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Saturday, July 20, 2013

The Two Entropies, Death, Information Theory and The Mechanical Equivalence of Heat

HTML'S MAGIC: Extreme Cold - Page 11 - 'The Two Entropies, Death and The Mechanical Equivalence of Heat.

Page 11 of 'Extreme Cold'
'A History and Monologue on Matter and Natural Systems
in Materials Science of/for Energy Systems within
any Macroscopic Scale'.

by GP duBerger

They discovered through Low Temperature Physics, which was dealt with mostly in Nuclear chemistry laboratories, that there was a big difference between Entropy in an open system, Entropy in a closed system and Entropy in an isolated system, among other things especially where the data they had previously, indicated strange and inappropriate ideas and not from any laboratory. Kelvin and no other scientists, of the time and to this day except those concerning the Third Law of Thermodynamics (Cryogenics), which appeared in the 1930s, have ever performed any kind of experiment on Entropy, yet, miraculously, they all tell us what it is conclusively as per any system. British chemist, Peter Atkins claims he "knows" Entropy (remember Lieb and Yngvason (1999) Z?)

It seems Atkins is just as nuts as Hawking to "know" entropy; the latter claims to be a reincarnation of Galileo, and we pay attention to these guys?! I know schizophrenics who make more sense with their own babble when their condition begins to be acute and they're near their injection time and have to go to their appointment at the CLSC.

First of all, there in no such thing as Entropy, but there is, "never decreasing/increasing entropy" or, "always increasing/decreasing entropy". Entropy is a dynamic, not a thing or a philosophy based on Newtonian/Cartesian/Neo-Platonic "things" except where/when we consider comedy in what chemists and physicists have to say about entropy in public. That's a thing to laugh at.

At least, Antoine Lavoisier with his ideas of 'Absolute Zero' being between -1500 and -3000 C, performed many experiments for his Caloric theory.
To reiterate: The only actual experiments they are doing with entropy concern the Third Law of Thermodynamics and nowhere else, which is probably where Atkins gets his ideas from, but he applies them to The Second Law of Thermodynamics which philosophically in this case, these two laws and their physical or chemical principles regarding entropy are incompatible among other things like when they treat quantum mechanics and all particle physics like they were only closed systems, or bend all of Nature into such an exclusive idea.

Left animation: A teetering Humpty Dumpty (Movement that cannot produce Work, power or heat). This can be a representation of Entropy (From: Third Law of Thermodynamic)

In the Second and Third Law of Thermodynamics, there is a big difference between their Entropies that have absolutely nothing to do with each other, and if you remove the Third Law's version you will remove a lot of Nobel Prizes too. The Second Law's version belongs to the new intellectual/consumer "science" and can offer no Nobel awards because it has been made to be part of the corrupted consumer-grade Second Law of Thermodynamics that teaches post-modernism, consumption and ignorance, but if we restore entropy as it would have been conceived by Natural Philosophy in classical mechanics and develop it from there, we would not need to have two entropies, or the two entropies become one again.
Anyway, a new Entropy needed to be formulated by/for quantum and nuclear physicists in the proper way, with experiments, including mathematical proofs because, despite quantum physic's renowned flexibility in philosophy (meaning: Weird), it does not tolerate fantasies, —even qualitative ones, which would have been avoided if they put Entropy, as a Principle, as part of the First Law of Thermodynamics, where it came from through its original: "Fundamental Principles of the Conservation of Energy" (as: 'Energy that can be used for Work, and energy that cannot be used for Work') while denoting each system with their beloved "Arrow of Time" which would of prevented their dreaming up of Strings and Time Machines in the first place, as this is a form of energy that is also conserved in any system and in normal conditions it can never decrease in an isolated system and never increase in an open system, or as a separate law entirely so long as both Quantum and Classical, Open, Closed and Isolated system's requirements are met.

Remember now, where I discussed Stone-age man and their criteria for reality and existence was whether something was conserved or not and not some Cartesian or other philosophical intellectual nonsense. So: If Entropy is conserved somewhere, it therefore exists. It is just a matter of choosing your preferred system or accept the one given to you in life by society and that's where all philosophy, technology and even religion come in, and in most cases it is closed systems that dominate human-kind instead of open systems.

It seems that Stone-age common sense and/or the natural intelligence of humankind applies even more today with the profusion of stercus tauri we are now subjected to by intellectuals and their autistic savants playing mathematician who can only function in closed systems and would naturally of been eliminated, one way or another, in any open or isolated system if such a society existed.

Click on Pic for excellent description of systems from the Geologist's perspective.
Geologists I find refreshing because they are not dogmatic and intellectual. There are no autistic savants is geology because the outside world and Nature does not frighten them and this may show why the quality of science that comes from them is superior and often prophetic.
Geologists also study exchanges and interactions in/with different systems, which naturally has produced many great, but uncredited theories and discoveries going back to the 17th century that are cutting-edge science today.
Entropy has no business being part of the Second Law exclusively because it's not just confined to any closed system (which is what the Second Law describes exclusively) and unlike the Third Law of thermodynamics, it contains no protocols to measure any form of entropy so everyone may ask why it's there in the Second Law. Intellectuals have created a monster that is anti-Newtonian or anti-Galilean since the Second Law version only describes "Fate" like we would describe a god and its verdict and nothing like cause and reaction, etc. In an equivalent manner, this thing is broken up bits and pieces of leftovers from 'The Theory of Cohesion' (which at least does have cause and effect) and 'Caloric' among other things from the time when there were 'Natural Philosophers and there were no scientists yet since the First and Second Laws of Thermodynamic made their appearance at about this time when the Natural Philosophy was beginning to disappear and science was getting a makeover and being turned into a standardized system where we can just forget creative new approaches or ideas where it would have been possible (or natural) to collate any problems for the Universe's mass, whose mechanisms creating an exchange would be allotted to Black Holes and Quasars, and on the other side with the Universe's Accelerating Expansion, while keeping in mind the possibility of other things not yet discovered.

This is also the decisive difference between the Natural Philosopher and the Scientist; One is open-minded and leaves a welcome mat to new additions in ideas and things, and the other is closed-minded and divides things when new things show up and I mean this with no sarcasm here, and I'm being entirely serious. The irony here is that the Natural Philosopher dealt with division and not multiplication in their maths and the modern science loves multiplication and abhors division in their maths. There is always a conservation to be found everywhere which is especially easy to "see" where there is a conflict. These things are invisible to the intellectual or autistic savant who are renowned to see patterns in things, but not cycles. Is not a cycle a moving pattern?

It would be wise to reconsider what definition one accepts today as to what "genius" is, since it is quite clear that these people we admire and believe, we find that their powers are quite limited and can be proven with the very entropy they themselves created since there is no conservation in anything they say, do or expound. This is another reason why I say that the Second Law of Thermodynamics should not be scraped as its philosophy over time is valuable and it's actual message is, "You can't fool Mother Nature" and ironically, I see a phoenix rising from its ashes in the future and renewing itself without man's help. Life is beauty indeed!
This phenomenon will happen all by itself (like everything else in thermodynamics) and it is up us to open our eyes when that happens. Nature is supreme in all wisdom.

Concerning Kelvin and Clausius: It's wonderful that they finally accepted that motion produces heat, but motion is also part of entropy as per some system and we don't need the Third Law of Thermodynamic to show us that. This can be demonstrated in physics and in simple mathematics (statistically) as it can be proved that any form of movement can produce heat, not only motion can produce heat, hence why entropy never increases, never decreases or decreases as per a system.
Entropy is movement and not something bad and without it there is no Universe, but the physicist's method of deprecating the idea of movement and instead promoting motion is by using the term: Entropy.

Most modern physicists, cosmologists and theoretical/particle physicists are no better than most priests or evangelists since they all lie and talk utter nonsense because of this distinction they never consider. Creative and intuitive science made a spontaneous reappearance for the last time in WW2 when great minds were enlisted to work together to win the war so science was not a country club and controlled during that time by such places like The Royal Society or CERN, etc.

They leave entropy there the way it is (in the second law) because 99.99% of the population is already fully contaminated with insidious ideas and with cultural "tradition" whose near-antiquity is a subculture in itself along with ancient deterministic and materialist philosophies where universal misinformation has been made to be equivalent to universal information to the extent that people like Stephen Hawking have written incredible tales about it (among other things) which is no better than Harry Potter stories or some post-modernist neo-tribe rambling.

To me, there is no difference between Susskind, Hawking, Krauss and their like and J.K. Rowling who wrote the Harry Potter series.
In my own search for a simple picture diagram that explains the Third Law I have found many that are deliberately tampered with to make it seem incomprehensible or confusing with different representations so people move on to other things thinking that it is too difficult.
Here, I continue this fine tradition by giving low temperature physics (basically anything that's cold with little entropy; ordinary ice is a fine and convenient example) some sentiment and adorable cuteness with this picture from a site that shows one how to make Igloo Pudding.

Art anticipating the Future
Marcel Duchamp's 'Nude Descending a Staircase, No. 2' (1912)
Oil on canvas
Philadelphia Museum of Art
Many people have bizarre ideas about low-temperature physics for no reasons, as if it were some holy grail where in actuality the Third Law of Thermodynamics merely defines what and how Absolute Zero is about, completing the principle itself, but gives it a doorway to open systems thereby demolishing the closed system that Absolute Zero was conceived for by Kelvin. One must think of heat like we think about time.
If one looks at the sun, we are seeing it as it was 8:00 minutes ago. Look at anything around you, the light reflected off its surface took a few millionths of a second to get to your eyes, but there will never be 0:00 time between any perception of anything. Everything we see and know is the past or is already gone and I did not include the time it took to process that information in the brain. It is the same with heat, but with a difference, and discussing absolute zero is saying, "I want to be god".
The difference is that in heat, we need that time between any transfer from x to y to capture energy and convert it, or to put it to Work.

The men who conceived and established this Third Law quietly, were incredible geniuses in many areas who literally pulled the carpet out from under the scientific establishment's feet and slipped in something new imperceptibly which only an artist or a chess player, to this day, can understand, savour and appreciate and make it appear all normal besides. These men sacrificed glory, fame for the betterment of science and because of the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics (which they also formulated that reestablishes Thermal Equilibrium and Equivalency) these men also knew what laid beyond, better than these celebrity scientist of today.

What is Futurism?

Umberto Boccioni
Unique forms of continuity in space - 1913
The Museum of Modern Art, New York
Click or tap for source and article
Because of this, the truly magnificent fact about Entropy now is that it can only be truly represented in a moving manner as if it were being launched, like in the animation of Humpty Dumpty for both The Second and Third Laws of Thermodynamics because Work is not affected by Entropy, but must be destroyed in any system if it does not produce value, or turned into another form of Work; only energy or power are affected by entropy, but not matter, but only the systems it is part of.

This is the hallmark of the Industrial Revolution which collaterally discovered that energy cannot be created of destroyed, but went ahead and created systems that must be created and destroyed continually!
That is science. So listen carefully next time you watch some science documentary and this is what you will find. They will turn real things that simply exist and put them into a system that must destroy itself or others. Thermodynamics shows that systems need not exist in such a way, or be exclusive to that idea or manner.

The Equivalency to be found here is one of great subtlety where concerning energy systems (Motion) we have action and reaction but with Movement we find one form of Work creates another form of Work. The animated Gif triumphs as it is now more than just an amusement since it can represent self-repeating changes which are necessary to express, especially with visual expressions that involve the Third Law of Thermodynamics. Concerning art, this is a revolution since the Third Law of Thermodynamics tells artists that all things must contain independent movement and must be represented as such. Nothing in Nature is an avatar.

In Quantum Mechanics, Particle Physics, Classical Mechanics, Low Temperature Physics and in Nuclear Physics, the interpretation of Entropy is different where as in this example of Humpty Dumpty who is about to fall, — or Not! According to the Second Law, if he falls, his pieces will never be as organized as before he fell and can never be put back together as before.

As said before, this is exactly like the 'Principle of Cohesion' (which no longer exists) in the days of Natural Philosophy before modern science and this should be no surprise for anyone today, even to grade schoolers where scientists and popularizers should not be making and writing, "Oh Wow!" condescending videos and books today when they discuss Entropy.
We see that the Second Law of Thermodynamics is a patchworks of all sorts of things sewn together. Like a witches brew: A bit of Caloric here, some Cohesion there and a dash of motion and stir! Turn off the fire and voilà, the first course is ready for the consumer's consumption.

The problem also, is with the word "organized" since it is only the form of Humpty Dumpty that gets broken. Humpty Dumpty was always "disorganized", especially if we look at Humpty Dumpty's molecules. "Disorganized" simply means that we are too primitive to understand what is organized and this we can see from the things and forms we have that we do consider organized, like "organized crime" or "organized religion", "organized science", etc., which themselves produce chaos, as we see on the news everyday.

This includes any type of societies we create. In another way, we simply have not been around long enough to understand Nature even remotely in any kind of system and have gone through considerable effort to actually make Nature something to despise and move away from like the way art and science split apart in the past simply because Artists and scientist do not treat or view Nature in the same manner where once they did. Therefore it is not even in the purview of the most wisest and intelligent of our species to decide for anybody what is organized or disorganized, since the Universe obviously functions extremely well the way it is, and always has been functioning well and it does not seem to be deteriorating either.

One does not need a psychiatrist to tell us these celebrity scientists are crazy; we have Entropy to do that.

This would be where we introduce the concept of Work in thermodynamics because one form of Work (the creation of Humpty Dumpty) was changed to another form of Work (by Humpty Dumpty becoming broken), but no mass, energy or disorganization was lost or created; all these things were simply transferred.

Most of of the atoms/molecules missing between the broken parts of Humpty Dumpty that were once part of "cohesion" has been turned into sound, or some other form of heat. The atoms/molecules, themselves, and whatever leftover heat those molecules possess are now part of the air and its molecules. The only thing gone is some design and some new design (the broken pieces) has replaced it.
Since Humpty Dumpty is only some design, it can be replaced, but the old Humpty Dumpty cannot ever be put completely back together again, or at best, it's would become a new paradigm: The Broken Humpty Dumpty + Glue. (This is how artists name their works of art.)

The Third Law of Thermodynamics shows that all forms are subjective, or a question of magnitude and even may be total illusions created by the mind, but the act of creating form is objective and the only thing pertaining and important to reality. Now, we only need one Entropy for both Laws of Thermodynamics.

By science giving importance only to form without any dynamic (à la Plato), i.e., while not recognizing any act of 'creation of form' (Work); science creates gnostic deities, lies and everything they describe becomes superficial, unnatural or supernatural (Atheism or Gnosticism) to fill in this space simply because, like Plato, they don't like to get their own hands dirty.
This is where we see that scientists are actually being superficial and Maxwell, through Gnosticism, believes in god so neither should be thought of saying the entire truth or reality of anything concerning science and philosophy.

Without motion and movement there is nothing. Even a thought must move from A to B for it to exist and be real. Existence is movement and motion in a system not form or ideas, and certainly not something cut out like cookies from a cookie cutter (Plato) who never asked who is doing all that Work, but assumed it was a deity where in a universe of natural movement and motion, an outside deity is entirely unnecessary and superfluous.

Nevertheless, we must recall that concepts like Work are repugnant to philosophers, intellectuals and scientists and will go to great lengths to hide this vanity of theirs.

'Cohesion' was a term described in physics as well as chemistry, of the time, where: "If we break a glass, we destroy the cohesion; the particles cannot be reunited". (Also, look up the differences between cohesion and adhesion.) See: Popular scientific recreations, tr. and enlarged from 'Les récréations ... By Gaston Tissandier P. 25. which is entirely scientifically correct and where "Entropy" slipped in somehow we may ask why, but it satisfies gnostic and atheistic parameters for existence and control. Where with the Third law, the Entropy exists with the act of teetering Humpty Dumpty himself, before he will fall or not.

This is the part that constitutes what is the "uncontrollable", "disorganized", "unpredictable", and the "irretrievable" aspects of Entropy and it is the What, When and the Why he falls that is important, so these things have nothing to do with Heisenberg's work. This is normal since why would we want to control something that moves naturally by itself in the same manner as to control something that does not move and make that move unless it was something someone, or some society, wanted so he could sell or license that process for a fee.

Entropy (movement), is a slap across the face to any form of modern political/economic theory that involves any form of totalitarianism, monopolization or privatization and is only possible in the same manner as religious programming where people are made to believe it's true.
The entire universe is all energy, matter, motion and movement so what monstrosity have we created for ourselves where the few can own, sell, tax and trade energy? The greatest criminals are from authority or monsters are created by them.

The pieces themselves, after, or before, the fall are what is created, and that produces the desired results of the experiment, as can be observed in any Feynman diagram, Low temperature chemistry experiment, Particle physics experiment or Political revolution, —it's all the same.
In essence, the form of Humpty Dumpty is being created quantum mechanically all the time if he did not fall and break and change into those new broken pieces. If god created anything once upon a time, he is still creating the same things all the time as this is not a one-time thing that occurred during some six days long ago.

Within that philosophy, god must create the universe each and every millisecond and with no breaks in between (which includes all Saturdays and all Sundays) and not 6,000 years ago with one day of rest (No wonder he's so grumpy with that sleep/work schedule), and the quantum proves this! We can observe this phenomenon in classical science too because nice Jewish babies get born 7 days a week all over the world. The Sabbath included.

Now, that's a divine entity I could understand and not some asshole, or imaginary personal friend, sitting on some golden throne in a heaven for all eternity, keeping an eye on puny mortals. If a god exists, he/she are very busy and doesn't have time for anyone's misanthropic grey-bearded bullshit.

Everything you need is all around you to fix anything, if you get off your ass and show some respect for things, like every other creature does on this planet going about their business while managing, also, to not interfere with other species of life and systems.
Superior being we are? I don't think so because we put our hands (and other things) into things were we do not belong and have no respect for anything. Whether this is Nature or Nurture is purely a political discussion.

Entropy is part of the power of creation and change and not destruction or disorganization since disorder is part of form and that can very well be an illusion itself, and finally it is also impossible to separate change from creation. These two things are always a package deal and are a form of metaphysical-system when combined or applied to information. i.e. Hot and Cold and creation/change are package deals, but one deals with the physical universe (which organized religion must work on desperately) and the other with the metaphysical universe (which science and religion talk about too much).

Thermodynamics is unique in the sciences and philosophy because every single demonstration and proof of it has been rejected throughout history to this day. What does that make, of what is considered science and philosophy?

Nano-spike catalysts convert carbon dioxide directly into ethanol
Oak Ridge National Laboratory - Oct 12, 2016
(BTW: This is the only institution that has even done any work in developing Thorium reactors and proved their indisputable viability. Their fate, among other related things involving Thermodynamics, Physics and Chemistry, is is why I hate politicians. Politicians are our true anarchists. Like in quantum mechanics, those that are supposed to help, actually destroy.)

Thumbnail for Video
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Time: 02:03

Pursuing this thought, where I say the same Form of Humpty Dumpty is being created all the time if it didn't fall and break first: Let us imagine a movie camera taking pictures near the speed of light like the camera I used before to fool Newton where there would be a conflict between heat and information at the speed of light. The same thing is happening, but here we see this in another way to describe entropy where the camera requires a shutter speed to take pictures, which means it has to be stopped somewhere while it moves at the near the speed of light to take exposures. One could never take pictures at the speed of light because the shutter speed and the speed of light would be equivalent. In this situation neither the image nor the camera exist, nor did they ever have to exist because they are representative of forms and design.
Only Work is still around to represent anything at the given time and is completely unaffected by the speed of light.

The only thing that is real is the act of taking pictures and the light from Nature sending information and ideas, the difference is being that the movie camera and Humpty Dumpty, as forms, cannot move regardless if anything is moving at the speed of light or not, unless acted upon by some other force, or fictitious force (like acceleration), and every frame of its existence of that form exists thermodynamically the same, where its only movement is its own entropy.

The speed of light simply means that nothing can accelerate beyond that point from any perspective and without it deceleration could not exist or be possible. The speed of light is a "point" à la Step Method that's no different than the boiling point of water. What happens beyond the boiling point (steam, vapour) is another thing altogether with new or different properties as it would be the same for matter's motions superluminally, but not in its movement.
Quantum Mechanically the Humpty Dumpty is different all the time, but Thermodynamically Humpty Dumpty is the same and never changes, decreases or increases so long as it remains a form and not part of some other system too.

"Richard Feynman knew there is a difference between the two meanings of entropy. He discussed thermodynamic entropy in the section called "Entropy" of his Lectures on Physics published in 1963" P

Click or tap on pic for free version from Caltech. (A $165.00 SAVINGS!!!)
With thanks to Carver Mead, Thomas Kelleher, Adam Cochran and Alan Rice for making this Free HTML edition possible!
If this did not happen, the universe would be filled with Humpty Dumpties, so Thermodynamics is Nature's bookkeeper to make sure that quantum mechanics and the nature of existence and its creation never get out of hand. Put another way, there is only so much heat and the Humpty Dumpty you saw a second ago is not the same Humpty Dumpty one second later, only its Thermodynamics, and all that involves, is real and the same, and occupies the same dynamics as the one before.

This may explain why the Universe has an infinite quantity of "identical" subatomic particles, but a limited quantity of atoms where new subatomic particles are appearing and "disappearing" all the time since thermodynamics acts as the safety-valve to prevent different universes from interfering with each other.
With this idea, there is no more need for exotic and esoteric things like dark matter since a "simple" quark (a constituent of the atom) can weigh more than 100 times the proton.

That's a lot of movement to create that mass, so there is evidently another force we don't know of yet to hold on to that mass in the subspace of the nucleus and gluons are not there for speed, but cohesion.

Clearly, matter, mass and energy have to be rethought from the ground up, that contains a thermodynamic third system somewhere between mass and gravity to start off with since it is obvious that mass can change properties and there may even be a thing like "latent mass" in the subatomic and quantum universes.

Even the act of "falling" creates something new like when describing photons, (information carriers), gluons (force carriers) or quasiparticles, etc., and this is where we apply Heisenberg's work. Scientific researchers in low temperature physics truly appreciate Entropy and use it as an indispensable tool whether it be physics, nuclear chemistry and chemistry and is not the depressing thing you were brought up with, in any manner whatsoever, —even in closed systems!
Low temperature physicists who work with Bose-Einstein condensates can be appreciated in the same manner as geologists since they are also studying matter too, but this form of matter is not available to the geologist, but one day this may be different when we go to other stars and planets!

There is no scientific or logical criteria to decide what is, "Disorganization" since everything that exists has a purpose and whatever mathematics that's being used depends entirely on the system, which decides whether some element is organized/disorganized, efficient/inefficient or useful/redundant. in another system these elements would be completely different and display properties of, i.e. efficiency/inefficiency, that are completely the opposite of the other system.

Whether that purpose happens to, agree or disagree with the consumer, the engineer the stockholder or not; that is entirely a matter of opinion and it is the way this "inconvenience" is dealt with by these people; that is the old-fashioned entropy that everyone loves/hates, which happens to be completely wrong. An example comes to mind:

Scientists say photosynthesis is inefficient, including related techniques in artificial reverse combustion, but is it not the way we use carbon-based fuels that is more inefficient and wasteful that makes reverse combustion appear inefficient?

Nature shows us how things function, and the time/energy/Work these things take and it is up to us to balance our civilizations to these parameters. Otherwise we are a disease.
Both, science and religion open the doors to things that don't exist and are unrealistic, but we react to anyway because they were "created".
Just because the pope or any celebrity scientist/"communicator" says something is true, does not mean its true and he's not necessarily being a liar either. They are only true within the parameters of the closed systems he presides over and most of these things are unhealthy to the environment and humankind's future.

The time has come for the Entropy of the Second Law of Thermodynamics to merge with the Third Law's version and move to its rightful place with the First Law of Thermodynamics, where it belongs, all the while improving the First Law in an inestimable way.

On the political edge end of things: It is a wonder that religious thinkers from all our greatest organized religions have not adopted "never-increasing" (open systems), "never-decreasing" (isolated systems) entropy to show the vibrancy of the universe (by extension, "god's living presence"), but have adopted the form of heresy entropy that guarantees their own eventual destruction within themselves in the same way as I will relate later how scientists have not used the creation of death instead of life and its mechanisms to promote evolution!
They only discuss life and survival!

This proves that they don't think or are capable of any feeling or learning, but only spout dogma for mindless automatons, who are growing in number because of the lack of quality education, media and professors anywhere, whether private or public. All our institutions today are horrific and are getting worse where obedience to the authority of the church, scientific society and/or state is the rule, which has nothing to do with obedience to god, nature or humanity.

RTSP Video
The Dog's Shadow And, "Who is this guy called Charlie?"
While I'm here, I may as well add this tidbit: In Quantum mechanics/physics, the moving shadow of Humpty Dumpty, you see in the animations above, is just as important as Humpty Dumpty himself and the shadow of Humpty Dumpty is part of the whole, so this is the threshold-point where the Universe becomes more than its sum, but not quite yet!
The difference between the shadow when they are classically treated and "quantumly" treated is that in quantum mechanics the moving shadow is sometimes independent of the source among other things and if we are only dealing with matter with no mass.

I say this matter/mass thing only to simplify things, here, because there are exceptions in both cases if there is a third system somewhere in these things. The simplest example of independent motion I can describe would involve time where if the form were suddenly removed the shadow would still exist, albeit briefly, since a new one is being created independently elsewhere.

The "shadow" cannot contain mass, but can change properties of matter and so can create 'work'; this work creates another form of work or can create/transfer heat/cold via another system, and heat/cold can create new properties in matter and/or motion, but the mass and movement is always the same, if there is any.
A "quantum shadow" might be expressed quantum mechanically as an interval of nothing or a vacuum in subspace that is caused by the moving quanta or particle itself. This cartoon, above left, expresses this elegantly.

The Rockin' Fred Astaire and The Shadows!
When it comes to the preservation of information; quantum mechanics and even particle physics are the complete opposite and have an extremely high always-increasing entropy "value", as if they were in a closed consumer-grade classical system, unless the information is returned-back to the Universe it will disappear forever from the closed system it is part of.

This explains why the information in your pen drives and CD/DVDs have a precise shelf life and there is nothing that can be done about it. Nature will only allow the permanent-like storage of information in the form of 'mechanical work' and not with 'energy' alone, and it must be exchanged too, meaning that the entire idea of "Security", and building systems for this is, itself, ridiculous according to Nature and anything secure will die if its not exchanged.

Nevertheless, on the practical side, these energy systems for storing information, including their manufacturing costs, can be made very small, but they are ultimately affected or corrupted by neutrinos, cosmic radiation and even gravity who will carry away your secrets, etc. It becomes a matter to just "securely" transfer the information regularly and this information is always identical and this precariously satisfies the requirements of 'Work' in thermodynamics, as per artistic philosophy.

Quantum Mechanics Is Not Weird!

It is said one cannot "picture" or visualize the atom. One may know how fast a subatomic particle is traveling, but not know its position, or one may know its position, but not know how fast it is going. An atom is everywhere except when you measure it, or when you are not looking at it, it behaves like a wave; when you are looking at it, it behaves like a particle. This is not weird in the slightest.
For an example, and I'm not being cynical:
People are an excellent example, where it is often said: "When the cat's away the mice will play". People who say they are not jealous or not sleep around, themselves are actually jealous and/or do sleep around. Can one paint a portrait of a person and say that is the person? No, it is not, but only a representation of that person.
People also often say they will do something and invariably not do it. In fact, everything has duplicitous or multi-universal aspects in its dynamics, if we look closely.

It is authority that pollutes the mind and our awareness by imposing rules, limitations and regulations upon everything, which they themselves don't follow and/or believe in; politicians, multinationals and philosophers being excellent examples!
They also give everything a mono purpose. In classical mechanics we find that there are only tendencies and possibilities too, and it is only that we can influence. We also find that anything can be used for a variety of other things and uses. It is lawyers who say that a product's guarantee is void if used for any other purpose by equivalence.

There is no such thing as betrayal. There is only those that set themselves up for betrayal that get betrayed. Why would fundamental particles and atoms be any different?
Everyone lies. There is only a tendency to say the truth and this truth is simply a manifestation of some virtue the person thinks is important, or has meaning. The quantum is the same and information is alive and is a manifestation of existence. There is no need for a third party, —like a god. If it is a god, then he/she/it must be reduced to the simplest thing imaginable, as to have no meaning or purpose.

They say, when an electron makes a quantum jump it disappears and reappears. This is not so. Like hitting a billiard ball on can hit it directly like Newton, but on can also give the cue ball some follow, draw, jump and spin which have the opposite effect on the hit ball and appears as something miraculous on a pool/billiard table.

It is the same with particles and atoms, except each of these reactions take place separately in subspace, so the particle is now in three or four places at once (which would be impossible to see). It is where draw or follow would put it. It is simultaneously where spin would put it. It is somewhere else simultaneously where energy put it. etc., etc.
"Later" (what is time in quantum mechanics?) it reappears as one particle with a new energy level and frequency once EQUILIBRIUM is established. The difference is that number of atoms are enormous in a billiard ball and the time scale is completely different where equilibrium has already established itself a long time ago quantum mechanically.

In fact, quantum mechanics follows even more stringently the laws of physics than scientists apply in classical physics except all energy, heat, movements and motions are to be considered separately and together, and not bits a pieces like they do in classical physics which create their own existences where the tendency is for all these things is to find thermal, motion, movement and energy equilibrium.
This "equilibrium" we "see" as a new position change or a new velocity for one thing, but each different reality we could not see simultaneously made it possible!

The equation defining existence will surely be quite elegant, but this equation will face a population of beasts, who will, like has been done with Thermodynamics; ignore it and not build a new civilization and paradigm for humanity, based on its principles.
The only other possibility, is that the atom is simply a reflection of the observer or measurer. For every living thing it is different and, at one point, behaves differently where Nature does not seem to have the need to explain it to you because it is you who are the answer.

Film Before Film
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Remember that mechanical work that becomes information creates value and lasts just as long as the matter so-involved does not change properties, or its properties have not been changed, i.e. anything written in stone will remain so long as the tablet is not turned into lava or sandblasted, etc. At these points, they would be telling a new story because Nature writes things too and it's Her "paper" not ours (from a geologist's perspective).

Nature demands some sort of permanence where you must physically carve out your own everything or anything in life, with Work and/or Mass, — not Power or Energy and then leave it anywhere where this medium's properties will not be changed, and only that will have meaning and permanence, but that is always unique in some way with each copy, otherwise there is no meaning to existence and nothing needs to be recorded whether the object be alive, animate or inanimate. For example: There is no point in recording the existence of photons or electrons when there is already an infinite supply.

Also, physicists who yak about time machines in their mockumentaries forget that Work is involved somewhere and you can only copy information perfectly with energy where with matter one could only copy the past or the future where each cycle is itself unique and is therefore not the actual past or the future, but an alternate pastor past or future.

Forget altering the past by altering events; Ones mere presence would change the past, even if one materialized in the middle of the desert and no one, or anything saw you.
You changed the air pressure in that one spot and that would be sufficient to change everything overtime.
Time machines can only exist in the mind or spirit and nowhere else, but this echoes the low quality of ideas, of the modern theoretical/particle physicist, cosmologist and many popularizers.

Quantum computers might be fascinating, but they are not the direction to go if you are thinking about anything that might last physically indefinitely with energy and power alone because there is no work being done in their quantum mechanical system, if we are concerned about memory and information and how permanent it can be made. They perhaps are conceiving of a future society of the ephemeral where nothing is remembered by anyone, so they can sell the same thing over and over again indefinitely. They did this with religion in the past, so why not with science now?


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If we disappear so does the information about us in quantum computers and any information about us in both classical and quantum mechanics, when their own cycles of what they are doing have been completed. It all depends on what you think of as permanent or how far you want to take things, which is something everyone should decide for themselves and not just be handed a way of life by society of the future without telling them the advantages, consequences, the philosophy of our history in the handling of Memory and the future starts now, not tomorrow otherwise say goodbye to everything.

There reaches a point in energy systems where computations are so fast, memory becomes ineffective, unnecessary or redundant because the calculation itself changes everything and it cannot be recorded either how this change occurred. Only reproducing the calculation itself can reproduce the memory, but by that time we have lost the original data or question which is another way to look at Douglas Adams' number 42. Only Matter systems can have no limit in speed to simultaneous calculation and memory because that is regulated by Thermal Equilibrium.

Such things, on the other hand, would be great to detect changes in the Universe, itself, because they would change instantly with it and register this too where this would appear instantly in quantum mechanics and inevitably with classical mechanics like the disappearance of the ancient Pantheon gods or the Anasazi. This shows the difference between the artist and the scientist since, in the same thing, the artist sees its beauty and the scientist sees its power and it is the manipulated masses who decide which view or application is better.

"Nutritious Information"

This enormous power as demonstrated by combined-possible destiny's shows that life and existence are not or will not be for society, or authority, to handle or decide for everybody and education will be everybody's own responsibility, where the old hunting and gathering of the Stone Age will come back, but applied to information instead and not food, where the successful hunter will succeed and the dependant slave or follower of systems will die off because "Nutritious Information" will be the key to anyone's future or the slave or follower of systems will survive precariously with garbage information. As in the Stone Age, intelligence has no place anywhere beyond cleverness, but it is caring, carefully making friends, cooperation, patience and perseverance that will still be all important, like it was back in the Stone Age.

The Consumer-grade Second Law of Thermodynamics:
♫ Round and Round she goes! Where the Sh*t goes, nobody knows! ♫

Resuscitating the Second Law of Thermodynamics and bring it back from the dead is to describe closed systems and that "energy can change from one form to another" and a new addition would be added: "One form of Work Must (not can be) be changed into another form of work" (which I will explain later and show how this can be demonstrated by anybody in an isolated system when I describe cooling and refrigeration), which is plenty enough, where there is no more clutter than necessary. Then, inventors, developers, producers, artisans and philosophers can come along and built magnificent things for the future of everyone.

Closed systems are good: Just don't take them seriously or exclusively. Think of closed systems as very practical and good for portable anything, and unfortunately these portable things and their technology are used for making, more than less, war. At least this provides a simple and universal explanation for man's use of closed systems versus authority's uses of closed systems. Who's the nobler or who should come first? This is another reason why scientists call the universe a closed system because then, it or parts of it can be privatized, complete with surveyors and map makers, etc.

The problem with this is that we are talking about the universe where everything is possible and not just our primitive religions, science and economics. So what will they actually be mapping and surveying and ultimately turn into real estate or something to fight and kill over except some open assembly turned into a closed assembly for a system of exploitation that is accepted by a brainwashed and/or programmed society to make it real in a universe where there is no need for this form of authority and way of doing business?

Don't forget the Nobel Prize committee, as they've been handing out prizes by the bucket load for decades for political purposes and motivations, —just like 'The Academy Awards' do, so it is not wise to make an enemy of the Nobel Prize committee, which is perfectly understandable. So these quantum and nuclear physicists, wisely, say nothing while waiting for the phone to ring like in Schrödinger's Cat which in terms of common sense creates its own certainty, whether they like it or not and creates, at the same time, the perfect counterpoint to the Third Law of Thermodynamics in its unique way of dealing physically with entropy and disorder through information. I wouldn't be a bit surprised if I found out that Schrödinger was thinking this exactly and just substituted a telephone ringing or not with his cat in a box (alive and/or not), suitable for telling children or Nobel-Prize committee judges, so as not to "appear" ostentatious towards the Nobel Committee while he and his colleagues enjoyed a good laugh.

As I mentioned elsewhere; depending on your location and motion, the photon and/or the quanta are just information and since they are information they don't necessarily have to follow the Laws of physics because information can be and mean anything, so quantum mechanics actually does make sense when we think of reality itself being information. This is further compounded when we learn there is a limit to motion (light speed) where in/with our Universe's perspective it becomes movement and with that there are no limits in speed since acceleration and inertia do not exist in/with movement since the Entropy remains constant to the system it involves hence why the Universe is an open system since it's Entropy cannot increase and this would be reflected in mathematical models.

This information can be like Maxwell's demon, a thought or idea, a particle of substance made up of forces or fields and even shadows of these things because things are changed by always-increasing, or always-decreasing entropy, not unlike the way, as interpreted in religion through ancient art, of St. Peter and Paul represented by Masaccio, gravely walking the streets of Rome where their mere shadow cures the sick whom they pass by. This is truly a great miracle because St. Peter never set foot in Rome, but is entirely accurate because organized religions cast very long shadows everywhere.

Death and Decay

For instance, instead of looking at a Hawking's broken tea cup, which exists only in/as a closed system and only in the present and the past because no one can guarantee its form will still exist tomorrow and of course, is only a classical closed system and not quantum mechanical. It only has importance to man and all the other closed systems he invents and means nothing to anything else, anywhere else in the Universe (what does a tea cup, broken or not, mean to an extraterrestrial observer?); we will look at decay and Death instead, which is universal and also part of any Open, Closed or Isolated system, both in classical and quantum mechanics.
As a closed system, a dead person or creature no longer moves or functions. It becomes a collapsing quasi-isolated system because it no longer transfers any energy or matter and the only thing that happens is left-over chemical and kinetic motion, on the surface and inside the body, which are completing their own cycles for the last time.

Zdzisław Beksiński

During this part of the cycle we called death and decay, the body and its energy and mass are reclaimed by the Universe (an open system) and without any assistance from us, it decomposes it, its precious organic compounds and their mass are redistributed by other organisms and chemical processes, for other organisms (one form of work is being transformed to another). If a person chooses cremation, those ashes (organic compounds) are usually disposed of in a ritual and always end up in other organisms too because these precious organic compounds belong to all organic life, which are all open systems too and they "magically" all know what to do and when to do their stuff.

The closed system that became an isolated system is now part of an open system. There is no science in the Universe that can control life or death, although there are corporations going around patenting life, but they still cannot control death, which makes death, inadvertently more valuable by giving life more meaning because death cannot be owned and death brings meaning to life, — not private enterprise. Death, is death, is death and as a system it has no friends or enemies. It is death. It is part of a cycle where like anything, in any cycle; it holds the truth that the answer is already part of the question.

The philosopher Thales the celebrated head of the Ionian school, and the founder of non-religious cosmological doctrine, said two thousand years ago: "Water is the principle of everything; plants and animals are merely condensed water, and it is into water that they will be resolved after death. This statement is not so exaggerated, or depending on the person, "antiquated" as might appear at first thought. T p. 198

People should be asking themselves philosophically: "Is their something of me in this process and have I, in my life, made any connection of myself to Nature so that I can maybe know myself in this new system while knowing that I'm part of this cycle now". Unfortunately, no one does this and I have yet to have a conversation with anybody about this, yet a simple thermometer or barometer (or any device based on the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics) does this all the time where heat and cold are transitive; not separate things.
Heat is always part of something new, in its travels and movements.

With living beings, it is in finding a balance between the conscious and subconscious where there is practically no difference between either and/or they both contribute to each other where there is no difference in either being. In this way they are merely transitive and one introduces a Dynamic into one's life and existence and not just a physical thing.

For instance: I work while I sleep because I love what I do where both my sleeping and waking mode are working towards the same goal. I don't know which state is more real and it's not important. For me, the most important thing to do is do something you love doing and the rest will follow and if its really something you don't care about (especially in Being and Having simultaneously), the subconscious being and conscious being will have nothing to do with each other.
See: Analytical psychology

True death starts from here too. A person's choice is to either serve society and listen to the commands of others and die, or to listen to Nature and do the things you love and live forever because once one has established a transitive connection into the other side there is no limit to existence since it is already established that one can dream while dreaming where in that state what scientists and religious people have established in the "waking world" as "reality" is now redundant.

All Power To The Imagination!
Be Realistic - Demand The Impossible!

- Old Surrealist Slogans
Metaphorically speaking: So we buy our children plastic instead of porcelain dolls and make them focus upon those types of disneyesque and cheapened allusions, while never considering real value and the reasons why we or anything exists since plastic in any form is sufficient and equivalent to the person him/herself, and our existence is certainly not meant to maintain any kind of order or beauty, especially not this kind (otherwise we would not need the news), except for some localized kinds, yet all our philosophies that are manufactured for fashionable consumption (like Stephen Hawking's Brief History of Time), which end up on the "best sellers" list, are tooted as being of the "highest" achievement, yet there is no such thing as the "highest achievement" of anything, but there may only be achievement which can fall to either misinformation or disarray. As such, it can then be the "highest achievement" since it has purpose, which is something no mathematician understands, or is expected to understand since purpose must contain movement somewhere in its matrix.

This simply means that a mathematician can write anything he wants, but it does not necessarily mean it is true because it may have no purpose, but it is through purpose and movement we find the truth and not some static definition/formula of/for movement. Its truth must be equivalent to its meaning, otherwise the mathematician is just describing a form as a machine and never the machine as a form. Mathematics was originally invented for tax collectors, accountants and surveyors of property and would never of been invented for metaphysics, being that there, it is insufficient because there is no static property of anything, anywhere in any metaphysics or in the physical universe, but there are static states of energy and fields of energy, which with the slightest provocation discharge and only Nature knows which buttons to press in that department.

So it goes to reason that things like relativity or quantum mechanics cannot be related to, or explained properly with static numbers that are best for demarking money and property that do not move, but can only grow or shrink, where open systems are non-existent because: What would be growth or shrinkage in an open system, which is a continuum that must be capable of having anything in it and where size is actually a question of magnitude and not some scale?

Photobucket Decay
Artistic philosophy: Here we see that Death is just as beautiful as Birth, or there is nothing ugly or offensive about death. There is as much work going on here as anything else alive; like a seed that would be growing for the first time.
The life entity called 'Leaf' is returning to the Earth what it has taken, and the 'uniqueness' of this leaf is preserved in the cosmos with its information in all the photons it had interplay with through its life, which cannot be changed, nor can this photonic energy/information ever be used for mechanical purposes or power in this magnitude but only be of such service for a much larger magnitude. It can only end up into the eye of an alien observer somewhere in the future and reside in its mind, memories and thoughts and through this being it can become part of something with purpose where this then continues into higher dimensions and magnitudes.
The leaf exists in both parts of one cycle and does not divide the cycle or have preferences. This should be the same in human philosophy since, here, we observe the law of conservation in many phases.
Of course this knowledge, or kind of thinking, is also beyond religious "thinkers" and the bourgeoisie, but it surprises me nevertheless that Evolutionists do not present this (The creation of Decay and Death, instead of just Life and Growth) as a reinforcing argument to include with 'Organic Compounds', just for the fun of it, which would nip creationist's arguments in the bud, where their arguments involving parity and probabilities become nothing and what physicists call entropy is actually part of the infrastructure and vibrancy of the Universe that operates a lot of activity where work is prodigiously produced in other magnitudes for other purposes, if we are to believe matter, and waste heat actually goes back to an open system so nothing is actually wasted.
The only problem is we don't make ourselves part of those systems!

This business between life and death, or waste and decay is not at all different from Hot and Cold, or the binary activity in a computer and it may even be possible that life and death themselves are part of some inconceivable computer called the 'Universe', which is not far from the fun ideas of Douglas Adams, or the arrogant physicist Seth Lloyd; the difference being, with me, it is information itself that is alive.

Where they theorize that all existence is just part of some purposeless machine that is suitable to gnosticism or atheism, which is actually completely unnecessary, but if information itself is alive, then there is a purpose to the universe and all existence without the need for a god with a beard who speaks, wherever information exists, or can exist because all information, of any kind, speaks for itself.
A third party is simply redundant.

"Do not wait to strike till the iron is hot; but make it hot by striking." --- William Butler Yeats

We must begin to accept that Information itself is alive and requires no form, design or impetus. It simply is there and one must seek it to find it. One will discover very quickly that it will find you too!
As I always say: "Nothing owes its existence to anything, but everything is part of everything".

This means, according to the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics anything that can store information whether permanently or temporarily exists, which means there are other forms of physics that go beyond quantum and classical mechanics since by no means is information limited to only these two things.

According to Jung: "Analytical psychology distinguishes between a personal unconscious and a collective unconscious. The collective unconscious contains archetypes common to all human beings. That is, individuation may bring to surface symbols that do not relate to the life experiences of a single person. This content is more easily viewed as answers to the more fundamental questions of humanity: life, death, meaning, happiness, fear. Among these more spiritual concepts may arise and be integrated into the personality." --Wikipedia -- .

Scaled Candle Marking Hours (top view) Time burns too in certain universes.
We may now ask this question: Who and what does mathematics serve and who benefits from it the most? In fact, when you look at any mathematical formula, it is either an isolated system or a closed system problem because there is no mathematics that exists for open systems. There is only life; not the antithesis or metatruth of, "life and death and life again".

There are only Analogues, Perspectives, Relativity and Algorithms based on Equivalences and a bit of differential calculus (but applied only for the benefit of closed systems & purposes) which is not much, but these things alone are what's responsible for everything we know, and inappropriately use mathematics to put these things in boxes.

Imagine what we would Be and Have, and what we would be like if we created more mathematics and philosophy devoted to open systems and what that would mean, and do, for closed and isolated systems afterwards and we would be just scratching the surface too because in this scenario it is only greed, vanity and power that is being tampered with where at this point I'm sure a lot of visitors reading this now might be amazed or have a newly ignited feeling at why we are so attracted to these primitive emotions and wants in the first place.

These emotions/motivations, whether good or bad, only serve to put things in boxes, but the universe does not work that way.

The apposing philosophies of Good and Evil are irrelevant, where it would be better to find ways to tamper or conjugate greed, vanity and power, etc., and see where they go, where this is not even necessary to do this with anything in the universe that's good, but if you want to tamper and conjugate with good you can only create more good. Ontology and the art of Being versus the art of Having is not more difficult in the individual, but is only made more difficult by suicidal societal systems which can never teach that one always leads to the other, but it is where one starts that is the most important.

Outside, it daytime and it's drizzling. One thinks "scattered showers" and another thinks "scattered light and water". The first thinks closed systems and is victimized by it, and the latter thinks open systems and is enhanced by it.

Imagine what the Universe would look like today if it started with the verb, "To Have" instead of the verb "To Be", yet that is exactly what religious people and scientists teach is the Verb, "To Have" from the "Beginning of time". The Universe responds by monkeying around with any demarcated "beginning" that belongs to any type of philosophy so that we can perhaps find the "BE" somewhere before that.

This is what I meant earlier in my discussion on information that, all by itself, goes to where it's needed and infinities, where it is the universe that tells mathematics what to do through harmonies and not the other way around like as if maths were a musical instrument and this is why maths once spoke to people like Euclid and Pythagoras and no longer speaks to any mathematician today nor does Nature speak to any theoretical/particle physicist or cosmologist.

Cosmologists like Ptolemy got it wrong, but those "wrong" things were necessary first steps to the truth and the new information arrived when it was needed. Up to then, the "wrong" system worked perfectly. It's when we suddenly needed to go to China by ship, we needed a better system!

Science, like religion, has now reversed itself, and is now created and has nothing to do with Nature/god because society itself, has become egotistical and self-centered. Democracies, everywhere have failed just as badly as monarchies have failed.

Mathematics and science begins with inspiration and imagination, and always ends up unfortunately with the pimps to control all things that are actually no one's to control. Never forget that Galileo's improved telescope went straight to the gate-keeping stock brokers of his time, licensed by Galileo himself for their exclusive use so they could manipulate the markets of and himself getting a share of the profits. If he did that today, he would go to jail.

Leaving the mathematician out, we begin instead from inspiration and imagination and see where that leads when handled by the rabble, most would rather create boredom out of everything so they can appear themselves as exiting. Social networks/media are excellent examples of this.

Just look at the psychology in social networks, social media and discussion forums to see the truth in this and the range in dynamics of human emotion is practically reptilian (Facebook calls this 'Emotional Contagion', but they create the closed system for this cointagion "contagion" to exist in the first place) and the content that people discuss is not much either, or is actually non-existent (things like exorcism, UFOs, virus attacks, etc.), where a peanut gallery in a burlesque show would appear sophisticated and meaningful in comparison.

Each medium for disease growth, from petri dish to an organism creates its own unique manifestations and the internet is no exception. There, a disease becomes a parasite and can transfer itself, infecting others.

To recapitulate: This business with organic compounds, is all done locally on this planet as a service to the Universe and if the planet blew up tomorrow, the organic compounds would still remain because they are virtually indestructible (they are part of 'Work' in the Thermodynamics of matter and this Work is simply changed into another form of Work) and would pepper the cosmos until they find a suitable home somewhere, which is Inevitable (not probable, just like discovering new life in the cosmos is inevitable, not probable), impelled by the original explosion that created the incident in the first place, the solar winds and whatever they hitch a ride on. (See or Bookmark: Earth microbes on the moon). Where we would hatch again; we would find that we would be equivalent to a bacteria or virus because the universe would be much bigger by then with new super-beings probably making the same mistakes we did.

This evolutionary trick of Nature's we must avoid since Nature cannot destroy life, but It can make undesirable things and life-forms insignificant to the point of oblivion. We are on that road if we do not put a stop to our vanity.

We understand diseases and plagues because we ourselves and our societies act like them. We have difficulty understanding acts of kindness and generosity because we don't normally do that. Eventually, some cataclysm will arrive of which we will have no defensive because of our own shortsightedness and we will reemerge as a new infectious virus in the future for a much different universe.

We can say the same with the dinosaurs whose unique DNA and organic compounds were blasted into space and will eventually set root on a planet that perhaps does not exist yet, but will. This is how information in an open system works.

Concerning the individual and death: The individual's personality, itself as a human being, a dog or a cat, etc., is gone and can never exist again in that particular system because personality is unique, but not the system. If one only "sees" life or existence as human, animal or plant, or a teacup and only in the veneer-substance as the highest priority of any reality to consider and only on planet Earth, then that is true death and oblivion, — before the fact. A rose, is a rose, is a rose and cannot be ever again in the exact same time, place or system ever again, but must move on. Besides, as predators, we kill all the time and kill ourselves too by just looking at others because of the verb, To Have, where anything that is caused or emoted by our "inner selves" is classified as counterintuitive or against society. We even use mirrors with "the proper light", which is interference, to judge in a predatory manner our appearance, reality and being where we seek or imagine our own imperfections and then paint over them. We create our beauty by attacking an imagined ugliness, which is the actual creation!

Except from 'The Ballad of Reading Gaol' — Oscar Wilde

Yet each man kills the thing he loves
By each let this be heard.
Some do it with a bitter look,
Some with a flattering word.
The coward does it with a kiss,
The brave man with a sword!

Art and Angels
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Myself, I have few friends, but mostly acquaintances, because I am only bombarded by their wanting something from me, which can be annoying. I actually enjoy their being, but I have no access to their being. If I ask them: "Who are you?", they will answer by describing their jobs and their problems, which is also annoying. Most of people's last names are based on some ancestor's job. Aboriginals and people with a sense of being, still name their children with the verb "to Be" in mind and not the verb "to Have".

In Catholic Europe and Latin America, they celebrate your Name day (the saint's feast day) and not your actual birthday because their parents name their kids after their favorite saints.

When I walk down the street, going about my business, and always see unhappy people everywhere. I immediately pray that they will find a balance and their own equilibrium with life and the road there will be a good road (I pray often!). Once there, I know they will never be unhappy ever again. And to those few who have, we recognize each other immediately and give each other a warm look and exchange a nice feeling and continue on our business.

If I were to become Adam, and God came along and put the spark of life in me, knowing what I know now, I'd "give" this back to Him and I'd happily go back to Oblivion, saying that my "Inevitability was being interfered with" because one only needs himself/itself to exist within the endless expanse of time, which is also inevitable, whether God or Satan likes it or not because the Universe, by itself, must create everything and everyone is part of this everything. This includes all life and matter anywhere in the Universe and that can be the only explanation for self-awareness which no religious texts anywhere cover, but is easily coalesced in/with Thermodynamics.

All these things, that will come into being will, in time, like heat, find their own equilibrium in the universe. Us, we may evolve into viruses, if we continue the way we do. The Bible itself, and any other religious literature, by their many errors proves that maybe we are not supposed to exist in this time and on this planet and those anomalies appear all by themselves.

The Bible does not just contain the Word of God, but also with Nature. They are just suppressed chapters and books, edited out to serve some closed system with purpose, like a machine.
Today, a Thermodynamicist would make an excellent Prophet.

An entity such as any god or no god or an angel that is conceived by most religions/anti religions, or a modern scientist/mathematician, cannot create anything; they can only interfere with things and make things happen when they are not supposed to happen yet, and then make sure things never change and stay the same forever.

This is so when we think of the difference between males and females, as they are themselves only transitive in the biological, physical and spiritual where it is authority and its intellectuals that create unnatural and exaggerated differences and drive a wedge between the sexes where one is more important than the other for the most frivolous of reasons (among other things) where in the end, nether can understand each other, where in most cultures marriage has become an institution, complete with tax incentives and has nothing to do with chemistry, love or friendship. (Gonads produce gametes that can either become testis or ovary during fetal development and the rest is all hormones and environment.) Again reality is also in the changes and movements that decide and create "reality" and not exclusively in the object itself whether it is a living or inanimate thing.

The Magnificent Boris Karloff: A Cheap Funeral
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Time: 05:32

Only a God from an organized religion can create an unchanging heaven or hell yet seems incapable of creating an always changing universe which from any Genesis in any religion is antithetical to God. Religious philosophy has split creation from change which is impossible which makes all organized religions that exist non sequitur and even blasphemous. They become their own heresies, but attack what the media call heresies to hide their meaninglessness. It is not a question of whether god exists or not, but if He is actually necessary to exist in a dynamical and physical Universe.
This problem exists because of organized religion that places him on a throne somewhere, administrating, and not ever invoking him as everywhere in the universe.

The only blasphemous heresy that actually exists in any organized religion is by "giving" god a form, purpose, character, a grey beard, and some real estate which is actually "taking away" things from god and limiting it and putting it in one place (like heaven) where god is supposed to be everywhere all the time, —even in hell, as there is no place god cannot be. One cannot add to god since he is everything already, but one can add to his movements and motions and dimensions and that is true devotion.
The purpose of true faith is to discover new places god be revealed and not create a standardized being of "love" or "vengeance", etc., etc. Instead of playing that stupid game, "Where's Waldo?", we should live, and everywhere we go and ask, "Where's God?" because "I know He's somewhere here".

By interpreting any god as a law giver is to give it one specific role where any god is actually beyond anything's comprehension including the god itself while it's in the physical universe.

Besides that, the "law giver" is actually the prisoner because god is not free in organized religion, but only very comfortable and only has specific functions and attributes like the king/queen of England as if god only had responsibilities and duties to perform for the state (which is related to us empirically, with actual eye-witnesses) and could not be everything and anything at once.

An Anarchist's Pamphlet:
My mission, is to bring you closer to Nature in the spirit of Thermodynamics.

What a politician calls anarchy, a scientist calls chaos or a mathematician calls disorder are not necessarily are what they say they are. Thermodynamics makes these systems and their elements quite clear as to what they produce, and why.
The greatest anarchist that ever existed is god because to him/her, there is no such thing as ugliness, chaos and disorder.

According to Thermodynamics involving matter: Organized religion, (not god or man) is, therefore, an equivalence with, or as part of interference and even pollution. Without superior beings, who have no business being here in the first place, there is no concept of subservience to anything, especially other people.

Who's not to say that man is not supposed to exist until maybe a billion years from now and not before and be free, where our own being in this time frame, created by a god of organized religion, can only demonstrate how incompatible to reality we are to everything created by religion (and now modern science) as is demonstrated everywhere in anything you can imagine and where we find it impossible to blend in anywhere in anything except in the illusions and closed systems we create for ourselves and this starts with burning everything we find combustible and detonate anything that will explode and inestimable riches and fame have been made by those who have achieved these "new" things and ways.

A real god would also want to appear to us in perhaps a billion years from now and rejoice that we have found him all by ourselves through a long history of struggle where, with everything going against us, and we persevered! Atheists are ridiculous because if god exists, you could not escape him, but they are instructive through the reasons they tell us why god does not exist and why it is such a concern for science and philosophy in the first place?
This is like putting the cart before the horse yet they will tell us, among other things, something like a Penrose Triangle is an "optical illusion".

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"I should kill you with scientific tenderness Mrs. Peel".

Where men of authority make things worse and finds it necessary to create absolute control over anything and everything for everybody else with things that must burn themselves out, as if we had enemies all over, where it is they, through science and religion that create these artificial and inverse divisions in the first place instead of finding common goals with every living creature and thing on this planet.

There is no question that we are intelligent, but do we carry the same lightness and "carefreeness" in wisdom and philosophy in all the things we believe in or invent where all we can say is,"Oh Wow!" in the beginning and yawn in the end? There are certainly more emotions and feeling we can carry and convey with ease if humankind were free.

We all exist and think in closed systems and this seems pretty natural in our behaviour, so maybe we should only be existing when the Universe would have been much larger where our beloved closed system would act more like an open system because of its size. "God's plan", according to organized religions, may be entirely premature.

Bacteria don't even live under such circumstances and choose cooperation along with a "healthy" competition, instead, to do their work and activities. These things are called "germ pools" and is part of biology 101 and without these germ pools say goodby to everything. This shows the difference between natural intelligence and man-made intelligence, which is exactly like the differences that Natural philosophy and science have from each other.

It is interesting to note that, human children who were in comas and lost their memories and had to relearn things from scratch right down to their own identities and self-awareness, or children who were locked-up in their room, or caged, nearly 24 hrs a day until the law forced the parents to send them to school, so they were never exposed to early imprinting and programming by society and other peers, all become very honest people when they grow into adults.

Their Achilles heal, is that they tend to be idealistic (which would be normal in a closed system like society). As adults they find it impossible to lie, have blind hatred, be hypocrites or steal, etc., and they never use these things as weapons or to cause harm against others. These things are never a way of life or a philosophy so this behaviour is most likely programming, imprinting and conditioning that flowers into the unique characteristics the individual can give to these things.

I can show many examples of many people, originating from all kinds of unsavory conditions, who grew-up honest, intelligent and delightful, but they have not been contaminated by society at a very young age either and that is the only connection.
The flower of humanity is not barbarism, but happiness, truth and sharing. Now, how many scientific studies do you think they are going to do on this proposal, to do some research? Religion, in its corner, is too much of a money maker the way it is, so we should not expect any new enlightenment or new prophets from there either.

Because of this, I "believe" that the literature of organized religion was originally about society and not of the individual in mankind, and explains a lot of their incompatible ideas regarding Humanity as an entity itself. Things like 'Original Sin' and other nonsense can only be real if religion is actually discussing society and its virulent systems and not individual sinners.

Society/civilization and its systems was something new thousands of years ago where these prophets in the past were actually doing good work and addressing societal issues, values, morals and ethics and not actual individuals who, incidentally, were mostly illiterate slaves, farmers and bow-and-arrow fodder since these were the only jobs available at the time.

So it seems the ten commandments are for societies and not individual people where a god was created to put fear into those who had unlimited power at the time and evidently thought they were gods themselves with their absolute power much like Alexandre the Great did. The way this guy is depicted in history, as if he were like General Eisenhower or Field Marshal Rommel is totally ridiculous.
Alexandre died when he did because he had to be put down because he that he thought he was god, and that's exactly what happened.

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The only problem here is with the seventh commandment, where if I look up judaism.stackexchange on the seventh commandment: "The Hebrew word here is ne'ifa, and it doesn't occur all that often. The standard interpretation means "intercourse between a married woman and a man not her husband." So, it seems this is a law that is specifically directed towards woman only, which makes sense where money and power is concerned and no birth control, or paternity tests or trusted online dating sites for conservatives were available, where making sure one's heirs are actually one's own heirs and not someone else's son or daughter.

"Death" was the recommended punishment too since this is equivalent to high treason by introducing the bloodline of others who may have been from enemy families. With money and power and for women who are married to powerful families comes their own duty, loyalty and responsibilities in this circle and most have chosen to be there and reaped many rewards, honors and benefits.
But, concerning illiterate peasants, soldiers or slaves of the time, what could any kind of sexual morals the way they are related in the Bible have anything to do with anything. These things were handled by Nature and opportunity.

In that sense I give the Scribes, Sages, Seers, Prophets of the past and the Messiah of the Christians an A for effort. As usual the intellectual and literalists comes later and ruins everything, or turns things around, or inside-out, to serve their masters and patrons, where the result is all modern organized religions, which are all total abominations.

Adultery alone, has absolutely nothing to do with men and their sordid activities in society if we look up this interesting tidbit.
The more men sow their wild oats at breeding age, the better and is practically the law in the Old Testament, which is something Bible literalists (intellectuals) ignore and apply adultery to both sexes.

We get a good idea of this, from Wikipedia, where Jesus took six well known prescriptions of the Mosaic Law and calls his followers to do more than these Laws require. This is part of what is called today the Sermon on the Mount [Matt. 5:17–48] 'The Law and the Prophets', after he has been baptized by John the Baptist.

In Matthew: Jesus' six antitheses are on six topics. In each of them, Jesus opens the statement with words to the effect: "You have heard it said...but I say to you...." . This use of Jewish rhetoric and themes, without explanation is not the same for/with 21st-century Americans and others who read the Gospel today.
Matthew presents the six antitheses as examples of the principle that Jesus came not to abolish, but to fulfill the Law and the Prophets and was linking them together to their mutual metatruth.

"Do not think that I have come to abolish the Law or the Prophets; I have not come to abolish them but to fulfill them." -- Jesus.

If one is to become a Bible literalist, one must apply the whole Bible and not just bits and pieces, here and there, like a particle physicist ignores background information, or a scholar writing a dissertation on the Marquis de Sade where he only presents the juiciest parts and calls it a "thesis". No! This is entertainment!

Further, the normal sexuality of all humans makes adultery compulsory for both sexes and necessary for survival, where this is suddenly changed for woman in any closed system like a society where control over money, power and its continuity becomes a concern.

This went to the point where brother's and sisters were married and produced offspring in ancient Egypt. This is not discrimination of women, but a responsibility for woman to carry if they were to enjoy privileges that the rabble could not even imagine or understand and these women had the education too to understand their responsibilities and decide for themselves what they wanted, or how they wanted to be treated.

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This makes even more sense with entities that apparently lived for hundreds of years in the Old Testament (Methuselah Inc. existed for 969 years), which is only possible if one is something similar to a modern legal entity like a corporation or Société Anonyme, so the "people" the Bible has contained in it written down by these ancient writers were probably actually personified legal entities of the time when civilization and society was invented. Like modern corporations, some of these people were richer than kings and had vast business empires.

This is also why slavery was acceptable at the time because it hid the fact that everybody was a slave to something or someone in those wonderful new societies, but by creating a class of people officially known as "a slave", it made one's own slavery invisible, in the same way established religions point out heresies to hide their own.

This is done today through over-saturation in/of/from broadcast media where people are provided with their daily moods, feelings, likes and dislikes, what's new and what's passé, and even instructions to what they will do today and what, is to be expected tomorrow.
This is done without touching, feeling or smelling those things that influence people today, as Alan Watts pointed out. (There are lots of excellent-preserved lectures and monologues on KQED by the philosopher Alan Watts on You Tube and the Internet Archives.)

They even tell us the weather a week ahead, which is ridiculous because no one has the capacity to think that far ahead anymore. It is a new form of flattery and vanity. Heinrich Hertz' and Gutenberg's bones would probably be rocking and rolling in their graves if they knew the extent of the profanity, mediocrity and the brazen effrontery their inventions have become while also considering the media moguls that own and control these things.

Now that's Entropy! But this sort of entropy only deals with things that are already dead on either side in a certain way. "Are Rupert Murdoch or Ted Turner, etc., really alive and self-aware beings?". If they think they are and think they are important; Can they prove it?

For those who are enamored with science fiction and not religion: Maybe we are genetic mutants created in an alien laboratory somewhere once upon a time, but that does not mean we would not of appeared by ourselves, all by ourselves, inevitably anyway inside this huge cosmos which also demands to accommodate everything and any system anyway.

This hypothetical creation of man like seen in the movie Prometheus (2012), would have been interference and nothing else, and interference is not title to ownership or control of any kind especially concerning things like life and this would be known by a more advanced alien civilization.
Maybe, human beings are weapons of mass destruction, but that is because they were created to be so at a time not of their choosing. Mathematically; One does not create weapons out of living things (Bio-weapons) because the results are always unpredictable, which is something the lowliest moron who only can count up to three understands perfectly. So, we are not supposed to be weapons, as a "hydrogen bomb" is not supposed to be one either.

Only in an inappropriate closed system are these two things destructive. In open or isolated systems, human beings and/or hydrogen fusion are just fine and doing their creative things. Either they would cooperate, or they would mind their own business and everything is fine.
On the other hand: In a closed system, humans would naturally think about putting the power of the Sun on Earth, which makes modern science and mathematics ludicrous for always dealing in closed systems exclusively.

This is why things like the Ten Commandments were invented, and now carry even more meaning today for any society where we just don't have kings and warlords to worry about now, but scientists, industrialists, moguls, mathematicians, etc. too who all have delusions of godhead, omnipotence, unlimited power and superior intelligence. They even create artificial closed systems and societies to back up all their claims, which is no better than a theater troupe, with a bad production that's already sold out because of the hype.

Basically, The Ten Commandments state that everything in any closed system is bullshit and believing anything inside them is equivalent to having "another god before me". God is practically saying where he lives and where to find him after the devil gets hold of you!
Now, that's genius and is also worthy of some higher intelligence and not the moron priests and clerics represent as god, today. Redemption was simply something different, thousands of years before Christ's version of redemption, where civilizations became quite different from the more ancient ones.

Forgetting science or religion: The living and dead never belong to anyone anyway and the only real thing anyone possesses of another individual is their own idea of them when the Verb 'To Have' is the main philosophy and how much of that, the other will allow being possessed and/or controlled by another or many.

Speaking metaphysically: It is in the shadowed parts of Humpty Dumpty that go missing (not his shadow) when someone dies that makes everyone alive and unique and not just the subatomic particles of matter and energy because the living body and the dead body weigh the same and have an exact identical mass and numbers don't lie. Those shadows created by one's Form that alters the light one receives and then emits are the classical topology that corresponds exactly to the quantum mechanical version of ourselves, where form does not exist, but the shadow can!

I have heard from people who think/believe the body has more mass before death, but here I emphasize that I am weighing the body, and my numbers apply in/to an open system and not a closed system. It makes no difference who's right in a closed system since the closed system doesn't count, but for people to attach their spiritual beliefs to a closed system is unfortunate.

Vavilov-Cherenkov radiation: Particles (matter) traveling faster than the speed of light in water.
You, yourself are a sort of subatomic reactor and your subatomic existence is as much part of your life as everything else you know, but these particles exist, that flow, are part of an open system and flow through you, which is why you will weigh the same before and after you die, but your own being is and has and will always be part of the cosmos in one system, and your mass will be part of another system in the cosmos. .

Cut these particles off, or put the body into a nothing (or in a hypothetical protective suit that itself gives off nothing), and you will die because these are some of the essential things that tell your cells, nervous system and synapses that they are alive and functioning, and that one is actually doing or thinking anything. That is, these particle's effect on living things, which is just as valid as any other cause and effect. Everything in some manner knows it exists by the particles that create the song of the Universe. One's existence is a resonance to this activity and it is up to the individual to harmonize or disharmonize physically and spiritually with this and even create one's own music or discord with/to it which on the surface translates into health or disease, but this goes far deeper.

In reverse: It is like Philo's thermoscope where the amount of air in the bulb is always the same, only its pressure changes, but the air itself can go bad inside the bulb in a variety of ways, for a variety of reasons, where the bubbles it produces in the water as Philo described, may now have unusual properties because of bacteria that was not there previously and the poison that is there now, make their own bubbles without heat, but are created from chemistry or movement/motion instead. This inevitable "bacteria" is a clock that works to cut you off from life-giving properties of human being/form where your cells and its molecules cannot correctly interpret these particles in the cosmos going through you, while you move through it. So from the metaphysics of either direction: There is no aging or fate, only the transfer from one state to another, and "death" is not the end either. It is only your transferred state that changes your properties that makes life as a human being/form impossible and/or redundant.

I'm not saying that this is correct or I'm creating any religious philosophy (this is more like "meta- thermodynamics"), but I emphasize that open/isolated-systems thought is the right direction for interpreting new philosophy where life and death are no exception and one is not better than the other, especially when/where one is made alone, but is placed in a cacophony of noise of different beliefs, ideas and philosophies that are all considered valuable; enough for an entire universe.

Subatomic Particles? Well it seems that this is entirely a question of magnitude.
There is intergalactic space, interstellar space, inter-atomic space, inter-subatomic space, etc., etc.
These particles you "see" here could just as easily be part of your body as they could be part of the "body" of the Universe and what you are looking at here is the Sun in the center and you would not be able to tell the difference! The question becomes: Is the mass of the neutrino (for example) part of you while it passes through you?
There is a contradiction because a closed system cannot be "everything" nor can "everything" be extrapolated from such a thing, but it seems the modern physicist et al. have carte blanche to say anything they want like preachers, evangelists and visionaries could in the past when they controlled societies. Since we see now, the creation of man (or anything else) is impossible by any immortal being since they cannot have a unique personality while being everything and immortal, we must fall back to this monologue's idea that it is the "Creation of society" by powerful warlords in the ancient past.

This is what the writers of any genesis were really talking about, where "man" is probably actually just a symbolic representation, or a vain and egotistical error in copying and translation through time by scribes and intellectuals where it can then be scientifically proved that brainwashing is nearly 100% effective.

It is time itself that emerges new science because all these beliefs in the past, either go wrong at one point and are inaccurate, or new data is discovered by new techniques. Thermodynamics is in every modern scientist and intellectual's face these days and the media, with their bullshit, is just there to hold off the inevitable demise of present closed systems, where the "News" should also be presenting new ideas too, but they don't. So everything one reads, hears and sees in the media is all contrived nonsense.

Since organized religion and science is now pure made-made nonsense because people believe the horse manure and stercus tauri of their chosen or imposed religious/scientific/political authority for no reason whatsoever except through the mechanisms of artificially-created gratitude, clanism or tribalism.

There is only so much a human being, a dog, a cat, etc. can do, and a human being is not expected to solve the riddle of the Universe either, even among our wisest, so it is necessary while you think you are alive, to be the best you can be in anything your inclination brings you and not curry the favour of any god (or any other person) where, neither, failure or success are any option, and concentrate instead on learning as much as you can, by any means possible, and share your experiences with others.

As discussed earlier, this is a form of Merging and it will be humankind as a unity understanding its metaphysics that will come closest to understanding the riddle of the Universe, life, rejoice and feel blessed and not a bank of supercomputers since supercomputers cannot calculate or be programmed with the Conservation of anything since this is not data.

Are the dead Albert Einstein or Alexander the Great in a better place than any dead Bushman of the Kalahari? If this is so, then can anyone answer why? We must also consider the interruption of the shadow that would have occurred between existence and any proposed reassembly, involving any sort of time travel, which includes our own day-to-day kind, where the shadow could never exist at that time and itself is an irretrievable loss.

Wherever one looks at life and death and however it is deconstructed and reconstructed, they are always inseparable like Hot and Cold or creation and change are inseparable and in many ways the same by observing the systems they serve, including the direction they move in, which we see by the added value that is created overall in the universe, but just like in Thermodynamics where they only concentrate on heat and not cold.

They do the same for life and never consider death and, of course, with religion where god is only considered where "no god" is treated like Cold or a vacuum and even Entropy in the Second Law of Thermodynamics, which is a total contradiction since Entropy in a classical system decreases in a closed system the colder we make matter go down the temperature scale through Work.
This is one of the reason why the Third Law of Thermodynamics needed to be formulated.

If they did not do this, every machine that works on the Second Law of Thermodynamic (like and internal combustion engine) would melt or explode very quickly.
Somewhere in these machines Cold must be created or a condenser installed and this applied Cold in that machine lowers its overall entropy, where it does not melt, deteriorate or explode and automatically connects to an open system somewhere.

Further, scientific propaganda calls the internal combustion engine a "heat engine", where it is not in the slightest. It's only power comes from a liquid/vapor (that takes a small space) converted into a gas/vapor (that takes a larger space) and that moves a piston. All the heat generated from this reaction is thrown away unless one uses his running engine as a cook top.
See: How to Cook Food on Your Car's Engine - Wiki How.

The creation of Cold or some cooling system is, of course, a total waste since this Cold can be used to create Work too rather than using W to create Cold to save the machine.

Our "captains of industry" and politicians have everything backwards and manufacture waste and starvation while producing "prosperity" where the 19th century adage: "Might is Right" is still in full effect since this separates the haves and have-nots throughout the world among other things like interference in different cultures, ecosystems and habitats.

The consumer-grade Second Law of Thermodynamic is not only necessary for war machines, but actually creates new possibilities of/for war when/while it is not being used for war. The messy goings on, extravagance and corruption in oil-rich nations and regions if proof of this.
Here, we are discussing trillions of dollars of profit that should not exist, that is used to make more exploitation, war and destruction, where the only way for an individual to make it in this world is to play ball with these guys.

We see now that Thermodynamics is the better philosophy by far, where one does not even need to argue with any god, intellectual or scientist or some authority from any organized religion because this powerful philosophical tool can do this for you, and you can confine arguments to forms and situations and not get personal anywhere in anything when dealing with these people or things.

If you love a god go right ahead and love him/her, but that's as far as it should go, especially if your god is vengeful and jealous since it would be your job to sooth his/her vengeance and jealousy and keep him/her happy with your love and not by carrying out their vengeance or jealousy and/or proving your loyalty/love.

A true god would only be interested in a species, as a whole, and not any particular individual, otherwise populations of species would not need to exist. This is the same if there is no god, except, now, there is no need for a third party running things and things just run themselves, like most things that exist in this universe.

If god does not know what's inside your heart, spirit and mind already, then that is no god. The Jupiter of the Jews and the gods of any Pantheon are the same in character and purpose and outcome and it's not their job to influence you either since they are supposed to know exactly, who and what you are, and not exploit your character to kill millions for their amusement, or to introduce surrealism.

This, of course, is pure genius to make people equate 'Cold' or Entropy through a combination of quasi-religious philosophy with a parallel form of closed-systemed science and mathematics along with the power of the subconscious. I say genius because the money or Work always flows in one direction and energy in the other direction in any history you study, of any subject one wants to think about, which would be very different if people were taught simple thermal equilibrium as if it were a philosophy.

Money, creativity, Work and ideas would then be transitive and not things that only go in one direction and one could effortlessly or instinctively navigate the complex courses these things take in different systems. Then, sophists, philosophers, popularizers and intellectuals would have something interesting to discuss that goes beyond their A ⇒ B, and worthy of what they claim their intelligence to be.

From a Barbara Kruger exibit: 'Between being born and dying'
Lever house art collection, New York
So, we are dying and being born throughout our "lives", or not, and this includes the possibility of dying or being alive each day because both are always possible. To become immortal, you would need to belong to everybody, but then you would lose your own personality and uniqueness as a being and 'the real you' gets lost forever where you would not even know that you are immortal because you don't have a unique personality to carry such a thought.

One cannot be both immortal and unique at the same time. One cannot talk to any God directly because immortal gods have no personality or unique frame of reference that is relative to anything specific and equivalent, whether static or moving that both party's could relate to because gods are everything without equivalence and mortals are unique with equivalence all around them.

God's, are like the nature of subatomic particle, where we can only know either it's velocity or its position, but not both and the rest of our hypothesis we gave to it to complete it. It is the same with gods, where with what limited data we have, we give them a personality to complete them and then the fun and bullshit starts.

There is no god anywhere in the universe who can be an artist or create art since, as previously stated, they cannot have an imagination, and god is no artist either.

Only Nature has an imagination because Nature is everything and everywhere and is part of the universe's autonomous creativity in things concerning value. Humans and elephants and lions, etc., etc. exist because they are valuable. When Picard in Star Trek 'First Contact' says: "We live to better ourselves", that is an impossible statement for humankind, but only true for Nature and an individual. It can only be, "I live to better myself".

Humankind can only aspire to imitate Nature and Its protocols, but improving himself can only be an individual endeavour. Only you know you are you. The proper use of thermodynamics indicates that the multitudinous improvements in individuals everywhere will find themselves together in one place automatically and is not the song of authority to dictate what any improvement is, or where we should go in our evolution/annihilation towards the future.

This pathetic display of human vanity and avarice to be as close to god X as possible assuming we are either worthy or could understand god, which completely ignores the idea that we should connect to/with the physical Universe first in everything we can before we involve ourselves with anything metaphysical. Disputing St. Augustine: God did not put us here on Earth to rot, but to learn everything one can. Then we can, like a weed seed, grow to higher things and purposes.
So no one can have a direct personal relationship of any kind, with any kind of deity or devil, nor should the need exist; they are just ideas like everything else with a lot of shortcuts that lead to the wrong places where taking the normal route, we would get to your real destination faster. There can only be the relationship. Organized religion and science is like finding a path that turns muddy when it rains where you would slip and injure yourself on a rock or the path becomes invisible in the winter.
There is no "true path" because the path itself, and the environment around it changes constantly, and these changes alter everything. This we call adventure. Any other ideal is, itself, a deviation, especially a perfect path!

There is no "warp drive" to god either and if you believe in god, well you are more god than its idea that was furnished to you. If you think G - D, you are god regardless of who and where you are and whatever subject is at hand. Just don't go around interpreting the feeling and tell others because god, or you, are not reciprocal avatars.
This feeling, or "attainment", whatever it would be for you, belongs to you and god only and as in thermodynamics: "The answer is already part of the question".

While the universe changes, or goes through its cycles, science and religion do not, but this should not denigrate or deprecate the past including those people therein, in what was thought of as truth, but through its own creativity those old ideas, thought and theories become more valuable. There is a big difference between just seeking divine heaven as opposed to trying to improve yourself, making connections with everything you can and helping others while you're here. Charity, care, creativity and consideration come before prayer. Create your own heaven anytime.

Talking to god or having a personal relationship with him (like Billy Graham or the Pope has); This would be like some being, here, talking to some being that would be physically quantum mechanical and vice versa, but through open systems we can know of each other's universes existence anyway, as this too is inevitable, — not "possible" or "probable" and we know of each other in our unique way too, only the information exists and knows no bounds. The types of information there are, and how they appear respectively; that's another story altogether which has more to do with the verb Be and not Have, regardless if we are discussing science or religion.
There is only one BE, but there are always new HAVES.

That's why you must learn and not submit because the more you know about this Physical Universe the more you will be able to touch and be in other magnitudes which will take an infinite number of steps to do.
Of course, this would make perfect sense if one understands open systems even remotely; Its cycles, inevitabilities, sufficiencies and equivalences, the way the electron and photon interact among various systems where those that think only in closed exclusively, this is invisible to them and they will react inappropriately too, for reasons that are very easy to imagine.

This is irony because emotions like anger and hatred demonstrated by fanatics are being used to express something that cannot exist universally, instead of using the mind and imagination to explain or understand anything when confronted in any manner.
It is interesting that people can be programmed for anger and believe this is universal, permanent and everlasting.

Besides being entirely existential, it is no wonder emotions are looked down upon, but the basest ones are those that are cultivated by any authority because they are used by those that lead, control and bully, who can only be compared to dinosaurs, who had a similar emotional complexity, which we see from their descendants, like crocodiles, who have survived and are still around today for study.
(It is a known fact that the police and detectives in any country will antagonize certain people purposely, for the sole reason to keep prisons full. Not to uphold the law.)

As a matter a fact all men and women of power try to put as much insect stuff and reptilian skin around themselves, as they can find with their own fashionable consumption of colours, jewelry, silk, crocodile shoes, alligator bags and luggage, gloves, snake-skin ties, belts, purses and other accessories that all made of a wide assortment of the finest reptilian skin and insect stuff to suit any perversion.

The most primitive is the most fashionable, and these people love that stuff because they are themselves closest in nature to reptiles and insects.

Photobucket In life, it was that person's personality which belonged only to that person and no one else, — not even a god. Having senses of self-being and self-belonging creates value in any system that no one owns, or is aware of except yourself and is the first step in what defines "being" so it can never be shared, but only imitated as if the individual's life was its own universe and every other individual is another "universe" which, all, only, exist in the present, not like the actual Universe, that exists simultaneously in the past, the present, the future and beyond. Even to a god, one could only be a dream in its mind.

With the unconjugated verb 'Be' other people and other life are 'Inspirations' to seek and specters or forms to avoid, not actual things, although it is considered polite to treat them or talk about/with them as actually existing up to a certain point for conveniences' sake since it is not necessary to be a philosopher, or deal with meta-truth 24hrs a day.

Again, it is the act of creating the moment that counts which for better or worse, depending on the quality of the individual, we all do anyway to each other were people project their own manufactured ideas and ideals on others without really bothering to get to really know the person/thing who/that interests you.

Maybe that is what Plato and Ptolemy meant with their unique Theory of Light and like, Aristotle were really only discussing a philosophical system and was not meant to be taken literally, or scientifically. As a system, where people profile and project their own ideas into everything they see, their "theory" is completely correct.

Whether "the others" exist or not; information must be exchanged and shared like everything else in the Universe, even if they were shadows and for a general idea in determining what is real or not, and what you choose to exchange information with, we use our senses that detects physical phenomena because that is all they are designed to do and nothing else.
Here, the idea is to use life to learn and share things, or use time to accumulate things and put them together, where "believing" in anything, regardless of the subject, idea or thing that only exists in a closed or isolated system, is actually disruptive to learning or creating anything new and is the only thing that is beyond those closed/isolated systems that become reality. For example: The "importance" of time in "increasing" smaller and smaller increments in any closed system to the point that people react to things now that should not be reacted to in the first place. This is not unlike how a horse sees people: A horse sees us with its eyes much bigger than we actually are physically and then believes this. This is how and why a wild horse can be easily broken where it could easily bite and kick a man to death if it knew the truth.

Pigeons mark the spot where Stephen Hawking first dreamt-up his: 'Brief History of Time'
Through Media: This is when sociopaths and bullies in society start becoming important, powerful and more numerous because fleeting momentary actions, occurrences and things and "brief" displays of power or crises become important and people are forced to deal with them where normally, in a more relaxed environment, people would not even notice them, or not be overly impressed with them or they could never impress you with their fleeting power or reality which the sociopath uses, or exists within, to reveal himself and for this we have mass media to thank for. This is how the latest mass killers and the news about them operate nowadays because mass media makes these people exist by creating an audience for some impotent and immature young man who had a fight with his girlfriend, etc., and then goes out on a shooting spree.

Mass media creates the venue for more and more chaos with smaller and smaller things that would of died or recovered by themselves anyway and through this system, this can even be measured scientifically. But this means loss of revenue in advertising if these pathetic things are not given importance or mass coverage which create new markets to exploit, so this is not done or even thought of philosophically because private money is involved.
Where private money is concerned, exploitation, not exploration is the first protocol.

Photogenically Putrid Chicken
Klaus Pichler

Fair Use
Mass media, the way it is handled cannot show a universe where things are automatic and recover by themselves and this includes people. Their sponsors would never allow it. Equilibrium and thermal equilibrium are either non-existent or verboten in/with mass media therefore anything they say or show is actually not news, but created news like when I said gods may create life and the conditions to feed off of good or evil like we were corn on the cob.
Through its power of projecting tiny-time increments, it makes people dependent on products and services that should not even exist to "enhance" or "improve" our lives where these tiny things, the way they are ordered and put together create all kinds of problems and should not be considered complete systems. The human body itself is the first betrayer of this fact. I don't see any bloated, overweight, fat or sick dogs, cats, birds, cows, elephants, whales or aboriginal humans living in their natural way, in the same condition or suffering from our illnesses. In the Caribbean there are islands where cancer is unheard of and in Africa I've seen papers, reports and photographs of old men and women in their 80s looking like in our 30s or 40s in perfect health and with better-than-perfect hearing and eyesight.

Norm MacDonald Death and Dying
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No one, from the killer to the news-audience can relax and must live and relive every millisecond as if that's all that existed where if people were left alone and not bombarded nearly 24 hrs a day, none of these things would occur because there would be other things to feel, think about and consider and put into their existence. When you bottle up time, in smaller and smaller portions, you create monsters and memories that should not exist because they are so small as compared to you, or the thing they are about, but they are treated as having an equivalence to sending a man to the moon, where when that occurred people actually got bored because life was not so fast-paced, planned and scheduled and people had time to digest the news where sending someone to the moon once or twice was enough. These tiny things of today occurring in extremely tight increments of time have become as magnified in exact proportion to the Maxwellian waves that were amplified and broadcast for you to hear in the first place!

Like art, thermodynamics brings us to metatruths that say it is good to disprove and criticize the scientific, business and religious establishments and their dogma because this is good for it's own sake. This used to be called natural philosophy and/or antithesis. Another reason is, we would never know where any diegesis, or discussion, becomes warped unless we keep the patter always in accordance with Thermodynamics and x systems* involved.

* i.e. Open, closed and isolated systems

In another way; these smaller AND SMALLER increments of time create an artificial value in/of youth where one is judged for having temporary blemishes and one is expected to achieve everything perfectly and beautifully during their youth right up to middle or old age and then be forever young (which is an oxymoron). We are robbed of things that would allow us to achieve even more heights in philosophy with things and feelings that are not possible, or could never be known of under any circumstances when we are young, where on their part, things like feminism, making money, security, sexual freedom and rights, religious "freedom" are only important when one is sexually active, which is a small portion of one's existence if one lives a long time.

Photobucket The Universe is self-generating and sustains itself by "eating" itself and all the things inside it "eat" each other too. Whether they consume energy or are just partaking in an energy transfer, depends on the differences between open, closed and isolated systems and nothing about any 'creation and destruction' of/about anything.

Closed systems simply allow for energy or Work to be created which are only possible because of a certain design with certain properties. For instance: An internal combustion engine can only use gasoline as a fuel. It can use ethanol too, but all the fuel lines must be changed to those types that resist deterioration.

On the other hand: all Plant life exists as open-system entities because they get all their energy from a Sun which ultimately gets all its energy, mass and raison d'être from the Universe. The net effect is that they add to a planet's value and create food for entities that exist entirely in closed systems that cannot create their own food derived from open systems.
The first philosophical question Thermodynamics asks us is: "Do we use entities, or do we use utilities"?

The following I discovered in an old book of Natural Philosophy.

The chemistry of the future will proclaim, perhaps, as an obvious truth, the unity of all matter, modifying and transforming itself incessantly under the unwearying play of physical forces.

However that may be, with our present appliances, we have a vast field for our wonder and our curiosity in the constant metamorphoses of matter; and nature, to use the language of a profound philosopher, seems to us like a self devouring monster; for in this unending bringing forth of new beings, matter is constantly modified, transformed, and metamorphosed, while ever revolving in a circle alike wondrous and sublime.

There is, however, nothing so very astonishing in the diversity of beings produced by a few elements. The disposal of the arrangement of the various atoms is the sole cause of this diversity. The diamond and the coal, the precious stones and worthless clays, Iceland spar and common building-stone, all have the same chemical composition and yet present as much diversity of appearance as exists between an animal and a plant.........

Are not the twenty six letters of our alphabet sufficient to produce an infinity of words which paint every shade of human thought. The primitive elements are the letters in Nature's alphabet.
  -The Wonders of Water - Guy Tissandier 1871

The radioactive matter in the Earth came from a supernova similar to this that occurred eons ago. This one occurred a thousand years ago. These embers are still glowing and actively support life today at the bottom our oceans that never see our sun's light.
The Earth itself, besides its radioactive embers that produce heat that came directly from another sun that will inevitably get depleted, I also consider part of/as an open system because unlike a closed system machine like an internal combustion engine, the Earth created, or developed, itself from already existing mass that is still part of the Universe.

These radioactive embers, generating 44 trillion watts and hundreds of thousands of amperes, streaming beneath the surface (telluric currents), will still be providing life-giving heat even after our own sun has long gone, provided that the Earth is not vaporized too. It is theorized that the sun will become a red giant and will vaporize the oceans, but that is to be seen. Being a red giant, the center of mass of our solar system and its properties will change too, where the Earth and all the other planets may change their orbits and angular momentum because of this.

I theorize, as well, that there should be life that exists below the oceans, generally wherever there is water and heat because bacteria will find it and that starts a chain of events that nourish other forms of life.

This is why geologists are skeptical about Earth (or any other planet and even the Universe) as being solely represented as a closed system. They correctly think of it as a little bit of all systems Open, Closed and Isolated leaning towards the open system (or vice versa), especially if we consider and interpret a planet's entire lifespan and all the Work and creativity it produces and not just look at what it does today for/in a few subjects including the brief amount of time that so far we've been in the universe and then discuss ourselves in.

There are also quasiparticles, neutrinos and virtual particles (among other things) to consider where mass is exchanged between the Earth and the Universe. In the past, the Earth was flat and a closed system. Now it's supposed to be round and a closed system. Now, let's drop the "closed system" and, at best, call it an "indefinite system" which would be a vast improvement in scientific thinking.

This, by the way, is what science and mathematics needs desperately today, which would be the ability to describe and work with Indefinite systems and even invent new ones for the future, which so far can only be done in/through art and nowhere else.

Mathematically, this can be done easily because a system, is a system, is a system. (I don't want to get into a long essay about this, but the clever mathematician should be able to grasp enough from this pithy explanation since a system decides anything's protocols and not the numbers or symbolic entities themselves and understand that the time has come to produce a new generation of systems with their own protocols, and there the fun begins.)

For instance, scientists and mathematicians applying primitive closed systems to the mechanical function of things existing in the cosmos, like black holes, say things on You Tube, BBC or PBS like: "The gravity is so strong that light cannot escape" (this is only possible if the photon had mass and a black hole was running only by the Second Law of Thermodynamic). Open system thinkers (who are not allowed on You Tube, BBC or PBS) would say instead: "The gravity is so strong that space-time itself is warped and so light cannot escape or be transferred into "our" space-dimensions".
(Black holes create their own dimensional-gravitational fields which could be an independent universe, or a doorway to other dimensions in this universe and I suspect that it is the individual himself who would decide, like in a Nexus "an extradimensional realm in which one's thoughts and desires shape reality." MA. One gets spaghettified beyond the event horizon only if one wants Spaghettification).

So instead of looking at gravitational intensity like it was on a temperature scale, the open system thinker would see that gravity itself has phase changes that have completely different properties at different gravitational intensities that are just like the system of phase changes in matter's properties with temperature and pressure intensities where heat capacity is altered radically and we have plain-old matter to prove it.

All we need to see is gravity or heat or whatever as a field of gravity, field of heat or field of whatever and look at matter's properties there and we discover new science and philosophy.
Any competent mathematician will also tell you that before one goes into another universe one must go through different doorway-dimensions first and there again we will find three systemized-elements involved just like in the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics.

There is another problem: None of the most important natural systems that produce life on Earth produce one iota of Entropy so the Earth (according to biology this time) cannot be strictly a closed system which demands that entropy increases. As a matter a fact, evolution shows that entropy decreases (in Form and Purpose, as per the Second Law of Thermodynamic) with all evolving creatures from more complex to simpler in any system, but more complex in interaction with other species.

For example, plants (which have evolved for a longer period that us) have evolved from dicots to monocots, which is logical in evolution since there are more species around so one plant does not need to do so much work, among other things. Cooperation is the true 'Arrow of Time' and don't ever let any scientist, philosopher, intellectual or priest tell you different.

In my opinion: They not only have things backwards, but they have them inside-out too. Evolution whether it's true or not is a matter of opinion from many perspectives, but it is logical, but this dicot/monocot business cannot be denied in any form or way whatever. Evolution points to simplicity...period!

Camera Bianca: 'Relational Me'
There is no classified system that exists yet in science where entropy decreases, but this is probably due to inadvertent or non-inadvertent religious influences since this must be applied to a closed system (like freezing things) and scientists (who talk too much) don't see things like engineers, developers and artisans do (who don't talk much).
As I have already conjectured and "pointed" out elsewhere from other perspectives, there are definitely other systems in the physical universe which artistic philosophy can readily and easily accommodate, but do not exist in science as a whole, or in religion as per the physical Universe. This phenomenon can easily be given demonstrations and mathematical proofs à la Rumford and Joules and the people can watch these demonstrations and proofs get rejected by scientific societies and religious organizations who standardize all systems and ultimately perceptions too, which is interference.

So far, they could only be in artistic expositions by artists in shows, galleries and museums, which is where the real speculative science and philosophy is still happening since the real genius in all things is Nature, and sometimes ordinary people.

ROSA from Jesús Orellana
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Plants create no always-increasing entropy whatsoever because some of the energy in mass/matter is employed to create sugar and cellulose with readily available inorganic materials from the air. The remaining energy/matter of light that is not used to make organic compounds goes directly back into the Universe and the missing energy from the original photon from the Sun becomes part of the photon's information instead.

That is, as a system: Some of the photons have been turned into 'Work" and some Work combined with readily available Mass has been turned into 'Stored energy' and whatever is missing in the photon was replaced by 'Information'. There is absolutely no loss of any energy anywhere, but only a transfer of energy, and from that new things are created! Nothing and no one owes their existence/creation to anything, anywhere.
If this were a closed system, then everything would owe something, somewhere.

Science and religion better start now and stop teaching their horse manure and stercus tauri because 99.99999...% of the Universe eats itself in that way where energy and information are just being transferred and not consumed or destroyed. Scientific societies, think tanks, intellectuals and religion cut us off from Nature or recreate Nature in their own ugly image and limited ideas because everything is actually interconnected and interdependent.

Metaphorically speaking: These edifices and institutions and the closed systems they elaborate upon are run by the devil and his minions and followers who are naturally secret or even unaware they are serving the beast. Humankind itself must exorcize itself.

This is no different when using prescription drug medication for a variety of ailments where these things are only supposed to help you, not cure you. One is supposed to WORK on one's back, depression or uncontrollable shaking with those medications that relieve pain or help on stop shaking or being depressed, etc., and not expect it to do magic. These wonderful drugs are supposed to help one take control of one's life, not loose control and this is plainly written on any medication one buys over the counter or by prescription.

In this sense the Universe and everything in it including movement can "eat itself" to Its/their heart's content since this is all transfer of energy in a transitive manner. Whatever one eats, one is eating part of something much larger than the actual plant or animal, but is actually drawing/transferring energy from an entire system.

Food and energy are free. It is the systems we put food and energy that make them unavailable to some and unlimited to others. These systems serve closed systems. Some of those systems involve Work directly and most involve Work indirectly, so that other systems can be served.

So here, as one example, we have a perfect system in thermal equilibrium between work, value, matter, time, energy and information that balance each other perfectly, so rather than depleting everything, we now have more added value associated with anything this system was involved with and is a model for fairness and simplicity. So besides perpetual motion and movement (in open and isolated systems), we also live in a universe that creates more value for itself.
How come we don't take advantage of this?

Cyanobacteria colony creating oxygen
Nothing is created or destroyed, but more value for everything is created through Work from any perspective one wants to employ. If there are imbalances somewhere in any system, or combination of systems, they were created purposely and are outside Nature because Nature will restore its original form and purpose when there is no more interference.

If man and his interference were to disappear tomorrow, the Earth would restore itself, all by itself! That's a lot of Work! This work, also, is initiated and implemented all by itself. There is no master control circuit, or buttons to be pressed, or any computer or god monitoring and controlling anything, yet there are precise calculations implementing a myriad of elements and enormous amounts of energy and matter involved that no super computer we could ever invent could calculate or predict.

We still can't even predict the weather, but places like CERN are busy producing up to 100 atoms of antimatter per second and that's important! Click on link to see the ludicrous economics involved (trillions of dollars) in such a venture while realizing that they are looking for "free" energy in all the wrong places, instead of looking all around themselves!
This is what happens when we play with microscopes for an overly extended period of time. One develops tunnel vision and start building tunnels.

The Natural creation/selection of 'Value' (things are more than their sum) is going on all over the Universe right now, where creativity itself is occurring, infinitely faster than the speed of light. One will note as well that it is always one's own value that gets attacked or manipulated in one's life, —before money and property is even involved.

People who don't know you will tell you, or think, what you are, even before you have a chance to find out yourself. We may ask: Does the cog exist for the machine and does the machine exist because of a cog? If this is so, then does not the machine have a responsibility towards growth, progress and evolution as much as the cog or just a responsibility to remain static? If the answer if affirmative: Where is the machine, or why has it become a simple object?

Concerning Plants: This all begins with some form of photosynthesis or organism like Methylomirabilis oxyfera (see fascinating work by Dr. Katharina Ettwig) and since there is no established form of 'Work' in Thermodynamics, they cannot explain any kind of process of naturally-occurring spontaneous value in the Universe and we'll just forget philosophy altogether. What's being discussed here may be relevant in thousands of years from now because very few are interested in such things or have a programmed existence, but there will come a time when such ideas will be relevant and then we will never go back.

RMR: PMO Pest Control
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There are still a lot of horrific perversions, wars and murders to do and/or experience before that gets depleted (talk about the non-existence of Perpetual Motion).
In Star Trek's 400 years, read: 4000 years, if we are lucky, which is why they are probably rebooting the series over and over and offering alternate universes for each actual new generation of real people where ultimately this 4000 years will eventually arrive to 400 years with enough reboots since these universes are treated as more real than the actual universe and scientist, intellectuals and popularizes (communicators) are cashing in. There's nothing like Private enterprise capitalism to warp drive anything to oblivion.

Question: Where are new fiction and science fiction that are original? Dreams have been reduced to franchises and administrated by Saudi money, China, Hollywood and Japanese corporate pimps. In a way these countries and groups are still at war with the West and have just expanded and increased into new battle fields by destroying the many fabrics of our culture. In a way, WW2 has never ended. Like the "new" Star Wars or Star Trek they produce; It is only phase two. On other fronts, Trade has turned into Dependence.

The latest James Bond, 'Specter' may be entirely correct, where MI6 and the CIA are unwittingly working for evil. These agencies and their allies might do well and reexamine themselves and stop cooperating with each other, especially regarding this new mythical enemy named "Terrorism". These agencies should just be taking care of their own back yards, and for international matters there is always Interpol.

Concerning energy dependence: The funny thing is that all humankind could have this wonderful promise Thermodynamics offers now, without having to go through the expense and trouble of having a Third World War because this philosophy has always been in front of us in everything, which the simple Fahrenheit thermometer can demonstrate.

It is organized science, multinationals, banks, clergy and intellectuals who make truth and growth invisible and impossible because they interfere instead of doing what they are supposed to be doing.

So, it is a given that we should study those things that interfere and/or prevent us from growing, learning and evolving to our full potential, which includes each individual, which the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics indicates is supposed to happen to all things; Especially living things.

Why are those things more important where we must commit our lives and everything we see and put them a box or a fence and make things grow only the intellectual's way?
We know this because miracles in/of science and technology that would have seemed miraculous not so long ago we take for granted and have become an inseparable part of our existence forgetting that these things are actually separate where we no longer define technology, but technology defines us.

A recent example: Look at what mobile tech has done to us everywhere we go as it's practically a personal relationship one sees with with these devices? The problem will get "deeper" with Virtual reality that's just around the corner to being marketed as something "new" for an unwary new generation where the "sense of community" will be controlled by remote multinationals and private enterprise. Kids one day will be taught that their capital city is actually somewhere in Silicon Valley which will be perfect for authority because in a virtual existence we can't haul out the guillotine and get rid of these bastards on wall street and there entire genetic-gene pool, and they will instead have ultimate power beyond the dreams of the emperor Caligula who wished that the Roman Population had only one neck to chop off because virtual reality will give them that power.

The multinationals and the banks will be correct too because they will be culling a population that was stupid enough to buy their over-priced glittering garbage in the first place where common sense told them a long time ago that these things and their products are not toys and/or one should tread carefully if and when one uses these things.

The furrowed-brow Gustav Robert Kirchhoff
Esoterically (as if I'm not already), every scrap of energy utilized by life or machines functioning in open systems act more like the voltage drop to other species that depend on them in as a perfect electrical circuit that produces no waste heat, but the energy left over at the end of this circuit is still viable free energy or information somewhere because it cannot go to Absolute Zero and never will (The Third Law of Thermodynamics).

Quantum Mechanics demonstrates that energy is energy and you can't get rid it regardless of what the bundle looks like. The quanta is still a bundle and for it to be a bundle it must be energy/information!
One cannot fool the quanta and introduce Judeo-Christian ideas into its matrix like they are trying to do all the time today, like Maxwell and his Gnostic god for his wave theory, back in the 19th century.

From an artist's perspective, I view quantum mechanics as classical mechanics renewing itself after being corrupted by many of Newton's, Descartes's, Bacon's and et cetera's theories and ideas, and the singular and exclusive view of Nature brought forth through the consumer grade First and Second Laws of Thermodynamics and everything they touch certainly doesn't help because it is evident that there is a lot of quantum-like activity going on here, yet this is still part of classical mechanics and classical chemistry. This is another example of the 'Principle of Sufficiency' of The Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics that I speak about often in these "papers", where information itself, in an open system, always goes to where it's needed and there is no way to stop this except by being intentionally stupid or stubborn.

Quantum mechanics, itself after a difficult birth, started to rot and got corrupted very quickly by the modern intellectual, where we see these horrifying science videos and documentaries today on the BBC and PBS and they even get classical science, including the story's history all wrong too! (this is horribly accute with Brian Greene and David Suzuki) When this started, this is where the genius Richard Feynman created QED (Quantum electrodynamics) which is incorruptible so far. To little "moi", it makes me want to study what's behind this and what are they trying to sell to everybody and why their nonsense is given the red carpet treatment by governments and media moguls as apposed to really good science and the many great people in their respective fields from all over the world.

Science, philosophy and engineering in reality, has thousands of stars from all nations and cultures and not the few spokespeople and popularizers people think who are also all white and male and on Facebook.
It is certainly not because of ratings since real science is 100% better than any the Stephen Hawkings et al. crap who are considered the "greatest geniuses" where with just artistic philosophy I can prove they are morons and in the practical universe, created absolutely nothing.
What's so great about Hawking?

The idea here is that anything can "prove" anything and the most important thing to consider everywhere is the metatruth in what is being discussed or formalized; which always beckons any decent-functioning imagination.

Joseph Goebbels
Overall, Adolf Hitler's, Philipp Lenard's and Joseph Goebbels' "very colourful" White science is still going on strong today with great enthusiasm, as it is constantly being exploited and further developed where actually going out and finding real scientists is beyond the capacity of modern video producers of documentaries on science, where according to them every Afghan, Iraqi, Chinese or African (brown, yellow and black) scientist must be evil and building weapons of mass destruction and every white scientist must be good, wise and pure.

In contrast: A young irresponsible adult, today, high on Pot and Ecstasy 24 hrs a day, does more exploration and travel on the International Rave Circuit than any modern television producer of documentaries.
Our captains of industry and Moguls in media simply don't go through the expense of war to spread ignorance, fear and hatred.

This is one of the reasons why I laugh at evil doers because the sort of information they carry will go inevitably to where it's most needed! As Perry Mason said one day to a witness on the stand: "Murder is easy; Getting away with it is hard." As any good information will also go, one way or another, to where it's most needed, but it is the collateral damage that is caused that I complain about because these are individual lives these people are playing with, with their misinformation which seems to have a purpose. This is no different than a priest/nun or minister forcing him/herself upon an another human being who is not fully formed. (i.e. rape)

Therefore 'good and evil', or 'life and death' are entirely unnecessary concepts in an open system and only have purpose in a closed system and why would good and evil or life and death have anything to do with each other anyway in a free-open universe of infinite vastness and countless continuums where wherever they would meet is as well a transitive infinity where it would be impossible to draw a line someplace and determine where good ends and evil begins or where life and death begins?
I personally know many people who are dead spiritually, but perfectly functional physically.
How many people are lousy lovers, but think about relationships?

This nonsense is for society or in anything that one can put a fence around whether physical or theoretical. If you believe in good and evil, your mind exists in/as a closed system because one can/ will have a war between two anythings, of any kind, in any kind of closed system. Put a fence around any two things and watch disorder in that system.
Watch any video of: 'PBS Spacetime' and you will be repeatedly bombarded with ideas of putting particles in boxes. In organized religion: The congregation is more important than God.
That's one way they warp young minds.

One day when/if they stop thinking like Plato, Newton, Bacon and Descartes, they will be able to prove this natural information flow universally, if they haven't already because making this announcement in today's world, and proving it publicly, would change everything and a lot of people high and low, right down to our legal systems.

I don't think they want this to happen, hence the reason that social societies are growing more and more conservative and totalitarian because there will be less and less types of people and ideas they will be able to accommodate. If you don't go up or forward, then we/you will fall instead, or go backwards. There is no static ideal that floats and is perfect; sorry Mr. Plato or St. Augustine.
Their, bullshit was just a justification to promote a Status Quo.

I give the United States of America, UK, China (any society that spies on its own people) the way we know them now, 50 years, and they will be replaced by something else if these civilizations don't have a profound cultural revolution, —and people turning into robots, being apathetic or choosing to be embedded is not a revolution by the way, unless one is a Fascist, scientific edifice or a religious cult. Human revolution and political revolution are the same!

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Fair Use GP duBerger
A person like me, for fun, can foil the most fiendish plot in half a second, like James Bond, by simply adding or removing matter, or even information somewhere, or create an open system somehow, in an appropriate manner, to any of their schemes, effectively turning their empire, or planned intrigue, into slush because they are all closed systems, and "evil" is blind to any Open system theory or purpose.

I can make the most depressed person have a belly laugh with just a couple of words, but I can never do that to a socio/psychopath. At least, a depressed individual has feelings.
Of course, information is the key, but if we consider de Sade's adage: "Expect nothing but the worst from humanity and you can never be disappointed", we already have either a template to follow or a head start; You decide!

Where by adding matter and/or information in so many flexible and different ways that would be impossible for a closed system to imagine within itself, and failure or entropy is the only inevitable option, the matter, or open system, will quickly turn it into something else and maybe be, even, something practical that everyone can use.

They might even get credit too for the new invention for all the good it will do them. (I discuss other aspects of this in HTML'S MAGIC 'Rhetoric').

Welcome to Hell
On the other hand, acts of sabotage can also be done in a hypothetical society that has technology and physics based on the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics, rather than The First and Second Laws. The only difference is that these acts in such a society would change nothing and would make no difference; therefore they would not be done, except for amusement or making practical jokes.

Acts of terrorism or state sanctioned acts of war are possible because of the way we use energy, which guarantees that 80% of it will be wasted and cannot be used by other societies or systems and only a few are allowed to make money or build capital. Everyone else lives on borrowed time and credit.

It is the oil companies that create terrorism by the way they make everyone use fossil fuels and they don't want change that. Terrorism becomes only natural and inevitable. Instead of using their riches to research efficient ways to create a feasible system for reverse combustion, and provide a valuable and profitable service, they drill for new oil wells, destroying environments, nations and cultures. These guys are not using their brains, or are they?

The type of technology that creates this situation is a method for control and childish world domination. The creation of the First and Second Laws of Thermodynamics is a creation of/for the British Empire, the French Empire and the German Empire for their war machines, who were the main players then, to dominate the world by controlling energy which made sense during 18th and 19th centuries; but today?

We all still have a lot to learn since our "modern" thinkers and analysts right down to MI5/MI6 and the FBI/CIA, etc. are simply carrying a torch that was lit a long time ago and should be extinguished instead, by these very people and replaced with cold LED lights because that's all they and authority actually need to "BE" authority.

RMR: New Board Game!
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These people work for the British royalty/aristocracy and the Rockefellers, etc., and not for their own nation's security since they would never use Second Law of thermodynamic systems to produce and move their own nation's food to start out with. Let's also not forget the enormous amount of fossil fuel required to produce fissionable uranium for "clean nuclear energy" instead of using Thorium reactors.

What they defend is a farce, as they are themselves a danger to their own nation's national security and future. One would think espionage, political/military, intelligence would be interested in the future and not just be interested in maintaining the status quo and use scientific propaganda and conservative politics to justify their actions.

Besides all countries are run by political parties with their own corruptible ideologies and not by the nations themselves of which there is still no political and amicable concept which is equivalent to the idea of "Civilization", but resembles more family feuds going on.

Nuclear energy is not "clean" energy in the first place and this principle has been adapted to Canada's tar sands to produce petroleum where mere candle wax has more energy potential in it than the same amount of tar sand bitumen by weight!
This industry's mission is to pray and work for higher oil prices to offset their expensive system.

It's all corrupt politics and creative accounting where they are playing with capital and credit so only a few can make more money and capital in this mad mad world called petroleum.

There will come a day when they will mine rock for "petroleum" because of this corrupt economy we live by and people will believe these oil "producers" and politicians. The petroleum industry is not going away, even when there will be a time when there will be no more petroleum; there will be something like a "virtual petroleum" industry.
When that bubble bursts there will be "war" and "revolution" to reset things; which will also be fake except for those countless lives that will be lost.

Total Internal Reflection - Sixty Symbols
In the Classical Mechanical world, matter can act as a "detector" or "jammer" simply because of its shape and/or proximity.
Since "shapes and proximities" cannot be described in quantum mechanics, it is wise not to dismiss classical mechanics as many are fond to do now. The universe is not all mathematics, but is poetry and music too.

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Time: 04:11

To recapitulate: What we do find is all different forms of energy start to merge the closer to Absolute Zero we arrive where theoretically one could extract any form of energy at those levels in their pure states because here we would be using a form of "reverse inevitability" as a forensic tool especially when we start applying this to Low temperature physics and Negative Temperature physics. The method of discovery is through the quasiparticle, See: 'The coexistence of superconductivity with dissipation' from Physics.org.
This is why we observe, through scientific demonstrations that matter and energy starts behaving in ways that seem to contradict the laws of physics, but in fact they are just diverse forces that we know of and don't know of yet that have been merged where it is only the mathematics that is completely different, but The Universe Itself has not changed nor have The Laws of Thermodynamics.

The closer to Absolute Zero we get, the more new forces that exist in the Universe, get condensed for us to observe, and can even be turned into quasiparticles, and others get quantized so they interfere in different ways in the experiment and more properties of matter gets exposed to us like a 'Crystal Ball of energy and matter'; where a clever mathematician is only required to separate the known from the unknown, where we are left over with a new force of Nature, or a new property of matter that was previously unknown, but we will eventually utilize in maybe a million years from now.

These physicists and intellectuals of today are equivalent to the prehistoric man playing with fire and calling it "plasma", not because this is true, but because a word like "plasma" already has pre-installed connotations and applications in it that were created by intellectuals.

This is why we will never reach absolute zero using only energy and not matter too is considered as part of the system, whether it's physically present or not. In Guillaume Amontons representation of absolute zero, matter is not present, but is represented mathematically. Zero as already described at length in this monologue is a quantity or thing and even a "point" in navigation, in the step method system.

Electricity: Parallel Resistive Circuits: Analysis US Air Force Training Film
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Time: 16:27

Inevitability creates new inevitabilities that are equally reflected in both the microscopic and the macroscopic simultaneously. As a matter a fact, only placing certain forms of matter with certain properties together in certain ways is all that's necessary to create "Absolute Zero'. Any new discovery done through energy systems, there will always be another unknown somewhere because these things can only exist in equilibrium with something else, and by you being there or by simply realizing it. The higher the energy ladder, the more these forces start to diverge and become more apparent and dominant, but more spread out, and in the future when we discover an established energy source that exists beyond Gamma Rays we will find new forces and dimensions to carry these higher energies (I discuss this in following articles).

In Biology: The amount of diverse life on any planet is directly proportional to how much plant life there is (or similarly alien life entity that can turn electromagnetic energy derived from an indefinite/open source into chemical energy). Electricity (and Plant life, etc.) follow the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics with this nominal statement by Gustav Kirchhoff because the circuit he describes here, has no Entropy and is, therefore, describing an Equivalence.

In any circuit, the sum of the voltage drops across each component of the circuit is equal to the supply voltage.

On Earth, plants can only convert Photon Energy into Chemical energy and don't actually use the matter of the light itself.
For this to happen, plants would need an accelerator to create energy out of mass, and they could use electrons and/or positrons, muons, quarks, etc. because they have mass.
It is conceivable, in some distant galaxy somewhere, that there are plant-like entities or living machines that are living accelerators and do just that and make their equivalence of sugar out of electrons, muons, or quarks because the conditions and the radiation levels in their galaxy make this so.

Regardless of what similarities of life and function to Earth's plants may possibly be like on other worlds, these forms of life, here, produce more energy than they need (yet "scientists" say photosynthesis is inefficient), but all the sun's energy is perfectly stored for later use in crystals of sugar which, to Nature, is far more valuable than diamonds and other precious gems.
(Since plant life supports all other species of life on the planet, I would have to counter that it is their inefficient inventions that are the problem, and there I would begin to attack their mathematical models of what they consider inefficient regarding photosynthesis.)

Theoretically: all of the Sun's total energy and matter could be converted into sugar where this energy could be controlled like we do with petroleum, which is just another source of stored chemical energy.

One day, in eons from now, that is exactly what man may do is turn entire stars that cannot support life into an equivalence of sugar and not even realize they are doing this as there are things we do today without thinking, which would of appeared fantastic just a few centuries ago.

It is entirely conceivable that one day, in the future, we will know civilizations and perhaps do this ourselves, where the harvesting the entire energies of stars and galaxies that exist in only certain properties of matter and dimension is a common practice like we pick blueberries today and turn them into some form of chemical sugar energy and the stars and any beings on those galaxies themselves wouldn't think they are being affected by anything.

We, of course, would be the new parasitical gods and rob these beings of things like "Good" because of our interference that we would not recognize as being important because gods can be just as arrogant and selfish as anyone else.

When looking at things from our time, magnitude and perspective, "arrogance" only can be created by a god anyway, like everything else they supposedly created, or are responsible for.
(The Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics would say, there is no difference between a god and a parasite, as they both demand sacrifice, tribute or a tithe.)

Energy itself, if it could talk, would have some interesting things to say to man and his belief in being the ultimate form of life. This belief unfortunately resides in both science and religion and the difficulty is in determining where one stops and the other takes over or if even the scientist is aware of this phenomenon. The way we acquire, use energy and release Energy is our most important parameter of our own definition because energy/matter is the most valuable thing in existence, and in any form of existence.

The gold, and gems we "value" mean nothing in comparison unless they are performing a physical function, but a lot of these precious metals are hoarded by financial reserves, banks an jewelers and these metals do absolutely nothing beyond maintaining monsters and the modern economies are not even based on the gold, silver, platinum, etc. standards anymore, but is based on the taxed real estate and industrial value of the so-called "First world" industrial nations (Fiat economics).

Any leader or despot on this planet, these days, who tries to create a gold or silver standard gets removed or assassinated immediately. The real secret weapon on this planet is hidden "capitol". In communist societies private ownership is impossible; in capitalist societies, private ownership is reserved for the elite and credit is dispensed to those who think they own something, but is only a piece of paper.

One may think I am ridiculous jumping around from economics, organized scientists, organized religion, etc., etc., but all these thing and systems waste energy and spoil matter. Their own ways and formats of disguising energy and matter do not escape me.

10 Times Richard Feynman Blew Our Minds
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Time: 15:17

Every living creature or machine needs food and the only source of food comes from this universe and not from any "outside universe" that can be consumed, predicted to exist by cosmologists and theoretical/particle physicists for many of their own private reasons.

Their reasoning's resonate modern economic and industrial practices and create a future for them. By way of corrupt mass media, it is no surprise that these theories are the dominant theories going around and poisoning young minds.
They invent other universes for their eventual consumption, but really it is the universe itself just divided up and made to appear as different universes.

These other "universes or multiverses" cannot exist because these new other-places that either appear spontaneously, have no past that can legitimize them and therefore can only exist as a fleeting moment and are then absorbed, forever, into Entropy, — not Chaos. Or they would exist at another energy level where their mere existence, whether in contact or not and regardless of the distances apart, they would annihilate each other's established internal thermal balances and create Chaos, — not Entropy.
Simply said: Thermodynamics makes their ideas impossible.

The same applies to black holes which don't gobble up everything; depending on their spin they're just accelerators that turn anything that goes into them and sends them to other dimensions of higher levels or into different patterns of energy that are invisible. A Black hole can be seen as equivalent to a linear accelerator where a Quasar can be seen as equivalent to a cyclic accelerator like LHC.

These things apparently grow too (we have not seen them shrink yet à la Hawking) which is a good thing because this can be used in the future to determine what is their equivalency rate in their other fifth dimension and those differences between different black holes will allow us to calculate, map and measure the fifth dimension before going there, safely, eventually.

Don't forget that these things give off a tremendous amount of mechanical work in 3 + 1 dimensions (Work becomes more important than energy) and they are also known as gigantic oscillators that are not impeded by any dimensional additions or subtractions and this would show up as "light" and perhaps other things we don't know of yet on their other side.

Blinding light in another mass system can mean "blinding" gravity, giving off prodigious amounts of mechanical work that's ready to put in any kind of open, closed or isolated system device you can imagine. We would only need to go to those black holes, but then the universe according to you would be different too.

Properly processed, and placed in an appropriate device or closed/isolated system, a quantum singularity will produce indefinite amounts of any kind of energy and work desired in any amount suited to our needs.

Thermodynamics "forces" one to look at Work, Energy and Matter and not just Energy and Matter

The problem is that no philosophy exists that deals specifically with our relationship with open systems. Religion is no good because any supernatural construction by religious philosophers only creates other closed system along the lines of: Alpha and Omega or Genesis and Apocalypse, Heaven and Hell, etc., etc.
Now, we may have something better, as the importance of Work displayed by black holes is the perfect counterpoint and equivalence to all the entropy and all its different forms in different systems, in the universe.

In terms of entropy, the universe acts like a memory (the past) and an inspiration (the future), but we only exist in the now (reality). — Well, we have to exist somewhere and reactions must occur somewhere, sometime because they can't happen before they happen or after they happen! The universe one sees in pictures is more a manifestation-venue of a simultaneous existing past and the future and where and when you happen to see it, that is the only reality for you.

And yes, why not should there be "Little Green Men" out there, somewhere (among other things and beings). Why? Because you can imagine them.
The universe is so big, anything plausible can and must exist and so doesn't even need to be proved that there is other life. Magnitude is proof enough. Just don't let some intellectual convince you that you are the superior life form.

Little Green Men actually coming to visit us is another matter and quite unlikely or nearly impossible nor would there even be reasons for them to visit us.

Feynman Diagrams - Sixty Symbols
Here are the most important and wonderful things in Quantum and Nuclear Physics to branch out anywhere from.

The Quantum and Nuclear physics world as demonstrated with Feynman diagrams and QED

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Time: 09:01

You are in Equilibrium between the past and the future, therefore life, itself, is equilibrium and this includes everything that exists. Because of you (and everything else), the past and the future are an Equivalence. Because of equivalence, the further in the future we create or discover, the bigger the past becomes and vice versa. Whatever you see or whatever you do, there is a simultaneous reflection behind you of the same idea and just as valuable, which is not to be confused with symmetry or string theory because they are not entirely thermodynamic. These theories collapse when they go beyond thermodynamics in a way Wolfgang Pauli would have expressed.

The Principles of Equivalency and Equivalency of the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics would say: The Past enriches the future and the Future will enrich the past. This means that your own being can be enriched just as easily from the past (by learning about it) where you yourself add to the pasts glory and the future when it will invoke you, can nourish you today by what you do in everything for it now.

After Higgs wins a Nobel Prize for predicting the discovery of god! Where any suicide bomber could say the same thing. The problem is/are committees that decide these things for their own interests and has nothing to do with science or faith.

It is pertinent to enquire now whether particle physics is justified to exist in their search for more power to control smaller things to "learn" or are they simply working to standardize the entire universe with their closed system machines and models. (Remember when I described the folly of sending uranium-ore samples a thousand miles away for analysis?)
This illusion of "the unchanging" or slowly changing and symmetry has fooled, or was created by religious thinkers, mathematician, philosophers, intellectuals, politicians and scientists for millennia because their "observations" make them think of time, in ways and methods that are essentially incomplete or incompatible because they cannot be observed by stargazers, which is what we reverted to after the Stone Age right up to the time we started building telescopes.

This unchanging universe may be true for a localized closed system, but is certainly not true in an open system where men of the Stone Age and prehistory had sophisticated observatories that ran on no power or energy; Then we did not build or use any observatories for 10,000 years.

The intellectual removed man's ability to merge with matter by this time and, along with it, the individual's ability to become something better than himself without having to resort to interference by cutting him off from Nature.
For example: Einstein's Relativity and non-euclidean geometry says that there is no such thing as a straight line; Now, tell that to a carpenter, but carpentry can only exist as a closed system and it is subject to its limited geometry and mathematics.

The same is true for backward religion with its closed systems which can accommodate a flat 2 dimensional anything instead of just a straight line. This proves that organized religion is vastly superior to carpentry, or even garbage collecting.

So, you have to toe the line in science even though there are things in it, like religion, that have never been proven, or are contradictory, as there may be "tons" of other methods to employ that have not been examined or experimented with, were standardization is the norm and the only eventual outcome.
Today most scientific demonstrations, lectures and conferences are more like debriefing sessions and the latest is the higgs boson, where it has been decided that it was discovered even though it has not been proven 100% (whatever they discovered, it produces too many photons as already said), and itself has put "the validity of 'The Standard model" (the crown jewel of theoretical/particle physics) into question which Neutrinos have already done a long time ago, so we don't need the higgs particle to do that. Believe me, no one is going to win any Nobel Prizes either with this one because even they (the Nobel Prize committee) have their limits. But that does not stop them from teaching the status quo to a new generation of scientists with lectures (see: 'Getting down to basics at Vassar') their new order of the Universe (which is falling apart with every new discovery by experimentalist outside the influence of CERN.

Theory of Everything (intro)
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Time: 01:39

It's important to mention here, concerning this video clip at left, that was once sponsored by the Perimeter institute (a Privately controlled intellectual think tank with an agenda), that besides particles that cannot be split anywhere in any way like photons and electrons, you cannot split any kind of particle in an open system nor does Nature allow this anywhere, except extremely rarely (cosmic radiation) and these things can only be done artificially in a closed system.

So being a closed system, it cannot describe "Everything" especially anything that could be quantum mechanical. This is particle physics and that's it and theoretical particle physicists have no business describing "Everything" under any circumstances. In an Open system, the only thing that is allowed is the spontaneous self-"disintegration" of matter through radioactivity which should not be considered "disintegration" in an open system since no mass has been lost to the open system and is only dispersed instead, to satisfy some unknown form of Equivalence in the Universe, we do not yet understand.

Further, there may be other things in this universe physicists are completely unaware of that are just as real as things and their systems and contribute to the idea of "Everything".

There is much more physics going on in the Universe than just the little window, parameter, fence or box scientists and mathematicians present us with their demonstrations and "explanations".
Beware of any explanations by these sorts as they all claim to tells us What things are, but instead can only explain how things work. "What" it is is another matter altogether. Pay attention to their "answers".

What I call, "Society being a closed system", others call the "matrix".
From another perspective, this man reflects everything I have said so far. If Thermodynamics is too much for you, then listen to this guy. I wouldn't blame you anyway because I know society programmed and warped your brain. Your brain was once a sponge and absorbed a lot of bullshit that is either permanent, or will be very difficult to remove. Maybe his approach will work for you.

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Time: 26:13

It would be better if all the different branches of physics, chemistry, philosophy and art came up together with a "theory of everything" because they would all say something quite different, which would be a good thing since "everything" is about everything from everything and not from one system (mass/energy) and it would be up to some clever mathematician who knows all these different subjects to coalesce them together into one which would become something entirely new.

There are, of course, many excellent modern-day scientists, teachers and professors, and even clergy. These wonderful people know who they are and I'm sure they understand that my criticism is not directed against them and know exactly what I'm talking about. I have nothing but the deepest respect for them, to be able to work under such horrible conditions where I never could.

Only because of shenanigans and nothing else, it took more than 2500 years for Democritus's theory of the atom to be accepted, so don't allow any existentialist, intellectual, theorist or theologically-based philosophy rob you of what you do have and know, by sneakily putting your being into a different system and play with frames of reference because so long as you have a grasp of reality, — at least temporally, you can change anything in your life if you want, and the more free exposure to real and open things you have, the more freely you can change them for the better if you want, which can never be changed within any closed or isolated system, concepts or beliefs and only you can be an expert on yourself. Life itself is a precious gift bestowed upon each individual form of life, yet most humans believe they exist to serve others and then we call ourselves superior to all other life. What we believe and what we think are two different things.

Before there exists tendencies and probabilities, there were sufficient inevitabilities and equivalences!

The difference between Probabilities (which are important to quantum mechanics) and Inevitabilities (which is important to Thermodynamics) is that probabilities are always there whether it be a sea of probabilities that create electron shells around the atom or a cloud of probability around any subatomic particle itself, these probabilities are unchangeable, unalterable, interconnected and absolute, which is what makes everything real for us to our senses. This makes "probabilities" as "solid" as the table you would put your hand on.
Inevitabilities are the opposite, but in an Equivalent manner. They are invisible and do not exist in any form until the time has come to make them real which are determined by any other appropriate Equivalence, in/from another system that comes together in a Sufficient enough way, and makes them real and can never be destroyed afterwards because their own probabilities are now absolute too.

Cern: Physics Nobel Prize 2013
Where are the independent thinkers?
This group you will see here resembles an old Nazi meeting in a beer hall where the presider is carefully watching everyone in the audience to see who is not clapping enthusiastically.
Unbelievable but true, and I stand corrected about the Nobel Prize Committee: They now give Nobel Prizes for theoretical things that have not been proven to exist.
This is more evidence that scientists are creating a Universe in their image. This evidence started with the invention of the Thermometer and proven three centuries later with the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics, which is why this law is suppressed because it is an embarrassment. Today, the Higgs boson they "discovered" does not fit anywhere according to Thermodynamics. Also: What they did discover produces too many photons to be what they claim.
So, this is only established by committees who have reasons of their own to propagate such nonsense.

The only advantage here, is that this establishes permanently that the Higgs Boson is still only theoretical, for its inventors to receive this prize, in this way.

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Time: 04:57

Equivalency and the law of conservation are the heart of any reality or existence, where by using them and learning from them we create new awareness that would be invisible to a closed system and can then also be used to enhance the closed system itself.
For instance: The discovery, by Faraday, of Electromagnetic Energy and the Electromagnetic Field was derived from Natural Philosophy that uses Equivalences in open systems to determine how any new thing works and uses equivalence to measure these these discoveries, which is then, later, exploited to become a new type of closed system itself within the larger, pre-established, closed system. This is, sort of like, bottling Nature and putting it up for sale at the market.

Any new probability that is invented by us or created by Nature cannot be destroyed unless it is a false probability. These false probabilities can only be maintained in closed system where entropy is already hard at work destroying the thing forever. It is only a matter of time. There is no apocalypse for real things.

No one or group anywhere, in anything, has any authority to tell you what anything is 100% and because of entropy, this would be so even in a closed system.

Philosophy, especially Humanists Theology and Metaphysics have all done an exceedingly poor job in finding man's place in open systems of any kind. They only describe man in closed thermodynamic systems.

In closed systems and concerning the verb "Be", all men "know" what they are and what's their "real" purpose is, but a closed system is not reality, which is why the verb "Have" predominates.

But, a galaxy or quasar can show it's light and characteristics to us that existed tens of billion years ago, — today.
When a brand-new, newly minted photon leaves the sun it has no information except for a signature that it was made in Sol. When it arrives on Earth and gets re-emitted after being absorbed by you and goes off into space, this photon including an indefinite more photons has some of you in its information matrix which will exist forever like any other star light in the Universe because the Universe will never go dark and there is no "nowhere" in the Universe for light to escape to.

Even black Holes are always somewhere. Even if the black hole decays eventually, if you are a believer of Stephen-Hawking-ism (which is a hodgepodge of classical mechanics and quantum mechanics), any one of it's decayed particles can then tell the story of "the big and mighty black hole" and so on.

These things might evaporate in a few eons, but all the matter that made them will still be around, but is now across the universe and probably will even collide with, or be absorbed in, other black holes that don't exist now because virtual particles (which Hawking ironically treats as virtual things) are very real to black holes and don't treat them any differently than ordinary particles because without the variations in mass/matter they provide, there would be no isolated systems and closed systems would be few in number.
Movement in a multitude of forms (not motion) is a conserved property in any system. In a closed system Movement destroys. In an open system Movement creates.

Nature is not in the habit of changing Its mind, like the god of organized religion, and decide that It made a mistake (Genesis chapters 6–9, among others) and get rid of everything and then change its mind again (the Ark, among other situations with the same pattern) or treat it like some arcade game and start the same game over and over and over. If Nature has any condition, it is called "Incurable Ennui" and so it creates new games and realities rather than start the old ones over and over.

The difference between life and death or existence and nonexistence is determined by Inevitability in an open system since we are already here, we need not have to consider any probabilities. The If's and What If's of anything have already existed, and they exist now and they will exist in the future for other things, —especially what can exist outside any closed system.

People that believe in anything that does/must not change or lasts forever are equivalent to devil worshipers or slaves in religious thought and practice. Hell is the same job/business; security, —forever. Being by having instead of just "being". Both, by themselves are complete systems, so one needs not confuse things by making one work for the other.

Machines are the physical equivalent of mathematics

Finally: Concerning Movement (not Motion); if there were laws governing it, we must again consider the subject of the cycle of life and death along with an independent universal mechanical equivalence. Everywhere in the open Universe, there are things that take energy to perform Work and there are things that give off energy to perform Work and some things like machines can do both like Heron's Thermoscope (Machine 37), which is why machines exist because they are unique in their ability to do such things. The machines we see in our civilizations are really devices and not machines; they being passed-off as machines to slaves (complete with a fake First and Second Law of Thermodynamic) ostensibly to make "their work" easier and the "owner" richer faster. Both are energy thieves, liars or hypocrites, or are brainwashed into accepting and encouraging a system such as this into beliefs with the folly of an encyclopedic amount of reactions reasons to cite among each other when problems occur since neither could ever convince an artist or any creative person with their patter.

Gravity would be a good example of a system that gives energy and never takes energy and produces Work. This giving of energy is why the Earth and the Moon, and the Sun don't fall into each other, or fly apart. There would be nothing gained and nothing of value created if one or the other only occurred. As already mentioned, there is obviously an unknown third system concerning gravity and inertia or inertia and acceleration. To approach this problem we can use a scale like the thermometer/barometer/hygrometer system while being mindful that things like matter and fields change into different phases with different properties with different intensities of the respectful system these systems happen to measure; in this case, heat, pressure and moisture/vapour. For example: Low Frequency waves and their fields cannot propagate through space, but can only be modulated through and within matter (Sound) because there is not enough energy to create it's own field. So it uses another field, like the air.

High Frequency waves and their fields can miraculously propagate though space and then be modulated (Radio) because they have sufficient energy to create their own field to travel in. See: "The Weird Electronics of Apollo" for and interesting dissertation on Radio and the Apollo missions where differences and advantages/failures between AM FM and PM radio are also discussed.

When we discover radiation beyond the gamma range we will of discovered a new continuum as well that is beyond present understanding that has unique field properties as revolutionary as the discovery of radio.

Remember, from sound to gamma rays and beyond, Thermodynamics is always there and is being obeyed, but the physics and mathematics is never the same. This is because math and physics, etc., etc., are systems and like all systems, they work well up to a point.
Thermodynamics is not a system, but something real and it can describe systems among many other things. It, like certain elements in chemistry, are universal in any order of magnitude.

When that happens let's get it right this time and make sure that intellectuals are not part of this discovery's implementation since already there is talk; "that any scale smaller than the Planck length is unobservable and meaningless to physics and physicists GVS.

This new continuum (a gravitational vacuum) cannot be found in particle accelerators because they are either closed/isolated systems depending on how they are used. It's discovery and importance will occur when we go out into space because we would be the actual particles in that system, and through that we would be a step closer to naturally experience or be available in respect to our properties to pass through that threshold.

Scientology and other such cults: Religion for modern slaves and those that are slave-minded.
Stuff like this is what half of your Hollywood movie stars believe in.
In the past they would say: careful what you pray for. Today we could say: "Be careful what you believe in"
Exactly like in Heisenberg: existence and reality is only in how far or how close you are to it within a timeless continuum of movement and motion except one does not need to move anything himself to disturb anything, but the closer you are to anything the more existentially prone you are to it and illusions, themselves, become more "real".

Being too close to anything in the universe under any conditions or circumstances and it loses the reality it previously had (which includes getting religiously/scientifically/metaphysically closer to things like Jesus or Thetans, quasiparticles, black holes, etc.
The Buddha far away in time and place is not the same as the Buddha you think is next to you or inspiring you), and put in a fence (closed system) or a box around it (isolated system) and it creates its own reality. If it's photons we are discussing; the light gets turned into heat and energy when your approach them. Not absorbed or destroyed as a physicist will tell you.

When you don't and just watch them go by, photons are just light and information after being reflected or refracted. There is also the question of just letting the light come to you; is this information, or is this heat or both? For that we have Einstein's General relativity to ascertain any relative truth.

Physics, in its confusion over whether light is a particle or wave or both is now better modeled with thermodynamics since through thermodynamics, both classical and quantum mechanics agree and produce the same, or complimentary, results.

If a closed or isolated system is perfect, what follows inside a box or fence is its own ideas and evolution that obey only the First and Second Law of Thermodynamics and whatever laws of physics that would be appropriate to whatever is going on inside.

Via the subatomic, you are physically connected to everything in the universe and not just in the ways a priest, mathematician, politician or physicist will tell you, or make you only focus upon. These particles, and their forces and fields, are just as real and powerful as ordinary gravity, electricity or light.
The day one can feel, from these new things, heat on a cold day or coolness on a hot day will mark a new beginning in your existence.

Death takes a vacation
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Time: 05:38

Photons, Position and Location is everything in this example where in contrast, photons stay the same way in an open system and don't get turned into heat because they are Information and Work in an open system, which is another example of how systems, themselves, can change the properties of matter which I described before.

So, according to the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics, heat energy is a function of light escaping, or going to, from any closed or isolated system; Once it is back in Open space it becomes light again where the Principles of Sufficiency can allow it to reacquire any energy it has lost by a multitude of interactions and in open systems there are only interactions, — not reactions!

Again, anything, including creation, is all something transferred, transitive, continuous and inevitable. Quantum jumps in energy are not just confined to individual electron shells, but occur in the open space of the universe as well.

So the idea of Planck temperature (based on 'Absolute Zero) and the Big Bang and inflation come into question because they can only exist in/as a closed system ideal and cannot exist in an isolated or open system.

The idea of a cataclysmic event for creation or apocalypse separates light from heat where in an open system they are the same, but both have different properties, where when working together they tell an entirely different story that is beyond any understanding of any theoretical/particle physicist or organized religion.

The Big Bang itself has to be ludicrous especially in the way physicists describe it since they say it is some form of "HOT and dense matter that explodes". Since they don't explain where the heat came from in the first place from all this dense matter which should be a "natural density".

The initial HEAT of the universe is another story and for it to exist it must of come from somewhere else to create this heat by gravitational compaction to this hypothetical density and by motion and if that is so, then the Universe is a lot older than 14 billion years where then, the big bang was not the big bang, or at best corresponds to an event equivalent in human term as as the "Big Hiccup", the "Big sneeze" or the "Big flatulence", but is certainly not responsible for the creation of everything.
One may say, there is the creation of creation.

As pertaining The Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics, they would need to find the temperature and pressure of the Universe before its hypothetical creation to establish Planck Temperature and this temperature can be anything, including any negative temperature. This of course is impossible to determine with closed system physics or with quantum mechanics that is treated as a closed system so we are now back to our old thermometer problem and the thermometric interval.

To recapitulate: These photons from the sun that you re-emitted while you were outside, are moving in space at the speed of light and only exist in/as pure movement in all different directions, becoming part of the physical chemistry and geometry of the Universe or adds to its "physical cosmic consciousness" if you prefer, and is the only possible form of location and position available in an open system.
One's being can never be specified as to it's exact position so it is ridiculous to conceive of having anything.

In this system of/for existence, of life and death, there is the mortal you and there is the timeless you, but you are still mortal here, but your mortality as information gets spread out indefinitely so only your properties have changed.

It is where and how you focus and balance these two things within yourself and with other "energy/matter things" (even the ones you dream up), and how you deal with them; as a victim or as part of something bigger that is important, and this is where personal responsibility comes in, which I discuss in 'Rhetoric', when we deal with anything in one's life because responsibility defines you and creates for you, your own unique frame of reference towards existence and ultimately provides chemistry and geometry to the Universe itself, which no organized religion anywhere can provide and also provides a handy reference to show you how much time and energy you personally need to spend to tip things in your favour, in whatever direction you want to go in life where the Principle of Sufficiency takes over and begins the rest of this process.
So besides Work being available to "carve out" something permanent, one also must get the ball rolling too. The before is patience and perseverance; the rest is faith and believing in Nature. We are, after all, part of a physical universe, which is the best place to start in any metaphysical endevour.

This business of living and dying and going to heaven or hell is a little bit too fast, simplistic and absolute, which is unworthy of us because there are no quick and automatic anythings in these ideas and removes all the Universe's in "betweens" and "meanwhiles" and we will forget what quantum mechanics has to say about this too that happen before anything else happens; so there is no god in existence who can erase you or put you into perpetual damnation or heaven and put you anywhere else because information about you is timeless and free and already part of the cosmos because God, like Santa, the Nazis, Homeland security or MI5, etc. apparently keep scrupulous records of all your activities and thoughts somewhere.

So this record has a life of its own and it's about you and it's free and freely accessible to those concerned and there is no heaven or hell for information to punish/reward that too/either. It is only leverage. This is another reason why I say the religious prophets of the past were talking about society and systems and not actual individuals and god itself is a system and not a being, i.e. You can execute the Rosenbergs for treason for what they supposedly did, but what they did will last forever, but society and it's closed or isolated systems can do anything and will not change a thing and whatever it does, it will not last forever. Society kills individuals and mankind without even having to do anything and people are turned into sociopaths who are only interested in their immediate needs and wants where nothing else exists and more needs and wants are created by forcing people to live or perform in shorter and smaller bits of time. In the 20th and 21st century, in places like the middle east they do this with religion and in the west they do this with technology.

God, as a system, itself would have to put his information of the sinner or the saint in a box somewhere where even god has to forget it because if he didn't, this information would only exist in God, and being now in a closed/isolated system, it creates its own reality and ultimately changes God too, the same way information changed Lucifer, to our own primitive level of understanding of good and evil and would corrupt him eventually as the entire situation corrupts everyone. God cannot exist in the scenario they provide and must be something else entirely different because it is we who infect it completely with the information we create everywhere by merely thinking about Him. Only the Universe knows what to do with information.

These Bible and Korean Koran stories exist because weak, stupid and closed-minded slaves say they exist to protect their weaknesses, like the triple expansion engine which everyone calls a 'steam engine' and give it cult status by making it part of another invention: The Consumer-grade First and Second Laws of Thermodynamics and then they focus your entire existence around these things because without these things and ideas they would have been eliminated or not allowed to reproduce (they are all misanthropists anyway) because they would be seen as threats to the human race in the guise of protecting society and they would be correct. Talk to any racist, bigot, misanthropist, misogynist, sociopath, megalomaniac, religious fanatic et cetera, you will note that their entire universe is only made up with Second-Law of Thermodynamic, portable, warlike closed systems and everything else is invisible to them and you are just a target or you're in their way.

As if Nature were a poet, The Universe, as an open system, does not create anything or destroy anything nor does it waste much energy as evidenced by it's very low entropy everywhere, which in an open system it serves as a frame of reference. Through Work it creates value. The Universe also remembers everything and perhaps that is what's most frightening to most people, which is probably where the value of organized religion comes from because we create our own judgement out of something we know, either can't exist or is a personal friend. The Universe is everything and its own multitudinous closed systems within it that are all relatively tiny, are the things responsible to creating everything, which are all born and die because that is the nature of change and that is the function of any closed system, — change, but they themselves cannot change.

They will never be forgotten because when they or parts of them become part of an open system by various means, mishaps and dispersions and can all be traced back to the original closed system they once were which for living things becomes an equivalence with chemistry and will, as these two things are always together anyway and when they are separate, they always use the same energy in their history of existence. It's very difficult for me to see how philosophers and physicists could overlook this and, with vigour, expound puerile ideas instead, based on antiquated or distorted (by time) religious ideas when their own science tells them different. Forensically speaking: It makes me wonder what is the actual psychology of the person who calls himself a philosopher.

In the meantime, we are spoon-feeding this concept into ourselves as a species that may have a future in The Universe through Sustainability and Recycling, but these cycles only incorporate closed systems and help maintain those obsolete or corrupt closed systems. We will need to wait some generations in the future who will be ready to embrace Open systems and combined Open, Closed and Isolated Systems Technologies which will make recycling appear quaint. They will probably wonder how we survived under such primitive conditions. I, myself, recycle everything I can, not because of "sustainability" and dispose of batteries and other things properly because it is equivalent to the norms of a hypothetical economic open system that I hope for everybody to enjoy eventually. It makes me feel like I'm part of the future even if, now, it only exists to keep dwindling and corrupt closed systems running.

So back to Kelvin in his information formation of the fundamental laws of Thermodynamics. The only examples where we see this kind of behaviour of distorting the facts, is with governments, industry and organized religions whose external influence, historically, always has similar characteristics in the manigances of control, profit and politics, and Kelvin, like Maxwell, appears to have been a puppet of the government and private enterprise of the time. (Kelvin who, while visiting the United States in 1902, was reported to have said that he thought Tesla had picked up Martian signals being sent to the United States) IM.

There can only be one reason for this.

By 1830 The Industrial Revolution was in full swing and as everyone knows Technology is very People-Friendly. So friendly that they were, then, mass producing machines that no one really understood or cared how they actually worked. Remember we are only talking about a pressurized vapour in a syringe made from coal and water, and just this seems to be a quantum leap for mankind and everybody makes a big deal out of this and creates new man-made laws of Nature to explain the story of this "miracle". Those in power at the time, for whatever reasons, probably felt threatened by the populace's growing economic power since this means anarchy to their advisers and intellectuals. "God forbid no one needs governments, whatever they are".

The powers that-be, needed time to catch-up so they could control the technology that was readily available to all, regardless of what culture, station, status, sex, race, nationality or economic background one came from. They were also, probably, afraid of their colonies getting hold of this new technology too. Imagine Zulu warriors in South Africa or Mahdist Dervishes (War of the Sudan) getting hold of steam engines, machine guns and telegraph machines like Menelik II, Emperor of Ethiopia did, who completely defeated an Italian invasion by buying, developing and using the same technology as Ethiopia's European invaders and enemies.

This is perfectly understandable when you're in such a powerful position and echoes of the American and French revolutions could still be heard where technology can turn these individual's empires into a house of cards from their own populations. Hence, we have our (purposely created) 50+ year delay/blackout and misinformation that makes perfect sense when seen in this "light". This type of fun continues to this day.

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GP duBerger

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A History and Monologue on Thermodynamics