoveled all sorts of assorted horse manure from childhood to prevent them from understanding life and existence naturally, regardless if there is technology or not. When a state's propaganda talks about "freedom" all the time, they are revealing to you that you are a slave. A = C. It's always a good exercise to ask oneself when listening to the news: 'Why (and how), or for what purpose are they telling/showing/writing me this?" Or, "Why am I so morbidly fascinated with this?" Or, "Is there any connection anywhere, in this, with an open system somewhere?"
It's very political and very undemocratic, where people unwittingly are made to focus on closed systems and not open systems and matter.

People complain about not having their say in any issue, but this started long ago when Nature, too, was prevented from having Its say and you were provided with artifices to replace every natural thought, and systems of/for thought, in one's own capacity for awareness that is naturally there and given to every creature on this planet, regardless of what species we are looking at.
Nature may not have Its say, but It is no slave either and expresses Its freedom and way of doing things, often with disastrous results for us that could of been prevented.
Note: Search for results of, "Animals saving lives". One will find tons of these videos, from all over the world, on You Tube.

Explain this to me: How do you conquer the blue sky?
(They already talk about "the conquest of heat" ????)

$5000. 00 Fine and Five Years for Loitering Anywhere in Gotham City .wmv
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Time: 02:04

Artists also have the distinct advantage of knowing were to make people look (like the Joker - See Clip at right) without having to place arrows anywhere because we don't tell people what to think, but our feelings and ideas are not suited to/for organizations (which are antithetical to creativity), but are only good to/for individuals and to those who want to learn of/from themselves and grow from there, where then these types are better suited to work for organizations and societies.

Myself: I'm not trying to teach anybody anything here, including Thermodynamics, but I am trying to teach people to see things differently than what is usually presented them from various sources and The Laws of Thermodynamics are handy tools.

For example: We (artists) do not see villains and good people in the typical fashion. There is a transitiveness embodied in any situation or act. So, we are aware of very high-quality villains and very low-quality "good people", or just because they read the Bible or Koran, etc., and follow the "law" to the letter doesn't necessarily make better people or good citizens in any way whatsoever.

Laws are for society and it's closed systems, and not necessarily for individuals. Ultimately, everybody has to take some responsibility, somewhere in any dynamical situation and praise or blame must be shared.

Artists only provide excuses for feelings and ideas that themselves create new feeling, insight and expression.
If any human being cannot be equivalent to his own feelings, then he does not need feeling and should say and do nothing but cheer along with the rabble when something happens. See: Etiquette Shamming - Caren Lissner -The Huffington Post.

One cannot teach emotion or empathy. People even laugh at empathy, but it is the number one reason there are sociopaths and psychopaths, so this word and its subject is not to be laughed at.
This emotion either exists as part of the individual or all feeling has been extinguished, which is why psychiatry is ridiculous, but fascinating nevertheless because one cannot cure or punish a sociopath. They can only be terminated because even god cannot reanimate empathy once extinguished so it goes that a psychiatrist cannot "cure" lack of empathy, nor can empathy be taught either. Psychopaths and sociopaths are already dead so termination is merely the coup de grâce if their lack of empathy has turned to violence or interference and fortunately most of them do not and this may be due to simple laziness, slaviness or stupidity.

Scarran Idea of Penalty For Crimes
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Time: 04:13

Finally, true artists, themselves, always think/feel, in/with open system and all concepts involved with open systems which are all that involve Equilibrium and/or Equivalency not Direction/Determinacy: One cannot place any arrows in any open system or space and say that it points to something specific; one can only use an arrow or create a fixed point in a space that exists as a closed system, a box or a prison.

Further, arrows can only exist in two dimensions themselves, but they coordinate activities in three, and with topology, even four dimensions (like in a subway), turning/converting three and four dimensional existence into a two dimensional existence, and this comes from the hand and mind of authority.
Scheduled time, itself, is further compressed into topological models where every station is evenly spaced and at the same altitude when they are not.

Think of existence, where moving around anywhere, in a society, as a compressed algorithm which you are always decompressing, just like an mp4, or equivalent type of file/container on your computer gets decompressed when playing it. Since we are human beings and not computers, our brains become corrupted and our perceptions of reality are soiled in the sense, as to what and how we expect reality to be presented all the time.
Take note, that people do this function while being as unaware, as a computer program performing the same function would itself have no self-awareness. This equivalency is called: Progress. I call it a system for devolution.
Ones number one app is ones brain, and not in your smart phone or tablet.

This includes perceptions of scientists, where Einstein's Special and General relativity (or any other Relativity) with modern physicists version of "tic toc" which can never be Cartesian, Newtonian or monotonic. One can never travel to the past, but "tic toc" can be made to overlap by making "the moment" eternal as is done by the composer or the artist.

One can look, but don't touch!

One can physically look and hear the past, but one cannot touch or smell the past, but science says otherwise, or would have you convinced that it would be possible to touch and smell the past.
This is only possible if the actual thing and it's smell survives, like opening the case of an old portable type writer, or sewing machine, or if one goes to visit an old pyramid or castle and our olfactory senses tell us, "this is old", just like newborns or new things have a smell that tells us, "this is new".

We think we are going somewhere with our closed systems, but the metatruth says we are going nowhere and the "directions" themselves are lies or illusions created for some "convenience" which in philosophy is a very big word that affects any idea it touches. It would be nice to wake up in ancient times and ask those philosophers, seers, sibyls, sages and prophets of those times with a question from our "modern" times, what they would think of, "convenience".

In that, I mean that by putting arrows you create a hypothetical target for it to go through, or to, and for this to exist you automatically change reality and make everything a closed system that should not be closed or is not necessary to be closed, and all because of one arrow. Then, add existentialism on top to these things and we create total disaster where all existence becomes a sort of prison because both space and time are involved exactly as in the activities of any real penal institution. Since people are taught organized religion/science instead of open systems, they never can see or understand the inevitable implications that science and religion creates, giving great advantage to governments, multinationals and private enterprise and nothing to free enterprise.
Further, no one makes any connection between themselves and anything physical in any open systems, but only with ephemeral things, or with possessions that cannot be transferred to open systems. Hell is created and customized by each individual and is not necessarily fire and brimstone.

"Freedom", like the moving arrow, is a verb (gerund) not a noun and cannot exist alone or be static to mean anything except as being part of an objective. It is always, really: "freedom to do this", "freedom" to have that" or "freedom to be this or that", "freedom to believe whatever", "freedom to go there", etc., etc.

The, "freedom to believe whatever" also implies that this belief cannot be permanent, but only indicates that one is passing through. Metaphysical arrows have no brakes and experience no friction.
Authority put brakes on arrows which have all kinds of names, like "Dogma", "Scripture", "The Law", "The Word", etc., and they use the instruments of fear and ignorance to wield them, but if one continued the arrow to learn everything about your new god, one would start discovering things that don't make any sense or are contradictory where, either you'll lose your faith, or find something better, which either way you'll be considered a heretic.
One cannot deny any form of physics involving any form of movement and Thermodynamics deals best with movement. Physics deals with motion, which is inferior.

This type of always-moving "arrow" is also suitable for open systems since open systems take all relative motions and movements into account. In doing so, it changes its reality which is quite different and has many more uses and it has its own energy, as opposed from/to arrows that exist in closed systems whose always-increasing entropy, which on their part, also consume energy or require Work to exist/function.
Via, always-increasing entropy, arrows in closed systems kill before they even pierce, or reach their objective!

The SHEEP are getting stupider!!!
This is what closed systems produce when applied to human beings. Thumbnail for Video
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Time: 11:57

It's nice to say things like, "freedom of expression" or Liberté, égalité, fraternité, but if people don't know how to express or conjugate valid ideas while understanding different systems (whether they be thermodynamic or not), the right to exercise "freedom", itself, is mute and meaningless.
It's all empty promises that looks and sounds great on paper that has nothing to do with people, but only with politics and the cheapest way of obtaining power, authority and control.

This is confirmed historically, where we discover that all politicians are cheap in any sense one can conjugate. We also see that any declaration of independence of any nation in history, from Rome (the ancient republic) to America, is built on the cheap and heavy in ideals because revolutionaries during their revolution have no money and are usually, themselves, slavers or exploiters.

In general, the art of government consists in taking as much money as possible from one party of the citizens to give to the other. --Voltaire (1764)

If you want government to intervene domestically, you're a liberal. If you want government to intervene overseas, you're a conservative. If you want government to intervene everywhere, you're a moderate. If you don't want government to intervene anywhere, you're an extremist. --Joseph Sobran, Editor of the National Review at one time (1995)

Government's view of the economy could be summed up in a few short phrases: If it moves, tax it. If it keeps moving, regulate it. And if it stops moving, subsidize it. -- Ronald Reagan (1986)

Giving money and power to government is like giving whiskey and car keys to teenage boys. --P.J. O'Rourke, Civil Libertarian
Read more? Go to: A Page Of Quotations

Science studies everything, but who or what studies science itself? Artists.

Tic And Toc
Notice that "And" is also an entity. (there are three noses)
Artists can only bring you to horror & beauty, tragedy & comedy, show the differences in the nominal from the actual, the subjective and objective, or show the differences between the intrinsic, inherent and innate and it is up to you to feel these things and create its meta-truth and mold science to your liking which would automatically be better, regardless of your education because you would be able to make new distinctions and apply them in/to any argument and do this by yourself. Knowledge and the ability to use it must exist or be available for/to everybody, otherwise any information itself is meaningless, or not to be trusted or is simply programming of the mind where instruction is the foundation before making rules instead of education that help us find natural principles.

But, science, philosophy and religion cannot brook any contradiction and will alter media to put out their ideas rather than the truth and this, in the end, alters reality and everything, then, becomes purely illusional. The Zeroth Law of Thermodynamic: If A = B and B = C, then A = C; Modern science and religion does not like that.

The people and cognescenti see what they want to see and hear what they want to hear, but who put in the "want"?
From where does this "want" originate from and what is it's ultimate purpose? The "want" is plainly visible in the wasteful and destructive technology people covet that is displayed everywhere like it were art and the world is a gallery.

This is so because we have wanted different things throughout our history and people from the stone age were just as human as we are today where paradigms have only been changed because of/through interference and nothing else.

I'm sure that a person like the President of the United States, the British Prime Minister or the Pope, the billionaire Richard Branson (because having a bicycle accident in the Virgin Islands makes front-page news), etc. are very nice people, but are actually only suitable to meet at a cocktail party because they only deal in/with closed systems, whose always-increasing entropy must ultimately destroy, no matter how peaceful and benign their policies and personalities might be.

This I can do because (as a true artist) I accept and express open systems as part of existence too, and so have more information, perspective and reference points to create, conjugate and use.
So like the petri dish example I used often on the last page, where I say the created environment is just an important as the "observation", we can imagine advanced aliens in space studying life on this planet and their attitude towards our species.
Their technology that allows them to exist in space and other open systems changes them too, on many levels.

That's the true meaning in French of: "Au reste, après nous, le déluge", where French is a language rich in metatruths where systems are treated entirely in a different manner and in different ways where in English they are not and are always closed systems, unless the translation is written by a bilingual poet.

Where the nominal English interpretation/ translation is:
"After us, the deluge (apocalyptic). I care not what happens when I am dead and gone".
This applies only to a closed system, where in French, the actual expression includes open systems and so is not such a disaster because the Open system is what is actually destroying the closed system because one can only have a "deluge" in a closed system. Besides that, "deluge" expressed in this manner, implies cleansing and not destruction. "Destruction", in this way, means life will go on after them and will probably be even better.

The saying implies that the speaker, him/herself is decadent or redundant and has reached his end, so will be deprecated. His awareness of this fact can only be interpreted my the listener as cynical, or some form of new understanding that allows him to accept his fate and be able to move on. What started as a personal observation in one, ends up being a personal opinion in another, hence: Revolution!

It is simply a better definition for any closed-system entropy which states that it's always-increasing entropy, is itself, always seeking an open system to become part of again. Matter, itself, is programmed to "know" that there is something right or something wrong with the system it is part of and all the different entropies are the applications to correct any imbalances and insufficiencies. If this were not so, there would be no explosions, among other important things.

Because of the different entropies that exist, we find that matter, itself, makes "observations" and deals with them just like a human researcher would do in his way. Whether its inanimate or animate matter, there will be interactions because of always-increasing, always-decreasing, never-increasing and never-decreasing entropies.
The universe is, after all, "owned" and controlled by Nature alone, and matter is Its foot soldier that follows Its orders exclusively, in whatever system matter finds itself to be in/with.

Guillaume Amontons (1663-1705)
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In 1703, the French Tribologist and Physician, Guillaume Amontons published a paper that suggested there may be an absolute-zero temperature.
Finally! Some relief for those victims of the mini ice age!

Here we can assume that people just wanted to know just how bad things could get in this prolonged cold spell where its actual study became inevitable.

Amontons, very cleverly, did this by plotting the different pressures of gases at different temperatures with an air thermometer; like the air thermometer described about/by Castelli and Galileo (Page 1 and page 4) and plotted this into a projected point where, hypothetically, there was no more pressure and temperature.
On the scale he used, an approximation for his 'absolute zero' was that the zero of his scale would be equivalent to about -400° F or −240 C today, which wasn't bad at all for 1703, especially when they knew nothing about Latent Heat (1762), Entropy (1862 Classical view and 1877 for the Statistical view) and Quantum mechanics/physics (1901) and did not know that matter, itself, possess its own heat and pressure, which all together just happen to be forms of heat to not be available to do any Work.
This is mostly because they did not have the means to create such temperatures and pressures at the time, but if they did, then the quantum would of been discovered in the 17th - 18th century!

Sixty-seven freezing-cold winters and bad summers later, the intellectuals Pierre-Simon Laplace and Antoine Lavoisier, in their 1780 treatise on heat, arrived at values ranging from -1,500 to -3,000 C with their fancy-new ideas (Caloric) and instruments, which are still used in what is called today, "Thermochemistry".

It is interesting to note, that science still uses calorie meters for what information they can still bring and don't use air thermometers for anything at all because this extremely-simple instrument/device would change science and put it back on track!

"Now let me say, this is what is the matter with politics; when other people pour poison down your throat, don’t drink it." - Bill Clinton - Oct 8, 2016, campaigning in Milwaukee.

Using Gibbs Free Energy
(One may need to watch this a few times, but this stuff is very important and it would be helpful to find other references and explanations elsewhere.)
Note: Beware in this discussion, that heat is treated as a thing and not a dynamic. Keeping this in mind, one can fill-in the empty spaces. This is so because chemists and physicists are only interested in the end results and how to achieve them and that's it, where in reality there are open and isolated systems to consider, which comes out as waste heat, pollution, different entropies, etc., etc.
This is purely a discussion and a promotion on a dynamic of the Second Law for heat.
Corruption and warping of the mind, in the most subtle fashion, begins in the classroom, if one is not very very careful!

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Time: 07:56

Anyway, all that's important here, is that we know absolute zero exists in an absolute vacuum and where there is no matter or particles (a vacuum) there is no heat in any form whatsoever (enthalpy and entropy). There is no energy either and the only thing that can exist in a vacuum is matter and when there is, there is heat and energy too, which are types of heat and energy that cannot do any mechanical Work.
This is a non-negotiable package deal.

This equivalency between matter/energy and vacuum/space makes this a dynamical system and not a singular physical thing or something for any physicist to discuss exclusively (as they also didn't exist in those days) and it is my opinion that only a Frenchman could of come up with this wonderful insight at the time because of the French language's natural ability to exploit metatruth which is why it was the international language of diplomacy for centuries.
Unfortunately, France has intellectuals (and real nasty ones too), that destroy every idea, dynamic and logical process they come in contact with.

Where there is matter in any form, there is heat in some form and there is also some form of pressure radiated upon the universe by this matter's presence which in a vacuum, pressure would be meaningless, but not in the equivalence of "Space" which is created in/by the presence of matter, but scientists, to this day have not made this connection! Yet this is a quantum jump in energy that suddenly exists that is bigger than the Big Bang theory because of matter's presence and no one since Guillaume Amontons has ever thought of exploring or exploiting this. Unfortunately he died two years later.

We see instead this continual tinkering and making crazy videos on heat for the 21st century like, 'Absolute Zero' by intellectualized scientists and overly-specialized chemistry historians, (like the contradictory way they teach Heinrich Hertz' experiment today, as already previously shown) since we must ask at what point, "Absolute Zero of what?" "Aren't we actually looking at systems, where we are looking at their changes that can never have static qualities or quantities within themselves; which is why they are systems in the first place?"

This false view of the universe begins with matter and ends with god/gods, so this pollution goes far and runs deep into anything most people come in contact with.

This is because "Absolute Zero" would need to be measured by something to be a fact, or be some system made of matter itself, but the thermometer, itself, would register some heat all by itself (Zero point energy).

Now, one may understand why the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamic is so important and it is the only law that describes how and why a thermometer works because it will only measure heat that can be used for Work! Any other discussion beyond what it can indicate is not part of the universe, or is unknowable, and the unknown is closer than one would think.
Work and matter are the central nexus of everything that makes anything happen in the universe, we can experience and know, yet Work and innate matter are virtually ignored by physicists and chemists, who on their part, only discuss energy.

One can create a system that emulates Absolute Zero, but it would not be real or be provable. One can simply declare it as being that and hope committees believe you, which they will if there is a potential to create a system for profit out of it.
It is an inescapable fact that science must become a matter of opinion at one point and not a matter of fact. What those opinions are and what they would lead to is also a matter of opinion and so on, and so on. It is just a question who runs science: free enterprise, or private enterprise or both.

Political thermodynamics - Perpetual Motion
Political thermodynamics
a funny political thermodynamics themed take on Middle Eastern tensions, presented in the form of what one might call "perpetual motion politics" of the Rude Goldberg / mousetrap style contraption of movement, blended in with thermal words and human thermodynamics concepts, e.g. social friction, war thermodynamics, etc.
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The recognition of 'Zero point energy' is a way to create a physical system rather than a dynamical system (because this way any discovery can be patented), like "perpetual motion" was once, where as already discussed, 'Perpetual Motion' machines were actually just measuring devices to machines that ran from energy in/from open systems to calculate how much Work or energy was produced by the device or machine and it's measurements were always considered an approximation and not actual values because they knew that "Perpetual Motion" was just theoretical.
The ancients were not stupid.

Yes, people believed that the Sun went around the Earth in those days (and if it had, would it look any different?), but they were not insane and believed in free energy to do Work and this business of the Sun going around the Earth was based on the data available at the time, which came from Aristotle and as a system, this was perfectly correct and Aristotle wrote about systems and created some of his own for reasons I had already explained on page 6 -Cycles and Systems That Move All By Themselves That Don't Involve Physics, But By Thermodynamics.
It is only in the Italian Renaissance when people like Galileo started to ask questions and ended up creating new systems to replace those ancient systems that became redundant, but were, unfortunately, incorporated and preserved in Church philosophy.

One must remember that, the Law (in any form) only protects systems, never real things, which don't require them. Does a quark or an electron require "laws" that/to govern it? These things, and all things subatomic, exist as (and move) in "tendencies". So, when a religion or science protects a system, it is no longer a religion or a science (or something real).

One cannot shut-down matter, but it would be possible to use forces to stop all it's intrinsic vibrations (quantum mechanics/physics), but this would only be a nominal form of Absolute Zero and this is discussed further in this monologue because classical mechanics/physics demands that for "absolute zero" to exist, there must be absolutely nothing and not just atoms or particles that don't vibrate!

This is the big problem in quantum mechanics/physics that takes the wind from its sails by classical science because the latter's form of physics acknowledges the existence 'Nothing' and in theoretical absolutes, in many areas and fields of study and as a separate thing that has nothing to do with the physical universe, in both real things and/or in systems!

In Quantum mechanics/physics there can never be 'nothing', or any kind of absolutes, or it must create a mathematical particle that represent "nothing". Whether that would exist or be a system, or be real we would never know, because this is beyond human experience except for what Thermodynamics might say, but their research does not veer in that direction. Again, because it could not be patented or owned.
The very thing (Thermodynamics) that would guarantee our future, survival, evolution and prosperity is ignored because it cannot be privatized, and/so research goes in all directions except there.

We may even ask, "What is Quantum Mechanics/Physics" since particles do not act physically the same in that realm, but do follow the Laws of Thermodynamics, just like a particle of dust would in the Classical realm.
All these different forces they describe in the subatomic are merely the manifestations of different forms of heat!

Further, we would have to look at the system or machine itself producing the "absolute zero" and measure if there was no actual transference of heat to the device by the matter itself at "absolute zero". If so, this would reveal that there are other heat-transfer mechanisms beyond, conduction, convection and radiation, which would be the birthplace of entirely new sciences and philosophy!

The physics of this system, demonstrating this, would be like the thermometer in/of the 17th century!

Of course, and due to my suspicious nature, this is more likely to be a smokescreen to keep people stupid because one cannot ever mention matter without mentioning heat and pressure too under any circumstances, so they create nonsense where matter can be made to have no heat in a closed system while eliminating all background information, which has already become a notorious practice in particle physics.
(we see that there are contradictory practices, now, going on between quantum physicists and particle physicists, where, respectively, the first creates particles and the other eliminates information, to the point they can't talk to each other anymore because their information cannot be used.)

Because of "modern" physics and mathematics their data cannot be transferred, cycled, flow or agree with other disciplines.
Forget about the layman not understanding an article about quasiparticles. Does the science/research, itself, speak to related sciences and research nowadays? No.

Or, they discuss heat as energy with no substance and only supply these ideas because it's profitable to do so. To me, I find it amazing that every single, modern, scientific discovery and achievement is miraculously in perfect accord with the protocols and implementation of corporate law and little to do with the laws of Nature.
Every single article I read on some new discovery always says: May have applications in X for Y. This means they are creating a business that will only serve some private enterprise, for some non-renewable consumer-grade closed system.

This implementation of corporate law and elimination of background information we see in the everyday. In the Marijuana industry, where just because they don't know how the drug it produces works, or how to synthesize it (They then cannot patent it, or even develop it), they make it a controlled substance, in the guise of protecting public health! See: The Marijuana Industry Pulls Victory From the Jaws of a DEA Defeat - Sean Williams - The Motley Fool - Aug 28 2016

It's all politics that, these days, only protects private enterprise and crushes free enterprise who have done much to develop different varieties of marijuana for specific curative purposes. Imagine smoking an anti-cancer joint. This they would never allow because cancer is an industry in itself.
We can say the same with cocaine and it's excellent medicinal properties.

Ignorance and creating artificial systems is bliss, if you are a corporate executive or part of the trust fund set!

To recapitulate: For fun, I went to get Laplace and Lavoisier's 1780 figures converted to °Rankine degrees, which is the same type of scale as Fahrenheit's, but 0°R is at absolute zero and not where brine freezes/melts, (Kelvin's scale is the same as Celsius's, but with O K degrees at absolute zero) and the web site responded by saying: "This is below absolute zero ... it is not possible!" which is completely incorrect because negative temperatures below Absolute Zero are possible in certain systems; they only become degrees of heat again and still follow all The Laws of Thermodynamics to every last jot and tittle, as if this didn't exist.

What quantum physicists should be asking is, "What are these vibrations below absolute zero that are impossible in science or mathematics, but act perfectly normal Thermodynamically?" "These particles should not exist in the first place because of absolute zero where nothing should exist, so where did these particles come from?"

This is no theory because this type of heat flow can be measured. Is it not that, maybe, it is our invented science and invented maths, that are only good for systems (usually closed systems) that are false?"
Science and maths become their own petri dish producing their own poisonous bacteria that cannot deal with reality that they, themselves, lead too, at one point.
Note: They still use maths that was developed by and for classical science and they use and apply it to/for Quantum science, and then they wonder why they run into infinities of infinities! If it wasn't so funny it would be ludicrous.

Thermodynamics demands that any Newtonian "Action = Reaction" thing must take into account the environment or container around this "Action = Reaction". It is because of this that Newton's figures for the speed of sound were all wrong, among many other things he didn't get right.
His type of physics assumes there is no endo or exodynamic, that nothing else exists in any physical activity that is studied, observed or calculated which, typically, is the sort of thing mathematicians, or Asperger-syndrome people love .

This means, for quasi-equilibrium systems (e.g. spins out of equilibrium with the electromagnetic field. Or more simply, actual quantum holes in a perfect vacuum), negative effective temperatures are attainable and if a negative temperature/pressure system and a positive temperature/pressure system come in contact, heat and pressure will flow from the negative to the positive temperature system, just like from an area of no heat to an area with heat, as seen with Alfred Leitner's demonstration where/if the system has zero entropy. Go to: Page 14 'Beyond Absolute Zero'
See also: Low Temperature Physics.

Evidently, there are things about matter that go beyond the wildest ideas and beliefs of religion, or in metaphysics or even modern science. (They like/prefer to standardize everything.)
The only thing we can do is watch where heat goes, and what it does along the way while knowing that whatever universe you might be observing anywhere, one knows that the laws of thermodynamics are no different.
It is only these different forms of physics that can't agree and they try to sway public opinion upon the type of research that generates the largest research grants, where it is all, actually, either horse manure or a system they are trying to sell as reality.
People can be fooled, but Nature cannot be fooled.

If there is negative temperature, there is negative mass and negative space too, (remember: heat is meaningless without pressure of some form) which is simpler to understand if we imagine what sort of vacuum would be necessary for such a matter/energy state, so Negative temperature may be where matter acts like energy and energy acts like matter and this would be helpful to explain why Negative temperature is so "hot".

This infinitely "hot" heat they "describe" is actually not capable of doing any Work, even if infinite. It is just another form of heat. (Remember, this is part of quantum physics and the way they measure things is not with thermometers, but with eigenvalues, eigenvectors and matrixes.
Heat, itself, is always a relative statement of it peculiar properties. The kind that produces Work is one of them out of an infinite number of sorts.

Matter is always just heat in different forms and systems, most of which are harmless to the touch. The kind that hurts and burns is just one form of heat and requires very specific conditions. It is the same with negative heat. One cannot solely see heat in terms of energy available for closed systems! Matter is a better model for any energy system because, first of all, IT EXISTS and it is its own measure. Energy cannot describe Matter, but Matter can describe/transmit/store and reveal the presence of Energy and where it goes.

This also shows that heat is heat and cold is cold and their transitive nature and movements are the same in any universe towards any other physical universe as this is the same for any Dynamical system including Gravity since this type of movement of some form of heat we don't know about yet may be gravity's engine!
This is the opposite in/for physics, where say: Negative gravity (Dark matter/energy) and positive gravity are not the same, — even within the same universe, or they have never considered that negative gravity would require a negative mass too.
These multiverses they now describe because of String Theory must transfer heat among each other. Since the Temperature of our universe remains constant and its entropy never increases, their ideas must be false.

Whether we are talking about negative heat or positive heat, or negative gravity or positive gravity, or matter or energy, so, itself, it exists only as a form of Sufficient Equilibrium to itself and is part of the meaning of the Universe because temperature itself when registered the Second Law of Thermodynamic way has absolutely no meaning (where we find things like infinite temperature in a negative temperature environment), but can only have meaning with the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics, and this law is simply an account of the properties of matter, and temperature and pressure just happen to be an indicator of those properties of matter.

One must consider that infinity cannot exist in any closed system, so their maths and philosophy is all wrong, but discussing anything with them is like talking to a crazy neighbor with mental-health issues who is not taking their medication.

In Thermodynamics, one can program anything in the universe, where all one needs to create a dynamic property, one just needs to know what length of time a particular element, molecule or compound's temperature and pressure must be. Later we join different elements, molecules or compounds and create systems that do specific things all by themselves!

Any piece of matter and its properties exists because it applies pressure to/in the universe and carries its own heat that is thermally/dynamically unavailable for use outside of itself. It is the only measure and proof of existence we have.
People give this property to life itself and they call it "the soul". Matter has a similar system and this is called (its own) heat and pressure and they, like "souls", are transferable when part of, or near, open or isolated system.

Our own subconscious natural mysticism, as living human beings, knows things that are part of thermodynamics and this part of our awareness and being, has been hijacked and molested by organized religions, and today, kidnapped and experimented on by science and intellectuals.

Temperature and pressure can be anything. It's where they go that's important. What the physicist calls "infinite heat" is actually something very specific going somewhere and he does not know what cycle that dynamic is part of in the long chain of events that comprises the continuum of the universe.

They would sooner give a Nobel Prize to someone who respects an arbitrary man-made scale, than to the discovery of a new property of matter, or this would be condescendingly stated in the media in such a manner, when the scale created by the former is actually meaningless.

Science is as much a matter of opinion as art is!
(The difference is; science takes its opinions seriously and artists use opinions as a tool.)

Also, science does "research", art does "studies" of which, either pursuit discover entirely different things among the same elements and systems.

But, a property of matter is not and that's one way in which they keep things for themselves, where people are given a useless and negative way to see Nature, and in a way that has no meaning and even create forums for argument by making bad science books and videos since nowhere is taught Dynamics of any kind, but only closed system, statics, physics and useless classical mathematics which you'll never use unless you're an engineer.

Thermodynamics and suicide
Thermodynamics and suicide
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Remember, Only physicists and mathematicians commit suicide when they finally understand Thermodynamics. This is very well appropriate since they all spent their lives, before that, massacring Thermodynamics. The layman can and will adapt quite easily.
Indeed, Thermodynamics is powerful stuff!
Its idea in Thermodynamics cannot be toyed with by theorists because heat exists on its own accord because the only real truth that heat exists is through Equilibrium and Sufficiency, but of course that never stopped anybody to create a profitable closed system and say things that like "start from here (with this product, brand name or a religious entity) and ends there (in the trash, air, soil or water or heaven/hell)", and nothing else exists, which you will find everybody does to everybody else all the time, and whether they are good or evil makes "absolutely" no difference.

We have plenty of both, "good" sociopaths and "bad" sociopaths in all levels of society, and they both don't see anything beyond their immediate wants and needs. We see unempathetic "good/bad" people doing nice/evil things for 5 minutes and then they are off because they are bored or satisfied. I just love watching "good" people do something nice, and then their off and disappear for no reason.
We may observe a "good" capitalist driving alone in his SUV, but he leaves an unnecessary and permanent carbon footprint that is bad, that will affect his own children/grandchildren.
If Thermodynamics were a person, it would ask you where exactly do you see "good" in those beliefs and actions of/in these people you admire, and why do you ignore the provable bad parts?

Thermodynamic humor
Robert Emden, based on thermodynamics and physical chemistry, wherein calculus, a pre-requisite to thermodynamics, is pegged the easy part.
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It's all lies and there are no good reasons to lie, and there is no "greater good" either, which is just an excuse for murder because society is a dynamical system and not a thing and that is where things like society or civilization fail and why we have to hear nonsense like, "greater good", "sacrifice", "martyr". etc.

People are brainwashed to believe their country, religion or The Roman Empire (at the time), etc., are actual existing things instead of systems (closed) for life/existence, and then we hear from the "expert" on these "subjects".
If these gods and leaders where so good, we should be living is perpetual bliss and further progress.

For instance: During the French Revolution, the only thing changed in France was a political and economic system, but geographically/environmentally France has changed little for hundreds of thousands of years. People come and go, Local forests come and go and move elsewhere, languages change, kings and presidents are replaced and so forth with or without revolution.

There is always a dynamic before the object/thing where then a new dynamic is superimposed, and each overlapping dynamic over an element becomes more fleeting and faster existing in smaller and smaller increments, where today the most stupid insignificant things are given attention so they can have "meaning". This new meaning is an artifice and is invented by intellectuals and not by artists or philosophers.

Scientists have been making a living and selling "time", since Descartes invented and branded the thing. Today's general relativity, might be wonderful, but it only applies to time existing in one way, for one purpose and one reason, where any competent philosopher can demonstrate as many varieties of time, in reality, as there are varieties of flowers or insects, and they all do wonderful things and have a purpose.

The physical element/object/thing itself, being superimposed indefinitely, must follow an infinite transitive progression to Nothing. It is where we place ourselves in these dynamical situations that are important, where we have to be careful when we say things like "evolution", "belief" or "progress" and always consider what Nature Itself conserves in the Universe.

Creation and evolution chart
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If Creationism is considered something ridiculous by learned people, then so is Evolution equally ridiculous, because all this supposed "evolving" leads to "Nothing" in the end anyway. Perhaps it is better to understand what "Nothing" is and there we would find new knowledge for both parties since both philosophies must deal with "Nothing". i.e. The former, before creation and the latter, after evolution because their differences are just in the placement of "Nothing", as well with their topological increments involving their measure for time.

Religious believers have an even bigger problem, since they all have a supreme being who always existed and then creates both linear and cyclic time for all other existence and all his/her subsystems. This means there exists another form of time, which they must deal with, whether it only belongs to god or not. In heaven or hell one is immortal so that would mean we were always in heaven or hell for all eternity and life in the physical universe is meaningless, or equivalent to a momentary thought in either the heaven or hell you actually are!

This makes god, on his part the creator of Always-increasing entropy by his very actions and Nature is enjoying the show! Now, believers must ask: Who run the show; God or Nature?
While factoring in Time: Just follow where the heat goes in all these beliefs, equations, opinions and philosophies. There, one will find their true nature, controller and purpose.

Everyone and everything you meet in life including god will try to put you in, or exclude you from a box. Only Nature never does this; yet Nature is everywhere. That's why A = C is so important to everybody and everything. The Universe could not exist without it and denying humankind this philosophical tool is what's killing us.

Warp Engine on the original Star Trek
Like the Jewish Jupiter, we are very good at starting/creating things. Maintaining/improving these things is where we and gods have a problem.
Nature, and men who live by Nature are very good at creating things and maintaining them too, while being open to new things and developments, in all sorts of existences and experiences.

If more people applied this, a lot of lives would be much better and we would not need so much bogus science, Burkean politics (the belief, and the collateral implementation, that people "naturally" desire to be ruled and controlled) and religion and the interfering intellectuals that come along with them.

(Note: Civilized society has outlawed slavery, but encourages the slave mentality.
It is bad enough that we are all slaves to ourselves, i.e. our innate or inherent weaknesses, strengths, the unique personalities of all individual, where things like, "free will", the way the preacher describes it has no meaning.
You are what you are.)

Anyway, this is thankfully already on the path of emerging sciences that are very real and may answer the riddle of attaining superluminal speeds of travel in another manner that I previously described.
On Star Trek, substitute 'Antimatter' for 'Negative Temperature/Mass' which would have unique properties and of course, produce some fascinating new effects in energy that may get rid of many problems because concepts such as "warp plasma" are, or would be, difficult and expense to create with cyclotrons or accelerators, not to mention the different systems needed to make, contain and control such a substance.

So, as in problems concerning fusion reactors (discussed elsewhere), it appears that low temperature physics will solve the problems involving superluminal travel and teleportation, and there is no low temperature physics without matter too in this thermodynamic (Third Law).

Basically, the Third Law of Thermodynamic (Low temperature "physics") is the same as the Second Law, but with the Second Law's errors removed. They keep it around, along with Caloric, BTU's, Horsepower, etc., because it's profitable for corporations, trust funds and multinationals.
Without them, poisons like Coca-Cola and potato chips, etc., (since they use calories to measure fat and sugar on their list of "ingredients"!), among other deadly things to eat and drink and cars with 19th century internal combustion engines (Horsepower/BTU), among so many other bad things, could not exist or be marketed.

Science, with it's consumer-grade Second Law of Thermodynamic, Horsepower, BTU's, Caloric, Newton's Laws of Motion and Cartesian-timed mechanical universe says, these are good and natural things and you're enjoying progress!

A 2005 thermodynamics humor version of a fourth law of thermodynamics
A 2005 thermodynamics humor version of a fourth law of thermodynamics
Click or tap for source
To recapitulate: Imagine the potential of matter/antimatter with negative temperature and negative mass or the power of negative vacuums in a hypothetical space that themselves would give us access to new forms of matter that can handle the stuff that doesn't exist for us yet, which is a power that is already mechanically harnessed naturally by tall trees to bring water to their tops which Torricelli would have thought impossible.

Anyway, read or bookmark this for yourself in, ' GD Some Emerging Possibilities' from the Glenn Research center of NASA.
The basic rule for this type of thinking is this: If anything is possible mechanically, its principle is also possible anywhere else, so long as the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics is present in that scientific principle. There is nothing that any mechanics cannot do, if it is also a system; It is merely a question of materials available, cost effectiveness and styling.

RTSP Video
Scene From 'The Fifth Element': Detecting positive and negative temperature, simultaneously, in one substance or system.

Time: 02:03
A fun example of "negative temperature" I have found exists in popular media in the Comedy Science fiction: 'The Fifth Element' (1997) which is instructive where one can play with this idea of negative temperature harmlessly and playfully without the need to learn Quantum Mechanics first where a suspicious object is discovered in space that has a certain positive temperature and a negative temperature at the same time!

Regarding my attempt to convert Lavoisier's absolute-zero figures to Rankine:
Well, the internet isn't everything, but it does show how a little bit of JavaScript from people with good intentions can do a lot of damage, by putting fences around ideas (rather than framing ideas) because this actual existence of negative temperatures is in that magical world of quantum mechanics.

This is fun because quantum mechanics gives us sneak peeks into places that are practically their own universes (which I hope and expect to be physically very different, but I expect the Laws of Thermodynamics to be the same), which I also won't get into here now, except to say that there is no such thing as quantum mechanics in any closed system, but it can only be described in/with open/isolated systems and this includes a lot of nuclear/particle physics.
For example: With Neutrinos and Cosmic Waves or gravity fields, which cannot exist in any closed system and if they were to theorize one, that system too would take an infinite number of steps to create.

It's interesting that science theorizes two different and opposing gravity fields all across the universe, where the only reason they exist is because they are artfully placed! Dark matter/energy seem to be highly concentrated where they can do the most good, but this would be highly improbable in both quantum and classical mechanics, unless you want to believe in a god handling these things.
If this is so, then gods actually have a purpose and this also explains their incompatibility and invisibility! If god and the devil exist, then they are composed of dark matter/energy and cannot be part of what science calls real, or a real system.

If this is so: This may explain a lot in the Old Testament about god's attitude towards us because he treats us like we treat compost with worms and flies with the same laws and regulations we create for our own heaps.

Since dark matter/energy composes most of the universe; matter, itself, and the problems it creates whether animate or inanimate must be just its waste, and god, being made up of dark matter/energy, did not know how to manage it except by using draconian methods and periodic flushes, which were called "Deluge" or "Flood".

Then comes Jesus, who is an environmentalist, and shows his father a better way to deal with his own crap in a friendly way, were everyone is happy and responsible to/for all life!

Quarks, on the other hand (I prefer quark theory), can only exist in an quasi-isolated system (the Nucleus), in what one could call subspace and when they are discharged (by smashing atoms) into "normal" space they go back to subspace immediately, or carry a subspace bubble around them, which means the different spaces that exist are also a dynamical system as it's entirely plausible that quarks and gluons can be exchanged between different atoms just like electrons where even matter can become antimatter depending on which types of quarks are being exchanged and there must be an unknown law of thermodynamics that describes this.

This is why one cannot split a photon or electron or a quark because they carry a subspace shell around them which our "normal" space, and anything from it cannot interact with the particle directly and all their movement only exists in smeared probability or as a tendency "to be" because of this. The verb, "To be" is the primary instigator of all movement in the natural universe; not the verb. "To have" or, "To want".
We can say that, as matter in the atomic and above has a tendency to have it's own heat, the subatomic particle has a tendency to radiate its own "space" around it.

Another of the greatest unsolved mystery is the Nucleus itself and smashing them to bits will not solve any riddles because of the different forms of space. In cosmology, things like "dark matter" are pure open systems that cannot exist in a box, yet they describe this theoretical substance all the time as if it were something harnessable or can be packaged.

Should such a substance as "dark matter" exist, it cannot exist as an inclusive-isolated system like the atom, but in the reverse as an open system and there is no mathematics yet conceived for such a thing, yet we see the wake and effect that this "substance" or "system" leaves behind and this is because there are too many autistic savants ruling the world of mathematics and theoretical physics today, where the mere thought of anything "open" frightens them, which is about the only emotion they exhibit.

In fact, it may take designers to create such a maths and it is no stretch of the imagination to assume that people like Euclid or Pythagoras were not themselves "Designers" and were only later designated as "mathematicians" by autistic savants and intellectuals since such a thing or subject did not exist at such a time nor did these people call themselves mathematicians.

These people in the past, were just exploring new philosophy and created unique languages to express them, much like Michael Faraday created his own language to express the relationships between light and magnetism, years before others discovered the photon and electron.
Instead of applying his mathematics and its systems, they translate it instead (Maxwell), where it became necessary to create an unnecessary "Luminiferous aether" and a Gnostic god to fill in the things Mathematics itself cannot describe, but Faraday's maths could!
Science, by that time, had already become established big business, where the steamroller of standardization of thought and protocol decided upon by committees and cronies was well underway.

If one looks at the containers demonstrating negative temperature we see a closed system. Infinite heat, regardless if were positive or negative must be demonstrated as an open system.
What is very plausible and significant is that we can speculate that there can exist properties of matter that only exist in Negative Temperatures and nowhere else (Why? Because it is already different), and if you find one you've actually found two and when you've found two.........because whatever it is, there is something else that would be thermally, mechanically, temporally, etc. equivalent to it (provided that Matter is included in the idea); which is another reason to love open systems and ordinary matter inside it because matter cannot hide anywhere or as in any state like energy can and does, but this again is because matter comes first and we would "see" energy too if the laws of thermodynamics (not the laws of physics) were different.

Black holes do not disappear like Einstein's theories are interpreted as "saying", or the way Hawking describes because Thermodynamics says emphatically that one cannot destroy matter or energy. Matter will win over any form of energy, as already described in detail on the last page with the 'slinky experiment'. Only systems can be created and destroyed and those people that discuss "Alpha and Omega" regarding any subject should be avoided because they will never discuss cycles, transference, equilibrium or sufficiency.
They are only trying to sell you something and then control you with it.

One could live an entire life in an electrical potential of a billion volts and not know it because it could not, by chance, get discharged through you, but one cannot live very long in an environment of 100% methane or any other quantity of a pure mono-gas. One will feel these effects because matter always provides the conditions to any form of existence.

The Most Amazing Thing About Trees
A Mechanical Negative Vacuum
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Time: 07:22

Artistically speaking, this shows that Laplace and Lavoisier (because their experiments were in no way science, where being bored aristocrats their tinkering and figures actually indicate so much!) were in a way, inadvertently, ahead of their time and one day they will have to rename 'Absolute Zero' to "Absolute Zero Zero", or take out the word, "absolute", whether they like it or not, to jibe with quantum qualitative facts and classical figures.
Because this could only exist as a dynamical system, the word "absolute" would be meaningless or even interfere with the system networked element or idea. Mathematics and language must equal reality itself and not build fences around things and tie them together and calling or treating these "connected" things as "one" thing, truth or reality.
Heat is never an "absolute" thing in itself, nor can it ever be, but is always part of some system that's on the move within it.
Basically here is the rule: When someone says this is mine, or this is good and that is bad, or this is the law and provides no proof for its existence or reality in an open system, it is probably not true.

When Goldfinger said about laser light as, "being a form of light that does nor exist in Nature", he was only correct in expressing the supreme arrogance of science because coherence in/of emitted particles does exist in Nature as any Neutron star or Pulsar can show you, although Nature prefers incoherence for obvious reasons and the Zeroth law of Thermodynamic shows us why.

The difference here, is that particles are being emitted by Nature at superluminal speeds where laser light is not. There is nothing including any philosophy that does not already exist in Nature somewhere in some form (and much more useful and better too), otherwise we could not create or invent it ourselves before or after the fact.

Scientists actually believe and teach that man is capable of doing, creating, developing and discovering things beyond Nature! No wonder they are hated by creationists. (to them Nature is god)
Laser light is only tricking light to be coherent, and depending on its power has a very limited range and it quickly gets scattered. Superluminal Particle beams emitted from neutron stars have an unlimited range and pass through anything except, maybe, black holes, but that has yet to be observed.

No Mr Bond, I expect you to die
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Time: 02:00

This includes "man-made" matter like plutonium which indeed is an invention of Nature which was rid of a long time ago for good reasons. So the idea of "owning" a part of Nature reflects the quality of mind of the inventor and the society that creates/allows/encourages this sort of behaviour and philosophy which is expressed by the character Goldfinger in the immortal words: "No Mr Bond, I expect you to die", which will end up being the true epitaph for modern organized science, philosophy and religion.

Although I have not read Laplace and Lavoisier's papers in how they arrived at their figures with the 'Caloric' theory of minus 1500 to 3000°C, it may be instructive to study how they arrived at them to those who have access to these documents today because there might be some subtlety with the Caloric theory that has been overlooked, up to now, that may be good and helpful to modern science (like the other defunct theory of phlogiston), or at least find enough material in them to write an interesting paper on this, simply because there were reasons and I'm sure it was not because of a stupid error like as demonstrated recently with the 'Opera experiment' and would likely create a handy inexpensive classical physics tool to deal with this scenario because particle physics is very money hungry.

There is a difference between scientists that made honest errors and scientists that made deliberate errors, and then there are intellectuals.
Most of the things Newton said and thought about were wrong and croniesque too and his dabbling in Alchemy is suppressed to glorify his image and the Royal Society's where we don't know who's pimping who. This we see where "Laplace in 1816 was the first to point out that the speed of sound in air depends on the heat capacity ratio. Newton's original theory gave too low a value, because it does not take account of the adiabatic compression of the air which results in a local rise in temperature and pressure." W

This is technology we use everyday, in mufflers for cars and sound insulation, among many other things. Sound is merely a form of heat, and to eliminate it we create a system to turn it into another form of heat that expresses itself differently and can so be managed much better!

So, here we see that they knew and could measure a rise in temperature with simple compression of air caused by sound waves in 1816, yet later in 1844, Joules demonstrations to the Royal Society involving liquids going through the same process and were entirely rejected.
From its inception, there is obviously something fraudulent in science and here we are discussing simple heat. There's nothing fancy here and since these things are still upheld, this sort of fraud continues today where modern science is mostly man-made, like lasers and plutonium, and these guys "teach" us nature and "Her" physical laws. Nature is not a "she", by the way.

To recapitulate: Despite some grotesque errors by Lavoisier/Laplace with the prevailing science of the time regarding "absolute" zero (and worries from the general population), what was profound was this was a new concept; Absolute-zero was never heard of before, like negative temperatures are today to a lot of JavaScript. To even think that someone would conceive of an ultimate cold-temperature and unintentionally, shut-down god via "vacuum", it makes me wonder where the religious conservatives were when this idea was postulated. (The Church correctly believed a vacuum does not exist (Aristotle), but for the wrong reasons.)

Certainly they must have realized that this was the beginning of many successive ideas that would provide the ultimate tool that scientists needed to combat antiquated religious-control of thought; where religion, superstition, conventions, Neoplatonisms and Augustine philosophy could never hope to argue these new truths, ready to be released through Nature, and at the same time could never deny their implications and by default, help create a brave new world, independent and liberated from interference of any kind because of the magic of networked elements and systems would make it clear that there is not One reality, but only Nature's reality which encompasses many things.

In this case it would state that there is no such thing as any vacuum (except in quantum mechanics) and it is only pressure in some form that exists in both quantum and classical mechanics and today it's when you put a box around quantum mechanics we create a "vacuum" in more ways than one.

Before we start celebrating we find that we didn't need our religious friends, after all, to provide us with some good entertainment. I would have loved to read their ideas on this.

Instead, we have Galileo who was flamboyant by nature, with an ego to match and has aspirations to be something like a new Giovanni Boccaccio. He wrote tracts, pamphlets, letters, dialogues and books and one of them called: 'Dialogue Concerning the Two Chief World Systems' turned out to be his undoing. In it was a character called 'Simplico'. In 1623 there was a new Pope Urban VIII who had positive views of the arts and science. The Pope's private secretary, Secretary of the Briefs Ciampoli wrote Galileo:
"If you would resolve to commit to print those ideas that you still have in mind, I am quite certain that they would be most acceptable to His Holiness, who never ceases from admiring your eminence and preserves intact his attachment for you. You should not deprive the world of your productions."

Pope Urban VIII
In the early years of his reign, Pope Urban VIII held long audiences with Galileo, but by 1633 the Pope was embittered by Galileo who put his own words concerning the tides of the ocean into the mouth of the simple-minded "Simplico" in this book that became a 500-page best seller on top of that!
This made the pope and the Church a laughing stock.

Supposedly, Galileo had an I.Q. of 185 IQ which I challenge, or his "intelligence" can only match an equal quotient of stupidity or ego somewhere else for insulting the Pope directly and unwarrantedly.
Giovanni Boccaccio would never of done that, and would of used a different fictional dialogue, based on these conversations and make it hilarious for everyone. The Decameron, written in the 1350s and pokes fun at the Church and religion (and includes sex that would still shock some people today) was never banned or put on a list of forbidden books, but was banned in the United States in the 19th and 20th century! See: Comstock Act

Galileo's abomination admonition stopped the Copernican movement dead in its tracks.
Galileo was put on trial by the Jesuits and as this policy continued for generations, in 1667 the Medici Weather Network, that took international temperature readings every 3 - 4 hours 24 hours a day, was shut down permanently.
That took care of Galileo, cosmology and Thermodynamics.

This is what you get when you insult authority directly who have their own problems to deal with where in this case it was with the Jesuits and Urban VIII could no longer protect him from them. If Galileo had never written this piece of garbage, the history of science and the Church would be completely different today since the Church, like all religions, are very interested in science if it benefits them (for the church it was to find scientific proof of Aristotelian Perfection).

If we recall Ctesibius and Heron of Alexandria who made gods come alive just like they have been patrons to the arts to such an extent where artists were painting pictures and making sculptures of completely naked pagan gods and oracular Seeresses and Jewish prophets, etc. for churches, but art has different ways to deal with authority which science can learn from since Christ appears to of conquered these things, so this was art that was very appropriate for churches in Rome, but nowhere else.
Rome was where the money was, and there were plenty of patrons.

To this day, scientists are either a victim of authority, religion and politics or completely subservient to authority, religion and politics and these powerful people have their own enemies too. Scientists seem to demonstrate a total lack of awareness of what's going on around them and who's who and even forget who or what they are working for, despite their supposed superior intelligence. These are not people to admire or emulate, unless you're of them yourself, or one is a natural intriguer and that we find when we arrive at the Third Law of Thermodynamics in my monologue on Thermodynamics. See: 'Mindwalk'(1990), which is also a feature introducing System Theory.

On Systems Theory

Systems Theory is an offshoot of Natural Philosophy. The difference being that in Natural Philosophy we disprove ideas and theories too. This was important in emerging science as it was a natural criticism against Plato, Bacon, Newton and Descartes who offered only one vision or idea of the universe.
Systems theory and Living-systems theory, today, revives Natural Philosophy by recognizing a whole and not cut things to bits. Its interdependence and connections without having to deal with Plato, Bacon, Newton and Descartes and looks forward regarding any proofs as to their benefits and consequences for/to those things affected.

The Caloric Theory

Now, by the end of the 18th century we find that a new type of wedges were back with full vigor. Remember those theoretical "Frigorific Particles" that insinuated themselves like wedges between the molecules of water, destroying their mobility, which was the Material theory for cold and was disproved by the Natural philosopher Robert Boyle?

A Calorimeter and Outer Case
From a Textbook on Heat
by G.R. Noakes

Fair Use
Now they were chemical agents (another material theory), which were called "Caloric Particles", that did exactly the same thing as Frigorific Particles except these wedges split molecules apart, making them expand. Cold was merely the absence of Caloric Particles?!?? The religious authorities (the Jesuits), of the time, must have thought that the scientific community was ludicrous and so, wisely said nothing and certainly, because of this, probably did not feel threatened by them since thermometers, themselves, were already outlawed and taking measurements off of them directly and recording outside temperatures was enough to send you to the Inquisition, but there was nothing wrong with using thermometers to measure your own bogus science in any equipment you devised to produce fraud. Hence we have our -1500 to 3000 C for absolute zero.
We see now that science itself was not immune to the Baroque age!

It took another 50+ years to repair this damage and dispel the idea that heat was not a substance (like cold was not either) but a motion and later with Relativity; "Acceleration was Equivalent to Mass"; provided that there is Mass to begin with and motion itself is provided for, by Matter before there is Mass to even consider.

Benjamin Thompson, Count Rumford
The first attempt was in in Munich, in 1797 with Count Rumford (Benjamin Thompson), who also invented central heating, the smokeless chimney, the kitchen oven, thermal underwear and the pressure cooker, among other things for the mini-ice age, and later James Joule who developed his theories of heat from beer making, just like Joseph Black developed his theory on Latent Heat for whiskey distillers (beer, whiskey and thermal underwear also kept people warm), using the special precision equipment that only existed for a brewery that did not exist yet in any scientific laboratory which proves, right up to this day, that science, often, has little to do with research and experimentation since like in the story of the first colorless glass or the Thermoscope we have only artisans and engineers creating/developing such things where science nowhere has shown any capacity to create anything surreal or intrinsic that themselves would create new science and art.
Whether intentional or not, "science" is little more than physical philosophy with mercenary aspirations.
These other inventions of Benjamin Thompson show what his character was like, and indicates that he actually cared about all people. Him, among others of his kind, are the kind of researchers and scientists we need, today, more than ever, and not these stupid celebrity scientists and "communicators". (Greene, Nye, Susskind, Hawking, Tyson, etc.)

Without success, and much like demonstrating Reverse Combustion, today, that's 95% efficient to start cleaning up the air, rather than flaring, fracking, burning coal and drilling new oil wells, like that was going to go on forever (that is the true nature of private enterprise): These two guys (Rumford and Joules), in their times, demonstrated a sort of reverse steam engine to the cognoscenti; that mechanical motion, all by itself, could produce heat just as well as heat could produce mechanical motion. Please try to remember that these guys only showed these demonstrations to help people, and in this case it was for staying warm and not freezing to death; they, were not out to attack science or religion, but looked for alternative ways to create or understand heat and cold and the cognoscenti then, as today, were perfectly happy let people freeze and starve to death if that was the only way to make money to protect their own interests where people can only buy their form of heat which they owned, namely the coal mines and the forests. Think of Rumford and Joules as energy Robin Hoods.

A tribute to James Joules
How Beer Saved the World (HD)

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(Joules was a brewer)
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Time: 43:40

How could they attack science or religion as they were/are portrayed to be doing because science did not even exist yet. The alchemists of the time had better instruments, apparatus and actual laboratories with a physical address on a street somewhere and not an address of the imagination for Royal Society members (like Hogwarts school). The cognoscenti actually created the 'Royal Society' to turn research into a business machine and privatize science where people can starve and suffer if they don't pay for a part of Nature that is supposed to belong to everybody and everything which has nothing to do with fantasy, but with arrogance and avarice which are very real.

The Natural Philosophers already discovered back then that it was their societies themselves that needed to be redesigned to become more efficient, to allow for better heat/energy systems. If everybody has heat/energy systems, everybody benefits including the new society. The established gentry, aristocracy, middle class and religion would have none of that!

It is interesting to ask what history would have been like if instead the Caloric theory appeared first and then be subsequently disproven where the 'Frigorific Particle' theory would appear later on and, as well, be disproven because all theories have a "lingering effect" that focuses ideas that are hard to get rid of unless they are replaced by other theories. The material-caloric theory may have been disproven, but there never appeared any theory of heat ever again to replace it. So it lingers on in the imagination and thought processes of scientists to this day with material particles and material theories for gravity, god, time, etc., and even empty space!
These Material theories and particles for everything began in ancient Greece and not with the discovery of the quantum and/or subatomic particles.
If one goes to Greece today, one finds a decaying and fossilized ancient civilization and it exists today for tourist dollars. Scientists should follow suit and move on. Ancient Greece was only about how to make money, control of the Mediterranean trade and exploiting others, just like America, Japan or China do today. What culture they create was/is purely collateral.

RTSP video
Science bigotry, chauvinism and sexism in science that's good enough to produce great comedy!

Fair Use GP duBerger

This is from Wikipedia

'Rumford immersed a cannon barrel in water and arranged for a specially blunted boring tool. He showed that the water could be boiled within roughly two and a half hours and that the supply of frictional heat was seemingly inexhaustible. Rumford confirmed that no physical change had taken place in the material of the cannon by comparing the specific heats of the material machined away and that remaining. Rumford argued that the seemingly indefinite generation of heat (or caloric) out of nowhere was incompatible with the theory. He contended that the only thing communicated to the barrel was motion.'

This is the true account of what really happened which you'll find if you read: Les Récréations Scientifiques by Gaston Tissandier and this also shows how different Natural Philosophy is to Modern science philosophy by the different way they deduced/reduced things respectively.

'Count Rumford astonished an audience by making water boil without fire! He had observed the great extent to which a cannon became heated while being bored in a gun factory, and influenced by those who maintained the material theory of heat (caloric), payed great attention to the evolution of heat. He accordingly endeavoured to produce heat by friction, and by means of horse power he causes a steel borer to work upon a cylinder of metal.
The shavings were permitted to drop in a pan of water at 60° F. In an Hour the temperature of the water had risen to 107&deg:F and in another half-hour, it was up to 142°F
Upon this he says: "It is hardly necessary to add that anything which any insulated body, or system of bodies, can continue to furnish without limitation cannot be as material substance, and it appears to me to be extremely difficult, if not quite impossible, to form any distinct idea of anything capable of being exited and communicated in these experiments except by motion."

Intuitive Thermodynamics + Disproving The Caloric Theory

If it weren't for intuitive Thermodynamics, we would never of survived as a species.
In the past, we went looking for fire itself and later went looking for things that will burn instead, which is not much more evolved, when we can have simple heat-transfer systems do everything for us anywhere. According to matter, we are still in the stone age.
In this clip we can navigate where the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics begins and ends and where the Second Law begins and ends.
The objective of my monologue relates that we would only need to rub or move things to get all the hot or cold we want indefinitely by using Work, not energy, rather than using this system to only begin combustion.
Of course, what I suggest requires maintenance to keep heat transfer going on, but so does a fire require maintenance to keep going.

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Time: 02:42

Anyway, believe it or not, this was not a convincing enough demonstration, nor was any counterargument or discussion ever brought forward to provide an alternative explanation. It was simply rejected probably because there was no way to privatize this process to create heat.
Up to then, heat and energy was something one could only buy from some private concern.
This has continued to this day by thermodynamics being treated as an esoteric subject and not as part of everyday life and existence to everything.
What I find amusing is that, historically, to disprove the Frigorific Theory, a wine Barrel was used and to disprove the Caloric theory a cannon barrel was used instead.

Now, for fun, we move from cannon barrels and barrels for wine to "fire water" because if Count Rumford, (who was an American) sent over for a couple Native-Americans with full headdresses, traditional costumes and some whiskey and have them demonstrate, while dancing, to those university-educated "intelligentsia" and Royal Society members; that by producing the motion of rubbing sticks together, they would produce fire and subsequently disprove the Caloric theory again, but this time with technology originating from the "New World".

RTSP Video
An existential adaptation (theater of the absurd). Count Rumford (who was a spy) A.K.A. "Rumford the kid" while on a mission in the American West shows the Indians how to make fire with sticks of dynamite instead of traditional sticks of wood.

Remember, these people ran society in those days and were perfectly willing to deny the truth to everybody when it was not convenient for "them", which I find is 10,000 times scarier than Nature's joke on us with the two barrels, and to what they thought was what the universe should be because they had the perspicacity to immediately understand the economic implications, which is demonstrated by how they rejected these demonstrations and a 'how' always answers a 'why' in these type of scenarios when thinking in terms of open systems like, artists do.

This is why these people are considered pimps by many political groups because they create a society of consumers that buy things they should not have to and those things are unsustainable on top of that. Then, we wonder why we have wars and weird trade agreements over "energy". How come is it that most oil producing nations have the worst human-rights records.

Well, that's because what we are "trading" is not actually "energy", but something to burn, and further this process is mad made irreversible when/where it is certainly not irreversible. All the atmospheric carbons that they/we dump in the atmosphere could easily be turned back into hydrocarbons and reused over, and over and over. See: Sustainability: Reverse Combustion -Scientific American - David Biello on September 23, 2010

People were freezing to death and there were natural philosophers helping out, but the scientists and intellectuals, who were taking over, would have none of that. That is what the Royal Society along with similar institutions, private hospitals and universities or university ("learning" ) hospitals, organized religions and think tanks are all about to this day.
These are the same type of people who make the laws of "society". This fine tradition continues today, with impunity, by cosmologists, theoretical/particle physicists and an assortment of intellectuals, popularizers and "communicators" who discuss our future who, by-the-way, are mostly corporately and privately sponsored as one can check this out himself.

Photobucket This business of making humankind believe that you cannot make heat or boil water, etc. by rubbing or moving/transferring different things together, and to this day, make only chemical substance (their "products" and brands) available to create heat and work for the consumer market puts all of politics, our teachers, business practices, science, theoretical science, religion and philosophy into suspicion and makes a laughing stock out of the idea of "civilization". These things and their representatives can never be trusted in perpetuity because of their stupidity and because intellectuals, rich people, potentates and moguls are more like bullies than sensitive individuals who have only a strategy for survival for themselves involving exploitation and the enhancement of ignorance and none for existence of all, which is easy because they are equivalent to those very limited resources and unsustainable systems they understand and sell, where sensitive people can see beyond limited resources by primarily simplifying everything and try to sell the idea of things like the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics, open systems and carbon-neutral cycles as the only things that are necessary.

Why burn anything when not necessary? Combustion and fire qualifies as an existential experience where one only sees what one wants to see (fire) and the rest is invisible.
Just look for ways in making everything you desire become kinetic like a kinetic artist would think of doing, to create heat for yourself instead of just creating feeling and thought like the artist would do primarily. The only thing that should burn is the imagination.

Of course, that would mean that people would have to become more like artists, feel and be creative and less like scientists, mathematicians and intellectuals who feel nothing, which to some would be a horrible tragedy because art with the untalented and un-empathetic must be stolen or copied where the copied/stolen art converted to science can be protected and owned for no reason beyond mercenary reasons.

The nice thing is that art must be stolen and copied by everybody and any artist who copyrights his work is not an artist, but a businessman posing as an artist or he has sold his soul to some multinational whom he gives exclusive rights to copy, hence "Copyright". Artists only have "Originality Rights", which when handled properly are even more profitable and beneficial to everybody including the artist and his subsequent legacy.

Myself, I don't mind when people steal or copy my work, but I want people to give the work, or its part that was used outside, its proper attribution since people require a proper reference of where this information came from in the first place so that researchers can question its creator about any particularity or subject that it involves since the copier has no idea of how the artist came up with his idea. The copier also has no idea what his visitors/readers really need. People will find out anyway that it's copied so it is better to be motivated to copy by building upon it or using it for some other purpose that involves creativity, or to clarify one's argument like I do using video clips from popular media.
(you will note I always place the work's attribution so it is a form of free advertizing for the current movie distributor since these things change hands all the time, between entertainment groups and multinationals)

People live and die as consumers and think that they will go to redundant and completely unnecessary places like heaven or hell (which are both totalitarian states) and stay there forever that for some reason these places have status and hierarchy too, even though one is dead or immortal, therefore static, where "hierarchy" is supposed to be a dynamical situation, and so because of hierarchy they will still be consumers, where everything in the universe whether physical or metaphysical answers only to human needs that are artificially created to start out with. That is programming, and people are carrying out their instructions and still think they are individuals, or special or better over others in a variety of different ways.

The very idea of living and being part of a universe is frightening to them like it was to Newton, Cavendish, Descartes, etc. who were haunted by this in their lives, which explains the worst nightmares science has produced so far. All this tinkering, poking, prodding and animal testing with no regard for the sufferers feelings or their ability to feel pain whether animal or human comes from Descartes, Bacon et al.

I have no problem with authority, science and religion except when they interfere with survival for everybody and try to hijack people's existence into their own schemes, creating their own Alpha Omegas that have absolutely nothing to do with any truth, from any perspective. Hence, people become helpless. These entities and systems create dependance and then new generations are born into these systems and then the people in controlling end of things judge people as being meek and stupid among other things forgetting that they, themselves, are the creators of this nonsense.

The only scientist you should consider are the ones who provide demonstrations with their talk or hypotheses (like artists do) while keeping mindful of the systems they are describing, the people they work for or are sponsored by and nothing else and all this stuff from theorists, think tanks and CERN is 99% pure esoteric stercus tauri. It is systems that people are forced to live under that create hunger, war and disease and intellectuals are the chief furnishes of such systems.

Sauza Tequila Mix It Up WMV V9
A modern-day James Prescott Joule, posing as a fireman, disproving the caloric theory, in a demonstration of how a similar form of mechanical motion that was originally demonstrated by Joules with a 19th century blender, can also produce heat, but in a way people today can understand.
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Time: 00:17

47 years later after Rumford's demo, James Prescott Joule thought if he used a kind of blender,
not unlike the one we use, today, for making Margaritas; this might be something they could understand. He was a brewer after all. He showed that he could produce heat, merely, by moving water. This was received with the same amount of enthusiasm as Rumford experienced. On top of that, Joule proved that the amount of heat required to raise One pound of water, One degree Fahrenheit was equivalent to the amount of work required to lift 800 pounds One foot. Joule's papers were rejected by the Royal Society and he had to publish his work in Philosophical Magazine, — a second rate publication at the time where other malcontents with the scientific community published their work like the civil and mechanical engineer George Stephenson among many others and yes, the Royal Society and other similar institutions and universities have many enemies except we never hear about them for obvious reasons and these people are extremely brilliant and have nothing to do with the grotesque scientific community in that manner, nor do they need to.

Regarding the Caloric theory, Joules stated this in Philosophical Magazine:
"Believing that the power to destroy belongs to the Creator alone I affirm ... that any theory which, when carried out, demands the annihilation of force, is necessarily erroneous".
This goes on today, in the 21st century, where the writer for that particular Wikipedia article on Joules, slanderously declares this as: "Evidence of his theological motivations"!!! which is ridiculous since he's only citing the claimed power to destroy, which caloric was supposed to be responsible for, where existentially (not religiously!), religious writers in Wikipedia "completed" the idea in their minds with the idea of "creation" instead of "creator" without even realizing their error, and in a discussion about Thermodynamics on top of that!

And, what does a god have to do as a reference, in an article about 'The Mechanical Equivalence of Heat'?
These religious people who write articles in Wikipedia should put their two cents in their own collections boxes and nowhere else because already there is a big difference between these different ideas of "Creator" and "God" especially in the 19th century, nor can god ever be described as knowing anything about Equivalence since god is supposed to be everything. Anyway, — read it for yourself if you don't believe it. It's in the last line before the table-blockquote. The link will bring you to the exact part of that page plus, you will also get to see a cool picture of Joule's "Famous Margarita Blender". If the page has changed click here for a screenshot I made of this. Note: Over the years I've seen this Wikipedia article on James Joules get more and more convoluted with all sorts of redundant additions. This interference shows that he is a key figure in better understanding Thermodynamics, which must be destroyed by intellectuals and similar parties.

Moving away from Wikipedia: Joule's, actual publication in Philosophical Magazine, in 1843 and the conclusions that he came to on the Dynamic Theory for Heat were the following...
  1. "That the quantity of heat produced by the friction of bodies, whether solid or liquid is always in proportion to the force expended;
  1. "That the quantity of heat capable of increasing the temperature of a pound of water (weighed in vacuo and taken at between 55°and 6o ° F) by 1° F, requires for its evolution the expenditure of a mechanical force represented by the fall of 772 lbs through the space of one foot."
This is the "mechanical equivalent of heat."
The first paper written by Mr Joule demonstrated that the temperature of water also rises when forced through narrow tubes: and to heat it one degree, the force of 77 foot pounds was necessary which means that the 1 lb of water falling 77 feet, got hotter by one degree when it reached the earth. J

A scientific dilemma: 'Over Unity'
James Prescott Joule would have loved this. To see the full video please see: ' It Runs on Water'  which should be retitled: 'It Runs on Motion' because the actual title retains materialism instead of dynamicism, and this dynamic could apply to any fluid.
There is also an excellent discussion on zero-point energy, among other things. Here, we also see that Work, in the form of applied frequency produces better results than conventional energy systems to split water molecules apart to produce hydrogen.
Scientists only sell energy systems and not Work systems. The word, "Work" itself is also, generally, severely maligned and only taught existing in one way.

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Time: 01:59

In this video clip, the system for generating heat apparently produces more energy coming out than what goes in, which is not contrary to the First Law of Thermodynamics; if implying some new property in steam that is yet to be appreciated by modern physics, or there is an energy/work conversion produced in things than what scientists are telling everybody, or that there are actually as many different forms of heat as there are forms of energy which could be subdivided by systems that emphasize and create those different forms of heat that appear to the eye as the same, or with vortices which are produced by this "pump" and can turn Work into Heat, where, magically, we find our "missing" 70% "extra" energy.
These people still use Sadi Carnot's, Joseph Black's and William Thompson's formulas and calculations, which are all based on combustion to produce heat. (remember when I said intellectuals and celebrity scientists wield the First Law of Thermodynamics like an ignorant evangelist wields the Bible today?)

This is the same as the types of fire created around a descending space capsule/meteorite, or a forest fire. They cannot be considered the same type of fire with the same properties, although they may appear the same superficially in many ways.

1 + 1 totals 3 if one considers the PLUS as a unit too, where the fundamental source of this is in the formula/equation that describes the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamic where two elements produce a third automatically and all together create a complete system.
The universe is larger than the sum of its parts, thanks the the magic of systems. Thermodynamics has no problems with this, but is a nightmare to mathematicians and physicists.
One begins with Three, where even operators count as numbers since this is dynamics and dynamic elements we are dealing with.

In systems, 1 begins with 3
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Time: 02:52

The ongoing battle.
Here's the latest thing, in the evolution of "motion creating heat" in the 21st century that, of course, gets rejected.

This is the only form of heat generation that a modern physicist and chemist understands.
The "steam" these "experts" of today are basing their conclusions on, is on what they "know" or "think" what, only, makes steam, like we see in this animation.
The water hammer just makes a different form of steam with different properties, but superficially looks and acts the same as "ordinary" steam made the conventional way.

Over Unity, we now find, only exists in the 21st century because they measure how to make steam exactly like in Joseph Black's equations, which employs only one system, which is to create heat by energy (usually combustion) and not by motion and Work!
If they used Joules' equations instead, we find that everything is according to the First and Third Laws of Thermodynamics precisely.

This is like objectively reading and following Moses and his sanitation and dietary laws in the 21st century, in the days when Jews had no meat inspectors, refrigeration and pasteurization, etc. These health laws are ridiculous today because Jews own refrigerators now and have since learned about bacteria; as it is today when applying Joseph Black's formulas into motion to create heat instead of Joules.

 Horse with blinkers
Click or tap for source
This is why their calculations are all wrong and say, "whatever" is contrary to the First Law of Thermodynamic instead, because they employ a standardized and obsolete system, where already different, better and newer energy systems, that exist for other reasons, should of replaced Black's work where it does not apply, and standardize those new systems.
Scientists and experts go around with horse blinkers wherever they go, and are so specialized they are unaware of other developments elsewhere that would improve their own field of study!

In the West, they criticize Soviet-era "scientists" and virtually ignore scientists from the Middle East and the Far East, yet we see our own "Western era" scientists have an agenda too (this being one example) and do not conjugate the required research or specialties required to make any conclusions whatsoever. They say what they are told to say and they are very well payed to do so.
They do the same in North Korea except with the threat of your entire family being assassinated instead of getting paid to create stercus tauri. Tyranny, is tyranny, is tyranny.

It's fun to see scientists not being at all themselves scientific since there are many different forms of vapour in any single substance of any type that have nothing to do with temperature, but only with movement/motion or pressure, etc., as there are that do have to do with temperature and this goes for plasmas, liquids, solids and Bose-Einstein condensates as well.
For instance, the air space in a mercury barometer is not a vacuum as they tell you, but mercury vapour and very thin air. If this were not so, then a static-electric charge would not light up the "empty" space like a neon tube.

This is the core of the polemic towards and against what they call "science" since what they call "steam" is their steam and it always has some kind of authority or brand attached to it and is always propriety where energy itself (especially heat) and its creation should not exist in/on any kind of market in the first place.

For a "barrel" of laughs, watch the whole documentary to listen to their various excuses and criticisms where anyone can see that they are just protecting their own interests and those they obediently serve, like governments and energy corporations including the multinationals who build machinery for their favored type of thermodynamics (the consumer-grade Second Law).

This means that the steam produced by an ordinary boiler is not the same type of steam created by a hydrosonic pump and would have completely different properties, but for our simple or mostly primitive uses of heat, the differences are meaningless and can be just as effective and, of course, more economical since we are still heating most of our water the way they did more or less in the Stone Age because it is more lucrative and it can be taxed when offered this way where you are paying for things you should not have to pay for because society does not only have controlled substances and narcotics, but controlled energy as well, where anyone can establish that today there is a sort of unofficial or invisible Prohibition that involves energy; its "creation", sale/license/tax and use.

Civilization and/or society, literally, forces people to destroy to survive.

I'm An Artist
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Time: 00:25

If authority and governments are so great, fantastic and know what's best for everyone; why do they tax heat and energy (electricity) since now we know that heat and energy are a dynamic phenomenon and not material theories.

Governments tax goods services and dynamics which don't belong to anyone (this includes electrons) by creating artificial systems of philosophy and commerce to make their ideas "real" and humanly effective, but have no meaning outside of "humanity" with any form of life anywhere.

If extraterrestrial aliens came to visit, they would understand an ant or rat colony, or cockroach nest sooner than they would understand us where we would probably even be invisible to them or would be regarded as some mysterious force to perhaps be dealt with, but never treat us as something real or with a purpose.
Human beings would not be regarded as beings or individuals with their own force of will and ideas, but as a force of Nature.

Electron Cloud
Click or tap for source
The electron itself contributes nothing to any energy cycle, but it is its own dynamics, in its travels through matter and the universe that provides us with electricity. Heat itself is just pure dynamics of any sort of particle or combinations of particles and not just electrons (which can also create heat with its movements through matter).

The question to ask is what gave them the right to tax natural movement and motion in this universe (and in some cases, matter's properties) and where does this taxation scheme end in a civilization's cycle from birth to death since any form of movement or motion from any source, natural or otherwise benefits society and is not bestowed upon as a privilege from society.

Literally, "The cart is placed before the horse" in this scheme and nobody notices and everyone is happy to pay through the nose for anything authority tells them to pay for and believe it makes sense too. This is why the Second law of Thermodynamics is so valuable to intellectuals.
The next thing to do is charge and pay taxes for Thermal Equilibrium with a tax on tax for any phase change in matter or property exchange incurred like the Church attempted once, by way of the inquisition and excommunication.

Thermodynamics, shows that any individual's conflict with the state are unnatural possessions from the state in the first place. What does the state know about thermodynamics, since they only deal with material things, and material theories and their manipulation? Once something is discovered to not be material it becomes useless to authority and a boon to humanity and its progress, as it always has been.

Besides heat being a non-material phenomenon, the most important thing to remember is that matter has more properties and different phases than they will tell you and these properties can be manipulated in more ways than any physicist or chemist can imagine, but only enough imagination to misquote the First Law of Thermodynamics instead. Imagination or not, there is an actual choice that is being put forward that has nothing to do with science or lack of imagination.

A message to/for the modern scientist
Experts who work for "energy suppliers' or authority even use something called "The Principle of the Conservation of Energy" as a law from Nature to justify their claims, but that sort of thermodynamics was written by commerce, politicians, intellectuals and lawyers to serve private and exploitative enterprises and says nothing about open/isolated systems, or free enterprise, or matter.

What these people are saying is that only heat and/or pressure can produce a phase change in matter, but movement and/or motion cannot! We would find if we analyzed water boiled by fossil fuels and water boiled by hammering are entirely two different forms of steam, which seemingly 70% more energy in it, but we would not feel it if we were taking a shower with these different waters and this is a matter for a thermodynamicist to explain and not a physicist or chemist because they can't discuss phase energy systems and how heat is stored, organized and distributed by them, nor is this any of their business when one is only a physicist, mathematician or chemist.

This steam may have 70% more energy, but there is also an equivalent amount of Work, that went into the water, to reach those figures that "learned" academics say "does not exist", discounting that water at rest would require 70% more energy to boil, by this new system. This kind of stuff is great for energy producers because they make 70% more profit in any action/reaction.

The next thing to do is to see if we can create a system that produces refrigeration instead of heat, directly from Work like an isolated system can create cooling from work which will be explained later.

What Joules and others tried to do was to turn Work into Heat not energy into heat and it is in how education is reproduced today to/that makes the people not focus their senses and minds upon this distinction, where the one that goes against life is the emphasized system. All intellectuals and scientists will eventually kill the entire human species if we let them.

I also believe that a thermodynamic concept for 'Work' has deliberately never been established because Work would have placed a 'monkey wrench' into their consumer-grade Second Law of Thermodynamics and destroy private enterprise and restore free enterprise.
This only means, for everybody that, someone, is wrong somewhere because the principle behind this device is perfectly sound and absolutely correct. Here, everyone can examine the possibilities that by "Hammering" "incompressible" liquids we change their properties to vapour that are hot, compressible and very useful. This is like when Helium 4 phases from one liquid to another liquid at the lambda point with completely different properties, yet superficially they appear the same.

Here, we see again that the properties of matter come first before the requirements of the First Law of Thermodynamics and please forget physics which has no place here whatsoever. Only the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics can explain this, including that there are many different types of heat, but there is only one type of cold and only one way to make it! By heat transfer, which we discover is also a better way to "make" heat. Unfortunately, combustion gets in the way when making heat and everyone is suddenly happy and satisfied.

A Fire Piston
Click or tap for more details on this Zeroth Law of Thermodynamic device
To understand the Principle behind the Water Hammer we can study the 'Fire Piston' instead, where we can understand this thing on more familiar ground, but the principle is exactly the same of turning Work into heat where the only important difference is that water is 20,000 times less compressible than air, so the "Hammering" process for water would be more efficient considering Work and not Energy.
So instead of choosing simplicity with Cold, they create unnecessary jobs with a multitude of heat theories for science, philosophy, industry and politics, where it would seem the things they make people fight over is just a game since, what wars and conflicts and insane trade agreements with countries that are controlled by one family, like in Saudi Arabia (which is not a trade agreement, but a joke) that we see on the news are entirely unnecessary. From this perspective, everything you read about politicians and intellectuals is complete horse manure because you can see here by principles based on matter there are better ways to live that cost little or nothing and everyone benefits.

As already discussed and shown, these things create new forms of value when we think about money that never needs to be spent on "energy". This form of value means humankind can exist beyond money, property, class and religion, where nations do not need to compete with other nations whether its war or the global economy provided every person on Earth who wants to participate in this game is allowed to be creative and be himself and not just only be given the certain tools to play with because life is not a game, but it is society and its intellectuals that turns it into a game where stuff written by Marx, Freedman, etc. are just new rule books for different games, but they all lead to disaster for everybody sooner or later.

There is also the element of tradition in cultures, written by old impotent grey-beards who are jealous of youth, that have suffered economically which are difficult to get rid of when prosperity and affluence arrives, which is why an honest and balanced education (which includes Thermodynamics) is the most important thing for all men and women and their children of every nation and culture.

Child Labour
Work and value is still being exploited and created in such a manner.
Historically we see that it is always nations and cultures that do not need technology that invent the most technology and so it is the same in reverse when intellectuals and plutocracies take over society and suppress those continuing developments that would make those same intellectuals and their families redundant and obsolete. It is not the path or responsibility of countries like Pakistan that still stone people for marrying for love rather than marrying the people they are told to marry and call this "family honour" and this sentence is carried out by the girl's family on top of this.

Such crimes have nothing to do with culture, religion or tradition, but have to do with money and limited resources, where if these nations and their peoples were given all the energy they needed to create the things to work with and create products and services to trade with while giving their populations the ability to feed themselves, such things would be unnecessary and backward elements would be swept aside permanently and their populations would reduce themselves naturally since there would be no need for child labour on the farm or in the factory nor the need for forced marriages whose purpose is to keep money and limited resources in one group of people (which is not honourable).

People learning all they can about Thermodynamics which reveals the story of how heat or cold and pressure work for you in any situation will remedy this. I say heat or cold and pressure for those people who are not so bright where that is quite sufficient for the creation of self-prosperity where if you happen to be smarter, well then sky is the limit, but that does not make one better than anyone else. It only makes thermodynamics more fun and creative, similar in approach to art and music.

When dealing with technology based on Matter we are looking for ways to change its properties that just happen to create heat or cold, pressure or vacuums from systems all around us and not looking for heat specifically and where with these other systems we must ignore the poisonous byproducts created and then treat this as news when it's too late; creating a form of temporal hypocrisy.
The Sun, Itself, created itself out of the matter and already existing energy around it and it changes the properties of Its matter inside it in a closed system kind of way, where its "exhaust" should be released in around 5 billion years.

Meteorite being "hammered" by atmospheric air particles in an "Aerosonic" manner.
For us the only thing we need to know is that the water hammer works; The details can be worked on later. With stuff like this device, you have to become your own expert and you're best being quiet about it. I imagine one day a scientific underground dedicated to humanity with its own sort of Hippocratic Oath, of doing no harm and run by actual adults, not children or autistics with adult bodies, with high IQ's.

Anyway, in situations where devices like this make their appearance, it's best to let the technology, properties, system and it's principles speak for themselves and if someone mentions something puerile like, "This goes against the First Law of Thermodynamics" and blah blah you just counter with, "This is another type of phase representing steam (or whatever) that has other properties to regular steam (or whatever) via the addition of Work against energy and it is in these properties one will find our extra heat that is cheaper to produce or with more Work we will find X% additional Heat energy".
I guarantee you a Nobel Laureate in particle physics will not be able to counter that reply.

It's as simple as doing the -1 trick (-1 has unique properties, just as negative temperature does), where if: (-1 x1 x2) 100, Whereas x1 represents energy measured in Watts or whatever, and x2 is measured in Joules, Horsepower, and multiplied by 100 we have a new percentage factor.
For those who are allergic to simple mathematics (scientists included), I'll explain it in a way you'll never forget, as thus:

If having unprotected sex with a man who is HIV undetectable provides 97% protection, or only using condoms provide 97% protection; then together they would provide 99.91% protection!
Let me show you how this works: (-1 .03 * .03) * 100. So, we multiply .03 by .03 and we get .009. Then we add our secret magic number -1 (just press - and then 1) and we get -0.9991 and we multiply that by 100. There we get, -99.91. For fun, one could add 100 to that and we get .09% chances of catching HIV which translates to 99.91% protection if one uses condoms and the partner is undetectable! That's much better than catching the other STD's.

This minus 1 trick works just as well with boring Thermodynamics and any of its systems (and makes it very exiting, by simply remembering where you first got this example of analysis from!), where instead we add the percentages of both applied Work and applied energy, to some system, to produce heat, or some phase change, or some reaction, etc., etc., blah, blah, among a thousand other uses and your work is done and everyone thinks you're a genius!. Ask any engineer!

But now, you know this math trick in a way you'll never forget, for the rest of your life and it (-1) can be very useful to anyone in practically everything. Source: The Two Negatives - Queerty - March 5 2014. (Yes, I read everything and don't waste time with places like Facebook.)

If we look at all the hormones and chemicals the body produces when one is young to look beautiful and maintain health (we'll consider this in terms of potential and kinetic energy), this is a time that very little Work is required to have a beautiful skin and body.
As we get older, we find that this reverses, where more Work must be applied in one's everyday routine (via proper diet and exercise) because those energy/chemical resources, that were there all the time are getting depleted.
Where, Work is applied strategically, one achieves excellent results in maintaining one's health and vitality, and even sex appeal! Of course, one does not look like a spring chicken, but who wants to go back there anyway?
(Myself, I don't see my own youth and my peers of the time as particularly pleasant. It can be quite a shock to meet someone accidentally, one hasn't seen in 10-20 years as that has happened to me on occasion and my instincts were right at the time I knew them then!)

To really get the point across, one could also say: "Boiling water made with microwaves have entirely different properties and characteristics, although it may appear the same superficially as regular boiling water." That's also why we don't use "microwave heaters" to make hot water to take a shower with. We use microwaves, in this manner, to cook! There we find efficiency.

The "efficiency" of different properties of matter in certain phases (like boiling water) is as varied as the properties of our own personal needs. Certain types of hot water made a certain way, are good for this and ditto for others in the same situation. Efficiency is a dynamic in itself. It all depends on the situation/system employed, and has nothing to do with the consumer-grade First law of Thermodynamics they shovel from their ass direct to you.

As mentioned before, you must also remember that the concept of 'Work', despite James Joules proof, does not exist in Thermodynamics as an established principle, for obvious reasons, and if this were publicized today and be officially recognized (which it never will be), the entire edifice of science would collapse, which is why our civilization must also collapse, like a time bomb, unless we include Work as a principle in thermodynamics and not just in physics (which should be removed from there anyway since Work actually has nothing to do with physics, but with life. (Physics, no where, describes life or movement, except in quantum mechanics, but that's an entirely different universe. Only Thermodynamics does, and is applied the same way in both classical and quantum universes.)
Sorry! But Work is here to stay and nothing will work if you don't even make some effort somewhere. Think of Work as your personal connection to the universe itself. Ask any body builder.

Maybe not, because I can prove that science is only a business anyway selling marvels to the masses like comic books and anyone who treats modern science and thinks that it is more noble than a business, then it is they who have problems concerning ideals, or they have been programmed to believe that scientists are gods. It is like asking if IBM loves computers or do they love the business possibilities of computers. Does MacDonald's love hamburgers, or do they love the business opportunities in selling hamburgers?
Both those ideas are completely different realities that inevitably affect everything.

Science, like organized religion, can be "saved" by just thinking of it as a business and nothing else where it can then regain its lustre. They are human beings like everybody else and most, like everyone else, are only interested in making enormous amounts of money, gaining prestige or finding a secure job, even if it means stealing and lying as I don't see too many scientists who love and appreciate Nature and show it with any of their work in any form of mass media. They just love themselves and take any opportunity to be in front of a camera.

As a surrealist, when I see a scientist in a lab coat, a priest in his frock or a businessman in a business suit, I see the same thing and they bore me utterly. All of them better bring me some irrefutable physical evidence to back up anything they say, otherwise talk to the wall.

For more examination of this principle, but with air and friction rather than just the agitation/hammering of water, please see: ScienceCasts: 'What Exploded Over Russia'.

The green fairy one imagines while hallucinating on absinthe
Click or tap for source
I guess, the cognoscenti at Joules demonstrations, or reading his papers, were all drinking Absinthe (a popular drink of the time that gets one stoned and lonely - right illustration, much like crystal meth does today) and European scientists, intellectuals and "learned" men of the 19th century were not ready for Tequila that makes you want to party which is not good if you are a misanthropist like those successors of Newton, Cavendish, etc,; So Joules invented his margarita-blender for nothing. How do you convince men of power, who are stoned and drunk, that they are not gods and the center of the Universe? Hmm! good question.

They were, at least, astonishingly aware, through absinthe's special-magical powers, of the existence of little green men and women which is a step in the right direction towards the philosophy of talking/consulting directly to fellow "gods" and they must of consulted each other often.

Scientists, intellectuals and mathematicians know nothing of Conservation and Sufficiency (The First Law) then they do about Entropy, seeing that the latter is the only thing they discuss, and the worst one too (always-increasing), where there are three other versions/forms of Entropy.

To emphasize more clearly why the Caloric theory was so popular (like the sinking of the Titanic is more popular than the sinking of the Empress of Ireland or the Cap Arcona because there were lots of stupid rich people on the Titanic) is the fact that, its implicit design, among other things, philosophically declares that man has the power to create and destroy matter and energy — just like God, and man is better than Nature, even though they knew now that caloric was also a "conserved fluid" (formally a "material substance") and conservation is still a power of Nature that is less understood than entropy, that is, itself being so it couldn't be created or destroyed meaning: According to their version of Nature: God does not have the power to destroy the Universe, whether he created it or not and the Universe is the devils playground! Here, we see how a little vanity goes a long way that, itself in its way, defies the First Law of Thermodynamics by creating more nonsense than what was put into it!

It is the how and why they put the Caloric theory together is what makes it wrong and in line with Christianity or Gnosticism: The principle, in its direction, itself is correct, — like phlogiston and it has many correlations with what is now called Entropy and in both latent and specific heat, and even the 'Frigorific particle theory' has some excellent pointers if one imagines these particles instead as thermodynamic statistical references in matter in an open system, which is what they do all the time now in quantum physics for other things like with force carriers that are treated mathematically and then are called 'quasiparticles'.

RTSP Video
Absinthe Is Supposed To Make The Heart Grow Fonder, But It Never Does.
Let's not forget the power to run over rule over men just like a god, must have counted somewhere in their "scientific" calculations and theories for man.
One must remember that this was a time when resources seemed unlimited and could be privately controlled which was an unprecedented opportunity and made immature men, thugs and sociopaths "feel" as if they were 'King of the World', as if such a thing was necessary in a normal human being.
England, geographically, is just a gigantic pile of coal, and some limestone with a bit of top soil on top of it. If one detonated a couple of thermonuclear weapons on this geographical location (UK) it would burn uncontrollably for hundreds of thousandth of years spewing smoke, chemicals and toxins and make planet Venus look more like Tahiti in comparison to what Earth would look like. In a way, the UK is just an undetonated bomb whose principle ingredient is a pile of coal.

History shows people warring over land, then they war over what's under the land, then the water, then the air where when secured they poison it or sell the poisons from these places and in the future we can look forward to restricted space where you're only allowed to travel in routes that are owned and only one type of propulsion will be allowed and people will think that is normal too because of programming and because of their version of "thermodynamics".
If you watch James Burke's: Connections you will see all kinds of people making fortunes out of what most considered as nothing just like in ancient Greece when they were amusing themselves with devices that ran on Thermal Equilibrium. Poetically, it's like me saying some kind of oxymora nonsense like the following blockquote and expecting you to take me seriously:
The damaging papers and scientific demonstrations by Rumford and Joule created damage; in one word it was only collateral.
Rather than saying correctly:
The damaging papers and scientific demonstrations by Rumford and Joule helped in, finally, establishing 'The Fundamental Law of Thermodynamics'; The Principle of Conservation of Energy (The First Law of Thermodynamics).

Here is another excerpt from Wikipedia: ( well, where else? )
Lord Kelvin's "work": After J.P. Joule had determined the mechanical equivalent of heat, Lord Kelvin approached the question from an entirely different point of view, and in 1848 devised a scale of absolute temperature which was independent of the properties of any particular substance and was based solely on the fundamental laws of thermodynamics. It followed from the principles on which this scale was constructed that its zero was placed at −273.15 °C, at almost precisely the same point as the zero of the air-thermometer. (which is not true as Amaton's air thermometer indicated -240 C)

Whatever that means because there was no "fundamental laws of thermodynamics" yet, but as I said earlier that doesn't stop anybody from writing what illusions and time anomalies they believe happened before they did happen in encyclopedias nowadays (which, by example, the transitive Zeroth Law of Thermodynamic could cure them of this affliction).

Lamartine in front of the Hôtel de Ville of Paris, on February 25, 1848, by Félix Philippoteaux.
Click or tap for source
Besides, experts and intellectuals, among others who revise history on television and other media (Brian Greene, being the worst of them all), now they have their Time Machines where they can now know everyone's thoughts before any new ideas's originators could of known or conjugated them, themselves, or history could allow!
Who cares about historical accuracy! We have time machines!
But the "establishment" of 'Absolute Zero' by Kelvin (I thought it was Guillaume Amontons who hypothesized this) by coincidence, this occurred at the same time as another revolution was being created:
The Revolution of 1848 occurred that year and everyone was afraid of losing their heads once again, meaning that everyone had to scramble that year and pretend to be nice. The "scientists" who upheld the Caloric theory had to start making concessions, like the other idiots that thought they are kings and emperors in Europe.

Constitutions and Constitutional Monarchies were written and created all over Europe faster than you can say the words; "Barricade!" and "Guillotine!". The shaken King of Denmark, himself, had to meet the people on the street and promise a Constitution so that he could keep his throne, which is celebrated to this day in Denmark. Among other things, serfdom was outlawed in Bohemia and the feeble minded Emperor Ferdinand I of Austria abdicated the throne as part of Prince Felix of Schwarzenberg's plan to end the Revolutions of 1848 in Austria. Best of all, the Tyrannosaurus Rex Rothschild family, who even today interfere with everything as to make interference itself something normal and so are the true vindicators of closed economic systems and all the logic associated with this that is accepted now by most brainwashed people; lost nearly all the money they made during the Napoleonic wars and nearly went bankrupt. Easy come, easy go!

Caricature of Louis Philippe turning into a pear, mirroring the deterioration of his popularity. -1831 Daumier after Philipon
Click or tap for source
What's really fun (if you love history), is on the day before the 23rd of Feb 1848, the headline of the front page of a Parisian newspaper read auspiciously; "France Is Bored" (Lamartine opposing the bourgeois king Louis-Phillipe l).
Just that coincidence alone, which was played around by the new leftist press of the time and must have been supremely frightening, in an ominous fashion, to any of the decadent aristocracy, merchant princes, financiers, scientists and intellectuals back then.
This was repeated in the 1968 revolution with, "The French are bored...Youth is bored....".

So in a way, we have the 1848 revolution to thank for the establishment of the Fundamental Laws of Thermodynamics (the First Law of Thermodynamics) along with a vindication on the political power of the newly-created idea of socialism. I'm a big fan of revolutions! We should have them regularly!

So back to Lord Kelvin's concessions to the revolutionary cause, by his writers, in making science sound like it was written by Constitutional Lawyers, which explains why, practically, everything in science, after 1848, is dull and more difficult to read and understand than the antiquated papers written in the florid-style languages and calligraphy of the 17 and 18th centuries. Even the papers written on papyrus by Philo Mechanicus, written in Ancient Greek are easier to understand besides being (by hand) profusely illustrated, which seems to be a lot of trouble for printing today. We see now how frightening the Universe is to our leaders and intellectuals, but not the common man.

For us ordinary folks I only copied and pasted this gobbledygook and bafflegab about "Lord Kelvin's "Work" (Lord Kelvin never worked a day in his life, which you can verify yourself) because I wanted to "Demonstrate" the arrogance and supreme pomposity of many in the scientific community where one is apt to ask: Who are these people talking to? (Obviously, to themselves) Stephen Hawking can assume this mantle now in today's world.

Of course, there are exceptions, like Joule for instance (who actually worked in his life). Which goes to show that any good scientific paper that was ever written, anywhere and at any time was written by good scientists, practicing good science, many of which were/are not recognized in any "scientific community" which all operate exactly like country clubs and they control all the media entirely.

The papers that are incomprehensible and are presented as "finished" work are not worth reading anyway. Believe me because research has become a full-time job for me as I go through tons of scientific literature all the time and most of it is just a paper to justify their jobs and they are virtually just handing in a report and nothing new is being discussed and in others it's a Ph.D paper which can be an essay or dissertation about anything and the more it doesn't make any sense the better.

Today at any university, a thesis does not require an antithesis to go along with it anymore (which was required once) as mostly flattery, kowtowing and kissing the right feet and posteriors, or tickling the correct hairs on selected, furry-unshaved testicles is now sufficient, where/when selectively applied to get one's PhD in physics.
In the balls halls of any great university; ambitious men and nerds are worse than whores and are true experts in the arts of rimming, fellatio and buggery. Coprophagia, I have heard, is now the latest thing going on, since, now, there are more schizophrenics getting masters and PhD's. Medical science has gone a long way!

Take for example the link on specific heats up above; where I link in the blockquote about Wikipedia's version of Ben Thompson and the Cannon barrel. In that article, you will find non-obtrusive Mathematical Symbols that make you feel like an engineer right-away. Why? Because, it's well written, concise and to the point and they explain the meaning of the symbols they use, all the while one begins to understand the nightmare HVAC engineers and technicians have to deal with, in the stupid conversion tables, (called "convenience" tables) for different units of measurement because there are no scientific faculties or governing bodies that can agree on anything. This is why you will understand that organizations like the W3 Consortium and International Standards Organization and other, "objective" standards bodies exist and for, very, good reason. It's a certainty that if these Standards' bodies did not exist, today, we would have an unworkable Internet, with a hundred different versions of HTML that would require the resources that could only be available for the well-to-do, to make it work; Defeating its purpose. Of course the W3 and other standard bodies are not heaven either, but that is another discussion.

Here's Dr. Spin's translation of the blockquote about Kelvin:

Julius Robert von Mayer
"Kelvin realized there were problems with the caloric theory which regarded heat as a sort of weightless, invisible fluid that flowed when out of equilibrium. So Kelvin approached the question from an entirely different point of view, and in 1848 devised a scale of absolute temperature which was independent of the properties of any particular substance and was based solely on the fundamental laws of thermodynamics......":

That is obvious and deliberately misleading, since there is no such thing as any substance with no properties and it's never specified which view he was actually employing for getting correct results when removing matter and by consequence; pressure and phase changes, but he collates his findings to instruments used by other scientists who followed the already deprecated caloric theory, thereby catering to bigotry, rather than instructing, with an idea he had to know was wrong, without offering an alternative, all the while, employing a repackaged version of the work based upon Rumford, Joules and many others including Julius Robert Von Mayer, which were based on matter thermodynamics, of which without their work Kelvin's "work" is meaningless and would never of occurred. Like Joules and Rumford, Von Mayer demonstrated the mechanical equivalence of sound/vibrations and heat, confirming Laplace's calculations on adiabatic compression of air involving sound and the speed of sound (which Newton got all wrong).

This became to be called "The Fundamental Laws of Thermodynamics" (how could they know there would be other laws coming up, unless they were planning to introduce the consumer-grade Second Law?) which removes Matter from its properties (instead of just removing the idea that heat was a material or substance), thermal equilibrium, movement (replaced by "flowed when out of equilibrium") along with Work as if it were BEFORE the fact and paves the way for exploitation of the masses with an upcoming consumer-grade Second Law of Thermodynamics which can barely only describe energy, but today describes exploitation perfectly and assassinated Natural Philosophy until the 1930s where it was reestablished as The Zeroth and Third Law of Thermodynamics through early particle physics and quantum mechanics and reestablished that the properties of matter or substance, movement and thermal equilibrium comes first before energy and its physics. This should of been front page news back then, but of course we know now what/who mass media and now social networks work for. Science journalism is dead.

This reminds me, or puts me in the mood for one of Pietro Aretino's dialogues, 'The Life of Courtezans' in "The Best Profession": Nanna recounts to Antonia the life of prostitutes in Rome, convincing Antonia that her daughter, Pippa, should become a whore, while she is teaching her daughter what other options are available to women:

"...For the Nun betrays the sacrament and the married woman betrays the sanctity of matrimony; but the whore attacks neither the monastic life nor the husband; she is like a soldier, who is paid for doing wrong....since any penitent lady, with a couple of drops of holy water, can wash away all whorishness from her soul..., since Rome always was and always will be — I will not say the city of whores, for there is no need of my confessing that."

Back to dreary science: This is why the Zeroth law of Thermodynamics is so important and why the thing is also being so vigorously attacked in so many ways since this removes the credibility of much of modern physics and chemistry since they do not come from the right place to say anything, less writing papers and where none of them know anything about the laws of thermodynamics either, which I have already shown.

To this day there are interesting and intelligent and sympathetic people like Rumford, Joules and Mayer, trying to explore different ways to create useful work, heat and energy with devices based on open or isolated systems where scientists, or their societies never bother with disproving anything with actual experiments to demonstrate the impracticability of these inventions (like an antithesis), but quote like they were Moses, the consumer-grade First and Second Laws of Thermodynamics with its inherent closed systems as if the entire universe and everything in it was a closed system.
Well, these old farts, they do get to sleep with boys and that's all that counts these days.
It's all a show for mass media and for textbooks where you are made to believe only certain things that can be and these things you will buy.

Frank Wang
Fair Use
The proof of this is: Aside from treating the works of Joule, Rumford and Mayer, and even Amontons' work, as if they did not exist, or corrupting their true meaning and implications in certain areas to make more amenable their beloved closed systems, we must ask ourselves today in the 21st century; Where in the spanking brand-new "Fundamental Laws of Thermodynamics" is the apparent and very important creation and destruction of energy now, that created gods out of thugs which exists to this day? (scientists, to this day discuss creation, i.e. "the big bang" and destruction, i.e. "Hawking radiation".) Where is the "mechanical equivalence" of anything if there is "no substance" to create those equivalences with?
It is no coincidence that Marxism and Anarchism appeared WHEN they did as there is a direct connection in/by the way Thermodynamics was created and then implicated for/to the masses. They appeared after the creation and implementation of the consumer-grade First and later, the Second Law of Thermodynamics and the slavery, waste, pollution and emphasized closed systems (with always-increasing entropy) they together create, that serves only the elite when this should never of occurred.
Thermodynamics exposes the corruption of/in science and we also know who scientists really serve.

These social philosophies, which appeared later as a reaction, assume that man and humanity is noble already, and as the nobles with their hereditary rights and allusions were already a handful, society now had to deal with a new class (the middle class) that were claiming the same rights and allusions of the aristocracy and were even more murderous, ignorant, closed-minded, racist, sexist, specieist and greedy than all the aristocracy put together. It's a wonder we survived the industrial revolution, but we are still feeling its wake and its repercussions today. Adolf Hitler, Donald Trump and various religions leaders are prime examples.

If you try to create and collate any statistics of the most troublesome nations that interfere with everyone else, this collates with the percentage of the middle class in those nations exactly. Life and existence is not charity, or a gift from anybody or a programmed existence, but a blessing and any excuse for being alive is a good excuse, even if you were spawned from the privies of depraved alcoholics, where a collective societal indifference towards these children that were not "bred" or "top drawer" condemns them to "not - coming - from - a - good - familyspere" and other bourgeois affectations, which is a class of people that is continually obsessed with pedigree breeding, like we were all horses and cattle (the rich and the poor already believe they are perfect).

The bourgeoisie, in their infinite wisdom (as seen in the picture above left), even want to shorten the human gestation period to that of which would be equivalent to cats and bitches, or dispense with it altogether, using technology because they can't do this themselves, and yet they still want to be able to claim that they are "mommies" and "daddies" or claim the illusion of "the nuclear family" as if that still existed, and be represented as such, creating slaves out of everybody by cutting off the people from every means of support which were what family and society, — even religion were supposed to be, and let's not forget Nature, where people could then be created, licensed or owned by corporations because of their patents with gene and genome technology, including the actual genes themselves, which the middle class encourages because I don't see any protesting, or anyone reporting what's going on at the Patent office and people like Donald Trump, Alan Greenspan and Milton Freedman are celebrated who have turned gambling, exploitation, always-increasing entropy and speculation into a cult in every sphere one wants to conjugate.

It is the bourgeois who are the original thralls and they are now dressed to kill too, while they work at every turn and opportunity to imposed universal slavery in any manner possible on everyone else both high and low of their "class". Today it happens to be with technology and in the past it was religion or with economic empire building and colonial expansion. In another area: If western civilization is so good and superior, why do they need colonial or economic empires, like we have today? If their brands, values and stuff are so good, people all over the world will buy this stuff through trade and cooperation naturally, so it is not even necessary to "create" artificial markets. War and gangsterism is not only about taking things from others, but also forcing people to buy only your own inferior stuff (the ubiquitous "Made in China") and this includes ideologies and ways of life including what they call "energy" and "motion".

Glorious Conduct
Middle Class Values Can, Themselves, Be Totalitarian
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Time: 00:17

Besides Communists and Anarchists; Artists, too, despise the middle class and their ideas and values, which explains their own artistic movements in the 19th and 20th century. One does not bother with organized religion, private enterprise, mega corporations and banks because they do what they are supposed to do anyway and they do a very good job too and they are supposed to have zero ethics and morals and if you have, or want, to do business with them, then one limits one's exposure to them and whatever legal entities they control. If you do business with places like Dubai or Pakistan you do business and you will have no problems, but don't start importing western values in these places and don't bring your wife or your girlfriends there either and the same would be true in reverse. Business, spouses and/or pleasure don't mix under any circumstances.

The really nice thing is that the middle class all over the world is imploding, while getting fat and dying of cancer too (from the pollution they themselves create) and let's not forget the stupid values they try to export that gets everyone into trouble. This is going to happen faster than one can say the words "foreclosure" or "Bank Failure" and this time, they can't blame anyone either, except themselves (not for lack of trying if one listens to talk radio where once I heard someone blaming the Beach Boys for skin cancer), as there is no convenient or imaginary enemy to point fingers at, like they could in the past because everyone that "people" have been programmed to hate, or fear, are very far away. Except as tourists, we have no business whatsoever being in any military situation with places like Afghanistan, Nigeria, Iraq, etc. as I'm sure westerners would not like the same situation in reverse.

They like to blame the big governments and multinationals and banks, but they support these things in the first place unquestionably. They are the Zombies who will eat each other up alive as represented so much in popular movies.

The 'middle class' is its own invention and is a racist, sexist and elitist ideal that works to divide up humanity which they have taken it upon themselves to do and of course, with god's permission and total blessing. It has no basis upon any reality, anywhere, Anyone that takes this concept of 'middle class' with its allusions, seriously, is a lost fellow. Besides there is no future with the middle class as it's not supposed to achieve anything anyway. The Poor and the Rich actually create new things (the former out of necessity and the latter with investments), but the middle class create nothing and most are all pimps or they work for pimps.

Unfortunately there is no spray-can "Bourgeoisticide" handy on the market and the only thing that has ever been conceived regarding this matter was "Goof gas" which you will find if you research 'Rocky and Bullwinkle and Friends'. "One Poof You're a Goof". Of course, outside the sphere of carbon cartoon land, there is always marijuana to consider which has the same desired effect and is, as well, exclusively symbolic of the whinny middle class themselves.

The future of middle class will consist of a mindless entity where none of his/her opinion's matter and only exist for show, as they already do. They will gladly install microcircuits in their brains or on their nervous system ostensibly to monitor their health [H] and allow scientists to experiment genetically on their babies. My advice to them is to get fatter, and acquire more debt, be more ignorant and continue their unnatural obsessions and morbidity. The fact that one lives; this is the only prerequisite to do anything you want and because of this, you, yourself, can make a difference and find new ways to make everything better if you are a person who actually cares about anything and is not dependent on things, especially preconceived ideas that are themselves invented.
The rich and the poor, never complain, but survive. Only the middle class complain. Even having sex with the middle class is horrendous, if you are rich or poor.

Private enterprise survives from the Second World war and the Cold war. Therefore when I see in the media anyone dispensing philosophy, I feel dragged down as if frozen molasses were permeating my every movement and I was being suffocated and aborted because, now, these procedures are not confined to unborn fetuses exclusively. People instead of releasing themselves from their chains, they are, instead, busy painting or polishing their old chains or demanding new and prettier chains and gladly present their finished work or achievements to their masters. Where the rich are not even interested in owning slaves because, now, the middle class can be rented, by their own ways, by both the rich and the poor for as long as they need them. Now, as "interns" they can be had for free and disposed of when not needed.
I have never seen, or known, of a rich or poor person work for nothing.

The Zeroth law of Thermodynamics clearly shows that you don't need a job to acquire energy, heat and even food, but one should create his/her own job or business instead if one desires. Everyone can live the way they want, in their own way as this existence is not confined to places like Tahiti, but with a little effort one can discover the same riches in harsher environments compared to Tahiti. Any interaction with other businesses are to be called "cooperation" and "trade" and this practice should begin when one is as young as possible to establish energy independence where one is on more or less equal footing with other businesses and ventures because you would not need them anyway to survive.

The most important thing to remember is not to depend on anyone or anything whatsoever for information, feeling or livelihood because at one point disaster will strike one way or another. One cannot even depend on a god and why should they help anyone or anything anyway? Whether one feels that a god would love you or hate you is irrelevant and if you do what you're supposed to do, these entities would then be answerable to other things themselves because then they would be interfering.
Things and people, even "heaven and hell" change over time and nothing in any closed system lasts forever where it is best to be flexible and adaptive to any new situation, like a thermometer, barometer or hygrometer, which are wonderful systems created by Nature to model one's existence by. With these systems one ultimately gains the benefits and wisdom of A = C.

Joseph Black
Fair Use
To Recapitulate: The Caloric theory may have been wrong, but as I wrote before, its Principles were very sound because it works with things like 'Latent heat', discovered by Joseph Black around 1762 that describes what heat does during the Thermal equilibrium of Matter where later, others placed completely unnecessary arrows to describe these processes for their own purposes and not for scientific purposes and because of all the deficiencies in their heat/energy theories.
This is the fun in studying the history of physics and chemistry because people who steal, plagiarize, repackage or take the credit for other people's work, don't really understand what they are doing and leave hilarious gaping holes in "their" enunciations, postulations, theories and "experiments" that should have been obviously included, if they were its real developers, which can be seen now, historically, with great amusement because the most lauded ones today were actually the stupidest characters in this scenario or they were double agents posing as working for mankind, but actually working for the powerful in society.

As an artist, I see these "histories" in a visual abstract form where things would appear on a canvas before they should appear, and then when the real thing appears it shows that the original apparition is wrong and should not have been there and has no reason to exist.

Joseph Black was the Einstein of the time and like Einstein, he is still not understood properly and is just as vastly misinterpreted and abused by experts, intellectuals, theorists and scientists. (I'm waiting for an academic paper, or doctoral thesis, which will interpret, or paint him, as a homosexual (like Jesus, Shakespeare, Chopin), like has been done practically with everyone else.
Overtime, people eventually notice things like this (usually when it's too late which ironically restores "action and reaction" and beckons a form of A = C), where in this case, heat might actually be doing other things, under certain conditions, besides warming things up (cosmologists beware). We see, now, a new phenomenon that never existed before, where personages in history are getting demoted, like "Lord Kelvin" is getting a "phase change" into "William Thompson". There are others and I see some being hauled out of the oblivion of obscurity. History is being rewritten as you're thinking about this, right now since the work of 'the lauded ones', based their work on those that saw Nature completely differently.

The lauded versions created finished consumer products, systems and ideas, but there is no more discovery and are absolute; where if one returns to the originator's work when it was an open system, no matter how old it is, we find that there is more research to be done that creates even more new things just like all the new particles they are discovering at the LHC because this particle physics belongs to an open system although they will deny this, but they will be splitting things forever and ever and never stop and will find themselves further from the meaning of anything.
The fact that they are being funded is because they (governments) want particle beam weapons.

Don't think for one second that any newspaper we have is better than this rag
The whole thing is run like Pravda with news items to keep people interested in the "scientific revolution", like the litany-like daily speeches from Fidel Castro during the Cold war: "Latest discovery/confirmation this and latest discovery/confirmation that."

When we go into space into the future it will be with the point of a gun and there we will meet our destiny, — not our future, if we do not put a stop to the modern theoretical/particle physics and get rid of intellectuals in some manner. In related matters: That is the only reason for the European Union which is to put intellectuals not nations in power. Sovereignty, solidarity and culture are now fantasies in Europe and this is the same in China.

For now, I have special treat or this would be a good time to leave this page because I'm going to explain to you what they mean by: "Kelvin devised a scale of absolute temperature which was independent of the properties of matter" (which is pure insanity), where by their attempts to be objective (by removing matter) they inadvertently become even more subjective than ever.

These "philosophers" on the other hand, they cannot describe anything unless they divide up everything after it has been made devoid of substance, where then, anything they discuss loses its purpose and meaning, but treat their tiny new part, strip it of its dynamics and then call it a new discovery.

Ronald Reagan was right! "If it doesn't move, subsidize it". Or in these cases (with a new discovery processed in such a manner), seek a government or corporate grant! That's how "research" has become a business where billions are spent for nothing because those giving grants don't ask; "What was the thing's part of the dynamics in the former system, before it became a static "discovery". But then, it's all a business because once the thing has been re-animated it can be owned and taxed! Then there are the people, who never heard about World War 2, but know everything about the Kardassians, that complete the cycle of decay. (I really don't think that people in civilizations really like each other and just want to cut each other's throats.)

There is something, definitely, very odd in science today. Maybe it's me, but that is your decision and try to remember that I'm only discussing plain-old heat and cold and what these little things affect in society so anyone can easily imagine what's probably going on in the rest of science and philosophy, which explains why there are many digressions throughout this monologue.

There are two types of seers and/or prognosticators who can see ahead: The Second-Law ones where it's already too late to change anything. The Zeroth-Law ones, who foresee things before something bad happens where we could change things and prevent disaster.
I've been avoiding this like the plague to reproduce any closed-system mathematics to support anything here, but here I have to at least show what Kelvin's "fundamental interval" is all about, even though I don't understand it myself. My mind abhors modern mathematics because it is all closed systems and overly elegant, and nothing except Nature is that perfect, but I enjoy Open Math systems tremendously, but since they don't teach open math systems the language and symbols I would use would be meaningless. So this is where Art comes in and creates these new things that need to be expressed in Art's venue, but this is not limited to the artists because anybody free from the shackles of closed systems of science, religion and education can create beautiful and truly original things in/with anything before the intellectual comes later to legitimize and standardize these new things (as if they come from the right place to do these things, which is why they have "committees" and conventions), thereby assassinating art and any unique philosophy.

For instance: Calculus only came to be because there became to be an infrastructure and the right doctrine to support such a thing otherwise it would have been invented thousands of years ago if the thing was really natural or a normal way to look at things for a normal world, but if you like to slice and dice Nature, movement and people like the imaginings of any decent misanthropist, like Newton or Cavendish, etc. etc., instead of put things and systems together, well Newton's calculus is the thing for you.

As Chief Inspector Jacques Clouseau of the Sûreté might say: "I am more suspisioz az to zare motifffs........ and accoraccie between degreez iz obviouslie not one of zem including zeir prema-shoere abandonoment of matière altogether, zo zirly in zeegame." (something then crashes)
Why does matter suddenly disappear completely from all equations involving Thermodynamics and today the Zeroth Law itself is being deprecated wherever one looks and where matter itself is its own heat, otherwise we would not have the Third Law of Thermodynamics which says it does.
It's great that the scientific community finally accepts that hot or cold is no longer a material/chemical substance, but what does that have to do with matter itself? This complaint, it seems to come to by Nature Itself from a book that literally fell on my lap while writing this, while out on an errand, and I'm not joking, exaggerating or speaking figuratively and this must be considered in the same way as when I spoke about the Universe appearing all by itself, which must be a property it still possesses, but in a more sophisticated fashion and with its own impeccable taste I might add, especially when this happens, which is the reason I put the Lituus above.

Life is still very interesting to me at my age because of these little things that happen on occasion, or when it is appropriate, and adds just enough mystery and magic to everything else. It is a form of augury that complements this complex story that appears when it appeared, and it is augury itself that created the purpose too of setting down here, 'The fundamental Interval'.
The mysterious mathematics of augury is something I do understand because it is a system that determines the extent of where and how far my mind can inhabit and be free of the brain, which to me is just a repository of stifling regulation of which many of those things I never put in there myself and this includes a lot of memories I don't need.

Where we (whatever I am with) form a new mind and can manipulate anything in the Universe and make things happen together and I can put anything I want there too. Religion might say: "Seek and Ye shall find" but Nature has something much better that says: "Try and everything you need will find you.". No one is alone in the Universe.

They say, we use only a tiny percentage of our brains. Maybe, the rest is supposed to be something that can connect with everything around. There are already physical connections and exchanges of subatomic particles with everything around us in the physical universe.
Maybe our bodies are like spaceships on this planet developed to exist in an oxygen-nitrogen environment, so we can develop these connections with as many open systems we can find and marvel at, like the brain itself makes new connections within it, and by not doing this we would condemn ourselves to oblivion because all our spaceship-bodies will deteriorate and run out of power.

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Make new connections with the universe and your immortality is assured because you will just inhabit new things that will certainly be welcoming, and you've been there before.
There are plenty of equivalences and sufficiencies to conjugate here, since one cannot describe life without death. The very word is a dynamic and not a thing (like science or religion would tell you) and describes a cycle. The same goes for death.

One thing's for sure: No life is wasted. It's what it does and where it goes that matters, where in the cycle of life and death, those two become a system for/in the beyond because time moves only in one direction. Existence itself, is only some affinity to be where it is (quantum mechanics) and not will (god).
People themselves can tap into affinity, and often do with disastrous results (so many, just take from the universe and give nothing back. They actually think they are contributors by just existing), but that is equilibrium and sufficiency.

Scientists, mathematicians and theorists are not even worried about how their stuff might get misinterpreted (we'll forget 'misused') and would claim this thing as "sufficient". Even though I don't understand Kelvin's arrival of fictitious matter without properties because he is not considering the matter of the thermometer itself where temperature would be impossible to read without this devise Because it only measures Work capacity, not to forget that as matter it must have it's own heat (which is another form of "Elimination of Background Information"). Besides, existence is a property,

I can appreciate and understand the other wonderful things in that book, which happens to be the other 99.97% of it and I enjoy reading information that was put down before the internet and all its loathsome websites were created.

The book is called 'A Text-Book Of Heat' by G. R. Noakes, which is a book you still have to buy; the version that came to me was published in 1945 and although it is not in Google books (you can get it at Amazon), it has been cited often in other works where my favourite is 'The Cosmos of Science: Essays of Exploration' by John Earman, John D. Norton - 1998 because it relates a lot to what I'm describing in these articles on science as you can see an example here on page 328.

From: A Text-Book Of Heat:
'Principles of Thermometry'

Kelvin's Scale of Temperature That Is Based On No Substance (no matter)

Any property of any suitable substance which varies as the temperature is changed can be used to compare temperature differences with the fundamental interval. For example, 

  •  the volume of a liquid enclosed in a vessel,
  •  the volume of a fixed mass of gas maintained at constant pressure,
  •  the pressure of a fixed mass of gas maintained at constant volume,
  •  the electrical resistance of a piece of metal,
  •  the saturated vapour pressure of a liquid,
are among the many measurable physical properties which alter as the temperature changes. Any one of these can be made the basis of a scale in temperature (the word 'scale' here meaning, 'system of dividing the scale', rather than the notation employed) in the following way.

Consider any one quantity the magnitude of which changes as the temperature changes, and denote this quantity by   χ.

  •  Let χ0 be the value of χ at the ice point,
  •  and χ100 its value at the steam point.
  •  Let χτ be the value at some unknown temperature, so that changes in χ are proportional to changes in temperature.

A rise in temperature of a 100 centigrade degrees (from O ° C. to 100 ° C.) causes a change of

 (χ100 - χ0)*

A rise in temperature of τ centigrade degrees (from O ° C. to τ ° C.) causes a change of

 So   τ = κ (χτ - χ0) where κ is some constant,

      and    100   = κ(χτ - χ0)

   τ     =    (χτ - χ0)
      100   (χ100    - χ0)

and the temperature" τ° C. on the scale employing the property χ" is given by the equation:

τ = 100  =    (χτ - χ0)
                         (χ100    - χ0)  

Now, there is a theoretical absolute scale of temperature called the Kelvin Absolute Thermodynamic Scale, which is quite independent of the properties of any substance, and is identical with the Ideal Gas Scale in which χ is the product pressure x volume for a fixed mass of an ideal gas. This is the standard scale of temperature
* the name "fundamental interval" is often given to (χ100 - χ0): we are using the term to mean " fundamental temperature interval"

An indictment

RTSP video
How to turn a beastly failure into a monstrous success!
So, The "Fun"damental Laws of Thermodynamics does not even have Entropy as one of its fundamental principles, but must wait for The Second Law of Thermodynamics to appear and in the second part at that and the worst one too.
Yet zero entropy (a form of entropy) was inadvertently established before the Second Law of Thermodynamics was, itself, established in those days by "creating" Absolute Zero with no substance associated with it. To me this is the contradiction, which proves that a lot of scientists, to this day, either don't know what they are talking about, or they are deliberately lying and if so, who and what are they lying for?

From the beginning, Thermodynamics, the way it was put together and then established, makes absolutely no sense, beginning with Kelvin and then with Clausius. The only thing that was really established was a philosophy, a paradigm and a way of life for everybody to follow that only benefits private concerns.
Indeed, there is no "substance" anywhere.

thermodynamics humor
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There are precious gifts here that no one sees, or deliberately don't want to see, or deliberately want to hide, which better men than Kelvin would have realized if he was not, apparently, a puppet of the establishment of the time. This important principle defines what happens to energy that cannot be created and destroyed, but appears as if it does. In the meantime, obfuscation becomes a standard, paving the way for human error by creating a man-made system that is not universal enough.

No wonder they kept always-increasing Entropy out of the Fundamental Laws of Thermodynamics, where even its own creation in the Second Law is entropic-like, and the only real equations that do exist today, involving entropy, come from the Third Law of Thermodynamics, which of course did not exist yet.
OK, I'm knit-picking. Tell that to a rocket scientist, or engineer, that its OK to overlook certain things when it's convenient/inconvenient or put things in reverse/inverse order when/if they put together a device that has millions of moving parts. But, this is precisely what scientists have done to the Laws of Thermodynamics.

This Zero Entropy thing shows that intellectuals in those days were very interested in shutting down god and today they are trying to put him in a bottle instead with their standard model of the Universe, and their search (and apparent discovery) for the Higgs boson (god particle) like all of this was important. Only a misanthropist would want this and not some humanitarian or philanthropist. One can see this in an equivalent fashion where someone is trying to get rid of God, Nature or any other form of empathy so that he can do all the destruction and suffering he wants with impunity. Imagine a planet somewhere that is totally regulated by men who answer to nothing where anything lacking or imagined to be lacking in the bullies life must be payed for by those he enslaves.

Another example that comes to mind is that Uranium (among many other things like cadmium, etc.) has been handled, collected, and purified safely by artists and artisans for thousands of years with no fatalities (as this must have been intuitive) and never animal tested either (except as maybe an animal inspecting the substance with its nose and would instantly steer clear from it). These substances were used for glazes and coloring for ceramics and glass making, paints among other things. Then, the scientist comes along and calls this some "new" discovery, and gives it a new name and uses the same purification techniques taken from artists and artisans (which they patented for themselves) to build bombs, blow up cities and atolls, produce radioactive waste and deadly plutonium and tritium, etc. etc. You choose which would be the better philosophy or better form of "progress" and that is what you will be equivalent too.

Based on ancient history since everyone today loves profiles; I suppose to many, that the artist is indeed insane or suffering from dementia since all he can do is make pretty colours with toxic things and find ways to apply them where they miraculously become completely inert in the same way calcium locks up poisons in water and does not look for new ways to commit mass murder with these things. This is why artists must be the first to leave humanity and its societies (or find unique ways to do this) otherwise he himself will never evolve because art has long reached the point where it is art, artists, their ideas and discoveries which are now exploited by unscrupulousness and barbaric people who, today, are considered more intelligent than artists.

If I lost you: Kelvin's Fundamental Interval is simply 'The freezing and boiling of water', but he collates his fundamental interval with an air thermometer (which functions way beyond this interval) by saying, "Nature agrees with Kelvin" and not as, "Kelvin agreeing with Nature". That takes a lot of cojones to structure "findings" in such a way, and we can now understand where the insidious attraction that science has, seeing that this collates instead with a lot of negative aspects of human nature and not Nature where this new power ultimately must work against all humanity by building closed artificial societies, with new technologies that serve those closed systems, that destroys individuals and all uniqueness. Nature on the other hand remains unscathed, but these megalomaniacs actually think they affect Nature.

The historical records show that the type of Thermodynamics invented by Kelvin was for committees and intellectuals, planning humankind's future solely for the benefit of private enterprise and not free enterprise.

Kelvin et al. further made the mistake by establishing laws without complete experimental proof since the technology didn't exist yet to show what actually happens at such low temperatures at different pressures (otherwise Bose-Einstein condensates would of been theorized in the 19th century), which is probably why thermodynamics is practically avoided; since to the intelligent budding physicist studying at any university this doesn't make any sense, but no one has bothered yet to fix thermodynamics and weed out the crap that has evolved into dogma.

Also, what probably made sense in the 19th century as a method to explain energy and simplify things when they didn't have computers, makes no sense in the 21st century where matter and substance can, easily, be reintroduced because those numbers can now be crunched.

We may ask: What are they using their computers for today if they are not using them to crunch numbers that exist in reality, but could not have been dealt with in the past before the computer?
One cannot separate philosophy from any computation unless general ignorance is prescribed where the computer today is being mostly represented as a toy, a game, a network, entertainment to the general population because this is not the same view the powerful have with a computer and how they use them, and they are not calculating substance or matter with them, but power and energy instead especially with theoretical/particle physicists, today, are using their computers to eliminate background information and not relate anything to the background information they discover.
There is no open-system ideology, mechanics or physics in any of these things, algorithms or programs.

Calibration? What are Calibrations?

World's Roundest Object!
Excellent short explaining the difficulty in making scales and creating calibrations and getting things to agree with static things! Here, Mass is used in this discussion.
This part is great comedy: They also wonder why the masses change with things that are supposed to be standards for measurement. Well, that can be answered by one's senses!
I can smell things like iron and taste copper, etc., etc., and I'm a smoker too! So these things dissolve and give off their unique vapour all by themselves. Matter communicates with other matter by transference. This seems to escape them completely and think a solid object's form and mass is, or can, be eternal!
This object may as well be a work of art and not science, by the way they discuss it's creation!

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Time: 11:44

The only thing that is "real", in theory, for the Second Law of Thermodynamics, is Absolute Zero and anything attached to this is completely arbitrary and subjective in classical systems because Absolute Zero is possible with a Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics system, but it cannot ever be a static phenomena and it could be a maintained system between negative temperatures and positive temperatures by way of systems manipulating matter and energy just like when theorists, today, establish heat theories that have infinities in scales rather than matter which changes properties. What's good for the goose is good for the gander and in this case the goose's own system must contradict itself where the gander's secondhand use of this establishes truth.

Also, as I mention often, that mathematics and arithmetic only serve closed systems and none with open or isolated systems therefore modern mathematics is more like a philosophy or religion than anything else because it never describes open systems, — but that is another matter that I won't get into here, but just this merits an entire essay where we can demonstrate the amputations assumptions these Determinist philosophers make in science that lend themselves to corruption and false ideas, — not that I care since, to me, this is just another subject to examine.

For those who have difficulty following what I have to say about Kelvin and Absolute Zero with no substance, we have to go back to Guillaume Amonton's theory where zero pressure means zero heat and add any matter, of any kind, in this vacuum, we have suddenly heat and pressure and this has nothing to do with Heisenberg or quantum mechanics. It is the properties and energies of this introduced matter we must consider because it is the properties and not the physics of matter that creates the conditions in any system and affects other matter by transference, —not the invisible miracle of Kelvin and later Maxwell that is, by-the-way their gateway to a god, which we know from Maxwell's gnosticism embedded in his equations.

So, Absolute Zero exists, for sure, as a pure vacuum where heat cannot exist in the first place without matter being present somehow, so where do they get their theories, today, on pure energy without substance, or why do they follow such nonsense that creates superstition while they claimed to be objective and scientific?
Energy itself is a dynamic and can be used as a system to stop things (and create and absolute zero, but by itself it always moves things and moves within itself.

This is completely unacceptable, yet all science is corrupted with this idea and my contention is that this is done on purpose for a variety of reasons as it is a certainty that psychopaths and sociopaths who are prone to believe such nonsense naturally like to place themselves on the highest levels of any society and from their exalted positions, program people from there.

Heisenberg's work is also misunderstood and misplaced, where they assign physical properties to matter with his vibrations or matter's pulsations which has nothing to do with his Uncertainty Principle since movement does not even exist anywhere in physics, but only motion does and Heisenberg's work involves action. See: 'Is quantum uncertainty principle related to thermodynamics?'

We must remember that Kelvin's scale, like Heisenberg's relationship to Thermodynamics, is based on the Second Law of ThermodynamicsW-GD and not the more fundamental, and less inferior Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics.

This means it explains nothing, but is actually only some Modus operandi which is not science or even philosophy. This simple fact is hidden under mountains of rubbish as high as the Swiss Alps that lead directly to places like CERN, but the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics will have none of this First-and-Second-Law consumer-grade Thermodynamic crap, especially where we discover that Work can create heat because Work uses matter's properties directly, through motion.

I love thermometers, hygrometers and barometers because they serve mankind by showing from their history along with matter's properties that the entire edifice of science, politics, economics, organized religion and most of the media is complete rubbish. Any idea or theory that cannot be demonstrated in all three systems (Open Closed or Isolated) is not a theory or idea, but a story that's not better than the gab of a snake-oil salesman. The story of cold and the thermometer, etc. reveals that the story of heat is itself an invention and has philosophical, economic and political aspirations that have little to do with "prosperity' and "progress" which is complete nonsense since this is built on irreversible processes where there are more people starving and dying and being exploited then there ever was, since there are easily thousands of better ways to employ/deploy Nature, not to mention students today in affluent societies that can't even afford a decent education, that's is assuming that this education is any good in the first place by the way they teach 19th century heat and energy theories.

Heat itself can be expressed and possibly demonstrated in an infinite variety of ways, if we look through the looking glass of open systems and use some imagination. These theorists with all their computers; and this polluting/wasteful technology we have today is the best thing they can come up with, and it's not going away either, where an artist can discuss at leisure hundreds of different alternatives with his imagination alone and by freshly studying all the Laws of Thermodynamics and their Principles and from the perspective of Cold on top of that.

These things speak for themselves and make their own existence apparent provided that there is no interference (diegesis) and there is no shortage of that beginning with Maxwell who said, "All heat is of the same kind." where he should of said; "All Cold is of the same kind", where if Maxwell were right, there would no properties of matter that can carry heat in different ways so it would actually be more accurate to say: "All things are inevitably heat" (Third Law) and, "most conversion/reconversion processes are actually heat transfer since they are produced without any cost, waste or entropy".

We have theorists like Lawrence Krauss and others who insist that we must break the laws of physics at atheist conferences. Only children think like that (Breaking Laws) and adults think about either destroying Nature or bottling God and can think of arguing "progress" and "freedom" in the same breath, when the world is already filled with slavery and exploitation, or people are starving, dying of unnecessary diseases, and killing each other for nothing or being plundered for their mineral resources rather than building industries in places like Africa or the Middle East where these resources come from in the first place and not sending these important and valuable minerals to China to be manufactured into things where the same could be achieved competitively in unfortunate economic areas of the Near and Middle East or Africa. When one kills another, one kills God or Nature automatically at the same time.
Maybe, it is that that is the allure of/for murder/homicide and destruction. To actually kill god, like a coward would do.

Humorous Advert
“Employing the laws of thermodynamics developed by William Thomson in the 19th century, the KU thermodynamics-based approach works with nature to cause a local decrease in mental entropy, more commonly referred to as learning.”
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Rather than developing more advanced trade with these nations, rather than just oil and minerals (as in services and manufacturing), the first world does more in fomenting terrorism and war than a roomful of fomenting Jihadists because the oil and minerals will run out eventually and all the wealth that is being "accumulated" and "invested" now, resides only in a few prominent families. Buy drugs and you support drug cartels and gangsters. Buy oil and gas and you support terrorism and war, among the other things we already know about. These two things even got mixed up together, during the presidency of Ronald Reagan in the United States of America (while he was commander in chief) and today this is going on today in Afghanistan where the former USSR and then the British and American military today are used to protect poppy fields for heroin production. Parents in the First world would be very surprised what "military missions" their kids are carrying out these days and all ordered by their own governments and this money is used to buy and sell weapons.

If these natural resources along with all their antiquities are so precious in these hot zones on our planet, then why do we waste those same resources, but not their antiquities that we have also appropriated and are kept and preserved in our museums for our exclusive study. Today a modern Greek, Indian, African or Middle Eastern has to go to Germany, Austria, France or the UK to study their own history and then they wonder why there are suddenly so many brown and black people in their country. If you don't like brown and black people give them back all their stuff (both ancient and new) and they will go back home.

In ancient times, scientists (Natural philosophers) copied, recorded, translated, adapted objects and documents with other objects or documents from the places they conquered or visited and did not bring them physically back home. This behavior was either unheard of or simply not done since this would offend the local deities, including their own deities. Even resources like foreign mines were treated with respect and were made better, complete with beautiful temples after the mine was depleted and didn't leave a contaminated hole in the round for the same reasons.

Anyway, it's really through the Third Law of Thermodynamics (discussed later) we must interpret these figures of today involving always-increasing entropy that they show you when they discuss it anywhere, and any discussion involving the Second Law of Thermodynamics is all philosophical nonsense that only works in closed systems and certainly must never be allowed to be taught to the young as if it were the "be all end all" of Thermodynamics, or the Universe, since the Second Law becomes a way to do things where we leave contamination all over.
Genghis Khan was easier to negotiate with, than any of our modern authorities because they do things now, "because the Second Law of Thermodynamics says so" and not, "God says so".

Whether observations on energy/matter are right or wrong, its principles (entropy) remain intact so Kelvin's solution is to remove the principle entirely and matter disappears from the 'Fundamental Laws of Thermodynamics'(the wrong thing on top of that!) and 'The Principles of The Conservation of Energy' as if Nature didn't exist and god was dead, which was a very Roman Catholic thing for him to do. (Kelvin was a member of the Church of Scotland)

Instead, he should have been defining energy as in a counterpoint or as a dichotomy that would say something like: "Energy that can be used for work; and energy that cannot be used for work" which would replace the idea of energy being created and destroyed" since Equivalence already included Work because it is only work that is being affected and that which was primarily derived from types of energy and systems that should not be just creating work in the first place, and exclusively at that, — like combustion (heat and chemical energy).

by Lord Kelvin
Entropy for nerds perfume bottle
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In reality, if we look at the Second Law of thermodynamic from the inside-out, we see that everything, including systems must be made perishable and with that the consumer must separate products, devices and services that are purposely-made perishable from what are not purposely-made perishable. From there one can easily locate what makes anything bad and/or destructive.

If Kelvin had established this law of Nature tailored for matter instead of energy, rather than just removing an imaginary substance that was supposed to be heat, everything would be fine. Not to forget that they commit the mortal sin of making thermodynamics conform to man-made maths (see Kelvin's "Fundamental Interval" above) rather than make maths conform and adapt to Nature and Thermodynamics as Faraday tried to do.
I warn my visitors, now, that the gross contradictions continue and don't end here; all because of those good-old Entropies and remember that I'm only discussing plain-old hot and cold so we can just simply project what balderdash exists in cosmology, mathematics and theoretical/particle physics.

What Kelvin et al. did was to kill a fly with a cannon ball and established those results that were produced as "science".

The Principle of the Conservation of Energy was actually a critique against the, by then, polemicized Caloric theory as if it were a victim of criticism, as if someone's poor feelings were hurt, as it did nothing for the Calorie Theory itself, which in principle, would not have been objectionable to natural philosophers of the time anyway, and was never actually expounded as a Principle of Nature by those natural philosophers who made their demonstrations of the conversion of movement, friction or work into heat, but works fine with things like hidden heat (Latent heat).

Rumford, Joules and Mayer never disputed Joseph Black (the discoverer of latent heat) since their work on thermodynamics deals with water and air at "room temperature" and not different phases of H20 (where, along with other substances, can exist in two different forms at the same temperature, i.e. Freezing/Melting), but their papers and demonstration were to show that the caloric theory by Laplace and Lavoisier was not the be all and end all of heat, which is something they still do today with particle theories and dark matter among other things for all kinds of things.

Dark matter and Dark energy cannot exist because the entropy of the universe would be much hotter in temperature and would increase. It only agrees with what matter and effects of energy that are observable in the universe and that has been already established qualitatively by its matter/energy alone, otherwise they must establish a new "Dark Entropy" (all of them) too or a gnostic god somewhere, which they haven't done, so we we know this is all Stercus Tauri.

Where Work (not energy) is involved, the Caloric theory was more like a tool, like phlogiston was, than a theory to Natural Philosophers, and even with alchemists if you can believe that, and it's when caloric was taken seriously and implemented universally that went beyond latent heat, is when things went horribly wrong because Work in a closed system can be destroyed, but cannot be in an open system (anything that happens in the Universe only gets transferred. ex: Our own space garbage in orbit), which has an entirely different value system that education never makes anyone aware of, or authority creates collateral ideas that keep people focused on things that exist only in closed systems as if it were the meaning of all life.

The meaning, purpose and definition of "Entropy" begins with science and then society itself because of the way they teach thermodynamics, which is very appropriate since this kind of "entropy" is extremely insidious by its own nature and will increase in any closed system regardless of what it is. Heat and "entropy" will do what they do, but it is the system that governs its behaviour and outcome and not heat or "entropy" by themselves. The Universe is Automatic and A = C is perfectly represented here which is why science itself is "entropy's" first embodiment where its first effect is that not one single scientist, to this day, can explain them properly to anybody, except the always-increasing kind.

"The derivation from statistical mechanics of the law of entropy increase is a goal that has so far eluded the deepest thinkers." -Lieb and Yngvason (1999) Z

A Guide To Entropy And The Second Law of Thermodynamics
An academic paper by Lieb and Yngvason that partially explains the statement above. This is worth looking over.

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Lieb & yngvason a guide to entropy and the second law of thermodynamics [1998] 4 ah Zulham Mustamin
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Time: inapplicable - 22 pages
It is interesting that scientists and mathematicians will spend the effort of their entire lives to the preservation of closed systems (entropy increase) and not consider the other systems Nature has to offer where there is no such thing, — this is not even considered in philosophy! If human beings as a species cannot exist or even consider anything else beyond closed systems, then he will be exterminated and the survivors will be those who at least exist in open systems, like with Nature, albeit in primitive conditions. This is why I attach politics and economics to modern science because because people choose closed systems exclusively to run their lives (especially the educated) where there is not one single calorie of effort expended to, at least, merge different systems and benefit from the unique advantages they have to offer.
This could be done to a high degree of sophistication and elegance where the primitive conditions of any particular system, if/when exclusively relied upon, would be non-existent since, combined with our supposed intelligence and imagination, we would make them work together in perfect harmony and beauty.
It is well we discuss, "the environment", "conservation" and pollution, but in the end all these things exist, or are involved with how we purposely and inadvertently redistribute heat. The outcomes are merely products and physical effects and they themselves produce collateral things like cancer, asthma or health and harmony.

That is one of the differences between natural philosophers and the modern scientists of today. Back then, a theory was just a theory and had its specific purpose and uses and they never were considered universal. They were studying Nature and the nature of things and not some Byzantine god which everything revolved around. Besides, physics didn't exist yet, or at best, it was some remote esoteric subject that was deeply entrenched in weird philosophies, as it still is, it seems.

In the days before the quantum was discovered, when it was classical science that was weird, there were two separate formulas for black body radiation for high and low frequencies. To make one formula, Quantum mechanics needed to be invented, so the weirdness just got transferred to a new science instead. Quantum mechanics, the way it is used, and only in the way it is used, merely brushes under the carpet a lot of "mysteries" in Classical mechanics (which could be explained using Thermodynamic models, instead of physics) of which I can write an entire paper on this scandal from many perspectives and examples.

Quantum mechanics, when left alone, is itself a wonderful view of the Universe and other universes, yet even there they are trying everything to "standardize" the thing with artificial ideas that don't exist anywhere else in the universe or universes.

Today a theory is actually seen as something real before it is even proved because it is man-made (intellectual achievement rather than human achievement) and its inventor happens to be popular, just like those neat looking, but useless new increments for closed-liquid thermometers that do not create any reality in awareness, but impose an intellectualized system.

Regarding 19th, 20th and 21st century eggheads. The thing that was the most central argument in how Nature functions is the thing that is tucked away in confusion and oblivion, much like the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics is tucked away today and made worse by today's theoretical/particle physicists, who usurp Nature all the time the same way theologians usurp God by calling their human leaders "holy" where these leaders actually go to the toilet like everyone else and by anthropomorphizing spirits and abrogate Humanism and Faith entirely with cheap copies of ideas, where ultimately they all intend to turn physics into another religion, which is demonstrated in my research here, and in subsequent articles by their way of taking Matter out of every equation and keeping it for themselves and calling this "progress", "spiritual enlightenment", "personal growth", "evolution", "destiny", "the fate of the Universe", etc., etc., as if anyone is an expert on these things too. Even God knows nothing about Fate since it is He, who is supposed to know everything anyway. Therefore either God does not exist or Fate does not exist because you cannot have both, even in metaphysics or in the supernatural.

Of course, anything is possible in an isolated system and only one or the other is possible in a closed system, but since this is God and Fate we are talking about, all are, therefore, impossible when these things are together and A cannot ever equal C in their systems or ideas. You can only have one or the other, but either, being alone, will lose their meaning in any system, and anything created out of that would be degenerate. It's OK to discuss God or Fate to your heart's content; just be careful about their attached responsibilities and attributes.

If these titles (His/Her Holiness, Your Majesty, etc.) are used only for political or for diplomatic reasons then this is fine, but by anyone else to take these titles seriously and believe in this type of eminence and majesty is complete nonsense and borderline insanity brought on by programming and imprinting from the time of youth. Authority creates/develops itself because no one else would.

The day the pope can say, "abracadabra" and drive away a tropical storm (which, now, can be seen and predicted in advance that it's coming) and save countless lives and property, I will call him Holy and bow down to his feet in all humility. Instead, the pope is a tourist to the aftermath of earthquake sites and says, "I will pray". This institution (among others involving any kind of authority) is stercus tauri.

Their methods already involve closed or isolated systems in their calculations and projections, so to what and to whom are they talking about to bring these types of conclusions, were even their psychological profile and history, even by step-method reckoning, also includes an enormous amount of unrepentant thievery and plagiarism yet we are expected to trust them unquestionably because of their supposed authority.

If the Industrial Revolution was good for the people in bringing progress, it was 10,000 times better for the greedy.

Scientists always have that extra peek into the open systems with what they are describing, with their special instruments and apparatuses they appropriated from other fields and relay that information to you as in a closed system, creating automatically a wall of knowledge and exploitation that only they have access to. The problem is that you pay for a lot of this with your taxes with publicly funded research grants so you should also be given the full open system knowledge too because there are a lot of smart people out there who never heard of universities or deplore them entirely and would undoubtedly provide excellent input, procedures or protocols including new leading ideas and applications. One way they do this, is when they describe Entropy, as a closed system, as a form of chaos or "physical-disorder".

Every single scientific paper and every dissertation one hears today discusses anything as a closed system regardless of the subject, yet these things all come from open and isolated systems, so this is actually a philosophy that is being expounded to the public or scientists have totally missed their philosophy classes or they had lousy professors in philosophy (which all Universities are notorious for).

Ask any NASA engineer, if he can use any invention created for people on Earth and he/she will tell you that everything to a light bulb has to be reinvented to function in space or on other planets. If consumer products where designed for/by all systems in mind (Open, closed and isolated), sending things into space would be much cheaper. All "invented" and patented things that exist for "civilization" serve only closed systems. That's not civilization but ultimately exploitation.

A representation of Stephen Hawking's broken tea cup from his 'History of Time'.
Considering their discussions on time and entropy, Stephen Hawking likes to use the broken tea cup, focusing on the irreversible because they are closed systems! (which sums up his "genius".)
Ronald Mallett likes to use his dead father and prevent him from meeting his grave and look up for yourself, on any video hosting site, other theoretical/particle physicists that talk a lot about "time travel" because there, you will realize, for yourself, there is always a lurking psychotic-like morbid obsession somewhere that resembles Mary Shelley's story of Dr. Frankenstein or it's presented as some form of quantum mysticism and the charlatan Brian Greene is a good example of this. See his: The Fabric of the Cosmos: Quantum Leap - NOVA which also makes a big deal out of quantum entanglement and the teleportation of matter.

I love this comment from xFirebird925x on You Tube about this science whatever-this-is concerning Brian Greene's 'Quantum Leap':
"I used to reject religion and embrace science, but now I reject both. Deep down, there's always a nagging voice that tells me both science and religion are man-made, and both are completely dependent on us, our thinking, our perception of things, our senses and their limits. We make scientific instruments because we think human senses are unreliable, but in reality the machines are just as unreliable. We know nothing, nothing at all about the realm we live in."

These are theoretical physicist and they go around discussing quaintness and romantics and get away with actually being taken seriously. This shows how deep human programming goes on in society today to actually take any of these people seriously, by the examples they use to describe utter nonsense that, on top of this, won't make a difference, even if their concepts do exist, until 1,000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000+++++++ years from now and that is important for you to waste your precious time with today.

Now, what would we do with time machines? What would we change in the past? Eliminate one thing and chaos would just erupt somewhere else and most likely be worse. Can we trust people with time machines? Nature offers us the future, which can be molded into anything with a little intelligence and cooperation. No! scientists want to travel to the past!

This stuff is not even important with philosophy because they describe fate everywhere, yet they can't find fate or even define what fate is in an open Universe and then further create more nonsense by introducing infinity into a closed or isolated system like black holes (Stephen Hawking) where others like Michio Kaku and Lawrence Krauss try to get rid of those infinities, but for the wrong reasons, but in the right place. Heron would say: "You've got everything backwards again". The only thing they do find anywhere, if you look, is that fate cannot exist in infinity, so hope springs eternal.

The point is that people have a philosophical choice, which they deny everybody. Religion does the same by using fate as an excuse, but discuss infinity at the same time. Infinity, by itself, implies that there is no fate and any bad occurrence would actually be part of some cycle instead. They want their cake and eat it too.
You want to know the fate of anything? Just follow, and then project where the heat goes, keeping in mind that there are isolated and open systems around, affecting your observation or study.
The choices are to focus on open systems and adapt them to closed systems or focus on closed systems and tell everyone they are the only things that count, which is the philosophy they expound and remarkably, like religion as the Church is infallible, — well so is "the edifice" of science today.

The Fantasist and 18th century superhero, Baron Munchhausen enjoying a nice cup of Nectar of the Gods. I prefer his type of "tea" cup to Stephen Hawking's since nothing ever breaks, and in this way Baron Munchhausen's Universe is actually closer to the truth. If it does break by accident, it will then be easier to clean the mess anyway.
They never tell anyone that only matter can be teleported and not mass (what happens to the masses heat and to its time, which follow other laws?) and that different types of particles can be entangled, even matter and antimatter, and not just the same type of particle. See APS article: Observing Matter-Antimatter Oscillations, Roy A. Briere. In fact, everything everywhere is entangled and any Buddhist or any competent artist could have told you that thousands of years ago whereas we don't need quantum mechanics to prove that.

The transmission of even the information of mass, even though this information can be transmitted theoretically faster than the speed of light through entanglement, will still only manifest itself at the other end when the speed of light allows it to appear as if the Universe knows that it is receiving this information before it should (this is discussed more in-depth in another monologue following this one, as we come back to this often in the story of Thermodynamics).

Here, I won't even begin describing things like 'Static Relativity' that would deal with Movement and not Motion because of everyone's love affair and preoccupation with motion and going from A ⇒ B as if other forms and dimensions did not exist or were only microscopic, and follow the Second Law of Thermodynamics, to the exclusion of all else.

This turns all their ideas of quantum entanglement upside down because, here, we have the Universe telling quantum mechanics what to do and not the other way around like theoretical physicists like to do, but no one realizes this. The artist can imagine the Universe, itself laugh at the scientist and its popularizers since it is all man-made.
Newton's Laws of Motion are actually just tendencies and should be renamed Newton's Tendencies of/for Motion, but that would be like changing history, like they do in encyclopedias today.

Mass itself cannot be entangled, like hot and cold cannot be entangled, so it cannot be a particle or even a quasiparticle, but it is part of a system instead.
Also, because it is already a part of the thermal equilibrium of the entire universe as it is already everywhere so it is unnecessary to move any mass anywhere independently and it cannot be created or destroyed, which can be demonstrated elegantly using a closed or an isolated system by determining that a liquid in any vessel of any size does not weigh more in one place or another within that closed/isolated system and is totally ruled by inertia (where this inertia is also the same everywhere in that system, regardless of position when motion is introduced).

But, what would be the point to show this (among other things) in today's "science" climate.
Mass is like hot and cold: It can only be transferred via movement or conversion to energy or Work.
For a successful faster-than-light, or a regular light-speed teleportation it would be necessary to transmit matter with instructions to tell the local mass what to do and how it should be assembled with the emerging matter that materializes.

This way the Universe's natural Thermal Equilibrium is preserved and not interfered with. Thermal equilibrium always comes first before any physics.

Scientists don't want to learn anything, they want to control Nature and things with their imaginary universes.

This is fine, as it is in watching and listening to endearing kindergarten children discuss their imaginary universes and invisible friends, but one does not take them seriously and we realize that it is time they start learning the Laws of Thermodynamics, which will put a stop to that nonsense and allow them to begin to embrace this wonderful physical universe of ours instead.

Anyway, situation-wise: Authority is paving the way for a new kind of dystopian-draconian future and the ability for authority to control ideas and thought and is the first baby steps in turning humanity and his societies of the future into a new revised closed system designed to work for space faring civilizations by building technology that is only adapted to this purpose like the First and Second Laws of Thermodynamics were designed to do for the 19th and 20th century, which succeeded very well by being the opium for the middle class.
The song: "Happy days are here again!" will read: "
♫ Totalitarian days are here again!
The skies above are clear again! ♫.

The future is already laid out for the unborn generations to come, by authority with a new system of/for breeding and instructing for their control, for a more effective open system version of slavery, exploitation and waste, where authority will need bigger fences to control vast new realms, where the vision of the Universe's future for man does not surpass the ideas of a person addicted to video games, smart phone apps, or Star Wars, or think AK 47's and religion belong together, or who only thinks and breaths money perpetually, or thinks heaven is filled with virgins delegated or presided by a Pope, Imam, Messiah or a Prophet who's official title and function is 'God' or divinity itself even though they are very human with the same human anxieties and morals, and never considering other forms of value, existence and life that exit everywhere instead.

The only way to deprogram yourself is to begin by learning the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics (especially the A = C part) and its two Principles (the principles of 'Sufficiency' and 'Equivalency') first, and apply them everywhere in life.
If you are ever going to put anyone on a pedestal, do it for a person who has helped all humanity and not just a particular group, or because he holds a particular office.

How is a person such as I to combat these lies coming from these theorists making flashy videos for broadcast with practically unlimited corporate sponsorship? I tell myself if I saved one single person from this hell hole, I've done my job and made a difference because everyone counts.
The best part is that I cannot choose anyone, but the person would choose himself, which is better than choosing a new Dalai Lama.
These ideas are developed for the future of philosophy, the economics of dim witted masters, and religion and not for science or humanity. (Science and mathematics, in fact, have no ideals to serve humanity, but Thermodynamics does!)

This is in contrast to Entropy being a lot more than they say and is perfectly balanced on the other side by entropy having no relationship with Time as anyone can know it, and in fact, time entering entropy becomes "entropic time", for want of a better term (and improves its quality and increases its types), but it has the same characteristics as energy, in that it can't be used for Work or measuring Work, — but it exists nevertheless.

Of course, things like energy and matter can go "backwards" in quantum mechanics, but so does time and work because the Universe is an open system and you cannot put arrows in any open system, so everything is still going "forwards" and towards the Principles of Sufficiency and Equivalency because these things are part of open systems. Arrows only belong in two dimensions and start to fail miserably in three and four dimensions.

But, these types would have people believe that energy, time, work and matter are separate and can be made to do things independently, or one can have a superior effect over another in a very un-First Law of Thermodynamic way without any conservation or reference to anything they affect or register, or are separate realities and not part of a natural system where if one is left out, or all are not equivalently treated, neither would then exist, or one cannot exist without the other and they must be in thermal equilibrium too.

The propaganda for closed systems (the Second Law of Thermodynamics)

To compensate, a new generation of "theorists" add integrals on top of integrals on top of integrals to closed systems, destroying the entire meaning of calculus, which is also supposed to be a creative entity in mathematics and not just a tool and instead of creating a thermodynamics that deals with Work, they create and describe entropy instead. It is all so one-sidedly convenient.
I'm very surprised that Brian Greene has only one escalator to go up and down to quantum level in his show 'The Fabric of the Cosmos' (screenshot of one scene above) and not two where he could see himself come back from expertly dispensing and describing stercus tauri with his Blue-screen technology behind him to disguise what really comes out of him from his second favorite orifice; his mouth.

Or even a new type of escalator that would only move quantum mechanically would do, than make it appear like a "classical musical mechanical experience" (like he does) when/where quantum mechanics is rock and roll, jazz or funk in comparison.

This terrible and god-awful PBS video does, at least, explains everything quantum mechanically by mixing up all the important historical dates of the discovery of the quantum and its experiments and inferring the wrong people as its discoverers with the wrong experiments as if it were in another universe (à la Star Trek alternate universes) or some time machine experiment had gone terribly wrong.

This video (and others like it) is filled with lies and grotesquely inconceivable historical inaccuracies and this guy (and don't forget his crony colleges) have produced Ph.D's with no antithesis. (I wonder whose balls he tickled.)

Remember, your kids are watching these things; never mind Big Brother watching you. At one point you will have to take control of your media because it's all lies or sloppy work and the programmers, producers and narrators don't know what they are doing or talking about and everybody (viewers) are going "tralala!" as if nothing was wrong or everything's perfect. Ratings are all that matter to them.

The media is a business like any other business, and their job is to sell things one way or another. The only true Ph.D. (doctor of philosophy) is issued by caring for things and people and writing about these things in that way by any individual and is not some certificate from some society or institution. People like David Attenborough are the real people with Ph.D's, given to them by their actual productions and care for things. His love and admiration for Nature continues unabated, even in his senior years. I'd like to see that with these smart Alecs, like Brian Greene. NOT! It just won't happen.

Click on book for article that will make your skin crawl.
Maybe some have been hanging around too many plutonium labs where their minds have been adversely affected by plutonium 239 - 241 poisoning (the bad plutoniums and every scientist's favorite brands of plutonium). The only thing of interest in this part of my discussion, is that it shows that time is subservient to energy like energy is subservient to matter so a time machine would be more complex to construct than the Universe itself to make it work and would take longer than the "age" than the Universe itself to build and they still expect the taxpayer to pay for this.
No wonder the rich (who are smart) don't like to pay taxes. I could hold a week-long seminar/conference, for the rich, and show them how their precious money is being wasted in science (provided, they are interested in humanity, or the future).

So instead of getting rid of infinities, which scientists don't like, they unwittingly create infinities of impossibilities and impossibilities of infinities. — I thought I was the artist!

Even if Entropy is a non-entity in the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics, I like to keep it around anyway because it's a wonderfully good idea even if it doesn't mean anything (the idea of uselessness), because that is useful in itself (like colourless glass was considered once, but created by artisans nevertheless; because all the entropies possess surreal intrinsic qualities, and wait 'til you read my apology to the Second law version of "Entropy". Their version of doom and gloom is completely false.
It's only bad for slaves, and good riddance. I have no sympathy. Real Men and Woman are better than that model and can adapt to any system as easily as snapping ones fingers.

Artistic philosophy: No one can describe Entropy because you could discuss it forever and you will never be finished explaining it or the closed system would stop you!.
The act itself is useless, or "entropic" and its existence must be handled in a unique way, tailored to each unique system and situation since this form of energy still contains, within it, the echoes of the state of the Universe since before the biggest Quasars made their appearance which is more likely over 100,000,000.... billion years ago where the Universe was quite different, where the Universe was mostly pure matter and not much else since it cannot be anything else because nothing can exist without matter existing first in anything.
It's very nice to say that the universe is +- 13 billion years old, but what about those quasars and black holes that are older?

To this day, there are still forms of energy in the Universe that doesn't show up or register as heat, but have a direct effect on ordinary heat, energy and work nevertheless. Look for Entropy (which is just another form of heat and not some philosophy), or add it to any other thing that exists and Voilà! you have a fascinating new story, new science, new art, new property of matter or whatever your heart desires because entropy might be no good to extract work or power, but it can change matter's properties (which is another form of value) which any chemist will tell you is very useful (see: Third Law of Thermodynamics).

Entropy is also a lot of fun when we consider that the ambient temperature of the Universe is completely different in every order of magnitude. Also if this ambient temperature (entropy) did not exist the entire Universe would act like a superfluid with very few properties. It's the way they talk about entropy and what they use it for is what intrigues me, just like I describe with their treatment of Quantum mechanics and Relativity, etc. That is the only thing that is weird in any of these natural things. Entropy, Quantum/Classical mechanics, the Relativities etc. they're all fine by themselves. It is practically Heisenbergian where when these popularizes and intellectuals approach these subjects in any manner they suddenly change, disappear or turn into monsters.

"Like a soul without a mind in a body without a heart......"
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Time: 05:20

When I said earlier "there are precious gifts here", it is because I can describe a system using the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics that one could pack qradrillion+ degrees of heat and put all that into a solid and it would be all at room temperature and can be handled by anybody safely or even abused. That is a form of Absolute Zero when you think about it as a system, since there are infinite forms of heat and there is at least something absolute here which would be the solid itself and a solid, like a Bose-Einstein condensate, is an absolute thing that cannot be confused with anything else. Unlike Maxwell, there are many forms of heat and so there are many forms of absolute zero, but only one way to make Cold.

When scientists say, "Order goes to disorder", like the melting of ice, or the fission of an atom or a teenager's room; What was then the properties of the original order? I'm sure I would find a dust bunny in the originally-pristine teenager's room before it became a mess.
So, will we not also find some disorder in the order of that particular state of matter? So, it is actually a question of scale we should be looking at and discussing, and not some absolute thing because this is a system, and one does not create philosophy out of systems unless one includes all systems simultaneously.
Aristotle tried that and look what happened to him! Scientists, today, laugh at Aristotle, but aren't they committing the exact error he did.
At least, Aristotle had a good reason to do what he did. What does the modern intelligentsia and cognoscenti have as an excuse?

Note:It's funny that Maxwell knew about always-increasing entropy, but told the public there was only one. form of heat (the type that's allows Work to exist. So he, like kelvin, were puppets of the establishment.
The Madwoman of Chaillot Excerpt
Scene from 'La Folle de Chaillot': A play, a poetic satire, by French dramatist Jean Giraudoux
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Time: 14;27

If the Universe is as they say it is, then the Universe is more complex than before it even existed than after it exists and further, their ideas don't explain why are all these things, matter, space, mass, energy, time that are all completely different, yet they all work very well together, which includes the fact that all physics only occurs after a dynamical system says it can so all physicists today actually put the cart before the horse, or as Blake said: "They follow Satan's doctrine" since, metaphysically speaking, God can be viewed as the Dynamic ruler, and Lucifer, in the form of Physics, as the second ruler of the universe.
Sounds and looks more like a step-by-step process of things appearing over trillions of years because they were Inevitable and did not appear spontaneous anywhere or any time, like everything else we know of in life and there will be new inevitabilities that don't exist yet, appearing overtime too which, artfully speaking, has already surpassed them by simply not yet existing and will incorporate vast systems in magnitudes we would not be aware off anyway, especially from people who like to box or fence in ideas, living things, dead things and people.

All life and creation and all death have a long process to describe and have unique stories that can be foretold and nothing about these things are spontaneous, although they will tell you so, such as when describing an accident or a crash.

Doctor Faustus and Mephistopheles
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Time: 03:08

Even the second someone dies, he's in heaven with no time for the actual transportation to this realm or he never left so everyone is already holy including the sinner in some way because of this instantaneous transference and direct link to heaven, which abrogates "original sin" since apparently, one goes to heaven to be judged and then one is sent to hell. Regardless, heaven is just a box like Earth and hell is supposed to be in this universe they invented, and Mephistopheles (not god) will not tell you different. Mephistopheles' first gentle words to Doctor Faustus are: "Now Faustus; What wouldst thou have me do?" Of which Faustus' first request is to describe him hell.

Heaven and hell have a hierarchy too, as one can see in the Bible, etc. so it is man's duty when he dies to be the nicest most understanding angel or the cruelest judgmental devil to rise up the ranks ultimately to be better than Jehovah or Lucifer themselves since that is the way they say things work, in either philosophy and heaven or hell are no exception because there is only the verb to Have in either place and not the verb Be. Otherwise, God and Satan are just fascists running totalitarian regimes and if that is so, then why does anything exist in the first place? Totalitarianism can only exist after something else exists first that creates the fascist philosophy. When they talk about, "God's plan", well religion and their puerile ideas, teachings and beliefs makes God an exceedingly bad planner.

Wall Mural - Madison and Sherbrooke - Montreal, N.D.G borough.
Theorists are in the business of assigning a time schedule and energy level to all things even if Nature has no need or use for clocks (but gods and devils do) and deals with heat energy and life, along with cold and death, through matter, in a multitude of ways and always in cycles. It is up to you to reclaim your right to get back on that wheel and only Nature can bestow this, — not any god or promises of/from any society where, as already shown profusely, one will find an infinite assortment of contradictions.

People like Stephen Hawking only see heat as giving off radiation or evaporating (with no condensation!) which is entirely false since the properties of matter themselves are "emanations" and entropy itself exists of which its constituents are only tendancies in all forms of heat and matter, including negative temperature and in pressure, movement without friction, latent heat, etc..

Before there is any radiation, there are a lot of things going on that don't consume any energy whatsoever (there is no Work actually being done, and existence is not Work), but constitute the movements and motions of the Universe itself.

The Universe does not consume itself, which is what these physicists are actually saying and perpetual movement and energy transfer are the Universe itself. This should not be surprising as I'm only taking the ideas of Rumford, Joules and Mayer and extending them beyond heat and saying that the Universe itself is such a thing where existence and creation must also be transferred everywhere.
Wherever life is impossible, it will harbor life in one way or another in time.

Maybe its time for science and all its edifices to dust up their "welcome mats" where they will find the words "go away", that would be revealed by such an exercise because it is all just a country club. These people decide what science is, not Nature. It is perhaps better to bring back the Natural philosopher. Perhaps this is exactly what science needs is some exercise in the real world, where getting out more often won't hurt anything either and the student too should get out more while realizing that Nature is everywhere, — even in polluted cities, forget the birds and the trees as exclusive examples because we are part of Nature too with the intelligence to realize honestly who we are and what we do and can make things better or worse if we want.

Even the Title of Stephen Hawking's book and movie can be seen as an Oxymoron by treating 'time' scientifically and mathematically as an object, and matter as nonexistent. For such a grandiose genius it's funny that he has overlooked this contradiction that represents his so called autobiographical "masterpiece" and since he does not know how to use simple language correctly, we must assume that his mathematics is no good either. Time would not be time if it had a beginning or an end and would be something else altogether. By using the word "History" he turns time into a closed system!
The ideas of artists cannot be "Maxwellianized" or "Quantized" because they are superior in many ways to even not-yet-existing mathematics since we embrace the Interval in everything, which is why art exists because there are too many things that are true and lose their existence if put in a box like a hypothetical reverse-virtual particle that will only disappear if you think you can control it, otherwise they exist always and are essential to all existence. One cannot control art any more than one can control Nature.
A painting may have a frame or no frame yet it is a window. A sculpture or model must be placed and positioned and this changes everything around it. The composition of music is the memory and idea of all things and it is no wonder that the daughters of Zeus and Mnemosyne, the nine Muses were the goddesses of learning and they all have appropriate names that describe the proper cultivation for learning and has nothing to do with "modern education", which is a cross between a prison and a factory if one were to find any equivalence. (I didn't say that, but my maths teacher in grade 7 said that to the class one day, and I never forgot it.)

Try turning that into mathematics for fun, or create a Christian saint that can represent such, yet an artist can describe anything effortlessly and it makes no difference whether a thing such as this exists or not. The idea itself is wonderful and is Sufficient to embody itself into universal reality. On top of this, these new Christian saints that replaced the Pantheon of gods of the past are a package deal with no quarter for creativity anywhere where this was not the same with the old gods of polytheism.

The same kind of Entropy, as a principle, appears twice! for two reasons; once in the Second and once in the Third Law of Thermodynamics. I guess having an I.Q. of over 130 isn't everything it's cracked up to be, yet people think of these guys like they were a modern Moses or Abraham.

There is an entire un-described Universe out there that only involves matter and nothing else which no one talks about where the only thing I can say is that comparatively: Energy, itself, is boring and always have a beginning and an ending (and that's supposed to be comforting?); It is matter that is very interesting and is timeless. Scientists, teachers and intellectuals, by focusing people only on energy are treating them as machines too with this focus because to a machine only energy is important to its function and purpose and human beings now act in the same way and towards each other where no one pays any attention to anyone's substance and only pay attention to what someone can do for something. Man is trained to make the machine work, as energy is used to drive the machine and if that is not the best definition for slavery, then find me something better because Work by itself is supposed to drive or control the machine and the machine must serve man and Nature.

Riding the plasma wave
Providence seems to favour the artist, too, where we bump into wonderful jewels like the following that one would not normally find where it seems the information itself finds the artist at the appropriate time. Here's something concerning plasma, which is not taught anywhere yet this form of matter is everywhere: "Throughout the universe more than 99 percent of matter looks nothing like what's on Earth. Instead of materials we can touch and see, instead of motions we intuitively expect like a ball rolling down a hill, or a cup that sits still on a table, most of the universe is governed by rules that react more obviously to such things as magnetic force or electrical charge. It would be as if your cup was magnetized, perhaps attracted to a metal ceiling above, and instead of resting, it floats up, hovering somewhere in the air, balanced between the upward force and the pull of gravity below.
This material that pervades the universe, making up the stars and our sun, and also – far less densely, of course – the vast interstellar spaces in between, is called plasma.....

- From: Wikimedia File: 'Riding the Plasma Wave' - Flickr - NASA Goddard Photo and Video.jpg

There is no such thing as the fateful and over-determinist idea of "memory of a future" as Stephen Hawking and others believe with their contaminated philosophies that are no longer suitable for even their kind of physics, chemistry or mathematics especially where we find out that 99% of the universe is plasma and the majority of magnetism is Diamagnetism (bar point East/West in a closed system not North/South). \

Artists have other words for "Memory of The Future". Things like "Inspiration", "Empathy" "Intuitiveness", "Planning", A = C, even "Thinking" could be added there.
Nothing can be determined precisely. Only inspiration from study can exist.

The idea is that you create the future; it does not create you and what can be considered fate is actually part of some system and even there one has a choice where one can choose an isolated, closed or an open system to handle the affairs of fate. They talk and calculate things that are beyond the experience of any type of intelligence you think or feel exists and this is endorsed by first rate universities and think tanks.

Also, all physics and chemistry departments of universities throughout the planet are dedicated to the creation of new weapons or explosives or things that make weapons or things that deploy them in any way possible, and they deliberately hire psychopaths to run their art departments and their star athletes get properly conditioned with performance enhancing drugs (where do you think the laboratories and research comes from to make these enhancements and drugs?) destroying their natural ability to excel and achieve things that are beyond in the natural world and then they get traded and sold like cattle to sports clubs and leagues and this is thought of as a "golden opportunity". Everything is now man-made, but has nothing to do with humanity, but artificially-enhanced abilities, and this is an improvement?

No wonder star athletes go cookoo a some point because they are already saturated with drugs and have no idea at all of who they really are physically and psychologically.
Not one single think tank believes or works to better humanity itself, and works instead to control/market mankind/humanity in one way or another, as if this was theirs to control and manipulate including telling people what to say, act, do, think and feel. God forbid anyone expresses an original thought today, especially in school. That is what I call 'communistic consumerism' because everybody says, does, acts, desires and buys the same useless things for the good of the state and not for their own good.

Fashionable consumption is good for the state. Any deviation gets you sent to "Siberia", excommunicated or be shunned. Religion is supposed to be about love and inspiration, yet they will exile their own "children" and call them disobedient when they ask any questions just like the others who offer technological alternatives to those things that are "technotoxical". See: 'When ‘Religious Freedom’ Hurts Religion' By Gene Robinson which is about a court case that will decide whether religious organizations can be allowed to discriminate.

The Business Merger
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Time: 08:41

They are all Cycloptic institutions working for Vulcan and the Gods of War, and even the Beast if you want and there are no exceptions to this. To enter society, there is marriage, the military, or you enter the halls of any university.
All these different institutions do the same thing and provide the same function and outcomes, but the institution of marriage is the worst of them all. Many people now advise to incorporate instead of marrying. Except for incorporating, they all offer the same reward/punishment system and this includes their particular ways of dealing with discovery in that, if it is more against Nature the higher the reward there will be because of the obvious economic advantages and exclusivity these systems offer that normally would be available to anybody by Nature in the first place.

In the end there is no such thing as discovery nor is this allowed as in anything that exists, or has always existed in Nature since time was time and it is when a need arised, we made our "discovery" and put it into some type of closed or isolated absolute system. If you really want to be successful and want to make a difference while remaining in the game of society and still be part of the system; drop out like Gabe Newell, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Howard Hughes, Pope Benedict XVI, etc., etc., while making sure that everyone thinks that you're very weird, but brilliant.

Simplify your life: Switch to A = C

MORE little green men
The Beast is obviously suffering from an itchy posterior or diaper rash (which explains a lot). Notice that he uses his ingeniously-placed special heel claws to scratch himself.
From the Codex Gigas
A lot of people talk about the Devil and the Beast, especially in the United States of America: Besides looking for signs, symbols, tattoos or birth marks which does not seem to be very effective and by the time you find the right signs it's too late anyway: — We have, instead, courtesy of Nature and no one else, The Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics and it's wonderful Two Principles which can teach anybody to recognize these things a mile away before, even, they know you're around to bother you later, and how to deal with them effortlessly and effectively, if you can't avoid them, all the while improving your own life, posterity and those you love a thousand fold. Nature has already made up its mind about these things trillions of years ago and the way it deals with Its equivalence to evil of any sort is in those Principles of Sufficiency and Equivalency (Basically "Thou shalt not want" in the sense of not coveting what does not belong to you) and in A = C .

The original Golden rules of all religions are in complete agreement with Nature. With Nature, Sufficiency and Equivalency just happen to apply to all things; animate and inanimate and not just in societies. In a sense, Nature's way point to the future as well since It tells us where those golden rules reside from and where they will lead to and what has always been included.

On the intellectual front: These intellectuals might know a lot about maths and physics and closed systems, but they know absolutely nothing about substance, and we will forget wisdom altogether, and they have not adopted any new and progressive philosophies, but hang on to the old ones that are now meaningless, which affects their work, science and society detrimentally.

Their technology and systems they develop are exactly like a vampire's life which needs fresh supplies of blood from outside to remain "immortal" and can never sustain itself. All evil systems run on Second Law of Thermodynamic models so it's no wonder that the most technologically advanced people on the planet are worried about fictitious things like the devil. Their concepts are not even accepted in the most experimental or conservative regions of art or by any member of any serious artistic community.
It makes one wonder, who and what are they doing their work for and why? While these people discuss the future they talk more about the past; Instead of opening up new vistas and ideas they fence in the old ones; When they discuss the future of humankind, they talk more about themselves.

This only makes sense if one considers that these books and "documentaries" are being produced for a general population that has been preconditioned to "understand" things only this way, which are all intellectual-made, through the education systems and now made ubiquitous. Working our way back and study what they teach kids nowadays, we can probably and very accurately predict what crap they're going to present everybody in the future that they haven't put out yet now by using our ever-so-handy A = C. See or bookmark: Stephen Hawking - A Brief History of Time (1991) and don't forget to have a barf bag handy because his snooty relatives and friends are hard to take in with their menageries and quaint little stories.

They don't even talk like that, anywhere, in England anymore as if inflecting things with having lots of hot potatoes in one's mouth fooled anyone anymore.
This guy's entire family and friends live in their own world.

His stupid question of what came first?: "The Chicken or the Egg" has an obvious and irrefutable answer (the egg, since a single cell regardless of it's size is still an egg and it's how it divides is what makes it a chicken or whatever) if he knew anything about the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics and Basic systems theory but this guy, like DJ Tiësto, is like the second coming of Christ, so who am I to argue?
It does not change the fact that they are both assholes, and that I have no power over that too and can't change that.
He brags that he was born exactly 300 years after Galileo and his desk is also filled with, artfully placed, toys designed by Galileo (who at least created semi-practical things that never existed before).

Well along with being extremely vain, they both have/had enormous egos and they both ended up as shut ins too, which is about the only form of equivalence one will find with this guy. Life imitates art. Sure this guy can solve ten times the equations, ten times faster than his colleagues like Mr. Peabody, but does he think about what he's actually doing? I can show anyone a third-world sweatshop seamstress that can sew 10 times the amount T shirts and 10 times faster than anybody and can calculate in her head exactly how many pennies, down to the last decimal point that she has earned during the day, all at the same time! This shows that the show of genius is actually only opportunity, where with people like Hawking, there is a plentiful supply of idiots and vain people around who will listen to you and take you seriously because it profits or amuses them.
What did Stephen Hawking ever do to improve anyone's life where he merits being adulated and being compared to Galileo, Albert Einstein or Richard Feynman? Absolutely Zero.

At best, he is an intelligent intellectual who claims being an artist or deep thinker. This guy is a machine and he looks and sounds like one too.
Everything I describe here, is only in the first six minutes of the video; you go ahead and enjoy the rest. It's important for everybody to learn how these people think so that you can deal with them effectively, where with enough exposure to them, you will see a pattern eventually and stop adulating morons, but this you must accomplish on your own because I cannot know what's important to you and determine what's good for you.

The patterns you would find on your own would be unique for you, where I can only tell you that they are there, where you can start developing your own unique critical thinking that would, itself, be very valid and original.

In the past there was only one Augustine, Aristotle and Plato and look at the damage they caused; Now, we have thousands of little Augustines, Aristotles and Plato-types going around today, so we need more critics on science and technology, of all types, today than ever before to expose these frauds. Physics itself must be sterilized and burned where necessary, just like their experimental apparatuses, and the experiment they do with life.

Click or Tap for Part 11: 'The Two Entropies, Death, Information Theory and The Mechanical Equivalence of Heat.'

GP duBerger

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