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Thursday, July 25, 2013

The First and Second Laws of Thermodynamics As per Artistic Philosophy

HTML'S MAGIC: Extreme Cold - Page 12 - The First and Second Laws of Thermodynamics As per Artistic Philosophy

Page 12 of 'Extreme Cold'
'A History and Monologue on Matter and Natural Systems
in Materials Science of/for Energy Systems within
any Macroscopic Scale'.

by GP duBerger

The Conservation of Energy (First Law)

As Faraday demonstrated (at around the same time) that motion could be turned into electricity. Joules demonstrated that motion could be turned into heat.
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So now, we arrive, precariously, to the First Law of Thermodynamics and its "The Principle of Conservation of Energy" (illustration at left).
Along with that, I will also be discussing the Second Law, and both according to their principles when they are available and as if the Second Law had principles when there are none, since only the consumer-grade versions of these laws are taught.

Some of you may of surmised now, that I will be discussing the First and Second laws as casualties and victims of malignation by an internecine modern science, along with other interest groups and their committees.

This, of course is meant to prepare you for the real First and Second laws. Thermodynamics involves everything and anything in the universe, and this includes your mind, where it, itself, must function in/with a thermodynamic-like philosophy.
It's tenet is solely a function, where any decisions, choices, true invention and creativity revolve around the foreknowledge of the fact that; If A=B and B=C then A=C. (The Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics)

It is a branch of science and philosophy where you must become or function like heat to understand it, or at least be connected to it in one way or another always, and since we have already shown that heat reveals itself in many forms, but all follow the same rules; this should be an easy operation of/for the mind and imagination.
This is not far from the way artists understand and create things, and art has never harmed anyone in all history.

Now, any visitor here, will come to realize that this is important to be mindful of the differences between laws and principles, including relationships between systems that are isolated, closed and open.
The mess, science communicators create and perpetuate today will actually be used as a tool to learn real and basic Thermodynamics and it's beauty.

First Rule: If you don't find any given principles in what you're studying regarding Thermodynamics (and even physics!), then you create some working models yourself and there one finds its Natural Philosophy. Guessing is great in Natural Philosophy as much as it is in science. Just study lectures of the great Richard Feynman to see the truth in that, who explains this system for creative thinking succinctly.

Some History:
Basically the 'Conservation of energy' (the First Law's principle) is a repackaged 'heat version' of Newton's 'Mechanical version' of the Conservation of Energy, (not Newtons laws of Mechanical Motion). Remember 'The Fundamental Law of Thermodynamics and Lord Kelvin's "work"?; Well, this new thing comes in two parts. Think of it as a broken dish that was mended back together and being passed off to us as having no cracks in it.

Basically it concedes (contrary to the caloric or frigorific theories) that one cannot create or destroy heat/energy, but there's another part that says: One form of energy "can" be transformed, from one form to another as this illustration demonstrates where mechanical motion is being turned, directly, into heat since the revolving blades would warm the air or water in any similar, but closed system. But it's worded like this; as one sentence where they say two different things:
That energy can (instead of "must") be "transformed", from one form to another, but cannot be created nor destroyed.

What makes Kelvin's "work" so "significant" (to an artist) is the fact that they never said this (at the time, and still is today!) when heat (it's activities) was only being turned into motion! (We never needed to show that motion can be turned into heat to make such a statement!)
Since, this was obvious then, this shows instead the beginnings of our modern B.S. science, philosophy and mathematics being prepared for some other ulterior purpose, which I have made plain everywhere in this monologue, in all sorts of ways.
This "ulterior purpose" was to serve only private enterprise, instead of free enterprise. (Social engineering, via science, instead of religion)

If anything: This was just a performance. Equivalent to an artist's 'Happening' show.

These are two different things, yet they are not contradictory because it is actual Work that is being transformed into another form of work and since matter is not included in its new philosophy they have to use the term "energy".
Where if we were to describe an Isolated system (I prefer to use the term quasi-isolated systems since a real isolated system from the point of view of an Open system is actually impossible because of the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics if there is applied movement to the isolated system) and if the isolated system had revolving blades inside, or matter in two phases, etc., we would need to change/add the wording to:
"One form of work must be changed into another form of work upon completion of its cycle since a completely sealed and insulated object or device can be affected by motion and movement and produce changes in properties of the matter contained within". This includes any mechanical system or network element that may be there.

The above principle of the transference of Work in an isolated system (or in any other system) is completely denied in/by modern science, but I have virtual demonstrations of which anyone can do themselves, at home, to prove this is so.
According to them: Only matter and energy affect systems. This is true in chemistry and physics, but chemistry and physics cannot describe the entire spectrum of activity in/across the universe and Work is not part of their philosophy, but exists only in Thermodynamics. Therefore, Thermodynamics is as important subject on it own and deserves its own curriculum.

That is the beauty of Isolated systems. (Remember the slinky experiment?) Only Work, not energy, can be shown to produce some change, or action, and it must complete a cycle. (With the subatomic, this is reversed, like uranium in crystals transmuting into lead over billions of years, which geologists use to date continents (granite) on Earth, but that is another subject. This is like the reversal for closed-systemed entropy for the subatomic, I already discussed.)

In the atomic and above this magnitude: An isolated system (in physics, not Thermodynamics) cannot exchange or transfer any mass or energy, but only Work and or information can penetrate this system, change properties of matter inside it and/or affect the system itself (thermodynamics) and produce another type of work outside it, like when I demonstrated 'The Ludion' as one example where pressure is exchanged into density and I will have another example later with another isolated system involving cooling later on.

An isolated system only obeys the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics when/where any changes occur in the system which does not necessarily only apply to contact with applied heat (like a thermometer), but with the Ludion it is contact with applied pressure and then lack of pressure, which produces Work too, where the cycle is then complete and in equilibrium.
(What, where and why is any necessity of/in philosophy of/for physics or chemistry in an isolated system?)

Physics is the art of masking movement and Work and hiding all equilibrium and its activities

Madhava’s method for approximating π by an infinite series of fractions
Madhava’s method for approximating π by an infinite series of fractions
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We will use a simple mechanical bathroom scale as an example for an Isolated system (by itself, left alone, it neither receives energy nor matter and as a system its entropy never decreases):
When someone stands on it, the physicist will say that it is potential energy that moves the dial because of pressure caused by your weight, but will say nothing of the dial moving back when that person gets off the scale except to call that kinetic energy.

Not only does it move back, the dial moves to beyond zero in the negative and back up to the positive and this goes on in smaller, but faster tic tocs till it stops. The road to equilibrium is filled with adventure and much activity that is beyond the "scale" for Potential and Kinetic energies to describe accurately when it comes to heat and movement. In mathematics, they call this an infinite-series function. (illustration)
Thermodynamics opens the doors to trigonometry, negative (imaginary) numbers, infinity and calculus in a fun way!
It now beckons a mathematics amenable to open and isolated systems and not just closed systems.

As a matter a fact, when one gets off the scale it is BOTH kinetic and a new potential energy being demonstrated because of the Work generated by getting on and off the scale in the first place, because the device/system must seek equilibrium, and this is not the same as letting go of some suspended ball from ones nose.

The Conservation of Energy (Physics)
The Conservation of Energy (Physics)
Here, we see the difference between "Conservation of Energy", according to thermodynamics and physics. In physics,
no Work is being applied, but always is in Thermodynamics.
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The physicist likes to ask why does the ball know where to fall, or the electron like certain orbits around the nucleus? etc., etc.
He never asks or looks for any dynamics involving equilibrium which is everywhere in front of their eyes, ears, nose and touch. This includes their specialized instruments. Why is this so?

The Thermodynamicist goes beyond energy, in whatever forms and knows it is just one dancer in a troupe of dancers and sees a beautiful choreography of movement and Work too.

The scale is also affected by any nearby closed and open systems because there are always variations of pressure, vibrations and temperature caused by such things as a nearby radiator/heater and there may be a storm outside or your neighbor is having a noisy party.
This is the same with closed systems, like internal combustion engines (or cancer), which affect both isolated and open systems by their Work. (pollution/disease).
If scientists, physicists and doctors payed attention to Work, there would be no pollution or diseases. (Ultimately, there are people who make no effort in taking care of their health and so cannot be helped.)

Neither would be better than the other since their respective studies and what they apply to, only provide unique examples and opportunities of the First Law and it's application and they are all valuable.
But, economics and the wars they cause, stagnation and pollution now force us to look at the Thermodynamic view of energy and its role in closed systems, where we have to start planning ahead for generations to come and not just think of our immediate, or short term gains or losses.
Science no longer awes, but makes us say, "uhhh!".

There are things beyond the shortsighted gains of "potential" and "kinetic" energy and the systems they invent that create them, that physicists and inventors make us focus upon and buy, in one way or another and these other things are fun too! Thermodynamics gives modern physics a slap across its face and tells it it is wasting energy, work and movement.

To Thermodynamics: "potential energy" is the future, and "Kinetic energy" is the past and we are riding its momentum to either oblivion or some new potential. It's everyone's choice in what everyone does now that will affect this type of pendulum.

When these billionaires of today cannot buy petroleum and other fossil fuels anymore one day, what will their billions be worth? Everything they own can not longer be painted, heated, cooled, equipped, fueled.
They also cannot fabricate wars because that takes energy too and war has become so mechanized, it will be impossible to go back to muskets and cannon. Their money won't be worth much.

There is no hierarchy in Thermodynamics and no one's work is better or superior to another. For example: An artist's sole objective is to transfer his own inspiration into others. We usually deal with forms and light, but is not heat and cold a form of light and are not electromagnetic Fields forms too?

Just because this light and field is invisible, artists have the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics to affect a multitude of new forms of expression and create new mediums for its expression and representation!

When scientists and engineers discuss or look for life on other planets, they always show Earth-like life or carbon-based life as recognizable or important. Thermodynamics would criticize and explain that, even on Earth; 99% of just carbon-based life on this planet is either hidden or invisible! It would go on describing bacteria, viruses, microbes, fungus and insects that exist invisibly in the earth, air, fire and waters everywhere. There are macroscopic versions too, where entire ecosystems are just one organism!

Further, the way we treat fellow mammals on this planet does not augur well in any relations we may forge with other extraterrestrial mammal-like beings. We would probably be initially fascinated, like we were with the aboriginals in North and South America. When that is over we would exploit, kill or conquer.
We got away with this once, but this is unlikely in outer space and it would be us that gets exterminated.

In fact, It is invisibility of life in the universe that ensures life's survival and is the norm. We can only know them by their effects and unique structures in a certain area, that have no physical, mathematical or religious explanation. Their signatures would be the detection of heat and heat transfer and movement where this would not normally be; not by chemistry or physical laws and motion!

Brian Greene, Propagandist
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Modern science promotes made-made ideas that are derived from authority to serve its needs and has nothing to do with humankind or us evolving to anything close to a natural new form of higher awareness. You will work for the "vision" of McDonald's or other corporations and multinationals. Work can be as simple as something for the mathematics of accounting or can be an interface into how systems can interact together. It is the person working with this type of data that creates its importance and is equivalent to person himself.

The limits that the First Law imposes after the Zeroth Law actually state that the Universe was not, is not, will not be an explosion of any kind and actually complements and confirms that thermal equilibrium as the prime principle in all things.

(The "Big Bang" is only an "explosion" via human forms of awareness and is meaningless in other magnitudes and perspectives of thought. Scientists, exploit our weaknesses, fears and awe like a writer would, writing a screenplay, article or book. As an artist, I can divide-up systems using ternary elements like scientists divide-up things with mathematics and ask: Where's the "Big" and where's the "Bang", and who are they to decide what's big and/or little? The missing ternary element, being the question: By what scale we/they are using to put these two words together?)

These scales they create also make certain humans small (ordinary people) and others big (authority).
This is no different than looking at representations of man in pre-rennaissance paintings, where people were tiny, dirty and on their knees and church fathers were larger and well dressed, and angels and saints were huge; presiding over bliss and salvation. (Two, very contradictory systems of/for things for any kind of authority!)

Nature not only makes laws of thermodynamics, but confirms these laws too with its ternary logic where A = C (Thermal Equilibrium) from the Zeroth Law to 'The Principle of the Conservation of Energy' in the First Law of Thermodynamics are excellent examples of this, but A = C only begins from there and moves on through different systems to become fantastic new creativity, invention and philosophy.
There, The Zeroth's Law "Principle of Sufficiency" tabulates the results, and we will always find, that more good things are happening than bad things in the Natural Universe, —even with Nature's natural closed systems, irrespective of any of those system's entropy function!

Nowhere, in any organized religion, or organized science, do we find any story or principle with any ternary logic, but we find dogma instead. Only in fables and folk tales, which have a completely different background and history, do we find this logic. Thermodynamics also has a unique history along with its innate ternary method.

The heart, and beauty itself, also have something to say to the intellect.

So, the First Law of Thermodynamics can either be something good for conservative science-types or for autistic eggheads who write atrocious syntax into things like PHP, etc. and wield it like an ignorant and backward evangelist shaking the Holy Bible or Koran (which is blasphemy by the way for mishandling these books in that manner), or it can be the doorway to higher and more complete philosophies that touch everything. It entirely depends on the quality of the individual and this quality resides in the heart, soul, inspiration and faith and not the brains, mind, race, peer group or social standing/breeding of that individual.

The way one treats the Bible, Koran or any law of Nature is identical to the way one treats others. These books are indeed Holy when seen in that way and this can be proven scientifically in the physical universe since by the way they are handled and discussed, they miraculously indicate their handlers far-reaching intentions before they can do any real harm.
These things eventually come out in the news because they were really pedophiles and/or engange in all sorts of criminal activity.

Isolated systems are a fascinating study because the only thing one can do is manipulate matter's properties that is contained inside through Work directly and/or applied energy to the system. Here, we also see that besides the Consumer-grade First and Second Laws of Thermodynamics, we also have completely non-existent principles of Thermodynamics that should exist officially in science. This serves to show that most science involving physics and cosmology is man-made, self-serving or only serves private enterprise rather than free enterprise.

If I knew Joules, I would have suggested for him to publish this experiment. With this method, everyone would be forced to deal with and acknowledge the Mechanical Equivalence of Heat, by using any two systems that are directly connected, and no one could not still deny that mechanical equivalence of heat exists which there is also associated a Work equivalence to energy through systems and further, would establish a better way to determine temperature; creating a better scale, where with simple arithmetic and a change of fluid or gas, one could indicate specific heat and latent heat as well without using man-made units. This thing is a model of simplicity (like Stonehenge) that reveals much more information than one would normally think possible.

I would just be pointing out to Joules how a thermometer could be used with another philosophy in mind and this additional experiment would defeat any type of interference, or, for us, they would have needed to alter history differently, than the way they have actually done that allows only monstrous ideas and machinery to exist.

Here, along with a rate of speed and dissipation for thermal equilibrium, we would be measuring specific heat, except the apparatus to measure this is actually part of the whole system and is not something separate like it was in Rumford's demonstration.
Of course, there is a problem here because physicists and experimentalists today, aside from knowing nothing about Thermodynamics, they don't know how to conjugate different systems either. These things just simply doesn't exist in their minds.
Only artists think of things and their systems in this way and/or devise experiments this way.

Of course, I'm only dreaming because we already saw how both Rumford and Joule's experiments and proofs were rejected by the scientific community because the only thing they are looking for is profit, power and the ability to make/win wars. If they don't see that, then an experiment/proof is rejected by these committees.
This has never changed since Babylon.

Today, scientists are getting the same treatment:
"The President-elect’s (Trump) stance on climate change runs counter to physical evidence, near-universal scientific consensus, and analyses by military experts and the U.S. Department of Defense. See: The Global Dangers of Trump’s Climate Denial Michael Greshko - National Geographic News - Nov 14, 2016

The delicate and extremely fragile Humpty Dumpty-like eggshells of the consumer-grade First and The Second Law are the culmination, the way we know them now, of The Age of Reason, and is never discussed as in open systems anywhere as it's completely unnecessary with open systems since The Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics's Principle of Sufficiency is a preamble ("A preamble is an introductory and expressionary statement in a document that explains the document's purpose and underlying philosophy.") for The First Law's 'Principle of Conservation' and also, Substance in the form of quasiparticles, or quasiparticles in the representation of forces of Nature, among other things, can be created or destroyed when anyone feels like it, and they can transfer heat as good as any other particle and they can be turned into Bose-Einstein Condensates, exactly like all matter, among other things.
"Quasiparticles can be used to explain physical phenomena in solid bodies even though they are not actual physical particles. Physicists in Innsbruck have now realized quasiparticles in a quantum system and observed quantum mechanical entanglement propagation in a many-body system. The researchers have published their work in Nature."

Read more at: http://phys.org/news/2014-07-paths-world-quasiparticles.html#jCp
Only systems can be created and destroyed, but the elements contained within these systems cannot. This attacks religion, politics, economics and much science in their cores because their statements and laws tell us immediately whether they are talking about real things that exist, always existed and will always exist, and systems which can be, and most likely be, illusions, and can be created and destroyed, but are sold as real or important aspects of awareness, purpose, motivation and reality.

Where one wants to put/invest his own personal energy is their own choice, but Thermodynamics is the only philosophy that makes these distinctions between real things and elements that cannot be changed, and systems or networked elements that can be changed, created or destroyed (and will do so by themselves).

So when anyone uses the words/concepts: "creation" or "destruction" in any form, we know they are ultimately and inevitably talking about a closed system with always-increasing entropy where one can decide to listen/ignore the rest. That's a big time saver. If one want everlasting-life, or real wealth and knowledge, it would be better to invest one's energy and time with things that are NOT inherently unstable and won't destroy themselves in one way or another in any aspect of/in one's existence, regarding any subject.

So the consumer-grade First Law of Thermodynamics is really only a philosophy not far removed from organized religion, and like religion is only true for the ignorant rabble who have no connection in their existence in what they can see around and the ideas they have besides other closed systems.

For instance: The only reason why most marriages fail, in one way or another, is because marriage is a closed system and has nothing to do with rights or the battle of the sexes, etc., etc. What occurs and is stated in divorce court as to "the reasons" why on either side, why each party is to blame or the cause, are actually just the symptoms of this fabricated closed system.

This lack or awareness and lack of will to learn has been furnished to them by society, that keeps people busy with social networks, by titillation in advertising of/in all forms of excess, including; sex, cars, loud music/noise and bad food and drink, all the while these things end-up on the news, television shows, books, movies or documentaries, as bad things.

There are double standards regarding everything one does, thinks about, or is bombarded by, where advertising moguls promise one thing as wonderful, meaningful and purposeful whose reality become death, misery, debt, division, pollution and disease, and then off to the next generation that's growing up.
Beware of everything one hears and sees in society by anyone. (I'm not advocating rejecting society, but underlining that one must add special care concerning any information from any media, diegesis or mouthpiece.)

But, the real scientist (not those fake ones we see making videos about time machines or discussing "The theory of everything", etc., etc.), and thankfully the artist too, can see more than that since Thermodynamics is all about systems, energy and matter and not just energy.

RTSP Video
An small example of the kind of Cartesian logic that created 'The Age of Reason' which was tailor-made for the intellectual to utilize and implement.

Besides being that the Age of Reason, which when properly defined means "authoritarian control by those who are ignorant themselves"; was all about intellectuals and society and has absolutely nothing to do with Mankind or Humanity, as is many areas and different social philosophies. It actually works against mankind and humanity "for the greater good" where we see things like the word "greater" is never defined as to who or what that is, or is a philosophy where art comes along and asks why it was never consulted because such things belong to demagogues and rhetoricians, lawyers and politicians and not science or philosophy. So, by using these non-perspective words that are referenced out from oblivion, modern science is politics, commerce or sophistry and a means for the intellectual to impose their ideas by doing absolutely nothing, but pimp.

Besides that, before they discuss things like "infinity"; Where/what is less than infinity or greater than infinity? All science today is completely political and commercial if we remember examples like Clausius's usage of the meaningless word: "changes" instead of "systems" ("changes" is a word that only applies to/with the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamic) where one is simply a member of one party or another, and what do politicians talk about all the time? The allocation of energy and resources and who's going to get it, and who is not going to get it or how much you are going to pay for it.
(One could fix democracy tomorrow by making a law where all candidates must match his/her promises with an antithesis platform of equal time that states who/what group will not get anything or suffer.)

Maxwell, Kelvin and Claussius worked for the coal producers of the 19th century (The energy producers of their time) and all science was developed around that for the greater consumption of coal as it is with oil today. This is where an artist comes in and would ask the scientific community why two laws (1 and 2) are more important than the other two (0 and 3) and why are they so fond of vague words with no perspective, i.e. up, down, changes, greater good rather than greater than, etc. etc.. This, in one way, would be like limiting an artist's palette to two colours and only be allowed to draw with lies lines or arrows, rather than being allowed to use a broader palette and in the other way, be represented by someone painting allegories without using any surface to paint anything, or like a child playing the air guitar or someone eating a wish sandwich.

On systems everywhere: As these things are not necessarily just part of Heat Theory and Thermodynamics and they all follow the same rules regardless of the subject or application. A system, is a system, is a system and it is just determining first whether it is an isolated, closed or open system.

It can be, but I'm not a Thermodynamicist, but a Spider who feels the minutest tremors on its web and this is not my job anyway, and it's not that important. I'm the guy who asks questions like: "Since when do employee pension funds of companies or cities that go bankrupt, get counted as part of the bankruptcy "assets" to be divided up amongst the creditors?" or what/who/where decides that these things must be paid since these investments or debts can be written off as a loss and those companies that are owed sums can actually make a profit this way from the bankruptcy itself?"

It is a certainty that lawyers do not protect public property with the same vigor as "private property" and even conspire to create new forms of private property, where we discover that the majority of private enterprise/property is a litany, beginning with Saint Fraud, Saint Piracy, Saint Hypocrisy, Saint Exploitation, Saint Embezzlement, Saint Thievery and so on.

Economics is politics and politics is economics and ultimately that means energy and who's going to get it all for themselves and their tribe. These things, being inseparable, exist unnecessarily as a closed system, which will be destroyed eventually (including its gain) in one way or another. .

It is as if the news and education is seemingly written for potatoes proletarians or mob mentalities in a democratic society and not for people with intelligence or a sense of individuality.

Or, the Soviet Union never actually collapsed, but was re-engineered instead and everything became private enterprise instead of 'The Communist Party' worldwide as opposed to free enterprise where everything is now controlled by the state or some private concern, working in concert with each other that is sordidly-lubricated by the corporate lawyer and an assortment of patent-squatting multinationals who keep 19th and early 20th century ideas, systems and inventions perpetual.

Two "leaders" reduced to posing for the cameras where everything is just too perfect. I thought these were very busy people. They, evidently have time for the poise demanded by stercus tauri. What other frivolous things go on when the camera is not around, that are just for show?
A = C: Is it that the world actually runs itself and we really don't need these people, who actually do more damage than good?
At least, show me where there is actual real competition anywhere in anything today where it's not fixed somewhere in some way in the name of "internal security". Even present day China, India, Dubai, Israel, Vietnam and other places with terrible human rights records have been whitewashed with the most skillful use of propaganda as wonderful places for anything you can think of because they serve the purposes of international corporate power and the international banks like was done for Nazi Germany before World War II.

If you are a viper, the entire world of the post Cold War era is now a wonderful place, especially the "freedom" parts of the world where the zombie-reanimated corpse of Ronald Reagan ON is now serving his 9th presidential term because the best wars that are won, are the ones where the ones who think they are the winners are the actual losers and the "losers" are the actual winners and George W. Bush and Barack Obama are actually quasi-presidents and are representatives of the modern fantasy world of "Freedom and Liberty" who act as in lieu of images of Christ or Satan which can be pinned on either depending who you and what you represent or believe in. All politics proves that any belief is only an opinion, which is why politics exists in the first place (the answer is already part of, or in the question).

"I can calculate the motions of heavenly bodies, but not the madness of people."- Isaac Newton

A = C: It takes one to know one.
There really is no more middle class because today, everything is either Satan or Christ just like in Nazi Germany there was only degenerate and aryan and there is no middle ground or third party in anything, which is what the middle class is supposed to accomplish philosophically, but instead everything is brought to extremes and no equilibrium is allowed, much like the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics and it's principles and theories are not allowed. The "modern" bourgeoisie is a joke.

The entire world has changed since Richard Nixon went to China and I like to think that it was to negotiate terms in The Cold War and was to initiate the implementation and imperceptible transition of power and trade over a world's future generations of the world's population because today's world is completely different from the world I was brought up in.

Only a war and a change of power could do that or, more plainly, the Cold War actually ended in the 1970's and this was probably ordered, orchestrated and implemented by the international banks and multinational corporations because only their interests are being served in this type of restructuring of society today and this was done so energy producing companies can burn more oil and drill new wells and mine more coal and there is no discussion anywhere about reverse combustion.

(Energy "producers" would merely be switching to a very profitable service industry, but since this is not done, we must look into agendas instead. This agenda seems to be going in the direction of making as little of the Earth, as possible, habitable. Then we must ask, "who will inhabit this tiny part of the planet?")

The international banks and all multinationals must be viewed as a form of cancer because they too, like cancer cells, are immortal, take all the energy out of every cell of any organ or organism around them and never produce anything on/of their own, turn everything else into cancer and never stop growing and eventually take over everything unless the cancer is stopped.

My "prognosis" says: "Think Open systems, triple check everything in life, and start implementing the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics and its principles in everything you can find or think of and only this will remove the cancer."
From there, we can understand and implement the real First and Second Laws of Thermodynamics into our ideas and machines, while understanding their limitations and consequences, including the real meaning of industry, commerce and prosperity and not the kind politicians, religious leaders and celebrity scientists tell us.
Nature, Itself, will/should be the voice to follow and nothing else.

For everybody and everything, whether we are dealing with multinationals, banks or people, this 'Economy of Interference' where we change everything from Time to Molecules continuously into things where they are not supposed to be, which is the hangover left over from the consumer-grade Second Law of Thermodynamics, to make short-term profit and gain advantage over others where all that is necessary is to make everyone think short-term too.

This is a system that has to go and be replaced with systems in industry and commerce that run on the Principles and Laws governing the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics while deprecating the Second Law of Thermodynamics in applications where the Second Law technology is not even necessary, or do not take advantage of "lack of energy", or condensers in any energy or thermodynamic cycle, which I have shown produces just as much work and power too.

Just remember that because of this "lack of energy" part of any real power cycle, every time you turn on the ignition to go anywhere with your car, you are throwing away more that half of all the power it actually produces.

At least, decadent Romans had Vomitoriums to waste their food when they overindulged and slaves to clean it up, where today we dump all our technological vomit everywhere (even in space now!) and there are no slaves to clean it up either, being that vomit is only undigested food, so technological pollution is fuel that has not completed its cycle in Nature.

These recurring economic meltdowns that occur all the time, are only symptoms of a greater threat that point to humanities eventual extinction if we don't learn to derive most of our power and work from things, beginning with Thermal Equilibrium and all its different applications for starters, especially on Planets that have an over-abundance of energy floating around begging to be used.

We should do like Nature, where if any extra energy that is produced we store for later use, but that would require a thermodynamics for scientists to follow that would acknowledge this (besides common sense for energy "producers").

Where, when, a machine that can give off energy as well as taking energy can produce Work in both ways; i.e. The Stirling engine is 40%+ efficient because of it's use of "lack of energy", using condensers to promote that fact to produce more horsepower, torque or efficiency only out of pressurized-heated nitrogen and not like the internal combustion engine's low-torque 20%-.

See AP article by Hope Yen, Jul 28, 2013 4 in 5 in US face near-poverty, no work where we see cited that the poverty gap is created by rising energy costs for working-class families which can be remedied by changing our machinery while nurturing the Earth too for all life otherwise we are working for the betterment and evolution of rats and cockroaches, who will take over because they are extremely energy efficient, besides being intelligent and resourceful animals.

According to Nature: Energy, along with Work is not supposed to cost anything, or very little, in/for any system. This is especially true for efficient physical/mechanical systems. Does the Earth or the Oceans, etc., get charged for their activities? Imagine what capital people could accumulate if they didn't need to spend enormous amounts of their earning/profits in energy? People of any class and any age would become their own banks! Any economic upheaval or disturbance could be buffered with ease individually.
That act alone, collectively, would stimulate the economy while encouraging free enterprise and new ideas!

I have a theory: That any course of evolution, or creation, (It does not make any difference) is solely guided by a species' efficient use of energy and matter and has nothing to do with what scientists call intelligence or what priests call righteous.

'Neanderthal caves organized as 'pleasant places to live'
Riparo Bombrini, a collapsed rock shelter in Italy, offers insight into lifestyles of Neanderthals
Archeologists dig at a Neanderthal dwelling site in northwest Italy. Recent evidence from the site suggests that Neanderthals organized their living spaces for different purposes. (Courtesy of the University of Colorado Denver)

Fair Use
So before we start thinking of Preparing for the "Zombie Apocalypse" [Z], maybe we should start thinking about preventing zombies and cannibals from emerging in the first place because these things would be culminations of bad economics, bad machines and bad planning for the present and the future and thinking about renewable energy in terms for surviving or war in walled perimeters against inadvertently-manufactured enemies is not a future, but a video-game fantasy because economic realities involving machines and technology are not being addressed.
That sums up the activities and agenda of the consumer-grade Second law of Thermodynamics.

People, especially Americans, may laugh at what I say now, (especially those that travel first class) but you won't laugh when you are staring down the barrel of a gun one day, for no reason, and this situation was created by their own government and various private foundations and corporations whose combined memory regarding any purpose does not surpass the capacity of a goldfish. Corporations and banks are not psychopathic (as suggested in the documentary 'The Corporation' (2003), but are entirely sociopathic. The people themselves are also getting infected with this disease, handed down to them, where only immediate wants and needs exist in their minds.

Energy is supposed to be about peace and prosperity not war, debt and slavery. It is no coincidence that the first machines that employed the Zeroth and Second Laws of Thermodynamics are when inefficient slavery was an accepted practice and the real philosophers of ancient times, aside from Socrates, were their engineers and artisans. These things were rejected because there were political reasons for slavery to exist.

Any form of inhumanity exists, or has existed, or will exist because of politics. So beware of them, especially the radical ones. Why politics is so popular is because each platform is a system and people have been brainwashed to give their lives to systems and not real things to the point where value is created by killing. To intentionally kill or harm another human, for any reason is against all laws, whether civil, natural or religious laws.

Anyway, these machines were never meant to put people out of work, but to free them from work and drudgery and do more efficient things, and then have the time and resources for all to improve themselves since these things make life free for all to enjoy, but if that happened, the powerful wouldn't feel superior anymore, and the rest would be people who mind their own business and they wouldn't care about so and so's opinions.
One thing politicians, moguls and priests want is everyone's undivided attention and they'll say or do anything to get it. This includes trampling over others, taking shortcuts and cutting corners.

Besides education from institutions there is also time to teach us things that only life itself can offer. With energy via matter systems, everywhere for everybody, one can do anything they want with the proper machines and live like a king if one wants and we wouldn't need fusion energy either since we already have a fusion reactor at a safe distance away with the sun's energy given and delivered to us for free.
So why would we want one on Earth?

There are 5 different versions of Thermodynamics. An Economic version, a version for Chemistry, a version for Physics, a version for Engineers and the version brought to us by Nature.
Choose your universe, and be mindful of what type of system that particular universe serves.

Anyway, since everything discussed in Open Systems involving the First Law of Thermodynamics belongs to every thought about it, by everybody and not by any one individual can say what's happening. Any person with enough imagination knows this, or finds this out eventually, where his empathy would reveal that only imagination is needed and would defer, rather than prescribe this Law of Thermodynamics.

So far, it works well with consumer technologies that supposedly enhance the lives of consumers who will think that their new device is going to give them more power and control over their lives, and/or upon others, but instead creates a new dependency that must be maintained with sources and forms of energy that can only be purchased with other technologies that are also controlled.

Democracy actually exists; provided you are rich and part of today's modern patricians as they have two ways to vote: One with the ballot and the other with political contributions and they all try to curry favor with advertizing and media production.

The First Law's only saving grace is when it is used to describe an isolated system and there it can do magical things in both science and art, even quasi-isolated systems, like what goes on inside a pressurized can of liquified petroleum in all the liquid, vapour or gas forms, which you will "see" when I describe cooling and refrigeration in isolated and closed systems later on since cans of butane is readily available everywhere, so this makes an excellent thing for demonstrating cooling in/for an isolated system and refrigeration will be explained in both closed and open systems.

What Are Photons?
Richard Feynman Explains: What are Photons. Here, in two minutes, we can understand the basis of/for Thermodynamics which could say: The existence of everything and its experience is because of the interactions of any motion and movement of/in any magnitude.
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Time: 02:05 of your time.

Now, the great edifice of: "The Fundamental Principles of The Conservation of Energy" collapses suddenly in Nuclear physics where they need to invent new words like "Non-Matter" when considering photons (altering nature and reality into man-made systems). We also have "Non-visible Matter" when considering Dark Matter, Dark Energy when considering their necessity for negative gravity and I won't even start in Quantum Mechanics except to ask: "Where are the information carriers in such a system for matter or energy because without information theory there is non-existence?" So here they are putting the cart before the horse.

I have yet to see any discussion, documentary or paper discussing the Work involved with spinning galaxies. There, they will find their invisible effects of "Dark Matter/Energy" since Work itself can produce amazing effects just like the water hammer, already discussed, produces "70% more energy".
Why they create these things and ideas because science is a business. If they had their way, they would create a particle or quasiparticle for everything and package each one for sale as a product or service!

Photons themselves are not part of the 'conservation of energy' anywhere or even the 'conservation of information' (see video clip above), and only exist as part of the movements involved with electrons (among other subatomic particles) which only together, create conservation. Conservation is a system, not a real thing. Particles (or anything that has form and properties) are meaningless, but when they move in a system, they create wonderful new things and those things are conserved and that constitutes reality.

In the end, 'The Conservation of Energy' is only as important as you want it to be because you don't need to prove that the Universe exists and everything exchanges energy in cycles and no one is in the right position to put their finger anywhere and declare à la Stephen Hawking: "This is where energy or information begins to be exchanged, and this is where it ends".

The Universe already knows it exists since it has us to prove that, by us being one of its products that asks these stupid questions in the first place, and also since it is the Universe it knows this for you, automatically, because there is no frame of reference that anyone can agree upon, but only the universe can, but if you feel compelled to prove it does or does not exist, then that's fine and this (the First Law) is the thermodynamic law for you, if you want to use it that way.

It makes no difference what anyone thinks at a certain point, even if one is god since everything exists as part of some cycle and this began with a point, which also has no beginning or end.

To really prove the Universe exists, you would need to be outside of the Universe itself, which is impossible. So in compensation, there is no equivalent open system mathematics or an A = C philosophy developed yet to be able to deal with it, except by dividing (glorified subtraction) it up into little pieces, but none of the parts we discover with our systems describe anything and they even corrupt the original whole.
This is the same with the concept of god. Talk about god or say, "Allah" and you corrupt it by your words or mouth and this is no longer god or "Allah" and there are no exceptions, including hypothetical or holy or blessed individuals and their utterings.

This includes if bacteria were capable of saying or thinking the words "Human Being", the Human Species is corrupted because the bacteria supposedly said it, no matter how well presented, and its meaning would only apply to a closed bacteria society and whatever a human society could utter to a bacteria society would be, then, doubly meaningless.

We multiply this logic with god in comparative magnitude, we create corruption, meaninglessness and fantasy with ourselves and with a god who would not be bothered anyway because this would be like us being insulted by a bacteria.
The only thing we know is that most bacteria are good as are most all living things, including people and so would be a god or pantheon, and all things could not exist without each other.

It is the Good and action that connects us all and nothing else, as it is Evil and destruction that disconnects everything and there is no personal connection with either as a personal entity. According to the perspicacity of Thermodynamics: Intelligence and perception have their limits and must become symbolic and dynamic at one point. Everything MUST DO something and not just sit on their laurels. There are no exceptions.

Therefore, all evangelists and revivalists corrupt God and popularizers of science and atheists corrupt Nature, where Spirituality and rationality does none of this and the less blah blah said, the better, just like Stone Age man treated gods and created their temples to rationality instead, like Stonehenge, as previously mentioned, as they had time to think carefully back then too, which has become impossible to do nowadays.

Back then Nature and spirits (that gave matter special properties) came directly to you. Today, one is bombarded, instead, by revivalists, proselytizers, evangelists, media, advertising and communicators.
I prefer Nature and spirits and they survive in Thermodynamics.

We find that in any endeavour, it is always the quality of one's thoughts that are more important and not how fast they reach a conclusion. A person with low IQ may have more open and general thought processes and imagination involving problems and so makes him/her actually very intelligent and sensitive because these people always see the antithesis.

The finite was self-arrayed against the infinite, the mortal against immortality, and a sinner was the antipode of God.
Retrospection and Introspection - Mary Baker Eddy

People in modern societies are given man-made prefabricated forms and artificial ideas to adopt instead, that can be controlled by other humans remotely, where there is none of that with Nature who is/has the same meaning everywhere.

Prehistoric man was more interested in the stars and their approach to them was entirely unique too as compared to our interest in the stars where we imagine only the colonization of their planets, all the while ignoring these planet's potential unique physics which would be much better than to start real estate holdings and military bases.
For example: Planet Mercury's unique physics helped jump-start Einstein's General Relativity.

All the other planets, moons and asteroids, etc. also have unique things to teach us about the universe and it's physical laws. Planet's must be respected like we respect people as they are unique individuals too that can tell stories of the universe through the languages of Thermodynamics and physics and are not things to conquer, plunder and pillage.

If we evolve beyond our pettiness and primitive religions and economics, we may consider that one day we will work for the conservation of unique physics like we think of conservation of endangered species and everybody will benefit far more.

Any sentient beings on any planet in the cosmos that see life in those terms that utilize only the consumer-grade Second Law of Thermodynamics and even divide-up philosophies for self-gain will automatically never reach other stars with that technology, and their eventual fate will be equal to the level of that wisdom and this would start and end in/with their own solar systems.

Organized religion, automatically, also creates a devil who has no need to deceive anyone since everyone deceives themselves and then they become the devil themselves, which is the finest form of possession and a unique and inexpensive way for purchasing souls for those that believe in that nonsense and then, on top of this, turning this into a physical transaction, which is impossible for either universe.

This produces results in that this crosses the threshold beyond belief and becomes insanity as the folly never ends; countermanding the very meaning and soul of religion itself. God or Nature cannot be a small tangible thing that are explained or indicated in a tiny book or paper, etc., and there are no shortcuts either.

This nonsense that we have all over exists only because they are heavily promoted, not because they are true. If the philosophy written in this monologue were heavily promoted, everyone would believe everything I say too. Here, we all can see where all the "scientific" badgering, arrogance and bigotry comes from originally that "fuels" the consumer-grade Second Law of Thermodynamics.

Wherever there is bigotry, there is the political, economic, ideological and religious kind too and what else would you expect from 18th and 19th century ideas and philosophy.
To each his own as there's plenty of room for everything in the Universe and there is no race going on anywhere except for those races we create for ourselves, where which you can ascribe as much importance to them as you want.

All one must do or achieve is life, enjoy life and be nice to yourself and fair to everything else, which is not such a bad thing.
"Thou shalt not want" is about as close to god as anyone is to ever get anywhere when one conjugates all its imperatives and the rest is all bullsh*t or an embellishment, or parable of that simple statement.
Any religious book is also an idea and not just a bunch of blah blah. This includes any decent paper written on any subject. For me, the Bible is/means: "Thou shalt not want". What is it for you?

There is more profound philosophy in a preschooler's crayon drawing for mommy and daddy to put on the fridge door than all the combined utterances of all the prophets, in all of history. As for scientific facts (new and old), we must consider who's wisdom will acquire those facts.

Is it better in the hands of a rich barbarian or private enterprise, or in the hands of humanity and free enterprise? Do we allow this wisdom into the responsibility of bullies who exist like bacteria or do we gauge existence to the responsibility of what it means to be human?

Reading the 'Conservation of energy and the fundamental laws of thermodynamics', we find that there is no reason for making one rule subservient to the other. Any six year old can see that those two rules stand up very well on their own especially when one of them has been a Law of Physics since the 17th century, but a lot of six-year-olds don't know that.

When studying the history of Thermodynamics, one finds a lot of repackaging and configured items, which makes it look more like some marketing scheme for a consumer-grade industrial revolution, or some narration by Brian Greene .

This is probably the reason no one is properly taught The Laws of Thermodynamics because depending on how you approach this thing; it's either a Law or it's a Principle, but both are mixed up together with important parts missing, and you'd have to be able to think like a lawyer to understand immediately, to separate the two understandings properly and put them in their proper context. Let's no forget the differences with ΔU in chemistry or physics, as already shown.

This further confounding, because it's incomplete without the different types of Entropy; In that always-increasing Entropy itself, is also fundamental and is also a nonentity, which is a consequence of removing matter in their "equation", instead of restoring matter, like they do with the Third Law of Thermodynamics.

Rudolph Clausius creates "Entropy" instead to keep matter out because by removing matter, the scientist, the government and then the industrialist don't have to look at pollution (which is matter that has not completed a full chemical and thermodynamic cycle) where they can all appear as geniuses by creating a science based only on fossil fuel and bad nuclear technology.

Then, the government and industrialist claim they are "creating" progress and prosperity, or winning wars. According to Thermodynamics, The Second World War was not won by anybody and those continuing conflicts of today are it's children like some Hydra-head that was chopped off producing more hydra-heads. These conflicts of today can all be traced back to events from WW2.
This sudden miracle of "prosperity" has to be paid for, and it is the unborn and all other species of life who will pay, in all sorts of ways.

Just the concept of "Fundamental Laws of Thermodynamics" is non sequitur because Laws can be bent or broken and are inclusive as Clausius proves by his act of "including something that removes" and ends up contradicting himself, with energy alone because energy, according to science, is always an expression of something happening before it (the effect we see after some different form of energy has done its thing), especially as applied to Thermodynamics because of the nature and function of 'Entropy', 'Work' and Thermal Equilibrium are example of this reality, where matter comes first involving anything.

There are no chemical reactions occurring because of thermal equilibrium and the opposite occurs in physics where everything occurs after thermal equilibrium is being established, as previously demonstrated and described and demonstrated with our water hammers, Slinky, and our exploding missiles and meteorites.

Principles on the other hand cannot be broken and are exclusive. Laws are never fundamental; Principles are fundamental. The idea that Thermodynamics was developed this way, means that this thing is a marketing device where entire textbooks teaching children and adults utter nonsense, so that they can become good consumers later in life because "The Laws of Thermodynamics says this is good" and people are proud of it too and think they are evolving.

Science, like religion, is a matter of opinion and not a matter of fact

They don't know they are quoting opinions on/of scientific matters from economics, literature, of intellectuals, Aristotle rather than facts from real scientists or even scientific opinion and observation based on Nature. If you exist and are wholly dependent on society, then you are, as well being wholly manipulated.

The following clip is an existential adaptation to the real meaning and purpose of The First and Second Laws of Thermodynamics as told by Queen Carlotta

An Existential Adaptation (theater of the absurd)
On The Purpose of The First & Second Laws of Thermodynamics .wmv

Scene from John Water's 'Desperate Living' (1977)
Think of this as an existential adaptation of the real meaning and purpose of the First and Second Laws of Thermodynamics.
Pay close attention to "Royal Proclamation Number one and Number two from Queen Carlota of Mortville"

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Time: 04:40 of your time.

Now, for some fun!
Prometheus and his brother Epimetheus

We discover in the story of the Titan Prometheus (Forethought and "our creator") tried to improve man's situation and gave to us Heat and Fire, which he stole from heaven;  his Brother Titan Epimethius (Afterthought "our eccentric Uncle") gave us Refrigeration and Cold much later.

Understandably, this belated gift was obviously due to his, aforementioned, nature and why this is not recorded in ancient poetry and mythology, but only recorded today!

The fact that the time disparity between those two gifts is in several thousand years proves its Divine source since Titans and Gods have another system for time keeping.
We puny mortals should be happy that at least Fire came as the first gift.

We Mortals should, also, not be too hard with Epimethius. After all, He married the first complete human-female prototype ever created (The Pandora Device) and I'm sure she kept him very busy all those thousands of years and so forgot about Refrigeration.

So finally, when our lovable, but eccentric uncle stole Refrigeration from Mount Olympus to give to man like his brother had stolen Fire from heaven (family tradition), the very moment would also be recorded by the still-invoked Muses for all their Bards and Artists to propagate for all eternity.

The Mortal that this precious gift was bestowed to, was a Cinderella man/physicist/chemist, Michael Faraday.

In the Spring of 1823

there was a Big-Bad Evil Professor named Sir Humphry Davy who would overwork and exploit his young assistant (Michael Faraday) and make him do all the dirty research involving dangerous and hazardous chemicals and would make him clean the floor too. Of course this Professor would get all the credit for any research. Fearing injury or Death because of the dangers of explosions in the laboratory he thought it better if young Faraday do the most dangerous, but precious experiments that Davis feared the most. This Evil Professor was the inventor of 'Cool flames', which was part of his arsenal of wizardly powers, where everyone was impressed when noticing that he, himself, miraculously, did not combust when exposed to those hazardous flames. Another time this wizard astonished everyone by magically melting ice without fire.........

Don't worry, I'm not trashing Davy here, who was an excellent researcher and mentor to Faraday as they were very good friends too [F], whose own inventions and discoveries saved many lives, and a lot of them are still being used today in many fields. Humphrey Davy was the scientist who gave the Caloric Theory its final death blow using its own theories on Latent Heat against itself and its adherents, where with Thermal Equilibrium he proved that "liquification" caused by friction, when rubbing ice cubes together, itself generates heat without changing any temperature, but melted the ice. He was a Poet too and both Davy and Faraday liked books, so I like to think that they would of probably have been amused by this "renditional gesture" as an Evil Villain and Poor Victim.

Here, we're just having a bit of fun where I'm actually mocking the way they are portrayed in history which you see in the PBS video 'Absolute Zero' so that it can appeal more to young minds who can then be better manipulated because young victim-card carrying people go for that sort of "poor me" drama where it's all a bunch of lies, fantasy and HS.

These men were perfect 19th century gentlemen, in the highest order, and would not have modern-day attitudes and perceptions that the young have today. (As already shown, we see this all over the place, like in Wikipedia, where writers/contributors impose modern-bourgeois tastes and attitudes upon the dead from the past.)

The following clip from the horrible 'Absolute Zero' video on PBS, is a recreation of the moment the first practical form of refrigeration was discovered. It should only be considered as an artful recreation and nothing more. Faraday never said that refrigeration would be "commercially" useful, but said globally, like in other discoveries he made that it could be useful as anyone else would say.

Faraday was no prophet or seer and was never interested in commercial ventures or ideas and in fact refused bribes, worth in today's money of hundreds of millions, to work for private enterprise, but worked tirelessly, for little pay to promote the Royal Society as this institution was always teetering on bankruptcy at the time. What actually occurred:

On march 24 1828 he worked on chlorine hydrate and through condensation, achieved the separation of chlorine gas from the water which was the oily substance in the test tube that Dr. Paris noted next to the clear substance (water) and thought that Faraday did not clean his equipment properly.
The test tube could explode because of the water in the cold side of the test tube that was separated from the chlorine gas. Once, if they came in contact mechanically, and the tube broken, the test tube could exploded with much more force because of the different rates thermal equilibrium achieved by water and by liquid chlorine from the heat they acquired.

By itself, the chlorine liquid would just boil off if, after it's initial release of its gas pressure, after the tube being broken and in sudden contact with the air; just like (for example) liquid butane and not cause an explosion if the can or lighter is punctured, but would release a lot of pressurized butane that would be enough to startle, but not be dangerous or create shrapnel.
If there happens to be a flame nearby, after a punctured receptacle of butane; That is another process and a different event, which can manifest itself in all sorts of ways, depending on all sorts of things.

Further: It's only in 1844, Michael Faraday, when he resumed his study of condensing gases, after years of exhaustive work on electricity, he began work on condensing ammonia and nitrous oxide, but failed with oxygen and hydrogen. This is only three minutes of history (this clip) that has been trampled upon and maligned so that you can be stupid and this thing goes on for an hour and a half! I have seen better science stuff produced for the Fox network where one would expect nonsense and treat that as entertainment.

On The Discovery of Refrigeration and What Actually Occurred .wmv
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Time: 03:10 of your time.

My critique

This video clip from PBS 'Absolute Zero' is highly manipulative, explaining refrigeration in half-wise chemistry and half-wise physics ways, mixing-up open closed and isolated systems and not completing thermodynamic cycles (which a chemist is likely to do) that occurred during the experiment, resulting in that they do not relate Faraday's discovery properly and completely because, as usual, the very important cold part of the experiment (the ice cubes), is not discussed.

Now, this was actually crushed ice and salt like Drebbel's air conditioner, as explained previously, but this part is acting as the very important condenser in which without it the pressurized gas would never of become an oily liquid and water (so long as pressure is being created on the hot side) or might take a very long time to occur, but they make people focus on the part that is the evaporator, instead, as if "the oily liquid" appeared spontaneously that is more amenable to the Second Law of Thermodynamics the way scientists and industry uses it and exploits people.

This is extremely misleading since the "oily liquid" indicates that the cycle was not complete since there was no ice formed from the water yet.
What's more, is how is it that we see ice inside the tube near the end of this clip when the narrator discusses ammonia as a refrigerant, which would be impossible to create naturally. Refrigeration it seems to this day can only be discussed qualitatively, like quantum mechanics except here we are dealing with Thermodynamics.

This is the clip that spawned this entire essay (monologue), where I discovered then, that this nonsense is occurring everywhere in all forms of emotional educational media, in all science.

Here we're presented science and discovery in an "Oh Wow!" kind of way focusing only on a personal scientific achievement as if science was only about man and had nothing to do with Nature and further, recreating him with words, thoughts and ideas he never possessed, did or said and making him a picture of multinational idealism and propaganda.

Faraday was actually beyond the expectations and ideology of materialism, and determinism whose life is actually dulled and made boorish by mass media and "education" and their concerns. The mentor Davy, was a chemist to Faraday the Physicist/Chemist; so it is entirely reasonable for Faraday to perform these experiments for Davy and even more surprising for today's Zbigniew (Andrew) Szydlo in the video 'Absolute Zero' to not support Davy a little more since he is a chemistry historian, — not a chemist!

Davy never forced Faraday to do dangerous experiments, but only suggested to him ways to do his experiments that were on the agenda that might produce results and in this case it was that he wisely suggested to Faraday to pressurizing the chlorine hydrate in a very gentle hot-water bath and not with an actual flame beneath it.

The claims that he had some childish rivalry as suggested in Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey, episode 10, by Neal deGrasse Tyson, is also unfounded.
(Finding a way to recreate Joseph von Fraunhofer's fine optical glass was of strategic importance.)
Research/experimentation was Faraday's job, in the Royal society, in those days and like modern-day researchers/experimenters, one does what the boss tells you to research and experiment, not what you feel like researching who, himself, gets his orders from someone else.

Also, it made perfect sense to put the Royal Society's best researcher/experimentalist on that job to find a way to reproduce Fraunhofer's glass. If he had found it, he would of been even more a celebrity after inventing the first electric motor! If there was a rivalry, Davy would of put Faraday to work on some stupid job that denied him access to laboratories because that is how jealous people with power think.
This never happened, so Tyson's supposition is ridiculous.
As a matter a fact, he no longer was doing cleaning and setting up experiments for others, but now had full powers and access to all the Royal society's resources to get to work on this project.

The whole thing (and science videos like this) is all marketing and it sells fantasy, false drama, and ironically they recreate exploitation too so that you understand technology in only a certain way and accept noisy polluting garbage as a necessary evil in the name of "progress" among other things, which itself is exploitation. This recreation is all so completely stupid and a load of ignorance being passed-off as "historic".

Thermal Equilibrium and the wonder of the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics which allows for the First and Second Laws to exist in the first place.
If Hot goes to Cold, the Zeroth law tells you what is that Cold and what is that Work and does not need to bother much with what is Hot and Energy as those two things, the way physicists put them together, can only be sold.
When Hot and Energy are free, as they are in Nature, then the Zeroth law take over any diegesis, mathematics or discussion.

Julius Sumner Miller: Lesson 25 - Evaporation - Boiling - Freezing: A Dramatic Adventure
Here, we can see that heat can be additive or subtractive. It's most dramatic representation takes place to reproduce a phase change repeatedly from liquid to vapour, or from liquid to freezing with very little energy and very little Work.
Here, Thermodynamic cycles can be really appreciated.
If only we applied this simple thing in designing all our technology, this world would be a paradise for everything.
After all, they do use this simple technology in particle accelerators to detect subatomic particles, i.e. liquid hydrogen just a tiny bit below the boiling point. Those detected particles are detected because they boil the hydrogen where they pass through it, which leaves a trail!
So, it is not bigger accelerators they need, but better and more precise refrigerators they need since pressure, temperature and the hydrogen atoms themselves affect the particle experiment!
In Thermodynamics, it is always: "According to the conditions of blah, blah and blah; These are the results of our experiment"!

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Time: 14:07 of your time.

Video at right: I would strongly suggest anyone to watch Julius Sumner Miller's 14 minute lessons 16 to 27, which deal only on the wonderful world of Thermodynamics. Play them over and over and over, and eventually it will dawn on you principles in Thermodynamics that are as fundamental to all life as the principles involved in the printing press among other inventions that have improved human lives.
As well, he is the only physicist in the 20th century who was careful and considerate enough of his students and audience in saying that, Thermodynamics is not physics and the two should never be confused.

That said: He, unlike any modern scientist, is still the only man who can show you what "One Degree" is, or the difference between heat and temperature in classical mechanics.
(If BBC documentary is no longer available 'What Is One Degree', email me at Webmaster link at the top and I'll send it to you. This is a must-see video exemplifying everything I criticize about modern science, where from the beginning you'll hear and see a scientist say: "Heat doesn't exist", among other awesome things.)

(We are lucky video tape existed to record and transfer into digital format Julius Sumner Miller's wonderful demonstrations and necessary explanations.)

The Origin of Quantum Mechanics (Heat)
What is temperature, or one degree? In Quantum mechanics, instead of Classical mechanics.
Beware: As this is a modern-Maxwellianized interpretation. In the original theory, it is the packets of energy (quanta), themselves, that are being fussy and not just the kids getting cookies, since there is a difference between energy frequency and energy intensity.
The only thing that is weird and confusing in quantum mechanics is the people describing it nowadays!
Thermodynamics helps one to read/listen/watch between the lines and gets rid of any confusion. One can actually learn things from bad explanations because of the different angles they are looking at a problem.

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Time: 04:19 of your time.

For this monologue: I would like to add, that we have modern, "updated" HD versions of Carl Sagan, Einstein, and classical/quantum mechanics and mathematics quackery of all sorts, but not of any of his wonderful demonstrations. "Why is it so?" I think it is because science is a business, and these days they sell fantastic forms of ignorance to the masses because science (along with religion, philosophy and politics) has reached a cul-de-sac.

(In religion: Why does perfect goodness or perfect evil end-up just with heaven or hell? Are there not things beyond heaven or hell? Thermodynamics would say yes, and would go on and describe these places as transfer points!)

Now, we get back to our regularly-scheduled monologue:
It's important to mention here a difference between different condensers, as well as mention that there is a huge difference between cooling and refrigeration that go beyond superficial observation, just as it is like with flames and heat where as already shown, among other examples, with different methods to boil water produces different boiled waters with different properties, although, again, they may appear the same superficially, which is easy to disguise in classical mechanics, but impossible in quantum mechanics and in mathematics. These people would rather look for god and bottle him, than explain practical things that would bring practical low-cost mechanical Work for everybody that could be used in/for any sort of beneficial way.
Now, that would be a real and worthwhile revolution for all humankind.

Faraday was using gases that would condense and stay condensed without further cooling beyond room temperature; Once this cooling of the pressurized chlorine hydrate to room temperature by way of crushed ice and salt was achieved, the gas liquified, and the crushed ice in salt provided this means because of the miracle of the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics and its transitive powers since it only takes the "presence" of the properties of crushed ice and salt to create this conversion from gas to liquid at the correct pressure, which could then, after, be warmed up to room temperature, and even above room temperature, so long as the thermal equilibrium pressure in the liquid is always maintained, which Nature does automatically where it is only necessary to have a container strong enough to hold that pressure if the temperature rises for the new liquid.

A Zeer Pot - Off Grid Refrigeration
In parts of the world where quantum and classical mechanics don't exist. There is Thermodynamics!
Off-grid effective cooling. Technology invented in ancient Egypt that keeps food fresh that's still used all over in Africa where there is no power grid.
The metatruth, here, asks: Why is it parts of Africa, especially the exploited and plundered parts, have no grid?
This system works on the Absorption refrigerator's principle (remember our termites and how they kept cool?), where wind supplies the Work that, "normally", a fan or compressor would do (depending on how much cold we want).

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Without the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics there would never be any liquification of any gases anywhere in the Universe. The so-called Non-condensable gases like Hydrogen or Carbon Monoxide, etc., which he experimented on (not shown in video clip) required further cooling beyond the capacity for salt and ice to condense, therefore they require a more effective condenser, but this was not known at the time.

Any explosion, normally, would be initiated from the hot side of the glass tube and not the condensed side, but since there was water in the condensed side, that too would produce a lot of instability if suddenly allowed into some lower pressure system. Later, with the development of Absorption refrigerators (Ammonia Fridges), where ammonia is diffused (absorbed) into water and the ammonia is "boiled off" like in a still for alcohol extraction.

Note: this system uses hydrogen to turn Ammonia liquid to gas. There are simpler methods that do not use hydrogen, which will be shown on the next page. This illustration is just to show the design for a water separator.
Click or tap for source
This same water is still minutely present in the boiled-off ammonia which contributes to its inefficiency because water and ammonia have different properties and heat transfer rates in a thermodynamic cycle, hence the use of dryers, or water separator (Illustration) in these systems for refrigeration.

There are other things involving condensation which could be pointed out here, and involve how Faraday managed extremely low temperature, but I already have my hands full here and they deal with additional principles. Let's just say that heat and evaporation are boring and overrated, and condensation and cold are very exiting and deserve more looking into, and are where the real changes in the properties of matter are occurring, which is something that is far more useful, to the point that they created its own thermodynamic law for it (Third Law) as opposed to the consumer/proletariat version (Second Law) for chemical (and now nuclear) heat only.

If one can work, think or conjugate evaporation and condensation simultaneously, then you are equivalent to someone with superlative intelligence. The beauty is anyone can achieve this with practice, like in all things.
Genius, like building muscles, takes patience and the proper equipment, and the proper equipment for developing the brain is the subject and study of Thermodynamics. This new ability along with its strength can then be applied everywhere, in anything. There is nothing going on in physics or chemistry where Thermodynamics has not left its mark first and then after.

Keep Thermodynamics in mind, where/when anyone discusses particle physics, black holes and dark matter/energy, any kind of relativity or Newtonian law or chemical processes and their laws. Whatever they do, produces heat in one way or another, which changes everything. In physics and chemistry, there are no principles; Only laws, which only work up to a point and thermodynamics guides one through those points, on to their next points as easily as it deals with phase changes in matter.

Further in the video (Absolute Zero), the Thermodynamic concept of 'Work' is totally being ignored since there is no heat being generated within the system itself and there is no chemical energy being released either (there is only thermal equilibrium occurring) which is a principle that is practically useful for everybody in almost everything and once understood, this "de-elitisizes" science.

Then, after making excuses about the conditions and dangers of this experiment, the strategic diegesis does not mention the most important thing in why the experiment, shown in this video, must be done in the dark!!!
If this experiment were done in a well-lit room, the glass tubes would explode all by themselves, without Faraday's help.

There is nothing "potentially" explosive in this experiment,— it is explosive. Here's the link to see why: Chemistry (production of Chlorine Hydrate) [GD]. The experiment later done with ammonia cited in the clip does not need to be done in the dark as portrayed in this clip because with light (photons) Oxygen gas is created photochemically with Chlorine Hydrate, but not with Ammonia. If only separating Oxygen for Carbon Dioxide were so simple!

This is just another example of what is mentioned elsewhere and often by me, about spilled-over incompleteness and misinformation that "recreates" its own standards, by "experts" who then make videos and documentaries that can also be dangerous to education and to people who have garage and basement laboratories and want to try this themselves. (Maybe, that is exactly the kind of people they want to kill since no society, today, wants inquisitive minds. Getting these sorts to build their own bombs and blow themselves up is the thing to do!)

Science (and religion) for automatons!

There are certain principles to remember in these things. All we need, now, is misinformationalists who are more interested in creating entertainment to make money and sell advertising time on their You Tube etc. channels than discussing real science. People are simply told; "This is an exceedingly dangerous experiment" but while being told this, the producers infer other reasons, so people are not aware of the real dangers prior to those conditions reenacted.

Where by just understanding the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics and its transitive powers involving pressure and impurities or separated substances through condensation (as with the water and liquified chlorine gas) we don't need to remember these things as this Law of Thermodynamics makes this plain every step of the way and performing experiments in Thermodynamics, with compounds is always dangerous, in one way or another.
Chlorine Hydrate just happens to have photo sensitive properties which any chemist or physicist worth his salt (especially today) would consider the possibility of photo reactivity affecting his experiment, as in anything.

It's no wonder private educational institutions want to get rid of the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics! We would no longer have any need for presiding bozos anymore and they would starve to death if they don't find employment that's more suitable to their egos and arrogance in an equivalent way because they would not be tolerated anywhere.

Finally, by focusing on just one part of a much larger experiment they detract from the moment's glory which is the discovery of what a combined Open and Closed Thermodynamic system can do together. All that is needed to reproduce refrigeration in a closed system is to introduce the liquified chlorine gas into an artificial low pressure environment (after removing the water completely for efficient refrigeration), which is easy to recreate artificially rather than releasing the pressurized liquid into the open air which will also reproduce the "refrigeration effect" because those requirements are also met there and the Open system of Earth's air/atmosphere takes care of the water separately, where (in a closed system) we then make this cold gas cycle back to the part with hot water to re-pressurize it.

If Michael Faraday saw this clip today he'd be pulling the hair out of his head, and you should too because this is how they teach things today. Then, they wonder why kids have no discipline in school when the teachers, writers, scientists, producers and professors themselves have no discipline and do what the hell they feel like. To top of all these ridiculous things, we have art, itself, and pure metaphysics objecting to this nonsense.

Here, I hope you are starting to get an idea of the magic of combined open, closed and isolated systems working together and the miracles they can perform and how refrigeration can be used as a template to improve/repair the post-industrial era, in a post-modern venue and not in the manner in how they are fixing Fukushima which itself is like a ridiculous opera, if we were to look at "venues" and their respective equivalence. This "template" can be applied to any technology and is a step, once again, into the right direction. All we need to do is to stop being cynical and start applying the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics (as theory) to our future and success. Nature will show us the way and not some scientist or evangelist.
Then, the real First and Second laws of Thermodynamics will make their real appearance, all by themselves and be very clear as to their meaning and purpose. Nature is very clear and tells us everywhere what can be done and what cannot be done and you should not allow anyone, whether scientific or religious, to tell you otherwise.

Coleton Creates: ICE
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Time: 04;23 of your time.

Unsurprisingly, in our day and age, this (the clip at right) is the only way most people know about any property, of any kind of matter, which is no better than a chimpanzee playing with ice cubes. People still treat cold as a substance or expect it to be so in a manner Reichsgraf von Rumford believed in Caloric and Frigorific Radiation!
The metatruth here exists, in what have the teachers of this young man (who is obviously intelligent and healthy) been teaching him over the years to produce this comedy for You Tube? Evidently NOTHING.
This video proves that he is aware of this, —at least subconsciously. Here, we see a funeral for an inquiring mind that is about to be absorbed into indoctrination, complete with eulogistic suppositions like ice cube shapes of stars over crescent shaped ones!

"We are approaching a darkness in the land. Boys and girls are emerging from every level of school with certificates and degrees, but they can't read, write or calculate. We don't have academic honesty or intellectual rigor. Schools have abandoned integrity and rigor.

-American Physicist Julius Sumner Miller

This clip even has elevator music in the background, which I think is a nice touch! This type of humor about science is typical since it never gets further than the principles demonstrated here and so can be seen as a form of mind control, because sarcasm such as this would naturally go much much further.

You cannot laugh at what you don't know and intellectuals are keenly aware of this and are very sensitive as they work to control this, in the sense that they make sure only this type of humor happens where I the artist, can go way beyond what's shown here in this clip which if you have been reading from the beginning you are keenly aware by now that you are made to be stupid by society and are probably not actually stupid in reality.

Just stop trusting scientists, priest, teachers, professors, but do what you have to do to pass your grades and don't argue with these people because they are only doing their jobs and will destroy you if you show any independence or originality, for a variety of reasons.
When I was young, the real bullies were my teachers and professors, not my peers (who were much easier to handle).

Even the Bible says: "Honour thy mother and father". It never said you have to love them. That is earned, as it is also the other way around too.

Whatever these people say, they are all keeping something behind and away too for a multitude of frivolous reasons. Lying or misleading begins at home too.
I'm at an age where I know this very well and if I could go back in time I would of fixed that. My job now instead, is to warn all young people today, and those not yet born.
If I help only one, out of the multitude who will read this, I'll be very happy.

Michael Faraday managed to achieve temperatures all the way to -202° F or -130 ° C — by hand with various easily condensable gases! With a laboratory syringe-pump and crushed ice with salt of all things. This he did because the glass tubes proved to be too dangerous as he also had another laboratory accident before the exploding glass in his eyes incident, which was being poisoned by chlorine gas instead, which is not mentioned in 'Absolute Zero' but they take the time to blame Davy instead, where Davy actually gave Faraday good advice in how to avoid accidents in the lab.

When he could go no further, he abandoned research in this area and went on to do more research in electromagnetism that in a Promethean way, discovered electricity and magnetism are linked to light itself!
(They have yet to find a way for light to affect an electromagnetic field, since according to Thermodynamics this should be possible as all energy and their fields are transferable, from one form and place to another!)

He did not have the support and the kind of refinements of technology enjoyed today to continue, but there is no doubt in my mind, that, if that man had the run of, today's, modern laboratories he would have blended right in — or not! —Since his work today would most probably be stolen by lesser scientists and distorted by intellectuals and committees.

He was not the type to ever give up as we see in Neal deGrasse Tyson's 'Cosmos' episode ten, with his story on optical glass and Micheal Faraday, forgetting to mention this important interlude, since he evidently did other very important work too, which merited another science documentary! ('Absolute Zero')
All these guys are like Brian Greene, who takes the crown in mixing up history and connecting nonsense together to create fables.

I wouldn't be surprised if it would have been him, first, who would have uncovered a A Bose–Einstein condensate and the man today who did create the first Bose–Einstein condensate of hydrogen did have his
Daniel Kleppner
work experience and expertise stolen from him by the limp-wristed and effeminate Eric A. Cornell and his "friend" Carl E. Wieman. (notice their names are rendered like serial killers and famous assassins, which is not my doing!)

A man like Michael Faraday doesn't give up, but he was no fool either and so knew when to quit as he was also a gentleman and very patient like Prof. Daniel Kleppner, whose work it was that was stolen by those two characters. So, the Nobel went to inferior scientists (actually they were just lab assistants) with/for an inferior substance (sodium instead of hydrogen, which will be explained later).

Maybe the Nobel Committee should not give prizes to systems like "Bose-Einstein Condensates" and just give prizes for real things that are not systems, but can create their own because they have some foundation since there is a big difference between the Bose-Einstein condensate of Sodium and the Bose-Einstein Condensate of Hydrogen.
What the Nobel Committee do is equivalent to giving a prize to one new leaf high up on a tree and calling it unique!

Sometimes I wish I would be sued for slander. Then, I could present my evidence to the world and bring down permanently the "impeccable" reputation of science a few notches and prove that it is mostly big business and does not deserve the respect it is given automatically, but instead, must be earned by each scientist.

This includes those universities whom which, miraculously, furnish the laboratory and exact/specialized laboratory equipment for self-seeking scientists in hopes of gaining prestige for their institution, where none of that prestige was anywhere deserved. There is political espionage, industrial espionage and there is also academic espionage, which is the only "miracle" of modern science (besides the Big Bang) in how they keep that under wraps.

Professor Kleppner would of been better of with the kid in the above video and his friend (Coleton Creates) as lab assistants. They would of done much less damage and actually help in the progress of real science, and help him win the Nobel prize!

A proper mention should go to Wolfgang Ketterle who shared the Nobel with those two characters because his research was independent which involved trapping and cooling atoms with lasers instead of the technique that Kleppner was using. His research, approach, techniques and experiments where entirely independent of Kleppner's work and so his work is not criticized here. More on these guys later.

The problem was that Faraday did not have good enough laboratory pumps available or the ability to create high enough pressure and better containers to work with because all his experiments have that all important Phase Change Condenser part in the experiment (whose importance was abandoned with the advent of the consumer-grade First and Second Laws of Thermodynamics, which deal only with heat/energy and not matter and turned the condenser into a trivial apparatus unworthy of its purpose like we see today with car radiators, fractional distillation and for HVAC condenser and copper thieves where a "FOR SALE" - "FOR LEASE" - "FORECLOSURE" is now their invitation to steal outdoor heat pumps for their copper).

The condenser's importance with the properties and phase change of matter was later revived by Nuclear physicist and Thermodynamicist Johannes Diderik van der Waals and other contemporaries, who are never mentioned in the video 'Absolute Zero', with their entirely different approach because van der Waals is certainly not the only person that deserves the spotlight.

Faraday's problems were merely technical because it is certain that he would have used the new liquefied gases he would have as a condenser, instead of just the salt and crushed ice and carry the experiments into a step-by-step procedure to beyond -202° F.

He just needed Dewar flasks (not invented yet) and better vacuum or pressure pumps (depending how the experiment is done) and containers than the syringe-pumps and glass tubes available at the time, which is pretty funny because that's exactly what the First and Second Laws of Thermodynamics is all about, which is to make things go faster, more controllable, and be stronger, and more portable and could have easily of created these devices and containers that Faraday would have needed.

With a little more time they would have found a way to make faster and better machines using Thermal Equilibrium devices and heat engines based on heat transfer where phase changing condensers would not have been interfered with historically, and certainly not been abandoned or made invisible to the public, making commercially-available refrigeration possible before the time it did finally come out.

This kind of corruption (by deprecating technological systems like condensers, among other things) make things like patent squatting possible. Private enterprise could never exist without this kind of corruption, involving all and any kind of technology.

It's funny when those proponents of certain philosophy don't, themselves, understand the philosophy or use it to undermine the truth, inconveniencing everybody for their own gain and make every facet exclusive or divide up a science that should be viewed whole. Where none of these things would be possible without the requirements set forth by The Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics in the first place, which belongs to everybody, whether one is aware of this Law of Nature or not.

Since the invention of the consumer-grade First and Second Laws of Thermodynamics, all science has become a total sham where today, instead of condensers, what's going on today is; "The elimination of background phenomena and/or information" in/with accelerators or cyclotrons concerning particle physics and cosmology and social networks like Facebook are used by those who have doctorates to deprecate the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics.

Faraday or Maxwell? You decide.
- Or: Music is the universal language and not mathematics.

Faraday was elected a member of the Royal Society in 1824, appointed director of the laboratory in 1825; and in 1833 he was appointed Fullerian Professor of Chemistry in the institution for life, but also refused the presidency of the Royal Society (twice) and a knighthood. Not bad for a man who emerged from London's slums, who had to educate himself and knew little about math: What math he did not know he created, himself for his discovery of the Electromagnetic Field, and it's generally acknowledged that his home-made, intuitively based, math systems were a lot better than the accepted ones which he called "Lines of Force" and were later translated by Maxwell and others into Chinese so only certain people can understand electromagnetic theory, all the while, Maxwell introduced religious philosophy into this and implemented an 'Electromagnetic Ether' (Mathematicians are the worst offenders in inventing things that don't exist for the sake of making their imagined realities conform to their equations, i.e. numbers are more real to them than matter and thermodynamics!) for its transmission where in Faraday's theory, all of reality is made up only of forces, fields and vibrations with nothing else added.
See letter to Richard Phillips, Esq. in: 'Michael Faraday; His Life and Work' THOUGHTS ON "RAY- VIBRATIONS" -page 194)

Another thing I don't like about the attitude in modern mathematicians is that only they, apparently, can create new maths.
That is like saying: One must be trained at Julliard to only qualify, or only be capable of composing music.
Anyone can write music, and even create his own notation or system. Anyone can find order and patterns in the universe, and is not just the purvue of society, especially where society and many of its elements and systems are themselves a subject for mathematics in a forensic manner.

Was not Pythagoras, himself, a man who explained physical phenomena in a unique fashion, in his time?
Since Mathematics was not yet established then, was it Pythagoras who created geometry or was it geometry that created mathematics through Pythagoras?
Did not Leibniz create the language for Calculus, where Newton's language for it was clumsy?

Since everything revolves around man, we can imagine where the mathematician's snobbery and chauvinistic attitudes come from, or may we wonder who they actually work for? From the point of view of a surrealist: Every individual is a unique equation and/or has a new maths to reveal out of what he has known and felt in life.
If one reduces his entire life into an equation, one will find that it collates with many others and also many phenomena.

Faraday even invented/discovered the word/concept of 'Fields' (among others) along with his home-made mathematics to explain his theory, but only his words survive today, but not his unique mathematics. (i.e. mathematical approach).

'Maxwellian Waves', on the other hand, are actually 'Faraday lines of Force' turned into 'Tubes of force' with Gnostic flavouring added for taste to conform with religious/political beliefs and economic practices of the 19th century of which there are still many followers, but Faraday's lines are actually more precise when describing electromagnetism aside from being simpler, easier to understand, more elegant, more attune to reality (less stercus tauri) and, today, apply to both Quantum Field Theory and Relativity which Maxwell's Propagation theory does not.

Conclusion: Maxwell's Propagation theory is all marketing and is still being employed today for the same reasons by those that market electromagnetic-technology and create its standards that favors authority and private enterprise and has nothing to do with humankind and free enterprise.

It is obvious that people such as Faraday, Tesla and Einstein do not see the universe the same way as those who flock to social networks who love the likes of Maxwell, Morgan, and Edison, etc., and also dream of deprecating the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics of which I will show proof (I'm saving the best for last).

For some that is their reality and truth: Business and nothing else exists and an entire virtual universe of science revolves around this that people believe in and can be just as real as any other reality. The only thing an artist can say is that Maxwell's Propagation theory is not Thermodynamic and so does not conform to certain specifications of what constitutes and is necessary for being reality.
Maxwell's Propagation theory is a system, and nothing more.

The Bible says, the universe is 6000 years old. The speed of light (c) says, the universe is 14 billion years old. Neutrinos say, it is even older.

Put more simply: Studying waves in/for closed systems is great for studying new applications in energy and studying fields is great for studying matter and philosophy, but studying application in energy and waves is not science, but is private business and/or organized religion.
One must not confuse the two or call anything Maxwellian, among other things, "science". Calling Kelvin, Clausius or Maxwell scientists would be like calling Edison or Marconi or Mr. Pat Pending scientists. There is simply no comparison except for what can be understood as the difference between cheap science and quality science.

Maxwell was a mathematician, not a scientist. So his theory deals with the propagation of anything that has waves and that is what he "discovered" which was the tool private enterprise needed to monopolize electromagnetic energy where it could then be metered and sold, where Faraday's theories tell anybody how to build electric motors and transformers, which Tesla and Einstein later in the 20th century tried to build on, and create free communication and tap energy directly from the Universe itself, in the way Faraday envisioned with his theory.

They failed because their work was suppressed. So this "failure" is actually society's failure and not Faraday's, Einstein's or Tesla's. Beyond politics: If one supports the culture of what goes on in the media, one is the media and nothing more.

Real World Telekinesis (feat. Neil Turok)
Here, Faraday and Maxwell are discussed.
Actually, it is Faraday who proved that light and electromagnetism are related. This is his field theory.
Maxwell, discovered that electromagnetism and light all traveled at the same speed.
I wish intellectuals and think tanks, who make videos, would be more precise.

Thumbnail for Video
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Time: 05:11 of your time.

This clip explains a lot about Maxwell and erroneously declares that "he is the discoverer of Electromagnetic Waves" since Maxwell's theory is only a closed-system mathematical invention, since waves do not actually exist on their own right, but exist because of consequence through Matter, in one way or another. It might be cool to tell everybody that a picture of anything is waves like what that evil Professor Moriarty from the University of Nottingham likes to propagate M, but without matter there are no waves in the first place, so what he says is pure fantasy. If I polarized the light coming from any picture I could affect those photons with a magnetic field which affects its waves. See: Faraday brings light and magnetism together (1845).

They don't say anything about Maxwell's 'Electromagnetic Aether' or Gnostic god either so this "history", here, is deliberately being "distorted" without the use of electromagnetism because by serving Maxwell whole and unabridged he becomes completely ridiculous to the point of being comedy, where there is a now a self-appearing mathematical equivalence in the "Self-propagation of whitewashing Maxwell, the further in time he travels".
Besides the electromagnetic aether and Gnostic god: The more one strips away at Maxwell, the closer we get back to Faraday.

Electromagnetism and the electromagnetism of light was discovered by Michael Faraday and was proven with his experiments and demonstrations on and with polarized light and how light could be manipulated by magnetism or electricity. Faraday correctly implied 'Electromagnetic Fields' in his research and this is how it becomes useful today for Relativity and in Quantum Field theory where Maxwell's ideas concerning waves do not where because of him there is still debate whether light is a particle of a wave.

Put simply: A Field is itself a form of substance (like the wave function of a quasiparticle), not unlike some form of Matter, that does the propagating for any transverse wave vibrations of any kind of particle and a field does not necessarily need to be electromagnetic, but can be constructed out of Time or Mass and even two quanta can create their own field in subspace or two blasars in hyperspace.

Some comic relief
The Emperor discusses his Nissan Maxima.
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Time: 00:29 of your time.

Unfortunately for Maxwell, his medium for transmission (electromagnetic ether) is incompatible with higher classical mechanics and ordinary quantum mechanics or QED, but is fantastic if you want to create property out of air/space and want to own and control carrier frequencies for any kind of information, whether it be in an analogue or digital container, in a closed system format. Maxwell, one day, will disappear when someone discovers and demonstrates subspace/hyperspace communication, which will blow radio and all it touches wide apart and we won't need to put expensive satellites in orbit that create their own multitude of problems.

If someone points out to you that your pet theory of the universe is in disagreement with Maxwell’s equations —then so much the worse for Maxwell’s equations. If it is found to be contradicted by observation —well these experimentalists do bungle things sometimes. But, if your theory is found to be against the second law of thermodynamics I can give you no hope; there is nothing for it but to collapse in deepest humiliation.

— Sir Arthur Stanley Eddington Gifford Lectures (1927), The Nature of the Physical World (1928)

Even the great Arthur Eddington was ready to give up Maxwell, at the drop of a hat, and chose the Second Law of Thermodynamics over Maxwell's theories which are only useful for the art of exploitation. Maxwell, on his side, had his doubts about the Second Law of Thermodynamics with his thought experiment 'Maxwell's Demon' which Eddington, in his work, was careful to avoid, but this also shows that Maxwell was a puppet of the establishment so Maxwell's Demon vindicates him today and serves as a reminder on how most scientists are themselves exploited, but are not prepared to deal with this reality around them which shows that I have nothing against Maxwell, but instead I consider him as part of the history of science, which is no better than the history of the Roman Empire.

Where today we now know that superluminal motion of matter (not waves) exists and its effects are seen with the waves they produce by way of how they are positioned against where they are supposed to be when observing micro-quasars with light speed interpretation which further puts matter and field theory first before any wave theory.

Maxwell "predicted" nothing and introduced Scientific Plagiarism for the first time by the technique of introducing inferior (closed system) mathematics, out from the superior work of others whose work was based on open systems, and in this case it happens to be Michael Faraday and his Open systems for Electromagnetic Field Theory which required its own mathematics to describe since there are no mathematics to describe open systems, even today! [1]

It's just another typical example of the rich kid appropriating stuff from the poor kid and everyone else calling it his creation. (Maxwell, actually considered Faraday a genius in mathematics and said as much.)

So, what else is new? With money and power, you can say anything you want and people will believe you and turn everything you say, piratically practically, into a cult. Maxwell's "beautiful" mathematics, which I find are ugly because it turns or distorts the Universe into a Mercator projection, with is fine for a closed system like the Earth, but not for an open system like the Universe, and is like the Caloric theory which produces men who think they are god.

The question Thermodynamics implies is: Do we only create technology and religion only for Earth, or do we create technology and religion fit for all the universe?

Nevertheless, if you are young, don't go quoting this because Maxwell is still worshiped like a god, for obvious reasons because his system allows certain people to own and control a part of Nature, and here we are talking about trillions of dollars. This is only artistic philosophy and you take it for what it's worth.

Faraday's system was later restored somewhat in the 20th century with Albert Einstein's Relativity; who, to this day, is the only person in the Universe who understands where there is a difference between Matter and Mass and where to place them — and he's dead too, which explains a lot. In November, 1845, when Faraday announced the discovery of 'Magnetization of Light and the Illumination of the Lines of Magnetic Force.'

In 1868: "Faraday had notions regarding the magnetization of light which were peculiar to himself, and untranslatable into the scientific language of the time. But Faraday was more than a philosopher; he was a prophet, and often wrought by an inspiration to be understood by sympathy alone."

One must not blame Maxwell either because there were other things at work here because translated into English or Chinese, this stuff means money, power and control over those who don't know this, but at the same time don't think that Maxwell was mathematizing Faraday's work out of the goodness of his own heart as is always portrayed.

He was paid to do a job and he did it. If he didn't, someone else would of been paid to do this.
There were plenty of mathematicians all over the place, and him coming from the upper class made him an obvious first-choice in legitimizing this new hidden system to sell electricity and communication and put it under private enterprise and not free enterprise.
This was no different than the Khedive of Egypt commissioning an opera by Verdi, and Maxwell's propagation theory is as beautiful an opera as Aida. But, opera is just beautiful bullshit.

It's not Faraday's fault that the mathematics to describe an Electromagnetic Field didn't exist yet, so he's penalized in history for creating his own, as he would have easily have collaborated with mathematicians in his time because it was his character to do so. He also created new words or new applications for old words already in existence (although he was also not a linguist) i.e. "diamagnetism", "paramagnetism", "field" etc., and he was very conscientious of that too but there was no other way.

Anyway if it wasn't Maxwell it would have been another mathematician who would be making the rule book for exploitation for closed systems because all this is orchestrated by venture capitalists, who have been around since medieval times and interfering with reality across the globe, but the arguments presented here are sufficient and inclusive where; in the meantime, they can be applied elsewhere that do not concern science or business where eventually by this universal adoption in everything else, science, business and organized religions will be forced to evolve, whether they like it or not. .

As for Maxwell: This is just another example, I mentioned, of people appropriating other people's ideas, explaining them in their way and making rules that create closed systems, defined by inappropriate and closed systemed mathematics or logic, all the

Copied from the German Wikipedia: Der Laden von George Riebau, in dem Michael Faraday seine siebenjährige Buchbinderlehre absolvierte.
while not fully understanding the idea itself and then install god in the parts they don't understand, where god never existed or needed to exist in the first place, which on top of that is none of their business anyway.

This is called 'Interference' which is something both Faraday and Maxwell would understand, but from two completely different perspectives and mathematics.

I call these things: "Lord Kelvin Moments in time", who in 1848 with his 'Absolute Zero', adapted out of Amontons', Rumford's, Joules', Davy's and Mayer's work, turned the Thermometer into a closed system and associated it permanently with a new consumer-grade Second Law of Thermodynamics, irreparably damaging science and philosophy forever, for as long as western civilization and its ideas survive which parallels perfectly creationists views that the Universe is only around 6,000 years old.

Because of intellectuals like Kelvin, Clausius, Maxwell and their followers today; anything you say or do in your life, under the circumstances created by them that they put us in, is completely meaningless and you will be forgotten to all history because you cannot make a difference in the society they created and that their followers influence and maintain today by whatever "standards", "scales" and "measures" are necessary to maintain their closed systems, including those things they say through the media. According to the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics, everybody should be fabulously rich and living comfortably and do what they feel like doing, and with ease too.
The artificially-created environment, or petri dish, is just as important as the action/reaction in any experiment, thought or activity.

From a strictly artistic philosophy point of view, because this is none of my business; They should teach both Faraday's Field and Maxwell's Wave theories of Electromagnetism, jointly, while also preserving Faraday's math system in the Faraday part of the course.

Another thing that would be a good course in universities, colleges and even high schools (depending on the quality of education given their) would be a required course that teaches all the theories of physics that never worked and why they didn't work. These two things alone would produce better scientists.

Finally, one must not forget Faraday's mentor when he was apprenticed at a bookshop. George Riebau, bookseller and bookbinder in Blandford Street, London who had the perspicacity to encouraged an inquisitive young mind above and beyond what one would normally expect, where Faraday had his first job.

The German Wikipedia has a much better article on Michael Faraday than the English Wikipedia. It's a good thing people can easily use their browsers to translate pages. Click on picture above of Riebau's bookshop to go to the German Wikipedia article.
This will give you a better idea of why there are still better German Scientist and Engineers. In the English Wikipedia, the page is half the size. The French Wikipedia is worse with half of the size of the English page.

A Vituperation on The Business of Organized Science and Organized Religion
The business end of science or religion: To turn a phenomenon that is open and turn it into a closed system so that it can be sold, in one way or another, and then tell people this is the only way this phenomena is available, in one way or another, which is the job of the First and Second Laws of Thermodynamics, which describe closed or isolated systems.

These laws are there to create consumer products derived from the Zeroth and Third law of Thermodynamics, which describe open systems, and to make everyone believe that the First and Second Laws are all that carry their existence and they find people naïve enough to believe this, or create them through the education system. Upon completion of their "education", they pick arguments with people and/or interfere with everything and are very proud of their "knowledge".

They are very vigilant and are excellent at maintaining their order because the state police can't do everything. These closed systems, that create dependencies, get locked up tighter and tighter overtime, where no one knows or can fix these things when they malfunction so they must be thrown away or they become obsolete through fashionable consumption and there are other systems in place to make sure this happens.

When they do need a new product to sell to the consumer they go back again and do their research in the open systems the invention came from, from where it was previously left off and through the Principles of Sufficiency and Equivalence they easily find something new and then put that in a box and say, "Look at what we created" or "New and Improved" where and when the thing always existed it the first place, in an open system as in the Zeroth and Third Laws of Thermodynamics which are where these inventions come from.
Jesus Camp: Bush Worship
This is how misfits are created.
This is the kind of stuff I'm fighting against.

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This also creates misfits, who are simply people who cannot function, or do not respond to society very well because they are forced to exist in isolated and closed systems following all the rules of the First and Second Laws of Thermodynamics and don't believe that Nature appears exclusively as such.

So, they lock them up or kill them because closed system thinkers cannot conceive of any kind of open ideas to compliment or accommodate these misfits, yet all their technology to enforce their rules, regulation, laws and reputations are derived from open systemed-based technology and way of thinking and religion, on its end, is a spiritual technology.

So, by creating unnecessary laws that must be broken by misfists misfits, they can locate and eliminate them in one way or another, which is the only place they demonstrate any original creativity; Jesus and Socrates are good examples and just look at any legal code or religious text and you will find a perfect thermodynamic closed or isolated system.

As a matter a fact, all media including conversations and even personal relationships are like this today as they all start with open systems and equivalence and somewhere at one point, for no reason, the door is slammed shut and the thing is suddenly a closed or isolated system and nothing else exists. The fun in this, is spotting where and when these things happen in any kind of relationship with anything whether inanimate or living.

The difference between an ordinary person and a misfit is that an ordinary person understands everything when he is young and then understands nothing when he is old, and the misfit understands nothing when he is young and understands everything when he is old. Angst, anxiety and self-doubt can only exist if the information one has in his mind is faulty, whether this information be scientific or religious. No one ever had a nervous breakdown or performed a massacre inspired from Nature, in any way or form whatsoever.

A lot of people can't handle the truth so they create one instead out of a closed system because at least one truth must exist one way or another to do anything, like a child pretending to be an adult in his games with his friends, and get a lot of others to believe this new, more amenable truth and attach a lot of free prizes and incentives to it and make it appear attractive. But these closed systemed truths must evolve to a higher understandings and incorporate more things and must never be nurtured if even the slightest suspicion that there is a fly in their ointment. So I'm the little ink stain on societies beautiful hygienic surface.

Well, I'm One voice in Six billion others so I don't think that I'm a great threat to anyone's edifice.
So what else is art good for?
"On display today are the Laws of Thermodynamics presented by GP duBerger, featuring the works of renowned and deplorable scientists and philosophers throughout history. The Gallery is open 24 hours a day. Please do not touch the artwork on your visit."
This ink stain thing is actually a good idea when I come to think of it: Turn my caption above into a shorter rubber stamp version which I can stamp on any flat surface, like washroom stalls and stuff like that; exactly where one would be forced to read it!

What could be better than reading my thoughts about modern science, religion and the media while one evacuates, where the toilet's siphon, furnished by the Zeroth law of Thermodynamics through flushing, provides the final harmonious chorus and trumpet like Ctesibius of Alexandria's Hydraulic Organ where the organ's musical pipes have been replaced with drain pipes instead.

This would be the perfect equivalence to those hypocrites telling others what life and the Universe is, as if they knew, and deluding people in general and forcing young people to believe in things that are wrong because they produce death.

Time for more Surrealism and a refined metaphysics derived from the story's of/from Thermodynamics instead, which can hold their own very well and don't ask you to believe in anything, but to feel and think instead.

Theo Mercier
From 'Desesperanza' exhibit.
Basically, Spring 1823 can be marked as the date where ancient science ends and modern science begins as the year 1453 marks the end of the ancient world with The Fall of Constantinople. Since all science after this date always gets religious philosophy introduced into it in some way or another which was unheard of before 1823.

This becomes a grotesque practice in modern times with things like 'Creationism', 'Irreducible complexity' and 'Intelligent design', 'The Big Bang theory' etc. et cetera; and grotesque because they put in a deity after the fact, but can't demonstrate anything before the fact since the argument never existed before the discovery itself was made. God is supposed to be everything right?.., and we are not supposed to know things It does not know, where time shows that this as so. So what's organized religion and science all about?

Further, by creating closed and isolated systems (The Fundamental Theorem, etc.) they unwittingly open the door for religion to get in (Alpha and Omega), through the front door, which is unworthy of these thinkers and their offices, and utterly inappropriate to Nature.

I believe that people should personally believe what harmless things they want to believe, but don't go around and teach this as science to school children or anybody for that matter. It is religion, that's it, that's all and these things should be taught freely as religion, not truth.
There is a difference between indoctrination, programming, and real education. The two can be differentiated very early.
What can be done about this? Learn Thermodynamics!

Me, the artist, of all people, will never tell people to not use their own imaginations while attempting to understand, experience and coalesce this beautiful Universe in their own way and write beautiful poetry, literature, essays, thoughts, do devotional works, create works of art, music and even machines, and dedicate this to what they think of as God. Why would religious conservatives care about the future or the past since they think the Universe is going to end anyway; so what's the point in teaching creationism. For some real honesty they should be teaching children 'Apocalypsism' instead, to get everybody ready. Apocalypsism is a word I created myself for this argument as a joke because I didn't think it existed and only googled the word later to look for a picture to put here, where I discover it actually exists, which is why I created the Wikipedia link to it (the Pic goes to an ONN parody). Unbelievable, and to me it is inconceivable that people believe this nonsense or take it seriously to put in an official encyclopedia.
Enough bullshit and their systems, and let's get back to something real and all around us.

Evaporation and Condensation

Faraday discovered that Evaporation's unique characteristics, are that, when you have steam or a mist leaving anything, the molecules in the vapour are carrying off more than their fair share of energy and this continued the excellent work of Joseph Black.

This difference creates a deficit in the amount of energy with what did not evaporate and this produces condensation which can be done in, all open, isolated or closed systems, as can evaporation. This means that a cold mist has more heat energy in it than hot water; pound for pound. This is strictly a phenomenon of matter and has nothing to do with mass, nor is mass affected in any way by pressure, condensation, evaporation, sublimation etc., and allowances must be made if you are describing this activity in an open or closed/isolated systems because of 'effect and cause', — 'not cause and effect' because, here, we are dealing with systems. Further, "cause" can have a variable inserted when/where some form of equilibrium is in operation which alters the "effect" in time or space, as already demonstrated with the slinky experiment.

Anyhow, this is also why if you walk bare feet in the grass on a misty morning it's actually colder than if there was only morning dew on the grass and no mist, yet it would be the same temperature outside, or even warmer, on these two different mornings.

The same thing is going on with the refrigerant in the condenser coil going to the evaporator coil. This includes liquid that vaporizes in a lower pressure environment or a near vacuum (but never in a perfect or a negative vacuum, which is explained elsewhere).
The same thermodynamic processes and systems (evaporation/condensation) that make steam engines inefficient makes refrigeration possible.

This inefficiency in steam engines that make refrigerators efficient (I wish they would make up their minds) is always one of two things created by bad design or by work requirements of the engine, itself, did not permit (at the time) the proper (or non-existent) use of condensation. It is the apex of France's gift to England when she lost the Napoleonic wars. Ironically, the turbine that has replaced it must make use of a condenser otherwise it wouldn't work. These illustrations, here, shows the most "efficient" design for the Steam Engine when it is designed by an engineer only trained in physics, a child or by an executive-shareholder for a large energy corporation or you are Sadi Carnot. It is called the efficient-sounding, 'Triple-Expansion Engine', but it is exactly the opposite when it comes to "efficiency" as are a lot of things in science these days that do the exact opposite of what they are named to do, —just like in organized religion or with government promises and policies. The one on the left is the actual device, in that what it actually looks like inside and the one represented on the right is a simplified topological view of the same thing. It was developed because Low Pressure Steam Engines don't operate quickly enough to drive a textile mill, a train or a ship. This was the time when the idea of 'energy efficiency' got transferred from the concept of 'energy and entropy' to 'time and work' instead, which survives to this day since this philosophy of spreadsheets and man/machine hours and is what twisted the First and Second Laws of Thermodynamics into the monsters they are today.

Aside from the fun of watching them evaporate operate, a chemical engineer would call the triple expansion engine a piece of crap and never design such a thing because it makes no use of condensation and other molecular processes in its purpose to generate work and this very useful energy, that is generated by other available physical processes in the device itself and it gets completely wasted. The device and all its heavy moving parts are a show in themselves and to move their mass that takes energy too, which is never accounted for, except by engineers.
Where are the mathematicians when you need them?

The Condenser is, actually, placed after the third piston (not shown) so that even more energy can be wasted in the form/design of being "managed".

In fact, these engines are Anti-condensation devices, by their use of the Unaflow system so an impressive amount of general inefficiency is generated, only, so that certain parts within it can act better and certain people can be richer, faster.

The Second Law of Thermodynamics and the Rankine Cycle.

Rankine cycle layout

A real engineer's design for power and speed, for any regular boiler that makes any sense, would use what is called The Rankine Cycle (see: William J.M. Rankine or build a design around its concepts. Rankine developed a more complete theory of heat (but not complete enough since movement itself is not included) than Sadi Carnot could have with his Carnot Cycle and he also wrote the first textbook on Thermodynamics in 1859. The Rankine Cycle makes use of a pump and a condenser and the same water is used over and over.

Without Rankine's design Power stations would be impossible among many other kinds of power generating facilities.
Unfortunately the Ranking cycle is dependent of chemical combustion or nuclear energy to make heat, where this is not even necessary and according to the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics we only need a pump (water hammer) and a condenser and with this we can create all the heat one wants.

Improved Rankine Cycle.

DO NOT build this kind of thing at home in your garage! Consult an engineer and a qualified mechanic first if you want to make a toy model!
This is a different technology where stress, thermal and atmospheric shock have completely different parameters that are not the same as Second Law heat or heat producing engines and devices.
This illustration: This is for rocket or propulsion scientists and engineers to tinker with. If you want to pursue this anyway, overbuild the thing like they built houses in the past with actual 4" X 12" rather than by the nominal 4" X 12"s. These applications and the practical use of Zeroth Law of Thermodynamic systems would erase the entire trillions of dollars of debt of The United States of America and would be paid off in less than a year, and we would not need banks anymore, or they would have to go back to being simply a "service to the community" and gone forever is 'inflation', 'recession' and even war, were sovereignty is meaningless if every nation and individual is worth the same because energy and Work says so because it's available to all everywhere via Zeroth Law of Thermodynamic systems.
The Economy should be boring and not be in the news every day and the only destructive effect it should have, is it should put you in a deep coma, when you read or hear anyone discussing it.

You can see why this will never be implemented because it creates a unique sort of inflation that would only affect the excessively rich and powerful, and would render their assets and power worthless, but humankind itself would prosper exponentially and each individual and creature on this planet would grow in value by being part and equivalent to this system that has Nature, Itself, running the show and not some legal entity.

Check out other great heat engines like ' Stirling Cycle Engines', 'Brayton Cycle Engines', 'Anderson cycle', 'Atkinson Cycle Engine' and the 'Kalina Cycle', of which I purposely do not provide links because all information on these cycles is incomplete for obvious reasons (They don't want people to examining alternate heat/energy/Work cycles).

Thankfully, there are many different sources of information, and as I mention elsewhere; do a search through Google's or Yahoo's IMAGE/VIDEO SEARCH, not Web search, which will lead you to many interesting sites that are not ranked properly on the regular web and start your exposure to different ideas that work wonderfully.
With Image or Video Search, one does his own ranking by choosing the prettiest pictures or thumbnails!

Research-reading for Dummies: Look at 90% more pictures on the web with Image search after typing-in your query!
Nature, Itself, has many of Its own engines running and one of the most recent that was discovered was the 'Calvin-Benson-Bassham (CBB) cycle' and this thing even has its own scandal like anything else in Thermodynamics. (see Nobel Prize Controversies). Rule of Thumb: If there is a scandal or a suicide in science, it surely involves Thermodynamics in one way or another.

The triple expansion engine only uses physical-expansive evaporation and pressure of vapour to drive the pistons and most of all the other energy potential is thrown away, but they blame its inefficiency on the "Second Law of Thermodynamics" or say it's because of it, as if Nature had a factory somewhere building these things.

More importantly, people that think like this, still, run the world and are our "captains of industry" with big cojones. You could put compressed air through a "Triple Expansion Engine" and it will work perfectly fine, but you cannot generate any kind of significant air pressure by burning things and heating the air, so air itself cannot be used because it only becomes hot air. For that you need a liquid that will boil and of course they chose water, not because it was plentiful, but because it takes an enormous amount of energy to boil water (thereby consuming more energy for nothing) when, as in any closed system, one could use any other kind of liquid that had a lower heat capacity and would vaporize more easily, just like a refrigerator can use different kinds vapors like: Freon, sulfur dioxide, ammonia, chlorine hydrate, etc. etc., to achieve its objectives.

These scientists with Ph.D.s discuss 'Heat capacity' as if we were still using the 'Caloric Theory', where if we were to consider water; it is its cooling capacity that makes it significant .
I can point out thousands of things that don't make sense and write hundreds of polemics and manifestos to cite or destroy them and have fun doing it too because today science, especially physics is so bad, it can be attacked, questioned and demolished by the imagination alone. It is a brainwashed people and a programmed society that believes in these things that make them real that supports these things economically, and nothing else.

So, the triple expansion engine is still called a "Steam engine", because they call it that and people believe this, so this is true only historically, but not forensically.
Today, only a Refrigeration or HVAC Expert or a Kinetic Artist or Metamechanic will recognize, at a glance, what is going on in those animations of the Triple expansion "Engine" and laugh because this thing is actually a device and not an engine.

Newcomen Atmosphere Engine.
The problem, here, is that the cold water also cooled the cylinder, making it run erratically, as well as making it inefficient because the evaporator and the condenser are in the same place and doing opposite work. So they interfere with each other.
See: Steam Engine. As I said before, they blame inefficiency of the steam engine on "the Second Law of Thermodynamics"!?*%!, which, of course, doesn't make any sense because the Internal Combustion engine is just as bad as any kind of Steam Engine, when looked at by the same Second Law of Thermodynamics and these things are all over the place and no one blames them for being inefficient because of the Second Law where suddenly it becomes an epimethius not worth mentioning.

This is more brainwashing and programming since childhood where people don't even question things anymore and the actual things that destroy them every day are invisible or are just there like the air around them.
It has come to the point that it is easier to destroy an entire ancient forest or disrupt the seas and oceans, which after the media cycle is over everyone conveniently forgets about it (so what's so good about the news and journalism if they don't follow up on anything?) (See: Deepwater Horizon oil spill) than get rid of the internal combustion engine and only people (the consumer) can do that.

Just stop buying technology that kills, interferes or disrupts anything and demand better technology and demand that they make it cheaper. Any technology that depletes, destroys or interferes anything or anyone is not viable, — forget sustainable and may even destroy you and your family, especially where technology based on the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics can offer us all the solutions we need, for forever. At the very least, think about it.

Anyway, whatever they are and whatever they burn for fuel they are all Pressure devices and not Heat engines, and the equations used to interpret these devices to call them "Heat Engines" is not supported in any other science that use similar methods to determine any device or function they are describing.

Watt Atmosphere Engine
Here, the condenser, now separated from everything, could remain cold while the cylinder remained hot while doing the same job as in Newcomen's engine. (No interference between the evaporator and condenser)
All machines that involve combustion or the Second Law of Thermodynamics to produce exergy, heat, work or nuclear energy, are only real and proper in people's minds and not on paper and are matters of opinion and not fact. There does not exist one single scientific study to show that any technology based on Second Law of Thermodynamics has any future anywhere in the Universe, in any kind of situation yet these things are all over the place and no one says anything.

The Stirling Cycle Heat Engine is unique, and we are lucky to have it because it could be used as a transitional power source, should humankind choose to wean himself off of the internal combustion engine.
It can be seen as a as a 'Thermal Equilibrium Engine' that first turns Thermal Equilibrium directly into Work, power or torque without having to pass through the Second Law of Thermodynamics.
Once, that is acomplished, we can do our First and Second law knitpicking of whatever waste heat or pollution the closed system created.
We know from man's behaviour that this will never happen, but then, we no longer need to worry either because the technology justifies this.

On steam engines: External combustion can have any heat source, so cannot be controlled by private enterprise and taxed unless the device itself is taxed.
A steam powered car also started just as quickly as any internal combustion engine when equipped with a flash boiler and started with hydrogen peroxide, and it can also be adapted to any kind of fuel because all you need is a boiler and you can even grow your own fuel if you want.

Finally, a "boiler", when it is sealed and this would include its engine parts, can be made to boil or vaporize under a lower pressure environment and still expand 1700 times its original size, without the necessity to heat the water to 100C.

Epic Slow-Mo Drum Implosions!
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Time: 06:52 of your time.

Internal combustion engines are simply more lucrative and allow private enterprise to control and governments to tax energy like it was theirs to tax.
The development of the internal combustion engine also received enormous government subsidies in their development since the 19th century exactly for that purpose. That is the quickest way to get rich is to come up with something that can be made propriety and that governments can tax and you will be richly rewarded because they will make their citizens and customers use the thing exclusively.
These sort of inventions go through patent offices, worldwide, like greased lightning were other inventions that help everybody live better, may take 40 years to process, and if you don't patent your invention, anyone else can; even if you have documentation and proof, to prove you created the thing first.
It is a corrupt system.

There is no way Donald Trump is going to, "Make America great again", because the laws and most institutions in the United States are corrupt, where the rich will just get richer and the poor will get poorer. Even, a revolution won't stop this, because revolutionaries are corrupt too.
Americans and other countries will just have to start adopting new values that agree with Thermodynamics. One of these values is that all household-type energy is supposed to be free, which Nature can provide and not the state or some private concern.

That's why they only sell cars with internal combustion engines. All governments and corporations obviously think very highly of themselves by exposing you to poisonous aromatic vapors that are the cause of a host of diseases, worse than those caused by cigarettes, and that's only with the aromatic vapours that you breath, that's not burnt yet at the fill-up station.

This includes the poisons (additives) we burn with our fuels for car and home are the cause of 95% of all diseases, allergies, birth defects and mental illnesses and lets not forget the noise pollution they create which produces an enormous amount of stress, which also causes disease, disfunctionalism and needless suffering.

Let's Get Surreal!

What "water pollution" might look like on the Moon as seen from the Moon's orbit if they used water fueled cars based on the Second Law of Thermodynamics to drive around.
A steam engine is also a kind of refrigerator when a condenser is added to its design. The Newcomen Steam Engine and later the Watt Steam Engine (both Walking Beam engines) and others used a condenser, which is the thing that jets the blue fluid (water) in the animation above with Newcomen's engine and relocated to another chamber with Watt's atmosphere engine as seen in the following illustration after Newcomen's.

On the Moon, with this "technology", one could create a "Internal Condenser engine" using the Moon's water (found in craters) as "fuel" by allowing the near vacuum of space inside a piston chamber that then closes and then let some water in though another valve (kept liquid at such low temperatures by being stored in a perfect or negative vacuum), which expands instantly in the moon's near vacuum introduced in the "condensation chamber" through vaporization that produces condensation, which causes an explosive evaporation, pushing the piston and then open the vacuum valve releasing the expanded water vapour and condensed water waste and reinitialize the dry near vacuum in the piston chamber.
This would make for very interesting cars and pollution on the Moon, but then, this first and second-law "technology" is all lunacy anyway so it's appropriate to mention this here.

Anyway it's a good thing I'm not a Hollywood producer because I would probably be producing things like a situation comedy, based on a typical American family pursuing the "American dream" on the Moon, who are in denial and have to deal with really weird technology on a daily basis while trying to make it look American with American know how.

Anyway, if I had the power of the patrician, for fun I would exile everyone from Hollywood to CERN and everyone from CERN I would exile to Hollywood and tell them that those are your new venues, just to see what they would come up with eventually.

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GP duBerger

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